Mareyalaare (2016) Movie Script

Good good good good good evening!!
Listen to the top 1O songs on your FM
And with you is your
favourite RJ Sudheendra. ..
Before we begin with today's countdown,
I would like to talk
about the new movie
Mareyalare which is ready
to hit the screens soon.
Our magical composer Arjun Janya has
composed fantastic songs for this movie...
Before we listen to those tracks,
let's take a small commercial break.
Don't go anywhere. Stay tuned!
Wonderful Ad. Good show.
Hahaha, thank you! thank you!
Sir, clients are in a good mood,
ask them to make the payment in full
Keep quiet I say,
where will they run away
Why are you so much
bothered when I am not?
You neither ask, nor they give
And we don't get the
bonus till they pay
What's the matter?
Where is the ad director
Nothing.. nothing
- Ad director? It is Mr. Santosh
He is on a tour to Chickmagalur in search
of a location for ou r next ad shoot
He is enjoying life..
While, I am sweating my life
handling this boss too tough
But, he doesn't even pay the bonus..
- What do you mean?
Nothing.. nothing.. nothing..
Hey if you don't go from here,
let away bonus, I will break your bones
I have a lot ofwork sir, I will leave...
Yes yes, he is busy with work. ..
Santosh here
No no no no.
Santosh there. Joseph here
Hey Joseph , Is it you?
Tell me, what's the matter
Hey Santosh, our client is here
They liked your advertisement
film very much
Our boss drove me away while
I was trying to talk to them in detail
By the way, did u find
any deer in Chikmagalur...
Deer? Do you think that
I have come to a zoo?
Hmm.. you are too innocent dude..
Deer means a beautiful girl man..
Joseph, I am driving now
Go and complete your work
Instead of blabbering.. bye..
Hmm.. why does he cut the call
whenever I start talking about girls...
Is he of a different type?
Ooops.. you never know! guys of this
generation are unpredictable... aunty...
Welcome back.. as I was telling
you before taking the break,
Let's now listen to a song from the movie
Mareyalare composed by Arjun Janya
He is the most smartest.
He is the stylist star...
Sa ri ga ma pa dha ni
From where are these dance
beats coming from.7Takadhimi..
Sa ri ga ma pa dha ni
From where are these dance
beats coming from.7Takadhimi..
Hey see, a new hero
has arrived.. see his style
And the name of the movie entrying
the sandalwood is Mareyalare
Shake your body,
just shake it now..
Move your body,
just move it now..
Shake your body,
just shake it now..
Move your body,
just move it now..
Sa ri ga ma pa dha ni
From where are these dance
beats coming from.7Takadhimi..
With the mesmerizing
sound of the anklet..
Who is that person who
caught and brought him here?
Style style ma.. Style style ma..
Style style ma.. Stylo..
The one who is potraying me
on the screen is an artist..
Sa Ri Ga Ma..
Sa Ri Ga Ma..
One who explored a gem
like me is the ruler of our hearts
Sa Ri Ga Ma..
Sa Ri Ga Ma..
We are very simple to look at
but we create a thunder
when we go crazy..
I left my place,
to become a hero
Now I am ready with makeup
to win your hearts
Shake your body...
Shake your body,
just shake it now..
Move your body,
just move it now..
With the mesmerizing
sound of the anklet..
Who has given
this lovely music..
Style style ma.. Style style ma..
Style style ma.. Stylo..
Style style ma.. Style style ma..
Style style ma.. Stylo..
The one who made kanandigas go
high with his Khali quarter bottle tune..
Sa Ri Ga Ma..
Sa Ri Ga Ma..
Let's dance to these
beautiful beats by Arjun Janya
Sa Ri Ga Ma..
Sa Ri Ga Ma..
Happiness is the cure (medicine) for
all diseases. Enjoy your life dude
Watch our new movie.
Watch Mareyalaare
A beautiful love story,
we are here because of your support
Shake your body,
just shake it now..
Move your body,
just move it now..
Shake your body,
just shake it now..
Move your body,
just move it now..
Can you please drop us
to Chikmagalur my dear son?
Sure.. get in father..
Father, where do you want
to go in Chikmagalur?
Where else will a
father go dear son?
Common sense..
To the church..
You might be wondering why am I
going to church at this hour,
...instead of going home? isn't it?
Common sense...
My house is next to the church..
We also run an orphanage near church...
By the way, where are you
going in Chikmagalur son?
Common sense.. not to the
church at least during this hour...
Your googlies are too good...
you are even better than kumble!
I am going to a guest house
Guest house? So, you are not
from this place, isn't it.7?
Again. Common sense
Yes. I am from Bengaluru
I work for an adverstising
agency as an ad film director
I came in search of a location.
But.. I met a fantastic...
Again a googly? It's ok dear son
You would have been
a great cricketer.
But destiny bowled a googly and
turned you into a director...
Common sense
Stop son, I will get down here..
Your.. your name?
Oh, my name?
I forgot to tell you!
Father D'souza..
Thank you father
- Hello brother!
I don't have any brothers and sisters
Sorry.. wrong number
Hello, hello Santosh..
Did he cut the call even
without seeing the number?
Matter is very serious..
Only a lady doctor can cure this
Hello is it Mr. Santosh?
- Yes.. may I know who is this?
This is.. this is..
(oops, I am caught...)
Actually, we met yesterday in
Chikmagalur.. that deer.. oh! Jesus
Jesus??? Aah.. I got you. church...
The girl whom I dropped
to church yesterday?
Sorry madam.. you had left your
dairy in my car yesterday.
I read it a bit. It was very interesting.
But I am very confused
According to what I read, you are
a modern carefree bubbly girl.
But you don't seem to be so...
You look very simple and a silent girl
in a white saree.. What's the matter?
Will you explain the matter first?
You should clear our confusions first.
Aren't you the same great person
who asked me to mind my work
...when I asked if you found
a beauty in Chikmagalur?
And now? You not only flirted with a girl
trapping her but also you read her dairy?
Common, tell me, who that is...
Hey Joseph, cool down man.
Nothing as such..
Don't head in the clouds..
0k, I am getting late..
Have to get ready.
I will call your later and
talk to you in detail.. Bye
Santosh. Santosh.
Oh, he cut the call again..
Boys become totally
mad when they find girl
Let me try '00.. Au nty..
It is a bigger sin to run away from the
sin committed than to commit a sin...
Accept your mistakes
and correct yourselves
Reading someone's personal
diary is also a mistake isn't it?
Please go out if you
want to talk on the phone
I meant, you won't
get the signal here
You can connect only to Jesus,
that too without a phone.
I think this is the only word you
have learnt in your school. Alright
Which is that sin haunting you,
which brought you till here?
Yes, I dropped a person to this
church yesterday while it was raining...
Wait a minute, was it only one?
No, there were 3 of them
But ,among those 3 two were not
worthy to be remembered...
And one among them, gosh,
kept on talking..
Anyways, that's not the matter..
A beautiful girl among them
had left her diary in my car.
I did not realize that it was her
personal diary and read few pages
Isn't it a sin to snoop into someones
personal diary without their permission..
Oh, you are feeling guilty of
snooping into her diary.. isn't it
Hey no.
I dozed off before
reading it completely
Sagan mean...
The personality of the girl in the diary..
...and the one I met in my car yesterday
were highly contrasting. How is that possible?
How can a heroine in the first scene
transform completely by second scene..
I think Kannada film directors are
better than god in this regard
They at least maintain a flow..
So what are you planning to do?
I don't know.. I am planning
to read the whole diary.
Why do you want to commit
the same mistake again?
Fine then, you were telling that
you can connect to Jesus without phone,
now you give me an idea..
Hey, one flea...
Why don't you directly go to the
girl and ask her what is written..
It satisfies your curiosity
and you won't feel guilty...
Super idea...
My kisses to your Jesus
Please convey it to him..
I shall leave..
- It's ok..
Hi Son, how come
you are here?
Oh father, good morning.
- Good morning
Nothing much.The girl who
had come with you yesterday,
...had left her diary in my car,
wanted to return it to her
Oh is it? I think it belongs to
Sparsha ranjini.. common sense..
Sparsha ranjini!!!! Yes, I read the
same name written in this book.
She must be here somewhere
playing with the kids.
And there she is..
Go son...
Thank u father!
I think our hero has fallen in love!
common sense
Hello! Hello!
How come you are here?
- Hi Sparsha..
You had left your personal diary
in my car yesterday
How did you get to know my name?
- While reading your dairy
What? Did you really read my diary?
Don't you know that you are not
supposed to read others'dairy?
Don't you have common sense..
Oh god, I think..
Seems like you and the father,
have done Ph.D on common sense...
- Hello
What man, are you
settled in Chickmagalur?
When are you coming back?
Few more days' sir.
Have few things to wind up...
My boss. you can scold me later.
Let him complete first... 0k?
What do you think ofyourself?
I will definitely come to this place,
to the same bench.. at 6:00 PM..
Do you know why god
gifted us with two ears?
One is to listen to by boss' scolding
and another to listen to your
Hello, hello
Santosh.. Speak up..
Yes sir, I am here.. It is raining
heavily herein chikamaglur...
It was dark, couldn't see
the location propery
Happy birthday!
How do you know that
it's my birthday today?
It was written in your diary
Who asked you to read all those?
If everything was done with consent,
Population of our country
wouldn't have been so much..
- You don't understand those things..
It is a very big matter.
Not as simple as reading your dairy..
Reading my diary is a
simple matter to you?
In fact you are rig ht
If it had been that simple,
I wouldn't have disturbed me so much..
What did you say?
- Nothing
I did a mistake and
confessed it to god
But this Godess is still angry.
Why is that so?
0k, what all did you
read in my diary?
Atlast, the train is back on the track..
You are wrong, I did
not read it completely
Probably all my confusions would have
got cleared if I had read it fully
But, what to do, I dozed off
after reading few pages.
And that caused the problem...
The problem is, you look like a
social worker in this white saree
But as per your dairy, you are a mod ren
carefree girl who is fun loving
What is this double acting?
- Nothing as such. Both are myself..
As you read in the diary..
While I was in college
I was a fun loving, care free girl.
No one used to question
me in the college
Because my father was known figure
to everybody as he is a business man
And that too, my dad and my
professor are childhood friends
Dad never came in my way
He gave me money
whenever I asked him
For me, life was
just enjoying with friends
And once, we had to do a project in
ourjournalism course I studied.
Professor had asked
to do some research.
...and write an article on some
real incident, prevalent issues
Meanwhile In the news paper..
I had read about drought and the
framers'suicide in the north Karnataka
lfinally decided to do
a project on the same
Dear, your father and
I are close buddies
I know him better than you
He won't allow you to go to
north Karnataka for so many days
Choose a nearby place and submit
your Journalism project on some topic
Please dad..
Have you brainwashed my daughter
to go to far off places like
Gulbarga, Raichur and Bagalkot?
No.. no.. it's not possible
Can't she choose a near by
place close to Bengaluru?
Hey, it is she who decided that
She is moved by the plight our farmers
who are suffering due to drought
Your daughter has chosen
an excellent topic I say...
You and your student... neither of
you seem to listen to what I say
What else can I say?
0k, let her go and come...
-Thanks dad.. my lovely father...
There started a new phase
in the journey of my life
A new dimension... I can never
forget that.. "Unforgettable journey"
Farmers were committing
suicide due to drought.
Poverty was haunting them...
Then, I started realizing the
importance of every rupee
You have done a very good project
We feel as if the incident are
actually happening in front of us..
Very good Sparsha.. you can go now
-Thank you sir
Tell me
Your daughter has done a very good
project report on north Karnataka..
Very neat review, which even
experienced find difficult
She has gathered a lot ofinformation.
She has really worked hard!
She has changed a lot
since the time she returned..
She is much more matured now
Now she realised the value of money
And you know what she
did on her birthday this time?
She donated money to a NGO which
she had saved from her pocket money
I really feel that she has grown up
After these incidents, I decided to
pursue social service as my goal
I came hereto do such works
full time after my graduation
I started working in this orphanage
This is what I have written in my
personal diary.. are you happy now?
You were after me to
know what is written there.
All these days, I was after you I feel like saluting you
Hey, what are you doing? Get up
Salutes madam!
You have left all your wealth and
come so far just to serve the society..
You are great.
- I am not great!
Then you must be crazy.
Then what? People who choose do
things which others usually don't do
are either great or crazy
You don't look like a retard..
So, you must be great. isn't it?
Hey, why are you running away.
Actually,I should run away from you
Because I am crazy..
Hi Sparsha.. this is for you
Oh why?
- A gift for Holi festival...
For these kids?
I had brought these for kids
Why are you silently standing here?
Oh, are you sad that I didn't lift you...
I don't have the habit of lifting
goods at Yashwanthpur market
I will teach you a lesson
Kids, enough of lessons, come on
let's play hide and seek now
Who is this?
One who brings smile on the
faces of children should be Santosh..
Isn't it Z Common sense..
What is this take it away
Don't disturb while
lam teaching kids..
Chuck it ya. Don't teach
them too much
What have we achieved
after studying so much?
You are doing social service
and I am serving my company
This country is being
ruled by illiterates
Have you ever checked the degree..
...certificate of the candidate
before casting your vote
What do you mean?
Didn't you understand even
after explaining so much..
That's why I asked, what's the
use of studying so much..
I mean, come let's
play hide and seek..
Hey give it ya.. I will blind fold
myself. You go and hide..
You don't know the fun
seeing the world in closed eyes
When blindfolded, you feel that those..
...who really love you and who are
close to your heart are in front of you..
Kids, are you ready? Go, go, go ..
hide.. I will catch you now..
Shall we start?
You don't know the fun
seeing the world in closed eyes
When blindfolded, you feel that those..
...who really love you and who are
close to your heart are in front of yo
Leave ma.
Sparsha! tomorrow evening..
I will be waiting for you
near the lake on the hilltop,
This gentle touch has touched my emotions
has given a new rhythm to my heart
With this gentle touch, this world is
engulfed with the energetic musical waves
A beautiful song is born which
the rhythms of our hearts meet
I shall fill this song with
life till my last breath
You are that touch of the
dew drops on a tender leaf
Every day is a new beginning with the
blissful hope from the bottom of heart
...which has started a new era in me
My heart is swinging in the
realm of incredible joy..
...which has filled the whole world
You are that tickling touch of
a bee to the blossomed flower
This gentle touch has touched my emotions
has given a new rhythm to my heart
It's time for me to
return to Bengaluru..
I carry with me the bundle of memories
of gentle touch of the breeze,
...touch of those beautiful
verses in the birdsongs,
touch of the nature and..
My new friend Sparsha
I can't forget all these memories
Hello.What happened?
Sowmya, Kavya, Prakruthi.
They are all my ex girl friends..
Just recalled them and used
their names in my dialogue.
We should not forget the present
while thinking about the past. you know
So added your name too...
I mean.. in the dialogue
Can't you be serious?
Always joking?
I become a comedy character
instead of a hero
Any ways, comedy stars these
days have become heroes '00..
Nothing, recalled our Komal and Sharan...
No one else other than you can
understand what you speak...
7 crores Kannadigas understood
my words but you didn't?
Anyways, let's come
to a serious topic...
I am going back to Bengaluru.
One request before I leave..
What is that?
Sparsha, I was captivated by your
beauty when I met you for the first time
But, my respect double folded
when I learnt that left behind all your wealth to do
social service after seeing how
...people of north Karnataka are struggling
due to drought. I became your fan
If not in a bigger way like you, even I feel like
helping the needy and..
...serve the society in
whatever possible way
Our country easily progresses,
...if every playful young mind starts
feeling like this and thinks like me
For this to happen, you should write
a book based on your experience..
That is my request.
I have no intentions of creating a fan club
by blowing my own trumpet.
Neither do I want to earn
money by selling the book
I just shared with you as
you were forcing me to tell
Hey, if not for fame or money,
you should write to
awaken the youth like me
See, after getting to know
about you, I realized that
...I am not a gym body,
but a waste body!
If everybody in this
society realizes that.
...there are lot of people
suffering with problems,
people will start leading
contented and a happy life
Also, they will start serving the needy
Yet, I am not convinced
What? Are you not
convinced with my words?
We guys don't put so much of
efforts even to impress a girl
If not for my sake, do it for
the sake of this society
I will take care of publishing it .
- Ok buddy.. I will write. Happy?
Yes , I am Santosha (happy)
- Hmm... you are smart
But on one condition...
I don't like publicizing my name
Don't mention my name anywhere
She doesn't want to display
number plate on her vehicle
We will do this.. instead of mentioning
full name Sparsha ranjani,
We will just use the initials SR..
But, the title of the book?
As I will be sharing my
unforgettable experiences,
How about "Mareyalare" as the title...
"Mareyalare" (Unforgettable)
Waw! Super title...
(Sings an old famous Kannada song)
Naa ninna Mareyalaare..
Hey wait.. don't leave me alone..
I will join you...
Good morning Bengaluru..
Isn't it a great experience
to listen to our FM radio
...sipping a cup hot coffee
in this beautiful whether?
That's why our Bangalore is the best!
If you wish to talk more
about Bangalore, call us now..
And you know the
numbers to reach us on
(Dr.Rajkumar is fondly addressed as)
Our Santosh is still not
backfrom Chikmagalur
He has not even informed
me when he will be back
Joseph and Santosh
are close friends
He would have definitely informed him
I have asked Joseph
to come to my cabin
To know when will
Santosh be back
Sir, did u call me?
Child , where is your
Santosha (happiness)?
Anna! How did you come to know
that there is no happiness in my life?
That's the reason why
people worship you as god
Are you so much concerned
about my happiness?
Idiot, I am asking
you about our Santosh
Even I am telling you the same Anna
I have lost all my happiness since the
time ljoined to thisjob under this boss
Anna, he took all my original degree
certificates while giving me the job
And he is not giving
me the Bonus. I asked him
He says, he won't give
the bonus or the certificate
You can leave the job
and go if you want
Full hopeless fellow he is.
It's not fair.
You are mocking me
by asking about happiness
Is it fair?
I asked you that when our Santosh
is coming back from Chikmagalur?
Hey come here. Come here
Get out. Stand there..
Am I a hopeless fellow?
Yesterday, I watched Rajku mar's movie
That's why I am peaceful today
as peaceful as he was in that movie.
If I had watched tiger Prabhakafs
movie... get out!!!
Sorry Anna.. I become over emotional...
Hari om!!!!
Hey.. my raja is back..
I knew that you will definitely come back
When outsiders don't moving back
from here once they used to Bengaluru.. will the natives leave this place?
There is a glow on your face
My predication is that a Heroine
has entered the life of our hero
You can't hide anything from me
This Mangalamukhi not only knows the
past and present, but also the future
She is your girl...
You will never forget her..
She is unforgettable !!!!
Hi Santosh!
- Hi Joseph
How was your Chikmagalur trip?
- It was fantastic..
Our boss is waiting for you..
Go and meet him soon
Later we can sit together and chat
What do you say
- Oh sure..
By the way, our boss has watched
Dr.Rajkumar's movie yesterday
I was punctured when lwent
to meet him in his cabin
Handle him carefully brother.
He is dangereous
Who knows what is
written in our future here
Good morning sir..
Oh Santosh..finally you are back..
Sorry sir, it took some time
to find good locations
I have copied all the photos to
this pen drive. Please have a look.
If you take so much oftime
to find the shooting locations,
When will you shoot the ad?
It won't take much time sir
Once our Joseph completes
the script, I will finish the shooting..
Don't even take his
name in front of me
He calls me a hopeless fellow
What did you say sir?
I said he is a hopeless fellow
Poor fellow, why do
you scold him sir?
What? Is he a poor fellow..
I don't understand what sin of
mine is haunting me in his form
He keeps troubling for bonus
Why should I pay bonus?
Tell me why? Why pay more?
Why Pay more?
Why Pay more?
Why Pay more?
Ring ga ringa..
Sing a songa
Every body say..
Why pay more aaa
Ring ga ringa..
Sing a songa..
Every body say..
why pay more aaa..
Even if we work hard all the day..
They only question boss
asks is Why Pay More?
When we have eyeful of desires and
banks are ready to give loans
We don't need cars.. only city
buses are enough.Why Pay More?
Although you have fat offers,
stars hotels are just expensive
Street food is the best
Why Pay More?
How much ever you earn
my pants are badly torn
But still I am the don of my town
Why Pay More]
Why Pay More]
Why Pay More]
Why Pay More]
Why Pay More]
Why Pay More]
Why Pay More]
Why Pay More]
Ring ga ringa..
- Ring ga ringa.-
Sing a songa
- Sing a songa
Every body say..
why pay more aaa..
Fasting in the name
of God has increased
I have stopped eating
for 2 days in aweek
Because the prices of
grains has increased
Go and request god
that this heart needs more.
Dil maange more.
(Heart needs more)
Dil maange more
Heart needs more
Why Pay More]
Why Pay More]
Why Pay More]
I have been waiting
for the good times
Tried wearing different
watches to get that moment
I'm searching for the good luck
in all the four directions
With whom shall I share my
problems. Heart asks for more
Heart asks for more
Heart asks for more
Why Pay More]
Why Pay More]
Why Pay More]
Why Pay More]
Why Pay More]
Why Pay More]
Ring ga ringa..
Sir you have a courier.
- Keep it here.
Hi Santosh. I hope you
reached Bangalore safely
As I promised you, I wrote the
book Mareyalaare and sending it you
Like I had told you earlier,
please don't mention my name
You can just use the initialsS.R"
I am excited and anxious as this
is my first book which is getting published
Please let me know the
publisher's opinion about the book
I will be eagerly waiting
for your reply..
Lovingly your's
- Sparsha Ranjani..
"Ma reyala re", nice title.
Oh S.R.
Hey Santosh Rag hav.
Hey when did you started
writing books dude?
No, I didn't write this.
It is written by one of my friend..
I brought to you to
get this work published
Whoever might have written
this Santosh. I must like it first.
Then only I can publish.
I mean,I hope you understand
Yeah su re.. only if you like it..
you take the call
No obligations
0k, I will read and let you know..
By the way, how is
your work going on?
Hey, heard that you had been
to Chikmagalur recently
Yes dude..
Hey Santosh!
- Hi Ravi.
I read Mareyalara. it is superb.
It's a master piece buddy
It gives an unforgettable
experience to the readers..
I want to talk to you regarding this,
you come to my office right way..
I have huge plans for this book..
Thanks, hanks Raw
But, I am busy right now.
Shall I meet you in the evening?
Oh not possible Santosh.
lam going to Delhi in the evening
We can complete all the
formalities once I am back
Now listen carefully
Me and my team are very much
impressed by this book Mareyalare
We shall even translate this book
to international languages
...and launch it in other countires too
But, before that I need your
consent as you are the author
Hey no Ravi, I am not the author..
Oh come on Santosh.
I may not be as intelligent as you
But I too have
a little common sense
Seeing the initials SR,
I got that it is Santosh raghav
Guys of this generation
like to publicize their name they would be doing it along
with their regular profession.
I understand it.
But Ravi, l..
Hey, lam not asking you
to give it to me for free
I will pay you the royalty for giving
me the publishing rights. 25 lakh rupees..
I will also give you percentage
share in the sales
Look, I am going to Delhi now
I will be back tomorrow.
Think and get back to me
lam sure we will make
this a best seller 0k. Bye !!
Hey Ravi, hello Ravi
Hi Ravi
Hi Santosh..
I am back to Bangalore
Did you think about what
I had discussed with you?
Yes, I want to talk
to you regarding that.
But not on phone.
I will come to your office
Oh yeah, perfect. I will be
waiting for you.. please coma.
Hey Santosh, where are you going?
Let's go for lunch
Boss is not in office anyways.
We can come leisurely
No Joseph. I have an important work.
I am leaving
If boss asks, tell him that
lam out for lunch. Ok.. Bye
Dear. What are you thinking about.
It seems like Goddess of wealth Lakshmi
has come and waiting for you
Instead of calling her inside,
what are you waiting for?
No use ofthinking so much.
She will definitely come.
Hey Santosh! welcome
Excuse me everyone.
your attention please
I would like to introduce the
new age writer Mr. Santosh
lam proud to say that
he is my childhood friend
We are going to publish
his first bookMareyalaare"
Our company will take care of
all the marketing activities to..
...make this book a best seller.
Yeah, good news right.
Ramya, agreements please
Hey am, Raw
This is a small formality
for giving the marketing.
...and publishing rights of
Mareyalare to our company
But, Ravi..
- Sign it Santosh! We are there.
Common. Sign it Santosh
Sir cheque..
- Oh yeah, the most important thing!
Santosh, this is your first cheque
from my company
Please take it..
But Santosh..
-Take it Santosh
Earth is a toy with which I play
People move 100 feet away
to make the way for me
lam the almighty & I write my own fate
when the victory is under my feet
lam so famous that
lam known to all
People dance to my rythm
What more do I need when
the heaven is in my hands
I get everything at
the wink of my eyes
Earth is a toy with which I play
People move 100 feet away
to make the way for me
lam the almighty & I write my own fate
when the victory is under my feet
Crush the people who confront you
Burn the tongues
of hypocrites with fire
Why do u worry when
luck is favouring you
Just place a ladder to the sky
lam the dude who is the
dream of every beautiful girl
You hardly find someone like me
who has remained undefeated in life
lam my own master
Earth is a toy with which I play
People move 100 feet away
to make the way for me
lam the almighty & I write my own fate
when the victory is under my feet
Mr.Santosh Raghav has
become a famour writer..
...through his first book "Mareyalare"
I too wanted to have
a chat with in our studio..
Learn to lead the life at your will
Why to bother about
the rights and wrongs
There is a little time
between the birth and death
Make sometime for yourself
and enjoy it to the fullest
Only a sluggard says that
you cannot gain the fame easily
But a smart guy utilizes
the opportunity and he wins
And that is my style
Earth is a toy with which I play
People move 100 feet away
to make the way for me
lam the almighty & I write my own fate
when the victory is under my feet
King, great king.
My king has become
a big emperor now
I had told you that you have the
blessings of the goddess of wealth.
I had told you that you have the
blessings of the goddess of wealth.
Listen, you will become richer,
you will get fame.
You will get a new throne.
You have now become a maharaja
Good morning
- Good morning
Hi Santosh , how are you.
-Ya, I am fine, how are you?
Hi Santosh, Mareyalare is a fabulous book.
-Thank you
Sir, congratulations,
-Thank you very much..
None of you is disciplined in life
Even though you work for
12 hours a day like donkeys.. are not able to
improve the company.
You will also not improve..
But our Santosh, he has not only
continued to persue his writing skills,
but also has been
working hard at office..
So, I am promoting him as the Public
relations officer of this company. PRO
Come on.. follow me..
Come on.. come on..
come on my boy.. come on
This is your new cabin.
Did u like it?
Sir, but. so quick.
You became a celebrity overnight
It will unfair on my part I'll ask you
to work as an Ad film director now
So, I took this quick decision to
promote you and shifted to this cabin
1 minute,1 minute
1 minute aa.My wife...
-Where are you
Are you still sitting at office?
Can't you understand I'm waiting here.
Come fast.
My wife is asking me to leave the
office quickly and join her for shopping
Tell me, how can I leave
office suddenly..
Same way,just like
you say quick, quick..
What man, are you trying
to pull my legs? Be care full.
I am very strict like S.P. Sangliyana
Take care of the office
strictly, till I am back
I will watch KashinatHs movie before
coming to office tomorrow
Madam, is Joseph in office?
No sir, he has not come
to office since a week
Even His phone is not reachable
- Oh is it
Please inform me once he is in..
-Sure sir, will let you know
Now listen to me, you will
gain more wealth and fame
Because you are a king now
- Hello
We are calling from the ministry
of Kannada and culture,
Could you please
connect us to Mr.Santosh
Yes, one minute..
There is a call for you from the
department of Kannada and culture
Shall I connect you?
-Yes please
Mr. Santosh.. minister wants
to meet you now..
Can you come to
Wdhana Soudha right away?
What's the matter?
It is bit difficu It to start now..
Is it 0k if I can come in the evening?
It would have been
better if you had come now
Hold on, madam wants to talk to you
Mr. Santosh..
-Yes madam..
This is Minister Malathishree here..
I read your book
Liked it very much..
Did you really read
my book madam?
Why.. shouldn't I?
Not that way..
Let us meet for a coffee in the evening
and talk about your book
Sure madam, I will
definitely come, thanks
Yes Santosh, take you seat.
Mareyalare is an excellent book Santosh..
It is really extra ordinary to be so
much talented at a very young age..
I think your parents have been
encouraging you since childhood
Convey my regards to them..
- Oh sure madam
By the way, there is one more
reason for this meeting
After reading this book,
I felt like sending it to an
International Book festival
So, I had sent them the book along
with a letter from the ministry
Even they have liked it.
But, as many writers
like you participate,
It becomes really difficult for
them to verify the authenticity
It is really important for them
to check the genuineness
Plagurism is a problem these days
So, they require a back ground
verification certificate..
...and a confirmation from our
department that you are the writer
It is just a formality. Our officers
will take care of remaining things.
Your consent for the
back ground check
It's ok. please sign..
So what are you
planning to write next?
How are you aunty?
Good morning sir..
- Good morning
Sir, Joseph has
come to office today
Oh is it, can you please
send him to my cabin a bit?
I will send him in full sir..
Oh wow.. you got a beautiful cabin..
Shifted to a new house.
You are glowing
But, why did n't you
reveal about your talent?
Why didn't you tell me
about your writing skills..
Dude Joseph, you are
a Kannada script writer.
Why do you insult
Britishers with your English?
It is not my mistake brother.
It is Britisher's fault.
If they had taken my
father along with them, this time I would have
become an English script writer..
...for an ad agency
in London..Just miss..
Yes.. were you down with the same
feeling in these ten days while on leave?
I was busy with paper and pen,
Trying to write a book like you..
Did you complete it?
No brother.. It is impossible
to write a 300 pages book..
...when you are used to the
practice of writing a 3O sec ad script
You are coming toTV interview right?
Please be on time.
Yes sure I will come..
Please be on time.
-Yeah..I will
Hey Joseph, I am going now to
attend a TV interview on 'Mareyalaare'
I will take boss's permission.
I will call you once I am done.. ok
Hey wait man..
If they ask you who is the
inspiration for Mareyalare,
Don't hesitate to tell
them that it is Joseph.
Ok dude. I will tell them..
May I come in sir..
- Howla.. howla..
Sir.. is it really you?
Yes, it is me, who is trying to transform
the monkey gang of this ad agency..
To a activists forum..
Simha the lion.. Major Subbayya..
Tell me what's the matter..
-There is a TV interview of mine.
So, please permit me to
leave the office early today
Tv interview!
If they ask who inspired
you to write this book,
Without any hesitation,tell them
that that it is Major Subbayya..
Definitely sir, I will tell them
that you are my inspiration.
All the best, all the best
Thank god! I am saved
- Howla howla...
Hi Santosh.. congratulations.
I read your book. It is fabulous.
Thank you..
Hello sir..
-Hello sir.
After a very long time,
there is a book in Kannada..
...which liked by the
youth of this generation
Auto graph please..
Sir, a snap with you
- Wait wait wait.
Please don't disturb Mr. Santosh..
There is a live program.
I will bring him to you
once the show is over.
Santosh, it is getting late...
Please come
Studio is towards this side..
Today in the program, "Naanu Nanna Maatu"
(My thoughts & My Words)
with me I have Mr. Santosh Raghav,
an eminent writer and youth icon.
I welcome you to this program.
-Thank you..
I should definitely ask you
this question before I start.
Did you really write this book?
What..Why are you doubtful?
I am sorry, I wasjustjoking.
You have the looks like
a Kannada film hero
But how did you get
into literature and writing..
We have now reached
to the end of the program.
Our heartfelt thanks to Mr.Santosh Raghav
for coming to our show
Interview was good Santosh
Sir auto graph please.
- Okay
Madam, who are they?
They are the kids from Chikmagalur.
There is a children's program
recording in our studio today.
Madam I have some important work.
I will leave now
Ok Santosh, take care,
thank you so much..
Sorry sir..
lam in a hurry..
Today in the program, "Naanu Nanna Maatu"
(My thoughts & My Words)
with me I have Mr. Santosh Raghav,
an eminent writer and youth icon.
I welcome you to this program.
-Thank you..
I should definitely ask you
this question before I start.
Did you really write this book?
What..Why are you doubtful?
I am sorry, I wasjustjoking.
You have the looks like
a Kannada film hero
But how did you get
into literature and writing..
Oh oh.. that s my hobby,
I love to write..
Very nice
You have written
a lot of things about.
The drought situation in the
northern part of Karnataka
It is depicted so well
that the reader feels.. though incidents are
taking place right in front of us
You must have really done a lot of research
by going there and seeing the situation
Yes, I had been there.
Very nice
But you are an ad film maker
by profession staying in Bengaluru..
How could you find
time to witness all these?
I had been there..
I have seen their plight.
My work demands lot of touring...
So I go to various places
I travel a lot for shooting
Very nice, is it a real story?
I mean, real incidents which
have taken place in your life,
or is it a story based
on your experience
Actually, this is a real story.
But to make the real
incidents look more exciting.
...I have written
it a form of a story.
So I think you had this habit
of writing since childhood
Your parents must have been
every supportive I suppose...
Parents were very
encouraging for my studies
But these are my personal
interests cultivated on my own
It's really fantastic..
Let's talk more with Mr.Santosh Raghav
just after a small break..
Good evening everybody
Today we are happy to announce that. we have the youth celebrity
and the famous book writer..
...Santosh Raghav at our
chai stall.. welcome sir!
Sir autograph ..
- Sir one selfie please..
Sir, sir,just an autograph
- I am sorry
Hi Santosh.. how are you
I think you are busy with your work.
But please don't forget
to publish my work
You might be wondering that how
come a girl who was even hesitant. write the book, is suddenly
forcing you to get it published?
That is the change..
And the reason for that is"Santosh
Don't forget Mareyalaare. Publish it..
Don't forget Mareyalaare
Don't forget Mareyalaara.
Oh my dear King..
You have forgotten small people
like me after becoming famous ..
This wound...
You are an artist.
Artist should never loose his
patience and perseverance
Don't run away from the reality
You are an artist.
Why are you blabbering
that I am an artist?
I am not an artist.
I always felt that whatever
you say is divine and true..
But, all that was false.
No, no this Mangalamukhi never lies..
No, whatever you were
telling was untrue..
You were trying to please me
with your words because I pay you.
But, you never said about something
which is bitter to me.. But why?
You were afraid that I would
stop giving you the money.
You just do it for money
- No.. I don't want.
Take this.
Never ever come in front of me,
don't ever try to look into my eyes..
Don't come in front of me
Hello brother
Santosh, what happened]
I did a mistake Joseph.
I was lost in the sound of
fame and wealth Joseph
I didn't listen to the love in my heart
Santosh, what are you saying,
I don't understand
Mareyalare is not written by me.
All this name, fame,
pleasure is not mine..
I am surrounded by dirt
I can't hide it from any more
Please pull me out Joseph
But what can you do?
It is all my mistake
I opted to stay here.
I will come out of it myself.
I will come out of it and I will
build a new world of my own
What happened to you Santosh?
I will call for a press
conference immediately.
I will announce that
I have not written the book.
I will let the world know the truth.
My voice should reach everyone
Santosh.. I am coming
to your house right now.
This is not a matter
to be discussed over phone.
Don't go anywhere
I am coming
Don't you call me inside?
Please come.
I got the address from
your letter. lfound it now..
You did the right thing?
Please sit
What do you like to have?
Coffee, tea,juice?
0k, two minutes
It is not my mistake.
My friend published it in my name..
Everything was done by the
time I could inform Sparsha..
It was so fast that,
I couldn't do anything
Mistake has happened..
I admit it
I will call for a press meet.
I will tell everything
I will announce that you are the
one who wrote it and not me..
I will clarify everything
But you don't be angry on me ..
I can't bear that
Please don't cry..
I can't see that
You are more important to me than
this name, fame and wealth
I will forget this book Mareyalaare
But, I can't forget you Sparsha..
Spa rsha.. Spa rsha..
Reason for today's
press conference is...
To inform all of you that Santosh
is not the author of Mareyalaare
But, now I am going to
share something else
What sir, once you say that Santosh
is not the real author of Mareyalare..
But again, say that you called
us to inform something else...
Are you kidding?
Will you please explain
the matter in detail?
Even I was confused in the same
way when Santosh called me to inform this.
I went to his house to talk to
him about this sensitive matter..
Spa rsha.. Spa rsha..
Hey.. Santosh.
Doctor, can you immediately
come to Santosh's house now?
Ok doctor
Hello doctor
- Hello Joseph
Check his blood pressure
Nothing to worry Joseph
Everything is normal..
He is stressed out..
It does happen when you achieve
a lot at a very young age..
As he works for an Ad agency
and also is into writing book
It's quite normal. He needs
some rest. He will be alright..
Sparsha, don't leave me Sparsha.
Don't leave me..
Nurse, get the tranquilizer..
I will give him an injection to sleep...
Everything will be 0k...
I don't think that
it is a simple matter
He was very tensed when
I had called him in the evening
Something is haunting him.
He was in tears
He was in this condition
when I came here
I had never seen Santosh
in this condition before
I think something is really wrong...
We shall keep him under
observation for a day
So, shall I stay back here?
- Not required.
I have given him an injection;
he will have a sound sleep tonight
I want to know his mood and how he
reacts when he wakes up in the morning
So please fix a CCTV camera
I will visit him again in the morning
I'm glad that you are back Sparsha
Did you forgive me?
No. I can never forgive you..
Who am Ito forgive you?
I am no body to you right?
You have cheated me by publishing
my book Mareyalare in your name
You are enjoying that
money and fame..
I had trusted you a lot
Leave it. I don't want to
talk about all those things
I have come to you to erase
all the memories about you
I don't wish to have any
type of contact with you
Don't try to come back into my life...
Spa rsha, Spa rsha..
Joseph, come to Santosh's
house immediately.
I am going to hypnotize him.
I want to know everything
about his personal life..
Sure Doctor. I was
about to go there now..
I had to hypnotize you when
I found you mentally disturbed...
I know everything about you now..
But I want you to tell
me about yourself
Who wrote this book Mareyalaare?
It's not me..
It is written by my friend
Sparsha ranjani from Chikkamagalur
No Santosh, it is written by you...
What is this doctor,
you say its him who wrote it..
But he says that he has not written
Whatever I am saying is right.
Santosh has written this book
When I hypnotized you,
I came to know that had this habit of writing
since your childhood
But your parents were
disinterested to encourage you
They were more concerned
about your studies
Santosh, are you studying?
I am slaving a maths problem,
So along with your studies, you secretly
cultivated this habit of writing..
But by nature, you are
not a person who lies
You disliked that
So you were not
ready to accept that were lying to your mother
that you were studying
Though you had written it yourself,
you were not ready to accept it
But that's not true.
But, I already told you that
it is written bySparsha ranjani...
That's the point I want to clarify
Sparsha Ranjani is
just your imagination
It's just your imagination
You wanted to bring out the talent
which you had in you since 20 years
But you imagined that it is written
by your girl friend Sparsha Ranjani
...and bound to the circumstances,
you had to publish it in your name
This mental illness is
termed as Schizoph renia..
What are you saying Doctor,
ls Sparsha Ranjani
just my imagination?
Every moment I have
spent with her is real
Do You mean that
lam mentally sick?
As I already told you,
this is called Schizophrenia
It can happen to anyone.
Let me give you an example
Great mathematician and noble prize
winner John Nash had this problem
He was extremely intelligent
but was Schizophrenic
He used to see people
who didn't exist in real
And he used to talk to them also..
But those people
didn't exist in reality
It was all his imagination
And in your case,
Sparsha Ranjani is an illusion
Just an imagination
I don't believe this.
Sparsh Ranjini exists in reality
I have the letter written by her
Will you at least believe
me after seeing that?
0k, then get them..
Do you have anything
written in your handwriting?
Letters, dairy etc..
Yes, I had written a letter to her,
but couldn't post it..
See Doctor, this is the one
Both are in the same handwriting...
no change...
Do you mean to say that
Santosh wrote both of them?
- No I don't believe this
She wrote the book and sent it to me.
I even have the courier pack with me
Take this.
Did she send it this way...
There is no from and to
address written on this
How did the courier arrive?
I have her photo with me..
one minute.. I'll bring
Doctor, will Santosh come
out of this mental state?
Why not, he will be back to
normal if Santosh co-operates..
How long will it take?
Since this is related to psychiatry,
there are no definite timelines..
Doctor, do you see this photo...
Yes, I see..
So you might have imagined Sparsha Ranjini
seeing some photo like this
or it could be your own creation
of a character called Saprsha Ranjani...
So you are saying that,
You called all of us to inform that
Mareyalare was not written by Santosh
But meanwhile you came to know
that he is suffering from mental illness
So he thinks that this book is written
by a girl called Sparsha Ranjan
But she is just an imagination
But did you go and check to find if
there is anyone called Sparsha Ranjini
...stays in the place where Santosh
says that he met the girl
Yes, I had been there with him..
Hello father..
Does any one else stays
here apart from you?
Any girl called Sparsha Ranjini stays here?
No.. no one else stays
here apart from me
lam worried that there is no one
to take care of the church after me
Why is Santosh silent.
Say something
You share your feelings sir..
Yes. How are you feeling now,
after knowing all this?
"You are an artist don't run away
from reality, you are an artist..
Mr. Santosh, we are asking you...
I have an important work,
I am Ieavng ..
Ok.. please excuse me ..
Santosh.. Santosh..
- Santosh.. wait a minute
Mangala mukhi , mangala mukhi..
She is not more.. she is dead...
Hey, speak up
What happened to her?
Yesterday she met with an
accident and got injured badly
She died of pain..
No, nothing has happened to you.
Get up my friend, wake up
Nothing happened to you
Tell them that I'm not
the reason for your death
Open your eyes. See me.
Did you leave me
because I scolded you..
...and asked you not to
make eye contact with me
Please forgive me for my words..
Please wake up
My friend..
My friend..
Swamy, where were you these days..
I haven't seen you for a long time
Sir, I had been to my
home town for 10 days..
You please take your seat.
Santosh will be here soon.
He called me and asked
me to keep his bag ready.
I will get you a cup of coffee..
- Okay
Sir.. sir..
Santosh left.
Hey Santosh..
Where is lkkalike village here?
If you move further in this way
you will get that village
Okay.. thank you
But sir, you can't go by the car
You have to go by walk only
Sister.. I'm leaving to college
Okay.. take care
"Unforgettable Journey will starts now"
lam so famous that
lam known to all
People dance to my rythm
What more do I need when
the heaven is in my hands
I get everything at
the wink of my eyes
Earth is a toy with which I play
People move 100 feet away
to make the way for me
lam the almighty & I write my own fate
when the victory is under my feet