Marfa Girl 2 (2018) Movie Script

- Let me see your lighter.
We should start a band
called Twisted Erection.
- This is some good weed, man.
- Hell yeah, man
and a good joint.
Rolled by moi, oh!
Caught the fox.
Where you going you
little shit ass?
- Fuck you, Hom.
- Fuck me?
Eat some dirt.
- Fuckin' pig.
- We weren't even
doing anything.
- Then why'd you run?
- I don't know.
- Must have been
doin' something.
I like your mother,
I'm taking you home.
You gotta stop this shit
and never run from me again.
I brought him home.
- Adam,
you okay, sweetie?
- Yeah, mom, I'm fine.
- Alright, listen,
go to bed, okay?
- Night, Adam.
Was having Adam a hard birth?
Did he not want to come out?
Did he want to
stay inside of you?
Did you have to
have an episiotomy?
When you have
an episiotomy the vaginal
canal is about this
close to the anus.
And if they cut
too much, you know,
you can get all
kinds of infections.
- No, man, he was
a natural birth.
There was really almost no labor.
- Well, my mother has
to have an episiotomy.
They had to rip her open
because I didn't wanna come out.
And my father, he'd get
all drunk and he'd yell
at my mother
because that she had
me her hole wasn't
tight anymore.
- Oh, listen, thanks
for bringing him home.
- Oh, yeah, no problem.
- Goodnight.
- Okay.
- Hey, Vossie.
Good morning, step up, come on.
Good morning.
Come on, BT, wake
up the birthday boy.
Come on, hey, sweetie,
it's time to get up.
Come on birthday boy.
- Hi-yi.
- Hi-yi.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
- So, um, what was
going on last night?
- Um, me and Jessie
was just walking
and we saw them come
up behind us with
their lights on and we
just started running.
But we got to, like,
the ditch and I turned
and I guess Jessie
went straight.
And I just felt
somebody behind me,
tackled me, and it was
him, he tackled me.
- What do
you mean he tackled you?
- I was running and he just came up behind me and jumped at me.
- I know
why he was stopping you.
He's stopping you because
he thinks you're a wetback.
- Yeah.
- That sucks.
- I don't ever see
the white kids getting
pulled over by border patrol.
- Oh, Adam, I don't like it.
You gotta be careful.
I mean, I know you're
not doing anything wrong,
but just don't give them any
kind of excuse to do that
or to have any contact with you.
Those guys just seem like
they're outta control.
They do whatever they want.
Alright, sweetie,
listen, you gotta get up.
You gotta get up now,
you've got some chores to do
and then you gotta go to school.
- Hey.
There you go.
- Good
morning Marfa High School,
please stand for our
pledges to our flags.
We will begin with our pledge
to the United States flag.
- I pledge
allegiance to the flag,
of the United States of America,
and to the Republic
for which it stands,
one nation under
God, indivisible,
with liberty and
justice for all. - And now we
will honor the Texas flag.
- Honor the Texas flag,
I pledge allegiance
to thee, Texas,
one state under God,
one and indivisible.
- Thank
you, you may be seated.
This morning we just have
a couple of announcements.
First of all, teachers,
you are reminded that you
need to post attendance
within the first
10 minutes of each
class period today.
And the second
announcement of the day is
a congratulations to
our UIL Academic as we put the whippin'
on Crane and Kermit
yesterday in the first
half of the competition.
We lead the district
by over 100 points,
so way to go, let's finish
tomorrow up with a championship
and everybody have a
great day, thank you.
- So,
the people have taken
Marie Antoinette and King
Louie the XVI and the children,
they've broken into their
home and they take them
to the guillotine and
they kill them all.
And this is the
French Revolution,
France will have a new
government after this. At the same time the
English fighting the
American colonists and this
is where we get America's.
These revolutions
have created a whole
new world for us, the world
we're living in today.
So, this is a major...
- point in history.
Adam, get over here.
Seriously, we can't be
having this anymore.
I cut you all this slack and
you're sleeping through class.
You know what's gonna happen?
I have to send you to
the principal and this
time he's gonna
give you a paddling.
Do you want a paddling
on your 16th birthday?
- No.
- Then what am I
gonna do with you?
You're sleeping through class,
you're smart,
you're a bright boy.
Ah, she's kicking.
- I can feel her.
- It's crazy, right?
- Yeah.
When is she due?
- In about a month,
when's school's out.
- Oh, that's cool.
- Maybe I won't
send you to the principal,
but you still
deserve a paddling.
Maybe I'll give you a spanking.
A birthday spanking?
16, huh?
- Two.
- Four.
- Ow.
- Six. Seven.
- Nine.
- Ah.
- 10.
- 13.
- 15.
- Ow.
- 16.
And one to grow on.
- Ow.
- How was that?
- It hurt.
- You gonna
sleep in my class again?
- No, no.
- Are you gonna pass this grade?
- Yes.
- Alright, get out of here.
- He was out running
around when he
shouldn't have been,
but he wasn't
doing anything bad.
And then Tom picked him up.
You know, when he moved
here he was married
and he had a couple of kids,
a son and a daughter I think.
And rumor has it that he was
a wife beater and his wife
ended up getting sole custody
of the kids and moving
away because he knocked
her around too much.
When they were
together they lived
on the outskirts of town,
Tom had Rottweilers.
And, um, big scary dogs,
big macho dogs like him.
He'd cut their vocal chords.
- Jesus.
- So they would
sneak up on people.
You know, you're
walking by the fence,
you wouldn't know the
dog is there and then
suddenly this big mean thing would lunge at you.
And supposedly
anything that went over
the fence was ripped to shreds.
Neighbors' cats,
neighbors' dogs, a fox.
I think he was
really proud of it.
- What
ya reading, man?
- What?
What are you reading?
- Paper, man.
- How are you today?
- My feet hurt.
- Yeah, if your
tits weren't so big
your feet wouldn't hurt.
- Whoa, hey.
Sorry, amigo.
What's wrong with you, man?
You can't talk to her like that.
Can't talk to girls like
that, do you hear me?
- Just relax.
- Rela... I have a 16
year old daughter,
same age as that girl,
would you talk to my
daughter that way?
- No.
- You wouldn't talk to
her that way, would you?
- She's your daughter.
- So, why is it okay to
talk to her that way?
You walk in here,
'cause you're here.
- Sorry.
- You should probably
apologize to her, man.
- Are you really sorry? Hmm?
- I am, but...
- You are, you're really sorry.
It was pretty idiotic.
You act like a moron.
- What's up? Happy Birthday!
- Thanks.
What up, dude? Yo.
- Yo, what up,
Happy Birthday, man.
- Thanks, man.
Hey, hey.
What's up?
- What's
up, how was school?
- It's pretty gay.
- Whatcha do now, man?
- What do you mean now?
So I get bitched at, like,
every day by a
different teacher.
- Were you saying stupid shit?
- And I'm smarter than half
the motherfuckers there.
- Yeah, but
you do dumb shit.
- Like what?
- Like being dumb.
- You don't know what's up, man.
- Oh, I do know what's up.
- What's up?
- I know what's up, I'm
not in school anymore.
Yeah, I talked to Miguel today,
he got transferred
over to El Paso.
- Oh, really?
- Yeah it sucks,
like, I have to
drive four and a half
hours just so Ty
can see his dad now.
- That sucks, yeah.
- I mean, I can't afford the gas
and I can't even
freakin' get a job
because nobody's gonna watch Ty.
My mom...
Yeah, so.
I don't know, I was
thinking maybe I'd start
dancing professionally up there. - I think you can
do that, you're pretty hot.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- You think I'm alright?
- Yeah, show
us your mad skills.
- I don't know, I
might be too shy.
- Can I be your DJ?
- Yeah you can be my DJ,
we're bringing the KAOSS pad.
- What can I be?
- You can be my bouncer.
- Bouncer? -
- I'm too
skinny to be a bouncer.
Me and Jess, dude, that'd be
like the worst bouncers ever.
- You could be my makeup artist
and do my makeup.
- I don't know if I'd
be good at that, but...
- How's Inez doing?
- Uh, she's doing good.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Her parents are
pretty cool, right?
- Her mom's pretty cool,
her dad's a dick though.
- Yeah, you just don't like him
'cause he doesn't
let you fuck her.
- Yeah, well, that's nothing
he can stop me from doing.
- Oh yeah?
- Yeah.
- Are you guys gonna
go all the way?
- Yeah, hopefully soon.
- Kill the roach, man.
- I need to give you a fuckin'
Happy Birthday present, right?
- You do? It is my birthday. - Yeah, it is.
I'll think of something.
I can't believe you're hanging
out with me on your birthday.
- There's nothing
else to do in this town.
- Well, I didn't even get
you a birthday present.
- You don't have to.
- Maybe I should give you
a birthday strip tease.
I need help practicing
for my new job.
- Being a stripper?
- Mm-hmm.
So, you have to tell
me what you think.
- Miguel's gonna kill me.
- Come on, you know,
he's the one who's in jail.
- Hi.
- Hey, Tom.
- Uh, I'll have a number
two, can I add some
cheese and some
jalapeos on that?
- Sure.
Anything else?
- Yeah, I'll have a diet Coke.
- Okay.
- So, how you been?
- Good, working all the time.
- Working all the time?
You're always so happy.
- I'm not happy, I'm a waitress.
- When's
your next day off?
- Saturday.
- Saturday.
- Yeah.
- I was wondering, think
I could take you out?
- Sure.
How 'bout 7:30?
- Yeah.
- Sweet, I'll pick
you up at 7:30
and make sure to
bring that smile. - So, um...
- What do I owe ya?
- $4.00.
- $4.00.
- That was hot.
You've been a naughty boy.
Can I spank you?
- If you want.
- How's it going?
I haven't seen you in awhile.
- These past couple of
months have been pretty hard.
My cat got really sick and he
died actually a few weeks ago.
- I'm so sorry.
- Yeah, it was pretty
wild discovering exactly
who he was to me and why he
came into my life, you know.
He knew all along,
but I had no idea.
I guess, I mean,
he was already four
years old when I
met him, you know.
I only had him for
two and half years
and those two and a
half years, you know,
discovered that, well, he
was born and his mom had
abandoned him and
he needed a mom.
So, he came to me,
but discovered that we
had several past lives
together, really traumatic ones
that we both needed to heal
before he could move forward.
- Yeah.
- And it was probably
one of the most intense
things I've ever
experienced, too, and...
- Oh. - He died in my arms peacefully,
it was really
profound getting to
- I'm sorry.
- - see him take his
- last breath,
it's okay, you know.
He was suffering so
much, he had cancer.
And now he's everywhere,
you know we attach
so much to the
physical, you know.
I just realized that
now he's everywhere,
that he's always with me.
- There's
something reassuring about that.
- Right.
- I think, as hard
as it is to lose them
in the physical world to know
that they're still there.
- A friend of mine offered
to let me bury him at his
ranch and I had a really
beautiful ceremony there
and buried him in
between two trees and...
put him back in the
earth, you know?
- To let him grow.
- - It's funny,
- I couldn't
do that, remember Jasmine?
- Mm-hmm.
- The too? When she died, she
died in my arms here, too.
- Uh-huh.
- And there's something
about the harshness,
I don't think she
was meant for here.
- Right.
- I just, I couldn't
deal with it. I couldn't put her
in the ground here,
I didn't want her
here and her mate was
with us when she died
and we're really still
and I wrapped her in
this beautiful scarf.
- Mm-hmm.
- And I put her in a box
in the freezer actually.
- Oh my goodness.
- Because I was taking
her back to New York
and I didn't know
how to preserve her.
I just, every core
of my cellular being
would not allow me
to leave her here.
- Right.
- I didn't think it was
good, I thought the place
had a bad spirit, so I put
her in this box, I froze her.
- Which
sounds a little harsh,
but one day I had her mate
on my shoulder, Gucci,
and I opened up
the freezer to get
something out and
he saw the box.
He had watched me do everything,
he was very intently
focused on me wrapping
her in this scarf and
placing her in the box
and he flew in the
freezer and he spread
his wings over and
kind of was crying.
- And it just killed me.
- Oh my gosh.
- So, it still does. - Yeah, sure.
- But anyway, we got her
to New York and I flew
her there and, you know,
she was almost thawed out
- - when I got
- to the house
and we put her in the ground.
So, and she's there and
I feel good about it.
- Yeah, it's beautiful.
- Good.
Yeah, wow, they just
have such an impact
on your life.
- Well, I
have several teachers.
- I mean, you come
from a long line of healers.
- I mean, my dad's
side, natural healers,
um, come from Mexico, but um...
- Hey!
- Hey, guys.
- How's it goin'?
- Good, how are you?
- Good,
good to see you.
- Hi.
- - Hi, Rodrigo.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- Hi.
- Hi, I'm Tina.
Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- So, what kind of
healer was your father?
- Oh, well, my dad's dad was
what they call a huesero.
Hueso in Spanish means bone, so.
- Hueso?
- Hueso, so people at
the village would come
to him with their ailing
bones and he would, like,
kind of like a chiropractor, pop them back in place
and do massage and limpias,
which is, you know,
cleansing of the energy field.
And so yeah, people
would do that
and I don't think he
would charge anything.
- Mm-hmm.
- Often times healers in
villages don't charge,
they just, by donation, yeah.
- What's sound healing?
- Well, basically
they say that the world
is sound and everything in it
is and responds to vibration.
Whatever experience it is
that you're remembering
or that needs healing, sound
I've discovered is the most
profound way to help move
that, to help clear that.
- Mm-hmm.
- Um...
- Would I
make, would you teach me
how to make noises, like
sounds to help me heal myself
or would it be like something
you would do for me?
- Well, they say, like, humming,
they say humming is
like internal massage.
So, say if you're anxious or
nervous or something like that.
So, if you just.
- So, what brings you into town?
Are you a native or...
- I'm an artist,
- Oh, cool. - - I'm here doing
- a
residency at Chinati, so.
- Very nice.
- I
just get to hang out.
- So, are you a
painter? Is that...
- I've been doing a lot
of drawing, a lot of painting.
- Okay, so what kind
of portraits do you do?
- Um, well, actually
I've been doing nudes.
- Oh, okay, cool.
- Yeah, since coming out
here I guess the landscape
kind of inspired me
to strip things down
and just get, you know,
the bare essentials.
I find it more beautiful,
less distracting.
- No, that's
awesome, I'd be actually really
interested in checking out
your stuff, that'd be cool.
Well, I'm sure you'd
make an excellent model.
- Oh, well, thanks, I don't know
what makes a good nude model,
but, yeah, I'd love to come
and check out the
studio sometime.
- That's be great.
- - Yeah.
- That would be amazing,
it's actually just
a short walk that
way, we could go...
- Really?
- Yeah, we could just
walk over there later.
- Okay.
I still beat you. Hold still, I'll beat you soon.
I mean, I don't
see it, I dream it.
I dream of that.
Ladies and gentlemen, for their
first show, The Marfabaters!
- Hey.
- Hey, there, Smiles.
- Hi.
- Thank you, buckle
up, it's gonna be a fun ride.
Did you date much
in high school?
- No, not at all, I
had three brothers.
They didn't let me do anything.
It was actually really
awful, you know.
To have someone,
like, protect you that
much and be so overprotective.
- Mm-hmm.
- I didn't have any experiences,
any fun, dates, no boyfriends.
You know how when you
get to be a cheerleader
football players get
to come talk to you?
Mm-mm, that
did not happen at all.
If someone came
within an inch of me,
it was ridiculous, they
would, like, pounce.
- What would they do to me?
- They would interrogate
you, ask you where
you're from, who you
know, about your family,
what you want, why
you asked me out.
I actually missed
my sophomore prom.
- Yeah, this guy was asking me to prom, super sweet,
and one of my brothers, he
just threatens to beat him up.
And, of course,
the guy freaks out
and I stay at home
on prom night.
Yeah, it was bad, I can't
even tell you how many times,
how many times I missed
out on a fun date
or hanging out with
a fun guy, you know.
Poor little Angie, I
never had a date.
- You do now.
- I do now, with someone
who's really nice.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
- Oh, I forgot my wallet,
think we can stop by
my house for a sec?
- Um, sure, just to run in?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- And to show you
something, too.
- What's that?
- You'll see.
- Okay.
- So, where are
your brothers now?
- They're around,
I don't really talk
to 'em much, you know,
I'm an adult now.
- I like your style, well, this
is my living room, a big TV.
- Hmm.
- Come here.
Su casa mi Tom.
- Decorated myself.
- I can tell.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- It's my targets.
- Right.
- Yeah.
- Um, so, where we gonna go eat?
- I'm not gonna take you out to eat,
I just wanna fuck ya.
- Mm.
Um, holographic sound
or toning, vocal toning.
A high vibrational
sound, I've always been
a singer my entire life,
but in my work just
intuitively started
using sound in order
to help someone move
blocked energy in their body,
but using sound
to move it through.
Or to bring those
things to the surface,
those emotions to the surface.
Calling forth for clearing
all original thought patterns,
belief systems, roots,
any and all systems.
Past or present life
trauma or experience
contributing to any imbalance,
disharmony in your body.
Setting the intention
that any information that
needs to come to consciousness
for further clearing,
transformation or
transmutation of energy that
does not serve your
physical, emotional,
mental, spiritual
and energetic bodies.
That is happening right now.
- Whoa.
- Why are you laughing?
- Remember that
one time?
- Mm.
- What?
- Nothing.
- One more time. - Nothing.
We're sleeping.
- I always enjoyed
living on extremes,
from one extreme to another.
You know, this one time I
was wasted at this hotel
party in San Antonio and
it was 4:00 in the morning
and my buddies were
hanging out in south Austin
and I was like, "You know
what, I'm just gonna go,
"but if I don't get
a move on I'm gonna
"miss the party that's
going on over there."
So, I was like, "You know
what, the best idea is
"to do in this situation would
be to get on the motorcycle
"and get to Austin
as soon as possible."
So, that's what I did
and I got to Austin
in 25 minutes from
downtown San Antonio.
- That's insane.
- It is, it is, and I thought
it was the best idea ever,
just hauling 200
miles an hour down 35.
It got to the point where
I was just passing cops
on the freeway and
I would see in the
rear-view mirror they'd
turn on their lights
and, you know, maybe
start to pursue and then
after, I don't
know, 10, 15 seconds they would just turn
their lights off.
It was like, well,
there's a black bike
just shooting down in
the middle of the night.
I mean, by the time
they knew what the fuck,
you know, I was in
the next county.
I like that actually, when
you're going that fast,
as far in front of
you as you can see,
that's immediately
what's in front of you.
- Mm-hmm.
- You know and so, there's
no processing anything,
there's no looking
from side to side.
It's just you on this,
like, really fast horse.
I don't know, I mean it's
just kinda more of the same,
but I haven't written
words to it yet, so.
- It was very pretty.
- Oh, thanks.
- It was kinda sad.
- I don't know, what kind
of lines do you like?
Long skinny ones,
short fat ones,
big ones, small ones...
- Um...
- Medium.
- Medium skinny, please.
- Medium skinny, alright.
- Okay, Rodrigo, enough
with all of the philosophy.
Listen, I'm not judging
you, I like you,
that's why you're here.
Why are you here? Are we gonna fuck or not?
- Are we gonna fuck? No.
- Whoa, what are you doing here?
- Calm
down, I just need to pee.
How's it going?
- Good.
- How was your night last night?
- Uh, it was alright,.
- That's crazy.
I got with Rodrigo.
After the barbecue we just went
back and had a nice time.
What'd you do?
- Oh, I just hung out
with Inez a little bit.
- Yeah,
she your girlfriend now?
- Uh, yeah, you can say that.
- That's cool.
I'm gonna go to
the studio later.
Will you walk with me?
- Uh, sure, I told
Inez that I would
go over today, her
dad's mad at her,
she didn't get home until
three in the morning...
- Oh.
- last night, even though my mom
told her mom it'd be okay.
Her dad doesn't like it.
He's always bitching about it.
- Yeah,
hey, gimme some soap.
Thank you.
When I was growing up
my dad was a hippie.
He came out of a generation that
truly believed in free love.
So, instead of telling
my not to have sex
he encouraged me to have sex, he encouraged me to fuck as
many boys as I wanted to.
And so I did and it was fun.
But my other friends, their
dads told them not to have sex,
so then they ended up
thinking that I was a slut.
And so I guess I started hanging
around guys a lot more often
because they just
seemed less judgmental.
- Well, a guy that fucks
a lot of girls is a slut.
I don't think so.
Well, let's think about it,
a guy, say he tells you
that he fucked 20 girls,
and you think he's
a player, right?
You think he's a total badass.
Okay, so if a girl says that she
fucked 10 guys then it's,
like, you think she's a slut.
- A girl that fucks a
lot of guys is a slut.
- Why can't I be the player?
What's wrong with that?
I'm not ready to settle down,
why should I just have
to have sex with one guy?
And a guy who fucks
a lot of girls
is just a player, right?
- Yeah.
- Wrong.
So wrong.
I always fall for
young, sweet,
strong Mexican boys.
Ever since I was,
like, 13 or so. When I was 16 I had
this one boyfriend
and I loved him, he
was so beautiful.
He had these big puffy
lips that I loved to kiss.
They were pillow
lips just like yours.
He had these beautiful eyes,
I loved him so much, I
loved cuddling with him
just as much as I
loved fucking him.
He had this younger
brother who was, like,
I don't know, just a few
years younger than him
and they looked almost
exactly the same.
And one day we were
all hanging out
and we got so stoned and
then you know what happened?
We made love, all three of us.
Two guys and one girl all
loving each other equally.
There wasn't any jealousy,
there wasn't any shame,
there wasn't any
mother to tell us no.
We were fucking just for
the pure joy of being alive.
It was the most beautiful thing.
Anyways, thank God for
young beautiful boys.
Looks like you popped a boner.
- Yup.
So, you know, sex is just
another way of communication.
If people fucked more
there would be less war. Less killing, less
rape, all that shit.
You know what I mean?
- Yeah, I think so.
- I mean, it's
just like if people
did what they wanted to do
and as long as it
didn't hurt anyone,
there shouldn't be a problem.
Does that make sense to you?
- Yeah.
Smell's important.
- Smell?
- Yeah,
like the way a guy smells.
I hate it when guys put on Axe,
you know that deodorant spray,
don't ever use it.
- Well, some expensive
stuff actually helps.
- Oh, I guess so, but you know,
it's important to
be able to pick up
on other people's pheromones.
Like, that's how we know
we're attracted to each other.
You smell good.
You know anything
about the clit?
- Just what they
say on South Park.
- Alright, so, like, nothing.
Well it's called the clitoris
and it's actually
the only part of
the human body that's designed
and functions
purely for pleasure.
Did you know that?
- Didn't know that.
- It's just there
to enable a girl
to come over and
over and over again. So that means that
if you can master
the clitoris then you'll
be, like, set for life.
I mean, you
already look like
fuckin' young Mick Jagger, so.
Yeah, it's a good thing.
You have one year
until you're 17
and you know what
that means, right?
- No.
- Age of fuckin' consent, dude.
And you know what I'm gonna do?
I'm gonna fuck you 'til
your eyes fall out.
But only if you've
mastered the clit.
- Alright, well,
I guess I'll spend
the next year practicing.
- Yeah, do it.
- Inez is a nice girl.
I know I can trust her.
- Oh, yeah, why?
- Well, 'cause she's nothing
like anyone you can't trust.
Like, I was at this
party and I walked
in on Ursa giving Robert a BJ
and then she went
into the living room
and started making out
with her boyfriend Carlos.
I mean, that's just disgusting.
- Right, and your
sweet angel Inez
would never do that, right?
- I don't think so.
- Well, what's so
gross about that anyways?
I mean, really.
- I mean, she has Robert's splooge
in her mouth and then she goes
and makes out with Carlos.
I mean, that'd be like if Carlos
gave Robert a BJ, it's the
same thing pretty much.
- So what, man, I
mean, think about,
like, say some dude
goes and fucks some girl
and then he goes home,
goes home to his
girlfriend and his angel
and she's just there waiting.
She's, like, so
stoked to see him,
she just, like,
rips off his pants
and immediately starts
giving him a blow job.
Well, guess what?
His dick was in
some other girl's vagina,
like, two hours earlier.
So now her mouth
all over his dick
with the vagina and it's just,
they go have sex after that
and it's like the same thing.
And it happens all the time.
- Yeah, well, I don't know,
I just don't see
how a girl would
be able to do
something like that.
If Inez ever did
something like that
to me I'd probably never
have another girlfriend.
- Whatever, well,
sucks for you then.
If you don't want Inez to fool around on you,
you know what you
gotta do, right?
- No.
- You gotta eat some
fuckin' pussy, man.
You get good at
eatin' pussy then
she'll like never have a
reason to fool around on you.
- I've never looked
at it in that way.
- Yeah, you gotta put
some effort in, you know?
- Yeah.
It is only for pleasure,
that's all I can
remember right now.
It's, like, when
you're down there
eating, you know, Inez
or whatever girl out,
don't be afraid to
ask her, you know.
Like, what she
likes, 'cause if you
don't ask and if she
doesn't tell you,
how the fuck are you
gonna know what to do?
This one time this guy
was going down on me
and he was like
going crazy and it
just, like, felt
awful and I was like,
"What the fuck?"
And I, like, looked
up and it looked
like he was, like,
chowing down like a dog.
Like chowing down on
a bowl of dog food.
And I was like, "Dude!"
I was like, "My pussy's
not a bowl of dog food."
And he, like, his head shot up and he was like,
"Oh, shit, sorry."
And I was like, "Yeah, dude."
And I, like, talked
him through it
and we figured it
out and it was,
just like, funny and fun, so,
not a big deal, you know?
But it's important.
- Well, my uncle
says that, like,
for him it's like the best thing
in the world, he loves it.
He loves the smell,
he loves the taste.
- Uh-huh.
- Like, I guess for some girls
take a long to come,
he said it's like
pushing a bowling ball up
a hill with his tongue.
- Hey, do a trick.
- You do a trick.
- What's your best trick?
You're the skater.
- Skate towards me at least.
- Does it
matter which way it goes?
- Not really.
- I'm scared.
Oh, it's bumpy!
- What are you
guys doing in here?
- I don't
know, we're just hanging out.
I'm an artist here,
I'm doing a residency
at, you know, Chinati and I'm
just checking out this space,
see if I could use it
in some way, you know.
Be like some large
scale paintings,
maybe even have a show or something.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- I'm gonna go to Inez's.
Bye, Adam.
- So, do you have
permission to be in here?
- Yes, I have
permission to be here.
- From who?
- From the Chinati Foundation.
- Hm.
- Who I guess you could
say is my employer
because I'm doing
a residency there.
- So, if you're an
artist, where's all your paint?
- At my studio.
What are you doing here?
- What do you mean
what are we doing here?
What is that supposed to mean?
- This isn't the border.
- Yeah, right.
- I mean,
y'all are Hispanic, right?
Yeah, I'm Dominican.
- What, wait, what does that
have to do with anything?
- How does
it feel to work a job
where you're job is to bust
your own people essentially.
How do you sleep at night?
- Who the hell are you to
ask me a question like that?
You don't know
anything about me.
You don't know one
thing about me.
- I guess not.
- You wouldn't get it,
not from where
you're coming from.
Some white privileged girl from the suburbs
who's had everything
handed to her.
Who works for an art foundation
drawing little pictures.
No, you wouldn't get it.
- - To you
- that's a
job, gimme a second.
To you that's a job.
Yeah, that's my job,
- Yeah, wow,
what responsibility.
You got a family?
You got any kids? Sick mom? Huh?
Dad in jail? Anything like that?
- No.
- So you have
no idea why I do it.
Do you know how many
of you artists come
through here flipping
your nose at us
because we have to do a
job to feed out children?
You choose the job.
- I do? Look around you,
there's nothing to choose here.
What am I gonna do,
work at Dairy Queen?
- Sorry, man,
but this is really just a job.
Border patrol is pretty much the
only thing was gonna hire me.
So, that's that.
- Do you have any
illegals in your family?
- Most of
my family are immigrants.
Actually my grandfather
was the first
one to come over, like, 1965.
He was a businessman over there and like, well respected.
- Mm-hmm.
- He
even tried to help against
Trujillo who was
dictator at the time.
- Whoa.
- But, uh, when it
got to be too rough
he knew it was time to leave.
- Mm-hmm.
- And came to the States.
- Mm-hmm.
- And I know what
you're getting it,
it's just I have a lot
of respect for him.
Even though...
- For sure, yeah.
- you know, he's
an immigrant and...
- What
about you? I mean...
- What about me?
- Do you have
any illegals in your family?
- What the hell
is that in your hand?
- What?
- You know I can bust
your ass right now.
- Why? Why
would you do that?
Do ya'll smoke weed?
- No,
I don't want any,
get that shit out of my face.
- Okay,
okay, I'm sorry.
I'll just, I'll smoke
it over here, alright?
- Yeah,
we can't smoke weed.
- Oh, really?
- Yeah, they drug test us.
- Oh, I see.
- Smells good.
- Well,
like, what kind of
stuff shows up in the drug test?
- Everything.
- Everything?
- Yep. - Yeah.
- What about mushrooms?
- What are they like?
- Afternoon, Mary.
- Hey, Tom.
- How are you?
- Alright.
- Good.
How's Adam?
- Adam's fine, you were a little
rough with him the other night.
- I know, I apologize,
he shouldn't have
ran from me though.
He could have been an
illegal or there's Al Qaeda.
- He's a 16 year old
kid from this town.
- You know, I realize
your husband's not around,
16 is the prime age
for sexual activity.
This is what's out there.
- Why you showing her that shit?
- Hey, Chachi.
- You can go play with your toy.
- Hey, you can't fuck with me.
- Chachi.
- - I'm 19,
- I can
stay out all night.
- Chachi,
it's alright, man.
It's okay, it's alright.
- I'll take off, I know when
I'm not welcome, I'll go.
- Maybe you
can skate with someone
like, on the back of your board.
- Like two people?
- Just like this.
- Probably
going downhill.
- Downhill?
- Yeah, probably be
the only way that would work. - So, how long is your
dad gonna be pissed for?
- He'll get over it.
- I gotta go, love you.
- Love you, too.
- You got a hot
little girlfriend.
You eatin' that pussy?
That's some table stuff,
I'd lay her on the table,
I'd spread her legs, I'd get
my whole face down in there.
- Want me to teach
you something?
- I don't know, what?
- The woman, she
always comes first.
- I wanna move to San Diego.
I wanna be a actor
when I grow up.
If I grow up, if Miguel
doesn't fuckin' kill me.
- It's true, everybody's
probably gonna find
out about this.
- Yeah.
- But...
we have this moment
right now or nobody does.
- Yeah, I mean,
you can't do anything
in this town without
everyone knowing about it.
Like, when I first started
smoking weed it was,
like, two days later
and everybody was
asking me about it.
- Really?
- Yeah, it was, it was stupid.
And I didn't even
smoke with anyone.
I was pretty much by myself
and people still
found out about it. Just I don't know how.
- No, can't have this, dude.
- Bye.
- You want a beer?
- Yeah,
I'd love a beer.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Tastes great.
So, I mean, what's Oscar's deal?
- Well, Border Patrol,
he's my roommate
and a coconut and...
What's a coconut?
- It's something the locals call
BP's that are Latin,
he's brown on the outside
and white on the inside.
- Like, he has no
love for his people,
he has no problem with his job.
- I mean, he seems to love it.
- Really?
- Yeah, we have, you know,
we have another roommate, too.
His name's Tom,
he's a white guy,
he has a goatee, might
see him around town.
But we all live together.
Well, I got, I don't
know, I got a bunch
of that hard charging out of me.
I was in the Army for 8 years.
My first tour, I
went to Iraq twice,
and my first tour, you know,
I was like, I was kinda like
Oscar and Tom, you know.
But when you see what, like,
people really go through
and it's, you know,
it's a lot different than in the media.
At first I hated 'em, you know,
I listened to all the propaganda
and, you know, everybody's
bad that's there.
And then the more I
was there I ended up
being in charge
of the detainees.
Like, the people that
we arrested that,
you know, were
insurgents or whatever.
When I took a look
at 'em, you know,
they weren't
dressed in uniforms,
they didn't have any weapons,
they were just people.
I was just, I don't know,
I just thought I was
gonna die every day
'cause my platoon
sergeant at the time
she volunteered me to be
the lead 50 cal gunner.
We were all truck
drivers and going
on convoys and
stuff so right when
she told me that I was like,
"Well, I'm gonna die."
And I really believed that,
so the whole time that
we were home training
I worked hard, partied hard,
and that's why I have
all these tattoos.
I just, I don't
know, like I really
thought I was gonna
die so I got like
my mom and that's
like the middle of the Dominican flag and has
my family around it.
- Who's this?
- That's about my grandfather
that I told you about.
It has to do with him,
he was, like, really sick and we
thought we were gonna lose him.
And I thought that
while I was there
that he was gonna die
and so I was like,
I'll get this to kind
of commemorate him.
It represents with
death comes life.
This arm is all,
have you heard of
the book Lord of the Flies?
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah, that's what this one is,
it's a...
- Oh, yeah, let me see.
- Yeah, look, has the conch,
has the kids crashing,
the plane crashing.
The little kids, that's why I
got survival of the fittest.
- I think that sick
fuck's been breaking into
people's houses and
jerking off and shit.
- Uh-uh.
That's fuckin' disgusting, man.
Hey, I'll catch you later.
Why don't you go jack
off in some houses.
- You got.
- Adam, hi, so you passed.
- Yeah, I'm a Junior now.
I just wanna graduate
and get outta this town.
How's she? - Any day now, we'll
see ya next year.
- Alright.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Come here, come here.
- Hey, man, hey, hey, hey, man!
You're fuckin' up my shit!
- He likes it.
- Fuck you, you spic.
- I'm gonna make him go DF.
- I gotta go to work, fuck.
I got a fuckin' night shift.
- Inez said that she missed her
period and she
might be pregnant.
- I am pregnant.
- What?
- Ma, ma, ma, ma,
ma, ma, ma, ma.
Ma, ma, ma, ma, ma, ma, ma.
Ma, ma, ma, ma, ma.
- I'm sorry you had to see that.
You don't really, uh,
know how I grew up.
My dad beat the fuck outta me.
It started with lighter
burns and cigarette burns
and then it graduated
to closed fists.
I don't even remember
doing anything,
I think he just liked to
do it, he liked the pain.
That equaled love to me,
so I played football and I was
the skinniest guy on the team
and I could take
the fuckin' hits.
I owe that to my dad,
he created a monster.
That's why everyone loved me,
I was all-state two years. I was trying to make him proud
and it seemed like
the more I got hit
the more he cheered,
the more he cheered.
I remember the first
time I dropped back
for a pass and it was, and
I sat back in the pocket
and I coulda threw
it, I coulda threw it,
but I knew that this
fuckin' cocksucker across
here was gonna come and
he was gonna hit me.
And I waited just seconds,
'cause I wanted him to hit me.
So I stopped, I dropped back
and I got cracked
so fuckin' hard.
Well, first I saw
everyone else, like,
you know, concerned for me.
Except my dad, he was
the only one standing
and he was cheering like,
"Yeah, get up, get up!"
And then I realized
that I got an erection.
And it was weird.
It was the first time in
my life I felt intimacy.
I felt like I just made
my dad proud of me.
And so whenever I
played from then on,
it was like that's
what I strived for.
I strived for that attention,
I wasn't even playing the sport
to play the sport, I was playing it for the pain.
And now I'm a father and I have
a nine year old
son and my fucking
ex-wife took him away from me
and I didn't do anything.
I love my son, I would
never discipline him
the way my father
disciplined me.
I would never use my fists,
these hands are for love.
A strap is for discipline.
I just miss him.
- Did you
circumcise your son?
- Yeah.
- And when you cut it off,
you lose like 50%
of your feeling.
It's like, it's like
it's there for pleasure.
It's like the clit or something
and you fuckin'
mutilate your kids.
That's why I only fuck Latinos,
'cause they know what
pleasure feels like.
They know how to make love,
it's like they can feel things.
'Cause they're not
missing that sheath.
It's like nature, all
animals have sheaths.
They can come over
and over again
and they don't have
to just jackhammer
the girl away into the night.
And funny, I mean you fuckin'...
- Hey, Adam.
Hey, man, you're
past curfew again. I'll run you home.
I know your mother likes me.
It may not seem like it, she's
just playing hard to get.
I know she wants to fuck me.
Oh, what we got here?
We got here?
That's a bust.
- Where are we going?
You missed the turn.
- I suppose I did.
- What the
fuck are you doing?
- Shut up.
- Get the fuck off me.
- Shut up.
- Fuck you!
- Just be quiet.
- Fuck you, why
the fuck would I be quiet?
Get the fuck off me!
- Shut up!
- Psycho motherfucker.
- Come here.
- What the fuck's
a matter with you!
- Fuckin' doing!
- You have a hot
little girlfriend.
- What the fuck,
crazy motherfucker.
Get the fuck off me!
What the fuck are you doing?
- Your peter
tastes like pussy.
Come on, get it up, I
want your hate paste.
- Fuckin' crazy
motherfucker! Fuckin'!
- You're lucky, palsy-walsy,
last time I cortled a
nigger he hung himself.
- Adam?