Margarita (2012) Movie Script

What are you doing? Hey!
What shoud that?
What are they doing?
- The rates have not been paid.
Wait, stop!
That must be a mistake.
Mist, the family is coming!
- That's fine.
They are coming!
- You must not go!
May I invite friends.
We must go.
Wait, this is due to an error.
No mistake, you read it.
- Just wait.
That belongs to us,
you can not take!
I need help with the luggage rack.
- Ben, do something!
Let him do his job.
- Stop it.
If you take my car ...
bursts my collar!
Ben, do something!
- Help me with the luggage rack?
Oh God!
I'm really sorry.
So much for the weekend for two.
- I've got my friends like me.
I like being alone with you.
Do you know that Carlos likes you?
Sure, I have indeed breasts.
It is more than that.
Ben wants you well.
- Ben is my boss.
Everyone falls in love with you.
Are you jealous?
I know you're my girl.
Then hijacked me!
Let us go away.
Where do you want to go?
To Paris?
After Tokyo?
Or Shanghai?
How about Hamilton?
Marry me.
I want to marry you.
Are you pregnant?
We are only
for 5 months together.
There are 6 months.
I freely.
We could go to the movies.
Will you marry or to the movies?
- We never go out.
You're always on call.
Do you have any others?
- No.
Why do we never go to your place
or do something with your friends?
I do not even indicate yes your family.
Do they know that you're a lesbian?
- Of course!
And that I am from Mexico?
- Oh, come on.
Do they know that I am a nanny?
Hello, Mali.
- Can you leave us alone for?
Why'd you have also
trade stocks?
You are dentist, man!
Vernier's to the crisis in America,
but not for me!
I want us
rausholen from the financial hole!
And what are you doing?
Spinning, Yoga? Then look's
at least look as we had coal.
Gail, please ...
Hello, Dr. Martin.
- Hi, Jane.
How was your day off?
- You were gone for 6 hours.
What happened to the adventure trip?
- There was no snow.
I go then times.
Hi, Dr. Lawson.
- Hi, Jane, call me Ben.
We talk to you later, okay?
Can you take care of Mali?
Ben and I need to talk.
Oh God.
Come here.
Why your mother is so upset?
- No idea.
She's crazy.
Oh no.
- She's crazy.
A little bit.
Sorry about the weekend.
- Oh, it's me accustomed.
I do not get it. We are working as
crazy and drowning in debt.
I know, terrible, crazy, but ...
Where did you get that from?
Do you remember your first date?
- Light the bare not.
The car was confiscated,
credit cards are overdrawn
and you've got the reserves playful!
Do not exaggerate!
I gambled only 20,000.
Our reserves ...
have resolved itself.
And Kiffen solve our problems?
- Maybe one.
I do not need moguls,
to have fun.
That was just,
to spend time with Mali.
To build it,
to inspire them for nature!
I hate skiing,
but your ski suit
I find really hot!
Are you listening to me?
- Sure, I listen!
That's what so horny bears like me!
We are listening!
Jane behaves idiotically.
You should give her jilted.
No, lawyers get involved nannies,
Do not arrange to meet with them.
She's only in the second year,
and it flies through well.
She is a lawyer
and I remain nanny.
Margarita, you're smarter than them.
You learned English in record time.
- Thanks to you, my little one.
You could be anything you want.
I cook, you'll help with the
Homework, bring you into bed ...
I will not always remain 14th
We could go together to the university.
Let 'ne bike ride!
You freely.
We order pizza!
And if it is the last day
is before the big storm?
Come on, I jag your way through the park!
What should we do?
Sell out
and tighten to a deserted island?
We go spear fishing,
drinking coconuts
and make all the time tantric sex.
I would like that.
We urgently need a plan B.
We have prepared for the house
paid way too much.
The address secured Mali
the place in school.
We would have been better
invested in 'ne private school.
But you wanted
play the elitist snob.
Plan C.
Your patients ...
You're too old and too sick.
They need me.
You will only pay for 'ne short visit.
You're not Mother Teresa.
And cosmetic surgery?
No, hair transplants
and breast augmentation? Plan D!
I bleach the rich teeth!
I've already sold years ago.
Pizza would have been better
as this bike ride!
Do not be so lazy,
and watch out for the hump.
Yes, well.
We descend the hill before.
The cell is frozen to.
So, plan M?
She is 14 and in high school!
Margarita is with us for 6 years.
It belongs to the family.
We send our daughter to
a foster family, which saves money.
That would unfortunately Schedule N.
The plans go from us.
When are you going to tell her?
- I?
You've got them engaged.
That is not right.
This feels wrong.
Mali is but now in high school!
Yes, precisely: alcohol, drugs, sex!
Those were the days.
All right, then we say's her.
Yes okay.
- Good.
Cheerleader, no.
Student representatives, not even.
A vampire club maybe?
- I hate these groups.
Good morning, Margarita.
- Morning, Mali.
In this elevator
can not go to school you.
Once blueberry and barley
for Dr. Che Guevara,
Energy for the front.
And Carrot and tofu,
so that your front does not expand.
Gym is useless,
if you do not go.
because Carlos and the gutter ...
That will have to wait until spring.
And then Carlos
also clean the drain.
Understand, you want two jobs
for the price of a Latino?
Ben, where is my new laptop?
What about "Dad"?
I have your old
brought back up to speed
and expanded memory.
It runs perfectly.
- You fixed it.
You have made us lunch?
- Five per week.
For each 10 dollars, or 5000 per year
and a quarter of my salary.
Can we go?
There are only 10 blocks to school.
- You always are going with.
We need to talk to her ...
- Does that some other time.
Maybe she should accompany them.
You have to grow up, little one.
I'm only 14th
Bye! A nice day!
What? She's only 14th
I am with five
driven to school alone.
Well, I'll call a taxi.
The last $ 20 you are getting.
Then we take the subway.
The next stop is in the direction.
- No, in the direction.
We say ye tonight.
- But I have AIDS clinic.
You work so every night.
That is why we have a Nanny.
- I do earlier deadline and tell her.
Then I catch you even when
Smooching with Jane. - Yeah, dream on.
- You're fixing the gutter?
Tomorrow I Replace yet
the broken roof tiles.
Incredibly, which cost the house.
- Unbelievable, what are you doing.
Why are you back already?
Oh, nothing, just like that.
Papers go through.
Margarita, make a break.
- You are too late.
For a Brazilian just right.
will not get you that.
So we drink a few beers,
enjoy ourselves in the pool?
Dance times over and bring me
the screwdriver, you sluggard!
That was easy.
I do not need you.
Who taught you that?
And the gardeners,
the greening and painters?
Give me your heart
and I'll bring everything in.
How can I resist you do it?
- I do not know that.
- And ...?
Toasted cumin.
- Bravo.
How was school?
- I've survived.
Met someone?
- They're all like Jane.
Lauter large,
beautiful, lesbian blondes?
No, stuffy sluts.
- Not this expression!
Also, I love Jane.
I counted,
how many notes I need.
If you say this is the best time
my life, I'll crack.
What was the best today?
- I got back the intermediate examinations.
I should probably
make no ninth-grade math.
But we have so practiced!
What happened?
I've cracked the exam.
I will skip one year.
Do the homework.
We have set up,
when you were 24, right?
You were still a child.
And now you're this Latino-goddess.
Margarita, you're fired.
You've heard right,
pack your bags!
Adios, Get out with you!
That is nothing.
two negative values cut away.
If you have -3, so come out -18.
- Hello, Gail.
Do you have your mom.
Hi, Gail.
All is well?
The food is in the oven.
- Where's Ben?
He did not leave his room.
- For real?
What do you do?
- Plan Z ...
You give Botox and suck from fat.
Everyone would like to look like this!
You did not tell her!
She was at the trough and makes the roof.
- And it costs $ 1,800 per month.
$ 2,000.
We have increased their salary.
And give me the credit.
- I do not USER.
Can not you also,
the financial advisor has them all locked.
And we are the house
sell before the next crash.
I could not tell her.
You will understand.
- She always does.
You can do anything, is reliable,
smart and pretty.
She's like a daughter, well, almost.
Are you keen on it?
- No, that's ridiculous.
Men fall in love
often in nanny.
The woman's work,
no dinner ...
He is alone, she is young, pretty ...
- And a lesbian.
You'd rather have sex with you.
- That's ridiculous.
- See you later!
That is my pocket.
The part because there!
I melt.
Yes here!
- Margarita!
I skipped the 9th in math.
Under Do you write?
Your parents
must sign the.
Then sends me Gail
in 'ne Math group.
Mom, Mom tell her.
Maybe because there's a nice guy.
In Math Club?
As yet only Langweiler.
You're too biased.
Anyway, I have no
only 23 bills.
If I make a summer course,
I'm finished in 3 years.
Then we will go together to the university.
I have no education.
You go to night school,
and together we are done in a jiffy.
Then we go to the university
and travel the world.
This is a beautiful dream.
A glass of wine?
A Cotes du Rhone?
A good wine with a sweet finish.
The walked away as the car picked up
was, but I have another.
The costs 50 dollars.
This is a residual inventory.
I got two bottles for 25th
You will from the wine club
quite the exception.
Sleep well, little Zapatistin.
"A united people
will never be defeated! "
Whether cuddling
and radical politics should mix?
It is a non-violent revolution.
So ...
Mali is now 14 ...
... And they can be used alone
take care of yourself.
And you're so gifted.
You cook, you fix things ...
... And get your computer back down.
Have you worried a nanny cam?
We think it's just unfair,
if we stop you from something.
Do you want to fire me?
- Fires? No!
That sounds so brutal.
- We could never!
But you're already so long with us ...
You got to be boring.
You could go to college,
be a great cook or ...
... Tischlerin.
We have money problems.
It's nothing serious,
but we need to save.
We feel terrible.
You're family. - Family?
But in Mexico we fire
the family does not.
Mali is nothing
learn from the problems.
The move, which is a conversion ...
- A "conversion".
She is gifted artisan.
How many times have I told you yesterday,
that I love you?
50 times.
You've only told me once.
- But I did mean it.
I want to wake up every morning so
and drink coffee with you,
to college, go to work,
properly together.
You sneak in here,
as if our relationship dirty.
My world is upside down, but
we know each other only since 5 months.
Your world has not changed.
Your law school, your roommate,
your parents.
You know nothing about me, right?
- We live in two worlds.
Respektier me
and live with me or leave it.
I do not wait until you
your class struggle have governed.
You want to probably
not seriously marry?
We are 24, whoever marries there already?
- Mexicans.
I love you.
I do not understand this love.
That was my mother's.
It must be awful,
losing his parents.
When did you move to your grandma?
- Always lived with us.
I hardly know anything about you.
Please do not go.
Let them make breakfast
and come back to bed.
I can no longer wait for you.
Do not forget that.
Please, do not come back.
Where is she?
- Work in the hospital.
Not Gail, Margarita.
- What's with the name?
Why do you pull yourself to so shabby?
- What's care?
When my daughter
as' attracts a whore?
What did you call me?
- I did not mean it.
I'm looking for Margarita.
- Now you need their space.
I'll go with you.
- You want to bring 'a whore to school?
I'm sorry,
I did not want to sleep here.
In Margarita, I would
never get out of bed.
That sounded stupid, right?
Where is she?
- She makes breakfast, right?
That's all our fault.
- We did not want released.
They have fired her?
- Mali is now 14 ...
And we thought it would be ...
What a bunch of nonsense.
Margarita is great,
but we sink into debt.
I should get dressed ...
Yes, of course, only.
Yes, got it.
Hello, Alberto.
- Super Nanny.
Chlorine! Bromide! Cleaner!
Good pH.
It is not art,
to clean a pool.
Do not tell the other nannies.
Marry me.
Please, this is already the 100th time.
Marry me.
Were you overnight
Canadian citizen?
Is not love enough?
They have fired me.
Are the nuts?
- You're broke.
That I do not understand.
You have so much stuff.
But no money.
I go to night school
and do my degree.
I can do it.
Sure, you're smart, but ...
So what?
I go to college,
find me a good job.
Do you have a work visa?
Residence permit?
How are you going to study
and find work?
Will you help me?
For 6 years you are working illegally
and now you want a passport?
Do you have but like all!
- Please...
Work with me.
Pool and lawn maintenance, renovations,
we will mix on the black market.
We are rich, get a lot of children.
I will not hide anymore.
I want to live here
like everyone else.
That's impossible, darling.
Please help me.
Tomorrow is "Career Day".
Everyone goes with their parents to work.
- Go with your mom.
I'll go with you.
The parents of the other
are all doctors or lawyers.
All will write the same thing.
What's so interesting about my job?
I'm clean toilets and stoves.
You're full of delicious guacamole.
- You did not have time for high school.
Your job is,
take care of children.
We are friends. You hang with friends
rum and will get paid.
And you can do it anywhere.
You can travel and get money for it.
Do you but today the dinner.
I lie down myself, am tired.
What should I cook?
- Surprise me.
All I want?
- Clear.
The food is in the oven.
Great, thank you.
You know,
you must not do that, right?
Mostly you get a severance package.
I thought so,
Therefore I expect that from in time.
I need a few weeks to get everything
to regulate. - As much as you want.
Have you ever told Mali?
That's your job, Mom.
Where is she?
- I do not know.
She is probably old enough
to alone to take care of yourself.
It's stupid to tell her now,
when she goes to bed.
I must do that, right?
The emotional work
always stuck with me.
I beg your pardon?
Margarita took over the parental role,
because you want to save the world.
I want to set an example
be for our daughter
and not only whiten teeth.
- But that brings money!
Would you have contributed something,
Would not have come this far.
I'm wearing nothing at?
- No you do not!
You have encouraged me,
To practice medicine.
I did not think you every night
volunteer work!
There are only two nights a week!
What about your addiction?
What addiction?
- The stupid investments?
Collecting plates?
- What else should do alone in the evening?
Go for a drink with the boys?
Have an affair?
You are addicted!
After work!
You only brings us nothing!
I wanted to MSF,
But you mean,
I could change what is here!
And you, great dentist
you big earners,
wanted us to finance,
while I
medically valuable work bar.
I wanted a daughter ...
... And be with you.
This was one of them!
We wanted
spend our lives together.
Gail, we
hardly even seen.
We wanted Summer
making in Africa.
You wanted to live in Mali.
At least
our daughter a nice name.
Do you regret how everything has gone?
Do you regret it?
- It is as if we were sleepwalking.
Why hate us Mali?
- They do not hate us.
For a teenager it is quite normal.
I hate it when they call me Gail.
- I know.
I know.
Can we regulate sensibly?
Call me, I love you.
Ready to go to work?
Why we do not Nanny Party?
Do you think I am celebrating
all day parties?
The toilet seat
is full of disgusting Po bacilli.
Verrhrst you it or removing it you?
Gail and Ben do not realize that.
- Me, yes.
Hurry up, there is still a lot of work.
- You're a nanny.
You must not do anything.
That's right,
but it is still expected of me.
That's not fair.
- Is well.
Then suction the hallway.
- We do not do together?
We work alone. I want you
undistorted glimpse get.
Did not you
renew the driveway?
Oh God!
- The Social Security Number
and the medical card, that's enough
for the university, but not for traveling.
How much?
- For the best nanny in the world?
In vain.
- Carlos!
IDs for Mexicans are cheap.
You all look the same.
Thank you darling!
- You are welcome.
Mali is there, I have to clean again.
What do you do?
- Now I understand everything.
What do you understand?
- That you carest here everything.
And that has nothing
to do with your job.
I'm writing an essay
on the Misuse of nannies.
Are you bisexual?
- Carlos and I are just friends.
Be Bisexual is cool,
because you have more choice, right?
Unfortunately, I'm just gay.
Hard to believe...
Why do you prefer Jane Carlos before?
That's odd.
- You're just straight.
How your parents.
I'm not straight, but bi.
It comes as it comes...
How is it?
Well ...
I get paid for 40 hours
but working 80th
On weekends I have free,
but I'm always on call.
I have 2 weeks vacation:
at Christmas and in March ...
... with you.
Converted I get
one US dollar per hour.
And we get
the worst room.
I meant sex.
How is it?
It is time to clean the oven.
- Thank you.
But I now have enough material.
I could almost be himself Nanny.
This is my life, Mali.
I'm not Mary Poppins.
It's your choice.
You can later make what you want.
What I want, I'm not getting anyway.
That's not true.
Gail and Ben will separate.
- No, they do not.
I did yesterday
Listen to argue again.
Gail would rather have gone to Mali
to get as me.
And Ben said she could go.
Something's going on here.
It's about me.
I can not stay always Nanny.
- You will not.
We study, we are looking for cool jobs
and travel the world.
I love you
like my little sister.
But unfortunately left
the big brothers and sisters first house.
- I have to go.
You can not leave me here.
- Your parents love you.
Why are they then never here?
I know it's hard.
I want,
that you're happy for me.
I have gone through the move
lost all friends.
And now you're going too!
I will not leave even the country.
We can meet anyway,
we will stay friends.
I need to get something.
- I'll come with.
You are writing about the exploitation
by nannies, my little Zapatistin.
Come in, we lie down on the couch.
Beautifully comfortable.
I've got it already.
- Convenient so?
Is only sprained,
and a mild concussion.
It could have been worse.
- Yes?
That costs us $ 3,000.
And the immigration authorities checked us
because it operates illegally!
Do not get hysterical now.
- Pull yourself together, you're to blame.
Why am I to blame?
- You fired her.
We exploit 'ne illegal immigrant.
- Are you kidding?
She gets 20,000 a year
and Guru!
Always your guilt!
- You had synonymous times.
The tax payments
they have expelled me.
Did you their salary from the taxes
deposed? - This is legal.
Not when it is operating illegally.
We are in the ass!
- Keep both up!
Savings rather for the university!
I'll probably pay off tax debts!
I throw down the school!
- That's ridiculous.
They are idiots.
No they are not.
Had they not promised
me to pay a ticket to Mexico,
I was now in prison.
That's crazy.
You can not send you away.
- Yes, they can.
And then I can never re-enter.
... not so loud.
Treasure, because of the Uni ...
You do not have to worry.
What are you talking about?
You will be shown!
Since 6 years, she does it all here!
She was your slave!
- You gets a dollars an hour!
Hardly likely.
Mali, why
Were not you in school?
We should today
go with their parents to work.
Why did you not come?
Because you hate your jobs.
- I love my job.
How should I know that?
You're never there!
You meet decisions
the ruin my life!
You're angry, but ...
- Why did you get fired you?
She was like a sister!
- You know the yet!
Do not stay here forever!
Because they are nanny! It is
not their job to take care of you!
I go with her to Mexico.
That's ridiculous.
- I know how to work as a nanny.
You do not go to Mexico
and will certainly not Nanny!
Oh yes?
Why not?
Then you can go to Mali last!
Smells Mexican.
- What?
she leads a household book.
Ceiling Fan, gutter, color,
Kitchen tiles ... And there are still
$ 500 in the household budget.
She's an angel.
And how beautiful these tiles are.
Did not sample
brought to view?
I've never looked at me. You?
I do not know, no.
She has prepared the house
and we have not noticed it.
As a perfect wife.
- Please?
Have you ever changed 'ne bulb?
- And you cooked?
This division of roles we reject!
- We reject any role!
Can you make the smoothies?
- Should I be now but Nanny?
Well, well.
I can do that too.
Ben, it grinds!
I've also heard.
- Give to yogurt.
Good, then I'll give up to yogurt.
Is that enough, yes?
- Yes, I do not know.
It is stuck.
I mix it a bit.
Calm down.
- I am calm.
Something is stuck!
- You'll get a heart attack.
Yes, and you're making it worse!
Did you suicidal?
- Do not demand it merely out!
Middle-aged man,
Money problems ...
Yes, wake me up,
when it's all over!
Someone Margarita has to supply,
because of her head!
I'll do it.
- No, then you're missing too much.
I might miss one year
and still be ahead. - What?
I skipped math one year.
- But you hate but math!
Margarita told me Math
and then it was fun.
I stay at home.
- Oh yes?
And your social events?
- The come back tomorrow.
I need a day off.
Then off you go to school!
You can find out all alone, is not it?
Wildcat! How about
a pool session this afternoon?
I have a seminar,
I can cancel.
Do you have what of the grass?
I got something for medicinal purposes.
I'm finally a doctor.
Marry me.
What do you need?
- No thanks.
For sure?
- Yes.
Why did you get up?
I have everything under control.
I make tea.
- I'll do it.
That's fine.
- Go back to bed.
Where is my Tiger?
Never Are you a break?
Then I chlore
the pool probably later.
Margarita, your hand!
What happened?
- An accident.
The police have the immigration authorities
informed. They include me.
Away We Go.
Let's start again!
Not waste your time with Jane.
She loves you not like me.
Come along.
- I will not hide anymore.
I take care of you.
- I want a normal life.
That you're going to have, I ...
I have relatives in California,
they help me.
We move there, get married,
are Americans.
I've been waiting for you.
I love you.
I'll pick you up tomorrow.
- Carlos.
I am a lesbian.
We can fix that.
- No.
That will not do.
I love you too.
But not in this way.
Are you still clean the filter?
Did I ever will
the garden and pool work calculated?
No, because Margarita
Saves costs.
But instead of saying thank you,
Fire them.
Stupid Gringos.
I clean the pool
until you're better.
They can not even chemicals
mix! I'll do it for you!
Not for you!
Hi, Carlos.
- Jane.
You're crazy,
if you let it go.
Want to go to the movies today evening?
They will be shown.
We must within 6 days
send to Mexico.
What happened?
- A car accident.
With the wheel. We did not know
that she has no work permit.
You are not
the immigration program for nannies?
Why not?
My cousin took me as a tourist
here to look for work.
I could hardly speak English.
I knew nothing of this program
and my visa was already covered.
I was 18th
- You were 18 when we set up?
You said you're 24th
- Now that you're 24?
Otherwise you would not set myself.
Why did not you say anything?
You never asked.
- Yes, out of consideration.
The memory of your family,
your past ...
Did not you trust me?
Wholeheartedly, when I asked you,
to marry me.
Did you ask me about the papers?
So I did not mean,
I'm sorry.
That does not matter anymore.
I'm going back to Mexico.
You must not go back again.
She has nothing there.
- You do not know that.
Why is she here?
A method
we can not afford.
We are not married.
- No.
Because you marriage
to "hetero-sexist" was.
Because you wanted to stay out of the church.
Because you every day
decide freely wanted.
Do you want to get married?
- Ben, you need to marry Margarita!
Then she can stay!
- I am 30 years older than her!
And a hairy man!
- That's only means to an end.
The authorities do not know
that she is a lesbian.
You think you're an old sack,
exploits a poor Nanny.
And my reputation?
- What!
You make teeth white again!
Caution! Since there may be current plan.
What are you doing?
The engine has blown.
- He has exploded.
- All right, we fix it.
Gail thinks we should get married,
so you can stay.
Two women, which is illegal.
You are not married.
- We are living in concubinage.
We must
not even divorced.
Drawing by the screw.
It would be a commercial contract.
You stay in Canada and you live here.
- Healed for me again?
Without you, we're screwed.
So ... How do you fix
a blown engine?
The neighbors
have thrown away a blender.
I've since installed the engine.
- Do you have their garbage searches?
Want to still get married?
- Yes, we want to!
That's very generous.
I can not accept it.
I have headache.
Why do not they marry you?
She is in a desperate situation.
Thank you.
You've seen them.
You like it, right?
- You're scaring me.
Can we even talk about something else?
She's smart, funny ...
... and pretty.
Have you not noticed?
Yes, sometimes.
- You idiot!
You've told it!
It has evolved into a goddess.
You said she's smart and sexy!
Mir remained our Mexican Venus
also not gone unnoticed.
Gail, you're not a lesbian.
Who knows,
if you do not try?
Same-sex marriages are legal.
I marry her.
Then she is my wife
and my husband,
I never had.
The wedding I do not pay.
- No thing!
I keep seeing naked bodies.
And I examine more vaginas,
than I would like.
It's a shame, but ...
You're here for 6 years and I know
nothing about your life in Mexico.
How are your parents died?
- Motorcycle accident.
How old were you?
- Does it matter?
I was eight.
My grandmother took care of me.
She was sick,
could no longer work.
I had no money to help her,
So I came here.
And she died, right?
- Last year.
And you said,
you do not want back.
But actually it was because of the visa.
I did not even have given you freely.
Now I go back.
- No Please.
To marry Ben's funny,
for you as a lesbian.
It may sound
even crazier ...
It would be more credible if we say,
we would love us.
- Who would pretend to be a lesbian,
only to help someone,
to stay in the country?
We say we have an affair.
And our secret meetings
Ben has caught us.
I should lie? - I say,
I can not live without you.
That's true! And when you
want to expel you anyway,
I threaten to kill me.
The risked none.
There are too few doctors in Canada.
At the registry office!
- What for?
We are going to marry!
Say "yes" or not explain to me why.
The water will be colder.
- This is torture.
I want to marry only for love.
You're so young.
We want to find a way
so you can stay here.
We all love you, Ben, and I Mali.
Your family is here.
- Thank you...
Think of it as a contract,
as a family or as a trial marriage contract.
In a few years
we can separate us
and you can marry who you want.
Thank you.
Air route
What do you do?
- Tomorrow I'm flying home.
But ... Mom said you marry,
so you can stay here.
Mexico is my home.
No, do not go.
Without you I'm dying here.
Thanks to you, I know,
that I can do everything I want.
I'm studying, find me a good job.
You do not want to,
I can decide freely how you?
Then I'll come with.
Mali, you can not.
This is your home,
here with your parents.
You can visit me in Mexico.
You can not do this to me.
I hate them!
- You do not hate.
Schatz, lunch is ready.
This is not food!
- Hey!
This is a broiler chicken
from the chicken factory!
Margarita It's better soon
and then everything is as before.
She flies to Mexico tomorrow.
Sweetheart, we discussed everything.
I marry her ...
You do not understand.
She does not want to,
that everything will be as before.
Who wants to be just a slave?
Margarita, I do not understand.
I could
not decide between you.
Who you marry, do not care.
It is important that you stay.
You can also study,
somewhere to work ...
Getting married is perhaps strange,
but we want it that way.
I liked being with you and Mali,
but I'm 24th
When I took care of you,
I noticed,
that I
around me can take care of itself.
Hello, Jane.
I fly home.
It's not because of you. It's about me.
I have to go home.
I wish it were. I love you.
But it is not.
No, I'm sorry.
Maybe you can show me,
how to cook.
We have to sell the house
and take it easy.
In a flat
we would be much closer to us.
Our car's gone, so ...
We have to go underground.
That would be funny.
I can help out at your school.
In high school,
no longer need to help out parents.
So you'll be late.
Oh, I would be a
been this disgusting Super mothers.
Sleep now.
I love you.
Marry me.
We can pick up the marriage license.
My grandmother gave me her ring.
You would have liked you.
I love you.
Marry me.
Do not you feel too young for this?
- I love you.
What about your parents?
You're ashamed of me.
- No, I've enjoyed being here.
That's not enough for me.
- I do not want that you leave.
I've already bought the ticket.
The setting is applied.
Marry me and you can stay here.
Let me go!
I take care of the Legal.
You do not even see me,
if you do not want.
You love her.
Why not you say she?
Mali, which does not concern you.
You take care of everyone else,
but it does not allow,
that someone cares about you!
Do you love me?
Because I really love you.
Does that mean "yes"?
You're too old,
to have a nanny.
I know.
Then we have to be best friends.
Babelfisch Translations
Ingo Brauner