Maria (2003) Movie Script

A Romanian-German-French
With the support of EURIMAGES and
The National Centre of Cinematography
A film by Peter Calin Netzer
Based on a real story
My mournful... eyes...
with longing... cry...
And up... to heavens... they aspire.
My thoughts... among the stars...
y high...
Ma, look, my brother!
It's a rabbit, not your bro !
Then why the lady on the 1st
oor sais we breed like rabbits?
Nicolae, ask something nice
for a change. Or better shut up!
How can I ask anything
if I shut up?
Mother! Let's go!
1, 2, 3, 4...
Ma, what comes after 4?
- Prick!
- 1, 2, 3, 4, prick, 6...
I told you to speak nice.
Ma, take me in your arms!
I'm tired!
| mustn't cany anything.
Give me you hand.
No! I want in your arms.
l'll kiss you...
| promisse you to speak nice.
- I wanted to show you I can count.
- Be quiet for Pete's sake!
- The baby's coming!
- Mother!
Kids, the baby's coming!
- Come on, Costin!
- Kids, it's the 7th, the7th...
- Who's gonna carry me?
- Walk, sucker, you got feet.
I can't. They're too short.
Dad can bring me another.
He's the king of baloons !
This is good for Nicolae.
There's bad news and good news.
The bad news is that
the factory will be closed.
You'll have to leave the premises.
The new security service is here.
And the pay due?
The new owner, Mr. American,
doesn't recognize any debt.
He promised after he'd refurbished
the factory and got things going,
he'd hire back some of us.
Some? And the others?
The good news is
he says it's OK
if instead of the owing pay you take
two boxes of balloons each.
- Again balloons?
- Balloons? Not again!
- Five kilos per person.
- I don't need any.
- And sell them? You buy?
- Go to a fair!
Our houses are awash
with balloons.
Folks, take your boxes
and leave the bay.
- Severance pay, not balloons!
- Quiet!
Take the boxes and leave peacefully.
- Come on, it's not the first time!
- Help me, Mala!
Be brave, what the heck!
Push some more!
Now! Come, Maria.
Breathe deeply!
You're almost there.
That's good!
Now, push hard, Maria!
One more time! Take a deep
Come on, Maria!
It's a boy, Maria! Bless him!
Long live May Day!
Long live May Day!
"Who built the pub in my way
knew that's where I'd stay..."
Don't be sad, man. The American
put us out of our misery.
Should build him a statue.
Now we can start our own business.
I've got a thousand ideas!
For instance,
we chop old car tires
and sell the product
to sports tracks, to tennis courts...
Cut the crap!
Fuck the sport tracks!
Listen to this!
And here we don't need any car.
The sister of my step father's
aunt, not this one, the other...
However, she sells Quick Slim.
50% commission. Sounds great!
She's looking for sales agents.
What do you say?
You're right, it's bullshit.
If you don't eat
you don't need slimming products.
Gee, I guess folks'd kick us out!
Shut yourtrap!
Kill me, but I have to tell you this.
Man, this is really a great idea.
Wait! Look at those:
they make 30 bucks a day.
At least 10 they surely make.
Every day.
And they do nothing.
Just take off their knickers,
if they wear any.
The man is bonkers!
| see things in a ash
and | get so many original ideas!
I wasn't thinking of humping
the drivers. Yach!
But humping the....
Wait, man!
Wait, you idiot! I was thinking
of humping the lady drivers.
I saw many women driving trucks,
I tell you.
Long trips and a body has its
Danish, Swedish, German ladies,
modern women.
Only our cows here think
it's a job just for men.
Buzz off!
Look at her!
This one's a dyke.
Never mind.
The next will be straight.
He's a tramp but I really love him.
Man, you smell of perfume,
oh, my.
I know you've been
with another woman, don't lie.
Thank you, Mala!
- I owe you!
- Don't mention it!
Better enjoy your
beautiful new boy!
- Where could Ion be?
- loana, go and look for your father.
Hey, where are you going?
If Ion invites people over
I have to treat them, right?
I've brought some salami
and pressed cheese.
Nicolae wolfed that down.
Everything here is ours!
Ours, man, ours!
Ours, ours, ours!
This is mine. Scam!
Father, come home!
Ma's had a little baby.
You have one more son.
We won't leave until they
take us back. Class struggle!
The police, man! The police!
You cowards, everything is ours!
Father, come down!
They'll get you! I beg you!
Don't ee! Chicken hearts!
Everything is ours!
She's a German!
Her name is Gertrude.
She's like the back of a bus, you
don't know if she's a man or a woman,
but has a great heart.
She coughed the money.
ldidn't even hump her. All she
needed was a little tenderness.
We only sang in bed.
Look what she gave me:
ten video cassettes.
Learn to play golf... She used to be
doorkeeper at a golf club.
Pa, pa!
That's the fresh one?
I'm out of here. He'll be out in four
days, don't worry. I spoke to the chief.
His sister-in-law works with
my wife at the milk factory.
Look, father, what a beautiful boy!
We think of giving him your name:
Ion Junior.
Can I be Junior too?
Take this for the baby!
It's the proper thing!
Don't leave!
Why does he keep quiet?
Something fell on his head. He
had a concussion. He'll be OK.
Stay calm.
Put ice on it.
Mala found work for me at the
She'll find something for you too.
He was Best worker in the factory.
The State should give him a job.
- What state?
- And who'll take care of the kids?
Why isn't he shaven?
Don't they have a barber here?
- He's got measles.
- Only kids get measles.
- As a rule. But adults can get it too.
- Up to what age?
You stupid! You visit once your
father an you ask only bullshit.
- Ask something clever!
- The visit's over.
- We just got here...
- It's the rules. Come on!
Take care! Don't talk politics
or they may punish you!
Come on, Ion!
This is not the boulevard!
I know you!
Since you were 16 and you made
sheep eyes to everybody.
This is the place where you work,
woman! Say after me!
- | work.
- 80 work and stop wiggling your ass!
He can't get enough, the animal!
Gina! Stop chatting and get to
This is not a home for the elderly.
You! Come with me to my ofce.
Come in.
Shut the door.
Close that door.
Come over here.
Look, girl. I'm not at all satisfied
with your work here.
You move slowly,
you bump into people,
op the laundry, waste water...
Take off that robe,
let it dry a little!
Take it off and let it dry.
- But I have nothing under it!
- Don't you have a smart bra, panties?
- I do.
- Take everything off or you walk!
Wait! Where you going?
Don't leave.
I'm in love with you.
I'll pay you double.
My wife doesn't give it to me
- You idiot!
- It's just a dick like any other.
I want it to get some action,
You're the dick! Scumbag!
Let me go!
The same old story
until you drop your panties.
Think! I'll make a lady out of you,
give you money.
Moraru, Stanescu, Dumitrache,
- Moraru, Stanescu...
- What's up?
He keeps saying these names.
Then stops and mumbles...
You called the doctor
who treated him in jail?
He said it was the blow
but it'd pass.
- When?
- I don't know. We called uncle Milco.
Leave him be.
It happens after such blows.
Please, give me another balloon.
- How was work?
- I quit.
I'll tell you.
Not in front of the kids.
What is it ?
How is he? Bad?
- He's gone off his rocker.
- Off his rocker?
- Yes.
- What's the matter, old sport?
Tell me, Ion!
- The time is up.
- What time?
- What time, old sport?
- The bike, the pig, the bike...
The pig?
Time is up, man.
- I got it!
- What?
Doc's told me memory
comes back to you
if triggered by something.
But when?
But what about the names
he says?
At 16 he entered a contest
on football matters.
He got to the final.
The prize was a pig and a bike.
In the nal question about Dinamo's
1976 players he missed one name.
- And also the prize.
- That's what it is!
And now he's gonna repeat
those names all the time?
I'll tell him the name he missed
and he'll be all right again.
- What if it was not Talnar?
- It was the famous forward, man!
When they played against...
- What do we do?
- There's another popular method.
My grandpa lost his memory
when a horse kicked him.
Grandma Milco reckoned that
if a kick addled his wits
then another kick'd set him right.
Want me to kick him?
Sock him!
Step aside.
Stand back!
Why you hit me? Why, man?
Stop it, Ion! Stop it! It's alright.
It's all right, man, all right...
It's all right, boy.
Nothing, man.
Let's grab some chow.
Bless your heart, God.
- Screw your Talnar, man!
- Dinner's ready! Come!
- Thanks. I already ate.
- I had something in prison.
Let the kids eat.
- Give us something to drink.
- l have my drink here.
- Give me mine.
- There's nothing to drink.
You should quit this drinking!
It makes them all suffer.
- Just put a period to it!
- I know how to put a period.
Like this!
OK, but now we deserve a toast
for the new boy, right?
What are you doing?
The kids are watching.
- How about the reserves?
- Nothing there.
No reserves?
And what's this?
- Let's go to the pub, man.
- Ion, please no. Don't go, Ion.
Ion, stay with us a little.
To your health and happiness.
- Stay with us, Ion, just a little...
- Milco!
- Daddy!
- I'll bring him home in half an hour.
Wait, Ion!
At least promise them
you'll be back in half an hour.
- Pa!
- Father never knocks at the door.
See who's there.
Joker! I'm better than you.
Mrs. Maria is home?
Take these.
- Who is it?
- I think it's for you.
I came to apologize.
| behaved like a pig.
Please let me finish.
Come here for a second!
I don't want to kids to hearthis.
- Allow me to behave decently...
- What do you want?
Understand me, I pay for it,
When the kids are asleep...
I have the money ready.
Go to hell, old stud!
Those whores are't enough?
I call the Police!
I'll have you eat those owers!
- Buzz off, old hag!
- Fatso! Old fart!
- Ion isn't back?
- No!
- I'm going after him.
- Go home, you're sick. I'll go.
Three nines.
Eight tits, four ladies, Ion!
- Ion, come on home!
- Let's play another!
- No. First let me see your money.
- I'll pay when we nish.
Listen to him!
Give us your wife!
You haven't even see your baby!
- Ion, come home!
- Ionica, go home! Mammy's calling.
Let's play another.
You don't believe me? Who was your
foreman in the foundry?
Who taught you tricks?
Who protected you?
Now you ckeckin' on me?
You joined these mobsters
and you think...
That's water under the bridge!
Now you either have the money
or you don't.
Ion, there're guys coming
to your house at night
to screw your wife for money,
in front of the kids!
Perhaps you'd like me to bring
the money so you waste it?
It's for you that I gamble!
For us to get out of this shit.
If you don't have the money,
it's OK.
You give us your wife!
Fuck you!
If you hit on her I'll kill you!
If you pick on her! kill you!
Another one?
You coming?
- Where you going, woman?
- Why do you cry?
-Put your name on the list of hussies.
- There's still room.
Fuck you!
You asleep?
- Wake up! Give me some dough.
- I don't have any.
- Please!
- I don't have any.
Fuck you and yourfamily.
Where's the child benefit?
- Give me from the reserve, hear?
- The reserve's for bread.
Give me the money!
Give me the money!
l'll win and put it back.
Pa, leave her alone!
Give it to me!
Give me the money or I'll kill you!
Stop it, asshole!
Not in the head!!
I'll kill you all!
No, Ion!
- What's the matter?
- She broke my bones...
- Who did?
- The Dutch woman!
- Got any money?
- This is not a woman.
150 kilos on top of me...
I'm just not cut out for this.
For 50 dollars...
- Give me the money, Ion!
- I'll give it back to you.
Ion, give me the money!
This money is the hardest
ever won in my life.
- Open up or I'll bust your place!
- I could be left an inrm.
A handicapped man.
Ion, my man!
Where're you going, dummy?
You're out on parole.
I got the money!
I got the money! Deal the cards!
What are you staring at?
Deal the cards.
Ion, my good boy...
- Cut the cards.
- It's alright!
- One.
- One...
- Two.
- Two...
- Three.
- Three...
- Five.
- And five...
- How many you need?
- None.
- Me neither. What have you got?
- Eight tits. Four ladies.
- That's all? Nothing more?
- Four queens, Pentagon.
Four aces, my Ion !
- Give me the cards!
- Give it to him!
Give me the cards!
You bandit, show the cards.
Cough up the money or! bust
you up!
Hello! Police? You hear me?
Mr. Milco! Sir!
- Good evening!
- Good evening.
Brunhilda, my friend recommended
Are you free noW?
Are you working?
Wait, wait.
Wait a minute!
How about Ion?
- He's with the little ones.
- Really? Or he is not home?
- We go?
- Yes.
I'll do all the talking
at the town hall.
I have a good story.
I know what to tell them.
Come quicker.
God, you are a mess!
What did he do to you?
- Made the 8th baby in the corridor.
- Shut up, stupid.
We nish here and we go straight
to the Police.
Dont' worry. We'll manage.
We'll see better times.
- Wait!
- What now?
Come on!
Liars! Every day...
Let me be, don't you hear!
The Mayor's waiting for me!
I'm with the kids, don't you see?
The little guy with the balloon!
Take a close-up of him!
Don't lm him for he's sick!
Mr. Mayor, we'll set ourselves
on re,
if you don't give us a house!
- Close up on him!
- Where should we live?
You'll see what we'll do...
Up, the mayor...
You'll see! Criminals!
That's it! Set yourself on fire!
Dear viewers these are
shuddering shots.
Come here!
This is the result of poverty,
of the need to have a roof
over one's head!
Take them home, aunt Mala!
I won't be long!
You go straight to the Police!
I'll come as soon as I can. Must teach
him a lesson. Come, kids!
Ofcer, she didn't want to come
but this time he overdid it.
Hey, you're breaking my legs!
Excuse me.
Shut the fuck up!
I'll see you in the morning.
Same old story. They hang around
at junctures, in truck parks,
and when you call them tramps
they feel offended.
What's the matter, lady?
Speak, Maria!
- He hasn't always been like this.
- He lost his job three times.
- Now he even rapes her!
- Rapes her? Isn't she his legal wife?
I'm at my wits' end!
I've 7 kids at home and no money.
He keeps bad company, gambles,
loses everything,
and comes home drunk.
If you want a medical certificate
you have to sue him,
and that may take years.
I wouldn't advise you.
Money spent, lawyers...
Still there's one way!
- What?
- I don't understand!
We must catch him in the act.
Wait till he comes home
and then call us.
This lady could inform us
and we'd come quick.
This way we'd have proof
he raped you.
Technically it's called trapping.
You mean he rapes her again?
Lady, wait!
You must make the statement.
Maria, don't run away like this!
The medicines!
Take care, they're heavy!
Maria, I know it's hard for you.
But here, many unfortunate people
found a roof.
My child,
God is always testing us.
Only by faith we can save
our souls.
Jesus suffered for us.
You, Maria, must suffer
for your kids.
I have no strength left, father.
Good day, father! We're from
Direct TV and we'd like to film...
- We need no advertising.
- Aid from France...
- Please, don't lm that.
- Why not, sister?
Our benefactor doesn't want it.
Please, go away!
It's news...
We have nothing to say without
the approval of the Patriarchate.
- Wait, sister...
- Please go away!
Why are you so adamant?
It's just a piece of news...
- Thank you, father.
- God help us!
- Have you got the French guy?
- Yes, yes!
Come! Come!
They arrested Ion! Go to the Police
and see what you do.
Mr. Ofcer!
Please help me.
He does foolish things only
when he's drunk. Please let him go!
Now he rapes you,
now he's a good man!
You mock the Romanian Police,
Who will pay the damages?
He trashed the pub.
I want him out of my sight
for some time. Tell him to leave town.
That's all I can do for him.
Is that clear?
Me, to vanish?
I was labor hero!
I nearly smoldered to death
in that blasted foundry.
They promised me a home,
and I accepted to inate
those stupid balloons.
You made them chase me away!
- Me?!
- Yes! You!
I had 7 children with you and put up
with your hysteria and drunk sprees.
You made a laughing stock out
of me, you animal!
I'll go away at my folks
until it's all over.
Pack a few things for me.
You pack them or not?
Do | disturb?
What's up?
I'll go to the countryside.
My wife kicked me out too.
The hookers told on me.
About the Dutch and the German.
Can I come, too?
That's life, at the countryside.
I already have an idea.
It's almost ready. Look!
I'll wait you outside.
- | asked you what's this?
- Coca-Cola empties.
Each bottle can bring us 100 dollars.
Idiot! How could an empty
bring 100 dollars?
- You know what truffles are?
- No.
Special mushrooms that grow
and are very difficult to nd.
One kilo costs 3000 dollars.
3000 dollars!
Dogs are specially trained to scent
them. That's the only problem.
- Where can I get such dogs?
- I'll kill this guy!
You'll be grateful
to the end of your days.
A guy in my block invented this.
It took him 9 years to gure out
how to grow them in his basement.
9 years! He nearly went blind
but he did it!
- Did what: go blind?
- Grow the mushrooms, dummy!
And exactly when he made it,
he kicked the bucket.
First he told me the secret. Truffles
need a wet, dark, and warm place.
So we paint these bottles black,
we put soil and seeds
and put them in the sun.
That's all!
I haven't seen my folks in 15 years
and now I go home with this stupid
story, and a bag of empties?
Wait, please!
Mrs. Maria! The maintenance
fee is due! At least a part of it.
Good thing that trouble-making
husband of yours left!
I understand you, but you're in
What can I tell you?
We live in the basement.
Not in a at!
I can't pay. You can kick us out.
I really can't.
- Lady!
- Throw her out!
Serves me right to treat
you decently.
- Out with her!
- I want the money by tomorrow.
- Got it? If you don't pay, you're out!
- That's it!
That's final!
Mr. Petrica!
Leave the woman alone, she's
got enough troubles as it is.
You can't live without the money
on that basement?
How about the Gypsies on the
2nd oor?
You're afraid to ask them but
not her?
We are Roma, not Gypsies, old
Have something against
our community?
You take her side when mantenance
costs an eye and a leg.
To the pasha comes an Arab
Bony, small-eyed and quite drab...
- My pasha, I'm just a bedouin...
- Who is this gentleman?
My work mate.
Pa's gone daffy,
and ma eats like a horse.
Shut up!
Aren't you ashamed?
I'm glad you've come.
I'll make you something to eat.
He's senile. Swallows everything
he nds at the stall round the corner.
Coca-Cola, chewing gum,
Marlboro, candies...
Even the surprises in the chewing
gum packs.
And then he gets constipated.
God forbidden!
- How much land you have?
- Land?
- All things fair, it should be mine!
- Shut the hell up.
- I don't need your land.
- No, man, we just came to breathe.
- Breathe?
- Sure!
There's so many like you city
boys coming to catch their breath...
Instead they wolf down ourfood
like they had belly worms!
- What?
- We have a fabulous business idea.
All we need is some Coke empties.
What? OK.
We need nothing.
Just catch our breath.
Maria! Maria!
Look, you recognize
our benefactor from France?
I told him about you
and the children.
I think he'll...
I told him about the baby.
He'd like to help.
I don't understand.
My child,
you can't manage, so the gentleman
wants to raise the baby for you.
- The little one.
- HoW's that?
First he'll take him to the doctor
to see if he's healthy and then...
He wants to help, to buy your
- Buy my baby?
- Adopt him! Take him to France.
It's for your own good
and the child's.
He'll lead a life you've never
dreamed of.
The man'll give you enough money
to get out of your misery.
You can buy a house, a at.
I won't give my kids to nobody.
I picked 'em in the trash cans
near pubs!
This man is crazy or what?
What does he want with the empties?
Let me sleep!
He said something about spores.
What's that?
- I don't care, man.
- I went to the notary.
This is the paper he drew up.
All you have to do is to sign it!
- A statement?
- You give up the land in my favour.
- I told you I want nothing.
- You're my brother...
But what if your kids have claims?
Please sign.
Not there! At the bottom!
The second page too.
That's it.
I give you 300 dollars.
It's all I got.
I'll leave it on the table.
- Do you enjoy it?
- Yes.
What happened? Where's Mala?
Did you call her?
I think she kind of paralyzed.
Her eyes are open
but she doesn't budge.
Oh, goodness!
Where do you go, my sweet one?!
Oh, Lord! My Milica!
You're gone and left us...
They're late again.
May she rest in peace!
This time she paid maintenance
for you.
From now on I won't put up with
God rest her.
Wait! I'm coming.
This dress is from your grandma?
You're new? Saw you someplace.
Slack business today.
It's too hot and they grow limp.
Stop giving her tips!
New lays don't start here.
She go into the bushes first,
prick her ass for starters.
Come girl, remember your rst
I don't. I remember they called
you "Nickie scares the prickie".
Say that one more time and
I'll knock you out for a season.
Cool it, girls!
The cops!
The cops!
Nice but it's crazy
to spend all the money you brother
gave you on a night at the hotel.
And then what?
We could invest it in an ostrich.
You can capitalize on every
little part of an ostrich.
I couldn't care less.
At least I have something
to remember.
Something cool in this shitty life.
Where's this stuff from?
The church or the Red Cross?
- We get something to wear too?
- You will!
- Shoes, perhaps...
- I want a pair of hob-nailed boots.
I want T-shirts.
| always come to wear loana's.
- And I do you call it?
- Balloons?
You have 250
to inate until you're old.
Not balloons! A TV set.
- No more no less than a TV.
- We'll get one.
And many balloons!
- l two child have.
- l have seven.
Not understand. What seven?
Seven children.
Child, child, child, child,
child, child, child!
| ashamed. Child seven!
l father! I help you.
You problem.
Me wife no more.
Allah want so.
Why do you kick me,
son of a bitch?
- What did you say?
- Your mother's a bitch!
- Say that again!
- Your mother's a whore!
Fuck you!
I guess we should hang
a red lamp at the door.
This is not good!
Your mother in a whore!
Your mother is a whore!
Is it true, mother?
It is true?
Told you times and again
not to play with them!
What could he do?
Stay here and watch your doings?
That's what he should do ?
Open up please.
Let my Mona dance
and my godmother prance...
What's the matter with you, Maria?
Come on here.
What's wrong with her?
- I don't know. You manage?
- We'll see.
Dana! Come here!
I'm a good woman
until you piss me off.
You either work with us or you
go where the fucking wants you to.
You're picky? If he tells you
to go with him, you go!
Don't think you're better
than us all!
You stay home with your stupid
kids! Who made you have them?
Well, looks we're gonna have
- Hi!
- Move your ass, they don't see me.
We are from Direct TV
and we'd like to lm your story.
Many think brothels
should be established.
Yes, that'd be ne! Quiet!
When the law is amended.
It's humiliating for you
to work in the street.
-And to risk so much!
- Yes, it's kind of humiliating...
We'd like you to make a live
broadcast as a humanitarian plea.
- What's that "humanitarian"?
- Shut up! You say "humanitarian"?
But when that man set himself
on re and nobody stepped in?
- That was humanitarian too?
- Come on, girls!
We may go and make a movie to
watch at night, so you can jerk off.
The man on fire once
had a flat and sold it,
and now he wanted another
for free! Honest!
I piss on your honesty!
That man's dead. That's the truth!
Turkish truck there.
Many colored balloons in Turkey.
Ma... Maria! Guzel!
Thanks, but we don't need them!
Everybody to bed!
What are you doing here?
Please go!
Not trouble you!
Girl in parking give me address.
Not want you mad!
Not here! Take me someplace!
Why did you come?
I think much about you.
I want come with you.
I want...
you come with me.
Let it be...
- Who's this?
- The one who busted my balls!
Stop jerking off! It's fattening!
Come here for a fuck!
Stop jerking off! It's fattening!
Come here for a fuck!
You'd better ask us nice
and we come gladly.
Come here, fat mouth!
I'm used to ne cars, man!
Didn't you see the cars | cruise in?
When you want to scratch your
balls, you come to us too.
- Move your ass!
- Dont' push me, animal!
Watch it!
Mother fucker!
Don't worry! They just take us
to the station for a night, to look busy.
Moraru, Camataru,
Georgescu, Vaiscovici...
Fatso wants us
to have a drink with her.
- Mr. Commander...
- "Statement" or "Mr. Commander"?
She knows, she has three years
of school.
- The undersigned...
- With a "s' or a "z"?
- As you hear it, stupid!
- With an "s", from "suck"!
Nickie scares the prickie...
Hey, you over there!
Aren't you the one with the rape?
By your husband, right?
- Seems it set you going.
- Talk decently, man!
- Why pressure the poor woman?
- You sausage!
- Talk decently to us, ladies!
- Yeah! I know your kind!
You gave me money?
Here he comes!
We've met.
Come with me.
You 'ave something against her?
Leave her. It's her rst time.
See you in the morning!
Pay the ne, it can't be helped.
Shut yourtrap
or you stay here longer.
Chief! Why you take her there?
Is it bad?
We come to you live
from a police station
where a young woman
arrested for soliciting
has decided to tell her story.
Maria, we are listening to you!
How old is your eldest daughter?
- 16!
- She goes to school?
Not since the 6th grade.
What does she think
about your doings?
She doesn't have the guts
to tell me.
Allow us to lm in your house
so that the viewers understand
what made you start hustling.
All right.
Thank you.
In about 45 minutes
we'll bring you further details
about this dramatic yet true story.
Stay with Direct TV!
And now what?
We bring pales of water
from the cemetery pump.
Yesterday I went to the doctor.
Gave me a prescription but the
drugs are too expensive for me.
- You have electricity?
- Never had!
You bring clients here?
How much do you get
for a session?
5-10 dollars.
If we make a calculation,
then in a month you make...
I don't go day and night,
only when l have no money.
I understand.
I want to ask you something.
Why did you choose prostitution?
Dear viewers...
Ion, what are you doing?
- What's the matter?
- You shamed us.
We're the talk of the town!
Everybody saw you on TV.
You'll understand
when you grow up!
- If I come to grow older.
- I do understand.
My respects, Maria! It's me!
I came to give you the big news.
We had a great success.
The film was given twice
on the national TV.
And the mayor decided to give
you a three-room at.
- We're not interested! Get lost!
- Costin!
You have to go to the TV station.
They're gonna give you a house!
They sent the carfor you.
Our crew is waiting. It's a big event.
How could I keep a flat? By going
three times more on the street?
You idiot!
They'll give you a job too.
You'll see.
My tearful eyes with longing cry
And up to heavens they aspire
My thoughts among the stars
y high
While behind them all things
stay dire
| see myself on clouds of ice
Floating and shifting on roads
Abandoning behind
all that is nice
The children that I've left alone...
From my journey among the stars
I once again return down here
My heart all plagued
with bitter scars
My lovely children to hold near.