Maria Goretti (2003) Movie Script

What happened?
JULY 5, 1902
What's wrong?
Grab a blanket, too-
Come on!
Kill him!
The prisoner is now
in the hands of justice!
Move away!
Make way!
Let us through!
You wretch!
Go on!
I didn't give in to him-
He's killed me-
Lie her on her side-
They're deep wounds here, too-
Doctor, is it serious?
Doctor, how is Maria?
I've done all I can-
She has to get some rest now-
My darling-
I'm fine now-
The children?
They're fine -
they are at home-
She came round
during the operation
and was awake throughout-
I'm thirsty-
May I have some water?
No liquids-
I'm very sorry-
All we can do now---
is wait-
- Maria?
- She's in there, Father-
Come with me,
for the child's sake-
It will be a miracle
if she is able to sleep-
She has to get
her strength back-
You stay, Father-
Let's hope the child---
will pull through-
Murdering a child like that---
How can it come to that?
I'm happy to help you-
What's going on?
What happened to you?
Move, Father!
This is the third time
he's stolen from the farm-
Do you want to take justice
in your own hands?
I won't tell him again!
We have orders to take
him back to the master-
He will decide-
That's enough-
Leave him alone-
Let us get a good look
at him
or the master
will take it out on us-
I said to leave him alone-
Who are you?
I've never seen you
in church-
Where do you come from?
I'm on my way to Nettuno
to take up my new post-
We'll meet again very soon-
Let's go, Simmata-
The master can deal with it-
Everything's fine-
Thank goodness I came to bring
some comfort to these women-
Take it easy-
You're not in any danger-
It's not fear -
he's got malaria-
I've seen you before-
You're a seasonal worker-
Please don't give me away,
I can't lose my job-
My children are hungry---
and we can't make ends meet-
You have my word,
now look after yourself-
I'm fine-
I can manage-
Most of the farm workers
here suffer from malaria-
Who is the landowner here?
If you want to meet
Count Mazzoleni,
you'll find him at home
after lunch-
My name's Elena Mazzoleni-
I'm his wife-
Thank you-
Once you've got it,
you never get rid of it-
Can't anything be done?
Is that man just doomed to die?
You can only prevent
malaria with quinine-
But it's expensive and the
farmhands can't afford it-
What kind of man is this owner,
who starves his farmhands
and allows them to get
sick with malaria?
In the catechism it says
that oppressing the poor
and not paying them
a suitable wage
are among the worst
sins a man can commit-
Sins that cry out for
revenge before the Lord-
We can only help the workers
by supporting them
in their faith-
I advise you to take a look at
Campomorto tomorrow morning-
It's there and at Conca
that we need most help
with the mass-
There are two small chapels
and they're usually
only open in summer-
Are they far from here?
About 6 kilometers away-
You can take my trap,
or the short-cut
through the marsh-
Have you lost your way, Father?
Come with me-
Thank you-
- Here we are, Father-
- Thank you-
Goodbye, Father-
We labor all day long
and then he steals it all-
If we reach 400 quintals
in the harvest,
he'll give us a contract-
All he asks
is a third of the crop,
which is less than what
we were paying before-
But we have to buy the tools
and the seeds ourselves,
which means debts-
And we have to sell
everything to him
at the price his grace
the count decides on-
They work the same soil-
They share the same house
and fight each other
like two dogs-
And to think they're partners!
Shut your mouth
and get to work, partner-
Here's Maria-
It's time to eat-
She's always on time-
That's enough, thank you-
He won't make it to the summer-
I'd like to know
where you got that call from-
Time to eat!
Give me that-
How does that child do it?
She's never still-
Not like someone I know!
Darn it!
You've always got it in for me-
Don't forget your son-
Half a man, half a ration!
Will we make 400 quintals?
We will-
Of course, we will-
We'll make it!
We'll make it!
The Body of Christ-
The Body of Christ-
The Body of Christ-
Are you still here?
Come on!
May I?
Are you the family that
lives with the Serenellis
at Cascina Antica?
Yes, it's a big farmhouse -
large enough for two families-
Giovanni Serenelli has
only got his son now-
I've seen the marsh-
it must be tiring working there-
Yes, and the master isn't
very easy to please either-
But you only have to
dry out the land
to be able to plow it-
Then you can grow fresh beans
for fodder and wheat-
Then you realize what a
gift God has given us-
My name's Luigi Goretti-
We're not from this area-
These are my children -
Angelo, Ersilia,
Sandrino and Mariana-
This is Assunta, my wife-
She's holding Teresa,
the latest arrival-
That leaves---
Here she is-
That's Maria-
Good morning-
Good morning, Father-
Is the count free?
Yes- I'll show you the way-
Father Basilio is here -
the new priest-
I was told you'd arrived
a few days ago-
How are you finding it at Conca?
I've not settled in yet,
but I see they are all
very decent people---
including that poor wretch
your men tried to kill-
They only wanted to
teach him a lesson-
We aren't killers-
They're rabble---
worse than animals-
They must be punished
for stealing-
That man was seriously
weakened by malaria-
I read in the paper
about malaria today-
The politicians say we
should pay for the quinine
out of our pockets-
But they don't say how
much it would cost-
Three lire a worker,
wife and relatives included-
If three lire is enough-
Three lire---
That would help to
save human lives-
They say we landowners
are parasites,
we eat all the profits and
don't invest in the property-
They consider us less
than the industrialists-
As though our taxes were
not of the same color-
That really makes me angry!
You're a priest---
isn't there anything
that makes you angry?
Man's exploitation of other men,
speculators who abuse people
for their own profit
and treat them as though
they were objects-
All we needed
was a socialist priest-
Those are the words of
His Holiness Leo XIII-
He wrote them in the
encyclical "Rerum Novarum-"
I am too busy to keep up
with the Pope's moods-
These are the candles for
the church at Campomorto-
Thank you so much-
And for the other day-
As for my husband---
No- Don't worry-
Your husband speaks plainly-
And people who speak plainly
make life a lot easier-
Thank you, Lord,
for the food you have given us-
- Go to bed now-
- All right, father-
I'm tired tonight -
very tired-
One to say good night---
one to make you sleep---
and one to make you dream-
Good night, little butterfly-
Come here, you-
- Don't be late-
- I have to do some darning-
When the priest saw you
it was as though
he'd seen a ghost-
I met him the other day
on the canal-
He was lost-
You should have seen his face!
Your father's already creaking
like a funeral carriage-
I'm tired-
I can't take anymore-
That's enough for tonight-
Good night-
Don't be late-
It gets light early these days-
What's that?
Have you read it?
One day I will
leave here for good-
I don't want to stay here
and end up like father-
Are you afraid of death?
I don't know-
I'm not-
I'm just afraid of dying without
doing a single thing that---
I don't know,
something that---
I don't know-
Lord, I pray you-
Make us all happy-
Never let us stop
dreaming and hoping-
You soon dropped off
to sleep last night-
- Good morning-
- Good morning-
I'll take that-
Thank you-
I have to hurry-
I have to do the shopping-
Good morning-
The usual -
Flour, salt, cotton,
buttons, chestnuts
and tallow, please-
There you are-
The flour has gone up-
It's the same flour
as last week-
It's not the same-
They delivered this yesterday
and I paid more for it-
That's 14-
It's the same number
on the sack as last week's-
You can't read-
I can read numbers
even if I can't read words-
I said it's gone up-
Not this one-
The bill's 12-50-
All right-
Good day-
I wish I were as confident-
She's a Goretti-
Tougher than a drunken man-
The count is here!
400 quintals of crops!
And you believe
he'll sign that contract?
He did with "Sardinia,"
with "The Kraut,"
with everyone!
He treats us like mules!
He shows us the carrot,
then breaks our backs!
And then it's your hard luck-
The last time we negotiated
they kicked us out-
If you don't have the guts
to defend your rights
that means I've chosen
the wrong partner!
We defend our rights
through work alone-
He said 400 quintals -
and 400 quintals it will be-
He'll have to sign
the new contract-
I feel sorry for you---
you and your family of beggars-
Get to work!
Don't be like that-
It's a kind of illness-
It's not his fault-
Like the fever?
Yes - the worst fever of all-
Is it something like malaria?
It's a sickness called hatred-
The only cure for that
is Jesus
But you don't have to worry
about that-
When you take First Communion,
Jesus will always be with you
Go away-
Get out of here-
Entrust yourself to Jesus-
Ask Him for help
and the fever will go-
What do you want?
Leave me alone-
Go to your father-
It's nothing-
I just need to get some sleep
I bet the count and his wife
look at the night sky, too-
They'll feel closer to God-
How beautiful the sky is
- Did you hear something?
- I think so-
Father! Mother!
What's the matter?
I found him-
Will I celebrate
my First Communion soon?
Of course,
when you're old enough
Seventeen people
have died this year-
Does the count want
the malaria to kill us all off?
When will you pay off
your debts for the seeds?
We had a pact-
It was your idea-
But it seems you are
unable to stick to it-
Have a little respect
for the dead-
He's the one who should
die a horrible death
Mother, are we going
into town?
Yes, for the fair-
It will be crowded!
For the fair-
Yes, we'll go-
You see, Mara---
water isn't a bad thing-
Not even the marsh water---
if you look at it through
eyes of hope and faith
I love you-
I love you, too-
Me too-
I love you!
I love you, too
Horses love grass-
It's like a drug to them-
Cowherding is a great job-
You're paid double
to sit on a horse all day-
I'll go and ask the count-
I'm sure he'll say yes-
When I have enough money
I will get on a ship
and sail to America-
They're all rich there and
they do whatever they want-
There's target shooting!
- Father?!
- Luigi, what's the matter?
I went a little dizzy-
It's nothing, little butterfly-
Give me a hand-
Where is he?
Can you hear anything?
You can get dressed-
It must have been
all those people at the fair-
Mustn't it?
Is that it?
Madonna, please-
You have to earn
a living, doctor,
but not from me-
I'm fine-
You're as fine as a blind
man on the edge of a cliff-
What's wrong with me?
When I come back next week,
I want to see you in bed-
I'm not joking-
He's caught malaria-
Oh, no!
I'm sorry-
Help me, Lord
Assunta, the belt's broken-
I'll see if I can get another-
Go with your father-
It's up to the landowner
to stop us from dying-
Other places hand out
quinine for free-
If you all agree,
do what they do in the North-
It's not a sin to strike-
I'm not striking for quinine-
It's as bitter as death-
And do you know why?
They give it to the stubborn
and the ignorant-
They say it's
the devil's medicine-
Never mind a strike!
I say we have to attack
from the inside!
We have to hit at what
he holds most dear -
his property-
Burn the storehouses,
kill his dogs!
One a day until he comes
and begs us to stop-
You're going too far now-
He's a murderer-
He killed that poor wretch
we buried-
Your resentment
is going to kill you-
If you decide on a strike,
it's fine by me-
Father Basilio's right-
We have to defend our rights-
But nothing more-
Nothing happened-
Let's go!
- What's your name?
- Primo-
If you're "Primo"
you shouldn't be the last up-
- He's crazy!
- Yes-
Mara, don't worry-
Everything's fine-
No, it's hatred-
Hate eats away at you
inside like malaria---
and never leaves you-
Count, Father Basilio is here-
Your liqueur, count-
Father, you should be saying
Mass at this time of day-
It's about the last
malaria victim-
I have cancelled out
his debts-
Give out this blessed quinine,
or people will continue to die
like beasts in a
slaughter house-
It'll cost me 3 lire a head-
I can't afford it-
You don't know
what might happen-
A strike?
They'll burn the barns,
kill my animals?
Don't worry, that won't happen-
We're all too busy
trying to---survive here-
You don't even know the meaning
of the word survive-
Maria! Maria!
The animals have got loose!
They'll drown in the marshes!
- What about Zipolo?
- He's got out, too-
Where are you going?
You have to stay in bed!
Not strike!
What's happened?
A canal is clogged up-
After the wide bend!
That's where we are-
This land is ours, too-
The mud will eat it all away-
This is Mazzoleni's land-
If it gets spoiled,
it's his problem-
And it's our problem, too!
I'm coming too!
Go inside with the children!
Come here, give me a hand-
Come inside!
Leave me alone!
Let's go in-
What are you doing in the rain?
My duty---just like you-
Get in-
May I?
Where's Luigi?
In the fields-
He wouldn't stay-
He's crazy!
It's dangerous
in his condition!
We have to go and find him-
Let's go and call the others-
Father, I'll come with you-
I'll come with you!
It's dangerous
in this weather-
Please! I beg you!
Father, hurry up!
- Stick close to me-
- Yes, Father-
- Father!
- Luigi!
- He's over there!
- Father!
Let's go!
He's managed to free the pipe!
Well, doctor?
He doesn't have long-
Maria---I want you
to have this cross-
I want you to celebrate
First Communion
as soon as possible-
Then when I have to entrust
myself to the Lord---
He will already know you,
by name and surname-
And He'll be good to me, too-
The Lord will say---
This is the father
of my Marietta-
Call your mother-
We won't be able to
make 400 quintals now-
You have to leave here-
Go back to our hometown-
Promise me you'll go-
Promise me-
No more visits-
I don't want the children
to see their father---dying-
Leave it to me-
It's better if you leave, Maria-
This would never have happened
if he'd taken quinine-
It takes endless patience to
pray that things will change-
Perhaps Luigi was right-
Maybe you should return
to your village-
Our work and our home
are here now -
where the Lord has brought us-
We will stay here,
with God's help-
Mother will work in the fields
and I will
look after the children-
You have your father's strength-
he---will always be with me-
Zipolo, come here-
Are we all here then?
Have you brought the book
or brought the dog again?
I've brought it this time-
Today we will talk about
Christ's Passion-
Does anyone know what
Christ's Passion is?
It's when they killed Him-
Well done-
And you?
They put Him on the Cross-
Why did they put Him
on the Cross?
Fruit too!
You're already letting
us use the house-
You're spoiling them-
Have I told you you're a saint?
Come over here, children!
Easy now!
It won't run away!
You're Maria-
Do you know me?
Of course-
You are a sensitive
and very courageous young girl-
No, you're wrong-
Trust me-
I know courage and strength
of character when I see it-
Maybe it's---
because I don't have
enough of it-
Come and sit down over here-
We were talking about
the Crucifixion-
Why were the Romans
so afraid of Jesus
they would want to kill Him?
Because He performed miracles-
They hated Him-
Yes, they hated Him-
But why?
- Because he was a Jew-
- The King of the Jews-
- He scared them-
- He was an enemy-
He preached about a kingdom
more powerful than Rome-
A kingdom of equality and love-
The Kingdom of God-
But they hated Him and were
very frightened of Him-
Also because he said
we are all---
That we are all equal
in the eyes of God the Father-
And that hating others
is like hating yourself-
Don Temistocle-
I see you're happy at last-
What has brought this about?
An article in the papers-
The law has been passed-
What law is that?
The law saying the landowners
have to hand out quinine-
They have put an end
to this slaughter at last-
What does the count do
with the law?
Will he accept without protest?
He'll accept-
Yes, he'll accept-
I'll be there with the guards-
Sign here-
The same spoon?
He was shaking
like a leaf yesterday!
Swallow it and get out!
Malaria isn't contagious-
Are we sure, doctor?
Like it or not, you have to
take quinine by law-
At my expense-
Do you like it?
It's good-
I picked it for you-
That's why she was
picking grass-
Maria, give me some-
Let's go!
If it hurts his purse,
it's bound to do us good-
Don't be afraid-
It's a little bitter,
but it's good for you-
Everyone is so fond of her-
She's defenseless-
She doesn't know what harm
they could cause her-
He's greedy-
You give it to him-
What about your father?
He's at home-
He says I can manage
without him-
He's tired-
You must understand-
He's not well-
What about me?
Who bothers to understand me?
Maria has darned
these shirts, too-
We're both on our own now-
I've never been alone-
- Hey, well then?
- I'm eating!
You eat a lot in Sardinia?
Come on, lunch is over!
Let's get a move on-
The land awaits-
You have to finish
your day's work-
Are you the count's daughter?
This year we'll be able
to stick to the agreement!
So what?
The landowner will
make all the money-
Alessandro, what's the matter?
I have to do all the work-
I don't want to work for others
and I don't have
to answer to you!
You said you didn't want to
end up like your father-
I'm not like him!
I know hatred now!
I detest the land,
the marsh---this life-
I beg you---
Hatred will eat away at you!
It will destroy your life-
No, it will change it-
I hate my father
with all my might!
And I don't want to be cured!
Careful with those coffins-
I'll make you pay for them-
Come on!
How many of them are there?
One, two, three, four--
Where do you think you're going?
I want to speak
to the landowner-
I want to work with horses-
Wait here-
The master was looking for
some replacements like you-
I said be careful, you fools!
Damn Marchigiani!
Always complaining
and dropping like flies-
Malaria's killing them all off-
Carry on-
I have some unfinished
business to see to-
I was just going to count
the eggs in the barn!
Do you want to ride
Giuseppa, too?
Hello, Dad-
Mom told me to come
and say hello to you-
Teresina always asks me
what you're like-
I jokingly told her you
were tall, handsome
and as strong as an ox-
Do you mind?
I show her the photos,
but you can't see much-
You were better in real life -
tall, handsome and strong-
I'm taking Communion on Sunday-
Now you're no longer here,
I need God's help-
I hope to be worthy of it-
I know He will grant it to me-
You made me jump!
Are you frightened of me now?
Maria, do you love me?
Of course, what did you think?
- What are you doing?
- Prove it to me-
Did they give you
a job as a cowherd?
Stop it!
Let go of me!
Let me go!
You didn't come to the table-
Not eating like your father?
This darning is terrible, Maria-
Don't do it
if you don't want to-
- I can't wear it anymore-
- We'll try and repair it-
I want you to take me
to the marsh-
I'm curious to see how
fashionable ladies
are wearing their hats-
I was only joking!
You really are a poor beggar-
I've been thinking---
You're not a beggar-
You're an animal-
Good morning-
Hello, Pippo-
How are you?
And you, Isadora?
What a nice coat!
You grow bigger every day!
I'll see you later-
- You haven't answered me-
- What?
You didn't say you loved me-
You haven't proved it-
Please, Alessandro-
We're friends-
Don't ruin everything-
Do not soil your soul-
Let's just be friends-
No, please!
It is a terrible sin!
God will punish you!
Maria, I have to go
to the market-
You look after the children-
Maria, what's the matter?
- Maria, what's wrong?
- Nothing, I'm fine-
I'll kill you
if you tell anyone-
Do you understand?
I said I'll kill you-
What's the matter?
The agreement with Mazzoleni -
we don't want to stick to it-
What did the count say?
The doctor says he won't give us
any more quinine in reprisal-
He knows the guards
will not come back-
He can't go against the law-
You must report him-
It's your right-
If you don't do it, then I will-
Mother, it's time-
Let's go-
It's her First Communion
this morning-
Let's go, young lady-
Leave that, I'll do it later-
There's no one like her-
Did Mrs- Albertini
lend us the veil?
Go on-
- Here-
- Shall I help you, Mother?
Not today-
Maria, aren't you going to eat?
You don't eat before Communion-
It's no problem, I swear-
It's no problem at all-
I don't know
if I'll want to eat later-
We could have borrowed
some new shoes for me, too!
Jesus will look at your heart,
not your feet-
The landowner's wife sent it-
Are you ready for the big day?
At least you won't have
to walk for once-
The Body of Christ-
The Body of Christ-
The Body of Christ-
I apologize if my cooking
isn't always very good-
I'll try to improve-
I apologize if sometimes I could
have looked after the children,
but let you do it-
What do you mean, my darling?
We're the ones who should
apologize to you-
You're so young
for all the things you do-
I apologize to you
for darning your shirts badly-
For not understanding
you at times-
How beautiful you are!
If only your father
could see you!
You look like a bride already-
When the right bridegroom comes,
I won't be the one to know-
God will point him out
and I will love him,
like you did Father-
Thank you for coming-
It's nice to celebrate
all together-
We actually came
to say goodbye-
We're leaving Conca-
We weren't able
to satisfy the count
and he said our agreement
no longer stood-
- He can't just kick you out-
- He did-
He didn't think twice about it-
I reported him over the quinine
and he got his own back-
Don't worry-
It's not your fault-
He'd have done it anyway-
We're going back to our village-
They need farmhands there-
Goodbye, Father-
All clear!
Mind you don't hurt yourself!
He's not stopping-
Move out of the way!
Your grace!
Those people have
children to feed-
Take it out on me instead!
You can report me again-
I don't have time for
subversive priests-
I had an agreement
with the Bordons,
but they didn't stick to it-
You will soon have to
answer to Divine Justice!
This business
can't be filed away
as though
nothing had happened!
Since you arrived,
I haven't been able
to do what I please!
I don't care about your reports,
but if you're not able
to behave and be a
priest the way God wishes,
then it means this is not
the right place for you-
Where did you get to?
Chasing after women?
We don't eat air in this house-
If you really want to know,
I've joined the Army-
I had a physical
and they've accepted me-
Why aren't you like
the other kids?
Why aren't you like Maria?
I was hoping that you
would do the blessing
of the fields
in autumn, Basilio-
For these people--
I nearly ran over
Count Mazzoleni this morning-
A priest should be stronger
than other men-
I have realized I am not-
I have no love left inside me-
This land holds no light
for my eyes anymore-
That young girl is right-
Hatred is like malaria -
if you let it in---
it'll never leave you-
are you really thinking
of leaving the priesthood?
I don't know-
I just know I have to
get away from here-
I have tried very hard
to understand you-
To stick close to you-
But the man I loved has gone-
He no longer exists-
And I no longer exist
in his heart-
I'm going to my mother's-
You can think things over-
About us, that is,
if you still want to-
I never lost hope that you
would come back some day-
The marsh is killing me, too-
You carry on-
I'll be right back-
I've forgotten something-
- What has he forgotten?
- He didn't say-
Come here a minute-
I need to talk to you-
Get undressed-
Get undressed!
Please, Alessandro-
You'll go to hell-
Tell me you want me-
God doesn't want you to-
It's a sin!
Tell me you want me!
Please, I beg you-
You will go to hell!
Say it!
God doesn't want you to-
It is a terrible sin that
I will never commit-
Now say yes,
or I mean it -
I'll slay you like a dog-
Hail Mary---
---in the hour of my death-
It's almost dawn-
I can't believe
she's still alive-
It's as though---
it's as though she were
waiting for something-
Is she dead?
Are you afraid
you'll die in jail?
I don't know-
It's not me you
should ask, but Him-
Forgive me, Maria-
I beg you-
If you forgive me,
then God will, too-
- Why did he do it?
- It was hatred-
If the world hates you,
remember the world
hated me before you-
Father, forgive them,
for they know not what they do-
I forgive him-
There it is-
There's the light-
And Jesus answered the thief--
In truth I tell you,
that today---
I forgive him-
And I want him
next to me in Heaven-
Maria Goretti is dead-
I'll never leave this place-
Maria has opened my eyes-
She has made me see
that there is no injustice,
misery and suffering
that can defeat the force
and purity of forgiveness-
If Divine Mercy has the
face of His saints,
may the Lord always preserve,
before every other thing,
the innocence
and the holiness of children