Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas Is You (2017) Movie Script

MARIAH: I'm gonna tell you
the story of my first love.
It was cuddly with fuzzy ears and
a little wet nose, and, well,
more about that later.
It happened at Christmas time.
Hey, come on now.
I said, "It happened
at Christmas time."
MAN: Happy holidays!
MARIAH: That's more like if.
GIRL: What are you
getting from Santa?
MAN: Great to see you!
MARIAH: Every Christmas,
I asked for a puppy to love,
and this Christmas,
I especially wanted one.
Hi, Mariah!
I like your dog.
Oh... Thank you.
Have you heard of the Community Charity
League fashion show we're putting on?
Mmm-hmm. I signed up
to do refreshments.
MARIAH: Of course
I had heard of it.
It was only the biggest
talk of the town.
Such a cool idea to raise
money for the pet shelter.
Fashion and friends.
Matching outfits
for you and your pet.
We're talking about
being in the show.
Oh, my gosh!
I would love to be in it!
Thank you so much!
Great. We're short
one girl with a dog.
I don't have a dog.
Mmm, sorry.
We thought...
I'm gonna have one soon.
I'm gonna ask for one
for Christmas.
Come meet us at school today
at 4:00 for rehearsal.
We are so excited for you
to be in the show with us.
Be on time!
Be on time!
MARIAH: Vicky and Grace were only the
coolest girls in my whole school.
I mean, these two
had it going on.
They were going places.
Good luck with that.
Mariah, why did
you tell them that?
Mom and Dad won't
let you have a dog.
MARIAH: My little brother
and sister, Brett and Beth.
So supportive.
They loved teasing me about
how much I wanted a dog
and how many times I had asked.
But they were right.
Who was I kidding?
I'd been asking for a puppy every
Christmas, every birthday, every...
You get the idea.
But my mom and dad
always said no.
To be fair,
my dad was allergic to dogs.
MARIAH: I'm talking
really crazy allergic.
And Mom was very, well...
She liked to keep
the house just so.
Oh, honey, we're doing
all red and white this year.
MARIAH: Since Mom and Dad wouldn't
budge on letting me have a dog,
I went over their heads,
straight to the big guy.
We're talkin' Santa Claus.
Every year,
I put "puppy" on my list.
I was sure Santa really
wanted me to have a puppy,
but, for whatever reason, he
couldn't seem to get it together.
I mean, I didn't know how they ran
things up there in the North Pole.
But it seemed to me like maybe
Santa was in over his head.
Um, boss?
Excuse us, sir.
You forgot a couple...
MARIAH: Hmm...
I'm not sure about that.
Maybe Mom and Dad
had something to do
with Santa not
getting me a puppy.
I'm running late again.
My favorite!
You can have the cookies as
long as you don't leave a dog.
Mom and Dad would never have
done anything like that to me.
Anyway, this Christmas,
I was determined
my present would be a puppy.
(BARKING) Gorilla!
Come back, Meatball!
Whoa! Gorilla!
Down, Meatball!
What's up? (GIGGLES)
Hi, Holly.
Hi, Ernesto.
Let's do a whipsnake!
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Uh, I gotta go.
We just got here.
I have fashion show rehearsal
with Vicky and Grace.
Vicky and Grace?
Ooh! Popular.
I thought you and me were
doing refreshments together.
Uh, well, loan
still do 'em both.
I'll see ya.
We can skate tomorrow.
What's wrong?
I'm on time.
"On time" is almost late.
Let's get going.
Our motto is, "You
snooze, you lose."
Remember, students,
you'll be making your final
outfit choices today,
and you must bring them home
so they can be laundered and
pressed for the dress rehearsal.
Aw! How cute!
Don't forget to come Thursday
dressed in your outfits.
MARIAH: I had gotten
myself into a fix.
I wanted a puppy,
but now I really needed one.
I had pretty much given up on
Mom and Dad, and Santa, too,
but when everyone
else lets you down,
there's always Grandma, right?
Honey, my hands are cold.
Let's step in here.
But it's almost 6:00.
I think she'll stay open for us.
Merry Christmas, Emiko.
Mariah! So nice to see you.
Hello, Lucy.
So sorry, Mrs. Inadomi,
I know you're closing, but...
Isn't he darling?
Sure, but you know
what Mom and Dad say.
"Dogs are trouble!"
But ever so worth it
and ever so snuggly.
Is that even sanitary?
MARIAH: Did you see that? Remember
what I said about grandmas?
They have a sneaky way of figuring
out how to make everyone happy.
Mariah, I hear you're working
on the pet fashion show.
Thanks to you kids, we'll be
able to have our adoption fair.
She's a little older, and those
puppies were climbing all over her,
so I moved her to her
own special apartment.
She's a quiet little girl,
never hear a peep out of her.
MARIAH: And that's how it
happened, love at first sight.
She's so sweet!
So well-behaved,
and doesn't shed.
She's hypoallergenic.
Did someone maybe tell you
my dad's allergic to dogs?
I was just pointing out
one of her many attributes.
She's such a little
princess in every way.
Oh, that's such a perfect name.
MARIAH: That was it.
I was hooked.
I didn't want
just any dog anymore.
I had to have Princess.
Christmas time
Is in the air again
Christmas chimes reminding me
Of when we
Fell like the snow
So deep in love
High above us, the evergreens
Sparkle with lights
and feel the breeze
As we made future
Christmas memories
For a honey to
hold Christmas Day
And to feel love
like ours always
And the dream is to share
this Christmas cheer
With you all throughout the year
And not wait till the morning
When Christmas time
Is in the air
Christmas time is everywhere
Christmas time
Is in the air again
And again
MARIAH: Oh, Grandpa Bill.
Not again.
(LAUGHING) Grandpa Bill!
Not again!
You've just got to stop this!
I am sick of these blinkin' lights
keeping me awake all hours.
MARIAH: Mmm-hmm. Funny, seeing as Grandpa's
room was at the back of the house.
What was really goin' on was
he had Christmas display envy.
Mom liked things tasteful,
you know, understated.
So, Grandpa took
out his frustrations
on poor Mr. Ingersoll's
blinking lights.
You're gonna get in trouble!
Plug those back in!
Can't remember
which one goes in which.
Come here, show me.
Nuh-uh, I'm not trespassing.
Come away from there!
Where are you going?
Cut it out!
Come on!
They're gonna catch you!
Catch us, my partner in crime.
I'm not your partner in crime.
You're impossible.
MARIAH: So, on top of keeping
Grandpa out of trouble
and making sure I had Princess
by the fashion show,
I had a lot to deal
with that Christmas.
Auditions for the spring
musical were coming up,
so I was dying to make a good
impression on my choir teacher.
MARIAH: And I had to get my little
brother to keep our back door shut.
Uh, the back door was wide open.
I know I closed it.
What were you two doing outside?
Oh, darling, we've been admiring
Ingersoll's Christmas display.
It's a doozy this year.
PENELOPE: There's no
accounting for taste.
It's an eyesore.
Oh, there's my girl.
Come here, Penny.
I have a vision for
a whole reindeer herd
pulling a sleigh the size of a Winnebago
that can fit the whole family.
It'll wrap around the house,
continue up on the roof.
A thousand blinking lights.
Let's see Fred Ingersoll
top that!
Blinking lights?
Not in our yard.
Wait till they're baked.
Oh, come on.
Dad's got the tree!
Close the door, dude.
MARIAH: I had to give it to Grandma.
She knew how to work it.
She really made
a case for Princess.
You can't use the dog
allergy excuse this time.
Ahhh! Mom!
You heard me.
The dog's hypoallergenetic,
or whatever they call it.
Oh, Brett, sweetie...
Let's not do tinsel.
It's so...
ALL: Tacky.
And you can't say
she hasn't earned a pet.
She's so responsible
and thoughtful.
Does her chores and everybody
else's chores, too.
Top of her class,
soloing in the choir.
Model United Nations
Mrs. Reyes better
elect her Model UN president.
Oh! I so hope
that she gets it.
What does Mariah hope for?
These are Mariah's goals.
Maybe 'cause someone
told her they should be.
BUD: Ow!
Lucy, all her accomplishments could fall
apart with a distraction like a pet.
What's wrong with a distraction?
She needs to be a little girl.
She doesn't know
what she'd be taking on.
Uh, Bud, that garland's
upside down.
And when she finds out
she's in over her head,
I'll be the one
taking care of a mutt.
It's time to put
the topper on the tree.
I've got that totally covered.
BUD: Up you go, Supergirl.
Isn't she the most beautiful
dog you've ever seen?
Where are you going?
I got to get ready to take
my brother to the airport.
Oh, I have something
for Uncle Reg.
I made him a potholder.
Yeah, that's very
thoughtful of you, Mariah.
I'm sure he'll treasure it.
What do you call that thing?
It's not a thing.
She's a dog.
I asked Santa for her.
MARIAH: Well, a lot of good
that had done me in the past,
but I was still hoping that somehow
Santa would get it right this time.
Her name is Princess,
and she's a poochon.
A "poo-chon"?
MARIAH: Such a loving and
supportive little brother.
Dopey, it means
part poodle and bichon.
And she's perfectly perfect.
BRETT: Oh, look,
now she's part pug.
You're such a clown.
I can help, Mariah.
No, thanks, Beth.
You're scared I'll mess her up.
No, I'm not. It's just...
I'm done. There.
MARIAH: Daddy could
never say no to me.
Look, Daddy!
MARIAH: But he always figured out
a way to do it without saying it,
especially when
it came to a dog.
Maybe, maybe not.
I'll get back to you on that.
I'll have to discuss
that with your mother.
You'll have to take
that up with Santa.
MARIAH: But this Christmas
was his best yet.
He really pulled
a fast one on me.
I can wrap some
of yours, Mariah.
I think I've got it, but thanks.
Mariah, I think you hurt
your sister's feelings.
Oh, no.
I didn't mean to hurt her...
Couldn't you let
her wrap just one?
Does it really
matter how it looks?
Well, this one's for my teacher,
so it's got to be perfect.
We should've discussed this.
It'll work out
just fine, trust me.
Well, lookie here.
What's that, Daddy?
I have a proposal for you.
Can't wait to hear it.
Reggie needs a dog-sitter for, you
know, his, uh, pooch, while he's away.
Uncle Reggie has a dog?
It was a recent acquisition.
Thought he couldn't
have pets at his apartment.
Well, they made an
exception for this one.
Can I dog-sit the dog?
I can dog-sit!
Oh, no, you didn't. No.
Oh, Daddy, I'd be the best dog-sitter ever.
Let me see! Let me see!
MARIAH: And I fell
right into his trap.
But, wait!
Here's the deal.
Let's see how you do
dog-sitting this guy,
and then we'll see about...
What's her...
I can have Princess
if I dog-sit?
Dog-sit well.
I'm all about well. That's me. I can
do well. I promise. Let me see him.
I bet he's so cute.
(CHUCKLES) Yeah. He sure is.
Something like that.
Oh, boy.
Bud, you're not going to...
He's a...
Is that a dog?
Don't worry, Pen, I'm pretty
sure Reggie house-trained him.
What's his name?
Don't look at me, darling.
Oh, yeah.
MARIAH: Did Uncle Reggie
even train him?
MARIAH: Come here, Jack.
Come here, baby.
Come over here.
BUD: It's harmless.
MARIAH: Oh, no.
Come here, good boy.
Catch him, Grandma.
Come here, you!
BUD: I said, "Hey"!
Bud, do something!
Settle down now.
I'll get you.
Off the couch!
BUD: Hey, now stop that.
Can you sit? Stay?
Lie down?
Catch him! Good Lord,
I think he has rabies!
BUD: Come here, you!
Where's he going?
My steaks.
Hey. Hey! Hey!
Drop it, you thief!
BRETT: What's for dinner?
ALL: Shut the door!
Some kind of giant rat thing
just ran past me.
Steak! All right!
I know. I know, Pen.
We should've discussed
this together first.
Oh, Bud, dear... It looks
like he took your steak.
Here, boy!
Here, baby!
Come here, little guy!
Hi, Mr. Ingersoll.
Did you maybe see a
small dog thing around?
It's just befuddling.
Can I help you with something?
What's that?
Oh! Hello, Mariah.
I just can't figure out
why my lights aren't blinking.
I bought blinking lights.
Just not as cheerful
when they don't blink.
Not sure, Mr. Ingersoll.
Where'd you go?
Hold still, guy.
This looks so tasty.
This is the best steak I've
ever had in the world.
This is my dinner.
Come on, you know you want it.
Follow me.
That's it.
Just a little further.
Ha! I got ya!
Oh, congratulations, Mariah.
Let's take a look.
Oh, he's a beautiful specimen.
Grandpa, did you do something
to Mr. Ingersoll's lights?
It's my secret weapon.
The Unblinker.
You screw it in
anywhere on the strand,
and they all become Unblinkers.
It'll drive Ingersoll
blinkin' mad. (EVIL LAUGH)
Grandpa, that's so naughty.
Oh, honey, I think this dog
is too much of a handful.
Don't feel like
you have to keep him.
MARIAH: No way, Mom. I'll do
anything to get Princess.
I'm taking care of this dog.
Dad and I have a deal.
I can do it.
I know I can.
Hmm... Well...
I guess if anyone
can do it, you can.
He's gonna need
a leash for starters.
Oh! I know all about
dog supplies.
PENELOPE: And a bath.
MARIAH: It's just water.
Have you ever had a bath before?
Come here! Stop it!
What is she doing to him?
MARIAH: Let me dry you.
Poor little guy.
Oh, honey, I wouldn't...
Where'd he go?
Did Jack come in here?
Haven't seen him.
Not in here.
Been swimming?
Is the back door closed?
Yeah, it's closed.
It better be.
Ho, ho, ho, who wouldn't go?
Ho, ho, ho
Click, click
Down through the chimney
with good St. Nick
You didn't happen
to see Jack, did you?
Wait, what's that?
You've lost him?
No, no.
We're playing hide-and-seek.
Yeah, it's so much fun.
Ho, ho, ho
MARIAH: Uh-huh!
Here, boy.
Come on out now.
Aren't you handsome
now that you're all clean.
Thanks, Grandma. Night.
Night, sweet pea.
You can't be up here.
Even if you did get my
extra-special spa treatment.
I did do a pretty excellent job.
You are sort of handsome.
Just a few days,
and I'll have Princess.
I can stand it.
MARIAH: That's what I thought.
The things you do for love.
Just when I thought he was
sort of, kind of cute.
Well, he would
start acting like a dog.
Don't kiss me.
And especially not my face.
You can stay up here as long
as you don't try that again.
Why are you doing that?
What's the matter with you?
No. Oh, please, you're not...
Oh, no.
Don't you dare!
No.No! No!
MARIAH: Gross!
When did you eat zucchini?
MARIAH: The next day
things were better.
I was feeling pretty confident
about getting Princess.
So, I went shopping.
Uh, I said, "Shopping."
The door...
What is all this pink stuff?
Doggie supplies.
But isn't Uncle Reggie
coming back soon?
And Jack's a boy.
These aren't for Jack,
they're for Princess.
You got color-coordinated
poopy bags?
That's priceless.
Pink poopy bags, priceless.
Not nice.
Kindness, please.
Come on, Jack.
That's Princess' bed.
You can borrow her collar,
but not her bed.
No, this is for the toy drive.
Give me that.
MARIAH: Come back here.
Grandma, why does he hate me?
He doesn't hate you, sweetheart,
just teething, probably.
He has enough teeth.
Seem to remember someone else who
gave me a lot of trouble teething.
Oh, Grandma.
Just need to get
him a good bone.
I'm talkin' real bone,
with beef.
The handbook doesn't say
anything about beef bones.
MARIAH: Thank goodness Grandma was
able to work outside the handbook.
If only I could have had
Grandma with me everywhere.
Heel, heel, heel, now sit!
MARIAH: But, unfortunately,
that wasn't possible.
It's just befuddling.
Okay, walk on, let's go.
Jack, they're not real.
Jack, no!
Ooh, my lil snowman
He's the coolest cat in town
He's jolly and he's happy
Nothing's gonna bring him down
All the people say
that there ain't no way
This Christmas
he ain't comin' around
Ooh, my lil snowman
He's the finest boy to me
Look at that dog!
Ooh ooh ooh
He's got them pretty little eyes
And the biggest belly
you've ever seen
Ooh ooh ooh
He's got his hat to the back
'Cause he's cool like that
Oh, hey!
And they don't know
how he makes me feel
Ooh, my lil snowman
Does what no one else can
You can't tell me
he ain't for real
Baby, baby, my bah)'
Ooh ooh ooh
Baby, baby, my bah)'
Ooh ooh ooh
Ooh, my lil snowman
Does what no one else can
You can't tell me
he ain't for real
MARIAH: Jack, stop! Sorry!
Mommy, it's a monster.
Make him stop, Mommy.
Ooh, my lil snowman
He's the coolest cat in town
He's jolly and he's happy
Nothing's gonna bring him down
All the people say
That there ain't no way
This Christmas
he ain't comin' around
Ooh, my lil snowman
He's the finest boy to me
Oh, no.
Ooh! Yikes!
ERNESTO: Right, check it out.
Yeah! That's what
I'm talking about!
Come on, Mariah.
MAN: Watch out!
Whose dog is that?
Ooh, my lil snowman
Does what no one else can
You can't tell me
he ain't for real
Hello, Principal Reyes.
That's not your dog, is it?
MAN: Hey, that's my scarf!
Oh! No, of course not.
So irresponsible letting a dog
run loose here. (TUTTING)
Hey, Mariah!
MARIAH: No! Jack didn't
take out the principal.
The one who was recommending me
to lead Model United Nations.
(GRUNTS) I'm so sorry,
Principal Reyes.
Are you okay?
Jack! Not my face, Jack.
I thought you said
that wasn't your dog.
He's not.
Stop! Jack!
I'm surprised at you, Mariah.
I've never known you to lie.
Is this your new dog?
He's the best.
Where's your skates?
He's not my dog,
and he's not the best,
and I don't have time to skate.
Why are you so busy suddenly?
(SIGHS) Well, you know,
you snooze, you lose.
I had a wonderful reputation.
Upstanding, thoughtful, witty...
Jack was determined to ruin it.
He has no shame.
Hey, he's putting us to shame.
Okay. You can put up
one display, just one.
Really? Oh!
This is so great, Penny,
'cause wait till you
see what I've got in mind.
Small, understated, tasteful.
Oh, absolutely.
Evening, partner.
Hello, sweetheart. Off the couch, Mr.
Are you ready to call it quits?
MARIAH: No way.
I've gotten this far.
I'm not giving up now.
Besides, Jack and I
are having the best time.
He's the best.
MARIAH: What on Earth?
what have we talked about?
BUD: Mariah,
didn't you take Jack out?
We've been out all day.
BUD: Well, he's left a little present
for you at the bottom of the stairs.
You better get busy.
How is that even possible?
I never took my eyes off you.
Can't believe this.
Need some help, honey?
Nope, I got this.
Not a problem.
MARIAH: Apparently, my brother wasn't the
only one who had trouble closing doors.
Nice look.
Fashion was very important
to me, as you can see.
Yep, what I said
about closing doors.
Jack, Jack, it's me, come back.
No way!
BUD: Mariah, what's going on?
Everything's just
perfectly perfect.
Well, I'll be.
I had to clean up after him.
And now...
LUCY: on!
I see he really
decked the halls.
I seem to remember someone
who had me cleanin' up a lot.
You went through diapers
like nobody's business.
Oh, Grandma, please, do you
have to bring up me as a baby?
Oh, honey, don't ever ask me
not to bring up you as a baby.
Come on, I'll help you out.
Thanks, Grandma, but I got this.
I can do it.
Jack, come out,
I look normal now.
Yuck! Don't lick me.
(GIGGLES) Okay, okay, please,
just don't lick me.
Let's go to bed.
You're silly.
MARIAH: Okay, so we had
moments of sweetness,
but little did I know, it was
only the calm before the storm.
You got your bone, you've got water, food.
You're good.
You stay in there.
BUD: Wow! Nice.
You're sure that dog's secure?
Sure, let's go.
Gonna be late.
Honey, he's too lonely
to be left there.
Oh, gosh.
Okay, I'll bring him.
FRED: Oh, I see you're finally
making an effort, Bill.
item you got there.
Oh, is that Mr. Marshmallow
or a snowman?
Oh! Hi, Mr. Ingersoll!
Dog has good taste.
Well, we can't wait
all night for Mariah,
even if she is the soloist.
The show must go on.
Deck the halls
with boughs of holly
Fa la la la la, la la la la
'Tis the season to be jolly
Fa la la la la, la la la la
BUD: Better hurry, Supergirl.
Don we now gay apparel Troll
the ancient Christmas carol
Fa la la la la, la la la la
See the blazing Yule before us
Fa la la la la, la la la la
Strike the harp
and join the chorus
Fa la la la la, la la la la
Follow me in merry measure
Shh! Jack! Cut it out!
Fa la la la la, la la la la
Deck the halls with
Pup's got a set of pipes
on him, that's for sure!
And a set of teeth.
'Tis the season to be jolly
Fa la la la la, la la la la
Don we now our gay apparel Troll
the ancient Christmas carol
Fa la la la la, la la la la
Follow me in merry treasure While
I tell of Christmas treasure
Fa la la la la, la la la la
Fast away the old year passes
Fa la la la la, la la la la
I've never heard this version.
This rocks!
Sing we joyous all together
Heedless of the wind and weather
Make them stop, Mommy.
I wanna go home!
MARIAH: The spring musical wasn't
looking so great at that point.
In fact, it looked like I could
say goodbye to choir altogether,
thanks to Jack.
Jack! Cool it!
MARIAH: And Jack wasn't finished
destroying my reputation. Oh, no.
He had much bigger plans for me.
Hey, buddy. Mariah, Mom
says you need to get ready
for your dress rehearsal
if you wanna be early.
I was supposed to do that.
I would have done it.
It's okay.
I know you hate it.
Hey, where'd Jack go?
Did you close the back door?
MARIAH: Jack? You up here?
MARIAH: Unbelievable how such a
small creature could be capable of
so much destruction.
Jack! Drop it!
Jack, give that to me.
Nice doggie.
Don't move!
Give that to me.
Come here, you!
(STRAINS) Give it to me!
Oh, no, no, no!
Mariah, are you okay?
Jack's not getting
into trouble, is he?
No. Everything's great.
You little...
Hey, Mariah.
What's wrong?
Oh, no!
I could help.
H ow?
I don't mess up everything.
I didn't say you did.
BETH: I got an idea.
Okay. What is it?
that was the Christmas
I was turned into a trespasser
to save Grandpa,
and a thief because of Jack.
We're just borrowing it.
She looks Christmassy.
MARIAH: What do you think?
Works for me.
I guess.
MARIAH: Are you kidding? I
could make anything look good.
Even a borrowed Mrs. Santa
suit that had been outside for
maybe 10 Christmases.
What about the dog?
I don't have one yet.
Yes, you do.
Pretty cute.
Better than leaving him here.
He'd eat the house.
Something tells me
this is not a good idea.
MARIAH: And did I listen? No.
PENELOPE: We better get going. Don't
forget your toys for the toy drive.
Thanks for helping me, Beth.
At least he didn't ruin this.
Not for you, buster.
Don we now our gay apparel Troll
the ancient Christmas carol
Fa la la la la
What is wrong with you?
Ho-ho-ho! Ho-ho-ho!
Come on, Jack, we're late. Don't
you know, you snooze, you lose?
Gotta go. Bye, Mom.
MR. TYABJI: We're going to get
started, so please, everyone,
take a seat and settle,
if you wouldn't mind.
I, Mr. Tyabji, the Community
Charity League Director,
welcome you to
the Fashion and Friends show!
Thank you for coming. Proceeds will
benefit our local pet shelter,
a cause we all
care deeply about.
Let's see how you
and your best friend
can be fashionable this season.
Let's get this show started!
MR. TYABJI: Who says dog
is only man's best friend?
Here's Cindy with
her best pal Orbid
wearing this
attractive matching ensemble.
What happened to you?
I'm so sorry, girls. I...
Is that the dog
you brought caroling?
He's just a stand-in,
till I get my real dog.
Don't worry, he'll be fine.
Hey, where'd you get a hat?
Looks great.
Good thinking.
MR. TYABJI: And look who's
ready for duck hunting season.
Mario and Sparky with
a red camouflage number.
Is something wrong with him?
MR. TYABJI: Who says fashion
can't be functional?
Uh... Stage fright?
These high quality
sporty outfits and more
are available at
Ingersoll's Hardware.
MARIAH: Oh, yes, this was my
finest Christmas performance,
and Jack made it all possible.
MR. TYABJI: And just when you
thought Christmas was over...
Okay, that's us.
Chausette, walk on.
Liebchen, heel.
MARIAH: Oh, boy.
Here goes nothin'.
MR. TYABJI: on sale at
Mendel's Yardage and Sundries.
Buy a size up and your
daughters and their pets
will be ready for next
year's holiday season.
(GASPS) What are
the Ingersolls doing here?
What's wrong?
They are big sponsors.
They're going to arrest me.
For modeling?
Let's go.
Come on, Jack.
Don't fail me now.
MARIAH: Jack performed as well as
I had imagined Princess would.
That's amazing!
I want a dog like that.
So cool!
What an amazing dog!
MARIAH: But that lasted
for about two seconds.
Ingrid, there's
something familiar
about that Santa suit,
isn't there?
(WHISPERS) Sit, Jack.
MR. TYABJI: Keep calm,
ladies and gentlemen.
Stay in your seats. We'll get
janitorial in right away.
That's disgusting!
GIRL: Gross.
MARIAH: I don't know
how I ever lived that down.
I tried to repair some of
the damage Jack caused,
but things just kept going
downhill that Christmas.
Let's see you find
this one, Ingersoll.
Yes, yes, yes!
I'm sure they don't want me
in the show anymore.
Oh, honey, I doubt that.
He hoarked up the sleeve
of my Santa suit!
Hmm... Well...
Mr. Ingersoll's lights
stopped blinking again.
Mom, gotta get some more ribbon.
You stay.
Don't forget to close the door!
MARIAH: I don't think I ever
would have been bold enough
to sneak onto the Ingersolls'
property alone, at night,
but after all the trouble Jack had
caused, I guess I had nothing to lose.
(WHISPERS) Grandpa?
Grandpa, are you here?
You gotta be kidding me.
Now, Mariah, it's not
what it looks like.
MARIAH: Looks to me like
he was about to fall
into a fish pond
and get electrocuted.
Oh, no! Gosh! Wow!
I'm going to the outlet.
I'll unplug you.
Oh, forget about that 'cause
Ingersoll, of course, locked it.
Hmm, smart.
Okay, don't move.
Don't breathe.
Please don't fall.
Please don't fall.
You are trespassing?
Oh, wow! If he falls through that
ice with all those lights on...
Yeah. I get it.
I got a plan.
You have a plan?
If you can trespass,
I can have a plan.
Oh, gosh. Oh, gee.
Busted, jail time.
Drama queen.
Community service if.
Let's go!
Nuh-uh! I can't.
Can't move.
BRETT: Too tall.
Too short.
Just right. Come on!
MARIAH: What are we doing?
BRETT: Lift this guy.
Come on, grab a leg.
No! Grandpa's leg.
BRETT: NOW pull!
Oh, dear.
It's just us, little guy.
Hey, someone stole my sandwich.
Was it you, Jack, buddy?
LUCY: Old man?
Where are you?
I'm coming.
That's it.
Ingersoll got me beat.
You saved him.
MARIAH: HOW humiliating.
My slacker little
brother had to take charge.
I'm not totally worthless.
I know.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
MARIAH: Okay, so I guess
if it hadn't been for Jack,
I wouldn't have gone
to save Grandpa, either,
given I had nothing to lose
after Jack ruined my reputation
with my Community Charity League
director and my choir leader
and my principal and my friends.
I almost could
forgive him, but then...
Jack! No!
Get back here, you little scamp!
It's Santa Claus!
I got you!!
Mommy, it's a monster!
I wanna go home!
Come on, Jack. What did I tell
you about licking my face?
Okay, not good.
MARIAH: Not good at all.
I happened to know the elves were
the mayor's personal favorite,
and I think
the Ingersolls donated them.
I wasn't very confident about
getting Princess anymore.
It was the night
before Christmas Eve.
I only had one more day to prove
I could take care of a dog,
but I didn't think there was anything
worse Jack could do at this point.
PENELOPE: What's going on?
BUD: I'm sure it's nothing.
BRETT: What's wrong?
What on Earth?
BILL: Oh, dear.
Huh. Priceless.
(GASPS) It's Santa Claus!
It's Jack!
What a mess you've made
of our living room, Jack!
He's made a mess of Christmas.
He's made a mess
of my whole life.
You're the worst dog ever!
I can't wait to get rid of you.
Mariah! He's just a pup.
Uh, I'm sorry
I yelled at you, Jack.
Grandma's right.
You're just a pup.
Won't you come out?
Well, suit yourself.
MARIAH: Now Jack really
had done his worst.
Or had he?
The fire is burning
The room's all aglow
Outside the December wind blows
Away in the distance
The carolers sing in the snow
Everybody's laughing
The world is celebrating
And everyone's so happy
except for me tonight
Because I miss you
Most at Christmas time
And I can't get you
Get you off my mind
Every other season comes along
and I'm all right
But then I miss you
Most at Christmas time
Where are you hiding?
Brett! The door!
The shelter will call us
if they find him, honey.
There's nothing else we can do.
BUD: I finished
calling the neighbors.
They couldn't...
They can't stand Jack.
They aren't gonna help.
Well, they haven't seen him.
Well, what will
I tell Uncle Reg?
He'll be heartbroken.
He'll never speak to me again.
I have a confession to make.
He wasn't really
Uncle Reggie's dog.
He was a stray Reggie found.
He was gonna drop him at the
shelter, but then I got...
One of your ideas?
BUD: I got a collar.
I thought if you had
a taste of a brute like Jack,
you'd change your mind
about having a dog.
So you wouldn't have to say no.
Son, I might be
a devil of a prankster,
but even I wouldn't stoop
to such a rotten trick.
That's so, so...
Passive aggressive?
It was a dirty trick.
No one could have
handled that mutt.
I'm so sorry.
We still should find him.
We will, but there's somewhere
we need to be first.
That's right. The adoption center
closes early on Christmas Eve.
You mean...
Let's go pick up Princess.
We decided.
Oh, Daddy! Thank you!
Hopefully Princess won't be
anything like Jack.
I'll say.
Oh! You made it.
I wasn't sure you
were coming back.
Remember, Dougie,
I told you some folks had come
and put a deposit on this puppy.
Would you like to pick
out another pet, son?
No, thanks.
Not today.
Bye, Rascal.
Oh, my. That's the first time
she's ever made a sound.
I didn't know she could bark.
Come on, son.
Yeah, I know.
You snooze, you lose.
No, you don't lose.
What is it, sweetie?
The puppy is yours.
What do you mean?
If you still want her,
you can have her.
For real?
Thank you.
I'm not sure I understand,
You said Princess
was your dream dog.
I was wrong.
My dream dog is Jack.
Jack? That monster?
He isn't a monster to me.
Well, maybe he is a monster,
but I love him.
You couldn't.
She could.
What do you think?
Can't just take
a dog in and not keep it.
Okay, but he ran away.
I know.
And it's my fault.
I don't want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need
I don't care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree
I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas
Is you
Where are you going?
It is freezing out there.
I've gotta find Jack.
Here, Mariah.
I made these.
Thanks, guys.
Let's go hang 'em up.
Mariah, we heard about Jack.
We came to help you find him.
You... You did?
Of course.
I thought you were mad at me
for not hanging outwith you.
But Jack messed up
the rehearsal.
But that's what puppies do.
Don't be silly.
You're our friend.
We wanna help you find him.
He's got a rather nice howl,
actually, an alto.
But we ruined the caroling.
We don't care about that.
We care about you.
And your pet.
He is your pet, isn't he?
He is.
And we're gonna find him.
Here, everybody!
Take some fliers.
I don't want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need
And I don't care
about the presents
MARIAH: Jack! Jack!
Underneath the Christmas tree
I don't need to hang my stocking
Here, Jack!
There upon the fireplace
Jack! Jack!
Santa Claus won't make me happy
With a toy on Christmas Day
I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is you
You, baby
I won't ask for
much this Christmas
I won't even wish for snow
I'm just gonna keep on waiting
Underneath the mistletoe
I won't make a list and send it
To the North Pole for Saint Nick
Jack! Jack!
I won't even stay awake
To hear those
magic reindeer click
'Cause I just
want you here tonight
Here, buddy!
Holding on to me so tight
What more can I do?
Baby, all I want for Christmas
Is you
Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack
Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack
All the lights are shining
So brightly everywhere
And the sound of children's
laughter fills the air
Here, boy!
And everyone is singin'
I hear those
sleigh bells ringin'
Santa, won't you bring me
the one I really need?
Principal Reyes!
Won't you please
bring my baby to me?
Oh, I don't want
a lot for Christmas
Here, Jack!
Where are you?
This is all I'm asking for
I just wanna see my baby
Standing right outside my door
Oh, I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
Baby, all I want for Christmas
Is you
All I want for Christmas
Is you, baby
Where could he be?
There isn't anywhere
we haven't looked.
Why don't you ask Santa?
I don't think he
wants to talk to me.
That's right. Bad idea.
What is it?
I think I will ask Santa.
I'm so sorry for being so bossy.
And for talking about
Princess all the time.
I love you, and I want
you to be my dog.
Who's she talking to?
I don't get it.
Is he in there?
I promise to be perfect.
Forget about perfect.
I'll just do my best
to take good care of you
if you'll give me a chance.
Come on, Jack.
Come to me.
Come on, boy. Come.
Okay! Go for it!
Jack! You're so crazy!
BRETT: We found Jack!
All right!
Merry Christmas!
ALL: Merry Christmas!
ALL: Tacky.
Grand, isn't it?
Oh, it's something all right.
Hey, I see you found your pup.
Glad to see it.
Thank you.
Merry Christmas.
Hopefully, that'll restore
some Christmas spirit
that you all are
clearly in need of.
Oh, that does it.
Bill, you have my permission
to decorate till you drop.
I really wanted this!
Santa really came
through this time.
Thank you.
Sit, Jack.
Would you look at that?
Told ya, got to be beef.
MARIAH: Turns out, Dad wasn't
allergic to dogs after all.
Guess that sneezing stopped.
Yep. It's a Christmas...
Get 'em!
Come here!
There he goes!
There they are!
Get 'em!
BUD: Over there!
Behind that snowman!
Jack was innocent. It was the
squirrels the whole time.
PENELOPE: Get those squirrels!
MARIAH: So, you see, my first
love was a lot of trouble.
But definitely worth it,
and definitely snuggly.
MARIAH: Jack showed me my dog
didn't have to be perfect.
And I didn't have to be perfect,
because love is.