Marie Curie: The Courage of Knowledge (2016) Movie Script

MARIE CURIE AND THE BLUE LIGH As you have seen, thorium
doesn't exhibit significant radiation.
The emission of a given element
which follows a routine
a trajectory can change...
Sit down!
It'll be all right...
Andr, come here quickly!
It'll be all right.
Will it be all right? I don't know...
What are we going to do?
- Get me the midwife, now!
- Breathe, Marie...
Marie, calm down, just sit down!
- Shall we call for help?
- Yes, yes!
Be quick!
Hurry up!
What about Stockholm then'?
When are we going? When can we drive?
It can wait a bit.
It's been a year already,
they are asking again and again.
Some American wants to name
a racer after me
and asks my permission.
Can horses get Nobel Prizes?
No, only men can get it.
Your mother is an exception.
She is the first lady who won Nobel.
So I'll be the second.
Of course, why not?
Did I use to be so tiny?
You were, you were.
And now watch out...
you are the biggest of us all!
Come, let's go!
A car from the Royal Academy
will await you
in front of the hotel in an hour.
Thank you, but we prefer to walk.
Why don't we give them back
their Nobel Prize?
Having all these journalists
on our heads, we can't work.
They steal our precious time,
time so needed.
We get crazy, if we will not be able
to live as we like.
After Henri Becquerel discovered
the special radiating properties of uranium
Madame Curie has shown...
that thorium and its compounds
possess the same properties
and called such substances
The experiments on radium
lead to the assumption that...
certain particles have a velocity
very slightly below that of light.
That might probably modify
the fundamental principle of mechanics.
The consequences for the chemistry
are perhaps even more important.
Finally in the biological sciences
the rise of radium
could become a very useful ally
in the treatment of cancer.
The London Times doubts that
radium is an element at all.
Quiet, please!
Radium is in no way
a helium and lead compound, as many of
our distinguished colleagues pretend.
We are about to prove it!
Madame Curie and I believe that mankind
will derive more good than harm
from this new discovery.
Every meaningful research is a gift
to humanity,
but as the antique has taught us,
it can instantly turn into Pandora's Box.
The best example are the inventions
of Alfred Nobel.
His powerful explosives enable
performing impressive works,
they are also a terrible means
of destruction
in the hands of the great criminals
who are leading countries to war.
By accepting this Nobel Prize for physics,
we call upon all citizens of Europe
to be vigilant.
It is our duty to work for peace!
Madame Curie and I want to
pursue our work
with this goal in mind.
Professor Pierre Curie.
And Madame Curie...
It is a great pleasure.
Crown Prince Gustav was disconsolate
that you didn't show yourselves
at last year's banquet.
If only you knew how much Monsieur Curie
and I enjoy missing banquets.
When will they come at last?
You are even more impatient
than your mom!
Besides, I am hungry!
Here is an apple for you.
Thank you.
Above a certain altitude the air is cleaner
and I can observe better the changes
in the atmosphere's electric charge.
Have you installed your measuring
instrument on the Eiffel Tower?
It is the highest tower in the world.
- On the top?
- On the third floor.
The results are surprising.
We are organizing protests in
front of Notre-Dame,
we demand religious freedom...
I have also discovered that in the air
there are at least two other kinds of ions.
Ions twice as big as the ones
we have known till now.
Freedom of religion for everyone!
Thank you.
And there's no freedom for me?
We're demonstrating tomorrow
in front of Notre-Dame,
Will you come?
With you, mademoiselle,
I would even charge on the Vatican.
What are you studying?
- You have mercy for no girl.
- What are you up to?
I saw them!
There they are!
Dad, mum!
Oh, my favorite tornado!
I was so afraid!
- What were you afraid of, darling?
- That you never come back!
But here we are.
You know well that we always come back.
- Hi, father!
- How was the trip?
48 hours in a row is no pleasure.
And how was everything with you?
Quiet as usual, no speeches,
no vanity fairs.
Nothing but joy.
And this young lady wrapped
me around her little finger.
What a relief!
You can't imagine
how we missed you.
Have they already delivered
the pitchblende, Andre?
- Yes, boss!
- It's about time.
Shall we?
Hurry up!
After you, Madame.
Our radium.
It is radiating from inside.
Just like you.
A healing matter in a state
of inner turmoil.
Either there is some demon in it,
or the atom is not indivisible!
That would contradict
all known theories.
I hope I didn't forget anything.
I love your lists!
- Does it hurt?
- No, not at all.
We treated his inoperable tumor
with radium bromide,
applied with a rubber-sleeve for
two weeks, ten minutes a day.
It already decreased by half.
With smaller cartridges
we could measure the dosage
of the radium more precisely
and apply its radiation
more targeted
to protect the healthy cells.
The best solution would probably be
to inject the radium directly
into the cancer cell.
Your name is Irne, isn't it?
It looks like mum is calling you!
- Good bye, monsieur.
- Good bye.
My reverence Madame!
- Already back from Stockholm?
- Go to your room now.
Gustave Try,
chief editor of "I'Oeuvre".
"We talk aloud what others
only think in secret".
Leave my family in peace.
How does it feel to be
suddenly so famous?
Did you hear what is going on
in Warsaw?
Nationalists robbed
the public stock... look.
Perhaps your sister won't need
your money anymore!
It is time for Poland
to be independent again.
One should be able to speak Polish
in his country.
You should become a politician,
madame Skodovska.
He behaves as if everything
was all right,
but during the trip he vomited
several times and he didn't admit it.
He's had this supposed influenza
for months!
I think it's anemia.
How come?
From your lifestyle.
Don't lie to me, Eugne.
Just tell me the truth.
Whatever this truth is.
Don't worry, I will examine him
Really, stop worrying.
Give me back the medal,
give it back to me!
- It is mine!
- Give it back!
- I'm better in math than you!
- It's not true!
Stop fighting this instant!
Jean, give me the medal.
This is not a toy.
- This is my medal.
- Rubbish. Now, give it to me.
- She could lend it to me...
- This is not a toy.
Where do you want to
isolate pure radium?
I'm fed up with your
shabby hangar.
What am I working
with two Nobels for?
You want to push cancer
research forward. Fine!
But please give me a lab
that deserves that name.
Pierre has appointment next week
at the French Academy
to try and get some funds.
The world gets crazy about radium,
but no one cares about how one finances
such a research.
- You should take Marie with you.
- I never can say "no" to her.
Marie under the Dome of the Academy,
that would be something!
If you patented your discovery,
you could afford building
your own laboratory.
We're scientists, and no profiteers.
My Paul would deserve
more recognition too.
Ah, Jeanne...
You play modest,
but that's the fact.
We strive for results
that could help everyone,
that's what counts for us.
Have you cured the
tumor of that patient?
No, not entirely.
Do you understand now why I'm impatient?
It's just a beginning!
For being sure of the results, we still need
lots of tests and experiments.
Patience, patience, patience!
Here are the three
pillars of our method.
- Eve is so sweet, she just fell asleep.
- It belongs to Irene now.
The Nobel medal?
She can lose it, it'll land somewhere
in the mud.
"Nobel Prize lands in the mud".
Sounds like a great headline!
Irne you put it on back to front.
Never mind!
Double knot keeps much better.
Especially when it's done by daddy.
Till evening.
Give it to your mum, will you?
I am going, see you in the lab?
Don't forget your umbrella!
What would I do without you?
Now it should keep well.
Gigantic is this begonia of yours.
True. It is growing much faster
than the other one.
At least I've managed to control
disruptions of our electroscope.
- Really?
- Yes.
There was an accident.
On the corner Rue Dauphine.
He wanted to cross the street quickly.
Must have been deep in his thoughts.
He slipped.
He didn't see the carriage.
He is dead?
Oh, professor Amagat?
Good morning.
Very modest for a Nobel laureate, isn't it?
But Madame did not forget to
invite our minister of education.
He may be useful for her in the future.
Two times six...
2HCI-- 1 HCI times...
Manya, come back to Poland with me.
Without Pierre you will always
be a foreigner here!
Pierre would like me
to continue our work.
You can do it in Poland as well.
You perfectly know that it is not true.
What kind of future will my daughters
have in Poland?
What are you talking about?
Poland is at the start of big changes.
Your daughters will be better there
than in a country
which has until this day not
rehabilitated Dreyfus!
Their place is here.
You want to stay in France, yes?
I promised him to be
always by his side.
I let him go alone.
Why am I still alive?
He was such a better person
than I am.
Manya, it was an accident.
Without Pierre I am nothing!
Irne, can you pass me your plate?
- Thank you very much.
- Irne, more asparagus?
Kids, I baked some cake!
It is still warm.
Cake? For me!
Do you intend to work
yourself to death?
When I work, he is with me.
Nobody can work for two for ever.
You not either.
If I can isolate radium in its pure
metal form,
nobody will doubt its nature.
I'm going to build the radium Institute,
Pierre dreamed of.
And make out of the Curie therapy
the best method against cancer.
Do you know what it means?
Thousands of incurable patients saved
by the radiation of this...
Your radium might destroy tumors
but it also eats up fingers!
I'm so afraid to tell Irne the truth.
You are lying, mum!
You are lying!
Dad! Dad!
My Pierre. My good, beloved Pierre...
Another day which I was not destined
to spend with you.
Our treasures are so little!
Shall I be worthy of you?
He is not here.
He is waiting for you
in your dreams.
When you think of him, you will
be able to hear his voice, see him.
Wait, Irne. Please.
Do you believe in God?
God has nothing to do with this.
I don't believe any more.
God is just a Santa Claus version for adults!
There is something to it!
Grandpa, do you really think
I can see Dad in my dreams?
The Sorbonne calls for tenders
for Pierre's chair of physics.
Do you want to apply?
You know well that there is only
one person in the world
who can overtake this chair.
A woman has no chance.
And some one like me is much
too expensive for them!
The dean is terribly busy today.
What time is he free then?
I can't tell, unfortunately.
I am Marie Curie.
I know, Madame.
Your husband was a genius scientist.
My husband and I,
we shared everything.
We wanted to explore the healing
force of radium.
This is even dearer to me today.
That's why we started cooperating
with medical researchers.
This issue needs great experience.
Nobody will oppose if you train
your husband's successor.
We're about to break through.
I need a laboratory.
No one could be better
suited to supervise it.
And if need be, I could take over
Pierre's teaching.
If need be?
Madame, this sort of title is not
transferable by marriage!
Who is talking about titles here?
I'm just asking for the job,
not for titles.
You enjoy an excellent reputation,
Professor Langevin.
You have good scientific relations
all over Europe.
Shortly, I cannot imagine
a better candidate for my projects.
That's also my opinion.
Thank you, gentlemen.
Your timing couldn't be better.
Nowadays we make discoveries that
abolish old principles of physics.
Not so fast, dear friend.
So far, Mr. Solvay is
proposing a debate.
The task is quite difficult.
Take your time.
Money is not a problem.
Thanks to my patents
I have made a fortune.
Please excuse me,
I will be right back.
Marie! Wait! Wait!
I'd like to introduce you Mr Ernest Solvay.
Hypocrites all around, it's loathsome.
Is Madame Curie also teaching
at the Sorbonne?
The radium might be the latest thing,
but never ever a female professor.
"Malbrough goes to fight in war,
nobody knows when he comes back..."
Why are you singing?
To scare the sparrows away.
I won't have them vandalize our mirabelles!
But there are no plums yet!
It's never too early to do
the right thing!
I don't like today's education
system at all.
Children must have time for sport,
for developing artistic sensitivity.
- And you know well that...
- Stop scratching yourself.
Nothing raises curiosity more
than performing experiments.
But no! They force them into
hopeless sapping, learning by heart.
And forbid girls to take part
in any Physics classes.
Even when they're
as talented as Irene.
And you will find a remedy
to all of that?
- Yes, if need be.
- Of course.
You'll just wave your magic wand
and everything will be
as it should be.
Why should girls be less talented?
Do you have any slick rope?
As you wish.
- You want to try?
- Yes!
Your sister cries differently.
She fights on too many
fronts simultaneously.
Finally she will hit her
head against the wall.
Catch with your feet!
Go on.
Not so fast.
The secret of a successful experiment
is precision and care. Nothing more.
One should not be in a hurry. Try.
It will surface.
Clean up immediately, please.
The same principle as at sea.
Why does the egg float in jar three?
Because salty water is dense and...
The egg has less density
than salty water!
And what did Archimedes state?
If an object dips into fluid,
it looses its weight
and the buoyant force of this object...
I'll show you something...
Many small and wonderful things.
Irne, come and see!
Here you are,
all my magical products.
Forever young thanks to
Iradium. The cream with radium
that revives your skin!
- May I open?
- No, no, on no account!
It's bloody expensive.
"Radioactive stockings for...
...always young and beautiful legs."
- Here they are!
- For the young!
Young. I am sorry.
"Tho-Radia, a revolutionary
remedy for hair growth".
Can't you read?
Surely I can.
Two, three drops are enough
and the hair grows miraculously,
thanks to the wonderful power of radium.
- And for Madame Marie I recommend...
- And this is for me!
...the scientific lipstick
for perfect lips!
May I?
- I will give you a bit.
- Now my turn!
To think that my father
thought my discoveries
would be useless!
It stings!
Radium fleece...
I had no idea how
childish you could be.
- Good morning!
- Good morning!
Isn't it time for math?
We haven't finished yet.
Dear Madame Langevin,
you are always a feast for the eyes!
Indeed, your colour.
Don't you think it's highest time
to make the merits of your husband
known to the world?
I have wanted to write about him
for a long time,
but your husband never has time.
When my husband works,
he forgets about everything else,
sometimes even
about his own wife.
A wife always knows what's
best for her husband.
I'll also sit in front, otherwise
I won't hear anything.
Thank you.
Actually these seats are...
A foreigner at the Sorbonne...
And she believes she'll get
such an audience's attention!
As Pierre Curie told you
in his last lecture,
the progress made
within last decade
in the field of physics
turned upside down
our perception of electromagnetism
or matter.
As for the new discoveries in the chemistry
of radioactive matter,
we can only guess.
It is a very special field
that I call:
"The chemistry of the imponderable".
Till now we managed to isolate only
several decigrams of radium salt,
on which we used tons
of pitchblende.
I worked up a fractional method
of acquisition of pure
radium salts that I share
with all interested labs.
Radium has many properties
which show powerful results.
Its beams can penetrate even through
several centimeters of lead...
Not bad as for a woman, right?
Congratulations, Marie!
You showed them!
Pierre would also be proud of you.
Pierre was always proud of Marie,
but he would have hated
this circus today!
Marie, how I admire you!
I would have died of all the excitement.
- Where are you going?
- To the lab.
Now? When we are drinking
to your success?
Don't you dare to congratulate.
For you!
Your preface?
So we can send the manuscript
to the publisher next week?
That's just typical!
You only think what is to be done.
You were able to take this picture?
"Eusapia, the clever magician..."
"...who can make heavy tables fly!"
Pierre wanted to cast
light upon her mystery!
Yeah, I know.
Thanks, Paul.
- Go now. Jeanne is looking for you.
- Yes.
One more thing: I'll drop my corrections
on chapter 4 by next week.
I promise.
If you need anything,
just let me know.
Marie, congratulations!
That would contradict
all known theories.
Life is trivial matter if
you cannot think in pairs!
It's so exciting to explore
new ideas together
that no one has yet investigated.
The radioactivity increases,
but the percentage of radium
remains constant.
That can't be!
That means you can stop
with the fractional crystallization.
Want some?
Eating supports thinking, Madame!
Pierre always knew what to do next!
What's going on with you?
I am getting stupid!
I won't make it by myself!
Right... I am going to a coffee.
- Good morning.
- Good morning, Andr
Good morning, Madame.
Good morning.
When can I see the patient?
I don't want to offend you,
but I'd rather meet him alone.
Male patients confide better in men.
- Same dose as usual?
- Yes.
Have you managed to sleep a little?
I am the doctor. Go back to bed.
In your condition you cannot take care
of the children.
Be a good girl, wake your sister
and put the milk on to warm.
I'll be down in a minute.
See? Everything is all right!
- For sure?
- Yes!
Excuse me...
In order to discover something,
you have to know what you're looking for.
What I am trying to say is,
that for every new hypothesis,
the simple observation of a phenomenon
is not enough.
You also need to figure out previously
an explanation.
Are you asking me
how new ideas are born?
It's a very exciting question,
but it goes far beyond
the boundaries of physics.
Like for everything else,
you have to rely on intuition and
common sense.
Most scientific discoveries
are a mixture
of talent and coincidence.
A good scientist needs a spirit of
adventure to coax out the secrets of nature,
and must not be afraid
of his own audacity.
Without forgetting about
the necessarily methodical procedures.
But don't worry,
there's a spirit of adventure
hidden in all of us!
I'd like you to remember that
our freedom of mind is indispensable.
Take all measures to secure it.
This congress is very important
for the future of science.
I assure you that this man
has sincere intentions.
Show me one industrialist that has given
the eight-hour day to his workers
without being forced to it by law.
I don't know.
Solvay insists on you to come,
which shows his concern!
Indeed, Marie, if one need
financial support,
one should not say no
to such a generous benefactor.
Well, it's a pity.
I invited Albert Einstein too.
Did he answer?
Come and you will see.
Can you devote me half an hour?
I'd like to show you something.
No, turn off the light.
I can't believe it! Success!
Element number 88.
Melting point by
700 Celsius degrees.
This is it!
One can see it and touch it.
A bit dangerous, right?
As fire was discovered,
people burned themselves.
But what would we do today
without fire?
But I liked the colors of
the radium salts better!
Let's go now. The drugstore closes
I forgot to pick up Eugne's medicine!
- You cannot stay.
- Can't I sleep here?
No way.
Thank you.
Where were you? We tried to lift him up,
but he is too heavy!
- He fell down, all of a sudden.
- Eugne, dear God!
- We must take you to the hospital!
- Come. Dance with me.
"Merry fowler I am...
...known in all the country, to old and young.
All around the world."
Litre... litre...
Thank you.
Litre of oil...
For you. This will help you
to get organized.
I am already doing all of this.
I am proud of you, my daughter.
For our next lesson, please revise
Binomial Distribution...
Sorry to be late!
No problem. Want some tea?
Yes, please.
Have a nice day.
See you, professor Langevin.
- Andr is not here?
- Not yet.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- How is Eugne?
- Not so good.
I am already late.
So you are covering for her now?
It can't go on like this!
Next year I send the children
to normal school in Sceaux.
But we agreed that
this school cooperative
was the best for our kids!
Of course, but I didn't know
how far you would get into it.
She is exploiting you!
Rubbish, we work together!
Naturally... like all the rest...
living in your own world...
you intellectuals
think that you know best!
Let's get out of here...
She may be famous scientist,
but she doesn't have a clue
about the things of real life!
Don't bother.
Sing! I don't want the birds
to eat grandpa's wild plums!
I saw in the program that
Max Planck is going to talk
about the contradictions
of radiation theory.
It's a pity we can't present
our spectral images of Thoriums X.
Did you see?
- Right, I am jumping into the water.
- Come on, you will catch a cold.
It's cold, but I can't help it...
He got mad. The water is too cold...
It is!
Albert insists on presentation.
Albert Einstein, Marie Curie.
Your theory of the elementary particles
was very inspiring for me.
Do you know why I agreed
to take part
in this congress?
Only to discuss with you
some of my ideas.
Albert thinks you are the most
intelligent woman he ever met.
Well, the competition is rather limited.
Does that scare you?
Of course.
You're the best under the women.
Amongst men as well.
I love fresh air.
Walking stirs up thinking, right?
Oh yes, and the sea air.
It's very brave, the postulation
of the existence of quanta of light.
Without risk there wouldn't be
any progress in physics.
Splendid your "Treaty on Radioactivity"!
Madame Curie!
Without doubt a tremendous
piece of work!
But at the pace science is progressing
these days,
aren't you afraid that
it'll be soon outdated?
You look like someone who is afraid
of missing something.
I always take notes.
My note book is my alter ego,
mister Einstein.
You never know, a new idea
could pop up anywhere.
You certainly know what I mean?
No, I have very seldom "a new idea".
Madame Curie can laugh!?
You have no idea how the magic
of the smile on your face works!
I know! Write.
Unusual discovery:
"Madame Curie is able to laugh".
Currently it seems that
the key to radioactivity
is to be found in the mere
nature of the atom.
I can even say
that it has its origins
in regions which are
so deep inside the atom
that you can only have
access to them
when an atomic explosion occurs.
Gentlemen, I hope that our research
will only serve peaceful purposes.
Just like radium cancer therapy,
which already saved many people.
He who, like us, is interested
in the origins of life,
must protect that life at any price.
Altruism and integrity are essential
elements of our work.
Gentlemen, thank you for your attention.
Thank you very much, Madame Curie.
I fully agree with you.
Physicists like ourselves work
with enthusiasm
to unearth the mysteries of the universe.
But from a global point of view,
philosophers will have the final word.
I am convinced that this meeting
will play a remarkable role in
the history of science.
Will it soon be possible to unite
radioactivity, quantum and
gravitation theories
in a new theory of physics
and chemistry?
Madame, Gentlemen, I am counting on you,
our work continues.
This woman is ice cold,
but... fuckable.
Your wording is as low level
as your researches, professor.
The radiated warmth comes
from the kinetic energy
of the Beta- and Gamma rays.
You should apply your calculations to
one single electron in a magnetic field.
But assuming that the emission
of the energy particle
is spontaneous, means Maxwell's equation
is no longer valid.
Right! We would have to prove that
the quantum hypotheses
is a theory in itself.
For that, we must first prove the equivalence
of all systems of reference.
And how should we decide on
which principles we can retain?
That's the most important question!
That was a compliment.
I wonder why we always
have to take our work so damn seriously.
Who are we doing it for?
For the love of mankind?
- Aren't you doing it for the posterity?
- What about you?!
Fine! I am a real bore with glasses...
Well, without glasses,
but a bore nonetheless!
- Come with us to eat?
- Oh, yes. I am hungry too.
We are going to miss the dinner!
Still hungry?
After all we swallowed today?
I'm always hungry.
Are you glad to be here?
The reports were very interesting.
- And Einstein is...
- Albert - A Curie admirer!
Nothing. You make me laugh.
Shall we go swimming?
- Now?
- Yes.
It's ice cold!
It's awful!
- I can't feel my heart anymore!
- Well, that's a shame!
Dear Madame, Gentlemen...
- Wait, Andr... allow me.
- Welcome.
Your statements on quanta
are very brave...
Thank you.
...but not complete.
Here you are.
Maybe this reading
will inspire you.
So I wish you a nice afternoon.
And perseverance, ladies.
- What happened?
- Are you ashamed of me?
What are you talking about?
You came all the way
to tell such foolishness.
And if I wanted to talk with you
about your work?
You are very welcome.
What exactly?
Maybe about "Kinetic theory of magnetism
and magnetons"?
20.000 franks. They offer you
20.000 per year
and you reject the offer
without consulting me?!
I don't want to work in industry.
I'm a scientist, not a flunky!
Besides it's none of your business.
So if you allow me,
my students are waiting.
I cook twice a day for six people.
I work hard day and night.
All alone, as we cannot afford a maid.
I sew clothes myself,
using second hand rags. And you tell me
it's none of my business?!
Ah yes, you are a scientist,
that doesn't interest you!
Don't forget you are also a father.
Stop it! The kids are fine!
Whose merit is it? Whose?
Leave me alone!
Get out of here, Jeanne.
You are of no use.
Of course. Go on living on with your head
up in the sky.
Your children and I have to survive
in the real world!
Come back tomorrow.
Madame Curie.
- Paul!
- Come with me.
Want some coffee?
A glass of wine perhaps?
- Do you have a glass of water?
- Yes.
- Thanks.
- Welcome.
- So, this is your hideaway.
- Yes. For slightly above a year now.
I would have gone crazy otherwise.
How smooth is your skin, Mania.
Stay a bit longer.
I never thought I would be capable
of that anymore.
Of what?
Of intimacy.
With a stranger.
Am I a stranger?
It's beautiful what you
write about Pierre.
The piano must be tuned.
Oh, a beam of sunlight!
- What? Too frivolous?
- Not at all! On the contrary.
You are beaming.
Stay a little more with us.
Don't go back to Poland.
Do you really still need me?
Everything is nicer if you're here.
How to calculate a square
root of the polynomial?
I forgot the rule.
It's too complicated for me.
I'll show you.
Your lack of concern terrifies me.
A married man, Marie.
Paul is unhappy with Jeanne.
Everybody knows about it.
Don't be naive.
- Paul will never be Pierre.
- I know!
You know nothing about the suffering
of a betrayed woman!
Pierre applied twice,
before they accepted him.
You will know how to
convince them.
Come back to reality!
They'll never accept a dirty Pole
in the French Academy!
You have done for France much more than
all those so called patriots together!
All these behind-the-scenes
political intrigues,
I am not made for this.
Madame Curie?
This letter and flowers I have to deliver
to your very hands.
How beautiful.
- Yes. Have a nice day.
- Thanks!
You will succeed,
if you confront them.
That's for sure.
Hmm, delicious!
Enough, enough about work.
Not bad...
And here I have wild plums
from my garden.
Yummy... Very much.
It will perfectly
combine with Camembert.
Here you are.
Do you cook for your kids too?
My kids prefer simpler food.
It would be great if we could go
and have a picnic all together.
I love you...
My beaming radium queen.
And soon the first woman
in French Academy of Science.
And this is building up your vanity!
You have turned heads of so many ladies
that the only trick
to make myself noticeable is
the Academy of Science.
Are you coming back to
your Polish whore?
- Stop it, you will wake up the children.
- The children are at Perrins!
I could scream out my lungs:
that woman is destroying my family!
Your family? You are just
destroying it yourself.
You lying, repulsive coward!
How dare you, Paul, to come back
all messed up!
What a waste.
Look at me!
I have had enough!
Look at me.
Go to sleep!
Paul! No!
Your candidacy is a great honor
for the Academy.
With the Curie therapy you can heal
an early discovered cancer.
But the objective is to heal
all of the patients.
I could be so much more efficient
within an Institute of Radium
where researchers would work
side by side with doctors.
You will get your institute,
Madame. Sure.
Your rival, Monsieur Branly,
can't hold a candle to you
in terms of international reputation.
He operates...
Can I count on your support then?
May I?
Although emancipation lures us
into unknown realms,
I can hardly imagine
offering you a cigar.
A woman like you
has the world at her feet.
Have I already shown you
my Chinese room?
It used to belong to
Count von Satur.
Would you like to?
- It's a real treasure.
Are you coming from Rue Banquier?
Paris is a village, my dear.
Forgive me, I've had a long day.
Don't play the innocent!
It's not me that is your problem.
I was there for you when Pierre died,
I cared for your kids as if they were my own.
Is that the gratitude I get?
- I will do the same for your children.
- Don't you dare to talk about my children!
You've lost all trace of decency!
Look at yourself!
Even dressed in silk, you are nothing
but a miserable laboratory rat!
Who cares what you think...
You are not the first to be seduced!
And you won't be the last.
But he always comes back to me!
Paul is my life!
I'll kill you, if you take him away
from me!
Marie, it's me! It's me!
What happened?
Nothing, I hit myself, careless stupid.
Must have been distracted.
You smell divine.
Jeanne threatened me with a knife.
Oh, no! Damn it!
She's so often suspected me,
calling me all kinds of names,
and two days later she's forgotten it all!
What you are to me
no other woman can ever be.
You don't have to be afraid of Jeanne.
I am not afraid of your wife.
I am not sure if I understand correctly
your expectations.
Just write the truth.
Aren't you the one who says loud
what others prefer to hide?
Why should I believe you?
A mother of four can depend
on her instincts.
Wounded feelings
are very bad advisors.
Especially, if it comes
to a public person.
Don't you think that the French people will want
to know that the State is about
to bestow the greatest honors
onto an adulterous woman?
- A Jewish adulteress.
- Jewish?
She is not Jewish, as far as I know.
If you want to fight,
you must offer a bit more
than her supposed Jewish roots.
We are deeply grateful, Madame.
Thanks to Mr. Solvay's and your help
we can at last equip our laboratory.
Solvay is a great supporter
of the Curie therapy.
And so am I.
Flowers seem to like you.
- Thank you.
- See you next Tuesday!
Antoine, the new applicators
will arrive next week.
The structure has vividly changed.
How can you tell about
radioactivity as if it was some trifle?
We all know perfectly
that Madame Curie
could never have come to such
results on her own!
No woman could have.
This woman is a visionary!
Excessively ambitious
is more appropriate.
What has she done
since her husband died?
She has only published results
based in their joint work.
She will see to it that
the name Pierre Curie
is completely forgotten.
Women now hunger for fame
and fortune as well.
Which Madame and her deceased husband
have had more than enough!
Did you read this?
What she achieved for the research
against cancer
is unique in the world!
A seat in the Academy
is not hereditary!
Do you want your grandchildren
to ask you
why you weakened
in front of a woman?
Quiet, gentlemen!
We can proceed to vote.
I remind you that a simple
majority wins.
I can count on you?
Naturally. May she give her
candidacy in London
- she is such a genius.
Or go straight back to Warsaw!
Her choice.
Gentlemen, this is a historical opportunity.
Don't miss it!
Bravo, very eloquent.
Madame Curie:
twenty eight,
Monsieur Branly:
I'd have been delighted
to give my vote to you, but...
I prefer not to think how much time
I wasted on this.
- Can you pick up Irne?
- Of course. And you?
- Where are you going?
- See you at home.
You don't know how sorry I am, Marie.
- Where are our letters?
- What?
Jeanne knows that we meet here.
Are you sure that you did not hide them
in some other place?
What are you going to do now?
- I'll get them back.
- And that's it'?
What else are you expecting?
Is it my fault?
You always leave yours keys
Even if Jeanne knows that we meet here,
I would never think that...
Stop it, it's pathetic!
Wait! Marie.
Marie. I'll talk to her.
I'll get our letters back...
I am sick of thinking that she interfered
in our intimacy.
We both knew what we were going into.
Did we? Really?
Marie! Marie!
Where were you?
Hurry up, we have a visitor.
- At this hour?
- Come here at last, Mania.
Allow me to introduce myself,
August Gyldenstolpe:
Swedish ambassador to France.
I have belonged for a long time to the circle
of your greatest admirers.
And today I have the honour
of presenting you some wonderful news.
The Nobel Committee decided to award you
with this years's Prize for chemistry.
Marie! Nobody until now
has been awarded Nobel twice!
You are the first one!
Will you forgive me.
I must share the news
with my daughters immediately.
Of course.
Mum? There are journalists
waiting in front of the house.
How can they know so quickly?
Dress up. I'll be in a minute.
Now they are making a Jew
out of you.
Trust me, nobody will have mercy
with you!
You must abandon him.
I haven't done anything
that I should be ashamed of.
Do you want to destroy
the work of your life?
Where are you going?
My distillation can't wait.
Madame Curie!
Madame Curie! Here!
One question, please, Madame Curie!
Is it true that you will force
professor Langevin to leave his wife?
How long have you been having
the affair?!
You are destroying family values!
Are you Jewish?
Say that you didn't do it?!
Say that the press is lying!
- You better help me!
- They will raise hell here!
- We have a lot of work to do.
- Work...
While everybody is talking
about your love affair?
Paul asked me to be his second.
He challenged Gustave Try.
No, not this!
We are to meet tomorrow in Vincennes.
We can't allow this!
What else do you know?
You can't do this, Paul!
I don't control anything anymore!
Not if you leave your wife at last.
- She'll demand custody of the children.
- Agree then.
That will put an end to her blackmail!
And we will find a way for you to see
your children as now.
- No, no, no.
- Jeanne will never agree to this.
- Learn to fight for your rights.
You need no gun to do this!
We will sue her for theft,
defamation and privacy violation!
But I can't publicly drag
the mother of my children to the courts.
She threatened to kill me.
Your wife always used you
for her advantage.
I don't mean living together straight away,
we'll have to wait until...
Until what?
Until I become more like Pierre?
You are afraid of divorce, but you are not afraid
of playing with death?
It's a matter of honour, Marie.
Trivial matter, Paul.
Don't talk about something
you can't understand.
Go away from there.
What you are for me no other woman
can become, never.
Say you didn't do it?!
Say the press is lying!
Marie, we will get crazy if we are not able
to live as we like.
Don't be naive.
Paul will never be Pierre.
Life is so trivial
if you can not think together.
Tomorrow at dawn in Vincennes Groove.
We can not allow this!
This is a matter of honour.
Go on! I will tell you
where to stop.
Oh, Mum I thought you were dead!
I am sorry Irne, I am so sorry.
Who are this people outside?
Why are they calling you names?
I am, I am already now.
Time to go to sleep.
We will manage, Marie.
We will survive this.
Gentlemen, shake your hands.
Ten, nine, eight...
I shall not deprive France
of one of its most eminent minds!
Don't offend me, please!
Long live France and its scientists!
Paul! Stop it!
Move along!
Move along, everybody!
What would I do without you?
I don't want to hide anymore.
I don't understand why Langevin
challenged Try
to a duel if the accusations
were groundless.
All this mess around your person
has put
the Swedish Academy of Science
in a difficult position.
We prepared an announcement
in which you declare,
that you voluntarily renounce
the Nobel Prize.
At least until this story with Langevin
is settled.
This is the most elegant outcome
in this situation. For everybody.
The Prize was given to me
for my radium discovery.
A scientist's achievements
has nothing to do
with his private life.
The European press writes for weeks
only about your moral indecency.
Only because I am a woman.
If you want to exclude every male scientist
who has had some love affair,
you will be left with nobody
to give the Nobel Prize to.
Since I can't count on your cooperation,
and considering the amplitude
of the scandal,
I have no other choice, but to forbid
you to travel to Stockholm.
Must we really part with him?
The element 88 is, since today,
property of the world!
I would have never managed
without your help, Andree!
In case something happened to me,
I must be assured
that nothing will be lost.
What are you talking about?
Here is a full list of our samples,
plus my instructions.
It's everything you should know.
Marie, you will outlive us all!
What will you tell your grandchildren,
when they one day ask you
how could have been so blind?
Thanks to my isolation...
Full of contradictions...
Incalculable chemistry...
Flowers for Madame.
Leave me alone!
Madame. Mademoiselle.
Here is a miserable fool, standing before you
with his mind limited
by the ideas of previous century.
Madame, please accept my apology!
Everyone should act according
to their convictions.
Good luck, Madame.
If you allow me one last question.
Where will you put
your second Nobel Prize?
Next to the first one.
I hope I have correctly interpreted the recognition
of the Academy
assuming it refers to both,
mine and my husband
- Pierre Curie's achievements.
We should be less curious to know people
and more curious to know their thoughts.
The rejection of knowledge and the fear
of creative thinking lead to lost societies.
One shouldn't be scared of anything in life,
but strive to comprehend.
Who would we be without
curiosity of mind?
I am one of these who consider science
to be an expression of beauty.
I am happy to be able to devote my life
to discovering
mystery of the universe.
In 1935, Irne returned to Stockholm
and was the second woman
after her mother
to be awarded a Nobel Prize.
The fate of the Curie and Langevin families
remained intertwined:
In 1950, Marie Curie's granddaughter, Hlne married
Michel Langevin, the grandson of Paul Langevin.
Hlne and Michel are both physicists.
Marie Curie died in 1934 at the age of 66.
In 1995, her remains were transfered together
with those of Pierre Curie to the Parisian Pantheon,
where Paul Langevin was also interred in 1948.