Marieke, Marieke (2010) Movie Script

Mum, is daddy dead for ever?
Yes, but he still sees you
and protects you.
Does he protect you too?
Anna seems to be on time,
this morning.
We need to talk.
You've not returned my calls.
I came back from Berlin to see you.
I have nothing more to say to you.
Who was it?
Sit down.
- It's Anna.
Hi, I'm early, no?
Hallo, Jeanne.
Everything OK?
- Yes.
Hmm, delicious.
Did you make this jelly?
- Yes.
Here, for you.
- Thanks.
Come on, lazy bones,
or we'll be late again.
That bloody factory!
- They'll kick us out if we're late.
See you, mum.
- Bye, Jeanne.
I have to talk to you...
Cover your head.
Leave us.
I'd replace them with machines.
That would ruin the view.
Plus you couldn't keep the slogan.
Yes..."hand-made by angels".
Could I have two coins, please?
You want my picture, or what?
You weren't here last week.
- So what?
You're waiting for Anna?
- I'm waiting for someone.
A man?
No, a boy.
Can I get you a drink?
A coffee would be nice.
I like your feet.
why did you never go
with another man?
Men are wonderful.
You mean a man
or men in general?
I can find you a man. Just tell me
the kind you like, and that's it.
Ah! Is it that simple?
Yes, you just have to go for it,
that's all.
What makes you think
I even want another man?
Daddy died 12 years ago.
I can't just do that on command.
But that's something
you can't understand, can you?
I'm not used to having doors
shut in my face.
What are you doing here?
We have to talk.
I have decided
to re-edit Joseph's book.
12 years after his death?
I believe in it.
I want the original manuscript
that you still have.
The subject is very modern.
That's why you came back,
after all these years?
For the sake of modernity?
You never answered my letters.
- No.
Don't you think
there's been enough damage?
I'm not responsible for his death.
And neither are you.
For you, for Marieke, for him.
Don't you think we owe him that?
After he died,
I wanted to forget everything.
I forgot you too.
I never forgot you.
Please stay.
You had a good day?
And you?
Is that what you do at night?
You should be ashamed of yourself.
I sacrificed everything for you.
Who's that man in the water?
He's a wonderful man.
It's about time you made
something out of your life.
That's what I'm doing.
You scare me.
Don't go through my stuff anymore.
Stop that.
Ronny's looking.
How many?
In one hour you should
at least get to 1.400.
No taste.
See you tomorrow.
Have a nice day.
Sorry, I can't come right now.
I still have work.
Go on your own.
Hi, mum.
I don't have a big enough vase.
You'll have to cut them.
They're the special long ones.
We can't cut them.
I like your dress.
It's too tight.
You want a taste?
- Why don't you start?
I'll wait for you.
I told you, auntie's coming
for my birthday.
No, you didn't.
- Aren't you going to Anna's tonight?
The guy is looking for a parking space.
He can't find one.
After 20 minutes, still no parking.
We are in Jerusalem, so why not?
Good Lord, if you find me a space
within 2 minutes,
I promise to go
to the synagogue every Friday,
I'll eat kosher,
I'll respect the 10 commandments.
And at that very moment,
a car pulls away.
He looks up to the sky and says
'Never mind, I found a space.'
What's the difference
between an English, a Jew and a French?
The English man has a wife
and a mistress
and he loves his wife.
The French has a wife and a mistress...
- And he loves his mistress.
And the Jew?
- He loves his mother.
Let's have a drink outside.
Don't take my picture.
Delete it.
No, never.
I'll always keep it.
Stop fooling around.
- You don't want me anymore?
It's my last offer.
Enough now...
Wait for me at the hotel.
I'll be there in a moment.
Go fuck yourself.
Could you cover me for a minute?
Madam, can I help you?
I'll take a 'princesse'...
A truffle.
- Just one?
Yes, one.
No, put that last one back.
And give me
two with cherries instead.
And could you put
little chocolate hearts on top?
I'm sorry. We have
no chocolate hearts this morning.
Oh, no! It's a present,
and the hearts are his favourites!
Just a moment.
I can double check.
Any little hearts?
- No, they're not ready yet.
I could give that cow
my chocolate ass.
I hate those kitschy hearts.
Give her this instead.
Give her this, OK?
Tasting is not allowed.
- Really?
But he only eats little hearts.
Perhaps that's all
he's been offered?
Madam, shall I add it
to your order or not?
No, no.
- That will be 30 euros.
May I help you, sir?
I don't know where to start.
- You can taste if you want.
He already did.
- Thanks. Bye, madam.
- Hand-made, sir.
By your hands?
- Angel's hands, sir.
What time do you finish work?
In half an hour.
Can we meet in the pub
on the corner?
What are you doing?
Go back to the factory.
She's serving me, sir.
That's not herjob,
she works in the factory.
Can I help you?
- Yes.
Good evening.
What would you like?
A red wine.
Do you usually come here?
I have a feeling
I've seen you before.
I haven't been here in a long time.
I moved to Berlin 12 years ago.
I used to come here often
with your father.
With my father?
He was my best friend.
And I was his book editor.
You remember?
You lived here when you were little.
They destroyed our old apartment
a long time ago.
Who told you that?
My mother.
You remember something now?
I was eight when my daddy died.
Then we left.
How is your mother?
Did she find herself a new love?
She'd rather die, I think.
I had hoped time
would heal the wounds, but...
Did you read your dad's book?
That book frightens me.
It gives me nightmares.
I wished I could have talked
about it with him...
He wasn't there anymore.
Sometimes I do talk to him.
He's still there...
deep inside of me.
My mother always did
as if he never even existed.
She didn't understand.
Daddy, you're so cold.
Thanks, daddy.
I don't want you to love me.
Just treat me
like all the other women.
All the others?
I loved each and every one.
At least until morning.
No, that's not the way
it worked for me, Marieke.
I had to love them,
and to be loved by them.
I'm too old for you.
Kiss me.
We won't meet for a few weeks.
- Why?
I have to go to the hospital...
An old man's problem.
We'll always meet again.
As long as you'll come to see me.
Where have you been?
This is not a hotel.
Please, mum,
I'm not a child anymore.
I met Jacobi Stern yesterday.
He came to the shop.
It was funny.
He loved my chocolates.
Is it true he was dad's best friend?
- You keep away from him.
You don't know him.
He did nothing for us.
He showed me our old apartment.
The one you pretended was destroyed.
Why can we never talk about dad?
I want my own life now.
What life?
It's as if you died with him.
Why does she stay here all the time?
- Eric!
Don't look.
Who's that man?
He came for chocolate...
and a few weeks later
he was in my arms.
There's something so strange
about them...
Everybody thinks old is ugly...
but on your pictures,
they're so different.
You make them beautiful.
Why don't you try it too?
- Me? Old guys?
When a man realizes he hasn't much time left,
it changes everything.
Every moment can be his last.
It feels so precious.
I prefer to feel precious whith someone
whose heart is still beating.
Come on, your turn.
Look up.
Don't move.
What happened with that old guy
in the shop yesterday?
It seemed to be your type.
No, too cold.
Younger guys are warmer.
- And more boring.
You don't know what you're missing.
- Neither do you.
Show me.
No, not like that.
Not like that!
Stupid cunt.
Can I stay?
- Come in.
You want some eggs?
- No.
You have a hangover?
- Stop it, you're not my mother.
Want another coffee?
Please, stay.
- Look what your friend has done now.
I'm out of here.
What did you do to my toy?
What's wrong with you?
Did Ronny drive you crazy last night?
- Stop harassing me.
Leave it.
When are you going
to behave normally?
What is that, normal,
for you, Anna?
You think it's normal what you do
with Eric? All your gadgets?
You heard what you said?
You're telling me how to behave?
You who fucks old guys?
And now, get out of here!
I don't deserve this.
Get out, I said.
And give me back my sweater.
What are you doing?
Was it you who forced the door
the other day?
I used to live here.
Who are you?
Marieke Berghoff.
Joseph's daughter?
They will destroy the building.
Everything has to be emptied.
Your mother told me
to throw everything away.
As long as I'm keeping this place,
I can't do it.
This stuff belonged to your dad.
I can't take these home.
Then I'll keep them here for a few days.
- Thanks.
You're so like him.
I'll get you something to make tea,
that'll warm you up.
I saw your bike.
I found some of my father's things.
I haven't seen a picture of him
for 12 years.
This was taken here.
You want some tea?
Is that me?
Your mother and me.
I never saw her laugh like that.
That's incredible!
Your father and I when we were kids.
Your ears don't look like that!
I cut them off.
Are they real?
I like imperfection.
Well, thank you.
You want to see?
Where do you find all those men?
They're my friends.
My lovers.
All those men in pieces.
You have a strong eye.
You have to show them.
I don't take pictures for fun.
I'd die without it.
Ay Marieke
I loved you so
Between the towers of Bruges and Ghent
Ay Marieke so long ago
Between the towers of Bruges and Ghent
With no love, my love
Blows the wind the wordless wind
With no love, my love
Weeps the sea the old grey sea
With no love, my love
Throbs the light the darkened light
With scouring sand across my land
My flat land my Flanders land
Ay Marieke the Flemish sky
Between the towers of Bruges and Ghent
With no love, my love
Blows the wind it's over
With no love, my love
Weeps the sea already over
With no love, my love
Throbs the light everything's over
With scouring sand across my land
My flat land my Flanders land
Ay Marieke the Flemish sky
Cry with me from Bruges to Ghent
I should have come back earlier.
But you're here now.
I imagine I can see him.
When I'm with you,
I can almost believe he's still alive.
He's dead.
But I'm alive.
No, we cannot do this.
Can I sit down?
Sorry for the other day.
That's what friends are for!
Could you replace me tonight?
It's Eric's birthday.
Be there at eight!
There's a lot to do.
You can count on me.
- Thanks.
I saw you quite a few times
with him, no?
My wonderful Harry.
May I keep it?
- Yes, of course.
You're OK?
I'm glad you're here.
I had a terrible nightmare
about my father.
You were his little princess.
My dad loved me.
His arms around me so strong...
so strong.
Then he left.
He should never have left you alone.
Nobody could have saved him.
Not you, not me, not your mother.
My mother?
My mother didn't love him enough.
She never stopped loving him.
That's the tragedy.
And you?
You were the only man
that made her laugh.
You're leaving? Where are you going?
- Away, mum, far away.
Why are you so angry?
Why did you lie to me
for all those years?
To protect you.
Dad left us alone.
I want to know why.
He forgot about us.
- I don't believe you.
I know why you don't want me
to see Jacobi.
Dad killed himself
and you kept it away from me.
That's four hours
I'm waiting for you.
I've been working for two.
The boss came by earlier.
He was furious.
He said 'I'm going to fire that bitch.'
- Did he say that?
I always work hard, always on time,
never absent.
He's going to fire you.
Why don't you leave now?
I'll work for both of us.
You have to continue
to fill the boxes.
And you have to start up
a new batch of hearts.
Everything has to be ready
by 07:00 a.m.
Good luck.
Did you see the doctor?
- Yes.
It wasn't an accident.
She needs you.
Only you can help her through.