Marija (2016) Movie Script

150 euros per week, each of you.
- Yes.
Get in.
One week, 150 euros.
If you need me,
I'm downstairs at Mehmet's.
Don't take anyone into the flat!
What will happen in 6 months?
- I'll let you know.
- Do you have a pen?
Here's your pen back.
Just keep it.
- No, no, please.
Mrs Vitrychenko?
I thought,
you liked your work here.
Don't pretend you don't know!
They're mine!
Shall we call the police then?
Give me your badge
and the keys for your locker.
Thanks, we'll catch up on Monday.
Excuse me, do you work here?
I'm sorry,
we're fully booked until next week.
Is there another hairdresser nearby?
Up there at the corner...
I think it's a men's salon though.
Good question.
I think
there's one at the station.
What were you thinking?
They're not stupid!
And I'm the stupid one?
Of course I thought it through.
Cleaning schedules change daily,
they wouldn't have caught me.
But they did.
It was Amina.
- Who?
- The gipsy?
The Turkish girl.
You believe everything.
- You believe everything they tell you.
Can you lend me something
until the end of the month?
At least you had a job!
Try and save something
earning 4 euros per hour.
Forget your hair salon
and look for normal work.
1500 and
I'll paint the place myself.
Forget it.
You haven't done anything to it.
Do you think,
you're the only one interested?
1800, with the counter
and glass-cabinet.
- Good!
See you at the end of the month!
What is this?!
- What do you think you're doing!
I came here
three times last week.
Where were you?!
I was working.
Late shifts.
I don't give a shit.
Pay me the rent!
Listen carefully.
Today is the forth!
I normally kick people out
on the third.
What's the matter with you?
What's the matter?
It doesn't look like
you did much work last week.
If you need work, let me know.
Fill up your fridge properly!
He needs a doctor.
Something with his foot...
- Seventy?!
You wanted a job, didn't you?
That's all he has.
50 now and
20 after the treatment.
Doctor Weiler in Schillerstrasse.
Right next to the pharmacy.
He treats people
without insurance card.
They were great.
I won't need them again next week.
The job's finished.
Your assistant?
She isn't Bulgarian, is she?
Here's something extra for them.
But give it to them!
Will I see you
at Henkel's next week?
Come on!
It's gonna be fun.
I wouldn't miss the food
at the 'Golden Heron' if I were you.
The 'Golden Heron',
don't you know it?
See you next week.
Go on!
I only sing in front
of a large audience.
Show me your bathroom.
I'm cooking...
You want it fixed, right?
At last!
At last?!
There are flats here
where you can't even have a shit!
What do you want?
Smells good.
Do you know the 'Golden Heron'?
Nice place...
Friend of mine is celebrating
his firm's anniversary next week.
Henkel Real Estate.
A big shot in Dortmund.
Wouldn't you love to go
for a nice meal?
Seventy, not more.
I don't even have
anything nice to wear.
I'll send someone to fix
your bathroom next week.
For how long
has he had the fever?
Five days.
Why did you wait so long
to come?
I'll have a look.
Please open your trousers,
I need to feel the glands.
I'll have to send you
to a hospital.
Blood poisoning. Sepsis.
He says, medicine will be fine.
If I let him go now,
he'll be back to work in a few days.
I know you want to work.
You're not the first
to come here like this.
If we don't treat it properly,
they'll be removing your foot
in a week.
He says,
he can't afford the hospital.
He would need medication.
I can only let him go,
if I can rely on you 100%.
Thanks, Marija.
Let me go in here.
Here, your 20 euros.
What shall I tell
my wife and children?
How can I go back
without anything?
I'm sure
there will be work in summer.
It tastes nice.
Drink it straight away.
How are you, my brother?
Thanks. And you?
Marija, Hassan.
- Hello.
I'm doing great.
And you? What's up?
I haven't seen you for a while.
What have you been up to?
I work at the stock exchange now.
Excuse me.
Would you have a cigarette for me?
not many smoke these!
Silk or polyester?
Your dress.
It's obvious.
I would have preferred polyester.
Then I'd know you bought
the dress yourself.
Very generous.
What is he paying you
to accompany him?
You put on a good show
but I know Cem.
You're from the Ukraine, right?
They speak Russian down there,
don't they?
...and Russian.
I'm currently negotiating
with a Russian client,
and need someone,
who could translate for me.
15 euros per hour.
That's not even enough
for a polyester dress.
No, but enough to buy
your own cigarettes.
Call me...
I thought you didn't smoke?
- Sometimes.
I can't offer you one.
I had to ask for one myself...
I'll go back in.
What did I tell you?
Don't hang the washing outside!
No washing, do you understand?!
How many children
do you want to register? - Three.
300 euros.
For three applications?!
You need money, don't you?
100 euros to get child benefit.
100 euros for one child.
Three children, 300 euros.
100 euros for the three of them.
300 euros or you can forget
your child benefit. Okay?
What does he say?
He understood:
100 euros for the three of them.
You know what?
Learn some German first.
Let's go.
Please wait!
He needs the child benefit.
300 euros. Okay?
- Okay.
If you don't screw them,
they'll screw you.
Believe me.
You see!
I told you...
DE 1, 2...
...3, 4...
...5, 3...
Let me see.
- Yes.
The first child. Name?
- Martha.
Date of birth?
- The passports...
Now, first you do a test.
Marija, say something.
I'm not sure
whether to laugh or cry.
You'll be the best mother,
one can imagine.
Why did you ask me to get a test,
if you've done one already?
If I'm pregnant,
I want to be sure.
You never know with these tests!
13 euros!
- Yes...
I could have bought you
some nappies instead.
Or some pregnancy tea.
- I'll make us some tea.
Thanks again.
- Just put them there.
Who did you go out with?
- Who's that?
Cem, my landlord.
Your landlord?
Tell me...
Is it something serious?
I'm pregnant.
What do you think?!
Come on, tell me!
I'm saving my rent.
See, there are
three companies left.
Last time they were busy
comparing the offers.
If I'm too high,
I won't get the job.
If I'm too low,
I won't be earning anything.
So you keep me in the loop.
No, thanks.
Why didn't you call me sooner?
Why didn't you hire an interpreter?
You ask me that?
Sounds more like a question
Cem would ask.
So you no longer like my fags?
If you no longer like my cigarettes.
I think, I need an interpreter.
I think you do.
His offer for the facade
is now 10% cheaper...
Would it change the overall price?
- All in all it's about the same.
Will it be worth it?
It will be worth it.
- I don't know...
Where is this idiot?
Your offer is fine.
So, you're not from Germany?
No, Hungary.
Not bad!
Where did you learn Hungarian?
Old story, long time ago.
Beautiful woman...
19 percent?
- Yes.
We'll check your offer
and let you know.
Let's fix a date now.
Your wife?
My assistant.
Next time, bring more assistants.
What did they talk about
at the end?
Borisov said, you're a fly,
that buzzes more than it flies.
We'll see who the fly is,
Russian cunts.
It's just an expression.
They also talked about
who gets to fuck me first.
Tell me Marija... you have a girlfriend,
you could bring along on Friday?
If we get the job
I'll pay you double.
So you like my dress?
What does a week in Antalya cost?
All inclusive, two people.
500..., 600.
Over Easter would be good.
What do you think?
That's what I earn.
- Well...
Why don't you look
for a normal job?
Because I don't want to be
exploited anymore.
That's not what I came here for.
Are you hungry?
Not at the moment, thanks.
Just put it down.
If we get the job,
Georg will need men.
Igor would have work
for at least six months!
Is he like Cem?
Georg is alright.
Trust me.
You'd better focus
on your hair salon,
instead of getting involved
with guys like him.
I know. That's why!
Have some water.
I feel as if I was drunk...
Do you have a tissue?
We're almost done here.
- I hope so.
There's some lipstick in my bag.
If the payment's on time,
I don't see a problem.
He says, if we pay as agreed,
there won't be any problems.
He's worried about his money.
Does he know who I am?
I don't know.
Tell him: Trust is like virginity.
Once it's lost, it's over.
Do you want me to translate that?
Is 'virginity' so hard to translate?
Don't play with our trust.
The feeling is mutual.
He says, it also depends on us.
Has he understood?
- He agrees.
Tell him I will send him
the contract tomorrow.
We'll send you
the finalised contract tomorrow.
Just let him pay.
Let's join them?
See you soon.
It was nice to meet you.
Too bad we could only speak English.
Tell Olga, she can send
her boyfriend over next week.
How do you know each other?
We studied together.
Did you tell that to Cem too?
Of course.
- Did he believe you?
How long were you in prison?
Ten months.
- Not bad.
It is worse once you're out.
You've served your time,
but you pay for it...
...much later.
No business left,
no phone calls,
not even a beer with a friend.
The important thing is
to get back on your feet.
I'll be out of debt!
And that's also thanks to you.
Would you like
to become my assistant?
400 euros per week.
If I don't have to run around
in a miniskirt!
Same again, please!
What was your job here?
I was cleaning.
There's nothing wrong with that.
- That's what you say.
You mean, if they'd at least
hit the toilet when they take a shit?
You get used to cleaning.
And afterwards they grab your tits?
As a cleaner
they don't even look at you.
I promised myself never to come back
to this fucking place.
At least you're here
as a guest today.
Some day you'll have your salon.
I'm sure of it.
Even without a university degree...
The key card doesn't work.
- Wrong door.
- Exactly.
You said 653.
I thought it was 56.
- Wrong door.
Will you take me to my room?
And, is it worth it?
It must have fallen out of your pocket.
- So what?
If I were you
I would have taken it.
Come on, stay here.
I don't want that.
But I'm not trying to buy you.
See you tomorrow.
Where were you?
- I found a job.
Just tell me, if you need a job!
You go down there!
Where did you find work?
Stacking shelves.
- Where?
At the supermarket.
- Money is shit there!
Do you have your men?
Shut the door!
You probably don't know
where that is.
25 degrees in the shade!
It was even cheaper than Antalya!
What's the matter?
Why don't you pick it up?
My battery is almost dead.
It's gonna be nice!
I think I'll have to work
over Easter.
You don't have to work
over Easter.
- The crabs were lovely.
Thank you.
See you soon.
Holy shit, they drink
the stuff like water!
Do you want me to drive?
Just keep hold of the bag,
in case I hit a tree.
Can I take a look inside?
Keep your hands off!
Keep it, it's a present.
It's for you.
I don't want any presents.
Okay, give it back.
I earned it.
What's the matter?
Nothing. Thanks.
What would you like to drink?
I'll invite you.
Two gin and tonics.
Where are you from?
That's what I thought.
The most beautiful girls are
always from France.
And sometimes from the east.
You hardly have an accent.
How much do you want?
Nice shirt.
The guy over there
kindly paid for these.
You don't let anyone off easily,
I like that.
You only say this,
because you're drunk.
No, I really mean it.
Let's dance.
You can barely stand!
Why are you laughing?
Look at yourself.
As usual...
Oh, man!
Does your salon have an name yet?
Good question.
You should think of one.
You talked to the landlord?
Don't worry, we're friends.
What are you doing here?
We said by the end of the month.
I get it!
Fuck off.
What was that about?
You didn't look
like you had the money.
Call him!
I've got it!
Just now, yes...
See you in a minute.
I hope you'll have more luck
with it than I did.
What are you waiting for?
We have to get going!
What's the matter?
Give me the keys!
Give me the keys, I said.
Who do you think you are!
You think, you can take the piss?
Let go!
What's this?
Does he fuck as well as he pays?
Get the fuck out of here.
You fucking whore!
I get you a job,
let you stay for free and you...
You let this bastard
fuck you in the ass!
You cunt!
Don't dare to come back.
I'll fuck you!
You, and your whole family!
Go to Depot 1.
Hi, Igor.
Is Georg around?
Georg is at the office.
- I need to talk to him.
I'm coming.
I'll tell him, okay?
Okay, thanks!
I need a signature.
And where should I take it?
To Depot 2.
He's not at home
and he doesn't pick up his mobile.
I'm sure
Igor managed to get away.
Can I use your mobile?
Forget it!
- I'm trying to reach Georg.
He doesn't pick up either.
There are still some people here.
The police has gone.
Let's ask the guy over there.
Have you seen Igor?
What's the matter?
- I feel sick.
Turn round, please!
How are you?
I'm glad you came.
You look tired.
I don't sleep well here.
They'll let you out soon
won't they?
They've caught Igor.
Igor, Olga's boyfriend...
He can count
on his money, right?
What money?
From my blocked bank account?
What about Borisov's money?
Either I'll tell them everything
or they'll lock me up again.
But you're not going to...
- Yes!
There will be
no company anymore.
But I won't go back inside.
Not again.
Hand over the money
to my lawyer.
He knows what to do.
How is he?
He's staying with friends
in Oleksandrivka.
What did Georg say?
Don't worry.
He promised it to me.
He promised...!?
Did he at least pay you?
He's in jail.
What can he do?
'What can he do'...
Stop speaking German!
Don't you understand?
It sounds stupid.
Mrs Vitrychenko...
Here is your contract.
Take it home and study it.
Then sign it and bring it back.
I won't be able... start refurbishing next month.
I don't care,
when you start refurbishing.
Would it be possible... start the contract
in three of four months?
I could pay the deposit now.
I want the deposit and the rent
next week.
Or forget about it.
It was just a question.
And this was just my answer.
Thanks a lot.
Good bye.
Did you give the money
to my lawyer?
Leave it! They won't be able
to prove anything...
Marija, this is important!
But you need the money...
I want to get things straight.
I need to get out!
Do you understand?
What about Igor?
I don't give a fuck about Igor.
I need to pay
my first rent next week.
Forget about your damn salon.
My aunt's husband
has a real estate firm in Mallorca.
When I get out,
I can maybe work for him.
I can't show
my face round here again.
What about me?
You're going to come with me.
What will I do there?
We'll find something for you.
- Can you hear me?
Have you been to the doctor?
- Yes.
What did he say?
There's no need to worry
until the eighth month.
By then you should be here!
Igor, can you hear me?
I'll call you back later, okay?
Kisses, my darling.
How long will you be away?
I'm going to stay.
What do you think?!
That Igor can just jump on a plane back?
We promised ourselves
never to go back!
Do you think, I have a choice?
And what will you do there?
If it was Georg
you would leave too!
I don't know.
You don't know?
We're having a baby.
I don't understand, how you can
throw you whole life away
for a guy.
Because I love him!
We have to ask
where the bus leaves from.
Georg gave it to me for you.
You will need it.
Aren't you happy?
- Yes, I am.
I just didn't expect it.
I'll let him know.
Don't lie to me.
He isn't worth it.
I never liked him.
Shut up!
Excuse me, do you have a light?
You're out?
Yes, my father bailed me out.
Are you out of your mind?
For a shitty place like this?!
I didn't work for free.
Are you crazy!
Don't touch me.
I've kept the rest of the money.
It's here.
Do you think,
they'll ever believe another word I say?
Do you know,
what this will mean for me?!
I thought, there was something
between us.
Don't lie to me!
Take your money and leave.
Say that again.
Look into my eyes
and say it again!
You can stuff the money
up your ass.
- Hello.
Is Georg at home?
Can I talk to him?
He's gone.
I need to give him something.
When he's back,
I'll give it to him.
So he's coming back?
No idea.
- You're welcome.
I'm glad you could take me
without an appointment!
Do you live nearby?
- No, no.
But a relative of mine,
owns the restaurant at the corner...
You know, which one I mean?
- Yes, the Turk.
- The Kurd.
Are you Kurdish?
- Yes.
There are no bin bags left.
I used to work
in a Kurdish restaurant.
At Lasan's.
I've never heard of it.
It wasn't doing very well.
I don't even know,
if it still exists.
My brother-in-law
is doing very well.
He even wants to open
a second restaurant.
Really? Nice.
It must have been difficult
to find something nice around here.
You've been very lucky!
Would you like something to drink?
A coffee.
Thank you.
And what do you do?
My husband and I
own a small tailor shop.
Here in Nordstadt?
- Yes, right at the Nordmarkt.