Marilyn (2018) Movie Script

(Based on real events)
Hey, Marcos, come here.
How did it go?
Very good. This is great.
Show it to your mother.
From now on, partying is over.
Tomorrow, hard work starts.
Come inside. Show me.
Bring the tools to the paddock on the road.
I checked it yesterday and there was no problems. Go.
It's nice.
Look at this one.
With leggins.
I don't wear leggings.
Why not?
You have a nice body for wearing leggings.
Do you wear leggings?
No, I don't.
But we should dare.
Check out this one.
It doesn't crumple.
You don't iron it?
Not at all.
None of them.
I'm anti-iron.
That one looks good on you.
Oh... I do not know.
Marquitos. Come help your mother
to choose of of these shirts.
This one is kind of party style, isn'it?
What do you think?
No, it is not.
What about his one?
Yes, that one.
You got taste.
Check out how nice it is.
It's beautiful.
For the summer.
For Carnival.
It's just perfect for Carnival.
You think so?
Don't you have something more classic?
This is the latest fashion, Olga.
Come on.
It's very trendy nowadays.
It's from the big city.
It's brandnew.
Okay. I'll take this one,
this one and this blouse.
You liked this one?
Shall I add this?
Yes, please.
Something else?
Give me, please.
It's fine.
Is it even?
Yes it is.
You're always late.
My feet hurt.
Don't listen to him.
He is just bugging you.
At least I work.
You will support us all.
You will see.
They stole five cows in
the farm next to ours.
They slaughtered them right there.
It was all bloody.
A big mess.
Did you hear?
Yes, I heard.
The wire fence was cut
in the road's paddock.
They must have gotten in thru there.
Check out all wire fences and padlocks.
They can strip us out of everything.
Got enough cartridges?
Just a few.
Facundo, bring cartridges.
You have to be on your guard, Carlos.
Don't worry, Raul.
They won't take anything from here.
But ask your boys to help you.
See you.
I spoke to Hector, Marcos.
He comes to town every
morning with his youngest.
You could come with them.
What for?
What do you mean with 'what for'?
For computer lessons,
you want to take.
I've been looking and
it's not that expensive.
We can afford it.
You focus on finishing high school.
Good morning.
Good morning, Yeya.
Good morning, Carlos.
How are you doing?
Everything is fine.
I brought your order.
Those cheeses look very good.
It is of good quality.
Yes, I told you.
I'll buy some things, Yeya.
Two kilos yerba.
Something else?
Yeah. Two kilos sugar.
And two rice.
Didn't they teach you not to steal?
Where are you going?
And two pounds of flour.
You owe me one.
Anything else?
And a $20 phone card.
Do you like it?
Yes. It looks nice on you.
And the eyes?
Let's see.
This one.
And that chain?
It is a gift.
From whom?
You didn't tell me.
Close the other eye.
Sorry Olga.
We're late.
You stay for dinner?
No thanks.
I told grandma I'd be right back.
See you.
What were you doing?
Are you alright?
You should have a haircut.
Very short.
When we get back, you can cut it for me.
Did you leave this open?
No. I closed everything.
Where the hell are the cartridges?
Look if they are in the kitchen.
Carlos, what is it?
Come, help me.
What is it?
Let me see.
You see?
Go ahead.
'Today I'm leaving all behind.
I am completely free.'
'I leave myself to joy,
nothing will hurt me.'
'Today I'm leaving all behind,
and let myself go.'
'Let's go out to dance,
I wanna have some fun.'
'I wanna be happy.'
'All that I dreamed of,
I'm fullfilling it today.'
'Never felt so good,
never felt like this.'
'All that I dreamed of,
I'm fullfilling it today.'
'Never felt so good,
never felt like this.'
'My name is Marilyn.'
'I'm a hurricane.
I'm a strong wind'
'No matter what they will say,
I'm just like this.'
'My name is Marilyn.'
'My name is Marilyn.'
'My name is Marilyn.'
Are you leaving already, Marquitos?
Don't play the shy one.
Come on, get off.
Get off.
You go girl.
Go away.
Let's go.
He is staying.
Can't you see that he likes it?
Get the fuck out of here.
Marilyn, come.
You thought you could leave me like this?
You like it?
Come here. Where are you going? Grab him!
Come here.
Sit down.
Sit here I tell you.
Where were you?
It got late.
Laura brought me.
Don't lie to me.
I could not sleep all night.
What happened to you?
Did you have a fight?
Why do you do this to me?
I have not done anything to you.
I don't want ever want to
see you like this again.
Who saw you dressed like that?
You have no shame.
Go take a shower.
You got something else?
Come on, open it.
It should already been open.
Come on, cow.
Come on.
Come on, sissy.
Close the gate.
What were you doing?
What is this?
Gift for you.
What is a gift for?
I wanted to get you something new. For the dance.
Where did you get the money from?
Laura borrowed me.
It is nice.
A bit too colorful but nice.
Get the shotgun.
Get up too.
How many did you count?
Count them again.
They just warned me.
They are half a mile away.
We did not hear anything.
Let's go look for the others tonight.
How many are missing?
They took two.
You too. Come.
Get in. Hurry.
Get off, Marcos!
Look how they've left it.
Do I shoot it?
No. Let your brother do it.
Take it!
Grab it!
Finish it off.
Do it!
I think Carlos was a bit soft with them.
You have to set more limits.
People like talking.
You know how they are.
I saw ads of some housing
projects on the road.
You should find out what it is all about.
I think it's a good opportunity.
The youngest could start
working with computers.
I keep an eye on the kids.
Don't worry.
I spoke with Augustin and his family.
They have been farmers for many years.
They know the job very well.
Others would charge you for
the lost animals.
And you wouldn't be able to pay.
The boys can't do more.
Armed and dangerous people
are coming in here.
Since Carlos died,
this became a free zone.
I can't lose more money.
Get something out of here,
and be stricter with your boys.
How much time do we have?
Beginning of March.
Here she comes.
We have to come again in two weeks and fill this out.
Let me see.
The houses are in the entrance.
It is close.
Let's go see them.
Those are the ones.
Not finished yet.
This one is a good one.
They are all the same.
They are nice.
Come on.
Go and get something to drink.
I was looking for water but there was nobody.
Yes, I just woke up.
Can I have a small bottle?
Come in.
Just one, right?
There you go.
Do you have prepaid phone cards?
I only have digital recharge.
Give me your number.
15, 59, 40, 34, 84
How much do you want?
There you are.
That makes it thirty-two in total.
Do you live here?
No. But I might be moving in soon.
See you. Thanks.
We could sell the car for the first payment.
How much would we get?
What do you think?
We should find out.
Order whatever you like.
Today we're celebrating.
Come here.
Take this.
Take your shirt off.
Try this one.
You like this one?
It looks good on you.
It's me. My name is Fede.
Hi. My name is Marcos.:)
This one is just like my house.
It is not finished yet,
but it's gonna end up nice.
I like it.
This is the dining room.
The bedrooms are there.
This is a bedroom.
See which one you like best.
I like this one.
It has a lot of light.
What is it?
Is everything fine?
Don't worry.
Nothing there?
There's no register of deposits.
Don't you remember your husband signing some receipt?
Do you have any vouchers?
We didn't find anything.
You can also get a guarantee
from some owner.
Do you have any?
We have no guarantee.
Is there any other way
to get the credit?
Who is calling you at this time?
What does she want?
I do not know. You tell me.
She must be happy.
She met a boy.
No way she has a boyfriend.
She is dating everyone.
What do you know?
At least she's been with someone.
Who have you been with?
What does Beba say about all this?
She is happy too.
Hello Fede.
I could not answer.
Yes. Me too want to see you again.
I'll call you or send you a message.
It's just that sometimes I can't talk.
I gotta go now.
I'll call you again.
How are you doing, Yeya?
I brought a new variety on top
of the order.
I didn't order anything, Olga.
But three weeks have passed.
You told me to come.
You told me to come.
I got confused.
You didn't like them?
No, it's not that.
I just won't be buying
from you for now.
Let's go, Marcos.
Do you want some?
Fede told me you're moving
across the street.
Yes, soon.
In a couple of months.
He'll take an intensive computer course.
The one you mentioned.
Yes, look like it's good.
And you can quickly find a job.
We were told by the mayor's office, that we get the biggest house.
But they are all the same.
This one, the others.
They are all just the same like in the neighborhood.
That's what they said.
Do you love me?
I like being with you.
But do you love me?
When will you come to see me?
I don't know where you live.
You never told me.
I want to introduce you to my mother.
And to your brother.
I don't care about him.
But is it okay to them?
Do they know?
They know.
Hey. How are you?
All right.
You have a beautiful house.
This is Federico.
This is my mom Olga.
Nice to meet you.
Come and sit.
Food is ready.
Excuse me.
It is so hot.
Are you okay?
Why didn't you tell me they did
not know anything?
They just don't like guests, that's all.
You could have warned me.
Get down.
What is it?
Everything is...
Shut up.
I don't like it.
Are you leaving me alone with them?
Hi Fede.
It's me.
I need to talk to you.
Why won't you answer?
Do you love me?
I love you.
Call me.
Don't answer.
We need to talk.
Are you mad at me?
Answer me.
I love you very much.
I miss you.
Don't know what to do.
Call me.
Give it to me.
Give it to me.
We've been suffering this heat wave
all over the country.
The temperature is reaching a 110 Fahrenheit.
Starting tomorrow, we'll get
some relief when the wind changes.
A warning. There is a pretty dense storm coming forward...
Turn that off.
Close the windows.
I'm Augustine.
Raul sent me.
Hello Raul.
Sorry to bother you.
I'm here.
It looks like there is no one.
Nobody answers.
Tomorrow is fine. No problem.