Marina (2013) Movie Script

Want some Corinne?
Always make sure
Mum has enough charcoal.
But don't give her too much.
Be sparing with ii,
it has to last all winter.
What's happening?
You're head of the household now.
I'm leaving for a while.
But the war is over.
They're looking for people
to work down the coal mines.
In Belgium.
In Belgium?
The countries in the north
are very rich.
The work is hard but it pays well.
And the forge? Aren't you going
to work with Grandpa any more?
I want to have my own forge.
I'll be able to send money home to Mum
and when I come back I'll be rich.
I'll buy a lovely forge
that I'll pass on to you.
- When will you come back from Belgium?
- In three years.
Three years isn't long.
It'll go really quickly.
There's nothing nicer than
clean underpants.
Our men will have to
wash them themselves in Belgium.
Hey. Does Salvatore's pistol
fit in there?
Only when it isn't loaded.
Salvatore. Dance with me.
I can't wait for mine to leave too.
I hope he chooses a country
that's far away. Argentina, Brazil...
You can do what you like
while you wait.
50,000 Italians for 3 tonnes of coal.
Just like that, for free?
- Half price.
Where did this strange idea
come from, Toto?
Some Minister for Coal, a Belgian.
50,000 Italians...
Those poor Belgian women.
You are going to behave yourself, Toto,
aren't you? Promise me.
- You won't look at other women?
- I promise.
You're leaving me by myself
for three years.
Don't forget St Francis of Paula, Dad.
Don't worry about your wife
and children, brother.
I'll take care of them.
Eh, Ida?
As long as you don't take
too much care of her.
Wanda, sweetie.
What will I do without you?
Keep an eye on Mum.
And your uncle.
Will you bring me back a present, Dad?
An accordion. Like yours.
I'll send Mum some money.
For an accordion too.
But only if you do your best at school.
Do you need any more charcoal, Mum?
What are you doing, Rocco?
Your music lesson!
- Late again, Granada.
- Sorry, sir.
- I was helping my mum to...
- Be quiet.
Music is all about discipline.
Wait till my dad gets back.
You'll regret that!
How much longer, Mum?
2 years...
...11 months...
...and 9 days.
My dad's working in
the richest country in the world.
In three years' time
he's going to buy me a forge.
Mine's a gangster.
- Damn, I need a pee.
- Me too.
All this... is the very best
from our rich soil.
- Villa Don Amado red wine.
- Long live Don Amado!
Mum! Mum!
What's the matter, Mum?
We're going to Belgium.
Your passports, please.
Come on, Wanda.
I'm sorry.
But your place is here with me.
Go in.
- Good morning, headmaster.
- Yeah, yeah.
A new pupil is joining us today, boys.
This is Rocco, from Italy.
He's all yours now.
Right, let's carry on.
The price of rice...
...continues to increase.
Hey! Italian!
- Hi, my name's Dino.
- Mine's Rocco.
- I'm from Calabash.
- Look.
Jacky comes here every Friday.
He's not right in the head.
- Is he retarded?
- No, he's Belgian.
His father is an engineer.
Hey, Jacky!
Haven't you got something for me?
- No, no, the other one.
- I'm keeping that one. it's for my mum.
Tell her it was sold out.
She can buy her bra next week.
OK, thank you. Here you are.
Where did you learn to
speak the language so well?
Actually... give me the comic too.
Come on.
Here, a comic strip.
To learn the language.
The language here isn't easy.
But you will need to learn it
in order to get by.
They are proud of it.
Can you put the last crate
in there for me?
Come on.
Go on, put it in the back.
Put it in there.
Hey, you, get lost! Go on!
Don't forget your schoolbag.
The grocer's daughter. You can forget
about her, she's not for people like us.
One more year and
I'm off out to work.
- Where?
- Down the mine, of course.
I'm going back to my country.
You're not!
Think about it.
Who worked down the mines
during the war?
The Russian prisoners.
And after the war? The Krauts.
And who is living in the huts now? Us.
All Italian miners' children
will have to work down the mines.
It's in my dad's contract.
- Come on.
- I want to earn my own money.
Have a Vespa, a radio,
a beautiful Italian girl...
...and to fuck, a beautiful blonde Flemish
girl like those in that catalogue.
- This is where I live. Bye.
- Bye.
What's that?
- Where did you get it?
- Someone gave it to me.
Listen carefully, Rocco.
Don't take me for an idiot.
I don't want a thief in my house.
Do you hear me?
Let's eat.
Do I need to do any shopping
after school tomorrow, Mum?
No, we don't need anything.
- Not even a piece of Corinne?
- They don't have that here.
Is it true I also have to
become a miner, Dad?
You will go down a mine
over my dead body.
Do you hear me? So no.
- But it's in your contract.
- You're going to be a blacksmith.
- I want to go home.
- Me too.
Your dad has to work here
two more years.
Then we're going home.
Aren't we, Dad?
You don't have to go to school.
But only for today.
- How come?
- You have to do something for me.
Stay here and tell me
if Mum has any visitors.
I may go and buy some strawberries
from the farmer.
I make go...
- I make go...
- I make macaroni.
- Here, here.
- Yeah.
- Get the ball.
- Italian, the ball.
Hey, Italian.
Here. Yes, here. Here.
Is that all?
We will all go home one day.
What do you want me to do?
I promised him.
- For me?
- Yes, for me.
Pay first.
How you say graze?
- Idiot.
- Idiot.
- What's your name?
- Me... my name's Rocco.
You name?
Thank you, goodbye.
Are you going to buy that?
Are you going to buy that?
Leave it alone.
- He didn't...?
- No, Dad.
Hey, little Italian!
- Want to come and play tennis?
- OK, Rena at, I'm coming.
- Hey, gypsy, get lost.
- I not gypsy, I Italian.
You're nothing, you are.
Come here, arsenal,
I'm going to teach you a lesson.
Hey you, you've got no business here.
Little Italian lowlife!
Get lost! Go on, get out of here!
- Scum.
- You wait till I get you on your own!
Keep this shut, you!
- Did he hurt you?
- No, I'm alright.
You're a brave boy.
See that? I warned you.
Right then.
Come here.
Well? Did anyone visit Mum?
Dad? I want an accordion.
You want an accordion?
An accordion costs a fortune.
We have to save up for a forge.
- Where's yours?
- I sold it.
So I could send money home.
But you promised me one.
Later. When we're back in Italy.
There are more important things
than music now. Tell him, Ida.
You wanted to learn to play one too.
Your dad used to be asked
to play at all the weddings.
With Uncle Vincent.
Uncle Vincent and I didn't have
any money. We played to earn a living.
- You don't need to do that.
- What are you scared of, Toto?
Are you scared
he'll turn out like Vincent?
I know what he's scared of.
Buy me an accordion or I'll tell Mum
you asked me to spy on her.
Why did you do that, Toto?
Hey, who says you can dig there?
I'm making a vegetable plot.
A garden for vegetables.
A garden?
Hold on a minute, pal.
You can't just do that,
we've got rules here.
You're not in Italy now.
If you want a garden,
there's a procedure to follow.
May I have your name? Name?
- He wants to know your name.
- Granada, Salvatore.
Oh, you're Granada.
You've asked for a bigger house for 5
years, so what's the problem?
You've asked for a new house
for 5 years?
Tell your dad he can garden at his new
house as much as he likes, but not here.
Besides, it takes forever
to get anything to grow here.
You promised me
we'd go home in 2 years.
Do something, Toto.
It's his fault we're here.
His fault we're here in the cold
and the rain and can't go home.
- Traitor!
- Rocco.
You too! You knew.
I want to go home.
- Why?
- They laugh at me here.
- Who laughs at you?
- Everyone.
Who do these people think they are?
They reckon they're better
than everyone else.
Let them laugh, ignore them.
- Does it still hurt where I smacked you?
- We're never going home, are we?
When I met your mum, I had nothing.
I was no one.
But I swore to her
I would become someone important.
We will all go home one day.
Wanda, you, Mum and me.
We will be rich and respectable. OK?
That's what I am working for.
I think about it day and night.
That's my dream.
You should have a dream like that too.
Something good,
that gives you hope.
Dad, can I have an accordion?
OK, but only as a hobby.
School and all that come first.
I promise.
What do you want me to do?
I promised him.
- Please, Lu chino.
- 2,000 francs and it's yours.
2,000? I sold it to you for 1,200.
- Life is expensive in Belgium.
- It's not for me, it's for my son.
Alright, it's yours for 1,800 francs
if you pay me right now.
Forget the basses for now.
It's too confusing.
Start the melody with your right hand.
No, no, no, the mi.
Start again.
Not too fast. Not too fast.
Why isn't Rocco at school?
I went to the school with him.
They said they're not taking foreigners
at present.
They're supposed to work down the mine.
- Hey, are you alright?
- Yeah, yeah.
I was on my way to music school...
...and I was learning my music theory
and suddenly...
I fell off.
- You should look where you're going.
- Yes.
Are you bleeding? Let me see.
Do I know you?
Yes, I bought you a lollipop
a long time ago.
In the shop and the radio was playing
the song Buoyant sear signorina..
It was on the rad...
- What?
- You look like him.
You really do look like him.
Are you going to enter?
Yes. Yes.
If you do enter, I may come and watch.
Do you hear that?
Doesn't really matter,
you need to buy a new one anyway.
- What? A new one?
- Yes, if you want to enter the contest.
Do you know who Tony Bruno is?
He's an impresario.
Do you know what an impresario is?
- You do?
- Yes.
Someone who goes round the country
looking for people with talent.
When he finds one,
he makes them a star.
- But I'm only on the book two.
- Book two, book two.
You're already at B for Bach.
Soon you'll be at D for Dean Martin.
Mr Bruno is looking for people
who can make their instrument sing.
You can do that.
And you're a good-looking
Italian singer too.
Come on, get on with your lesson.
Do I really have to buy a new accordion?
A Straddler, that's what you need
to get. it's a really good one.
- You deserve a Straddler.
- We can't afford that, sir.
Sit down and play.
Wanda! Daughter of mine!
Look what I've got.
Rocco, come and listen to the music!
- How much did that cost?
- Lu chino did me a good price.
Wanda, let's dance.
What's the matter?
I need a new accordion.
What's wrong with the old one?
It's only got 80 basses
and I need 120.
How much does it cost?
10,000 francs.
- 10,000?
- Yes.
How do you want me to feed you
and pay the rent?
- And save?
- You spent money on a radio.
I bought it for you too.
Thank you.
But I'd have preferred a Straddler.
A Straddler, is that all?
I'll take the radio back.
Sir wants a Straddler.
Listen, Dad. There's an important
music contest coming up.
I could become a great musician,
a famous one.
It's my big chance.
Trust me.
A musician...
Ida, I'm hungry.
I speak Flemish, you don't.
I spend my life translating for you
and the one time I ask for something...
You're saying I owe you?
- You only think of yourself.
- I only think of myself, do I?
Come here.
Come here.
I'll show you who I think of.
Come on.
- Hey, Toto, going to do another shift?
- My son's coming to work down the mine.
Take this.
- You here again, Salvatore?
- Yes, I like it here.
- Who's that?
- Rocco, my son.
It's his first time.
Your life depends on that.
If the flame comes up to the top,
there is gas in the tunnels.
The place can catch fire.
If the flame comes up to the top,
get out of there.
- Why? What will happen?
- Everything will explode.
Be on your guard.
Lots of people have been
carried out of here in a bag.
Come on. Come on.
Dig here.
See, this is my job.
Day after day in this black hole.
1,100 meters below the ground
in this heat and this dust.
I'm working my guts out down here
while you are just messing around.
He wants to study music.
You told me
I would never go down a mine.
Over your dead body, you said.
You promised me.
And you promised me
that music would only be a hobby.
Get to work.
Hi, Jacky.
Let me take a look.
There, it's mended.
The spark plug cable was loose
but it should go now.
Tell your dad to buy you
something bigger. A Vespa.
A Vespa?
Thanks, Rocco.
Aren't you going to pay me?
Yes... of course. Of course.
That's 100 francs.
- Grandpa gave it to me for my birthday.
Forget it.
For... for your hands.
To wipe your hands.
- How much have you got?
- Almost 1,000 francs.
He's opening the window.
Otherwise he can't breathe.
The dust...
Maybe I can contribute.
All those belong to men in need of help.
It's a way of earning a bit extra
so we can save.
Rocco, bring me the other basket
of miners' washing.
Hi, Ida.
Where do you know that guy from?
- Hello.
- Hello, Lu chino.
Why did you ignore him?
You've known Lu chino since at the huts.
- How come everyone knows you?
- Salvatore, people are looking at us.
- How come everyone knows you?
- Look, it's Rocco.
Dad, let's watch for a minute.
Give me a coin.
- What?
- Can I have a coin?
You think he wants to go out with me?
Hey, little Italian.
- Rocco! A beer for Rocco.
- No, thanks. Leave it, Dad.
I've just earned 300 francs.
I earned more in a few hours
than you in a whole day down the mine.
Did you hear me?
He's coming over here.
Go away, go away.
Just going to stand there
with your ice cream?
Uh... no.
I don't like vanilla.
Ice cream on the ground.
Come on.
So tell me, Dean Martin,
do you already know your song?
Stop, stop, stop.
What did you say?
It is time to say goodnight unhappily
it's not "unhappily",
it's "to Napoleon".
To Napoleon.
Close your eyes.
No, it's really nice. Really.
- Why are you laughing?
- Sorry, but can't you pronounce the H?
You say "rad" but it's "hard".
Oh yes, I don't pronounce the H.
That's true.
What's the time?
Al past 4.
Half past 4.
Oh, there you are.
What are you doing there?
Just chatting, Dad.
Come on, miss, we're going home.
- When will I see you again?
- Tomorrow, calf past 4, here.
Do you know that boy?
- He's just a friend.
- A friend?
Come on. Off you go.
Off you go. Go on.
We need to have a chat.
Are you bothering my daughter?
- All I did was buy her an ice cream.
- That was the last time, pal.
Do your parents know what you get up to
behind their back?
They know I don't misbehave.
Not according to
what's OK in your country maybe.
But here you are the guest.
And if you can't behave while
you're here, you don't need to stay.
Who will buy your tomatoes then?
Your father is allowed
to earn money here, lad.
Gets a nice house,
child benefit, a pension, etc.
And if you aren't
satisfied with that, pal,... least have the decency
to keep your mitts off my daughter.
Do you understand?
No botherare.
I can have your father sacked tomorrow.
Just like that. Just like that.
All your family back on the train. Then
you can go and bother the girls at home.
- Do you understand?
- Yes, I understand you, arsenal.
Rocco, what are you doing?
Behave yourself.
Sorry, sir.
Apology accepted.
What happened?
- He said we're scroungers.
That he can get you sacked
and all of us sent home.
Come back here.
Come back here, you arsenal!
- I'm going to kill you.
- Leave it.
- What's the matter with you?
- Bastard.
Cor, corniola, corniolo,
A woman is the most beautiful thing
in the world.
She's like a delicate rose.
You should treat her carefully.
But you have to find
the right one for you.
Don't make it more difficult than it is.
Never bring a blonde Flemish woman home.
They're trouble.
That's got nothing to do with
her being blonde or not.
Mum followed you because she had to.
Of course, the woman always
has to follow her husband.
We've got our own customs,
our own traditions and our own language.
People here think differently.
- How do you know?
- I'm your father.
Rocco, let me make myself clear.
Don't do that to me.
Don't inflict that on me.
I jumped in in case Dean Martin
and his pal Frank Sinatra couldn't swim.
I brought them for you.
- Oh, thank you.
I waited for an hour.
To tell you I'm not allowed
to see you again, Rocco.
I'm not allowed
to see you again either.
My dad says
boys like you can't be trusted.
My mum loved this music.
But not my dad.
He says it's a load of caterwauling.
Is that why you threw the records
in the water?
I miss my mum.
You didn't want to jump in yourself?
To get the records.
Otherwise I'll throw them back in.
You are so beautiful.
And you are trembling.
- You should go home.
- Yes, I know.
But... I don't want to.
Go on, you first.
We mustn't be seen together.
Bye, little Italian.
When's the contest?
- In two and a half weeks.
- How much do you still need?
- 2,000 francs.
- Thank you.
- Go on.
Hey! What are you doing, lad?
- Hello, sir.
- Hello.
I've come all the way from Limburg
to Brussels and the shop is shut.
This accordion is just too beautiful.
- You're Italian!
- Mr Fiocchi?
- Yes.
- Pleased to meet you.
- Me too.
- Do you know how to play?
- Yes.
I hope you can play well.
Otherwise I've wasted my time today.
Go on, play it.
- That's a tarentella.
- Yes.
- Are you from Calabash?
- Yes, from the Cosenza area.
You're from Cosenza?
I was born in Cosenza.
- Do you like that accordion?
- I love it, it's really beautiful.
- It is beautiful.
- How much is it?
- How much have you got?
- 10,000 francs.
How much? 10,000? What do you think
you can do with 10,000 francs?
A lovely accordion like,
the most beautiful in the world...
Inlaid with pearls.
That costs 24,900 francs.
- What does your father do?
- He's a miner.
I've saved really hard for this.
My mother even did
other miners' washing.
Your mother did washing...
Poor child...
After all you've told me,
I think you will be able to pay me
for this accordion one day.
Take it with you.
- Won't you?
- Thank you.
I am a girl from Limburg.
Come downstairs, sweetheart.
You can study later.
I don't know what's keeping her.
Here are your carrots, Mrs Cliquot.
Rena at is going to follow in his
father's footsteps and be an engineer.
Oh, here she is. Hello.
Say hello to Mrs Cliquot.
- Hello, Mrs Cliquot.
- Hello.
- You know Rena at, don't you?
- Of course, Dad.
You said you like me
playing tennis with him,...
...because he's so rich.
Hello, Rena at.
Yes, they've already played tennis
together, eh Rena at?
- Yes.
- Oh, yes. Yes.
- Goodbye, Mrs Cliquot.
- Goodbye.
Good evening.
He's really good.
Is that a Straddler?
- Where did he get that accordion from?
- Be quiet and listen.
Good evening.
My name is Tony Bruno.
And this evening I have the honour
of awarding the prize,...
...which bears my name,
to a young person with talent...
...who has everything it takes
to become the new Dean Martin.
A young man
we are going to hear a lot more of.
He will be able to put this cheque
for 1,000 francs to good use.
His father is a simple miner.
He said his father is a miner.
His mother used all the housekeeping
money to buy him a new instrument.
What did he say?
She even did other miners' washing.
His mum washed...
...underpants... and vests...
...of all the Italians here to pay for...
the instrument.
The winner this evening is...
Rocco Granada!
Your applause for Rocco Granada.
You're never doing other people's
washing again, do you hear me?
That is not coming in my house.
Are you mad?
Do you know how much that cost?
Come here.
Come here!
You're the one who said
I should have a passion.
- A dream in my life. Didn't you?
- A real passion, not that.
- You're done with music.
- Let go.
You're done with music.
Come indoors, Salvatore.
- What's the matter, Dad?
- Go inside.
Have you ever wondered what you'd do
if anything happened to me?
I think about it every night.
Who will look after my family
if anything happens to me?
You have to learn a trade, Rocco.
Find yourself a real job.
We all have a passion in life.
But sometimes it's life
that decides what we can do.
You can take a look at the Vespa.
- Spirou is lying on the sun.
- Is lying in the sun.
- Is lying in the sun.
- That's it.
Why do I have to learn Flemish?
What's the point?
A serious accident
down a coal mine.
- We don? know if anyone has been killed.
- What's he saying?
A mistake when loading the lift? cage
may have led to...
...a serious underground fire.
The coal mine in question is...
- Toto!
- Be quiet.
That of Bois du Cazier
at Marcinelle in Wallonia.
Out of solidarity all miners in Limburg
have ceased work.
The Italian government has decided
to stop emigration...
...until there is clarity regarding
the safety measures...
...and working conditions
in Belgian coal mines.
This day 8 August 1956, is the darkest
day in the history of Belgian mining.
262 people died,
736 Italians and 95 Belgians.
Horst, drummer.
Jos, guitarist.
- Klaus, saxophonist.
- Klaus.
- Gabor, my son. He's the bass player.
- Rocco.
- Can you lock up?
- Yes.
Let's go.
Your turn.
Good. Good.
Perfect. Very good.
One, two, three, four, my turn.
Dino, how are you?
Hi, little Italian.
Play a kissing dance for me?
Just a minute.
Hey, guys! Who invited the cops?
Police! Can I see
your professional cards?
Hey, you there with the accordion!
Let me through. Let me through.
- Go on, go on.
- Bye.
Go on, go on, go on.
Do you want to turn into
your Uncle Vincent?
Are you playing in bars?
- Me, Mum?
- Don't lie to me, Rocco.
Where have you been?
- I play sometimes...
- Where?
In bars?
What do you do there all night?
Are you going to tell him?
Your father has had a hard life.
Down the mine every day.
With all that dust.
All that bloody dust.
At least give him the satisfaction
of having two well-behaved children.
Do it for him.
I can't stop making music.
So play for us. At home, at parties.
Not in bars
where there are women and wine.
I can't, Mum.
You are really upsetting your father.
We are foreigners here.
You know what it's like.
When you go into a shop
and want to buy something,...'s as if no one can see you,
as if you don't exist.
But when I play on a stage,...
...then they can...
They can see me then.
I feel important.
We can't stay foreigners forever.
We can't.
Right, how can I help you?
- Cheese.
- Cheese?
OK... Pecorini?
No... Pecori-no.
Not Corinne, no. Thank you.
Right. I've also got some pepperonis.
Eh? Pepperonis.
Or sun-dried tomatoes.
- Or... or...
- Chicory.
- Chicory?
- A kilo of chicory, please.
A kilo?
- Did you do the oil? The customer's here.
- Yes, I did it.
You were fantastic.
I wanted to tell you yesterday
but you suddenly disappeared.
I didn't have my professional card on me
and had to get away from those cops.
Naughty boy.
- Yes, Rena at!
- Is he your boyfriend?
We're both going to university
in Leuven.
I'm studying Germanic languages and he's
doing engineering. it's in his blood.
- I can go with him in his car.
- That's lucky.
What about you?
Have you got a girlfriend?
- How much is it?
- 30 francs.
- There you are.
- Thank you.
Nice bodywork, eh?
- Did you put the oil in?
- Maybe.
Give me a 10.
I was distracted and forgot
to put the oil in. I'm sorry, sir.
- You're sorry?
- Yes, these things happen.
What if this had happened
on the motorway?
- Would you have said "I'm sorry" then?
- It's a lack of experience.
He's only an apprentice
but thinks he knows it all.
I was asking him.
My most prized possession
was in that car.
- Rena at...
- No, no, no.
"I'm sorry." That's easy to say.
Everyone can say that
but I fear it's not enough.
Do you know what you should do?
Open your trousers,
take your balls out,...
...put them on the ground,
then I'll kneel down...
...and lick your balls.
ls that alright?
- Now go to hell!
- Pardon?
He didn't say that. He didn't say that.
This is about confidence, Kumberger.
If I bring you my car, I expect
to get it back in perfect working order.
My father expects that. As do our
friends from the village and the mine.
If you can't control your employees,
how can we have confidence in you?
I'll pick my car up this evening,
in perfect condition.
I hope you have everything
under control by then.
Come on, darling.
Bloody hell!
Bloody hell!
My wife thought it was time
to give you a permanent contract.
But I'm not sure any more, Rocco.
I'm not sure.
If you want to grovel to those bastards,
go ahead. But I'm not going to. Bye.
- Chicory with chase sauce.
- Cheese sauce.
- Cheese sauce and am.
- Am.
- And mashed potato.
- Potato mash.
...Of Prince Albert
and Donna Paola Ruffo di Calabash.
A princess from Calabash!
Who'd have thought it?
Now we are real Belgians.
- I don't like it.
- It's nice, eat it.
- Hello.
- Good evening.
- I've come to see Rocco.
- One moment.
Ah, our little crook.
Did you think we wouldn't find you?
- What's he saying?
- He plays in bars.
He has to pay a fine.
What the law says.
- I'll pay the fine.
- Within 3 days or you're off to prison.
- Maybe Rocco has to...
- Don't say that.
The police knocking at the door.
With all the neighbours watching.
- Did you know he played in bars?
- No, Mum didn't know anything.
How much money have you earned?
After I've rented the microphone
and amplifier, I think...
- You don't make anything.
- Why do you always talk about money?
Money isn't everything.
You say that
because you've never gone without.
Look. Look at this.
How come we've got all this?
Because I'm working myself to death.
I know you work hard down the mine.
And I bought these socks in Brussels
to sell them for 10% more here.
- Who am I doing it for, eh? Who?
- Calm down, Toto. Sit down.
- From now on you will give me your pay.
- My pay? Over my dead body.
What did you say?
Rocco, go upstairs. Upstairs!
- That's your father you're talking to.
- Yes, but it's my life.
I'm not going to throw it away because
he couldn't do what he wanted to do.
I've stopped working at the garage.
Come here!
Come bacuro | o.
How much does that room up there cost?
The Council for Economic
Investigation of Aliens...
...declares your application for
a professional card...
But I've studied.
I've got a music diploma,
I'm a good musician.
We don't doubt that.
Sir, I spent 80 francs on
revenue stamps to come here,
I've got the right to know why
I'm not being given that stupid card.
You can play as much music as you like,
you just can't make any money from it.
- This country needs workers.
- This country belongs to everyone.
Miners' sons are supposed
to become miners.
If you want a professional card,
your father will have to apply for it.
Then we will examine your case again.
Being a miner is also a good job.
I think you'd make a very good one.
I heard you can buy everything here.
What do you want?
Papers to become
a professional musician.
500 francs.
You're a crook!
Tell me, does your mother still do
the washing for all the miners?
Yes, underpants have
gone up to 5 francs.
But for you, Lu chino,
it's 10 francs.
Thank you, thank you, that was Manuela.
The musicians are going to
take a short comfort break now.
So put the beers ready, boss,
these clowns are heading your way.
Come on, darling, let's go.
Rena at.
We've only just got here.
Let's stay a while.
Rena at.
Come on, let me have a puff.
Rocco, there's someone to see you.
- Maestro.
- Mr Bruno.
- Fill their glasses.
- Hello.
I knew it the moment I saw you.
I said we'd hear more of
this miner's son with his accordion.
What I heard you do today, is...
Is really special. it's a hit.
- A what?
- It's hot. it's a hit.
- We'll make a single.
- With what song?
Fancy asking that, Rocco.
Where is your gut feeling?
Listen, the studio is free tomorrow
between 9 and 11 a.m. What d'you reckon?
There's the address.
- Tomorrow at 9 a.m. I'll be there.
- Us too, eh? Us too.
What are we drinking?
Villa Don Amado di Calabash.
This is one of the best wines
in the whole of Italy.
- Right then, cheers.
- Cheers.
Rocco, there's someone to see you.
Rena at and I have had an argument...
I just have to take someone home, guys.
- Can you take my accordion with you?
- Yes, OK.
It was really good.
Thank you.
You are my biggest fan, Jacky.
You really are.
- What does that mean?
- That she's as lovely as you.
Stop, stop, stop.
Stop a minute.
My name isn't Marina.
And I am a girl from Limburg.
Well done.
So what is your name then?
Sing again first.
Marina, Marina, Marina.
I want you to marry me
as quickly as possible.
Ti vogilio?
I want you to...
- You want something from me?
- Yes.
Al piu presto.
- Sposare as quickly as possible.
- Spasare?
What's your name, miss?
You may want to sposare,
but I want something too.
Come on.
One, two, three.
- Rocco!
- Bloody hell, Jos.
You know your mum said
I had to keep an eye on you.
- Come on, it's a big day tomorrow.
- I'm coming. Give me two minutes.
Go on.
If I can borrow your bicycle,
I can find my own way home.
Bye, beautiful.
I needed to go to toilet.
Let's go. No talking, eh guys?
I still have to write
half the words to Marina.
One leaves, the other arrives.
One man comes home from his work,
the other leaves for his.
Rocco is going to make a record.
Do we have everything?
And fix your hair. Come on.
- We're here.
- Half an hour late.
Yes, I know, but we're Italians, sir.
Well, I'm an Italian and
the others are foreigners.
You've got an hour and a half left.
Come on.
Good morning, madam.
May we ask you a few questions?
Is your son home? Or your husband?
- This is my house! Toto!
- Calm down, madam. Calm down.
- Come with us, you.
- What's going on?
Rocco, this is costing
900 francs an hour.
Hold on, hold on. I'm almost ready.
Rocco, we are going to record it now.
With or without lyrics.
For goodness' sake,
it's only the B side.
Give it your all, guys!
Sit down.
This is a very serious matter.
Where were you last night?
- Where were you last night?
- At the mine. At the mine.
- I working down the mine.
- Of course you were.
All the Italians say that,
that they work.
Were you working down the mine too,
- What did he say?
- He asked where you were last night.
- Where I was?
- At home, of course.
And I suppose you don't know
where your son is?
- Or maybe you haven't got a son?
- What does he want with Rocco?
- What does he want Rocco for?
- Right, take him in.
- Toto?
- Dad. Dad.
Out of the way. Go on.
That way, go on.
Out of the way, out of the way.
Let the people through.
Leave it alone.
Sir, what's happened?
- Rocco Granada?
- Yes.
Come with us.
What's happened?
Am I allowed to know what I've done?
- He thinks he hasn't done anything.
- What's happened to Helena?
- You dare to ask that?
Here, sign that,
then you're off to prison.
Your signature.
Or don't you know what that is?
Has Helena been raped?
I didn't rape her, I'd never do that.
No, she asked for it.
- I want to see her.
- You'll see enough of her at the trial.
Sign first.
Sign it.
You're lucky it's not my daughter,
or you wouldn't be here.
Ask Jos. He's a musician,
he came to get me.
- All I did was kiss Helena.
- Kiss?
So you admit that. And?
And then?
- We went for a swim.
- A swim?
Yes, and then I went home.
- I want to call Jos.
- Then you'll need a phone book.
Hold on, hold on. We're not accusing you
without good reason.
Her father says you have been
bothering her since you got here.
Ask Helena herself.
She'll tell you it's not true.
- Because she's scared.
No, because she loves me.
And I love her too.
That's for this girl.
And that's for my daughter.
So you were there.
Are you sure it wasn't him?
- Yes.
- And you've only come to tell us now?
And we're supposed to believe you?
The charge has been dropped.
They wouldn't believe me but
Jacky told them Rena at Cliquot did it.
I saw everything, Rocco.
Rena at raped Helena after you left.
Everyone believed her father.
That's normal, you're Italian.
You know who did it
but he's still at large?
Rena at Cliquot is her fianc...
Stop it. Rocco. Come on, let's go.
Come on. Come on.
Thank you. Thank you, Jacky.
Stop, stop, stop, stop.
Hold on, hold on.
- I want to talk to you.
- Mrs Cliquot, I'm not in the mood.
- It's important.
- I don't want to discuss it.
- No, come on.
- Helena!
No, no, gently. Gently.
Calm down.
She needs to rest. Come on, lad,
pull yourself together.
Go on. Go on inside.
Rocco, son.
What have they done to you?
The towel, Ida.
Let me explain, Dad.
You are nothing to me any more.
- Aren't you pleased, Rocco?
- There are two Cs in Rocco.
That's how it's written in Flemish.
We've got a problem.
- Isn't my record any good?
- The music business goes in waves.
- First it's rock 'n roll, then it's...
- Don't they want to release it?
Now isn't a good time
for a boy with an accordion.
- Are they going to release it or not?
- No.
- I need a miracle.
- There's no such thing as miracles.
We'll never sell those 300 copies.
I Will.
Hi Betty. Will you
sell my records for me?
- I'll buy back the ones you don't sell.
- I'll do my best.
That's for being so patient with me.
Bloody hell.
Bloody hell, Rocco.
Is Helena in?
Or has she gone to university?
I can always come back
at the end of the week.
Don't bother.
She doesn't go to university any more,
after everything that happened.
- Anything else I can do for you?
- Where is she studying then?
She's abroad.
Gone to stay with an aunt in America.
To... help her forget.
I wanted to give her a present.
She's already got lots
with that caterwauling.
I'll give it to her.
What's happened?
His leg got trapped in a wagon.
When he was distracted for a moment.
He was starting
his second shift of the day.
Don't worry.
Tell them to stop making all that noise.
What noise?
Can't you hear that noise?
- I can't hear anything.
- Why not? My head's going to explode.
Tell them to stop.
His name is on it, in red letters.
It's spelled incorrectly.
When you come home,
I'll play it for you.
- Let me.
- No. Jos!
My little girl. Come here.
Toto, a man from the mine
is waiting for you inside.
On behalf of the management, I am able
to inform you that your accident...
...has been officially recognised as
an industrial accident.
Our insurance will cover
all the hospital costs.
- It was an industrial...
- Wanda!
An industrial accident.
They're going to pay everything.
- And my dad's leg?
- The doctors say it will be fine.
- But... his hearing problem...
- Is it permanent?
Yes, it may be...
...and seeing as your father cannot work
with that whistling in his ear,...
...we have no choice but to declare him
unfit for work.
Dad can no longer work.
Have they sacked him?
He's worked down the mine
for more than 10 years.
Without a single day off sick.
He's even worked at the weekend.
Tell him.
You too, Wanda. Rocco!
- But the mine will continue to pay him?
- For six months after the accident.
Then it's finished? Even though
the accident happened down the mine?
We're paying for his leg, but...
That whistling in his ear puts your
father's and others' safety at risk.
Besides, we aren't liable
for the whistling.
So who is? Dad isn't.
People can develop hearing problems
due to the wrong anaesthetic being used.
Are you saying
the doctors made a mistake?
This house is the mine's property.
You can stay here
another 6 months, then...
Then you'll throw us out?
- I'm sorry.
- What?
I'm sorry, those are the rules.
Ida, fetch the suitcases
we arrived with.
- Go and get them.
- Are you going to let them do this?
- The mine gives and the mine takes away.
- But it's their fault.
So? Am I supposed to
take them to court?
These are their laws.
They weren't made for people like us.
We'll go back to Italy.
My home is here, Dad.
I've lived here longer than in Italy.
- I will be a foreigner in Calabash.
- Child...
I'm sorry.
I wanted to give you a better life.
In Italy I can open a forge,
or work for someone.
Here I'm just an invalid.
I'll go and work down the mine.
One or two years.
Ida, go and fetch the suitcases.
I've worked all this time
for nothing.
It was all for nothing,
for nothing...
Hush now.
28,000 francs? Bloody hell.
What am I supposed to do with it?
Just keep it.
Until I can buy it back off you.
Go on, Dad.
We can pay a couple of months rent
with this.
Betty, from the record shop,
desperately needs some new records.
They're all sold out. She went and asked
Somers at Affluence.
Sold out there too.
He's ordered some more.
Somers from the grocer's shop?
- Really?
- Really.
Here you are.
The number you are about to hear... performed by someone
from the same region... Donna Paola di Ruffo Calabash.
Here is Rocco Granada.
Toto, it's our Rocco!
- There you go.
- Give me another one.
I'd like another 500 records,
if that's possible. But Mr Bruno...
5,000 copies, yes, say that's fine.
Hello lad, they want Marina everywhere.
In Holland, France and even New York.
New York?
I don't know how many boxes of candles
you lit but your miracle is happening.
It is 2 a.m.
It is 8 p.m. in New York.
to Carnegie Hall in New York.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm really pleased to be
in New York for the first time.
- Ida, the neighbours, dammit!
- Be quiet and sit down.
Hello, Dad.
One day you told me
everyone needs a dream.
Me being here now
is thanks to you.
It is thanks to you.
Thank you, Dad.
Thank you for everything.
It hasn't all been for nothing.
I love you very much. And have
a great deal of respect for you.
Thank you, Dad.
You did it.
Well done.
Rocco Granada swept the world with
Marina. Hundreds of covers were made.
He had a successful career as a singer
and even launched numerous new stars.
Salvatore Granada died in 1989 while
Rocco was on tour in South-America.