Mario (2018) Movie Script

- Hi everybody.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hello.
OK, guys, we're listening!
Kamil, put your phone away.
- Hi guys.
- Hello!
Saturday is the big day.
The championship begins.
Our goal for this season,
is to enter the Promotion League.
That's why we have a new player.
Leon Saldo.
He comes from Hannover, he is a striker.
He is already allowed to play with us,
he is ready to play.
Leon is now one of us.
Treat him like that.
Leon, are you ready? Let's go!
All right, Leon.
They do not recruit Germans for the U21.
He is here for the warm up.
- Exactly. - You can't know.
In the next season, he will
play in the first ligue.
Why doesn't he train in the first then?
- And where is the problem?
- The problem?
Last year, there was
only one who passed to the first.
And the year before, three. What
matters is the performance.
- The performance?
- Yes.
- Hey... in Hanover, did you have a job?
- I was in Team B.
What role did you play?
- Right winger, most of the time.
- And now?
Young Boys U21? What is your goal?
The first, next year.
- I will stay here in the meantime.
- Yes?
We are curious to see.
See you. - See you.
Good game.
Mario, no fault, no fault!
Do not let go! Here!
Right here! Come on!
Play! Leon!
Come on guys! Next. We continue!
Here, our German one-man-shoW.
Very funny. I do not know
how it's in Hanover,
but here football is a team sport.
I play as I play.
Try the tennis.
Guys, calmos! He scored the goal.
Thank you.
Thank you for everything.
It's really morons.
What are you waiting
for when you play too?
They broke me from the beginning.
Just put the points on the i.
- Anyway, everyone does his thing.
- If that's it, your philosophy...
Stop, you do the same thing. What
matters in the end is to be good.
Ah yes?
But do not worry. You're doing well.
It is not for nothing that
you are classified hope.
Look, Amy Winehouse is still alive.
- They all screwed me up.
- I know that...
Your dialect makes me crazy.
"Giela", "Modi"...
"Huere cool".
What, "Huere cool"? Cool as a whore?!
In your opinion, he will
choose who as a striker?
After this training, he will
want two strikers. We both.
That's why Columbier has nerves.
We'll see.
You bet?
And there was also the story of the knee.
Ah, there he is!
It was a growth disorder, it happened.
Sorry, the training was
prolonged, I missed the train.
Hello, Mr. Gehrling. - Hi, Mario.
Nothing to see, but the
sponsors, what is it?
We start by sponsoring products: shoes.
The priority is that it
integrates the 1st division.
Yes, they have it in their eye.
But he is not the only one.
If Mario manages to maintain his level,
I am optimistic, otherwise
I would not be here.
So what do you think?
Express yourself.
This is not a disadvantage.
He is known in the business.
And you know which players
he has under contract.
But he manages everything alone.
Why he does not work with mental coaches
or video analysis like any other?
We were of the same opinion?
We wanted someone from here
and not a chic Zurich agency.
- Okay but...
- You need someone to support you,
who thinks of your interests
and not just his wallet.
- I find it nice. - "Nice", it is
not necessarily the criterion.
Yes, but Mario has
to get along with him.
I did not think you were coming.
Neither do I.
I have to come back early,
others will find it probably very cool.
We will see, anyway, they
are all super proud of you.
Well then.
And you? It's okay?
Yes not bad...
It's finish.
What, really?
I should have left him a long time ago.
He was a bastard addicted to games.
He preferred to play with
his controller with me.
- But that's fine as it is, right?
- Yes.
I just find it annoying to always fall
in love with this kind of assholes.
And you?
- What?
- Nothing at all?
- Hey!
- Hey!
It's been a while since we
did not see each other!
Hi, how are you? - Yes!
I saw you in the newspaper.
You play at the pros.
I'm still in U21 but at the end of
the season I'll know if it works.
And you?
I had my commercial training, and
I'm doing a year of transition.
Hi Mario, how are you? - Hello!
He always took the lift, never
the chairlift or the gondola.
And you? You avoided all
the stepping stones.
And now by popular demand, a
song for Jenny and Mario.
Just go! - No...
Come on, Mario!
Come on, go on, old man!
Mario, Mario, Mario...
- Hello.
- Hello.
So? How was it yesterday with friends?
Very funny. Jenny and I did some karaoke.
Oh? Did you sing?
- You have to tell Evelyn that.
- Is she still sleeping?
Yes, she came home late.
Thank you.
I thought about Saldo.
Gehrling thinks that the best
is to look for interaction.
I am not convinced.
Why did not they put it first?
It may not be so sure yet.
If you ever play with
him, mark your presence.
Defend your position. It's been too
long since you want to get there.
It's my opinion.
Everyone knows the stakes:
first league game.
Our goal is to climb the rankings
and today we want to open the way.
It will not be easy.
We must accept the duels from the start,
resist and hold on.
Forcing the ball, as in training.
The first 15 minutes you advance
aggressively, without leaving the ball.
You limit the gaps, move online
and occupy the intervals.
Where is Philipp?
You start from behind.
Guys, we're here at home.
They must notice from the beginning
that nothing will be given to them.
And we play with two strikers.
So look for them.
You two ahead, Claudio, Mario.
Do not play personal.
Play together, look for free spaces
and you will have your chances.
Guys, we have a great game,
but we have to be present and we
stick to it from the beginning!
Captain, in a circle!
The first match is crucial to win.
We must all get started.
No player is more important
than the whole team.
We go out, have fun and show
what we are capable of. Mario...
You have heard: have fun, we will succeed.
- Three: one, two, three!
- YB!
Oh no!
Come on guys!
Claudio! Claudio!
Have a good time! Come on, mark!
No, but it's a fag shot!
It's not true!
- Leon, Damian! We are active!
- Claudio!
Come on guys. We hurry!
I did not see you!
- Hey! You! - Leave it alone!
- What did you want me to do?
Arbitrator! There is replacement!
Come on guys!
Courage! Go ahead!
Come on, Claudio. Hurry up!
Just go!
Viewing. They will score.
Roger, just a minute...
It's about the composition of the team...
It was great!
You play differently, but
that's exactly what you need.
So, have you thought about it?
- My father did not say anything?
- I wanted to hear it from your mouth.
Of course, I'm leaving!
See you later. - See you later.
A great match, guys.
- Good work.
- That's exactly what you have to do.
Mario, wait a minute.
Hey, sorry. - Why?
- For my father...
- Ah, I'm used to it.
We would have an apartment for you.
- Really?
- But roommate with Leon.
It's good. And or?
Why now, at the beginning
of the championship?
Can not wait?
It will only distract him.
The move and the rest.
And what about Saldo?
- What do you think?
- What does Mario think?
According to Maillard, I would
save a half-day trip a week.
But you have everything you need at home.
- This is not the only reason.
- What do you want to say?
They may be cooking a plan with them two.
They may want to know each other better.
You understand?
They may want to promote Mario and Saldo.
They may have changed their
plan to catapult a striker.
Think about it.
I think this is a proposal
to take seriously.
- Daniel.
- Hi, Peter. -Mario.
Pizza and beer?
And then a firecracker, huh?
But no, I'm kidding.
Come on, this is our first day here.
At the apartment!
- Oh sorry.
- Come in, I'm done.
Good night.
Good night.
If. Yesterday in an interview. - Or?
Juve, four millions.
- If it is, it's true.
- Do you know what that means?
- The way is clear!
- For you it's OK.
Giger is right winger.
- Jenny, Leon. Leon, Jenny.
- Enchanted.
- Nice to meet you.
- Hello.
It's okay?
- We sit down?
- Yes.
- You wish? - A cappuccino, please.
- With pleasure.
- You correspond to his description.
- Ah yes?
- And how did he describe me?
- Tell us how it went.
Good. Really good.
They are super nice. There is even
one who was my teacher pro in Thun.
Barbara? - Yes exactly.
- Jenny applied to the theater.
- Costume maker. - Cool!
We cross fingers. I will have
the answer in two weeks.
They even have apartments.
That would be great.
When do I see yours?
When you want. - Of course.
- Thanks to you Mario has finally succeeded.
- Succeeded in doing what?
To leave the family nest!
- He is good?
- Well I'm leaving.
- So far very well.
- OK.
- I could have water?
- Of course.
- Sorry I have to go.
- Really?
I have things to fix.
- OK.
- We see maybe after.
- It would be my pleasure.
- Yes, to me too.
- Hello.
- Hello.
No, but you are irresistible!
- What? He is beautiful.
It's not forbidden to say it, right?
- Hello.
- Hello.
Where's your girlfriend?
She's not my girlfriend.
- Oh?
- She's my best friend.
- I have known her since I was 10 years old.
- Do not you fuck together?
No, we do not fuck together.
- She does that with others.
- I see. And you?
No girlfriend?
- Do not you have any other questions?
- No.
- Do you want a steak?
- No, I'm eating outside.
To locate the surroundings.
- See you.
- See you.
- The training, it is at 10:00!
- A little warm up, exercises.
- It would not hurt you either.
- What?
- To work on your left foot.
- My left foot is perfect.
Shoot with your left foot.
Why are you training in
what you already know?
Come on, just with your left foot.
I may not need to train as much as you.
Oh fuck!
Sorry, the referee did not see anything.
Come on, get up.
Do not soak it completely,
just roll it on the grill.
Paint crossing the roll. First of all,
then like that.
It assures you a uniform distribution.
It's good.
- For color, are you sure of your shot?
- Yes.
- You do not like it?
- Yes Yes.
What led you to play football?
My stepfather dragged me on the
ground when I was very small.
That's what I did with Mario.
The earlier we start, the better.
- You played too, right?
- Midfielder, 2nd League.
I was not good enough to be
pro, but it does not matter.
At least, Mario has a chance to become one.
You complete very well.
It's not your strength,
but he has this lightness and he is fast.
- He can really anticipate a goal.
- You too.
But you should work your left foot.
I have already been told.
And do not hesitate to ventilate,
so that it dries well.
Everything is in the trunk. - Great. We
see each other on Saturday at the match.
- Hello.
- Hello.
He's nice, your father.
Yes, but we did not need him to paint.
He said he was a coach?
For juniors in Thun. He also trained
me until I was 9 years old.
So he always thinks he knows everything
and takes the lead with everyone.
- He inflates me so many times!
- He did a good job, right?
Licking ass.
But yes. Without him, I
would not be where I am.
- Do you give me one?
- You're sure?
Leon! Leon! Leon!
I never reach 10,000.
Attention ladies and gentlemen!
- Almost.
- Yes.
Here. For you.
Cool. Thank you.
Thank you.
It's super hot, huh?
Split screen?
Hey, stop!
Hey, stop it!
Hello. - Hello.
I can?
Shame is as good as that?
The team against which we play.
- It's "Cham," not "Shame."
- Cham.
They were champions last year.
They have not been beaten for ages.
It's time to change that
before we do a mental block.
I am curious to play against them.
Simon! Mario! - Ah, go ahead, run!
Leon, look for Leon!
A pass, Mario!
Leon, Leon, Leon!
Yes! Yes!
Super Mario! Good work!
Guys, your team performance
has been remarkable!
We beat the champion, we are
first in the standings.
Leave your euphoria in the
closet, the season is long.
We must stay focused
like this until the end.
Mario, Leon, it was great!
Today we can enjoy it,
and regain strength.
Monday, we resume.
Everything is fine?
For yesterday... I'm sorry.
I've just...
Do you want one too?
It's okay?
Hello. - Hello.
- How was it in Thun?
- Huh?
- How was it in Thun?
- It was my grandmother's birthday.
The family, what?
- You did not tell me.
- I had forgotten.
- Ah yes. "Lafranconi" in one word.
- Yes. -Ah, that's why...
You have room 9. - Thank you.
Hello. Mario L "uthi.
We meet again for training
in 30 minutes, at 15:00!
Be on time, please.
You too Kamil, okay?
Uthi, Mario, with Leon Saldo.
Room 15.
I could have the single room?
I do not understand
why Goretzka was hired.
Neither do I.
- What's this circus, Mario?
- Oh stop.
- Still do not print?
- What?
- We want to go pros! Can not!
- Can not what?
Saturday night?
What was it then?
Maybe you're right, we play football,
we can not... But I'm farting.
It was great, was not it?
What scares you so much?
Are you crazy?
What are you doing here?
I am sorry.
Aggressive, go, hop!
Let's go!
All right, let's go!
Aggressive, go, yes! Let's go!
Let's go!
It's a classical choir but
we also sing jazz sometimes.
- Or gospel.
- Pop too.
- That is true.
- And you, what were you singing?
I did not sing. I'm rapping.
- My own texts.
- What kind of texts?
- Oh, it was kids' stuff...
- Go ahead, rap.
- No no no!
- Come on, we're listening. - No!
If - Go ahead.
- Come on, get started.
- OK. But I wrote it at 14 years old.
"What will you do later?"
This question pissed me off
Maybe I'll be rapper "Holy joker!"
At 12 I did not know who I was
The choice is not my cup of tea
Sometimes I write about
it Sometimes I'm dumb
One day, I'll be a gliding
star Like father like son
It's super good. - Thank you.
But that was the right
decision to play football.
We can never know. I read a quote...
"Most people spend their life
exercising their 2nd best talent."
Whatever. You should see them play.
A dream couple on the ground.
Do you have any news from Jenny? His
job at the theater did not work.
Yes I know. - His move to Bern either.
Poor thing, she was so happy. Call her.
Mama, we are often called. She's doing.
Jenny will get away.
We will go there. When?
- With what money?
- When we have signed.
- We will ask for an advance.
- Serious?
- Of course.
- OK.
No, not here.
I had a girlfriend at 16 years old.
During two months.
- But I was not really in love.
- And with the guys?
In ski colo.
I was 12 years old.
But we just groped.
That's all?
And you?
I had a friend a long time
ago but it did not last.
I was in U17 and he wanted to be
everywhere with me, it was not possible.
- And otherwise?
- Some dates with "Grindr".
It's an app for fags.
I did not know you existed!
Come on!
It's okay? - Outside.
- It may be a stupid joke,
a coincidence. - No.
Someone had to see us.
We did not do enough.
We are really morons!
- We should talk to our advisers.
- Especially not.
We must deny, whatever happens!
Let's wait and see.
What shit!
- Hi, Peter.
- Hello. - Hello.
Mr. Gehrling, Mario...
We asked you to come because of...
How to say?
It's a delicate affair.
Do not go around the bush: it's a rumor.
It is claimed that Mario and Leon...
Well... they were seen.
Doing what?
In the process of...
- In the intimacy. They kissed.
- What?
What is this nonsense?
I hope you are joking?
- We saw you. - No! Who?
- It does not matter.
Of course yes.
- Without proof, it is defamation.
- It's a joke!
I beg you, Let's stay objective!
We can not name names.
You bring us here for an
anonymous accusation.
Do you expect me to
take this seriously?
The committee seems to
take this seriously.
Excuse me, but I think Mario.
The committee surely
asked the same question.
Whether it's true or
not, it does not matter.
What matters, then?
Let's be clear:
no one here or at the committee
does not have a personal
problem with the subject.
What worries them are the sponsors,
the fans, the club, which embodies
a certain image on the outside.
Apart from the trouble that
it would sow in the team.
I take care of the team.
But I repeat, it's just a rumor.
It's just. But we must
measure the consequences.
But I did not do anything!
Tell us where you are going.
What does this mean for us, for Mario?
The committee has an interest
in the story not being erupted
or do not cause trouble internally.
Oh yes, and how?
The concerned player
will keep it for him?
Of course, we have agreed with
those who know to remain silent.
- So it's a player.
- Nice attempt, Mr Gehrling!
Mario and Leon have nothing to
fear as long as calm prevails.
Avoid anything that
could fuel the rumor.
- It is surely also in your interest.
- Of course.
And concretely?
Can they continue to live together?
Yes, it would be too
obvious to stop it now.
Maybe avoid showing yourself
together in public...
- It's ridiculous.
- Maillard, I do not think it's...
And within the club,
do you normally, discreetly.
Do not be provoked, all right?
In any case, Mario... you have
our support whatever happens.
If you have a problem, you
can come to me at any time.
Hi, Peter. - Christian.
Mr. Zischler, over here please.
After you.
- Listen, Peter...
- Not here.
Now you will open your ears wide.
You can lie to whoever you want
but not to me, otherwise
it's over, understood?
Did you have a story with Leon?
And why am I learning it now? I
looked like a complete moron!
And you, you're really in the mud!
- But they said...
- Forget it.
There are things that are
taboo: drugs, sex with minors,
Homosexual stuff, it does
not happen as a player.
You know it well.
Are you gay?
You do not know?
- Come down!
- Peter, stop.
You should have told me, you know it.
Come on, come down!
You're welcome.
Serve yourself.
Well, we know all the issues.
How was your interview?
Mario has denied everything, but I
do not know if they believe it.
He told me everything,
unfortunately afterwards.
What matters is that you have denied.
Like us.
- We are not so badly gone.
- You find?
Yes. It is in their interest
to prevent a scandal.
It's good. It's also what we want.
They are stuck.
If it comes out, they must
behave in a correct way.
- Or they'll have a hell of a mess to settle.
- It is easy to get rid of a player.
It's safe but...
They have invested too much in
those two to get rid of them.
If it comes to knowing,
your value will collapse.
That's not what they want and
we do not want it either.
They will cover you as long as possible.
Do you think that player
will hold his tongue?
- Was he a player?
- Frei betrayed himself.
I see only one strategy.
It's to continue to deny.
It's a lie, a plot. It never
happened between them.
Whatever you say or do,
you are not gay.
That's how you will act now.
Without exception.
The club has the same expectations.
Something else?
We should see them with women.
What? Serious? - Yes seriously.
And first, what took you?
We do not fuck with his teammates.
It's not professional.
Either you want to become a
pros or you want to have fun.
It's necessary to choose.
They intend to rent us whores?
He's crazy.
- But say something!
- Say what? Zischler is right.
It's not professional to
fuck with your teammate.
It's not just a fucking story for me.
And now?
I'm not a machine that stops like that!
It may seem stupid, but I love you.
I do not care what they say!
There, space is free, Sirak. Here.
Leon! Come!
I knew it. Cock sucker!
Get back together!
Go on the other side, guys!
What a tarlouze!
Mario! We focus!
The info went around. They know about it.
Why? Something happened?
No, but I feel it.
You may have an idea.
Maybe not all, but the atmosphere
is different, that's for sure.
Yes it's possible.
But do not forget that
the club supports you.
They can not harass you.
Otherwise they will also have a problem.
And the contract?
I still have a chance?
I think they are waiting for a sign.
What sign?
It was not such a bad idea for Zischler,
the story of the girls.
Yes I know.
You could not take someone to the party?
To fart!
- There are agencies, I could...
- No, sorry but...
How serious is it between you and Leon?
It does not simplify things.
And you? Hanover?
How is it there? - Most people say it's...
boring and ugly.
- Take one back. You too?
- No thanks. I still have some.
- You do not dance?
- I have two left feet.
- It's a shame for a football player.
- It's not my thing.
But he's a good rapper.
I have to take Mario away for a moment.
I want to introduce you to Burri.
You come?
The new coach of league one.
Armin, I would like to
introduce Mario Lthi.
Mario, delighted.
This is Jenny. - Jenny.
- Miri, how does the store work?
- Roger. Hello.
Four goals in five games is a good score.
I heard other positive things about you.
I am curious to follow your evolution.
Maybe he will play premiere next season.
That would be cool.
- Nice to meet you.
- Me too.
Good luck! Continue like this.
Ciao, Carlo.
Can we talk for a moment?
- What does it rhyme?
- What?
This nonsense and all this cinema.
Why? It's as usual.
Leave it!
Why? Can you tell me what's going on?
A rumor runs within the team.
What kind of rumor?
On Leon and me.
So what?
We say we are together.
Yes, of course, it makes sense.
I want to say...
In fact, it's obvious for a long time.
Did you use me as an alibi?
I know, it was really stupid of me.
I am sorry.
If it comes to know, I can
say goodbye to football!
But why did not you tell me?
You thought it bothered
me that you're gay?
Mario, you're really loose!
I find it good.
I think it's cool, you two.
You have someone now.
And now?
Let's go have a drink.
Do you want us to go back?
You do not have to roll shovels.
We do not have to exaggerate.
OK, guys, you stay focused right
from the start. YB at three.
- One two Three.
- YB!
And your girl, she mate you?
Where does it go?
Come on guys, come on!
Tim, on the outside!
Block him, Mario. Blocked the!
Hey, move! Move!
- Are you crazy?
- Back down. Stand back.
Hey, the referee! The referee!
- Luke, calm down!
- He barely touched it.
- This is his first fault!
- Luis, midfielder.
Tell him, Simon!
Tell him, Simon!
- It will be fine.
- Damian, warm up.
Yeah, OK, I'm going.
Where did you get hurt? - The.
- You sprained your foot?
- Let go of me!
It was completely useless.
What was this circus?
It hurts you a lot? - It's okay.
- Mario, how are you?
- Yes.
- I have to have it checked.
- Courage, OK?
- I'm just going to the toilet.
- I am waiting for you.
- What was that bullshit?
- You know it very well.
In your place, I'll pay
attention to what I'm saying.
I do not tell anything.
But do not take me for an idiot
with your girlfriend, buddy.
Leon and you had a great time
at the hotel last month.
What are you baratines?
We will soon have a follow-up interview.
More goals might be useful to me.
If you two pass the ball more
often, there will be no problem.
Kiss my ass!
What is happening?
- Lafranconi wants him to pass the ball.
- What? He makes us sing?
- I will break his mouth.
- You do nothing at all.
He's waiting for us to crack.
We have to stay cool.
Do not bullshit.
I've got to go. My father
takes me on a radio.
- It's okay?
- Yes.
I have rarely seen
you so unconcentrated.
What do you have?
Do not you sleep enough?
You party every night?
- Are you having trouble with Jenny?
- No.
You need a football
woman who protects you
and who is not jealous of your sport.
- Oh, stop!
- What?
I need one like Mom? No, but anything!
It's okay, no? - It's the truth!
That's what you do with Mom.
She has nothing to do with football but
she obeys you on the finger and the eye.
- And for you, it goes without saying!
- That's enough! - But it's true!
You do not care about her.
When was the last time you
went to see her at a concert?
You never took her to the baths!
You know that she loves it.
But you do not care. So do
not tell me what I need.
So? - Everything is fine.
A bruise. I will be in pain a few days.
- So, it's OK.
- No, it's not going at all.
- Do you want to play football?
- Yes of course.
You do not seem to care if we're fired.
Of course not. Why do you say that?
The party, for example, with Miri.
You made no effort. - I warned you.
And today with Lafranconi.
Your first idea is to hit him. - That
would have been the only thing to do.
That's what I say. Do you know
what would have happened?
We will not be provoked.
Who had the red card today?
Yeah, I messed up.
I feel guarded. At every step I make.
I do not even know how to move.
And the first division, next year...
Do you still believe it?
Hello. - Hello.
What's the matter?
Can you tell me what it means?
Why are they sending me this?
It's not true.
And if it were?
You're kidding.
- No, but are you sick?
- Hello.
What is happening?
Here. That's what happens.
- So what?
- And what?
That's all you find to say?
He has good taste.
- You delusions?
- Oh stop!
It's only Mario and him alone.
- The main thing is that he is happy.
- Happy?
And his career?
He wants to screw her
up for an ass story?
- It's not an ass story.
- Ah yes? What is it then?
I like Leon.
You like it, great!
You want to give your
hand in the field?
That's enough now!
- If the club learns it!
- He knows, Gehrling too.
I am not the only soccer
player in the world.
It's great to inform me now.
No wonder, considering your reaction.
It's obvious he's not telling you.
You know what? Go see you, both of you!
And now?
You thought about it?
I mean... what are your plans?
You look astonished.
Your entry into play is excellent.
You communicate better, we hear you now.
You're more aggressive,
that's what we like.
Sure we could have done
without the red card.
You need to learn to
control yourself better.
The season ends in barely a month.
We already tell you now:
you can join the 1st
division in the next season.
Congratulations, Mario.
You showed that you knew how
to handle the pressure.
And the story with Jenny
certainly contributed to it.
And for Leon? Did you hear anything?
- No. He has not had an interview yet?
- No.
Leon has relaxed in recent matches.
- Yes I know.
- Listen...
I do not want to play ominous birds
but you may not play in the same team.
- You mean that...
- Leon may have to
to find a new club.
- Shit.
- Sorry.
But keep it for yourself.
Maybe I'm wrong.
Hello everyone.
Who was it?
Who was it?
- Yes, very funny, band of wankers.
- Hello everyone.
Look, Mario.
They find it super funny.
It's supposed to say that
I touch you your cock.
And if I touch him the dick?
What is the problem?
It does not concern you!
Sorry guys but I want to
know who I'm showering with.
- I already patted you?
- Leon. Stopped.
Guys, Leon is right.
It's kids' stories.
It does not concern us.
Sorry but two homos in the team?
You are together?
- And if we were?
- Leon, they provoke us.
- Is it yes or no?
- No!
I am with my girlfriend.
Is it clear now?
- Mario...
- Stop your bullshit!
- Mario...
- Fuck you!
Go all fuck you!
As far as I'm concerned...
I suck cock. And it's contagious.
Band of morons.
- Leon?
- I have nothing more to do here.
Hey, where are you going?
What is happening here?
Hey, I'm talking to you!
Leon, where are you? Call me back!
Zischler phoned the committee.
Leon was suspended.
Why did he go crazy like that?
Because these wankers still provoked us.
They do not stop.
He farted a cable and wanted
me to spit the piece.
What should I have done?
What should I have done?
When did you arrive?
What are you doing?
In your opinion?
Why did you do that? Why are
you ruining everything?
It's me that ruins everything?
Why are you bugging? You have your contract.
That either, you did not tell me.
- Your number with Jenny ended up walking.
- We had an agreement.
Why do you absolutely
want to make the hero?
I'm fed up with lying
and feeling like shit.
Do what you want, you.
- I'm going back to Germany.
- No.
No. No, Leon. Please!
Please! Please!
Goodbye, Mario.
Ah, Jenny.
You know me? - Yes of course. Hello.
You have a moment?
- You want to drink something?
- No thanks.
Mario told you about
his offer in Hamburg?
YB also offered him a contract.
Yes I know.
But I advised him against signing.
The rumors would not stop here.
But I do not know if he will
come out of Hamburg mentally.
Mario has never been so far and alone.
And the competition, the pressure
is much stronger than here.
But what do I have to do with that?
If someone left with him to support him...
Serious, I still have to
impersonate his wife?
No, not that.
He needs someone he trusts,
whom he appreciates.
I can not do it alone. I will
not be in Hamburg often.
- And you are his best friend.
- I have a job here.
There are jobs there too.
I know people in Hamburg.
You would leave Thun,
see something else.
You never thought about it?
It would only be for the first
few months, until it fits.
You would live in roommates.
You present the thing as you wish.
So there is something to present.
Mario is not doing very well since
his history with Leon, you know it.
Football is the only thing he has left.
I do not know what he will
do if this dream breaks too.
Sorry, but I do not think
I'm the right person.
I'll have to open.
- Hello.
- Hello.
See you tomorrow.
My old, what fishing! Just in
front of the penalty area.
You have well fucked! - Hello.
- See you tomorrow.
- See you. - Ciao.
Everything is fine?
When did you arrive? - Last night.
- Are we going to eat a piece?
- At the Korean?
Is there anything else?
Is not there a pizzeria?
Yes. - Well, are we going?
Verhoek, he's got one month.
You understand? This is probably
your first entry into play.
Yes it's cool. I am happy.
Are you sure everything is fine?
I do not sleep well lately.
Tell the doctor, he can
prescribe something.
It's important, it's the
chance of your life!
- You have to be in shape.
- Yes I know.
Is it okay with Jenny?
Yes, she is having fun in her job.
I'm glad she's here.
Have you ever thought of
meeting a new friend?
There are gay sites.
If you're discreet...
It's not my thing.
You have to let off steam at your age.
It's important.
Otherwise there is a woman with
whom you could talk about it.
- Talk about?
- A sports therapist.
She takes care of some gay players.
I do not need.
- We all need support.
- Peter, I'm doing it.
You have a call!
Thank you.
OK of course. Okay.
See you later. Ciao.
What? - Who's Sven?
Come on, say.
He also works at the studio.
He is a lighting technician and
we drank a coffee, nothing more.
There is nothing wrong with that.
We are not married.
Do you like him?
No idea.
By the way, for the match,
are you coming? - Of course.
- You do not have to.
- Yes, of course.
It's your first match and
your parents are coming.
And above all, it would be
necessary to see me there, no?
- Can you help me?
- Yes. - Thank you.
Great. Thank you.
- Thank you!
- Thank you.
- Health.
- Yes, health.
- Welcome to Hamburg.
- Thank you.
Hello everybody.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Are you Jenny, are you?
- Yes.
- Hello!
- Enchanted.
- Me too.
- This is Silke, Florian's girlfriend.
- OK.
- Sara, Tom's wife.
Jenny, Mario's girlfriend.
- Hello.
- Enchanted.
Jenny, we'll reserve places.
- Mr. Gehrling is coming too?
- He looks down with colleagues.
Great, I put it on right away.
- Impeccable.
- It suits you well.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Mouth the space!
Thank you for inviting us.
You're really good here.
They are there.
I am very proud of you.
Thank you.
I'm going to change
the light a bit. Great.
And now go a little
further to the side.
I'm just doing a quick light test to
check if the lighting is suitable.
Yes it's good!
Great! So I propose that
your girlfriend join you...
If it's possible.
It's a family magazine
and that's what interests our
readers the most. - Yes.
Okay. Where do I go?
Perfect. Get a little closer.
Perfect! Turn to each other. A
little more, a little more.
Stick the heads. Perfect!
Stretch the chin! A little smile.
Perfect. Could we see more teeth?
A little happier.
Lower your chin a little, turn to me.
Very good! Look a little happier!
It's possible? Yes, well!
You are excellent. Good!
Can you put your arm on his shoulder?
Here. Very good!
Stand up straight.
Raise your chin a little. Yes Super!
The little smile of earlier.
The same looks happy.
Great! Good!
Great! Good!
Another last photo.
It's in the box. - Great.
Could we do one with your parents?
Why not?
As long as we are here. - No.
Do not play the poopers.
I do not want. That's enough now.
No thanks.
So, we take one of you two on the couch,
under this picture maybe?
It's okay?
Do not worry.
You're sure?
You can go back to bed.
You warn me otherwise, okay?
It's wrong. We did not meet on Tinder.
- He sent you a "super like."
- Well Named.
We had met at Giovanni's house.
Yes, but you were too shy,
so you went through Tinder.
- Chez Giovanni?
- The pizzeria near the stadium.
I worked there during the holidays
and they came after the matches.
But just for the pizza.
But, but, but you did not
dare to take the plunge
than on Tinder.
- OK, we first talked about Tinder.
- And it became super romantic.
But yes, it was romantic.
Kevin invited me to a candlelit
dinner with flowers.
Really old-fashioned, and...
The first few times, we just
kissed when he took me home.
I knew it was serious. It
was almost a year ago.
- Ciao.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, it was super good.
- Thank you for coming.
- We will invite you.
- It's you who cooks.
- What? Hello.
- Hello.
We will cook together.
What's the matter?
I can not anymore.
I underestimated the situation.
I thought it would be limited
to a few handshakes but that...
It's too much.
I can not lie to them like that.
You know, with Sven, it's
getting serious and...
At first, I felt bad, I
thought I was with you.
But this is not the case.
I'm starting to stop
knowing where we are.
And having him play the game
to him too and hide it,
it would be completely absurd.
You know what I mean?
What are you going to do?
Move, find me a small apartment.
And officially we are
separated or something.
I'm sorry. - No stop.
You've done a lot for me already.
It's just that I do not
know how to do it alone.
It's just your public life.
It does not change anything
between us, I'll be there anyway.
Maybe you should clarify
some things for yourself.
You will not be able to evacuate
it forever with medocs.
There is nothing to clarify.
It's finish.
- Are you sure?
- For him, yes.
That, you do not know.
The question is whether it's
over for you too or not.
You have reached your destination.
I can enter?
First floor.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- What do you want?
- We can talk?
Talking about what?
Do you want a drink? - Some water.
Thank you.
Why did you ever answer?
I have called you thousands
of times from Switzerland.
And then your number was
to absent subscribers.
I imagine there is no
excuse for my behavior.
It's just that I was scared.
I'm sorry, Leon.
You chose football.
And me something else.
All is well for you.
I saw you on TV.
You played really well.
- Do not you play at all?
- If, in regional.
Without stress.
And besides that?
- What are you doing?
- Sound engineer training.
I too thought about stopping.
Serious. - Oh, Mario?
You, you would do without football?
- I am less courageous than you.
- It has nothing to do with courage.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Joel, Mario.
- Nice to meet you.
- Hello.
It's better that I leave you alone.
Do you think it was easy?
I had the same dreams.
Bundesliga, national team...
Score the decisive goal in the final.
But I did not stand anymore.
It's exhausting to lie. I was
constantly having nightmares.
- Why did you ever say it?
- You, you're doing it.
You play, you score goals
and you go head down.
I guess that's what
it takes to be good.
I think of you constantly. Everyday.
I do not know how to do without you.
You can not do anything.
It's not your fault.
I do not want you anymore.
But you know it can not work between us.
I do not want to relive what I lived.
Hey, there! This way!