Marionette (2017) Movie Script

Min Yes, Liu Min Yes.
You have arrived early in the morning,
still not coming out for what?
Later you will be late again.
Exit, come out.
You're still grooming?
You're a rancid kid.
I'm late.
Hey go home to school help mom.
-I promise with friends - What friends?
How are you
Why is it late today?
- You chat until the night again.
- No.
People you know on the internet, lately
there is a relationship with it?
-I want to date tonight He - Who?
Min, is there a boyfriend?
- You don't know? noon Re third grade
- Congratulations
- This school kid?
- Tell us.
How many days are you dating?
- About a month - Really,
congratulations, have you kissed? - Hey
- No -What is not?
- If it doesn't kiss tonight, kiss -What?
- Really not - great
what is this?
Teacher, happy to marry.
- Why do you know?
- Listen from class leader.
Class leader? Basic.
How long have you been dating
- Is your husband handsome?
- Where is the honeymoon?
- Where do wedding receptions -
Teacher, give me a look at the photo
- Wait a long time?
- No.
- Where are we?
- Do you like hamburgers?
- Ehm
- Kitajalan - Good.
When it's finished I'm right back.
No. I'm at school.
Every time they enter the class, they screw up.
Yes, they are this age
interested in dating
Right. Wedding plans can be postponed.
What if next Thursday
Good, just like that.
No, Siu Ying she is afraid
of being alone at home.
Um, close to my house.
Wait for Sui Ying's mother
back, I'll be home soon.
Good, mother.
Eating is very full.
I want to go home.
Can accompany me soon.
Mother worried.
Only 10 minutes.
I don't drink anymore.
Drink this.
Can make you aware of being drunk.
Thank you
What plan do you plan for?
So, we will be rich.
Hey, today I first.
-Basic basis - Y'all, I'm first.
- Damn, that's me - Get out of the way, stupid.
- Hey - Already aware.
What are you doing?
Are you aware?
Hey come out.
- Release me - Very cool.
Stupid, you're dying, don't hold me.
I want to shut down the same as yesterday
I want to practice seriously.
- Shuting is the same as stupid
- Must be even hotter.
Hey wait for the rancid kid.
We can't be happy?
Come on.
Get ready.
Are you okay?
What time is it now?
- It's morning.
- Hello.
- Are you okay?
-I'm fine
- You go back to the office first - OK.
Teacher, your cellphone.
I use a mask.
What, give me a look.
My daughter
What are you doing for?
Have you slept?
Have you been in the cafe all day?
Have you eaten?
This is a rancid kid.
3 weeks ago?
Teacher Han who teaches that day.
-What happened?
- No
Nothing happens.
- Why...
- Teacher.
The handyman who wants to repair
the back door has arrived.
- Really?
- Uncle
ask questions.
Can you watch CCTV for
a night 3 weeks ago?
Because of changing data, it
no longer exists in CCTV.
Don't see?
Teacher Han.
Really nothing?
Yes, it's okay.
This isn't your cellphone?
Do not see anything.
Why not leave, just stay there.
But mom
Can we not move house?
Why do you want to move house?
Fight with friends?
We are
Can you move to Seoul live?
What happened to you at school?
Is there nothing, lately not
talking, continuing in the room.
- and stay outside - It's not like that.
Actually why?
I go first.
Want to do homework.
My dream is.
My dream is so that all my
family members become teachers.
I try to persuade my second
child to become a teacher.
- But that rancid boy isn't interested in
learning, anything is not - Start again
Don't discuss it again.
Every time you meet him,
you always discuss it.
Every time I meet him, I
don't know what to do.
How do I, really?
What is that?
It's okay.
Hello Liu min Yes.
Long time no see.
Why can I know I'm here?
Because you can't contact you.
I'm worried.
It says you from a small stay here.
Because you like noodles.
So your mother near the
school opens a noodle shop.
-What is the name of the file - Shut up
Don't know I still think I'm hurting you.
Together playing
fun, why are you so.
I won't tell anyone.
Even though it won't tell anyone.
So, please think nothing happened.
I beg you.
Do you want me to forget?
Today you are breaking your promise.
So you have to be in law.
Sorry, I'm wrong.
If you don't drink this.
Tomorrow I will spread the video
This is
Jangna forgets.
You are my toy.
I'm your master.
Get ready.
what is this?
Secret Master Photo H.
lt is lewd Spam.
Why things like that are sent to you.
Mother you're basic.
Don't talk carelessly.
Will give careless people
Lately this happened in small schools.
Why can you give a little
child something like that.
Today's children are not that simple.
I go to WC for a while.
It's really not calm.
Still not sleeping?
Yes mother.
Have you met your parents?
But why is your voice, not healthy?
But mom
Have that person's contact information?
It's someone, who?
Wu Kuo Che.
Crazy, what's up there from there suddenly?
Stupid, don't move there just keep quiet.
Don't say stupid.
It's OK to go home and
play with your mother.
A rancid kid, your mouth is so dirty.
Here is the internet, you think
the rancid kid's laundry is.
Why not go to school
but instead play here?
Today is Sunday.
Sunday go to church.
You pray to enter heaven.
Say what, confusing.
Rancid boy, what do you say?
Here smoking is prohibited.
Uncle actually has cigarettes.
It's okay, here I am the boss.
Hey, next time don't let them in.
They are not polite.
This rancid kid is basic.
Quickly fix it here, I spill it.
Basics, hello.
If calling speak, basic.
Why not come quickly, just make
me upset every day, rancid boy.
Go, go guest.
-What's the news -What?
You are...
I am police Wu Kuo Che.
You're just tuning right?
Yes, what is the police?
School woman in Yang Ping Middle School.
His name is Liu Mei Na.
If you are free, chat for a while.
Not recognized, now lives in Seoul.
Here does not change.
When to resign?
How many years.
New cellphone? Very good.
My cellphone is still a flip phone.
It's been six years.
Do you still remember Kim Jin Hoo?
Help me check for a while.
I am looking for a suspect.
I want to close the case
before public knowledge.
Please, have to catch that person.
I will try.
It's been a long time ago, why.
Don't ask a reason, it helps me check.
Suspect incidents of
rape of a student
in SMAWanita Yangpyeong,
Gyeonggi-do area
Five suspects, including Kim,
are currently being arrested.
There is a connection between high school and students.
Name of video for marionette.
Then the actors sell on CD
and become exclusive
news on a website.
This investigation seized public attention.
Next news.
It's okay.
We usually investigate without
taking public attention.
Sorry for the negligence of the police.
The reporters... They
might disturb you.
Moving to a big city, how, that's...
Min Yes it's not normal.
Min Yes it's not normal,
go to the hospital, fast.
- Fast hospital - Yes
It's okay.
Hello. Officer Kim.
Your sister where is eskarang.
The rancid kid where you are, wait for you.
Why not come here quickly.
Actually thinking about going
now called out want
to go look around.
Good to know.
Go first - I immediately enter
You are like this now because
I take off my clothes.
Aren't they also seniors?
I will also die because
three days do not go home.
Mother's boss can't.
Really makes it a hassle.
Is he someone who doesn't want to contact me?
Jin Zhenhao.
Isn't he a quality A girl
seller from the film?
How do you know?
Senior says they are
always used to drinking.
Say that case is a concern for people.
What kind of child?
He is targeted.
What are you looking for?
Kim Jin-crap
Are bath towels?
This child is being sought.
Don't know.
Live well, why come looking for me.
Different from the theory of sexual goodness
Xun Zi considers sex theory to be evil.
The Evil Sex Theory is related
to the nature of the leader.
Chasing interests for
yourself and pleasure
Also hate and envy.
If you don't try, it will continue like this.
So for the sake of changing values.
Must learn with enthusiasm.
He can text again.
Why, come message
That crazy person appears.
Here are our people?
Mo Xiaozi is out.
Why can he be there?
Really not interested - who is this?
Actually why?
All phones are available.
Insane basis.
Turn off the onsel
All fast
- What do you say - What actually happened? What's the last picture?
The cellphone is placed on the table.
Class Chair, cellphone is placed per
Why does it have to be from a cellphone?
Too bad.
The number you are aiming for cannot be contacted.
I'm looking for a teacher,
but there isn't anywhere.
Shi Min from grade 4 said she
saw her in a public park.
This should report the police?
That there will be new arrivals.
People will know.
First calm down.
Then slowly think about it.
Krena needs
Can I say what happened?
How many days ago
When I want to go home
Coming to sms.
Who is it from?
Say there is a gift you want to give,
tell me to come to the warehouse.
I think people are joking.
There is no suspicion then leave.
There are drinks there.
When I am aware.
Don't know who?
There are many people.
Don't know who
Really scared.
It's okay.
Know your heart.
Why are you surprised, just like a criminal.
Go where, just come back,
don't pick up the phone.
I have been waiting for a long time.
Why come here?
Have you forgotten today
to test the wedding dress
At school there is a little problem, sorry.
Basic, say lately
kids are scared.
The rancid boy has no mind, in
school secretly photographed.
So report the police?
No, it's still not
Want to look around first
Understand what, quickly report the police.
In this position it is not easy.
If it is shutting down a movie, on the
internet it should already exist.
Feeling like being sent to a
download site to make money.
How can you continue to take this.
Don't think, quickly report the
police, the new heart is calm.
People like that?
Photos of people are obviously bad people.
But women, too, because there
is a reason for taking photos.
Obviously the children suffer.
What should I do?
If you can't, what do you do?
Not true.
What should women do?
Can you do how
Human life is finished.
That photo posted to the
group chat yesterday?
Clearly that is him. Can be
caught from the way he cries.
Yajuga, who is that child?
- Very clear - Who
Kim Tong Cen.
Next to my house is the
Huangdong City area.
He entered the world of
calm, I saw many times.
I'm afraid.
A two-person room, what must happen.
In fact what happened?
Move aside.
You are now in third grade.
Must be prepared for the exam.
Yes GuavaBerry
I say one more time.
Yesterday's problem,
please all keep secret.
Before making sure who - Liang se cing.
Class Chair.
Stand up, respect the teacher.
Thank you teacher.
Seems, we run for a while.
How do you feel at school today?
Feeling lonely.
Ouch, hang on, if
you can't do it.
If you do, what will you do?
What will it do?
Maybe run away hiding
Maybe don't confirm yourself.
I don't want to change like that.
If so, I can't be
someone else either.
Se Cin You say teacher, what
are you doing with tung cen?
Can you not say?
I saw you and he quarreled.
Also hear that you two are dating.
This is not to be reported
to the Dongzheng teacher...
That was a thing a year ago, I like Tung Cen.
We were classmates. I like it very much.
(Like me not?)
(can you do what I hope you do?)
(What do you expect me to do?)
Really sexy.
Have you ever done it?
Do what? kiss?
Isn't that what you want to make?
You don't believe it?
No, I believe.
But cung chen is usually not the same.
Yes he learned also
good, family also good,
But that is fine,
compu tung chen
I am on the internet seeing hidden movies
At that time just thought.
Apparently Tung Chen also saw
that, he wanted to laugh at him.
All women are my age.
At that time I didn't know, he was shutting down.
Photos and videos on my computer, you delete.
Shouldn't that be?
Do you feel all the original data?
What does that mean?
Do you think I'm so stupid?
The thing you do.
I will tell your parents and teacher.
Damn woman.
I will make interesting
activities for you.
You are very comfortable.
Teacher, you can't be
with tung chen saying.
Good don't worry.
I've heard the name Kim Wen Ho this name?
Have you contacted or texted Dongzheng?
Kim Chen Hao, no, this is the
first time you hear, who is he?
It's okay
Open the door. You
really don't work?
Hey, Seo-Rin.
(Kim Chen Hao, have you heard?)
I beg you one thing.
Kim Dong Jin? I have asked him.
If I tell something
about Jin Zhenhao
He also said I did you why look for him?
What do you say?
I want to say you, if something happens.
I will suffer.
I misunderstood, you don't think it happened.
- Hey wait a minute - Properties are still anxious.
They disappear. Now
they are suspects.
You said to be honest, you are with
Kim Che Hao, what people do you have?
There is no
I have been a police officer for 20 years.
Uncle, I'm temporarily not right.
Uncle and I have been deleted.
Troubles you, sorry.
You forget it, as usual.
Teacher Today, Dongjin met someone
Is it possible to name Kim Ce Hao?
Really? know what time did you find?
Don't know, how good is that?
Teacher find out just for a moment contact you.
Still real.
He is bad.
- Really?
- Cheers
Run so fast.
Damn, damn it.
Wake up, damn it.
Quickly find the child, damn it.
What do you say?
What are you doing for this?
Just make sure of this.
Aya is already literate. Tomorrow is a hospital.
When did it start?
Not long before we returned.
I told you that nothing happened
I also want to think
so but can't do it.
I'm fine now, I will
report to the police.
When you happen then report the
police, why come looking for me.
You can ask the police for Kim
Jun-ho and you can do it.
I don't come because I can't.
I am more sure that you are
being chased by a gorilla.
What can you confirm?
I told you the real word.
The person who leaked your
case to the media is me.
I had a role in the
case at that time.
But I was threatened
by a damn reporter.
Then I was forced to take
off my police attribute.
Sorry this time I won't let go.
This is your own make sure you don't.
Say the truth to me,
then together make sure.
I will help you.
My heart is very relieved,
everything has been released.
It's okay uncle.
You live comfortably,
I won't upset you.
I said I knew.
Why hit me?
Hey still young drinking alcohol, making
love, do you feel that's a good thing?
Rancid boy, I ask you you're
fine answer, understand?
What is the name of a bastard wearing a hoodie?
Rancid boy.
Dong Chen.
What is Tung Chen rancid boy.
Kim Tung Chen.
That is your boss's bastard?
I'm just the boss.
If it wasn't for his
father, he was nobody.
Father's background?
His father is a police officer.
Thank you
Uncle you're an investigator?
You just at the bar why chase after women?
Look at me rancid boy, look.
Why chase him?
Because they are chasing, I can't say
anything, I just follow the chase.
Rancid boy, you have to beat you more cruelly
-Arrrrrrrr's master -What?
What master?
Master, the stranger?
Who is clear, we can only text
Saying another woman follows us, let
us catch her, be recorded, love her.
Record, record what?
Record movies.
Wake up, fast.
Have you run in that direction, run fast...
Quickly run there.
- uncle police here - Bastard
Ayu, you are here
to see a good face
Later did you investigate the cafe?
When is it checked?
Do you know Soranet, are you
used to surfing the internet?
A rancid kid, what
age, not seeing.
Anyway, Kim Tong is with Natek.
One month ago because of soranet
Children see, it's been arrested right?
No, because the role of the
school child is the problem.
From till till junior high school off their own clothes
Kim Dong-jin As soon as he
comes to see what is going on,
Kim Tung Chen is like behind the scenes.
After being arrested, their
teacher was released.
Others are released because
they are underage.
But actually there are those who
control them from behind the scenes.
Master how do you know?
I all know.
Anyway, he is another soranet, there are
still many other situations in the film.
Want to catch him is not easy.
What does he lure students with?
Can you still use what, money?
That account cannot be checked again.
The chairman has examined it.
As I expected, they use disposable
phones and anonymous accounts.
But he realized that the number
was replaced immediately.
You still remember us cin hao right.
Please find out for a moment.
Let us catch him, give
a new photo to him.
What photos
The role in school children.
From till until junior high school is off.
Hello, I know you don't know
me, also know you hate me.
But this thing you
alone can't solve.
Kim Che Hao appears again.
It doesn't matter who Jin
Zhenhao or Ye Hao is.
You are still threatened.
Regarding the master, I find out this thing.
We now chat.
You're right now.
This time your students.
This master is maniac, crazy.
Now you can make sure this is a crazy man,
there's a relationship with the master.
Kim Chen Hao with a master, what is
the same person can not confirm.
Also said they might not
be the same person.
It was said even though the problem was
a long time but it was already in town
sorry, blame me
But when do you follow Kim Tung Chen.
I don't think I can find a clue.
Don't do that again.
If you were caught that
day, he also recorded him.
What do you mean?
They now know you are
now following them.
Really by tung chen being solved?
Not the Dong Chin
master shows, they do.
Yes GuavaBerry
Who knows it's just me,
uncle, there's still more.
Cing, is it you with Se Cing
continuing to maintain relationships?
No, the cellphone continues to close, SMS doesn't answer.
Ouch, it's crazy, for the master
shoot one step will not be good.
If anything happens,
how will it be.
You go back first, I'll find
a way, I'll come out later.
Continue to contact Se Cing.
If you are connected quickly
contact me, know no?
That car stopped.
- Yes here - this fainted
What are you doing?
Quickly wake up, why are you?
You see what, quickly call 119
Really don't need to go to the hospital?
That is a direct broadcast, nothing can be done.
It's a crazy person, come
carelessly because of me.
I will think about ways.
You're at home, don't meet anyone.
I will definitely catch that
person, you don't worry.
What do you mean by that, you're a rancid kid.
I just found soranet.
Because of overseas ip, it
is very difficult to track.
You why eat.
Ouch find out, it takes time.
Cannot, at the latest
tomorrow must be arrested.
Actually, what's the matter, why does the master come out.
Hey rancid kid, don't
say anything and leave.
How do you make me, you're really funny.
Damn battery, it's not
half a day, damn it.
Damn, today is business.
Ouch, sir, wu long time no see.
Lately you seem to have a
big case, let me help.
This starts to say something important
Why is the author so annoying.
I received a case yesterday.
Say the 2002 maironette video.
Create a new video again.
No, I said help write new news
Love me site, inside.
There are our police officers, and me.
Together for memory,
I look very happy.
That's what, let me know, it's boring.
Ouch, what do you pretend
You think I know here.
Yesterday only on the site.
Here the area is not easy,
it should not be careless.
Ouch I said I know, you are basic.
Here is no free speech,
change the place of speech.
Good, listen to you.
If you are a teacher, what will you do?
Want to hide in one
place, maybe not myself.
I don't want to be like this
I also won't be someone else.
You're a rancid boy.
Mr. Wu, what are you doing, why hit me?
Rancid boy, deserves to die.
Search from people eating.
You damn bastard.
If two people make news
We will run out, understand, answer me.
You're damn.
Damn basis.
Have you received sms?
Now that everyone comes
out, you go on time.
What, there's no report time anymore.
Now it's like this Hey all great.
Do you do
Why is that.
Are you Tung Chen?
Be careful of Tung Chen.
Why are you making this? I am forced.
As if he's okay?
Se ci is there, liang se cing.
Teacher, where are you, help me.
As long as you're okay, is someone hurt?
I want to go home quickly.
I came, released quickly, fast.
Hey listen no, the teacher
says let go of people.
Securing is okay, they release you.
Yes I am, I'm released.
Just now how to get out, you should die
Master doesn't say you,
don't tell anyone.
ltu image...
You think it's me, on the road a lot.
Only buying alcohol and cigarettes
will sell children's mother's father.
Ah, this is Kim Tung Chen.
You know my relationship,
you're smart.
You said that you helped shut out movies
Delete the movie.
Still not starting
Say what, I don't know that
Damn, I don't know, you
shouldn't give money.
I represent you the video
was sent to the internet.
Then go to the police station,
but you made me do that.
What, this is not the
first time you made it.
It's good.
Don't be so stupid, look for problems with me.
Teacher I don't think it will be like this.
Move aside.
Apparently you're the master.
Wrong I just heard this
word, honey I'm not.
But I want to run away, I
have spent a lot of effort.
It's really chaotic.
You are all used.
We don't care about this, we only know money.
I will definitely make you sorry.
Regret, can you really do that?
Even the name has been changed.
Silence lives, I know,
you can't do it.
Damn, quickly record.
Now live marionette broadcasts
This can help us.
This is all children
let's let me beat you half dead.
- Damn - Mom
You pretend to be a rancid kid.
This is a rancid kid really crazy.
Avoid on the internet
this will be very fun.
Now it's still not sick, you're a rancid kid.
Rancid boy catches him.
Wake up, wake up.
They instead carry a bat.
Want like before, damn it.
A little.
Little rancid little boy.
You have never been given a
lesson, where is the cing?
Why is it captured?
Who is the senior master?
master does not exist.
Hey Se ling.
This phone has a master message.
- This is the master
phone, the pin - yes
You contact here, chase this address.
Occurs at this address
immediately moves, fast
Quickly walk.
Sir, I want to go too.
We understand your feelings but this is a danger
I want to meet him.
Go to the hospital first.
That's clothes
Senior clothes, I go first.
It's good you go to work.
You are with me to the hospital,
you go there useless.
And again at the table just solved what
The number just now,
Immediately send an IP address, so we can
catch the position of suspicious people.
East name Cao ying khu
from the cellphone of the person.
Because the reaction is easy to be
- There are two signals - Okay
You said I had the address.
Do you want to go?
Isn't that someone?
Mr. Cao ying sin we are from the police.
Looks blei this ship is a pretty place
You where Ling sun is.
Li sun where are you
Basics, wait for me.
- Hey car - Yes
- There - There
Hey, ren siu, sir ciang, sir wen.
No, just call me as
soon as you get it.
- You want to ride a car - No
- Call someone catching a suspicious person
- Yes
- Fuss, go to work - Yes
Rancid boy.
Stop, come here.
Come here.
I'm looking for you very long.
Really not me.
You're still so
You don't pull kids
You record the teacher
I don't know that woman
There are no orders for children to film.
You don't make mistakes, why run away.
How crazy.
Hey, give me
Do you know the burrow?
You see, are you a master?
We already know you with your
relationship, understand?
I'm hua se.
Be careful I beat you,
still don't understand.
Sir, wait.
Can you confirm?
Can confirm the master cellphone.
Can make sure this is a master cellphone.
It's someone, is there another cellphone
It says right
Brother just got there from the phone.
The mobile master at iyn sin surrounding
Basic fucking.
Se ling, the master isn't here,
the police will chase him.
You get out quickly.
sorry, without being stiff surprised.
We are not bad people
It's okay.
Are you ok?
This is a bad drama.
Look at the situation, it seems hurt.
Cao ying sin is the method of his students.
When is the master starting there is a master
One month ago Kim Tung Chen
helped the police at that time.
Now the cell is renamed number,
At that time his son knew all
of his father's actions.
Even starting to become a master
In fact, it starts to become a
master approaching the cavern.
When thirteen years old.
For all this, this world is truly crazy.
The expert says how
This is like a game.
Make this all.
This is not legal, not a game.
Because this is young, it can't be
Also make this all.
Other children will how
First submit check.
Because you don't know how the law is.
Tap this is Korean state law.
This is it
Soon the parents will
ask for an explanation.
There must be preparation.
Anyway thanks to you.
There is still this.
Feeling you're curious.
He said suicide.
Because it can't continue to live.
Make a big problem keep hiding.
Later the following conditions.
If it's hard for me ying sin that's how
Kim Ci Hao is a master.
When I know this is a child
What do I know?
Krena isn't a weird ohal.
Fortunately it's a crime drama.
For no other kim hao
Yin sin
Today really wants to separate
Because I found it
First time seeing you smile.
I have saved this for a long time.
What is this?
I go first.
Thank you
Today we have transfer students.
He will feel strange and nervous
- So help him - Good
How are you
I han se lin
today please help a lot.
You can sit there.
Come on.