Marionette (2020) Movie Script

[ominous music]
[labored breathing]
[ominous music]
[footsteps continue]
[hinge squeaks]
You think you
can control this?
You didn't expect that, did ya?
You wanna see me burn?
Get out of my head.
Get out of my fucking head!
[soft orchestral music]
What am I doing here?
I don't belong here.
Man, in all his greatness,
creates machines
that move bags
very slowly in circles,
round and round.
[soft orchestral music]
My new life begins.
Dr. Winter.
Dr. Clark.
Good to meet you finally,
in the flesh, that is.
Thank you, Paul.
I'll show her.
Everyone calls me Mo.
No nickname?
Ever had one?
Shows strength of character.
You are who you are.
Just Marianne.
Right, let's show you
your office,
consulting room, whatever.
Dr. Mandelbaum is sorry he
couldn't be here himself,
but he had a family event
that couldn't be avoided.
But we're all so happy you
could come at such short notice.
Have to say we were delighted
when you sent your
application in,
but you know that, anyway.
Oh, how was your flight?
Boring? I suppose it was.
Still, "how was your flight"
is what people ask, isn't it?
This is it.
Oh, sorry about that.
I'll have a word
with Administration.
We'll have to get
that changed.
Oh, I've put your case files
out on the desk.
You've got a few hours
before your first session,
so I hope that's enough.
Can't think why you'd come here
from all that high life.
I've never been to Upstate
New York, but I Googled it.
Looks wonderful.
I was talking to my
husband last night,
and... is your American
position still available?
Maybe I should apply.
We can do a straight swap.
I think it's been
filled already.
That's me stuck here then.
Seriously though.
Why'd you decide
to move to Scotland?
I like rain.
So, uh,
I've got my first patient.
Uh, shall I pick you up
at 12:30?
Show you the canteen?
If you can survive that,
you can survive anything.
Yes, that would be nice.
See you later.
Thank you.
[soft dramatic music]
[Marianne] Corinna?
It's okay for you
to stare at the wall.
We're gonna try something a bit
different from Dr. McVittie.
What do you think?
Shall we talk a little?
You don't have to talk about
your mother being sick.
We can talk about anything.
Anything at all.
Marianne Winter.
Oh, hi, I'm Tina.
This is, um, Manny.
Hi, Manny.
I'll see you later.
Right here.
What are you drawing, Manny?
I'm not Dr. McVittie.
You don't have to be with me
like you were with him.
I won't tell you what to do.
Now it's you
who's in charge here.
we'll do what you wanna do.
Are you the pig, Manny?
the lonely one
staring out?
It's okay to talk.
Sometimes when we talk,
we can be less lonely.
And if you talk, it doesn't mean
you have to be nice to me.
The pig doesn't
have to make friends
with the other animals
if he doesn't want to.
But maybe he can say...
why he doesn't
want any friends.
No one likes what I say.
Why not?
Because of what I can do.
What can you do?
Make things happen.
Like what?
What can you make happen, Manny?
[patrons chattering]
[upbeat music]
Hey, I thought it was you.
Oh, clinic administration.
You filled in a form
for me this morning.
Of course, yeah.
Uh, sorry.
You having a look
around town?
Yeah, I suppose.
You're leaving?
Oh, yeah.
No, me, I'm...
I'm heading home.
Kieran's off to his
obscure book club.
Don't ask.
Totally Kieran.
[Marianne] Book club?
Yeah, here.
Are you a couple?
Oh no, no, no.
He's a free bird.
Hm. Well.
Anyway, I'm off.
I'll see you tomorrow.
[knob clicks]
[soft jazz music plays]
[dramatic music]
[shuddering breaths]
You okay?
[rain pattering]
Is it the rain?
Is it too loud?
[phone ringing]
Oh, I'm sorry.
I forgot to turn it off.
[phone ringing]
Um... Mo.
Um... can you call me back?
I'm with Corinna.
She's a good girl.
She's a very good girl.
But no, she doesn't
wanna talk to me,
but I'll keep trying.
Bye. Bye.
[soft dramatic music]
Can you tell me
about this drawing?
What is it?
An accident.
Car come flying around the
corner and hits the other one.
And did you read about it?
Was it on the news?
I made it happen.
You saw it happen...
in your mind?
Do you see images?
Or maybe you hear things?
You can tell me.
I mean, it might help.
It scares you, doesn't it?
That if it wasn't for me...
you wouldn't be here.
[whispers] There's a gun
in your drawer.
[whispers] That drawer?
Only if you have a look.
And why is there a gun
in the drawer?
[Dr. Clark] I remember when
she used to talk,
she expressed anxiety
about her mother.
There was a time when she
used to look up at the ceiling
and say something like,
"See Mom? Take Mom away."
Yes, her fantasies evolved
around her anxiety
that her mum would eat her.
We never discovered why.
All this is alluded to
in Dr. McVittie's notes,
but not treated in any detail.
Thank you.
[Dr. Clark]
Her stepfather says that
when the weather
comes on TV,
she watches it carefully,
as if her life depends on it.
I'm afraid she has deteriorated
over the last two years.
The mutism and anorexia
are relatively recent.
I'll think about it.
All right.
[clears throat]
Emmanuel Craig.
A mystery.
I'd like to get hold
of his file
from his former residence...
Here's a reference.
Yeah, I'll see what I can do.
Maybe that will shed
some light,
but for the moment
I've got nothing to go on.
My impression is
that his worldview
is some kind of defense system,
some kind of fortress.
He talks to you?
Yes, he does.
You're probably the only one.
Doesn't talk to
his foster mother
or anybody else,
as far as we know.
Still, it would help
if I could have a look
at the old McVittie files.
I'm missing the last
two months of his notes.
Yes, yes.
Well, well...
I'll look into that, yeah.
Anyway, you seem to be
making great progress.
I think you've done
a wonderful job
under the circumstances.
Thank you, Marianne.
[TV chatter]
[woman talking over TV]
[chatter continues]
Snakes don't like
sudden movements!
Why won't they
[beep] off?
This is hell.
[kid screaming]
[TV clicks off]
[muffled chatter]
[soft jazz music]
[woman singing]
To make it here tonight
And watch the evening tide
Move in
Alone and never very far
The morning star
will guide me home
If I so choose
Bye, now...
Just moving on
Seneca Smoke House.
[Josh] Yeah, but
the GPS says left.
Damn brakes again.
So, you trust the sign
or the GPS?
Um... the sign, I guess.
Mm, kids could've flipped it
the wrong way around.
What else they got to do
around here?
All right, heads or tails.
[glass clanking]
[Marianne gasps]
[woman] Schrdinger
wanted to prove
how ridiculous
this idea was
and came up with the example
of the cat in the box.
So, before you have
a look inside the box,
the cat is both
dead and not dead.
Both realities exist
at the same time.
And this, for him, proved
this whole idea is nonsense.
[man] But it's not,
'cause thoughts are energy
just like everything else.
And they can manifest
themselves in matter,
and we create our reality
by how we observe it.
You know?
What we think, we become.
What do you think?
Oh. Um...
Our thoughts are like
self-fulfilling prophecies.
Does the way we think
about the world
end up being our world?
Of course. Um...
Well, I'm a psychiatrist.
And, um...
[clicks tongue]
...if there's anything
I'm convinced about,
it's that thought is the root
of all sickness,
all trouble.
I mean,
look at this book group.
over Schrdinger's cat
and whether the process
of observing reality
actually changes its nature.
Don't we have better things
to do with our lives?
[scattered laughter]
I mean, we all need
to see a shrink
if we think this is a good
way of spending an evening.
So if thought
is our sickness,
what is the cure?
Oh, that's easy.
I prescribe a full lobotomy
for all of mankind.
[group laughing]
[Kieran] Hi.
I live in Mansfield.
[clears throat]
So do I.
Oh, um...
Would you like a ride?
That would be lovely.
Thank you.
I thought you'd never ask.
Okay, let's do this backwards.
I say something.
An answer.
And then you ask the question
that leads to that answer.
Got it?
What are the rules
of the conversation?
Very good.
How am I at this game?
I own a bookshop.
What do you do for a living?
It's not bad.
What's it like running
a secondhand bookshop?
It's a good way
of making money.
What do you think
about prostitution?
Next right.
Where do you
want me to go now?
Just here behind
the red containers.
[Marianne] Where did
your neighbors find you
the last time you
had a good night out?
[both laughing]
Why don't you come up
for a wee dram?
Oh, um...
Sorry, I, uh...
That's okay.
Uh, thanks for the lift.
[soft jazz music plays]
[starts engine]
[car beeping]
Oh, this F'ing car.
It might hear you.
The car, of course.
The light, the light.
What does it mean?
What does it mean?
Engine temperature, I think.
It's probably just...
Oh, God.
What'd I tell you?
It was listening.
So, our car doesn't want us
to get home today, huh?
Wants us to have an adventure.
[soft dramatic music]
[thunder rumbling]
[Mandelbaum] Her fantasies
evolved around the anxiety
that her mum would eat her.
We never discovered why.
[suspenseful music]
Has somebody been
in my room?
Uh, no, I don't think so.
I mean, Manny.
Has Manny been in my room maybe
before his session or after?
I think I would've noticed.
In my drawer...
Look, I'm really sorry,
but can we do this tomorrow?
It's just, I'm running
really late as is.
Thank you.
[phone ringing]
Your phone's ringing.
[phone ringing]
[man] I knew you'd be there.
Who is this?
You have to kill him
before he kills you.
You understand?
You understand?!
[indistinct chatter,
[man] Turn it off!
Who is this?
[dial tone beeping]
[rain pattering]
[muffled chatter]
[muffled chatter continues]
[Man 1] Shall we start?
[Man 2] Yeah.
See, I don't know.
I just feel like
it was he himself
who was a sick person.
Are you leaving?
Uh... I'm going home.
I have some stuff to do.
All right. Bye, bye.
- Bye.
- Bye.
It is a problem of how
our decisions change the world
in which we make
those decisions.
Who wants to start?
Yeah, I'll give it a go.
Um, well, I think
the idea has always
been there.
Change your mind?
Like back in childhood,
kids would always ask
if they left the playground,
would the playground
still be there?
And it's the same thing
with the tree
that falls in the forest.
[soft dramatic music]
[seagulls cawing]
You have a yacht?
That's so Riviera.
It's hardly a yacht.
And it's my brother's.
Well, you just
gonna look at her.
Hop on.
All right.
Can you steer for a minute?
Give me your hand.
It's all right.
Just hold that.
You know how this works?
What do you mean?
I've done this once before,
Are you tired?
Oh, you should spend some
time with my patients.
Listen, I have to ask.
Are you wearing
a wedding ring?
I should take it off.
[man] Engine trouble?
Wanna ride?
I can take you into Steenberg.
Craig will take
care of you there.
He's got a tow truck.
Great, thanks.
Seneca Smoke House.
Best smoked ribs
for miles around.
We're all about
the trout, actually.
Well, then you should
stay at the Steenberg Motel
and you can get there tomorrow
after your Jeep's been fixed.
Hell, maybe even tonight.
Look, I'll call Craig
down at the gas station.
[somber music]
Sir, where's my husband?
There was an accident.
He died.
My husband.
I came here
to start a new life.
Oh, Jesus.
That's terrible.
Ever since I got here,
it all seems so unreal.
Like when I got
on that plane...
I left one universe
and entered another.
Like it's slowly being erased.
But I keep asking myself,
what if we'd taken
the other turn?
What if we hadn't decided
to go on the trip?
What if we'd left
a few minutes later?
I just kept thinking...
Don't think.
That's where all
the trouble begins.
I know there's no reason.
Don't... think.
I've been sent here...
to stop you thinking.
Manchester social services.
Emmanuel Craig confirmed
transferred to Aberdeen
for fostering
after parents' death.
No further information
on file.
Oh, come on.
There must be some record
on his background.
Who his parents were,
how they died.
Well, yeah.
You would have thought so.
Would you check on it
one more time?
Yeah, sure.
- Leave it to me.
- Okay.
So, any other issues?
Yes, I have a question.
I got a phone call last week
from some mysterious person
who seemed to be in a
highly anxious state.
He told me I should
kill someone.
Is that just British
eccentricity or...
should I be worried?
Well I'm sorry, Marianne.
I think this is best ignored.
If this person gets
through to you again,
please ask him to call me.
So, I think that's all
for now.
Thank you.
I'm afraid it must be Albert.
Albert McVittie,
your predecessor.
As you know,
he had some problems.
He was institutionalized
some time ago.
I heard about it.
It's not a well-kept secret.
Yes, well.
It's sad. It's...
It's a terrible thing.
He's a close friend.
Still, his final notes
would be very helpful.
Really, Marianne, these
were written too much
under the influence
of his paranoia.
Best to make a fresh start
with this patient.
[computer beeping]
[Marianne reading]
Emanuel was discovered at home
in a malnourished state
by the police
after his mother's body
had been recovered.
He was made a ward
of the council.
[both chuckling]
I just had to come and see
where you work.
All right.
Isn't it a bit...
Bit depressing?
Well, um...
Yeah, well that's
all cancer ward.
You know what I mean?
All those panelings ripped out.
You know what you need?
Some nice bright, white walls.
A little lighting.
You are vicious.
You need therapy.
Thank you.
Oh, uh,
when this came into
the shop today,
it made me think of you.
There you go.
Thank you.
How did you know?
Know what?
This is my favorite book.
Very funny.
It is.
Is it?
Is it really?
It is.
That's... that's bizarre.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Why don't we take the
boat back tomorrow?
I'll take you
to the Isle of Muck.
- Muck?
- Muck.
That sounds very...
Does this door lock?
That's very naughty.
You draw a lot of accidents.
Don't you, Manny?
What interests you
about disasters?
What are you thinking of
when you draw them?
Did it scare you?
The gun.
I know it did.
Well, I looked in the drawer,
but I didn't find anything.
What are you drawing now?
What I'm making happen.
He's underwater.
[ominous music]
Who's Kieran?
The man with the messy hair.
Is he swimming?
[Manny] No.
He can't swim.
Not this time.
Shouldn't he be saved?
McVittie was obsessed by him.
He was?
Developed a morbid obsession
about the boy.
Spent a lot of time
in the library
reading and researching.
Don't know what
he was after there.
It's probably the first
sign we noticed.
It's so sad really.
McVittie was an
old grump, maybe,
but he was a good person
Well, he certainly has
wide research interests.
It's just horrible.
You work with a guy
and then he gets sectioned,
and next thing you know,
setting fire to himself
on the mental hospital roof.
He what?
"God is with us."
[bell ringing]
[kids chattering]
[starts engine]
[doorbell ringing]
Can I talk to you
for a moment?
Yeah, yeah, come in.
[soft whimsical music]
How is he at home?
Still the same.
Very quiet.
He hasn't spoken to me yet.
He has a tendency to draw
these disasters,
people dying.
Do you think that's bad?
I mean, they said
drawing was good for him.
I mean, seems to calm him.
I just wish he
would speak to me.
But then when I think about
what he's been through
and how his life
changed so suddenly.
They say his mother
was a lovely woman.
And quite religious,
but very bright and lively...
She was American, like you.
You knew that?
His mother?
Well, I'm not American.
I just lived there since
post-grad medical school.
I know this might
sound strange,
but do you know...
Is there any way Manny could
have gotten hold of a gun?
It was found
in the consultation room,
and I just...
Of course, we don't know if it
was Manny who put it there.
What's going on?
It's probably nothing,
But we have to investigate.
No, probably Manny doesn't
have anything to do with it.
Please don't mention it to him.
Yeah, but...
Don't worry.
Why are you throwing
things downstairs?
Get into your room, go on.
I'm trying to have a
conversation with the doctor.
Go on.
Hello, Manny.
Don't be horrid.
Why won't you
show me the drawing?
Are these ones here?
What's in there?
The future.
So you found the gun
after all.
Why did you put it there,
To frighten me?
It was there
because you found it.
What do you mean?
You made it real by looking.
By opening that drawer.
The cat is dead and not dead.
Is that so?
Now tell me, Manny.
How did you do it,
with the gun?
Oh, you wanna play games?
Tell me about the man.
The man you drew today.
How did you know his name?
What do you know about me?
Why did you call
him Kieran, Manny?
Why did you say
he was drowning?
You know, I can take
all the drawing stuff away.
You'd have to answer me.
How'd you know his name,
Now talk to me!
[boy screaming]
No, no, no, no!
What's going on?
[dramatic music]
[wind howling]
Have you seen Kieran,
the guy from the Yo Yo boat?
I'm supposed to meet him here.
Did you maybe see him
go out sailing?
[waves crashing]
[phone beeping]
Hi, it's Kieran.
I might be difficult to contact
the next few days,
so leave a message
and I'll get back to ya.
[phone beeping]
Kieran, I've been waiting
here for an hour for you.
Could you please call me?
It's fucking freezing here.
Look, I'll wait
another half hour.
If you're not coming,
could you at least let me know?
[thunder rumbling]
[rain pattering]
[thunder rumbling]
[phone beeping]
Hi, it's Kieran.
I might be difficult to contact
the next few days, so...
[man] I didn't disrespect you.
[woman] No.
[couple chattering]
[dramatic opera music]
[muffled arguing]
[knocking on wall]
[shouting continues]
[music volume increases]
[Josh] What?
What are we
doing today?
Watching you.
The way you unpack
is so inefficient.
The number of times
you cross the kitchen
could be cut in half
with a different system.
I must put that on my
list of things to do:
"Improve on packing method."
Ever heard of
eternal recurrence?
It's when you try to do
everything perfectly,
even the small things,
in case you're condemned
to repeat them eternally.
If that's true, I'd work
on my tennis, if I were you.
I repeat eternally,
what are we doing today?
I was gonna catch up
on some work.
Let's go for a picnic.
The Finger Lakes.
Oh, that'll be crowded.
Day trippers. Geriatrics.
What about Allegheny?
Miles away.
Yeah, but once we're there,
we can head west towards Warren.
That place of yours you're
always talking about.
The smokehouse.
You make my day.
He wanted to go.
He wanted to...
The car...
[soft dramatic music]
Damn... car.
Just gotta look out for bears.
- They're all over the place.
- Bears?
[man laughing]
[ominous music]
[suspenseful music]
[rain pattering]
[hand pounding]
Kieran, it's me.
[man] I thought it was biblical.
Like in Genesis
when God drowns the world
in anger,
he offers Noah an olive branch,
a symbol of peace.
God is compassionate
even in anger.
So sorry.
Have you seen Kieran?
I'm really...
I'm urgently
looking for him.
No, but I think Markus
might know where he is.
- Okay, great, great.
- Just wait a sec.
[Marianne] Hello, Kieran.
[book club leader] But isn't
that the point of the earthquake?
It seems to punish both
good and evil people equally
'cause there's no guiding deity.
No God in charge.
[Man] Well that's to assume
a simplistic view of God.
The whole point about God
is that he works
in mysterious ways.
Our duty is to do our best
to follow his laws
for our benefit
in the afterlife.
Events like the earthquake
are like tests of faith.
He's serious.
That's what I believe.
I didn't think adults
still believed this stuff.
I mean, except those lunatics
who fly planes into buildings.
Oh, do you?
Have you seen Kieran
the last couple of days?
So all this, everything,
it's all a plan?
All controlled by your
great God up there.
Yes, he is the creator
of all things.
And depending on what I do,
I'll either end up in eternal
bliss or damned in hell.
[Man] That's what I believe.
[Marianne] Kieran.
Can I help you, madam?
Do you live here?
My boyfriend lives here.
And you had an arrangement
to meet him here, did you?
So for you, we're all naughty
school children being judged
by this loving,
punishing creator father?
Such lunacy.
What's your home address
13 F Park Hill Road.
[clicks pen]
Been listening to loud music
earlier this evening,
were you?
I mean,
if that's the case,
I'd rather be a pig in shit.
Or a vegetable.
And banging on doors here.
but then I wouldn't care
that I'm some kind of marionette
in some sadist's fantasy.
Had an argument
with your boyfriend?
I'm just here.
I'm trying...
We're not marionettes.
God gave us free will.
If the story's
already been written,
how can the characters
have free will?
A misunderstanding perhaps.
Forget it.
We write the story.
Then we are gods.
But no.
Can I write my husband
back to life?
Can I?
[horn beeping]
I see you found your way in.
I was looking
for a phone number.
And more, I suppose.
I'm so sorry.
It is kind of an emergency.
I received a phone call today
from Mrs. McCallan,
Manny's foster mother.
She told me that Manny
was in a state of anxiety
after you visited him
Apparently you were involved
in some kind of tussle
with your patient,
trying to grab some
drawings from him.
I didn't want to believe her,
but, um,
do you have some
private problems, Marianne?
I'm fine.
It's not my place
to say anything
about what you do
outside of working hours
as long as it doesn't influence
your functioning here,
but I can smell the fragrance
of alcohol on your breath
from over here, Marianne.
Maybe a short break
would do you good.
[soft dramatic music]
Um, he's number 10 on the left.
[Patient] Excuse me.
Excuse me, miss.
Excuse me, miss,
can you open the door?
Excuse me, miss.
[man mumbling]
[hand knocking]
Dr. McVittie.
And then...
I'm Dr. Winter.
I'm your successor
at Victoria Clinic.
Is it about him?
I knew you'd come
and see me about him.
I bet you know
by now he...
controls everything.
Even here.
there must be an explanation
for all this.
Can you remember?
When was the first time he
drew something terrible?
What did he draw?
Did something particular
happen that day?
He's in my mouth.
I can taste him.
And the voices in your walls.
Did he do the trick?
With the gun in the drawer?
He did.
You have to kill him.
Kill him.
Kill him before he kills you.
Or you can just get a
bullet in your own head.
It's the only way.
Doctor, please.
Try to remember.
Stay with the facts.
When did he start drawing?
What did he draw?
[suspenseful music]
Where did he go?
I think he went
down to the left.
[suspenseful music]
[Kieran] Hi, it's Kieran...
Kieran, don't go out
on your boat.
By no means
go out on your boat.
It's dangerous.
I've got reason to believe
it's very dangerous.
Trust me.
Call me.
I'll explain.
[suspenseful music]
[horn wailing]
[ominous music]
[rain pattering]
[man over radio]
The next front is coming in.
It's going to introduce
some rain, some hails north,
and some squally winds.
So if you're close
to the weather front...
Manny's father.
What's going on here?
Either he controls things
or he simply foresees them
and draws what he sees.
That must be it.
He only foresees them.
Remember, he knows
things about me
and draws them
to frighten me.
I'm in control.
Everything I do is
determined by me, not by him.
Turn on the engine.
Turn off the engine.
Turn it on again
and drive 30 feet.
Say, "I am in control."
I'm in control.
Laugh again.
I determine what I do.
Not that child.
I'm in control.
Get some sleep.
Get some sleep.
It'll be okay.
Reassess in the morning.
Manny's just a boy.
A child is just a child.
He's just a child.
Now have a quiet drink.
And try to call Kieran.
[phone beeping]
[Kieran] Hi, it's Kieran...
[ominous music]
[dramatic music]
[woman] What happened?
[man] The boat was unmoored.
Drifted off.
Someone saw a strange woman
messing the boat on the key.
The police said it was
his girlfriend.
[woman] They found him?
[man] Aye.
They're out looking for her.
[onlooker] There he is.
[dramatic music]
Oh, God.
[dramatic music]
What are you doing, Manny?
The worst thing in the world.
[Mcvittie] What is the
worst thing in the world?
The future.
I can destroy everything.
Don't you remember being burned?
How you've died?
You're nothing.
When I leave to my room,
you don't exist.
You're just in my head.
[Mcvittie] Can you
get me out of your head?
[Manny] Black.
[Mcvittie] Black.
I'll destroy the clinic.
The hospital.
The world.
The big people who
put me in the dustbin.
And what you draw?
What I draw is real.
[Mcvittie] How is that?
I am the only one
who is real.
I made everything.
I decided when the
Bronze Age would come.
I am God,
and you're God's doctor.
I'm going to put you
in hospital
and get a new doctor
from far away.
Then I'm going to kill her.
Then I'm going to
destroy everything.
[boy screaming]
Stop, you're hurting him.
[suspenseful music]
[suspenseful music]
Why did you pick me?
Why did you kill him?
Why me?
Why me?!
I don't know.
Why me?
'Cause I'm an unbeliever?
How far back does it go?
Did you kill my husband, too?
Let me go home.
So you didn't
plan this one then?
There are some things
you don't control.
Like this.
So you believe me now?
But you're too late.
You're too late.
What do you want?
I want my life back
how it was.
[siren blaring]
Get out!
She's got a gun.
What's your plan for me?
Is this it?
Who are you?
Why are you doing this to me?
[Blane] Dr. Winter,
my name is Inspector Blane.
Can you just send us a signal
that you can hear me?
I didn't control this.
You made this happen.
You decided to find the gun.
You went out looking
for the drawings.
You decided to bring me here.
So now it's my fault, right?
So it's my decision
whether I shoot you, hm?
I'll make you a deal.
Give me my life back
and I won't do it.
Give me my life back.
[Blane] Dr. Winter.
Please send us a sign
that you can hear us.
[gun firing]
Dr. Winter,
please don't use the gun.
Put the gun away.
If you don't want to kill
yourself, please just wait...
Which life?
Please just end the game.
Hear us and understand.
Bring him out here,
you mad bitch.
Get her back in the car.
[helicopter whirring]
[Blane] We want you
to show us the child.
Show us that he's unharmed.
[helicopter whirring]
This isn't my life.
I don't do mad things
like this.
You made me do this.
Now you're gonna have
to make it good again.
You controlled me.
- Dr. Winter...
- Now you sort it out.
...we're waiting for the boy.
But I'm only a child.
Please show us the boy.
You've got 10 seconds
to show us the boy.
I'm only a little, little boy.
Then when I shoot you, you die.
[Blane] 10.
I'll die.
Or when you shoot,
will cease to exist.
[Blane] Three.
I know you won't shoot.
[suspenseful music]
[gun firing]
[gun firing]
[gentle music playing]
[Marianne] My husband.
Where's my husband?
[Marianne] God, God.
Please, please, God,
make my husband okay.
Save my husband
and I'll believe in you.
I will worship you.
I will.
- I'll have faith.
- Miss?
I have faith.
Please, God, please.
Can you hear me?
You had a bad concussion.
Your arm is broken
but you're okay.
Nothing but a few cuts.
Like a miracle.
I was leaned back towards you.
The airbag pushed me down.
That guy.
The driver died.
I think I'll go back
to work on Monday.
So soon?
[pensive music]
[workers cheering]
[woman] Welcome back!
I should have near-fatal
accidents more often.
[all laughing]
Thank you.
It's very sweet.
Welcome back.
Ow, ow.
Look what the kids did.
[Marianne] Oh, that's so cute.
You know what
I was thinking about
for our summer vacation?
I was thinking
about Scotland.
I'll walk in the mountains,
but what will you do?
Well, we already had
a vacation at the beach
and I wanted to cheer you up
after the accident,
so let's go somewhere
wet and gloomy this time.
I've been thinking
about our disagreement.
I don't wanna talk about it.
[Marianne] Why not?
I don't wanna have
an argument now.
What makes you think
there'll be an argument?
Are you serious?
Are you serious?
Only two, I promise.
Girl and a boy.
Whatever you want.
What made you
change your mind?
The accident.
Come on,
you're winning anyhow.
Yeah, hang on, hang on.
I just...
[dramatic music]
[Josh] What is it?
I've been to Scotland before.
You have?
I had this dream.
It didn't feel like a dream.
I was in Scotland.
You were dead.
There was this boy.
[Josh] A boy?
Our son?
A patient of mine, I think.
[Josh] Tell me about it
in the morning.
I'm just...
I'm just gonna...
I had this incredibly vivid,
detailed dream last night
like I've never had before.
It was amazing.
Just like a total world system
that I created in my head.
There was this boy,
a patient of mine or something,
and he controlled reality.
Basically he was God.
He created everything.
He created me, this clinic,
this kind of version of
Scotland, Aberdeen, whatever.
I've never been to Scotland,
but it was this incredibly
realistic detailed place
with like street names
and well, phone numbers.
I knew my boyfriend's
phone number
for Christ's sakes...
in the dream.
And this boy
who was my patient,
he created me and this world
and everything like a God,
as some kind of test.
And then it got very scary,
as I had to prove
that he was wrong.
That this child who thought
he was God wasn't God.
I had to shoot him,
which is when I woke up.
Sounds intense.
It was so incredibly real.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
What do you mean by that?
Maybe you came back to work
a bit too quickly.
Everyone's so pissed off
that I'm happy for a change.
If I'm not grumpy or negative,
there must be something
wrong with me.
It was just a dream,
for Christ's sake.
Do you believe in
alternative universes?
Is one universe
not enough for you?
That dream I had.
That Scottish life I saw.
What if that's
the real life
and that boy created
this here...
like a game
as some kind of test.
Was a test in the dream.
I can't remember what it was.
It's just a thought.
It's a silly thought.
And you've never
been to Scotland.
In this universe.
Marianne, stop thinking
about this, please.
Focus on what is here now.
My lecture went really well
by the way.
Thank you for asking.
The students even applauded.
What if I call him?
What, the boy?
No, this Kieran.
The man I... I...
Baby, it's not about him.
It's about knowing.
[phone beeping]
[Kieran] Hello.
Is it you?
Who's there?
Your name.
Tell me your name.
It's... It's Marianne.
Marianne Winter.
Who's Marianne?
Who is this?
[dial tone beeping]
[suspenseful music]
[Josh] Marianne?
What are you doing?
Going to Scotland.
I have to go.
What are you talking about?
This is crazy.
[suspenseful music]
[suspenseful music]
But you know
about this patient.
Mo is your nickname, right?
We talked about him many times
in the staff meeting.
He suffered from
a severe trauma.
He drew.
He drew pictures continuously.
Look, I know this place.
I know you.
I know what I'm talking about.
What about Dr. McVittie?
Albert McVittie, the
doctor who was sectioned.
He jumped off the roof.
He set himself on fire.
Okay, okay, come on.
Let's just check
the files and see.
We've never heard
of this patient.
Apart from the fact that we're
not allowed to give names
or details of our patients.
So could you please
leave the building now?
You need a hand, Pete?
No, no, it's all right.
She's just leaving.
You need to leave
the building.
[suspenseful music]
[Manny] Clever, clever.
You got it right.
It was all a test.
But you flunked it.
So I decided to give you
one more chance.
I've decided
to let you remember.
Open it.
Have a look.
Then you'll know everything.
Don't you want to know
what happens next?
What would it matter?
It's already in there.
It's all been fixed.
Just like the drawings
I found before.
It would change everything.
See, the drawings would
never have existed
without you finding them.
Only if you have a look.
Remember, it was your decision.
Like you decided to call him.
So that was your fault
after all.
He was woken up by a phone call
in the middle of the night
and then slipped
down the stairs.
Bang, bang, bang.
Banged his little head.
What do you want from me?
To go home and live
my life in fear?
That one day you'll
take it all away again?
You wanted him back,
didn't you?
Please just go away.
Make me unaware
that you exist.
[soft orchestral music]
[phone buzzing]
[phone dialing]
[Kim] Marianne,
you have to come home.
Did you see the news?
There was a freak storm
up here,
100-miles-an-hour winds
and lots of accidents.
The roof collapsed.
[cries out]
We don't know where he is.
[dramatic music]
Please don't do this time.
Please save him.
Please help me.
[dramatic music]
What do you want?
You had your test.
Wasn't that enough?
Please, just go away.
Leave me alone.
You need me.
Is that it?
You need me.
This isn't about me, is it?
It's about you?
This is all you.
[dramatic music]
[panting breaths]
[pensive music]
I've had a breakthrough.
It took me a while
to work it out.
Why do we destroy
the one we need?
[Doctor] Because we
don't want to be helped.
Because he's frightened.
Very frightened.
Life used to be so wonderful.
Like a dream.
It must have been
an awful shock for him
the night his father died.
One day divides
happiness from hell.
One event.
One choice.
[woman crying]
And then six months later,
his mother was gone, too.
He must've blamed himself.
Could he have saved her?
Was it all his fault?
Why did this happen to him?
Why did God take away
his parents?
And so he shut himself off.
Refused to speak.
It must have been a terrible
experience for him.
Quite threatening.
All these questions.
And the guilt.
The shock.
The fear.
To deal with all this
he found a way out,
a way to exile his fear
and suffering.
He escaped into a world
in which he has
full control.
A world where he is God.
I don't exist.
You don't exist.
In fact, none of this is real.
We all exist in the mind
of a 10-year-old boy.
Am I right, Manny?
I know you're out there.
I know you're listening.
[soft dramatic music]
[crying softly]
You all right?
What's up?
You can tell me.
I want you to know
you can always tell me.
Just grab my hand and pinch me
if you want to say something.
[Marianne] I know what's
going on inside you, Manny.
I'm the voice
inside your head.
I can feel your yearning.
You don't want to live
in this nightmare anymore.
I can help you.
Because I believe in you.
Because I know one day
you'll come out
of your silent,
empty fortress
and into this world.
The world, I know,
it's so huge and frightening.
But Manny,
it's also so full of light.
You don't have to
be afraid anymore.
Just imagine it
to be different
and the world
will be better place.
[soft music]
Hey, sweetheart.
[soft orchestral music]
[ominous music]
[ominous music continues]
[soft dramatic music]
[dramatic music continues]
[dramatic music continues]