Marisol (2023) Movie Script

[wind chimes]
[farm animal sounds]
[door squeaks]
[chains rattling]
You still waking up?
Me, too.
You don't want to be
bothered today, huh?
It's OK.
Think Eduardo will let me
take you to California?
Probably want to go for a ride.
[speaking spanish]
Here you go.
Thank you.
Good luck, tomorrow, mija.
All right.
Give them hell, Mari.
[spanish music playing]
[singing in spanish]
Hey, baby.
Breakfast in a few, OK?
OK, ta.
Seriously, Jaime?
400 T-shirts? What are we gonna
do with that?
JAIME: We got space
in the living room.
Where'd you even get
the money for that?
JAIME: Sure enough,
we're gonna get the money back
and then some.
Look, Dad said we needed--
Dad doesn't have to deal
with all of this set-up, OK?
What is this?
"You are winner of the young"--
[gasps] You did it?
Oh, my god.
Congratulations, mija.
She won this grant, Jaime.
Isn't that great?
Wow, no way.
You know what, Jaime?
You should actually be
proud of your cousin.
She's worked really
hard for this.
And you can learn
something about money, too.
JAIME: I don't like everything
about money, all right?
I'm an entrepreneur.
You're an entreprenada.
You're rude.
I'm not being rude.
I'm being honest.
Both of you.
Both of you, OK?
How many times have
you gone through this?
What did I do?
I'm putting my
dreams out there.
They're out there.
You're just stomping on them
with your big-ass feet, OK?
Don't. curse, first of all.
Second of all, I'm not
stomping on your dreams.
I'm being realistic.
Last month, empanadas.
This month, it's
fricking T-shirts.
How long was I cooking
in the kitchen?
With businesses,
you got to go back
to the drawing board a lot.
You got to evolve, right?
It's like supply and
demand or, like, whatever.
I'd like to see this
whole money thing.
You're a mean woman.
[horn honking outside]
I'm a mean woman?
No, I'm just being honest.
Hey, [spanish].
You know the drill, baby.
You're gonna give
your cousin a ride?
No (indistinct)
You need a ride?
Oh, no, Helen's coming.
OK, [inaudible] awful.
He's not fooling anyone
with that beater.
[horn honks]
JAIME: Whatever.
Raving here like
it's some freaking
brand-new Mustang or something.
Uh, so have you
heard from [inaudible]??
I haven't.
Not even about the apartment?
[phone rings]
CARMEN: Hi, Peggy.
Hey, you got a second?
paperwork we spoke about, have
you had a chance to review it?
you feel it out already?
I think I did, yeah.
PEGGY (ON PHONE): Can you check?
Just hang on.
Yeah, I have it right here.
OK, great.
I'm gonna show you
something, but do not crash.
I'll try not to
crash in this grass.
Oh, my god.
Marisol, that's amazing!
I know.
Like, this is happening.
HELEN: So I'm gonna
help you move.
You know that, right?
Well, I've talked to Carmen.
Wait, no.
You know what's gonna happen?
You're gonna get an apartment
with a roommate or something,
and then you're gonna kick
her out when I come to visit.
Helen, I have to get in.
Girl, you're gonna get in.
Wouldn't it be really funny if
I tried to get into UC Davis?
MARISOL: Maybe we
could get a dog.
HELEN: Oh, my god, yes, because
we can bring it to the beach
because I'm gonna
go, like, every day.
There's no beach in Davis.
HELEN: There's not?
MARISOL: Oh, my god.
OK, let me explain this to you.
So there's North California, and
then there's South California.
But they call it,
like, SoCal or some--
Like, So Cal?
Like, it's, like, So Cal?
Is that real hair
or is that horse hair?
It's from a horse.
[phone ringing]
How long is this gonna take?
It's gonna be quick.
All right.
Thank you.
Oh, my god.
There's a party at
the lot tonight.
We got to go.
Celebrate your money.
The lot?
Yeah, it's the place up 1st.
It's a thing. I'll show you.
MARISOL: I have my
college admission
interview tomorrow at noon.
HELEN: Omar might be there.
Get to work.
Eli might be there too.
And what about my ta?
Just tell her you're
studying late at my place.
[bell rings]
HELEN: Meet me at
3:00, back parking lot.
Um, hi.
I was hoping to
confirm my college
admission interview
tomorrow with University
of California Davis.
CLERK: [snorts] Fuck California.
Um, what?
CLERK: Anyone who goes
there is fucking crazy.
Taxes and shit?
ACCENT) Marisol Rivera.
ACCENT) Marisol Rivera.
CLERK: There's nothing here.
Yeah, I typed in your
name, and nothing came up.
Your whole record must
have gotten wiped.
MARISOL: Are you serious?
No, it should be there.
Can you try again or--
[laughter] You should
see your face right now.
Is it there?
Yeah, it's here.
All right.
[bell rings]
It was just a joke.
Marisol Rivera?
I remember your name.
Um, did my appointment change?
I-- are you going to
that party tonight?
At the lot?
CLERK: Yeah.
Um, yeah, I think.
Are you?
Uh, I don't know yet.
Do you need a ride home?
No. My friend's coming.
You don't drive?
MARISOL: I don't
have my license.
CLERK: You sure you
don't want a ride home?
I have my dad's car.
Yeah, I'm good. Thanks.
Hold still.
HELEN: God, I've been staring
at that one for, like, a week.
OK, are you done?
HELEN: No, that's Chewbacca.
No, no, no.
OK, we're done.
- Wait, wait, wait.
You still have more.
No. I'm not gonna fucking--
Ok. Then you have to,
like, make up for it.
Do you want to put this--
this highlighter on?
This is the one that
I wore yesterday.
No, I'm good.
I already have, like,
mascara, lip balm.
I'm good.
How can you wear this thing?
It's so tight.
HELEN: You just got to
make sure it's centered.
And, yeah, that top looks
better on you than it did on me.
Shut up, Helen.
HELEN: Are you kidding me?
You should have asked me
to bring one of my jackets.
You can't wear that one.
No, this one's fine.
It's cold.
[party music]
Do me a favor.
Now we're talking.
Come on.
[hip-hop music]
(RAPPING) Why you got me
talking about some better days
when they're sitting
right in front of my face?
Hey, Omar.
What up, what up?
Baby, come here.
Give me a hug.
Hey, how are you?
So good.
Oh, is that Mari?
She's actually out for once.
Never happens, so y'all
better treat her right.
I know she looks amazing.
This is actually my shirt.
How are you doing?
Ari, what is all of this?
I'm not quite sure of this.
Mix me a little
surprise, will you?
OMAR: No, no.
We can mix this outside.
Yeah, let's go outside.
DRINK MIXER: Yeah, there
are more drinks outside.
Now this sounds--
hey, Mari, you coming?
Um, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'll head out right now.
OMAR: Like, right now?
I'm just gonna
look for something.
I'll meet you there
in a second, OK?
[slow music] Tastes
like liquid gold.
I got your glasses waiting
for us back at home.
And maybe at the time
let's just take it slow,
morning till the evening,
I'm your one-man show.
They don't even go
lookin' down the road.
Just keep your feet up
and make yourself at home.
And if you got the time,
we can take it slow.
We meet again.
We haven't really met before.
I'm Justin.
What are you drinking?
Oh, um, I don't really know.
What's this?
This is really good.
MARISOL: I'm good, thanks.
They're still
with the fireworks?
GIRL 1: I need to look at him?
GIRL 2: He's not here.
-GIRL 3: It doesn't matter.
HELEN: It is your night.
See that shit?
HELEN: Listen, you can
deal with him later.
You're gonna-- Mari.
What are you
fucking doing here?
Jaime, chill out.
We're not gonna embarrass you.
Don't you got
some, like, horse
shit to shovel or something?
Dude, we've been here
for, like, two hours.
Dude, Helen, can
you please fuck off?
It is kind of late.
For real, Mari?
We're not leaving.
What are you gonna do?
Bite me.
Don't start.
If you're gonna say that and
not do anything, come on.
So typical of him.
Yeah, come on.
Come on.
Fight me.
This guy bothering you?
Hey, no.
Look. It's OK.
He's my cousin.
Leave her alone.
OK, don't fucking
touch me, man.
Hey, hey, look.
We're fine.
Just go.
I'm trying to help you.
Why are you being
such a bitch about it?
OK. Hey, don't fucking talk
to her like that, man.
HELEN: Mari, do you know him?
No. I mean, I've seen
him, but I don't--
I think it's time
for you to fuck off
back to your mom's basement.
HELEN: Mari, wait don't touch
[firecracker going off]
Hey, hey.
Guys, there's a fire.
Are you OK?
I can call someone if you need.
JUSTIN: Fucking wetback.
Chill out, man.
I'll have you
fucking deported.
Excuse you.
Fuck, there's a fire.
We should go.
I saw your file today--
no social, no license.
[fire flares up]
- Guys! Fire!
I'm gonna call the cops.
There's a fucking gas can.
Let's go.
[somber music]
Mari, wait.
Mari, hey.
Do you really know that guy?
Who the hell is he?
I don't know, Justin!
I can't believe
this is happening.
Are you OK?
What did he tell you?
MARISOL: I don't know.
Mari, what are you doing?
Come on, get back in the car.
Did you not just
hear what he said?
You know I have my
interview tomorrow.
I can't mess things up.
Mess it up by what?
By having fun for the
first time in your life?
Oh, yeah, that was
really fun, Helen.
HELEN: Are you blaming me?
You should be blaming your mom.
This isn't my fault.
Look, I can't do
this right now, OK?
HELEN: Come on.
Mari, get back in the car.
MARISOL: Just leave me alone!
HELEN: Mari, where
are you going?
[siren in distance]
[fire blazing]
MACHINE: Please leave your
message after the tone.
Everything OK here?
She fucking attacked me.
Hands on the car.
Ramirez 507.
MAN (ON RADIO): Go ahead, 507.
North Victor, 1300 and 1st.
MAN (ON RADIO): 1st and 1300.
507, copy.
OFFICER: I'm gonna pat you down.
Did you hear what I said?
OFFICER: Turn around.
First and last name.
Justin Brooks.
OFFICER: Tell me what
happened tonight.
I was at a party, and an
illegal criminal, Marisol
she shot
a firework at me.
She fucked up my hand.
I was just trying to help her.
She shot a firework
at you because you
were trying to help her?
She needs to get
fucking deported.
Do you where Marisol is?
Get that hand looked at.
And step away from
the vehicle, please.
CARMEN: Jaime?
[speaking spanish]
What is up with you?
[speaking spanish]
[gasps] Baby, what happened?
Nothing, Mom.
Are you drunk?
I can smell your breath, hijo.
I'm not-- I don't--
I don't even--
That's bad for you.
It is bad.
Don't go anywhere.
We're not done talking.
[knocking on door]
OFFICER: Good evening.
Does Marisol Rivera live here?
What is this about?
OFFICER: I'm Officer
Hector Ramirez.
There was an incident
at a party she attended.
I'd like to ask
her some questions.
Do you mind if I come in?
Well, what happened?
Is she OK?
Uh.. Yeah.
Are you her mother?
I'm her aunt.
Well, do you know
where she's at?
She's at a friend's house.
Do you know what friend?
You don't know?
I trust her.
HECTOR: You know anything?
OFFICER: Mind if I ask
you some questions?
HECTOR: Jaime.
Can you tell me what
happened tonight?
That weird dude went
crazy on my cousin.
HECTOR: Went crazy?
Yeah, he got hit with the
firework and started screaming,
he was gonna get her deported.
Did she shoot the
firework at him?
No, man.
She's not like that.
She's a good girl.
JAIME: OK, kids were
shooting them off.
And then one was getting
kind of close, right?
So she tried to, like, move it.
It still went off.
So, um, my name is on here.
If you hear anything, uh, I'll
be on call all night tonight.
If not, I'll come
back soon to check in.
I didn't catch your name.
Carmen de Luna.
Thank you for your time.
What the hell was
that all about, Jaime?
JAIME: This ain't my fault, Mom.
Oh, it's not your fault?
Where is she?
How the fuck
should I know that?
Stop cursing.
[phone rings]
You don't have the answers, huh?
But you have all the answers
to his questions, huh?
What is going on?
Tia, I was at a party.
HELEN: Party?
You said you were with Helen.
I was.
I was with her.
I promise.
Where are you?
Are you OK?
There were fireworks, and
this guy got really hurt,
and he started
freaking out at me.
Where are you now?
I'm walking home.
The cops were just here.
At the house?
What'd they say?
They said they're
coming back tomorrow.
Shouldn't I,
like, talk to them?
Where am I supposed to go?
No, we got in a fight.
What happened?
Nothing. Look, why can't I come
Look, I just--
I just need to make sure
that everything is OK.
Is it your work permit?
Because I don't think you need
to worry about that.
No, that's not it.
Look, I can just tell
them what happened.
Marisol, no.
Am I illegal?
Does this mean I
can't go to college?
You told me I was born here.
What are you talking about?
You took Jaime
and I to Corpus.
And some kid asked
where we were from.
And I asked you.
You said I was from here.
It's complicated.
Marisol, you were 10.
I didn't do anything wrong.
But if you come home right
now, they'll take you away.
Look, I need some time
to figure things out, OK?
I'm gonna call Peggy first
thing tomorrow morning, OK?
And then you call me.
Call me tomorrow, OK?
We can figure this out.
[ominous music]
[door squeaking]
[speaking spanish]
Are you OK, Mari?
[speaking spanish]
The police are
looking for you?
I'm illegal.
[speaking spanish]
EDUARDO: [spanish].
He can help.
It's OK.
[suspenseful music]
[engine starts]
[engine stops]
Si, I'm here.
See you soon.
You change your hair?
Hold this.
When you get to the next stop,
you'll get new instructions.
No, no, no.
I have my interview tomorrow.
Mari, I need you to focus, OK?
Do not go anywhere else.
My phone.
It's safer this way.
I think I should go back.
Mari, no!
No, Mari.
Por favor.
Hola, amigo.
Thank you for coming.
No, not a problem.
Not a problem.
Mac, this is Marisol.
MAC: Hey there, Marisol.
It's like I got me
a limp fish there.
So, Eduardo, same route?
This one's on me, amigo.
Not a problem.
I'll circle back around.
MAC: All right.
Ready to load up?
I think I should go.
Mari, Mari, Mari,
it's going to be OK, OK?
You got money, your phone.
And you got some time to figure
out what you want to do next.
It's going to be OK.
You'll get where you need to go.
[car starts]
[somber music]
Justin, come here.
JUSTIN'S DAD: Uh, grab me
the wrench from the toolbox.
Why are you fixing that?
'Cause it's broken.
We're moving.
It's good to fix
things yourself.
Jeez, what happened to you?
Dad, this girl from school.
JUSTIN'S DAD: We can't
take any more bills, man.
Can you give me the wrench?
I said a wrench.
Those are pliers.
Not handing this
off to Garcia?
I got time.
of time these days, Detective.
You gonna start knitting, too?
Yeah, knit you some
gloves so your hands don't
get all up in my business, man.
you had some business.
What have we got here, man?
Well, three other
kids at the party
confirmed that she
shot the fireworks.
HECTOR: Oh, yeah?
Anything on social media?
Yeah, two videos,
with the firework, another
kid on the ground, injured.
I don't see how it
happened, though.
But he's here now.
Oh, you're in a hurry now, huh?
HECTOR: Mr. Brooks?
Have you apprehended her?
Are you kidding me?
What are you guys doing?
We're doing what
we're supposed to do.
What is it that you want?
I want to make sure
she gets arrested.
She committed a crime.
That's it?
I want to press charges.
HECTOR: You serious?
That's my duty as an
American, to protect our borders
from hostile invaders.
See Officer Wells
for paperwork.
That's it?
MAC: Makes for a
good conversation.
So how'd you know Eduardo?
Um, I help him
with his horses.
So we have a horse
whisperer in our midst.
[chuckles] He and
I go back a ways.
His son Ricky and I
used to work together
oil rigging out in Pearsall.
Eduardo has a son?
He got picked up
in a sweep, I don't
know, two, three years ago.
Eduardo took it rough.
He'd never show it.
Man, anybody'd take that rough.
Well, you might want to try
and catch some shut-eye.
It's quite a trip.
It's gonna be a while.
[somber music]
I keep trying her.
she didn't come home?
I told her to go,
but just for the night.
And now she won't answer.
PEGGY (ON PHONE): Do you know
where she might have gone?
I don't know.
Maybe her mom's,
but I don't know.
PEGGY (ON PHONE): Where's that?
Rustwater, Kansas.
PEGGY (ON PHONE): Well, what
about the DACA paperwork?
I warned you about this.
I know.
I know, OK?
But I thought that
Ximena would eventually
show or do something.
somebody still needs to file it.
Even now?
If she's convicted,
she could be barred
from qualifying.
But if she only has a
record with no convictions,
she could still be eligible.
It'd be subject to discretion.
PEGGY (ON PHONE): OK, do you
know the status of the charges?
I know that the police
want to talk to Marisol.
should talk to them.
She should?
Look, the local police
are only interested in
handling local violations.
Get her back here so
we can figure it out.
I will.
She's not here.
I need to talk to her.
Did she go to her interview?
It's in, like, 20 minutes.
My mom, like, kicked her
out last night, so, you know?
Something like that--
OK, look.
The cops showed up.
My mom got scared,
told her to find
a place to sleep for the night.
HELEN: So where is she?
I thought she was with you.
Well, she's not.
We got in a fight.
Wait, so we just don't
know where she is?
What if she got arrested?
What if-- what if Justin
found her and, like,
murdered her or something?
OK, I'm sure she's
fine, all right?
Chill out.
You are the worst.
Fuck did I do?
What are you doing?
Hey, don't fucking touch that.
Helen, what the fuck
are you-- hey, OK,
that's 40 fucking
bucks you owe me.
You're the reason
all this shit
happened in the first place.
JAIME: And so are you.
At least I'm trying
to do something.
OK, you know what, Helen?
My mom has a lawyer.
So we'll figure it out.
What about her being illegal?
-It's all right.
What the hell is that?
I didn't even know that.
Where's Carmen?
She's at work.
Are you done?
We need to find Marisol.
Jaime, listen to me.
We have to find her.
She's your cousin.
You know what, Helen?
It's time for you to leave.
God, you're such
a fucking asshole!
Are you Marisol?
Um, can she reschedule?
She's just come
across a situation.
But-- she-- she won't shut up
about UC Davis and being a vet.
She's really,
really, really smart.
So what's the situation?
She just found out
that she's illegal.
Can she still go?
[somber music]
Thought we could
use something sweet.
Thank you.
Where are we going?
Well, we're going to see
how much money we can get
for all that stuff in the back.
Nah, I'm just kidding.
OK, now we're going
north toward Tulsa.
And then, if memory serves--
and it usually does, but
not as much as it used to--
you'll be going on
to Wichita and then
Des Moines and then Minneapolis.
Yes, ma'am.
Something there for you?
My mom.
She's in Rustwater.
Oh, well, that's--
that's close.
She know you're coming?
Eduardo know you
got a mom up there?
He told me not to
go anywhere else.
Well, he's probably right.
You know, it probably
wouldn't be a good idea
for you to run off on your own.
But I've taken a lot of migrants
up to stay with relatives.
It's nice to be around family.
[ominous music]
CARMEN: [spanish].
Hurry up.
[speaking spanish]
Here we are--
in that little white house
over there on your left.
You still got that piece
of paper Eduardo gave me?
Thank you.
[pensive music]
[dog barking in distance]
[knock on door]
WOMAN (IN HOUSE): Who is it?
Um, we're going to take
a picture of you back here. OK?
[muffled voices]
Stand here.
Stand right there
for the camera.
Look here.
[shutter clicking]
[quiet talking in spanish]
[more intense talking]
mija, mija, [inaudible]..
[frantic talking]
[woman moans]
It's OK. It's OK.
The pillow.
Give me the pillow.
MAN: No, no, no, no.
It's OK.
Somebody call an ambulance.
Someone help me!
Shh, shh, shh, shh.
It's OK.
It's OK.
It'll be all right.
She'll be all right.
It's happened before.
[woman seizing]
It's OK.
She'll be all right.
You're OK.
It's OK.
It's happened before.
It's happened before.
She'll be all right.
[quiet weeping]
Good morning.
I was hoping to
speak to Marisol.
Is she home?
Do you have a moment?
Thank you.
Look, Marisol seems
like a good kid.
I just have to ask
her a few questions.
I can't get a hold of her.
I need to talk to her to
get the charges dropped.
Do you have a lawyer?
May I ask why
she lives with you?
[sighs] It was
supposed to be temporary.
My sister, her mom,
is not reliable.
Her dad is out of the picture.
And she's undocumented?
Are you, your son?
CARMEN: I have a work permit.
And I'm applying
for my green card.
Marisol didn't know.
She's been here since
she was six months old.
Um, do you have any
idea where she's at?
I do have an idea.
I have to work tonight,
but I'm gonna go tomorrow.
Justin, I'm going.
Be back later.
Be all right on your own?
Don't spend all
day on the computer.
[ominous music]
That's wonderful.
Yeah, that's-- Lili is
here to pick you up.
Thank you so much.
[horn honking]
Oh, I'm getting over.
Chill out, bro.
It's gonna be all right.
[turn signal]
You want to put on any music?
Mind if I put some on?
Wichita's still
a few hours away.
[rap music] Bad bitches.
Bad, bad bitches.
Ah. Oops.
[laughs] I'm so sorry.
You can leave that on.
It's OK.
[rap music] When my bitches
there, we all bad as fuck.
Hell, yeah.
When my bitches there,
we don't give a fuck.
Hell, no.
If he ain't rich, then
I ain't giving it up.
Hey, hey.
And we ain't finished
till he give me the cum.
I do it for the loot.
Haters want to shoot.
I don't need no help.
I just find my group.
I just find my troop.
We tripping [inaudible].
They beat them for some more.
Somebody let them know.
Six bad bitches.
We worried about nothing.
You don't listen, man.
I'm just trying to help you.
I don't know how many times
I got to tell you, dawg.
At least two bags.
Dude, OK, we all smelt it.
Everybody smelt it.
What are you
talking about, man?
Nobody smelled shit.
Yeah, yeah.
What the fuck?
What, you got that
amiga on your ass?
At least I could have
[inaudible] her if there was.
They ain't after
your cuz anyways.
Are you gonna
fucking help me or are
you just gonna stand there?
Get that one.
Chill, mano. I got you.
Come on.
I like your jacket.
It was my mom's.
My grandma taught
her how to embroider,
and then she taught
me some, too.
Dude, that's so cool.
Are you guys close?
Sort of.
LILI: Mm.. Moms are tough.
LILI: You want another slice?
Uh, no.
LILI: My mom still
yells at me because I
can't make [inaudible].
"Hey, hey.
So what are you going to do?
Feed your husband McDonald's?"
Girl, like, I have
an econ degree,
I'm a manager at a bank, and
I just bought my own home.
MARISOL: Does she live close?
LILI: Oh, no.
She's in Cameroon.
My parents got
deported two years ago.
They missed one deadline,
and just like that.
Do you ever get to see them?
I visit them once a year, and
I talk to them every week.
My mom can still yell
at me over the phone.
Do you think you'd
ever go live with them?
LILI: I'm OK on my own.
I do miss them, though.
Uh, let me grab you that
list before I forget.
Places that'll hire.
MARISOL: Thanks.
Do you think I can use your
phone to check my email?
Yeah. Just sign out of it
when you're done.
That was quick.
[somber music]
[phone ringing]
HELEN (ON PHONE): Marisol?
I got your email.
Where are you?
Are you OK?
I'm OK.
I'm in Kansas.
HELEN (ON PHONE): What the fuck?
What are you doing in Kansas?
I'm going to my mom's.
HELEN (ON PHONE): Your mom's?
You know she
basically ghosted you?
Can you just not be
like this right now.
HELEN (ON PHONE): You know
I went to your interview?
You did?
What'd they say?
can apply for DACA.
The fucking cops
showed up at Carmen's.
all of that is bullshit.
You didn't do anything wrong.
It doesn't matter.
It does matter.
Marisol, I have to help--
Helen, I could
be deported, OK?
Can you just think about that?
I'd never see you or Carmen
or Jaime or anyone again.
HELEN (ON PHONE): What are
you gonna do at your mom's?
I don't know.
Um, we'll figure it out.
I'll talk to you soon.
HELEN (ON PHONE): Will you?
OK, mijo.
I'm gonna head out.
Oh, I'll try to
call you later, OK?
CARMEN: Do you got that?
Yeah I got it.
I got it.
CARMEN: I'm counting on you.
OK, I got you, Mom.
OK. Te amo.
JAIME: Love you. Bye.
[tires squeal]
Carmen de Luna.
CARMEN: Jaime!
ICE AGENT: Behind your back.
Call Peggy!
ICE AGENT: You're under arrest.
Drop your bag.
CARMEN: Jaime!
Hey, Mom!
That's my mom!
CARMEN: Call her!
All right, guys.
Let's go.
[radio chatter]
Hey, Just-- Justin.
Wait a second.
How do I print again?
Press this button.
[printer whirring]
Mom handled all this shit.
Thanks, bud.
[ominous music]
JUSTIN'S DAD: No I understand.
Is there any way
you'd reconsider?
I know it may not be
current, but I do have 10
years of flux core experience.
Also, I can use arc and
plasma, tungsten welders.
Well, ideally, I'm looking
at for a month contract.
Well, that would be challenging.
Would there be any
guarantee on hours?
Sir, as I explained, we will
contact you as the situation--
I haven't heard anything
from anyone in days.
What are you guys even doing?
The officer assigned to
your case will contact you.
You know, you are so
far up the state's ass--
--you couldn't think
for yourself if you tried.
I need you to back away.
I'd like to file a
complaint against the officer
assigned, Hector Ramirez.
I have rights!
I'm good.
I'm good.
I'm good.
[phone ringing]
Do you want one?
What happened?
Why'd you call me?
ICE picked up my mom.
Who's that?
[ominous music]
Come on.
[door slams]
What are you doing here?
Oh, shit.
Boss fight.
[glass shatters]
Are you fucking
kidding me, huh?
Dirty fucking wetback.
[glass shatters]
Fucking headshot!
What the fuck was that for?
Don't move. Don't move.
Hey, uh, Lili?
Do you have a phone charger?
I got this.
No, no.
You want to stop and get one?
No, no, no.
It's OK.
Actually, I was
wondering, do you think
you could take me to my mom's?
She-- she lives in Rustwater.
Oh, my god.
I thought you were
gonna ask me to take
you to Canada or something.
[laughs] Yeah, of course.
[car starts]
Can I ask you something?
If your mom is in
Rustwater, what
are you doing on this route?
She doesn't know I'm coming.
It'll be OK that you're
there, though, right?
I think, yeah.
Can I put a song on?
LILI: Of course.
[music playing]
I don't know this one.
It's my mom's favorite.
[singing in spanish]
LILI: Sure you're OK?
I'm gonna wait just in case.
Can I help you?
Um, I'm looking
for Ximena Rivera.
I'm sorry?
I'm looking for Ximena Rivera?
She don't live here no more.
RON: Loretta, how do
I finish this thing?
LORETTA: We still get
some of her mail, though.
RON: Loretta.
LORETTA: Just a sec, Ron.
RON: Loretta, what do I do?
Tie a knot, Ron. Jesus.
Do you know when she left?
LORETTA: Well, we moved
in end of September,
so about two months.
Um, thank you.
LILI: What do you want to do?
Keep going.
You need to press charges.
HECTOR: Uh, what do you mean no?
That's assault.
I can't.
Where's Carmen?
She was detained by ICE.
JAIME: I don't know, OK?
They just showed
up this morning.
Listen, you have
to press charges.
This is leverage, Jaime.
This is how we get Justin to
drop charges against Marisol.
Is Mom gonna be deported?
HECTOR: No, most likely not.
It's OK.
It's OK.
Especially if
family members live,
you know, in the neighborhood.
So definitely canvas that.
Knock on some doors.
Yo, Wayne.
Make sure they
know you're around.
We'll catch up on
this in a minute, OK?
Good seeing you guys.
What's up, buddy?
How you doing?
What can I do you for?
Listen, you guys brought
in the aunt, Carmen de Luna?
Yeah, yeah.
We're processing her now.
Why don't you tell me, man?
She ain't got nothing
to do with this.
Well, we got a call,
and we looked into it.
And it turns out she's
undocumented, too.
She's on a work permit.
Well, then, she'll
get out real quick.
I know these folks, OK?
Marisol's just a kid.
She's a good kid.
Come here.
You know this family?
Yeah, yeah.
Talked to Carmen.
You know where the girl is?
You know none of
this looks good, right?
Look, I just need a little
more time to talk to her,
get things sorted out.
All right.
I mean, I'll do what I can.
You doing OK?
Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
OK, good.
You look great.
We'll catch up on
this, all right?
All right.
I'm Marisol.
I'm sorry I'm late.
You know there's a reason
why you're not supposed
to go off route, right?
I'm sorry.
No more apologies.
Come on.
It's OK. Come on.
This is the community hall.
This is where we take
all of our meals.
Breakfast doesn't really
have a start time.
Just kind of go and
grab what you need to.
Oh, my goodness.
It's not in a line.
Um, you don't have a
nut allergy to you?
Because there's a cabinet
here that's nut-free.
And there's other
ones that you can just
eat if you want in the morning.
Oh, if you do want something
from the refrigerator,
please make sure that you don't
get anything that's labeled,
because that's for
the potlucks, OK?
And if you need tampons or
pads, they're right over there.
Just grab some.
Women's restroom right
here, men's is over there,
and here is where
we'll be staying.
Oh, hey, little Maya.
There she is.
How you doing, sweet pea?
You're great?
You are so cute.
She is so cute.
All right, this is your spot.
If you need an extra blanket,
I think that they're in here.
Um, yeah.
But other than that, I
think that's about it.
Need anything else?
Do you have a phone charger?
Uh, you know what?
Check the lost and found.
I bet you'll find one in there.
If you have any questions,
my number is posted
above the phone in the hallway.
Just give me a call.
Other than that, I will see
you at 7:00 AM tomorrow,
and we'll talk about housing.
And if you have any
other questions,
everybody here is very nice, and
they know the lay of the land,
All right.
You are good.
Good night, ladies.
Good night, sweet pea.
MAYA: Good night.
Good night.
WOMAN: [speaking spanish]
[speaking spanish]
[horse galloping]
[men's voices]
[door opens]
WOMAN: [wailing] No!
[inaudible] Maya!
[somber music]
No, no, no!
[pensive music]
Rio Valley Police Station?
OFFICER (ON PHONE): Please hold.
Hi, this is Marisol Rivera.
There's a Marisol Rivera
on the phone for you.
I'm Hector.
I'm handling your case.
What happens if I come back?
You answer a few questions.
We get the charges dropped.
And Carmen gets out, no problem.
Look, she was detained by ICE.
Listen, we'll get her out, OK?
I know somebody there.
I'm talking to him right now.
This was all a big
misunderstanding, right?
I didn't mean to.
It was an accident.
So where are you going
from here, Marisol?
What's your plan?
I thought my mom
would be there,
that I could stay with her
and still go to college.
I can't even go now.
Listen to me.
Yes, you can.
Marisol, let me help you.
Please, let me help you.
I promised I won't let
anything happen to you.
[somber music]
HELEN: Marisol!
Are you fucking kidding me?
Fucking wetback.
Fucking headshot!
HECTOR: Is this
Justin Brooks' home?
help you with something?
HECTOR: I'm Detective Ramirez.
I'm conducting an investigation.
I need to see him.
JUSTIN'S DAD: Hey, Justin.
Stay right there, please.
Guy says he's a cop.
He needs to talk to you.
Sir, please let me-- just
let me talk to my son.
Something you want to tell me?
This is bullshit.
She fucking attacked me!
Hey. Shh, shh.
Son, what did you do?
Fucking globalist cop.
It's OK.
Sir, your son's
being arrested.
You can accompany us
in a separate vehicle.
Come on.
Turn around.
Fuck you.
Turn around.
Um, can I speak with
Officer Ramirez?
Marisol Rivera.
Uh, give me just a second.
Can you tell me if someone is
covering for Detective Ramirez?
[door slams]
Yeah, I'll hold.
JUSTIN: Dad, that's her.
That's her.
That's fucking her!
The one who shot me
with a fucking firework.
You're fucking done.
Officer Shepherd.
What's going on here?
Here in the last week.
Are you Marisol Rivera?
This dude again?
Are you fucking serious, man?
Hey, get your fucking hand--
- I need to talk to you.
- Your son is a piece of shit.
I hope you're
really proud of him.
Yeah, that's what I said--
All right, listen up!
My cousin ain't my fucking--
You two, sit.
Take your son.
You OK?
HECTOR: To the right.
He's been through a lot, OK?
He lost his mom.
HECTOR: Take a seat.
All right.
This is what's going to happen.
Justin's going to drop the
charges against Marisol
in exchange for a
lesser sentence.
Are you kidding me?
You've committed first-degree
aggravated assault,
We have video evidence.
I was assaulted, too.
It was an accident.
How can you lie like that?
You know I didn't
do it on purpose.
I was never trying to hurt you.
If anything, I was
trying to help.
And why would you do all this?
We're gonna drop the charges.
JUSTIN'S DAD: I'm sorry.
HECTOR: Officer Shepherd?
Come on.
Come to my desk.
Finish up some
paperwork, all right?
[phone ringing]
Well, I'm just wrapping
everything up here.
I'm taking her home.
All right.
You all right?
Need some water or anything?
MARISOL: No, no. I'm good.
Well, I'll be right back,
and I'm gonna take you home.
[pensive music]
[phone ringing]
OFFICER: This way.
Thank you.
[distant laughter]
[muffled voices]
WAYNE: Yeah, we're fine.
I got to call you back.
Hey, what are you doing here?
Why are you here?
Calm down.
Where is she, man?
You said you'd talk to me.
That's what I'm
doing right now.
Assault charges
were just dropped.
You couldn't wait
another goddamn minute?
Look, I'm sorry, but
this is how it works.
- Does she have a lawyer?
- It's out of your hands now.
I need to speak to her lawyer.
It's out of your
hands now, Hector.
God damn you.
[somber music]
WAYNE: Sorry.
Sorry about that.
[somber music]