Marjaavaan (2019) Movie Script

I cannot do it.
'Every love story begins
when two people meet.'
'And ends when they separate.'
'But their love story
ended the day they met.'
'Because it was their
destiny to separate.'
'This story is about
the fanatics of Mumbai...'
'...who could kill or get killed for love.'
'Mumbai, a city where
blood flows like water...'
'...and everything comes at a price.'
'On every Dussera,
the Ravan (Villain) is slain...'
'...but the uncrowned King of
these colonies is Narayan Anna.'
What's up, Anna?
Call your son now and tell him
to turn the water-tankers around.
I won't kill you.
But this Dussera,
whether Ravan is slain or not...
...but your son will meet his doom.
Don't you guys pray and venerate
your weapons before slaying Ravan?
You're absolutely right, Gaitonde.
We're venerating our weapons as we speak.
But my real weapon... heading in the direction
of your son right now.
What kind of weapon has Anna sent...
...who is foolish to come here unarmed.
How are you going to kill me?
When I'll go for the kill,
you will die.
And you'll be scared to be born again.
The phone number of one
of your water-tanker drivers.
Call him up and see
what a mess you are in.
Tipu, what's going on there?
This is neither Tipu
nor Sultan nor Azhar.
Salman's fan and God's devote...
The name's Mazhar.
In the next couple of minutes... men are going to hijack
the other 24 tankers...
...distribute the water among the poor,
and get you their good wishes. all the drivers
and tell them to come back.
Call them up right now.
Hurry up.
Mazhar only hijacked
one of your tankers...
...and you brought the rest to me.
Who says that I am unarmed?
The most dangerous weapon in the world...
...isn't a gun, but this brain up here.
I am going to break you up first
and fix you up after
I am through with you.
Beat him!
- Excellent, Mazhar.
- Raghu!
This is India, my lad.
Only for Indians.
No Ali is going to come for your help.
Hear me.
You'll find temples and mosques... every lane you go.
He shall always come to your rescue...
...whether you pray
to Ali or Bajrangbali.
Anna has only rule...
There's just one punishment for betrayal...
Are you trying to burn
the pictures or the world?
I'll set the world on fire too.
Seema's getting married today.
To the guy, her father chose for her.
She chose her father over this reprobate.
Stay in your limit, Gopi.
- Let's not fight among ourselves.
- Right...
Where were you in the morning when
we were fighting with Gaitonde's son.
- Quiet. Be quiet.
- You're a lucky man, Shafi.
History is full of examples...
Whether its life or a deck of cards...
...the queen's always taken
the king and the slave for a ride.
- Right...
- But, Raghu...
- He's absolutely right.
- Now stop crying.
We're going to celebrate in style tonight.
Come on.
My wedding's tomorrow
but tonight I am a free bird.
Let's party, girls!
"Life is short..."
"...and youth is finite."
"Life is short..."
"...and youth is finite."
"As long as youth's on a high..."
"...and blood's pumping through my veins."
"As long as youth's on a high..."
"...and blood's pumping through my veins."
"Don't let me come to my senses..."
"Spread love... be loved."
"Spread love... be loved."
"Your love makes me
feel on top of the world..."
"...and now I've no complaints."
"Whatever gives you..."
"Whatever moments life gives you..."
"...devote it to love."
"Spread love... be loved."
"Spread love... be loved."
"Spread love..."
"Take love."
"Everything I have is now yours..."
"Even though it's acid,
but it's your love."
Congratulations on your wedding.
"Spread love... be loved."
She sang well.
Consider it done.
No need.
You were only ye tall when
I found you abandoned in the sewers.
You couldn't even reach my knee.
And now you make the
world kneel before me.
- Anna, Gaitonde's son...
- I know.
You're my strength.
You follow every order.
You're my son.
"Down your lane..."
"Down your lane..."
"Down your where I want to be."
Do you know what's
the height of competition?
A guy peeing facing the Niagara Falls.
Vishnu, why didn't you
attend the Dussera celebration.
A son's place is beside his father.
Father... Father...
You know...
...I hate crowds.
And actually and son's right
place is in his father's heart.
But unfortunately...
that place is crowded as well.
"Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram."
(Hail the glorious king Ram)!
Being tall is a weird thing.
The world might feel
sympathetic toward me.
But what they don't know... that being a midget
has its own advantages.
Because the world bows before you.
The size of the gun never matters...
...the bullet that kills is always small.
Have you heard about
the 'Waman' (Midget) Avatar?
According to the scriptures...
...the Waman Avatar was
Lord Vishnu's fifth Avatar.
And do you know what
was unique about him?
He was a midget.
Raghu. Raghu.
I am not a monster.
I am an avatar.
That's your place...
down there.
Never forget your place.
Let's go.
"I am floored... Floored..."
"I am floored by your love."
"I am floored... Floored..."
"I am floored by your love."
Even they are scared to fly away,
like you.
Thinking that the scavengers
out there might kill them.
A caged bird is
encouraging me to fly away.
Shall I set you free?
Go ahead.
"My body's ready to bear
the punishment of love."
"I'll prove to the world
by dying in your love."
What happens to your attitude
when you're with Vishnu?
You never feel bad about what he says.
Forget it.
Why forget it?
Tell me.
Raghu. Raghu.
Why do you tolerate Vishnu?
His only achievement
is that he's Anna's son.
That's why I tolerate him.
He's the heir...
...and I am an orphan.
'As the saying goes,
Death comes without a warning.'
'But on that day...'
'...Raghu was blessed with life and love.'
"The journey seemed unreal
without you, my companion."
"But now I feel..."
"'re my will to live,
and with you lies my destination."
"I've many memories of you..."
"...but I wish this time you could come."
If you love music...
...and your voice doesn't
give others a headache...
...then we want to give an opportunity
to the kids of this area.
There are only two times
when people are lost in thought.
Either in devotion or Love.
- It's not what you...
- Allah!
Thank you, son.
I've no one in this world... I was carrying him all alone.
No one to help.
I will help you.
We'll carry his funeral.
May God fulfil all your wishes.
God doesn't listen to you
so why will he listen to me?
Who says He doesn't listen to me?
He sent four of his sons
to carry my son's funeral.
He's the benefactor of his angels...
He is our guardian.
"And yet I pray to you..."
"...when I am facing my final hour."
"I want to keep repeating just one name."
A female version of Barfi.
She wants to know if
anyone knows to sing or play.
Well, can't say about singing
but we definitely play.
Which instrument?
This one.
But don't worry, this is not for you.
Makes you pine,
till your heart is on the edge...
...makes you cry.
Troubles you by inflicting wounds.
And then becomes your salvation.
What is it?
I am floored.
Finally, someone who
can understand my puzzle.
You can take my life if you want.
But not with this...
What does this mean?
It means Love... Life...
That's her name.
Oh, this...
God gave me life,
and the Allah raised me.
Jesus kept me safe,
and the Guru protected me.
"Hail the glorious king Ram."
"The one that alleviates our sorrows."
"Hail the glorious king Ram."
"The one that alleviates our sorrows."
"You're the One..."
"Bless everyone with wisdom."
You sing really well.
Would you like to
learn with me... I mean us?
We're forming a group of kids...
...who can go to Kashmir and take part
in their Music Festival.
You should talk to
sister Arzoo about this.
Tell Anna I am coming.
What nonsense was he doing?
Where are our people? cannot come inside.
Narayan. Narayan.
I had heard a lot about you, lord...
...and finally we get to meet.
Even I've heard a lot about you.
ACP Ravi Yadav.
I heard that your father
is a very honest man...
...and still a constable.
There's a saying in Bihar.
When a camel stands under the mountain...
...he looks like a mole.
And now that you know
who's the bigger person is...
...just come quietly with me.
We have an arrest warrant in your name... connection with the
murder of Gaitonde's son.
For running this illegal
tanker mafia in this city...
...and for running brothels.
I'll come quietly.
But remember,
while descending these 10 floors... phone will ring on every floor.
And the message will be there's no water
supply in one of the areas in this city.
By the time we reach the ground floor...
...when everyone from Minister's
to Clerks will have to use a tissue...
...that's when...
your phone will ring.
No supply in Santacruz.
Yari Road.
Jai Hind, sir.
Yes, sir.
What's the hurry, son?
There's a saying in Bihar.
Play Holi only
as much as colors you have.
And don't let your loyalty become slavery.
This father-son are loyal to no one.
Not even themselves.
Become an approver against Anna.
Because I've been tasked with...
...the responsibility to clear
the garbage in this area.
And I always carry out
my responsibilities properly.
You stick to your duty,
and I'll stick to my loyalty. dare you act smart with sir?
Shut up.
Or I'll hit you so hard...
...the pain won't stop till kingdom come.
Let's go.
Raghu's dialogue was really cool.
Hit him so hard...
...pain till kingdom come.
What are you guys doing?
Do you even know who he is?
He is Raghu...
I am my father's legitimate son.
But when it comes to him...
...even this legitimate
relation has no meaning.
He's the hero, and I...
am a zero.
He should be given the VIP treatment.
Anyway, let me do the honours.
Beyond this...
is a little difficult for me.
Since when did Anna's weapon...
join a music band.
That's a harmonica.
O my darling."
Doesn't matter.
You can't use both to kill someone.
Do you know...
what's the height of stupidity.
Two bald men fighting for a comb.
Let's go.
Your music won't make her life better... will only make it worse.
She might sing today...
...but tomorrow someone's going
to make her dance on that stage.
Down this path,
one can only expect slavery...
...and abused behind closed doors.
I want her to study.
And be successful.
Make a better life for herself.
Come on everyone.
Enough of this drama.
Get back to work. Come on.
Wait, Zoya.
You can start tutoring
Payal from tomorrow.
It's a good thing these
people are scared of you.
Aren't you scared of me?
As long as you have this,
no one needs to be scared of you.
Take it back.
I've no sense of music.
If you listen carefully you'll
realise that music is everywhere.
In the raindrops.
Tears trickling down from the eyes...
In commotion...
...and in silence.
In every heartbeat...
- ...and in every breath.
- Wow...
How many more singers
are you looking for?
- Four or...
- I can understand that much.
"Insolent Heart... Insolent Heart..."
- "Never listens..."
- TP...
Sit. Sit.
She's asking you to do it again.
Do what?
- Good question.
- What?
Bharat Natyam.
Bharat Natyam?
You two are stupid.
- I am stupid.
- Yes, brother Raghu.
Want a slap?
He was singing and
flirting with that girl.
She wants you to do it again.
But she's gone now.
Flirt with her.
He's just a kid, and very naive.
Sing in tune.
"Insolent Heart... Insolent Heart..."
"Never listens..."
It's hard to find,
the honest one.
But when you find him,
everything seems great.
Who is he?
I see...
How did you know
the answer to her puzzle?
Your friend's mute...
...but her heart speaks aloud.
Sister Zoya,
he plays the guitar really well.
She sings very well.
Why don't you play the harmonica?
Give me two.
- Payal!
- Payal.
- Payal!
- Payal.
- Payal!
- Payal.
- Payal!
- Pick her up.
Calm down. Calm down.
I know...
I know that this time Raghu was
only trying to protect, and not kill.
Your goodness has changed him.
But he must understand...
...that the only way to bask
in the light of goodness is... climb out of the darkness.
Give me your phone.
The day you convince him
to leave Anna just send me a text.
And I'll be there.
You can change him.
I know.
I didn't save anyone's life, Zoya.
In fact, I put your lives in danger.
My enemies could've killed these kids,
or even you.
When you focus, you hear music.
But when I focus,
I can only hear screams.
Guns shots, and death sighs.
Death is my reality, Zoya.
It will never stop following me.
These hands are only
good for pressing the trigger...
....and nothing more.
What do you think?
All this can change?
Your music can change their destiny?
That's never going to happen, Zoya.
This Time Pass will grow
up to become another Raghu.
He'll be the next Mazhar.
And him, Gopi.
And Payal who's in their fighting
to stay alive will become like Arzoo.
Zoya, we grew up in these sewers,
this is where we're going
to stay and die here.
Nothing is going to change here.
I grew up in Kashmir.
My brother taught me music
to draw out the gunshot sounds.
He gave me this harmonica...
...but he couldn't escape
that commotion himself.
One day he took up the gun...
...and was killed by a
bullet fired by someone else.
That day I decided...
...if I can take the gun
from a single child or person,
and replace it with music...
...then I'll believe
that I saved my brother.
Dead people don't come back, Zoya.
the one you desire isn't this Arzoo.
- Arzoo...
- No need to clarify.
"I know you don't accept my love..."
"...but I accept this mistake
of falling in love with you."
Wonderful news, Zoya.
I just got the news that
our kids have been selected
for the Kashmir Music Festival.
How are you?
I am fine, brother.
She doesn't say much,
and yet speaks volumes.
And bores me with her gestures.
- Who is she?
- Zoya.
"Whenever I see you..."
"...feels like you're the image of God."
"Whenever I see you..."
"...feels like God's created
you in His image."
"My heart beats only for you ..."
"...and you dwell in every breath I take."
"Love is evident on your face."
"I stay restless until
I don't see you."
"So cute..."
"God's made you so cute."
"God's made you so cute."
"I can't take my eyes off you."
"God's made you so cute."
"Since my heart's fallen for you..."
"Since my heart's fallen for you..."
"I can't take my eyes off you."
"God's made you so cute."
"The lips stay silent..."
"...but from my eyes,
I can convey to you."
"I couldn't look beyond your face..."
"I stay restless until I don't see you."
"So cute..."
"God's made you so cute."
"God's made you so cute."
"I can't take my eyes off you."
"God's made you so cute."
"Cute eyes and cute dreams."
"I can write a book about your praises."
"I feel overwhelmed by your love."
"I feel overwhelmed by your love."
"So cute..."
"God's made you so cute."
"God's made you so cute."
"I can't take my eyes off you."
"God's made you so cute."
"Since my heart's fallen for you..."
"I can't take my eyes off you."
"God's made you so cute."
I am not scared of dying, Zoya.
Because I always thought that...
...the only ones scared of dying
are those who are greedy for life.
But since I met you...
...even I become greedy too.
I mean...
Neither Eid nor Diwali.
And yet there's an
ambience of celebration.
Big words from a weak stomach.
When the subjects celebrate
without the king's permission...
...that's the first sign of rebellion.
I've heard she can't speak.
But I must admit,
she's been raising quite a commotion.
She's growing up really quickly.
Pretty soon she will
old enough for the trade.
And mark my words...
...she will be in high demand.
Raghu, do something.
Stop him.
You want to hit me too?
Hit me.
Hit me.
You're a dog.
A dog that takes orders
from my father.
If any kid...
...steps out of this
neighbourhood with this girl...
...then every family will lose a child.
And the only thing
you'll hear is wailing...
Have you two lost your mind?
You're rebelling against
Vishnu for this girl.
Not a word against Zoya, Shafi.
Remember what you said...
Don't be stupid Shafi.
Remember. Or did you forget?
- Shafi...
- Get lost.
Why did you have to kick him?
Because he's not a coward like you.
You couldn't even stand up
for your love so stop lecturing me.
All for this dumb girl...
With this...
my loyalty towards you is also finished.
Shafi, wait.
How dare he?
How could he forget his place?
Whatever went down with Raghu today... one's going to
tell my father about it.
One Ravan, Ten heads.
One Vishnu, Ten severed heads.
I am going to meet Anna today.
First I'll plead him
to let the kids go to Kashmir.
Then I'll tell him about Zoya and him.
Ask him to set me free... I can start a new
life away from this place.
I will pray for you.
Don't you want revenge?
Take it.
Take it. Take it.
And shoot.
Let me go.
I am very small.
At least don't talk
to me about being small.
Do you know what's the height of evil?
This is the height of destiny.
"Har-Monica...O my darling."
- Raghu...
- Anna, I...
Vishnu called.
He found Gaitonde and...killed him.
But some girl saw him killing Gaitonde.
girl called Zoya.
And our guy in the Police
Station informed Vishnu...
...that the girl contacted ACP Yadav.
I can hold off Yadav for some time.
Until then you must find that girl...
...and finish her.
Zoya, you must forget what you saw.
No Zoya, there's no
point in telling the Police.
Your life is in danger.
Zoya... Zoya!
Anna sent me here to kill you.
To kill my love.
I love you, Zoya.
I love you a lot.
Zoya, we must get out
of here right now.
Come with me.
Come on.
Zoya, let's go.
Look at this...
Anna's weapon...
...who dared to rebel
without his permission.
Rebellion doesn't need permission.
Bunch of dogs can never
cross a lion's path.
"I wonder what destiny
has in-store for love..."
"...only God can say."
Zoya... Zoya... Zoya...
"When the pain crosses every limit..."
"...he never listens to anyone else."
"Where the heart's not supposed to go..."
"...why does it want to go down that path."
"I've many memories of you..."
"...but I wish this time it's you."
You know what's the height of madness.
A boy says to a girl, I love you.
And the girl replied...
Ha Ha Ha Ha...
The boy says to his friend...
She said "Haan" (Yes) four times.
Raghu...stop this madness.
Today these kids are going to die... will this girl, and...
...and you will die too.
Your reign thrives on only one thing.
And, if you let him go, father...
...then people will stop fearing you.
You were more than a son to me.
That's why for the first time
I am going to make an exception for you.
Carry out the order I gave you.
If you kill her with your own hands...
...then I'll let you and the others live.
I cannot do that.
Kill me.
But...let Zoya and the kids go.
You have to decide.
That's all.
You eventually found
a way to save your son.
But the only reason for my joy... that he going to take the life
of his love with this gun.
"I am floored."
"Love is trying to convey..."
"...this life's meaningless
if I can't sacrifice it for you."
"Death can't be any more beautiful..."
"...if I die in your arms."
"Death won't be the end of this story..."
" should know."
"Send me off...with a smile."
"Because I can't cry no more."
You're making a mistake, father.
Let me kill him.
Or else he won't spare me.
The day he even tries to harm you...
...I will give you permission to kill him.
But that day will never come.
The girl got shot...
...but the bullet pierced
through Raghu's heart.
"The pain of your separation
and never seeing you again."
"Are more than all
the sorrows in this world."
"My eyes stay wide awake...waiting
for you to return..."
"...and yet there's no trace of you."
"I've many memories of you..."
...but I wish you come this time."
"With no intentions of going away..."
...but I wish you come this time."
"When the spring breeze
blows through my threshold."
"Here not only the sunlight or rain"
"Even the wind showers"
"Ask me...what it's like
to live without a heart."
"I've many memories of you..."
...but I wish you come this time."
"There must be a path..."
"...that leads to my home."
"Listen to the whispers of the breeze..."
"...and hear what they want to say."
"You'll come back to meet me..."
"...bring this news to me."
"I've many memories of you..."
...but I wish you come this time."
Go on, stop him. Hurry up.
"I am floored."
Tomorrow is Friday.
Mazhar will go to the mosque.
"It's the night to celebrate..."
"...revenge's on the list."
"May Allah save you from my wrath."
(Urdu prayers)
(Urdu prayers)
(Urdu prayers)
(Urdu prayers)
(Urdu prayers)
(Urdu prayers)
Would you like some tea?
Or did you have your
share for this lifetime?
Nature made me a midget...
...but you became one
because of your actions.
You shouldn't have kicked me.
From Morocco to Mexico...
...the list of dictators
he's protected is endless.
I've made death my protector.
Now I'll allow the winds to wreak havoc.
But if he dares to
come in against my will...
...then there's no place
he can hide from me.
Raghu will come back someday.
And he'll settle scores with his enemy...
...and his friends.
Do you know what's
the height of expectations?
An armless man shitting on the seashore...
...expecting the waves to wash it away.
You wash my car.
It means love... Life...
Zoya. That's her name.
Now you try...
Now you try...
Now you try to erase her name.
Now you try to erase her name.
"Show me a place beside
you where I can stay."
"So I can hear your
silence and never go away."
"Give my share of happiness
and be part of your pain."
"Since I met you..."
"...I assure you..."
"...I will be yours forever..."
"...that's all I want..."
"Show me a place beside
you where I can stay."
"So I can hear your
silence and never go away."
"Since I met you..."
"...I assure you..."
"...I will be yours forever..."
"...that's all I want..."
- He survived...
- Vishnu.
Did you try to get
Raghu killed in jail?
I can't understand the
expression on your face, father.
Is it anger because
I tried to get Raghu killed.
Or joy that he survived.
It's been six months
since Raghu went to jail.
But you've confined yourself
because of his fear.
You're scared to set
foot out of these walls.
What is all this for?
So don't have
to shed false tears on my death.
Shut up.
Dussera is just around the corner.
If you don't attend the celebration,
do you know what people are going to say?
Narayan Anna's son is a coward.
He's hiding in his home.
He fears a person who's locked up in jail.
I saw my death in Raghu's eyes that night.
I cannot forget those eyes and his anger.
You will realise your mistake...
...when Raghu comes out of
jail and comes straight for revenge.
Vishnu, all the witnesses are against him.
Tomorrow the court
will sentence him to life.
He will spend the
rest of his life in jail.
How can he take revenge?
But will you confine
yourself for life imprisonment
fearing his revenge and return?
Anna is right you know.
There's no point in living with the hope
that Raghu will be released
or break out of jail.
He will take revenge.
And you will get a chance to kill him.
Take my advice, Vishnu Anna,
if you want to get rid of Raghu forever...
...we should get him out of jail first.
The prosecution couldn't
produce a single witness...
...who could prove that Raghu is guilty.
So the court cordially acquits Raghu.
He shall be released tomorrow.
Do you really believe...
you're a free man?
The witness went back on
their statements on Vishnu's orders.
Go out...he's ready to kill you.
You still have a chance.
Become an approver
against Anna and Vishnu.
And maybe Zoya's soul might forgive you.
Even an emperor kneels in front
of a slave for the sake of his child. shed blood for me.
But Vishnu.
He's my blood.
And as long as I am alive,
it's my responsibility
to save him from every harm.
Till date,
I've given you all my responsibilities.
Can you give you this...
In this lifetime you chose blood-ties.
In the next life,
choose loyalty if you can.
Neither the king,
nor the joker, nor a slave.
Just an ordinary card in the deck.
Vishnu has sent a gift for you.
This is the same gun you shot Zoya with.
Take it.
Keep it. Keep it.
It's your favourite, isn't it?
It will come in handy
for taking revenge.
Take it.
You can't kill us with that harmonica.
Take it.
Vishnu Anna, he's coming.
Come, Father.
Give me your blessings
and your permission.
Let's go.
Hurry up. Come on.
- What's going on?
- Raghu's coming.
So we're getting ready
with our weapons.
Your preparations won't matter.
Umbrellas can only save you
from a deluge...
...and not a storm.
- Shoot Raghu as soon as you see him.
- No.
No one will lift a finger
until Raghu doesn't attack first.
- Shoot the bas
- Vishnu!
Now, do you know why I stopped you?
The day that girl died,
so did he.
I am not ready to believe
that Raghu doesn't want revenge.
Keep an eye on him.
"You can take my life
or take my faith..."
"You can take my life
or take my faith..."
"But give me love..."
"You can take my life
or take my faith..."
"You can take my life
or take my faith..."
"But give me love..."
What is this?
Give me more money... more money...
"I can feel you in my arms
and dwelling in my eyes."
"You are my devotion."
"You are still alive in me..."
" you're a part of me."
"You can take my evenings
at any price you want."
"But give me love..."
The day you killed Zoya,
you were not a murderer.
But by not taking her revenge,
you've definitely become a coward.
I lost my legs because of you.
Endured Vishnu's taunts.
Even the humiliation.
I was living with hope...
...that one day you will return,
and rip his heart out
of that midget's body.
But you insulted every
sacrifice everyone's made.
I didn't tell you to do any of this.
I didn't tell anyone
to make any sacrifices.
I don't want revenge.
I don't want to kill Vishnu.
He even sold Zoya's last insignia.
Quarrelled with Mazhar and Gopi.
Is that really Raghu?
Or did my father adopt twins?
Even I thought this is Raghu's plan,
but not anymore.
He seems to have given up on life.
It's easy to lose faith in a friend...
...but not in an enemy.
Have you ever seen a volcano?
For years it stays calm
concealing the fire inside it.
And suddenly one day
that fire explodes as lava.
To turn the fire inside Raghu into lava,
we need a small spark.
Paro is dead...
...but only Chandramukhi can
get the lava inside this Devdas out.
- Meaning?
- Tonight when he meets Arzoo,
a gift will be waiting for him. arrived
at the right time, Raghu.
I was wondering...
who is going to walk this
poor thing down the aisle.
But now that you're here.
You can do the honours.
But unfortunately...
this is not her wedding,
but her auction.
So on this wonderful occasion,
someone wants to talk to you.
And congratulate you.
My prediction turned
out to be absolutely right.
She is really old enough for the trade.
And yes, Arzoo's here with me.
So who are you going to save now?
That child...or your lover.
Come on, save someone.
Why don't you open your account
Otherwise, people will say
that you can never save your woman.
If you stick your head
inside the lion's mouth...'ll never survive.
You're already midget
but you'll be reduced to dust.
I am trying to wake up your lion.
Because he's been reduced
to a tamed beast himself.
People clap instead of fearing his roar.
Let the auctions begin.
- Brother Raghu...
- Fifty hundred thousand...
One hundred thousand...
- Three hundred thousand...
- Four hundred thousand...
- Save me, brother Raghu.
- Five hundred thousand...
Five hundred thousand...
- Brother Raghu...
- Save me, brother Raghu.
Brother Raghu...
Brother Raghu...
Save me, brother Raghu.
Don't go, brother Raghu.
Save me, brother Raghu.
Brother Raghu...
Don't go, brother Raghu.
Your lover boy turned
out to be a coward, dear.
See what the death of
his love has done to him.
Arzoo. Arzoo. Arzoo.
Do you know what's
the height of happiness?
Let it be.
I am very happy today.
My biggest enemy is no
more worthy of being my enemy.
Such hatred in you.
The day you were born, you were short.
But after growing up, your
actions turned out to be even smaller.
- Don't say that, father.
- Why? Why not?
I told leave Raghu alone.
He was my strength and
that's why you hate him.
- No...
- What to do?
You were born as my weakness.
- Lord.
- Father...
I always wanted you to love.
To feel proud of me.
I tried, father.
But now I am tired.
I am sorry, father.
Our score's not settled, father.
You couldn't be a good father,
nor could I be a good son.
"No companion, or a shoulder to cry."
"I belonged to no one..."
"...and no one belonging to me."
Anna's story is over.
A new story will begin now.
Prepare to celebrate Dussera.
Vishnu will take Anna's place.
Raghu was the only threat to me.
But now he's become weak,
a drunkard, and a coward.
There was a time when
even Death was scared of him.
But now he can't even
take a step without help.
I never imagined it would come to this...
...when an emperor will
be reduced to a slave.
Finish him!
Breaking news.
Anna is dead.
Now Vishnu is the new Anna.
Boss is dead...
...time for his dog to die.
I'll have to go back to
my old ways one last time, Zoya.
So that no Zoya has
to die by Raghu's hand.
I won't take revenge, Zoya...
I am going to seek retribution.
I see...
And if your friends don't
help you seek retribution,
then who else will.
I cannot change what happened to you.
But I promise you...
I'll rip his heart...
...out of his 3-feet body.
But you cannot fight this battle with me.
Because I cannot stand beside you anymore.
- Mazhar...
- If I can sacrifice my legs for friendship...
...I'm not afraid to sacrifice my head.
- Listen to me...
- He won't listen, Raghu.
He's the Hanuman of his Ram...
...who can set his own tail on fire.
The tale that you set in
motion to end Vishnu's story...
...I am the turncoat in that story.
Your plan succeeded, Raghu.
Tomorrow after 6 long months...
...Vishnu will set foot out of
his home to celebrate Dussera.
You made the enemy believe...
...that you have no intention
of taking revenge.
It was a good plan.
There's a popular saying in India.
The Police always
arrive late on the scene.
And I won't let this faith waver.
The Police will arrive late tomorrow.
Tomorrow on Dussera...
...Ravan (Demon) shall
burn and so will his empire.
"There's total chaos in this
modern age who do I turn to?"
"Evil has taken over every home
where will I find so many benefactors?"
"Come down to slay the evil
the world is calling out your name."
"Hail Ram...
Hail Ram... Hail Siya-Ram."
"Hail Lord Ram."
"Evil has ten heads
and every weapon is useless."
"Evil has ten heads
and every weapon is useless."
"The one burdened with this
responsibility is you, O Lord."
"This is your moment
your honesty is your strength."
"O Lord I bow before you."
"Come down to slay the evil
the world is calling out your name."
"Hail Ram...
Hail Ram... Hail Siya-Ram."
"Hail Lord Ram."
"Hail Lord Ram."
"Hail Lord Ram."
The lion has awakened.
Vishnu, how could you
think that you will burn Ravan?
Tradition is that...
...Ram has always slain Ravan.
Kill him.
Ya Ali...give me strength.
A true Muslim never sheds
blood inside the mosque.
I am waiting on
the threshold of the Lord...
Come out and face me
if you're brave.
Come out.
Raghu, wake up.
Brother Raghu,
Raghu. Raghu. Raghu. Raghu.
Finally, you quit this madness.
That girl's dead...
and now so are you.
"Ask me...what it's like
to live without a heart."
"I hope the day never comes..."
"...that I die without seeing you."
If I hit you, you will die.
And be scared of being born again.
You are the enemy.
But I want to clap for you.
You wanted to erase this name, didn't you?
A name that means life... love.
A name that God wants
to keep alive in our lives.
Even God can't erase this name.
And today this name will turn you to dust.
After today no child will raise a weapon.
And Ravan's won't rule.
There will be no more Mazhar...
no Gopis...
or Shafi.
No girl will have to become Arzoo.
Your story's come to an end.
- Raghu.
- Brother Raghu.
Brother Raghu.
- Raghu.
- Brother Raghu.
Brother Raghu.
What happened?
Brother Raghu.
Forgive me, Arzoo.
I am leaving you alone again.
Look Zoya...
No more gunshots...
You can only hear music here.
If you were here,
you would've definitely said.
I am floored.
"There must be a path..."
"...that leads to my home."
"Listen to the whispers of the breeze..."
"...and hear what they want to say."
"You'll come back to meet me..."
- "...bring this news to me."
- He's dead, sir.
- "I've many memories of you..."
- He's not dead. He's one with his life now.
- ...but I wish you come this time."
- With Zoya.
"I am floored."
"I am floored."