Mark Antony (2023) Movie Script

Many kinds of research are happening in the world today.
But no one has developed a device
to communicate with the past.
A time travel phone.
I've been trying for years
to invent a time-traveling phone.
A phone to call the past from the present.
Newton's third law.
Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
Our life moves on in the present
as a reaction to things in the past.
If I can complete this phone,
I can very easily change the past.
Mistakes can be corrected,
and history can be rewritten.
You don't have to do all this.
How long do you plan to waste our lives
over this invention of yours?
Just a few more days.
I'm really close.
You said this the other day!
If you had left this phone at your lab
and dropped me off by car at the exam,
I wouldn't have lost a leg in that accident!
I would've cleared the exam
and been a teacher by now.
It's my fate!
[phone rings]
- Jaanu!
- Jaanu?
How do you know that name?
I know more than that!
Your favorite color is green.
Your favorite movie is Chandralekha.
Your favorite actor is P.U. Chinnappa.
- And you love eating palkova!
- Yes!
How do you know all this?
- Who are you?
- I'm your husband!
Husband?! Honey?
What? Husband?
- [laughs]
- Hey!
- Who the hell are you?
- Hey, Chiranjeevi.
The one thing no scientist can know for sure
is the result of his experiment.
I'll tell you the result of your experiment now.
The time travel phone
you are working on is a success!
What do you mean?
Yes, Chiranjeevi.
We've finally invented the only phone that can time travel.
I'm using that phone to talk to you right now!
You are me!
And I am you!
If you are me and I am you,
- am I your past, then?
- I am your FUTURE!
And don't send Janaki to her exam today all by herself.
Drop her off by car.
Let her become a teacher as she wishes.
Come on!
What is it?
Why are you looking at my legs?
Don't worry about anything.
I'm sure you will succeed in getting this to work!
Watch what happens then.
The entire world will end up praising you.
Okay, have some coffee.
It's time for my tuition classes.
The kids are here. I'll be downstairs.
[chuckles] Yes!
I have the world's greatest invention on hand.
Rule one.
You can only communicate with the past from the present.
Not with the future.
Rule two.
You can call any phone number in the past.
But you can call the number only once a day.
If you need to talk to the same number
you can call either the day before
or the day after.
Rule three.
Since the sound waves from this phone breach the laws of time
lightning and thunder can cause the call to disconnect.
Rule four.
New users will levitate above the ground
due to gravitational forces.
Once they hang up, they will return back to the ground.
Rule five.
The caller alone remembers the conversation.
No one else will recall anything.
After spending all these years inside the lab,
I'm going to venture out into the world.
Hello. It's me, Thangarasu.
I saw Ekambaram's men here at the club.
- Yes, inform Jackie about this.
- Thangarasu! Hey, Thangarasu!
Who are you talking to?
Er... I'm talking to my wife.
I thought you were talking to your mom for a minute.
I'd love to. But she died long back.
So what?
You still can!
You can talk using my phone.
- I'll make it happen.
- He said I can talk to my dead mother.
Has he gone mad from being
inside the lab all these years?
It was a mistake to let him live this long.
He's bound to come to the club today.
And just as we planned,
we'll kill him!
Hey, Gowrishankar!
You are past your prime.
When do you plan to marry
and settle down in life?
Where is the girl from?
Not a girl.
- But a boy.
- A boy?!
My sister's husband.
What?! Jackie Pandian?
Congratulations, Chiranjeevi.
When things are finally looking good in life,
it means that God found the time to call them.
You've invented a phone that can time travel!
If you give me the phone,
I'll make you the richest man in this country!
Hey, China.
I can prevent the deaths of all those
who died for this country.
After that, why would I worry about money?
My country will become rich.
[swears in Mandarin] Give me the blueprint,
or prepare to die.
Do you know how a scientist
comes up with an invention?
It's like how a child struggles
to find its way back to its mother.
Do you know how much
the child struggles to find her?
How dare you try to take away my mother?
Nobody can take my phone away from me!
Lab number...
[phone rings]
- Hello?
- Vishwa! Inform Chiranjeevi not to go to the club.
Who's calling?
How does it matter who I am?
Tell him not to go to the club.
Someone called urgently
to tell you not to go to the club, sir.
It must be my wife's brother!
He hates it when I drink.
I will go to the club and get drunk!
He has left for the club despite what I said.
Damn, I can only call him once a day!
You can call either the day before
or the day after.
I called the lab at 11 o'clock.
I was shot at 12:30!
The shoot... The shooting can be stopped!
Hello. Tell me, sir.
There's a guy there with curly hair wearing red glasses.
Tell him to leave the club immediately!
- Who are you, sir?
- Tell him it's Chiranjeevi, you idiot!
Okay! Okay! I'll tell him.
You're being asked to leave, sir.
There's a threat to your life, sir.
- Says who?
- Someone named Shivaranjani.
Shivaranjani? Where is she?
- Where is she?
- No, not here. It was over the phone, sir.
Over the phone?
Hey, I get to decide who gets to talk to whom,
when, where, and on which phone!
I'm enjoying myself after a long time.
Tell Shivaranjani to come later. Get me some booze for now.
Booze? You idiot!
- He refuses to listen no matter what, sir.
- It's not Shivaranjani. It's Chiranjeevi!
I spoke to him on the same day
and the day after!
How the hell am I supposed to save myself now?
I discovered the power to change time and reality.
But I couldn't prevent my own death!
Nobody can cheat death!
Hey, are you ready?
Start recording.
Welcome to the world of Mark Antony, bro.
Despite many gangsters in the city,
the two were the Don on dons.
Antony and Jackie.
They were best friends.
In a desperate bid to become number one,
a gangster named Ekambaram
kept trying to kill them.
The power war started.
Ekambaram's brother was a casualty of the war
between the two gangs.
His thirst for revenge grew.
Ekambaram, who was out to avenge
his brother's death,
waited for an opportunity
to kill Antony and Jackie Pandian.
When Antony and Jackie are together,
they are untouchable.
One day, Jackie was out on business to Vellore.
Ekambaram planned and pulled off Antony's murder.
You think Jackie would let that slide?
He looked for Ekambaram throughout the state.
Ekambaram kept slipping through.
Enraged, Jackie transformed into a beast
becoming the don
who ruled over the 48 hoods of the city.
He became the godfather!
If he's like this at 60...
Imagine how he would've been at 30?
Police. Police.
The godfather of the city,
who lived like a king, felt he lacked something.
Ekambaram, who killed his best friend,
Antony, wasn't dead yet.
Tell me.
Tell me!
Tell us where Ekambaram is
if you don't want to be beaten to death.
Tell me!
Where is Ekambaram?
I don't know.
If this is your fate,
just imagine how badly Ekambaram will suffer!
Jackie has a bigger problem
that dwarfs all this.
Sunstroke. Jackie's son.
Madhan Pandian.
Hey, Madhan Pandian.
Eight of your men have died!
You cannot escape.
Come out, wherever you are!
Father and son were at odds about everything.
He wanted to get rid of his father
and become the next don.
Yeah, I forgot to narrate this part before.
Antony has a son.
- Where is he?
- Who? Madhan?
Where is Mark?
This is Mark.
Mark Antony.
Jackie treats him like his only son.
After his mother and father died,
Jackie has been Mark's guardian ever since.
Mark is no gangster like his father.
He's a mechanic.
Madhan Pandian and Mark grew up together.
If Madhan Pandian was about to pull off something,
he'd pick up some car
from Mark's garage and leave.
Mark is sincere when it comes to work.
To avoid damage to his customer's car...
He'd go after it and bring it back safely.
The phone's ringing.
Mark hates his dad,
and the profession he was in.
So, Mark stays away from Jackie.
He prefers to lead a silent life around his garage.
Since Mark's life is in danger,
Jackie always kept an eye on him.
Besides his mother, the only other woman that he loved was
She looks like a model
right out of a soap ad.
They've been madly in love with each other.
They've been in a relationship for three years.
Being a modern girl,
she only cares about Mark, not his job.
[Raghuvaran] Antony.
Mark Antony.
Mark has been trying really hard
to move out of the neighborhood
for the sake of Ramya.
But this culprit, Madhan
he's in love with her too.
One sided love.
Hey, wait.
Just do one thing.
Down this road, there's a garage.
Okay? Mark, my friend...
Tell him Madhan Pandian sent you,
and he'll fix it for free.
Hi, Mark.
I just want to talk to you about my personal matter.
- What is it, bro?
- Bro, though I'm a gangster,
I've got a heart, and it's with Ramya now.
- Ramya?
- I know you'll do anything for me.
Just forget her.
- Bro?
- Yeah.
You could've told me this a bit earlier.
Why? What's wrong?
If I had known, I wouldn't have held her arm.
It's hand only, no?
It's okay.
- Bro...
- Yeah, what?
If I had known,
I wouldn't have hugged her.
It's a hug only, no?
It's okay.
- Bro...
- Now what?
If I had known,
- If you had you known...
- I wouldn't have...
- You wouldn't have?
- Kissed her.
It's a kiss only, no?
- It's okay.
- Damn it!
Bro, if I had...
- [laughs]Hi, Dad.
- What are you doing?
Oh, it's nothing, sir.
Madhan is in love with the girl Mark loves,
and Mark is in love with the girl Madhan loves.
- They're deciding on who gets to back away.
- You bloody playboy idiot!
How is Mark related to you?
- He's my brother.
- A brother.
How are you related to the girl
your brother is in love with?
- She's my brother's wife.
- What? Are you trying to recreate Vaali?
Trying to pull a Vaali on me, eh?
Hey! If I ever see you around that girl again,
I'll put you in a wheelchair.
Madhan was waiting for the right time
to kill his dad.
Today is the Godfather's birthday.
All the dons of the 48 hoods
are here to pay their respects and collect a coin.
That's because those who don't get a coin today
will end up dead tomorrow.
- Brother.
- What is it?
The gangsters have taken the alms
and a piece of cake.
Why is everyone staring at the food
and not eating anything?
Hey! Chief won't touch the food till Mark has eaten.
We can't touch the food until he eats.
- So, that's not Mark?
- That's not Mark.
Our chief Jackie has two wives.
- This is his second wife's son, Arun Pandian.
- Oh.
- He's trying to become a hero in the movies.
- Hey, Arun.
How was the audition you went to?
There was a guy at the audition.
I left after I saw him
because he was better suited for the role.
What's the movie called?
Amaravati, Dad.
What's the name of this guy?
They said it starts with an A...
Yeah! Ajith Kumar, Dad.
Hmm... Ajith Kumar...
The name you forgot now,
it'll be remembered by the world in the future.
Hey, Dad!
Happy birthday, Dad!
God bless you.
Useless fellow.
Happy Birthday, Dad.
Please bless me.
Thank you, dear.
Have a seat.
Go ahead and eat, bro.
This brought your dad,
Antony, and I together.
How many times do I tell you
not to talk about that man?
Why do you always lose your cool
whenever your dad comes up?
I'm a gangster, just like your father!
How come you don't have a problem with me?
Why did you let the 35 girls
under my control escape?
You were going to sell those girls in Bombay.
They came here because they trusted you.
We don't need any of this!
I'm a good guy?
This guy over here...
He's the good guy.
He's all heart!
I'm Antony!
She's your wife. Let her go.
My mom's dying words
echo in my ear to this day.
Hello, Mom?
Mom, this is Mark speaking!
- What's wrong? Why are you crying?
- Mark...
Dad isn't the good guy we thought he was.
What happened, Mom?
What do you mean?
Mark, I don't want you
to get involved in fights and brawls and live in peace.
What are you talking to your son about?
Do you know how I cried,
begging him to let her go?
Dad! Let Mom go!
No, this is wrong!
Let her go, bro.
- Bro...
- Die.
- MOM!
- You're up next, son.
Dad, I'm with you
only because I promised my mother!
- You always talk about him. I'm leaving!
- Hey, Mark.
Hey Mark! Mark!
Mark! Oh, Mark!
Dad, it's alright to kill one's father
if things don't work out, right?
I can kill my son if I don't like it. Am I right?
What the fish...
What are you looking at?
What the hell did you do
to deserve a statue?
Why did you kill my mother?
I was attacked by strangers as a kid
just because I was your son.
You don't deserve a statue!
I feel happy only when I damage Antony's statue.
Why has she come here?
Did you break your dad's statue again?
I couldn't help it, Ramya.
Someone spoils my mood by talking about Antony.
- And who was it today?
- Jackie Pa.
Ramya, you like me the way I am.
But I want our child to be born into status.
For that, we need to move where
no one recognizes my dad, Antony.
Hurry, my mom wants to talk to your folks soon.
- You remember what we told my parents, right?
- Who did you say your dad was?
- Army officer.
- Where is he?
My dad died serving our country.
Oh God, we've lied
that this gangster is an army officer.
- If they find out...
- When will you get my uncle's car ready?
Which one?
That old tin can that met with an accident?
You gave it to me in parts.
Do you even know what it looks like now?
There's a suitcase inside that car.
But I'm not able to open it.
- Throw it away.
- Hey, wait!
You are a lucky guy.
Why, sir?
They are opening a hotel called
'Saravana Bhavan' behind your garage.
- Oh, I heard about it.
- They want your garage for parking space.
Your land is worth only 1.5 lakhs,
but Madhan sir has stuck a deal for ten lakhs!
You are lucky to have a friend like him.
I like you, fatty fish.
- Bro...
- Just a small surprise for you, bro!
Thank you so much!
This is the only good thing you've ever done.
They torture me by calling me
Antony's son in this neighborhood.
I want to move where no one knows my dad, Antony.
For that, I need to leave this neighborhood.
Where will you go?
- Poes Garden.
- Why there?
Amma's house here
and Superstar's house here...
And in between them
is my garage.
I'll marry Ramya and settle there happily.
Madhan is too drunk.
Are you also out of your senses?
- Would Jackie approve of this?
- Hey, Masarati!
- I'll do it, man.
- Bro...
- Let me have a word with Jackie Pa.
- Hey!
What the fish, man?
How long will you keep asking him?
You want Dad's permission for every damn thing.
Mark, get ready for tomorrow's registration.
Forget Jackie Pandian...
It's Madhan Pandian from here on!
Are you finished, madam?
What are you still pasting?
Bro, are you done practicing?
Sir... Madhan...
Sir, that hotel owner is now refusing to buy your land!
- He wants to cancel the registration.
- Why?
They are threatening to kill him
if he buys this garage.
Who the fish, you fatty fish?
Tell them it's Madhan Pandian!
Son of Jackie Pandian.
But sir, it's Jackie Pandian who's threatening him.
Why did you slap him?
He was trying to help Mark.
Help Mark? Nonsense!
He's trying to separate Mark from me.
How can it be good?
Dad, I'll leave this neighborhood. Please!
Hey, why are you so obsessed
with moving away from me?
I wouldn't care even if he left my side.
But I won't let you out of my sight.
I want you to perform my last rites.
Your dad and I have a lot of enemies out there.
Especially a man named Ekambaram.
He'll definitely come after you.
I'll burn this place down
if anyone even mentions Mark's name here.
Hand me those papers.
Protect Mark!
23, 24,
25, 26,
-28, 29, 30,
- What was the count?
- 31.
- That's it?
- Yes, only 31.
- And the other one?
- Should be there.
It isn't inside him.
- Did he swallow one?
- Could be.
Gold, tie him up there.
Come here, guys.
Mark... Come, my son. Come here.
Can you believe it's been 26 years
since I slept well?
Ekambaram went into hiding
after killing your parents.
I couldn't find him all these years.
But when he tried to kill you at the Registrar's office...
I nabbed this vermin there.
He's going to pay for everything today.
- You should be the one to kill your dad's killer.
- Dad...
Go on, kill him!
Mechanic Mark is going to
become Gangster Mark today!
[manic laughter]
Cheer up, guys!
- Hey!
- Dad...
My dad wasn't Bhagat Singh
or Subhash Chandra Bose.
- He was a rogue.
- Hey!
I don't want another life to die for his sake.
I've never asked you for anything.
But I'm asking you now.
Let him live, Dad.
Oh, Mark...
Letting him live puts your life in danger.
Come on, let's go.
Why don't you understand this?
Hey! [laughs]
Go on, I hear you.
Is it?
But Mark wants me to let him go.
[laughs] Oh. You're saying
he does not understand this, being a kid.
You don't worry, I'll talk to him.
Mark, you asked me to forgive him...
But my friend...
...told me to finish him off.
The main accused, Ekambaram,
who absconded in gangster Antony's murder case...
Hey, hold this.
Welcome, Aunty!
- Get a chair...
- Don't bother.
Where were you last night?
- At the garage...
- No.
Shall I tell?
We saw everything that happened there.
I have nothing to do with them, Aunty.
You told us you were Mark.
But you conveniently hid the fact
that you were Antony's son.
I enquired about you to everyone
in the neighborhood of your garage.
And they all said the same thing.
My dad...
might have been a gangster.
But I'm not.
- The boys here...
- I know.
You're still Antony's son no matter what.
Please forget my daughter.
We are planning to find
a suitable groom for her.
- Please forget her.
- Au... Aun... Aunty...
And... deliver that car home.
You don't have to work on it!
Aunty! Aunty!
Bro, cut the power supply.
Not one person should sleep peacefully.
Wait, I'll do it right away.
Who the hell told Ramya's mom about Antony?
- I've begged you all to keep Antony a secret.
- I cut the power supply!
I planned to marry Ramya and settle down,
but you told them about Antony and ruined it!
Your service has been disconnected.
- Please pay your bill.
- What? I didn't pay the bill?
You asked me to deliver this car.
Why should I keep the suitcase?
What is this?
It looks like a phone.
Who keeps a phone inside a suitcase?
Who cares!
Let me call Ramya.
[phone rings]
Is this what happens when you are fully drunk?
My dad Antony, might have been a gangster.
But I'm not.
- Please get me married to Ramya.
- What? Marriage?!
Why would I think about marriage
for a kid in fourth grade?
- Who is getting married, Mom?
- Oh, shut up.
You moron. Hang up now.
Fourth grade?!
Bro, I cut the power supply as you said.
It's pitch black. The lovers are happy!
What are you doing with this old clock tower?
Who fixed the power supply?
Wait, let me cut the supply again.
Forget it. Listen to what happened now.
I called Ramya using this phone...
And I was flying in the air.
I've been drinking for years,
but I've never been this drunk!
And you talk about flying high
after drinking this one time.
Believe me.
I called Ramya's house to ask her hand in marriage
- but her mom said she's in fourth grade.
- Bro...
Women will lie about anything
just to break up with a guy.
You call now. I'll talk to her.
Go on! I'll talk to her.
Why isn't the call getting connected?
- Is this a dummy phone?
- Is it?
Wait, let me fiddle around
with these numbers over here.
Oh my! What's happening?
Saw that?!
Mummy... Mummy...
You were the one who came to the garage
and begged him not to talk to Ramya.
Hey! Who the hell are you?
- Why do you keep calling? Shut up now.
- It doesn't matter who I am.
They both are in love.
Get them married.
Hey, rascal. Have you lost it?
Stop blabbering about getting
a fourth-grade kid married!
So what? I've only finished my third grade.
- Get them married.
- I'll file a police complaint.
Hang up now.
Gosh, the people I have to deal with!
Hey, how come I'm flying too?
Hey, bro...
You were right. They've mixed
something in our drink.
No, bro... We didn't fly because of the drink.
She started spinning tales to me.
They sound like a fraud family.
What are you doing, bro?
She has brainwashed you nicely when I wasn't around.
You can only communicate with the past.
Not with the future.
But you can call the number only once a day.
You can't call the same number on the same day.
Hey, we can call someone
in the past with this phone.
We really did speak to Ramya's mother from the past!
Hey, what are you saying?!
If we can talk to people in the past...
I could talk to my dad also, right?
I have had this wish since a child.
I want to confront my dad
with some hard-hitting questions.
But, he's dead.
With this phone...
I can talk with that scoundrel now, right?
How do you think you'll get
your dad's phone number?
Muthulakshmi Studios...
Buddy, did you get the number?
Hey, hang on to the table.
Otherwise, you might fly away.
We'll fly only when we call the first time.
We won't fly after that.
The date...
The month...
And the year is 1974... no 1975.
[phone rings]
- Hello... Muthulakshmi Studio?
- Yes.
Is it 1975, April 25th there?
That's right. What do you want now?
Vedha came today to take
pictures of herself, right?
Yes, we gave Vedha's photos just today.
Sir, you are the photographer.
I am a photo framer.
If you can give me their number,
I'll frame her photo and deliver it.
Okay... wait.
Sir, hurry. Please.
- 6-7...
- 6-7...
- 5-6...
- 5-6...
- 5-6...
- 7-5...
- 7-5.
- 7-5.
Did he pick up?
Did he... did he?
- Pick up.
- Did he... did he?
- Pick up... quick.
- Pick up... pick...
- Pick up... pick up...
- Pick... pick...
- Pick up... pick up... pick up...
- Pick up... pick up... pick up
- Antony?
- Are you asking for sir?
Is Antony there?
- He's admitted to the hospital.
- Hospital? Why?
That's just... something happened yesterday.
He killed someone
and got himself admitted to a hospital.
- Do you have the hospital's number?
- Note it down.
- 5-5...
- 5-5...
- 5-1...
- 5-1...
- 1-1.
- 1-1.
Did you hear that?
My dad killed someone
and is laying in the hospital, peacefully.
- Then let's bother him.
- See what I'm going to do.
[phone rings]
Why are they hyping him?
- Hello...
- Hey, you.
- Where's Antony, man?
- Hey...
- How dare you disrespect the boss?!
- As if!
Put him on the phone, man.
Ekambaram, so you sent your goons to the hospital?
What?! Ekambaram?
Antony has nothing to do
with your brother's death.
Bro... your father is shooting someone.
How dare you shoot me?
Wait till my boss Antony arrives.
Don't hang up.
Boss... boss...
Ekambaram's men have surrounded the hospital.
How many of them are here?
At least 40 men should be here.
How many men do we have?
We have two whiteys... and two guitar boxes.
Where's my pal?
He's in the next ward.
So be it.
Looks like you guys ran out of bullets.
Did you think we're out too?
Hey! Bring them in.
Hey... bring the guitar box.
Why's he talking about a guitar box now?
Happy Vinayaka Chathurthi, guys!
Happy Karthigai Deepam!
Antony, buddy!
Even if someone received a boon
from God to kill me...
Even if a thousand goons
take aim at me with guns...
Friend or foe, no matter who opposes me...
No one will dare to touch me...
- when I have my friend watching my back!
- When I have my friend watching my back!
Brother... brother...
Ekambaram is responsible for all this.
He's waiting to talk to you on the phone.
You should make him pay for everything.
If you send a knife to stab me,
the knife will have blood stains on it.
If you send a gun to shoot me,
the bullet will explode.
But this Antony will send back,
the corpses of those men you send after him!
Just because you shoot people...
doesn't mean you're a big shot.
You might have the police by your side.
But don't forget,
there's a higher power watching you.
Had I been in front of you...
No one who wishes to live long
will dare to talk in front of me.
He won't even be alive!
Do you still want to see me in person?
Umm... No.
So be it.
Hey, buddy!
What did your father say?
Why do you look stunned?
Tell me.
I've heard that my father was a bad man.
But he's a cruel man, bro!
My mother made a grave mistake
by marrying this scum bag...
And lost her life in the most unjust way.
I feel sorry for my mother.
You talked with your father,
even when you despise him.
Why didn't you talk to your mother
whom you love so much?
[phone rings]
Quick! Come home, soon.
- Hello, Mark...
- Brother, someone set our house on fire.
- Our house is burning. Come soon.
- Hey, don't cry.
- When did they come there?
- Around 12:30.
Don't worry, I'll be there.
Hey, why did you hang up?
We can't call them again.
We can only call once a day, right?
That's what the book says.
No, buddy. I remember exactly
what happened that day.
Ekambaram and his men
came around 12 o'clock that day.
He's also saying the same.
They tried to kill me and my mother.
They burnt our house and killed
everyone who worked in our house.
They sent me to a school in Ooty
after this incident.
If we call the day before,
we can prevent all this from happening.
Amazing, buddy. Enter the date!
Call them... call them.
[phone rings]
- Hello...
- Mark, do as I say without asking questions.
Why should I listen to you?
Who are you?
Mark, listen to me carefully.
- People are coming to kill you and our mother.
- Mom...
Hey, don't call her.
Isn't mother important to us?
You'll do whatever it takes to save her, right?
What should I do to save her?
Mark... listen carefully.
Ekambaram and his men are
on their way to burn down our house.
Tie the kerosene can in our house to your cycle.
Poke holes in the can and ride around our house.
Now light it!
Now tell them what I tell you.
Hey! My dad's not home yet.
But he'll be home soon.
- Stay put if you're all men...
- like you claim to be.
Information is from Antony.
But the order is from Mark...
- Mark Antony!
- Mark Antony!
Mark isn't as innocent as we thought.
He's a blazing fire!
Call Mom now.
Antony has trained his wife and son well.
Let's not do it today.
Let's leave.
Brother, thank you so much.
- I saved Mom.
- Hey...
You don't have to thank yourself.
- Brother, hold on. I'll give the phone to Mom.
- To Mom?!
The earth and sky bear witness
Your time has now come,
My dear son!
- The earth...
- Mom!
...and sky bear witness
- Your time...
- Mom!
...has now come,
My dear son!
With my blood as milk,
I nourished you
I gave my soul...
Who is it?
It's my mother.
In another lifetime...
I don't even know who you are.
But you saved us from grave danger.
- Thank you so much.
- Mom...
- I feel like seeing you, Mom.
- Then come here.
You are always welcome.
I have to tell you something.
What is it, son? Tell me.
Why do you have to live with a gangster like him?
Is life even worth living
if we're constantly scared of death?
A person like Antony should not be alive.
- Mix poison in the food he eats.
- Hey...
Who the hell are you?
I'm patient only because
you saved us from Ekambaram.
Who are you to talk about my husband?
What? Did you hear someone talk bad about him?
He's going to kill you.
You are going to die because of him.
If I'm going to die because of him,
I'd die happily.
- Mom, listen to me...
- How dare he talk bad about my husband!
What happened?
Why does my mother
praise this scumbag so much?
I don't understand this. It's all very confusing.
Hey, there would have been a moment
he decided to become a gangster, right?
What if I changed that moment?
Then he wouldn't have become a gangster...
or killed my mother.
And I wouldn't have become an orphan.
We need the date, time, and year for that.
I have to learn everything about my father.
The garage is closed for a week.
Let's learn everything about Antony.
- It's my dad. He's committed three murders.
- Hey...
What do you think of yourself?
Some kind of a saint?
I know what my mom
told you at the garage yesterday.
Keep the phone a secret!
My parents didn't accept
because your dad is a gangster.
I don't care about them.
But I do.
I want to know who my dad really was.
Alright, let's find out about him together.
He's a degenerate.
He is a top-tier panderer.
He's nothing but a nuisance.
He's been gone for 20 years.
Why are asking about him now?
An... Antony?
Hello, my son! How are you?
You murderer! You could have killed me
like you killed my mom.
Of course, my son.
You escaped then. But now?
- Coming, coming, coming.
- No, don't. Don't!
Oh my God... Oh no!
- My dad shot me. I'm dead. I'm dead!
- What happened, Mark?
What are you blabbering?
Did he shoot you from the heavens?
Get up now.
You read stories and
now you're hallucinating!
We searched the entire area.
Even the library didn't give us what we wanted.
Is your dad a good person or a bad person?
It's so confusing.
Someone was always there to protect my dad.
He's assisted him in
evading all charges against him.
Who could it be?
Advocate Selvam.
He's represented Antony in all his cases.
But no one has told me about him to date.
Selvam is the only other person
after Jackie Pa who truly knew my dad.
But he's dead!
I'm going to prevent his death
and bring him back to life.
[phone rings]
Sir, don't ask questions about me.
- But listen carefully to what I'm about to say.
- Hey, who are you?
You are disturbing me during my office hours.
- Hang up now. - Sir, I'm calling
via a time travel phone from 1995.
I can tell you everything that will happen
in the next six months of your life.
You'll be promoted to Advocate General on February 28th, 1965.
- Oh...
- August 25th...
You'll represent Antony for the first time.
- You'll win all the 17 cases you argue for him.
- Okay...
Antony will die on 31st December 1975.
Antony will die?!
Stop your ramble on time travel and future.
It's all unbelievable.
I know you wouldn't believe me, sir.
But you'll believe me when it actually happens!
You'll believe me after Antony dies.
Ekambaram will try to kill you on 3rd January 1976.
If you manage to save yourself on that day,
you'd live to see the future, sir!
And if all that I said happens,
come to Mark's garage
behind the Royapuram clock tower
on 18th June 1995 at 5:30 PM.
1995 and the future? Damn!
Maybe he's an astrologer.
You spoke to him like an astrologer.
Do you think he'd come?
If he survives...
He'll surely come!
Go wait by the clock tower
and see if he's coming.
Come on, go.
To hell with him and his time machine.
It's 5:30, as he said.
Mark Garage, Royapuram.
Welcome, Selvam Uncle.
Selvam sir?
- Antony...
- No, I'm Mark.
- I called you here with this time travel phone.
- What are you saying?
If you are Mark...
Are you Antony's son, Mark?
He killed my mom
without even the slightest remorse.
Yes, I'm that murderer's son.
He turned every man in this town
into goons for his selfishness...
- Yes, I'm that rowdy's son.
- You...
You've understood your dad really well!
Very good.
You told me what would happen
and made me come here 20 years later.
Now it's my turn to tell you
what happened 20 years before that.
Ekambaram, saw Antony as his professional rival.
So, he enslaved Antony's men in his brick factory.
He held your mother at knife point
and chained Antony in front of the town.
Hey, Antony.
I heard you enquire the ones
who made a mistake by making them kneel.
I'm going to enquire you now.
Kneel down!
If you don't...
I will...
...kill your wife.
Antony, has never bowed down
to anyone in his life.
And for the first time in his life,
for your mom's sake he...
You knelt down for your wife.
Had I kidnapped your son,
wouldn't you have fallen on my feet and...
...licked my feet, right?
Brother, we've found where Jackie is.
Let's go.
They held your mother at knife point,
and Ekambaram's men prepared to kill your dad.
What did my dad do then?
Prayed for Antony to come back.
[in unison] We want Antony!
We want Antony!
But, they were left disappointed.
[in unison] We want Antony!
We want Antony!
[in unison] We want Antony!
We want Antony!
- It wasn't Antony who came that day...
- Sir?!
But it was Lord Karuppanna Samy!
The time has come!
Lord Karuppa in chains!
Bless us all
Lord Karuppa in chains!
Lord Karuppa of the fort
Step forth with your whip!
Lord of the hunt
Come roaring to the thunder!
Our saviour
Come swinging your sword!
The lord to vanquish all evil
Come guard us like the fire
Bolt like a horse to save us!
As the world falls apart
Come rescue us!
Come dancing,
As the wicked run!
Come save us from poverty!
As the war drums beat,
Blood courses through the veins
As the eyes turn red
and the teeth begin to grit
He's hear to strike fear into
The hearts of his enemies!
Step forth, my lord!
Vanquish them forever!
You brave tiger!
Pounce forth and destroy them
Bury your claws,
And rip them to shreds!
Chase them down
And hunt them without mercy!
Burn away the injustices
And light the fire in us!
Your eyes shower sparks at our enemies!
Pursue them through the night
And fight them, brave warrior!
You're as furious as the Gods
Are to the wicked!
The hero who stepped forth to guard us
Quench your anger
By vanquishing the damned!
Destroy anything that stands in your way!
Strike down like the lightning
That steps out from the sky!
Your father bowed down to Ekambaram
to save your mom's life.
You think he would have killed your mom?
Women trafficking to Mumbai and Kolkata
increased in Madras.
But women felt safe with Antony around.
Forget what happened in the past.
- You all go home now.
- The MLA took Vedavalli, who was with us.
She's been to the lodge
under the guise of going to veena class!
- She shouldn't live here anymore.
- Oh, God! She has ruined our reputation.
She has brought shame to this household!
Antony was a gangster,
but it was for the town's well-being.
We've got an order for 7.5 lakhs
for our gun factory, bro!
- 7.5 lakhs?
- Yeah.
- Let's not take it.
- But why?
The Tamils who are struggling need these guns.
Send it to them for free.
You were motionless when you were born.
The midwife handed you over to Antony,
saying you were dead.
He has no signs of life.
I couldn't save him, sir.
That day...
Antony cried for the first time in his life.
Don't give up.
Don't give up, son.
Every child is born hearing their mother's wails.
But you...
You were born over your dad's tears.
Sir, my dad shouldn't die.
- He has to come back alive.
- How is it even possible?
That rascal, Ekambaram, killed your dad.
Sir, I brought you back alive using this phone.
Ekambaram killed my dad
at the club on December 31, 1975.
What if we stopped my dad from going to the club?
[phone rings]
Sir, relax. You'll fly only for the first call.
- Hello?
- I'm Selvam speaking.
Tell me.
Don't go out anywhere today, Antony.
Please stay at home.
- Why, Uncle?
- They've schemed a plot to kill you at the club.
- Schemed a plot?
- Yes.
- Who has, Uncle?
- Ekambaram.
Please stay at home today, Antony.
Do you think I'm a coward
to stay home knowing they plan to kill me?
- What time do they plan to do it?
- 12:30 at night.
- I'll be at the club by 10 PM.
- Antony, don't.
Listen to me, Antony.
Please don't go.
- What did my dad say?
- He's going to the club two hours early despite my advice.
What do we do now, sir?
Shall we try calling the club?
Besides you, who else does my dad listen to?
- Jackie Pa.
- Jackie Pa?
My father will listen to Jackie Pa for sure.
Let's make him talk, sir.
Selvam Uncle?
Dad, I got to know the truth only now.
Selvam sir told me everything about my father.
It was Ekambaram who killed
my father in the club, right?
If we input the right date and time,
this phone lets us talk to the past.
I contacted my father in 1975
and told him not to go to the club.
But he refused to listen
and went to the club two hours earlier.
He'll definitely listen to you.
Shall we call the club, Dad?
Selvam Uncle...
What is he rambling about...?
I still don't understand
how you came back alive. Hey...
How did you talk with the dead Antony?
Ph... phone...
How did he inform you
that he's going to the club early?
- Ph... phone...
- Why are you confusing me, my darling?
It's true, Jackie.
I didn't believe him either.
Mark warned me about the plan to kill me.
So, I left Madras a week earlier and escaped.
I'm standing in front of you
only because of this phone.
Dad, their plan is to kill him at 12:30.
We can save my dad if we call him by 12.
He's bound to come to the club today.
And just as we planned, we'll kill him!
Tell me, boss.
Shall I kill him?
Hey. Kneel before Antony.
Tell me, what's your last wish?
I want Antony
to listen to me.
- Go on.
- My brother died because of you.
That's why I wanted you dead.
I thought you preached against illegal business
even if we are gangsters
but acted the other way.
I realized it wasn't you.
But everything is happening under your name.
Stop it!
This phone... you talking to my friend...
You coming back alive...
I don't understand any of this.
But did he understand Antony is a good man?
Antony is a good man, right?
Do you know who's behind all this?
- Who is it?
- It's your friend, Jackie Pandian!
I don't like that!
I don't like that.
I don't like that you now know Antony is good.
- I came here to kill Jackie, Antony.
- Crab soup for Jackie Pandian, table number 24.
Antony is a fool...
The bark of the banyan...
The senseless stem...
The bitter neem crust...
The seed that saw the storm...
Antony cannot control me anymore.
It's me, Jackie Pandian.
Don Jackie Pandian.
Table number 24 is behind the stage.
Jackie, what can you do by defying Antony?
If he's a bonfire, I'm a wildfire.
If he's my father's son,
I'm the son of the Gods.
If he's the archangel, I am Lucifer.
If he rules this city,
I rule this world.
Why should we do noble deeds
while committing felonies?
What good can come out of bad and vice versa?
What's good in bad and what's bad in good!
It's simple. Good is good!
Bad is bad!
Antony is good. But Jackie is evil.
I made this world believe that Antony is a scum.
I made his son despise him...
Everything was going well
until you entered the scene!
I'll deal with you later.
- What is this, Dad?
- Who is your dad?
Who do you think is your dad?
Why do you think I eat after you daily?
It's not because of affection.
You were my guinea pig
to ensure my food wasn't poisoned.
You were nothing more than a guinea pig.
When I see your grease-smeared face
early in the morning...
It feels like I fooled him
and smeared grease all over his face.
You trailed behind me all day, calling me Dad.
How long should we continue like this
behind his back?
It made me brim in joy as if Antony
was loyally at my side like a faithful dog.
- We sell drugs behind his back.
- What's all this, Jackie?
Children should carry books. Not these.
We sell women behind his back.
We sell guns behind his back.
It's not just money we earn from this.
It's the partnership we get.
Partnership with the Columbian dons.
[chuckles] Jackie has the full power now.
Why do we still need this powerless Antony?
Boys! In some time,
Antony will be here,
expecting Ekambaram to kill him.
Antony killing Ekambaram...
Jackie killing Antony.
Hereafter... no Eka, no Anto.
Only Jackie ruling!
Why are you talking like this, Dad?
I've been with you
only because my mom said.
I plotted the perfect scheme
and killed your dad at the club.
I shot Ekambaram too.
But he escaped and came to save you.
- Madam!
- What happened?
They shot Antony at the club.
What are you doing?
What did my husband do to you?
Why did you kill him?
- Who are you calling your brother?
- Brother?!
There's something that Antony used to say.
What was it? Yes...
Get down on your knees, woman.
And then he used to ask something.
What's your last wish?
Tell me.
If time truly possesses powers,
my husband will come back and kill you.
[phone rings]
Hello, Mom...
It's your mother.
- Dad stabbed me, Mark.
- Mom, what happened?
Mark... I don't want you to get involved
in fights and brawls.
You have to earn a living through hard work.
Your father's not a good person.
It would be best for you to be with Jackie.
Listen to him whatsoever.
Okay, Mom. I'll listen to him.
What happened, Mom?
- I don't understand.
- Who are you talking to?
With Mark.
He's next.
Please don't do anything to him.
- Please, don't.
- Dad, please don't do anything.
Dad, please leave her.
Please don't shoot her.
I'm the mother...
I'm the father...
I'm your kind and benevolent God!
is the best day...
best death...
for my best friend.
How could you kill your friend? You sinner!
I was the one who killed Antony...
I was the one who killed his mom...
I was the one who killed you...
I'm the one who's going to kill you again.
And I'm the one who is going to kill
this dear son of mine.
Why do you all wish to die in my hands?
Who among you is eager
to stab my best friend first?
Go on, raise your hands.
Come on!
Who is that brave soul?
Come, come!
[in unison]
Run... run!
None of you guys can stab Antony in the heart.
It's only possible to stab my back.
But you already did, my friend.
Best day...
Best death...
For my best friend!
Run for your life, Chiranjeevi.
Move out of the way!
Here he comes!
Here comes the mighty tiger!
Move out of the way!
Here he comes!
Here comes the mighty tiger!
I am that mighty tiger!
My time to pounce now!
Move out of the way!
Here he comes!
Here comes the mighty tiger!
Here comes the Roadside Romeo!
Did he work his charm on you?
Here comes the Roadside Romeo!
Did he work his charm on you?
That became the story!
My life turned into that story!
If you dare to make a fuss
I won't hesitate to pack you a punch!
If someone is bold enough like you
Victory is on our side, for sure!
Move out of the way!
Here he comes!
Here comes the mighty tiger!
I am that mighty tiger!
My time to pounce now!
Move out of the way!
Here he comes!
Here comes the mighty tiger!
I'm your friend, bro. Leave me.
You are not just a friend to me.
You are my best friend!
Oh, you valiant guy
Won't every crime run at your sight?
Oh, you valiant guy
Won't every crime run at your sight?
Does it hurt?
It hurts me even more.
Jackie, don't do anything to Mark.
Leave him.
Selvam... Selvam sir!
It's the same gun that shot your father.
I'll kill you with this knife...
Where the hell is my finger?
- Where is it?
- Looks like...
My dad shot you in the club.
That's Antony for you!
The enemy became my friend.
But you, my best friend...
stabbed my back.
What's going on?
What's with all these tricks?
Why are you hesitating, Antony?
- Shoot him, now.
- Hey, Eka!
Your father took me in...
when I had no one.
Shooting you is...
like shooting my father.
- You pull the trigger.
- Hey, no...
So, what you said is true?
So, this phone...
Is this phone for real?
Tell me, is this phone real?
- No, it's not. It's not true.
- What's with this phone?
Hey, that phone isn't real.
- Don't touch that phone.
- Shut your mouth!
Do not touch that phone.
- Club number is...
- Hey, Jackie...
- Hey, stop it.
- 1975...
Antony, my life is worth something!
Don't you ask for everyone's last wish?
I'll tell you mine.
I want Antony to kill me. Shoot me, man!
The club number is...
Hey, stop!
Stop it.
Don't call the club.
[phone rings]
Shoot me, Antony.
Shoot me already.
- So be it.
- Shoot me!
Jackie Pandian?
Some Jackie Pandian is on the phone.
- Jackie?
- Yes.
Who is this other Jackie?
Antony, this is Jackie...
Jackie Pandian.
Hey, don't kill me.
Don't kill that Jackie over there.
Stop squandering and kill me.
Hey, you see me there, right?
Please, don't kill me.
Hey, stop hesitating.
Kill me now.
Jackie, you fool.
Shut the hell up.
If he shoots you there, I'm finished here.
Jackie is right in front of my eyes.
Who are you?
Hey! That's gangster Jackie in 1975.
You're speaking with Godfather Jackie of 1995.
Hey Antony, stop chatting and kill me now.
If you kill him there,
I'll kill your son Mark here.
Hang up, now.
Mark's studying elsewhere.
You are talking about
the school-going Mark.
But I'm talking about mechanic Mark,
who was nothing but my underling for 20 years.
Mark? A mechanic?
Did you expect me to make him a governor?
You won't understand
what I'm talking about.
I'm hanging in the air, man.
I understood everything only after losing my finger.
Don't make me repeat it, man.
You'll not understand.
I'm him.
He's none other than me.
Hey... stop?
Why did you shoot my finger?
How did you know...
that I shot his finger?
How does it hurt there
when I shoot him here?
Something is happening.
A phone.
That's what is happening.
I'm currently talking with you on that phone.
I don't trust anything you're saying.
The Jackie in front of me...
is hell-bent on killing me.
You call yourself Jackie Pandian on the other side
and you want my son dead?
If it's possible for you to be in both places,
- then it's possible for me too, right?
- Fool!
You are not here.
Why not?
That's because I killed you long back.
If you raise another finger against Jackie...
your son Mark will be finished.
It's not believable at all.
So, if Mark was tolerating you all these years,
my son Mark...
- no matter where he is, he'll survive.
- Hey!
Enough of shooting my finger.
Kill me once and for all!
Best day...
Best death...
Don't kill me, man.
- For my best friend!
- [laughs]
Dad! It's Mark.
How did Jackie call us
when he was right here?
Not a clue, Ekambaram.
I can't believe anything
that's happening here.
I'll tell you!
Time travel is against the law of nature.
The tiniest change in the past...
will have a huge impact in the future.
If time gets warped again,
I will definitely come back for my phone.
Our lives are going to change from here on.
Mark, son...
Happy Birthday!
- Isn't this Jackie Pandian's house?
- Jackie Pandian?
It's your house, Mark. Come on now.
Dad, Mom?!
- Is this me?
- Stop kidding.
Don't you recognize yourself in that photo?
- Greetings, boss!
- Hello, boss!
Sir, where's my dad?
Your dad?
[crowd cheers]
From a mechanic, I became a don.
Then, what about Madhan?
Since the last time I spoke with dad,
everything has changed.
Uncle... I still haven't settled
the score for my father's death.
We have to kill him this year.
Don't worry, Madhan.
Our men are ready in their positions.
This will be the last birthday he celebrates.
He'll be dead by morning.
Chennai's notorious gangster Mark Antony,
who's accused of various crimes
- has been released from prison today.
- Why am I on the news? Is that me?
I must've been a big don or something
in the last chapter!
Son, because you paid the hospital bills
our girl is doing fine today.
Everyone falls at our feet.
I'm going to fall at your feet.
- Give me your blessings.
- Bless you. Bless you.
What are you looking at?
You can take it from here.
You can drop the beedi now.
You can't sing if you smoke.
Wearing a cotton-candy-pink saree
And a silk blouse to go with that
Wearing a cotton-candy-pink saree
And a silk blouse to go with that
My girl, walking away with the porridge,
Do you want a place in my heart?
Who could be behind this?
Uncle Ekambaram, what you're saying is right.
This is her handiwork!
Mark! Pour petrol on her and set her on fire.
My Uncle-Aunt gave a lift to someone on the road.
Did they enter as a group to kill you?
Drop your act!
I'm acting?
I don't even burst crackers
on Diwali out of fear!
But you framed me in a case saying
I tried to kill Mark with a bomb!
The police beat me black and blue and tortured me!
I didn't say a word then.
Even now, two months back...
Yes, Uncle-Aunt!
Your men entered my garage,
claiming I was inciting your enemies.
They tied me, hung me upside down,
and beat the life out of me!
I never said a word then.
That's because
my dad was a lying, conniving cheat!
I have to endure all this
because I was born to that traitor!
You are a bigger scumbag
- than your father, Jackie.
- Jackie?
Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!
His name irritates me.
He's a traitor!
A traitor who tried to kill his best friend!
I would've beaten him to death
if he had been alive today!
- Kill him, Mark!
- You too, Thangarasu?
You stuck around and
stole all the gold from my dad
and walk about boldly calling yourself "Gold."
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
In a desperate bid to avoid all this,
I tried to sell my garage to the hotel owner
and leave this neighborhood for good.
But I need your sign to sell the place.
Think about it, Mark.
I've to drop in every day to mark my attendance.
I've to eat your food first
to check if it has been poisoned, like a guinea pig.
Is this any way to live?
Don Mark sir! Don Mark sir!
Sign your name and release me from this.
Set us both on fire!
- Set me on fire.
- What are you waiting for, Mark?
Don't think about it.
Light them both up!
Traitor Uncle!
- Bro...
- Huh?
You want to sell your garage, right?
I'll sign the papers tomorrow.
Get going now.
Thank you, Don Mark sir.
- Come on, Uncle.
- Something's not right.
Uncle, what's up with Mark today?
He hits me first, and then speaks.
But today,
he was being polite and nice?!
Why is everything so different?
Where are we headed, sir?
Where's Dad?
Why are you repeatedly asking
about your dad from yesterday?
You don't usually talk about Dad in public.
What's this new habit?
Sir, we just time-traveled here.
Time travel?
We have the time.
And we are traveling.
Isn't that time travel?
Gosh, no one else remembers a thing!
Yay! She wants to meet me
when no one's home!
What the heck?
I thought I'd visit Ramya at her house.
What is he doing here?!
I've got to steal her heart today.
Why are you waiting here?
Come inside.
She's calling him in,
just like she calls me?
No one's home. Come in!
Come on. Come on!
Why are they headed inside?
Why on earth did you fall in love?
Hey, Madhan!
You've been stuck in the same place
for four months now!
What's your problem?
I've done everything I wanted to in my dreams.
You've just let this cat in today.
Watch what this cat does today...
You are always New.
I know that well.
I know I'm your Anbe Aaruyire.
Never once has your gaze
strayed beneath my eyes.
[giggles] But I've never looked up at your eyes.
I've been Kushi looking at those hips.
What? You were happy about it?
- What is he doing here?
- Hey, what's this, Ramya?
Hey... Why did you come here?
Just for complaining to the police
about your behavior at the market,
your men came home to threaten me.
- Get out now!
- Oh! I must've been a terrible don before.
What are you thinking about?
Ramya, keep quiet!
Don Mark sir... Don Mark sir...
Please forgive this girl.
Hey! Madhan!
You were in love with her earlier.
Are you trying to sway her now?
Don Mark sir!
- Do you really like her?
- Yes! Yes! Yes!
She's now my sister-in-law!
- Sister-in-law, I'm leaving.
- Madhan! What?
Oh, no!
Why are you calling me sister-in-law
just because of him?
He's a thug
who makes money by breaking heads!
But you are a mechanic
who works honestly for a living!
Damn it, my head's about to explode now!
It's about to explode!
- You, stop touching her. Stop touching him.
- Don Mark sir,
that wasn't me.
She grabbed my arm unexpectedly!
What's wrong with that?
She touched you, and you let her!
Why does that sound familiar?
Hey! What's your problem?
Why are you making a fuss about touching him?
I'm going to kiss him now.
Do you want to watch?
Oh, my God!
A kiss?

I'm gonna spit it out,
Don't tell Mummy
I'm gonna pour my heart out,
Don't tell Daddy
I'm gonna roast her,
Don't tell my bestie
I'm going to put my heart out,
don't hop away like a kangaroo!
I thought it was love
and gave her my heart
She fooled me
And gave me the slip, dude!
Hey, she ended my life
And started hers afresh
She made me laugh
And gave me shivers!
She left me, left me,
My red rose!
I love you di!
I love you di!
I love you di!
I love love love love
You you you you di!
You looked cute
And I fell for you
But you broke my heart into bits!
You broke like a kite string
And flew away, mid way
How could you forget my true love?
You ruined my life
You hag!
I'd bite you down
Like a strawberry!
My love has gone to bust
And my life has bit the dust!
You dazed me, confused me,
Made me iffy and loath in pity
Lady of virtue!
I love you di!
I love you di!
I love you di!
I love love love love
You you you you di!
What's this?
- What's the meaning of this?
- Just fooling around...
You killed the mood,
You nitwit!
I'll come home
And have your head split!
You never stood a chance,
So stop it with your dance!
You've squealed, oinked, and grunted
Like a pig!
I hate you da!
I hate you da!
I hate you da!
I hate hate hate hate
You you you you da!
You were up all night watching cartoons,
and now you are late!
- Why?
- We've selected our guns.
Pick a gun for yourself.
What's all this, sir?
I don't remember seeing so many guns,
even in Walter Vetrivel last week!
- So, are these licensed?
- What?!
License? We don't own trucks!
- Why would we get them licensed?
- Hey!
You said it yourself, Mark!
Our guns are outdated.
You said you wanted
the newer model guns from Bombay!
I said it then...
But we don't need this any longer.
- Mark bhai...
- Huh?
I see a lot of changes in you
after our last meeting.
You've grown too soft.
I've displayed all the latest weapons of 1995,
as you asked.
- Select what you like, bhai.
- Hey!
Why the hell do you keep calling him Mark bhai?
If he isn't a boy, is he a girl?
Hey! Shut up!
- Select what you want.
- Damn it, they won't let me off that easily!
Get me that size 8 spanner.
This isn't a spanner, bhai.
It's a semi-automatic pistol.
MP variant.
But it's a bit heavy.
Good choice.
Why are his hands trembling?
Is he sick or something?
Hello, Selvam.
- Tell me, Ekambaram.
- I need to talk to the chief.
The chief, why?
Mark has been acting like a stranger
for two days now.
Isn't this Jackie Pandian's house?
He looks at our men
like he's meeting them for the first time.
- Sit down, son.
- He acts like he's scared in front of us.
Mark's acting like he's scared?
The chief will reach Columbia in two weeks.
Let's discuss it then.
The flight is about to take off.
- I'll call you once I land.
- Okay.
[in Hindi] Brother, is everything set?
Madhan saab.
I've fixed the mic
on that gun, as you asked.
You can hear what he says now.
[in Hindi] Good!
Very good!
Hey, Mark.
What's happening around you?
I thought I could fix things
by saving my father from death.
But Dad isn't around,
and the world has turned upside down.
How could you hold a gun
in a hand that once held a spanner?
Everything changed with a phone call.
No one else remembers a damn thing
besides me!
Hey, Masarati.
I'm headed to Ramya's house for some important work.
Make sure no one else knows!
- If someone finds out, they'd follow me there.
- Okay. You go ahead. I'll take care.
We missed our chance at his house.
He's going to Ramya's house by himself.
We'll kill him there.
Come on.
The car... the phone must be in the car.
Brother, Mark is all alone.
Let's get him, come on!
If he's messing around with the car
instead of meeting Ramya...
We must figure it out.
Hey! Hey!
What are you doing here?
What did you take from the car?
What is this?
I'm not a gangster like you think.
I'm a car mechanic.
- Mechanic?!
- He's got me confused.
But I'm the mechanic!
Three days back, we were in love!
- But she's my girl, Uncle!
- Tell me something that sounds believable.
Damn it, I was a mechanic before.
Jackie Pandian was alive back then.
Jackie Pandian and his boys were dons.
We were gangsters?
I used this phone that your uncle invented...
to call my dad and change everything!
Huh? What does he mean?
Go and narrate your stories
to this new director, Shankar.
- Even he wouldn't believe it.
- How am I going to explain this to her?
Ah... the scar!
- When did you get that scar?
- Why?
- Tell me, Ramya.
- When I was in third grade...
What year? Which month? The date?
- Do you remember?
- That was on my birthday.
How could I forget it?
- It was on my school's sports day. I tripped and fell.
- Okay, okay.
- Shall I make your scar disappear?
- Uh, make her scar disappear?!
Ramya, this is the first time
you're going to use this phone.
- You're going to fly up, okay?
- What? Fly up?
Argh... I can't take this.
I'm going to call your house.
Talk like your PT teacher
and tell your mom that sports day has been canceled.
Got it, Ramya?
What did you say the date was?
30th August,
- 1980.
- 30th August 1980.
- Huh?
- Hey!
[phone rings]
Here. Talk. Go ahead.
It's okay. It's okay.
Don't worry. I'll be with you.
How's he flying, Uncle?
- What is he going to do with your girl now?
- Shut up!
- Hello?
- Are you Ramya's mother?
Yes. I'm Ramya's mother.
- This... is Ramya's PT teacher.
- Tell her you're Ramya's PT teacher.
- Hello? Tell me, ma'am.
- The...
The sports day has been canceled.
You don't have to send Ramya to school.
Could you tell her yourself? I'll call her.
Your PT teacher is on the line.
Talk to her.
- It's me?
- Yeah, it's you.
- Is that Ramya speaking?
- Yes, miss.
What?! Is she talking to herself?
Th... the... sports day has been canceled.
Stay home.
Okay, miss.
Look! Look! Touch it.
Your scar has disappeared.
Do you believe me now?
- Yes!
- What's happening here, Uncle?
I'm telling you the truth, Ramya.
Please believe me.
First, Jackie Pandian killed my dad
and became the don.
I was a mechanic then.
I used this phone to call my dad
and tell him what had happened.
My dad went to the club two hours earlier
and killed Jackie Pandian.
So I'm the don now.
And Madhan is a mechanic!
My dad Jackie had been alive,
and we were all gangsters then.
I don't know if I can believe what you say
- but I can't discount it as well.
- So...
He called his dad with this phone
and got him to kill my dad.
That's why we are mechanics, Uncle.
I'm really confused.
- Shall we call them again?
- No, don't!
This phone can only call the place in the past once.
Your next call must be
on the previous or the next day.
We need to change
things back to the way they were.
The phone, Uncle. The phone!
- We were... in love?
- Yeah.
- Hey, throw the bombs!
- Throw it!
What is this?
- Hey! Who... Who is it?
- Get it! Get it! Get it!
- Hey!
- Go! Go! Go! Go!
- Are you... Are you okay?
- I'm okay.
The phone...
I got it!
Nice work, Uncle!
Someone pushed Ekambaram in the bathroom, Mark.
His hand is broken.
Did you figure out who it is?
Tell us. Quick!
- Why, you!
- Good God!
Hey! He's drawing a picture of the guy
who attacked Ekambaram.
We find him,
we beat him black and blue,
and teach him a lesson he won't forget!
I need this!
I thought you'd sketch his face,
but what's this?
Is this a time bomb?
Yes, I want this time bomb.
This is incredible, but it's true.
[phone rings]
Watch me fly high, Uncle!
Jackie Pandian speaking.
Dad? Dad! Dad!
Are you alive, Dad!
I'm glad to hear your voice, Dad!
- Who's Dad? Who the hell are you?
- This is your son, Dad!
- Are you Revathy's son?
- Dad!
- Vasanthi's son?
- Dad!
- Kausalya's son?
- DAD!
Hey, my wife is next to me.
Hang up now.
Hey! Hey, Dad... Da...
Who was it on the phone?
Some useless guy's son called me his dad.
Half the kids in town call you dad!
I'm so mad I'm going to poison you someday!
She's being playful.
What if she plays with my life?
I should beat her to it.
- Bloody Jackie!
- Madhan.
What did Jackie say?
Did he ask about me?
He hung up after asking me
whose son I was, that son of a playboy!
Your dad is a madman.
- He won't believe you.
- He'll believe me now!
I'm going to call on a very special day.
December 28th!
Don't be mad, dear.
Don't you know?
I might sleep around with other women,
but my heart is only for you.
Shall I sleep around with other men
and give you just my heart?
[phone rings]
I should break your jaw...
Jackie speaking!
- Dad!
- HEY!
Who the hell are you?
Where are you calling from?
Hey! Listen to what I say.
Watch it. You're getting disrespectful!
You deserve zero respect
for poisoning your own wife!
Dad, aren't you talking to me
after poisoning Mom?
- Shall I hang up now?
- Hey!
Don't hang up! Don't hang up.
I know you killed Mom.
And I know how you plan to kill
your best friend Antony.
You claim to be my son.
But you're aware of the murders I've done
and the ones I plan to commit.
Are you trying to blackmail me?
Are you outside the house
watching what I'm up to with binoculars?
- Come in, let's talk.
- Stop!
I'm not outside.
I'm inside.
I'm right next to the table looking at you!
Your ten-year-old kid...
I'm him.
He's me.
That ten-year-old Madhan
is calling you as a thirty-year-old
from the future.
What are you saying?
I can't believe any of this!
You'll believe it now.
Call your son.
Ask him how his mom died.
Hey, Madhan Pandian. Come here.
Come, dear.
- Dad... Mom...
- Madhan Pandi...
How did your mom die?
- Dad...
- Dad...
-Mom was heartbroken
-Mom was heartbroken
-and despised what you did,
-and despised what you did,
-so she ate poisoned food
-so she ate poisoned food
- and killed herself!
- and killed herself!
- Don't worry, Dad.
- Don't worry, Dad.
-I swear I won't tell anyone
-I swear I won't tell anyone
- that you killed her.
- that you killed her.
Trust me?
Do you believe me now?
I stood by you when I was ten.
Even now, I'm out on the streets
hoping you'd come back alive, Dad!
What's happening?
How's this possible?
If you promise to trust me without asking questions,
- and I'll tell you then.
- I'll believe whatever you say! Tell me.
I'm calling from 1995
with a phone that can time-travel
to talk to you in 1975, Dad.
What? Why have you gone silent?
- Don't believe what I say?
- NO!
I believe you! I believe you!
Time travel by phone?
This is new.
The mechanic Mark, from the year 1995,
used this phone
to call his dad, Antony, in 1975
to kill you in the club two hours prior
and made you disappear in the future.
And he made me a mechanic.
I can't take this, Dad!
I really can't!
Everything needs to change, Dad.
Everything needs to change.
Dad, I'm calling you four days ahead
to warn you,
to keep you from screwing up
your plan to kill Antony.
Change your plan and kill him today!
Is that clear?
- Good.
- Hand it over. Come on.
Jackie baby. How are you?
Gowri, is that you?
You're with him as well?
- Did you call me?
- Buzz off!
I killed your sister!
Cry for her, damn it!
Shwetha's dead?
I'm going to wear flowers and bindi from today
and lead a happy life!
A bindi? Why?
I was mourning your loss like a widow.
But now, I can wear a bindi,
knowing you'll be back safely.
- Damn it!
- I'm going to live a happy life from now.
So, you're?
Put Madhan back on the phone!
Dad, listen to what I say.
I can only call you once a day.
Today's quota is up.
Don't screw up your plan.
Make sure you pull off your plan without a hitch.
Aren't you the best, Dad?
The future needs to change.
You should kill Antony.
You need to come back, Dad.
You've called me from the future
to open a new chapter.
I'll put an end to Antony's chapter here.
Yeah! Yeah!
Is Jackie coming back?
My son from the present...
The plan to kill Antony is on for tonight!
And he's found the black sheep!
Why is he dancing?
People usually dance in front of a corpse.
But, if Antony dances in front of someone...
it's a sure sign he's headed for the grave.
I made a mistake, brother.
I didn't mean to misbehave with that girl.
Even though I'm a gangster,
people in this neighborhood respect Antony.
Do you know why?
That's because women feel safe around me.
I'm your loyal worker, brother.
A decayed tooth is bound to be pulled out,
even if it's my own!
Now, you're free to ask me anything.
Except my mercy!
- Please forgive me, brother.
- As you wish!
So be it.
I had plans to take him down,
but he's busy taking someone else down!
What happened?
He was one of your men.
Why did you shoot him? That too on your birthday.
You could have forgiven him.
- It's a ladies' matter.
Ladies' matter?
Lusting over women, is it?
To become a gangster,
discipline is an absolute must!
Do you know how many ladies are into me?
Have you ever seen Jackie falter
when it comes to women?
- Am I right, bro?
- Whatever it may be...
He died on my birthday.
His death should be celebrated.

The name is Antony!
The name is Antony!
Shaking, is it?
Your heart must shake in sheer terror!
Trembling, is it?
Your guts should be trembling!
Frightened, is it?
Your legs must shake in utter fright!
Who approaches the fray?
Our brother Antony, on his way!
He's the wildfire
His enemies won't stand a chance!
He is the ultimate don
He nails the task flawlessly!
If you get on his nerve
Then the attack mode is on
He's unbeatable
No one can rule him!
Shaking, is it?
Your heart must shake in sheer terror!
Trembling, is it?
Your guts should be trembling!
Frightened, is it?
Your legs must shake in utter fright!
Who approaches the fray?
Our brother Antony, on his way!
By their side you'll stay,
But backstab is the price you'll pay
Earn fame and wealth,
Rise to the pinnacle with strength!
Expect a traitor among the gang
Stay wary, be on guard!
He'll fall into his own trap
Wait for it!
Stay a loyalist
You'll have a place in my heart
Don't try to pull one on me
I'm smarter than you know
He's the wildfire
His enemies won't stand a chance!
He is the ultimate don
He nails the task flawlessly!
If you get on his nerve
Then the attack mode is on
He's unbeatable
No one can rule him!
Shaking, is it?
Your heart must shake in sheer terror!
Trembling, is it?
Your guts should be trembling!
Frightened, is it?
Your legs must shake in utter fright!
Who approaches the fray?
Our brother Antony, on his way!
Have a clear mind,
And you'll find the route!
Every soul has a confirmed rate!
Count on a hundred traitors awaiting your fall
Defeat them all
You'll get to the king's throne
Catch my latest action on the news
Dare to oppose me?
Grab a seat and step aside
He's the wildfire
And the enemies are gone
He is the ultimate don
He nails the task flawlessly!
If you get on his nerve
Then the attack mode is on
He's unbeatable
No one can rule him!
Shaking, is it?
Your heart must shake in sheer terror!
Trembling, is it?
Your guts should be trembling!
Frightened, is it?
Your legs must shake in utter fright!
Who approaches the fray?
Our brother Antony, on his way!
Bro! We haven't danced like this in so long!
Hey, you!
You drove past the club.
Turn around.
- No need.
- Why, bro?
Why didn't they get down at the club?
Did Jackie brother change the plan?
You said the meeting was at the club, right?
I changed the meeting's venue.
Why didn't you update me
about the change of plans?
I have a surprise for you.
I had a plan,
but he has one of his own.
Will my plan work?
- Stop the car.
- Why here?
Why are you getting down?
Why are we here at the bus stop?
It's been ages since we took the bus.
- You know that it's not safe for us, right?
- You can leave.
Hey, Kunjumani.
How will we get to the meeting without him?
Why take the bus, bro?
Where is the meeting happening?
Inside the bus, of course!
Is it really Silk?!
Oh my!
Hello, Mr. Antony.
Selvam is my advocate too.
He has told me a lot about you!
I've been getting weird calls for a while now.
They are threatening to kill me.
Involving the police will only cause problems.
That's why I came to seek your help.
Will Antony lend a helping hand to Silk?
I didn't come here for Selvam or for Silk, for that matter.
As a woman, you have tackled and conquered
all the problems on your own.
- I'm here for you, Vijayalakshmi.
- Thank you, Antony.
You have a great way with words, Antony.
Why is your friend
Mr. Quirky Moustache so grumpy?
He is a gangster who deeply respects women.
Baby! My heart won't listen,
No matter what!
Doll! Don't melt when you see me!
Without boundaries or limits,
Let's have fun!
Baby! My heart won't listen...
Hey, Jackie!
Hey! You've just met the Silk
you've admired on screen!
Why are you still clinging to that discipline?
Jackie... forget Antony today!
But don't miss your chance with Silk!
Don't you dare miss this opportunity.
Go for it! Do it!
-My son will call me-
Screw that pea-brain!
What does he know about Silk's worth?
Don't miss this chance, you fool!
- Mr. Quirky Moustache...
- Damn, she's calling me.
Don't you dare miss this chance!
My dear Moustache...
Jackie is Silk's mighty guardian!
Today's program is canceled.
Go, go. Enjoy with your family!
- Go, go.
- Hey! He gave us the signal!
Let's attack them. Now!
Come on! Fast! Go! Go!
Who the hell are you guys?
- Antony!
- Jackie!
- Jackie!
- You guys...
Nothing to be scared of. I'm here.
Antony, you take care of the guys.
I'll take care of Silk.
Hey, why did you come?
Brother! Didn't you signal us to come?
I told you to leave.
Did that look like I gave you a signal?
Did that look like a signal?
Really? You dumbheads!
- Brother. Should I hop in or out?
- Go!
Go on, you fool!
Antony, there he is.
Anyway, you guys have come.
At least finish the job properly.
You guys take care of Antony.
I will take care of Silk.
Hey! Even I'm on the bus.
Don't throw the bomb.
You dimwits!
Come on! Hold me! Hold me!
Don't worry, bro! I'll take care.
Now, let me go.
You jerks.
He's coming.
Hold me!
Come on, let's fight this out.
Bro! You are not hurt, right?
Nothing will happen when I have you by my side!
Wait, I'll find out if Silk is okay.
I missed my chance with Silk!
I have worked with so many heroes.
But you, Antony, are the real hero!
Damn it! I missed killing Antony,
and my chance with Silk.
Oh God! My son will call from the future.
Dad has changed everything.
I'm now a gangster.
The same garage!
The same old dirty clothes.
Why has nothing changed?
The channel didn't change nor did our lives.
- Why is that?
- Ask your dad.
[phone rings]
I'm going to get an earful!
You good-for-nothing wastrel!
Drop it. Tell me what happened.
It got a little messed up.
I sketched the perfect plan!
But to keep things going,
I had to save him myself.
- Why?
- It's nothing. Actress Silk...
- Silk?
- Wow! Silk?!
Hey, you!
Lusting over women, is it?
Your son is living a pathetic life here.
How dare you wish for Silk?
You good-for-nothing wastrel!
You couldn't follow your own goddamn plan!
You drooled over Silk and ruined the plan!
Hey! Give me a break.
You're already making my nerves go haywire!
Be patient. I'll do it.
I have a plan. I'll take care of it.
Hey! If you ruin the plan again...
I'll slash you through the phone
and feed you to the dogs!
- Don't make me a widow!
- Mechanic Madhan Pandian!
- Sir...
- Why are you playing with the lights?
Are you sincere in your duty?
It's been two weeks since
my wife gave you the engine.
Is it ready or not?
Come tomorrow, sir. Please.
Didn't you say the same yesterday?
I thought I'd have a gun in hand.
- But I only have a spanner.
- How could a mechanic own a gun?
That's right, sir.
But he doesn't get it.
I thought he'd change everything in a single day.
But that moron messed up!
How will you change everything in a single day?
Sir, everything will be ready by tomorrow.
We will see a change, for sure.
Don't worry, sir.
Your vehicle will run smoothly.
You nonsense!
Dearest Dad...
Did you hear that?
I get an earful from random strangers everyday.
Who am I?
Can Godfather Jackie Pandian's son be a mechanic?
Put an end to Antony.
Don't worry, son.
I'll end Antony today.
And I'll meet you in 1995.
Calm down!
Everybody, calm down and leave!
There aren't any tickets. It's a houseful day.
Everybody leave!
A big shot had bought out the whole screen.
That's why it's houseful.
So leave now!
Let me see who that fellow is.
I'll burn him up that instant.
Hey, why are all of you waiting outside?
Hasn't the movie come?
No, sir. The movie has reached the theatre already.
Some big shot had bought out the entire screen.
Only now we realized that it was you.
You can continue watching.
We'll watch the next show.
This is new, bro!
It is new, indeed.
Did you notice?
This is the work of someone new.
The murder plan at the bus
wasn't for Silk but for you.
- That's why this private screening. Come on.
- Cool, let's watch the movie.
Let's watch Vaathiyar's movie along with the crowd.
Come on!
Don't trust what you see!
It'll deceive you
It'll deceive you!
It's all illusion
It's all a lie!
Trust your intelligence
Your heart will clear up and lead you
It never lies!
Those who revere Vaathiyar dearly,
would never try to betray anyone.
Tell me.
Who sent you?
Answer me!
What are you looking at?
Answer him!
- It's...
- Answer him! Answer him! Answer him!
Look how he stays mum even with a knife at his throat!
He was going to answer me!
Didn't you look at his eyes?
He was signaling something!
There were 40 men outside.
It would've turned into a gang war.
Your life's precious to me, bro!
That's why I warned you about the crowd.
You should've listened to me!
You should've listened to Jackie!
Hey! Whoever dares to touch Antony
will meet their death!
Hang that imbecile at the gate!
Operator, start the movie!
Bro! Let me wash my bloodied hands.
Who are you trying to intimidate?
I won't dance to your tunes from now on!
I'll make you do it!
In a few seconds, we have
a pleasant surprise for you!
[phone rings]Oh heavens, he's calling!
- If I pick it up, he'll hurl abuses at me!
- I'll answer the call, Uncle Gowri!
- Hello?
- Gowri, no...
Is Jackie there?
No, he isn't!
- Is Madhan there?
- Is he? Yeah, he's here.
Give him the phone.
It's me. Who's speaking?
Do you want to be a gangster
or a mechanic in the future?
- A gangster!
- Then open the drawer by the phone!
- Tell me what's inside?
- There's a gun inside.
Take it and hold that moron Jackie at gunpoint!
- Spare me!
- HEY!
- Hey! HEY! Don't shoot me!
- Done.
- Tell him you'll shoot if he won't talk to me.
- Talk to him, Dad!
Okay, okay! Calm down!
Aren't you ashamed?
- What did you do this time?
- I uh...
- Manjula...
- What?! Manjula?!
Yesterday was Silk and today is Manjula?!
Act like a father for heavens sake!
Wait, let me explain.
Get lost, brat!
I took Antony to a movie theatre
to kill him as per the plan.
But that 'Knifepoint' Kannan screwed up!
And he tried to expose me!
I just about managed to escape myself.
Mark made just one call to his dad.
Just one call.
That rewrote history
and I ended up as a mechanic.
But I called you thrice. Thrice!
And you couldn't do anything!
How are you even a gangster?
Don't you worry, my boy.
- Daddy has another plan in hand!
- Oh, really?
Like how you lied about going to Vellore
and hid in the club?
- Umm... yeah?
- He will easily nab you like a chicken and kill you!
Alright, son.
I'll come up with a better plan to finish him!
Enough of your dumb plans!
- This time, I'll plan, and you execute it.
- Tell me what to do. I'll do it.
We fail because we let
someone else handle our plans.
Trust yourself.
Go along with him to the club.
And never leave him alone.
Act like his friend and end him.
Is that clear?
I feel this will be our last interaction.
Please rewrite our history!
Mark must be the mechanic in the morning!
And we must live as gangsters in a bungalow!
I will take care of it.
I won't mess up this time.
This will be my freaking comeback!
Ugh, the phone...
Thank heavens, I'm safe.
Why are you here, Ramya?
- Someone might see you. Leave!
- Now that the phone's stolen,
I wonder who has it now.
What if he...
...uses it and changes everything?
Then you and I won't remember anything.
That will never happen.
We'll find that phone.
- Masarati...
- My men are searching everywhere for it.
We have a woman in our household.
But doesn't Mark hate the sight of women?
Who said?
The boys said you were looking
for what's drawn on it.
I saw something similar to this at Madhan's garage!
My father will have him killed!
Hey, the date and time have been tampered.
What were you up to?
Who were you in contact with? Tell me!
Oh, Mark.
Whatever you did to save your dad's life,
I did the same thing to save my dad's life.
It's that simple, Mark!
The math is now right.
I spoke to my dad from December 30th!
My dad, Jackie, is on his way
to kill your dad, Antony!
What's the matter, bro?
You didn't leave to Vellore?
No, bro. Change of plans.
I'm spending the day with you.
Get ready. We have a meeting to attend.
[phone rings]
- Hello?
- It's me, Thangarasu speaking.
Yes, Thangarasu.
Hey, Mark.
You can only make one call a day!
Only one call per day, sir!
Madhan used that up.
Please don't visit the club, Antony!
- They've planned to murder you!
- Murder me? Who?
- It's Ekambaram!
- Him?
Don't you ever set foot at the club today!
Do you think I'm a coward
to stay home knowing they plan to kill me?
I knew you'd go despite the warning.
Rest in peace, bro!
You can't do anything to change
your dad's murder in 1975!
It's impossible!
Ekambaram planned to murder me, it seems.
What the heck?! The nerve of that guy!
Let's kill him right away!
Would I ever come close to death
with you around?
You're right in saying
you can call only once per day.
But once the clock strikes 12,
it's a new day, you jerks!
- Hey, hey! Don't make that call!
- Oh crap, we're screwed!
I just managed to convince that dunce
and gave him a murder plan!
If his dad answers the phone, my dad is history!
Dad? Dad! It's me,
your son Mark speaking from 1995.
This is Pandian speaking.
Jackie Pandian.
- Jackie?!
- What?
- Who are you talking to, bro?
- I'm telling them to track Ekambaram, bro!
Dad? Dad!
Talk to me, Dad!
I'm talking through a time travel phone.
Don't trust Jackie.
He's going to kill you. Not Ekambaram.
If you hurt my dad in any way,
I will shoot your son to death!
Dad! There's no problem even if Mark shoots me.
Even if I die, no problem!
Hey, shut the hell up!
Do as per the plan I told you and finish him.
And I'll be alive, Dad!
Let's begin playing the game of death.
No issues!
Mark, have you ever heard of a wolf?
I will take him to the club and end him.
I'll meet you in the future and...
- Let's go to the club, bro!
- Just a minute, bro.
Dad, Dad!
Talk to me once!
Today, your dad's going to die!
EVERYONE! There's a change in the plan.
Antony and Jackie are coming here together.
Be ready!
We're getting this done today!
Hey, Ekambaram!
- I need to tell you something, Antony.
- Hey!
Bloody Eka! What could you possibly say?
That you plotted to murder him? Was I right?
- I said that I need to tell you something, Antony!
- Hey!
Let's hear what he has to say.
Come on, bro!
His men have rounded the club to murder you.
But you escaped because
I, your best friend, found out!
I'll kill him right now!
- Last chance, Antony. I really have something...
- Him sparing you so far is your last chance!
Let's give him a chance and hear him out.
- No, bro...
- Jackie!
I said let's hear him out!
What could he possibly say?
Is he going to say the failed plan on the bus,
and at the theatre,
wasn't Ekambaram's doing.
But the work of my best friend, Jackie Pandian?
Selling drugs, guns, and women under my name
and even going on to lick
the boots of those Columbian dons...
You think Ekambaram would tell me
my best friend Jackie was behind it all?
This is Pandian speaking!
Dad? Dad! I'm talking
through a time travel phone.
It's me, your son Mark speaking from 1995.
- Don't trust Jackie!
- I will take him to the club and end him.
- Shall we go to the club, Jackie?
- Just a minute, bro.
I'll meet you in the future and...
Yeah, I admit.
How long am I supposed to be at your feet?
Time to die!
Jackie, the gun may be yours.
But the bullets are mine.
In life, it's the father
who gives life to their son.
But my son gave me life... through a phone.
I still can't understand how
someone can call 1975 from 1995.
But that made me realize
the betrayal of my best friend!
A phone?!
Which year did you receive a call from?
Hey! Who are you
and why must I tell you?
Which means I don't have the phone...
What good can come out of bad and vice versa?
Jackie is evil.
Antony is good to those who are good.
Evil to those who are evil.
All of you were waiting for me to die, right?
Antony will neither die.
Nor be defeated!
So what if there aren't any bullets.
My men are everywhere in this club!
I won't miss it this time, bro!
I'll make it to 1995 once I've finished you!
Best Day!
Best Death!
For my best friend!
What happened?
I'm back in my garage.
I wonder what happened.
Jackie Pandian, who was imprisoned two decades ago
for the killings of gangsters Antony and Ekambaram,
is set for release today.
Dad, did Jackie manage to kill you again?
I'm a gangster!
[manic laughter]
Dad... Jackie...
I'm a gangster! I'm a gangster!
Gather all our boys, Eka sir!
Let's challenge it out with that Jackie Pandian!
Call them, sir!
What do you mean? Who are our men?
Why are your clothes torn
and your hands, greased?
Not just my clothes but my underwear too.
- Yes, you are.
I'm back to being a gangster again.
- You've always been a gangster.
- Hey...
I've come back reformed
by changing and forgetting my past!
Please don't look at me like I'm weird.
I've come back reformed
by changing and forgetting my past.
Uncle Gowri!
You wouldn't understand if I explained.
- Then explain it in a way we could.
- Okay!
- You still wouldn't get it.
- Fantastic.
Tell me what happened all these days!
Eight months ago, didn't you pay our men
to stop their rowdyism and leave town?
Just... just, just, tell me.
Where is my dad?
Your dad is getting released from jail today.
And dad?!
- Success, success!
- Nonsense.
You kept pestering me to kill Antony,
but why didn't you kill Mark?
This game ends only when he dies.
Kill Mark.
[phone rings]
- Hello?
- Hey, Mark!
This is Madhan Pandian,
the gangster, speaking.
Ma... Madhan.
A person that matters most to you,
is now under my captive!
- Who?
- Come to the club's godown.
Who have you kept captive?
Is it my mom?
Hey, Mark.
- Ramya...
- Who the hell are you?
How do you know my name?
Why have they chained me?
Come on, answer her.
She doesn't know the backstories.
First, you were a mechanic, and she loved you.
Next, she loved me when I became a mechanic.
And now, when you are back as a mechanic,
she doesn't even know who you are.
What an exciting, peculiar triangle love story
which was ever told!
We were in love?
Oh yes. You slim-jim!
How sad!
She has also forgotten everything
from the different lives she's lived.
How would she understand!
Give me that hammer.
Hey, you can kill me.
But let her go. Ramya's innocent.
Who the hell are you?
Why should you die for me?
Once a guy falls in love,
he's ready to give his life to her.
But this is the third time I've fallen for you.
What?! We fell in love thrice?
- [laughs] Hey, Gold?!
- Yes, Jackie.
What would Antony ask
when someone's on their knees?
He'd ask what their last wish was.
Now, I'm asking you the same thing.
What's your last wish?
If time truly possesses powers,
won't my dad come back to save me?
As long as that phone is with me,
no one can change time and existence!
- Dad, we are out of bullets.
- So what?
Just pose with the guns.
You kept pestering me to kill Antony,
but why didn't you kill Mark?
Why didn't you kill Antony?
I screwed up.
All guns are loaded, bro!
Wow, you've got it all under control!
But you completely forgot the secret
about the table we drink at!
Our drinks are on the table.
But under it? There's a gun, you fool!
I don't like this.
People dance in front of the corpse.
But if Antony's dancing in front of someone,
it means they're all headed to the grave!
Don't stand here.
Run! Run for your life!
Antony and Jackie Pandian will certainly be here.
- We need to catch them alive.
- Antony, police have entered the club.
- You leave this place immediately.
- Hold on a minute, guys.
I saw the news. A new government is in power.
They've decided to encounter
the top 10 rowdies in the city.
You top the list. So, leave now.
Where will I go?
Jackie Pandian sent commissions
to Colombian dons under your name.
You'll gain a partnership if you go there.
I'll let you know when it's time.
You can come back then.
Hey, old man!
Only 100 of these 300 men have run away.
200 are still on our side here.
You see that?
All those who ran away know who Antony is.
And those who are still here
don't know the real Antony.
Let's show them the real me, shall we?
Dad... I thought I'd never see you.
But, I've seen you now.
Hey, Jackie!
You planned to kill me...
Very good!
You killed my wife, Veda...
Very, very good!
But you raised my son thinking he's a weakling...
Very, very, very good!
It's not good for you...
But for me!
That's because...
The son you thought was a weakling
changed it all and made you...
How was that!
Hey, Granny!
Take a look around.
Two thousand bullets!
- Really?
- Yeah... it's 2000 bullets, Grandpa!
Two thousand!
Three thousand!
Four thousand!
Five thousand!
Six thousand!
Say hello to my little friend!
Meet my Anaconda!
Alert! Run for your lives!
Wearing a cotton-candy-pink saree
And a silk blouse to go with that
Wearing a cotton-candy-pink saree
My girl, walking away with the porridge,
Do you want a place in my heart?
In dhothi, you joyfuly stride!
Your calf muscles show your strength!
One who's getting ready to taunt,
Leave way! It's getting late!
Wearing a cotton-candy-pink saree
Where are you?
Jackie, Jackie, Jackie...
Hey, Jackie!
Fool, shoot him.
In dhothi, you joyfuly stride!
Your calf muscles show your strength!
One who's getting ready to taunt,
Leave way! It's getting late!
[laughs] What's with your dance?
Beat him up!
Hey Grandpa...
Thrash him!
Enough, bro!
Enough of your games, bro!
Go ahead. Tell me your last wishes!
Antony, you'll grant it no matter what, right?
Don't you know that, bro?
Then, it's your life I want!
Oh no!
I made a mistake!
Alright. Take it, bro!
[manic laughter]
- Give me your gun. Give it to me!
- Aww...
But you are my life, bro!
D... Da... Dad!
- Didn't you give this idea to your dad?
- Grandpa!
- I'm like your son, no?
- NO!
Are you okay, Ramya?
I know nothing about the Mark
who loved me thrice.
But, this Mark,
who was ready to give his life for me...
I really like you!
- My son?
- Dad?
Is this the phone?
Now that everything is over,
who are you going to call?
You saved your girl.
I'm yet to save my girl!
Call your mom.
You'll fly up since this is your first call, Dad.
- Hello... My dear wife!
- Hello. Tell me.
Give me the phone.
When you guys could come back alive
from the dead repeatedly...
Won't I come back?
You need your phone.
But I want Antony.
Come on, come on.
Welcome back. Muah!
Wearing a cotton-candy-pink saree
And a silk blouse to go with that
Wearing a cotton-candy-pink saree
And a silk blouse to go with that
My girl, walking away with the porridge,
Do you want a place in my heart?
In dhothi, you joyfuly stride!
Your calf muscles show my strength!
One who's getting ready to taunt,
Leave way! It's getting late!
That's right!
That's right!
Wearing a cotton-candy-pink saree