Marla Mae (2018) Movie Script

Big tippers?
Not really.
Lemme see.
Fourteen on forty seems like
a pretty good tip to me.
No, it was four.
It's fourteen.
You did that.
That wasn't there before either.
I'm not gonna take it,
I don't wanna get in trouble.
You're not gonna get in any trouble,
'cause you didn't do anything.
Okay, you're the boss I guess.
Yeah, I'll see ya tomorrow.
Later girl.
You almost done?
I wanna go home.
Um, I asked for that off.
Last week.
I have an appointment that day, at noon.
That work?
Can you pick me up?
Yeah, course.
I dunno how long it's
gonna take, but I could
call you when it's over
if you don't wanna wait.
Where's the appointment?
At the women's clinic.
Getting' tested?
No, my uh friend who works there
is hooking me up with an IUD.
Hooking you up?
Yeah, he said he can sneak me a free one.
Oh my gawd.
Okay, he's more of my brother's friend.
He's a doctor now.
And I ran into him, here actually, and...
I asked as a joke but
he said he could do it.
They last for like twelve years.
So some guy you kinda know is
giving you an IUD for free?
Well, when you say it
like that it sounds bad.
But Jake, he's a doctor,
he's just doing me a favor.
I'll just pick you up.
Thank you.
It's Okay.
Pick me up tomorrow?
Come in.
Hey kiddo.
Hey, Doc.
How are you?
Doing' good. You?
I'm good.
Hey, thanks for doing this,
I've wanted one for a while.
It's no big deal.
Nobody will miss the equipment.
You want me to do a pap
while I'm down there?
I got a buddy who works in the
lab, won't cost ya anything.
Who knew having a doctor in the
family would be so beneficial?
I like that you still consider me family.
It's uh...
It's been a while.
Yeah, it has...
Alright, let's get your feet
up here in these stirrups.
Go ahead and lie back...
This is gonna pinch a little bit.
Yeah, I know...
Thanks for the warning.
How's Todd doing' these days?
Um, he's good.
He's in full-on parent mode so...
we really don't have much in common.
That's what tends to happen...
especially if you wanna be a good parent.
I'm afraid to ask...
How's your mom?
The same.
She checked in last year.
All she wanted me to do
was write her a 'script.
That's horrible.
I'm sorry.
It's really not that big a deal.
She's nothing if not consistent.
You're still dating that girl, Jenna, right?
I'd rather not talk about her
right now if that's alright.
It uh...
It ended badly.
This is probably gonna cause some cramping.
Cramping and bleeding is
normal for the next two weeks.
Clots larger than a golf
ball are not normal.
Let's get you outta these stirrups alright?
Call me if you have any questions.
Or even if you don't.
I'd love to catch up.
Yeah, you too.
Sorry to be so brief but, uh...
I squeezed you in between a
couple other appointments.
Thank you.
Well, we'll see ya.
Bye, Doc.
Hey, this is Jake.
Leave me a message and
I might call ya back.
Jake, you said you were gonna pick me up.
It's almost two.
I have really bad cramps
and now I'm gonna be late.
Call me, whatever.
Your ride late?
Late would imply that
he's coming at all...
I'm Jules by the way...
And you are?
I'm Marla.
You want a ride Marla?
If you don't mind.
I'm headed south.
Cool, us too.
Get in.
So where are we taking you?
The Valley.
Do you like it there?
I've heard the food's really good.
Yeah, it's good.
I make really good money, so...
Are you guys hiring?
Uh, I dunno...
Thanks for the ride.
Wait, gimme your number.
I'll text you when I'm gonna apply.
You coming over tonight?
I can drive ya if you wanna
wait up a couple minutes.
I don't think you should walk this late.
Especially after seeing this crap.
Our top story this evening,
the search for local college
sophomore, Caitlyn Phillips, continues.
Caitlyn was reported missing by
her roommates last night after
not seeing her for several days.
So she could potentially have been missing
for up to three days now.
Authorities worry that
Caitlyn's disappearance may be
related to the string of missing
young women thought to be the
work of a single unknown rapist.
Of the five cases in the area so far
four bodies have been discovered.
Now, the woman who would've
been the third victim
managed to escape.
And while authorities weren't able to uncover
any DNA evidence...
she was able to give a
description of her attacker...
You feeling' alright?
Not really, I have cramps.
They didn't give you any meds?
Still recovering from the incident...
described her attacker as a heavily
tattooed, bearded, white male in his 30's.
About 5'11", medium build.
Local authorities a statement
that this individual appears
to be targeting women in their 20's...
Where'd ya get those?
And are advising...
My buddy was getting rid of some stuff.
Thought it might come in handy.
Especially after dark.
Sorry Mar...
It'll kick in soon.
Mmm, thanks Jakey.
It's alright.
Is it supposed to hurt this bad?
I dunno.
He was in a hurry but he
said cramps are normal.
Why didn't he prescribe you anything?
I don't know, Jake.
He probably couldn't do it under the table.
So, how was the appointment?
Other than the cramps and your
boyfriend forgetting to pick you up.
It was okay.
I mean it's never fun to go to
the women's clinic but...
It was good to see Doc.
I think we're gonna go and
get coffee or something soon.
Uh, to catch up.
Is that okay?
Not really.
Well I wasn't actually
asking your permission.
It's just a little weird.
I've never even heard of this guy...
and then out of nowhere
he's giving you a free pap smear...
and you guys are hanging out?
Jake, calm down, we are not "hanging out".
He's basically my brother.
Would you let your brother
give you a pap smear?
Uh no, my brother's not a gynecologist.
And he's not my brother, he's like a brother.
Yeah, I see the difference now.
Doc grew up with us.
Him and my brother Todd were
best friends until college.
He still calls me kiddo.
Doc had it really shitty growing up.
His dad split...
if he even had a dad,
and his mom was a total whore.
No, like an actual prostitute.
She used to spend all of their money on drugs.
And, Doc went to college and
became a doctor without any help
And he's practically family so it's
not weird if he wants to hangout.
Sorry if it makes you uncomfortable.
I'll get over it.
Sorry I overreacted.
It's okay.
None of your fucking business!
Who the fuck is Tony?
Hey girl.
Do you work here now?
Jules, Jake, Jake this is Jules.
He's my boyfriend.
It's slow so we can just
roll silverware for now.
Your boyfriend drop you off?
Sorry... he's not socialized yet.
I don't think any of them are.
He's the worst.
I'll be right back.
I fucking...
I'm sick of you reading my messages.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
I'm not driving your ass if you're
gonna be texting Tony all day.
It's none of your business,
it's not like it matters...
Hey, is that the dude?
I'm gonna fucking slap you.
You just have to interrupt
everything in the fucking world.
Why do you have to be
such a fucking asshole?
Just stop!
Shut... the... fuck up!
Curtis, you're being such a dick!
Is there a problem here?
I'm fine.
Curtis, I have to go to work.
I'm really sorry about that.
That was unprofessional.
Don't be.
You didn't do anything.
How'd you do?
Good I guess, for a first night.
Is it gonna be bad when he picks you up?
Yeah, probably.
I really wanna get my own place...
Isn't it fucked up that I can't
afford to break up with my
fucking asshole boyfriend?
Maybe you don't wanna do this... but...
I live down the street,
you can crash on my couch.
Yeah, stay as long as you need.
I had fun.
See ya tomorrow?
Yeah, for sure.
Good luck.
Cramps still?
You just keep these?
Hey, can you get that?
The phone.
Shit... why?
Where are you?
No, I'm just gonna come get you.
That was your friend we just hired.
Where is she?
Can you handle this?
She just got dumped a
couple miles down the road,
I'm gonna go get her.
Living room.
That's your bed for now.
Alright, bathroom... um there should be some
clean towels...
in one of those cabinets.
Kitchen... you can eat anything you want.
And let me just grab you a blanket...
Uh... I think you're set.
Seriously I owe you big time.
Both of you.
No worries, I hope you like it here.
Wake me up if you need to talk.
God, I hope she stays away from him.
She seems smart enough.
That never seems to matter.
I guess we'll just have to see.
You know...
watching you take care of
business was kind of hot.
You're a good person.
I like that.
It's sexy.
Ow... Ow!
Mm, what are you doing?
Getting a condom.
Never mind?
We don't need one anymore.
Shh, Jake.
What's wrong?
Shh, Jake, shh.
Are you okay?
Jake, are you okay?
Oh my God, oh my God, no, Jake.
Oh my God.
Oh my God.
Oh my God.
Oh my God.
Do something.
Call someone.
Call someone.
Hello, I'm calling for Marla Mae.
This is Detective Wirtz, I've been assigned to
the Jake Reynolds case.
I'm just looking through the
witness statements and have...
some followup questions for you.
Please give me a call
back as soon as possible.
Where's Mar?
I thought Jake was working today.
I called Ryan to cover when I got here.
Jake's not coming.
So, where are they?
Marla's at home.
Jake died.
That's a good one.
But seriously, when are they gonna get back?
Jake's not coming back.
'Cause he died.
Oh my God, he's dead?
When did he die?
Last night.
Last night?
Poor Marla.
How did it happen?
Were they in a car accident?
Was he sick?
'Cause he didn't really seem sick.
Well how do you know then?
Marla will tell me when she gets back.
Fourteen on forty seems
like a good tip to me.
You're a good person.
I like that.
You coming over tonight?
My buddy was getting rid of some stuff.
Thought it might come in handy.
You're not gonna get in any trouble.
I don't think you should walk this late.
Just keep this.
Hi, this is Detective Wirtz for Marla again.
I really need to speak to you
regarding the Jake Reynolds case.
Please call me back as soon as possible.
It's really urgent that I talk to you.
Hey Mar.
I heard about Jake.
I can't believe it.
Are you okay?
I know you're really sad,
but you have to come back.
The new girl that's covering
all your shifts is so annoying.
Ugh! She acts like you
guys are best friends.
Anyway, call me back!
You got groceries.
Think you can take care of these for me?
I have more outside.
Who is that?
I need to talk to you miss Mae!
Let them in but give me two seconds first.
Where're you going?
To work, but don't tell them.
Can I help you?
Uh... yes ma'am... Detective Wirtz.
I need to speak with miss Marla Mae.
Sorry... she's not here.
And I actually have to go to work.
How do you know Jenna Merkin?
I don't.
Sorry, for asking you to lie.
Don't be.
Technically you weren't
home, so I didn't really lie.
Look... I dunno what happened to Jake.
I'm guessing they don't either.
But, I know this wasn't your fault.
Jake was a good person... so are you.
Are you really ready to go back to work?
Probably not.
Okay... just be prepared.
Everyone's really curious.
I haven't said anything.
Hey Mar.
Authorities have made a
horrific discovery earlier today
at Miller Park, right outside of Saxon County.
Josh Turner is there with the details.
I'm here in Miller Park where
the body of apparently Caitlyn
Phillips was found in the bushes
right over there this morning.
Now the body believed to have
been dropped there overnight
because of the visibility
and traffic that this
park sees during the daytime...
police have been out scouring the area
questioning dozens of passersby
looking for any details.
So far evidence seems scarce,
although one woman has come
forward with what she believes
may be the suspect in question.
A heavily tattooed man...
Hanging in there?
Kathryn, Brian, back to you.
Are you insane?
Put those away!
I don't think there's any left.
Are you still cramping or
are you a drug addict now?
I have cramps.
One sec.
Erectile dysfunction?
Why did Jake have so many of these?
He... he got those from a friend.
Take this...
and don't take these out at work again.
This just in, the composite
sketch of Caitlyn's alleged
attacker. Let's take a look.
Now, this might not be
an accurate picture of
the attacker...
but if you do see someone that
looks similar please use extreme
caution and please call 911 immediately.
Hey, table five's been asking for you.
I think he knows you, looks familiar.
Hey kiddo.
Hey Doc.
I didn't think you'd be working' tonight.
Heard what happened to your boyfriend.
How you holding up?
What's wrong?
Everything, obviously.
I feel like shit.
I still have really bad cramps.
I should probably just get this
thing taken out, it's not like
I'm gonna be using it anymore.
I think...
getting it removed...
would be more painful...
than waiting it out.
Have you been sleeping?
Not really.
Cops keep coming over.
The police are harassing you?
Are you in trouble?
Marla, I don't think it's a
good idea to be talking
to the police.
Don't worry, I'm not.
You know, you can ask me for help Mar...
anything you need.
Thanks, but I'll be fine.
I have to get back to work.
Just remember Mar, we're practically family.
I'll have that right out for ya.
You did good today.
I know it was hard being back there.
Hey, your friend from table
five, was he bothering you?
I dunno.
Yeah, a little actually.
Did he know about Jake?
I miss him.
He's the doctor, from the
clinic where I met you.
I know him from before
though, I've known him
since we were kids.
It's nothing.
He just...
I dunno, weirded me out at the clinic.
He's always been a little weird.
At my appointment he just like
really wanted me to get an IUD.
I just went in for testing...
I thought Curtis was cheating on me.
I said I was on the pill, it was fine.
But he like really wanted me to get an IUD.
That is weird.
Maybe he just really likes IUD's.
He gave me one for free.
That's the face Jake made when he found out.
He said all this stuff...
the pill isn't that effective, an IUD
would be better.
Blah blah blah.
It was creepy.
I just remembered is all.
Hey there, what can I get for ya?
Uh club soda please.
Are you Marla Mae?
Who's asking?
Detective Wirtz, OPD.
You've been quite difficult
to get a hold of lately.
Whatcha been up to?
Marla, I know this is your
second day back to work.
Not strange, considering recent events.
Seems to me though, you've been avoiding me.
Well, I'm here now.
What exactly do you want from me?
Your statement on the night of the murder
wasn't much of a statement.
The... paramedics said
you were in shock, so I'd like
to take another statement down for starters.
Are you gonna ask me something
or am I supposed to just talk?
Tell me what happened on the
night of the seventeenth.
Start from the beginning.
We had a really busy day.
After work Jake drove us home.
Jules sleeps on my couch now.
And... we went to bed.
And then what happened?
Did you two fight?
No, we didn't fight.
We talked...
and we...
you know...
It was our first time without a condom.
I... I don't know what
happened, how he died
I can't, I can't explain it.
Well, try to explain.
I can't.
One more question and then
I'll let ya get back to work.
What is your relationship to Jenna Merkin?
I don't know who that is.
Wirtz sighs]
Well miss Mae... we'll be in touch.
Don't leave town without advising us.
Oh fuck.
Oh fuck.
No. Oh...
Holy shit.
What happened?
Please don't call the police.
There was someone behind me and
he dragged me into the woods...
he tried to...
What does that mean?
He tried to rape me.
You stopped him?
He died.
Like Jake did.
Are you sure he's dead?
It was worse than last time.
Did anyone see?
I don't think so.
There really wasn't much to see.
Well I'm glad you're okay.
Whatever's wrong with you
probably just saved your life.
It was so bad, I was so scared.
I know, I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
I killed Jake.
And now this?
There's something wrong with me
and this IUD is making it worse.
I'm gonna have Doc take it out.
What is it?
The cops came by work today.
They were asking about Jake...
and someone named Jenna.
Jenna Merkin?
They asked me about her too.
I told them that I didn't
know who she was... but I do.
She's Doc's ex-girlfriend.
Hey kiddo!
Hi Mar.
How ya doing'?
Where are you going?
Doc, I need you to take this thing out.
I thought we agreed it's
better to leave it in.
No, I want it out now.
You don't need a medical procedure right now.
You need rest.
Why won't you just help me?
I can't.
You can't?
Or you won't?
Marla, I do care.
All of this is normal.
We can't have this discussion
while you're emotional.
Go home, get some sleep.
Hi, Detective Wirtz?
This is Rita Gonzales
with the coroner's office.
I got the autopsy report you requested
for a Jenna Merkin.
It does appear to have marked similarities
to the Jacob Reynolds case.
However, due to the lack of physical remains...
the report is inconclusive.
You can go ahead and give
me a call back at this
number if you have any other questions.
Thanks a lot.
Whatcha doing'?
Looking up Jenna Merkin.
I found her page...
She's dead.
She's dead?
I don't know, there's all this
memorial stuff on her profile.
In a relationship with Winston "Doc" Lourdes.
He told me they broke up.
So why have the police
been asking us about her?
They must think she has something to do
with Jake's death.
How did she die?
Suddenly, under extremely rare circumstances.
Basically tells us nothing.
That's weird.
Sometimes autopsies are under
public record, look it up.
It's totally redacted.
Autopsy performed by doctor Hank Chalmers.
I know that name.
He used to hang out with
Todd and Doc in high school.
I bet Doc has copies of this stuff...
Hey Doc, it's me, Marla.
Are you feeling better?
Yeah, a lot better.
You were right, I just needed some rest...
I uh, I thought about what you said.
I need your help.
I'm glad you called.
Can I stay with you for a while?
I'd like that.
You need a ride?
Pick you up in ten.
Okay, thanks.
Bye kiddo.
Well that was easy.
He's coming now?
I wanna help.
Are you sure?
Thanks for letting me stay here.
I really can't be at my place right now.
So sorry Marla.
I'm glad you're here.
Well, I'll show you your room
and let you get situated.
I was about to cook some dinner.
Are you hungry?
A little.
This is it, thanks.
That was fast.
Okay, I'll look around.
You get back out there.
Try to keep him in the kitchen okay?
Can I help?
Nope, just relax.
Are the police still bugging' you?
I dunno.
I guess, a detective came
into my work the other day.
What'd you tell 'em?
Nothing he didn't already know.
I said I didn't remember anything.
Thatta girl.
Nothing good ever comes
from talking to the police.
Ya got anything to drink?
Beer and wine in the fridge,
glasses are in that cupboard.
That... that's good.
I have to use the bathroom.
It's me.
Did you find anything?
He had Jenna's autopsy changed.
There's all this stuff in her file...
I think he invented something and put it in her.
You must have it too.
The cops were asking us about
Jenna because she died almost
exactly the same way Jake did.
Oh my God.
I think she tried to take it out herself...
and that's what killed her.
Banging in background]
We need more time.
Okay... time.
Okay, I got it.
Wait here.
You said there's sedatives in here right?
Show me which ones.
Wait, what are we doing?
Just give me the sedatives.
What is that?
Erectile dysfunction.
Take pictures of everything.
Can I getcha another one?
Is this what I think it is?
No judgment.
Do you have enough to share?
Ladies first.
I'm okay.
I'll be right back.
You find what you're looking for?
Oh my God.
Police! Open up!
Open the curtain and keep your
hands where I can see 'em.
Rise and shine sweetheart.
Your girlfriend, she's here to see you again.
You want me to tell her anything for you?
Shoot, I'd tell her a thing
or two, let me tell you.
You want me to just tell her to fuck off?
Alright, I'll just tell
her to fuck off then...
Fuck it, I'll tell her to fuck off.
Alright, get up, time to go.
I said get up.
If I have to come in there
and get you, so help me God.
Get up!
This might pinch a little bit.
Yeah I know... thanks for the warning.
Alright, we'll be right back.
Well, we've taken a look and...
There's absolutely nothing to
remove. You don't have an IUD.
I'm sure that's not what you wanted to hear.