Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts (2017) Movie Script

Good afternoon.
Is your husband here?
He'll be back soon.
Then whose body is that?
Any betel leaves?
I'm your guest.
Sit down.
Who's Topan?
None of your business.
So pretty yet so feisty.
You said...
Your husband is out?
But that's his dead mummy there.
You still have debts from Topan's funeral.
And now another loss
rather recent.
None of your business.
Poor you.
It's my business not yours.
A widow shouldn't have such a temper.
You're lucky if a man still wants you.
Don't be too picky.
So you've come here to profess your love?
I'm not alone.
Soon other guests will come.
My friends.
What do they want?
Your money.
Your livestock.
And if we have time,
sleep with you.
All seven of us.
I've seen you around.
You're pretty, but alone.
Tonight, you'll get a bonus.
Seven men.
How many men have you slept with?
Just him?
you'll be the luckiest woman.
I'll be the most miserable woman.
Women, you all love playing victim.
We have half an hour
before the others arrive.
Cook us dinner.
What do you want?
Soto. No...
Chicken soup.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
As long as you have drinks.
We have enough for the whole village.
Get in here!
Franz, the livestock are in the back.
Good choice.
Keep your compliments.
The pigs are big.
How much we'll get?
Five million?
Seven for this one?
At Leri's we'll get eight!
Today we switch. You go after me.
I'll be second, after Markus.
Because the last one always rushes.
That's no fun.
Have it your way. I'll nap first.
I know.
Markus tricked us.
He can't wait.
You remember?
What's her name?
Her son was getting married.
Ten horses for the dowry.
- Rosa?
- Yes.
Robert complained on the way back
that it didn't feel tight anymore.
I told him...
If she didn't enjoyed it
it must have been tight.
Or she liked it!
Good evening.
Good evening.
What are you cooking?
Chicken soup.
Markus told me to.
I want a taste.
It's not done yet.
It's okay.
Is it ready?
What's taking so long?
He wants a taste.
So the rookie wants to eat first.
All done there?
How many cows?
Ten pigs. Ten goats.
Seven chickens.
Take them.
And go!
Where's Markus?
You talk too much. Go!
Come back tomorrow.
Niko, come on. Let's go!
We're having a feast.
Thank you.
That's enough.
Thank you.
you're such a good cook.
This is...
way better than my wife's cooking.
But with my mama
you're still no match.
But she's dead.
You're the winner.
Very good.
Dinner is ready.
I'll get a new one.
Sit down.
Take it off.
Take it off.
Please, don't...
No, no...
You like it?
You like it!
The number you called is not available.
Please try again later.
The number you called is not available.
Please try again later.
The number you called is not available.
Please try again later.
Marlina! Wait up!
I'm taking it to the police.
Where are you going?
To Kodi, to find Umbu.
You're due soon?
Should've been last week.
It's a good thing, though.
Umbu hasn't come home since last month.
He would've missed my due date.
His harvesting schedule
couldn't match my due date.
So I'll go to the village to meet him.
I tried calling him, but no answer.
My back hurts so much.
Sleep is torture.
On my side or on my back, I'm miserable.
Almost ten months already.
Do you want to come out?
Umbu's been annoying me,
asking if it's a breech baby.
What kind of woman does he think I am?
Why not see my misery,
instead of having those crazy ideas?
You get it, right?
I don't.
Topan didn't make it to the 8th month.
I'm sorry, Marlina.
I didn't mean to hurt you.
Where to?
To Kodi.
To the police station.
Father, what's in her hand?
Get off. You can't.
You can't get in.
I'm going to the police station.
Get in.
Such a pain. We'll miss the market.
Women are always trouble.
Miss, don't you feel guilty?
Call the police,
have them pick you up!
Dad, let's get back in.
I'm not scared.
No. We'll get into trouble.
What's with you?
Ma'am, I'm sorry.
Take the next bus!
Look around you!
Use your brain!
You still want to get on this bus?
I have to drive her to the police station.
I know.
I can see that.
The next bus is in an hour.
We've been waiting for an hour.
But in another hour
my nephew's bride will run away.
Without these two horses
he will have only 13 for his dowry.
Price is set for 15 horses.
We've agreed with the family.
Without the horses
they'll cancel the wedding.
My poor nephew, that would kill him.
Don't you get it?
Your arm isn't tired, dear?
He isn't going anywhere.
We won't get off until we arrive.
Neither will you.
He isn't going
to leave this bus to us.
Come over here.
It's not that I don't want to sit next to you.
Why are you carrying that around?
This is my prisoner.
Are you her friend?
When are you due?
Paulus, slowly, she's pregnant.
I know. I can see that.
I'm Novi. It's been 10 months.
Yes, ten months,
not out yet. She's miserable.
Have you tried squatting?
Let me feel it!
Won't be long now.
Not a breech baby, right, ma'am?
Where's your husband?
If squatting doesn't work, try sex.
My husband is scared.
We haven't had sex in three months.
His friends had sex...
when the wife was eight months pregnant.
And their baby got a flat head.
When she had him,
my daughter-in-law was like that.
I locked her with my son,
while I took care of the crops.
They tried all day long and failed.
They tried again at night.
My son got tired.
He said he couldn't get it up.
But before dawn, Ian was born.
Just like a sauce bottle.
You've got to poke inside to get it out.
Did Markus pick up?
The key?
Umbu didn't touch me the first month.
He didn't let me touch him
saying he couldn't control himself if I did.
He's scared.
His mother scared us.
She told us not to sleep
together the first month.
But imagine the lust of a pregnant woman.
I had no cravings, Marlina.
I only wanted Umbu.
So I marked my calendar.
When the second month came
I lunged at him.
But he still got all these crazy thoughts.
If he is jealous,
why not stay with me 24/7?
He knows men fancy me.
And his mother isn't helping at all.
She's filling his head with crazy ideas.
That a breech baby
means you're unfaithful!
That as a woman, I shouldn't be so lustful.
Marlina, wait!
You don't trust me, Marlina?
You don't want to tell me?
I was raped.
I killed them.
They raped you?
Those animals!
You're reporting them to the police?
I killed them.
Why are you reporting it then?
What can the police do?
They'll charge you for what you did.
Even if it was self-defense.
Then where should I go?
You can come with me.
Come to church, to confess your sins.
But I didn't commit any sins.
Come to see my husband.
I'd like to see my husband, too.
It's them?
You said you killed them.
All but two.
Wait here.
Wait for my call.
Where's that woman?
Where's the head?
Are you trying to hide that murderer?
I just want his head back!
Marlina? I saw her.
She went that way.
Get in!
Get in!
Do you want to eat? Come on in.
What's good?
Chicken soup!
No more chicken soup.
I had that last night.
Our satay is famous.
Come in, lady.
What's your name?
My name is Topan.
That's my child's name.
A boy, though.
My mother named me Topan
so I'd grow up as strong as a boy.
What do you want?
Your famous satay.
What grade are you in?
Second grade. And to drink?
Just tea.
- Thank you.
- Just a moment.
Thank you.
It's really good.
I told you.
What is it?
Can you watch this for me?
What is it?
You're not allowed to open it
or the demons inside will escape.
You're lying.
It's a secret. Not for kids.
Or your daddy will be angry.
When will you pick it up?
Why not take it with you?
It's too heavy.
Can I have the check?
Take that.
I'm going.
Let's switch.
Come on. I want to play.
Can you even play?
Ready, Roni?
So, 11-5.
Ready, Roni?
Come on.
Alright. You serve.
Can he play?
He's good.
He's getting old.
So the first man's name is Markus?
And the others?
Seven or eight, I'm not sure.
Two or three left in their truck.
What did they take?
All my livestock.
Ten pigs. Ten goats.
Seven chickens.
Are they marked?
They were going to rape me.
But they didn't?
He did.
Describe him.
He rode a motorbike,
was old enough to be a grandpa
skinny, long grey hair and tattoos.
And his friends?
Younger. He was the oldest.
If he was old and skinny,
why did you let him rape you?
He was with his friends.
Did they help him?
How many of them?
What about the other two?
I'm wrong. Seven.
To process your report,
we need to investigate there.
My house?
We don't have vehicles today.
In two or three days
or leave us your phone number.
What about the other two?
For the rape case,
you need to do a special check-up.
A check-up?
But we'll have the tools only next month.
We're waiting for the funds.
Unless you get it done by a doctor.
For the police to act, we need evidence.
I'll process this report.
Thank you.
I'm here to pick up the box.
Don't cry.
Thank you.
You want to watch me bathe?
My mother must've been as pretty as you.
My son would've been as smart as you.
Answer it.
Give me that.
Your wife is done talking.
Call back later.
Novi never told you?
This is Franz, her good friend.
She came to my place today.
She didn't get your permission?
Ian! Come on!
You idiot!
Niko! You still have your share!
May I use your phone?
Umbu? Where are you?
You believed him? He's...
I swear Umbu!
It's a long story.
Yes, I can.
It's not far.
Wait for me.
Thank you. I hope you won't be late
Nobody's getting married without me!
Ian, you're a hero.
You're the hero.
Take care. Congrats to your nephew.
I wish them happiness and a baby soon.
I missed you so much.
How's the little one?
The little one's fine.
You remember Marlina?
The widow.
Poor thing. She's...
Why isn't the baby out yet?
Her baby died a year ago.
I meant our baby, Novi!
How should I know?
I'm not a doctor or a midwife.
You think the baby will text me
the time of its arrival?
Stop interrupting me.
This is important.
You have a breech baby.
That's why it doesn't want to be born!
It's true what they said.
That's not true!
Don't think that way!
I'm working so hard.
You don't control your lust.
You sleep with others!
You still think that?
You still believe that?
Don't be an idiot!
How dare you!
I was just helping out a friend!
I swear I wasn't sleeping with other men.
Then get the baby out now!
You idiot.
Go to hell! Damn you!
You're the idiot one.
Helping others and not thinking of yourself.
Answer it.
You're the one looking for her. You answer!
Say you want to meet up
tell her to return your favor
Say you're being held up at her house
tell her to come home.
Answer it.
You want-to die with your baby?
Answer it.
I'm on the way to your house.
Yes, I went back.
I want to ask for your help.
Can you come?
Have you gone to the police?
I can ask Umbu for the money.
Really it's okay.
But I have to find Umbu first.
Can you help me find him?
You can?
He's here, Marlina.
He's threatening me.
Please come help me...
Bring Markus's head home.
Get in.
Thank you.
Are you okay?
Can we go now?
You cook dinner first.
The pregnant one...
I want to taste your cooking.
The murderer,
you stay with me.
What do you want to eat?
Chicken soup.
You like it?
You like it!
- Breathe.
- It hurts.
Keep going.
I can see the head.
Keep pushing, Novi.
More! More!
One more time!