Marlowe (1969) Movie Script

How do I get in to see the manager?
Thank you.
Who the hell are you?
Orrin Quest's mother.
Wants her little boy back.
Private Investigator
Hmm. I'm unhappy.
Get out more. Dance in the
streets. Take a cop to lunch.
I got friends. -You
got a master key?
Hello. Let me speak to the doctor.
The key. -I run a legit
hotel here. -Come on, the key!
All these private rooms. -You
ought to be ashamed of yourself.
Excuse me, the manager said
that Orrin Quest was here.
The manager said that
Orrin Quest was in here!
Talkie that way, ain't he?
He's still registered.
So what am I doing' here?
You ask the question.
Close the lid.
I got a permit for the gun.
Let me see it.
Let me see it!
Quest left ten days ago.
I was across the hall, in 215.
This is a better room. So
I switched. You satisfied?
I'll sleep like a lamb.
You're Hicks, right?
The register: Grant. W. Hicks. 215.
Did Quest leave any
forwarding address?
These kids, you know.
They freak out, disappear.
You narco squad?
For not spitting on it!
Going up?
The little one, darling.
Don't want another big roller.
Oh my God! -Anything for me, Chuck?
She's back. The one from Kansas.
Hi. -Well?
Hold it.
What happened? I've been
waiting hours and hours.
All shadow no substance.
Not even a trace?
No satisfaction, no charge.
Dr. Lagardie's Office.
I'd like to speak to
the doctor, please.
Can I tell him
who's calling?
Tell him it's about Mr. Klausen.
Will you hold?
-Yes, I'll hold.
No wonder you haven't
found my brother.
You've been working on other cases.
That's me, just buried
alive in success.
The luxurious appointments,
executive secretary
the electronic devices?
I don't like you, Mr. Marlowe.
The minute I walked into
this grubby little office...
I knew I should
never have hired you.
Well, there's your
retainer. All $ 55.
Now some people would keep it.
But I just get a little shaky
running around with that
much loose money in my pocket.
You didn't even really
try to find Orrin!
Doctor Lagardie. -Doc?
Just this morning a Mr. Havin
Klausen tried to talk to you...
... He got cut off?
Havin Klausen? I'm afraid I
don't know a Havin Klausen.
Then you have nothing
to fear, Doc.
Unless it was your ice pick.
Who is this? -Hicks. Grant Hicks.
A former tenant of Mr.
Klausen's rooming house.
I was just checking out
when he tried to call you.
That was before someone
mistook him for an ice block.
You might want to know
before someone wanted
... why Klausen
tried call you.
But Doc?
Don't get me wrong,
this is no shakedown.
I'm just a cat looking
for a connection.
You know.
Please feel free to consult me.
Goodbye. -Goodbye.
Do you mind?
Filthy habit.
My father used to smoke a pipe.
Momma never let him
smoke in the house.
The last two years, after he had the
stroke, he used to sit on the porch...
... with an empty pipe in his mouth.
Probably didn't like that, either.
We owed a lot of money.
We couldn't afford useless
things like tobacco.
Well, stick your $50 back
and forget we ever met.
Hey, the town's full of detectives.
I used up my vacation
time looking for him.
And most of my money, too.
And I have to go back home Saturday!
I'm sure something happened!
I can feel it, Mr. Marlowe!
I found a boarding house.
He slept there ten days ago.
Now, you go home, Miss Quest.
Sooner or later he will shuck
his sandals, cut his hair. .
Ten years you won't know him
from anyone else in Kansas.
Marlowe. -Grant
Hicks, Marlowe.
You in the market
for a quick $100?
How quick? -Fifteen
minutes quick enough?
Is that panel to panel pay?
Marlowe, I'm in the Alvarado hotel.
Just five minutes
from your place.
A couple of minutes of your
time and you're home free.
Maybe -I'm in Room
22. But hurry, huh?
It's two minutes with you
where your story breaks down.
Look, I'll give you
something to hold and $100.
Tomorrow, next day, give it back.
Strictly legit. Nothing hot.
Look. Got to hang up.
I'm counting on you, Marlowe.
Get over here right now.
$50 is all I've got.
I guess not enough to
keep you interested, right?
It's not the money that
bothers me. It's ice picks.
If you won't take my
money, what will you take?
A simple goodbye.
Does it bother you if a girl
makes the first overture?
I've got a low threshold of
boredom. It usually helps.
Does it mean that you want me too?
It means, that I keep
thinking of your old man...
sitting out on a porch...
with an empty pipe.
Goodbye, Miss Quest.
But if you don't help
me find Orrin, who will?
The department of missing
persons or the FBI...
Mr. Marlowe!
Excuse me, room 22?
Who's registered, please?
Around here the concession
for transom peeking
Has been given to Oliver J. Hady.
That little concession ought
to bring a fortune at auction.
Past the stairs on your left.
So? -I want to get a line
on one of your customers.
What name? -Could be Naster
for all I know. Room 22.
So? -He wants to see me.
Don't let me keep you.
Would you mind holding your
finger there on this thing?
Ollie, a man in my business
has enemies. You know that.
Anybody calls me to come
over, wants something done
... and neglects
to give me his name.
You think I'm wrong
to think of that?
It could be a way to get
me into a room and... zap!
Party checks out and your left
with me on the floor in 22.
Wouldn't want a case of rigor
in your hotel, would you Ollie?
Give me the box.
Will you hold this a minute?
Checked in 5:47. One local
phone call. No Room Service.
Dr. G. W. Hamilton, El Centro.
What did he look like?
That's right, I stay out there
with a Brownie when they register.
Don't move.
A 45 I wouldn't argue, but a 32
I can get in a couple of words.
I've said them all.
Please. Don't forget you're a lady.
I like the perfume.
What is it?
BENSON's Camera Shop
Whoever did this is a performer.
Cut the spinal cord first try.
They developed the
technique in Brooklyn.
You don't say.
Sonny Steelgrave's
Boys were specialists.
You're aren't trying to
connect Steelgrave with this?
Pretty fragile, isn't it? -Yes
Anyway, he definitely wasn't
the last of the big spenders.
Fourteen dollars and
change, Seven master keys...
Maybe he thought he'd
clean out the hotel.
Eddie, do any of these
keys fit this dump?
You can unlock our doors
with your little finger.
Well, he knew
somebody was after him.
Spotted them getting close.
Calls Marlowe and offers him
$100 to safe keep something.
Is that your story, Marlowe?
That's it.
Only he hasn't got $100 on him.
Maybe he was figuring on
getting you to gamble along.
Eddie, could the desk give
us a rundown on any visitors?
You don't have to pass
the desk to go in or out.
No wonder he stayed in here.
That, and all the atmosphere.
I guess that just about does
it for the first run-through.
Oh not quite.
What do you know.
Maliway Mushtom.
Used to be a runner for Ace Devore.
How you been, Maliway?
Going to miss you at
the morning line-up.
Well, that takes the pressure off.
This punk won't be
a 24 hour a day job.
How did you know about that wig?
I'm a trained detective.
That's your exit line,
Marlowe. Follow it out.
And don't leave town, you hear me?
Go on, Hady, You too.
What's bugging you? -The 150.
Don't get funny in the wrong place.
Oliver, when I checked
him he had $164.
Now there's only 14 left. -So?
So where were you while I
was calling the Lieutenant?
Are you accusing me?
-Just checking for crimes.
Okay, here you go.
I'll remember you!
I don't want the money.
I want something else.
What? -The girl.
Went out of here by these
stairs. She had to pass you.
She'd have been running,
you'd have been following.
What makes you so wonderful?
-I'm a trained detective.
All right. I followed
her and she got the car.
How do I know that this isn't
a number you already had?
Just take my word for
it. -What kind of car?
Jaguar convertible, XKE, yellow.
Describe the girl.
You want a lot for your
bread. -Grant Hicks's bread.
Wide felt black hat with a
black patent leather band.
Dark glasses.
Black coat and black patent
leather buttons and trimming.
White gloves.
Height 5'6"-5'6-1/2".
Built like a model.
Don't waste it.
Five, six, seven, eight.
Five, six, seven, eight.
Okay, relax a bit.
Hi. How are you. Hello.
Thank you. You're
right, you're right.
Can you get me the name and
address with this license?
Sure, I'll be through
in half an hour.
Julie, tonight I couldn't lead
a kindergarten marching band.
What if I lead, you follow?
Good night, girls.
And then we apply the
colour along the part.
And notice how I
help it with my thumb.
Good morning, Chuck.
-Hold it a minute, girls.
Good morning, Philip.
-Good morning, all.
Special delivery for you.
Alvarado Hotel. Really, Philip.
Hey... -Do you like?
Another day another
dollar. Let me go.
Benson Camera Shop.
Good morning, this is Grant Hicks.
Order ready on claim
A1654? -Hold on sir.
Marlowe. -I figured
it would be a girl.
Why? -Mr. Hicks?
-Why? -Yes, I'm Hicks.
Your order's ready,
sir. -Who's Mr. Hicks?
It's something I've been working on.
Why'd you say it had to be a girl?
Are you kidding?
-I'm sorry, I'm on another line.
Should I call you back? -I
need the information now.
Sir, are you speaking to me?
-Yes, I will be in before noon.
That'll be fine. -I
have to be back by one.
How's 12? -I can't make it.
-You can't make it. -We close at six.
No, I will be there to
pick them up before noon.
How? -I'll be here. -Goodbye.
-Don't hang up yet! Hello? -Honey,
I'm sorry, I can't make it
for lunch, but who's the girl?
Mavis Wald.
The Mavis Wald?
My luck.
What's the address?
2720 Nelson Avenue. I hope
they pitch you off the balcony.
Your change, Mr. Hicks.
I'll tell you what we'll
do. Keep the change...
... and mail the photos
to me at this address.
Alright Mr. Hicks.
It's Marlowe.
-Alright, Mr. Marlowe.
I have some stills for Ms. Wald.
You can leave them
with me. -No, not these.
I'll phone, wait a minute.
It's the ones we shot at the
Alvarado Hotel last night.
Yes, ma'am.
Sir, you can go right up.
Hi. -Mavis Wald?
She's busy making panic calls.
You really shook her. What's up?
I am the father of her triplets.
Do you have a name?
It wouldn't do anything for you.
Sugar? -Yes, please.
I am Dolores, with an "o".
Dolores Gonzales.
Is that Spanish for pain?
You've picked a
nice place to suffer.
You jumped to that conclusion,
but it's Mavis's pad, not mine.
Which makes you?
Something you don't see every day.
An old friend.
My friend asked me
to keep you occupied.
Are you hard to occupy? -As
hard to get. as a haircut.
Has anybody ever told you that
you have a sensuous under lip?
Everybody mentions it.
Do nice uncomplicated
girls turn you on?
I come all unglued.
Are you looking for something?
I just don't want to
see Mavis get hurt.
Now who are you?
His name is Philip Marlowe.
Private Detective.
Well, I hope everybody's happy.
Philip Marlowe.
What can I buy you
with? -The money helps.
How much? -Say... $ 100.
$ 100 is money to you? -Make
it $200 and I'll retire.
I work for my money.
What am I buying?
I do not think you killed him.
Help to have some reason not to
tell the police you were there.
Am I supposed to
have killed somebody?
You're going to find this
hard to believe, but I came up
with the idea that you
might need some help.
I figured you went to
the room to make a payoff.
You went there alone and took
a chance on being recognized.
That made me think you
could be in a king-sized jam.
I said a king-sized jam as a cue.
You're good, Ms. Wald...
You could act your way
out of a safe deposit box.
Good day.
You're out of work again, Philip.
A man with a limited vocabulary
you do make your point.
They tell me there was
a disturbance upstairs.
In Miss Wald's apartment.
They tell you wrong.
We were bombing craps.
Where are the pictures?
Who makes your ice
picks, Mr. Steelgrave?
Too bad.
Does your mother know
what you do for a living...
Mr. Marlowe?
What can I do for you?
Good grief! What are you boys up to?
Just renovating, Chuck.
Yes? It's about time.
Come on girls, back to work!
Don't stand looking back to work.
You won't need that.
The word is you are a cool cat.
The word is wrong, I go
all to pieces over nothing.
That coat rack has been
my family for years.
Would you like it if your
coat rack was disassembled?
I've come to make a proposition.
May I reach for my pocket?
It would give me pleasure to
do you do something foolish.
$ 500.
For that you can kick the
ceiling. -It's yours. -For what?
You are not looking for
anybody and can't find anybody.
You do not have time
to work for anybody.
You have not heard
anything or seen anything.
And what do I for
an encore? -Nothing.
Keep on doing nothing
for a reasonable time...
and I'll come back and place
another 500 on your desk.
Side by side.
And for whom am I doing
this? -Winslow Wong,...
... that is I.
I like a man who uses good
grammar. You impress me.
... Whom sent you?
A man who would rather
spill money than blood.
also a man who would spill
blood if he had no choice.
Take this back to
your leader, Mr. Wong.
Tell him you met the
last of a dying Dynasty...
... King of the fools.
Unassailably virtuous...
... invariably broke.
Come on, everybody. Break
it up. Let me in there.
Termites, Lieutenant.
Want to come in, sit down?
We'd better go for a walk.
Because I say we'd
better take a walk. Right?
Well, let's take a walk.
This, uhh?
- Be my guest, Lieutenant.
Ever read the Bay City paper?
All that rape and homicide?
There's an article in there
about a party named Klausen.
Ice pick case, Marlowe.
That's two in a row. A trend, maybe?
What did you hear from
that hotel cop, Hady?
We lack rapport.
Okay, let's get off Hady
and concentrate on you.
Hicks was dead when
you got there, right?
Well, as we trained detectives
say, he was terminal.
So he could hardly have taken
one of your visiting cards?
Stop trying to scare me.
-No, tell me about this.
You found my card on Hicks'
body? -That's your card isn't it?
Philip Marlowe,
Private Investigator.
We missed it the first time.
I gave him one of my cards to Hady.
We went upstairs while I called
you, he searched the body.
You figure that he could have...
... taken the money and put
my card on Hicks' body...
... while my back was turned?
Well, it's a possibility.
Would you know Sonny
Steelgrave if you saw him?
Yes, why?
Was he dark, late 30s...
... slick, something for the girls?
Still punching around
with that ice pick theory?
Trying to tie Steelgrave
into with Klausen and Hicks?
Does he get out in public
much? -No, not much.
Where does he go?
-He owns The Dancers.
Steelgrave sometimes takes
little chicken broads up there.
Marlowe. -Yes, Mr.
Marlowe, this way.
Mr. Marlowe... -What is this?
Compliments of Mr. Steelgrave.
Thank you.
Friends in high places.
Who is it? He rich?
He is. Even his tax
bracket is elevated.
Might say baroque.
To a late breakfast.
-I'll drink to that.
All my friends are
going to Lake Tropsure.
I see a trial balloon.
I'll make the coffee.
Mr. Marlowe, phone
call please. -Thank you.
Did you tell anyone
we were here? -No.
Well, that makes two of us.
It's just a way to get you alone.
I didn't come here
for the cherry jubilee.
Okay. But take care of yourself.
Winslow, you suckered
me out here, you devil.
Take the money
Marlowe. -Not a chance.
You can't refuse me this
time. -You watch me closely.
Can you remember the
alternative, Mr. Marlowe?
You're a paper tiger, Winslow.
You can't do anything in
your boss's restaurant.
Mr. Marlowe, I have my instructions.
That's what I'm
counting on, Winslow.
What are you going to do,
break another coat rack?
You're very effective, but I've
seen dogs do better on television.
You're light on your feet, Winslow.
Are you just a little gay?
I didn't come to
seduce you. -Good...
Can I come in?
I had to walk miles the other night.
All steps in the right direction?
-I've never suspected anybody.
There's someone here.
No thanks, I have a taxi
with the meter running.
I've heard from Orrin.
He decided to rejoin the establishment?
-He's staying with a doctor.
Your mother ought to be happy.
A Dr. Vincent Lagardie.
Okay, so he's staying
with a Dr. Lagardie.
The mob is after him.
They're are all busy making movies!
Please, we have to go
there right now to help.
He's afraid to leave.
After all, I did pay
you! -I gave it back.
I offered it to you again.
And a lot more.
You'd never have forgiven me.
You don't know me, but when
a man rejects a woman...
... he owes her something.
An old Kansas proverb?
-Philip, I'm frantic!
Philip? -They're going to kill him.
I have the address right here.
-I already have the address.
You have a taxi waiting outside
and the meter is running.
Philip, you don't know me.
But then that's your loss.
What was that?
Sort of glad she did that.
I noticed your left
jab was a little slow.
She reminded me of
somebody. -Don't we all?
Want to have some breakfast?
All I see is two people.
Hardly disastrous to
Miss Wald's reputation.
Nothing for the sponsors or the
network to be concerned about.
Then why are you talking to me?
I still enjoy talking
to the man in the street.
Then you won't mind if
I show these to Homicide.
Why should they be interested?
I don't think we'll be
doing business, Mr. Crowell.
But thanks for taking
my call. -Wait a minute.
What might happen if you show
those pictures to the police?
I'd have to connect it with
something they are working on.
Something that happened
a couple nights ago...
... one of the cheap
sin spots in town.
The Alvarado Hotel.
I'd connect it up through the girl.
Miss Wald?
Won't talk to me.
That's why I'm talking to you.
She told me about it.
She told me you tried to
force her into hiring you...
... on the grounds that she had
been close to the murder scene.
Did she say how close?
She didn't say.
What? -The 11:30
Yes, thank you.
You amuse the hell out of
me, Marlowe. You really do.
Trying to use me as a shovel
to dig yourself out of a jam.
The jam I am in is
nothing compared...
... to what the star of
your show would be in...
... if I hadn't done the
thing that got me into it.
What are you doing in the next hour?
Recounting my trumps.
Well, let's count them together.
We got to where you were thinking of
going downtown with those pictures.
What then? -We didn't get that far.
We only got as far
as her calling you.
Did she tell you she also
called the man in the pictures.
She neglected to mention it.
He and some of his soldiers
were waiting outside when I left.
Do you know who he is?
Don't you?
You're making me more unhappy
by the minute, Mr. Marlowe.
Hold it back there, please!
I can't do anything until
I get back from London.
You were saying?
Her boy friend tried to
buy me first, then bury me.
I resent both overtures.
Where does it stand right now?
You tell me.
She was great, wasn't she?
On the film?
But he must answer.
Why don't you answer the
phone? -The show is out there.
- good?
Where are you?
Well the darling of millions has
got herself and the rest of us...
... who put her where she
is in one hell of a mess.
If it were any actress
it would be bad enough,...
... but in this series?
The part she plays?
Did you ever see the
show? -No, I haven't.
It's the top rated
sitcom in the country.
A situation comedy.
Can you imagine what would happen if
it got out that our poor little Mary...
... was shacking up with
public enemy number one?
Everything's set, Mr. Crowell!
You don't really want the cops
to have those pictures, do you?
No, Marlowe, that's
the last thing I....
Little Mavis Wald. The public
would chew her to pieces.
Not to mention the
sponsor and network.
The federal gangster's girl.
The number one gangster, no less.
What do you want? -Same
thing I wanted from the start.
What she wouldn't give me: the
right to work in her best interests.
By suppressing evidence.
If it was evidence. The
police can't determine that...
... without smearing. Maybe I can.
They don't have time to
worry about reputations.
You do.
Come on. Why are you doing this?
Steelgrave's boys spoiled
the coat in my best suit.
Where would I be if I didn't
put a stop to things like that?
What is your price?
$ 100 a day and expenses.
And a letter employing me to investigate
blackmail of one of your stars.
that a man in my spot dreads over
all other mistakes.
I will find myself doing business
with somebody I can trust.
and I'm going to be too
damned smart to trust him.
Take this letter to
Mr. Philip Marlowe.
" Dear Mr. Marlowe.
This agency employs
you to investigate...
on behalf of one its television
personalities, a certain matter...
... the particulars of which
you have been given verbally.
You fee is to be $ 100
day plus expenses...
... plus a deposit of $ 500.
Sincerely, etc...."
My driver will take
you to the office.
I'm just going to have
to trust you, Marlowe.
I hate making mistakes.
Alright, lunch everybody.
40 minutes for the crew.
time for the rest of you.
first shot after lunch
will be Miss Wald.
Please be back punctually.
Who let you in? -Mr Crowell.
I do not want you to work for me.
I go to ridiculous
extremes to get clients.
Even collect rare photos.
You like a drink? -No, thank you.
Alright, so you know.
It could happen to
any red-blooded girl.
Do you love him? -You
mean will I give him up?
Something like that.
Do not know if I could,
or that I want to.
Anyway, what good will that do now?
Who took the pictures?
-I don't know.
Who's trying to blackmail
you? -I don't know.
Could you be persuaded to
give those negatives to me?
Mr. Crowell hired me to decide
what's in your best interests.
I know what's in my best interests.
Fold that letter up and forget
this job. Go away, Mr. Marlowe.
You can't win them all! -Did
Steelgrave have Hicks killed?
You remember Hicks?
He was stretched out on the
bed in the Alvarado hotel.
Sonny did not know there
was a picture of us...
... not until you came to
my place and I called him.
Leaves the blackmailer, and
whoever else is in this with him.
You don't think he will let
you off the easy way, do you?
You aren't going to follow my
advice? -In one ear and out the other.
You're on, Miss Wald. -Thank you.
Thank you very much for coming by.
You know, Miss
Wald, ... -Excuse me.
You could make life easier for all of
us by laying your cards on the table.
Goodbye, Mr. Marlowe.
I'll be in touch.
I'll be right there.
Stay with it.
Hello. -Hello, I'm Dr. Lagardie.
How do you do. I'm
looking for a Mr. Quest.
Orrin Quest.
Who? -Quest.
" Q " as in quintessential,...
... "U" as in uninhibited,...
... "E" as in extrasensory...
..." S" as in subliminal,...
... and " T" as in Truth.
We chatted on the phone.
About a Mr. Klausen.
Please, come along.
There is no Orrin Quest
among our patients.
You don't know him at all?
The name is completely
unfamiliar to me.
Sit down. -Thank you.
That's funny. His
sister says he was here.
Hiding out.
From what?
You tell me.
I could be wrong, but smelling all
that pot smoke in Klausen's place...
... and his calling you,
I jumped to conclusions.
I told you I don't know a Havin
Klausen, or an Orrin Quest.
I think you're wasting your time.
You don't mind if I
call you a liar, doctor?
I should I call the police
and have them run you out.
But my field is special
children. Unusual children.
Sometimes its better to let them bang
on the walls and scream their heads off.
Until theyre prepared for
reason. Scream away, Mr. Marlowe.
A fellow named Klausen and
a grifter named Hicks...
both killed... by the same man,...
... but not necessarily
for the same reason.
Hicks because he muscled in
on somebody elses shtick.
And Klausen because he
was a babbling junkie.
Not exactly a master of the
zipped lip. Any good so far?
What is all this to do with me?
Question: what was the shtick?
Answer: Some photographs.
A good man could make a fortune...
... out of these
particular photographs.
Question: Who took the photographs?
Presumption: Orrin Quest,
the boy I'm looking for.
And why this particular subject...
without their knowing they
were being photographed?
Time to take a flier. Let's
say Quest knew the girl...
. . let's even say the
girl was his sister.
Pretty well screamed out by now?
Not quite.
These ice pick jobs.
They say the Steelgrave
gang was taught the technique
by a young intern in Brooklyn.
And it worked...
What happened...
to a bright young medic like that?
Did he come west when they did?
Did he come to...
open a clinic... for kids...
well... to cover illegal activities?
Don't worry, it's not lethal.
I need a little more time.
Not much, just to clear things up.
What's the matter?
-Have you got a band aid?
Ooh, you'd better take
that off. -In here?
Oh honey. First aid,
rubbing alcohol, band aids...
You should get a tetanus
shot. That looks deep.
Where I can find Mavis?
Mavis? -She's not at her place.
And why should I
turn you over to her?
Because underneath those
pasties there's a size 40 heart.
I thought you liked Mavis.
I do like her but why should
she get all the goodies?
She's a star. Give me that.
If you believe that Mavis and
I studied at Lee Strasbourg...
Thank you, nurse. You're
wanted in the premmies.
Will you come back tonight?
Am I under oath? -Sure.
Probably not.
They'll be shooting
late at the studio.
Very well.
Thank you, Doctor. -My pleasure.
Thank you, nurse.
-Any time. Call me.
Honey, that is a no-no.
Okay, kids, that's fine.
Give me a minute,
huh? How long did...
Miss Wald...
Your brother... -Don't you
have anything else to do?
He took the pictures of
you and Steelgrave, right?
He's dead.
Someone shot him a
couple of hours ago.
You're making that up.
I have to tell Orfamay
too. You want to come along?
All set, Miss Wald?
Where is Steelgrave tonight?
Don't try to blame him.
I talked to him on the
phone more than an hour ago.
. . in his place at Mount Wilson.
That's one thing about Steelgrave.
He's never around when
the shooting starts.
Maybe that's because he
knows when it will start.
Please Miss Wald.
Orfamay Quest?
Checked out. -To
where, did she say?
She asked for a train
schedule to Kansas.
If that's any help... -Every
little bit helps. Thank you.
Any time.
Are you going to leave
without saying goodbye?
After all we've meant to each
other? -I told you I leave Saturday.
But it's only Friday.
I ran out of money.
And out of friends.
I'm going home. My
train leaves in an hour.
And I can do without your company.
Here, I'll help
you. -No, thank you.
What do you want?
I thought we could go up to
my place and have a drink.
I'll give you a
shoulder to cry on. Oh!
Hot chocolate, please. -Coffee.
I'm sick of this stupid city
It's can be a meat grinder.
How come you're being so
nice to me all of a sudden?
I get an attack of the
nices every now and then.
You're getting ready to tell
me something nasty, isn't it?
About Orrin, isn't it?
They killed him, didn't they?
When? -Tonight at Lagardie clinic.
You could have saved him had
you gone there when I told you!
But you had that girl in your place!
You couldn't bother to
save a fellow human being.
Not when it might interfere
with your animal pleasures!
He was alive when I got there
with an ice pick in his hand.
Doesn't that tell you anything?
Are you accusing my brother?
You know about those
ice pick murders?
Why shouldn't I, they're
all over the papers.
When do the tears start to
flow for your long-lost brother?
Officer, I believe this
man knows about a murder.
This a joke? -My brother's
been killed and he was there.
Is she putting me on? -I was
just about to call Homicide.
Oh, you were, were you?
I hope they lock you up forever.
License 643 295.
Okay, Lieutenant, it's
all yours. -Alright.
Now you just start to talk.
Let it flow. You know what I mean.
Want me to make a statement?
-Yes, full statement.
A voluntary and without coercion.
Everything you know, alright?
Then ask. If you don't
like the answers book me.
And if you book me I
get to make a phone call.
Wait. Don't tell me that you've been
strictly legal in this... -Case? -Yes
No. -I suppose you have
a client to protect?
Maybe. -He did. She dropped...
Ask the questions, please. -What
happened at Klausen's place?
I went out there
looking for her brother.
His sister told me she got a call
from him at the Lagardie clinic...
... and I went out there.
Care to see my
back? -Wait a minute.
Why would he try to pick you? You
were his pal, come to save him.
I was just something between him
and the light. Something that moved.
Maybe he thought I was
the person who shot him.
A man in his condition
acts from instinct.
He does not invent new techniques.
So I believe Orrin Quest
killed both Klausen and Hicks.
What about Lagardie?
You got anything on him?
We checked on him.
He could have killed me and he didn't,
so he probably hasn't killed anybody.
But finding an ice pick in his
place, made me think of Steelgrave.
That's pretty wild, Marlowe.
That's tenacious, you know.
Would I do myself any good if I
went out and tried to tighten it up?
I won't leave town.
I don't want to run
this into the ground
One more little favour? -Yes, what?
Orfamay Quest.
Could you arrange to keep her
around town for a day or two?
On what grounds?
Well, I don't know...
Tell her you've decided to draw and quarter
me and you want her to whip the horses.
She won't be able to pass that up.
Is the party over?
Trying to break a lease, right?
Speak softly, please.
Tough day at the office?
Tough day? An average
day in a detective's life.
I've been,...
mugged... and generally snookered.
I ache all over.
My office qualifies
for urban renewal...
the cops... envy my successes, they're
trying to take my license away,...
... I'd say that's an average day.
I'm almost afraid to
ask why you're here.
I'm almost afraid to tell you.
She tried to call you, couldn't
find you, and she got me.
I'll wait a minute.
I think you can service her.
All my clients have troubles.
That's why they come to me.
Why do you bother with them?
Why don't you get out of it?
Stock options.
Pension plan.
What kind of trouble is Mavis in?
I don't know. I was
on stage when called.
The message was: get Philip
Marlowe. I need him now.
You do a lot of fetching and
carrying for Mavis, don't you?
Why not? We go waaay back.
What are friends for?
Something like that.
The Steelgrave place. -Yes
She's not alone in there.
He's there too.
It's not like Steelgrave
to leave the gate unlatched.
Where are all his troops?
Now and then he likes to be alone.
Speaking from experience?
Once upon a time he was mine.
Until Mavis took him.
You know?
I'm great between the lines.
I only suffer. Every winner
has to be a loser, right?
Be careful in there.
I'll wait.
No, go on home, Dolores.
Miss Wald...
I got word you tried to call me.
Come on!
Hear, drink it. Come on.
Where's yours?
-Someone has to drive.
You're rather nice for what you are.
Well, it could be the brandy,
the altitude, or shock...
... You're stalling for time.
For someone to get here
or get away from here.
Where is Steelgrave?
I liked him.
I liked him a lot.
Going to wrap it in a handkerchief?
Where'd you leave him?
Behind that chair.
In the corner.
Well it's been one hell of
a day. -What did you expect?
He killed my brother. -Your
brother was pushing too hard.
But to kill him?
Did you tell Steelgrave that it
was your brother blackmailing you?
Of course I didn't.
Somebody did.
He did not care about those
pictures except for your sake.
He was only trying to protect you.
Well, he certainly proved that.
-Yes, he did in his own way.
The same way he came after me
when he thought I was pressing.
It will cost a lot to fix this.
I'm not worth it.
Tell me why you had
the gun with you.
The gun? -Don't stop to think.
Tell me: did you mean
to kill him! -Why not?
I thought I meant something
to him. I guess I was vain.
Go home, Miss Wald. -What?
Go on home. -You say!
You're my client. Do as you're told.
Go on! Get out! -I'm going, okay?
Homicide, please.
Yes, this baby's been working.
What is the story, Marlowe?
A girl came to my office to tell me
that a client of mine was in danger.
Drove me up here, dropped
me off and went home.
The girl's name?
Dolores Gonzales. -Your client?
Another party altogether.
-Your client's name?
Not yet, Lieutenant.
Your rules, right?
You here when he got it?
No. -Who was?
He was. -Who else?
I won't lie, I don't know
who was here when he got it.
Who was here when you got here?
He was.
Alright, Fred, put
the cuffs on this guy.
Alright, Marlowe.
Let's go.
If I didn't have enough trouble,
I have to worry about you too.
Do you know how I spend my days?
Turning over dirty underwear.
And my nights?
Spent snooping rotten
teeth. -Alright.
I go up a dark stairway after some
gun punk with a skin full of horse
Maybe tomorrow I don't
get up the stairs.
Or I get a confession
from some guy...
they swear I beat it
out of the bastard.
Nothing I do is
right. Never. Not once.
If I make one mistake,...
I'm back in uniform, out in the
streets with the hookers yelling at me.
I taking tire chains away from
tough kids. But that's not enough...
... I have you. I got to have me
a shark with a private license...
... suppressing information.
Concealing evidence,
framing set-ups that
wouldn't fool a baby.
impossible to believe.
You wouldn't mind if I call you a
cheap double-crossing keyhole peeper!
You want me to mind? -I'd love it.
I'd love it. -Okay, then I mind.
Your license is dead as of now!
-When the commissioner says it's dead!
Let's get one thing straight!
-I'm doing this my way!
I'm waiting for this bird to crack
wise. He hasn't cracked wise yet.
The price of practice!
Not as fast. -Come on...
Not so good tonight are you
lieutenant? -Shut the hell up!
Lieutenant, calm down. -I
don't need any excuse...
I'll take care of this comedian.
The new type of third degree. The
police beat the hell out of each other...
... the suspect cracks up
from the agony of watching.
It never fails.
You knew I hit, Fred.
-Nobody hit me, Christy.
Nobody I can remember, Fred...
Tell this character to get out
of here. He's on short rope.
Tell him to get his
ass home. Directly home!
Tell him I'll be in touch
with him. Very close touch.
Get out of here, baby. Get out now.
-How? I don't have transportation.
Try hitchhiking and
don't press your luck.
Who do you suppose
will clean up this mess?
Where are they?
-Looking for something?
You know what I'm looking
for. -The pictures.
Now that your brother is dead...
Grab the pictures and
blackmail your own sister.
Well I burned the pictures and
negatives, and they made a lovely flame.
You what?
Give me your purse, little sister.
-Get away from me! Drops it, Mavis!
Don't come any closer to me.
It's my purse!
It's mine, Mavis!
It's mine!
It's mine!
It's mine! -Sonny gave
you that money, didn't he?
I don't know any Sonny.
The smell of lilacs in his place
that night was a little girl smell.
You went up there to tell
where Orrin was hiding.
How much did he pay you to tell?
About an even $ 1.000.
Well, it was Orrin's own fault.
He took the pictures of
you with that gangster.
And he promised me
some of the money.
And I didn't hear from him any
more. So I came to find him.
Sister, you got our brother
killed! -Mavis, that's not true.
I warned Orrin.
I said that if you
don't take care of me
I'll tell Mr.
Steelgrave where you are.
He said he had lost the pictures.
And I didn't believe him.
So I took a taxi and went
to see Mr. Steelgrave.
You know how expensive that is?
Then I talked to Philip to go by
the clinic and protect Orrin...
... even though he
didn't deserve it!
It's not my fault your boys
got there before Philip!
He was our brother?
-Don't you go blaming me!
You had no business
going off and leaving us!
Orfamay, when did I
forget about you or Mom?
Or even poor Orrin?
And I always came to
see you whenever...
Oh, sure...
Always ask and no guilt feelings...
pardoned now!
I tried to take the blame
for you after you shot Sonny.
After I what? -I kept
the gun in my apartment...
... and after you came
to see me it was gone.
Well I didn't take it.
I hope your mother
will be very happy.
Anyway, Who can prove it?
What can prove it? You?
Who are you? -Nobody.
That's right a
nobody! A cheap nobody!
I said it first.
$ 50 means bye to you.
You! You!
You! Get away from me!
I hate you, Mavis!
I hate you!
Come on... -Let go of me!
Now stay there!
Kansas is due east.
Come here.
I tried to make
things better for her.
I used to tell her
how pretty she was.
You really thought that your
little sister killed Steelgrave?
So you went out on stage
and played the big guilty.
Trying to cover for her.
Those little 32s kick
out a lot of graphite.
Last night your hand
was a pure snow white.
But if Orfamay didn't
kill him, then who did?
Forget it, Mavis, forget it.
You've got plenty of time.
You've got old bullfighters
to meet, jets to fly...
Magazine covers to pose for...
Do it, make it work for you.
Thank you very much, Philip Marlowe.
Reservations. No,
she's not here today.
Hi, Joe. Dolores is
expecting me. -Go right in.
Our night? -All ours.
There's one piece
still missing. Lagardie.
It would help if he
used to be your husband.
Back in Brooklyn, a young
doctor with the mob,
a wife like you, a
man like Steelgrave?
It makes a tidy package. -The streets
are paved with forgotten husbands.
You must have loved him a lot.
-My husband? -Steelgrave.
It had to be someone who knew
both Steelgrave and Mavis.
Who could come and go in her
apartment as they pleased.
Who had access to the
gun Steelgrave gave her.
It comes up you.
Like I said, Mavis is a nice girl,
but why should she get hold of him?
You went to a lot of trouble.
And there is nothing you
can do about it. Is there?
... unless you want to destroy her.
And you wouldn't do that, would you?
You'd dream of those
great big eyes of hers!
Police department, please.
Police department.
Sergeant Parrish.
Hello, hello.