Marmalade (2024) Movie Script

105 North--
- All units
be advised suspect's vehicle
has been identified.
Proceed with caution.
- I'm here!
- Whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hands where I can see them.
- I'm sorry!
Right hand, please.
- Come over here.
- Break it,
you buy it, blood.
- You done scared the
chickens outta me.
- This little
fresh meat motherfucker here.
What you in for?
- Uh, well, I ain't no criminal.
- Oh , okay,
'cause everybody innocent.
- Are you innocent?
- Bitch, I got a rap sheet
long enough to wallpaper
this whole motherfucker.
Got you bunked up in here
with a real legend, hoe.
- Oh, okay.
- Shit, grand theft,
destruction of property,
prison escapes, disorderly
conduct, so on and so forth
and shit, you know.
- You, you done prison escape?
- Escapes, bitch. They
don't never find my ass.
- But you're still here?
- For a minute.
- Well,
I needs to get out.
- Oh.
- Hey you don't know
what we've been through.
Me and my girl, we
got us dream plans.
- Dream plans?
Yeah. Okay.
Well, hey, I got a sign on
my back says I give a fuck?
Fucking stripped your ass.
- If'n you say you
gots a way out?
- Yeah, and? What you got?
- Well, we got some money.
- Shit, y'all what,
y'all selling Girl
Scout cookies and shit?
How much?
- We got $250,000 cash.
- You trippin.
- I swear, on my hair.
We only gots till 3:30 tomorrow.
- What's good at 3:30?
- Well, you gonna
help me get out?
- Hey, blood, I don't trust
no one, not even my damn self.
You feel me?
- Well, how 'bout I
trust you to trust me?
- All right look, I'm not
saying like, I got a way,
but if I did, then what?
Your homegirl just gonna roll
up, hand me a pile of paper?
- She'll be there.
- Where?
Well shit, wet my beak, blood.
What's up? What's popping?
Hey, where the money
from? Who is this female?
Where is she at? And at the
end of the day, what's my cut?
- Oh, you can have
all that money.
I, I just wanna be
with my one and only.
- The fuck?
This bitch got some golden
titties or somethin'?
- She my girl, to protect
from whatever, whoever,
whenever, and why ever.
- A quarter mil?
A quarter, homie?
Well shit, tick
tock then, bitch.
Give me the whole fuckin' gumbo.
- You gonna help me get out?
- You gonna make me believe?
- Well, I could
tell you everything,
but I don't think you wanna
hear that whole story.
- Press play, blood.
I can't promise you I'm
gonna keep my eyes open.
- You don't tell nobody.
This stays between them
ears and these walls.
My name's Baron, by the way.
Once upon a time I
was just a wee boy,
running through the
hay fields with my mom.
Beautiful golden light.
I remember the smell on the air,
and the feeling of the
wind against my skin
as we--
- Nah, nah, nah, hey.
What the? No once upon a
time bullshit, wee boy.
Make me fuckin' stab you.
Hey, cut the fat, fam.
- Well, you'll see, it's
all about them details.
- Fuck the details. Fuck
your mama. Fast forward.
- Okay. Well, worked
at the post office.
In fact that was the
best job I ever dang had.
You see, I always like glancing
into other people's worlds.
Ain't nothing don't
come easy most days.
Mama always say, if'n
it's holding you down,
you just gotta find
them ones you love,
and hold 'em tight
until the promised land.
- Oh, hey.
- Hey, Ms. Jenkins.
- Biscuit, hun, it's just Baron.
- Hey, Biscuit.
- Oh, hun.
My granddaughter's
wedding invite.
Baby on the way, and they
just bought a trailer out...
Oh. Bless your heart.
For some it happens
faster than others, hun.
- Oh, my mama needs me.
- You got outta look
out for you too.
God knows, none of us
are getting any younger.
- Right.
- While there's
life, there's hope.
- Hey, hey, pause real quick.
What's up with the croquet?
- And which what?
- Blood, you
just said croquet.
- Croquet? No ah, crochet.
You know, crochet's
like knittin'?
- Bitch, I know what crochet
is, I got a fuckin' granny.
Hey, look here, blood,
I'm really trying to like
peep your story and shit,
but you need to paint
the paint better.
You know what I'm saying?
- I do. I think.
- Day has come, Baron.
I done asked you for six months
to chop that fricking Yeti
off your head.
Get it gone.
- Mrs. Sandy, I done told
you, I've had this hair--
- You are no longer working
for the postal service.
Any and all involvement
is hereby nullified
- But my mama, she needs
me to have this job so--
- Not now. Not here.
you got the job.
- Hey timeout, timeout.
You lost your damn job,
just 'cause you wouldn't cut
your fuckin' hair?
- Well, as you might've guessed,
I once saw some video about
some Reggaes on some island,
and their dreadlocks
somehow define 'em.
I don't know. I ain't
ever losing my hair.
- Yep. You're a regular
fuckin' Bob Marley.
- Thanks.
Hey, Mama. Got your moon pies.
There you go.
They gonna raise the
medicine price again.
Them people's lower than a
snake's belly in a waggon rut.
Open up.
Now don't you worry at all.
I'll find a way.
Ain't no one nowhere
hiring no one nowhere.
Hi, Ron.
Someone once told me
that things'll get worse
before they get better.
But for me, life was
amountin' to a hill of beans.
But, just then, outta nowhere,
red hot like fire.
- Oh shit, you
like them redheads.
- No, no, no, no, red hot.
She done have pink hairs,
prettiest I ever seen.
- Girl of my dreams.
- Mm, I thought you were dead.
- Huh?
- I thought I stumbled
across a dead body.
Would've been the
highlight of my week.
- No, not dead. Don't think.
- You from this shit town?
- Yeah.
- What's there to do?
- Nothing.
- Nothing. There
ain't nothing to do?
- I, I don't know.
- Okay.
Well, that's one way to do it.
- We got a walking trail where
you can hear the armadillos
crying at night.
Got an abandoned quarry
that don't feel like
it have no bottom.
Folks in small homes with
big dreams and no means.
We got a post office run
by a mean ole boss lady
with a hatred of long hairs
for no reason in particular.
One red light, one ice cream
shop, lots of friendly folks.
So friendly, we
don't have no police,
no fire department, no nothing.
Uh, I don't know where you come
from, but we don't got much.
I ain't got nothing,
but it's home.
And it's the only
place I ever knowed.
- Wow.
So you gonna show
me around, or what?
That's my name, it's Marmalade.
- That sounds like a name
and jelly rolled up in one.
- I heard that before.
- I'm Baron.
- Well Baron, you look
like a freaking puppet
flailing around out there.
Let's get a move on
before you chop down
this whole damn forest.
You okay?
- Mm-hmm.
- You just feel
like staring at me
for an extremely
awkward amount of time?
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
- Mm-hmm.
- Well, giddy up, puppet.
Promise me you won't chop
off my head or nothing.
- I'll tell ya, from then
on we was inseparable.
Like one person glued
from the same cloth.
- One.
Two, three, eggplant.
- I know. So how many is that?
- Uh, four.
- Hmm. Four outta 10. That
ain't bad, it's like half.
- Mm.
- You know I, I smash trees too,
like you did back there, when
I was a little girl at least.
Why'd you do that?
- Oh, uh, it's like,
I, I can't describe it.
I don't, I don't know.
- Well, cheers, big ears.
- Cheers.
- You wanna try mine?
- Sure.
- Try it.
Well my mom, my dear old
momsie ended up marrying
some other fuckin' dickhead.
So yeah, I
fuckin' bailed, again.
Jumped freight for a
minute, and then uh,
then I met this sleaze
bag out in Bug Bay,
but he gave me Big Bertha.
That's what I call her,
Big B.
- He just gave it to you?
- Yep.
- Hm.
- He just gave it to me.
Who knows where I'll
turn up next, right?
- Yeah, I couldn't just
up and leave my mama.
- Wasn't my real mom, no.
That lady's a
whole other recipe.
I've been in foster homes since
, fuckin' forever.
- I don't tell no people this,
but my daddy was an astronaut.
- Bullshit.
- That's what my mama said.
And he could never come meet me
'cause he was too busy
building a rocket.
But, it blew up
with him, in space.
- Wow.
- Yeah, if not for my mama,
I'd been long gone
here come tomorrow.
- What's her name?
- Her name's Eda, Mama Eda.
- Mama Eda, I like it.
- She's very sick.
They done raised the price
of her medicine overnight.
- Mm.
- Yeah, can't no one afford it,
except some greedy
man out there.
And, and he's so, he's so rich.
He, he, he just
buys another boat
when his first one get wet.
- You know what I say, hm?
I say when the system fails you,
you just gotta create
your own damn system.
They'll get what they're due.
Don't you worry about that.
They'll get what they're due.
All right, Baron, I got
two questions for you.
You can just go
ahead and tell me
if I'm being too forward
or whatnot, okay?
Question one.
Got a place I can stay tonight?
- Yeah.
- Hot damn.
- What's the other question?
- Oh, I didn't have
another question.
That was just sort
of like a backup,
in case you like,
shot that one down.
You wanna show me
the quarry, or what?
- It's okay. I shouldn't
have left it there.
Hey, mama.
- Hi, Mama Eda.
- Oh, this is Marmalade.
- I'm Marmalade.
- I'm sorry.
- It's nice to meet you.
- Marmalade, this is Mama Eda.
- Baron's told me like a,
a shit tonne about you.
I feel like I, I freaking
know you already.
- Um.
- Well, I'm tired, so--
- Right, yeah.
I'll just leave
you, leave you be.
Oh, Marmalade, ah, hey.
You gonna head out
first thing tomorrow?
- It depends.
Maybe if that job
don't work out,
come up with another plan.
You know, for you and me,
and Mama Eda, of course.
- Yeah, I'd like that.
- Goodnight, puppet.
- Right.
- One for Olive, one
for Popeye. Popeye--
- Hello?
- Oh, hey.
- You're still here.
You're in my--
- Yeah.
I found it in your room.
- Let, let me show you--
- All right.
- How to do a...
Hi, Mama.
- Hey, what are those?
- Oh my god. Almost forgot.
For you.
- Puppet, really? Oh
my god, thank you.
- Careful, careful.
- Wow, I never got
flowers before.
- Don't they smell beautiful?
- I can't smell.
- No, not, not that big
one, the little small ones.
- No, I mean like, I
can't smell nothing.
Never could, congenital anosmia.
It's some random-ass rare shit.
- Well, you can borrow my nose.
They smell beautiful,
just like you.
- Mm. Mm-hmm.
- Hey, you don't gotta
worry about her no more.
- Yeah, how you reckon?
- 'Cause you got me now.
- Oh.
- You like it?
- Well, I gotta get her good
so maybe you and me can
do some adventuring.
And I've been thinking actually,
there's that extra bedroom
upstairs nobody's using--
- Puppet, lets rob a bank.
- Bitch, say what?
- Let's rob a fuckin' bank.
- Do what now?
- Stop playing.
Dude, come on. This punk
motherfucker here, blood.
Hey, hey, look.
You and this Marmalade,
y'all went postal
on some shit, huh?
Yeah, like some real
Gs, huh? Come on.
- I, I don't know
what that means.
- Hey, you work at
the post office,
you don't know what going
postal means, blood?
Hey, all due
respect, you goofy, bro.
Shit. All right, keep going.
- A bank?
No, I just gotta find something
that's good enough to--
- Something that what, huh?
Something that
magically, mysteriously,
suddenly makes money
rain from the sky?
- Marmalade?
- Puppet.
- Marmalade.
- Baron.
I like you.
I think you and me got
somethin' special, huh?
Like you've been sent
here to protect me,
like some knight
in shining armour.
There's reality, right, and
then there's dreaming, up there.
- Uh-huh.
- But then there is this place
that is right in between,
that's right here,
right fuckin' now.
- Them Pleonexia pills
were the only things
keeping mama alive.
But to get 'em, well
we didn't know nothing
'bout robbing a bank,
so Marmalade done
come up with a list.
- Number
one, stake out.
- Now warts backwards is straw.
Dog is God.
Reward is uh, well,
reward is drawer.
- It's too damn exposed.
- What?
- There's fuckin' foot
traffic everywhere.
It ain't never gonna work.
- Oh.
Oh, I didn't know we was
scoutin' starting right now.
- Sh. Puppet.
We gotta take this
fuckin' serious.
- Mm-hmm.
- All right, I wanna start my
dream life. Our dream life.
- There's a bank
a few towns over.
It's been there
since I can remember.
- Number two, case the joint.
Baby, it's perfect.
- You reckon?
- I reckon. I reckon, I
reckon, I reckon, I reckon.
Come on!
- Right now?
- No, we're not gonna do it
now. We're not fucktards.
- Okay.
- Now, you gotta
count the cameras,
how high the teller windows
are, number of clerks,
the entrances, the exits--
- The number of clerks?
What do you mean?
- Oh, just stay natural, puppet.
I got a feeling about this one.
- Oh, god-dang-it.
- Okay, first off--
- Baby, I should go--
- Oh!
- Oh, my pop.
- Mm, puppet.
- It's all a mess.
- Okay, it's
fine, it's fine, it's fine,
it's fine, it's fine,
puppet, it's fine.
- Sorry.
- Focus. So
I'm gonna walk in here.
You're gonna be standing
right here on the X.
- Okay, I'm on the X.
- I'm gonna
go up to the teller.
- Yes.
- I'm gonna ask
for the money in the safe.
We're gonna--
- And this is the safe,
right there.
- Yes, that's the safe.
- Okay.
- You shoot the camera,
and then we out.
Wham bam, thank you ma'am.
- Shoot? Shoot, shoot
the camera with, with what?
- Number three,
weapons training.
Can we focus now, please?
- Yeah, I'm sorry,
I just ain't never used
no type of firearm before.
- What do I look like,
some fucking gun nut?
Hey, don't answer that.
Just aim, when you think
you're lined up, boom, fire.
- Okay.
- Here you go. Bear right there.
Number four, team bonding.
- Y'all need help?
- Yep. Where're your
changing rooms at, sugar.
- I love you, and I
always will.
- Yo! Shit, I got it. Damn.
I'm trying to be down with
your details and shit, blood.
But like, you making
this hella uncomfortable.
Hand me that poop paper.
- Well anyway,
Marmalade had tattoos
on all sorts of
nooks and crannies.
Places I ain't ever
seen before.
She used to call me
her blank canvas.
- Keep talking.
- Well, then, Marmalade
got a heart tattoo.
- I love
it, I love it, I love it.
- With the
name Baron on it.
But, for mine--
- No. No, no, no, you
fucking idiot. It's M-A-R-M.
- That idiot done
spelled Marmalade wrong,
so we had him stop.
Just in the nick of time too.
He had an M and an A and an M.
All he had to do is
add a little extra A.
Forever I'll have it
to think about my mama.
It's perfect.
- Hey, Marmalade
got a lotta ink?
- Bunch of little ones.
Man, she does have this
puzzle piece on her neck.
- Puzzle piece?
All right, what's up with that?
- Well that's like,
like a, like a piece
that you find when you're
looking for a puzzle.
And there's all
these individuals--
- I know what the fuck puzzle
piece is, I got a granddaddy.
I was just, I'm saying
like, is it like,
like is it big on her neck?
It's big?
- Yeah. Why?
- Why? You the one said
it's all about the details.
Got me over here feeling shit.
You know what I'm saying?
I'm inspired, motherfucker.
Quench my thirst.
Come on, blood.
- Oh, excuse me.
What's this? I gave you a 20.
- Uh, don't think so,
doll. Y'all gave me a 10.
- Puppet, didn't
I give him a 20?
- Marmalade had her own set
of rules for everything.
- Yeah, Gary, that was a 20.
Sorry, I, I done seen that.
- Skipped my third cup of
jitter juice this morning.
- Oh.
- Sorry
about that, Baron.
- It's all right.
Thank you.
Ready, puppet?
- Yep.
Thanks, Gary.
- Send my best to Eda now, boy.
- Mama.
I'm sorry, Mama. It's
just uh, me and Marmalade.
Uh, yeah, you know.
We've been working on
some big plans, yep.
Yeah, she done
figured a way out.
Yeah, truth be told,
I don't know what
the heck I'm doing.
Well she wants to, uh, she
wants to rob a dang bank.
I know.
And you know, I just,
well the pills, and she's,
she wants to,
think I love her.
And you see, I don't
wanna let her down.
It's just, I am scared, Mama.
It's all right.
It's okay. Okay.
All right, don't
you worry, Mama.
We're gonna make
this work, okay?
I promise.
I promise.
- Oh my god. You
almost shit yourself.
Wait, did you actually
shit yourself?
- Oh, why'd you do that?
- Early worm catches the bird.
You gotta plan, plan, plan,
plan, plan, plan, plan. Come on.
- Hey, you seen Mama's pills?
Hey, what happened to your
mama? Your birth mama?
You said, you said you
were in fosters care.
- It's foster care, not fosters.
- Oh, foster care.
Okay so, what
happened, Marmalade?
- Number five, safe house.
Just quit asking me
about it, all right?
- Why can't you just tell me?
- It, it was nothing, all right?
My momma just didn't
come save me is all.
Fuckin' fried outta
her damn skull.
- Save you?
What you mean, "Save you?"
- From one of my fuckin'
foster dads, okay?
- What'd he do?
You don't wanna know.
- I do
wanna know. I, I--
- I don't
wanna talk about it.
- Why not?
- 'Cause I just
don't wanna talk about it.
- Why not?
- Fuck!
My life ain't like
yours, all right.
You don't wanna know what
the fuck I've been through.
- I wanna know, I do.
- No you don't.
- Yes.
- You really don't.
- Like what?
- Like...
Like someone who hobbles into
your fuckin' room every night.
We were ,
we were just little
kids, you know.
We were just little kids.
And after he done with all that,
he takes you out to
the fuckin' garage
and he locks you in a dog cage.
Fuckin' dog cages.
And he jabs at you with his
stupid little white cane.
His left eye twitching,
when you get him mad.
I should've took his cane
and killed that fat fuck
when I had the chance.
And hell, I heard he
still fosters little kids.
Probably still got cages
out in the back garage.
You don't wanna know
about this stuff.
- Well, I'm your knight in
shining armour. Remember that?
Remember that?
- Yeah, I do. I do.
Mm, yeah, that's right.
But for right now, it's
time we make our own rules.
- Yeah.
- Hm?
All right.
- Love you too.
- You comin'?
- Yeah. Oh, geez.
- Number
six, disguises.
- Marmalade?
- So we gotta think about
our disguises a tonne
because with our notoriety,
we'll be known forever
by whatever bullshit
name they come up with.
- That, who's they?
- You just gotta
make a statement
but not be too fuckin'
- Uh, what about this?
We could be the uh, we
could be the rooster gang,
something like that.
- Mm.
Nah, they'd probably
just call us
the giant fucking cock gang.
I bet you'd like
that though, huh?
Puppet looky. Looky,
looky, looky, looky.
Help me, help me.
Oh. Here.
- Oh, it's...
- What's better
than one Marmalade?
Three Marmalades.
- I, I don't think
we can afford these.
- Put it on.
Come on, put it on. Try it on.
You know, you and me,
we've been kicked around
our whole lives.
It's time we start kicking back.
Get on the ground.
Come on, get on the ground.
Get on the fucking ground!
Fuck. Let's split, Puppet.
Let's go. Fuckin' split.
Let's go, split.
Hey, baby, I was just playing.
Look at me. It's just me.
That kid just got a
little boo-boo, okay?
Stupid little dummy.
Just being stupid funny to get
the jitters out for tomorrow.
- Tomorrow?
- D-Day?
- I, I, I think I got some
baseball card collection
we could sell, we can't--
- She's gonna
fuckin' die, Baron.
She's gonna fuckin' die.
- Don't say that.
- Look,
this will be our last job.
I swear.
- We haven't even had
our first job yet.
- Just gotta
go tomorrow, okay?
Some things you just
gotta trust me on.
Number seven, bank note.
Masks, put on our faces.
Notes, hide our voices.
- But you done
spelled money wrong.
- What? Yeah, I know.
Misspelling'll throw 'em off.
You could leave it as
like a calling card.
What do you want?
- Hm?
- I mean, we got all the
opportunity in the world.
So, what do you want?
- Well, I want
Mama to get better.
- No, puppet. What
do you want, huh?
What do you, Baron, need?
- Oh you, I want you.
I need you.
- Hm.
I want you too.
I want this. I want us.
But this is the only way.
And we gotta do this.
- I gotta go check on Mama.
- No, she's fine.
She's fine, baby.
- I gotta go rub her feet, okay?
- I can do it. All right?
- All right.
- I can do it.
She's just as much
my mama now too.
- Sometimes I ask God
how come people get sick?
Some of 'em just get
better and better,
but some of 'em just
get worse and worse.
If'n he creates all good, then
he gotta create all evil too.
Sure makes you wonder
how far we all gotta go
for the ones we love.
Especially when
things go all twisted.
While there is
life, there is hope.
- Oh my god, fuck.
- What happened.
- Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,
fuck, I don't know.
- What happened?
- I don't
know, I just fucking
went to the kitchen
and I came back
and she just fucking laying
there looking like this.
- What happened?
- I don't know, puppet.
I wasn't in here.
What's wrong with her?
Fuck, is she dead, puppet?
What's wrong with her?
I don't wanna look at her.
- You all right?
- They just kept raising
the price of that medicine.
- Hey look here, blood.
I know it uh, don't help much,
but my mom's been
sick my whole life.
I don't even know if
she's still alive.
- You don't talk?
- No, she in Kingston, Jamaica,
that's where she grew up.
And uh, we uh,
we, our shit's
complicated, blood.
- That's the only mom you got.
Only one you'll ever get.
- Give them great meals
and they will eat like
wolves and fight like devils.
- All right, look, I
can get shit straight,
but you need go at tell--
- I ain't even tell the
whole story yet though.
- Hey fool, we
ain't got much time.
- We are time's subjects,
and time bids us begone.
Shakespeare sermonising, hosted
by yours truly every Friday
during rec if
you're so inclined.
- Hey, sit your ass, hey, hey.
All right, look
here, it's chow time.
You gonna go out there
and eat your slop,
but what you not gonna do is
cry on these motherfuckers
like a little bitch, all right?
Cripple your ass for real.
Here, take that, take that.
All right.
Head up. Walk tall.
You know what I'm saying?
Chest out. Come on.
Clinch your butt cheeks.
- I think you got
something in your braid.
- Get up, get up, get
up, get up, get up.
Come on, get up.
Behind your back.
- What? What? What?
- Oh man, you gonna try
and do somethin'? Huh, huh?
- Let's go.
- Get your ass in there.
Well? What are you gonna do?
Whoo. Sorry about that, boss.
- I'm guessing the guy with
the tattoos isn't with us?
- No, he's not one of ours.
He's a great look though, huh?
- Special agent?
- Yeah.
- Detective Grey.
Local. Solid. Solid work.
Think we might have
a bit of a problem.
- Wait, what? What problem?
- Between you and me, I think
you left your idiots guide
to Ebonics up there.
"What up, blood?"
I mean, I don't think
I've heard that ever.
- Are you serious right now?
- That didn't come out
quite like I wanted it to.
Um, the team's over here.
- Hey. Hey.
- Is everyone up to speed?
We just, thank you.
All right, there's not much
time left. I need a re-patch.
Let's go, let's go,
let's go, let's go.
- We think you've been
pushing him a little too far.
We're gonna take it from here.
- I'm, I'm sorry. You are?
- Chief Aldo Dixon.
- All right, well
look here, Chief.
This Marmalade is
my Bug Bay Bandit.
- In my jurisdiction.
I almost had him singing about
his little gal pal before.
And I wasn't even
playing dress up.
- Chief, all due respect,
I've been chasing
her for two years.
- You don't even know
it's the same broad yet.
- For real? Okay.
Bug Bay Bandit, also known
as the Baby Doll Bandit.
Multiple robberies,
all with the same MO.
See, she wears the same
pink baby doll dress.
Look. Same handwriting, same
misspellings, all right?
Zero trace. This is
the only lead we have.
- I'm taking him back
down for questioning.
- Sir, please don't do that.
- Excuse me?
- All due respect,
you've been listening.
Any alarms before that meet,
she disappears all over again.
- Exactly right.
- Sir, you're never
gonna believe this.
He's asking for a phone call.
- We can trace that.
- Absolutely not.
- I already wired it, sir.
- Then, fuck!
- Leave
a message after the beep.
- Hello? Marmalade?
I don't know if you're
gonna hear this,
but they done got me.
But don't you worry, I'm coming.
This nice man in
here is gonna...
You, you just gotta
meet me at our spot.
3:30, like you done said. Okay?
Can't wait to see you again.
I'll take good care
of you. I promise you.
It's Baron, by the way.
- You ain't
taking him outta my jail.
- Look, he shows us the way,
we come right back here again.
- There ain't no way
that she is gonna show.
- It's the only chance we got.
- Governor might allow
a partial pardon.
- No time.
- That boy is dumber
than a box of crayons.
Now there ain't no way
that he is gonna break,
unless, well,
someone makes him break.
- All right.
- Yeah.
- All right. I'm going back in.
He doesn't talk,
you know what to do.
We're going Jack Rabbit parole.
Fill Detective Grey in here.
- Jack what?
Rabbit what?
- Hey, put my shit down, blood.
Come on, finish your damn story.
- Well, after
Mama went to heaven,
I figured we didn't need
to rob no dang bank.
- We gotta stay
on track, puppet,
we gotta stick to our plan--
- No, no, I already decided.
I'm gonna go back to the
post office tomorrow.
I'm gonna get my job back.
- No you're not.
- Yes, I am.
- No, you're not.
No, you're not!
Oh god, I fucked up.
I told myself I was
gonna wait till after
the goddamn robbery.
Uh, I got such a big mouth!
I wanted to wait
to surprise you.
- Surprise me?
What's the surprise?
- That I'm pregnant.
I'm fucking pregnant.
Uh-huh, and we're gonna have
a little puppet, puppet.
- Uh, dear, sweet Lord,
I pray that you up there,
and Mama, you take
Marmalade and our little one
in your arms today and protect
them during the stick up.
'Cause Lord knows we are scared.
- I'm
sorry, you're scared,
and you just told me you're not
even going in the dang bank.
- Well I told you I'm gonna
be the getaway driver.
- Cool, cool, cool,
cool, cool, cool.
- Yeah.
- Great stuff.
- Amen.
- Just to be clear is it,
is it gonna be you or
Jesus taking the wheel?
Just wondering.
- It's gonna be both of us.
- That's good. That's good news.
- All right. Gear
up, puppet boy.
Hey, where's your mask?
Puppet, you have
one freaking job.
And number eight, the job.
All right.
Gotta double mask it.
For extra protection.
- Hey. Hey. I'm worried
about you, both of you.
- All right, look at me.
Leave the car running.
When I come out, you fuckin'
gun it like a bat outta hell.
- Wait. Wait.
- What?
- Uh-oh.
- What're you doing?
Get in the driver's seat.
- Oh, geez.
- Go, go, go, go, go!
- Get in, get in.
- Go, go, go.
- Get in.
- Go!
Money, money, money,
- How much is that?
- Um, like a lot.
Like a lot, a lot.
- I thought you said we just
need a little to get started,
but this seems like
more than just a little.
- Well, I guess we got lucky.
- I don't know, somethin'
doesn't smell right.
- Well, I can't smell, remember?
- No, it's not that.
It's just uh...
- You're a freaking
worrywart, you know that?
- I know. I, I know.
It's just, a lot.
- Yeah, it's a lot.
Damn straight. So what?
Must've just gotten
a delivery today.
- How'd you know that?
- I don't. Just
fuckin' dumb luck.
- Uh, how
come you know so much?
- About what?
- I don't know about
this, about that,
about, about everything.
- What's it matter?
- You said that when we
start our dream life--
- This is our dream life.
It's already started.
- Okay, so tell me the truth.
- Promise you won't get mad?
- Yeah.
- I might've done
this once before.
A small bank out in Bug Bay.
- That's it.
- Yeah.
And another couple a banks too.
But they were all fuckin',
fuckin' chump change, you know?
Fuckin' pennies.
It was nothing like
this, nothing like this.
I wanted to throw in the
towel, puppet, I really did,
but, fuck,
then I met you.
And I wanted, the whole
fuckin' world, and the moon.
- We gotta give this back.
- Um, well no, we
can't. We can't do that.
- This was supposed to
be for Mama's pills.
I think I need a minute.
- Look, puppet.
I don't wanna...
Did you just fart?
- Wait, I thought
you can't smell?
- Well I can't. But you got
this weird fuckin', guilty...
Look, whatever. I, I don't
wanna fight with you, puppet.
- My mind. You know I got a
lot stuck in there right now.
- Just remember, it's me and you
against the whole wide world.
- Yeah. And our baby.
- Huh?
- Our baby.
- Yeah. And our baby puppet.
All three of us.
- Yeah.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
- Did the big baby get his
panties out of a bunch?
I'm just
playing with you.
Uh, baby, will you get the
uh, the masks out the car?
- Why?
- Um, because we gotta burn 'em.
- Ah, burn 'em.
- Eh.
Hey baby, we gotta get rid
Big Bertha sooner than later.
- Why do you have Mama's pills?
- What?
What are you?
Puppet, I was holding on to
those in case of an emergency.
I put 'em in the car,
and I fuckin' forgot.
Okay, I'm serious,
I fuckin' forgot.
We did everything we--
- Stop!
- Okay.
- I can't tell--
- You can't tell if what?
- I can't tell if
you're being honest.
- It was just Mama Eda's time.
It's been a really
big fuckin' day.
I'm taxed, you're fuckin' taxed.
Let's just put the--
- Don't come any closer.
- Let's put the
gun down, puppet.
- What are we gonna do?
- All right. Now come on
out here or we're coming in.
Choice is yours.
- We gotta, we gotta go
outside and apologise.
- All right baby,
baby. Just focus. Okay?
All right. We just gotta
split the money and run. Okay?
You know that spot that we like,
the spot that we talked about?
- Yeah.
- We go there.
And, and, and if one
of us doesn't show,
then that means the
other one got nabbed.
- Okay.
- And uh, if that happens
then one of us just fuckin'
disappears forever, okay?
- Forever?
- Look at me. 3:30, tomorrow.
- All right, you got
10 seconds, lady.
- All right? Say you got it.
- 3:30 tomorrow.
- Say you got it.
- I got it. I got it.
- I fuckin' got it.
- I fuckin' got it.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- All right.
- Come here. Come
here. Come here.
- Eight,
- I never loved anyone
like I love you.
And nobody's ever
loved me like, hm.
Nobody's ever loved me.
You're the man of
my fuckin' dreams.
3:30 tomorrow. Okay,
Hey, dream big or
don't dream at all.
- Six,
- I'm here.
- Two.
- I'm here!
I'm sorry!
- Where's she at?
- She'll be there at
3:30, waiting for me.
- Where?
- It's a secret place only
me and her know about,
there's not much time.
- Don't play me,
blood. We had a deal.
- You break me out, I show
you the way. $250,000.
- All right. You ever think
she double timing you, homie?
You know what I'm saying?
You had your finger
on the trigger, dog.
Remember that? You ever think
she ain't planning on showing?
- Do you believe our love?
'Cause I know what I know,
and I done feel what I feel.
Rest ain't up to me.
- Here's what we about to
do, Jack Rabbit parole.
- There's nothing
either good or bad,
but thinking makes it so.
- Hey, hey, hey. Lay
low till it's on.
- Inmate 3-2-6, laundry pickup.
Put this on. Get in.
Bounce, blood, bounce.
- Problem there, bud?
- I'm straight, blood.
- Straight, huh?
- Yep.
- Laundry goes in
the east end, my guy.
- Yeah, I heard you, bruh.
Hey, hey, you go
get your Marmalade.
- Hey, hey. You got
a hearing problem?
- You go get your girl.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
- Just calm down,
I said it's cool.
- Stay down.
I keep telling you now--
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- I'm with you.
- Just stay down.
- FBI, he's clear, he's clear.
- Shit. Get your fuckin'
Walmart cop. Shit.
What the hell happened? The
plan was to go with him.
- I know, and Chief interfered.
We couldn't get here in time.
- Are they tracking him?
- Yes, every move.
- Okay, he should
be wide open by now.
- Let's roll.
- APB is out. Puzzle
piece tattoo on her neck.
- Oh and a, a heart
tattoo on her left ankle
with the name Baron.
- Okay.
- Possibly strawberry
blonde or pink hair.
Armed and dangerous.
- Once more into the
breach, dear friends.
- Once more.
- Honestly, Ted, you gotta
come up with something
other than the Shakespeare
character, okay?
It's all a bit intense, brother.
- Got some notes for
your performance as well.
- Sorry, what was that?
- Suspect's
vehicle pulling over up ahead.
- Copy that.
- Looking
like some sort of general store
on the north side
of Main Street.
- What do y'all
think he's getting?
- Well, hopefully something
for her with any luck.
Jesus, be a miracle if
he can make it anywhere
in that lemon.
I mean, where'd we find
this piece of shit?
- Don't know.
- It's my personal,
sir. Opted to volunteer.
- Good, thank,
thank you. Good job.
Oh, there we go.
We're on the move.
- Hey boss,
car two in position over here
in case he goes over the hill.
- You only get one mama.
- You really took a
shine to that kid, huh?
- Poor guy. He'll do
five to 10 for accessory.
- Ooh.
- At least he got to see
his Mama Eda one more time.
And knock on wood,
his girl as well.
On the move.
Just hold there, boss.
It looks like he's
stopping up here again.
- Be advised, location
could be a nest egg.
Keep your eyes peeled
for a positive ID.
Hey, Roger that.
- Why's
he stopping here?
- They like their ice cream.
Oh, come on, Marmalade,
where you at?
Where you at? Where you at?
- 3:15.
- All right, remember, they're
supposed to meet at 3:30.
Here we go. Next one's the drop.
Right turn in 10
minutes. Eyes on.
Right. Follow. Follow.
- Oh, Christ on a cracker.
- Man, what is he doing?
- He's going around the block.
Hang back, hang back.
He's seeing if
anyone's following.
This is it.
- Oh, do you see her?
- Fuck, fuck, fuck. Move
in, move in, move in.
- FBI.
- FBI.
- Yeah, come on,
let's get your hands up.
- Get outta the car.
- Hands up.
- Hands up.
- Hands up.
- Get outta the car.
Outta the car right now.
Do not move.
- He said I could keep the car.
- It's clear.
- Put an APB out
for two people now.
I repeat, a couple,
potentially heading north.
Make sure all the perimeter
checkpoints are locked down.
They cannot get away.
- Now special agent,
where are you going?
- I got you.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
No, I don't, no, I don't know
what you're talking about.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
- Do you have the, uh, uh, uh,
the security photos
from the bank?
Move, move, move. Move, move.
- What's up?
What're you looking for?
- Shit.
- What?
- That is not
Marmalade's tattoo.
- Go ahead and pop your trunk.
- All clear, Sarge.
- Have yourself a
pleasant day, ma'am.
- Take care now.
- Sir, what should
they be looking for
at the perimeter now?
- You know what?
I have no idea which way
we're facing right now.
No fucking clue.
I just, all right
just, change it back to
a lone male suspect,
Southern drawl.
I don't, I don't, I don't,
I don't, I don't know.
I don't know.
- Copy that.
Wait, what, what about the girl?
- There is no girl.
- What?
- There is no girl.
- Hey there.
- Hey, how can I help you?
- So, I called in an order a
few days ago for Pleonexia.
- Ah, remind me
of the name again.
- Uh, Lamram. L-A-M-R-A-M.
- Uh, starting to think
you weren't gonna show.
- Well, I had a little hold up.
- 408 Ronson Drive.
Thank you. Thank you.
Sir! Sir, I got the address.
- The what?
- The address from the tracking,
made from the phone
call in prison.
- Get in.
- Headquarters
traced the number
back to some sort of
pharmaceutical company.
- That's it. Lamram, Lamram.
Lamram, Lamram. Ah.
- Right here. It's right,
right, right, right, right.
- Officer
approaching, let us through.
- Here, here, here, here.
- Expensive brand of drugs, huh?
Damn Warbucks. Rich just
keep getting richer.
- Where are we?
- I don't know what
street this is.
- You're looking at the map.
- Is this Randall?
- Got my whole supply there,
every last pill. It's for you?
- No.
They're for my mom.
Well, my foster mom.
- Left, left. Here,
here, here, here.
Yeah, yeah, yep, yep.
- You oughta been here
a little ,
you fucking pig.
About goddamn time.
- Well, I'm, I'm,
I'm, I'm sorry.
- Sorry? You should be sorry.
The sheriff's office said
someone would be here by noon.
- Sir, I think there's
been a, a misunderstanding.
- A block of money gone kapoof.
Misunderstanding, my asshole.
- Well, sir, I, I'm
sorry I don't follow.
- I used to transit
through Bug Bay,
and that shit hole
was ripping us too.
- Sir, you said Bug Bay?
- Are you deaf? Yes, Bug Bay.
What're y'all, just sitting
around with your thumbs up
your prison purses.
- Wait a minute now.
It was your money that
was stolen in the robbery?
- Oh, dear god. Am I
not speaking English?
Half a million fucking
dollars of mine
was stolen from some
podunk bank yesterday.
- Okay. Okay. Let's
just all calm down.
Sir, is this your
place of business?
- Goddamn right.
Don Frankels, CEO.
- Baron Pharmaceuticals.
- Insurance company
shittin' themselves
and y'all can't even
identify the victim.
- Baron Pharmaceuticals.
Sir, you don't make the
drug Pleonexia by chance?
- Yes sir, we do.
You know, I, I'm guessing that
y'all ain't got no updates
for me, so, kindly just scuttle
the fuck off my property
and go find my bills.
Sons of bitches, worthless.
- Mr. Frankels. Excuse me, sir.
- What?
- Do you foster children?
- Come again?
- Foster children, you
have any, or have you ever?
- Uh, the fuck that's
gotta do with anything?
- Do you foster children?
- Damn right I do.
You take a bunch
a junkie rejects
and you make 'em into something.
- We'll be in touch.
- Useless pricks.
Linda, get the goddamn
sheriff on the phone.
- What was that about?
- Everything's a puzzle piece.
Find his address,
send a unit over
to Mr. Frankel's
house immediately.
- Wait a minute now. What's up?
- I just, I, I, I
got a feeling that I,
we'll find something.
- Requesting a home address
for a Don or Donald Frankels.
- Tell 'em to look
for a back garage or,
or speak to the foster kids.
- All right, be on the
lookout for a garage.
- Find something like what?
- I don't know. Cages, maybe.
- Cages?
Cages. You think that he's--
- Marmalade said that
her abuser had a cane
and a slight twitch in
his eye when he got mad.
Does that ring any bells?
- Sir?
- Yeah.
- There's a unit, a block
away from his house.
It has a garage, and
outside they just spotted
a jar of marmalade.
we process him in.
- Three cages, apparently.
No recent use, luckily,
but evidence all over the place.
- Chief's questioning
the foster kids now.
- So, what's real, hm?
What's real? What's fake?
- Could use a drink.
- Well, there's a watering
hole about a block over.
- I'll meet you there.
- A man in his lifetime
plays many parts.
- Come on now. First round's
on me, blood.
I'll never do it again, sir.
- No.
- Afternoon, FBI. Did
you happen to see a man--
- I got nothing to do with it.
I don't know nothing
about all this.
He got his pills
and he disappeared
like a fart in a fan factory.
- I'm sorry, um, I'm
sorry, what, what pills?
- Pleonexia.
- For what?
- I don't know. For his mom.
Look, I don't need any--
- Where'd he go?
- Said he was buying
tickets, around the corner.
- Aloha, Bonjour. Don't just
book it. Thomas Cook it.
- How you doing?
I was wondering--
- Agent Huxley?
- Yeah?
- Wonderful,
wonderful, wonderful.
I've got everything
all set right here.
- I'm, I'm...
- He said you were
gonna be right over.
Uh, I didn't realise
it was gonna be
so lickety split though.
I mean, it's a, it's
a, it's a good thing.
I, I,.
He left a note for ya.
I'm uh, very sorry
for your loss.
- My what?
- I might've peaked.
If you need me, I'm here.
- I need you to stop reading
people's mail. It's illegal.
- Life can only
be understood backwards,
but it must be lived forwards.
I'm taking care of my mother.
I hope you'll do the same.
Farewell, secret agent.
Oh, yeah. Keys.