Maroon (2016) Movie Script

Hello, Shruti.
Saurabh here.
Sorry to wake you up.
Actually, Roshni has not returned since evening.
Yes, I did but her phone's switched off
I thought she must be with you.
You don't know anything?
She doesn't go anywhere like this without informing me.
Where has she gone?
If she doesn't return, shall I call the police?
I'll see what to do.
Police Emergency room!
What's the problem?
Actually, my wife Roshni
she didn't come home last night and
I don't know where she is.
So I just want to check with the police if
there was any accident or something?
When did you see her last?
She left yesterday morning from home
but didn't return in the evening.
Usually what time she comes back home?
Around 6 PM.
Have you tried calling her phone?
It's unreachable.
Maybe she's with any of her friends?
She has only one friend.
I called her, but she isn't there.
She might be somewhere else.
Wait for some more time.
And if she doesn't return, we'll take some action.
Where can she go?
She was supposed to come home.
Fine, give me your address.
I'll send over an officer.
Everything can not be explained!
I'm fed up with you.
I am sick and tired of you
and in any case you don't understand anything.
I am just mad.
I am just crazy, right?
I talk utter rubbish!
I am stuck with you.
You don't know anything about me.
Was it you who made the call?
Yes, I was the one who called.
Please come in.
So your wife hasn't returned home?
Yes. - When was the last time you saw her?
When she left for work in the morning.
What time does she normally come home?
6 PM?
How does your wife look?
I mean, give me some description
She is dusky! She has long black hair.
Height is around 5'6.
What was she wearing when you saw her last time?
She was wearing a red-kurta and jeans.
Does she have a car? - Yes.
Which one?
She has a grey Swift.
A woman driver had a car accident.
At around 6 PM.
The car was run-over by a truck.
The woman died on the spot.
But she wasn't your wife.
Because she was wearing a saree, not a kurta.
You really scared me there.
By the way, is there some place she can possibly go?
She has a friend
but I've already called her. She isn't there.
Look, we can't help you much right now.
Because according to the law
we can't file a Missing Person's Complaint
until 72 hours hasn't passed.
Give me her car's registration number.
I'll inform you as soon as I find out anything.
Do you remember the car's number? - Yes.
James Bond.
What's her name?
Roshni Sharma. - And yours?
Did you two have a fight?
Why will we fight?
Let's wait tonight.
If she doesn't return by morning then call me.
Let's see what we can do.
Thank you very much.
By the way
in most of the cases, they always come back home.
Good night.
Oh sorry. Good morning
Thank you. Thanks for coming. - Thank you.
Mr. Saurabh Sharma?
Sorry to wake you up.
I wasn't sleeping. - I see.
I called you couple of times. Since you didn't answer
I thought I'll come here personally.
What's the time?
4:30 PM.
Was I sleeping?
Anyway, I am Inspector Negi.
You called last night.
Yes. Any information about Roshni?
Yes, her car's been found in Tilak Nagar.
Do you know anyone in Tilak Nagar?
Give me her number.
Her mobile's switched off.
I'll give you her school's number.
Let me talk to them.
This is Inspector Negi from Dehradun Police.
Has Roshni Sharma come to school today?
Did she come yesterday?
What time did she leave?
Any leave application?
No, nothing to worry about.
If you get any information regarding her
kindly call on this number.
701. Thank you.
She isn't there.
Are you sure she didn't call?
Can we listen to this?
Hi Roshni, this is Neha. We're worried about you.
You don't come in, you don't call.
No, seriously. We just want to make sure you're okay.
Don't worry about your students.
Mira is covering up for you.
But give us a call, Okay? Bye.
From her school? - Yes.
What does she teach?
She is a music teacher.
Hello, Mr. Sharma.
Mrs. Desai from the University.
Please make sure to inform us
if you're not coming for the classes
so that we can make arrangements.
I assume you remember how to use the phone.
Are you also a teacher?
I am a professor at the university.
Hello, this is Inspector Negi from Dehradun Police.
Can I have some water?
Did you do this?
No. Roshni did it.
Smart woman.
Hello, sir, this is Sakshi.
From your creative writing class.
Since you didn't show up today
I called to check whether everything's all right.
And also I wanted to know
if there is any reading or anything you wanted us to do.
My number is 982525 2485.
Student? - I hope you are all right.
Yes. - Bye!
All my students have my number.
Hi, Saurabh.
Did Roshni return?
Please do call me as soon as she is back. Okay?
She's Roshni's friend. I had called her up.
Excuse me.
I'll just call up the University.
Hello, Mrs. Desai.
Mr. Sharma, you didn't come today.
Yes, I couldn't.
Your students were waiting for you.
Yes, I know.
All right, will you come tomorrow?
Yes, I will.
Or will you call?
Hello? - Hello.
Hi, Roshni, Ashish here.
You didn't come today. Is everything all right?
I guess, I'll see you tomorrow.
Who's this?
Some guy with Roshni at school.
He's a science teacher or something.
Mr. Sharma.
Does Roshni maintain a phonebook?
Yes, she does. - Can I see it?
Yes, of course.
And also a photograph.
This is her photo and her address book.
Ashish Bhardwaj.
Is he the same Ashish Bhardwaj who just called?
Ashish Bhardwaj lives in Tilak Nagar
where your wife's car was found.
Can I keep this? - Yes.. please.
Of course.
Let's see what we can find out.
Don't panic.
Take down my number.
Tell me. - 9833..
- 701.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Saurabh sir? - Yes.
Hello, sir. Sakshi from creative writing class.
Yes, Sakshi, tell me.
Is this a bad time to call?
No, go ahead.
You didn't come to class.
so I thought I should call up and ask.
I am not feeling well.
Do you need anything? I mean should I get you anything?
No, I don't need anything Thank you very much.
Did you eat something?
I can get you something. Like some soup or..
Sakshi, it's okay. Seriously.
I am sorry.
Don't be sorry. It's just that I am not feeling well, that's it.
That's okay, you know, I used to volunteer at a hospital.
I mean I am used to it.
You know, sick people and all.
What do you mean by sick people?
No, sir, I didn't mean that.
I know.
Okay, your address?
Do you know Nehru Colony?
Bungalow number 207. - Okay.
Thanks! I'll be there soon.
Okay. - Sir, hello.
Hmm? - Do you eat non-veg?
Yes, I do. - Great. Bye.
Hi! - Oh hi!
I didn't think you'll get here so soon.
In fact, I am quite late.
It's almost 8.
Come on in. Come on in.
Are you okay? - Yeah.
Got you some chicken soup.
I'll just get dressed.
Just make yourself comfortable. - Yeah.
I hope you don't mind.
Thank you. - How's it?
Isn't it nice?
It's nice.
Did you check our papers?
Can I take a look?
It's all there.
I thought I did well in my exams.
What's wrong?
C minus.
Don't change it if it's not good.
They're just grades, doesn't make a difference.
It's just that you're not doing me any favors
by letting me off so easy.
I came here to learn.
And performing well in your class means a lot to me.
You're the best teacher I've had
since I've come to the University.
How long have you been in the University?
Not much.
But I did go to the library.
I've read all your poems.
So what do you think?
I love them.
I mean, they're dark
but they're so true.
I even made a photocopy and put it up on my wall.
I hope you don't mind.
Are you married?
Where is she?
She's gone to Delhi for some work.
She'll be back soon.
May I use the washroom?
Yes, please. It's there.
Saurabh Sharma?
Ashish speaking.
Where's Roshni?
What work do you have with Roshni?
What have you done?
What do you mean?
Where the hell is Roshni?
What do you care?
The police found her car close to my house.
They think I am behind Roshni's disappearance.
You must have because you were sleeping with her.
If you harm Roshni.. - What will you do?
What will you do?
She's my wife. What does she mean to you?
I will kill you if Roshni..
Buzz off!
God! Sakshi. Sakshi.
Are you okay?
What happened?
Sakshi, I'll wait outside.
I'll get water.
Feeling better?
Is it paining?
It's strange.
I heard someone's voice.
Must be the neighbors.
They make quite a racket. You can hear them all the way here.
Or I might have imagined.
I'm taking caffeine pills to stay awake.
I think you should relax.
No, I think I should leave.
How can you go like this?
Thank God, it stopped bleeding.
Thank you.
Come, I'll drop you home
No! I am fine.
Any friends?
I had, back in school.
Lots of them.
I think the people here don't like me much.
I thought doing college away from home will be fun
but I spend most of my time alone.
You're the first person I like talking to.
Wear it.
This is my wife's.
I hope she won't mind.
So we'll meet tomorrow?
Of course.
You're coming, right? - Yes.
Where's Roshni?
What have you done with her?
Hell I know you did something. Right?
I did what I always do.
I woke up.
I went to my crappy job
came back home, cooked dinner for my wife
who was too busy
bouncing up and down on your bed springs.
Not exactly what I had planned for my life.
Just leave.
And don't come back here again.
If anything happens to Roshni, I will kill you!
Hello, Mr. Negi - Mr. Sharma.
I tried calling you couple of times.
Any news about Roshni? - No, but I need to talk to you.
Sir, Ashish came here. - Ashish?
Yes and he attacked me.
Are you all right?
Yes, I am fine. I just want you to know.
Should I send an ambulance?
No, no need for an ambulance.
Well, I am coming over.
I'll be out in a minute!
I was applying some ice.
Are you sure you don't need a doctor?
No. I am fine.
This is Inspector Prakash
and this is Bala.
They will be assisting me on this case.
May we come in? - Sorry.. Come in.
Please come in.
So Ashish came here?
Why? Do you have any idea?
He's an idiot.
I'm afraid he can come again.
Don't worry at all.
We'll file a complaint against him.
As soon as I am done here
I'll send these two to arrest him.
But is there any link between Roshni's disappearance and him?
I don't' know.
We don't even know whether they met that day or not.
She left from school and disappeared.
But Roshni's car was found near Ashish's home?
But we can't reach to any conclusion with that.
Sir. Shall we take photo?
To lodge a complaint against Ashish.
Just a minute, sir.
Such investigations can get quite demanding.
Especially when someone you love, is gone missing.
I understand.
If you feel like talking to anyone
then, there are people who can relate to your situation.
Those who are willing to listen and ready to help.
Mr. Sharma, do you know that your wife was having an affair?
With Ashish.
From almost a year.
Do you have another relationship?
I wish.
Mr. Sharma, such cases are very common.
I am not saying all of them
but in most of the cases
the results are always unfortunate.
I am not saying that you should abandon all hope.
But you must prepare yourself for anything.
We'll do our best.
Let's start the search.
Don't worry
we won't touch anything without your permission.
Let's start with the bedroom.
Bedroom's upstairs.
Does your wife carry a credit card?
Yes. - Can I see the bills?
They're downstairs in her room.
It's locked.
She keeps her stuff here.
May I try?
Yes, please.
You broke it off.
Mr. Sharma, it's just a drawer.
I am sure she will understand.
Trust me, she won't.
These are the bills.
It's arranged date wise. - Sir..
I found this under the bed.
Does this belong to Roshni?
God! No.
It's has blood on it, Mr. Sharma!
I know.
Look, this might sound strange to you but..
Last night, after you left one of my students came home.
And she was very nervous and had a bloody nose.
Why was she nervous?
She was nervous. She looked nervous to me.
Isn't it weird? - Hmm..
Here was blood on her t-shirt
so I gave her Roshni's kurta to wear
but when she left this in the bedroom
I have no clue.
What's her name?
I want to talk to her.
Give it to me.
This one Sakshi.
Sakshi doesn't know anything about Roshni's disappearance.
Get me a glass of water.
She sounds nice.
I think she intentionally left her T-shirt here.
Sir, I found this diary. - Where?
It was behind this table.
I didn't know about this.
Sometimes we need to keep certain things to ourselves.
Otherwise we'll go crazy.
Is this your wife's handwriting?
Perhaps, we hardly get to know someone.
Did you know that your wife was pregnant?
I am sorry.
I spoke to her doctor yesterday.
I thought you knew it.
Please.. I want to be alone for a while.
You have to understand that our priority is finding your wife.
And as per my understanding this case isn't easy.
We might have to take the media's help.
In such cases where we don't get any substantial lead
if we show her picture on the television
we might get some help.
I don't understand anything.
I want my wife back.
We're trying to help you only.
If you want your wife back
then let us do our job.
I want to sleep.
I am tired.
You can come back tomorrow.
Just let me be alone today.
Can I keep this with me for today?
It's best that you don't know certain things.
Please only for today.
Thank you.
Mr. Sharma. This is Mrs. Desai from the University.
Yeah, Mrs. Desai, Tell me?
You were supposed to call us
when you plan on missing classes.
There were students waiting for you.
I am sorry.
I'm not keeping well, you know.
Anyway, the Dean wants to see you.
The Dean?
Yes. Can you come in today?
Why he wants to see me?
I don't know.
Is it about me missing the classes?
It might be?
What is that supposed to mean?
It means that if I was the Dean, and I wanted to see you
that's what it would be about.
What kind of bull crap is that?
There is no need to get hyper, Mr. Sharma.
Am I being fired?
Is that it?
Look, I don't know!
The Dean said he wanted to see you.
But I can't see him!
Personal problems? - Yes!
Yes, personal problems.
That's too bad.
Yeah, it's too bad.
You know, Mrs. Desai, I know what you're trying to do.
Really? - Yes.
Why don't you tell the Dean to go screw himself?
Mr. Sharma! - Yes.
And Mrs. Desai, you go screw yourself too!
Does this mean that you won't be coming?
Mr. Sharma? - Yes.
My name is Dr. Abhay Kumar.
I am from Human Support Services.
I am not interested.
Inspector R. Negi asked me to see you.
You're hurt?
I am fine now. Thanks. - I am not a physician.
I am a psychiatrist.
But I am not here on business.
It's my off-time.
I didn't understand.
See Human Support Services is a voluntary organization.
We provide assistance to
to victims of traumatic crimes.
What kind of assistance?
Advice! Help!
A shoulder to cry on!
Why would I cry on your shoulder?
You might feel like talking to someone.
You see, when your beloved separates from you
then this world feels lonely.
Thank you very much. But I don't think like that.
Fine, fine, you have my card.
If you feel like talking to me anytime
feel free to call.
Dr. Kumar!
Actually, you can help me.
I can't sleep.
It's quite common in these conditions.
Can you give me something?
You mean a prescription?
You're a doctor, aren't you? - Of course.
I can't find anything strong enough.
Maybe you're restless.
I can't sleep that's why I am restless.
Or maybe you are restless that's why you can't sleep.
I don't know.
How long you have this problem?
It's been quite a long now.
One week?
Maybe more than that.
I don't know.
You must have slept a little?
But it gave me no relief.
Or maybe I am getting no time to rest.
I often think too much
I have to stop thinking.
I can even go mad.
I see
May I come inside?
Why don't you come in?
Come in.
This often happens
when day-to-day stress becomes too heavy.
As a doctor, I often notice these things in my patients.
Can you help me?
Like I said
I am not here on professional basis.
But let me tell you that you going sleepless
or being an insomniac
is all about your mental condition.
Anybody can have insomnia.
But generally the elderly are particularly at a risk for it.
In your case
chances are that you're suffering from
Advanced Sleep Phase Syndrome.
What happens is that the light signals
travels through a tiny cluster of nerves
in the hypothalamus
in center of the brain.
The body's master clock
which is called
Suprachiasmatic Nucleus.
Now this tiny cluster
takes its name
from its location
which is.. - Can you just help me?
Yes, why not?
The chances of solving this problem with medication
is very slim.
But for now, I'll give you something to help you sleep.
This will help stabilize your internal clock
by chemically suppressing certain Amino Acids.
Will it help me sleep?
Hundred percent.
Two pills at night.
And yes
not more than 6 pills in a day.
I'm glad I could help you.
I'll leave now.
I'll check on you again tomorrow afternoon.
Why tomorrow?
I must see how you're feeling.
Look.. - Look
I understand your condition better than you.
And I hope things get better.
Okay see you tomorrow.
Thank you so much, doctor!
It's been more than three weeks now.
I am so stupid.
I didn't tell Ashish about it
because after hearing this, he'll use it as an excuse
and nag me to leave Saurabh.
And how do I tell Saurabh?
There is no way that he can be a father of a child.
We didn't have sex for months.
Last night, Saurabh was in a bad mood.
And he was looking for a reason to pick a fight with me.
When he couldn't find a reason
he started arguing with me over his coffee mug
which slipped from my hand and broke last week.
It was the last thing I needed.
Sometimes I hate him.
He's such a crap.
I can't keep up this much longer.
Saurabh doesn't sleep anymore.
I don't know why?
He takes all these pills to help him sleep.
But they only make it worse.
He blames me for everything that went wrong in his life.
Maybe he's right.
Maybe it's my fault.
Screw it!
I will tell him everything about Ashish tomorrow.
Poor Saurabh.
He had so many dreams.
And he's also so talented.
I just wish
things had turned out better.
So that's it? You're going with him now.
You won't understand.
Just go from here. - I won't..
You said you love me.
You're embarrassing me.
Sahil, please go. - No, I won't.
Have you lost your mind? - I lost my mind, and you?
Speak softly, he'll hear you.
So what if he hears? Who does he think he is?
God! You're such an idiot!
What's going on?
Sir.. - Is that him?
Will you please shut up?
Sir, please let's go inside. Please.
Loser. - He'll go away.
Psycho! - Slut!
I didn't know he'll follow me all the way here.
He was following you?
What's wrong with you?
Just like you fell in the bathroom
this time I fell down.
I almost had a heart attack when the police called me.
Because you left your bloody t-shirt in my bedroom.
Under the bed.
I am sorry.
What if my wife had seen it?
Is she home?
Look, Sakshi..
I don't want you to misunderstand.
Are you mad?
It's just that I think too much.
And you said you'll be coming to the class today.
But you didn't. I called
but no one answered So I came here personally.
Actually, it's good that you came.
Will you do me a favor?
I need some medicines.
I am supposed to get a call
so I can't go out.
It's okay. - The medical store is close-by.
Oh that!
I am quite frequent there. It's like my second home.
Thank you so much.
I'll be back.
Mr. Sharma, Inspector Negi speaking.
I just called to tell you
that we've taken Ashish into custody.
Okay! - We've arrested him from school.
We'll present him at the court tomorrow morning
but I guess he'll get bail.
Although, it's a standard procedure
but I thought I should inform you.
Did he say anything about Roshni?
Try to get some rest, Mr. Sharma.
We've lots of ground to cover tomorrow.
Okay, thank you very much.
Good night! - Good night.
Thank you so much!
These medicines are quite expensive.
Must be strong. - Yeah!
They didn't accept your card.
Why not?
It's blocked.
Maybe your payment is due.
I'll pay you back.
It's okay.
Anyway, I paid it with my dad's card.
No, no, these medicines are quite expensive.
and, my insurance will cover it anyway.
Sorry! This is very embarrassing.
It's okay. Pay me later, okay.
Is it paining? - No, it's fine.
You know it actually looks very nasty.
Please sit down.
Sit, sit.
Oh God!
I lied to you.
I didn't slip in the bathroom, somebody hit me.
I don't want to talk about him.
By the way, this wound makes you look quite cute.
Are you really married?
You think I am lying?
But some people just say that they're married.
Maybe they think
it's more respectable or something.
You can trust me on that.
I'm not judging you.
It's just that
at times you behave strange.
Okay! Not strange.
As if
you don't want me to know about you.
You don't want to get involved in my problems.
Maybe I do.
I want to have wine.
But you're not supposed to mix sleeping pills with alcohol.
The amount of the medicine increases. No, I am serious.
It gets absorbed in your blood stream.
That's even better, I need it.
But it's dangerous. - It's just wine.
I'm going to drink only one glass.
For you?
Here you go.
Thank you. - Go on, I'll be right there.
So, are you working on anything new?
I've stopped writing.
I don't get any time.
Always so busy with work
that I hardly realize when the day ends.
By the way, you've published all your writings, right?
Yes, but it hardly made any difference.
You know, I had lot of debts that had to be paid off.
Later on I got married.
Then credit-card.
TV, Fridge. Home.
Life comes with all these expenses.
And poetry just doesn't pay.
Doesn't it?
It doesn't.
Wait, let me see.
Hi, Saurabh!
Oh! Shruti!
Roshni isn't at home.
But she has returned, hasn't she?
No, she hasn't.
Oh God!
I'll just come in. - No stop..
I'm a little busy right now.
But I've already informed the police.
What do they have to say?
They are working on it.
How did you get hurt?
Ashish was here.
So you also know Ashish?
Can I come later and see you?
It's too late.
I've taken some sleeping pills.
I haven't slept
since all this has started, I haven't slept.
Tomorrow? Should I come tomorrow and see..
Is that your wife?
I think I should go now.
Please don't go.
You must be tired.
And anyways, you've taken pills.
I think you should rest now.
The pills have no effect on me.
you're married right?
Please don't go.
Time has a way of slowing down when you're around.
For me too.
So you're staying, right?
If you want me to
Can I ask you something?
Yes, Sure!
I write well, right?
C minus..
What happened?
I think it's those pills..
Listen, it's not working.
It's.. it's not working. Sorry.
I'm so stupid!
Sorry. It's me please.
It was such a mistake.
You don't have any right to ask me this question?
You rascal! You piece of crap.
You are empty like a vacuum!
You don't have any feelings, love or anything left!
You only know to hurt people that's what you love.
Hurting. You rip people apart.
What have I done wrong to you that I deserve this?
To be with you?
I have had enough of your nonsense.
Please leave. Go from here.
I can't handle this anymore.
Just go from my life forever! Just leave me.
Let me go!
Mr. Sharma!
This is Negi speaking.
There's bad news.
Your wife.. we've found her.
We've found her body.
We found it in the bushes, close to Ashish's home.
Same place where we found her car.
I just wanted to check how you're feeling now.
You.. come in.
It's been few days since your wife's been missing?
Yes, it's been a few days.
Any news?
Didn't you talk to the police?
But if you want I can talk to them.
I know them.
And anyway
I've been through this phase as well.
Which phase?
Just three years ago, even my wife went missing.
The police found her car in some mall's parking lot.
And her body was found a week later in the bushes close-by.
Was she murdered?
Was the murderer caught?
Not yet.
How can someone do such a thing?
Sometimes some people
get so angry and frustrated by themselves
that they vent it on someone weaker than them.
I am sorry.
Do you feel responsible at all for your wife's disappearance?
People often blame themselves
for these incidence which they have no control over.
Maybe that's why I can't sleep?
Yes, maybe.
Doctor, can you please give me something?
There are other ways to help you.
Like a shoulder to cry on?
Would you like me to talk to the inspector?
Maybe he has some news.
He called me last night.
They've found Roshni's body.
Oh no!
At same place in the bushes
where her car was found.
I am so sorry, I didn't know.
Excuse me!
I had no idea I'll be so alone.
Didn't they call after last night?
Let me talk to the inspector.
Maybe he has some information.
Hello, Inspector Negi!
This is Dr. Abhay Kumar speaking.
Yes, I'm here at Mr. Saurabh Sharma's residence.
Yes, he was hoping some information about his wife.
Yes but he said you called him late last night.
To tell him that his wife's body has been found
In the bushes where her car was found.
I see.
Well, I did give him some medicines last night.
Yes, maybe.
Fine, I'll tell him. Okay.
What happened?
He never called you.
He asked you to wait.
He's coming over to see you. - No, he did call.
Maybe you were sleeping
and dreamt about the phone call?
Look.. This is still better.
Isn't it?
I mean there's still a chance.
Your wife may still be..
There's still hope. - Hope?
Why are they coming here?
To ask you a few questions.
What questions?
I don't know.
They could've asked their questions over the phone.
Relax, Mr. Sharma.
And why did you turned back around while talking to him?
What did you tell him?
That you're very tired, very anxious
and you seem to be under a lot of stress. - Liar!
You're lying to me.
Why would I lie to you?
It's a lie.
Why do you think I am lying?
Because you're scared.
I can see that.
Look, I can understand your situation.
You're not understanding anything, doctor!
I wanted to help you. - Then help me.
Give me some pills.
I helped you all I could.
I can't help you anymore.
Will you come back again to see me?
I don't think I will.
I wanted to say sorry.
It was all my fault.
I shouldn't have left like that. I don't know what happened.
I understand.
I really wanted you to like me.
And I'll still keep your poem on my wall.
I think it's a beautiful poem.
Are you still there?
Would you like to hear a poem?
'I was sitting around'
'counting the threshold of the bonds of the heart.'
Some that slipped through my hands'
'and some that are about to.'
'Those we've lost has become stories now.'
'And we spend our time, narrating and hearing them.'
'But those which we're about to lose'
'right now, they are like'
'when your kite gets nicked'
'and some other kid gets hold of your thread.'
'He stands at the other end and waits.'
'He doesn't break that bond, nor lets it go.'
'And instead of feeling remorse for your kite'
'you get busy in trying to save the thread.'
'The stress of both relations can be seen on the thread.'
'According to kite-flyers'
'whoever breaks the bond first'
'ends up with the least thread in his hands.'
'Your patience is tested.'
'Because it's about emerging as the hero in the story.'
'If he breaks the bond first'
'then the story is yours and you're the hero.'
'But if you lose patience'
'then for the rest of your life, you'll be'
'the villain in the story.'
"I have strangled the sleep already."
"I have strangled the sleep already"
"but this dream doesn't die."
"Songs are squeals, out of tune."
"Nothing blooms as a melody, I pry."
"Soul is drenched, I lament in pain.."
"The soul is drenched, I lament in pain"
"and my sun is scorched and swoon."
"I've got both the things"
"the full moon and the darkness."
"the full moon and the darkness."
"Night covered the day, I wonder"
"the door step split me asunder."
"I am in search of my own story"
"words without page wail for plunder."
"I have strangled the sleep already.."
"I have strangled the sleep already"
"but this dream doesn't die."
"but this dream doesn't die."