Married People, Single Sex (1994) Movie Script

i always thought mike
Was the perfect guy for me.
And now he's just
Perfect in bed.
oh, you're killing me.
i still think that beth and i
Were made for each other.
[heavy breathing].
I don't want a divorce.
i've just never really
Been a sex maniac.
I never felt that comfortable
About my body.
you know,
If it wasn't for sex,
Franny and i would have
A perfect relationship.
I don't mean perfect...
But there's more good
Than bad.
She's just shut everything out.
it's just that i have
Different kinds of desires.
Desires you know that...
That can't be met
By my husband... Or won't.
[heavy breathing].
she just got different.
She does these kinky things.
I'm not very comfortable
With those things.
[heavy breathing].
[heavy breathing].
oh my god! Oh my god!
look at me...
Look at me, mike.
[heavy breathing].
uhm, i don't believe this.
uhm, sure you will.
Your girlfriend won't.
[water gushing].
[dog barking].
how did it go?
And you?
[door grinds].
you smell so good.
we don't have much time.
They're going to be
Here soon.
we never have much time
Anymore, do we?
Mike and beth,
They took the time,
Two weeks in paradise.
to repair a crumbling
she's gone.
She's a million miles
Away from me.
Come on, baby.
We've got to go.
You're not done?
come on! Come on!
come on!
come on!
come on!
i thought i was done.
[water running].
you think they patched
It up?
i don't know.
no, no, i mean,
Really patched it up.
Found true marital happiness
Like us.
honey, i'm sure no one
Knows such bliss.
but then i've got...
I got to...
The deal i got.
honey, come on.
[glass breaks].
[children laughing in distant].
your turn.
what did you do with
Your tie?
Honey, i like this tie.
Did you call the babysitter,
Told her to come early?
You did, didn't you?
11 years, ha!
11 years i've watched
Shelly change.
No, not change. She's...
I look at her
And it's like looking
At a stranger.
please, have some now.
It's ready.
you guys
I really hope that
They patch things up
On this trip.
You know, fix the marriage.
they'll be good.
They'll be fine.
speaking of fixing things,
I'm thinking about
A boob job,
Another cup size--
you know,
We were really surprised --
well, no. Don't say we
Because frankly
I still don't understand
That you couldn't see that
They were really
In trouble but --
how are we doing
With the drinks?
what do you mean we?
don't say we.
guys --
no. I think, no...
What they did was good.
I think good for them,
Good for them,
Taking a trip,
I think --
oh yeah, get some out
Of the way --
absolutely, yeah.
experience some new things.
reliving in the past.
coming back to the same
Old shit.
[doorbell rings].
we're not home!
i'll get it.
speak of the devils.
here we go. Let's see.
what are you wearing?
alright, you --
oh, i'd recognize
That squeal
From anywhere.
here they are.
whoa! Look at --
whoa! Chiquita banana
the gang's all here!
chiquita banana.
How are you?
buenas noches.
[indistinct chattering].
thanks for the postcards.
Thanks for the postcards.
look at you.
You look beautiful.
you all look so --
surprised, maybe?
come on in!
i only drink margaritas now.
well, the blender is broke.
Franny, fill it up.
guys, it's incredible.
It was so exciting.
The beaches --
[indistinct chattering].
i just want to say
Welcome home, guys.
Welcome home.
Good to see you again
And being around you guys
Right before you left was
Kind of like --
day without sunshine.
more like a root canal
Without novocain.
will you tell them?
tell us what?
i think we should tell them.
Tell us what?
well --
what do you --
who's your travel agent?
we're getting a divorce.
oh, fuck you.
You are not.
no. It's over.
you're kidding, right?
no, it's true.
It's true.
guys, i mean five years.
there are going to be
Some problems,
You work them out, right?
we're sure.
we're sure.
you guys are acting like
This is some kind of
Joyous announcement,
Got a baby or something.
we weren't happy.
But now we are, you see.
Once we decided to break up,
We became friends again.
well, i don't know whether
To say congratulations,
I'm sorry or go to hell.
go to hell!
just say you understand.
well, i don't.
but anyway, let's go.
We're gonna be late
For dinner.
yeah, i'm really hungry.
where are we going?
honey, would you get
My jacket?
i'm gonna need some grease.
where are we going?
[indistinct chatter].
lighten up, artie.
you're getting divorced
From each other.
Not from you guys.
i'm sorry, man.
I mean the babes there
Were great.
You've got to go sometime.
i know.
so what were the men like?
ill tell you.
guys, wait up.
it's the happiest
I've seen 'em in
A long time.
i think she looked
Like a whore.
i think mike had that
Kind of hollow look that
Divorced men get, you know,
Kinda like a hungry wolf.
They're still our friends.
we're happy aren't we,
Sure we are.
artie wants to do things
That i just don't always feel
Comfortable doing and...
It's so funny.
It's like...
We have the opposite problem
Of most people, you know?
I think i end up feeling
Impotent and he is the one
Who ends up
Feeling frustrated.
is that interesting
Or what?
yeah, but i think your
Shoulders is a little
Bit more interesting.
Just breathe!
Be with me now!
I like the strap.
can i help you out of
This dress, hon?
[soft moaning].
what are you doing?
seducing my wife.
oh really?
what are you doing?
i think i'm getting
Seduced by my husband.
that's a good thing.
is it?
why don't you go take
Your clothes off?
those are everywhere.
the last year, it's...
God, it's been a nightmare.
Suddenly i'm married to the
Frigid witch of the west.
busy day tomorrow?
yeah, blueprints, invoices.
Just a catch-up day.
me too.
I guess i'm just tired.
me, too.
Good night.
oh, please!
oh, what do you mean
I've left you?
I haven't gone anywhere.
I'm right here.
oh, i don't buy that, mike.
You left me long ago.
oh man, you are losing...
You are fucking losing --
you know i am have
No priority with you.
With all our friends,
I mean nothing to you.
You look at me and
You see right through me.
okay, fine.
I'm leaving.
oh, yeah.
Where are you going to go?
In a bar?
Do you realize
How much you drink?
yeah, i drink whenever
We fight.
I drink a lot.
I'm sorry.
[heavy breathing].
people share their beds,
Their bodies and their...
Their dreams and...
After a while
They just drift apart.
[breathing heavily].
you're such a porn king.
no, beth.
i don't wanna fight anymore.
me too, babe.
i know but it's
Just when
You do that with me --
yeah, it's me.
It's always me.
im talking to you.
you never do anything
Wrong, do you, beth?
[sobbing continues].
you feel good?
Will, will.
why don't we kiss anymore?
oh, hon...
shit, hang on!
wait a minute, honey.
i'm coming.
I wish.
[heavy breathing].
is she okay?
yeah, i think it was just
A bad dream.
did she wake up alicia?
Okay, as long as
We're not too noisy.
you know, it's funny.
Will sees me in all
Sorts of sexual situations.
He's even seen me give birth,
But when it comes to
Talking about...
Talking about
What i really want,
I just can't do it.
guess what?
i've got a surprise for you.
oh, no.
Now what?
Edible panties.
oh, man.
No, this is a wonderful...
No, it's a wonderful idea --
come on.
...and we love it.
We really love it...
If you keep talking.
But now it's time to play
Go get your wife.
i just figured that if
You're in love,
You do, it's natural
And that's enough.
That's enough.
[heavy breathing].
do you feel good?
it feels so good for me.
Does it feel good?
it feels so good.
you're perfect.
It's perfect.
and they said that men
Are just in it for sex.
Can we talk about
Anything, hon?
i just figured there
Might be word about
Something or somebody.
I'm happy for beth.
I think mike's a child
And i also think that
She deserves much better --
okay, okay, okay, but
Okay, that's fine.
That's good.
Okay, mike has had a couple
Of problems he's working out.
yes, but why should beth
Have to suffer, alright?
I think it's great all the
Stuff she did on vacation.
I always knew she had
A wild streak in her.
hon, this isn't about
Her wild times and making
Measures, hmm?
now, i think my wild times
Are over for good.
Look, is there anything else
You need because i'd
Really like --
no. That's fine.
Now watch tv, hon.
That's good.
are you okay?
yeah, just my stomach.
Must have been something
I ate.
Go back to sleep.
we're like --
[indistinct chattering].
geez, i ask for three times.
I want some.
She gives all the guys one.
That was last week.
beth, give me some more--
oh, tell me about
The survey thing that
You were telling me.
You know, the story you read.
all it mentioned was that
Sex takes up 1% of our lives.
that much time?
how much is 1% of
24 hours?
who says that it does?
it does.
it does not.
everybody knows that
The whole world
Revolves around sex.
fran, i'll tell you --
we kill, die, suffer
And get divorced all for
A little nooky nooky.
oh, there she goes again.
Anytime anybody mentions sex,
There she goes.
that's not true.
well, i don't know about
The rest of you guys but --
no big deal.
but i really
I don't think i would have
A problem with opening up
And telling my most intimate,
Filthy secrets to a total
Stranger for a survey
Like that, just to write in--
oh, so some pervert can
Read them?
No, thanks.
i don't know.
Will, can perverts read?
i'll ask my boss.
you do.
i'm going to cry.
you know something fran?
Why don't you lighten
The fuck up?
I'm sorry, you know.
After all, what's a little
Sex among friends?
I call it an orgy.
alright...time out.
coffee, anyone?
tea, please.
get it yourself.
i'll take a coffee, fran.
same for me.
i'll get one.
[chattering distantly].
it's really starting
To show.
what is?
you can cut the tension
Between you two with
A feather cluster.
do you think eight scoops
Is enough for a full
Pot of coffee?
It's almost been a year.
Aren't you afraid artie will
Go looking for some girls?
look, that's not what this
Is about at all,
And artie would never.
don't be so sure
About that.
Put away a man
In his own bed,
There's no telling
What he'd do.
well, i guess it's up to me
To worry about that.
who are you to give
Advice, beth?
You gave up.
franny, aren't you afraid of
What artie will do?
look, i just don't want
To talk about this,
Not with you, not with him,
Not with anyone.
[dishes clanking].
Shelley, i got you this.
Sex is always the answer,
Isn't it?
[indistinct chattering].
oh, excuse me.
oh, beth
[indistinct chattering].
reach up.
Reach up.
[indistinct chattering].
Time to go to the movies.
yeah, but we can't decide
Which to go see yet.
hey, it's my turn to pick.
[indistinct chattering].
let him pick.
Let him pick.
i don't like it.
right there, the lover.
I know that's --
[phone ringing].
let me look at the action.
Look at this.
[ringing continues].
[ringing continues].
it's for you.
She sounds really young.
Just remember...
You don't live here anymore.
And im not your secretary.
maybe we could go
See hatchet.
That looks really good.
excuse me.
well, technically,
I'm still married.
The divorce hasn't
Gone through yet.
Leaving mike was the
Hardest thing i've ever done.
I can't imagine...
I can't imagine
Not being with him
That way anymore.
[car honking].
oh, that's shelley.
tell her i said hi.
sure you'll be okay?
I think i'm just gonna
Watch the game.
[dishes clanking].
see you later then.
yeah, hi.
I have the wrong number.
I'm really sorry.
[slamming sound].
I was...
I was just...
Thinking about you
Touching yourself.
who is this?
who do you want it to be?
my knight in shining armor.
Pizza delivery.
Look, this is not the first
Phone call i've ever had
Like this.
what are you going to do
About this one?
i usually just hang up.
why don't you then?
i don't know.
There's just something
About your voice.
something that sounds
As lonely as i feel.
what's your name?
that's pretty.
What's yours?
it's artie and i hate it.
Meg, i know this sounds like-
Meg, i want you to touch
Yourself for me.
i don't think so.
i really want to make you
Feel good, meg.
why are you doing this?
i just need something.
I just need something.
look, i'm gonna hang up now.
Are you still there?
only if you want me to be.
do you like
Pleasing a woman?
i love pleasing a woman.
tell me what you'd
Do to me.
wait, this is franny, right?
[indistinct chattering].
it's too prim and proper.
we gotta find one
For you, franny.
wait a minute.
What's in here?
beth, what is this?
give me that.
do you actually wear
This stuff?
i like them.
men love them.
shelley --
they don't stay on
That long.
look at that.
Good stuff.
that's my mask.
Don't make fun.
let's see what
Franny likes.
[indistinct chattering].
come on.
Look, look, look,
This is relatively tame.
or the green one?
oh no.
all day and so much money
Trying to spice you up, franny.
no, i don't think this one
Is for me.
it has built-in --
check it out then. Come on!
id like to see the look
On artie's face.
why are you so embarrassed
About your body?
i'm not.
Can i ask you guys
A question?
when you, you know,
Do you?
do you have any idea
What she's talking about?
get that blouse.
well, when you're
Having sex, do you come
Just from intercourse?
no, honey, no.
Usually it requires some
Sort of manual stimulation.
of course, franny.
I mean that's why
Men have fingers.
and toes.
and tongues.
That was only one.
seriously, it's like
When god created women,
He made a mistake.
He put our clit
This much too far forward
And if he just moved it back
A little bit --
seriously if he had --
okay, okay.
it would be perfect.
can we try it?
i am.
come on!
Hurry up because i'm going
To pick up the kids so --
i can wait.
Let's go.
What do i do with you?
let me see them, meg.
Let me see them.
Let me see your breasts,
Touch them and tease
Your nipples for me.
Let me see them.
Do you like that?
yes, it feels good.
it feels great.
i want you to take your
Shirt off for me, meg.
Meg, i want you to take
Your panties off now.
Does it feel better?
does it feel good?
Rub it! Is it wet?
it feels good.
rub it!
Does it feel good?
so tell me it
Feels good then.
it feels good.
It's wet.
come for me!
Come for me!
Are you still
Among the living?
i think so.
That was --
incredibly right?
I still have some work to do.
can i call you again, meg?
who am i kidding?
Hey, i know this sounds crazy
But when i left, i...
I took your mask.
I'm sorry.
hey shelley, meet richard.
Richard, my friend shelley.
i didn't tell you to speak.
Stay, please.
I'm richard.
I want you to stay and watch.
Please sit down.
It's okay.
it's like i want...
I want bone-jarring,
Window-rattling sex,
You know?
I just want passion.
And i want the lust
To be there.
And i don't think
That's wrong.
[indistinct chattering].
wow, 9.9!
guys, i think you
Should go home now.
right will.
I do have a dress code.
come on, bro.
Just give it a break.
We'll leave in a few minutes.
Ooh, there she is.
do you guys have
A few minutes?
she undresses quickly.
hey, mike, that's one small
Step for a man.
order me a shot and a beer,
Will you?
I've gotta drink
Like a beast.
[glasses clinking].
hi, i'm carol.
I haven't seen you
Here before.
It's my first name.
It's my first time.
My first --
don't worry.
I'll be gentle.
[heavy breathing].
what do you want me
To do to you?
[heavy breathing].
touch me!
i don't want to touch you.
Is that how you like it?
kiss me!
Kiss me!
Kiss me!
let me kiss you.
Let me kiss you.
[breathing heavily].
i never thought you'd
Call back.
neither did i.
because i wanted you so bad.
'cause you make me
Feel like--
That's it.
You make me feel.
Where's your wife?
she is out
And we are alone.
franny's hurting.
I mean really hurting
And i know that but
I'm hurting too
Meg takes my heart away.
Didn't you say something
About not wanting to
Feel anymore?
it's safer that way.
But life isn't safe now,
Is it?
I guess i'm just not very good
At putting up walls.
i'm in construction
And i'm real good
At breaking walls down.
i'm sorry i gotta go.
[dial tone beeping].
they'll be here in an hour.
I'm going to take a shower.
fuck it.
Just fuck it.
we're gonna play
Truth or dare.
[indistinct chattering].
no, no.
I haven't played
That since high school
And the last time i played
That, i got arrested.
you got arrested?
i got arrested.
I did.
what happened?
i mooned a station wagon
Full and out.
why does this not
Surprise me?
Franny, why does this not
Surprise me?
no way.
how do you think i met fran?
I thought you were
A convent, honey.
alright, okay.
Rules are simple.
Just in case you've forgotten,
Rules are simple.
Just, if you take truth,
You have to answer
Some questions truthfully.
And if you pick dare,
Then you have to take
The dare.
Franny, you're going first.
hey, i'm going to be
Your return over here.
Let me get over here.
Take the fifth.
[indistinct talking].
come on, fran.
listen, be gentle.
Be gentle, please.
shelley, please..
Would i ever embarass
Any of us here?
we can embarass ourselves.
you can embarass me.
[indistinct talking].
no, come on, franny.
You want truth or dare?
Which one?
here we go.
franny, the truth.
Do you swallow?
there it is.
There it is.
well be right back
At the roof to wisconsin.
you remember
The swallow, honey?
We cycled back to campus.
oh, lovely birds!
i think that's a pass.
Let's go on.
that's too eager.
You try too hard.
you're next, beth.
[indistinct chattering].
no truth. Dare.
make it good.
i dare you...
come on.
to walk over to will
And suck on his tongue.
oh whoa!
wait, why will?
This is my house.
10 seconds.
i thought you were gonna
Say something else.
10 seconds, 10 seconds.
massive faithfulness.
I'm warning you, honey.
They always come back
For more.
oh really?
Would you kindly,
Allow me the pleasure...
where have i seen
This before?
...of sucking on
Your tongue?
something is gonna
Get going.
[indistinct talking].
come on.
here we go.
oh yeah.
there it is.
I haven't seen that
Sucker in weeks.
here is the reptile.
excuse me.
Just went running out
The back door.
you girls are owing it
For me.
it's there, beth.
go for it!
I don't know if i
Can do it that long.
Stay out of it.
okay, here we go.
okay, okay.
That's enough.
more and more.
no, come on.
we have lift off.
you had your butt
With my husband.
that's enough.
do we have lift off here?
me now.
Me now.
no, i got one.
I've got one.
I have a truth or dare
For my wife.
alright, hon.
Truth or dare?
dare, dare, dare, dare...
let's see, truth or dare?
have you ever been
not yet.
would you want some wine?
no, no, no.
you're empty?
i'll take some.
i know i'm not everything
To shelley,
And that's painful.
and as soon as you get
The dates, just let us know.
okay, thank you very much.
thank you.
ready to go to lunch?
no, i can't today.
shelley, we always
Go to lunch.
i'm sorry, i can't.
are you mad at me?
I'm not mad at you.
This is me, okay?
can i do anything to help?
go to lunch.
[engine running].
[keys jingling].
[metal clanking].
[coins jingling].
[phone ringing].
mary magdalena?
artie, hi.
Where are you?
i'm at the site.
It was lunchtime.
I was just...
I just needed to hear
The sound of your voice.
look, i'm...
I'm sorry about last night.
I thought it would be okay
To call--
no, no, that's okay.
I'm sorry about the way
I answered the phone.
I was in the middle
Of something, but...
I think you better let me
Do the calling
From now on, okay?
from now on?
How much longer do you think
We could go on like this?
i don't know, meg.
I don't know and...
Frankly, i don't care.
I don't mean that
I don't care.
Of course, i care.
I just mean that i don't
Care that...
I don't care.
Do you know what i mean?
i think so.
good, 'cause i don't.
I'll talk to you, okay?
you alright?
okay, bye!
[scraping sound].
[colar jingling].
you like it from behind,
Don't you?
Tell me.
because it makes me feel
Like a whore.
a whore?
does he fuck you like
A whore, huh?
how does he fuck you?
like a wife.
[moaning loudly].
Come on.
That's it.
Come on!
Okay, okay!
Why can't will be just
A little bit more
Like richard?
[phone rings].
May i help you?
Yes, hold on.
shelley, it's that guy
Richard again.
i want you back here
i can't.
you can and you will.
mike, you can't just
Walk in here like this.
And here you are.
i mean, i wanna grow,
But he just talks about
Growing old together.
Well, i'm not ready
To grow old.
Mike, not now.
come on.
just not now, okay?
you're going out?
yeah, i've got a date.
a date.
well, i guess i better
Be going.
[heavy breathing].
i can't do it.
Honey, i can't do it.
The mask is just --
what's wrong?
it's this mask, hon.
Don't cry.
I just...
Can't we just make love?
no, i can't.
It's not fun.
It's boring, will.
Why can't we talk
About this?
okay, "its boring...
It's boring, will".
And you lie there with
Your legs spread out
Right up to the
Ceiling tile...
Like a dead woman,
And i'm boring you.
Well, you too.
What's wrong with
A little love?
What's wrong with just
Doing it?
Why can't we just
Do it, hon?
Where are you going?
i'm sorry, will.
I can't just do it.
I can't.
hon, come here.
Come here.
will, i can't.
honey, listen to me.
you won't talk to me.
I can't do this anymore.
you're a wife.
You're a mother.
but i'm not dead.
just come back here.
i can't.
I've got to go, okay?
I just...
I just--
honey, come here!
Honey, come here!
meg, you are truly amazing.
What's your day
Like tomorrow?
who were you talking to?
Who were you talking to?
no one, baby.
It was the tv.
the tv?
It's cold.
yeah, so are you.
[crickets chirping].
oh, god.
Hold me.
Hold me.
Hold me.
[breathing heavily].
Oh, god.
I wasn't gonna stop.
you're so good
At being bad.
and you've got
An incredible teaser here.
i want you to do
Something for me.
so soon?
Geez, let me catch
My breath first, okay?
i don't want you to
Make love to him anymore.
If you're serious about this,
Then you'll stop.
[vibrating sound].
[dogs barking distantly].
[breathing heavily].
Disco music.
[indistinct chattering].
[cheering and applause].
enjoyed the show?
you hungry?
That's beyond early,
I have class tomorrow.
you are going to kill me.
look who's talking.
So where is she tonight?
out... With the girls.
[crickets chirping].
she'll do anything to
Avoid being alone with you,
Won't she?
you noticed that too, huh?
That's none of my business.
You happen to be
Very right, meg.
look, artie, if we ever
Get together, there'll
Be nothing left.
meg, i really think
We should meet.
it would never work.
you know why.
I mean for christ's sake,
We met through a fucking
Obscene phone call.
That's not exactly
A foundation for
A meaningful relationship.
meg, we already like
Each other.
what if we weren't
Physically attracted
To each other?
that's not gonna happen.
what if it did?
what are you so
Afraid of, meg?
im afraid of...
I'm afraid of
Getting hurt.
It happens to me
All the time.
Things just seem
To miraculously work out
With the wife
And i end up alone,
Just when you're tired of
Being alone.
[ball bouncing].
on top of everything else,
Shelley is never having
Sex with me anymore.
Well, take my word for it.
If you have an affair,
You're going to regret it
10 seconds after you come.
Marriage vows,
All those promises,
You'll know that you've
Stepped all over them.
Youll feel like a liar
And a piece of shit and
Nothing you can ever do
Or say will change
What you did.
yeah, well, you should
Think about that yourself
Too, okay?
you know how fucking
Frustrating it is?
Beth and i, we tried it.
In fact, i want her back.
I still love her.
Man, i hate this
Fucking game.
[birds singing].
[children talking distantly].
you wanna go somewhere?
Cup of coffee or something?
i never touch the stuff.
Tea, lemon and one sugar.
I got my truck over here.
I thought maybe we could
Sit and talk.
face to face for a change.
I'd like that.
me too.
[door opens].
[door closes].
don't you know how to knock?
Oh mike, i don't know
What to say.
just say thanks.
did you get this out of
My garden?
so what did you want
To see me about?
why couldn't you have
Been this nice when
We were married?
oh, we're still
Married, kiddo.
What is this?
[paper rustling].
No, beth.
I'm not gonna sign them.
mike, you must have known
It was coming.
well, well, well.
Three holes in the ground.
I can't believe you
Know that.
That's amazing.
do i look like you
Imagined i would?
So much better, meg.
What about me?
i tried not to
Picture anything.
That way i wouldn't be
are you?
Oh, this is so awkward.
I know what you sound
Like coming.
I don't even know what
Your favorite color is.
great to know.
Mine is blue.
I've been so incredibly
Busy lately.
Writing reports mostly.
I think writing is probably
The loneliest thing
In the world.
hello, meg.
[breathing heavily].
meg, no.
i want to.
Let me touch you.
this is for you.
This is for you.
It's all for you.
Open your eyes, meg.
I want to see them.
I want to see you, meg.
I want to see you.
I want to see you.
I want to see you, meg.
I want to see you.
i can't believe how soon
I can do that.
oh god, no.
No, no, no.
You look so beautiful.
You get all shiny
Like a pony.
shouldn't you be home
With your wife?
yeah, well,
Both the little ones
Are in bed and shelley
Is probably off watching
"the love connection"
Right about now.
okay, come on.
fear of age.
No, it's more than that.
I've had chance
To fool around.
It's wrong.
You gotta consider the kids.
It's not fair to them.
I've got two of them.
My father walked out on me
When i was still in
Grade school
And i vowed never to let
That happen to my kids.
Anyway, you get married
And you make promises
To each other, vows.
Sometimes when a person
Doesn't live up to
Their end of the bargain
And you end it,
I guess, i mean,
If you can't fix it...
I'm not trying to fix it.
Sometimes i think it's
Just beyond repair.
what are you doing?
you said i could.
What i say and what
I choose to do are two
Different things.
richard, i want you.
Come on.
I've been a good girl.
i'll be the judge of that.
Ow, that hurts.
it's supposed to hurt.
Hey, did i say you can
Kiss me?
kiss you?
I'm trying to bite you.
Please, richard,
I want you so bad.
how bad?
is tea okay?
[water pouring].
See, this is the way
I love you, just--
you love me, huh?
i mean...
i know what you mean.
Some music?
slow dancing?
slow music?
i've never been
Unfaithful to my wife.
i know it.
It shows.
Maybe you should go home.
Thanks for the tea.
there she is.
Ooh, food!
Ooh, ooh.
oh, i'm hungry.
I'm hungry.
What do we got?
here we go.
and a soy sauce here.
tea with lemon.
One sugar.
i can't believe you
Remember that.
Thank you.
Thank you.
well, i tell you,
If you tell me something
and you like it,
ill make it a point
To remember it..
that's good.
I like that.
doesn't she?
no, she...
She stopped caring.
you want chopsticks?
did i mention that
I am a great cook?
yeah, you own
A chinese restaurant?
god, id love to cook
For you.
I would love to wake up
Next to you and--
meg, i think we maybe
you know, artie!
I wouldn't have to
Fuck you, okay?
Just hold you.
All night.
how was...
Where the hell
Were you last week?
how was seattle?
it was very wet.
So am i.
[paper rustling].
Why is it you never
Let me kiss you
Or touch you?
i'm afraid if we...
I'm afraid if i...
I'm afraid you might
so, what are we exactly?
I mean we're not lovers.
friends, i guess,
Very good friends.
friends do not do
What we do.
Why don't you stop trying
To make this less than
What it is?
just what is that, meg?
i dont know.
damned if we know.
Damned if we don't know.
[keys jingling].
[glass breaks].
Gotta love it.
[water running].
oh, mike!
let me see your face.
you scared me.
Get out!
let me see your face.
mike, we shouldn't
Be doing this.
come on.
You're just so beautiful.
mike, no.
This is wrong.
You got to stop this.
i remember the time when...
Getting married
And spending the rest
Of our lives together was
The greatest thought
In the whole world.
And now...
Getting a divorce is...
Is the only way we can
Stay friends.
[water running].
mike, do you hear me?
i heard you.
won't you sign the papers?
how can you say that
After what just happened?
Come on.
Maybe we're making
A mistake.
mike, you don't get it,
Do you?
You said we are not
Getting back together.
It's just sex,
Not a relationship.
[door slams].
is she out again?
no, she's asleep.
I checked in on her
Right before i called.
Who were you talking to?
please don't take it so hard.
what, am i supposed to be
Happy about this?
i don't expect you to be.
I tried to warn you.
Even beth did.
oh, so you're still
Seeing beth.
That's it.
i never stay in anyones
Place for a long time.
It just has to be this way.
am i just some kind of toy?
Is that what it is?
Just some kind of little
Fucking game that you play?
then tell me.
What is it?
Just tell me what it is.
I will change.
it's not--
It's not you, shelley.
It's something in me
And i can't change.
I don't want to change.
so that's it.
Just walk away?
It's easier just to
Pick me up,
Throw me on the ground,
Squash me and walk
The fuck away, isn't it?
that's your version.
fuck you!
It's your version.
Fuck you, richard.
Fuck you!
How dare you,
Fucking asshole!
you're awake, fran.
I know you're awake.
You're always awake, fran.
do you have a girlfriend?
do i have a wife?
are you seeing somebody?
do you want to talk
About this?
I mean do you really want
To talk about this?
Artie, i just can't be
Who you want me to be.
I just can't go where you
Want me to go.
Not right now anyway!
fran, listen,
You've got to let go.
i can't!
you have to forget, fran!
You got to forget.
It's killing us, okay?
i'm your husband.
I'm your husband.
You're my wife.
i'm sorry but i can't!
I can't!
okay, fran, okay.
So you tell me what
You want to do now.
You just tell me
Right now, and i mean now.
i just need time, artie.
fuck the time!
Fuck it!
There ain't anymore
Time, fran.
Do you want to just...
Do you just not want
To feel anymore at all?
Is that it?
bullshit, fran.
It's most times and
I feel...
I feel very sorry for you,
Fran, very sorry.
i feel...
Like i'm being punished.
Artie really wanted
To make love and i felt
So beautiful being pregnant,
So we made love
And there was blood
And we lost the baby.
All i really wanted to be
Was somebody's mother,
Somebody's wife
And somebody's mother.
i'm so sorry.
It's okay.
Its okay.
i'm going to dallas.
dallas cowgirl.
When would you get back?
i mean i'm moving now.
oh, jesus christ!
Oh, jesus christ!
I knew it.
I told you,
You would disappear.
look, i was--
you son of a bitch, meg!
You son of a bitch,
You're running away.
You get what you
Fucking want,
You fucked me and
You're running away now?
let's get one thing straight.
What we just did here
Was not fucking, okay?
I was planning to move
To dallas before i even
Met you,
Before you even called me.
Why do you think i went
To dallas so often?
meg, really?
Then why didn't
You tell me before, huh?
Why didnt you
Tell me before?
never once did you say
To me you'd leave her.
Never once did you tell me
You loved me.
I am so sick and tired
Of being the other woman.
I am so sick and tired
Of guys telling me,
"she's doesn't
Fuck me like you.
She doesn't suck me
Like you."
I just need something
That's mine.
i'm yours.
I'm yours, meg,
And you know it.
I'm more yours than...
I'm more yours than i am hers.
she is your wife.
I am so sick of
Having nothing.
meg, please...
Don't punish me
For every guy that's
Fucked you over.
It's not fair to me.
does this seem easy for me?
I just can't
Do it anymore.
alright then...
Then i'm going with you.
For good.
I'll meet you tomorrow
Morning at 10:30.
At the swing.
You bring the tea.
what do you want me
To do, huh?
Do you want me to
Move out like liberated
Beth and mike, huh?
Or maybe we should just
Barely tolerate each other
Like good old fucking
Dependable shelley and will?
Is that what you want, huh?
i dont know.
that's right, fran.
You don't know?
You don't know?
How many times did i
Tell you how unhappy i was?
You fucking blame me
How many times?
How many times did i
Reach out to you and
You pushed me away?
I did not kill our baby!
You did not kill our baby.
It just happened.
It didn't have to kill us.
yes, i'd like to confirm
One first class seat
On flight 454 to dallas.
The name is
Pamela lindgren,
Thank you!