Marrowbone (2017) Movie Script

We have come very far,
enduring many hardships.
But at last, we found a
place where we can be safe.
At the other end of the ocean.
It's not how I remember it.
Mum had put all her hopes
on the house where
she had grown up.
It had been waiting for us,
frozen in time for
over thirty years.
Is someone there?
Just a coat stand
in the mirror, Sam.
Don't be afraid.
It's not a step to take lightly.
We're no longer Fairbairns.
From now on, our last name
will be "Marrowbone".
Just like this house,
which will be our new home.
Once you cross that line,
there'll be no memories.
Our story begins here.
Will he ever find us, Mummy?
You see, I've crossed the line.
I must've forgotten already.
No one will bother us again.
We wanted to believe
that we would be safe.
That we too had
a chance of happiness.
That Mum's illness had disappeared
with the rest of our problems.
The darkness we'd left
behind seem to vanish
in the light of
those summer days.
Nobody knew us.
We could be free
for the first time.
And we were about to
make a new friend
that would change
our lives forever.
Oh, look at that, Sam!
This must be the place they call
"The Red Witch Rock".
It's a skull.
Let's go back, Billy.
I don't like it.
Who goes there?
How dare you invade
my dwellings.
I'm Sam Marrowbone.
These are my two brothers,
Billy and Jack.
And this is my sister Jane.
You have entered the
Red Witch lands.
See that passage to your right?
You must cross it.
If you mean well,
you'd be free to go.
But if you hide evil
within your heart,
the walls would close in
and trap you forever.
Do you dare cross it?
Jack, no.
-Come on!
-Come on, Sammy!
Be brave.
The walls are closing in,
we shouldn't be here.
Your soul must have been good.
It's very slippy here.
Hello, little one.
Come closer.
My name is Allie.
Are you a prisoner
of the Red Witch?
She punished me for
breaking into her garden.
Leaving me trapped until someone
dared cross the
passageway and rescue me.
Now, is that someone you?
Take these acorns in return.
They aren't much now, but
they'll grow big and strong
with our friendship.
They're magic.
So now that you're free,
where would you like to go?
At the end of that
unforgettable day,
Allie was already one of us.
Stop. Wait, okay, move forward.
It's too beautiful. Can I...?
Get close together, come on.
You guys ready?
One, two...
We began again.
We forgot the past.
And we started a new life.
For a while, we all
bought in to that illusion.
But the journey to America had
taken what little strength
Mum had left in her.
Little did we know,
that would be our
last summer together.
Bury me in the garden.
I showed you where.
You just have to turn 21.
Stay hidden until then
and no law will
take them from you.
Swear to me.
You'll stay together.
Always stay together.
I swear.
Have a safe place ready.
In case he finds you.
In the cupboard.
On the left.
You lied.
You lied in court.
You kept his money
all this time.
"My dearest Jack,
"I'm so sorry I won't be there
for you as you grow up.
"I no longer have the strength.
"Jane will be Sam's mother,
as it was meant to be.
"Tell Billy to not let his anger
"take his beautiful heart.
"And you, my Jack,
when the time comes,
"do not forget to open
your heart to love.
"You must keep them safe.
Your loving mother,
Rose Marrowbone".
no one,
will separate us.
We are one.
Repeat after me.
No one.
-No one.
-No one.
We are one.
-We are one.
-We are one.
We sealed our promise.
And we started hiding
from the world...
until I turned 21.
Jack! Jack!
Six months later
I'm tired of being
locked up in this house.
It won't be long before
your birthday, Jack.
We should start thinking
about your party.
That lawyer Porter was hanging
on the fence last week again.
We'll be done with him soon enough.
Come Christmas time it
will all be different.
You'll see, Billy.
Billy! Billy!
What Sam?
I heard a noise
behind the mirror
and the cover is falling off.
If you don't do something,
ghost might be able
to see us again.
Stop being such a baby.
You don't need to be scared.
Sam, the ghost has
been gone for months.
Here, give me this.
Come on, Scoundrel,
come get your breakfast.
So that's what's making
the noises behind the walls.
It's that big rat.
Sam, stop feeding it.
It's making holes
all over the house.
Do you want me to
let her starve?
You don't know where
that thing has been.
All right? You could get rabies.
She won't bite me,
she's my friend.
Terrible thing, rabies.
You'll get foam
coming out your mouth
until your insides
are all rotten.
I'll have to spend my
last bullet on you.
Then I'll hide behind the mirror
and scream and cry all night
and you'll never sleep again.
Yeah, but the dead
don't cry or scream.
Tell me that next time you hear the
ghost in the middle of the night.
Oh, fuck.
No extra money, no nonsense.
We'll see.
We'll follow you on the map, Jack,
so you don't feel alone.
He's just left the
Marrowbone home.
He's going through the forest.
That was a bird.
And then he goes
down the tunnel.
Through the tunnel.
And then, he goes
out of the tunnel...
and goes on the bridge...
and then...
Oh, he should see
Allie's farm by now.
-Say, "Hi, Allie"!
-Hi, Allie.
-Hi, we miss you!
-We miss you.
And he goes through
the bumpy mud.
And he goes through the path.
He goes all the way up.
-And now he's getting near town.
He's almost there.
And then he goes into that shop.
Careful, Jack.
Be brave, Jack.
Catch me if you can!
Two weeks ago today...
Oh, Jack.
I was beginning to think you
wouldn't show up this week.
Hm, they smell delicious.
You bring a list?
Thousands saluted
the American flag
stiff with wires
so that it would wave.
Then inspected the conditions
of the lunar module...
How's your mother feeling?
Any better?
Not really.
It's this change in weather.
I'm sorry to hear that.
I'm sure she'll get
well soon, though.
Give her my love, will you?
What's with all of these books?
They came in on Friday.
From a library weeding in a place
I used to work in Portland.
I say we let their weeds
become our flowers.
I've missed you.
I'm sorry I didn't
make it last week.
It's okay.
Oh, I have the book
that you asked for.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Uh, how's Sam coming along?
Does he need another one?
How can he read so fast?
It's almost at least
300 pages long.
I miss the little guy.
And Jane, and Billy.
It's so easy for me to just
pop by, I could...
Perhaps my mother's better.
Hello there.
Mr. Porter.
What do you think?
Very smart.
Do you remember that position
I told you about in New York?
Parker & Jameson.
Does this mean...?
Well, it means that they fell under
my charm and I got the job.
It is wonderful, Tom.
I'm just so happy for you.
Anyway, I happen to stroll
past the strand and...
I couldn't help thinking of...
What is that?
It's a donation,
if you will, for the library.
This is a first edition,
I can't possibly accept this.
I just wish you could've
seen the place.
You would love it. Maybe
I should take you sometime.
You ever been to New York City?
Jack Fairbairn.
It's Marrowbone now.
We go by my mother's last name.
Right, well, uh...
speaking of which, the other
heirs have already signed off.
And I need to collect the
transfer charges on the estate.
I'll come around the
house tomorrow.
Tell your mother have a bank
check ready for 200 dollars.
She's quite unwell.
Perhaps it would be best
if I took the papers and
I have my mother sign them
and bring them back to you.
I need to certify the signatures.
I'll be there tomorrow. Noon.
Bye, Jack.
I'll see you soon.
Fucking lawyers.
Oh, God, I knew that creepy
bastard would bring us trouble.
How much money do we have
in Mother's savings?
Not even 50 dollars.
Even if I sold a thousand cakes,
we wouldn't have the money.
What are we going to do, Jack?
I don't know, but if the truth
comes out, they will separate us.
The box.
What does it matter?
We don't have it anymore.
-I could get it back.
What else are we gonna do?
Jack, you promised me we would
never touch that money again.
I promised you a lot of things.
I can get it back, Jack.
We're rich!
Yes, Sam!
Yes, we're rich!
Oh, come on!
Oh, Jane, come on,
what's the matter?
It's blood money. We all
know where it comes from.
We shouldn't even touch it.
'Tis cursed.
We don't have a choice.
Porter is coming tomorrow.
We have to be ready.
This isn't going to work.
It will.
It needs to look just like Mum's.
It's Mum's room. I should
be allowed in there, too.
There are mirrors in here,
you can't go in.
What are we going to do
about the fortress?
We won't come inside.
What are you doing?
Painkillers Mum never took.
Billy, that could hill him.
Just in case of emergency.
He's here.
Everyone is clear on the plan?
I forgot to open the gate.
So sorry.
What's this?
Mother's savings.
We haven't had time to make
arrangements to change it.
These are pounds.
Yeah, 200 pounds.
Pounds are worth twice
as much as dollars.
That should cover all the costs
and...any fees.
I said a bank check.
Let me get you something to drink.
I'd like to beg one last favor.
If it's not too much to ask.
Our mother, she can't
get out of bed.
And she feels humiliated, the
idea of you seeing her this way.
Would you mind if I bring
the papers upstairs
and bring them down
signed for you?
Have her sign both copies.
Would you forget the damn
lemonade? I don't have all day.
You just need to
sign both copies.
Jack, can't possibly get the
signature right two times!
He'll notice they're
not the same.
You have to do it.
-Jane, please, now.
-One second!
There's no time.
Sign the second one. Sign.
Jane, he's outside.
-Jane, he's outside.
-Shut up, Jack.
Jane, there's no time.
Mum, stay in bed.
No, Mum, the doctor
said you can't get up.
Almost done.
You can't come out.
He's coming, Jane.
Mum, stay in bed.
Mum, I'll go to see Porter.
I'll be back in a minute.
I'm sorry, I was just...
Is she all right?
She just has no strength.
I had no idea
it had gotten so bad.
So, this solves it.
Marrowbone house now officially
belongs to your mother.
I'm glad we could...
wrap this thing up before
someone discovered...
You know, um...
that business about your father.
We're most grateful.
Especially for your discretion.
Well, I better get out of here
before the rain catches me.
Good luck, Mr. Marrowbone.
And then he says, "I didn't come
here for a picnic, Mr. Marrowbone,
I came here for a bank check".
So, I wasted to give him
the other lemonade.
Stop delaying the inevitable.
It's time to meet your
demise, my dear brother.
Today, Alaska march...
of the Northern
Western territories
can't be defeated.
Remember, brave little soldier,
the northwestern territories
have never been conquered.
Oh, until today.
-You are done.
What is it, Sam?
Go find the dice.
That doesn't count,
the die went off the table.
The hell it don't!
-Shut up, Sam.
You killed my
Mongolians that way!
That-That's true.
-Sorry, Billy!
No, no, fine, fine.
Since the floor counts as board.
Ah, Billy!
You're such a sore loser!
You said the floor
counts as board.
Sam, w-what's the score?
What's he got?
Check it, Sam.
Oh, tough go!
-Ooh, sorry, Billy.
-Tough go.
What's the other one?
I think you're nervous, Billy.
You're a nervous one.
He better not be
attacking Brazil next.
Jack, the ghost is back!
To the fortress.
Cover the man
before he gets out.
Wouldn't it be nice
if we were older?
Stay here.
Then we wouldn't
have to wait so long
And wouldn't it be
nice to live together
Wouldn't it be nice
if we could wake up
He'll never leave us.
Not even death.
You blacked out.
I had to come out
to bring you back again.
I hate living with a ghost.
It's that money.
His ghost is back
because we used it.
As soon as the sun rises,
you'll give it back.
Let him take it to hell.
Oh, hello.
Hey, can I give you a lift home?
Thank you, Mr. Porter,
but honestly,
the bus is no bother.
Mr. Porter? What
happened to Tom?
I insist.
I meant to ask you
something, Allie.
Hey, so these Marrowbone kids...
How well do you know them?
We're good friends, I guess.
It's just that they worry me.
You know, the fact that
they live so isolated.
Always hiding away
from the community.
They're not hiding.
Allie, come on.
The poor kid, Sam doesn't
even go to school.
They live too far away.
And Sam is home schooled.
Jane helps with his homework
and I check his notebooks.
Well, I guess that's something.
It's just so unfortunate that
he's forced to live that way
because of his father.
I mean, I guess Jack has
told you all about him.
I know he was a cruel man.
Cruel man?
That's putting it mildly.
I've tried to help them.
And at least, I've been able
to secure them the house
before I leave, but still...
If the truth ever got out,
I don't know what kind of
future there would be for them.
And you know how people
are around here.
Sam, where are you?
Still scared?
You'll have to come out
of the fortress eventually.
I miss Mummy.
I miss her too.
Where is she now?
She's in a good place.
Well, I want to go with her.
I don't like hiding here and
being alone all the time.
We're not alone.
We have Allie.
I'll show you something.
You see? Follow my point.
See Allie's farm?
What we looking for?
Just wait.
Is that really her?
What's she saying?
She says hello.
-Do you want to talk to her?
-What do I say?
How about your name?
So she knows it's
you talking today.
Dot, dot.
Dot, dash.
Hi, Sam.
She's asking how are you.
I'm very happy.
How do I say that?
Dot, dot.
Dot, dash...
I need to get out of this house.
We all do.
You never really told me
much about your father.
He was a monster.
The things he did,
they're unspeakable.
He was the reason we ran here.
We had to get away from him.
Is he still in England?
He's dead now.
He can't hurt us anymore.
I'm home!
Where have you been?
Oh, but nobody leaves the house
unless it's absolutely
necessary, Jack.
Your rule, not mine.
I can smell her
perfume, you know.
Every single time.
That's strange.
You know what I mean.
Can't expect him
to be here all the time.
They love each other.
She doesn't know the first
thing about him, Jane.
Does she ever ask about us?
Of course she does,
all the time.
Yeah? What do you tell her?
Yeah, I thought so.
You talk too much.
You'll get us in trouble.
Uh-oh, someone's jealous.
Shut up, Sam.
Why would I be jealous?
'Cause Jack has a
girlfriend and you don't.
I don't care.
Have you kissed her yet?
It's none of your business.
What if she comes to
live with us someday?
Home would be a better
place with her in it.
You can't be serious, Jane.
Why can't I live with
the girl that I love?
What about our promise?
Does that mean nothing
to you anymore?
The things that I do
to keep you all safe.
Oh, tell me, what about
this feels safe?
We're trapped in here while you go
around doing whatever you please.
But that's just fine, Jack.
-Be quiet.
-Maybe she should come
-Be quiet.
and live her then, huh?
Why? Why be quiet?
-Shut up.
-Tell her about Mum.
-Tell her the truth about Dad.
-Why can't you handle it?
-Get out!
'Cause you know
it's the truth.
-Why don't you tell her the truth?
-Get out!
-Jane, don't touch me!
Don't shut the door on me!
-Get out!
-Get out! Get out!
-Why, because you want me to leave?
-You want me to leave?
-Leave me--
You need me more
than I need you!
Are you feeling better?
My head has exploded.
Take it easy on him.
He's like a caged bird, Jack.
You have Sam.
You have Allie.
He has no one.
I'll keep you safe tonight
Promise I won't
leave your sight
Should you get lost
Follow my voice
You and I, we will be
will bring us out
No one will tear us apart
The ghost.
You'll find me here
You and I will
The mirror!
Sam has been to Mother's room.
He said he saw
something in there.
In the wardrobe mirror.
He thinks he saw
the ghost, Jack.
Well, that was just
a lie we told Sam
so he wouldn't know the truth.
And the truth is
we walled up a man
and let him die and
rot over our heads.
Our own father.
He was a murderer, Jane.
He came here to kill us.
And what are we then?
I can still remember
those screams.
Those first weeks.
It seemed like
he would never die.
Is it so crazy to think
his ghost is still up there?
He can't hurt us now.
He's dead and gone.
He's not gone.
We need to give him
a proper burial.
We are never going
back to that place.
We can't live in a tomb.
Oh, Allie!
-Packing already?
Uh, actually, can I see you
for a moment?
-Of course.
Thank you.
Gosh, I'm sorry about the mess.
That's quite all right.
There's something I...
What is this?
Open it.
Tom, I...
Would you be my guest?
There's so many places
I would love to show you.
Tom, I...
I really wish you wouldn't.
I'm rushing too much, arent I?
No, it's...
It's not that, it's just um...
I'm too old?
You know my father is 15
years older than my mother?
And they've been happily married
-for 40 years.
-Tom, please. Stop.
I just never thought
about you that way.
I'm sorry.
It's uh, about Jack, isn't it?
I really don't think that's
any of your concern.
You don't know
the first thing about him.
You have no idea...
what you are getting into.
I am only trying to protect you.
You know, I can get you out of
this place where you don't belong.
You should think about that.
Where have you been?
Better not bite me,
or I'll turn you into lunch.
Come on out of there.
Do not be afraid.
Thomas D. Porter.
Mr. Porter, This
is Sam Gouldman.
Mr. Gouldman!
What a pleasure to hear from you.
Actually, I was just finishing...
Well, we just came out
of a board meeting
and after some heartfelt
important decisions
have been made
about the future of our firm.
I'm all ears.
The time has come
for us to grow.
So, instead of the
position we spoke about,
we have decided to offer you
to become a partner in our firm.
How's that sound?
Well, I'm honored, sir.
But just to make
sure I understand...
We're offering you the
great opportunity
of buying ten percent
of our shares.
Are you there?
And how much are we
talking about roughly?
Well, it's a little
neighborhood south of $5,000.
I assume this
won't be a problem.
Right, Mr. Porter?
But the position is still
secured, if I just want to...
I believe I've made
my point clear.
What we need right now is a
partner, not an employee.
Well, I'll have to think about it, then.
Well, don't sit on it too long.
If you're not interested, we have
to move on to our next candidate.
I'm sure you understand it.
I'll call you Monday.
Thank you, Mr. Gouldman.
Thank you.
No! No! No!
No. No.
How's your mother feeling today?
It seems we have
a problem, Jack.
I can't be an accomplice
to a forgery.
I'm just trying
to look after my family.
You lied to me.
You tried to cheat me
and in doing so,
you made me an accessory
in your little charade.
So, I think it's fair you offer
me some kind of compensation.
We have nothing!
You have 10,000 pounds and
you will hand them over to me
so I can get out of this cowshit
and wear real shoes again.
Now I assume you will
discuss this with your siblings.
I'll come by tomorrow.
What are we going to do?
We threw that money
down the chimney.
We have no way of
getting it back now.
It's all over.
Billy, give me-give me...
Give me that!
-Yeah, hold this.
-Okay, okay.
-What? What?
What have you done?
You didn't dare to
tear down the wall. it found another
way to the attic.
Someone had to try and
get that money back.
I told you not to go in there!
He survived, Jack.
Ah! He survived, Jack.
He's been eating up there.
I saw it with my own two eyes.
It will kill us all.
I saw it.
The place is covered in--
in animal bones!
Doves, raccoons, rats.
You cou--You couldn't imagine
the stench in there.
And he's found a way
to store rain water.
It's the rain.
-He's alive...again.
-He's alive this whole time.
Get out, get out.
-He's got to go.
-Please stop it.
No! Stop it?
Stop it? Is anybody listening to me?
He's still alive!
And waiting to do
some more damage!
I'm done with that
son of a bitch!
You know I will.
I will go up there and I will
end this, I swear to God!
Are you listening to me?
Are you listening?
Shh, calm, Jack.
Shh. Jack!
We have to tell Allie.
She's the only one
who can help him.
No, she'll be scared, she...
She won't want to see him again.
She loves him, Billy.
The only thing that matters
now is saving Jack.
We have to tell Allie the truth.
Anybody home?
I've come for my money!
"The day we locked father up
was a day like any other.
Nothing could have warned us
that he finally found us".
Take Sam.
Come on, this way!
-Let me go with you.
-No, you stay with Jane and Sam.
No! Jack!
Should be safe here.
Hey, Jack!
-I will deal with him.
Jack! No, Jack!
I've got it!
I'm right here!
This is between you and me!
Stay away from the house
and I will give it back!
It was me and me alone.
I ratted you out.
I took your money.
They had nothing to do with it.
Take it
and leave us alone.
Kill him, Billy.
I'm coming!
I'm coming!
Sam, I'm coming!
Jane, Billy, Sam!
Open the door, Jack.
If you dare.
What have you done?!
What have you done?!
Jane, Billy, Sam!
Please, Jane, Billy!
I'm sorry I couldn't
keep you safe.
But I'm keeping my promise.
I'll keep you safe tonight
Promise I won't leave your sight
Should you get lost
Follow my voice
You and I, we will be one
We'll build a stronghold
Where we'll be safe
Where we'll be safe
There'll be no wrong
If you just stay by my side
There will be no memories.
It all starts here.
Our story begins here.
When we cross that line,
the past will stay behind.
"He banged on the
door for hours.
But there was no way
for him to escape.
Jack bricked up the door.
Billy closed up the chimney.
And we waited for days.
Until the noises died out".
Did you hear that?
There's someone outside.
I am in command,
when Jack is gone.
You can't.
Be quiet.
It's fine.
Sam, don't be scared.
My hand, hold my hand.
We need to stay
together for Jack.
No one.
No one.
No one.
We are one.
We are one.
We are one.
I've still got my bullet,
I can go up there!
I-I can finish this.
Billy, we can't.
He's trying to keep us here.
He won't let me move.
Stop fighting.
Jack's sleeping,
his head hurts.
Jack tried to kill himself.
That's why we came back.
Please, Allie.
We need you
to take care of Jack.
Forgive me.
You can't be here.
They'll go if you stay.
Please leave us alone.
Jack, you're bleeding.
-Let me see.
Let me look, Jack. Stop it.
I know everything.
-Jack, look at me.
-Where are they?
-Jane! Jane!
Jack, look at me. Stop it!
-Sam. Get off.
-Stop it. Stop
-Stop it!
-Please. They'll go if you stay.
I couldn't keep them safe.
Just leave us alone!
Please, please leave us alone.
Leave us alone.
Tom, let me see.
Okay? Just...
Tom, who did this to you?
Jack, help me!
Why are you hiding?
You think you can scare me?
Well, don't think for a second
it's gonna be that easy.
Come out of there!
I'm not alone.
You can hear them
within these walls
and you know what?
I can hear them too.
You thought you could put out
their light like a candle,
but you can't.
You don't have that power.
You're the one who's dead.
Sam, Billy, I know
you can hear me!
I know you're there.
Billy, come out of there.
Jack, let me do this.
Get away from her!
You don't belong here.
This is our place.
What you're telling me
is very good news.
Twelve weeks where Jack has had
no episodes of multiple personality.
Jane, Billy and Sam had finally
gone to sleep in Jack's mind.
But such a trauma
may have unpredictable
consequences on his mind,
so we have to be vigilant.
I know we have
discussed this before.
But you are a
healthy young woman
with a bright future
ahead of you.
I don't understand why you
choose to live in a house
that will always bear the
memory of that terrible event.
It will be sad.
It will be lonely.
He is a mentally ill man who can
never take proper care of you.
There's no reason
why you should
carry that burden for
the rest of your life.
Love cannot grow
in a sick mind.
And you will never
have a real family
if you choose
to live with Jack.
Thank you
for your concern, doctor.
Please make sure
he takes his medication.
It's the only way we can keep Jane,
Billy and Sam away from him.
You're home.
Come on, get up.
We never got to celebrate
your birthday.
Isn't that amazing?
After all this time,
it didn't spoil.
I'll wait inside
till they come back.