Marry Me at Christmas (2017) Movie Script

Why does it seem like
we have more and more
Christmas decorations
every single year?
Because they're pretty.
You love Christmas just as much
as you did when you were a kid.
Well, that's because
there is no better place
for it
than Fool's Gold.
Year after year...
What's wrong?
It's just
"year after year"
isn't a guarantee
anymore, Maddie.
I mean,
we don't even know
if we can stay open
past January first,
when the rent goes up.
Iz, we're
expanding the store
to jewelry and accessories,
and you're doing
more social media.
What if it doesn't
make up the difference?
We will have no choice
but to close the store.
Let's finish decorating,
and then we can
brainstorm ways
to bring in more income.
Yes! Thank you.
I love Fool's Gold
at Christmastime.
Look how
beautiful it is.
Isn't it magical?
It's my favorite
time of year.
Hey, Daddy.
Hey, kiddo!
Hey, Maddie!
All done decorating
the shop?
Almost, except a couple
of strands of lights.
Do you have
any to spare?
Yeah! Of course.
Hey, you know what
you may want to try?
Syncing up the lights
to music.
I'm not sure we have that
in the budget, Daddy.
Maybe next year.
I'm sure everything's
gonna work out just fine
at the store, honey.
I am doing everything I can
to make that happen.
Please stop being so adorable.
You're gonna find
your "adorable"
one of these days, honey.
You just have to get
out there, you know?
It has been three years
since Ted left.
Please don't go there, Mom.
I'm just saying.
I know what
you're saying,
but you know what
I'd really love for Christmas?
Yeah, your mom not
"just saying" anything else?
Tch! We have a winner.
Yeah. Ding-ding-ding.
Hi. Welcome to Paper Moon.
That's a lot of poof.
We also carry a wide selection
of "poofless" options.
Do you have
an "express" section?
Well, every dress needs to be
altered to fit you perfectly,
but we can make that happen.
When's your big day?
Christmas Eve.
Okay, that's... soon.
I know.
It's not enough time, right?
It's plenty of time.
I'm Maddie, by the way.
Ginger Blake.
And this is my fianc, Oliver.
We just found out
that Oliver got accepted
to a medical residency program
in London.
We want to get married
before we go.
What's your specialty in?
Cardiothoracic surgery.
I'm a heart guy.
Where's your ceremony
being held?
Right here in Fool's Gold.
I designed the town's website
a few months ago,
and just fell madly in love
with the place.
That happens a lot.
And since I'm back in town
to help Mayor Marsha
with all the website's
Christmas content...
And I have a month off
before my program starts...
We thought we could do
everything here at once.
I can work, Oliver can study,
and we can plan our wedding.
Sounds like
you two have it all figured out.
Okay, no.
I need help.
So much help.
Give me a minute.
How does
11:00 a.m. tomorrow sound?
Thank you.
No problem.
Johnny! Over here.
Hey, Barb.
-How's my favorite...
So, what'd you
want to talk about?
Before you answer...
here is the script
for Fire's Edge 3.
I wanted to talk about...
So? You were saying?
Your next project.
You are holding it
in your hands.
Barb, about Fire's Edge...
I'll have to read it later.
I'm heading out of town
first thing in the morning.
Johnny, you've got
a photo shoot tomorrow,
and a meeting with
the Fire's Edge
I'm sorry, but I need some time
to get away from all this.
I'll buy you a massage.
Barb, this is important.
So is this movie!
I actually never said I wanted
to do another Fire's Edge.
It's a small town
in the Northern Californian
called Fool's Gold.
I already had your assistant
rent me a house up there.
What? No, no, no, no.
Johnny, this is not
a good time to leave.
-I'll call you.
-No. Johnny? Johnny!
Good talk, Barb.
Johnny! Can I get
your autograph?
Ginger! Hi.
I was just gonna get
a peppermint mocha
and take a little walk
before our appointment.
I was about to do
the exact same thing.
nothing better
than Main Street
at Christmas.
Hey! Are we
waiting for anyone?
Your mom,
or a sister?
Nope. It's just
me today.
Okay, well,
let's talk about
what you were thinking
for a dress.
Already established
nothing too poofy.
Or frilly.
Or blingy.
You want refined.
You want elegant.
You want...
I didn't know
they'd started already. Come on!
Hey, Shelby!
This is Ginger.
She's getting married here
in a few weeks.
Great. Okay,
you two are on roof duty.
Shelby, I don't know
if Ginger has time.
I have time.
This is awesome.
So, how about you tell me
what you have planned so far?
Where is the ceremony,
your reception?
I don't have
anywhere booked yet.
How many bridesmaids
do you have?
This was kind of
and I didn't
want anyone
to feel obligated to change
their plans for the holidays.
You don't, by any chance,
have a color scheme, do you?
It's not just white?
You did not think this
through very well, did you?
I know.
Hey! Why don't you
plan it for her?
Yeah, right.
Well, why not?
I mean, you're smart,
you've got great taste,
you know everything
about weddings in this town.
Wait. I thought you were
a wedding planner?
No, sorry,
I just do dresses.
But you could do it, right?
Of course she could do it!
The thought has crossed my mind
as a way
to expand my business,
but it is a big leap
to go from dresses
to entire weddings.
But there's no one else
here that can help me.
There's really not.
I guess we can get married
at the courthouse.
Not exactly
the wedding of my dreams.
It... It's really not.
Okay, I'm not gonna
let that happen.
It won't,
if you help me.
I'll text Isabel,
my business partner.
What did she say?
She thinks
it's a great idea.
But look, Ginger...
you are placing
a lot of trust in me,
and I don't want
to let you down.
You won't.
How do you
even know that?
You just met me.
I just know.
My gut feelings
are never wrong.
I bet
they really aren't.
Let's do it.
Hi. Can I get
a large dark roast
with room
for cream, please?
Sure thing. Name?
S... Steve.
Okay... "Steve."
Thank you.
You're welcome.
They have an amazing section
of wedding magazines and books
in here
I'm gonna show you.
My gosh.
Is that Johnny Blake?
He's here?
That's definitely him.
My goodness.
He's so gorgeous.
Wonder what
he's doing in Fool's Gold.
His sister's
getting married.
I can't believe
you're here.
Yeah! I, came down early.
To help with
the wedding, of course.
Well, then there's someone
you need to meet.
This is my wedding planner,
Maddie Krug.
Hey. Johnny Blake.
Nice to meet you.
Ginger didn't tell me
she had a brother.
Or that her brother
was you.
You're you.
Well, I am me.
I think. Yep...
Definitely me.
I probably should've
mentioned this earlier.
That would've been great.
Johnny came early
to help with the wedding.
Isn't that sweet?
But I still feel weird about
you paying for all of it.
You are out of your mind
if you think I'm gonna let you
spend a dime, Ginge.
Sky's the limit. Tch.
Okay. Sky is the limit.
Got it.
Excuse me.
It's just my business partner.
I'll be one minute.
Hey, can you stop
at the office supply store
on the way back?
Yeah, but I don't know
how long I'm gonna be,
I'm having coffee
with Ginger
and her brother... Johnny Blake.
Johnny Blake?
Yeah, well I am having tea
with George Clooney.
Anyways, we need
printer paper.
-No, no, Isabel, I'm serious.
Hi. Ahem.
So. Where were we?
That's right.
You were being you.
Ginger just told me
that you own
the local wedding dress shop,
but you've never actually
planned an entire wedding?
Is that something you think
you can handle, Maggie?
It's Maddie.
And, yeah, I do.
Johnny, she knows everything
about weddings.
She also knows
my name will
bring her tons
of free publicity
to her store.
Actually, I agreed
to do this wedding
before I knew who you were.
It's true, Johnny.
I'm sorry.
It's just...
you know, usually,
people want something from me.
Well, I don't.
So, back
to my wedding planning.
Ginger, I'm not sure
I'm really the right
person for this job.
You are.
She is!
Please do it.
Look, if you're
who Ginger wants,
I'm not gonna
stand in your way.
All right.
Then there are
some wedding magazines over here
we should look at...
It's Johnny.
I see what you did there.
You realize
you're acting like
you robbed a bank, right?
Force of habit.
He doesn't get
a lot of privacy in L.A.
Look, Johnny, no one in
this town is gonna bother you.
It's a safe space.
Hello, Maddie, honey.
Doing a little
Christmas shopping?
Actually, no, Gladys,
I am planning a wedding.
Ahem. No. Not mine.
This is my client,
and her brother,
I know who he is!
Can I get a selfie?
I don't think Johnny wants
to take pictures right now.
You know what?
That's okay.
Come on. Come on!
Come on in here,
Thank you!
-That's quite a camera.
And quite
the flash, too!
Cool! I can't wait
to post this.
respect his privacy
and not post
anything online.
I meant
on my refrigerator.
What do I look like,
a hipster?
So why don't you take
a look at these,
and tell me
what you like?
I don't need
a magazine.
I got an idea up here.
Great, okay.
Let's hear it.
"Christmas in Scotland."
Everything is
red, green, and white plaid.
What? Come on,
you love Scotland.
I also love pugs,
but I don't want that to be
the theme of my wedding.
How about this?
I'm thinking
muted wintry tones,
something that evokes
a fresh snowfall,
that symbolizes
a new start,
a new beginning
with your life
with Oliver.
I love that.
So, I guess this means
no bagpipes either?
He is joking, right?
Sadly, he is not.
I was also thinking
that maybe
you could pull up
to the ceremony
in a sleigh.
Can you get a reindeer?
If you can't,
I can call my animal guy
and fly one in.
this doesn't need
to be a Hollywood production.
I know.
I know, I know.
I'm sorry.
I'm just really
excited for you.
Since Mom and Dad
aren't here,
I kinda feel like
I'm doing it for them, too.
I know.
I love you.
Love you too, Ginge.
I thought you were
coming back to the store.
I am dying!
I cannot believe
you are planning
Johnny Blake's
sister's wedding!
This is huge for us!
We are going to be
in every wedding magazine
and website in the country.
You did it.
I may have told him
we wouldn't use his name
for publicity.
Why would you do that?
Well, I didn't want him
to think we were using him.
We are using him!
That's how it works.
Look, I'm sorry,
but you can't tell anyone
about this right now.
But hey! I am going
to be bringing in
extra money
at the end of the quarter.
How much money?
I haven't exactly
settled on a price.
Well, I wanted
to see
how much wedding planners
make first.
Well, it depends on
how much the client has...
He has a lot.
I'll take care of it.
Don't worry.
Thank you.
So, that's a "no"
to the manly man-lodge venue?
Unless my gown
is made of flannel.
And a "no"
to the art gallery?
It's too...
What's the word
I'm looking for?
Yes. That.
Couldn't we just set up
one of those tents outside?
In every wedding movie,
what happens
when there's a tent?
It rains?
And then?
I don't want a tent.
Yeah, me neither.
Whose terrible idea
was that, anyway?
I'm out of cider.
Ginge, you want
a refill?
-I'll go with you.
-All right.
Look, I'm sorry
about yesterday.
I know I was being
a little rude.
More than a little.
You got to understand,
Ginger's the only family
I have.
I just want what's best for her.
Ginger will have
the wedding of her dreams.
I promise you.
And don't worry
about the venue.
We are just getting started.
When you get back to L.A.,
we will video call you
from every location.
Ginger didn't tell you?
I'm not leaving
until after the wedding.
I figured a little,
you know, change of pace
might do me good.
Well, doesn't get much more
slow-paced than here.
It must be really weird,
having people stare at you
all the time.
it's a little much.
I guess
it's kind of what you signed up
for though, right?
Yeah, I never really
thought it'd be like this.
Well, you know,
like they say...
Life is
what you make it.!
Okay, your turn.
For what?
It's a town tradition,
and all the money benefits
Make-a-Wish Foundation.
Well, I would,
but I don't have any cash on me.
Does the gazebo
take credit cards?
I'll put it on your tab.
You know, we should
probably talk about that.
Your fee.
Right. Of course.
I made a list of what
wedding planners make.
Priced low to high.
I figured somewhere
in the middle would be fair.
That doesn't seem like enough.
No, it's okay.
Are you sure?
I can pay you more.
Yeah. I'm making a profit.
It's fine.
You are literally
the worst negotiator
I've ever met
in my entire life.
I know. I think I paid
twice as much for my first car
as it was worth.
So... deal?
Your turn.
Did you wish for
an Academy Award?
makes you say that?
Isn't that what
all actors wish for?
What'd you wish for?
If I tell you,
it won't come true.
Excuse me.
Looks like
Ginger's got to do
some troubleshooting
for Mayor Marsha.
She wants to know
if we can meet up later.
I should probably get
back to my store, anyway.
Well, my car's
parked out in front.
I'll walk with you.
I can't do this.
You're, like, walking
in slow-motion.
It's called
Right, but I'd like
to make it to the end
of the street
before I hit
retirement age.
Who's that?
It's my
second-grade teacher.
So you basically
know every single person
in this town?
In L.A., I don't even know
my next-door neighbor.
I was
engaged to mine.
What happened?
We had
different goals.
It was
a long time ago.
Is there a gym nearby?
I haven't worked out
in a while.
No, we don't
have a gym here.
How is that possible?
You just hike
up the mountain,
do pull-ups
on the tree branches,
swim in the lake.
Boom! There's your gym.
I'm kidding!
The gym's down
the block.
We're not cavemen.
Okay, this is me.
All right, well...
Hi! I'm Isabel.
I'm Maddie's
business partner.
You must
be Johnny Blake!
I mean,
what am I saying?
Of course
you're Johnny Blake!
You know,
I was thinking...
maybe you would want
to take a photo
for our wall of fame?
We don't have
one of those.
We can start one.
Nice to meet you,
Yes! Yes.
Bye, Johnny Blake.
You are a genius.
I am?
Yes! You start
dating him,
and then the publicity
for the store
happens naturally!
You are
out of your mind.
He's Johnny Blake.
Hey! Hey.
Give yourself
some credit.
You are funny, and smart
and beautiful.
Look, even if
he was a regular guy,
I would not date him.
He's outta here
in, like, three weeks.
What would be the point?
He's Johnny Blake!
You ready to try on
some dresses?
Yes! I can't wait.
It feels too... princess-y.
Maybe I should just
wear a pantsuit.
Do not stress.
This is all
a part of the process.
And now that I've seen
you in a few dresses,
I have a better idea
of what you need.
I'll call in
some favors
and get new dresses
sent here A.S.A.P.
Thanks, Maddie.
I'm so happy
I walked in here.
Me too.
So you do
have cell service?
Yeah, it's a little spotty.
So did you read
the Fire's Edge script yet?
I'm gonna have
to get back to you.
I'm only
about halfway through.
So what did you think about
the Hawaii scene
at the beginning?
Loved it.
There is no Hawaii scene.
Then have the writer
put one in.
I gotta go, Barb. Bye.
Sorry if there
was some confusion,
but Ginger is not coming
for another hour.
No, I came down early.
I got gloves!
I'm happy for you.
I forgot what it feels like
to actually be cold, you know?
Kinda reminds me of
when I was a kid.
Where did you grow up?
Well, every year,
my parents would rent
a snow machine and build a hill
out in front of our house.
Whole neighborhood
would show up.
The snow would melt
in about an hour,
but... best hour
of the whole year.
That's really sweet, Johnny.
Well, I'm really happy
that Ginger
is getting married here.
She will have a white Christmas
for her wedding.
Even if it wasn't
already snowy,
I'd hire a guy to make some.
You have a "guy" for just
about everything, don't you?
Pretty much.
Well, I'm going to go see
my "tree guy".
I want a tree guy!
Come with.
Thanks for helping me
take this home.
Well, you know, you
could've had it delivered,
like mine was.
I would've paid for it.
Thank you,
but dragging
a tree home
is half the fun.
Well, then I guess
it's a good thing
I was here
to help you then?
I was just
humoring you.
I always wanted to do that.
Why don't I show you
how it's really done?
You got to get some deep snow,
so it's warmer.
Wanna get about
a half-a-cup in each hand...
and gradually apply pressure
until you start
to feel resistance.
Then, you place it aside...
give it a couple of minutes
until it settles into
the right consistency...
How's that?
Now you're toast.
Okay! Okay! I surrender!
I surrender! I surrender!
You throw hard!
All-state champion...
Four years in a row.
This is all so cool.
[laughs If you think
that this is cool,
wait till you see
the official tree lighting
a couple days from now.
This place really
doesn't mess around
when it comes to Christmas?
No, we don't.
these are my parents,
Loretta and Ed.
-This is Johnny.
-Hey, nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.
Hi! You look really familiar.
Did you used to work
at the Stop'n'Shop?
Mom, Johnny
is an actor.
"Johnny Blake"?
Well, would you have been
in anything I've seen?
Yeah, he was in
that Fire's Edge one.
The one you hated.
Sorry, it was just
really loud.
No need to apologize.
You know what?
I totally agree.
what brings you
to town, Johnny?
You didn't tell them?
You told me to keep it quiet.
I know, but...
people usually don't.
Well, maybe you're hanging out
with the wrong people.
Maybe so.
-Hey, Maddie!
Mom, Dad, this is Ginger,
Johnny's sister,
and her fianc, Oliver.
-Hey, nice to meet you.
-Gee, you're pretty.
Are you an actress, too?
No, I do coding
and web design.
I'm doing
the Fool's Gold website.
That's... you know,
I have no idea what coding is...
But good for you.
-You've got a catch here.
-I know.
You know what
all of this reminds me of?
Yeah. I know.
There's Santa.
I love how excited
all the kids get
when Santa comes.
Well, all of you should
come back to the house.
We're having
our annual dessert potluck.
Mom, I think that they have
better things to do
than hang with the locals.
No, I think the locals
are starting to grow on me.
Me too.
Well, then it's settled!
Come on.
Johnny, you can walk with me.
Okay, then.
Let's go.
What is happening?
Someone's not happy.
No. Well, she had...
That's adorable.
What are you showing him?
Just all the photos
with you and Santa.
Not the one
where I got nervous...
Mom, seriously?
I'm sorry, honey.
I forgot it was here.
I'll be right back.
Hey, buddy.
What's your name?
You like action movies?
Only the battles.
I'm awesome at karate!
I'm an orange belt now!
Think you could
take me?
Bring it on.
Okay. No! No!
I give up!
I defeated Alpha One!
I defeated Alpha One!
That was
very nice of you.
Best part of the job.
I hope my Mom didn't
ask you too many
personal questions.
She doesn't really
understand boundaries.
Yeah, are you sure she's not
a plant for the tabloids?
Yeah, she's
been lying in wait
for, like, 30 years
on the off-chance
a celebrity would
come to her potluck.
You know, I'm kidding
about your mom, but...
people haven't always
turned out to be
who I thought they were.
that is a quality
that is not exclusive
to celebrities.
Johnny! Try this
fruitcake I made.
Do you like it?
That's another
Christmas tradition...
Trying to convince Gladys
you love her fruitcake.
So you're basically
a local now.
Get some water.
Some fruitcake?
So did you
have a good time, Johnny?
I did.
You sound surprised.
Well, it's been
a long time
since I've been to a party
that wasn't... work.
Well, you're welcome
back any time.
Thank you.
Take it easy, JB.
Thanks again, Ed.
So, goodnight.
Hey! Maddie?
Yeah, Dad?
Is that Johnny's?
If you hurry,
you can catch him.
He can get it tomorrow.
Honey, he probably
needs this tonight.
You just forgot your bag.
What's wrong?
Are you okay?
It's just...
I've never seen
snowflakes this big,
where you can actually
see the patterns
of the crystals.
It's just...
It's sort of like
little tiny
pieces of artwork
only you can see.
Yeah. Exactly.
My bag?
Like I was saying,
you can pick formal invitations,
but because the wedding
is so soon,
I think you might also
have to do one online.
Isn't doing it
online tacky?
Either that,
or no one shows up.
Tacky it is.
Hey, Johnny.
Oliver, you're like
a ninja studying over there.
I don't think ninjas
have to study this hard.
Good morning.
What are those?
No, no, no.
is an invitation.
It's a reclaimed-wood box.
When you open it...
The smell of Christmas.
The invitation
is actually attached
to this hand-blown
glass ornament...
which becomes
a wedding keepsake.
Pretty cool?
I was thinking
more like this.
That's, that's nice.
It's the cheapest.
Don't you want the best?
you have no idea
how grateful I am
that you're paying
for my wedding, but...
You're the bride.
I'd like to pick out
my own invitations.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to push.
I just... I want your wedding
to be perfect.
And it will be.
Okay. Okay.
So I think we have
to stay seasonal,
but we can maybe
get some tuberose
or calla lilies.
Or I could have
my flower guy
fly in tulips from Holland.
I'm joking.
Unless, of course, you want 'em.
Excuse me, I gotta...
I gotta take this.
Must be his agent.
He only paces like that
when she calls.
Why's that?
She's a very
intense woman.
Yes! Got it on video.
This'll be a great addition
to the website.
This town brings in
the real pros?
No. these guys
are just volunteers.
We have a dental hygienist,
grocery store manager,
dog trainer,
and car repair man.
Do you think they'd be willing
to sing something
when I walk down the aisle?
but I don't think "Jingle Bells"
is gonna cut it, guys.
You're hired.
I'll call
you guys later.
Thank you!
Those carolers
were incredible.
You know what?
We should hire them
to sing that
when you walk
down the aisle.
That is
a great idea.
Really? You're...
You're not
gonna cut me down?
As long as
you don't fly in
a symphony orchestra
to back them up.
So, is Johnny coming tonight?
I invited him,
but I don't know if he's coming.
Well, all I'm saying
is you are a lot happier
when he's around.
I noticed that, too!
Okay, you two
need to take the crazy
somewhere else. Thank you.
It is the most romantic
night of the year.
I know that couple
just got engaged.
I am going to make sure
she is not buying
her dress in San Francisco.
Go get 'em!
Hi! I heard you guys
just got engaged!
Isn't that Johnny?
He's looking
a little lost.
Is he looking for
Ginger and Oliver?
I don't think so.
They went into
San Francisco for the night.
Well, if he's
all by himself,
I'm gonna
invite him over.
-Mom, I don't want him...
-Hey, Johnny!
Come on over!
Hey, guys.
Hey, JB!
Want some hot cocoa?
No, thanks,
Ed, I'm good.
Since this is not official
wedding planner business,
don't feel obliged
to hang out with us.
I don't. Unless...
Unless you don't want me to?
No, I d...
It's fine.
Hi, everyone!
And welcome
to the 67th Annual
Fool's Gold
Christmas Tree Lighting.
And what a gorgeous night it is
to light this beautiful tree!
So are you ready?
Here we go!
I'm sorry.
No photos tonight, please.
I'm really good
with fans.
It's just sometimes
I'm not in the mood.
Yeah, they're not
taking photos of you.
Think we can pretend
that that never happened?
No. No, we can't.
Didn't think so.
Just admit it.
Holding his hand
meant something.
He was probably just excited
about the Christmas tree.
You just want it
to mean something
for publicity.
You know I do.
And you know
I told him we wouldn't.
I still don't understand
why Johnny's demands
are more important
than our store.
You don't need him
for the website.
Yes, but do you know
what every website needs?
Johnny Blake.
I can't do that to him.
Even if you like him?
Which we both know you do!
Even if I did like him,
which I don't...
I have no intention
of being with someone
who isn't
gonna be here.
Hi. Ahem.
Good morning.
We should get going,
if we're gonna make it
to the caterer's on time.
More food?
I'm still in a carb coma
from your parents' party.
That's okay.
You don't have to come.
Thought we had this same
conversation last night.
It seemed to work out
pretty well.
Look, Johnny,
you just do whatever
you have to do,
and that's why I'm here,
so you don't have to be.
Can you believe this?
So many people logged on
to replay
the Christmas tree lighting,
that the website crashed.
You know what?
Just narrow the food down
to the best stuff
and I'll pick from that.
I gotta go.
Looks like
it's just you and me, then.
Should we...
Should we go?
I'm just gonna
get my coat.
You're awfully
quiet today.
Is something wrong?
Is this about what happened
between us last night?
What happened last night?
When I was holding your hand,
we almost kissed.
Right. That.
I just figured we got caught up
in the romance of it all.
That happens here
at Christmas all the time
I just don't want you to think
that I thought
it meant anything.
Good. That's...
That's a relief.
Because, then, how
could that work, right?
My life is so insane,
I'm never... rarely in
one place for very long.
I'm practically like a nomad.
And I love my life here.
And a slow,
quiet life
is not for everyone.
at least
we cleared the air, right?
Clear mountain air.
Let's try
these wedding appetizers.
Yeah. Ahem.
-Merry Christmas, Maddie!
-Hi, Maddie!
So, where's Johnny?
I thought he was
coming by today.
Yeah, I didn't
want to bug him
about the cake stuff
until we'd narrowed it down.
So you're not just
trying to avoid him?
Why would I do that?
You tell me.
We should talk about
the groom's cake.
Oliver, why don't
you tell Maddie
what you had in mind
for the cake?
A cake shaped
like a heart.
That's actually really sweet.
A biologically-accurate
human heart.
'Cause how awesome would
that be, cutting into it?
That would be really awesome.
We'll talk later.
Been a few days.
So, what have
you been up to?
Still planning
Ginger's wedding.
Right. That.
You know, just,
puttering around the house.
that sounds like one step closer
to "strolling."
Be careful.
You might actually slow down.
Okay, I'm gonna
get back to shopping.
Yeah. Yeah.
Me too.
I can't seem to find
the right Christmas gift
for Ginger.
Well, what do you have so far?
It's a "Fool's Gold Christmas"
key fob.
The lamest gift ever?
-I know. I know.
I usually have my assistant
do the gift-buying for me,
but, this...
I wanted to do it
myself for once.
Come with me.
Come on.
I just saw something
I think would be great.
This is it.
It's a pine tree.
"The pine tree represents
"a family's strength
and resiliency,
"and reminds us,
"that even when conditions
change around us,
we have strong roots."
It's perfect.
Thank you.
Nothing. Just...
You keep surprising me.
Shelby, what's wrong?
Santa has the flu!
Just didn't show up.
Kids have been
waiting for two hours!
Do you still
have the suit?
Sure. Why?
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Hi! What's your name?
Merry Christmas!
What's your name?
What's your name?
Okay, what would you like
for Christmas?
Like that?
One of those?
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas!
And what's your name?
And what would you
like Santa to bring you
for Christmas, Brody?
I want my daddy
to come back.
Where is he?
He's in heaven.
I see.
Well, I'm so sorry, Brody,
I wish I could
bring your daddy back.
You must miss him
very, very much.
Do you talk to him every night,
before you go to sleep?
Never stop
doing that, okay?
he can hear you.
As long as you keep
talking to him,
he'll always be with you.
Thank you, Santa.
You're welcome.
Merry Christmas, Brody.
Merry Christmas,
Merry Christmas.
What's your name?
This is it?
This is the dress
you picked out for me?
With a week to spare
for alterations.
I have to be honest, Maddie,
This isn't exactly
what I was looking for.
It's kind of
the opposite, actually.
Yeah, yeah,
I'm so sorry, Ginger.
This is not
the dress I ordered.
I don't know what happened.
I know this dress.
It's designer.
It's, like, $10,000.
It came.
You had this sent?
I called my stylist in L.A.
the day
you couldn't find a dress,
and this is the one
everyone wants.
I'll go try it on.
Are you sure?
It's okay.
Okay! Here I come.
Can't wait
to see it.
that dress is-is...
It's awful.
I'm so sorry.
Thank goodness.
What a relief.
Is this the box
that you were looking for?
It was under a desk.
The cleaners must have moved it.
Yes, it is!
I'm gonna go
take this off.
I think that's a good idea.
Okay, let's do this.
All right.
This is it.
Those are
happy tears, right?
Thank you, Maddie.
Does anyone want
to go to Jo's
and celebrate?
They have a Christmas
"Candy Cane martini"
I have been
dying to try.
Say 8:00?
I'm in.
I would totally go,
but, I have plans
to go to the Italian restaurant
with Oliver.
And I am watching
Christmas movies all night, so.
I guess I'll see you
there at 8:00.
Or I could stop by your place
and we could walk there.
I don't think
that's a really good idea,
you know, 'cause we said
that we wouldn't
go on a date, remember?
I remember. So it's not a date.
It's an "outing."
It's just two people
walking together
to a place where
they will proceed to hang out.
An outing?
An outing.
Okay, that's...
I like that.
Or red?
No. That one.
So tell me again...
How this not a date?
We are not talking
about this again.
Yeah, sure, we won't talk about
the fact that you're passing up
a golden
opportunity for P.R.
Honey, I'm also saying this
as your best friend.
If you really like him,
what's the harm
in seeing where it goes?
I have to protect myself,
Even if I do have
feelings for him,
this is all it can be
right now.
Unless you let him in.
Don't you have some Christmas
movie marathon to watch?
Fine. I'll leave.
Have fun
on your date.
It's an outing!
You clean up
pretty well yourself.
Thank you.
After you.
There's door-to-door
caroling tonight.
Do you want to go?
No one wants
to hear me sing.
Trust me.
I would ruin Christmas.
What do friends do
when they stand under mistletoe?
I believe,
it's a...
it's a high-five.
There is no manly way
to drink this.
Well, it's either this
Little Helper."
"Candy Cane Martini" it is.
Good choice.
I'm sorry.
I got to take this.
-No problem.
-I'll be right back.
You look great.
look like you went
back to college.
Yeah, all
the Silicon Valley guys
dress like this.
The sloppier you look,
the more money you have.
So you're rich?
this is Maddie,
the one
I told you about.
Of course.
Nice to meet you.
I guess it must
be a shock
to see Ted again
after all these years.
No. Not really.
Give it up, Mare.
He's not here.
Who are you looking for?
Johnny Blake.
Ted's parents said
he was in town.
Have you seen him?
We've crossed paths.
I bet all
you local girls
just freak out
when he walks by.
We really do.
Just a lot of screaming.
Sorry about that.
I'm Johnny Blake.
Nice to meet you.
This is Marigold.
I mean hello or hi.
Hi-lo is, is fine.
So... Johnny.
What brings you to town?
I just came up to help
plan my sister's wedding.
Bet you can't wait
to get back
to civilization?
I'm in no rush.
Come on, Ted.
Our table's ready.
Better go.
Good to see you, Maddie.
You too.
That's the guy
that broke your heart?
Who told you that?
I never said that.
I saw him in
one of the photo albums
at your mom's house.
She may have
mentioned it.
And called him a name
that I can't repeat,
but, fully agree with.
I appreciate
your concern...
but I'm fine now.
Well, I think you're great.
I don't think I can
do the friend thing, Maddie.
I don't want to.
I don't think
we can be anything more.
Look, seeing Ted
is a great reminder
of what happens
when peoples' lives
are on different paths.
Maddie, you're
over-thinking it.
And you're not thinking.
I love these.
Me too.
They're actually
turning out great.
So... are you
not telling me
about your date
with Johnny
because I'm his sister
and it's weird?
as your friend,
I just want to know
if you had fun.
And if you like him.
And if you kissed.
Okay, that is weird.
it was not a date,
and nothing happened
except me realizing
that nothing can happen.
I'm sorry.
I know that's not
what you wanted to hear.
But you two are so...
Ginge, stop.
when this wedding
is over,
we'll still keep
in touch, right?
No matter what?
Of course we will.
No matter what.
Just try
and get rid of me.
So I was wondering...
it's the holidays
and a lot of my friends
aren't able to make it,
will you be
my Maid of Honor?
Yeah! Of course!
Of course I will.
Thank you.
I didn't expect
to see you today.
Ginger said you were
handling the party favors,
so I came to drop off
the samples.
This is really awkward.
I'm gonna go.
Want to come in
a minute?
I just took some cookies
out of the oven.
You bake?
Well, if you call opening
a package of pre-made dough
already cut into squares
-No, I don't.
A cookie comes out of my oven,
I'm a happy man.
Ahem. I actually have
a lot to do for the wedding,
so I'm gonna go.
How about this...
Come in for
a couple minutes,
have a cookie, I promise,
we'll only talk
about the wedding.
But the moment
you start being charming,
I'm leaving.
I mean,
that's always, right?
Help yourself.
These actually
look pretty good.
Well, you know,
everything's better when
you're in good company.
Okay, cut it out.
I told you
not to be charming.
I'm not.
"Everything's better
when you're in good company."
I didn't
say it like that.
You did! And you did
the little eyebrow thing!
What eyebrow thing?
You just did!
I know your game.
I'm taking one of your cookies.
My goodness.
This is sadder
than Charlie Brown's
Christmas tree!
At least
that had an ornament.
I know,
I bought a bunch,
I just, didn't get around
to putting them up.
Well, let's do it.
Yes! Now.
This is a Christmas emergency.
All right.
This is for you.
Love it.
Let's do this.
Looking good.
Yeah, I can't remember
the last time
I did this myself.
I usually just...
Hire a guy.
I forgot how much
I love doing this.
Why'd you stop?
Well, when
my parents died,
it was just...
it was too hard.
That was our favorite time
together as a family,
and then it was...
it was just gone.
Ginger mentioned
it was just the two of you,
but I didn't
want to pry.
I'm really sorry.
It's okay.
No, they died just after
I graduated high school.
I was 18,
and all of a sudden,
I was responsible
for everything,
including Ginger.
That's why you connected
with that little boy
when you were Santa.
I knew
just how he felt.
I really wish
they were here
to see Ginger
get married.
They are.
You really
believe that?
I really didn't
care much about Christmas
after they died.
At least, not until
Ginger decided to get married
on Christmas Eve.
I came up here...
now I care about
all sorts of things.
What's wrong?
Maddie is still at Johnny's!
That's... terrible?
No, it's awesome!
I can't keep up.
You realize you just
ate my patient?
This is what it's
all about, isn't it?
Did it get darker
earlier tonight?
Well, it is 8:00.
What? Are you serious?
I'm supposed to be at
my parents' house right now.
Are you sure you're not just
running away again?
I'm sure.
There you go.
Thank you.
What are these?
Did you draw those?
I was just doodling.
Johnny, those aren't
just doodles.
You're an artist.
I'm not.
I'm an actor.
I just do this for fun,
you know, between takes,
that sort of thing.
What are you so afraid of?
Same thing as you.
Trusting someone.
You know...
you can trust me.
I was gonna say
the same thing.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Yeah. Absolutely.
-I'll walk you out.
What's going on
with you two?
Excuse me one sec.
So nothing.
Today is about you.
I don't get any details?
Stop the interrogation.
I love this church.
I still can't believe
they're letting us use it.
They don't have any services
on Christmas Eve?
No, there are too many people,
so we use the high school gym.
But we are lucky to get it,
because it is perfect.
Everything is.
I am so sorry,
you guys.
I gotta leave
for L.A.
for a last-minute
Right now.
But the wedding
is in three days.
I don't really have a choice.
It's for work.
But I'll be back first thing
in the morning on the 23rd,
it's only for a day.
I'll be back in plenty of time.
We'll pick up
the slack.
What about studying?
It can wait.
I really wish
I didn't have to go.
Me too.
I'll be back
before you know it.
That was
delicious, kiddo.!
Maddie, you haven't
stopped smiling
since we got here.
I can't help it.
it's nice to see.
Ed, no!
I'm just checking
the football score.
No sports tonight.
It'll just
take a second.
Okay, you two.
Hey, that's Johnny!
Johnny Blake
and Fire's Edge co-star
Natalie Fernandez
sharing an intimate meal
in Hollywood tonight.
Could Johnny finally
be off the market?
He said he had
a meeting.
He didn't say that.
Turn it off.
I knew this
was gonna happen.
I should've
trusted my gut.
I'm such an idiot.
Why did I
do this to myself?
You're probably
Did you see the way
that he was smiling at her?
It was just easier
when I was
his sister's wedding planner,
and he was the checkbook.
And that was it.
Okay, okay.
Hey, can I
please come in?
There's a group
of paparazzi following me.
They're gonna
be here any second.
What's going on?
Why are there paparazzi
in Fool's Gold?
I was about to ask you
the same question.
Maybe they want to hear
about your new relationship.
here we are.
All over
social media.
You promised
you wouldn't
do this to me.
I didn't!
I wasn't talking
about our relationship,
I was talking about
your relationship
with Natalie Fernandez.
What does Natalie Fernandez
have to do with any of this?
You didn't hear
that your romantic date
was all over national TV?
It wasn't a date!
It was a dinner set up by
the producers of Fire's Edge.
They wanted Natalie
to sweet-talk me
into doing another sequel.
Do you really think I would've
said all those things to you
and then just gone
and dated someone else?
Do you really think
that I would post
photos of us online
for free publicity?
You really don't trust me.
I guess about as much
as you trusted me.
I guess my first instincts
were right.
Why don't we just
get through Ginger's wedding,
and then you can go back
to your real life...
and I'll go back to mine.
Once this wedding
is over,
we are splitting up
this business.
I will do wedding planning.
You will do dresses.
I just can't work
with you anymore.
Wait. Maddie, wait!
Just put it right here.
Thank you.
I brought the veil.
you've created
magic in here.
This is the most beautiful
Christmas wedding
I've ever seen.
I can't really talk, Iz.
Okay, then I'll talk.
I just came to tell
you in person...
how sorry I am.
I was just trying
to save the business,
and I... I panicked.
you lied to me.
I know, and I am...
I am so, so sorry.
I've already
apologized to Johnny,
if that makes a difference.
So he knows it was you?
I called him last night.
I hated the idea
that you guys
weren't together
because of me.
It wasn't gonna
work out anyway.
You just sped up
the inevitable.
We didn't even need Johnny
for the publicity.
I've been posting
your idea boards
all over our social media,
and we have gotten
so much more traffic
just based on that alone,
but Maddie...
When people see
what you've done here,
you're gonna be huge.
You really think so?
I know so.
This is all you.
Well, none of this
would've been possible
if you had not
laid the foundation.
Thank you for that.
So, what do you say?
Can we stay
business partners?
But more importantly,
can we stay friends?
One breakup is enough.
Come here.
Hey there, JB!
Hi, Ed.
Is that
for the wedding?
Yep. It's Oliver's
groom's cake.
-May I?
Is... Is that a heart?
I love that guy.
Okay. Why don't
you have a seat?
You know, I should
probably get going.
You know,
I never had a son,
so I'm probably
gonna stink at this,
but I know
your dad's gone,
so, can I offer you
a little unsolicited
fatherly advice?
Good start!
Don't give up on Maddie.
She's just afraid of
having her heart broken.
Who can blame her?
You can see how much
I care about her, Ed.
But if she
doesn't trust me,
then how can it work?
From what I hear,
you could use
a little work
in the trust
department yourself.
I know, I know.
I was gonna
apologize to Maddie
the next time I saw her,
but what difference
would it make?
She still thinks
I'm with someone else.
Well, you gotta look at things
from Maddie's perspective.
I mean, she sees you
here in Fool's Gold,
and you're this
nice, normal guy,
then all of a sudden,
on TV,
there's "Johnny Blake"
doing "Johnny Blake" things.
I know.
That's not really me.
I don't even want
that life anymore.
You know, after
that dinner in L.A.,
I made a decision.
Told my agent it was
time to make some changes,
start heading down
a different path.
And what path is that?
The path that leads here.
This is the first
time in my life
that I've actually
felt whole.
You know, I don't
want to lose that.
And I think
I've made enough money
to where
I don't have to.
I could actually
live here,
and work when
I want to work.
Well, sounds
like you found
a little something
called "balance."
Yeah, but if
Maddie's not with me,
then what's the point?
I don't want to be here
without her.
I got one question.
Why aren't you
telling her all of this?
I can't even get her
to talk to me one-on-one.
Wait a minute.
I know where
she's gonna be
right next to you,
with no escape.
"I now pronounce you
man and wife."
I think you're rushing
things just a little bit, Ed.
Not you, fool!
No, after Ginger and Oliver
walk back down the aisle,
who you are you gonna
be standing right next to?
All alone.
You know, you're...
pretty good at
this father/son stuff, Ed.
Stick around awhile,
I'll show you how to fish
and change a tire.
I'd like that.
So would I.
You look
beautiful, Ginger.
Everything is perfect,
thanks to you.
I wouldn't change
a minute of it.
I just wish you would
talk to Johnny
before the wedding.
We are not gonna talk
about that today.
Today is about you.
But you're meant to be!
We're not.
It's too hard.
Who ever said it was
supposed to be easy?
If you care about each other,
and I know you do,
you find a way.
Are a few
worth giving up
on happiness?
It's not just
the misunderstandings
It's the fact
that we immediately
thought the worst.
We aren't ready.
You were ready.
You were both just scared.
Hey, isn't
the Maid of Honor
supposed to help
the bride today?
Not vice-versa.
Since when do we do
anything by the book?
That's a good point.
It's time to get you married.
I can't believe how many
friends showed up.
I can.
It's you.
I know Dad would've
loved to do this...
but he's here with us.
I can feel it.
I know.
Mom too.
Thank you for
all of this, Johnny.
I love you.
I love you too, Ginge.
With this ring,
I thee wed.
With this ring...
I now pronounce you
husband and wife.
You may kiss your bride.
Now talk to each other.
You don't have
to do this, I'm fine.
I'm not.
You will be.
Maddie, don't shut me out.
You shut me out
the minute you accused me
of betraying your trust.
You did the same thing,
and neither of us
did what we were accused of.
Clearly, neither of us
is ready for this,
so let's just celebrate
Oliver and Ginger,
and move on
with our lives.
Maddie. Wait.
I am so sorry
that I thought
you had anything to do
with those pictures of me.
I just... I freaked out.
It was my worst-case
scenario come to life.
Mine was seeing you on TV
with Natalie Fernandez.
So it was a test.
And we failed.
We're still standing here.
Let's give ourselves
one more chance,
let's take a big leap
of faith, together.
What if it doesn't work out?
What if it does?
I have something for you.
These are amazing.
You really captured
the soul of this place.
It's because of you.
You taught me
how to appreciate
the little things...
open up, slow down.
To "stroll".
When I was back in L.A.,
just for one day,
I was miserable...
because everything
that makes me happy
is right here.
You have made
quite the impression here.
What's wrong?
I just realized...
it's going to be really hard
when you go back to L.A.
Maddie, I bought the house.
You did?
I'm home.