Marry Us for Christmas (2014) Movie Script

- festive music plays ]
- we'll sing
- fa la la, la la la
hey, you.
yes, i'm late.
-Would you like to know why?
-Because somebody kept me up all
-Night on the phone till the wee
-Hours of the morning.
- laughs ]
-Yes, and i loved every minute of
-But, listen, i got to run,
- will call you later.
talk to you later.
- love you.
-All right, bye.
- this is my christmas
- gonna slap it on the table,
-For cooking in the kitchen
hey. well, tag -- you're it.
- everybody reminiscing
- everybody's here, but big...
hey, babe, just calling you
-Tag -- you're it.
-Going to this last meeting now,
-And, um, after that, i'm gonna
-Head home, all right?
-So, just give me a call later,
-All right?
-Love you. bye.
- i'm loving every minute,
-But i want to do something a
-Little different this year
- melody,
-Won't you sing it?
- oh-oh
- don't matter if you sing
-Off-key, just mean it
- we're having a good time
- i'm feeling all right
- everybody, sing along
-[chuckling] and more bills.
- fa la la, la la la la
- this is my christmas
- this is my christmas carol
so, since we didn't get to
-See each other for thanksgiving,
-How about you fly out this
-Weekend, maybe like wednesday?
-[[ [ clicks tongue ] can't.
- got depositions late until
-Friday, and then again monday
-Um...the week after?
yeah, no, i can't.
- got that big presentation for,
-Um, friendly family floral.
- chuckles ]
-And then i got to meet with the
-''ve decided to list the loft.
that's great, babe.
you know what else i've been
-Thinking about?
-Do you think it's a good idea
-For us to move into your
-Parents' old home?
- mean, maybe we should look for
-Something different -- you know,
-Like something a little more
-Modern, a little sexier?
listen, babe, i know this
-Place is a little old and not in
-The best shape, but it's gonna
-Be perfect, even more so when
-You get here.
-You know, june cannot get here
-Fast enough for me.
we should have just had a
-Christmas wedding and got it
-Over with.
i know, right?
i mean, what's christmas --
-Four weeks away?
- chuckling ] there's no way we
-Could pull that off, right?
is there?
huh? blair, do you want to
-Have a wedding for christmas?
- mean, you know how the
-Chandler women get at christmas.
i do.
-But doyouwant to have a
-Christmas wedding?
i asked you first.
all right, well, we'll do
-This the "democratic" way, okay?
-On 3, do you want to get married
-For christmas?
both: yes!
oh! [ laughs ]
-Oh, my god!
-[[ [ chuckles ]
-[[ [ breathes sharply ]
-Oh, my god! [ laughs ]
mm-hmm, yeah, mm-hmm.
we're gonna get married!
yes! baby, let's do it!
let's do it.
- M all-in. let's go.
okay. okay.
-This is gonna be weird.
-No -- no more facetime-ing and
no more round-trip tickets
-And crazy schedules.
no more counting down the
no more missing my baby.
wow. okay.
- got to go.
- M gonna call mom and dana and
-Let everybody know.
bye. bye.
- love you.
i love you, too.
all right.
okay, bye.
- mid-tempo music plays ]
yeah, we are getting married
-For christmas.
- chuckles ]
- sighs ]
oh, my god.
-Oh, my god!
- sighs ]
-Mom, i have something i want to
-Tell you.
-As soon as you get this message,
-Stop what you're doing, please,
-Immediately, and give me a call.
- M okay, but just give me a
- have good news, okay?
- sighs ]
- clicks tongue ] aww!
- squeals ]
- up-tempo salsa music plays ]
oh! [ laughs ]
very good, guys.
- chuckles ]
-All right.
-[[ [ laughs ]
- hands clapping ]
okay, ladies and gentlemen,
-That is it for today.
- applause ]
- chuckles ]
hi. great class.
-[[ [ chuckles ]
-Thank you.
nice seeing you again.
i got something for you next
-Always wonderful.
-[[ [ speaking indistinctly ]
it was good.
you have one unheard message.
i have something i want to
-tell you.
-as soon as you get this
-message, stop what you're
-doing, please, immediately, and
-give me a call.
-i'm okay, but just give me a
-i have good news.
- both chuckling ]
wow. it was a great class.
-You looked amazing tonight.
i couldn't keep my eyes off
well, i noticed, but, um,
-You know, we have to be careful,
-So people won't start talking.
oh, i love talk.
- want the whole world to
-......that i love you,
-Stephanie jewel!
antonio, stop.
-[[ [ laughs ]
look, we have been dating for
-Three months now.
why do you still want to keep
-Us a secret?
-[[ [ grunts ] because...
because what?
well, you know, all of those
-Lady friends you have -- they
-Might, you know, beat me in the
-Parking lot and jump me.
and, like, jump you.
- both laugh ]
- already told you -- there's no
-Lady friends...
-Only you.
- both laugh ]
antonio, how many times have
- told you how handsome and
-Smart and sexy --
-Ooh, ubersexy -- you are?
yeah, but i hear a big old
-"but" coming on.
oh, no, we just have to be a
-Little bit careful and slow
-Things down a little bit.
well, is this slow enough for
-[[ [ chuckles ]
- laughs ]
come on, stephanie.
-Life is meant to be lived at
-Maximum speed, maximum volume,
-Maximum excitement.
-Slow is boring.
-Slow is -- is -- is scared.
-Slow is old.
-And you, mi amor, are none of
-Those things.
-So, let's pick up the pace a
-Little bit, turn up the heat.
- up-tempo salsa music plays ]
-[[ [ laughing ]
-This conversation isn't over.
oh, yes, it is.
-[[ [ laughing ] no, it's not.
yes, it is.
oh! [ laughs ]
-[[ [ laughs ]
okay, all right.
no, it's not okay, because
-You said to meet you at 8:30.
-It is now -- what -- 8:52?
-Meaning that we've been waiting
-Outside for 20 minutes.
i'm sorry.
- had salsa class.
didn't you have salsa last
yes, but now i take salsa on
-Wednesday nights, too.
-What's the big deal?
you have salsa fever.
-And remember what almost
-Happened last year -- you almost
-Broke your doggone hip.
whatever, myra.
-How about some hot chocolate?
-And then we'll get down to
-Christmas business.
about time.
oh, shoot.
- forgot to call marci back.
-You know, i'm making a little
oh, my goodness.
okay, no.
hi, honey. i'm so sorry.
no hospitality.
none whatsoever.
-But you know what?
- - -- i'm really excited about
-Christmas, but next christmas is
-Gonna be extra special for us.
marci, oh, my goodness!
what's gonna make next
-Christmas so special?
that is wonderful. oh, baby!
dana, frankie, and bria will
-Be here with my new grandbaby.
-[[ [ laughs ] oh, my goodness!
-Marci gave me the most
-Incredible news!
what's the news?
she and blair are getting
oh, girl, that's not even
-Tea -- that's water.
-We knew that.
i know.
wait a minute.
-What happened to june?
-Is she pregnant?
-Is she?
elizabeth, stop it.
-Okay, honey, we're all here.
hi! [ laughs ]
-Look at you, mom.
-What did you do to your hair?
-Is that a brazilian blowout?
-It's cute.
well, i got rid of the wig,
-You know?
i like it.
thank you, honey.
-Now, let's talk christmas and
-Weddings -- what could be
i don't know -- maybe
-Christmas without your wedding,
i know it's a lot.
itisa lot.
-Marci, you're doing your typical
-Marci thing -- you're gonna
-Overshadow christmas with your
-Why don't you just keep it in
-June like you planned?
or august.
well, blair and i didn't want
-To wait until june or august.
she's pregnant.
both: elizabeth.
what? why else would someone
-Change their wedding date from
-June, to christmas at that?
-[[ [ chuckling ] i'm not
-Pregnant, thank you.
- M not.
-Mom. mom, i'm not pregnant.
elizabeth, you're right,
-Marci, it is an awful lot, baby.
-If only we had help.
i know, okay.
- sighs ]
well, we're chandler women,
-And we don't give up that
-Now, if you all need help
-Planning this wedding, i'll be
-More than willing to help.
-All you have to do is ask.
okay, well, aunt lizzie...
-Listen, i'm all over it.
- know exactly what we need to
- was thinking we'd have an
-Evening wedding.
so, mom, aunt myra, and
-Aunt elizabeth are gonna help
-With the planning, of course.
- laughs ]
-They're so excited, blair.
-This is exciting, right?
-Aren't you excited?
-My two favorite things --
-Christmas and marrying you.
aww, baby, that is so sweet.
-But, baby, i am -- i am buried
-Here, and...i'm excited.
- chuckles ] but can i call you
of course. yeah, yeah, yeah.
- got to go, anyway, okay?
-''ll talk to you later.
-Love you.
love you, too.
okay. mwah! bye.
- receiver clicks ]
- sighs ]
- clears throat ]
- telephone rings ]
-Law offices of blair kirkland.
-Uh, yes.
-Uh, mr. kirkland is in with a
-Client right now.
-Yes, he should be about
-30 minutes.
-Uh-huh, i will have him call
-Thank you.
- receiver clicks ]
-Bill collectors.
- mid-tempo music plays ]
-And bill collecting.
- door opens ]
-As if my day couldn't get any
- receiver clicks ]
-Preston, just go away, okay?
blair kirkland.
-Here to make you an offer you
-Can't refuse.
you want me to do what?
come work for me.
- know your practice is, uh,
-Suffering, you know?
- mean, all this pro bono work
-Is cute and all, but, mnh, you
give me my...
- sighs ]
besides, look, i hear you and
-My cousin are getting married in
- couple of weeks, and, you
-Know, weddings are expensive,
-Brah -- so are wives.
look, preston, if this is
-Your way of trying to make up
-For intimidating my client out
-Of suing clarion candy last
-Year --
oh, please, stop, stop, stop.
-Don't be ridiculous, all right?
-Your case was weak, okay?
-And -- and -- and what?
-You thought i would come in here
-And do something nice for you,
-Like out of the goodness of my
-Look, blair, the truth is, i got
-Way more clients than i could
-Possibly handle, all right?
-And you've got...none.
truth is, preston, you can
all right, blair, look, look.
-Stop. okay.
- need your help, all right?
- got a lot of sensitive cases
-Coming up, and, you know,
-Honestly, i could use a good
-And you know, as much as this
-Pains me to say, you're one of
-The best.
-And, again...
-You're broke.
i got a few delinquent
-Accounts, but...
- sighs ]
-What kind of clients are you
-Talking about?
-Uncle duck, man, i really
-Appreciate you coming over, man.
well, you know, i am your --
-Your best man.
yeah, you are.
so, the wedding's happening
-At, uh, at christmas.
yeah. christmas wedding --
-Three weeks.
all right, congratulations.
i-i mean, yes.
-Look, uncle duck, i-i cannot
-Wait to be marci's husband.
-[[ [ chuckles ]
it's just -- look, man, with
-Christmas coming and the
-Wedding, marci's selling her
-Place and moving down here.
-And since we're getting married
-For christmas now and this place
-Has been a little rundown -- and
-''ve been meaning to fix it up.
- just haven't got around to it.
-And you know marci, and i can
-Tell that she is not really keen
-On living here, so i was gonna
-Surprise her with some
-But renovations cost a lot of
-Then preston offered me a job to
-Come work for him, and the money
-Would be good.
-But i just don't understand how
- M gonna get all this done in
-The next three weeks!
-Oh, my god, uncle duck.
- just want to marry marci!
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
-Preston offered you a job?
and what did you say?
i told him i was gonna think
-About it.
and have you told marci?
oh, boy.
-You gonna decorate that tree
-Before marci gets here?
-Nothing a chandler woman hates
-More than a naked christmas
uncle duck, what am i gonna
well, first thing you're
-Gonna do is pull yourself
-Together and be happy, 'cause in
-Three weeks, you're gonna marry
-The girl of your dreams.
-And next, you're gonna call
mm-hmm. and you're gonna name
-Your price, 'cause if he wants
-You to work for him -- look, he
-Needs you.
-Trust me.
-And he will pay.
mm-hmm. nope.
- M calling it all off.
and after that, you're gonna
-Call marci and tell her you're
-Working for the cousin she
-Despises, loathes, and abhors.
-[[ [ sighs ]
but what the heck?
-While you're doing all of that,
-You're gonna get this place in
-Tip-top shape with the help of
-Good old uncle duck.
unc, i really appreciate it,
-But...this is a lot of work for
-Two guys.
well, can you afford
anything else?
mm-hmm, one more thing --
-You want to put some clothes on
-That naked tree?
-[[ [ sighs ]
- doorbell rings ]
- "deck the halls" plays ]
you are kidding.
-It's not that i am not happy to
-See you.
- - -- i-i'm ecstatic that
-You're here, really.
-It's just that you can't just
-Pop in, you know, whenever,
-Because my sisters are in and
-Out all the time this time of
i-i understand that.
-[[ [ chuckles ]
i would love to meet your
i would love to meet your
-Entire family.
-Look, um...
- wanted to run something by
how and i spend
-The holiday together?
- promise to have you back
-Before christmas eve.
-[[ [ chuckles ]
-[[ [ chuckles ]
i'm so touched.
-But my daughter's coming home
-For christmas.
i-i know that, and i would
-Love to meet her.
and she's not coming alone.
-Her fianc is joining her.
-They're getting married on
-Christmas eve.
-[[ [ chuckling ] oh.
-[[ [ chuckles ]
um...when am i gonna get to
-Spend christmas with you?
yeah, you know, i'm not
-Really sure because my sisters
-Have all kinds of traditions
-And --
oh, i-i love family
that's great.
-[[ [ chuckles ]
but, you know, it's gonna be
-Tricky, you know?
stephanie, why are you trying
-To hide me from your family?
- M not trying to hide you.
- mean, if you think that i have
-An issue with the age
-Difference -- i mean, age only
-Matters with wine and cheese,
-You know?
well, i've never met any of
-Your friends.
-''ve never met your family.
-Every time we go out in public,
-You're always looking over your
-Shoulder, like you're part of
-The witness protection program.
-And every time i try to talk
-About our future, you change the
want some more tea?
-[[ [ chuckles ]
-Steph, are you trying to break
-Up with me 'cause you don't want
-To buy me anything for
-[[ [ laughing ] no, stop.
-[[ [ chuckles ]
-Stephanie, i'm -- i'm not trying
-To pressure you, but...i really
-Want to be a part of your life.
-Gonna have to make some room for
-All right.
-Now, how about you and i go
-Christmas shopping tomorrow
-[[ [ laughs ]
we can do it right now,
- laughs ]
-Oh, my goodness.
-This is gonna be so much fun.
-Now, we just log on.
- both chuckle ]
uh, yeah.
yeah, the hardwood floors
-Have been refinished throughout.
-There's exposed brick.
-How you doing?
-So, did you get my message?
-Yeah, i think i'm gonna nix the
-Cover band altogether and go
-With, you know, a violinist and
- cellist.
-Is that okay?
-Awesome. okay, great.
-Hi there.
-Yeah, i'm gonna need the
-Powerpoint presentation in
-Black-and-white throughout, and
-It will be really great if i
-Could get, like, a little yellow
-Flower on the corner of every
-Table -- i'm sorry --
-On the corner of everypage.
-Hey, you.
-Yeah, no, the brooch is actually
- christmas present for my
-The candy should go to the
-Friendly family floral.
-Awesome. thanks, ashley.
- cellphone taps lightly ]
-All right, so, when can we list?
- laughter ]
that's so funny.
ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh.
- laughter ]
okay, we picked the tree out.
and we set the tree up.
-And now we're decorating the
- mean, did we lose the bet
-Again this year and somebody
-Didn't tell me?
honey, you know...
yeah, and donald -- he's --
-He's with blair.
-They're doing something nice.
and that is why i say that we
-Need more men in this family.
you know what?
-This tree is perfection!
unh-unh, stephanie.
-That's not what you said when i
-Showed it to you the first time.
-You said it was not "full"
but you were standing in
-Front of it.
- couldn't see the whole thing.
-[[ [ scoffs ]
i'm just saying.
oh, girls, you know what?
it's just like old times,
-Isn't it?
-Speaking of old...some of these
-Ornaments are just about as old
-As you are, myra.
you better stop it.
- both laugh ]
oh, my goodness.
do you remember this one?
-Mother gave this to me when i
-Was 3 years old.
what? no.
-Mother gave this to me when i
-Was 5.
unh-unh. you're both wrong.
-Mom gave that to me, her
-Favorite child --moi-- when
- was 7 years old.
oh, unh-unh.
-See, a lot has changed since we
-Were 3, 5, and 9.
speak for yourself.
but you know what?
-We're still spending christmas
yes, we are.
-......just like we promised.
-And we haven't missed one yet.
-Am i right about it?
and we're not going to miss
-One, right?
you got that right, girl.
group hug.
love you!
i love you!
okay, now, let's get back to
-Decorating this tree.
oh, myra!
- festive music plays ]
- music ends ]
oh, blair.
-Have a seat.
thank you.
- sniffles ]
-When do you want to start?
hold on, preston.
-There's one big issue that we
-Have not resolved yet.
-It seems to me that you're in a
-Bit of a lurch and you really
-Need my help.
it also seems to me that you
-Have a really big caseload that
-You're trying to dump on me.
-Now, with that being the case, i
-Think it's time that we talk
-Now, i've done pro bono work in
-The past, but that was by
-There isn't a firm in atlanta
-That won't pay handsomely for
- mid-tempo music plays ]
-[[ [ smacks lips ]
-When do you want to start?
- music ends ]
so, as you can see,
-Jewel advertising will go above
-And beyond to meet the needs of
-Friendly family floral in a
-Cost-efficient, creative, and
-Groundbreaking manner.
ditch this display.
you're a go-getter, aren't
well, i think to think that i
-Am, yes.
i like that in a woman.
i like your ideas, too.
thank you. well --
but you realize that
-Advertising is a male-dominated
i do realize that.
in fact, the other agency
-That i'm considering is run by a
he's good, but he's not a
i like to see women in
-Leadership roles, women who --
-Oh! -- don't have to answer to a
i say, let the man answer to
-The woman.
right on, sister.
you're hired.
oh, well, thank you.
-Thank you so much.
how soon can you get started?
uh, right away, actually.
-''ll have my attorneys draw up
-All of the paperwork, and then
-We're gonna schedule a series of
-Meetings over the next couple of
-Weeks and --
well, when i said "right
-Away," i meant "right away after
well, yes, i actually have to
-Leave for atlanta next week, and
-While i'm there, um, i'm getting
oho! okay.
- was never one to get married,
-But congratulations.
-Best wishes.
-Blah, blah, blah.
-So, i guess we'll just set
-Everything up when you get back
-To new york.
or we could do it while i'm
-In atlanta.
-You know, e-mail, skype --
-Modern technology -- it's like
-Being there.
not really. mnh.
-But if we must.
-All right, i'll have the
-Paperwork to you in a few days.
okay, great.
-Listen, i'll look forward to
-Getting --
uh-huh. bye-bye.
okay. thank you.
- mm-hmm. ciao.
-Thank you.
so, preston gave me a week to
-Formally accept his offer.
and i ain't gonna lie --
-The money's good.
-[[ [ chuckles ]
and when i say "good," i mean
okay, so, what's the problem?
well, the problem is, it's
-Do you remember how he tricked
-Marci last year to -- to
-Represent clarion candy, knowing
-They were in hot water?
yeah. and how he got my
-Client to drop the lawsuit
-Against him by using his little
-Henchmen to scare all the other
-Employees out of joining the
yeah. so what?
-He plays hardball.
it's not just that, duck --
-He tries to belittle people,
-Tries to make them feel
no one can ever make you feel
-Inferior without your consent.
did you just make that up?
who said it -- gandhi, mlk?
eleanor roosevelt.
-Like i was saying, i just don't
-Think i can do it.
- don't know if i can bow down
-To another man like that.
mm, too much pride, huh?
- would always rather be happy
-Than dignified...
-"jane eyre," charlotte bronte.
-Like i saying, was i just don't
-Want to feel like a sellout, you
come on, blair.
-You're not a sellout -- you're
-Making a smart business move and
-Making money.
yeah, well, mo money
-Mo problems.
notorious b.i.g.
- baby, baby
- clicks ]
- electricity crackles ]
-Oh! whoa, hey!
baby, baby.
- door creaks ]
i'll, uh, get in touch with
-My electrician friend for a
yes, please do, and tell him
-To go easy on a brother.
-[[ [ chuckles ]
-You know, i-i don't know how
-You're gonna pay for all of
-These repairs and pay for the
i'm gonna put my foot down.
with marci?
-[[ [ chuckles ]
- laughs ]
i'm serious.
i'll straight-up tell her.
scale back on the wedding
-Stuff and keep it simple.
i got this.
-[[ [ scoffs ]
you got this.
mm-hmm. you better go in
-There and get that tree.
i got that, too.
mm-hmm. all right.
- chuckles ]
-You're gonna put your foot
-......with marci.
that's right.
-[[ [ laughing ]
what's so funny?
you're gonna put your...
- laughing ]
-[[ [ sighs ]
okay, and so, aunt elizabeth
-Said the cakes are to die for.
-And did i tell you about the
-Cellist and violinist i booked?
-First class all the way, baby.
-[[ [ sighs ]
you know, i am wondering --
-Do you think we're spending too
-Much money on this wedding?
well, funny you should say
-That, because i was just
-Thinking that, um --
-'' 'cause, you know, i was just
-Thinking you could probably, you
-Know, just scale back on some of
-The renovations you were
-Planning on doing to the house.
renovations? what?
-What renovations?
well [chuckles] you said the
-Place was going to be perfect by
-The time i got there, so i'm
-Assuming that you...
yeah, and it will, even more
-So once you get here.
you're not gonna do anything,
-You know, to spruce the place up
- bit?
oh, yeah, yeah.
- mean, i'm -- i'm vacuuming.
- M gonna -- i'm gonna, you
-Know, wash some windows, do
-Stuff like that, um, you know,
-Tidy up.
-Okay, well, you know what?
-You wouldn't even have to do any
-Of that if we would just live
in new york?
baby, we already decided that
-We're gonna live in atlanta.
okay, i know.
-But, you know, my place is
-Great, and it's cute, and it's
-Clean, and it's a great
-You could easily set up a
-Practice here in the city.
- know what you're trying to do.
you do?
-You don't want me to spend a lot
-Of money fixing up the house.
oh. right.
right. and i appreciate that.
-But don't you worry your little
-Head, all right?
because i'm not gonna spend a
-Dime on renovations.
- thumps ]
you won't?
it'll be fine.
-Look, just relax and let
-Your man handle things.
all right?
-''ll take care of the houseand
-The wedding.
okay. but, you know, baby,
-You could do a little bit more
-Than just tidy up.
-Or we know.
marci, marci, listen -- we
-won'thave to live in new york.
-Youwillhave the perfect
-The house will be perfect, all
- got this, okay?
all right?
-Just relax.
all right.
-''ll see you in a few days.
- love you.
-''ll talk to you tomorrow.
i love you, too.
-Sweet dreams.
-[[ [ sighs ]
- jingle bells, jingle bells,
-Jingle all the way
- oh, what fun it is to ride
-In a one-horse open sleigh
- hey
- jingle bells, jingle bells,
-Jingle --
we're here, girl.
well, what took you all so
-Marci will be here any second.
just too much.
-[[ [ humming ]
-[[ [ laughs ]
both: mwah! mwah!
i love you.
goes with the red lipstick.
oh, i know. i know.
-Look at that pink, honey.
i'm gonna pop in pink.
-[[ [ laughs ]
how you doing?
you know, we would have been
-On time, but my car wouldn't
and we had to pick her up.
and she changed three times
-Before we left.
well, that's not new.
we call that snitching.
- laughter ]
actually, i stopped dating my
-Mechanic, and i just don't know
-What he did to my car.
poor baby.
can i say -- i am so excited
-That marci's coming home!
- singsong voice ] and getting
- laughter ]
i have to admit...
-. . ..a christmas wedding is
-Pretty exciting.
especially for our little
that's right.
yes, yes, yes.
- doorbell rings ]
this snowman's so cute.
-Oh, my gosh.
you gonna get that?
-You gonna get that?
-You gonna get that?
it's marci!
yeah, it's marci!
- laughter and cheers ]
hi there.
oh, my goodness!
-Oh, you're beautiful!
oh, oh.
- laughter ]
sweetie, you look so
thank you.
-It's so good to see you!
-You're taking care of myra, too?
-Oh, my gosh.
- indistinct conversations ]
need a little help, brother?
- laughs ]
-Come on in here.
don't hurt yourself.
-[[ [ laughs ]
-Come on.
-Ain't even married yet, and
-''all bogged down.
-Love these hors d'oeuvre-ies,
-Thank you.
what? am i the only one who
-Doesn't hear music?
-[[ [ laughing ] honey, it's in
-My heart.
-My baby's home, and she's
-Marrying her beloved.
-Ow! [ laughs ]
is that the only thing that's
-Got you dancing around like
-Tina turner?
girl, she's been like this
-For months.
yes, and it's becoming
oh, don't hate 'cause you
-Can't, a'ight?
-Right, donald?
- laughter ]
i can't believe they tried
really, with the street
-Lingo, mom?
i'm just happy, honey.
- am...
- high on life
high on life.
high on something.
- birds chirping ]
- footsteps ]
seriously, marci, work?
honey, you should be spending
-Time with your fianc.
-What about the florist?
-You have to call them today.
-You know, the wedding's next
i know. i know.
- just have one more conference
-Call to make, and then i'm
-Meeting blair for his tuxedo
-Fitting, and then we're gonna
-Meet with the caterer, and --
-Ugh -- my god, we haven't
-Started our christmas shopping
christmas shopping?
-Baby, nobody expects a gift this
-Year with the wedding and
are you kidding me?
-Aunt elizabeth will kill me if
- don't get her a gift.
you're right.
- cellphone ringing ]
- computer keys clacking ]
-[[ [ sighs ]
- cellphone ringing ]
who's blowing you up?
-[[ [ chuckles ]
- ringing stops ]
- clacking continues ]
- clacking stops ]
hi. b-r-b.
- footsteps ]
yeah, man, the reason i was
-Calling is, um, do you remember
-Those contracts that i drew up
-For you?
-Yeah. mm-hmm.
-Well, we never settled up on
yeah, i-i understand that,
-But i really need a gluten-free
-Option, as well.
maybe just a smaller cake,
laid off?
okay, perfect. thank you.
well, i'm sorry to hear that,
-But in the meantime, do you
-Think you could, um --
- clicks ]
-Hello? todd?
-For that price, i'll stain the
-Deck myself.
- just need to know exactly how
-Much those repairs are gonna
oh, no, no.
-Um. [ chuckles ]
-No. do you think that they can
-Make it to the spring?
-Actually, i'm not sure when i'll
-Be back, fiona.
of course not.
sure, of course.
all right.
of course we can skype every
all right.
okay, no problem.
-Talk to you soon.
- chuckles ]
what's up?
well, none of my bridesmaids
-Can make it, either.
you mean to tell me eight
-Days are not enough notice for
-People to be in a wedding?
apparently not.
-[[ [ scoffs ]
and can you imagine nobody
-Wants to come to a wedding on
-Christmas eve?
-Are we crazy for doing this?
we are, right?
yeah, no doubt.
yeah, uh-huh.
-That's what i thought.
but it's okay, 'cause none of
-My boys are coming, either.
oh, okay. well, good.
but i'll be there.
and i will be there with you,
-And you will be looking fine.
- M gonna be looking fine.
- chuckles ]
-All i want.
- cellphone rings ]
hold on. hold on. hold on.
-Hold on. hold on.
-Oh, i got to take that, babe.
oh, okay.
blair kirkland here. yep.
- clears throat ]
- sighs ]
-[[ [ sighs ]
-[[ [ sighs ] mm.
do you think you could, uh,
-Sneak away just one more time?
wow. one more time?
-Oh, i...
- don't know.
- got to go, though.
i know.
- sighs ]
do you know what?
-As a matter of fact, yes.
antonio, would you have
-Christmas dinner with me?
o-of course.
-But -- but won't your family
-Miss you?
i mean with me and my family.
- mid-tempo music plays ]
-Well, sure.
-Um, i mean, are you -- are you
-Are you sure that --
i am positive -- i want to
-Spend christmas with you.
- both laugh ]
all right!
-[[ [ laughs ]
donald, honey, what good is
-It to wear a beautiful christmas
-Sweater if nobody gets a chance
-To see it?
-Come on.
-[[ [ laughs ]
come on, baby.
-That's my baby. that's it.
-Come on.
-It's time for dinner. let's --
not yet, myra. not yet.
-Okay, everybody -- come on, put
-That macaroni down, elizabeth.
-Everybody, please meet me in the
-Living room.
- fingers snapping ]
okay. okay.
i have something very
-Important to share.
-Blair, please put the
-Electronics away.
all right, then.
- will talk to you soon.
-Thank you so much.
- fingers snapping ]
come on.
stephanie, please, okay,
-Hurry this up.
-My macaroni is best when it's
-Piping hot.
okay, isn't that what they
-Make microwaves for, though?
so, okay, as i was saying --
-Or as i was about to say, some
-Of you have noticed that things
-Have been a little different,
-But there's a very good reason
-For that.
- have a man!
- laughs ]
uh-huh. i have a man,
-And he's wonderful.
-And we've been seeing each other
-For three months.
-And he's coming over tonight to
-Say hello to all of you.
-Oh, my gosh!
thank you, honey.
-Who is this mystery man?
tell us all about him.
he is handsome and
-Intelligent and romantic.
of course.
and he's --
- doorbell rings ]
-Hold onto your hair.
-Just hold -- just hold on.
-[[ [ chuckles ]
oh, my god.
-This is fantastic.
and if he can handle it...
- laughing ]
it's been a long time.
did you guys know?
no idea.
but i thought she was
-Pregnant at first.
okay, everybody, please meet
-Antonio simpson.
-[[ [ laughs ]
hola, everyone.
- chuckles ]
-Merry christmas!
-Ifeliz navidad!
- laughter ]
yes. adorable.
honey, would you take the
-Empanadas into the kitchen?
-This is my daughter marci.
beautiful daughter.
and this is my sister myra...
-And then, our youngest sister --
-That would be elizabeth.
and this is my
-Brother-in-law, duck.
and this is my soon-to-be
-Son-in-law, blair, marci's
-This is the family.
- laughs ]
pleasure to meet you guys.
ah! [ laughs ]
- sighs ]
okay. now, let's get you
-Something to eat.
let's eat.
well, antonio, these
-Empanadas are absolutely
-Thanks so much for bringing
my pleasure.
-And -- and thank you all for
-Allowing me to break bread with
-You in your home.
-It's really an honor.
-[[ [ clicks tongue ] oh!
-Isn't he the cutest thing?
mm-hmm. isn't he?
so, anthony, you're a salsa
-Teacher, right?
is -- is that what you always
-Wanted to be when you grew up?
oh, he's more than a teacher,
-Dear -- he owns the studio.
-Yes, he's an entrepreneur.
- laughs ]
-More salad?
yes, please.
you should probably put a bib
-You're drooling.
-In fact, everyone's drooling.
-We probably have a few bibs in
-The kitchen.
-''ll go grab them.
-[[ [ speaking indistinctly ]
- M so sorry.
-[[ [ clears throat ]
-Excuse me.
- M gonna, um, help her with the
-Bib -- no, i'm -- never --
-Never mind.
um, anybody gonna have that
-Last empanada?
- - -- i'm -- i'm -- i'm --
- M good.
- clears throat ]
- knock on door ]
-[[ [ sighs ]
babe, are you all right?
can you believe this?
-What is he -- like 12?
-If he thinks he's gonna take
-Advantage of my mother, i'm
-Telling you right now, no -- no.
i know, babe.
- M on your side here, okay?
-[[ [ sighs ]
but it's still your mom.
-Speaking of, here.
- footsteps ]
were you gonna tell me?
why did you get up from the
-Table like that?
who is this guy?
-What is his story?
-"" "what is his story?"
-You just want to ask, "how old
-Is he?"
-Isn't that it?
well, duh.
-Mom, i know you've been off the
-Scene for a while now -- since
-Dad died.
-But you got to watch out for
-These young guys now.
-They're always after something.
like what -- my heart, my
well, i'm being serious here.
-This guy could be a gold digger.
antonio after my money?
-Weren't you listening, honey?
-He's got businesses.
oh, mom, okay.
-Well, then, maybe it's something
-Else -- i don't know.
-He was raised by his uncle,
-Maybe he's looking for a mother
you know?
you know, these people have
that must be it, because it
-Would be stupid, it would be
-Naive -- it would be downright
-Dumb to think that he could love
- scoffs ]
- chuckling ] wow.
-That's not what i meant.
-[[ [ voice breaking ] it's all
- just...
no, that's not --
antonio is so cute!
and fine!
and the boy can cook!
- laughs ]
he's a boy. mom.
anyway, i am so happy for
-You, honey.
are you?
is it okay?
-[[ [ scoffs ]
it's perfect.
of course it's okay.
he's so, so young, and
-There's a lot of girls that like
he choseyou,and that means
-He's wise beyond his years.
yes, and, oh, my goodness --
-My sister, the cougar.
oh, stop. come on.
- laughter ]
i'm -- i'm -- i'm gonna
-Finish some things that i have
-To do.
- laughter ]
well, he's -- he's...
i do adore him.
okay. all right.
- indistinct conversations ]
- slow music plays ]
-[[ [ sighs ]
so, uh, salsa, huh?
-Do you salsa?
m-me -- salsa?
-Oh, no, only with chips.
- chuckles ]
-[[ [ breathes sharply ]
-You know, i'm opening up my
-Third location in a couple
-Do you need a lawyer?
-[[ [ speaking indistinctly ]
you don't need any shoes,
guys, it is 5 till, and she's
-Not here.
-She's not coming.
-Me and my big mouth.
uh, marci, number 1, you do
-Have a big mouth, however --
it runs in the family,
number 2 -- your mother would
-Not miss this opportunity to
-Help you pick out your dress.
right, but she's not here.
-She's not even speaking to me
-Right now.
and i know she's not coming.
honey, honey. come here.
she's probably not coming to
-My wedding, either.
stop worrying.
-Sit down and relax.
that's just ridiculous.
-She's gonna come to your
breathe, breathe.
-Just relax.
now, see, if we had the
she's coming.
-[[ [ gasps ] mom.
i'm so sorry.
-Oh, i'm sorry.
-Well, i had to do some things.
where did you get these
-Crazy-looking boots?
got them from the west end --
-Patent leather world.
okay, all right.
- M gonna -- i'm gonna go try
-This dress on.
hi, guys.
hey, girl. how are you?
okay, let's look at the list
-Okay, steph, steph, steph.
now, are you gonna make the
-Peach cobbler this year, or do
-You want me to?
no, no, no.
well -- huh?
i'll vote for antonio.
yes, antonio.
-[[ [ laughs ]
-[[ [ gasps ]
well, what do you think?
beautiful. oh, so beautiful.
it's stunning.
-It's stunning.
my baby.
-[[ [ sighs ]
oh, honey.
oh, mom.
it's perfect.
-Look at you -- a princess.
yeah. so pretty, right?
i'm so proud of you.
-Oh, my gosh!
thank you.
do you think it needs to be
-Taken in a little bit?
no, not a single inch.
perfect, perfect.
you're a perfect figure.
and what about the length?
so, i say we spice things up
-This christmas and let the fine
-Antonio make his empanadas for
no, no. no. or not.
-[[ [ chuckles ]
this coming from the woman
-Who's making what?
you know, marci, you're
-Getting married pretty soon.
-Don't you think you should kind
-Of learn how to cook?
excuse me.
-Okay, first of all, aunt myra,
-It's no longer 1950.
-[[ [ gasps ]
that's number 1.
-And number 2, i know how to
-Cook, thank you very much.
yes, she does.
-Tell her, honey.
okay, all right, all right.
-Thenyoucan make the peach
-Cobbler this year.
that's a great idea.
why would i do that?
that's abadidea.
-Why would you leave a peach
-Cobbler up to an amateur?
iwill make the peach
-And you, my dear -- you will
-Make the sugar cookies.
actually, you know, i don't
-Have time to make anything, what
-With planning a wedding and all.
you're right.
come on.
she's right.
really, marci -- planning a
-''ve done everything.
- practically planned this
-Wedding like it was one of my
-Own -- everything.
me too. hello!
- have my sheet music and my
-Lyrics memorized.
wait a minute.
-You're singing at the wedding?
i'm gonna actually make
-Something, i think.
- do -- i do kind of feel
something traditional.
like -- like what, mom?
well, you know, you can
-Practice doing...
i don't know.
-What should i make, actually?
well, something -- you know,
-It's game night tonight.
is this traditional?
yeah, i see. that's good.
this one.
that's very good -- just want
-To practice, and that way, if it
-Comes out good -- and only if it
-Comes out good -- then you can
-Make it for christmas dinner.
is that supposed to scare me?
-Because -- guess what -- it's
-Gonna take more than a batch of
- fingers snapping ] intimidate
-Marci chandler jewel!
tell 'em, honey.
oh, my.
-Nobody's trying to scare you.
-Come on, ladies.
-Let's -- let's get out of the
-Kitchen and let missy get in
-Here and get kind of comfortable
-With this refrigerator and
-Whatever -- stove.
why are they trying to act
-Like i don't know my way around
-The kitchen?
you know how they get around
-Christmas, honey.
-You just call me...
yeah, crazy.
-......for anything.
-[[ [ laughs ]
bring some eggs, please.
oh. okay, girl.
thank you.
why are you singing at the
i have a voice.
ground ginger, ground
-Cinnamon -- great.
-Say "hello" to marci's
-Munch-alicious gingerbread men.
-So, fiona, what did you think of
-The renderings?
they were cute.
well, remember that other
-Agency that i told you was a
-Close second to yours?
-Well, what i liked about them is
-That they were edgy.
-When my father ran this
-Business, it was cute and, god,
-Now that i'm in charge, i want
got it -- edgy --
-Edgy flowers.
you know, i almost hired
-Those guys based on their
-Ability to be, well, edgy.
-But you're a genius when it
-Comes to executions, meeting
-Deadlines, placements.
well, i-i guess you can't
-Have your cookie and eat it,
- chuckles ]
marci, give me edgy.
-Happy holidays!
okay. happy holidays!
-[[ [ whistling ]
-Uncle duck.
-[[ [ chuckles ]
-Now, i know we got a lot of work
-To do, but do you really think
-We're gonna work up that type of
nope, but they will.
- mid-tempo music plays ]
-Mr. gray.
yes, sir.
mr. sanjay.
-Mr. biggs. [ laughs ]
-Mr. gareth.
uncle duck, man, for real?
-[[ [ laughs ]
man, i love you, man.
-Come on.
- laughs ]
-Uncle "d.," this place is really
-Coming together, man.
oh, yeah.
you want some water?
yeah, thank you.
all right, uncle d., how'd
-You get these guys to come out?
well, they're my friends.
-That's what friends do.
-But friends also tell each other
-The truth, and the truth is,
-These guys will work for you for
-Free for as long as you need
-Them or, you know, as long as
-They're not missing out on any
-Paying gigs.
-But, blair, to get this place
-The way you want it, you still
-Got a lot to spend on materials,
-And that, my friend, is gonna
-Cost a pretty penny.
i know.
now, look, i know you don't
-Want to sell out, but, uh...
-You got to face facts.
-You're about to get married,
-Which means you either need to
-Make some money or cut
-Expenses -- simple math.
-What's it gonna be?
-[[ [ sighing ]
-[[ [ grunts ]
ooh, it smells like christmas
-In -- oh, honey, how are the
-Sugar cookies coming?
oh, they're not -- i'm making
-Gingerbread men.
oh, look at you.
yeah, i thought it was time
-For marci to have a recipe in
-The chandler women christmas
-Recipe box.
-[[ [ laughs ]
-Boy-- boy-eater.
i am not a man/boy-eater.
how is it?
mm, it's good.
really good.
speaking of men here, can we
-Address the elephant in the
yeah, okay.
honey, um, i know i threw
-This whole antonio thing on you
-Out of the blue, and i -- and i
-Should have explained to you.
yeah, yeah.
-But i-i should have been more
-Supportive, just...
i should have been more
-Sensitive to your feelings.
yeah. and i-i could have
-Given antonio a little more of a
honey, i'm sorry.
- M sorry.
i love you, mom.
love you, baby.
is he coming over tonight?
he is.
he is.
can you be nice?
- guess, okay.
- mean, it is for kicks, right?
-So, yeah, why not?
- hope you warned him about our
- o come, let us adore him
- O come, let us adore him
- O come, let us adore
-Christ the lord
you can sing!
that's my baby.
- cheers and applause ]
this is a tough competition.
- indistinct conversations ]
-[[ [ clears throat ]
-[[ [ laughs ]
i'll wait.
- uh
- dashing through the snow,
-In a one-horse open sleigh
-''O'er the fields we go,
-Laughing all the way
- ha ha ha
- bells on bobtails ring,
-Making spirits bright
- what fun it is to ride and
-Sing our sleighing song
- oh
- jingle bells, jingle bells,
-Jingle all the way
- oh! what fun it is to ride
-In a one-horse open sleigh
- open sleigh
- cheers and applause ]
-Come on, honey.
-That was good.
-Okay, now who's...
-My turn.
no, no, no, no.
-Antonio -- antonio should go
antonio's a guest.
-He doesn't have to sing.
-He shouldn't have to sing.
marci is right.
-He came. he ate.
-He must sing.
that's so stupid.
come on, antonio.
show us what you got.
but don't be nervous, honey.
-Don't be nervous.
-[[ [ laughs ]
family -- that's a stretch.
honey, you were good.
yes, i'm actually a little
-More of a dancer than a singer,
- clears throat ]
oh, okay.
-That's all right.
it's all right.
- silent night
- holy night
- all is calm
- all is bright
- round yon virgin mother
-And child
- holy infant
- so tender and mild
- sleep in heavenly peace
- sleep in heavenly peace
ladies and gentlemen, we have
- winner!
-[[ [ laughs ] see?
-Oh, antonio!
-Imuy bien!
from spain.
-This uncle of yours,
-The doctor -- is he single?
-[[ [ chuckles ]
that's wonderful.
three children, two from...
-Nobody interested in taking...
you know what?
-He is -- i-i just did not know
-That he could sing like that.
-He's a man of many surprises.
yeah, he is, isn't he?
yes, he is.
you really like this guy,
-Don't you?
i really do.
-You know, i know i was acting
-All weird about, you know, this
-Whole situation before, and...
-[[ [ chuckles ]
but i-i can tell you really
-Like him.
and you seem very happy.
- mean, why wouldn't a, you
-Know, hot, young -- well,
you -- thing like you --
-You know, you deserve to have a
-Fling, you know?
-And i-i mean, a year from now,
-We'll look back on this, and we
-Will have a good laugh.
- laughs ]
so, um...
uh, i-if i could have
-Everyone's attention, i'd like
-To propose a toast.
- clears throat ]
let's toast.
- indistinct conversations ]
-[[ [ clears throat ]
- would just like to say thank
-You, chandler family, for
-Inviting me into your home.
-Stephanie's told me so many
-Times how much she really loves
-You guys, and i can see why.
- chuckles ]
-So, to family.
all: to family.
oh! ooh, ooh.
so beautiful.
- smooches ]
and, to you, stephanie...
-You're the most amazing woman
-That i've ever met, and any guy
-Would be lucky to have you.
-And i just thank god that i'm
-That guy.
-And i hope that i'm always that
-[[ [ chuckles ]
-[[ [ clears throat ]
oh. [ chuckles ]
-[[ [ sighs ]
-[[ [ sighs ]
-Stephanie jewel...
-Will you make me the happiest
-Man alive [sighs] and marry me?
-[[ [ gasps ]
-[[ [ voice breaking ] yes, i'll
-Marry you.
-Oh, antonio.
- cheers and applause ]
oh, i'm so excited!
-Little sister.
-[[ [ smooches ]
oh, antonio, that's amazing.
oh, sis!
oh, congrats.
- birds chirping ]
all i'm saying is just, you
-Know, get to know him a little.
-Wait a while.
and how long should i wait,
-Marci -- 20 years, like you did
-With blair?
ma, you know, that's not
well, you know, what happened
-To all those things you said
-Last night about wanting me to
-Be happy?
oh, well, that's when i
-Thought he was just a fling --
-You know, a boy toy, right? --
-Not a potential stepfather.
you know what, marci?
-Life is short.
-And your father has been dead
-For five long years --
-God rest his soul.
-But i am not dishonoring his
-Memory, if that's what you're
-Worried about.
it's actually not.
all right, well, you're
-Getting married, right?
-You're gonna be starting a
and do you want another kid
-To take care of?
- M not certain where we're...
now, that's below the belt.
-Mother needs some excitement.
-Mother needs an adventure.
-Mother needs a little romance.
mother, tmi. mother.
i just want you to be happy
-For me, honey -- at least, try
-To be...please.
i'm not making any promises.
i'll try.
- M not calling him "daddy."
-"" "papi"?
-"" "papi"?
- laptop chiming ]
- got to take this.
go -- go do something
- chiming continues ]
- computer key clacks ]
-Hi, fiona.
okay, like the ideas a little
-Better -- not perfect, but we're
-Getting there.
- love your execution plan.
- it's brilliant
-But, remember -- fine-tune those
-Give me edge.
edge. got it. okay.
oh, and your contract is on
-Its way.
-You're gonna notice this little
-Clause i put in there about you
-Working in-house.
-Your office is gonna be right
-Between the baby's breath and
-The hydrangea trellis.
wait a minute.
-So you want me to have my office
-Inside your company?
yes. don't worry --
-''ve increased the retainer --
-Significantly, i might add.
-And lucky for you, you get to be
-Here with me at the
-Headquarters, where it all
- sighs ]
-Marci, flowers are big money.
-Flowers make people better.
-Your contract should be coming
-Through right about...
- laptop chimes ]
- computer key clicks ]
-Ooh. uh.
-Hi. hey, listen, have you got
-Any bites on my loft yet?
-Yeah, perfect.
- M taking that off the market.
-Yes, ma'am.
-No, you have a wonderful day.
-Okay. bye, now.
- knock on door ]
come in.
- door creaks ]
oh, my god.
-What a surprise!
-[[ [ chuckles ]
what are you doing here?
well, you've been working so
-Hard lately, i felt like i
-Should stop by and offer you a
-Little treat.
babe, you are the best.
- am starving!
i knew you would be.
oh, my god.
how's everything going?
things are good.
oh, man.
work is good?
french fries are good?
they're da bomb -- you know
- love these fries.
you seem a little stressed
- just want to, um...
-Help you out with that.
mm, yeah.
-That's -- that's working.
mm, good.
that's working, yeah.
you know, i feel a little
-Horrible about dumping all that
-On you...
mm. know, the wedding
-Expenses, the house [sighs] --
-All that on top of your busy
-Work schedule.
yeah, that's -- i'm --
- M all right, though.
yeah. good.
- know.
- just, um...
-. . ..i can't help but feel like
-It would be so much better if we
-Just lived in new york.
- mean, it's not like we don't
-Have the place, and, you know,
-We could...
baby. baby.
- chuckles ]
-Listen, come here.
- chair creaks ]
-Sit down.
-Listen, marci, now, i know all
-Those years, you had your life
-In new york.
and i also know how hard that
-Is to give up.
-But i don't want to live in
-New york.
- want to live right here...
-Where we met, where we grew up
-Together, where we found love.
i know, but, you know, we can
-Plant seeds anywhere.
- mean, it doesn't matter.
-As long as you and i are
-Together, the location doesn't
-Strawberry soda.
i get it. i get it.
-But, listen -- itdoesmatter,
- never told you this, but i've
-Always dreamed of carrying you
-Over the threshold of my
-Parents' house...
-Raising our family there.
-It's everything to me.
yeah, that's sweet.
i mean, unless you got
-Another reason why you want to
-Live in new york.
i mean...this is it.
-You are my reason.
-And if it makes you happy, then
-It makes me twice as happy.
it's perfect.
-[[ [ smooches ]
-Now get out of here and let
-Daddy get some work done, all
-[[ [ sighs ] okeydokey.
thank you for the food.
you're most welcome.
-You know i'm just pulling my
-Little wifey skills together.
they -- they coming together.
-[[ [ laughs ]
wshhh! wshhh! wshhh!
so, listen, how about i come
-Over tonight, and maybe i'll
-Help you --
no. don't you already have
-Enough to do?
well, but i-i can always come
-And help you.
well, but, and i got that
-Meeting later, too, so i'll see
-You later.
okay? all right.
all right.
i love you.
i love you, too.
listen, don't worry.
- got this, all right?
- - -- don't worry about the
-House, the wedding.
- got this.
all right.
all right?
all right.
-Bye, daddy.
-[[ [ breathes sharply ]
- door creaks ]
-[[ [ sighs ]
-You know, blair, i always knew
-You were a man of great
- slurps ]
- never liked you much, though.
-But, hey, it's about business,
-Not friendship.
-Right, blair?
- clicks ]
- clicks ]
- sighs ]
welcome aboard.
thank you, preston.
my pleasure.
- footsteps ]
- sighs ]
-Merry christmas, indeed.
- slurps ]
-Yeah, no.
- I was actually just curious.
-But, you know, i think i'm just
-Gonna be honest with you, fiona.
-Um, my fianc has gone to a lot
-Of trouble to renovate his
-Parents' home here in atlanta,
-And -- and it would mean a lot
-To him -- actually, it means a
-Lot to me, also.
so let me get this
-Straight -- you're gonna give up
-What you want for your fianc?
well, not for him -- forus.
-That's what a relationship is
-All about, fiona.
-But, i mean, i also understand
-If that means that i'm not the
-Right person for you.
oh, quiet, girl.
-Look, i'm not gonna change my
-Mind about wanting somebody
-In-house, but i'll allow you to
-Partner with that other firm --
-You know, the one whose creative
-Work i liked better than yours?
-You can partner with them while
-You stay in atlanta and play
-House with hubby.
-But your retainer goes back to
-The original amount.
okay, that -- that -- that's
-That's fine.
-Thank you, fiona.
- appreciate that.
-Uh, just out of curiosity,
-What's the name of the other
oh, it's a new company called
-"reed & barber."
-The principals are
-Kevin barber...
- golf club taps ]
-...and adam reed.
adam reed?
-Oh, my god.
- sighs ]
oh, you should have saw your
-Face when i proposed.
i was floored.
- was excited.
-[[ [ chuckles ]
you are such a romantic.
oh. well, get used to that,
-Bella seorita.
-Mm. i will.
- chuckles ]
knock, knock.
-Coming in! oh!
-Look at you lovebirds.
- laughter ]
how are you, honey?
oh, good. good, good, good.
could i use your bedroom to
-Rehearse on my song for the
why are you singing?
-Why didn't marci ask me to sing?
may i use your -- just say
-Yes or no.
yes, yes.
oh, gosh.
-Go through all those changes.
hi, donald.
hey, you guys.
uncle duck.
how are you guys doing?
-[[ [ chuckles ]
coming in.
why does everyone feel the
-Need to announce themselves when
-They come into the house?
well, nobody wants to catch
-You and your man in a --
-You know -- unh-unh-unh-unh!
oh, whatever.
-[[ [ chuckles ]
listen, antonio and i made
-Supper, so help yourselves when
-You're ready.
do you have any more of those
-Gingerbread cookies?
fresh batch on the stove.
- chuckles ]
well, go get them and bring
-Them in here, woman.
excuse me?
go -- get to getting.
-[[ [ laughs ]
- chuckles ] ah.
-[[ [ chuckles ]
-So, you guys, uh, do this all
-The time, huh?
mm-hmm, pretty much.
yeah, i-i-i didn't have that
-Growing up, you know?
-After my dad died, it was just
-Me and my mom, and she always
so that's when your uncle
-Stepped in, huh?
yeah, yeah.
-Actually, about my uncle -- is
-It okay if i invite him to the
-Yeah, i would love for him to
-Get to know everybody before
-Stephanie and i, you know, tie
-The knot.
that's fine by me.
-Shoot, the more, the merrier.
all right, cool.
couple more days, buddy,
-You're gonna be jumping that
lucky man.
honey, can you help me with
-These cookies, please?
oh, yes, i can.
boy, miss stephanie got that
-Boy's nose wide open.
-[[ [ chuckles ] yep.
-Like mother, like daughter.
-[[ [ chuckles ]
speaking of.
help yourself.
- laughs ]
ooh, thank you.
you're welcome.
thank you.
- laughter ]
-[[ [ sighs ]
-[[ [ speaking indistinctly ]
-[[ [ chuckles ]
-[[ [ speaking indistinctly ]
so, you know i start with
-Preston tomorrow, right?
yeah, yeah.
-At the wedding.
- whispering indistinctly ]
mm-hmm? yeah.
you want to tell me what's
-Going on?
-Because you look like a woman
-Who has a secret, and i want to
-Know what it is.
- indistinct conversation ]
okay, come here.
-Come on.
-So, the other day, i get a phone
i get the feeling marci
-Thinks i'm strapped for cash.
youarestrapped for cash.
but i don't want her thinking
- mean, look, she keeps talking
-To me about moving to new york
-And s-saving on repairs.
so now you have to tell
more importantly, i got to
-Take that job with preston.
are you crazy?!
-You can't tell blair about adam.
i know i can't.
-That's what i just said.
do i need to remind you that
-This is the same man who came
-Here last year and tried to come
-Between you and blair?
no kidding.
and he tried to steal your
you think i don't know that?
okay, so, what you need to do
-Is just hold off on signing the
-Contract until you have a chance
-To talk to -- to blair about it
-And make sure everything's okay.
no, i can't do that.
- can't hold off on signing the
okay, well, sign the
-Contract, and then talk to him
-And tell him about the deal.
can't do that, either.
-[[ [ sighs ]
-Well, go in there and just tell
-Him right now.
- have the answer -- you figure
-This out for yourself.
wow, elizabeth, you've been
-Really helpful.
i know.
-[[ [ sighs ]
- grunts ]
- footsteps ]
- sighs ]
your office will be ready
-Soon, but, uh, in the meantime,
-It's pretty cushy, huh?
it's not bad -- not bad at
-All, preston.
i know, blair. i know.
-Oh! mm.
- meant to, uh, tell you
- want to introduce you to, um,
-My office manager/personal
-Assistant/you -- you know.
-Um, she's a point of contact if
-You have any problems, okay?
-Now, you can always come to me,
-But [scoffs] i'd rather you
-Um, baby?
- mean...
- grunts ]
well, hello, blair.
charlene, what are you doing
well, the same reason as you,
- mean, come on.
-She knows a winner when she sees
so, are you two...
blair, we need you to go
-Through these cases and set up
-Timelines by the end of the day.
-Lawsuits with the biggest
-Payoffs should be ranked
that means we do those first.
absolutely. cha-ching.
-My baby, looking after my
-[[ [ chuckles ]
-This is gonna be so much fun.
- laughs ]
-[[ [ sighing ]
- mid-tempo music plays ]
- mid-tempo salsa music plays ]
hips, hips, hips, hips.
-That's right. that's right.
-You're always good.
- chuckles ]
-Okay, i see you got some new
- music continues ]
- laughs ]
-Good, good.
-Everyone's looking great.
-Okay. that's the time for today,
-Ladies and gentlemen.
-Thank you very much.
- applause ]
-Good job. good job.
- indistinct conversations ]
-Good seeing you. all right.
-Not bad this time.
-All right.
hey, what's up?
hey, carla.
what's up?
-You lose my number?
as a matter of fact, i did,
-Along with every other number,
-But i only kept one.
who checked you out?
i'm about to be a married
wow. i'd love to see the
-Woman who finally got you to
oh, you'll meet her.
i hope so.
excuse me one moment.
-Excuse me.
what are you doing with my
oh, girl, is this your bag?
you know, i bought one just
-Like this like tuesday -- just
-Like it.
-It's -- same...
okay, well, it's not yours.
- footsteps ]
you know, if i would have
-Known you were coming, i would
-Have invited more of my
-Ex-girlfriends and really gave
-You a show.
listen, i just needed to make
-Sure that you were not a
-Two-timer, okay?
i get it.
-You love your mother, and you
-Don't want to see her get hurt.
-But that makes two of us.
-[[ [ sighs ]
do you want to talk about it?
look, a year ago, if somebody
-Would have told me i'd be
-Engaged [chuckles] let alone to
- woman 20 years older than me,
- probably would have called
-Them crazy or on drugs, but your
-Mother, she just -- she reeled
-Me in, know,
-Unlike any other woman.
-And she makes me a better
- just hope that i can do the
-Same for her.
well, time will tell, won't
yeah, i guess it will.
-So, do i have your blessing?
-[[ [ chuckling ] does it matter?
not really.
- chuckles ]
you know, you're -- you're,
-Um, you're a really good dancer.
thank you.
thanks, man.
- really appreciate it.
thank you.
appreciate you, brother.
appreciate you.
thank you so much, man.
-Thank you.
thank you.
-''ll talk to you.
- chuckles ]
-We did it.
yeah, it looks good, blair --
-Real good.
a few more things, but i
-Think marci's gonna love it.
oh, yeah, she is.
-And i'm happy for you -- real
- chuckles ]
you know, uncle donald, i
-Could never repay you.
oh, come on.
-You know there's nothing i love
-More than a little handyman
-[[ [ chuckles ]
-Not just that -- just being
-There for me.
-It means a lot to me.
well, your father was a fine
-Man, blair, and he raised you to
-Be just like him.
-Let me tell you something -- i'm
-Gonna be proud to stand up there
-Next to you tomorrow while
-You're marrying marci -- real
-There is just one thing you
-[[ [ chuckles ]
-Don't worry.
- got plans for that tree.
-[[ [ laughs ]
thanks, unc.
you bet.
- instrumental version
-Of "what child is this?" plays ]
- insects chirping ]
hi, honey.
-Kind of chilly, huh?
yeah, it is -- a little
-It feels good, though.
-[[ [ sighs ]
- chuckles ]
-Tomorrow -- perhaps the most
-Important tomorrow of your life,
you know, honey, people used
-To tease me all the time about
-Me wanting you to get married.
-[[ [ chuckles ]
and it was -- it was more
-Than your just finding a man,
-The big, fat engagement ring,
-The wedding.
it was about you finding
-......real love, the kind of
-Love that keeps you up at night
-And keeps a smile on your face
-All day long...
-The kind of love your daddy and
- had.
- music continues ]
- clicks tongue ]
- found that, mom.
- have.
-Blair is the kind of man that
-''ve always dreamed of.
-Blairisthe man that i always
-Dreamed of.
- love him.
- love him, you know...
-More than i...
- sighs ]
-You know?
- sniffles ]
-And i want that for you, too,
-Mom, i do -- for you and
thank you, honey.
no one deserves to be happy
-Or loved...more than you.
thank you.
i love you.
- sniffles ]
-Your ring is fabulous.
it is kind of fabulous.
- both laugh ]
you are so silly.
-And in 24 minutes, it will be
-Our wedding day.
-[[ [ chuckles ] i know.
-Can you believe it?
yes and no.
-"yes" is because i've always
-Loved you.
-And "no" because i didn't think
-You would love me until last
we wasted so much time.
i don't want you to think of
-It that way.
- mean, i always knew that we
-Were meant to be together -- it
-Just wasn't up to us to decide
-When and where it was gonna
- know.
-But just think -- all the
-Memories we could have made if
-We had just...
all the new memories we're
-Gonna make.
-Marci, the past doesn't
-Matter -- only now, only
yeah. me too.
-Hey, why don't you turn that
-Phone around and give me a tour
-Of my future home?
oh, look at the time.
-And it's almost midnight.
-Isn't there some kind of rule
-That you're not supposed to see
-The bride before the -- the
oh, my goodness, yes, yes.
- love you.
- will see you tomorrow.
it's a date.
-Sweet dreams, beautiful.
okay, love you.
-[[ [ sighs ]
- mid-tempo music plays ]
-[[ [ sighs ]
you're right, frankie.
- just didn't want to ruin her
-Wedding day, man.
- sighs ]
-Of all days, i couldn't look her
-In the eye and -- and know i
-Hadn't told her the truth.
i know. i know, man.
- know.
- sighs ]
-Okay, so, i'm -- i'm --
- M gonna just tell her.
-Okay. will do.
- love you, man. peace.
- sighs ]
i need to talk to you.
i need to talk to you, too.
-Come in.
-[[ [ sighs ]
okay, so, you go first.
no, you go first.
-You know i do a lot of pro bono
-Work, right?
you do.
well, that's what i've been
-Doing the past few months, and
-My -- my firm has taken a hit
-''ve exhausted most of my
-Savings with the house and --
well, i tried to tell you.
i know.
-Just let me finish.
with the wedding and all the
-Other expenses, that pretty much
-Tapped me out.
-Another lawyer came on...
-[[ [ sighs ]
-......and gave me an offer i
-Couldn't refuse.
i signed with preston, marci.
preston -- preston, my slimy,
-Conniving, "tried to ruin my
-Life and my career and -- and --
-And -- and my reputation"
-Cousin preston --thatpreston?
that's the one.
really, blair?
-How could you do this?
-You were gonna work with preston
-Without telling me, blair?
baby, i needed the money.
how could you?
i needed the money.
if you needed the money, you
-Should have came to me and said
-We could have worked through
-That together.
-That's what this is all about --
baby, i know --
we don't start a relationship
-Together on a lie or betrayal.
-That's not how this works.
it wasn't lying!
but that's what you did!
i-i was doing what i had to
-Do, babe!
-My contract alone could have
-Supported the two of us.
-You didn't have to go work for
what contract?
that's what i was gonna tell
-You remember that floral
well, okay, i got that.
there were just a few details
-That needed to be worked out.
-She wanted me to come to
-New york, and i --
ah, ah, ah, ah. new york?
so, that's what you've been
-Trying to get me to move to
-New york for.
well, i mean, i wanted us to
-Go live in new york, but you
-Told me about your -- your
-Parents' home and how important
-That was, and so, no.
so you didn't sign the
well, i-i said no to new y--
-She -- there's a firm, a partner
-......that -- uh, they were
-Gonna do the creative in
-New york, and i was gonna stay
in atlanta.
-......and work.
so, what's the problem?
the firm is adam's.
yes, adam.
adam reed?
adam reed.
the same little snake that
-Almost came between us last
-[[ [ sighs ] i'm sorry, blair.
how can you work with him?
but you're working for
oh, so you mean to tell me
-Working for preston is like you
-Working with adam?!
i don't know! is it?!
-You lied to me!
i didnotlie to you!
you did -- you didn't tell me
-The truth!
- lie is a lie, right?
-We're basically starting all of
-This based on a lie!
i'm so glad i didn't sell
-That loft.
-Oh, i'm so glad!
wait a minute.
-You didn't sell the loft?
-So, this whole time, you've been
-Playing me?
that's not --
you never intended to move to
-My parents' house, did you?!
keep your voice down.
i'm not keeping my voice
-Down, marci!
that is not what i meant.
that is exactly what you
-And i'm glad we had this little
-Chat, because i don't want to be
-Married to a woman...
keep your voice --
-......that does not trust me,
-And let alone can't be trusted!
what in the world is going on
-In here?!
-You could hear both of you out
-In the sanctuary!
oh, my god.
-The both of you need to calm
hey, what's wrong?
oh, my goodness.
-The people are arriving.
-And -- and this wedding is gonna
-Start in less than an hour.
-[[ [ sniffles ]
oh. oh, my god.
-My baby, what's wrong?
-[[ [ crying ]
what's wrong, sweet?
i don't think there's gonna
-Be a wedding.
yes, there is.
no, no.
there will be no wedding.
oh, wait.
there's gonna be a wedding.
- planned the wedding.
-There is going to be a wedding.
marci, marci.
oh, god.
what's the matter?
you know marci.
yeah. yeah, i-i-i know marci,
-And i know you.
-You're supposed to be getting
no, there ain't gonna be no
-Wedding, duck.
oh, come on, blair.
-Come on.
-Not -- not now.
all right, let's have a seat.
i don't really --
sit down.
-[[ [ sighs ]
sit down.
-You said, "i've always dreamed
-Of a man like blair -- actually,
-Blairisthe man i always
-Dreamed of."
-You said that just last night.
-And, blair, you said, "marci,
-''ve always loved you."
-You said that last year on
-Bended knee when you proposed to
-My daughter -- yes, you did, and
-You meant it.
-And now the two of you want to
-Sit here like simpletons and
-Pretend that those words and
-Those feelings don't matter.
-And why?
-Because both of you were willing
-To swallow your pride and work
-For people you detest to help
-Each other out.
-Now, did you go about it the
-Right way?
-No, you did not.
-But i see love written all over
-Those actions.
- see it. we all see it.
-Now, let me tell you something,
-All right?
-Life is short...
-And love is everything.
-It's not to be toyed with or
-Taken for granted.
-Why do you think you've taken so
-Long to get married?
-Because you wanted to be sure --
-You wanted to be sure that you
-Found the one.
-And now you're just gonna throw
-It away -- is that it?
-[[ [ sniffles ]
- feel like an idiot.
i do, too.
so, do you still want to get
-[[ [ sighs ]
- sniffles ]
- crying ] i do.
- sniffles ]
- love you.
i love you.
-[[ [ sobs ]
okay, well, we -- we got a
all right, blair.
-Yeah, let's go.
-[[ [ laughs ]
-All right, partner.
-[[ [ sniffles ]
- sighs ]
let's get this jacket on...
-[[ [ sighs ]
-Thank you, uncle duck.
-......and let's go get hitched.
shall we?
go ahead.
- chuckles ]
okay, i'll see you out there,
-[[ [ sighs ]
um, antonio, i was, um,
-Wondering if we could have a
-[[ [ breathes sharply ]
here it comes.
- sighs ]
well, what kind of person
-Would i be if i didn't take my
-Own advice?
-You're an amazing man.
-And -- and -- and you have so
-Much love to give, and you
-Deserve to receive that love
-Back. can't give it back?
-[[ [ sighs ]
- M okay with that.
but you shouldn't be.
you know...
-My uncle lawrence always told me
-That you haven't lived till
-You've had your heart broken by
- woman that you will never
-Stephanie jewel, that woman is
i'm sorry.
no, don't be.
-You know, it's actually
- chuckling ] you know, i never
-Thought that i could love just
-One woman, and let alone be hurt
-By one.
-So, you know...
-Feels good to know that i can
-Experience that kind of pain,
-That kind of love.
me too.
-You've made me a lot braver,
-Taken away that veil.
so, i guess this was good,
-After all.
this was very good, after
-[[ [ chuckles ]
- both chuckle ]
-[[ [ smooches ]
- better go.
no, please stay, please.
uh, it would kind of be a
-Little awkward.
-Adis, bella seora.
adis, antonio.
- sighs ]
- got to get out to the wedding.
-Wait. what am i doing?
- because
-You come to me
-With naught save love
- and hold my hand
-And lift mine eyes above
- A wider world
-Of hope and joy i see
- because
-God made thee
- instrumental solo ]
-[[ [ clears throat ]
dearly beloved, we are
-Gathered here in the presence of
-God to witness and bless
-The joining together of this man
-And this woman in holy
-Marriage was established by god
-In creation.
i, marci chandler jewel, take
-You, blair leonardo...
-Wait a minute.
-Um, what are you gonna do about
-You know who?
i'll quit if you want me to.
-Okay, we'll figure it out.
-...take you, blair leonardo --
what about adam?
well, i don't have to work
-With him if you don't want me
-To -- i can drop the account.
we'll figure it out.
-[[ [ clears throat ]
okay. okay. be my --
both: what about the house?
figure it out.
-[[ [ breathes deeply ]
no more secrets -- i promise.
anything else comes between
-......we'll get through it.
we'll get through it.
we'll get through it.
we'll get --
we haven't gotten to that
-Part yet.
okay. can i go now?
-,, marci chandler jewel, take
-You, blair leonardo kirkland, to
-Be my lawfully wedded husband,
-To have and to hold from this
-Day forward, in sickness and in
-Health, for richer, for poorer,
-Till death do us part.
by the authority vested in me
-By the state of georgia, i now
-Pronounce you husband and wife,
-And you can continue kissing one
-[[ [ laughs ]
- laughter ]
- mid-tempo music plays ]
so happy to see you.
-Oh, thank you, nina, for coming.
you, too.
okay. [ laughs ]
it was a beautiful
oh, thank you.
-......and i wish you all the
-Luck in the world.
aww, thank you, edward.
take care.
such a beautiful wedding!
thank you, darling.
thank you.
thank you for coming.
thank you.
hey, excuse me.
do you know where i can find
-The --
oh, my goodness!
are you kidding me?
-Look at you.
-[[ [ chuckles ]
you're -- you're more
-Beautiful than i remember.
the same.
give me a hug.
oh, my. [ laughs ]
-Oh, my god. goodness.
-What are you doing here?
i'm antonio's uncle.
-Uh, he told me to come and check
-On you, so that's what i'm
- a man of my word.
you're uncle lawrence.
i am.
-Yeah, i'm uncle lawrence, yeah.
-[[ [ chuckles ]
- gasps ]
you know i've always told
-Antonio, "you haven't lived
-Until you've had your heart
-Broken by a woman you'll never
-Where have you been?
-[[ [ clicks tongue ]
-Oh, you know.
-''ve been out there trying to
save the world.
larry, i'm so happy to see
i'm happy to see you, too.
-[[ [ chuckles ]
-Would you like to be my guest at
-My daughter's wedding reception?
i would love nothing more.
-[[ [ chuckles ]
shall we, my lady?
let's go. oh!
-So, how -- how many -- how many
-Years has it been, technically?
i don't know...
-[[ [ laughs ]
-Okay. uh. uh-oh.
whoa. relax. relax.
i'm putting you down.
-[[ [ laughs ] okay.
okay, now, do not look.
all right.
close your eyes.
-Keep your eyes closed.
oh, my gosh.
i'm gonna back you up.
i got you.
all right.
-Go slow. i got the --
we're going slow. i got you.
stop right there.
okay. open.
-[[ [ laughs ]
-Oh, my gosh!
-Oh, baby, did you do this for
i did it for us.
-[[ [ gasps ]
if it makes you happy, baby,
-It makes me twice as happy.
i love this.
- do.
- gasps ]
-Oh, my gosh.
-This was so much work.
i had some help from
-Uncle duck and his friends, but
-We managed.
-But i did save one job for you.
- sighs ]
-Thank you.
you're welcome.
-[[ [ chuckles ] yes.
do you want some help?
-[[ [ breathes deeply ]
-Nope. i got this.
all right.
so, one for you...
-......and one for me.
of course.
oh, no!
oh, lord.
you -- you okay?
yeah, i'm good.
look at you.
it's okay.
-[[ [ sighs ]
-You almost did it again.
yeah, but you caught me.
i'm always catching you.
-[[ [ chuckles ]
merry christmas,
-Mrs. kirkland.
merry christmas, daddy.
- festive music plays ]
- we'll sing
- fa la la, la la la la
- la la
- fa la la, la la la la
- this is my christmas
- this is my christmas carol
- fa la la, la la la la
- ooh-ooh-ooh
- fa la la, la la la la
- yeah
- this is my christmas carol
- this is my christmas carol
- gonna slap it on the table,
-For cooking in the kitchen
- family sitting 'round,
-Everybody reminiscing