Marrying Mr. Darcy (2018) Movie Script

And how's our favorite
Oh, you say that to everyone.
But with you I meant it.
We've got fresh madeleines.
Ah-ah-ah, your money's
no good here.
Amy got an A in history class
thanks to your help
so free treats all month.
Thank you.
By the way, how's the job
search going?
Well, I'm waiting to hear
about a teaching job.
Until then I'm tutoring
and staying at my mother's
friend Gabrielle's house.
Oh, she's a nice lady.
Oh, and I'm training her dog,
Rose, too.
How's your handsome boyfriend?
He's still the most handsome
gentleman in New York.
[message alert]
It's Mr. Wonderful.
Donovan wants to meet
in the park
for a picnic with the pups.
I will see you tomorrow.
Thank you.
Come here.
Mr. Darcy?
Miss Scott.
I wish we could stay
like this forever.
Well, we'd get rained on.
If it's with you I don't care.
Open it.
It's a new collar for Bliss.
Bliss, look. It's pink.
Love changes people.
Loving you has changed me.
You make me feel alive.
Like everything before you
was in black and white
and now I can see color
for the first time.
I want to share
my life with you.
Elizabeth Scott,
will you marry me?
Is- is that a yes?
Yes, yes, yes!
May I?
Do you see that,
Bliss and Jax?
I love it.
I love you.
[pouring rain]
Come on!
Good thing you live across
the street!
Come on!
Oh, Bliss, awe, I'm sorry.
Oh, I have to call my mom!
[phone ringing]
Oh honey, I am so happy for you!
Me too!
Congratulations, Lizzy!
You knew?
Of course we do.
Donovan called us this morning
to ask my permission.
Is he there?
Let- let's see him.
She said yes.
I'm just so thrilled.
I've been waiting so long
to plan this with you two.
In fact...
I have ideas.
It's gonna be so fun.
I'll come out to D.C.
this weekend
and we can get started.
Oh, and I can't wait
to see the new shop.
I love you, mom.
Love you, Jenna.
Love you, bye!
Love you!
I am so happy
that you said yes.
Did you ever really doubt it?
Are you kidding me?
I never know what
you're gonna say.
It's one of the things
that I love about you.
You said yes!
I told you.
It was so obvious you'd say yes.
But my big brother was a wreck
worrying about it.
Was not.
A total wreck.
It's wonderful.
Your mother just called.
I'm so happy for you both.
That is the fastest call
on record.
Well, of course
she called me.
I'm her best friend,
after all.
And you're basically a niece
and now you're a nephew.
So, have you picked
a date?
Not yet.
Probably sometime in the fall.
We met in the fall.
So that'll be nice.
Seven or eight months is not a
lot of time but you can do it.
We'll have plenty of time,
and we're gonna have exactly
the wedding that we want.
(Elizabeth): This is a great
revision on your essay.
(Zara): Thanks to your help.
Hi, Jax, hi. Hi.
We're just going over Zara's
history paper.
You know, Amelia Earhart
used to be one of my heroes.
What made you think of her?
Aunt Violet took me to the air
and space museum last summer.
What did Aunt Violet do?
You wouldn't talk to me
about it.
Well, someone was spreading lies
about me and she believed them.
She was just protecting
your brother.
She was trying to embarrass
Elizabeth and break us up.
Well, now everybody knows
the truth
and it's time for us
to move on.
You're sure?
I think a wedding is the perfect
time to patch things up.
I'll talk to her.
Alright, so, if we just condense
the ending a little bit,
It will structure everything
Oh, I'm so happy to see you.
It's good to see you, too.
When you didn't return
my phone calls
I was worried you were never
gonna talk to me again.
The thought had crossed my mind.
I'm sorry for what I did.
I have regretted it every day.
You know, you really
have Elizabeth
to thank for me being here.
Family is very important to her.
Well, it is for me, too.
I've missed you and Zara
every single day.
I know. I know.
You've always been there
for me and Zara
and for that I am grateful.
Oh, you're looking so well.
I am. I am.
I'm really happy.
Maybe it shows.
Go on.
I've asked Elizabeth
to marry me.
I want to spend the rest of
my life with her.
Th... this is sudden.
Well, sudden or no,
I love her.
You just need to get to know
her better.
I'm sure you'll love her
as much as I do.
I suppose I have another apology
to make.
(Elizabeth): I don't
believe it!
Aunt Violet just apologized
to me.
That's a first.
[phone ringing]
And that's Violet
taking it back.
Hello, Miss Scott?
This is Principal Spraker
at the Van Buren Academy.
Oh, hello.
Listen, I'm calling because
we've narrowed
down the applicants
for our ninth grade
history teacher position
that starts fall semester.
I'd like to interview
you personally.
Would the 17th at 10:00PM
work for you?
Yes, yes. I will be there.
Thank you.
We'll see you then.
They wanna interview me
for that teaching job.
New job?
New husband?
New life.
They've updated your CEO bio
and you need to approve it.
Donovan Darcy is the head of
Darcy Enterprises,
one of the nation's
most innovative
private investment firms.
That's good.
Um, have them include something
about my work
with the foundation.
I never stress that enough.
I'll make a note.
What's next on the agenda?
Uh, me.
I'm sorry, who are you?
Your best friend?
Legal counsel?
Incredibly good-looking man
of mystery.
Ah. I will give you
two out of three.
You get to pick the two.
So I'm not your
best friend anymore?
That's the one you picked?
Cool with it.
Whaddya got?
I have the final contract
for the new rec center
for you to sign.
Speaking of, have you seen
the new rec center?
Personally I would have made it
a little bigger.
Well, at the ground breaking
in June it probably will be.
Brendan, please start
a guest list
for the ground
breaking ceremony.
Make sure my fianc is at the
top and make sure she has a car.
Will do.
You better ask her.
Well, of course
she's going to go.
You can't just assume that
Elizabeth is gonna do things.
I tried that once or twice
with Jenna,
didn't go over so well.
The Scott sisters
should be involved
in all of the decision making.
Good point.
Brendan, I'm going to ask
Elizabeth if she would like
to go to the ground
breaking ceremony
and I will let you know
what she says.
You sure it's alright if Violet
joins us for dinner?
Of course.
She did apologize.
Maybe we should wait
for her downstairs.
She could get here early.
No, Violet is never early.
She's always exactly
25 minutes late
which she says is good form.
Besides, I told Linus to send
her up when she arrives.
How did you get up here?
Hi, Jax.
Get up here, big guy.
Jax is very smart.
Well, not very trainable.
No wonder he's the last of
Figgy's puppies to go.
Aw, you wanna keep him,
you know it.
In one month from now
Jax will be a show dog.
There you are, Jax.
[speaking French]
Aw, come here, baby.
There you go.
I knew Jax was smart
but I didn't know
he spoke French.
I've been studying.
My school's organizing a summer
program in Montreal
for French immersion.
I'll end up trs fluide.
Can I go?
I'll think about it.
That means no.
No, that means
I'll think about it.
Merci, mon frre.
That means "thank you,
my brother".
I know.
[speaking French]
That means
"don't push your luck".
Well, while we wait.
[plays music]
Ah. Shall we?
Aunt Violet!
I'm so happy to see you.
Hello, darling.
Is she up there?
Her name is Elizabeth.
And yes, she is.
You'll like her.
I would have preferred Princess
Lucia of Belgium better.
Or at least that beautiful
little debutant with whom
you went to the
Governor's Ball, hmm?
Well, I'm glad he chose
And you'll be glad, too.
Here comes the sun,
You chase the thunder
Here comes the sun,
You're such a wonder
You are my true love
My whole life through love
There go the raindrops,
Here comes the sun.
Oh, hi.
Donovan, I've not seen
you this happy in years.
And you,
thank you so much for accepting
my apology.
Of course.
I brought you a gift.
Oh, you don't have to do that.
I wanted to.
Open it.
It was Donovan's grandmother's.
And now, as Donovan's bride,
it's yours.
I love it.
It's a small token to mark
your engagement
and to thank you for accepting
me back into your life.
It's a new beginning.
And a wedding is
a new beginning, too, isn't it?
I want to help
with the planning.
Aunt Violet coordinates
most of our foundation events.
She knows everyone in New York.
Oh, thank you.
We just want a small,
simple wedding.
I agree.
My mom has a notebook
full of ideas
but we could use all
the help we can get.
Anything you want.
It would be my pleasure.
(Elizabeth): Mom, what's wrong?
Planning your wedding,
I couldn't be happier.
Mom, there's a lot of time
between now and November.
Crying is fine but you have
to pace yourself.
Point taken.
Well, to get us started
A wedding planner?
Thank you.
It's to help us organize
all the decisions
you're gonna be making
for your wedding.
In fact, what kind of wedding
are you picturing?
I always dreamed of something
small and simple,
in a garden with family
and friends.
Mmm, then that's what
we'll work towards.
Would you like to try on
a dress or two?
We've got plenty of time
for that,
and I want Zara to be here,
she's really excited
about the wedding.
Ok, well, whenever
you're ready.
Because your perfect dress
is somewhere right here.
[together] Mom.
It was nice of you to wait
until Zara could be here
to try on dresses.
I wanted her to be
a part of it and-
I'm so sorry to barge
in unannounced
but I have wonderful news.
You will not believe it.
I had to pull a lot of strings
but I managed to book you
the Manhattan Grace Church
for your wedding.
They're usually reserved
a year in advance.
Well, what do you think?
I think it's amazing.
Grace Church is gorgeous.
Four generations of Darcys
have been married there,
including Donovan's parents
and grandparents.
I'm in.
Let's be the fifth generation
of Darcys
to get married at Grace Church.
Wonderful, I'm so pleased.
So which Saturday in November
did you get?
We would prefer early in
the month but we're flexible.
No, I told you it was wonderful
news, I lied.
It's actually a miracle.
I got you the church for
the third Saturday in June.
As in a year from now?
Uh, we don't wanna wait
that long.
You don't have to.
The church is yours this June.
Two months from now.
I say we go for it.
Wedding planning
in two months, I...
You wanted it simple, right?
I will give you and your mother
all the help you need.
That's two months.
Grace Church.
What about a garden wedding?
It's not the garden wedding
I first thought
but Grace Church is beautiful
and it's a Darcy tradition.
Do you realize how large it is?
I have done some research
and they have small weddings
there all the time.
Mom and Jenna are gonna come
this weekend
to check out Grace Church
and I would love for you
to come, too.
I would like that.
Thank you.
I love this place.
You know, in China red lanterns
represent happiness.
Do you think they're glowing
for us?
Without a doubt.
So how are things going
with the recreation center?
I'm really excited about it,
I spend most of my day
on the business
end of Darcy Enterprises but my
heart is with the foundation.
What good is all that money
if it's not doing good
for others, right?
Why don't you work for
the foundation full-time?
It's what you're
passionate about.
I wish I could.
I don't think it would
be possible, though.
Why not?
Well, there's always been
a Darcy
at the head of
Darcy Enterprises.
Kind of a tradition.
Well, there's a tradition
of great men
running charities, too.
Fair enough.
For the happy couple.
Compliments of the house.
Thank you, Evan.
That is very thoughtful.
So how's Oliver doing?
Does he like the daycare
I told you about?
He loves it.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You are incredible.
I have been coming here
for years
and I never knew he had
a son.
Oliver isn't his son,
Oliver is his dog.
I told him about
a doggy daycare.
He's really cute, too.
I always loved these windows.
It's magnificent.
Someone once said, in 1860,
to be married or buried
within these walls
was ever considered
the height of felicity.
I vote for married.
What do you think, mom?
Can we make this work
for an intimate wedding?
Well, I think that with flowers
and candles
to define a smaller space,
it'll look magical.
Have you thought about
a theme for the wedding?
Yes, because the church
is very formal
so it's all in the details.
What about city garden?
We can get all kinds of
different types of flowers
in all sorts of colors.
Like they're blooming
right here in Manhattan.
I love it.
And they say wedding planning
is hard.
Just stunning.
I like the garden wedding
theme, too.
So what's next to be decided?
The guest list.
Tea and coffee for the most
wonderful couple in New York.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I'm meeting with
Aunt Violet tomorrow
and we're talk about it.
Do you remember the first
time that we ate macarons?
Of course I remember.
We had them for the first time
when I took you
to see the painting
of Queen Victoria and her dog
and you thought
I was pompous.
And you thought I was rude.
No, I thought you were smart,
and completely charming.
And exactly the woman for me.
How convenient, because I knew
you were exactly the man for me.
Ok, so... guest list, check.
Thank you for having me.
That's a beautiful tea set.
It's a family heirloom.
received it as a wedding gift.
I know that you and Donovan want
to have a very simple wedding
and I've been working on the
guest list on the Darcy side
and I've trimmed it down
as much as possible.
The final figure I've come up
with is 400.
Are you inviting everyone
Donovan has ever met?
Heavens, no.
The first version
was almost 600 people,
and there's simply nobody
else we can cut.
As it is, the French second
cousins will never forgive us.
All right.
Branden said I could
just come in.
Of course.
How was tea with Aunt Violet?
It was eye-opening.
When we talked about a simple
wedding what were you picturing?
I don't know, a simple wedding?
Maybe 250 guests.
Obviously I would take care
of all the expense.
What were you picturing when we
talked about a simple wedding?
I was thinking like 30 people.
Close friends, family,
our loved ones,
and the dogs, too.
You remember I was young
when mother and father passed
and I took over the business
and a lot of people took care
of me along the way.
A wedding invitation is a way
to thank them.
And I have to invite
the foundation donors,
they're nearly family.
30 people, 250 people, that's
quite the range of simple.
[laughs] Yes, it is.
Well, I mean, how do you
feel about 250?
Let the wedding guest
auction begin.
The high estimate is 250 but
the lady's opening bid is 30.
Going once, going twice-
Ah, but the appraiser says
that this will be
the finest guest list
in all of New York.
After contemplating
the fine guest list
the lady's next bid is 75.
So this reserve is 150.
She hesitates, she wasn't
planning on going higher
but finally she doubles
her bid to 150.
Ah, opening bid is 150.
Going once, going twice,
sold to the lady with
the beautiful blue eyes.
150 guests.
And you have to tell
Aunt Violet.
(Elizabeth): I would love
to work here.
(Principal Spraker): Well,
thank you, Miss Scott.
Your credentials and references
are good,
but I'll be honest with you.
We are seeing a number of
other well-qualified candidates.
I understand.
So you're going to D.C. to pick
out wedding dresses tomorrow?
I'm flying in tomorrow,
Zara's gonna be there,
so is Aunt Violet.
It was nice of you
to invite them.
I invited Zara.
Aunt Violet invited herself.
Don't let Aunt Violet
complicate things.
You just pick the one you want.
Says the man who already owns
the tuxedo he's going to wear.
What's that?
I'll show you.
Well, I knew that you
were having a stressful day
so I wanted to cook
you dinner.
That smells amazing.
I like to surprise you
every now and then.
Well, cheers to that.
It looks so great in here.
Hello, Linda.
Finally we meet.
I've heard so much about you.
I've heard a lot about you, too.
Welcome to D.C.
Thank you.
And you.
I have waited to choose
your wedding dress
for as long as
you've been alive.
Well, there's nowhere else
I'd rather get it.
Well, ladies, let's get to work.
We don't have a lot of time,
only eight weeks.
I've already gone ahead
and picked out some dresses
that I thought might work.
The first one has a classic,
Grace Kelly kind of feel.
It's beautiful.
But it's not me.
Not a problem.
Alright, and the next one...
I'm not really a lace
kind of girl.
This last one,
I don't know why,
but as soon as I saw it
I thought of you.
I'm gonna try that on.
This is the dress.
You look amazing.
Who's the designer?
Sunlight Bridal.
They're one of the best.
An off-the-rack gown
simply won't do.
This is going to be the most
photographed dress
of the season.
Well, this is exactly
what I want.
I have a suggestion.
I know the designer
Mariana Merel.
Wait, what?
You know Mariana Merel?
Who's that?
One of the most famous gown
designers in the entire country.
Mariana did my sweet 16 dress
and I loved it.
Mariana is truly gifted
and we want you to be
the most beautiful bride
of the season.
Lizzy, the dress you're wearing
is beautiful.
I know.
So why do I need
a designer label?
Well, she's not just
a designer label, honey.
She does exquisite designs.
They're works of art.
You have an appointment
Friday at 10:00.
Given the tight schedule
her staff is sending
over the preliminary
But I...
Lizzy, sweetheart.
You at least owe it to yourself
to meet with her.
I'll put the dress you're
wearing aside
and if you decide you
still wanna wear it,
it'll be here for you.
Let me take off the dress
and we can talk.
I'll help you change.
Oh... thank you.
Thank you.
You are the bride, you get
to choose the dress you want.
If you want this one,
wear it.
I would have been happy
wearing that dress
but maybe it's not right
for Grace Church.
And there are gonna be
a lot of eyes on me.
Can you imagine 150
Aunt Violets at my wedding?
"This off-the-rack dress
simply won't do".
Oh, heavens, no.
I'll take the meeting
with Mariana Merel
but I get the final choice.
I want a dress that I love.
The decision is all yours.
Did I forget about a date?
Uh, no.
I did.
There's a foundation
meeting tonight
and I forgot to tell you
about it.
That's ok, I'll just see you
Yes, but you don't understand.
You are now a member
of the board.
I am?
It only meets once a quarter.
And they expect me
to meet tonight.
Donovan, the foundation
is a big deal.
You didn't even ask me-
I realize it's short notice,
but I thought you'd wanna be
a member of the board.
Well, I do.
Come on.
Hi, guys.
You alright?
I'm just changing.
You look lovely.
I've been travelling all day.
I don't look lovely.
Well, did you pick
a wedding dress?
Not yet.
Your Aunt Violet set up a
meeting with Mariana Merel.
Mariana's good.
So she gets your vote
for the dress?
If you're happy,
I'm happy.
My fianc, the quick
change artist.
Donovan, I'm happy
that I'm being invited
on the foundation board
but next time can we discuss
things like this first?
Yes, I hear you.
Well, let's go.
So now I'd like to welcome
our newest member,
Elizabeth Scott,
soon to be Mrs. Darcy.
Elizabeth, everyone here
is curious,
what will your areas of
interest be with the foundation?
Um... it's an honor to be asked
to be a member of the board
and I'm excited to be here.
Uh, I'm a teacher so I'm just
gonna pretend
you're all ninth graders and
it's my first day of school.
I- I don't know what my area
of interests are
but I do know that
I am planning to go back
to teaching once we're married.
Um... but I'd love to work
on educational projects.
But uh, I'll keep you posted.
To finish this off I'd like
to say that I-
I can't wait to get
to know you all.
Well, I knew you'd do well
but you did great.
I was totally faking it
in there.
I thought you did amazing.
Donovan, you have to realize
that this is all new to me.
You can't just throw me in the
water and expect me to swim.
I'm sorry.
Next time I'll try and keep you
on dry land.
You know, the foundation
is so wonderful.
I could see in the meeting
how much you love it here.
I give my days and my time
to the company
but my heart belongs
to the foundation.
I know you said there's always
been a Darcy
at the head of Darcy Enterprises
but that can change.
It won't be easy, but...
Life is short.
You should follow your heart.
I'm glad I caught you.
I need one more signature
for the Albany deal.
At least for now my heart
will have to take second place.
This should just take a moment.
Of course.
I'll just wait for you here.
May I give you a word
of advice?
Of course.
I don't know that you understand
how important our
board members are.
They are some of the most
powerful people in New York
and you called
them ninth graders.
I was a little taken aback, and
I'm certain Randolph Pack was.
I'm sorry, that's not at all
what I was trying to do.
Yeah, I'm sure
that you didn't know
that you were offending them.
And while we're speaking,
I was surprised to hear
that you've decided
to return to teaching.
Yes, I am.
You're not going to have time
for that.
Not with your new
social obligations
and your board duties.
You certainly don't need a job.
Oh, well, teaching isn't a job,
it's who I am.
It's who you were.
Now you will be
Mrs. Donovan Darcy.
That's a very important
full-time position.
Is something the matter?
Donovan, you know I'm gonna go
back to teaching
after we're married, right?
Of course. Why?
I just talked to Violet.
She said I wouldn't have time
to go back to teaching
after we're married.
I fell in love with a teacher
and a teacher is who
I'm gonna marry.
I'll talk to her, ok?
There is no need for Elizabeth
to have a job.
Elizabeth wants to teach
after we're married
and so she will teach.
I have learned that sometimes
you can't always have it all.
I know how much you had
to give up for us
when mother and father died.
You were living in London,
But I was happy to come back
and take care of you and Zara.
All I wanted was to keep
you two safe.
You have no idea.
The responsibility sometimes
terrified me.
But you two are the lights
of my life.
It's not up to me whether
Elizabeth continues to teach.
If that's the way
you both want it
then I suppose that's
the way it's going to be.
I appreciate that.
Oh, aren't you just so handsome?
They are gonna love you.
Now, remember,
you are a show dog.
The entire world will be
watching your every move.
They will be judging you
at all times.
But you can do this.
I can do this.
What are you doing here?
You didn't think I was gonna
miss your appointment
with Mariana Merel?
And... I'm here, too!
And guess what?
I am not leaving
until we get you married.
And I'm gonna be here
for as long as you want me.
And I am just their chauffeur
so don't mind me.
Aw, you're not
just the chauffeur.
You're also my handsome
I got her wrapped
around my finger.
Oh yeah.
Uh, and now,
handsome boyfriend...
Would you please go to the car
and get the bags?
Thank you.
I'm so happy you're here.
Hey, bud.
He's being a very good boy.
I've gone through the
questionnaire you filled out,
and since there's only five
weeks until your wedding
I've already drawn up
two preliminary sketches.
You said you like simple lines.
This first dress is sleek,
elegant, classic.
That is beautiful.
That's exactly what I want.
So beautiful.
It's lovely.
Very nice.
The second sketch goes in a
slightly different direction.
Your wedding will be
the wedding of the season.
This first dress is beautiful
but subtle.
This dress will make
you look truly magnificent.
I have to be honest.
It's simply stunning.
Oh, Elizabeth, you are going to
be the most magnificent bride
in New York City.
It's amazing, but Lizzy,
is it you?
It's your choice.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm not going to be
any help at all.
I love them both.
Thanks a lot, mom.
Uh, well, if I was getting
married in a garden
it would have been this one.
But I'm getting married
in Grace Church.
So Mariana,
this is the dress.
Ah, excellent choice.
How did the meeting
with Mariana Merel go?
Aunt Violet thinks I'll be
the most magnificent bride
in New York.
And I'm sure she's right.
Donovan, what if I can't be
What do you mean?
When we're together it
feels like everything is fine.
But when we're apart there
are all these expectations.
Do you ever feel like
you and I are just...
so different?
Well, we are different.
That's- that's what
I love about you.
Are you worried?
I guess I- I am.
I think.
It's just all the wedding
is starting to feel a little bit
and the word "magnificent" is a
little bit hard to live up to.
Well, I'm sure that you will be
the most magnificent bride
in New York.
Is there anything I can do?
Well, there is a cake tasting.
I will be there.
I promise.
We haven't even talked
about our honeymoon.
Where do you wanna go?
Mmm, somewhere warm.
I just wanna spend some time
with you.
You shall.
Good job.
He is doing much better.
More focused, less distracted.
[doorbell rings]
Nope, not distracted at all.
Good morning, Violet.
Please come in.
Hello, Linus.
Oh, you're both here.
Oh, Zara, darling.
I have something very serious
to discuss with you.
Now, I realize that the wedding
is in four and a half weeks
and the invitations are going
out in a couple of days
and I've been struggling.
With the addition of Elizabeth's
family and friends
I can't get this guest
list below 200.
But we agreed on 150.
Come on, Jax.
Let's go for a long,
long walk.
Elizabeth's right,
we agreed on 150
and that's what it needs to be.
I honestly don't see how we
can cut this down any more.
There would have to be some
people we could cut.
Elizabeth, I'm sorry.
These- these are
all important people.
I don't think I can cut
any of them.
I guess there's nothing wrong
with having too many friends.
Looks like we'll have to go
with 200 guests.
But with 200 we're gonna
need a big reception space.
It's a Darcy tradition
to use the ballroom at
the Greenmore Hotel.
I reserved it several weeks ago
just in case.
You reserved it
without consulting with us?
It's just an option, honey.
Did you have another venue
in mind?
Well, no.
Then everything will work out
I know the wedding is expanding
and obviously with such
a short schedule
certain things might be
so I've given it
a little thought and,
uh, these are some of the things
that remain to be done
and I would help coordinate
with you and your mother.
Please, allow me to help
give you a wedding
you'll never forget.
Well, what do you think?
Sorry I'm late.
What, do you think you're
the boss or something?
Something like that.
I have decided to take
a month off.
What do I need to do
to accomplish that?
Oh, not much.
Maybe clone a twin.
What's up?
The wedding.
The wedding's what's up.
There's gonna be a couple
hundred people everywhere,
Elizabeth wants a small wedding
so I want the honeymoon
to be about Elizabeth and I.
I want to give her the trip
of a lifetime.
I want to take her to see
all these historical places.
I know she's always
wanted to see,
and not for a week,
for a month.
Well, sounds fantastic.
I'm sure she'll love the idea.
See what she says.
And I want to surprise her.
Surprise her?
When exactly are you planning
on telling her?
The reception.
Well, it'll be a surprise.
I mean, you do know
what a surprise is, right?
Yes, because
I hate them.
Ah, well Elizabeth
does not hate them.
You should have seen her face
when I surprised her
with the ring.
This is gonna be like that
but times ten.
I just have to work more,
a lot more,
before the wedding.
Thank you, Mrs. Darcy, for
inviting me to your home today.
The cake you made for the
Vanlier wedding was sublime.
I usually do a group tasting
at my bakery
but Mrs. Darcy explained
with your tight schedule
it would be more convenient if
I brought the tasting to you,
so voila.
[phone ringing]
Excuse me.
Hey, Donovan,
are you almost here?
[traffic sounds]
I'm sorry, darling.
I thought I left the office
with plenty of time
but the car hasn't even moved
in 20 minutes.
I'm not gonna make it.
Is it alright if I give you
my proxy for the cake?
Well, we can wait for you.
I'm not even close.
You should do the cake tasting
without me.
I'm really sorry.
Um, ok.
I love you.
I'm sorry.
Donovan won't be joining us
after all.
Not a problem.
Let's begin.
Warm up your taste buds, ladies.
On your left there's
our award-winning
almond truffle
raspberry fusion cake.
There are so many words
to like in that sentence.
Next we have dark chocolate
with real gold leaf.
Well, chocolate isn't
and the gold leaf
is a bit gauche.
Next we have vanilla buttercream
with a white ganache drizzle.
Double wow.
No, double double wow.
Donovan, what're you doing here?
This is our spot.
That's why I proposed here.
So, what've you been doing
all afternoon?
Just a little stressed out.
I'm sorry, I know this wedding
is expanding
and I know that Aunt Violet
is never short on opinions.
She means well and I want her
to like me.
She knows a lot more about these
kinds of weddings than I do.
I've never been to a wedding
like this let alone planned one.
You're doing just fine.
I'm just starting to feel
a little bit overwhelmed,
but this is supposed to be fun
and I know it's just cake
but I was really looking forward
to picking it out with you.
Elizabeth, I don't want you
to think that this wedding
isn't important to me, too.
It is.
It's my way of showing the world
how much you mean to me.
You mean the world to me, too.
We'll work through this.
So what kind of cake
did you choose?
Well, you weren't there
so you're gonna have to wait
'til the wedding to find out.
Oh, come on. Tell me.
I picked a vanilla buttercream
with a white ganache drizzle.
That does sound pretty good.
It was really good.
These invitations
look beautiful.
They better.
They just went out
to 200 guests.
[phone ringing]
If that's Violet adding more
guests don't answer.
Principal Spraker.
I would love to come
for another meeting.
I will be there tomorrow.
Thank you.
Another meeting is good,
Obviously you didn't do
as bad as you thought.
He didn't say what it was for.
Oh, stop it.
You're gonna get that job.
What do you think, Bliss?
What do you think?
After interviewing
all the candidates
I'd like to offer you the job.
You would?
I love the story about
the student who inspired you.
You did?
Everyone else talked about how
they changed their students.
You explained how a student
changed you.
Can you start August 26th?
Thank you.
Thank you.
Donovan Darcy's office.
Hi Brendan, can I speak
to Donovan, please?
Hi, Elizabeth.
Let me check.
And that's the honeymoon suite,
I want a view of all of Rome.
Sorry, he's not available.
Ok, um, well, I'll just talk
to him later.
I am so happy to be here today
to discuss your wedding flowers.
These cymbidiums would make
an elegant display,
especially massed.
They're lovely,
but I've seen them three times
at a wedding this year.
They've been done.
Uh, what else can you suggest?
Well, these white lilacs
are exquisite.
June is a little late
in the season for them
but I do have a wonderful
distributor in Provence
who can guarantee a delivery.
I must warn you, though,
they are quite expensive.
Well, Elizabeth deserves
the best.
White lilacs get my vote.
Are you sure you can get them
here on time?
The wedding's in three weeks.
Of course. Not a problem.
The theme is "city garden".
I was hoping to have a little
bit more color.
I wanted to discuss
that with you.
It's a very formal wedding
and I think colored flowers
are so...
But it's what Elizabeth wants.
Of course. It was just
a thought.
Lilacs are beautiful but
I like buttercups better.
Oh, honey, that's so sweet.
Am I missing something?
My dad and I used to pick
yellow buttercups
on summer vacation
every year.
If we had them at the wedding it
would feel like he was with me.
I love that idea.
I do, too.
Well, we could put buttercups
in your bouquet.
I have a compromise.
Buttercups in your bouquet
and white lilacs
throughout the church
and at the reception.
Or we could have white lilacs
and buttercups together
at the church.
The hotel provides a selection
of everything needed
for the reception.
All we have to do is choose.
Oh my goodness.
This seems appropriate.
Ooh, I think that
this looks better.
I think we'll do
the simple ones.
So we're done, right?
Uh, no.
Now we need the stemware,
the silverware,
the linens, the chairs.
You forgot the dance floor.
Dance with me?
[phone rings]
I'm- I'm sorry, darling.
I have to take this.
I know you're with Elizabeth
and can't talk but the Louvre
might approve an after-hours
visit for your honeymoon.
The director must
speak to you right away.
I understand.
Elizabeth, I need to go
and speak with Brendan.
It might take a while.
You carry on here
without me?
Before we move on
to other choices,
I'd like to revisit this china.
Aunt Violet, believe me.
I appreciate you helping us
with the wedding
but I don't need you to second
guess me every step of the way.
That wasn't my-
I want those napkins,
that stemware, this silverware,
these candle sticks,
and those chairs.
I think we're finished here.
Well done.
Hey, Zara.
What's wrong?
Remember how I wanted to go
to Montreal in August
to study French?
Donovan says I'm too young.
I'm 17.
I think he's just
being protective.
I know that's how it feels
for you,
but he loves you and he just
wants you to be safe.
Do you want me to talk to him?
Would you?
As soon as he gets here.
Oh, hi, buddy.
Are you the cutest?
Are you the cutest?
Thanks, Linus.
I'm sure Mr. Darcy
will be here soon.
[phone rings]
Hey, it's me.
Look, I'm- I'm really
swamped here.
So I'm not going
to see you tonight?
I know, I'm so sorry.
I know we were supposed
to go out tonight
to celebrate your
new teaching job.
I just have so much to do here
and I haven't even started
on the prep
for the ground
breaking tomorrow.
Will you forgive me?
Of course.
I understand.
I just miss you.
I miss you, too.
I'll see you tomorrow
at the ground breaking.
I love you.
I love you.
At least you like spending time
with me.
Do you want to come with me to
the ground breaking tomorrow?
I'll bring you.
A puppy always makes
everything better.
On behalf of the Darcy
I'd like to thank you all for
coming out in this fine weather
we've got and welcome you
to the future site
of our first after-school
recreation center
of Westchester County.
When the center is completed
it will provide the young people
of this community
with activities and programs
that will enrich their lives.
I thank you for joining us
and I look forward to
welcoming you back to
the completed building.
Kids, what do you think?
Oh, you can do better than that.
Let me introduce you
to Elizabeth and Jax
the wonder dog.
I know he may not look
like a wonder dog but he is.
His superpower is that
he makes everybody smile.
Wanna see how it works?
Row, row, row your boat,
Gently down the stream,
[dog singing along]
Merrily, merrily, merrily,
Life is but a dream
Look good?
Thanks, guys.
See? Jax is just what we needed.
He's a sweetie, but I'm thinking
of giving up on his,
uh, dog show training.
Can't force him to be something
he's not.
Plenty of show dogs
in the family,
he can just be a love dog
and a singer.
The foundation is doing
so much good.
I can see how happy you are
here today.
It makes me almost as happy
as you do.
Are you sure you can't do
this full-time?
Do what full-time?
Oh, uh, the Darcy Foundation.
I've been encouraging Donovan
to take a step back
from Darcy Enterprises to spend
some more time with the charity.
But there's always been a Darcy
at Darcy Enterprises.
Well, I think it's time
that things change.
You're not seriously
considering this.
You are needed.
Henry knows almost as much about
running the business as I do.
So you have been
considering this?
You can't consider this.
The good of the company
is at stake.
Well, I think this is about
Donovan's own good.
He spends his days and his time
with the company
but his heart is
in the foundation.
Violet, the decision
isn't about you or me,
it's about how Donovan is gonna
spend the rest of his life
and I'm gonna support him
no matter what
and I hope that you can,
This isn't something that needs
to be decided today,
but it is something that I'm
considering after the wedding.
There'll be plenty of time
to discuss it.
Hello there, Jax.
And hello, Miss Scott.
We were very impressed with you
in the boardroom.
You were?
I'm sorry I referred to you
as ninth graders.
My wife laughed when I told her
what you said.
I want to show you
my rescue dog, Linnet.
Yeah, I would love to have Jax
over for a play date,
after the wedding of course.
That's in a week, isn't it?
Six days.
We would love to.
Right, Jax?
Well, that went well.
It did, didn't it?
Wanna grab some lunch?
I wish I could but I really have
to get back to work.
Do you really have to?
We keep missing each other
and I promised Zara that
I would talk to you.
It's about the Montreal program.
She's really disappointed that
you won't let her go
and it's a really great
opportunity for her.
It won't hurt her to stay here
one more summer.
Besides, she's too young.
She's 17.
I went to a great history
program in Boston
when I was her age.
You know, she's also not as
grown up as she thinks she is.
She is more grown up
than you think she is.
You need to encourage her
to pursue her interests,
not stop her.
You need to take her feelings
into account.
Elizabeth, I really think
I'm right about this.
Let her stay here in town one
more summer where you and I,
and Aunt Violet,
can look after her.
[message alert]
I really do have to get back
to work.
I know I've been working
a lot lately,
but I promise it won't always
be this way.
Are you alright?
Did something happen
at the ground breaking?
It went fine.
Then what's wrong?
I'm worried that Donovan
might be pulling away.
You know that's not true.
I don't know.
We used to spend so much
time together.
We'd walk the dogs, make dinner,
now I never see him.
I'm afraid he's more interested
in spending time at work
than with me.
Henry says he's super busy.
Lizzy, Donovan adores you.
What do you think, Bliss?
This is my favorite moment:
when we see the bride
in the finished dress.
Oh, oh, Lizzy!
Splendid. It's even more
than I hoped.
What do you think, Lizzy?
It's something out of a dream.
You look like a princess.
Then why don't I feel like one?
Oh, thank you.
It's worth every penny.
And I don't look anything
like me.
Is everything ok?
Can we talk?
Of course.
This wedding is starting
to feel wrong.
The guest list is huge,
my dress is way too much
and they're are all these
expectations and I-
Ok, ok.
Just talk to me.
Why can't we just be two
ordinary people who are in love?
That's what we are.
We're two people with 200 guests
at our wedding.
Ok, so- so what're you saying?
We can elope.
We can get into a car and go
to a justice of the peace
and that way it's just about us.
Just two people who are in love
and getting married.
No big church, no fancy dress,
no fuss.
We could do that.
If you want.
Do you want a- a small ceremony
with none of our friends
and none of our family?
I don't know.
I'm so sorry but they're getting
restless in the conference room.
I'll be there when I can.
Look, I... I love you
more than anything.
Why don't you go back
to your meeting
and we can continue
this conversation tonight?
I love you.
I do want to talk about this.
I'll find you at Gabrielle's
later, ok?
[message alert]
[door opens, closes]
Henry just dropped me off.
What're you still doing up
at 2:00AM?
I was waiting for Donovan.
He just texted me.
"Held up at work.
Now it's too late."
"Sorry. See you tomorrow."
I thought I was marrying
Donovan Darcy, not his work.
Is it always gonna be
"see you tomorrow"?
I'm sorry.
I need to talk to you.
Please, come in.
Come and sit down?
No. This won't take long.
I've been up all night
and I do love you and I know
that you love me.
Of course I love you.
And in three days we're supposed
to get married but...
My heart is telling me that
we might be rushing into this.
So what're you saying?
I don't know.
I'm so confused.
So sit and talk to me.
I don't wanna sit!
I'm sorry but I need time
to myself to think.
Elizabeth, wait.
[door closes]
Elizabeth, come on.
I need to talk to you. Please?
Elizabeth, I really need
to talk to you.
Elizabeth, come on. Please?
Elizabeth, please talk to me.
What's going on?
I told Donovan that I need some
time to think about the wedding.
The wedding is almost here.
Are you serious?
Elizabeth, open the door.
[door opens and closes]
What's going on?
Elizabeth says she's not sure
about the wedding.
Is she calling it off?
I don't know.
She came over, she said that
we're drifting apart
and that she thinks
we're rushing into things.
You've got to talk to her.
I tried.
She won't see me.
I just want to be left alone.
I'll just leave it here for you.
Did you see this coming?
There was nothing?
Uh, well, she was talking about
how he was always at work
and, oh, she was worried
he was pulling away,
but I didn't think she was
this upset.
He has been working day
and night,
but he's been doing it for her.
He's been doing what for her?
Well, it was supposed to be
a surprise
but he has been secretly
planning a month-long honeymoon.
That's really sweet.
Completely misguided,
but sweet.
We have to tell her.
No, no, no, no, no.
This has to come from Donny.
When we get married,
no surprises.
Way ahead of ya.
You've gotta do something.
She will not talk to me.
So try again.
Buddy, she needs to know
why you've been absent.
What if it's too late?
[door opens, closes]
Donovan, how are you?
I don't know.
I don't know how I am.
I- I... I'm always so sure
of myself and now I'm not.
Elizabeth has a good head
on her shoulders.
She'll come to her senses.
What if she doesn't?
Come in.
May I come in?
I just saw Donovan.
He's devastated.
I'm sorry if I hurt him.
I'm sorry if I've caused you
any pain.
It was from my manner
and not from my heart.
I appreciate that.
I know I may have been a little
pushy and overbearing
regarding the wedding,
but Donovan's like a son to me.
I want what's best for him.
You see him as a confident,
successful businessman.
I suppose I still see him as
a heartbroken 19-year-old
who just lost his parents.
When I first met you
I was worried that you weren't
strong enough for him,
but when you stood up to me
about him running the foundation
full-time I was impressed.
You seemed annoyed.
Well, I was at the time.
I know you have his best
interests at heart, as do I.
You two will make
a wonderful team.
Thank you, Violet.
That really means
a lot to me.
You're my beautiful, brave,
impulsive daughter.
And if you decide you don't
wanna get married
I'll support that.
But I wanna ask you a question.
Do you really think you can live
the rest of your life
without him?
[message alert]
"Dearest Elizabeth, I'll be
at our spot in the park.
"I'm asking from the bottom
of my heart,
"please come talk to me."
what're you gonna do?
Aunt Violet says that we are
the two most stubborn people
on the planet.
And this is what I was
being stubborn about,
even though Henry told me
I'm wrong.
Remember when I surprised
you with the ring?
I wanted to surprise you
with one more thing.
I've been working night and day
to give us a one month
around the world honeymoon.
I probably should have included
you in that decision.
That's why you were never there.
I wish you would have told me.
I should have.
I was wrong.
I love you so much.
But we're just so different.
Our weddings show
how different we are.
I... I wanted a tiny garden
You wanted a wedding
for 200 people.
And neither of us is wrong
for wanting those things.
I'm just afraid that's what
our life is gonna be like.
That one of us is gonna have
to give up what we want.
Can't we have it all?
I don't see how.
I think our differences
make us stronger.
I think we're better together
than we are apart.
You made me see
the world differently,
about a lot of things.
Even the foundation.
Henry and Randolph Peck can run
the business side of things
and I've decided I'll spend
all of my time
with the Darcy Foundation.
I'm glad.
You know, for a while there
we stopped communicating
and that's where
our problems started.
Because we're always at our best
when we're talking all the time
and I love that.
I never told you how important
the garden wedding was for me.
I just wanted it to be us
and a few people that we love
and I lost that.
And I just wanted
the big wedding
so we could be surrounded
by all the people
who wish us well.
And now we're back
to where we started.
I have an idea.
I do, too.
What are you thinking?
You first.
No, you first.
You first.
I asked first.
Ladies first.
We got a text from Donovan.
We received one from Elizabeth.
If they're breaking up
I'll be crushed.
There they are.
So what have you decided?
I've got to know.
I have decided that maybe
you are a bit more grown up
than I've given you credit for,
and you can go to the Montreal
camp this summer.
You should be able to pursue
your interests.
A smart teacher told me that.
She was right.
That's great.
But what about the wedding?
Oh, right.
The wedding.
Well, Donovan and I decided
what we wanna do
and the only way we can make it
happen is if everybody helps.
We're all family now.
We need to work together.
I'm in.
Do you see yourself
growing old with me
Watchin' my hair turn
to grey
Could you live with me
In my mistakes
And the ones I have
yet to make.
So when our eyes have
seen their better days
And our hearing
starts to fade
Put your arms
'round my neck
And your heart
on my chest
I love you, we'll still
sound the same.
I love you, we'll still
sound the same.
Let's begin.
We are here to celebrate
the union
of two people in love.
A union like this does
not limit possibilities,
it makes them greater.
Aunt Violet, I've always
known it.
You're just a softie underneath.
Because you've exchanged vows
before God and these witnesses,
and pledge your commitment
each to the other,
and declared the same by joining
hands and exchanging rings,
I now pronounce
you husband and wife.
You may now kiss the bride.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I am happy to introduce
Mr. and Mrs. Donovan Darcy.
I love you, Mrs. Darcy.
I'll hold your hand today
and forever.
And I will never let you go.
I love you, Mr. Darcy.