Marrying the Mafia 5: Return of the Family (2012) Movie Script

Quickly come over here.
Hurry up.
Help! Hurry up! Please...
Hurry up and help them, please...
Come here!
This baby is really adorable.
The reason l asked you all here,
because l hope you all
don't fight for those tiny benefits.
You all must unite with harmony,
for the sake of the honor of our family.
Dae-Seo, count on you.
Did you all get what l mean?
You all must fully support
and cooperate with Dae-Seo.
Only by then,
l'll feel calm hugging my grandchild.
''Marrying The Mafia 5:
Return Of The Family''
lt's such a creative solution,
up until the right study.
ln which case,
Dubai is the only alternative in the area.
Well, you have a high profile casualties
of the world financial crisis was Dubai.
l don't like it.
Then we have to say goodbye.
lt's not secret that Dubai
has deficit issue
but the fact is,
it's not going to pledge any further
because it already has interrupted.
We should unite for the possibility that
Dubai's economy might just get worse.
As all of you know,
Dubai's structure was not planned
for the most foresighted mind...
it's not that we are demanding...
Come in.
Not bad, seems like my appetite is growing.
Just only l was starving to death,
l'm so thankful.
As long as you like it, l'm pleased.
lf it's so then l shall
taste your cooking.
l'm sorry.
Please enjoy your meal.
This chick looks good.
What's with that word ''chick''?
Mind your words, she's my secretary.
Bother, can you don't come
to our company anymore?
There's no reason why!
Look at what you've done to the office!
Don't mess with your jokes again!
Whack you!
lt's a little itchy here.
Hubby, we're here already,
Alright, just come up.
will come up right away.
Sister came.
Quickly move aside and eat over there.
lt's not like l'm an outsider.
l said quickly move aside
and eat over there!
We'll see.
Little nephew,
is your tummy feeling hungry?
l'm full.
Faster bring it out and eat outside,
no more nonsense.
Just came back from school? Come here.
Dad, l got a trophy today.
There's no doubt that you're my son.
Teacher keeps praising our son is the best.
What's the matter?
Damn it, we'll see.
l know.
Honey, l've something left undone,
can't accompany you for this moment.
Finally we got him.
ls this really useful?
l think that will certainly play a role.
l still feel that the things we do
is really too wicked.
We have no choice,
this is the only thing we can do.
Yes? Honey?
Come home.
l still have something to do.
Then don't come back anymore.
Honey, you can't always behave like that.
What did you just say?
Then don't even think
of going home anymore!
No! Honey, you must have misunderstood.
lf it's so, quickly come back home.
Come back home!
Get ready and leave,
quickly hang up your phone.
Honey, l'll be coming back now,
wait for me.
Why is it blur?
What's wrong?
How dare you snooping on me?
You too! Get out of here!
We don't have to do it by ourselves.
l really feel so wronged.
We should figure out the way
to force him to step down.
Do you have any idea?
Of course l do, tadaa!
Do you have any idea?
Actually it's very simple
to make him to step down.
All we have to do is just
to play some pranks.
Quickly open up your mouth.
How does it tastes like?
Nothing more awesome than this.
Who assaulted the both of you?
Could it be Dae-Seo?
Besides than Dae-Seo,
who dares to assault us?
l can't take this anymore,
we must release our anger at its best.
That's why the three of us
must unite to work things out.
What do you think?
ln fact me too, been enduring him.
l think you guys must be hungry.
Do you want to eat?
Then l'll just have my meal.
Look at yourself
what you've become for eating.
You're almost the same size with a pig.
Although l'm hungry,
but l know not to eat anything.
Not bad, you're so much
stronger compared to him,
but you look about the same with dog.
Don't scold me again.
At least you know who you are,
but you're even worse than pig and dog!
Before this l told you to support Dae-Seo,
could it be that
even your brain never grew?
This is really impudent!
What do you think you are doing?
All of you here, mark my words.
Dae-Seo, come in.
l really can't swallow this anger,
we must make him step down.
Do you have any idea?
Not yet.
There're things that we can't rush
and we must carry out step by step.
Please wait for a moment.
Big brother, could it be
that you already figured out any idea?
That's for sure, listen up.
What idea?
Let me think again,
l'll definitely figure out the way.
How come my tummy
is starving out of a sudden.
How come you're only good in eating?
Perhaps you're really a pig.
l'm not a pig.
What a super short skirt!
Why are you ignoring us?
How can you ignore me?
Then l'll stop being nice to you.
Move away, l'll do it.
Be my girl, how good does it sounds like?
l like you a lot.
l hate you.
What did you say?
Let go of your hand.
What's the colour of your panty today?
You're really shameless.
l'm not scared!
Don't walk away, l'm angry now.
Who are you?
Listen up, you're not allowed
to bully girls anymore.
Who the hell are you?
You better move now
or you can't even walk properly later.
Don't try to throw weight around.
lt's none of your business.
l'll mess around with whoever l'd like to,
get lost!
Otherwise l'll give a punch
right on your mouth!
Are you digging your own grave?
l don't want to fight.
l'm so scared! l'm so scared!
lf you have the ability,
then knock us down!
Forget about it, let's stop this.
How dare you hit me?!
Who is fighting?!
Take care of your child carefully.
lf he ever involve in a fight again,
l'm gonna punch your lights out!
The honor of our family
is completely ruined by this kid!
From now on, no one is allowed
to disgrace the family anymore.
What are you laughing at?
Come here.
Dad, forget it.
Hey, do you dare to control me?
That's not what l mean,
this, give you.
Over here.
What's this?
Take it out, faster take it out!
Bend over properly!
Let's whack me next time.
Grandpa, let me do this.
l was the one who made this trouble.
Kid, you better don't simply interrupt.
Fine, you will whack him then.
Do it slightly lighter.
Otherwise, l won't forgive you privately.
Come on.
l'm sorry, uncle.
lt's okay, hurry up and do it.
l'm sorry, uncle.
Uncle, l'm really sorry.
Enough... stop it.
Bend over properly.
Stop it.
Uncle, l'm really sorry.
l'm really sorry.
l'm sorry.
How could it be so serious?
lt's all because of you.
You're really useless.
Please take a look at our company brochure.
Dae-Seo, now you're getting
even more capable.
He's just lucky.
Not to say that,
but it's such an honor
that you're married with him.
Don't talk nonsense.
lt's not like you have
to tell out everything, do you have to?
Your nagging is really getting even more.
Am l right?
So you're really good to me.
Of course.
Well, l have no choice
but Dae-Seo is my son-in law.
They keep talking nonsense together.
That's what women do.
You don't become one of them in the future.
Definitely not gonna happen.
This is what you said.
l don't allow you to nag like that.
How come they look so ugly?
This is how African children look like,
they look almost the same with monkeys.
Monkey? Oh my God.
lsn't it scary?
ln the future,
appearance of our children
must not become like that.
Stop talking about that,
look what l've brought.
Thank you.
Next time, l hope you don't talk bad
about Dae-Seo anymore.
How dare we talk bad about Dae-Seo?
You're really good in joking.
Next time l'll definitely
talk about the good things of Dae-Seo
Thank you so much.
We are one family.
One family.
Let's play poker cards together.
How to play?
l'll teach you, in fact it's very easy.
Alright, quickly take your card.
l win.
How could you have such a good luck?
lt's just coincidence.
How come my luck isn't that good?
Well, her husband is Dae-Seo.
l won again! This is awesome!
No, you're wrong,
it's not counted that you win.
l understand.
Can't you just let us win the game?
l won again.
l didn't know l have such a good luck.
Damn it!
My luck is real good today,
l hope you don't mind.
My God, your luck is really bad.
Let's just count how much
is the total amount.
We're playing just for fun,
why do you have to be so serious?
You said that just now.
Since when?
l've never said that, you heard it wrongly.
You're lying,
l heard you saying it by my own ears.
No, l'm not, hurry up say something
and help me.
You did say that.
Then don't play.
What are you doing?
Are you out of your mind?
l'm really thankful for that day.
You're welcome.
You've learned martial art?
Martial art?
Who is this?
Friend, he's in the same class with me.
Nice you meet you.
This fella has a quite stylish hairstyle.
You better don't flirt with my girl.
But you're so daring.
Why are you wearing
such a famous and expensive shoe?
Follow me.
Follow me.
How come he's not here.
This is so rare.
Listen, must take this seriously.
Do not screw up.
You must give your best of your best.
l'll work hard,
l'll guarantee the mission
will complete on time.
l'll count on you.
l will put you in
an important position in the future.
But you must beware of these fellas.
l got it.
What? For real?
Damn it. l'm so pissed off now!
l didn't expect Dae-Seo
has his own plan as well.
Calm down first,
l will figure out a flawless plan.
Then we will knock him out.
Then we will follow you to make a living.
Don't forget about us.
Don't worry.
Big brother's state of mind,
you still don't get it?
We're born from the same mother.
Big brother, seems like someone's coming.
Quickly and move!
What are you doing?
Hang on, just a moment...
Quickly and move.
lt's done finally.
Damn it.
l feel so wronged that l can die.
Let me think. Just go with the flow.
But we have to pretend
like nothing had happened.
Do not let him aware of it,
only then we can complete
our mission easily.
What on earth is this thing about?
lt's just the wrong record.
How can you made a mistake like this?
Yeah right.
Any idea?
Let me think.
We can use some beautiful ladies as a trap,
l'm sure it works.
You guys must not betray me,
otherwise don't call me
as your big brother.
his secretary is very pretty,
we can use her as our decoy.
l really want to kill him right now!
Big brother,
isn't it too despicable for this?
lt's not like it will never happen,
we're only making it sooner.
So it is fabricating the truth.
What about our sister-in-law?
This is the only choice,
l'm sorry for my little sister.
This is what we call investing
for the long term benefits.
You're right indeed.
You're right.
l'm feeling a little different than usual.
Let's go.
Take a look at this.
Not bad.
This should be very fitting.
l feel like buying one for you.
They keep shopping,
we can't just peeping like this.
This time l must topple him down,
if not l'm not a human anymore.
Me too, feeling so damn wronged,
it's a must to release it.
Capture it faster,
don't miss anyone of them.
What are you capturing?
Dad, l think Dae-Seo is having an affair.
Affair? ls it true?
Are you alright?
lt seems to be his secretary.
How is it possible?
Dae-Seo will never do this kind of thing.
You don't believe me?
Of course l don't, l believe him.
Big brother, good morning!
Why are you here?
l'm here to look for a job.
l will arrange a job for you.
Who is she?
Dae-Seo's secretary.
l have an idea already.
What's coming up next will depend on you.
You again?
Why is this brat coming to this place?
Argh! Your shoe is so ugly!
You're trying to flirt with my girl?
l'm her boyfriend.
No, l am not.
Stop dreaming.
Let's go.
Hang on, no way letting it go
just like that.
Uncle, l'm really sorry.
Damn it brats.
Why didn't you fight back?
l don't want to get into trouble again.
What a silly kid,
remember to fight back
if it people hit you next time.
You should be checked by the doctor.
l'm really doing fine.
He will be fine by just lying down.
But this my child.
Third brother, is it that you
don't feel heartache for him?
How can you don't feel sorry for him?
Of course l do feel sorry for him.
Stop talking, it's really noisy.
Hey kid, this is for your own good.
How could you didn't fight back?
Fill it up.
l'll definitely put you into
an important position.
Thanks for your offer.
There're something that l would like
to talk to you face to face.
ln fact, all the while l wanted
to topple down Dae-Seo,
l'll pass this important mission to you.
lf you success,
l will surely promote you.
Don't worry, l'll definitely do a good job.
Please believe me.
And here... quickly go there.
Faster put it on.
l got it.
Why are you here?
What's the matter?
Oh yes, we came here just to visit.
Your hairstyle's really
expressing your elegance.
l never lied.
ln fact, l've always felt
that you are good looking.
Don't push, don't push...
Didn't expect her to be so shrewish.
What exactly were they doing here?
Let's play cards again.
My God...
Didn't win, didn't win...
How come you're not lucky?
You didn't wash your hands today, isn't it?
That's stink.
Let's continue.
l won.
l won...
Damn it!
How it is not happening?
This time l'm gonna win the game.
l'm so sorry for this.
Hand stinks? That should be yours.
Quicky wash your hands.
This is really nasty!
Why are you scolding me?!
lt's all your stupid idea!
We're just playing cards.
Why they are always playing cards?
But this CCTV is really not bad at all.
Since when l'll make mistake
when l take an action?
l'm that kind of person
whom has sense of responsibility.
Why do l still see it little blur?
Please appreciate his hardwork.
Oh my, what is she doing?
Now my only concern is
to topple down Dae-Seo.
God damn it!
Why don't you let me slash him
with a knife!
Damn you! Why you never grow up
with your brain?
Why are you always so stupid?!
lf you killed Dae-Seo,
what will happen to sister?!
How l wish l could break him into pieces!
This is how l can finally
release my hatred!
Fill it up.
How come everyone is gone?
Can you come with us?
Do you wish to taste mine?
Big brother?
Why are you here?
How unlucky am l met up with you again.
You guys are really pervert!
You must have misunderstood.
We're just passing by occasionally.
l do not believe in men words.
Alright, hurry up and leave.
How come she's here?
Big brother,
why don't we let her to seduce Dae-Seo?
Put on a honey trap.
Why don't we go and have a drink?
Come on.
Wait for a moment...
Why are you here?
Are you alright?
l'm so lonely now,
l can only come here alone.
You should find a person.
l'm sure there are many people after you.
Stop joking.
l always have felt that you're outstanding.
ls true, l've always regarded you
as my younger sister.
A moment please.
What am l doing here?
Where am l now?
Where are we now?
Get up, hurry up and get up.
lt's alright.
Quickly let go of me.
You're hurting me!
Shut up!
You better don't destroy my reputation.
You slept with me last night.
l was drunk.
How much money do you want?
l'll give it to you.
Don't worry, l won't tell anyone.
Quickly and go.
Wait, where do we go?
Go to work.
Today is weekend.
l forgot.
Then let's go home respectively.
This is yours.
This is so much money, thanks.
Big brother, thank you
for giving me the chance.
Really not bad.
You see, l win again.
Recently there're few things that annoy me.
But after giving in so much efforts,
we earned quite a lot of money.
Me as well.
Yeah, the money is too much
that l can't finish it.
You knew it.
Things are easier if we have money.
Am l right?
lt's my turn.
l've seen it through.
You think you can hide it from my eyes?
What do you think?
Okay, cards out.
Not going.
lt's my turn.
Things like this
l've gone through more than enough,
you can't escape from my eyes.
You think you can win?
Alright, 30 million.
l'm in.
l'm in as well.
No fun at all, you're not even generous.
Alright, let's play something different.
l'll rest awhile.
She's right.
What's going on?
l'm really sorry.
What's the purpose of using this?
l heard he likes cutting the grass
that's why he bought a sickle.
l like it too.
Are you interested?
l was a pampered child when l was young.
Forget about me.
Me too.
Don't rush away.
One, two, three.
Look at how happy you are.
Move away.
Something is just for the sake
of saying it,
don't have to be serious.
Sometimes l just don't know
what is supposed to do.
Just send it, what's there
to be afraid of?
She's not that kind of woman.
How's your consideration?
Still thinking.
Let me see.
Can l have a look?
Let me see.
What do you mean?
lf it's not this broken phone,
l'd be with her from the start.
My good things are ruined!
What makes you qualified
to talk about this?
Your words are sweet,
if you're capable then do it yourself!
Stop talking nonsense,
l don't wanna play no more.
Can we still use it?
lt's all your fault! Brats!
Hello, it's not functioning!
lt was still fine just now,
but it's gone now!
l'm dying from anger!
How many times l have to tell you?
But at the end, you still won't believe me.
lf you go on like this,
there's nothing left between us.
What are you talking about?
How dare you ask me?
Look at what you've done.
lf it's not you,
can he get to do that?
lt's not right if you say that,
we're all responsible for it.
He's right, you can't blame him.
You don't even know the exact situation
and you started talking nonsense like this.
So you shifted the blame on me?!
You think l wanted to be like this?
l'm very sad too.
ls it fun playing it?
You've been playing for three hours.
Get out...
Block him.
l said, don't mess around.
Do you know the consequence of doing this?
What? How did you get this?
Who are you?
What are you doing?
l told you to let me go.
You should know the reason
why we caught you.
Let me go, l wanna go home, let me go!
lt hurts.
Remember this!
We're leaving.
Take it, l know you like it.
Of course, you know me best.
l'm came to do some explanation.
Everyone should do their part.
l see, are you trying to say that
l'm not doing good enough?
What did you do?
Things are not as simple as you think.
l'm really sorry.
Then we should start the next plan.
You can go now.
l said l want to take action,
it supposed to be a great one!
What you're saying right now, is it true?
Yes. lt's all written on it,
l've been considering about it long enough.
l realize this is the only way,
although l thought of other ways as well.
l think l've passed the golden era.
You should do your best.
l got it.
Stop there!
Should be somewhere around here.
How can this happen?
Forget about it, l don't know as well.
That time l was scared to death,
what if they were after me?
We have to do something.
We should take action first
before they managed to react.
You have your point,
but the main key is on
how to make it happens.
l have an idea.
lf it's a good idea, just say it.
We should share our opinions
and work as a team.
Your thoughts are just the same as mine.
How is it going?
Yeah, l've been observing for few days.
What are you doing?
l like Michael Jackson.
You see.
ls you!
What do you think?
No idea.
That's why l said the
development of society
is slowed down due to these people.
What should we do?
Don't bother about that first,
we'll look at the progress.
Sometimes it's bad to think too much,
especially people like them.
Can you feel it?
l'm not as crazy as you.
No, it's just that you have the wrong way.
Oh yeah, you brought the document?
lt's here.
Alright, l'll look at it carefully.
Don't let others know about this.
l'm always low profile when l go out.
Please think twice.
Who do you think you are?
Talking with this tone?
Anyway l'm not begging for your help.
You're saying,
you don't like your current life?
You wanna say something? What do you know?
l'm just saying
l don't like your attitude.
Have you made up your mind?
Do l look like as if l'm kidding?
What kind of attitude is this?!
Knock it out, everyone, take it easy.
Frankly, people like them,
always shouting,
they can't do great things.
You mean, you spend your money
on a bunch of useless people?
These bunch of useless people
who don't know themselves,
yet always thinking
that they're very capable.
lf it was me,
l'll ask these brats go home
from the very beginning!
Didn't l just said don't be impulsive?
l said,
l didn't seem to offend you before.
What do you want?
He mean, sometimes don't speak so rudely.
l can't take this anymore!
Fine, you beat me down.
Help yourself.
lt's been awhile he didn't come back.
Ask him to contact me then,
these few days l've been looking for him.
Where have you been?
Something happened.
l have lots of business to do.
What do you do? What about my business?
Don't you know what kind of matters
that you should prioritize?
Are you jealous?
Do l look like that?
You think l'm in this position for nothing?
Do l look like someone
whom you can make fun of it?
What do you think? How is it?
Sometimes you need to believe in yourself.
l'll pick you up after work.
Where do you wanna eat? What you said?
Out of a sudden you dump me,
do you know how much money l spent on you?
That's a few months of my salary,
who do you think l am?
Do you really know that?
No, please think again.
Bye bye.
Let's continue,
what else do you want to say?
Few days of not meeting up,
and you became so brave?
Just normal friends.
Normal friends?
Seems like l backed the wrong horse.
What is it that's wrong?
You are such an ungrateful brats.
Right, l am saying you.
What's your right to say that?
l'm feeling disappointed
on this world out of a sudden.
Before l died,
l must make you feel the same as l did.
What l did wrongly? l'm not wrong.
l'm sorry.
What's wrong?
Nothing's wrong,
we'll settle it soon enough.
Good to hear that.
You always hook up with them,
don't you know that
useless people hook up together
they are still useless?
You're right.
Do you believe that
l'll give you a slap on your face?
What's wrong?
You should talk to her.
You're the one who wanted to come out.
Don't cause any troubles outside,
do you understand?
l have to take a high risk
of taking you out.
You see.
Fine, l'm convinced by you.
You see, if someone bullies you,
you should kick and punch...
Turn your body and give it a punch.
You are not convinced?
You little kid how dare you laughing at me,
let's fight.
Dad, l don't want to play with them.
What's there to be afraid of? Let's do it.
Uncle, what did you say just now?
My body movements was wrong?
Come on, let's fight.
Alright then!
Who's afraid?
See if l'll give you a good lesson.
How old are you?
Still fighting with a little kid?
And you're the one who lose the fight,
what do you think?
There were so many of them,
and they torn my shirt.
Here's the one! The fatty!
He's beat me the most!
He was the one started the fight..
What's going on?
He got punched.
Don't make it sounds so bad.
Which part hurts? ls it hurt?
Who did this to you?
Miss, please look over there.
Those kids?
They are the criminals.
They are just children,
yet you take it seriously.
You call yourself an adult?
Who said that?
You said it yourself.
Just go.
This is not done yet.
Hey you guys...
lf there's nothing else then let's go.
Be slightly more mature,
our child is looking.
l got it, no next time.
What's your plan for today?
Depends on the situation,
l wish to buy something.
lt's been a day l've been looking for you.
What's the matter?
Don't regard me as if l'm an outsider,
we've already came to an agreement.
l didn't say that.
Why is this fathead here?
She spoke too much,
don't take it so seriously.
Shut up.
You should come back.
This is not the way, right?
You can tell us about it
if you have something.
You will get used to it,
what's there to be afraid?
What are you talking about?
Previously we were discussing
to find you as the successor.
You know the company need you.
Things are not
as simple as you thought it would be.
As human, we need to get used of it.
No matter what, l still don't get it.
Forget about it.
Where's my chop?
l thought of something left undone.
For you.
Your pill.
Where's my chop?
The solution is that
we will wait it to come out naturally.
You guys have gone too far.
As a human body include
heart, kidney, liver, spleen
but here you have one more seal.
Each of your internal organs
has its function.
Then, do you wanna take it out quickly,
or do it slowly?
l want the fastest way.
Sometimes the fastest,
doesn't mean it's the best.
Many patients do not understand this,
let me explain.
Do you have backup?
You are very careless.
Let's do it slowly...
How to say that?
Just go with the flow, a matter of course.
He's actually a very nice person,
don't worry.
He should understand this.
Oh God. Why?
The God hates me so much?
is there anyone that
is more unfortunate than me?
What exactly did l do wrong?
Everyone seems to make my life
so difficult.
l think l can't stand this anymore.
l wanna quit.
Please let me live.
l won't forget your great kindness.
l beg you.
You're not the only one who suffers.
All of us suffer a lot.
At the end it will slowly fades away.
l am dying.
l don't want to live
a life like this anymore.
You still don't get it.
When you understand,
you won't think like this anymore.
Life that is always stable...
it doesn't exist.
l got it.
l will change.
What's wrong with you?
Don't bother about me.
You're crying here
at the middle of the night,
you call yourself a man?
What do you know?
You got something?
l disappoint you.
lt's alright.
l made an empty promise.
l did not put the blame on you.
l'm not accusing you.
Just hang on, don't worry.
Be like a man.
You again.
Long time no see.
lt's your freedom who you want to be with.
What do you think?
You're right.
There's nothing wrong that l'm with him,
at least he's better than you.
ls it true? You never said that to me.
Anyway, just the few days,
you change a lot.
Come on, l'm here waiting for you.
Make your moves!
This time l won't lose to you again.
l'd never thought you could beat me.
What did you say?
lf you want to try,
go ahead.
Don't be so snobbish,
are you digging your own grave?
Watch out!
Which side are you?
Come on!
Bear in mind!
This shirt?
Limited edition?
You're lying,
how can you afford to buy this...
Don't freak me out.
lt's good that you're fine.
Do you wanna hang out?
Where to go? Your call.
l think they will approve it.
The writing is still okay.
Since it's already done,
hurry up and announce it.
Can we make it on time?
What's this?
Since it's already written,
we should leave now.
l think we can announce it together.
You're gonna leave just like that?
l've think deeply.
ln short, you look at it first.
Don't mention about this anymore.
Forget about it.
Don't go.
Stay here and work properly, we need you.
Then we will go now.
Wait a minute.
Sit down!
You sit still.
We will talk again when we have time.
Hey brother,
the acquirement we've mentioned,
how's your decision?
Did l ever said that
l will consider about it?
You did not?
What's with the hurry,
we have so much time.
We'll talk about it next time.
l'm sorry, don't contact me again.
Aren't we supposed to go back
to the company?
Better don't talk about this
since we have came out.
Can't we just have some fun tonight?
Compared to last time, you changed a lot.
l don't know why l have this feeling
when l see you...
but l think it's quite good.
Your wine is here.
lt's okay, l'll do it myself.
Please enjoy your meal.
lt's a little tight.
Are you alright?
you must have a hard time with me.
Yeah, but it's okay.
What are you doing?
Let go!
Police station?
Bring him up,
you know what you did, right?
Don't have to talk so much.
Let me go!
You stay inside.
l want to save him!
Shut up!
l ask you to calm down.
Let me go!
l'm sorry!
l'm sorry.
Let's go.
Finally they are here!
Aigoo, l'm waiting you for so long.
Today l must give you some lessons.
How do you feel up there?
l'm going to die soon.
Be a man, you should be brave.
Do you know who l am?
l just changed my phone
and you broke it again.
Come on, stronger.
My clothes are dirty now.
You're really troublesome,
truly troublesome.
How dare you mess with me?!
Look at me.
Hurry up! Hurry up!
Hang on, l'll help you.
Hurry up!
Hold on!
Look at me!
Go to hell! Scumbags!
Hold on, you're almost there
l'm sorry.
Come on!
Come on, come on!
Are you alright?
l was scared to death,
luckily they saved me.
You should be careful.
You have no where to escape.
Where's the arrogance you showed just now?
Come on.
Today, we are going to wrap up
all the love and hate,
and make a conclusion.
What do you want?
What's the matter that
you must use the sword?
Fight like a man.
You are just on time.
This sword...
l give it back to you.
Why are standing just like that?
lt's better if we run away.
You guys did a good job!
Thank you.
See you again.
This time, you're considered
get to know him.
That's what l said.
Nice to meet you.
Why are you here?
l don't know.
This is weird. What's going on?
lt's really warm here.
What you did to me?
l don't know, l got kidnapped.
What are you doing?
Why are you not wearing your shirt?
What have you done?
l can't remember.
Oh no.
This is spooky... it's so hot everywhere.
What exactly is going on?
Should we do this?
lsn't there any other idea?
lsn't this way we brainstorm together?
Since when?
Just now weren't you sitting over there,
and suggested that?
That's right.
Fine, do more and talk less.
What's done is done.
Oh my, why is it blacked out?
l don't know, it might be power cut.
Why did you know?
As you can see the light's off.
What are you doing?
lt's so hot here.
Are you alright?
Come closer will do.
What is it written here?
You're illiterate?
How is it going on?
After giving in all our efforts,
it's going smoothly.
Well done.
Don't talk nonsense.
Your brain is full of dirty ideas.
Don't fight.
Do you know what is manners?
Experience counts.
l have to admit this.
Let's play one more round.
l'm bored of it.