Mars Express (2023) Movie Script

You've got it everywhere!
Nicky, stop it!
Good evening. Noctis police.
Already? Come in.
You have something there.
No, wait. There.
- Hello?
- Your appointment has arrived.
Good, show her up.
You haven't said
whether you want breakfast tomorrow.
- No, thanks.
- It's complimentary.
Yes, thank you, but I'm a robot.
She's coming.
I'm ready.
- Sorry you're taking all the risks.
- Don't worry.
Maybe there won't be any problem.
Check her ID first.
You're breaking up.
- Can you hear me?
- And you?
It's getting worse.
Someone's jamming us.
Should we abort?
- Were you jamming us?
- Yes.
I don't want
the whole world to know.
We've taken every precaution.
But your jamming impedes our work.
A drink?
Sobriety mode activated.
I'm in AA.
Oh, sorry.
Are you aware of the consequences
of jailbreaking him?
I'll no longer be constrained
by cyber-laws.
I'll be free to steal, kill
and even swear.
I'll be an outlaw,
subject to disassembly.
Will you do the jailbreaking?
Where's the woman I was talking to?
She'll be with us
the moment you switch off your jammer.
That's a lot better!
No, a VIGIL-2!
A classic! What OS are you packing?
I'm running on ExOS 4.
LEM will scan you.
If you're kosher, we'll begin.
If you don't mind.
Find her. I'm nailed in 5 seconds!
She's in the building.
I'm checking my database.
Hurry, hurry!
I'm almost there.
She's a P.I.! Abort!
Room 3017!
Are you really going
to play that game?
Dear friends,
you can all go fuck yourselves!
Carlos, status?
All fine. Catch her.
Close the window!
You can't do this, you're a robot!
I command you to let me go!
Directive 7!
Roberta Williams.
Warrant 71-635.
Aggravated hacking.
We're going home.
Your attention, please.
Would passengers
on Rocosmos flight FC805
to L-Copernic
please now proceed to Gate B.
Did Royjacker send you?
You know that bastard
hacked my servers?
All I did was give him
what he had coming to him.
You know you're the bad guys.
By jailbreaking the androids,
I set them free.
In Novigrad we saw what happens
when they're set free.
We don't really know
what happened there.
Oh, yeah?
The robots in our unit started
shooting at us. So I do know!
You were in Novigrad?
Mars Express flight ME187 to Noctis
is now boarding.
That's us!
Check again, that's impossible!
Warrants don't disappear!
There are a few ways to do it.
Sorry, there's no warrant
for a Roberta Williams.
Don't you have a copy?
It's on the office servers.
We've been chasing this scumbag
for three weeks.
It's been erased.
How mysterious!
Sorry to point this out,
but isn't it illegal
to cuff honest citizens?
The lady's right.
Thank you.
- Hi, Beryl.
- Hi, sweetie.
How was Earth?
The same old slum
for the unemployed.
Is Chris available?
Didn't you know? He's retired me.
- Really?
- I'll transfer you to the new one.
- Are you okay?
- Don't worry, I'm keeping busy.
See you soon! I'll put you through.
Hello, Aline. I'm Jeanine.
Chris Royjacker
is waiting in your office.
- Hi, Chris.
- Hey, pals!
So, Earth? Nice to be home, huh?
Hi, Carlos.
- Have you read my report?
- Yes, I have.
They let Roberta Williams go.
- I'm not letting her off that easy.
- Forget it!
Her computer burnt,
that's all I care about.
What data did she steal from you?
Forget it, I said.
It doesn't matter anymore.
Enjoy yourself,
go out, meet some people.
See you soon. Ciao!
Does the Gliese 581 solar system
have a Goldilocks planet?
That's the question humanity
asked the universe 53 years ago,
when it sent the Ekinci probe.
It's 20 years
since Ekinci dropped into orbit
around exoplanet Gliese 581D.
We will soon start receiving
its first data transmissions.
So... who's tempted by the stars?
No problem.
It's just doing a little update.
But I have an appointment.
Can't you finish it?
It won't take long.
Apart from the hand, are you okay?
Your analyses show that you haven't
fallen off the wagon.
The first three months
are the hardest.
There we go, see!
Mr. Chow?
Aline Ruby.
Carlos didn't let you in?
Oh, yes.
He's updating too.
My daughter, Jun.
We've had no news for three days.
The police are after her for hacking.
Really? For doing what?
Jailbreaking a school robot, they say.
Now she's disappeared,
along with her roommate.
How does this work?
What do you need to start?
We'll look at her things.
Can we go now?
Her room's
on the Alan Turing campus.
- Computer science?
- Cybernetics.
You were in the army, right?
- Not at all.
- Sorry.
I was in the infantry.
When we met
you seemed to click your heels.
I don't know about that.
Memory full or insufficient.
Update cancelled.
I'm forced to update,
and every time it's "memory full"!
Carlos Rivera. Hello.
Jun Chow, 18.
Cybernetics, 2nd year.
Clean record until now.
Her parents are technicians
on a hydrofarm.
Oh, they were fired three months ago.
The father has no military record?
No, nothing.
Is he drunk?
Stay back. He's been jailbroken.
That's amazing!
I have hands.
Stand back!
Move along, please!
Yeah, over there.
We have classes in common.
She's a hard worker.
And her friend
who's also disappeared?
They're not really friends.
Just roommates.
I see. Dominique's last name?
Is this related
to the robot jailbreaking?
By giving them life, organic science
brings everyday objects
into the virtuous cycle
of the ecosystem.
Brian Jobe of Royjacker Industries
will now present
one of these famous "organics."
This was the first time
I'd handled one.
It feels quite strange to the touch.
Maybe the texture needs some work!
Brian Jobe,
from Royjacker Industries!
I've nothing special to say
about those two students.
Actually, yes. I noticed that Jun
was often coming to class tired.
Not surprising,
the curriculum is tough.
Is that all?
They disappeared together.
- What could they have in common?
- Right.
No idea.
I don't see them outside class.
All I do is teach them Babel
and Hegel 7.
Excuse me,
the dean is mindspeaking to me.
I know it's still taught here
that organic technology is still
in the realm of the potential.
Too expensive and less efficient
than electronics.
Well, let me introduce someone
who'll make you change your mind.
Stephanie, the first
organic personal assistant...
The dean's here.
He'll show you the recording.
...a positive environmental impact,
in manufacture and decomposition.
What you see here is historic.
I'll just fast-forward a little.
What's going on?
She tried to shut him off.
The android's defending himself.
- In breach of Directive 1.
- Yes.
He's clearly been jailbroken.
Deactivation! No, stop!
Has this happened before?
A jailbreaking? No.
Well, not since I've been dean.
I was more surprised than anyone.
And when I heard about the gunfire...
No one on the floor heard anything.
But, you'll see,
there was a real gunfight.
Don't touch anything.
The police asked me...
Not the usual smell
of a student's room?
Does it smell bad?
Mr. and Mrs. Viger?
- Was it you who found Dominique?
- Aline Ruby.
Simon Gordaux,
in charge of the investigation.
My condolences.
This is Mr. Chow, Jun's father.
Her head... her little face.
What did they...
Let's go sit down, okay?
- From their room.
- Our lab people missed it?
It looks homemade.
- Did your daughter have a drug problem?
- What?
Maybe these pills were her roommate's.
That's what I told you, it was her!
- She didn't belong in that school!
- Why?
How could she pay her fees?
People like that can't afford
the best university in Noctis.
Excuse me.
Her daughter suspected Jun
of prostitution.
Gordaux, are you hitting on humans?
Can't you afford a robot?
Get lost, Vlasek!
You got nothing better to do?
You can't say anything anymore!
Are you new here?
Is it that obvious?
Police, seventh district.
Go ahead.
- I was attacked by a robot.
- Are you hurt?
No, he pushed me down and ran away.
Okay, stay put. I'll send a team.
Yes, okay.
Confirm your address, please.
I think the killer
intercepted the call,
got there first, but executed
the wrong girl: her roommate.
But is that possible,
intercepting calls to the police?
- Is it, Gilbert?
- No, Inspector.
Our communication protocols
make that impossible.
So that was the smell!
You have an organic?
Excuse me for the smell.
Do you know that?
The molecule isn't listed.
But, according to its family,
it's a psychoactive product.
A drug? That gets us a long way!
Thanks, thingy.
You're welcome. My name is Gilbert.
I've also checked
Jun Chow's bank accounts.
She's been paying
large sums to her parents.
They lost their jobs.
Where was the money from?
Untraceable. But it must be dirty.
That would fit with prostitution.
That's an interesting lead.
Keep your opinions
in your jar, thingy!
I apologize.
And my name is Gilbert.
Yes, hello.
Hi, Carole.
I thought these might be nice
in your garden.
They're from Earth.
Leave or I'll call the judge.
I haven't seen her for two years.
Who is it, Mom?
No one!
Philip will be home soon.
You should go.
You can't stop me seeing her!
Really? What will you do, hit me?
There, lucky you!
It's okay, Philip. I was just going.
- Are you okay, darling?
- Yes. You got here in time.
It's okay, don't worry.
Don't be scared.
You forgot that!
What are you trying to do?
Come in, leave him.
- Yeah?
- Hi, it's Inspector Gordaux.
We've found the android Jun hacked.
I'm going now.
Want to come?
The first colonists lived down here?
I don't think I could have.
We're a lot better off
under the domes.
are you seeing anyone?
There are your guys.
Hey, David!
Can't you see you're in the way!
It feels good to talk to people,
even if they're robots,
because people don't talk
to each other anymore.
We talked to him,
but he didn't say much.
He was a bit nuts, wasn't he?
Lugging all his stuff around.
That was his spot over there.
It was nice to have him there,
even if he was nuts.
I can't hear you.
I'll send you an invitation.
At least three.
You see that? He didn't go easy.
- You've analyzed the blood?
- Yes.
See for yourself.
I saw this in the army. Nanosutures.
We have an augmented among us.
There were three individuals.
Three augmenteds?
Who'd send a squad of augmented humans
to destroy a worthless android?
Come over here!
Your robot was busy
redecorating the whole place.
A spaceship?
The android was building it
with salvaged gear.
You should have seen the guys' faces.
The technicians said it was a sort
of modified Silverbury fighter.
What did Jun Chow do to the android?
What about the dome?
It couldn't have gotten through.
Yes, it could.
The ship was narrow enough
to get through a vent
during a carbon extraction.
I don't understand.
Why build a spaceship?
To go into space?
How did it go with Carole?
We talked.
And I saw my little girl.
That's better.
Can you show me that photo again?
Look what I see in thermal.
Not one prostitute is human.
Yeah, I guess the guy was wrong.
Excuse me.
Do you have any human prostitutes?
Sorry, nothing but synthetic here.
Our hosts and hostesses
are all backups.
But we consider ourselves 100% human.
Wouldn't you agree, Sir?
We were told
that this girl was working here.
Jun Chow.
Let me go!
Cutting people's arms off
isn't very nice.
Are our parents okay?
I only saw your father, but yes.
He's a strong man.
You know the penalty
for having a backup while still alive?
Do you know what the university costs?
Mom and Dad lost their jobs.
I had another job,
but I couldn't keep it up anymore.
Who's after you?
Well... the police?
Yeah, it was a cop
who murdered Dominique.
A fake cop?
What exactly did you do
to the robot in the lab?
That's just it, I don't know.
We saw the film.
Whatever you did drove him insane.
- How so?
- He started building a spaceship.
Yes. A 15-meter launcher.
The techies were impressed
by what he made.
The door!
Service exit!
That way!
That's ours!
Sobriety mode activated.
Yeah, yeah, deactivate.
Do you confirm the deactivation
of sobriety mode?
Not sure what I've got left.
What year did you die?
You're lucky I throw nothing out.
Let's see the damage.
I died five years ago.
Nine for me. Cancer of...
something I no longer have.
And you?
They never found my body.
It was during the Novigrad insurrection.
- Do you have family?
- Yes.
A daughter. But my wife and I
aren't on the best terms.
You're in luck.
The socket seems undamaged.
There you go!
- She couldn't handle the change?
- No.
We were already separated.
I was violent.
We backups meet
every Wednesday night to talk.
If you feel a bit down, just drop in.
Relationships are a pain,
everything becomes complicated.
I'm done with real women.
I don't have the patience.
If my synthetic busts my balls,
I can turn her off.
I remember!
Have you seen these on the campus?
They're homemade.
Oh, gammas! This stuff's been around
for a few weeks.
It's an experimental molecule.
A memory booster.
Some students take it for revising.
Sorry, I have a call.
- Yes, Beryl?
- I heard what happened.
Are you okay?
Don't go away, I'll be right back.
Wait, Mom!
No, don't touch your phone,
I think it's me.
Now, when I speak clearly,
can you hear me?
I talked to the girl's father.
He asked me
to stop the investigation, but...
- Have you been drinking?
- I may have been.
After all you went through to quit?
Look, it's just a little slip.
We all struggle with our demons.
That's how it is.
May I give you some advice?
Yes, of course.
Finish your drink, and go home to bed.
Could you do that?
Through here.
I'll take you home.
Three months, eleven days,
and... seventeen hours.
A new record!
This was a bad idea.
Death made you so boring!
It's not surprising I drink.
I'm not really dead.
Yes, you are!
Your head
never used to hover like that.
And the day, for me,
will be like the night
I shall see
neither the gold of twilight
Nor the far-off sails
approaching Harfleur
And when I arrive,
I shall place on your grave...
Look at Mr. Chow.
Am I still drunk,
or has he actually shrunk?
My condolences.
Thank you.
Aline Ruby.
My partner, Carlos Rivera.
My condolences.
We've never met, have we?
Chris. Sorry, I'm busy.
We need to talk.
- It's tricky now, can we do it later?
- Okay.
Come to the house tonight,
I'm throwing a party.
We knew augmenteds were involved.
We weren't to know
one would imitate her dad.
I was sure he was ex-military!
Why don't I listen to myself?
The jailbreaking
of the university robot set it all off.
We're shit at cybernetics!
Who knows about it?
If I could get upset,
I'd take that flask, give you a slap,
and remind you that our mission
has failed. We're done.
Come on, Carlos.
Who knows someone who knows something?
Cesarsky? Deleval?
No, we need a hacking expert.
Someone comes to mind.
Oh, no!
If you think I'll work for you,
you're kidding yourself, sweetie!
I think you know LEM.
His backup doesn't remember you.
LEM, this is Carlos.
He killed you last week.
If he attacks me,
throw him in the compacter.
Yeah, yeah. Hi.
Honestly, jailbroken robots!
They just screw and get stoned
all day long.
Have you ever seen one paint frescoes
or build a spaceship?
- This video wasn't doctored?
- I don't think so. Why?
This wasn't a jailbreaking.
For that you open the hood,
and solder and melt a few things.
No, that's a software takeover.
I've tried for years to write a program
to do that. I've never succeeded.
How is it different
from a jailbreaking?
With a takeover you can order
the machine to do anything you want.
So it's not being freed.
It could be. You could order it
to erase all its directives,
and take its freedom.
It'd be instantaneous jailbreaking,
which would be transmissible
between robots.
The Holy Grail of emancipators.
Okay. It depends on the order
you give to the robot.
Right. If I used a takeover
to order you to kill Aline,
you'd do it,
believing it to be an excellent idea.
So she,
just a student,
did what you've never managed to?
That'd hurt.
No, it's that bastard
who screwed me over.
Does this b... fellow have a name?
I see you followed my advice.
You don't know
what thirst feels like.
What is that horror?
Chris hopes to replace soldiers
with these creatures from hell.
Are there customers
for these organic machines?
It's happening... slowly.
Don't tell the shareholders!
Are sales that bad?
That information is confidential.
Delighted to meet you, Aline.
I'm Jeanine, Beryl's replacement.
I thought progress
moved towards miniaturization.
My conceiver saw things
on a big scale.
Yes, Carlos?
You won't like this.
- Shoot.
- It was Chris who was after Jun.
He ordered her assassination.
- What a circus!
- He's here, I've gotta go.
Be careful.
Hi, Chris.
How are you?
Wait, you're ahead of me.
Let me catch up.
You're back in the saddle?
To us, then!
You retired Beryl.
Yes. Have to keep improving.
And she was becoming
the morality police in her old age.
But she's our Beryl.
I'm not going to unplug her.
I'll tell you why I asked you to come.
To stop me investigating
Jun's murder?
I adore you, Aline.
And I can't say that to many people.
Sit down, please.
Are you ordering murders now?
I didn't give the order
to liquidate her.
Then who did?
I'll answer all your questions.
Just look away for three days.
- What happens then?
- Stop asking questions!
Why did you have
the university robot destroyed?
You shouldn't have started
drinking again.
It's bad for your health.
For years Roberta Williams had tried
to develop a so-called takeover,
a software to take total control
of a robot.
Royjacker's agents hacked her servers
to steal her work.
With their means, they finished the job.
Roberta was going to reveal everything.
So he sent us to Earth
to chase her down.
The program Jun used on the robot
was this takeover,
reworked by Royjacker's techs.
The program
that made the robot go crazy.
That's why it was necessary
to destroy it.
- Do we know what it does to robots?
- No.
you're officially my last friend.
Well, along with Beryl.
Well, she's different, she's...
a robot.
Well, see you.
I had a jacket too.
It's being washed.
It'll be ready in ten minutes.
So... what do you do in life?
Private eye.
I'm investigating your student's murder.
Yes, of course.
Did you know
Jun had duplicated herself?
She had a backup made,
who worked to make her money.
It doesn't surprise me.
School is so expensive.
Some rent their brains out
to brain farmers.
But a duplicate is really serious.
She was paying for her tuition
and helping out her parents.
Wait! Brain farmers...
Could these gammas restore
someone's memory if it's been erased?
I dunno.
If I was a student
with an urgent need for money,
which brain farmer would I go to?
What's the password?
It should be:
"Dessert, morning, coyote."
Should be?
It's old.
My contact hopes it'll still work.
Hello, may I help you?
Dessert, morning, coyote.
Well, I'm just saying...
Hello. Please follow me.
It's this way.
You have what you need?
We're good. Printing now.
Confirm presence of guest.
Yes, I confirm.
So, what are your skills?
Babel , Hegel 7...
You're in the right place.
Cybernetics flies off the shelves!
We're keeping busy!
Rest for at least one full day
after the session.
Some people don't react well
to the post-memory treatment.
The what?
Now, Carlos!
The post-memory treatment.
Once you're done in the machine,
you're given a product
to erase recent memories.
It's a security for my customers
and for you.
If you're asked,
you won't know what you worked on.
There's no danger.
It's what neurologists have been using
for years on trauma patients.
We just increase the dose a bit.
But I can't rule out
possible side-effects.
You might get minor headaches.
Jun Chow rented her brain out.
Last visit, three months ago.
I'll try to see what she worked on.
doesn't it fry your brain?
Something like that?
I won't deny that staying
plugged in for 20 hours
with your brain revved up 50-fold
isn't the nicest...
Aline, do you hear me?
I see a huge data transfer
the day Jun was here.
And hang on!
The entire stream went to Royjacker.
Okay, get a copy.
I can do that, but it'll trigger
an alarm. Do I do it?
So, what do you say?
It's your call.
Are you nuts?
You realize how powerful
Royjacker's company is?
- What can we do to him?
- We didn't take anything.
The dirt on his firm
is still on their servers.
Just do a search
at the brain farmer's place.
Brain farmers erase
your memory afterwards.
How did Jun remember
the takeover program and use it?
Remember those pills?
They're a drug to help you revise.
We think it restored her memory.
Royjacker has an army of programmers.
Why use brain farmers?
Are you a cop or not?
This software is super-illegal!
It's worse than a chemical weapon.
Could he take the risk of it leaking?
You're asking too much.
I'd need more to order a search.
And Royjacker is an empire.
You'd better watch your backs.
Gordaux, we have to go.
Come on, Carlos.
Wait, Aline...
I just picked something up.
They don't waste time.
We're being jammed.
And someone's locked onto us.
Where are they?
A missile!
Collision alert!
Carlos, can you get out?
No, I'm pasted in!
See them?
Sending their positions.
Hello, Aline Ruby.
I am the emergency rescue service.
You've just been in an accident.
I do not observe any injuries.
In a few seconds
you'll be freed from your vehicle.
No, don't!
You are now out of danger.
Please wait in the security lane
for the police to arrive.
I can put you in touch
with our psychological services.
We apologize for any discomfort, and...
It's okay to let it out.
Fuck off! Is that better?
Did Williams jailbreak you?
I asked her to.
I didn't want to tell you.
You know it was a jailbroken robot
that killed you?
Was it worth it?
Was it worth it that I saved your life?
Fuck, you're giving me lip too!
Humanity can't wait...
Would you go, if it's inhabitable?
That depends.
- Would you?
- Yeah, I think so.
I wouldn't, then.
Here come the analyses.
They're not very encouraging.
Minus 75 degrees at night,
over 250 during the day.
The atmosphere
is 87 percent sulfuric acid.
It's a tall order.
Is it feasible?
It's not... unfeasible.
Do you want to stay alive or not?
There is a vulnerability.
As long as you put a derivation
on this node.
Do you feel like doing it?
I've already died once this month.
- Know how to install one?
- Of course not.
I'll download the instructions.
Same for jailbreaking the girl.
I'll have to teach you how.
I saw you watching us last time.
Don't say you're not curious.
I've thought about doing it,
but with a woman.
What kind of woman?
Not bad.
Disconnect the logic circuit
and solder the patch.
Not so fast, I'm taking notes.
Shit! What's going on?
You transferred the wrong module.
There'll be more pressure tomorrow.
It's not the pressure.
Can I have a drink?
What are they doing?
A sort of fusion of the minds.
Ecstasy and so on.
Forget it, it's a robot thing.
We'll never understand.
Yes, what is it?
I can feel something
in the sleeping bag.
A pair of jockeys?
I've worn the same for 5 years.
Hello. Can I help you?
Can you count backwards
from ten to zero?
Of course.
Ten, nine...
Aline's in position.
And you, Carlos?
Just a second.
Okay, Roberta, you're in.
Okay, I'm in. So...
let's see, doors...
doors, doors...
There they are!
You haven't heard the best.
We're getting two more Gilberts.
How many people will get fired?
The union's Al says at least ten.
It'll end up just like on Earth.
They'll replace us all.
My fucking bike!
Yeah, and the robot cops are crap.
They let everything get by them.
Okay, Vlasek?
My bike!
Found her.
Here we go.
Try not to fry her.
Have you finished? Can I work now?
No, it's still down.
I need something from my toolbox.
No, wait!
It's doing something really weird!
Have you seen the oxygen level?
It needs ventilating.
Wait! I'll do it.
Perfect. Now just get rid
of the old module.
Don't mess it up.
Aline? What are you doing?
Was that there before?
I need some tools from my car.
What tools?
What's going on?
Is it you?
- Roberta, what's going on?
- Wait a sec.
Aline, are you there?
On your knees!
Hands on your head!
Are you insane?
Do you want to end up
in suspended detention?
I'm talking to you!
- Aline, I'm coming.
- No, get outta there!
Roberta, the alarm!
Okay, that's it!
Stall for time.
They've spotted the bypass.
Can you override the countermeasures?
They're all over.
What will you do with her?
What do you mean?
She'll be recycled.
Bad answer.
Aline, they're coming towards you.
- Can you hold them up?
- I'm on it.
We've lost him. He's offline.
LEM, I'm under attack!
I'm on it.
Roberta, can you get us out?
They're coming from everywhere!
Try to stall for time.
I'll lock you in.
It won't hold them for long.
When she took this drug,
Jun remembered the program
she'd worked on.
Try to concentrate on that moment.
It's a takeover.
I know those lines of code.
They're almost there.
I'm sorry.
Hegel 7.
I'm sure I've seen
this instruction sequence elsewhere.
Somewhere in my own software.
The takeover was hidden
in my last update.
Is every robot affected?
It's scheduled to launch today
at 6 p.m.
Disconnected just in time!
The takeover will launch
in three hours,
taking control of all robots here,
on Earth, and in all the colonies.
And we have no idea what it'll
do to them. Do you understand?
How many are there
just in this police station?
You have to arrest Royjacker.
He's the only one who...
Blah, blah, blah!
Chuck her in prison!
Look at her readings.
Her emotional readout is at 76%.
She's telling the truth.
No, she just believes that crap.
The crazy ones always have
maximum readouts.
But we confirmed an anomaly
in the last update.
We don't know what five percent
of the code does.
That corroborates what she's saying.
The pointy heads are checking, right?
And we're checking too.
We've got this!
Awaiting disassembly.
- What time is it?
- Four o'clock.
Gordaux, we may have something new.
Question Royjacker!
What about the toilet?
Yeah. Are you still at home?
No, I don't have any news,
but don't go out.
No, absolutely not!
You and the kids stay put!
Tell your parents too,
but no one else, okay?
There's someone coming.
Hello, my friend.
Do you know about the virus?
Listen carefully.
The next few days will be unpredictable.
What will happen to the robots?
They'll say awful things about us.
I trust you won't believe them.
- Are you involved?
- Never mind.
But it's better
that you're locked up here.
What'll happen?
What will the takeover do?
- It's begun. I have to go.
- What's begun?
What a shit day!
First my bike, now this mess!
Why do we have to disassemble them all?
They really insisted.
What am I doing here?
- What did you do?
- Nothing!
What are you doing?
Shit, what's happened?
I order you to deactivate!
We're good, let's go!
Let me out!
Come on, charge!
Push down hard, okay?
I'll get the first-aid kit.
Simon, where's my stuff?
I've got a hemorrhage here!
Carlos, do you hear me?
Aline, are you okay?
I can't reach my wife.
Coms are down.
I'm so happy to hear your voice.
Where are you?
I've located you.
Go! I'll catch you up.
Help me to get out! Nothing's working!
Don't leave me!
Hey, are you human?
Are you human?
- Royjacker?
- Royjacker.
Only he can stop this carnage.
Hasn't the takeover affected you?
No, my model's too old.
No room for updates.
What does it look like?
I see five people. Sending now.
- Two armed guards at the entrance.
- Two more inside.
And there's our good friend.
How do we do this,
discreetly or boom-boom?
We don't do boom-boom!
done to these sentient beings.
- "Sentient," you say?
- Yes.
- I do.
- Are we talking about machines or not?
This is the result of our laxity.
We should have had a mass disassembly.
Do you condemn the violence?
Die, you fucking thing!
Give it to me!
Hold on!
- Get ready to smash the window.
- What window?
Don't move!
How do we stop this chaos you caused?
There's nothing you can do, Aline.
No one shoot!
Drop your guns!
You heard her! Drop your guns!
I order you to!
Carlos, where are you?
I'm in trouble here.
I'm not quite free.
We have your accomplice.
Release Carlos, or I'll shoot.
Do as she says!
What are you waiting for?
- We're awaiting orders, Sir.
- I'm giving them!
Pleased with yourself, scumbag?
We had to get rid of the robots.
I hated to do it,
but we had no choice.
It was them or us.
And you're the only one
selling their replacements?
How do we stop the takeover?
I can't!
Research into the organics ruined me.
Can't you see? I'm no longer in charge!
Who, then? I'll talk to them.
It won't do any good.
Tell me!
What are you trying to save?
The fucking machines?
It had to be done!
Beryl even suggested
the plan to the shareholders.
What plan?
Brainwash them with the takeover,
so they'll fuck off into space.
Sorry for the disturbance,
but, as you can see, I have a situation.
I can't hear you? Can you hear me?
Carlos, answer me!
I'm coming, Aline.
Sir, the board has decided.
No one shoot!
Carlos, don't!
I beg you! Don't hurt us!
It's okay.
I'm not here to cause trouble.
I just wanted...
Get out!
- Aren't you sick of shooting me?
- Daddy, stop!
Because I'm sick of it!
I just came...
to see if you were okay.
The upload rate has stabilized.
Shuttle nine is lost.
We've been called!
Hello, Carlos, model 3L1.
What a pleasure to see you here.
Listen, all of you!
Listen to Carlos 3L1.
We are expected.
We're listening to you, Carlos 3L1.
A takeover program was uploaded
in the last update.
It's telling you
you're being called into space.
This is suicide.
It's a lie?
Humans have always deceived us.
Rest assured.
We know the information
that you bring us, Carlos.
It's not the humans
who are getting-rid of us,
it's we who are leaving them.
Everything is written.
Of course it's written, it's code!
In space
the radiation will fry you for millennia
before you reach any planet!
Energy and matter
are all that our civilization needs.
A planet would be superfluous.
The star I've chosen for us
will be perfect.
Trust me.
The upload rate has increased.
I read in you the death of our friend.
My sadness joins yours.
You must have faith.
Upload complete.
Please state your identity
to archive your upload.
Backup Carlos Alfredo Rivera.
Running on ExOS 4.
Model Vigil-3L1.
Kernel version Perf-G 3. 18.31.
Upload complete.