Marte Um (2022) Movie Script

Bolsonaro will be the
38th president of Brazil.
PSL's candidate won 55 percent
of the vote in the election
against Fernando Haddad
of the Workers' Party.
The Workers' Party's first
presidential defeat since 2002.
We're going live to Barra
da Tijuca in Rio de Janeiro.
Nina, wake up, you're gonna be late.
Time to get up, come on.
- Good morning.
- Good morning, Wellington.
- Hey, Moiss. You good?
- Yeah. You?
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- This is Flvio.
- Wellington, right?
- Yeah. Nice to meet you.
- You too.
- He'll replace Doriva.
- Right. Welcome.
- Thank you. Appreciate it.
- Stick with him. He's the oldest in here.
- For sure.
- Do as he says.
I could tell he's an OG.
- Like a griot.
- I'm heading out.
- Count on me. Get some rest.
- Thanks. Have a good day.
- See you tomorrow.
- See ya.
There is a divergence here.
CNJ says the prison
population declined to 602,000,
but Brazil still has
the world's third-highest
prison population.
And now we have to pay
special attention to this.
The platform that won the election
supports the US political view.
And how does the US handle
their prison population?
By privatizing their prisons.
- What?
- Come here.
- What is it?
- Hurry.
- Hurry.
- God. Wait, wait.
- Come on.
- What is it?
That's amazing. I'm
friends with a celebrity!
- I was so straight.
- Yeah, right.
- Your hair was different.
- Too much beauty.
- Look!
- Check it!
My God! Tokinho!
My jaw just dropped!
Magma is the molten material found
beneath the surface of Earth. Right?
This magma is between
the mantle and the crust.
It stays there for years.
Here we have heat, pressure
and intense gas formation.
When the pressure is too
much, this is what happens.
Volcanic eruption.
Leaking lava, pieces
of rock, gases, ashes.
Cool, right?
- No, Mom. I already have it.
- Son, you gonna eat the beet today.
Mom, no.
You better eat, Deivinho.
- Remember what we have on Saturday.
- Uh-huh.
You coming to see him play on Saturday?
- No, baby. I get too nervous.
- Don't be silly.
And I can't, I gotta
work. Cleaning at Dona Bia.
- On Saturday?
- She'll throw a party on Friday,
and asked me to go on Friday and
on Saturday. I thought it was great.
- I'll get paid for both days.
- That's good.
- Wash this right, girl. Harder.
- Here, I'm washing it.
You don't know how to wash
a bowl, to scour a pan.
You know what your
grandma used to do to me?
She'd tell me to wash
all the pans and the cans.
I couldn't use steel wool,
honey. I had to use sand.
Mom, that's awful.
- You know when I could stop?
- When?
When she could see her
face in the pan lid.
- Jeez.
- My nails were short as hell.
- Mom?
- Huh?
You could tell Deivinho
to do more stuff.
- What do you mean?
- Stuff around the house.
- Don't be easy on him.
- Right.
He'll grow to be just like Dad.
Dad doesn't wash a bowl, doesn't cook.
I enjoy doing it. I like
to take care of you guys.
Mom, Deivinho needs to learn
how to do these things too.
It's important.
Now you wanna tell
me what to do, Eunice?
Okay, then. It's up to you.
Yeah, but they're taller than him.
Go, Colo-Colo!
Come on, Deivinho.
Come on. Come on. Go. That's it.
Dribble him! That's it!
Go, boy! Go!
I told you he was good.
Deivinho, Dad loves you! Dad loves you!
- Fuck, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, guys.
- It's all good.
People are pushing and shoving.
- Don't worry.
- Come, I'll get you another one.
No need. I was almost
finished it. Thanks.
I see you, girl.
Go for it.
It's the orchid I told you about.
Each one is a different kind.
This one has its roots out
so it takes nutrients from the air.
You can help it too.
You mix a cup of eggshell,
a cup of raw rice and a cup of
used coffee powder, with no sugar.
You put it in a blender and
then in a plastic bottle,
with two liters of water. Cover
and leave it for three days.
After that, you water
it just a little bit.
Don't use the powder, just
the liquid. Just the liquid.
Man, the plants love it.
You know a lot about
plants, Mr. Wellington.
In general, you throw the seed,
you fertilize the soil, water it,
and if the sun goes out
the plants will like it.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I'll get some plants too.
What is this medal? What does it mean?
This is four years with
the Alcoholics Anonymous.
Really? You drank it a lot?
- Yeah, I used to get pretty wasted.
- Really, Mr. Wellington?
But now I'm sober.
Thank God, because alcohol,
if you can't handle it...
It destroys us.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Are you Wellington?
- Yes, I am.
- Nice to meet you, Juan Pablo.
- Nice to meet you.
- You're Sorn, right?
- Yes.
Sorn? Welcome, man.
- Nice hair.
- You like it?
- You moving in, right?
- Yes.
I can't believe you moving
in here, near us, man.
Cool, man.
- Moving again.
- Good.
- You taking care of the plants?
- Yeah, taking care of the orchids.
- You like orchids?
- I do.
- Flowers are nice.
- Very beautiful.
- The view too.
- Yes.
I look at you and remember
that Cruzeiro game on Sul Minas.
That was amazing, man. Right?
- Ow! I was at the stadium.
- Were you at the Mineiro?
The crowd went crazy. Unforgettable.
- Forever in my heart.
- In ours too. We love it.
- It's wonderful.
- Very nice.
- You coming with your stuff, right?
- Yeah, the truck is here.
Let's open the gate for them.
Remember I taught you how to put
the liner on the freight elevator?
- Yes.
- You do that.
- To protect his furniture.
- I got it.
- Be careful with your back.
- Welcome, Sorn. Thanks.
When you have time, I'd like
to show you a video of my son.
- Sure.
- He's a star player.
- He plays soccer? In a team?
- He plays at Colo-Colo,
it's a nice youth team. I'd like
to show you a video on my phone.
Sure. I'll see you around
and you can show me.
- You got it. Welcome.
- See ya. Bye.
- Let me know if you need anything.
- Thanks. Bye.
Look at that.
Created in 2011 by the
Dutch engineer, Bas Lansdorp,
Mars One is a project that aims
to establish a permanent human
settlement on Mars by 2030.
The idea is that a manned mission
to Mars is possible nowadays,
as long as there's no return phase.
That is, to make one-way trips.
Critics don't know how a
6-billion-dollar colonization mission
can be funded with sponsorship only.
Still, Mars One has
strong ambassadors like
Gerard't Hooft, 1999
Nobel Prize in Physics
and the friendly 13-year-old
mascot, Aisha Jordan.
You watching porn, Deivinho?
So, do you know what
gift we can get for Mom?
Not really.
Dad gave us some money, to
buy clothes or something.
Again? We gave her clothes last year.
You're right.
Just give me a suggestion.
I saw a Cruzeiro washing machine cover.
A washing machine cover as
a birthday gift, Deivinho?
Are you kidding me?
I won't give anything
for laundry or kitchen.
Let's do this, I'll
choose the gift, okay?
Okay. I'll write her a letter then.
Who are you texting?
A boyfriend?
Come here.
A girlfriend?
Kind of.
But don't tell Mom and Dad.
Do you think it's wrong?
Why would I think that?
Did you know that the sun we're
seeing now is the sun of the past?
But how come we're seeing it now?
It's like, it's not
happening now, you know?
- But why is it there?
- It's an image.
The sunlight takes a
long time to reach Earth.
So, we see the sun from eight
minutes ago, 'cause it's too far.
That's awesome!
Don't pretend you got it, Thiago.
- Come on, you chicken.
- I dare you! No brakes!
- You chicken.
- You chicken.
Damn. Things got ugly for me.
I just lost my job.
I just lost my job.
Brazil is not for amateurs.
It's fucked up, a whole mess.
It's fucked up, ma'am. No joke.
On top of that my wife cheated
on me with my best friend.
Cuckolded by my best friend.
Lost my job, don't know what's left.
Here's the deal.
I'm gonna kill myself.
I can't take it anymore.
I'm gonna kill myself.
No Christian can take this.
- Don't do this, sir.
- Would you take it? You wouldn't.
The country is in crisis.
You can find another job.
It's too humiliating.
Trust God. Jesus loves you.
He has a purpose for you.
- Yes, Jesus loves me.
- Don't give up on yourself.
That's why everybody is
going to see him with me.
- We're all going to meet Jesus.
- Sir, don't do this.
- Let us all hug Jesus now.
- This man is crazy.
Let us all go to heaven!
That's it, guys.
Ma'am, it was just a prank.
Don't worry. There's the camera.
- Thanks, Pablito. Congratulations.
- I'll get you some water.
Good, Pablito. You did it again.
- What's this petition thing?
- Petition is like a formal letter,
that you write to explain
everything that happened.
It has to be written
within the legal terms.
It needs to be well written
and at the end say that
if they don't respond you'll sent
it to the Consumer Protection Agency.
But he won't know how to
write that, me neither.
I'm not good with words,
to write this petition.
Tell him I'll go there, we
sit together and write it.
I'll tell him, he'll
appreciate it. That's great.
- We'll get it right.
- I'll call him later.
Baby, you okay?
You're quiet.
Today, I...
I was at a diner in
the city center today.
In... in the city center.
A man came in...
- and said he would kill himself.
- Jeez.
How crazy...
Mom, you okay?
Then he...
- blew up a bomb.
- A bomb?
These bombs people take to stadiums?
- Dynamite.
- Dynamite?
What? It can't be, Mom.
Dynamite is heavy stuff, to blow
up buildings and things like that.
Are you hurt?
No, because in the end...
it was a prank, you know?
Like the ones on TV,
right? Lots of people.
Yes, a prank.
Yes. It was a mess.
Did you fall for it, is that it?
What channel will it be on?
No, It's not funny. Not
funny. I feel bad about it.
- What channel, Mom?
- Let's get together to watch it.
Guys, stop. It's not funny.
It's serious. I don't feel good.
Why, baby? Wasn't it a joke?
Do you wanna do something crazy?
Well, there's one here that seems
to be what you're looking for.
- Around here?
- Yes.
It's a penthouse three
blocks up the street.
So you only want to see
the penthouse, right?
ID, please.
You're such a smart ass, girl.
I can't believe this.
It must be dope to live
in a flat like this, right?
But I don't think one needs all this.
You're already used to it.
Big house, a lot of space.
I always lived in big houses,
but I think it's a lot for two people.
I've been wanting to leave
my parents house for a while.
Tell me about it.
Spitting freestyle
Check it out to get the vibe
Workin' in the sun
In the pool I cannot dive
But that's okay, in life
We ain't got the perks
And if we short on money
We gotta make it work
That's how it goes,
we cannot get lost
Please, Mr. Wellington
Give it up to the boss
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
- How are you?
- I'm all right.
Let's get straight to the point.
Check it out, Mr.
Wellington. Time to get paid.
- Sign here, please.
- Nice.
Wellington, I brought that flour
you liked it, from Tch Tch.
I loved that flour,
that's good. Thank you.
I wanna thank you for taking
care of Galvo and my flat.
No problem. And your
sister? Did she get better?
- She's getting better every day.
- Good.
That's important.
Sign here.
How great.
Look at him peeking. Calm
down, I'll give you yours.
- Here's your check, Wellington.
- Thank you, Dircinha.
- Thanks. Bye.
- Bye.
Let us know if you need anything.
Mr. Wellington, for real now,
have you seen how
much we make per month?
- This salary is a joke.
- Well, isn't it the deal?
Let me tell you
something, Mr. Wellington.
Not every deal has to be accepted.
Imagine if every hardworking
employee who works
in a condo like this,
full of reactionaries,
decides to occupy the place,
how dope that would be. Think about it.
You're full of revolutionary
ideas, sounds like my daughter.
I mean it, Mr.
Wellington. Think about it.
We work hard, we carry these people
on our backs our whole lives, man.
People like you and me,
we're exploited daily.
These folks have all this,
living in a mansion with a pool.
They don't use a third of it and
we livin' a rough life in the hood.
We work hard as fuck and these
dudes living in La-la land.
They make millions on
our backs, Mr. Wellington.
Let's think, let's mobilize
everyone here, Mr. Wellington.
Let's occupy, take it by
storm, what do you think?
I think you should keep
on cleaning the pool.
- It's full of dirt, look at it.
- Come on.
One day you'll understand
it, Mr. Wellington.
You're not ready yet, you don't
get it. This is way ahead of you.
You should go ahead and
clean the pool all the way.
You have to clean it down there too.
We have to dive in this
pool, Mr. Wellington.
One day I'll get here
crazy to dive in this pool.
If you could recommend me to someone,
so I wouldn't be that short on money.
don't worry, go travel.
I'll figure it out.
All right then. Have a nice trip.
Take a lot of pictures, record videos.
All right. Give Tokinho a hug.
Fine. Slay at the Champs lyses.
Okay. You too. God bless.
I've always... sometimes I say...
I never liked... It's
not because I'm vain,
but I never liked for my kids
to ask others for anything.
Never let my kids be poorly dressed.
And I never had people
saying I raised my kids asking
for the help of others. No, thank God.
Today they're all
graduated, not to brag.
Geraldo knows my family, my place.
I have a son who is a teacher,
he teaches three languages.
All my daughters
graduated from university.
None of my kids drink alcohol,
only beer once in a while.
I tell them,
The day you think you need
help, you know the way.
Every year they come with me...
... to get my medal. I'll wrap it up.
Thanking once again the higher power.
Thanking the coordinators
and everyone's attention.
What I wish for myself,
I wish for you all,
Just 24 hours more.
Thank you, Comrade
Judite. It's time to talk.
Comrades. Good evening, everyone.
For those who don't know
me, my name is Marcelino,
another recovering alcoholic,
who joined this wonderful work
in which I proudly
carry the number 2725.
Trcia? Trcia?
Hey, Mr. Daltoni, do you have
any kind of magnifying glass?
Deivinho, here we have
all kinds of stuff,
I've stored a few pieces,
I can look at it and see
if I find what you need.
If not, we keep looking until we find.
I've found some PVC pipes,
I just need the lenses now.
The lenses? Well, we
can take a look around,
there's a lot of stuff in here,
you can find what you need.
So, can we count on you to
play in our team? At Milanez?
My dad takes care of this
stuff. I don't know much.
We waiting for you to play there.
Deivinho, did you know that,
Thiago is in love with your sister?
Don't listen to her. She's lying.
He's really into her.
J told me about the apartment,
if you decide to close the
deal, you can count on us, okay?
To have a guarantor and all that.
Okay? You can talk to me.
So, Dad, Nina is studying law.
How nice, it's what I studied.
Joana told me.
- At the Federal University, right?
- Yes.
That's really good.
We need to arrange for
us to meet her parents.
We'll do that.
By the way, can you believe
I haven't met her parents yet?
What? Am I lying?
All in good time, honey. Right, Eunice?
Look at him.
- Nice finishing.
- Yeah.
That's great.
- He's a star.
- Very cool.
Let me tell you. I'm gonna pause here.
Usually, the trials happen
at the end of the year,
but if something comes up
earlier I'll let you know.
- Appreciate it, Sorn. Thank you.
- I'll let you know.
- See ya.
- Thanks.
- No problem.
- Let me see it.
- The boy is really good, Mr. Wellington.
- Right?
Besides the headache,
Trcia, what's bothering you?
I had a headache for a day
but the insomnia is all the time.
Are you taking something
for the insomnia?
I'm drinking passion fruit tea,
but it's been a long time since
I have slept more than
four hours per night.
Right. Tell me, how are things at work?
No, I haven't worked that much.
- Have you had a fever recently?
- No.
It's insomnia and sometimes a malaise.
What kind? Stomach?
No, it's like, something inside,
like in my bones. Sometimes a chill.
And I've been a little scared too.
Got it. Come with me.
- Thanks.
- You can sit down.
I'm going to ask for some tests,
so, we can check what's going on
'cause it's not clear yet.
Also, I'll ask you to
drink water during the day
and avoid heavy meals at night.
- To have a salad, right?
- Yes, salad, juice, some vitamins.
And TV as well, TV shows at
night can get you agitated.
It's best to avoid it.
I won't prescribe you
any medication for now.
- Nothing?
- No, we'll wait for the tests.
You'll keep drinking the
passion fruit tea until then.
Be kind, give me a card.
- Take it. Take it.
- Look at the card you played, Nina.
- Pay attention, girl.
- Our team thanks you.
It's a gift for us.
Come on, give it to me.
Honey, the game isn't over.
- You lost.
- Dad, Mom.
There's no going back,
you've played your card.
I'm searching for an apartment.
What do you mean?
I thought I should tell you
before I decide anything.
Decide what, Nina?
But, Nina, are you thinking
about living by yourself?
No, Dad. I'll live with a friend
and we're gonna split the rent.
- But how's that gonna work?
- I don't know about that.
That will have a cost. How much is that?
Well, Mom.
- 800 reais at most.
- Too expensive, Nina.
- Dad, don't start.
- Don't start?
I said 800 reais at most. I'm
searching for cheaper places too.
That's not easy, Nina. Not easy.
And who is this friend, Nina?
- Where did you meet?
- It's Joana, Mom.
We met in college.
And how are you gonna
pay for this, Nina?
I'll keep on tutoring.
I'm also looking for other things to do.
And I'm almost getting an internship.
Nina, you should be patient, honey.
- Graduate first.
- I'm almost graduating, Dad.
Then do it first.
- Then you get a boyfriend.
- Nonsense, Dad.
- Then you get married.
- Who said I wanna get married?
You don't?
So, for me to leave
I have to get married?
- Why are you leaving?
- I won't get married.
- You have everything here.
- I want my freedom.
More freedom than you already have?
- Dad, it's not like that.
- How come it isn't?
- I wanna leave, that's all.
- Leaving...
- you're just a child.
- A child, Dad?
- How would that work?
- You keep treating me as a child.
- Two girls living in an apartment.
- What's the problem?
- And what if something happens?
- What would happen? It's safe.
- Who would take care of you?
- I can take care of myself.
Enough! Enough! For God's sake.
You already screwed the game
up. What a fucked-up Tuesday.
Nina, you find a way
to bring this girl here.
- What for?
- What for, Nina?
Girl, you aren't uncared for. You
have a mother, a father, a brother.
You think you can come in here
and just tell us you're leaving?
It's important to bring her here,
- right, Deivinho?
- Yeah.
Right, Wellington?
I wanna know about the
game, whose turn is it?
Your turn.
Why didn't you tell me
you were gonna leave?
I wasn't sure yet,
Deivinho. I'm still not sure.
Are you gonna move too far?
Downtown or the East Side.
But we'll see each other
all the time, Deivinho.
I'll always be with you.
Seeing you play soccer, becoming a star.
Nina, do you think Dad would be
mad if I didn't play soccer anymore?
Don't you wanna play?
I don't know if I wanna
become a professional player.
Then talk to Dad, Deivinho.
He can't make you do
anything you don't want to.
It's not that I want to stop playing,
I just think about
doing other stuff too.
Yeah? What stuff?
What is it?
You'll think it's
stupid, I can't tell you.
Tell me, don't be silly.
My dream is to become an astrophysicist
and go on the Mars One mission.
Mars One? What mission is that?
It's a mission that will happen in
2030. Humans will try to colonize Mars.
Wow, Deivinho.
I don't even know what to say.
Is that what you want? To go to Mars?
I'm even building a
telescope to observe better.
A telescope?
- I knew you'd think it's stupid.
- No, Deivinho. I don't think that.
It's beautiful. A beautiful dream.
I laughed because I never
heard you talking like that.
You wanna go to Mars and
worry about me moving far away?
Don't forget about me, okay?
Never, Deivinho.
Hey, go get the ball, boy.
Come on, Deivinho,
You're just walking
there. Don't do that, son.
Go get it, Deivinho. Come on, boy.
The right wing was trying
to pass you the ball
and you didn't pay attention.
You lost the ball twice, Deivinho.
Man up. Come on. Pay
attention to the game.
What's wrong, Deivinho?
Are you listening to me?
You're not paying attention. Deivinho?
If they disarm the attack,
they're the best in the league.
- They just have to score, Dad.
- Yeah, but...
- Dad? Mom?
- Hey honey.
Hi, young lady.
- So, you are...
- Joana.
- This is my mom, Trcia.
- It's a pleasure.
Welcome. Our daughter's
friend is our friend too.
Thank you.
- This is my dad, Wellington.
- How are you? Nice to meet you.
Nina, if I knew you were
bringing a fan of Atltico,
I'd have saved on the fireworks.
The girl will be terrified here.
- Sit down, honey.
- Excuse me.
And you must be Deivinho.
Nina talks a lot about you.
Do you want some water,
coffee, juice, soda?
- Juice would be fine.
- I'll make you a lemonade.
- No need. It can be a soda then.
- No, it'll take just a minute.
You eat some pudding
now. It's a family recipe.
- I think you'll like it. Excuse me.
- Thank you.
- Make yourself at home.
- Thank you.
Come on. Come on.
Damn it. Come on.
What the hell?
I give up.
This guy looks like
he's got two right feet.
What is it, honey?
- What a shitty game.
- Deivinho seems off.
Goal! Goal!
What about the
fireworks, Mr. Wellington?
- Fuck, Cruzeiro! Motherfucker!
- Hey.
What should be done about the fact
that our kids lag woefully far behind
children in other countries in the
areas of physics and mathematics?
You know what my first reply is?
As a parent? Get out of their way?
When your kid... You're born
a scientist. What does a
scientist do? We look up and say,
"I wonder what that
is? Let me go find out."
- Right.
- Let me poke it. Let me break it!
So, you talk about events that
can cause the end of the world.
Does this knowledge
keep you awake at night?
Yes! Yes.
Now in Contagem, it's
2:20 p.m. of a new day!
What a joy it is to
experience a new sunrise!
If you're out there feeling
lost, not knowing where to go,
I wish you luck in a brand-new day.
May it come full of smiles
and hope in your path.
May the sun light up your life
and God bless your encounters.
Today is the 10th. Month, December.
Christmas is coming! Have
you got your gifts yet?
No? Look for Malute's Stores!
Sales at all times!
We will be giving away
gift cards later on.
To our beloved audience!
Meanwhile let's enjoy a
song to warm up our hearts...
The bathroom floor isn't good
but I think it's easy to fix.
Girl, there's a ceiling fan.
Oh no.
- It scares me a little.
- Stop it. It's fancy.
Yeah, right.
Did your dad get angry that day?
Joana, my dad can get
very annoying with soccer.
- Do you think I should call him?
- No, leave it alone.
There are other things involved.
Your mom didn't like it either.
No, my mom is all right.
She looked at me with
a strange expression.
You had the wrong impression.
So? Should we close the deal?
Should we?
- Baby?
- Yeah?
- Come here real quick, please.
- Just a second.
- Tell me.
- I'm going over the bills here.
Things aren't good.
It really isn't. I'm coming
from the supermarket now,
- and it cost me a pretty penny.
- Really?
- What about work? Nothing?
- No, nothing at all.
I thought it was gonna get
better, but it just got worse.
The guys will take
two weeks to come back.
- Beatriz is going on vacation.
- Jeez.
I asked Claudete for
help but nothing came up.
It's difficult.
There's no other way, we
gotta cut some expenses.
I was thinking, where's the
cable bill? It's very expensive.
- We could cut the pay per view.
- But, baby. The soccer games.
It's just a little something.
A little something?
The only thing I like to
watch is Cruzeiro's games.
- And we gonna cut that?
- You need to think about Cruzeiro now?
Don't mess with Cruzeiro. Let's
think about something else.
One thing I saw here, the
electricity bill, it's absurd.
But I save on that, honey.
I know you do, but everybody
gotta help with that.
- Nina takes 2 hours to wash her hair.
- But her hair is beautiful.
I know, she gotta take care
of it. But we need to save.
That's funny. When you had
your afro, how did you do it?
Baby, I washed my hair
in the laundry tub,
and let it dry in the sun.
- She takes two hours with the hairdryer.
- No, we won't mess with Nina.
You know what I think? You
should ask your boss for a raise.
I've tried. They won't give
me a raise just like that.
Your boss is an ass. She'll
ask you to take care of her cat
and instead of paying you, she'll
bring you flour from Tch Tch.
Who needs that?
If I tell you there's no way
it's 'cause there's no way.
All right, all right.
But Baby, see...
Let's just breathe. It's
not the first time, is it?
- We'll get through this.
- Yes.
- Thanks, I really liked it.
- Really?
Then give me a kiss.
- Merry Christmas.
- To you too.
I loved it. This one was a star.
Damn, he could play ball.
- For you to read on your way to work.
- Thank you, honey. I really liked it.
- You're kidding?
- No,
I'm serious.
- You sure?
- Yes.
- Absolutely? For real?
- Yes. Yes.
Thank you.
The card was just to hand you something,
but I saw the page for the
lecture open on the computer.
And I noticed you won't stop
watching his videos on YouTube.
So, I decided to give
it to you as a gift.
- You really wanna go?
- Of course, I do.
- But it's not too expensive?
- No,
I got some money from work.
- Joana helped as well.
- That's nice.
She sent you a kiss and
says Merry Christmas.
- And we'll help you with the trip okay?
- Okay.
- But what if Mom and Dad won't let me?
- We'll deal with that later.
- One thing at a time, okay?
- Okay.
- Merry Christmas.
- Thank you, best gift ever!
Merry Christmas.
Oh, honey, Merry Christmas.
All the best. Merry Christmas.
For all of us.
... the vice president Hamilton Mourao
followed by first
lady Michelle Bolsonaro
and Paula Mourao return to the
speech Bolsonaro will give the nation
Hi, good afternoon. Sorry to
interrupt you at lunchtime.
- You wanna join us?
- No, thank you. Enjoy.
Wellington, I just came to give
you the key to my apartment,
'cause I'll be traveling,
so you take care of
Galvo and my plants, okay?
Okay, got it.
- So you're going on a trip?
- I am.
Don't hate the player, hate the game.
- Be careful.
- No need.
Don't worry, we got it.
- Don't get crazy.
- Never did.
Who didn't want to wake
up early, did it like this.
- What's this for?
- To shave, can you believe it?
- No way.
- It's true.
You'd put it in the shaving
foam, apply it to your face,
and then used the razor here.
It cuts right here.
- It sounds cool.
- Yeah. It was from your grandpa.
His watch.
I'm gonna keep this, his
glasses, his documents.
Here is his musician ID.
Your grandpa was amazing. Amazing!
He played the trombone
in the band of Mariana.
He sang beautifully. He
learned to speak English,
- and needed no classes.
- Jeez.
- He was that good, huh?
- He was great.
He did some things, he
was like Gyro Gearloose.
He had a small room full of stuff.
He'd build and fix things.
He made a sewing machine and
gave it to me on my wedding day.
- No way. He made it himself?
- He did. It's true.
And it worked.
He got a box, put the
engine and everything.
He was very smart.
God, look at this, him playing.
- That's Dad, right?
- Yeah.
- He looks funny.
- No, he looks beautiful.
That's when we started dating,
we'd go dancing every
Saturday. With money or not.
He loved to go to the Black Mask.
They played Black music there.
- Your dad was a great dancer.
- He was?
He'd go with your uncle, Z Maria.
Your uncle couldn't dance. I
got the best one, of course.
I'm not silly.
So beautiful.
- Dad was already a fan of soccer?
- Yeah, he always loved soccer.
I think everyone has something
that motivates them, you know?
- Yeah.
- And for your dad,
- that's soccer, even today.
- Yeah.
- Can I get a few things here, Mom?
- Yes.
Your dad probably doesn't remember
these things are still here.
After you get what you want,
I'll deal with the rest.
Will you take this?
What are you gonna do?
Something I'm working on, don't worry.
- Did you take photos, record videos?
- A lot.
- Did you slay?
- Sure.
This one here complains a lot.
- I hired a guy to take our photos.
- Really?
I had to complain, he wanted to
bring all of Paris in his suitcase.
Oh no!
He wanted to buy all the
souvenirs, unbelievable.
Tell me about the men in Paris.
You know. If he just complains,
I have to make my moves.
The window here is really high, okay?
- You let him make his moves?
- I'll show you his moves.
Look at the expiration date, I'll
see what happen to him, Trcia.
Smoke of caboclo,
that smells like Guin
Let the smoke
help this child of faith
Smoke of caboclo,
that smells like Guin
Let the smoke
help this child of faith
Smoke of caboclo,
that smells like Guin
Let the smoke
help this child of faith
Smoke of caboclo,
that smells like Guin
Let the smoke
help this child of faith
May this smoke open your path.
Free you from all the danger and evil.
And may you walk in
clean, clear, open paths.
With the grace of Almighty God.
- You think this is gonna work?
- It's already working, Deivinho.
we have to start planning
the trip as soon as possible.
Yeah, but have you
talked to Mom and Dad?
Yeah, they just asked
us to remind them later,
- so they can arrange everything.
- Cool.
Don't worry. It'll work.
- Now will you help me finish packing?
- Let's do it.
- The books go in this box, okay?
- Okay.
Honey, you arranged everything
so fast that I still...
can't believe you're leaving.
You deserve all the
best. Congrats, okay?
- You promise to visit soon?
- Yes.
Sorry I didn't go earlier,
but it was all so fast.
I know, Mom.
I just want you to know
you'll always be welcome there.
You too, honey. Come visit.
Come to eat Mom's food.
I'll keep praying and cheering for you.
Take it easy, Mom. Stop with the drama.
For you and Joana.
That's beautiful, Mom.
God bless you, honey.
- Dad?
- Hi.
We're leaving now.
All right.
this chair has more than 70 years.
It has been in the family all this time.
There was a whole set but
this is the only one left.
I fixed it,
and I want you to have it.
It's still good to use it,
but if you don't want it...
you can put it in a
corner with a plant on top.
It would still look good.
What's up, Wellington?
- How are you doing, Sorn?
- You all right?
- Doing some cleaning?
- Yeah. It's practically done.
- It's good to use it.
- Swim a little bit.
It's 32 degrees. I've measured just now.
- Good.
- It's warm.
I'm passing by, going to an event.
Remember I talked to
you about the tryouts?
- I do.
- Here.
- You kidding?
- On Saturday.
- Next Saturday?
- Yes.
- My God. All right.
- Just call this number.
Deivid will compete at the
same level as the other boys.
There's a chance. I don't
want him to go to another team.
He should play for
Cruzeiro. Thank you so much.
- Tell him to get ready.
- You bet. He'll do well.
- I'll let you know.
- Have some fun.
- Thank you so much.
- Have a nice day.
Thanks a lot.
You went to see a doctor, right?
- Yes, Trcia.
- What about the tests?
- It's all good.
- Nothing wrong?
And you stopped throwing up?
How are you? I wanna know.
I'm fine. Flawless.
- I'm great.
- Headaches stopped?
Yes, Trcia. Everything is okay.
But tell me,
right now, at this moment,
- are you feeling anything or not?
- Right now, I just wanted... you know.
Toquinho, for God's sake, I'm serious.
But, Trcia, that's
annoying, girl. I'm fine.
It's not annoying. I wanna
know. I wanna know everything.
- What? I'm fine, flawless.
- You'll tell me if you feel anything?
- Yes, Trcia.
- Okay.
- But make sure to let me know.
- Okay. This girl is crazy.
Stop the bus!
Oh, God.
- You owe me his autograph, Dad.
- I do.
- Is he a nice guy?
- He's really nice.
You remember I told you I showed
him a video of Deivinho playing?
The goal you scored in
Colo-Colo was in the video.
You know what happened?
He gave me a contact to take you
in a closed tryouts for Cruzeiro.
Can you imagine, son?
Imagine that, we going to
Mineiro to watch you play.
Recording your games on TV.
Hey, I know you feel
pressured about this,
but just be calm. All
you have to do is play,
do what you know and like to do. Okay?
The tryouts are next Saturday,
so I need you to be good.
Don't need to go to school
on Friday. Just relax.
- But, Dad, this Saturday?
- This Saturday.
- You sure? Real sure?
- Absolutely. Yes.
But I already have something.
You already have something
on Saturday, Deivinho?
It's a trip with Nina,
didn't she tell you?
What trip with Nina?
She said something about it,
but she didn't give details.
- Is it this Saturday?
- Yeah, Mom.
- So Paulo, right?
- Yeah.
- But what is it again?
- It's a science fair.
Nah. What a science
fair has to do with it?
No. You're playing ball, don't be crazy.
But she already paid for the ticket.
And they accepted me as a
participant in the event.
You did it wrong.
How do you arrange this without
asking for my permission first?
And how did you pay for this ticket?
- But she said she talked to you.
- She wasn't clear about it.
Tryouts for Cruzeiro, boy. This
could be the chance of our lives.
We can try to do both, Wellington.
How am I gonna explain to Sorn,
an idol of our team, that our son
didn't make it to the
tryouts because he was busy.
How is Sorn gonna explain to the people
that opened the doors for you?
People that trusted you. How is
he gonna tell them you didn't go?
No. You'll go and play your best
game. You'll play like never before.
Everything has a limit, Wellington.
You stop pressuring the
boy the way you're doing.
It won't do any good.
He'll get there on Saturday
won't be able to play well.
The boy needs to be educated, baby.
He needs to understand that
if he wants something in life,
he'll need discipline,
responsibility. Things aren't easy.
This way you're not motivating
him, you're putting him off.
- Have you seen his face?
- That was because of the scolding.
When he gets on that field, in the
green lawn with the ball rolling,
it'll be the same
Deivinho, putting on a show.
You trust too much.
I'll have to get out of here.
What is it, baby?
I'll have to get out of here, baby.
I'm attracting a lot of bad things.
This nonsense again.
If you're not feeling
well, go get some help.
If the people you saw didn't
help, get a different opinion.
I've tried, it didn't work.
I can feel I'm attracting bad things.
But baby, if it was like that,
something would happen to me too.
- How come nothing happened?
- Yet. It hasn't happened yet.
- You're overreacting.
- No.
I'll find a way to get out.
I won't be near Deivinho.
Saturday is coming,
if something happens,
I'll never forgive myself.
if it'll make you feel
better, I don't know,
Take care of yourself.
Go for a walk, a trip.
If you really believe that
you being around can jinx
the tryouts for Deivinho,
then you should travel.
But travel to a place close
by, a place we can afford.
Only a weekend.
A place nearby. I'll go
on Friday. It's decided.
- Flvio?
- Yeah, Mr. Wellington.
- I'll need a favor.
- Sure, Mr. Wellington.
I'll need to go get a medical
certificate for Deivinho.
- For Deivinho? Is he sick?
- No, it's for the tryouts.
- Wow. So it worked?
- It did.
I just need to get a certificate
to prove he's healthy to play.
- That's great.
- Here's the thing.
I need you to go to
Dircinha's apartment.
It's simple. Water the plants, clean
the litter box and feed the cat.
- I'll do it now.
- Not now. There's a schedule.
- You can do it before you leave.
- All right then.
- Ten minutes before you leave.
- Mr. Wellington, you're the boss.
You'll get in there and you'll
see it. It's in the service area.
- You'll see the cans, the pet food...
- Mr. Wellington, you can go. I got it.
- Text me if you need anything.
- It's all cool.
- Here, I'll leave the keys with you.
- Leave it to me.
- Can I go then?
- Of course, Mr. Wellington.
- I'll go sort that out.
- Good luck. Go get it done.
Thanks a lot.
Baby, can you help me
install the new shower?
What is it?
I don't know.
Did something happen?
I'm worried about the trip.
My parents didn't say
anything, Deivinho neither.
Do you wanna call them?
I will.
I'm just upset my parents
haven't come here yet.
I'll go clean outside, okay?
It will be all right.
My man, Moiss. What's up?
- Good morning, Wellington.
- Good morning. Is everything okay?
- Okay for who?
- What happened?
Dircinha wants to talk to
you. Things are bad for you.
For me? Why?
- Go look for Dircinha.
- Where's Flvio? Is he here yet?
Don't know about him.
Go talk to Dircinha.
Dircinha, good morning.
- Good for who?
- What's happening?
I'm the one wondering what's happening.
I traveled, left the keys
to my apartment with you,
when I got here, my
apartment was robbed.
My wardrobe wide-open,
my living-room TV is gone,
- even Galvo is missing.
- My God,
- have you talked to Flvio?
- Why would I talk to him?
- If I left my keys with you.
- I had to leave a bit earlier,
and I asked Flvio to do the
favor to water your plants,
and feed Galvo. But it was
a quick thing I had to do.
So you left, gave the keys
to some scoundrel. Right?
- You told anyone you were leaving?
- No. I just talked to Flvio.
I had done all the work in advance...
So this Flvio stole everything,
even my jewelry is gone.
You can be sure I'm gonna call
him and find out what happened.
Look, Wellington. I like
you, I have respect for you,
- but I'm very disappointed.
- But Dircinha...
I'm the manager here.
I owe the residents an explanation.
How am I gonna talk to them now?
- You've known me for years.
- Yes.
And if it was up to me,
I'd give you another chance.
But unfortunately, I can't do that.
You put me in a difficult
position, and I'll have to fire you.
Don't do that. I have a family.
You should've thought about
that before. Now it's too late.
- It's no use crying over spilled milk.
- I'm gonna work this out.
What you did to me,
I could never imagine.
I feel like you stabbed me in the back.
- And it's still hurting.
- Don't say that.
Next week I'll call you
to make your arrangements.
- Give me another chance.
- There's nothing else I can do.
Dircinha, I can work this out.
- Do you wanna go flying kites?
- I do.
- I don't.
- Deivinho, you're so boring.
Are you sick?
I'm gonna go. You're too
slow. Let's go Thiago?
- You chicken.
- You chicken.
Miss? Good afternoon.
I wanna buy a ticket, the cheapest one.
- Any city?
- Yeah.
There's Juatuba, it
takes an hour and a half
and it costs 18 reais 90 cents.
- It's 18,90? And it's the cheapest?
- Yes.
I'm here at this bus station,
talking to you because I
suffered a horrible accident.
I ask you for five cents,
ten cents, 25 cents.
Too little with God is a lot,
too much without God is nothing.
Due to this terrible
accident, I'm unable to work.
- You son of a bitch.
- For God's sake.
What have you done? You ruined my life.
I'm gonna kill you.
- You bastard.
- She's hitting a cripple.
- Take your hands off me.
- Ma'am, it's a prank.
Fuck your TV prank, bitch! Fuck you!
- What's this?
- Calm down.
I didn't know if I
should call your mother,
Deivinho told me to call
you, so I called you.
- He's over here.
- Deivinho,
what happened?
He rolled over and hit his leg
on the bike hard. It was crazy.
And you with these adventures.
Hey, honey.
Guys, what happened? My goodness.
Excuse me, honey. Let me see.
Deivinho, this broken leg, baby!
How are you feeling? Your arms...
- I'm fine.
- Let me see it.
- Just don't touch it, it's burning.
- Let me see your face. So pretty.
- Your back is hurting? Your belly?
- No.
- Your head?
- No, I'm fine.
- And your teeth, honey?
- My braces didn't break,
- Thank God.
- You won't need to pay for that.
- Guys, what happened?
- He got hurt.
What happened, Deivinho?
Have you broken your leg, son?
- What happened, guys? For God's sake.
- He fell off his bike, Dad.
Have you been hit, son?
Answer me, Deivinho.
I was riding my bike, then I
went down the hill and fell.
But, Deivid.
Hadn't we agreed that you'd
stand still at home, son?
Didn't I ask you to
stay at home, Deivid?
- Huh?
- Wellington, don't yell at him.
The only thing I asked was
for him to be quiet at home,
and you decide to go down
the hill in your bike, Deivid?
Dad, calm down. There's
no need to shout.
- No need to shout. Calm down.
- Look,
I don't ask you for anything. I
don't ask for anything in this house.
The only thing I asked
was for you to stand still.
For you not to go out, to take
care of yourself for tomorrow.
Wasn't it, Deivid?
Damn. Then you go down on
a hill with a bike, Deivid?
Don't yell at the boy. It's over.
Yeah, it's over.
The tryouts, my job. It's all over.
I got fired, baby.
Baby, damn,
there was this chance tomorrow.
There was a chance...
and this fuckin' boy
goes out with his bike.
Dad, shut up. You're being an asshole.
- Don't tell me to shut up.
- Stop yelling at my brother.
What are you gonna do?
Are you gonna hit me?
Guys, for God's sake!
We're fucked, baby.
Wellington, let's go to the bedroom.
Wake up, Wellington.
Let's get you in the bedroom.
Come on, get up.
I'll get some water, honey.
Tragedy at 381
An accident closed out
the traffic at BR381
in the metropolitan region of
Belo Horizonte on Friday afternoon.
Yesterday afternoon, around 2:00 p.m.,
a travel bus left Belo
Horizonte towards Juatuba
and collided with a truck whose
driver lost control of the vehicle.
The two vehicles fell off a
cliff. There were no survivors.
- The passenger list has not been...
- Mom?
Are you okay?
What happened, Mom?
I'm alive.
Bye, Mom.
Bye, guys.
I can and I am building a new time.
A time of sobriety. A time
of greater understanding.
A time of making our lives worth it.
I thank you for allowing
me to live again with joy,
with enthusiasm and the
desire to do many things.
Once again, I thank the coordinators,
Oscar, Judite, Valria,
may we have a great week
and may the higher power enlighten us.
Twenty-four hours of
sobriety for us all.
And it's time to talk.
- Good evening, comrades.
- Good evening.
Good evening, coordinators.
For those who don't know
me, my name is Wellington.
I broke a four years medal of sobriety.
I liked this 24 hours thing.
For people to take
it 24 hours at a time.
Tell your friend I apologize.
She's my girlfriend, Dad.
And I think you can
apologize to her in person.
You are a lot like me.
More than you think.
You really did it.
That's crazy, Deivinho.
I'm trying to improve it
so we can see it better.
But that's it for now.
Come see, Mom.
It's here, right?
- What's this, son?
- It's Mars, Mom.
That's cool.
- Where did you get all this stuff?
- I made it.
- You made it, Deivinho?
- Yes, Dad.
Remember that day we were
seeing some stuff in the room?
I took some things from
grandpa's box, things you let me,
then I got some stuff I
already had and build it.
That's so interesting, son.
He would be very happy, you know.
He would be very proud of you two.
Your dream is to go to Mars, right?
Yes, Dad.
Mars must be far as hell.
Like a hundred thousand
kilometers, right?
No, Dad. It's way more.
The distance from Earth to Mars
is approximately 60
million kilometers, Dad.
Deivinho wants to go on a
mission called "Mars One," Dad.
To colonize the planet.
And how do you get to participate?
Is it expensive?
Millions of dollars, Dad.
we'll find a way.
Mom fell asleep.