Martin (1978) Movie Script

All aboard!
Good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning.
How long
to pittsburgh?
10 hours
to pittsburgh.
Is there
a bar car on here?
On your left.
traveling alone?
All alone.
Shall I wake you
for pittsburgh?
No. I'm going
to new york.
The big apple.
Thank you,
and good night.
Thank you.
Good night.
Please don't scream.
I just want you to go
to sleep. Please!
Son of a bitch.
Are you some sort of freak
rapist asshole? Ah!
Son of a...Uh!
Don't scream.
Aah! Aah!
Don't...Don't scream.
What was
in that needle?
What was in it?
Tell me.
Damn it. Why won't you
say something to me?
What the hell
do you want?
Do you want money?
Do you want money?
You can have
what you want.
I have
a lot of money.
What was in that
shot you gave me?
It's all right.
I'm always very careful
with the needles.
It won't hurt you.
What do you mean you're
always very careful?
It won't hurt you.
It's just to help you sleep.
Tell me what
was in the shot!
It's just
to help you sleep!
Why don't you just
take what you want?
It's important.
Don't you understand?
It's important to me!
It's important to me!
I'm always very careful
with the needles...
so it puts you to sleep
And it doesn't hurt.
It's very important.
Porter: pittsburgh!
where could she be?
Porter: don't pound
on that door.
There's people sleeping
in there.
Wowe're looking
for a friend of ours.
We've been up and down
this whole...
You look fabulous.
And your hair
is longer.
Oh, god. Ok.
Denise is gonna
meet us in new york.
Yeah, she's gonna be
At the station
when we get there.
so I spend the night alone
and wake up to this?
Another creep.
Watch your hands.
Martin madahas?
I'm cuda. Come.
We must take
another train.
Porter: braddock.
First, I will
save your soul.
Then I will destroy you.
I will show you
your room.
You may come and go,
But you will not take people
from this city.
If I hear of it,
a single time,
I will destroy you
without salvation.
You may not enter
my room.
When I wish to speak
with you, I will.
My granddaughter
stays with me.
You will not enter
her room.
I have told her
not to speak with you,
But she will.
You will not answer.
Tomorrow you may rest.
Next day
you work in my shop.
I have been told
you are imbecile.
Can you speak?
Speak, so I can hear
your voice.
Speak, nosferatu.
You will not enter
my room, nosferatu.
You will not
enter my room!
You will not take
family blood.
There isn't any magic!
There isn't any magic!
It's just a sickness.
I am your cousin.
I am
your cousin Martin.
You see?
You see?
It isn't magic.
Even I know that.
It isn't magic.
Ok, ladies.
I'm sorry.
You know,
i never miss a day,
In 43 years.
I'm sorry I was late
today, ladies.
You need help
here, cuda.
Well, my cousin arrived today
from indianapolis.
You'll see him here.
He's going to help me.
Oh, isn't that nice?
Is he old like you?
Old like all of us,
you mean.
How long has it been since
a young man moved into braddock?
Actually, he is a young man...
Not even 20.
A young man in the house
with christina?
Related or not,
i don't think it's right.
But, mrs. Bellini...
You shouldn't have it, cuda.
How will it look?
It looks as you want it
to look, mrs. Bellini.
My family knows
how to behave.
Uh, you must be Martin.
Is, uh...
is tada cuda home yet?
What's happening?
Oh. Hi, Martin.
We're having
stuffed cabbage tonight.
Do you like it?
Do you like
stuffed cabbage?
Well, it's
tada cuda's favorite,
And around here,
things are done his way.
What? What?
I couldn't hear you.
Oh, I didn't know
you were listening.
That's a crazy talk show.
On all night,
from 6:00 to 6:00.
I'd call him
if we had a phone.
Can you believe
that...No phone?
Well, tada cuda and i
had a terrible fight
About it last week,
And i'm gonna have one
put in my room...
as long
as I pay for it
And as long as the bell
doesn't ring too loud.
Say, would you like
to have a phone?
I mean, an extension could
only be a few dollars more,
And I could make
the arrangements for you,
And we could share the expenses
at the end of the month.
you let me know
if you want one, ok?
Look how he eats.
Put your finger
in there.
Go ahead.
Oh, I can't.
Try it.
No. I...
i can't put
my finger in it.
Aah! Ha ha ha!
Wow. That's
really great.
See, it has
2 blades...
A real one
and a slip blade.
You hold the real one
and pull the slip blade up.
Things only seem
to be magic.
There is
no real magic.
There's no
real magic ever.
Hello, cuda.
hello, arthur.
Oh, arthur,
this is my cousin.
Arthur thelanus,
hello, Martin.
Indianapolis, huh?
It's a good town.
Well, I hear
there's work there.
There's work
everywhere, arthur.
People just don't
bother to look for it.
I'm talking about
decent work
With decent money.
Christine: let's go
over to your place, ok?
i'm tired.
Let's just watch the game here.
Cuda will like that.
Come on.
What about me?
I promised him.
He's been bugging me
for all this time.
He says, "you never spend
any time around here."
I think he think
we're off know.
What about me?
You don't seem to ever
Want to spend any time
with me anymore.
We spend
our lives in bed!
We do not.
That's not the way it is,
and you know that.
Just relax.
Can't you just
relax here?
No, I can't
relax here.
I'll just watch, like,
the first half with him.
I'm so sick of you,
This whole place,
everyone here.
All you want to do
is sit down
And watch the games
And just let everything
just pass by.
We have to get
in the car,
And we have to drive
all the way out there.
It's even
more exhausting.
Oh, come on.
Give me a break!
Just forget it.
Oh, you must be Martin.
Just a minute, son.
I'll get my purse.
Go around to the side.
Go around to the side.
This is
for the meat.
And this is
for you, Martin.
Well, that was quick.
I didn't expect you
till later this afternoon.
It's good
that you caught me.
I was just gonna run
down to the state store.
Thank you.
I can give you
A ride back downtown
if you'd like.
Why not?
It's such a long way.
Let's go.
This is
really something...
Coming all the way up here
to deliver this stuff.
Now I deliver you
all the way back downtown.
I could have
picked it up myself.
It's too bad you had
to walk all the way up.
Have you got a minute?
I need gas.
can I help you?
Woyes. A dollar's worth
of regular, please.
My husband puts in
all the mileage
When he's out gallivanting
around with the girls.
So i'm not gonna use
my money
To fill up the tank
for him.
I don't get enough
as it is.
Yeah, I know you
have to get back.
It'll just be
a minute.
Would you reach over there
in the glove compartment
And give me the little
notebook that's in there.
In the glove
There's a little
notebook in there.
My husband's
a fanatic about this...
How much gas, when,
what's the mileage.
I'm sorry.
I'm the complaining
old housewife.
If you don't like it,
get out.
Hey, I don't mean you.
I mean me.
If i'm so dissatisfied,
I should
just get out of it
And shut up
about it.
You remind me of an old
cat I used to have.
I don't mean that
to sound funny.
I had
an old alley cat,
And he used to sit
on the floor
And stare up at me
with those eyes.
I really
used to be able
To talk
to that old cat.
And he'd just
listen and listen
Till I got it all
out of my system.
He never said
anything either,
Never talked back.
Thank you.
Say, do you do
any other jobs...
Yardwork, handy-Work,
stuff like that?
Well, maybe we can work
something out.
See you next week.
Christina: it's crazy.
I can't believe
this is happening.
It's a nightmare,
for you and him!
Your father was not
from our part of the world.
Your mother knew.
She believed.
Well, if she did,
then thank god
I was too little
to know her.
Martin had his father
until he was 32.
he is just a boy!
Look in the books,
We have the books
of the family.
Did you ever look?
Of course, the books.
The books will show it.
Those damn books...
They should be burned!
That's where you get
your horrible ideas!
Ask the boy himself.
Ask Martin. He will tell you.
He's unbalanced.
He's mad.
And you and those books
have driven him to it!
He is nosferatu.
He was born
to elena borassa
And rudy mathias
in the old country
In 1892.
He is young
for nosferatu.
There have been 9
such accursed in the family.
There are 3 still alive.
Martin is one.
Count demodeli is the eldest
in the family now.
From the old country,
he sends the letters
Telling who will take
the company into their house.
We obey, first
for the family shame,
And again because,
to defy the evil ones
Is to bring a curse
upon oneself.
I will not shame
the family,
But the devil...
the devil can take my soul.
I would have
destroyed the children
The moment they
showed the signs.
Elena borassa took
her own life instead.
Now...Martin comes to me.
People cannot come
to other people's beliefs.
It's hard for you, I know.
It's hard for anyone young.
Do you believe
that god's whole world
Runs by the laws
of the few sciences
We have been able
to discover?
Oh, no, christina.
There is more.
But people
are satisfied.
They know so much,
they think they know all.
And that makes it
easy for nosferatu.
That makes it easy
for all the devils.
Damn him.
Here. Let me help.
No. It's my job.
I just want
to help, all right?
No. It's my job.
Mind if I turn
this off?
I'm glad you don't
believe in the magic.
Well, I don't.
I really don't.
I know, and i'm glad.
I'm sorry that you have
to go through it all.
I know it must be
awful for you.
It is. It is awful.
Tada cuda. Ah, he's...
As long as it
doesn't get crazy.
they get crazy.
How old are you,
Oh, i'm old.
How old?
Listen, I would really
like to help you.
Would you like
to see a doctor?
I've seen
lots of doctors.
They don't know
what to do either.
You shouldn't be
with the family.
Maybe you should be
In a hospital
or a home or something.
No. That would be
too hard for me.
Well, I think that
this is hard for you,
And I think
that if the family
Really wanted
to help you,
That that's what
they should do.
They're crazy! They're
the ones that are...
I'm sorry.
Ah, it's just that...
well, I grew up in this
entire thing, too.
Nosferatu. Nosferatu.
The family curse.
The family shame.
It's the middle ages!
Do you know,
i heard about this
My entire life?
Sometimes I even
start thinking
That i'm gonna believe
all that bullshit.
I couldn't go
to a hospital.
That would be
too hard for me.
I'll be fine.
I'm always fine.
Damn him.
i really want to
talk to you
Some more
about this, ok?
No, I mean I really
want to talk to you,
And maybe even we can
sit grandfather down
And talk to him.
I'll talk to you,
not to him.
All right.
That's all right.
Sure you don't
want me to help?
Well, i'm gonna go wait
out on the back porch.
If arthur comes,
i'm gonna go ahead and leave.
See you later.
I'd like to have
a phone.
I would really like
to have a phone.
How about that game
on sunday, man?
It was pretty close.
It could have gone either way.
We put your phones
in upstairs
And left the phone books
up there for you.
Thank you.
Christina, shouting:
what do you think I am?
What do you
think I am?
Oh, i'm so sick of you!
I'm so sick of your attitude
towards me!
I'm important,
and i'm tired...
I'm tired of waiting
on that damn porch!
Don't give me that.
I don't want
to hear you say that!
I don't care where
you were this time.
Where were you last week?
Where were you
the week before that?
Do you think
i don't hear things?
I don't ever ask you,
now, do i?
Do I ever accuse you
of anything?
I know what you're doing!
I don't care.
I don't care!
A man and a woman
This is a man
and a lady in bed?
It's only $4.98.
I sell
a lot of them.
T.J. Is here,
you know.
Let me put your bags
in your car for you.
I don't want
no money.
I just want to
help you, baby.
That's all I want.
Oh, no snowcone.
How about a fudgicle?
I think
we're gonna be
A few minutes
making up our minds.
Maybe you better
take care of this man.
Do you have
ice cream sandwiches?
A sandwich? One?
who is it,
Oh, jesus.
Do you have anything? you
have anything?
I only give to
organized charities.
He can't hear you,
you schmuck.
All right?
Come on.
Thank you.
Ha ha ha!
I mean, uh...
good luck.
Wocall me when you know
where you'll be, ok?
As soon as I know,
i'll call, all right?
Don't do anything
i wouldn't do.
You know me
better than that.
Woman's voice: Martin.
Woman's voice: Martin.
Echoing: Martin...
echoing: Martin...
Who are you?
Oh, my god. Ah!
Look, let's not get
excited about this.
There's no reason to get
upset or anything, ok?
I don't know him!
Are you all right?
He shot me
with something.
What did
he do to you?
I don't know
who he is.
Have you
seen him before?
He came to the door
one day.
He came to the door,
and he said he was deaf.
He shot me with something.
Better call somebody.
I can't call anybody!
You're not supposed
to be here!
I can't call the police.
Where did he go?
I don't know.
I'm not gonna go
out there and look.
Call somebody!
Lewis, I can't
call anybody!
You are not supposed
to be here!
What am i
supposed to do?
I don't care
who finds out about us!
He shot me with something!
Now call somebody!
Call the police, hospital,
ambulance, anybody!
Call somebody!
I don't know
who to call!
Lewis, who
should I call?
The emergency number.
Call 911.
I can't call 911.
That's the police.
It's not the police! It's just
a general emergency number!
Do you have a friend
i can call?
Is your car here?
Call the hospital and tell them
what happened, all right?
Tell them we'll be there
in 5 minutes.
Ok. What hospital?
I don't know
what hospital!
Is mercy around here?
I don't know
the number.
Call information.
Get their number. Call them.
Information, can you
give me the number
Of mercy hospital,
Thank you.
Shit! It's fucked up.
Wait a minute.
I got to do it again.
I can't get through!
I forgot the number!
Wait. Um...
Lewis, are you
on the other phone?
Lewis, hang up
the phone!
I can't get through.
Hang up the phone, would you?
Are you on it?
Shit. What's
the number?
I forgot the number.
Hang up!
All right!
Hang up!
I'm off. I hung up.
I've got my foot on it.
Is there another
phone in this house?
in the game room.
You keep calling
to get somebody,
All right?
Keep calling!
Uh...oh, shit.
The number.
Open this door,
you bastard!
You fucker, open
this goddamn door!
Lewis, what happened?
Aah! Aah! Help! Help!
No! No!
Get away from me!
No! Stop!
Please! No! Aah!
No! Stop!
What did you do to me?
What did you
do to me?
Get out!
Go away.
Lewis! Lewis!
Get away, lewis!
Lewis, he's gonna...
Lewis, don't come in here!
Look out!
Oh, lewis!
Listen, we've got to
get away from here!
Get on the phone!
Get some help! Get anybody!
I'm gonna get
that fucker!
I need help.
Don't be afraid.
You'll just go to sleep.
I don't have to
hurt you now.
You'll be all right.
You'll be all right.
You'll just
fall asleep,
And you'll wake up.
I promise.
You'll be all right.
You'll fall asleep
and wake up.
You want me?
Yes. Yes.
Yes, but i'm not
going to hurt you now
Because of him.
You weren't supposed
to be there.
Why were you there?
You weren't supposed
to be there.
You weren't supposed
to be there.
Voice: nosferatu.
Martin's voice:
it gets crazy sometimes,
And sometimes I think
they're really gonna catch me
And hurt me
or even kill me.
Man's voice: yeah,
i've seen that in the movies...
People trying
to stop your kind.
Martin's voice:
you have to really stay calm
When that happens.
And you just have to remember
that the ones that are after you
Are never calm.
People are never calm
when they're angry.
Man's voice: no, it's true.
It's very true.
Martin's voice:
for a long time,
I didn't care
if they'd kill me.
Most people spend their lives
worrying about dying.
For a long time,
i wished I would die,
Or I wished
somebody would kill me.
It's been
a long time for me...
a long time
full of crazy people.
I'm pretty careful
about not getting caught now.
I've learned a lot of things.
I have good tools.
And I have the needles.
Man's voice: needles?
Martin's voice: it was
really hard before the needles.
Man's voice:
what kind of needles?
Martin's voice: everything's
been pretty easy
Since i've learned
how to be careful.
People are
the hardest thing.
Man's voice: ha ha ha.
I understand.
When I see people together,
they don't talk, not really.
They don't say
what they mean.
Man's voice: right.
Martin's voice:
then they have the other,
They have
the sexy stuff,
Whenever they want it.
I've been much too shy
to ever do the sexy stuff.
Man's voice: mm-Hmm...
Martin's voice: I mean, do it
with someone who was awake.
Man's voice: uh...ha ha.
Martin's voice: someday maybe
i'll get to do it...
awake, without
the blood part.
Just do it with somebody
and then be together
And talk all night.
Man's voice: we've had
questions from our listeners
As to how often this happens.
I mean, every full moon?
Martin: I don't know.
I lose track.
Not all the time.
That's not like
in the movies either.
I saw a movie once
where it happened every night.
Now, that's crazy.
Those movies are crazy.
oh, so you
mean to tell me,
All those movies
aren't true, huh?
What else isn't true?
Are you gonna dispel
any other myths,
Like getting back
to your grave before sunup
Or garlic...
it's all crazy.
so you don't burn up
to a crisp in the sunlight?
Nothing like that?
Martin: well, the sun
bothers my eyes sometimes,
Especially when it's about time,
when I get shaky.
yeah, well, listen, count,
my sponsor's getting shaky,
So i've got to take a break.
Hang on a minute.
Night-Timers, we've been
talking to the count.
Yes, a real, live,
honest-To-Goodness vampire.
And if you have
any questions
You'd like to pass on
to the count,
How about giving me a call
here at 555-1650?
Be back in a moment.
Man's voice on radio:
be back in a moment.
Talk about a sale.
This week's sale at mason's...
Accent storage tables,
some of our best-Selling...
count, are you there?
Hey, count? Count?
Count, are you there, man?
Martin: hello.
say, man, where can i
get ahold of you?
This is really going over big.
I mean, it's very good.
We have a lot of people calling,
and they're very interested.
Count, i'd like
to talk to you.
I'd like to have you
come down to the station...
Man's voice on radio:
...a 54 by 20 by 16 now $66.
You stay
in my house.
Will you embarrass
me like this?
This is
a catholic family.
I will not be seen
in church without you.
Get dressed.
Priest: and jesus
answered them,
"Have not I chosen you 12,
and one of you be the devil..."
So ends the gospel
according to saint john.
Instead of a sermon today,
i think that we need to discuss
The problem of
rebuilding the church.
Being new to the community,
i've asked deacon roy
To talk to you
about this.
We need
a good bit of money
If we hope
to rebuild this parish.
Deacon roy, if you would
address the congregation.
Deacon roy: thank you.
First of all,
The tragedy of our church
being burned down,
I understand, has shaken
some of our parishioners' faith.
This need not be.
Now is the time
to express your faith.
For example, if we go
to our homes when we leave here
And see things that
we do not use laying around
That we can sell,
That's one way
to raise money.
Hold raffles.
And we can all get together
and furnish labor.
Thank you for coming.
Thank you for coming.
Will you come up to
the house sometime?
Thank you so much.
I really appreciate it.
Thank you very much.
Thank you so much.
Thank you so much.
We will have supper
late tomorrow night.
I invited
the new priest
To come to our house
for supper.
You will make
a good dinner.
Sure you wouldn't like
something in that?
You don't mind
if I do, right?
I'm sorry. I didn't mean
to frighten you.
It's just that you're...
So gentle,
So nice.
I only want
to hold you.
Martin, don't be
so afraid.
The door is finished.
Father curry
was in braddock...42...
No, 43 years
before he left.
No. Thank you.
I'd like to have
a little more wine.
You like this wine?
Gorinzkas made this wine.
I like it, too.
Gorinzkas. I don't know him.
Is he catholic?
A good catholic,
yes, father howard.
But you wouldn't
know him.
He left even
before corelli.
That's too bad.
I would have commissioned him
To make some wine
for the church.
I don't suppose
it's sacrilege to say
That the wine at st. Vincent's
is putrid.
You were sent here,
or you asked to come?
I was sent
by the diocese
When father corelli
Retired? Ha!
Father corelli
is younger than I am.
He asked to leave.
He left, like the rest of them.
They think this town
is finished.
No. He has cancer.
He's very near
the end.
In fact,
i haven't heard.
He may be gone.
Oh, thank you.
This is a town for
old persons, father howard.
You know the things
an old person
Wants from a priest?
Oh, this is
very sweet.
An old person
needs a priest
Who thinks the way
the old person thinks,
A priest who believes
in the old ways.
That's why I use the latin mass
here in braddock.
I think
people around here...
Do you believe
in demons, father howard?
Do you believe the devil
can enter a person's soul?
I don't know
what to believe about that.
You don't know,
father howard? Ha!
You see, this
is what I mean.
This is not
what an old person
Wants to hear
from a priest.
Father howard, would you
like some more cookies?
No, thanks.
Can I get you
anything else?
No, no. I'm fine.
If our priests cannot
save us from such things,
Who can, father howard?
Well, i've had several
conversations about this
With some
of my associates,
And I think...
i think it's
a difficult issue.
It's something
that has to be dealt with.
stop it.
You're gonna scare
father howard away.
Fascinating subject,
You should talk
to father zulemas about this.
He a great old guy.
He claims to have actually done
The old mystical rites
for real.
He went to see
that film the exorcist.
He said they did it
all wrong.
I don't suppose
you saw that movie.
I thought
it was great.
Woman's voice: Martin.
I cast you out...
Unclean spirit,
Along with every
satanic power of the enemy,
Every sector from hell,
And all your felled
In the name of our lord
jesus christ.
It is he
who commands you.
Harken therefore,
and tremble in fear, satan,
You enemy of the faith,
You foe
of the human race,
You begetter of death,
You robber of life,
You corrupter
of justice,
You root
of all evil and vice,
Seducer of men,
of the nations...
...fountain of avarice,
fomenter of discord,
Author of pain
and sorrow.
Why, then, do you stand
and resist, knowing...
that christ our lord
brings your plans to nothing?
By the sign of the holy cross
of our lord jesus christ,
Who lives and reigns
With the father
and the holy spirit,
God and forever...
o amen.
The lord
be with you all.
May he also be
with you.
May he also
be with you.
Let us pray.
Look down in pity
on this, your servant,
Now in the toils
of the unclean spirit,
Now caught up
in the fearsome threats
Of man's ancient enemy,
Sworn foe of our race...
By the sign
of the cross...
Keep watch over the innermost
recesses of his heart.
Whoo! Ha ha ha!
Devil. You are the devil.
You devil, you.
It's just a costume.
It's only a costume.
Wait just a minute.
I'll get some money.
How about a little
painting tomorrow?
out of town again,
And he left the game
room half finished.
You want me here
for sex, don't you?
I never really
did it before.
I was always
too shy.
But I decided...
i'd really like
to do it with you.
I'm all dressed now.
Why are you crying?
Why are you crying?
It's nothing.
Did I hurt you?
What did I do?
You didn't do
anything, Martin.
You're worrying
about having a kid.
I knew I should
have worn
One of those things.
Oh, jesus, Martin.
It's nothing
to do with you.
Really. Worrying about
having a kid. Ha ha.
I can't have kids.
I can never
have kids.
There's something
wrong inside.
I don't know.
What do you think?
Is that good for me
or bad for me?
No opinion?
That's why you're so nice
to have around, Martin.
You don't have opinions.
You took it down.
You took it down.
Oh, I thought
it was stupid,
A stupid superstition.
I just didn't want it
there, that's all.
I was right,
wasn't i?
Hurry and come down
to supper.
I'm going out
Woget the goddamn stogie
out of your mouth
And don't burn me up.
I'll try not to.
Don't try
to burn me up.
Nope. I've just got to get
out of here, that's all.
I say go
to all of you.
If you don't want
to be here,
Then we don't
need you!
I want to be here.
I've been here
since I was a kid.
Hey, but i'm
a good mechanic.
I should be fixing cars.
What am I doing here?
william korinzkas,
Like molinopzkus.
It's good for christina
not to be married yet.
She's young
for her years.
Maybe it's good for her
never to marry.
You know,
we have a problem...
in the family.
You've seen
the boy Martin.
Oh, it is a problem.
It is the shame
of us parents.
You want to have
children, don't you?
Think about it.
Just think about it.
You're still here.
I guess...
i guess he, uh...
couldn't come.
I guess, uh...
i don't like
He makes you
feel bad.
Oh, Martin,
it isn't arthur.
It's...i don't expect
any more from arthur.
it's everything.
it's everything.
Arthur told me about
The conversation
you had with him.
It's such bullshit,
It is so goddamn
There is insanity
in this family,
And you've got it!
You will not use such
language in my house.
Language? Shit
on the language!
Well, good-Bye,
grandfather cuda.
Where will you go?
I leave tomorrow
morning with arthur.
Oh, but don't worry.
We won't have
any offspring.
We won't even
wind up together.
just my way out.
you are wrong.
Well, then,
too bad for me.
Christina: if you
need anything,
You just
call me or...
Or come. I'll send
you the money.
No. You'll forget
about me.
No, I won't.
Why do you think
i'll forget?
you're going away.
People always go away
So they can forget
where they were.
Well, I won't.
You'll see.
I won't forget.
I'll tell you
where I am.
will you finish
your breakfast?
I wish you could
shoot me up with drugs,
Take away a piece of my brain
or something.
Boy, do I wish what
you have is catching.
Some people think
it is catching.
In the movies,
it's catching.
Give it to me.
Martin, you're lazy!
You're a lazy boy!
Cuda, you make him work!
We work hard
around here!
Martin's voice:
there's a lot of people
I could do it to
if I wanted.
Man's voice: ooh, stay away
from your old friend barry.
Martin's voice: I know a lot
of people. I know what they do.
I've watched them a lot,
and I know what they do.
I've been
letting them go,
Even the ones who are
really mean to me all the time.
I just decided
to let them go.
So I don't know
what i'm gonna do.
I'm getting pretty shaky.
I'm really
getting shaky.
Can I bring
your buggy back?
You ain't got
to pay no cash.
I don't want
no money.
And when I try to find
somebody to do it to,
I can't decide.
It's like...none of the ladies
look pretty.
I don't know.
I used to be able
to decide fast.
I used to be able
to find somebody really fast...
The ladies looked pretty
or something.
Leave her alone!
Man, what
you doing?
Martin's voice:
maybe it's just because
I'm doing the sexy stuff
without the blood now,
Doing it
with an awake person.
I don't know.
He looks really good
in his tennis shoes, doesn't he?
hey, that's where
that loony lives, man.
Hey, give me
that beer can, will you?
I can hit that loony
with this beer can.
Come on.
Give me a beer can.
Whoo! Hey!
How about a beer?
Give me a beer.
You know, you
didn't have to like
All of that attention
that he was giving you.
What can I say?
Beggars can't be choosers.
Yeah? Well, you can
beg and choose me,
Can't you?
Sure can.
Martin's voice:
i've got to do something.
I've got to pick
I'm getting so shaky,
i might make a mistake.
Barry's voice: a mistake?
Martin: I might make a mistake
and get caught.
Barry's voice:
hear that, night-Timers?
The count
is getting thirsty.
So watch out!
Watch out, night-Timers.
He might be
in your neighborhood.
Ha ha ha!
Barry on radio:
...neighborhood. Ha ha ha!
Oh, I found me a place
to sleep here tonight.
Oh, here's a special here...
'64 buick, $75.
I only want to sleep
all night long.
Here's a '60 chevy,
as is...
Go up
to the west side.
Take the car
in front of the warehouse.
I'll follow him on foot.
This is car 14 reporting.
Lozono on foot.
I'm going around to the front
of the warehouse.
guys, guys, quiet.
What's that?
What's that noise?
I'll check it out.
What the hell
are you doing here?
What you want in here?
Oh, it's just a little kid.
Wait a minute.
It's just a kid.
It's just a kid.
Hey, stevie, man, be cool.
What you want in here?
Why don't you leave
Get the fuck out!
good time
of the year to go south.
You ever been
to mexico?
I was in mexico...
about 2 years ago.
You don't have
a travel section, do you?
Can't depend on
the newspapers anymore.
Barry's voice:
but you don't...
you don't know what
you're gonna do, huh?
Martin's voice: no,
i really don't. I really don't.
I never got a letter
from christina.
I knew she'd forget.
Barry's voice:
hmm, that's too bad.
Martin's voice:
yeah, that is too bad.
Martin's voice: I guess
i shouldn't have friends.
Barry's voice: no.
Martin's voice:
i was getting pretty mixed up.
Barry's voice:
no, that's right.
You shouldn't get involved.
It''s dangerous, right?
Martin's voice:
right. You forget.
You make mistakes.
Barry's voice:
live for yourself.
Whatever it takes to get
through the night, right, count?
Martin: are you
making fun of me?
Barry's voice:
i'm with you, count.
I mean,
you're absolutely right.
You're all right,
my man.
Martin: well, I don't know
what i'm gonna do.
I really don't!
Woman's voice: Martin...
Martin's voice:
i didn't do it.
I didn't do it.
Barry's voice:
mm-Hmm. Ok.
Martin's voice:
i really didn't.
Barry's voice: ok.
Martin's voice: in a way,
i'm glad it's all over.
I shouldn't have friends,
Not even
for the sexy stuff.
And that's another thing
about those movies.
Vampires always have ladies,
sometimes lots of ladies.
Well, that's wrong, too.
You don't need
all that.
Barry's voice: ha ha ha!
You don't need that?
Martin: no,
you really don't.
I mean, if the magic part
was real
And you could make them do
whatever you wanted to...
Barry's voice:
oh, yeah.
Martin: well,
that would be different.
In real life...
in real life,
You can't get people to do
what you want them to do.
You get used to things,
you know.
Barry's voice:
yeah, sure.
Martin's voice:
you get used to your life,
And it all gets easier.
Tada cuda:
i warned you, Martin.
Nobody in the town,
i said.
Nobody in the town.
I heard about
mrs. Santini.
You think I believe
she killed herself?
Do you really think
i believe this?
Your soul is damned,
lions gate home entertainment
yeah, that's him.
I liked him.
I wonder
where the count is.
I know he's
out there somewhere.
He hasn't called
in a long time.
All right, the count.
Yes, the count.
We all want to know
what happened to the count.
What do you think
happened to the count?
what happened
to the count?
the count.
What happened to the count?
The question of the year
is what happened to the count?
I don't know.
What happened to the count?
All right,
our man the count, yes.
oh, the count.
We have a call for the count.
I kind of hope
you're listening out there.
The people
want to hear from you.
Go ahead. What's your concern
about the count?
I wondered where he was,
and while I was wondering,
I wrote a song
about him.
Black cape and shiny...
Second his cape
is not black, you understand.
No, he stands cool,
And his cape
has got patterns on it,
Like a paisley.
a paisley?
and he wears
a big apple cap.
you sound polish.
We have a polish vampire.
we enjoy your show.
I hope you get him back.
And it was
a good gimmick.
Second I think I know
where the count is.
I have a friend
who I think is the count.