Martin Luther King (2023) Movie Script

Argh! Go away!
Oops! There's somebody sitting here?
This isn't working.
Its time to switch to Digital India.
Is the entire village here already?
Forget 6 feet of ground after you are dead,
You cant find 2 feet
to shit in this country.
Hey! Who the hell is flashing light over there?
Why do you need this much
light to take a shit?
Ey! Get up, UP!
Dhamu! Adugulu... Where
are you guys taking me?
ADUGULU: Shut up man!
POTHU: I just got started. Give me 5 minutes.
ADUGULU: Damn, he's so heavy!
Hop in!
ADUGULU: Dhamu, I see more men over there.
DHAMU: Lets get them!
[TV playing faintly]
Hey Dhanam!
Why isnt anyone responding?
Ugh! What is it?
My loincloth is stained.
Im running late for the
inauguration ceremony.
Give me that!
Inauguration, my foot!
You talk as if you built some palace.
Im the Presidents first
wife only for the namesake.
You couldnt even get my
son the Toilet contract, bloody!
You handed it on a
platter to some stranger.
Now you are off to inaugurate
that godforsaken toilet.
Listen to me loud and clear.
My son Jaggu should get the road contract.
No two ways about it.
-Oh, really?
What about my son then?
Even though hes young,
people say hes got your heart.
My son deserves this road contract.
Like my guru Potti Sriramulu, who
united the two Telugu-speaking states,
I too had hoped to unite the two castes
that are tearing this village apart.
I thought of myself as a social reformer...
...and married the two
of you from both sides.
What was the point?
Even after 40 years, you both are
still butting your heads like rams.
Both sides tolerate each
other only out of respect for me.
Otherwise, this village
wouldve been in flames by now.
Look, both of you! I know our
sons potential more than you do.
If you keep annoying me like this everyday,
Ill get another heart stroke
and fly away like a bird.
And then, you and your sons
can lay the roads happily.
Please dont say that, dear.
You dont have to get so aggressive, my love.
What else do you expect?
Get out of my sight!
Go inside!
Yeah, coming.
They don't even know how much
the bus ticket to town costs.
But they want road contracts.
What? What do you want now?
[Crowd murmuring]
Pull over.
Get down, people!
Dhamu, take a headcount.
Make sure nobody ditched us.
-Get down.
-Get down.
Hey, stop! Stop! Stop!
-Let me go. I really have to poop.
Hey Pothu, look at that, will ya?
First ever toilet in Padamarapadu.
That too in the North.
Dont ya love it?
They were going to build 8 steps.
I toldem people will shit themselves...
reaching the comode. So,
I advised them to keep it to 4.
Hey Bava (brother-in-law) is here!
Greetings, sir.
Is everybody here?
-Yes, Bava. I made sure.
We spent heaps on building
a grand toilet in the North...
...instead of celebrating, youll
decided to go into the bushes?
How can one toilet
accommodate all of us, Jaggu?
Pothu, what are you saying?
It's not about the toilet.
It's a matter of pride.
If our President sees you
going in the bushes again,
he'll have another stroke.
True that, Pothu. The pride of
our Northerners lies in that toilet.
Our President is finally considering
making our leader the next President.
If you guys mess up, that
moron will grab the opportunity.
Oh, shit! The Southerners are here.
Rest in Peace, my bowel.
Let's go, girls.
Come on, hurry up!
Place it higher.
It's not a Western toilet.
It's just Indian.
Damn, it's Indian?!
One should learn from
you guys how to boast.
It's our toilet and its our wish.
What the hell are you doing here anyways?
To admire the toilet's architecture.
Why do people come to a toilet, dumbass?
Then what do you need a crowbar for?
-For you, duh.
How dare you!
-Guys, break it off!
What are you people doing here?
Go away before the President arrives.
Hey Loki, father built this for the Northerners.
What? He built it for the Northerners?
Can you read what's written up there?
Village toilet, Padamarapadu.
It belongs to the village.
Even us Southerners can use it.
Where was this unity when
the school was built on your side?
You kicked our children out, remember?
Yes, but didn't you demolish
the school that very night?
What the hell!
Stop it!
This is pointless.
We built this for us Northerners.
Only we're allowed to go.
Oh, yeah? I dare you to use it.
Bava, they're provoking us deliberately.
A few blows to the cheek and...
-Seriously?! Come on! Lets go!
I said stop!
There! Our President is here.
Let him settle this argument.
Make way!
Hi Dad...
What did you guys
screw up this time, huh?
Tell us, dad. The village toilet
is meant for everyone, right?
How can they impose a ban on the Southerners.
But, father...
We built it in the North
for the Northerners, right?
How can the Southerners shit all over it?
Are you seriously fighting over
North and South for taking a dump?
Stop it!
Everyone shits the same colour!
But we built only one toilet.
Yes, because I hoped at least
that will unite both the sides.
It's getting late.
Hand me the scissors.
I cant believe
I envy that dog right now.
Now that the dog did the honors,
I guess everybody can go home.
Who is that?
Who's there?
[A crow caws]
Go clean that.
Bro, why would I clean it?
Be quiet. They'll clean it.
You clean it then.
Is he serious, Bava?
Cleaning a toilet beneath us.
Right! So, you are happy to take a shit
but expect someone else to clean it up.
Fine. I'll clean it myself.
Father! How can you do such a thing?
Who's going to clean it then?
There's a way.
What is it?
[All] Smile? Who's Smile?
Whos this Smile?
Hey! Shh! Listen!
Hey, you!
Wake that Idiot up!
The President wants to see him this instant.
Hey, Smile!
Smile, wake up!
-The President asked for us. Lets go.
Hey! The President wears
brown slippers. Not black.
Carry an empty bag
in case they give old footwear.
Hurry up!
Let's go, brother.
Get down, you morons!
Dont you know where your caste belongs?
How dare you get into the car?!
You asked us to hurry, so...
-So what?
You think you can sit in the car
like its yours while I drive like your servant?
Follow the car on foot!
Okay, sir. We'll follow you.
These dogs are forbidden from walking through
the front doors, and they think they can ride in the car!
Why did he bring the car
if he doesnt want us to get in?
Maybe he cant do pillion riding.
Its okay. Well walk.
Theres no pillion riding
in a car! How dumb are you?
I swear, I once saw
4-5 people riding in a car.
Please move!
Greetings, sir.
Grab the polish cream.
Hey! Do you think we are stupid?
You think we called
you all the way here to polish?
Go clean that toilet!
That's not our job.
We only deal with footwear.
Why? Are you embarrassed to clean the toilet?
Don't trouble them. Ill do it.
Dad, you calm down.
No, no! I can't let
you clean the toilet, Sir.
I'll do it.
It's done, sir.
You guys don't even have
the courtesy to pay him.
Here. Make sure he gets this.
Sure, sir.
-Come, lets go...
No, thanks.
Its that simple!
Stop fighting from now on
and use the toilet in harmony.
Make way, people!
Hey! Don't push them away.
Theyve been holding it in for a long time.
Go on, guys. Get started.
Somu, will you go first?
Sure, why not?
Where do you think you're going?
Only Northerners should go first.
Hey Pothu, you've been
waiting since forever. You go first!
Who, me?
The urge is gone.
Just get in. It will come.
Just get in, damn it!
Where's the knife at?
Go ahead. I dare you!
Take another step and
I'll chop your legs off.
Listen, I can't poop in closed spaces.
Let me go in the open fields, please?
Hey! Shut up and get in!
Hey Loki!
Father said both
the sides could use it equally.
My people have been
holding it in since morning.
Let them go first.
Your people will get their turn.
Get in there!
It's the first ever toilet built in this village.
It'll go down in history that
the Southerners shat after the Northerners.
Well then, all the
more reason for us to go first.
Shame on you both!
You're hopeless!
The question is who gets to shit first, right?
I will!
The President taking a dump first
is like adorning the toilet. It doesnt count.
Who's that again?
-Who's there?
[The crow caws]
Whoever it is, he's right!
When the President's done,
one of our Southerners will go.
Yeah, right.
You haven't seen a toilet
in your life until we built one.
But now you're demanding to use it first.
Do you people even know how to wipe
your asses? Or do we have to teach that too?
Ugh! Here they go again!
Let's leave.
Guys! Don't fight!
Guys, listen!
Hey, this is the right time.
Let's go and take a dump behind some bush.
Ey! Our guys are fighting for
our pride and all you care about is pooping.
Give me that mug!
They're fighting over
who should shit first.
But nobody bothered to
check if there's running water.
Sir has collapsed!
Move! Make way!
Mind his head.
-Be careful.
Hey Adugulu, if we have to share the toilet
with the Southerners, we dont need it at all!
Destroy it! Subbu, lets go!
-Come on, guys!
Its over. Let's go.
A spoiled monkey
wreaked havoc in the jungle
And all the other monkeys in
the forest decided to follow it
Many such groups were formed
this way, and an era of humans began
Another pair of Sandals this month!
To hell with this road!
Damn this bloody road!
Damn it!
Bata, let's go.
-Yeah, coming.
We stitch footwear, bags
and leather belts.
Ma'am, do you have any
old footwear for us to buy?
We stitch bags and leather belts.
Brother, shall I polish them for you?
-No need. Go away.
This is how we shall continue to live
Lets go... gobble up some grass
and begin our social service
Lets go, my herd, lets follow the lead
Come on everybody, let's change
the world with our half-baked knowledge
How's the counter looking today?
-We made 2000 bucks.
[A popular Telugu song playing]
Get to work.
Hurry up.
[Humming randomly]
I must admit this, Jaggu.
On one side, youve the rice mill, and
on the other side is the water supply business.
It is commendable how you are the sole
person catering for peoples needs in this panchayat.
Open a clothing store soon and you'll become
the go-to name for the entire villages daily needs.
Bava (brother-in-law),
I'll go deliver the water.
In the name of caste, you people
tore down the only school in the village.
While all the kids are attending
school in the neighbouring village,
my son is home, looking defeated.
Your father ruined
everything fighting for caste.
Didn't you learn your lesson?
Shut up!
Yelling like a siren every morning!
What do you even know, huh?
They fought barbarically. Broke necks.
It's a nuisance case, sir.
Public property has been
damaged to a great extent.
It's the same public
Its better if I handle this
situation internally.
You may leave.
Where do I punch the hole?
Please put it on the
side and give me a can.
No way. Pay 300 bucks
and buy a new card.
You have money for liquor but not this?
Ma'am, do you have...
Hey, Idiot!
There's cow dung lying in the backyard.
Go make dung cakes!
Ask him for money.
I won't. You ask him.
Brother, money...
Take a few of cow
dung cakes once they're dry.
Give me 5 more bucks.
-That's too much for these, ma'am.
Should I take my footwear back then?
Let's shut our eyes, as
ignorance leads the way
So many evil eyes on him.
Lets go... gobble up some grass
and begin our social service
Lets go, my herd, lets follow the lead
Come on everybody, let's change
the world with our half-baked knowledge
Lets go, my herd, lets keep moving ahead
We stitch footwear and bags.
Hey, Idiot! Come here.
Go give the old man a shower.
That will be 10 bucks, ma'am.
-10 bucks for a simple shower?
It's not always about the money.
You're offering leftover
rice stock and that's enough.
I can't keep the light on
all night for just 100 bucks a month.
Go away.
[Reading] International Summit held
to establish borders on Mars,
Indian Prime Minister attends.
We have long forgotten how
to pave a path for ourselves
We let the loudest
voice take over our brains
We become pushovers in this mayhem
Ticket... Ticket...
Ticket... Ticket...
No, thanks.
Mention not.
But that's how public transport works.
Pay up.
Padamarapadu citizens, get down.
Please drop me till my village.
I'm old and senile.
My knees hurt when I walk long distances.
The axels of the bus will break
if it gets on your road.
Please get down here.
Somebody help her out.
I'll pay the rest later.
-I can't accept that.
Hey, shall we share?
I'm a fellow Southerner.
Give me some concession, friend.
No such sentiments here.
Pay for it and take it.
Hey, shall we share?
Quarter, please.
Lets go... gobble up some grass
and begin our social service
Lets go, my herd, lets follow the lead
Come on everybody, let's change
the world with our half-baked knowledge
Lets go, my herd, lets keep moving ahead
Bro, it's fixed.
Hmm. Good job.
Bro, money...
No, thanks.
-What's wrong?
People in this village see
us as some free service.
It's okay. Let it go.
-Why should I?
What about your dream to
open your own footwear store?
It will never come true
if you're so complacent.
He's a Northerner, isn't he?
-Yes, bro.
"As we reminisce the legends of yesterday,
here's a tale from 800 years ago."
"The great poet Srinatha narrated
this story to Chandravanka in Telugu,
"The story of the battle of Palnadu."
"Let's go."
"This land has no place for
dominance or discrimination."
"Say it with us."
"These times call for us to unite as one."
"Say it with us."
"People from all kinds
of caste, creed and race,"
"Say it with us."
"He destroyed social evils."
"Here comes the story of a legend."
"He annulled the concept of class."
"Here comes the story of a legend."
"Nagamma is an image
of conviction and how!"
"She learned bow and
arrow when she was little."
"Here comes the story of a legend."
Hey, Smile!
Show's over. Let's go.
Those villagers are a bit strange.
So be careful.
Okay, Dad.
I'll be fine.
Instead of struggling like that,
why don't you get a new pair?
Not until I clear the
heap of debt on our heads.
Greetings, ma'am.
Who are those guys dusting the
Gandhi statue in this scorching heat?
Oh, them? There are 3
abandoned people in this village.
Two of them and Mr. Gandhi himself.
Nobody looks after the statue in this village.
So every time they pass by, they clean it.
Did you notice the big tree
at the village entrance? -Yeah.
That's where they live.
My shop is also over there.
If you need anything,
you can find me there.
See you.
It's so sad how people don't
even let you inside their homes.
But they eat the groceries you deliver.
Isn't it strange?
Just like that half-pound
tamarind you stuck to the balance.
In business, you let things slide.
This is business for us too.
Take this ration card and give some lentils.
Hey Idiot! Did you get the ration?
Do you see it?
Ah! I remember now.
Somu was staring at your money
pouch when he was here last time.
This is definitely his doing.
Come on. You can't assume things.
You moron! You're becoming dumber day by day.
How can you be so innocent?
-What's wrong, boys?
Err... nothing.
My money hidden in the tree trunk is missing.
And, he thinks that Somu... -Hey!
Somu is one of them.
If you mention his name, you'll be screwed.
It's nothing really, hes just
sad about the missing money.
As expected. One of the
Northerners must have stolen it.
Who the hell hides their
money in a tree anyway?
The post office has resumed
services in our village.
Go meet the Postmaster.
Get an account from her
and keep your money safe. Go.
Bata, I still have 4000 rupees
of yours in my lower pocket.
Shall we get that account thing
and put our money in it?
Yeah. Let's go.
Listen, there is no back door.
How do we enter?
Is the tally okay?
Whenever you need to withdraw money,
bring me this passbook, okay?
How can I help you?
Is there a back door?
-No, why?
First come in.
You heard me. I said come in.
Can you give us an account
to keep our money safe?
It's not an object I can give you.
We keep your money
safe here under your name.
That's what an account is.
Bring your AADHAR card.
Only then I can open your account.
Smile, you don't have an AADHAR card?
Why did you say okay?
She said we can't get an
account without an AADHAR card.
First let's go search for that.
That door is broken.
Just put it against the wall.
This place looks like it will
collapse any minute now.
Do you think it's ideal
to keep our money here?
Anywhere but a tree trunk is ideal.
Let's go.
In order to get an AADHAR
card, you need a ration card.
Do you have a ration card?
You want a ration card?
Do you have a voter ID?
Voter ID? Yeah, sure.
Do you have an AADHAR card?
What? You dont have any ID proofs?
-No, ma'am.
If you dont have any identity proof,
then how will I know that you are an Indian?
Sister, does he look
like a Dubai Sheikh to you?
You can easily tell from
his face that he's an Indian.
Take a seat.
It's okay, ma'am.
-I said sit down.
We can't open an account
without any ID proofs.
At least your birth
certificate is mandatory.
Give me your name and date of birth.
I'll check the records for your birth certificate.
What's your name?
What kind of a name is that?
You see how big my teeth are, everyone used to
call me elephant tusks when I was a kid.
As it looks like I'm always
smiling, they're calling me 'Smile' now.
Is this your name?
Don't you have another name?
-Of course, he does.
Idiot, Elephant Tusks, Buffoon, Chaprasi,
Ration Card, Cow Dung Face,
and many others.
What sort of names are these?
Didn't your parents give you a name?
They must have.
I don't even remember who my family is.
How will I remember the
name that they gave me?
As everyone in the village
calls me by different names,
I forgot my real name.
Not because they call
you by different names,
But because you respond to all those names.
I have an idea.
Ask around in the village
what your real name is.
Somebody must be knowing what it is.
They're still giving us old fashioned
names like Venkatesh and Srikanth.
You think they would've
named you Ranveer Singh?
My baby will tell what your name is.
Grandpa, do you know what my name is?
-Oh, he knows.
What is it?
Bata! My name is Kalavati!
-Kalavati? Hold on.
Grandpa, what's my name?
His name?
Your name?
Got it?
He's swooning over
some lady named Kalavati.
Seems like he misses her.
Kalavati! Kalavati! Kalavati!
Smile, let's ask Kotamma.
Yeah, let's go.
Do you know what my real name is?
-Oh, no, dear! I don't remember.
Kalavati! Kalavati!
Your name is Kalavati.
Do you know my name, Narsanna?
I don't think anybody in this village
knows your family or what they named you.
Kalavati! Kalavati! Kalavati!
Looks like Kalavati really messed him up.
Ma'am, nobody in the village knows my name.
Let's go with Smile for now.
Just keep my money safe, please.
Sure, but...
Nobody in the village knows your name?
We might as well give you a new name.
A new name?
Are we going to do a naming ceremony now?
A ceremony wont be necessary.
We just need a signature
from our village President.
We'll give you a new name and apply
for your AADHAR Card and Voter ID.
So, tell me.
What name would you like?
A name thats nice to
respond to when someone calls.
Alright then. Are you ready?
Ready? For what?
To respond to a nice name...
Not at all good.
Do me a favor and turn your face away.
Pawan Kalyan...
Turn around, Pawan Kalyan?
He knows I'll kill him if he turns around.
Think of a different name, sister.
Chaganti Koteswara Rao...
Indrasena Reddy...
Konidela Ramarao...
Nandamuri Charan...
Salman Bhai...
Martin Luther King.
Nice. Got a good ring to it.
What kind of a name is that, ma'am?
-Why do you say that?
He's also just like you.
Is he a cobbler too?
Just like you're
fighting for your identity,
he's a revolutionary who fought for the
identity and equal rights of African Americans.
I don't know what he fought for exactly.
But I really like the name.
Yeah, I like it too.
-I know, right.
He looks similar to me too...
That complexion and haircut.
That charm in his face.
Let's lock this name.
-So Martin Luther King it is then.
If anybody calls you an Idiot after today,
tell them your name is
Martin Luther King, okay?
Say that again, sister.
Martin Luther King!
Sounds splendid, eh?
-Nice. Really nice.
Do you think it's an upper caste name?
Hey! You like the name, right?
So keep it.
What others will think
of it is their problem.
Should we give you a new name too?
-Why? I like the name you gave me.
Bata. Like the company Tata.
I'd like to add Babu
at the end though.
And then just like Kalyan Babu,
everyone can call me Bata Babu.
Bata Babu.
Very nice!
Get up. We have to go to
the town for some formalities.
Hold this.
I'll go with ma'am. You head home.
What are you looking at? Hop on!
Good to go?
How can I help you, ma'am?
We want to get a
passport size photo clicked.
That way, ma'am.
Okay, smile.
-Yeah, tell me.
He wants you to smile.
-Oh, okay.
What's his name?
-Martin Luther King.
Uh... Eh?
Why are you moving so much?
We'll fall. Sit properly.
Here's your passbook.
Hey! Keep that safe.
I applied for all your IDs using that.
Can we deposit money in this?
-Of course.
But don't let Somu come near your office.
-Shut up.
-First stop calling me ma'am.
What is it?
We don't know how to
repay you for all your help.
You don't need to give me anything.
To show my gratitude,
may I fix your sandal?
Oh, that!
That's got to wait.
See you.
-Bye, sister.
Hey, King!
Just checking if you'd respond.
In this gentle breeze
Like a flower that smiles as it sways
A joy thats beyond
this black and white world
is hidden in those smiles
Let's go deposit the money.
This friendship that is
pure and genuine
Is like a sky that isn't fazed with clouds
A friendship thats not calculated
Let's go deposit the money?
A bond that doesn't build walls
I see the purest pearl
standing right in front of me
His heart is innocent and unstained
Let's go deposit the money.
He's caught a new madness, sister.
He became oblivious to time.
What's wrong, Aunty?
-My sandal came apart.
Fix it for me, please.
We stitch old bags.
-Come here, Idiot!
Like a greeting to a life thats always ignored
Hey, Idiot! Come here!
A sparkling friendship has come into my life
A sparkling friendship has come into my life
Hey, Idiot!
I was shown my own innocence
By a voice for the first time
Are all the people in this village disabled?
Can't they get their own groceries?
We're living here on their mercy.
We must do whatever they want.
You don't need somebody's mercy;
you're living on your own hard work.
You don't have to do all this stuff.
Let's go.
Her words made me realize
Bata, what is she doing?
What is wrong and what is not
Now look!
My eyes have sparkled
Beautiful! Like flowers on a tree.
As I start on a new journey
Like a new story being
penned on an empty paper
She brings us the happiness that
even a million words can't describe
To a home that nobody
even thinks to visit
She has arrived as family
Almost like a blessing in disguise
Like a lovely friend
Hey, Idiot! Come here.
Don't call him that.
He has a new name now.
Yeah, ma'am. Look at this.
It's Martin Luther King.
New name, my foot!
Get lost, you Idiot!
It's okay. It's an English name so...
They need some time to adapt.
Hey, Idiot! Come here.
Yes, ma'am!
He moved to Padamarapadu
from far off East...
...and married a Northerner and a
Southerner just to unite the two sides.
Just like the Mother of Telugu, my guru
is the Father of the Telugu People.
[Phone Audio] You cant get this product
anywhere but in Andhragana. - Did you see?
[Phone Audio]
Not a single person on this planet has it.
[Phone Audio]
Why should we get this product from elsewhere?
[Phone Audio]
We should be the ones in demand!
Greetings, sir!
Sir, are you eating well?
No, thanks. I'm on a diet.
The Village Panchayat
elections are in 3 months.
How will you manage if you get bed-ridden?
Why don't you make
one of your sons contest?
No. They'll divide the
village into two and destroy it.
Stop it! You're always going
on and on about village welfare.
My son asks for a road contract
and the village will get destroyed.
My son asks for a toilet contract
and the village will be destroyed.
Why are you coming in
the way of my son's future?
Yeah. Till now, we
agreed to everything you said.
But not anymore.
My son is going to contest
in the coming elections, as the MLA said.
My son equally deserves this.
He should be the President this term.
He is your rightful
heir even if you deny it.
If he's the rightful heir, did I
pick up my son from the streets?
This isn't fair. Now that
the MLA is also here,
you should announce one of them
as the next Presidential candidate.
I knew it!
He loves my son more.
If you become the President,
what will you do for the village?
If I become the President...
Ah! I'll throw a party for all my boys.
They've been wanting to go
to Goa for quite some time now.
I'll take them on a trip.
Bro, he's asking what you'll
do for the village. Not for the boys.
For the village?
For the village... Ah!
I'll get an AC installed
in our liquor shop.
Villagers aren't able to enjoy
the drinks due to the heat.
Well said, bro. He's right, sir.
It's too hot in there.
Villagers are suffering a great deal.
Hey! Thats all you people can think about.
Getting drunk and going to
Goa is his idea of village welfare.
Politics demands experience.
Father, if I become the President,
I'll deposit 15K in everyone's account.
Bava, that's a huge promise.
-Thats how its done these days.
Then I'll give 20K.
I'll give 25K.
-I'll give 30K.
Stop it, you shameless!
They don't have what it takes.
I'll contest again.
-Are you kidding me?
Let me see you stand properly for a second.
You know they're not wrong, don't you?
Look, Mr. Kasi Viswanatham...
To be a politician in this day and age,
you need a greater vision.
Like your sons.
I've been requesting since 3 weeks
to approve the marble factory proposal.
Since you wouldn't oblige,
I had to come down.
What are you still thinking about?
The factory will aid to
our village's development.
Everyone will get good jobs
and marriage alliances.
Also good roads and abundant water supply.
More resources to capitalize on.
You're lacking this vision.
That's your vision.
Do you know what my vision is?
The entire village will turn to dust.
Your wives were right about
your obsession with the village.
Do you realize the factory is willing
to pay crores for your approval?
I can't sign for the sake of money
and destroy my village with my own hands.
But you can waste our funds
on schools and toilets, eh?
We know everything.
There's nothing new that
this factory has to destroy.
This village is a long lost cause.
-Hey! Show some respect.
Maybe I shouldn't say this
but, you're out of the league now.
We can't survive if we don't
keep up with the changing times.
Listen to me and announce your retirement.
We'll take care of everything.
See you, sir.
Balu, get the door.
Sir, you said the factory
approval would make us millions.
Just out of curiosity,
how many millions to be exact?
Let's say 50.
-50 million rupees?!
Your father will remain rigid.
Why don't one of you contest in the
upcoming elections and approve the factory?
You can share the money among you.
Think about it.
There will be no sharing.
Jaggu, you contest in
the elections this time.
Our people will vote
for you and help you win.
What say, guys?
-Definitely, sister. We'll make him win.
The king in the North!
Let's show them what the
Southerners are capable of.
Loki, you should contest as well.
President Loki...
President Loki, hail!
-The king in the North!
Their jaws were hanging
when we said 50 million.
I bet they'll put the village up for sale
if they know the actual number.
Why do we care?
Let's just get our share and be gone.
[people hailing Jaggu]
Smile, sir.
We gave the nomination at the right time.
One more minute and
it would be inauspicious.
Speaking of inauspicious...
President Loki...
Northern Leader Jaggu...
President Loki...
One guy is blowing a conch.
The other one is flaunting a sword.
Is this elections or a personal war?
Competing in the elections is no joke.
Competing? Hello! This is no sport.
I am first! I am first!
We'll take the drum symbol.
Yeah, Bava. The resounding of
our drums should get us all the votes.
Then we'll go with...
Northern Leader Jaggu...
Vote for....
Loud Speaker!
DJ Balu!
Bava! (brother-in-law),
there are a total of 798 votes.
Minus the deceased
and a few fake identities,
the count is 792 votes.
There is nothing that I gain
from contesting in these elections.
In fact, I'm putting money
from my own pockets.
Why am I contesting then?
Don't assume that I'm
contesting for money or power.
I'm contesting for
the victory of our caste!
If the Northerners win, their victory
will be a stain on our caste forever.
That is why I'm contesting.
Losing to those Southerners
is out of the question.
I'm contesting for our
people, for you people.
Vote for Loudspeaker!
Vote for Loki!
Jai Hind!
-Jai Hind!
Let's get to work.
We have to inspire the people
of our caste to vote only for us.
There's a way.
What's that?
Let's invite the Burra Katha troop...
and make them hail our caste
through their art form until the elections.
People will definitely be inspired.
"He's the rising sun of the Northerners.
Give it up for Mr. Jaggu."
"He's the savior of the village.
The leader of tomorrow."
You thought you'd get a one up on us?
What if our people also get
influenced and vote for you?
Theres only one Burra Katha Group!
How can they perform for the both of us?
Moreover, there's nothing
worthwhile to sing about your caste.
Stop it! Stop it right now!
I have a sprained neck already.
No more fights!
Balu, there's a way.
"He's the rising sun of the Northerners.
Give it up for Mr. Jaggu."
"He's the savior of the village.
The leader of tomorrow."
"Vote for the Drum symbol."
Hold on.
So Mr. Jaggu will develop
the village if we vote for him?
Of course.
The same way a cow gives
us milk if you feed it fresh grass.
"Vote for the Drum symbol and
watch Mr. Jaggu make us proud."
"There you go, folks!"
Time's up. Move it. Move it.
Let our show begin.
"Listen to the compassionate
tale of the Southern Leader Loki."
"He's the ray of sunshine
diminishing darkness."
"His pride is one for legends.
Listen to the tale of Loki."
"Even the Kauravas cannot compete with him.
Listen to the tale of Loki."
"Vote for Mr. Loki.'
"Never forget the Loud Speaker symbol."
-Hold on!
Offer milk to a snake pit for good karma.
Vote for Loki to attain fulfillment.
Super! Super!
Make a list of the number
of people in our caste.
Strike out the names of those Northerners.
Come on, Loki. Do you have to ask?
Of course, we'll vote for you.
They broke my boy's leg because he
entered the Northerner's playground.
We must get our payback
with your victory.
That's amazing to hear. Thanks.
After voting, go meet
Balu at our old well.
Over there, exchange this 20
rupees note for a 2000 rupees note.
Balu, note down the serial numbers.
Ma'am, they're going to vote for us anyway.
What's the need to pay them?
What if they make the
promise and fail to turn up later?
Now that we have all the serial numbers,
I'll mark whoever voted,
find the ones who missed it and
drag their asses to the voting booth.
Lets go... gobble up some grass...
Even our people are raving
about their 20 rupees token.
Let's give a 50 rupees token then.
No need.
-What do you mean?
Vote for the Drum symbol!
Vote for the Drum symbol!
Lakshmi... Lakshmi...
-What is it?
How are you, sister-in-law?
Hope you're doing well.
Accept this token of appreciation.
Take it.
First, put the vermillion on your forehead.
Put some on your nuptial thread too.
Now take the money with the same hand.
You honored your husband
and accepted the money.
You should definitely vote for us.
Take care, brother. I'll see you.
We'll have our gifts later in the evening.
Now just watch them come running
to the voting booth. Token, what?
Don't stress yourself.
Hit them with sentiment.
Now hit it!
-Vote for the Drum symbol!
That's my wife!
Future President Loki...
Have it. It has sugar.
It'll be sweet.
Vote for Loudspeaker.
Vote for Loudspeaker.
Come on everybody, let's change
the world with our half-baked knowledge
You should vote for us.
-Definitely, brother.
Bava! (brother-in-law)
Vote for Loudspeaker, Vote for Loki.
-Vote for the Loudspeaker symbol.
I'll give you 2000 rupees, if you bring
this token after you cast the vote.
Don't cry. Don't cry, my love.
Take her back.
-Don't cry, my baby.
See you, sister.
Don't forget to vote for Loudspeaker.
It's okay, baby.
Exchange this 20 rupees note
for 2000 rupees after voting.
Vote for Jaggu Anna,
Vote for the Drum symbol.
Vote for Jaggu Anna,
Vote for the Drum symbol.
Lets go... gobble up some grass
and begin our social service
We'll get another 500 prints.
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Come on everybody, let's change
the world with our half-baked knowledge
Vote for the Drum symbol.
You should vote for Jaggu Anna.
Vote for the Drum symbol.
He's a Southerner. Don't give it to him.
Why are you taking a dump in this corner?
There are a total of
380 voters in the village.
What about the rest?
-Married women moved in with their in-laws.
Some of them settled in the city.
In the city?
We got to go.
Vote for Loki!
-Let's say Okey-Dokey!
Bro, they're bringing people
who moved to the city.
Arent there any Southerners in the city?
Actually, there's one guy in Dubai.
He's here.
[Reading] NRI Suresh, who made
Padamarapadu proud on the foreign land,
your motherland welcomes you!
Bro, how are you doing?
Welcome to India, bro.
You're a true patriot for coming
all the way to vote. Proud of you!
What vote? You told me
that my dad passed away.
Err... He was dying.
But when he heard that you're
coming to vote, he recovered in a jiffy.
Let's take him on a procession.
Long Live...
-Brother Suresh!
Dude, come let's stick posters.
He's already sad about his
father's health. Let him be.
You assholes!
Take care of uncle.
And don't forget to vote.
We're two voters in the family.
I'm worried that I'll forget to vote.
This will keep me motivated.
What's wrong?
We have 395 votes and they have 396.
What are you saying?
-The Southerners are leading by one vote.
You don't worry at all.
Let's just kill two of them.
Hey! Give your egos a rest.
If you kill two of them,
they'll kill four of us.
What do we do then?
There's a way.
What's that?
That's her house.
Her name is Muthyalamma,
and she's in a senile condition.
Who else lives with her?
-Her grandson.
What's that for?
-To kill her, duh.
Tch! Give that to me.
You don't have to kill her.
Let's just kidnap her and send
her home after the elections.
Make sure the flags are well tied.
- Okay bro!
Catch him!
Hey! Stop right there!
Stop right there! Stop!
Where did he go?
He got away, damn it!
See the demand your vote has got, darling.
If you hang in there for another
28 days and cast your vote,
we'll have your statue placed
beside legendary leaders.
Now tell me. Who will you vote for?
You silly woman! He passed away long back.
NTR passed away?!
Grandma... Grandma...
She's no more.
How could you leave me?
Hey, get to work.
We need to find a new vote.
Find a new vote?
How do you plan on doing that?
Take me with you.
Dont cry, dear!
Idiot! We're grieving over the
vote and you just won't stop.
Hey! Hey! Calm down!
This is so frustrating.
We lost the only leading vote.
If one of the Northerners don't
vote for us, there's no chance of winning.
Listen up, old folks! If any of
you die before the elections,
I'll kill you with
my bare hands.
Yeah, let's see.
One more vote.
One more vote and we'll win.
I don't know what to do.
There's a way.
[Heavy metal music playing]
No, thanks, sir!
I'm done requesting him.
I'll only cast an extra vote somehow.
What if they do the same?
-I'll kill them!
I wouldn't let that happen anyway.
I'll monitor the voting process.
That's what they'll naturally do too.
Hey, Northerners!
I'm offering one lakh for one vote.
If any of you have the
courage, come to my side.
Who the hell does he think he's talking to?
If I kill a couple of them, he can
shove all that money up his ass.
Oh, yeah? I dare you to do it.
Is that a threat?
-Hell yeah!
Whoever lives gets all the votes.
Did he just say that?
Pull out the knives.
What's up, people!
I see you all gathered for a jolly meeting.
Any special occasion?
Hey! Get out of here!
You don't want to get hurt, do you?
Hold your horses. I came to
deliver a new voter ID in your village.
You think I enjoy coming here?
Voter ID?
Holy shit!
Hey! Give me the ID card.
[Popular Telugu song playing]
In Mahabharata, Kauravas
and Pandavas are the Kings
But in Kondaveeti,
Rajasimha is the only King
In Mahabharata, Kauravas
and Pandavas are the Kings
But in Kondaveeti,
Rajasimha is the only King
That King's tale is this
King's song of praises
My name is King
My name is King
My name is King
My name is King
My name is King
Is he a Southerner or a Northerner?
-He's... neither.
He's an extra player.
Who is this?
-This guy...
Hold a second.
Is he eligible to vote?
-No, sir. He's still a minor.
Then we don't need him.
How many extra players do we have?
-There used to be so many of them.
We ousted them because
they dont belong to us.
He's the last of them.
But his name wasn't in the
first voter list that you sent.
You're right.
His name was added recently.
I was out of town for a couple of days.
So I couldn't bring it right away.
Do you know how much we
were struggling for this one vote?
You did a good job. Now leave.
-You may go now.
Hey, wake him up.
Hey! Hey!
-Are you seriously throwing a stone at him?
He's the deciding vote.
If he gets hurt, we will be screwed.
Hey, Idiot! Wake up!
His name is King.
He doesn't respond
to 'Idiot' anymore.
Shut up, will you?
Hey, Idiot! Wake up!
King! King! King!
Raja! (King in Telugu)
Hey, Idiot!
-Shut up, you idiot!
[All] King, wake up!
King, good morning!
Raja, good morning!
Quickly go get him a cup of coffee.
Bhadram, quickly go get
our JagJal water bottle.
You should offer water first.
Coffee can wait.
He just woke up.
He could use it for certain things.
Raja, get down.
Hey, careful!
What are you doing?
Getting down, sir.
If you fall and break bones,
I will lose my vote!
Guys, help him out.
-You also go.
King of the Kings
The time has come to
dust the cobwebs of the society
The moment has come to wear
the crown on your voting finger
The King has arrived
The King has arrived
The King has arrived
You're not hurt, are you?
-No, sir.
Are you fine?
Is this you?
It's not me.
It's not you?!
This is your picture.
It says Martin Luther King.
Isn't this you?
No, sir. It's my doppelganger.
Hey! We know this is you.
Yeah, it is him.
Sir, I'm telling the truth.
I went to deposit my
money at the post office...
...and that Vasantha applied for
all these cards under my name.
I have nothing to do with this card.
In fact, I'll tear it right away.
-Hey! Hey! Don't!
[Balu] Hey! We're not going to hurt you!
[Loki] Let it go!
We're happy that you can vote now.
Listen! Stop!
Hey! Hey! We're not going to hurt you!
What's wrong with you, man?
You can vote in the upcoming elections now.
We came to enquire who you're voting for.
Who would want to wait
under scorching sun and vote?
You can't say that.
It is everyone's responsibility to vote.
You're an Indian citizen and
a member of our village now.
You should definitely vote.
Do I really have to?
Listen, King...
My party symbol is Loudspeaker.
Our party symbol is a Drum.
Tell me
Who do you want to vote for?
How can you ask that, sir.
How can I vote for one of
you and not the other?
I will cast one vote
for each of you. Simple.
That's not possible, King.
You can only vote for one of us.
See, this is why I don't want to vote.
I'm going to tear this card.
-Hey! Hey!
Move it. Move it. Move it. Move it.
Here's your coffee, King.
Have it, son.
Don't lose your cool, my dear.
Vote for whoever you
think is a good leader.
Hold on. That will only
give us 50% chance of winning.
Who's a good leader?
A good leader is someone...
How do we explain it to him?
Like my father.
I got it! I got it!
A good leader is someone who
recognizes your needs and fulfills them.
Now tell me,
what are your needs?
What needs do I have, sir.
I just wish that your footwear
gets worn out every week...
...and that you keep giving me business.
This is all I want in life.
Are you going to be a
cobbler your entire life?
Then how are you
going to grow in life?
Come with me.
What is he doing?
This is where you sit and work, is it?
If you work in this blazing heat...
...what will happen
to your health, huh?
Move it.
What would I need an
umbrella under a tree, sir.
How would you know what you need?
Only a good leader who is
concerned about you will know.
I'm here for you.
Got it?
-Yes, sir.
Now tell me.
Who will you vote for?
I'll definitely -
-Hold on! Hold on!
What are you looking at?
Being healthy isn't enough.
He should lead a comfortable life as well.
How can you sit on the floor
and work all day long, King...
...Use the chair.
Come on, sit down!
So is he going to bend all the way...
...down from the moon
to the ground and fix footwear?
What a smart leader!
Guys, Jaggu sir already ordered a bench.
Bring it!
That was good, eh?
Hello! Look at that!
Now you can happily sit in
the chair and work on the table.
Like a Computer Engineer.
How do you like it?
I guess it feels nice, sir.
Now tell us.
Who will you vote for?
I'm not able to decide, sir.
Bava, why are we requesting him?
He must vote for whoever we tell him to.
Listen! Our symbol is a Drum.
If you vote for anything else...
Who do you think you're talking to?
Do you think
no one will stand up for him?
-Yeah. Do you know who he is?
Do you know who he is?
Who is he?
He's a great man who
toils to serve our needs.
He's the Buddha
who sits under this tree.
If you speak shit about him,
the Southerners won't tolerate it.
This is his vote.
Only he decides who deserves it.
I'm tolerating you only because
you're my sister's husband.
How dare you speak like that!
Who is he?
He's one of us.
He'll vote for whoever he wants.
There's no hurry.
The elections aren't until next month.
Take your sweet time.
Vote for the one who cares for you, okay?
Jaggu, heres the JagJal.
Couldn't you come sooner?
Here's JagJal.
I'll send one carton daily.
Drink only this water until
the elections are over.
I'm here for you.
Let's go.
Give it a good thought.
Whatever decision you
make, it has to be sweet.
Give him this.
Let's go, guys.
This is your voter ID.
Always wear it.
Take good care of it, okay?
Okay, brother.
This seems like a nice business, Bata.
He's a Godsend who
showed up in the last minute.
Have one of our guys guard him.
Whatever Jaggu offers Smile,
we'll double down on it.
Sure thing, bro. I got it.
He just woke up and
started brushing. Over.
Alright! Alright!
He's going to take a dump. Over.
Check it out!
- Hello?
I'm not able to decide, sir.
It's okay, King. Take your time.
Yeah, take all the time in the world.
But... Vote for the Drum symbol.
Here. Our symbol is Loudspeaker.
Hey, Raja! (King) Flaunt those shades
Let us welcome you with a parade
This village is your territory
You're our only saving grace
We stitch footwear, bags and belts.
Hey, Idiot! Come give
the old man a shower.
Who are you talking to?
Are you out of your mind?!
What's wrong?
Pardon her, sir.
Offer him food and ask for forgiveness.
Hurry up!
Bata, come let's eat.
I'd rather beg for alms than eat that.
He's a kid. He doesn't
know what he's talking about.
Give me that.
We have looked down
upon you until yesterday
Please forgive us with your kind heart
I'll think about it.
Everyone who called you an Idiot
up until now...
...are put in their place and
facing the consequences
Here, there and everywhere,
youve become the talk of the town
People fall in line behind
you in celebration, when you step out
King, your vote had made
you the new Ring Master
and it's time to flaunt
that pride and be the Kingmaker
I'm not able to decide, sir.
You have got an army of fans
There's no limit to this fandom,
its all so crazy!
I'll think about it, sir.
[Yodeling ]
Sir, I'm trying to connect.
But the network is poor here.
I'm on the way, sir.
-Hey, where are you going?
I'll get fired if I don't take this call.
That's great, isn't it?
You can stay here forever.
Come on, head back.
Let me enlighten you that he's illiterate.
All the big shots with their fancy cars
are now dancing to your tunes
Will you vote for me now?
-I'm not able to decide, sir.
Isn't the whole thing mysterious?
Place it.
They are offering you all your
favourite things, and treating you like a god
You'll vote for me, right?
-I'll think about it, sir.
The power is at the tip of your index finger,
dear Mr Innocent master!
Look at the public falling over just
to get a piece of you
They will do anything for you,
how did your life change overnight?
What is all this magic?
Hey, Idiot! Come on in the
back and make cow dung cakes.
You sit inside, King.
You go make coffee for sir.
Bata, let's go have coffee.
Leaders who bash everyone in the mics,
become most obedient in front of you.
As if they are in big trouble
Where are you off to this
late in the night?
To take a dump, brother.
This isn't the time. Go home.
Here. All the way from South America.
I imported it specially for you.
This is from North America.
You'll just love it.
You are the ring master
of this circus
Times have changed.
You decide our fates now
Leaders have turned
into monkeys bowing to your will
Now tell me. Who will you vote for?
What did you decide?
I have decided.
That I should only drink
foreign liquor from now on.
That Idiot doesn't
have the brains to decide.
I was told that he listens to you.
Make him vote for us.
I'll give you whatever you want.
What's all this?
Stuff they gave me
in exchange for my vote.
It's not like you
broke a sweat for it.
It's all free stuff. Return it!
Why should I?
I couldn't make a single
penny when I slogged my ass.
Now I get whatever I
want without lifting a finger.
Why should I give it up?
-Shame on you!
Turn on the TV.
-Move your ass once in a while.
It will help with digestion.
Brother, 10 bucks is all I'm asking for.
I'll finish all the backyard work.
You entered my house through
the main door using his vote.
God knows what you'll do next.
Go away. I can do my own work.
No matter what we give him,
he still says he's unable to decide.
I can't figure out what we
can offer him for his vote.
Let's ask him what he
wants and give it to him.
Done and dusted.
We stitch footwear, bags and belts.
-He's coming.
What does Smile want?
-What do you mean?
What does he want to be in life?
He has a dream.
Shhh! Be discreet.
King! King!
There's no limit to this fandom.
This is all so crazy!
Promise me that you'll vote for Drum.
I promise, sir.
-Not so quick, King.
The shop alone isn't enough.
Bring the stuff, guys.
Now tell us. Who will you vote for?
I swear, sir...
I can't decide.
Guys, let's go.
-I'm also done here.
Come on out, King!
You bloody!
Sleeping like a fricking Prince,
in your velvety suit!
What's with you, man?
You think only you
have the right to vote?
Don't we all do?
Hey! What's happening there?
We all get these
cheap 20 rupee tokens.
And he gets a whole new shop.
New clothes.
New watch.
Scrumptious meals thrice a day.
How is this fair, brother?
Why don't you get me a new card too?
Who knows? Maybe I'll
also get lucky like he did.
I'll be casting my vote too.
I deserve all of this too.
I want to enjoy all these benefits too.
But I can't say it out loud.
Somu, we're doing this in
the hope that our party will win.
If you disrespect him, he'll be pissed.
And then that will be our loss.
Time to go home. Come on.
Vasantha, how are you?
You seem to be avoiding me recently.
Ever since you named me King,
the whole village is
treating me like royalty.
Oh! Do you actually
think they respect you?
It's the respect
they give for your vote.
Once the elections are done,
nobody will give a damn about you.
I don't care.
I'll use my vote and earn
everything I want in the meantime.
Do you know whats
the value of a single vote?
Yeah, I know.
I heard that you're accepting
bribes from both the parties.
Who are you going to vote for?
I'll think about it later.
I'll take everything they both give and
blindly vote for some party.
So, you've voted many times before, is it?
-What? No.
Do you even know how to vote?
Even at this age,
you don't know how to vote.
But you surely know how to sell it.
He doesn't know how to vote. Over.
So what? I'll show you.
Pay attention, okay?
He's the Presiding Officer.
Really?! When did you get
a Government job, brother?
He's not the actual Officer.
I'm just giving an
example of how it works.
Oh! Sorry.
I thought you got the job.
It's okay. It's alright.
So, he's the Presiding Officer.
Namaste, sir.
If you show him your voter ID,
Once he verifies your name
on the voter list, he'll send you in.
Next, this man handles the ink.
For example.
-Exactly. You're on track.
Show him your hand.
He's not some fricking astrologer!
Keep it like this.
Now to the real deal,
these are the voting sheets.
Whichever symbol you want to vote for,
Come, I'll show you.
You come here, dip the seal in ink,
press it on our symbol and
drop it in the ballot box.
This one.
That's all?
Then why do people make
such a big fuss about it?
King, take the seal,
press it on the Loudspeaker
and put it in the ballot box.
How could you try to betray me, brother?
-What do you mean?
You told me that only
two parties are contesting.
Who's the third guy here?
How can he contest without paying me?
I want to see him.
-Dude, that's NOTA.
Whether it is NOTA or Tata,
I want to see him right away.
I'll summon him.
But first, show me which
symbol you'll put the seal on.
Are you manipulating
him into voting for you?
Hey! Why would I need to resort to that?
After all that we've done for him,
he'll vote for us anyway.
We were simply teaching him how to vote.
Oh, yeah? What about
all that we've done for him?
Holy moly! You got a whole
polling booth running here.
King, you have to vote for me.
Yes! Hey, grab him.
What the hell! Get him, guys.
Hold on tight, guys.
Pull! Pull!
Pull him, guys!
-Go harder! Come on!
Oh, no!
King, I'm sorry.
Guys, have you lost it?
-How can you be so rough?
How can I step out in these torn clothes?
Drop me home in your car.
It's time to flaunt your
vote finger and be the Kingmaker
Did you get the video?
-Yes, sir.
Upload it over my social media.
-Okay, sir.
Hey, bring that here.
There's heavy pressure
from the Central Government these days.
It's torture!
Is he the deciding vote?
-Yes, sir.
Hmm. What did you say your name was?
Martin Luther King!
Is he a foreigner or what?
No, sir. He's a local.
It's a long story.
-Yeah, whatever.
He's not able to decide.
You guys are splurging on him
and fighting like cats and dogs.
Why don't you go for an auction?
Do an auction for his vote.
Whoever wins gets his vote.
But remember,
the loser should step back.
You dropped your tools.
Be aware, brother.
What did you bring the bag for?
To hold all the money from the auction.
Move it, people!
Holy shit!
It's scorching hot!
Is everybody here?
-Yes, carry on.
Set it up.
We'll wrap up quickly.
This sun is giving me terrors.
Bring the item.
Place the item in this.
Guys, do it.
What the hell is this?!
This is the item up for auction.
This guy? How can we auction him?
He's not some jewelry item
or an antique.
More valuable than that.
His vote.
We're not auctioning him but his vote.
You summoned me for auctioning a vote?
Our MLA told me to conduct an
auction to settle a village dispute.
If I get exposed for
auctioning a vote, I'll be in jail.
This isn't right. I'm leaving.
Let's go, boy.
Hey, Officer!
There's no dropping out of this game.
You should've thought
about it before coming here.
People have lost their
jobs because of this.
Come back and get the job done.
Let's do it.
Okay. Okay. Okay.
What's the agenda now?
We must auction this, is it?
Let's do it.
Yeah, why not?
So, where do we start the auction at?
1000 rupees?
Alright, 2000 rupees?
10000 rupees would be nice.
10000 rupees for a single vote?!
You know you can
get a vote for 500 rupees, right?
My bid is one lakh rupees.
Then mines 1.5 lakh rupees.
Who are you, man?
King! That's my footwear shop back there.
The Southerners bid
is 1.5 lakh rupees.
1.5 lakh rupees from the Southerners.
I bid 2 lakh rupees.
The Northerners bid
is 2 lakh rupees.
[Loki] 2.5 lakh rupees.
The Southerners bid
is 2.5 Lakhs rupees.
What is it?
They're going to chop off your hand.
-2.5 Lakhs rupees from South.
The Southerners bid
is 2.5 Lakhs rupees.
You want my watch?
Take it later.
[Jaggu] -Three lakhs.
3 lakh rupees from the Northerners.
Hey! Listen! -What?
-The Northerners bid is 3 Lakh rupees.
The Northerners are going to chop
off your hand if they lose the auction.
What are you saying?
-Southerners are going to bid more?
Look, Adugulu is carrying a knife.
3 lakh rupees from the Northerners.
The Northerners are not
a trustworthy people.
I'll tell them I'm voting for the
Southerners. They'll handle it.
It was the Southerner's
idea in the first place.
Look over there!
[Loki] -I bid 4 lakh rupees.
4 lakhs from Southerners!
What do we do now?
-Southerners bid is 4 lakh rupees.
I have an idea.
[Jaggu] -8 Lakhs!
Meanwhile, you keep the auction running.
[Jaggu] -8 Lakhs!
Meanwhile, you keep the auction running.
-Northeners bid a whopping...
-Double bid of 8 Lakh rupees.
Remember that if the auction ends,
-Double bid of 8 Lakh rupees.
you'll become single-handed
for the rest of your life.
You have to polish shoes with one hand.
-Jaggus bid stands at 8 Lakhs.
Bata! Bata!
-Jaggus bid stands at 8 Lakhs.
8.5 lakh rupees.
Lokis bid 8.5 lakh rupees!
8.5 lakh rupees!
Do the Northerners have a counter?
-9 lakh rupees.
9 lakh rupees from the Northerners.
Hey! Where are you going?
I have to pee.
-It'll be done in 2 minutes.
We'll go together. Please wait.
What's the hurry?
There's no rush.
I'll be right here.
Take your own time.
Get comfortable then.
Guys, put him back in it.
9 lakh rupees from the Northerners.
15 lakh rupees.
15 lakh rupees from the Southerners.
25 lakh rupees.
25 lakhs rupees.
25 lakh rupees from the Northerners.
Hey! Is this the time to dance?
I guess I couldn't resist
my happiness.
You continue.
Where were we? Yeah!
25 lakh rupees from the Northerners.
25 lakh rupees from the Northerners.
Does the opposition have
a counter bid, or should we lock it?
That's the end of it, I guess.
King, pass me that bell.
25 lakh rupees from the Northerners.
Going once.
Sir... Sir...
They're auctioning King's vote.
I know. They're hopeless.
25 lakh rupees from the Northerners.
Going twice.
But whoever loses is
going to chop off his hand.
Sir! Sir!
25 lakh rupees from the Northerners.
-How can it be over yet?
The Southerners aren't losers.
They don't want the shame
of losing to the Northerners.
Narsanna, am I right?
-Yes, you are.
Loki, don't give up. Counter him.
Move it. Move it.
A bungalow?!
Southerners bid a bungalow
worth 40 lakh rupees.
I repeat, a bungalow worth 40 lakh
rupees from the Southerners.
Sir, what's the hurry?
Is this all the fight
you've got, Northerners?
At least counter them
for your pride's sake, sir!
True! Our castes pride
lies in winning this auction.
Keep the auction going, Jaggu.
How much money do you have on you?
2 rupees.
You have 2 rupees in your pocket
and they're auctioning in lakhs.
Ever wonder why they're thriving
and you're merely surviving?
Is this the time to ponder?
Our caste should win.
10 million rupees for a single vote?
Sir, during your asset valuation,
you said you only owned 50000
rupees and a bronze vessel.
How come you have all
these assets worth millions now?
An asset worth 11 million
rupees from the Northerners.
An asset worth 11.8 million
rupees from the Southerners.
11.8 million rupees from the Southerners.
Going once.
11.8 million rupees from the Southerners.
Going twice.
11.8 million rupees from the Southerners.
What is it?
President sir...
-What happened to him?
What happened to dad?
He's no more.
[indistinct voices]
Where are you going?
-To see the President.
No need.
This is our chance to escape.
But we need to go see the President.
Dumbass! He asked me to
lie about his death to save you.
This village is done with us.
I'm leaving.
You can either join me or get killed.
Bata, wait up.
Listen, this is some shady business.
Let's get out of here
before they come back.
Bata, wait up for me.
Why are you panting, guys?
Dear, get some chilled
buttermilk for your sons as well.
Bava, they cheated us!
Start the car! Let's go!
-They shouldn't cross the border. Hurry up!
Those assholes shouldn't
cross the border. Hurry up!
Hey, King!
You bastard!
You thought you could enjoy all
our money and then run away?
You filthy beggar!
You thought you
could take advantage of us?
You offered him things for his vote.
Why are you hitting him now?
If you dont stop, Ill vote for NOTA.
You bastard!
Did you just say youll vote for NOTA?
If you do that, there will be re-elections.
One of us will contest again and win.
Hey! Hey! Hey!
If he dies, our investment dies with him.
Beat him to pulp and
throw him under the tree.
Kill him if he tries to leave
the village before the elections.
Bloody hell!
-Let's go, guys.
Bata, wake up.
Bata! Bata!
Bata, wake up!
Bata, wake up!
Subbanna... Subbanna...
Subbanna... Subbanna...
-Hey! First step out of the house.
Pardon me.
What is it?
-Subbanna, Bata isnt responding.
Hes also bleeding from the ear.
Please come and take a look.
Dear, close the door and come in.
Brother, please.
-Father, get inside.
Sir, please tell him to help me out.
Why the hell do you need us, huh?
You did plenty of miracles with
that one vote of yours.
I'm sure you can save him too.
Get out!
-Brother, I beg you. Please.
Sir, at least you tell him.
Bata, youll be alright.
Sir! Sir!
Jaggu sir!
Sir, Bata is bleeding from the ear.
He isnt responding.
We need to rush him to the hospital.
Please help us out.
Is Bata his sidekick?
-Yes, Bava (Brother-in-law).
But he isnt eligible to vote yet, no?
Hes just a kid.
Ill do whatever you want.
Please come and help us.
Will you do whatever I tell you to?
Ill sacrifice my life if I have to.
Tch, why the hell would I want that?
Will you vote for me?
Save Bata, sir, and my vote is yours.
Dont trust him, Bava.
We have already done so much for him.
And yet, he has no gratitude.
No, brother. I swear.
If you take Bata to the hospital,
Ill vote for you guys.
In fact, Ill vote for you
for the rest of my life.
How can I trust you?
I have an idea. Swear on
the work tools that feed you...
...and Ill trust you.
Bata, hang in there.
Youll be fine.
Well take you to the hospital.
Sir, look. I swear on my work tools...
You spinless bastard!
How can you just
surrender to his threat?
Do we look like fools to you?
Youre getting yourself a deal overnight.
Brother, Bata is going to die.
Please take him to the hospital.
Ill vote for you then.
Then why didnt you
come to me first?
Youll definitely
vote for me, right?
Definitely, brother.
Take the kid to the hospital.
Hey, King...
It breaks my heart that a child is hurt.
Alright, I'll save him.
-Okay, sir.
Youll vote for me, right?
Definitely, sir.
You wouldnt vote for Loudspeaker?
No, sir.
Hey! Do you think this is a freaking game?
Brother, no.
If he sets foot out of the
village, chop his leg off.
Hes playing with us.
Promise him that youll vote for him...
...Ill make sure that
the kid doesnt survive.
Brother... Brother... No, please listen.
Sir... Sir... Sir...
First decide who
youre going to vote for.
Then well discuss the kid.
Sir, please dont leave.
Brother, brother?
at least you help us out...
Where's your pride now?
Where's all that vanity you boast about?
The world asks you... show them your Kingdom now
With scars invisible
You stand afar in the dark all alone
The world hails you only if you win
And you if you lose,
it will cast you aside without a thought
Isn't life one persistant battlefield?
Vasantha, hows Bata?
Did you take him to the doctor?
Hell be fine, right?
Im talking to you! Please say something.
Is he doing okay?
Vasantha! Vasantha!
Vasantha! Vasantha!
Hey, shes the one whos teaching
that Idiot to manipulate us.
Yeah, my husband told me about her too.
Hey, lady!
Whats your share for helping that Idiot?
See how arrogant she is!
Vasantha, stop! I need to talk to you.
-Whats there to talk about?
What do you want to talk about, huh?
Youre ruining both your
life and ours with your greed.
Tell me this. You clean
Gandhis statue every day, right?
Why do you do it?
I havent cleaned it in a while.
I didnt say recently.
Tell me why you used to clean it.
Somebody told me that
he brought us freedom.
Right. Freedom.
Do you have freedom?
Answer me. Do you have freedom?
When you dont know how to
use it, whats the point of having freedom?
Shame on you!
How stupid of me to name
you Martin Luther King!
Instead of living like
this, why dont you die?
Isn't life one persistent battlefield?
Ill do any sort of work, brother.
We have orders
not to give you any work.
It well never show you any kindness
Time is a dictator
Let me help you with that.
Ill get into trouble if I
let you help me. Its okay.
It knocks your pride off
and puts you back in your place
This is a tragic tale
with thousands of testimonies
Whos that?
Do you hear me? Whos that?
Dont come this way.
Who is it?
-Im Subhadra from the Northern side.
What are you doing here?
-I came to take a dump, brother.
This late at night?
All the men will be here by dawn.
Its impossible for me to come out.
That is why I come around 3o clock.
So? Its still not safe to come out alone.
Im not alone, brother.
All the women in the village are here.
They destroyed the
only toilet that was built.
This is our only option now.
I heard that you have some special power.
Will you use it to get the toilets fixed?
I am scared to go
over there in the dark every night.
What is it?
Do you want my vote?
I feel uncomfortable
to poop in the fields.
Fix the toilets that you
destroyed and Ill vote for you.
Here comes the Officer
giving orders to us.
Ill take a dump
in your house then.
You'll take a dump
in my house, is it? Huh?
You filthy lowlife!
Bro, stop. He might die.
I met all his demands in
the hope of those 50 million rupees.
But hes beyond control now.
-Stop it!
You cant discuss these in front of him.
Get up!
Dont let this piece of shit
out till the elections are over.
Starve him of food and water.
He has no choice but to vote for us.
Balu, whats that?
He hasnt even had water in 2 days.
I thought Ill give him some
or else he might die.
He drank our blood for a month.
He can survive 2 days without water.
Hey! Thats Mr. Nagaiah, right?
Is it true that you have that
foreign-named guy tied up in your shed?
Jaggu informed me.
He just beat him up slightly.
-You shut up!
If he dies just before the
elections, what will you do?
Let him die.
I cant beg him for everything.
I kept my mouth shut
until now for those 50 million.
Eh, its not just 50 million.
Theyre willing to pay
300 fricking million!
300 million rupees?!
Yeah. Why would I get
myself involved otherwise?
Listen, I dont care if you
have to touch that foreign guy's feet.
Make him vote for one of you
and give me the approval signature.
What you do with him later
on is none of my business.
Until then, mind you, I dont
want a single scratch on his body.
Brother, come here.
You heard me. Come here.
What was I saying
before I ended up in here?
About fixing the toilet.
Ill be there
first thing in the morning.
Get it fixed by then.
What are you looking at?
If you dont get it done,
Ill pass on the offer to Jaggu.
Ill get it done.
I didnt catch that.
-I said Ill get it done.
Thats more like it.
Good for you.
Here comes the dawn weve been searching for
Lets open our doors wide
By the way...
The Northerners
will also join me tomorrow.
Here it comes like ship of light
Lets open our eyes to it
Listen, dont do a sloppy
job like we do with our contracts.
This time, the toilet shouldnt
crumble even from lightning.
Got it? Build it carefully.
He found out that the
offer is for 300 million.
He's playing with the
Southerners even more now.
Ugh! This is so frustrating!
We met all of Kings demands
in the hope of those 50 million.
Now, just because its 300 million, I
cant stoop low to their standards.
What do we do then?
How do we gain his vote?
Giving everything they
demand is modern politics.
Sometimes doing things
the old fashioned way is better.
Hey, King!
Do you feel the burn?
Imagine getting toyed around by a
nameless stray dog like you, just for one vote.
Imagine how that must have hurt.
The other party may be spineless.
But you cant mess with me anymore.
You must vote for the Drum
symbol on the day of elections.
Today the shop has burned down.
Tomorrow it will be
your tree and then you!
How can I vote, sir?
-What do you mean?
You can see me,
my shop and my tree.
But you cant see my voter
ID in there thats burning.
Hey! Hey! Adugulu!
Our future is burning in there.
Get some water.
His voter ID is burning.
Oh, my god! No!
Hey! Hey! Open it. Quick.
Bava, theres nothing in there.
I was just curious to see your
reaction to 300 million going up in flames.
Not bad! You are cautious.
The card is with me.
Dont worry about it.
Do you want my vote?
I feel like swimming.
Build a swimming pool in the village.
What?! A swimming pool?!
We dont have enough
water to clean our butts in this village.
Then you dont get my vote.
You may leave.
Listen, dear. A swimming
pool is a lot of money.
I have an idea.
Fill up all the old water tanks
in the village. Ill swim in them.
Or else, Ill tear the card.
Dont do that. I beg you.
Bava, its full.
Here comes the dawn weve been searching for
Dive in.
I cant swim.
We filled it up because you wanted to swim.
Are you messing with us?
Its okay. I wont let
your efforts go to waste.
Keep filling them up daily.
Ill learn swimming
when Im in the mood for it.
Also, fill the rest of the tanks as well.
Ill dive in wherever I feel like.
And that weapon is the power of thought
lying in the depth of your heart, friend
Do you know, a single thought is the
beginning to change the world within you
Both the Northerners and Southerners
should use it together. Spread the word.
Hell no! I wont use
the same toilet as them.
I have self-respect.
-What the hell!
That is the real weapon!
That is the real weapon!
Who's the real King?
What is the real meaning of King?
It is a thought that shows the path
A fire that burns within you,
and changes you into beaming sun
It is an idea that can change times
Who's the king and who's the servant?
Who's superior and who's inferior?
Whos ahead and whos behind?
Can you read what this says?
Please get the school renovated.
We must decide it now
Here comes the dawn
weve been searching for
Make sure to let it in
Here it comes like ship of light
Keep your eyes open
Ay oh!
I have a dream...
that one day...

this nation will rise up...
JAGJAL WATER PLANand live out the true meaning of its creed.
We hold these truths to be self-evident,
that all men are created equal.
Jaggu sir!
Jaggu sir!!
What does he want now?
Dont you get it?
If we want his vote,
we should get the roads fixed.
You better win or else...
You can't keep waiting
for some saviour to come
You must pick up
each stone yourself and pave the path
Soon there shall be many footsteps joining you
After all, no one can stop an
awakened thought
How do all these laws matter?
When you don't know
whats written within them
What can any Constitution do?
If you don't stand up for yourself,
and fight for yourself
Do you know, a single thought is
the beginning to change the world within you
Do you know...
Can I get two more buns, please?
It's the weapon that breaks
generations of shackles
Jaggu managed to lay the roads
really well. Its such a smooth ride.
He is not the one
who got them laid.
Are you out of your fricking mind?
What are you doing in
the middle of the road?
What if a car ran over you?
Youd lose a vote. Simple.
So, get street lights fixed in every lane.
Clear everything.
Take the flags down as well.
Eight hundred thousand mountains
are jumping in vigor.
Oceans are whirling with rage
into a dancing catastrophe.
This isn't the boiling of crude oil,
but the sizzling of hot blood.
Like the ever energetic falls of
Sivasamudra and Niagara...
Run run run...forward!
Lets move forward!
Lets push forward!
A bronze drum from the great new world
is blaring incessantly!
Who's the king and who's the servant?
Who's superior and who's inferior?
Whos ahead and whos behind?
Who's in power and who's not?
Let us all decide now
Here comes the dawn weve been searching for
Make sure to let it in
Here it comes like a ship of light
Keep your eyes open
Hey... What did you decide?
Alright. Ill forgive all your mistakes.
Its not too late.
Promise me that youll vote for me.
Ill get you a solid job
in Dubai, what say?
A job in Dubai? How silly!
Promise me that youll vote for me.
Ill announce you as a
member of the Northern caste.
Your future depends
on who you vote for.
Think wisely.
Wow, youre right.
Ill go cast my vote.
What's your name?
-Martin Luther King.
Sir, this ID looks suspicious.
The name on the ID
doesn't go with the face.
Ma'am, his single vote
caused quite a stir in our village.
If he doesn't get to vote now,
hell will break loose.
Should we let him vote, sir?
Yeah. Send him through.
You bastard!
Tell me!
Who did you vote for?
You said I should think wisely,
as my future depends on it.
So I thought well and cast my vote.
How can we believe that you voted?
What are you still doing at home?
Regular water supply,
a bus to the village,
Education for kids and
healthcare for the elderly.
A smile on everyones face.
Today is the last day for all of it.
I am wondering if I will be able to afford
all of them for just 2000 Rupees from tomorrow.
Tomorrow can wait.
Let's take the 20 rupees
token and get going.
Hello brothers and sisters!
Heres an important truth!
Never trust the Goddess of Money!
Why did you stop here?
-I'll be right back.
What are you doing?
You thickheaded dumbass!
Why are you putting the tokens in that?
Are you out of your mind, huh?
Everyone will be exchanging the
20 rupees token for 2000 rupees.
But we'll be going empty handed.
What's gotten into you today?
See the magic woven by
the Goddess of Money!
Is everybody here?
Come one after the other.
I'll call out the names.
Tell him you lost the 20 rupee
token and collect 2000 rupees.
They're our people. They'll understand.
No. Let's go back home.
Are you coming or not? I'm going.
Narasaiah anna...
I don't want the money.
I voted for you, look.
Why did you bring the token back?
Because I don't want your money.
I thought I'll return the token.
See you.
Now do you get it? Let's go home.
See the magic woven by
the Goddess of Money
Hey Somu, your money!
No thanks!
Are you coming or not? I'm going.
Hello brothers and sisters!
Heres an important truth!
Never trust the Goddess of Money!
"Everyone! Want to know where the Goddess of
money resides? You better pay attention."
"There are 8 sisters in total,
and the last one tends to be troublesome."
"The Goddess of Money is so elusive,
she never stays put.
"Absorb the truth brothers and sisters
never ever trust the Goddess of Money."
"All those rattling pennies won't stay
in your empty pockets forever."
"All those shining notes won't come
to you without baggage."
"Without her 7 other sisters,
the Goddess of Money vanishes in a wink."
"Absorb the truth brothers and sisters
never ever trust the Goddess of Money."
What are you trying to say?
The Goddess of Money won't
stay where her 7 other sisters don't.
Who are the 7 sisters?
-Go ahead and tell them, brother.
"The Goddess of Education."
"The Goddess of Nourishment.
"With health, youve
The Goddess of Courage with you."
"If youve The Goddess of Courage,
then, the Goddess of Victory is with you."
"With Victory, come
The Goddesses of Prosperity and Peace."
"Along with them comes
The Goddess of Parenthood."
"See the magic woven by
The Goddess of Money."
"See the magic woven by
The Goddess of Money."
Namaste, brother.
Sister, did you vote?
-Yes, brother. Look.
Why are you returning the money?
Why do we need money
to cast our vote, brother? Its okay.
Subrahmanyam... Subbu...
I voted for you, brother.
You can keep your money.
See the magic woven by
the Goddess of Money
I voted for you.
I don't want the money.
See the magic woven by
the Goddess of Money
Listen, where does Jaggu live?
Straight and second right.
Kill him only if we lose.
If we win, the opposition
will take care of him.
Don't worry, brother.
We'll kill him quietly.
I want to hear screams.
His screams should send shivers down the spine
of every villager who wants to stand against us.
Okay, brother.
They're filled with stupidity.
I'm really hopeless here.
When I inquired them last time,
they asked me not to interfere.
I'm waiting for an opportunity like this.
If what you said is true,
I'll make sure they pay for it.
Hey, King.
How are you?
-I'm good.
Vasantha's father is
taking good care of me.
Where's the shop?
That's all in the past now.
Leave it.
Look. I voted for the first time yesterday.
And ever since I did, I feel
like I am ruling this entire country.
Really? I can't wait to vote.
Yeah, grow up quickly.
We can vote together.
Please forgive me.
You're in this condition because of me.
Come on! Please change
that look on your face.
Well, I'll see you in 2 days, okay?
Okay. Come fast.
-You're not allowed to stay.
Step outside.
Only one person per candidate should stay.
In Kalpithapuram District,
Peddaraveedu Mandal,
the Panchayat elections counting
has begun with Boodidhapadu.
I haven't eaten in days.
Nobody is willing to give me work.
Here. Have this.
Come on now!
Alright. You wanted to fix
my sandal for the longest time.
Here. Do it.
Why did you become my friend, Vasantha?
Out of jealousy.
While everyone is living in a
vicious cycle of ego and greed,
I also became a part of it.
And then a man comes along and says,
'I don't know who I am,'
'I got nothing to do with this world,'
'I'm happy in my own world.'
I was jealous that I
couldn't be more like you.
When you fell into the same
vicious cycle, I was furious.
But when I look at you today,
I'm extremely proud.
Why did you become my friend?
I have no clue.
Boodidhapadu Panchayat
counting has reached an end.
K Abhimanyudu has emerged
victorious with a majority of 140 votes.
Now, Padamarapadu vote
counting begins.
Did they begin?
I called for the postal van.
Get out of here before
the results are announced.
What are you doing?
Get inside. This is none of our business.
Come on!
You're a Southerner, aren't you?
-Yes, I am.
Close the shop and go home.
What are you looking at?
I said leave!
It's not safe for you to
stay here. Please go.
Listen to me. Please go.
Can you get Bata a good
education if possible?
I don't know where he learned but,
he can write names and draws really well.
In the Padamarapadu Local
Body Panchayat elections,
R Jagjivan Rao is leading by 10 votes.
Are you guys ready?
-We're in position, brother.
Is he there?
-Yeah, right in front of us.
As 2nd round concludes Jagjivan Rao
is ahead of Lokamanya Tilak by 22 votes.
We'll at least sell water cans and earn a living.
But poor Loki, he sold his bar as well.
I'm worried for their future.
Maybe King will hire him as his assistant.
After all, they were his
servents for really long.
Kill him!
Like right now?
But the results aren't out yet.
Ey! I said kill him!
Alright, brother.
Go do it.
Don't you want to live? Get back!
Vasantha, you can't be here.
Why are you yelling at her?
I asked her to bring me here.
I don't need anybody's help.
Please leave.
Who said we're here to help you?
One of my legs got shorter,
measure it and fix my sandal.
Right now?
Yeah. Whos there to
fix our walk if you die.
Okay, sir.
Old man?
-Yeah, he's in a wheelchair.
My dad?!
-Your dad?!
Should we drop the plan?
At the end of round 3, Jagjivan
Rao is leading by 5 votes.
Final round of counting begins now.
Listen! It's okay even if my
dad gets hurt a little.
But make sure you kill him.
-Okay, bro.
It's nothing, really.
My son is going to school now.
Can you polish his shoes and
get them ready?
I'm fixing sir's sandal.
-It's okay.
I'm going to wait right here.
Show me a nice pair of sandals.
The old ones are giving me shoe bites.
Do you have any good heels
for my lovely grandma?
Here it comes like ship of light
Keep your eyes open
I too want a good pair of action shoes.
Let's get out of here.
What do you guys want, huh?
Sandals or boots?
Do as I tell you.
Kill everybody out there.
The entire village is here.
This is beyond me. You only handle it.
Hey! Hey!
What's wrong?
We should go.
Let's go.
Who's the real King?
What is the real meaning of King?
It is a thought that shows the path
A fire that burns within you,
and changes you into beaming sun
It is an idea that can change times
Who's the king and who's the servant?
Where are these guys going?
Bava, stop the car.
Hey! Hey, you!
Ah! Bava?!
Who's in power and who's not?
Let us all decide now
Just returning an old debt, King.
Do you want a stick, brother?
-No need, brother.
This mug is enough.
Here it comes like ship of light
Keep your eyes open
"I have a dream..."
"that one day..."
"this nation will rise up..."
"and live out the true
meaning of its creed."
"We hold these truths to be self-evident,"
"that all men are created equal."
My sandals are broken, Bava.
Help me put on my sandal.
Okay, sir.
'As the exciting counting session
of Padamarapadu comes to an end,'
'the winner is...'
Eight hundred thousand mountains
are jumping in vigor.
Oceans are whirling with rage
into a dancing catastrophe.
This isn't the boiling of mere crude oil,
but the sizzling of hot blood.
Like the ever energetic falls of
Sivasamudra and Niagara...
Run... Run... Run... Forward!
"March on! March ahead!"
A bronze drum from of a great new world
is blaring incessantly!
Who's the king and who's the servant?
Who's superior and who's inferior?
Who's ahead and who's behind?
Who's in power and who's not?
Let us all decide now
Here comes the dawn weve been searching for
Make sure to let it in
Here it comes like ship of light
Keep your eyes open