Martyrs Lane (2021) Movie Script

-Fixed! Fixed!
-And here I am, wide awake.
-And that's it, then,
for the night.
What's that? Five hours,
and I'm just so tired.
-We don't have enough
bamboo cakes for the poor table.
Do you have some more?
-The poor table needs cleaning.
-Sarah, do you think Thomas
would give me a blessing, Sarah?
It always helps me so much
with my sleeping.
Could you ask him for me?
-Of course.
Of course, Edith. I'll ask him
as soon as I see him.
-Thank you.
-Oh, Janet, could you take
the lamb out of the oven
for the rich table?
Just let it rest.
But keep it in the foil,
all right?
-Go set the poor table, quickly/
-Leah, I made you a cake.
Now, here we go.
Now, you take it home.
Don't let the parish gobble it.
Come on. I'll hide it.
-You will remember to ask
Father Thomas, Sarah?
It's just that I don't want to
bother him at lunch.
-I will, Edith.
Don't worry.
I'll ask him this evening.
Can you hand me the rice?
-Oh, yes.
-Here you go.
Go on.
-Hey, Leah.
Tell Brian
what your rabbit's called.
-Yeah, tell me.
-It's Mary, and why is that,
-You know why.
-So, Mary was visited
by an angel,
and now she's pregnant.
Go on, Leah. Tell him.
-Yeah, tell me.
Hey, where you going?
Bex, come play with me.
-Hey, Leah.
Two Truths, One Lie.
Your asthma is all in your head.
God loves you.
And you're an attention-seeking
little brat.
-I feel sorry for you
for being so hateful!
-Stop it!
-She's supposed to --
She's just supposed to help me
with that sort,
but I haven't seen her
for weeks now,
-I'm sure we can Thomas
to make some phone calls.
We'll sort it all out, Janet.
I promise.
-She's gonna leave the house
to him,
and she hasn't seen him
for five years.
-You don't know that.
-Where did you get that?
-Lillian baked a cake.
-Well, you can't have cake
before your dinner.
Put it back.
-Oh, Janet, tough time?
-Go and do your homework
and wash your hair for tomorrow.
-Want to play the Stanford?
I need to practice.
Can you do the right hand?
One, two, three.
-It's all right.
Ah. Time for dinner.
Come on, downstairs.
-No, don't!
No, don't, don't!
-Don't, don't!
It's okay.
It's only just a dream.
You're okay.
-We've got someone coming to
stay with us soon,
someone with a little boy.
Can you find some of your toys
for him to play with?
-I brought you this to wear.
-You didn't wash your hair,
did you?
-Well, you're gonna have to
wait for me.
I'm having a shower first.
-Leah, you have to
dry your hair.
-I couldn't find a hairbrush.
-There's one of my dresser.
Come on, hurry.
-Eh, call you back
in a couple months.
-Forget it. We're never gonna
reach the target for the roof.
-None of this.
Bishop's late.
-Bishop's prerogative.
-Don't tell Mom?
It's just one puff.
Three. All right.
Come on.
One, two, three. Ah!
-Reach up! Whoo!
-Oh. Father Thomas.
I ha-- I haven't been sleeping
very well.
Can I have a blessing?
-Of course, Edith.
This way.
-Thank you.
-I'm sorry to hear that.
-Confirm, oh, Lord, your servant
with your Holy Spirit.
-Leah Elizabeth.
-Leah Elizabeth,
God has called you by name
and made you his own.
Confirm, oh, Lord, your servant
with your Holy Spirit.
-My locket.
-Leah has chosen "All creatures
of Our God and King,"
number 263 in your hymn books.
-Well, everyone -- look, look.
-No, no, no, I'm sorry,
I should have said that.
-It's gone.
-We'll find it.
-We -- how? How?
How are we going to find it?
-The clasp must have come loose.
Someone's taken it.
-I'm telling you.
-No one's taken it.
-Look, let's try and find it.
Where did you last see it?
-Don't ask me
where I last saw it.
-Must be in here somewhere.
Must have fallen on the floor.
What is it?
-It's the locket.
It's open.
-I told you, it's the clasp.
Ah. She's sleeping. Come on.
Come back to bed, please.
-Your face has gone purple.
You'll pass out
and fall on your head.
Come on.
Come on, Millie.
Want to go the short cut?
Come on, Millie.
-We never go this way.
-Stop whinging.
-But I didn't know
this was the short cut.
How come we never go this way,
You know Henry VIII?
He sent his soldiers
to ransack all the monasteries,
and there was a monastery
just down the way.
And all the monks took all
they could carry and ran away,
but the soldiers,
obviously being on horseback,
just chased after them, easy,
and cut them down as they ran.
Loads of them died around here.
You can still hear them
at night, their screams.
-I'll tell Dad.
-Tell Dad what?
-That you're trying to scare me.
-You asked. I told you.
I'm not gonna mollycoddle you
like everyone else.
-No, youjust don't
tell the truth!
-I don't tell the truth?
Millie, the road!
I can see you.
-The ribbon.
It's stuck in a knot,
-I have nails.
You can come to my house,
if you like.
I've got a rabbit.
She's pregnant, but she's
never been out of her run.
-Don't you dare tell Mom
about this!
-I promise!
You're hurting me!
What's the matter?
-Tell me something.
-Tell me something that will
cheer me up.
-What's black and white
and red all over?
-I don't know.
-A sunburnt nun.
-Another one.
-Knock, knock.
-Who's there?
-The interrupting cow.
-The interr--
What was it that made you cry?
Sometimes I just have bad things
in my head.
Bad thoughts.
-I have bad things
in my head, too.
-Do you?
-I'm Leah.
-What's your name?
Well, what am I supposed to
call you, dingy?
Are you lost?
I can ask my mom and dad.
Why not?
-I just need to warm up.
My feet are cold.
-Shh. Lay down.
-Ah, your feet are freezing!
Do you want to play a game?
It's called Two Truths, One Lie.
So, okay, so when I was 5,
I once smacked my teacher
on the bottom.
When I was really little,
I used to suck my thumb.
And last year
I had such high fever
that the doctor said
I nearly died.
Now you guess.
-I think...
Didn't smack a teacher
on the bum.
And the other two are true.
-That's right!
She's hit me on the head
with a book once.
-For looking out the window.
Okay, I'll do another one, then.
I can fit five custard creams
into my mouth at the same time.
My dad nearly drowned
when he was little.
But he says he could feel
his guardian angel
lift him up in the river
and guide him to the bank.
And I -- I took something
really important by mistake.
And now I've lost it.
-What was it?
What did you steal?
-I didn't steal it.
I took it.
I was gonna give it back.
Something belonging to my mom.
And then she was gonna find out
and I panicked.
And now...
I don't know where it is.
-Does she know it was you?
-You're supposed to be
guessing the lie.
-The custard creams.
-I could fit four.
-What are you gonna do now?
My turn.
So, I knew this dog,
and when it was a puppy,
it ate a whole tube
of toothpaste,
and then it pooped it out,
the tube and all.
-And once I ate
a triple-yolked egg.
And what you took,
what you lost,
is in the back garden,
under the windowsill,
beside the yellow rosebush.
-What are you doing?
-Go to bed
before Mom hears you.
-Before Mom hears you.
-What did you say?
-Go to sleep.
Leah, what are you doing?
-I was thirsty.
-Okay, come on.
Now, straight to sleep, okay?
I don't want you up again.
Is someone there?
Who's there?
What are you doing?
-I need to speak
to Father Thomas,
to get a blessing.
-Well, he's -- he's giving last
rites to John Hart's mother.
I don't know when
he's going to be back.
How long have you been there?
I'll get him to come 'round to
you first thing in the morning,
I promise.
-Thank you.
I can't believe she was just
sitting in the dark like that.
-Dad says we need to share
what we have.
-Yes, I know.
But she does have her own house.
-"Do not neglect show
hospitality to strangers,
for by doing so,
some people have shown
hospitality to angels."
-It's okay.
Go to sleep.
-Well, I'm sure Thomas has them
in his study or something. I --
-Can't reimburse you
for the bills and fuel
without presenting receipts
to the parish council.
-Yes, I know, Lillian.
-I wanted to talk to
you about the boiler.
I-I want to arrange --
-Oh. Oh.
-That's it, that's it.
I've got a first-aid kit
in the car.
Actually, Lillian, would you
mind just going to find Thomas?
He's at morning song.
I'm sure he can help you
with those receipts
you're looking for.
-Well done.
Thank you.
-Are you enjoying this banana?
-The prodigal daughter returns.
-Yeah, all right.
-Ah. No hugs for your dad?
I don't want any breakfast.
I'm too tired.
-Ah. How are the women
in my life?
-Queuing around the house
to leap into your lap.
-Oh, quick, very quick.
You got everything ready
for uni?
-Uni? Look, Dad -- still trying
to get down with the kids.
-Oh, well, maybe I shouldn't be
doing a 10-hour round trip
on my day off to get you there,
then, if I'm so irrelevant.
-Please don't feed her
at the table, I've told you,
-Millie is 91 in dog years.
It's to be expected, really.
-Thomas, what did I just say?
-Oh, poor Millie. Ooh.
-Come on, eat your breakfast.
-I'm hoping for a triple yolk.
Have you ever had a triple yolk?
I've not even had a double one.
-Mm. She's got a strong
constitution, Miss Millie.
Mm. Remember when she ate
all that Swiss chocolate?
-Yeah, she vomited it all up
later, though,
all over the doormat.
-Bex, please.
We're having breakfast.
-And that party when she ate
all the coronation chicken?
-I once knew this dog, puppy,
that a whole tube of toothpaste
and then pooed it out,
tube and all.
-Who told you that?
-Come in.
-Sarah said it was okay.
I hope it's not
too much trouble.
-It's no trouble at all.
The room's free.
Stay as long as you need.
-Thank you.
-That's what this house is for.
It's the church's house.
As much yours as it is ours.
The room's just up here
on the left.
-That's a good shot.
Oh, sorry, that --
-Oh, sorry! Sorry.
-You could win Wimbledon
with a swing like that.
-Yeah, but I can't do
a backhand.
-You got to keep the racket
-Stop, stop!
-Come here.
-"Lable." Label.
Mm. Whoa!
That was --
That was the biggest so far.
-That one is like the --
that is the same size
as your head.
Oh! Sorry.
You nearly done?
Time for bed?
-Which one was it.
Your lie?
Which one?
-I found something else
under the yellow roses.
-What did you find?
What's the matter?
-A thing.
Your turn.
-I like meringues.
-Everybody likes meringues.
-I hate spaghetti.
-You don't want to play.
-Okay, I'm thinking.
My mom wears this cardigan
with the top button missing.
And she says every time she
tries to sew on a new button,
it falls off.
So she just keep wearing it
without the top button.
-Spaghetti, obviously.
My turn.
I can sing the alphabet song
I used to eat jelly cubes,
the raw cubes,
when I was little.
-Oh, you shouldn't.
They're made of bones.
Cow bones.
-And what you lost --
it's near the old shed,
behind the back,
right under the window.
Where are you going?
-Taking out the dog,
-Well, just stay in
the church grounds, okay?
-Because of the ghosts?
-Bex said.
-It's an incense boat,
Zach Barnes found it
with his metal detector.
-Did the monks drop it
when they ran away?
-We don't know.
But people don't leave their
spirits behind when they die.
Only things, only memories.
-They go to Heaven.
-What about Hell?
-It's not fire and brimstone.
It's darkness.
It's the absence of love.
God's love is like sunlight,
seeks out every shadow,
every place of darkness.
-But what if you hide?
-You know what this music is?
It's called
"Non Mriar Sed Vvam."
Do you know what that means?
-"I should not die but live."
-Knock, knock.
-Who's there?
-The interrupting tomato.
-The interr--
Did you find out?
-Which one was the lie.
-You want me to go?
I thought I kept you company.
-You do. I just...
-Thought you liked me.
-We can play one game,
if you like.
-You sound like
you've got an infection.
I get infections in my chest.
-Is that why you nearly died?
-You said the first time
we played
that when you were little,
you got so ill
that you nearly died.
-I was born early.
-Why were you born early?
-Some babies are.
-My turn.
I hatepineapple.
-You didn't like it
when I did spaghetti.
-And what you took --
it's on the top shelf
of the dresser
in the kitchen.
And these are just
my pretend wings
until my real one grow.
They're little stumps
on my back right now.
I am actuallyan angel.
-Shh, shh, shh, shh.
Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh,
shh, shh, shh.
-What's happening?
-Don't look.
Don't look!
-Warm water coming from
the cold tap.
-That's dangerous.
-All right.
-I've got some money.
Let me give him a call.
-Just tell Sarah that, um, hmm,
the church arranged it.
Think of it as a long-term loan.
-I am the way...
-And take the house in Devon.
You all need a holiday.
-I'm not sure if Sarah --
-Hello, Chris, hi.
Yes. I-I just need to ask
a favor.
Hot water coming from
the cold tap in the kitchen.
Yes, Thursday's fine.
Um, yes, uh,
I'll see you afternoon day then.
Yes, thank you, Chris.
Oh, hello, Becca.
Um, so how are you getting on
with the fuel receipts?
The parish council needs to
make payment this month.
-Sorry. I meant to check the --
-How's Thursday?
I said hello, Rebecca.
-What are they?
-Baby teeth.
The girls'.
I'd forgotten they were there.
-He's teething.
Didn't sleep well.
Grabbing hold of everything
he can chew.
-Where did you find it?
-In the garden, behind the shed.
-What were you doing back there?
Such a long time.
It's been missing.
-That's why I sewed it back on.
-The thread is very pink.
I like it, though.
It's a bit loose,
but I can make it tighter.
What are you doing rattling
around the house so much?
-Will you read with me?
-Oh, I haven't finished
the dishes.
It'll have to be quick,
10 minutes.
-Okay, 10.
"But God knows how to
make the story end just right
in the way that's best for us.
'Do you really believe that,
Mother?' Peter asked quietly.
'Yes,' she said,
'I do believe it almost always,
except when I'm so sad
that I can't believe anything.'"
-He's choking!
He's choking!
-He's okay, he's okay,
he's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay.
What's the matter with you?
-I'm cold.
Everything hurts.
maybe I should go and --
-I'll be okay!
I just need to warm up.
-We're friends, aren't we?
I here to help you.
Guardian angel.
So, let's play.
-Don't want to.
-Do-do, do-do, do-do.
-Last time we said
it was supposed to be
two truths, one lie,
but you said --
you said you had angel wings,
real ones growing.
-Do you want to see?
Go on, look.
-What is it?
You see?
Soon I'll have real wings.
-Please go.
I don't want to!
-Okay, then. My turn.
In the Bible,
Jacob didn't wantto marry Leah.
He was tricked.
Your mother will
never forgive you
if you don't find
what you stole.
And what
you took, what you lost,
it's in a hole
above the first branch
of the yew tree in the garden.
-Please go!
-I'm your guardian angel,
aren't I?
-I don't want you here!
-Come out!
Out! Come out. Come out!
Out! Out! Out!
-Leah? Leah, shh.
It's okay. It's okay.
It's just a dream.
It's okay. Shhh.
It's okay.
It was just a dream.
It was just a dream.
You're okay.
Let's get you into bed.
It's all my fault.
I knew -- I knew that...
she hadn't sewn
the button on properly,
and I was supposed to sew it on.
-Look, it must have
just fallen off.
It was an accident.
He's okay. No one's hurt.
-No, it's --
What happened?
So, what were you doing?
-I just wanted to
climb the tree.
-I was wondering --
we haven't had a holiday
this summer,
Lillian's offered us a week
at her flat in Devon,
and I thought we could go.
Would that be good?
-Would Mom say yes?
Lillian baked us a cake.
Mom threw it away.
-I'll talk to Mom.
-Are you hurting?
I know you're not... angel.
-I'd like to have been.
We're friends.
Will you help me?
You need something,
and I need something.
My name.
-And then?
-And then it will be okay.
-Will you...stop?
-A deal?
My name for what you've lost?
Let's play.
There's someone...
Someone else your mother
will never forgive,
someone she hates
even more than your father,
even more than you.
The next time I come here
will be the last time.
-It's not true.
-And what you took,
what you lost,
what you stole...
is hidden in the brambles
beside the road sign
of Martyrs Lane.
-She doesn't hate my father.
She doesn't hate me.
She wishes you had died
and someone else had lived.
-Sarah, could you get
these receipts
to Lillian this morning?
I-I'm so sorry.
We won't have any expenses
for the summer.
Oh. How good of you to come.
Ah. Oh, uh, the fuel receipts.
Thank you so much.
-I think they'll be good
in this vase.
-Oh, this is, um --
this is Amy, my daughter-in-law.
Um, I'm not sure --
I'm not sure that you've met.
Amy, this is, uh, Sarah.
-Freddy, do you mind taking
those cases upstairs?
-Of course.
-Can I -- Can I get you
a -- a cup of tea
or, um, a glass of water
or -- or something?
Rest now.
-Don't worry.
Everything's gonna be okay.
-What are you doing?
Come here.
-Okay. Breathe in.
One, two, three.
And breathe out.
Breathe in.
One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, breathe out.
-...demand that she tells him
never to come.
-Please be --
-10 years, Sarah!
-You've forgiven him
so easily, so easily.
-You don't know what I've done
or haven't done.
-No, I don't,
because you don't tell me.
It's between you and your God.
-He's her son!
Dare we go there now?
Ask him to leave his home?
-I want you to do something,
feel something.
-Promise me you won't tell?
-Then I won't tell you.
Okay, I won't tell.
Where did you find these?
Look, I'm leaving here tomorrow.
I want you, in the morning,
to dig a hole
and bury all of this,
just bury it deep in the ground
and never think about it again.
Just look after yourself.
-Have you seen her?
Did you hear what I said?
Give this up.
No more, okay?
No more. Promise me.
-What are you doing?
-Sleeping here tonight.
Shut your eyes.
-I can't you still sleep
with Mini Mill.
-Go to sleep.
I'll be back late tonight.
Look after your mother, okay?
Ah, unbridled hedonism,
here we come.
-Yeah, you're dropping me off
outside the campus, Dad.
-I know, I know.
Haven't you got Mini Mill?
-I'll get her.
-Leah, no, I --
-Oh, come on.
She'll fight off
all your boyfriends.
-Woof, woof. Grr!
-Leah. Great, thanks.
-Her name.
I took it -- the curl.
I just wanted to know
what it was.
Bex told me it was better
to keep her out.
But I think it's better
to let her in.
-No, Leah.
No, no! No.
I found it.
In the Bible,
Jacob loved Rachel,
not Leah.
-Oh, Leah, no.
-Will you tell me?
We weren't...
We weren't expecting
to have another baby.
But when I found out
I was pregnant with you,
I was soexcited,
I was so happy.
And then...
Then something terrible
It was such a beautiful day.
It happened just like that.
So quickly.
Like a chalk snap.
And then...
my contractions started.
You were coming.
Too early.
This...tiny little thing,
covered in blood in my arms,
and I was still...
trying to understand
how everything had shifted,
It was like I had gone
through a mirror
into a world where...
she was gone and you here.
And I felt like I was
in the wrong place.
That I had to come back somehow,
but I couldn't.
Just couldn't function.
Couldn't do anything.
I could see you.
I can see how beautiful
you were.
But I couldn't feel anything.
-She wants you to say it.
You have to say her name.
Please, Mom, just say it.
-Please, Mom, just say it!
You have to say her name.
-I'm so, so sorry.
-Will you tell Dad?
-I don't think he'll understand.
Perhaps we should move.
-Could Dad get another job?
-I think so.
He did before.
But I wanted to stay.
Go to sleep now.
-Oh, my darling.
-I'm cold.
I need you.
You can't have her.
-You can do it.
You need to let her go.
Please, Mom, come with me.
-I love you.
-Mom. Mom, come here.
-Mom, don't look at her.
Don't look at her!
You have to tell her to go!
-Mom, make her go!
Leah, time to go.
-The piano stays
for the time being.
I'm not sure
we'll have room for it.