Maruta 2: Laboratory of the Devil (1992) Movie Script

Welcome, are you Mr Shikawa?
How do you know my name?
As the 14 guests invited
You're the last to come
Hat off, please
No need
- Pleas
- Please
Please come this way
you're still alive?
Though I survive
I'd rather die
Ever since the 731 Troops
got ruined in Manchuria
This is the first time we meet
Come on
Let's drink as we survive
I must then know whose wine is this
Why, Shikawa
You don't know who invited us here?
Don't know why we are invited here!
I don't care as long as they pay
So we must drink
Waiter, get more wine
Watanabe, sorry to trouble you
Come on, let's drink
for the survivors of 731 Troops
Drink for the dead of our troop
For those soldiers who died for 731 troop
For the 3600 who died in the germ experiments
those Chinese, Russian
-and those Korean...
- Shikawa,
what's on?
Shikawa, please sit down
Forgive me, I must leave now
Shikawa, we haven't met for a long time
It's rare chance we can
tell each other our status
There's nothing to say
We're poor and prices soar
everyone is striving to live on
there's nothing good to tell you
Mr. Shikawa, please stay
Who are you?
It's not important who I am,
you can call me Susan
Chenova or Christina
The importance is my mission
The hostess who invited you,
including Mr. Shikawa
You won't oppose for drinking for our meeting
Come on, let's drink
as we're so lucky to survive
In 1920 Shiro Sheki
graduated from
Medica Faculty of Kyoto University
and obtained Doctorine in 1927
he went to study in Germany in 1928
then to France, England, Italy
and later to Rusia
I believe the guy
whom you address as 'Spirit of Army'
is perfectly familiar with you
But I want to ask you
who among you here know
the content of the report done by Shiro Sheki
This report reveals just a concept
When Japan started the war,
it produced only 4.5 tone of steel annually
whereas other mine and coal
all came from Manchuria and Far East Asia
If the transport line were bombed,
Japan would have no iron and other
Shiro Sheki did put forward and endless...
and effortless source - the germ!
Sorry, the reason you invited us here
I don't think you'll just
tell us this out-dated secret
For us, Sheki's report
is not out-dated at all
What do you mean?
We're now facing a war
After much consideration,
we've made this decision
Another word,
we need germs as weapons
Right, you want us to be sinners again!
Sorry, I'm not interested in killing, excuse me
I know you're not interested in killing
But you must be
interested in gold and US dollars!
Just give me a price!
Hanano, you bastard!
What, I'm bastard?
Sir, I am not the same as you
my wife I ill and dying any minute
my three kids must eat
Am I bastard as I have to
turn over the dustbin in the morning?
And I must shoplift in market
am I bastard then?
You mean
I'm brassard if we wait on till we die?
Hanano, Shikawa is too mad to say so
Just take it easy
Shit, if I take it easy
My wife will have died
Hanano, don't forget about
the lesson of Funa Hisihachi
Lesson of Funa Hisihachi?
What lesson is it exactly?
Don't you know
you know many secrets of Japanese Army
But you're innocent of
this famous incident of 7317
you want to listen to it?
I love all tragic love stories
OK, take a seat
Tell me then
Funa Hisihachi was a doctor
of Yamakuchi Province
He adopted an orphan
named Taro Handa,
and he has a daughter Eko Hisihachi
Stop this, just tell me
all misery in your heart
Nothing to tell you
My life has been destined
Our country needs you there so you must go
It's glory to work for our country
But Kiuhon made this up
you should believe my heart belongs to you
Handa, I'll wait till you come back
Till I come back?
Frankly speaking
I have an omen feeling
Eko, this is our farewell
Don't say such lousy thing
You'll come back, surely you'll come back
Why, you miss your lover much?
Don't you miss yours?
I've too many girls, I won't
you're lousy
you're too straight, I was only kidding
Right, I'm Taro Handa, and you?
- I'm Baruku Hinda
- How are you?
We've walked days now, we haven't arrived yet?
I don't care
we don't know where we're go anyway
It's all mysterious
Are we there now?
You ask me?
Of course
How can I know?
You, you ass-hole!
Yoshi Bihanaka
Baruku Hinda
- Kishu Churimura
- Yes
Taro Handa
Mina Saijo
Get off and assemble
Get off and fall in line
I am Captain Kikuhon
From now on, Lieutenant Hanano
will be your commander
What I'm saying is rules,
and orders if you like
No one is to raise any question
First, the troop you'll be in
is highly classified
No communication with outsiders allowed
Second, no one may
walk out here without permission
You men
From the present situation
Russian-Japanese War is inevitable
As we run into failure
in the southern boundaries
and Our Armies cannot get a sure win
whether we can get the final victory I this war
depends on our troop -
the 731 Troop
After numerous experiments
we made up some
black dead germs of 60 times stronger
just hope they can be put into production
for the sake of Japanese Empire,
I hope you'll try hard
and make efforts.
To hold a war of germs
we must penetrate into the enemies
and spread germs
In this circumstance,
if we fail to do precaution
such a war of germs will
bring casualties to armies of our side
and this war will become meaningless
In order to realize
the suggestion of His Majesty
the Glorious Circle of East Asia
We're undergoing all experiments of germs
not even planes or canons
can replace our efforts
Though there're different ways of war,
the aim is to win
so we people of 731 Troop must show our power
The laboratory equipment is first class in Asia
We carry all experiments on human being
We cultivate germs
of Blackdeath, Cholera, Typhus
and to people of different
nationalities, for instance,
Chinese, Korean, Mongolian...
we hold experiments on them
and different results
and information will come out
and reports of these experiments
will be used for expanding
the Glorious Circle of Japan
I hope you will work really hard, thanks
Yes, sir
All 'logs' here must
undergo autopsy after experiments
and turn into samples
OK, the autopsy is all for today
All internal organ amputated
must be made amples
for future reference
Human samples here,
if compared with research centers in Japan
We have more and better ones!
- Understand?
- Yes
It's like hell here, it's horrible
Look at this picture if you miss me
I'll always be by your side and back you up
I'll take care of this photo
I'll take it back to you at last
I'll wait for such a day patiently
Promise me, no matter what happens
you mustn't believe what Director Kiuhon says
don't listen to his sweet talks
or fall into his traps
Handa don't you believe
I belong to you already?
I will never forget our oaths
You must wait for my return
I surely will
Eko, remember my words
I do
Dr. Handa, excuse me, I am late
Thank you, Director Kiuhon
Teacher, thanks for coming
It's nothing
Dad, why so late?
Your understudy is
leaving Japan for Manchuria
Aren't you concerned with that, dad?
Don't get mad, daughter
I've just saved a life, so I am late
Miss Eko
Miss Eko, it's this
just then a patient
had heart attack
and Dr Hisihachi had to perform operation
and that kept us late
-was it my patient 2037
- Right,
it was him
Eko, you wronged your father
Its" OK, she's spoit
Handa, get in the car
Write to me when you arrive Manchuria
I'll write to you, take care
Take a bath now, it's getting late
Just a bit and I'll finish
I envy you
What's it like writing love letters?
Sweet and sour
What? You finacee is like Swseet and Sour Pork?
You bloody mouth
I'll tell you,
she hates Sweet and Sour Pork
Don't ever take it as metaphor
Ok, Sweet and Sour Fish
She hates that too
My financee is as pretty as
the Fairy you're carving
You'd better finish it soon
Go in
Go in
Report, air-con is on
Go in...
Get in, now
Gold injury of -10C
is relatively easy to cure
Time is a bit long, finish
Reduce 5 minutes of freezing next time
we need the situation of -40C
how long a man can be cured
after being frozen in that temperature
- Major Handa
- Yes
Take those two 'logs'
to the incinerator and burn them
Burn them?
Nut, they're not human, they're logs
You should know what 'logs' are
A piece of wood!
Can we burn a piece of wood?
Yes, sir
After instant freezing
of liquid hydrogen of -196C
all internal cells are dead, watch
Go and throw her into 100C hot water
Hurry up
The bounces after frozen
in -196C liquid hydrogen
will be very crispy
Lieutenant Hanano, please
Where's the incinerator?
- Inside there!
- Inside
The German have also
experimented on human freezing
and proved women have stronger resistance
than men against coldness
After freezing,
if a woman makes love with a man
she'll get back body temperature very quickly
Let her go
Handa, what's on?
Horrible, I had a nightmare
Hinda, you know?
They experimented on
human being for freezing test
I saw a man and a woman
frozen to dead, I'm sorry
This is just a hell here
we used to experiment on animals,
and never on human
But today, I did see myself
a Russian woman and her 3 year old daughter
got killed by gas
That they're 'logs', 'pieces of wood',
all are lies
Hinda, I think I cannot bear for much longer
I'll go mad if this goes on
Don't be like, this, Handa
Neither you nor I can change here
Muster up courage
and just hold on
maybe the war will soon be over
maybe we'll lose very soon
Whether we lose or win,
it's the same for me
I fear I can't hold on to that day
Handa, for Miss Eko,
you must have confidence
But we have no news for them
maybe Eko will think
I have died for the country
she may have married someone when I return
Nut, why don't you send her
the letters you've written
Can it?
I've asked many times,
but they scolded me or smacked me
as it's forbidden by rules
Give them to me, tomorrow I'll be on an outing
I'll try and send them for you
Hinda, I will never forgive your gratitude
Just don't worry
Thank you then
20 seconds
Just 20 seconds, draw all his blood out
Take him away, another
Just 13 seconds
How's the effect?
the experiment of Blackdead germs is a success
Very good
In order to cultivate stronger germs
these injections must go on and on
Yes, sir
this 'log' must be Hanano, disinfected
Yes, sir
An infected heart must be spectacular
Today is great date for Japan
it's birthday of His Majesty
As we can't send
our greetings in Japan
I suggest facing the direction of Japan
and bows to His Majesty
Everybody, turn left
Everybody, turn right
Now we have the honor of asking Admiral Sheki
on behalf of all soldiers of 731 Troop
to drink for His Majesty
Turn around
You must be careless,
especially when doing experiments
you two were so careless
as to break wine bottles
I thank you very much
Please go and get
two other bottles of wine here
Yes, sir
I want to as you a question
Suppose what I'm holding is not wine
but a ceramic bomb of germs
What would have splashed on your body?
This are ceramic bombs
of germs invented by 731 Troop
We Japanese Empire will never lose
Long Live the Emperor...
Today, we have an exercise of dropping bombs
we are to drop our newest ceramic bomb of germs
our target if a village 70km west of the city
Major Hinda
Yes, sir
You are to take care of the map in the cockpit
the rest will drop bombs when ordered,
got it?
Yes, sir
OK, ready to take off
Yes, sir
Turn left
March on
Bird report to it? Over
Bear receive it, Over
we'll arrive the target in 5 minutes
How is the situation of target and wind? Over
All normal,
wind direction is safe for experiment
Received, Handa
It's you? How are you up there?
I feel dizzy, I'm going to faint
OK, ready to drop the bombs, Over
Get ready, Over
Repeat, everything is in control,
ready to drop bombs
Good, start now
Yes, sir
Hinda, you may start now
Got it, Over
Damn it, germs...we're finished
Handa, it's bad, something's going on
they broke the germ bombs,
they're all infected
Hinda, keep calm
Report to Admiral Sheki at once, Over
What is it?
7 soldiers in the plance
broke the ceramic bomb of germs
Hurry up...
Got it
They're infected in highly
There's no hope of their survival
we feel sorry to do that then!
As we couldn't help
Not only these 7 soldiers,
in the hall of 731 Troop
there were 357 mini gravestones
they all got killed by germs we made ourselves
But now did you cheat us at that time?
Silence mourn!
These 7 soldiers were
really Royal Guards of His Majesty
They died gloriously in mission
This brave spirit proves once more
we Japanese Armies are sure to win
This is top secret
Captain Kikuhon has warned me
It I reveal, I'll be traitor to His Majesty
I'll be court martial and must cut my belly
it's so horrible
is this sacrifice for the country?
Maybe I should thank Lieutenant Hanano
if he hadn't assigned me to stay in the cockpit
my ash would be lying in the hall now
Urgent assemble!
Who wrote a letter to Eko Hisihachi?
Report, it's me, Taro handa
you again? You lousy guy!
Who permit you to send it?
Say it
Tell us
Tell us
Are you telling or not? Tell us
Tell us...
I helped him send the letter, punish me then
You're daring, OK, I'll do as you said
Damn it
Damn it...
I hope you won't take me
as a devil who abuses his men
I myself don't want
to see you get punished
The secret of 731 Troop
is vital to Japan Empire
in a city
full spies like Harbin
there're thousand of spies against 731 Troop
If our country's interest
is spoilt by a love letter
this is just too selfish!
Taro Handa and Baruku Hinda
should go court martial
but as this is their first time
they shall go in confinement 7 days, as example
Hinda, I'm terribly sorry
Handa, don't cry
I can't bear anymore
Just kill me
I can't bear
I can't bear...
General, are you happy with the experiments?
Not with the infection
we must make germs of 100 times stronger
Yes, sir
Eko...Listen to me
Listen to me
you're too much
sorry, I couldn't control myself
I do love you
Mr Kiuhon, I hop you understand
Thought Taro Handa is not by my side
my heart belongs to him forever
please forgive me
Let's forget about it
No, no way, it won't be true
Eko, keep calm
Taro Handa has died for the country
You lie
It won't be true
Taro Handa will surely come back
I won't eat...
I won't eat...
I won't eat...
Eat it!
Report, 68 seconds
Director, I have something to talk to you
Please go out for a moment
Mr Hisihachk, please go ahead
Director Kiuhon,
our Hisihachi family is long respected
we do care for our honor
will you please...
will you please stop dreaming on Eko
She's engaged to Taro Handa
I think Taro's news is a misunderstanding
we'll know when war is over
Me and Eko will
wait for that day confidently
Thanks, master Kiuhon, sorry to bother you
I think you won't wait for that day
Stand properly
number 723
number 604
Since you came to Manchuria,
this is your first outing
Let me remind you,
here is Manchuria, not Japan
especially in Harbin area
anti-Japanese leaflets always appear
so you mustn't walk too far away
you can only move in area
where the towel is seen
Got it?
Yes, sir
it's 1:195, you're to assemble at 3 here
I'm thirsty, I'll get some water
I'll go with you
Why bother if you're not thirsty?
Handa, come back soon
we'll wait for you there
I'll come back soon
Let's move
It's good scenery there
Send this letter for me?
Sure, no problem
Move on
Run fast
Hinda, I'm terribly sorry
Hinda, sorry
I caused this to you
it's OK
as we are buddies
Impossible, you must be mistaken
Sorry, we can't be of help
You'd better go back to Japan
Miss Eko, sorry
Dr Funa Hisihachi
left the War Hospital long ago
and we lost trace of him
What about Major Taro Handa?
We have no record of
Taro Handa's joining the Army indeed
How did you hurt like this?
Don't worry, I'm Bin
Mr Kimura, whatever I do outside
I won't do anything against you
You haven't answered my question,
how did you hurt?
You snatched things again?
Mr Kimura
- It's bad
- What is it?
Some sentries are outside
Are you Dr Kimura?
What is it?
You betray your country
We have evidence, move!
Mr Kimura
Let's go over there
Ma'am, have mercy and give money
Have mercy on us, the kid is dying
Ma'am, you're so nice
Thanks, thanks ma'am now
Let's go
Isn't this Mr Kimura?
Give me back my handbag
Sure, but you must answer my question
OK, go ahead
what is relation between you and Mr. Kimura?
Who is Mr Kimura? I don't know him
The one you took photo with is Mr Kimura
You know my father? Great
please tell me where he is now
Mr Kimura got arrested by Japanese
it's said he's sentenced to death
Can you tell me how I can find him?
Useless, Mr Kimura got taken away
Taken away? What do you mean?
It's so common in here
All Chinese, Russian, Mongolian
who got convicted
would be taken away secretly
No one knows where they're taken to
The battles in Europe are changing
Germany has surrendered to Allied
According to our news agents
Russia is sending strong forces to Manchuria
Russian-Japanese War is on the out-break
so we must quicken
the speed of germ bomb production
we mustn't stop our experiments
Mr Sheki, our 'logs' are
getting fewer and fewer
and they fail to find new 'logs'
and experiments can't go on smoothly
How can that happen?
Insufficiency of 'logs'
will affect our experiments
Inform the sentries that
we need double the quantity
Yes, sir
Excuse me
Tai Tung...Dad...
What did you call me?
I'm not your dad
I don't know you
-set my dad free
- I don't know you,
I'm not yet married
I'm not your dad, let me off
officer, please set my husband free,
I beg you
you mustn't arrest my dad
he's not a member of guerrilla, please
Why did you beat my son, nut!
Damn it
Shit! Want to die? Take them all away
Take them away
Funa, I didn't expect to see you here
What's wrong to work at the War Hospital?
Why did you leave there?
Everyday we were to
take off healthy skin from Chinese people
and transport it on our injured armies,
it's inhuman
I only know I am Japanese, you are too
You are doing medical research work
but you act with Chinese against your fellows
How do you explain your traitors hip?
I can sentence you to dead
But, as we were colleagues in the University
I'll give you a chance
Stay here
Lieutenant Hanano
Yes, sir
Arrance Master Funa to work
at the Disinfection Room
Yes, sir
one mins ten sec
Get up, all of you
Move on
Hurry up!
Be quick
Lieutenant Hanano
Get off the car
Get off the car
Get off the car
Be quick
Have you seen this man?
Have you seen him?
Run away now
Run away
Someone keeps yelling your name
How come?
It's him, he keeps yelling your name
Excuse me, Handa
What are you doing?
Get out
You...You are Handa?
Don't...Don't come over,
you'll get infected by me
Teacher, how come you are here?
Just...just forget about me
Go...Go and rescue Eko, she's a 'log' here
Number 345
Let her go
Miss Eko
You mustn't kill me, I'm Japanese
- Eko
- Handa
Eko, I miss you much
Handa, it's good you are still alive
Eko, I must save you out...
Run now
No, wait
Miss Eko
Bin has saved me once, take him too
Miss Eko, help
- Say no more
- Bin
Run away now
Be quick...
- Be quick
- Catch them
What is it?
We find one of the woman 'log' is Japanese
Handa seems to know her and has taken her away
- Be quick...
- This way
Hurry up...
Be quick
- Dad
- Mr. Kimura
Run away
This side
Stand there...
Rush over
Be quick...Run
Be quick...
Stand there
This way...
I must die with you
- Eko
- Handa
Damn it!
My store is finished