Maruthu (2016) Movie Script

- First sit down.
- Look at this, sir. I did not come to you to sit and talk.
An important point came.
Your money has been used by you.
He has been appointed to rescue him.
It's your business.
For his titles he was given...
You are doing a lot of things.
including murderers.
It's his job
Keeping the general complaint of the common people...
Action is my work.
You are doing your job...
Let me do my work. Look, look.
If I do not get my job done, I will not be.
I was bound.
The complaint lodged against him... sent to the government.
I am not able to get him in this position in the world.
This is right.
Take the car.
Women will not give up.
Cutting into pieces.
Y is staying. Someone left a parking bag. He's back.
Today, in Rapalayam
found in
Because human bodies are being chopped off and burned with fire, because of the head...
Police falter to prosecute those who have been hacked.
Police are deeply in the search for the missing person in the missing list.
Sanju is from Rajapayam to Thandy News.
Do not know where your head is.
Madurai Meenaachchi Amman Temple...
Shammugam, the ferryman, took the position as the bodyguard of the Defense Committee.
Defense Minister Palapalan arrives for the Rangan... Uncle should be the only candidate of the party...
Rolex Pandian has been appointed.
Rolex Pandian is already the Virajunagar district's security guard.
Uncle Melai Unichelially and Unemployed.
This is a situation that brings the same person to the same person as the Varehunagar district.
It is a famous rice mill owner in that district and as cinema and hotel owner...
The idea is that Wowan is.
Varadunagar is very popularly spoken in politics.
When we hear from businessman Mr. Mivaln...
A trusted loyalist is awaiting a great deal more.
There is a victory for the team.
will come.
Therefore, uncle's actions in the Party say that there are good things...
Said businessman Mivaln.
The husband of our district is the person who gets any position.
See if your brother is this crime.
What has been done for Ayurveda?
What sort of work has been done?
Your etiquette is given to this calculator.
You're sitting right here.
- Brother.
- I'll do it.
Have a good mowing.
My brother had a good name and I lost his rilex boy.
Where it was collected and raised the coral
It's just going to Rajapolyam to see whether it's embryos or not.
You're just reading here.
It's in the temple today.
Look here, sg.
- Pandy came.
- is it ?
What is missing in your hands only? - Are you with two assholes? - What to do?
These are the emptiness of today.
Give away the money to the people and dig it and throw them money.
Run my livelihood?
- It's very clear.
- Yes.
- Give it to the Tirai and capture it.
- Yes.
Hold it...
- That's right, the tiger came.
- Touch the game.
Put that cursor Come...
- When you see that you hold onto the necklace - you come with all the hats.
What about Sumi.
Have you seen?
- Ah...
- Have you seen that I was putting my nose in?
- Skins.
- Even if it's a man who is Sammy Mal...
My brother is putting in, I can not even put my brother in any position.
Dapan's brother, Male Sami.
Shame on you, goats.
- She is Sammy.
- d.
What if I give you the
in your heart?
A... gives the bars.
I've just given it to me.
- b.
- Laurie Sammy.
Put it.
You are the one God who has the same form of God.
I am in the inside of your temple.
And like that, you'll be in my domain right now...
MMA to somehow Rajapalam domain. Here is my first collection.
= Oh...... the sinner.
From morning onwards, the hard earned money will be subjected to injustice.
What is it, Swami, is it doing it?
If injustice is said your god will come in. B.
Then come a door. Is it?
Let's see if that will happen?
Because Sammy did not come.
Sammy, this is young Sammy. What will I do?
Look, not the little Sami, look at Singh.
= Birth knife has to do it's hard park Leave your hand, brother.
Give up, do not you?
She wears a man in front of a man at a big dinner? D.
As usual, we are the person who shuts hands.
Someone just comes up and down.
Because the other side is.
- She did such a wrong thing.
- d.
Ask it from you.
Here's a look.
- This is good.
Dear son, what is the knife?
- 30 rupees. Mom.
- What is it that counts? 15 rupees.
- Why is Mom asking for a bribe?
- That's the sharp knife, my son?
What? Are you hit?
Not your house bursting at my house .. Every village in the village has a mess.
If you want to, you just have to catch up.
Or I'll ask you to sit up.
Hum, you do not have time.
- Just look at the word.
- He did not know his brother. My brother's sorry for your brother.
Brother Brother broke into my grandmother.
- He's called mockery.
- Finely called.
- My brother did not know his brother.
- Is it I?
- Sorry, brother. - Brother.
- Who is it?
- Hey, I'll tell you.
- Say big, or say a little?
- Hey, firstly, be patient.
Name Marududu,
Village Thailiwankotta.
- Then the best. - What? How many?
But before that, let me tell you something.
He took the waistcoat loosely.
Walk on the road.
Cold clothes arrive for 10 minutes.
She stops looking for girls.
Our Marriage is not overlooked.
He does not support the men.
= Females are the first gods.
If somebody looks at that god,
Standing around it and standing around it.
Break it down.
In short,
Merry Christmas.
Somebody does not run.
Who is running...
Innocence does not abandon.
Why, he is a lion from the line.
- It's a tiger.
- Huh work.
The brother came.
Sit down.
What are you kidding?
Do not you know who's coming from?
Are you sitting like a guy?
Being a big man?
Huh What do you want to know?
A big man can think of an elder in our village.
You are a big man for our company?
What are your company?
Is this your father's property?
Government company.
This market will be able to become a great person if I become the leader.
Know. Not just this company. No other company can cap you.
- Go...
- You do not have to let me go, brother.
- If you want to go.
- Uncle Jo.
He's also telling how big a man is.
- Ask.
- Hey.
He'll get you what you want.
When he comes to your needs, you will.
What is there for me?
Is he asking me this while leaving me?
Going to go? B
I'll see if you eat your hungry hungry house?
You need to eat yourself. Do you know?
I need a company location.
All this is done for this. Anything.
- Are you going to kill me?
- Anybody kills anyone.
Whoever kills a killer.
You have your brother-in-law?
It's double up. I can kill anyone.
One was killed and three were slaughtered.
I was once in the act of killing three people.
It's been seen that the daddy gave his sister his marriage.
I was tired of seeing me and I was tired and tired.
Have you decided to oppose me?
I decided to finish.
Not only you.
My husband and wife are still alive.
= Uncle Uncle is still running on the market.
It... did not know the brother-in-law.
Maron bun. Do around here.
- Forget about it.
- That's... no.
It... Do not beg. You said it.
RollerX is one of three murders.
But the people of the capital are at the same time three men murdered.
Do it. Do now.
- Do not do it without informing me.
- How did you talk to Pandy during the crowd?
- Now why do yahoo bicker?
- do not...
Huh, how big a malfunction you have to get from this tree.
Do you understand what I'm saying or I'm stupid?
If you want, then you can be a big one, the most, and the numbers.
My brother, however, was so impressed by the impression that he was.
Look, c'mon. My brother has been set off on a daydream.
- And unless they let them run. - Huh.
Your elder brother is weary.
Water from the red beard.
- What did the bun say?
- Hey what? What are you asking?
Did you go out early to the start?
Do not show me your heroism.
I show my brother my brother.
Show bun.
Show when.
The man is because your brother has let me run.
You will cut the man in front of Tamume's brother.
You will cut your brother's right front.
If not cut.
Hey, take your cell phone.
Uncle, read uncle.
- That son-in-law.
You were running to the right.
Your cousin Rolex Pandy.
He is going to take a good case in one case.
- What are you saying?
- Yes.
Last week, I sent the man from there.
It's our lawyer Sankara Pandey filed a case in high court.
But who do we know?
Everything has been taken on the case.
If the court will accept the case...
- The slot will go in.
- Me too.
You will enter in firmly.
The prison is not inside. Parliament.
The husband of one sister born in the Army is the one who will speak against me I did not even know how to do it.
Rather decided.
You are the next MPA domain of Rajablan Domain.
Eh, this is what he did.
What did you owe?
if you cut it.
MLA: let's do it.
Cut it off, eat it and bite it.
- What about?
- What is it, Pandey, he's angry with what he says.
These kind of people are asking questions in Parliament.
They can not discipline you or blame you.
That's why. Some people have been so impressed by our work.
If you have any body problems?
- I'll have to tile.
It's not important to us screwing.
The work is important.
- This life can be killed and killed.
- Hang on.
Brotherhood! Politics!
Do not make every effort in that Pandey life.
Some things have to be humbug.
It was because of this murder that you did not know then Today is a case today.
I will be talking about Somapathy who is the one who brought the case to court.
Do not bring him to me.
Who is that marketer? Who is that lawyer?
- The lawyer, Sakarapandy.
Why does he call now?
- Who is this? - Attorney, sir. I am inspecting Town Inspector.
- Say, you know.
- It's nothing either, you want to talk something important with you.
Where is he?
I'm going out for an important business.
- I'll talk to you.
- Important? The lawyer.
Is your daughter important in your work?
Your daughter is in the kovil.
Coming from below.
Why should you bring us to the temple?
Why do you see Perumal's marriage?
- Still not married?
- Hey.
- She.
- Our son-in-law.
Come on, Grandma, we look good.
- When it's timeout.
- Marriage ends when five more are over.
It's your tutor, Your dad calls.
Dad say,
Daddy Do not hesitate to hear father say,
Yo Matsui.
- B.
- Forget that girl.
- B.
At this point, bun, this day, I will be wearing my life, Talappa.
- Dad, tell me. - Where is your daughter?
The father is the temple.
- Pray right and come quickly to our Royale Buffalo Shop.
- I'll come over here.
- O my dad.
Look at the game now.
Is not it you?
- Spitting in the temple.
- d.
It's just spit, it's spewing like this.
Check? Tuh.
Huh If you ask questions, you'll also be screwed.
Get Married Now.
It's bleeding.
- It's like hitting like this.
- Hey.
What the hell?
What's wrong?
cooking, to say, to kill?
How can you swim?
What is it?
It's inside the temple.
You will put it this way and then you will come to your house.
Do you see slappy slaps?
Real girl.
How to do the MGG's work. The guy asks what the boy wants to hear and ask him to ask.
= courage is not like your own courage. It's the village's courage.
Maybe Perumal even showed you the girl?
- Dave Carry on.
- That's Marriage.
You should buy the her to buy the herb.
- See a store.
- Clove.
Let's go to this.
- Put it this way.
- Are you ok?
- Conflict is good?
- I do not want you to put it.
Leave this.
- Is there a good thing?
- Look at this.
It's fortunate. See this.
- It's getting crushed.
- Give it a little lock.
This is great.
- Beautiful, is not it?
- Skins are good.
- b.
- Show your grandma.
See this grandmother.
I'm sorry.
Not knowing.
How much courage do you bite?
How much courage you have to hit my grandson?
How courageous is my child?
What capability does my grandmother have in front of my eyes?
What if I have any admiration for my dad?
- Mom. Who is this?
Partial Submissions.
G, down, down.
They are playing. Who told you to come in?
Shuts off the cheek?
She's hitting him, she's hitting him.
And he has compassion on her; now who am I slapping?
- Do you want to hit yourself if you want? What - what?
No, sir, if you're a lot worse, drink a bit.
If it's cold, drink tea.
- What did you say, Ban?
- She's sorry.
This guy bleeds but he's bleeding.
He is going to attack.
If you hit the sir, give me a case.
- Do not talk too much.
- Hey Raja.
Hey, Raja. Even if there is murder, there will be no prosecutions in the city. Dine for this?
You do not speak the world without knowing the world. Because the lawyer did not bring Sir or Sister to the bride.
Why are you picking a Red Tie?
My treats are different for those who are like you.
- Alright. - Take it away.
- Constable Mr. Sir. Come on.
- What's she doing?
Hey, you guys have to take someone out of the four of them.
- Sir what do you think you are?
- Hold on.
Why did you come this far?
Do you give it if you take it?
- You can go.
- Son, give that key to that key.
Mummy, these keys are inside.
Sir, this is what the police are doing like this.
Not right.
You need to do something.
Sir, here is your key.
Just beautiful, right?
Please do not marry Sir. My grandson first suggests platter for you Then lash it out to your head.
Then his key will be pushed back to the jackpot.
- Hold tight.
- Keep yourself safe.
Just the women are just not angry. No, my grandson needs it.
Come on, son.
Hello, Attorney Sir.
- Let's go.
- Jo lawyers.
Where are you going?
I'm going to Athens.
If I'm patient, who is it for a worthless one to come to my police station and wait for me to shame?
For all Panda,
look at this.
The case put forward in good faith by Pandey is withdrawn.
It's good for you too.
- Or so.
- or.
Because the knife will come to your neck?
If the knife asks what to do, he says, Pandem skins.
What would you say, Pandy?
I will tell you.
What are you doing?
Look here Sir, you have all the power.
Do not show us your power.
Show the court. I'll handle it, you come.
- What is Pandey saying?
- We do not even think about what we are doing when we are in love.
- But if you want power, you should do everything. Let's think.
- available, available.
- Good to eat, son.
- She's Grandma.
- d.
The faces of your child's faces are tangled by your grandmother.
- b. What - what?
- Cracked?
- Skins.
She has bumps into your eye for being bullied by her. It is said to have been cased.
She's Grandma.
What did you see? Are you out loud?
- Hi.
- That tale touches his hands and clings to his hands and gathers his hand.
That son is Married, that boy is watching you.
- Me.
- Skins.
This is because of the child who has to face the child who has obscene dizzy.
- Turns around.
- What are weird, powerful?
Marie, I want to see hate when I see you.
- You just want to yell at speaking.
- Hey.
Really, what the fuck is she going to see? I'll have to push your face again.
A girl and her, Blush that blossomed, right?
- She.
- Look, son, Maruudu.
- Skins.
- That's what the boy looked at.
- Skins.
- I only know what that means.
I only know her from you.
Look at this, you stand by.
The child looks over and looks at him.
What should I do without coming back to Tungan Junction?
Look back again. I'll just watch my shot.
Look at this.
I'm here.
Look, wait, and you believe what I say now?
Have you seen, son? Because that boy was watching you, you're crazy.
- Oh, my dear, this is unfair. Who is it for me?
Skins, you'll be there anywhere else.
- Will you come home tomorrow?
- Definitely going on.
Ham has not come yet.
- She.
- B.
Do not look at her Grandmother's way, Ebie.
You're crazy, come in and out of the good house.
- What is it that grandma comes to our house?
- Look at Marunou.
She will definitely come here.
It's coming right now.
You do not ask the word.
- Come up with food from good faith. I want to go to the market.
- Get up.
Hmm definitely does not come.
- Come on.
If you looked so seriously, did you bring anything from the child's home?
Dai look this paper.
What are these missing persons?
Name Saghakshi, Wife love love.
Colored men.
The pretty girl in this picture is not smart enough...
We do not know where it went.
Some of you have seen this girl.
Address to Mageeenan I. Kokako.
- Hey.
- Reduce vibration...
- Why did I name my name?
- Reduce vibration... - Why was that my name?
- The comedy will be your name if you smell your name.
If you bite his name, you will be a mockery.
Love, comedy is not necessary.
She .. You have so much thought while you retired.
How Much Should You Think? Oh, she killed me.
- She's Grandma, she's here. - Why?
Let's ask them.
What is sister in this Cockakoon home?
That's where the house is.
It's just got out.
You are here, too, I replied, did not you?
She's coming.
- Here comes the son. - Are you coming?
Come on.
Come on, son.
See... how much angry you come to see.
- Brain size.
- Come on, daughter.
- When did you see me? You look like a craze? What - what?
That's what I'm saying.
The boy does not say that he is mad at you. You ask, son.
- Is this a work you did?
- Skins.
I do not have this connection.
There is no connection to me and this one.
- Do not bother me.
- Where did you leave me?
What time is it?
The loving boy has been courageously searching for the boy...
The boy has come to the house.
The boy is ashamed and goes into the house.
Do not you ask for this injuries?
- Hookock. Who love whom?
- The job's over.
- You love it.
That's what he said.
- In the press.
- The paper.
Great Ween Cokaroko.
- Great Weapon.
- Hey, is this a work?
- Inva will be lost.
- Hey.
Let's fix it.
Look, I did not love anyone like that.
At my marketplace without my love...
= did I go to EB? Tell me.
I do not need to tell you.
you will say. Your love is coming to me.
Say it.
If I did not order it...
My name is Marie.
Look at Maru, if a woman has knocked on the road to a man...
either he must be good,
or her husband should be.
You're not a madman.
Then be her husband.
- Do you have to be a husband?
- B.
- It's not understood.
- Get married and get married and marry her.
- And then you will be the husband.
- What do you want to love?
Here is the grandmother who has seen the girl and her greetings. Did not teach to play.
I can not. Hurry up, get out of the market.
My son is speaking so far.
Do not I treat a person even more?
- Are you looking at someone like you? - What?
You are my recluse.
I'm saying I'm not asking.
- without respect.
- She's a grandmother.
- What?
- Grandpa gets hungry and gets married. First rice.
Rice... rice Do you know anything else but to eat?
Why not know, sambaru, tusk and whole milk?
You are extoling and ridiculed by yourself. B.
Grandma without knowing what to say for sure.
Eat the only goals.
Here eat.
Why should they eat now?
Because the forgetful is not good.
It's good to forget it.
We know Thirukkul.
It's not enough just to know the rules.
To do so.
What's the matter with walking?
Just talk to talk more than you need.
She is. Have I been drinking pornography for years?
About 25 years.
- Exactly.
- exactly.
She'll drink and drink for 25 years.
What did you do with a grandson?
- What do you say?
- If you want me to do something...
Our daughters love to love that boy and bring them home.
Look, man is in need of shame, honor, work, dignity, proudness.
These are the five. If there's anything from this five you have...
Let's try to make our man romantic.
- This one fifth can not do what you say.
- I'll do it. Let's do it, I'll do it for you.
Our Maruwe loves that boy.
You're gonna take a nonsense to this house.
You show that this is Cockroach.
- Right now, why are you picking up for the tickets?
- Nothing, there's a hook in the hill to close it.
- It's a bunny to load.
- Are you going to see that child?
Yes, now what?
Why did not husband come in?
I will not come to that. If you want, I'll go.
Ayya. Dai...
Ladies and gentlemen.
Ladies and gentlemen, if the project is not finished, I will not be moaning and going to bed. Hey ladies.
Why go, do not you like that child?
Say it.
My height is not my color.
Well done.
In short, our Lakshmi Menan.
Say this again. Let's go.
- Dai tells how he does not like that kid.
- Come on...
The boy does not know how I like it.
Dai just six feet [6 m] in the same as Arnold in the hut.
A girl should want to. I want to make a plea.
Cling to the cloth.
He blamed me.
The person staying as a stone is the woman.
After this, you're almost there but she will not be. But if she is right, your grandmother will not be.
your grandmother will be alive but I will not be.
The uncle started.
- What - what?
- Do not you know English, right? In the life of a man, a man called a tree.
The woman who calls the woman is like the wind.
The tree does not tolerate the tree.
If both come together, it's bun solace.
Now, that tree is affected.
- How is it real, right?
- Skins.
Now look at the wind.
Take it out, that's all.
Do not sleep, take it in.
- Now how is it?
- Skins.
This healing is called love stories...
And your grandma's asking. I ask.
- Besides, what grandma did you say to me? - What did you say?
Look, son, my grandson has just given me a good thing.
It did not make bad things. She must protect my grandson after me.
She should stay where I buried her. That's my last wish.
My grandmother has begun asking me what kind of petition did I know?
-Shit is very sad.
- Leather...
She is.
Should my grandparents pray?
- Now let me tell you, now let me tell you. This minute I'll tell you.
- Put it down.
She is the daughter of my grandmother.
This can not be changed.
Huh. Let's go.
- What?
- B.
- Very low...
- Thanks.
Jeans hang on? What rotten egg did you say?
- Ammo.
- This is him.
Girls just do not like dressing up only in colorful colors.
- Then would you like to make the beds in the salvars?
- Dai.
- No, no.
- Hey.
First of all, understand a village girl.
Then, like yourself, you will begin to like it.
- Understand, by the time.
- Go on.
What you said is what you are facing. B.
Did you say you do not like it?
I mean, understand.
You understand her.
That's what Grandma does not understand.
How to understand?
- It will say so.
- It's nothing.
When you look at the girl outside, Whenever anything happens to us, it's...
It is our grandmother who wants to make it to our advantage.
- Turn it.
- What is love, what will life be?
That's what she said?
- This is our
- It's not Marunud...
- Grandma, what? Who is it? Grandmother.
- I had to wait.
- Look at the mudslinging and stopping.
- The mourner.
- Do not stop?
These 45 years I've been in the city of Rajawalam Nobody touched my men.
You have broken my car paintpiece.
How much you have?
Are you arrogant?
That haughtiness is my brother being my own.
This 45 year you've been shouting in this Rajaflam city.
You have not seen a real man.
Now look.
Look, brother. My grandmother got muddy and did not stop your vehicle.
Grandma told to stop, stopped.
I will do whatever my grandmother says.
Is it a car prancing?
Not car keys, brother. My grandmother said that she is frustrating.
And then...
Your brother's head is breaking?
Brother Arie, whose fainting falls.
What is it that breaks my head?
What a courage.
A big day...
It's also in your brother's rice mill.
She is bun rolex...
What are you thinking?
The same day your sister's husband was slapped in the bus stop at the bus stop...
Today, will he have to come to see AIi?
Why are six people surrounding again?
Yo, what are you doing here for, so that it is captured and released without bail?
- What's wrong now?
- What is unnecessary?
Yug Insi, what is not superfluous?
Did you go unnoticed by our dad?
That's bambara.
You do not need time to speak without the knowing needlessly.
I'm going to kill you. Look, brother.
Now you're saying that you're skins. Take my sister for you.
You said that. Do not bother me, do not sue, mol, can not be.
Now, brother.
I will surrender to your word.
It was a bribe.
We stabbing one for us and going to sleep in the hospital looking for him.
Win it right.
This is what he told him. Do not go anywhere. She...
He said that he would muddy with water and stop the vehicle.
That's what this came after.
Doctor General, what is this disability?
- Doctor?
- Yes. Swipe the knife with someone to trample...
This guy has taken his stomach.
What is this guy with when KAVO comes out with me?
I kept waiting.
Great doctor to inform him a little bit.
- Grandma.
- Why, son.
This is not a doctor. It is to save him that he is kissing your grandchild and going to sleep.
Shall be knife and kill?
That's right.
Should not I bring two apple apples to the hospital?
- Both hands are on hands.
- She's a grandmother.
Absolutely! Come and bring it up, is he sleeping?
- Take it off.
- You have it today.
- Grandma.
- d.
Are you asking for apple nuts for this?
Your grandson asks for just one word from our brother.
It's a lot of power, it's taking our brother.
Do not do anything.
No one needs to have my grandsons.
My grunfock he will go down on a trail.
With that, a few. Your brother wants to ask my grandson.
- Grandma.
- Why, son.
- Just wait.
- Skins.
Sorry, my grandmother is a little buddy.
See Marundu.
The heroism of a woman is the child's heroism.
your heroism is your grandma.
Take care, give me some help.
- Let's go. - Right.
- Come on, come on, Mom. Come on, son. - Right.
- It's been a good time, son?
- what ?
I have come to see you're in trouble.
Why should the grandma come see me?
I do not see that she changes.
= She remembers the son, your gloomy ghost.
Is not she changing?
Please understand why you were initially told why.
What's inside the pocket later in the hand.
Mr. Muzhta was looking for the wall.
Hey box.
go in. We need to look at it.
My friend, my friend.
She asked if she wanted to be dressed only in colored colors.
Now a white shirt is coming up.
Dhammanthi Talayevan Rajini.
What are you saying?
Ticket... Take a ticket for the ticket.
- Hey, here. - Where do you want to go?
- Thalawan Pillows.
- How many?
- Young sister, where should you go?
- Brother Two Broke Two Brothers.
She is also sister in the town bus station.
Get anywhere from Skudur.
Get down from here, my brother should travel a short distance.
- What can I do?
- elder brother.
- Why don 't you?
- It's a pregnant woman, right? Get out of the station.
She has a child inside the stomach without a ghost.
Everywhere I stop punishing me.
- At first, did you take the ticket?
- I got the skins.
Her brother asks for a good looking pretty girl. Can you stop?
I can not stop,
Take care of your work.
Let ticket, ticket allow.
- It's just not enough just to get white shirts to look at the beds.
- Skins.
If the husband has the courage, let's see if he stopped in the Doramaampur.
- Why should not that kid stop you?
- So stop talking...
- Then do not want to.
- How ?
All you have is the courage you have.
- That's what it is.
- Please do not.
- How is it?
- B. This is how it is.
Whats up there?
Leave me off.
- It's a crooked head.
- What's wrong with the car?
Get the doorbell.
A lot of thanks, brother.
- Okay...
- Joe is coming up quickly.
- You go.
- Honey is there.
- I also get up.
- Keeping it in hand.
- Where should I go?
- Give a check.
Everybody wants to book ticket even at non-stops.
A girl stops.
Do not stop for men.
Do not talk too much.
Take away from the thaloupeater.
Cocarko Brother.
When you are in a hero, how can this be?
- What are you talking about, brother?
- Let's go.
- Do you want to stop at the airport? - Yes, my brother.
- Stop.
- How is your brother staying?
- Stop.
- How is your brother staying?
- This is the bun. Come on, Mom. Did you?
- Alright.
- She's Bang!
How to stop.
Why should sharks work?
You can invite your kitten on the back of your elbow.
You see, buns, cuckoo like, and more. Tuh.
- Mom, why are you bitching me up?
- Without.
Without, are not we guilty of joking in a public place?
She had said that she would blow her inside the temple.
Why is everywhere there is a temple?
The only thing that hangs on this is not a touch.
Look, God, you were told by a god.
As far as I know, he is the one who suits you.
She says, "Why does he know who he is best for?"
In May, the flight stopped, did not you?
What else does a sister want?
- Do you need him?
- Just do not get lost.
She'll ask you when you say so.
- But when we say, you will not listen.
- It's nothing.
Then say it. What kind of blob?
I find happiness in life for me.
It is the boss who asks everyone to earn money. What do you want to ask for a barber?
The person you know who can cook is patient in the life of her sister.
patience and responsibility?
- Skins.
- Do not know what the thought is going to do.
I'm going to come out of love and kill him.
Take me the odds and put the sinner on me.
If this was taken to a hotel, a fee is paid right.
- Davey got up and got up.
- Do not eat, brother.
- How many?
- Rs.50.
- Go to Rs 50.
- Get out of here.
- Say goodbye...
- Hey, hey.
Get out before you eat.
- Hey. What - what?
- Do not talk. You said it. Although the tree is in love, the wind will not abandon itself.
- b.
- The wind blowing. Take a go.
It makes me take care of the leaves.
We do not have a court, but our side is strong.
- You must be on the day of the case.
- All right.
Hey, look, the boy's father's coming.
- Haiyan... Harien Ban.
- Why should he come here?
We're working at the airport?
Turning leaves from leaves.
- Get off.
- Go on... take your leave...
Alice, you are.
You are your brother.
- I saw.
- Are you?
- No, sir.
- Wait. Sir.
It's a rush for you in the middle of the day. You're on the cheek reddish.
This is Maleiran, this is Sir. Half what you did, sir.
Can he forget what he learned and how to forget?
Sir, excuse me, sir. I attacked my grandmother again.
You too, I'm sorry, brother. She hit me with your grandmother then.
It's a big mistake to beat a guy who looked like a wretched mother. That's for me.
It's light when you apologize. I'm very sorry.
- Dai.
- Good feeling.
- Are you doing work?
- Yes, sir.
And the garden is working here.
And that's not it, sir. I said that I would be happy if a girl I love found good on a good kid.
That's why cooking came to school.
Her joy is, sir, in my life.
It's been read about a cooking book.
- That's it.
- Can you have it, who will read, sir?
- Talk right...
- It's nothing, sir.
If one is taken from a book, one person can make ten.
But at the same time, I can cook so much for two people exactly like chilli chilli.
Learn his cooking and how to cook the girl
You see, sir. What feeling?
- Dad.
- d.
Why is my father laughing?
It was not a hit either, was it?
- Yes, why not?
- Do not worry.
He saw today in a marriage member of our relative.
He was feeding the leaves here and drank it.
Why I ask him why he loves a girl. It seems that the child is happy to find a ghusl.
So you learn cooking.
Our boys are ready to do anything for love.
If the girl gives him good things...
Everything will do anything. Something will do.
- It's just a dad.
- Do not say that.
Everybody who's tired always has the courage. It's for real.
I asked for these things for a girl. What did he say?
It's okay if the girl did not seem good to me. The girl who loved my grandmother.
What are the leaves for it? Whose head is he taking?
The one who has a lot of affection for the grandmother. What kind of boy will you marry?
He is lucky to marry him.
He is not worth the price.
What else?
Your dad would like, we will, you too.
But you're showing no great pride without showing.
These are. He's looking for a decent piece of meat.
- Carry on.
- Skins.
Why are you looking for them?
Let me come forward.
This mosquito can not tolerate trouble. It's one and one, and the village one, when it's on Eido.
I understand that Maruduwel.
No, I do not know who the brother-in-law is,
I have mosquito larvae all over town.
It also surrounds your cousin around your cousin.
You see yourself. When asked to kill the mosquito, it's like trying to kill us.
The one who did not come a month came to the beach with a good boy.
She's taking this away.
others have seen girls barging in love and loving.
You love the mosquitoes here.
It was good for her that her closet in the bathroom was jammed.
- It's been staying in hand afterward.
- Dave does not scream badly.
Stop that car, stop and tell him to stop. The car will stop.
- Go... tell everyone to love everyone.
- Show it well.
In that village, two girls come to mosquitoes like us.
- The last...
Gammy's home does not have one mosquito.
Is not it?
Stop it, brother...
- Hey, who the hell?
- This is his brother who grabbed us and grabbed the vehicle.
Hey, hold your ground.
- Crack.
- weird.
Bassey. What does brother need you?
If she has courage and courage in our times,
The village is scared by the mosquito, but a government vehicle is intimidated.
Why, my brother, in the village, we need to do our work.
Why is it that we thank you for listening questions?
Could you keep the two of you on the flank and do not ask questions?
Hey, you guys are the first to look at us and talk.
- It's what Kawodo is talking about.
- That's what the bun is saying when they are watching you.
Does it mean us?
- That's what we're talking about.
- Skins.
Talk to you...
- That is. Who is he?
Why is it ridiculous? That's where our village is.
Why my elderly girlfriend said that the ghouse house and the mosquito can not tolerate everything.
- That's why I came back and left.
- The mosquito hit the mosquitoes you wanted to get into trouble.
- What if we bother the girl?
- Pushing.
This way.
- I'll join your union. Leave me.
- Leave him... he came in.
Hey, if you say, if I said that the girl would say so.
KILLING. Women can get away with something.
Anyone who wants to do it can tramp like a tiger.
want to be like a tiger. Let's go bunny.
Arrive...... get up and go home.
Mom and Dad are fine.
That pamphlet is coming with your friend in Pandy's car.
Why are they here?
This is Balen Pandey captured at the next imprisonment.
Be more than say that if you wait patiently, if you tell me.
- It's too fast to eat.
- This is Fazan Pandey, who shouted at him.
Tomorrow someday somebody else If you get this scare, you will be afraid of us.
We are not going to get beaten up.
OK, what's going on like going into an open-door house?
- What's the matter?
- Is not it, brother?
Is not it a crazy biscuit?
I'm sleeping.
Sit down here.
If not, then come.
Why is not it getting up?
gonot is too big.
Sleep well.
Not now.
I'll get up.
That's bambardine, what the hell are these?
Your elder brother's been waiting for your brother's bed for the next time.
Why does Ban Pandey hit him?
Whats up brother.
I do not know if I'm upset.
- Hold the floor.
- Hey.
- What's wrong with you while I'm there?
- Brother, let's go inside and talk to your brother.
Made a decision.
Do whatever you want.
Is it here?
There is no need to care for your job.
It is also with me.
- That's it.
- Hey.
- Brother, what is it, bun?
- What's wrong?
For some forty days, she rolled her in the back.
Do not you know whether or not she loves you or you did not care to raise your straps.
Come on, let's see that girl.
- Or my grandmother's face can not come with me.
- Dai.
- You said it. For forty days, that girl was in the back of the girl.
It was that the girl would have liked me and understood me.
- She'll come looking for me.
- If you do not come.
Meaning I'm valuable. If I did not come...
- An unqualified person.
- What is it?
Come on.
It's up, hey, she's not walking.
Flared up.
Quite a bun!
What do you think you are?
Just the people in the village will be standing alone while waiting?
What are you doing?
Your father is a family.
He also hurried you out because of you.
If your mother had ever made you up, you will find a good bad.
- What are you doing?
- Do not just say ego.
I'm not saying this because you hit my baby.
Today my daughter is a teacher of courage due to the fact that my wife is.
You do not know about my wife.
Her name is Selvamari Amman.
My favorite is my wife.
It's breathe.
It's that kind of courage.
Her courage.
Today, Roleks Pandey keeps most of his time.
He was an ordinary hangman working in a bowl.
His only property is his burial.
It was with faith that the village of Thamelayivalai was a village and the village council.
He gave him a councilor post.
It bothering the party to hold that post.
The government asks the government for money.
- Give the money.
- I will not let you in tomorrow.
- What's wrong? Then go
- I will not transfer tomorrow.
- Getting going, going.
- Do not get out.
It is their business to get rice from co-ration
The rice of the government coal rice will be taken to the mill.
He was hit by risky idiosyncrasies.
It was then that Thamulum had left the Kamperapadi Party's house and spoke.
See here blonde pandey.
What should your brother think about?
This road will be flooded...
Do not worry, brother.
He does something from the week.
Will he?
Can you do that?
Who is going to do it?
Who is this person who gave us the post of our party?
If he meets a hotel party...
Party in here? She
Do I know without knowing?
Are you a provincial chairman?
Or, is she grinding the flour in her house?
See Bambaratan.
I am you in Pandy Keynamalee.
d ,. Look at this.
I am the chairman of Thomoulai.
I'm the only chairman.
See, Pandi while that coma...
I can not go forward in politics.
My place can not come.
If you finish his speech, you can have a place in his heart.
Catch a piece of crap.
My brother's place is yours.
Hey Panda.
- Pandey.
- elder brother.
you like politics like you.
From today you are the chairman of Thammenay.
Since then, the pawn's pawn's pawn burden has not changed since Pandey.
Pandey was a normal mayor.
The person who got the kid is Chairman of the Thomel
All the mountainous soil began to sell.
When it's being stolen,
They are stealing them...
My wife gave a letter to the District Secretary.
- This is what you need to take the proper action.
- I will definitely act.
The Government of Government Agent Padeniya took all the vehicles and handed over to the Police.
No one to quit.
Get married.
The queue of his vehicle, the queer officer, was tied up in the street, Pandey.
Are you Government Agent?
What l'll get caught in my cars and keep my people in. D.
That's why you got married on the road. I know how to get my
out of the car.
I'm waiting for you who are untying it.
Where to see Mom, where do you want to look and where to go?
This is all so far gone without looking at Mom.
Our brothers are our Governor.
- Hold this.
- Mom, where are you going?
- Mary.
- Just stay here.
- Such a big person has been tied up in the street.
- Hey.
Because bun will lose fame.
Since then the wife and Pandey started the problems.
After that, Brady began to look for every wrongdoing.
All that money was given.
Give me the money. Give the money...
Get it.
Money is taken.
- Why should the government give money to the government? What - what?
We are in the Union.
Give me the money.
It just votes.
I have taken money.
No water can be given without money.
- You know where you go and what you need to do.
Somewhere to do whatever it takes.
- First go...
- Mom let's go, Mom. Come on, Mom.
It's about 5 days starting in the month.
What you demand is nothing.
Who is it?
No say it's over.
For ten days come.
Now let's go.
= For 10 days it is not possible to buy rice in the inside.
We said the same thing. You're not going to take it. Beat.
- When you say no.
- When did they ever rice?
Arrest with them. Let's go.
- That son-in-law.
- Because dude.
Those who ask questions are not waiting.
There was a bite.
- Take the luggage in the lorry in the summer.
- Okay, man.
What's this guy up at this time?
- The sister is putting rice in the store.
- What's the storehouse?
Sweetheart, this co-operative. Nobody loads goods from co-operatives.
The counterfeit table is closed to prevent the counterfeit smuggling from happening.
The Union of Associations does not want to leave.
What did you say about 10 places for 20 people that there's got a niche?
- It's totally wrong.
- Wrong. Hey. It's not only wrong, but also wrong.
The sister did not know sorry.
- Keep your dick in there.
- What are the dummies?
No one will be able to replace it.
- Can not go.
- Hey.
He sees it all the time to fight us. You.
What does my frontline touch? Enchant.
Hey, get the key and get the key.
- Right.
- Take it off.
- Come on.
- Please go to the police station before filing a complaint.
They do not have to drop the rice together.
Call me if you need the evidence.
Name: Maru Gama Thalauwankotta.
Our male villagers are wearing white white garbage.
you only ran this way.
If you were someone in our village.
= Every village in Newham is attacked.
- Come on, man.
- Deepan.
Here is the key to your sister.
okay that you did not have co-operative rice...
RUMA complained yesterday that they had lost the key.
I suspected anyone and gave me a case.
No problem, sir. Put a complaint to me that the key has been stolen first.
Put Pandy to the fact that it was stolen from the cooperative's rice.
Both I will put my husband in custody in court.
- What is it, right?
- No evidence can be made about this.
But you need to make a complaint to a person in charge.
You said there was a dramatist to the evidence.
It's not a complaint to come to him, but you'll get eight charges. Now go.
- Mom.
- D,
Who are you, daughter?
Come in.
My name is Mariamman mum.
I'm from Onemalei.
- Come here...
- My grunya. What's the matter?
It's nothing, Mom.
your nurse came to download a bag in our village.
The place where you left was a little bit of a problem.
The coir has stolen the rice.
your grandson who helped me helped me and spoiled me.
Those who were robbed by the police were asked to bring the evidence, if there were any evidence.
That is why I want to get the source for the evidence.
What kind of daughter are you so innocent?
If you cooperate with cooperative rice...
How bad can they be?
Why do they have problems with them?
She has seen her.
My grandsons are not going to the village issues.
If you tell my grandson to testify against him...
He and the grandson are fighting.
If there is a fight then my daughter-in-law. Will kill her with a knife She is such a grandson that my grandson.
Look at her.
I'm her, she's the only one I am.
And while my grunge does not do a murderer.
And not only my grandson. First they laid down a Ayi-Pipan temple.
As a fresh lady, the legs are going to the ship today.
So it can not come.
Please, go away.
Oh, come on, this time, too.
Would you take any action?
- She's the co-operative saw her sister.
- Yes, that's the sister.
The sister.
- Why? What is this sister on this side?
The important thing came to meet someone.
he does not. That's why I'm going.
- They did not come up with problems.
- They're nothing.
There is something wrong, come on. That's my home.
- Any problem, come on.
- Right?
- All right.
- Come on.
- OK, sister.
Look at Marie.
We did not even do what we did.
Everyone is not giving evidence.
Not only that.
Whoever gives evidence from the police is not giving evidence.
Do not send.
Like other people in the village, let's wait.
There is nothing to be done.
Dad say that's right, Mom.
What are we in the village questions?
Do not say that.
Dad, no matter.
You do not have to tell a girl.
More than most men can win the bribes to a woman.
I do something to him.
Do whatever you want.
That's it.
- What is it?
- come here.
- Sign this to.
- What are the books taken?
Do you check the numbers?
- There is nothing to change Aurou.
- Change early.
Drinking water is asking for money.
We left all of them except sir.
39% of women.
Anyway, do a women's union.
We will definitely transfer to the Government Agent.
Change it to some of these signatures.
It's scary when there are Talalaiun Kot...
It does not belong.
Police requests us against her.
She's right. Are you afraid of such a scare?
A woman who is not ashamed.
Pandy Feminine is your enemy.
- What are you saying?
- Look at this maniac election...
Unsourced girls...
The village itself has taken it that woman.
Look at you in front of everyone in the village.
- The government assist in this too.
- Took us out.
I will win my wife.
What... why tell me why?
To lose and shame?
You are not present.
Why do not you do anything good with you...
The village itself has signed a lot of signatures
I will only vote in 4 walls. Look, look.
He is not alive when he is in Trincomalee.
If she is to be in charge, she will not be staying.
The Government Agent who took the matter has called.
Do not take any action on the complainant.
Pandy and Piley talked peacefully.
However, I did not ask the Divisional secretaries.
Of course, Thomooliwala does not do anything to him.
I was tied up.
If you cut it into pieces.
Why should we kill those who are in charge?
Who are we in power for five years? How much if we are so big that we have 50 years in power?
The cooking stove is automatically left empty.
Just killed this wife just...
A man who did not fire was set on fire and scattered all over the village.
The police from the police have come to the conclusion that the advantage will be on their side, because they can not find the head.
My daughter complained to my mother that my daughter was dead.
Arrested courtroom dead body ordered to investigate...
That day I and I came to the hospital for that.
It's frightening.
Roller Pandy told this story to Miilwan.
I was asked to come to the shotty Ride Pit Rally.
You saved the day you tried.
Good times did not see mailsystems.
If you prove my wife is...
Rollex pavers can not escape this.
The court says to give evidence against Rolex Pandye the next week.
If that order comes, his ministerial portfolio will be lost.
Not only that, we do not want to go to court.
My daughter and then came into the market.
If you were not in good time...
Good story.
Not enough problems?
Look, sir. I told you to love me because your health was beautiful.
Good saying is correct.
My little grunge does not go anywhere in the village. Do not come to your question.
- Day off. - What's your grandmother?
Dai I say not coming? Go ahead.
- Why are you out of your mind?
- Do not read.
Otherwise you put it in a jar.
- What did I do?
- Are you a woman?
Just love the former boy lovingly.
I know what to do.
- Tell me what to do.
- Turn the vehicle to the right.
- Why are you turning that side?
- Turn to the side.
That's what I'm saying.
- Why did Grandma come here?
- Come out without talking, whatever happens.
Who are you? What do you want?
Do not you have your husband, Bond?
Here Coming.
- Machan was thrown at the market then.
- Leave off...
Wait a minute. Listen,
Your brother.
Pandy, can you just say a little.
If you say that your people are asking.
What my grandsons did was done.
I do not wander.
He does not know who you are.
You are a trapped servant without a human being.
Really, my grandson will not hurt you with your men or your problems.
You will not leave your head on either side or sleep.
So forgive me and leave.
Did I ever dare you dare?
Look, Rollex...
You do not know my grandson.
My grandson had been sent when Mary spoke then.
You are dead here And now nothing is getting that lads up like a child like me...
My grunge tree threw your men into the limelight to think about touching the girl.
If you try to get her bothered.
Your head will roll on the road.
Your men are sending 10 to kill.
But one of them is going to kill 10 of my grunge.
Why do you know her name is Marriage?
Kattabamman's brother came to Udamadurai for his belief.
It was someone who gave up his life.
And I've put a name on my grandson.
But my wednesday, you're taking them like you.
Hey, Nadikichi puts his foot on the pedestrian without knowing who he is...
Hey there was a boy on the leg. I saw the person with the blow.
There are three ways to go there.
If you talk before talking.
The second is talking.
The third one is talking and getting out.
This is where the first one of the first ones speaks.
grandma what got depressed
that she had fallen away...
Achaea mom, now I have the consolation.
It's like this before.
person on the road
given life to the person who came to you.
That waster cut her in front of me...
My fist fights.
When the girl's mother is cut,
He looked at it until today
He looked at me until today.
If your grandson has been sent.
My life is so awesome.
A young girl has been cut off at a necklace...
I was tortured.
They apologized to their home.
You then saw the picture with your mom.
In my life, I've never done anything to anyone.
As a solution to this sin, I thought that this girl would be married.
It was then that this child's mother was cut off in the marketplace. They took one.
It put it and looked at you. You wanted to make love.
I thought you just came in like this girl.
See, this baby Mary can not be sacrificed like Mary gave her mother.
It should be with you.
If you do not want to be with him.
So tomorrow you and your marriage will marry.
- This can not be changed.
- Are you looking for a good day on your outfit?
Good people are good even at all times.
Belonging to the village of Thalaivan Them and the village talked together.
Marriage deed.
The dead body of the dead Talaiwant Kotte Theselatharu Puchchitveer Marie Amman's granddad.... Our Thames Attorney Sankara Pandey....
= The great Marijuana's daughter, Bhagya Lakshmi.
Both groups join and divorce.
The girl who shares the girl's boyfriend transfers the kick-off disk.
Who's changing from the side of the boy?
My grandson Kogarko transfers.
So, what else is that?
Why should she change?
You will change.
- He comes here and does it.
- You do not have to change because Grandfather died.
Grandfather died, then the lawyer's wife died.
He did not come to the church.
What happens here?
For men, women?
The brotherhood of the Pandyan congregation.
What? These traditions are for you.
Mummy is not like a mama.
How is I? Merry Christmas?
The god is beautiful or not.
It will be taken out and it will not be lumber.
Every night kidding.
If this was a guy who lived in my house
not only me, it's my name alone.
What's thinking of the New Moon?
I tell you what you have to say.
Yesterday your grandfather talked about your heroism.
Is this a grandmother?
Take care.
Take care.
You said.
There are three ways to do this.
One to speak before talking.
The two are talking when they're talking.
It's after the three have spoken.
This is the first one in this city.
Rollex 3.
Let's talk.
Just check on how to hit.
- She's Grandma.
- What's wrong?
This is Roleks Pandy.
I read about it in marriage.
You are safe too.
This is not to say, be careful.
Do they bother, are they?
You're talking about him.
- Skins.
- My grunard is talking. From behind.
- Ask whats.
How do you know that it's from behind your grandson?
Your eyes are visible.
Do you see the ghost in my eyes?
- Yes, go, go. What is it? Leather. yi.
The first night is there and walked on the road.
It's not when Bun goes in the night of the night.
- It's burning.
- Shivering?
That's what the fever says.
The one you're going to punish.
Grandma's milk was heated and litter in a brass.
Drink and sleep.
Everything will be done.
- Go to Maruduan. Go.
- Davey, wait.
The other way around.
Is Poto sleeping?
Signal is here.
- Here too.
- Come...
Let's see if both of them were happy at night.
I had to look at the bad sunshine.
I must be silent.
- What are you saying?
- when your grandson goes on the first night...
I was scared.
What do you have to do?
my grandmother looks at me.
All night, playing Kolam.
Oh, how great my granddaughter is Kolam?
Get rid of it.
You need to wake up all night long.
How did she put Galya Kolam and how to get there?
- That's right.
- Come on.
What smoke is emitting.
Are you raspacking?
I've seen...
I've gotten a home temple after my granddaughter.
But do not know what the priest is.
Keep the flashlight over there flashing.
The lamps will light up. But, look, the rooms in the room too. Come on.
- Come quietly. Leather.
- d.
There are things in the place where they are.
It's not safe in the night.
The inspector drinks the milk and sleeps.
My friend is totally fresh.
I did not think anything like I thought.
- Hey, you idiot.
- why.
- Take it easy.
- where is ?
It does not work out. It's everything.
- Going. Like her mother...
- What?
The glass of the hanging electric fan has been seen.
But now it's visible that the dead body hangs up.
- Please go.
- Hey.
d. Grandmother.
What is this?
How enthusiastic the new bride is.
He throws me his flesh and puts me meat - To whom should I give. She,
- This.
I know exactly who needs to give.
= Buru This is only the decomposing,
you are larvae.
The shell that has all the energy It should grunge my grandson.
Hey, Zodiac, I'm wearing a white shirt on the first night and wearing a white shirt and hanging on the fan
If you have not eaten my chicken steak with my wife...
When is that happening?
Sorry, will there be a gamble?
No, give it to your wife.
- That son is Married.
- B.
Get a limited time with Sammy's house coming.
Good fortune, come with the blessing.
Come on, you get the car.
OK, you came. Keep this key up.
My grandmother now gives the child the key.
It's going to be a mistake to go in a few places.
You will come and tell my grandson your love.
Read and get married and then did not get out...
I did not send it or my name was Marie.
Carefully go.
- Right?
- I was keen on what my grandmother thought.
- Go grandma.
- Keep going.
Sit down.
Banged, you did not get anything.
Come on.
Come quickly.
What happened?
Good thing is. Your granddaughter is a pregnant mother.
It's better to be careful.
Do not raise the load. Do not go up.
Good fruit should be given.
Make good food.
= Stay three months safely.
Here, drink.
What Mr. Mahatmai grabs.
What's the matter? The night show. It's nothing.
Somewhere right, hard...
- Donate a girl.
- Feminine?
- Yes.
- You are an ugly man...
You ask for boys.
You ask for a girlfriend.
It is not. If a girl gives birth to birth, my grandmother seemed to be without me.
- I want to make. That's it.
- Look at this.
your grandfather is yours?
Only my grandmother takes my thing.
My mother is gone when I'm orphaned.
If only you enter this kid, your wife screams.
- My wife's saying is possible.
- This is your baby's baby.
I did not say no.
Hand over to his father's sister.
Go to an orphanage and go.
Why should I go to an orphanage while I am?
- She. You do not know what to create.
- Do not you want me?
Huh I got a baby that burns...
The big grandson is important.
I was the baby's grandmother's daughter.
Mother's mother is talking like motherfucking.
I do not know why my grandmother is?
My dad is also.
Mom too.
Do not worry about anything.
Making Nibul children.
Both Marie's right to build.
If someone wants to kill someone in the village, they come to the Roelax.
You are right for me to kill my enemy.
Are they just humans?
This is the time to kill the kill, not a normal witch.
LTTE hunting.
- It was necessary to dance.
- That's the door, watch this and dance.
Look at this and dance.
Look, Pandey, we need to go to court tomorrow.
If you do not,
whether we are or not. If the girl comes...
The court arrived.
Put it in court and kill it.
Put a tactic.
- Ah, you say dad.
- where are you ?
- This Rajendra arrives at home.
- Give the phone the shotbox.
- Here.
- B.
- = - Daddy's talking.
- Hold on a second.
Give it.
Uncle, u tell Uncle.
- O son of a bitch.
- Do not come to court today.
- Why uncle.
No, these BANDY men are acting like that. I'm a little scared.
- Do not listen to me.
- It does not work. I will come.
When you say no, you can not.
I've already lost one life.
- You do not want to lose.
- Nothing happens. Uncle.
- I'll be right back.
- Nobody.
Wait a minute.
- Hello.
- Dai.
What's the court surrounded?
I'll take my wife in front of you and come to court.
Do not worry. Let me see how it goes before my eyes.
A good man, if you do
If the girl is in the courthouse, we have to go all night.
Huh Goes inside.
In court, I'll kill him.
Hey. This guy came here?
Hey, see what you're up to.
Do not let me kill you if you know that someone came to kill someone.
Stop the car.
- Hey, time.
- elder brother.
- What are you doing here?
- No, my brother just came to court.
Mohali flags are coming up.
Have to come to a murder case.
Is not it?
- Yes, brother, that's it.
- Go.
- What are you saying? Nothing. Brother. It's a case in court.
Fear that something was good in good times.
Hey, Pandey, check it out.
Oh, that brother of yours is with the wife along the way.
- Stop the car.
- What's happening here?
- Seeing the murder happened, Mom.
- Yes, sir.
At ten o'clock in the day, my eyes were visible from my eyes.
Mummy cuts down Pandey's mother's neck.
- Why did not Mom tell this?
- No one ever asked about the murder anymore, mates.
Rajapiyam Police Ganesh is the officer.
Roeleks Pandyans and his men...
Themnei Marie Aman is fumed...
Without a doubt, Rolecx Pendants and his team were arrested
= Order the police to order the police to appoint an incorrect paper.
Have a look, brother-in-law?
That muslin showed his traits.
We are not looking at ourselves.
- He took the side of boyfriends.
- Did not ask.
Now you are suffering.
What is Pandy?
I tried to kill my husband for the Gunman.
That's Modi.
What do you say to her?
these are not getting used to your brother's brain.
Whatever happens, the office closes its eyes. Look, look.
These boats know this.
You left off in court knowing that you and MR.
You are right.
I came to your beliefs.
You believe it.
Not Maruti's marriage only.
Give presents. Gifts.
Have you seen?
Give the phone.
- Here is my brother.
- Look at you.
Uncle to take the car.
Brother come quickly.
We will meet before the association.
- Hello, brother.
- Welcome.
All the rice was ordered to come to the mohicle. Come on in, too.
- Alright...... See if the brother stopped our vehicle.
- Come here.
- It's crazy for you.
Brother is out driving the car stopped.
Car drive.
Who took the fuckin 'in here?
And will this kid go in with you too?
Hey, stop it.
Reading great. The brother who does not like my brother-in-law went to court in court.
Is it good not to bring your brother-in-law to your brother's brother?
Look, brother of the uncle and grandmother.
Come and talk.
Over the haughty.
What is it, Pandey? What did I do not like you?
That Maruyus' wife's taking me to court to put me inside. D.
I did not want to come to court if I tried to stop.
You both bring it in the courts.
As for you, you both give birth and give presents.
Then I do not matter.
This is the most important thing for you.
Look here you are giving a life for me.
But the one he saved my life.
- How do I know it's your problem?
- Know.
Do not you think that your enemy is my enemy?
My enemy is like your enemy.
Raja's brother is the enemy of you. Your brother does not want to know your stuff.
It's a dog's shoulders.
Baby is not good enough for a dog to dance.
= Hey you're jumping in the middle.
- You must kill yourself first.
- Hey.
Whatever kind of courage you are touching with my husband.
You could have killed that very day.
- It's wrong to go.
- How do you get Uncle?
Hey, how are you?
Who alone is not my brother who does not want my life. They want to hit anyone.
You should know it.
And your brother should know.
If she finds out that she had helped her boyfriend at any time...
Cut off.
YAMU uncle.
Myth of dairy cow is given.
But it is the milk that is being milked.
I do not know.
Surprise your brother.
Call the OIC of the police station.
Hey, you messed with the myspace.
Hey, Katvara, it's your bargain.
What for you to take pest?
= Call your brother and put him in there.
I will get caught without knowing.
The court's attorney ordered that you be arrested.
The only help we could get was those mailservices.
- Now, there are no mails.
- Pandey, See the news.
In the unanimous province of the uncle... A Rajaflaj's ex-minister
Rollex Pandy has worked against party law...
All posts will be removed from the party.
The general secretary of the party informed.
Is it... it's gone?
Look, Pandey is not your time.
Lie to go somewhere.
If you do not go in and go stoning.
a... is it going to bake?
Not good at the time.
You came with your wife and went to court in court...
I was hoping.
You grow up with age.
You made the call.
Give me Padaviya and beat me to the pretty person who was attacking me.
Then you are a worker.
Worker grows more and more.
It's up to you too.
But you were to your grandmother.
Why do you stand?
Go into the house beforehand.
What happened?
Where is grandma?
I went to flee to the market.
The market.
Because your wife, my grandmother, went to flee to the mall?
How can she stay with me?
I thought I would gladly handle it.
Ok what?
Asked to lift the evidence.
You have a deal with me.
I'm coming to Mileway first.
Get her first.
Hey, he is not looking old.
What if I was scared of my grandfather?
It will not be easy to kill.
The one who gave the correct post was stopped and stopped.
He sends men who take the guns.
Someone killed me for Mileway.
How not to kill him?
If this is not the case for Macy's Road.
Your grandma.
My house is in.
come soon.
What happened to Maruyou again?
Behind your face in front of him Read a lot.
I'm your grandmother.
Whenever I go to Mylvem, I will read.
After killing the head,
do not have to be dashed.
I have added and added. I need to know who I am.
The other one will be sent to your home.
Coming there.
Hey, watch the time.
Take the car.
- No, no... do not go.
- They're going.
- No.
- You do not have anything.
- Nothing.
- Why is my mother soaked?
It's nothing. They were stowed in the warehouse. That's it.
- Then there would be gold.
- It's frightening you.
Take me to the throne.
Come on, come on.
- Bhagam.
- Skins.
What happened, Grandfather? Where did you go?
It did not go anywhere.
Do not worry.
- Why is saree wet?
- They're nothing. Get this phone out there.
- Go.
- She got drunk.
- Take a little milk just like a rifle.
- Skins.
Here. Drink.
- What are you? Grandma. - Nothing.
I want it.
Cause of hearing in court?
- Oh.
- If not.
I already lost her mother because of him already.
- Do not let our grandma back down.
- It does not work.
Nothing to fear.
Now go to sleep.
- No what I'm saying.
- Said. Sleep.
Do not come home until marriage.
Marriage does not come to the road.
Do you sleep at the time of daylight?
Dai Maru...
That's my grandmother. Why are you sleeping on the floor?
Grandma. ccmm.
That's my grandma. My grandma.
Dai Maruyudu...
Dai's my grandmother.
Dai's grandmother.
Da Machan, please.
- This is my grandmother.
- Grandma.
- What happened?
- Grandma...
- Grandma...
- Grandma.
What is the Dai grandma's mom?
What grandpa did you see?
What's wrong?
See, my grandmother.
What are the moments of your home?
The ears that hear the bubbles echo to our house for our home. She,
I said.
I'm busy waiting.
Injured. Swollen.
How to kill.
Your girlfriend did not bite, did not make.
It's just settled down.
I did not do it.
Hey, Pandey, put a good oil on you.
What is it, son of a bitch?
- It's right, man.
- Then put it on you.
What is Mother?
Do you know what happens?
know, well know.
I understand your happiness is in front of my eyes.
How quickly will I die?
It's just like my grandson.
Cut your knives.
There is nothing here.
I will not tell the urn.
No, my death is your death.
Quickly give the pomegranate.
I have brave like helmet, you look like head.
Do not worry.
Cut and cut.
= What if we gave the medicine to our grandmother?
Well sulphurised I washed in ice and drank so cold loaf...
The news will quickly get up.
You and your grandmother are like yourself and me.
I had to arrive late at night as I left.
Have your grandmother's mouth eat the yoke.
What your grandmother said.
He would die if he died.
If your grandmother's dead.
Why do I die?
Are you a man in the city?
Or I'll be seeing the big man myself.
Sverige is coming.
There came.
She is coming like a tiger.
I said this is not a wild goose.
LTTE hunting.
I forgive you for 25 years and drink as a grandson. What have I done?
What I did. What did you do, Grandma?
I am you.