Marvel One-Shot: Agent Carter (2013) Movie Script

Give me your coordinates. I'll
find you a safe landing site.
There's not gonna be a safe
but I can try and force it
I'll get Howard on the line,
he'll know what to do.
this is my choice.
Look sharp.
Zodiac is on the move...
crossing the white stone bridge
in a green sedan.
This enemy is considered armed
and extremely dangerous.
Two agents recommended.
Please locate and pursue.
Miller, Johnson, Wilkes.
Let's take them down.
How are you holding up, sweety?
Quite bored, actually.
Really? I thought we were keeping
you pretty busy, around here.
Well, while my expertise is
in the field...
code breaking and data analysis
have always come easy to me.
Well, we all just think you are
doing a bang-up job.
Agent Flynn, sir...
it's been three months now...
and I've yet to have be sent
to my first assignment.
Peggy, relax...
war is over. We'll handle the
rough stuff.
They shot up your car.
Sir, they came out of nowhere.
We're gonna need a full analysis
on all recent transmissions...
by tomorrow evening, at the
How about yesterday?
The boys and I were heading
out for a drink.
You want to polish up those
field reports on my desk?
I appreciate it, darling.
Don't forget to lock up when
you're done.
What do you say boys, should
we go to Nelson's?
They got a nice Manhattans.
We have a locked position on
Four, zero, point six five one
eight degrees north...
seven, three, point niner five
two two degrees west.
This enemy will not hesitate
to use lethal force.
Three to five agents recommended.
You guys want to handle this?
My pleasure.
Ma'am, you can't be here.
We got a gas leak issue we're
dealing with.
A gas leak?
No injuries, I hope.
You're not from around here,
are you?
No, I live in Brooklyn, actually.
Drop it.
Take this.
Turn and move.
Where's Zodiac?
End of the hallway, on the right.
Hands up.
How many men?
Four, including you?
Now, I need you to scream for
I need help!
Guard the Zodiac.
You, come with me.
I need help!
Somebody please help me!
Somebody help!
What happened?
Thanks, that's enough.
One to go.
Hey, what's going on out there?
Let me out!
Learn to count.
What the hell do you think
you're doing?
Well, I was about to start some
data analysis and code breaking.
Don't get cute with me, Lady.
You took a mission, last night.
I completed a mission, last night.
Without even attempting to report
in, or get the proper authorization.
The mission was time sensitive.
There are protocols in place.
No one is above protocols...
not even Captain America's old
How dare you?
Please, let's stop pretending,
shall we?
Everyone knows why you're here.
Please, enlighten me.
You were grieving...
so they kept you on, so that
you would feel useful.
I call it pity.
If they wanted to make me feel
they wouldn't have made me work
with you.
You're gonna answer for that.
Who am I speaking to?
This is Agent Flinn.
This is Howard.
Sir, I wasn't expecting...
I have orders for Agent Carter.
If this is about last night...
rest assured, she will be
properly disciplined.
I'd say that last night...
more a notch in her belt, than
a feather in her cap.
Yes sir, what are your orders?
Phillips and I want her to come
to Washington.
Say again?
Tell her she will be running
S.H.I.E.L.D. with me.
Agent Carter?
And Flinn...
Yes, sir?
let her know that you're honored
to bring her the news.
You want me to say that,
Mr. Stark?
Agent Carter, it is my honor
to inform you...
that you are going to run
And I'd also like to assist
you in...
carrying your personal items
down to your car.
Thank you, Agent Flinn...
but as has always been the case,
I don't require your help.
It's called a bikini.
A bikini?
You invent it?
No, the French.