Marvel One-Shot: All Hail the King (2014) Movie Script

My name is Jackson Norris.
Today will be the most important
of my career.
My final interview with
the most infamous prisoner in America.
A man that the world thought was
a terrorist called the Mandarin.
But is now alleged to be nothing
but an actor.
Thus far, the subject has been evasive
and apparently oblivious
to the point of my work.
In fact, he seems oblivious
to pretty much everything.
Except his own growing celebrity.
Here he comes.
Here he comes.
Because now
the whole world knows his name.
Trevor! Trevor! Trevor!
This is my last chance to get
beyond his lies and excuses,
to confront the subject
with elements of his own past
in order to unlock the truth.
Because we need to know,
once and for all,
who is Trevor Slattery?
Bloody hell.
It's not exactly The Ritz, is it?
Hey, stop right there.
- Hey!
Come on, Mr. Slattery,
you know you supposed to wait for me.
Lunchtime ain't safe around here
for a celebrity like yourself.
So, Herman, with whom
shall we lunch today?
Serial killers? Nonces?
I hear the Triads are a good giggle.
Now remember, sir,
you have that 3:00 with Mr. Norris.
If only my mother could see me
in my very own documentary.
I still think you should've done
that exclusive with 60 Minutes.
I told you. I'll never work for CBS again.
Wait. Herman, where's my choccy milk?
I'm so sorry, sir. I'll be right back.
And while you're there can you see
if they've got any kale?
I'm On it.
You ruined myjumpsuit, bitch.
You know what I want right now?
I want to give the world exactly
what it's been crying out for.
Your dead body laid out
on a goddamn slab.
Hey, cracker.
What's up?
Oh, it's the fan base.
Kiss my rings, bitch.
You're not the Mandarin, Slattery.
You're not even a real criminal.
Au contraire, Dave.
When an actor has inhabited a role
as long as I have, he often becomes it,
and it him.
Uh... Mr. Slattery?
Me and the boys was just wondering
if you could do, uh...
Do the voice.
Fletcher, it's not something
I can just turn on.
I'm not your meat puppet.
Oh, very well.
And you'll never see me coming.
- Oh!
You see? I told you.
I told you he was gonna do it. I told you.
Thank you.
- I had chills!
-No, no. I thank you.
- I had chills, man!
- And I thank you.
Oh! My choccy milk.
Ready when you are.
Vocal warm-ups.
Old habit from my stage work.
I can't imagine, starting out,
you'd ever thought
you'd end up in some place like this.
Yeah, not bad, eh?
That whole "rolling on people" thing
gets you the VIP treatment.
It looks like you're living comfortably.
There are things that I miss.
Ketamine, obviously.
And the birds.
But you know,
you make do in that department.
I mean, we've all been to drama school,
have we not?
You know what I'm saying?
Okay, look, Trevor,
this is our last day. Okay?
- Last day?
- Yes, finally.
And we've covered a lot of the logistics.
Your recruitment by Aldrich Killian,
the creation of an amalgam warlord
by his think tank...
Whom I brought to life. Carry on.
The one question that
most people ask me
when I tell them that I know you is that,
"How could he have not known
what was going on?"
- Three little words.
- Hmm?
"Lovely. Drugs."
To bring this film to a close,
I'd like to know more about
the man behind the mask.
The real Trevor Slattery.
You know, with all the Internet gossip
and tabloid exposs,
not much is known
about you personally.
Well, I think that an actor does better
to keep a shred of mystery,
otherwise, you know, it can color
the audience's perception.
What have you got there?
I found this in the vaults of
an English newspaper
called The Liverpool Echo.
That's you and your mother, right?
Yeah, it is.
October 12th, 1964.
That was the day I landed my first role.
Boatswain 1, Shakespeare's Tempest.
Obviously, I told her it was the lead.
I always was a bloody great liar.
So, I assume the two of you were close.
She was everything to me.
She passed in 1986,
but you weren't there when she died.
No, I wasn't. I was here in America
for my big break.
And this would be the TV pilot
for the CBS network.
Caged Heat. Wonderful piece,
about avenging
Russian police cop with anger issues
let loose on Los Angeles.
I wish I had a copy.
I wish I had copy.
Actually, Trevor, I managed to find
some footage of that as well.
Oh, oh, oh.
Handsome lad. Handsome lad.
Yeah, it's compelling.
Sean Connery made a pass at me once.
Everyone on the set
called him "Mr. Connery."
He called me "Trev."
"You're very talented, Trev."
That's fascinating.
Was that a monkey drinking vodka?
Yes. Yes! And still those knobs
at the network didn't pick it up.
- I think it was too sophisticated for them.
- Hmm.
That was the break that broke me.
Well, right there.
You seem to typify your life
as a series of missed opportunities,
but yet, you don't tend to take
responsibility for many of them.
My responsibility is to my muse.
I'm an actor, love,
-not a bloody rocket surgeon.
- Hmm.
But, possibly, your portrayal
has angered some people.
I mean, some whom
are very dangerous.
You don't have to tell me, mate.
I've seen those bloody
Internet message boards.
I'm not talking about
the message boards.
- I'm talking about the Ten Rings.
- Come again?
The terrorist group historically
associated with the Mandarin.
Officially they're dormant,
but evidence suggests
that they're becoming more active.
What, the Ten Rings? Are they real?
It's well documented.
That is so cool.
Trevor, you told me
that when you got this role
that you'd researched it thoroughly.
Yeah, but when an actor tells you
he's "done the research,"
it means he's switched on
his computer,
Googled his own name
and had a quick wank.
So, you mean to tell me
that you don't know the history
of the Mandarin himself.
He was a warrior-king.
Inspired generations of men
through the Middle Ages,
perhaps even further back in time.
Blah, blah, blah.
Who bloody cares, mate?
It's a show people want
and I gave them a good one.
It's not the Mandarin they'll remember.
It's the name, "Trevor Slattery."
It's the brand. "Trev."
You're right.
And for that sin,
you will soon suffer horribly
with a hole in your body
for every ring of our faith.
So... Sorry. What?
You heard me.
Oh! Get up, big lad. Get up.
You killed my butler.
You're not capable of pulling
that trigger, Mr. Slattery.
I'm an out of work actor, love.
You have no idea what I'm capable of.
And, thanks to the CBS network,
I'm pretty good with a handgun.
Consider this a lesson in what's real
and what's not.
Why do people keep pointing
guns at my head?
Please. I don't want to die.
I don't want to die.
Target acquired and in position.
Extraction unit, mobilize.
I'm not the one
that's going to kill you, Mr. Slattery.
I'm here to break you out.
- That's nice.
- Not really.
You see, there's somebody
who wants to meet you.
- Do I know him?
No, but you took his name.
And now he wants it back.
No. Sorry.
I still don't get it.
Uh... Mr. Slattery?
Me and the boys was just wondering
if you could, uh...
Do the voice.
Where have you been? I wrote a book
in the time you were gone.
And you'll never see me coming.
Look at this guy.
What is so special about him?
I mean, I had an army of robots.
What's he got?
He's got some dumb accent.
His name's Trevor. What is that?
It's like if bin Laden
and Benny Hill had a baby.
Then I got to wake up
and look at this chick?
"Pepper Potts stirs up stuff."
"Look at me."
Some second-rate, jumped up,
Amazon secretary.
Tony and I...
Tony's cool.
Tony and I, we have an understanding.
We're brothers in arms, you know.
Literally. We were both arms dealers.
We're both good-looking.
We both have nice hair.
We both have boats.
I used to have a boat.
Well, anyway...
Not here, baby. Not here.