Marvel One-Shot: The Consultant (2011) Movie Script

- It didn't go well, did it ?
- No, it did not.
- Did they reject the Initiative ?
- Of course not,
They gave me the most idiotic
ill-conceived request imaginable.
They want Blonsky on the team.
The Abomination?
They really don't like when
you call him that.
But the Harlem Incident...
They're pinning that on Banner.
On Banner?
Not the guy you wanna make angry.
They consider Blonsky a war hero.
They want him exonerated, released
and then added to the roster.
They think we have him.
What's your clearance level ?
That's funny, it's level 6... you.
Come on, there's a level 7?
Blonsky is in custody in General Ross' sector.
Does director Fury even want Blonsky?
Of course not, but he can't ignore
an explicit directive
from the World Security Counsel... we have to make sure he doesn't have to.
How the hell are we gonna do that?
I have no idea, but we have to send a
liaison to the General within 24 hours.
So, on the Counsel's order, we have to
send one of our people
down to the General Ross as for Blonsky,
who we don't even want.
I got it.
We send a patsy to sabotage
the debrief.
A patsy ?
Yeah, someone to screw it up. Someone
so inept the General Ross will
refuse to release Blonsky.
I can do it. I do a great patsy.
Yes you do. Your patsy is legendary.
In fact, when I think of the world patsy-
Well I'm thinking, for this we need
a slightly different skill set.
If we want the general to
refuse this request,
then we have to sent someone who
will truly annoy him.
...someone arrogant and abrasive,
with an utter disdain for authority,
someone who will offend
the general to his very core-
- You're talking about the Consul-
- No I'm not.
You just described him to a T.
I'm telling you right now, stop it,
I'm not calling the Consultant.
Smell of steel, beer... and defeat.
You know I hate to say "I told you so." General
but that Super soldier program
was put on ice for a reason.
I always felt the hardware was much more reliable...
You always wear such nice suits.
Here you have an unusual problem.
You should talk.
You should listen.
So. Any word?
Mission accomplished.
The Abomination will remain in his cage for now.
Apparently the Consultant outdid himself.
Ross got so mad he tried to have
him removed from the bar.
How did that go over?
Stark bought the place.
It's scheduled for demolition on Thursday.