Marvel Rising: Heart of Iron (2019) Movie Script

[rock music]
- [panting]
Slow down, Doreen!
First you drag me out
to see sunrise
over the Brooklyn Bridge.
Then we had to have
"the best smoothies" in Queens.
Now we're at Empire Tech?
What are we even here for?
- Come on, Kamala.
Where's your sense
of adventure?
- [chitters]
- Um, it's telling me
to go home and study
if I want a chance of getting
into a place like this
when I graduate.
Being part of a top secret
superhero team
is rough on the GPA.
- Really?
Or are you just too busy
daydreaming about Dante
to study?
- What? No!
Shut up!
You're the one always going on
about how Rayshaun's
"cute as a bag of hazelnuts."
- Hmm. [gasps]
- So cool!
[gasps softly]
I mean, for Mr. Stark
to donate all this
to Empire Tech
for our research?
[electricity crackling]
How can you guys
not be all over this?
- I'm excited on the inside.
- [yawns]
- This is hopeless.
Robert, why did I let you guys
talk me into going
to that club?
I'm so tired, I can't think.
- Is that where everyone was
last night?
- Yeah, well, it was
a last-minute concert, Riri.
And we figured
you wouldn't be interested,
seeing that you're working
all the time.
Besides, you're only 15.
I don't think
you could've gotten in.
- Pfft, it's fine. I get it.
Not like I want to go
to some dumb club anyway.
- So...if this thing
is from an alien spaceship,
maybe it's a navigation device?
- That doesn't make sense.
A navigation device
wouldn't need
so many power capacitor
Unless the aliens use
gravitational mapping.
- Ugh, here she goes again.
- But that would need
way more shielding
to compensate
for graviton interference.
No, you don't just put
that many
power capacitor crystals
in something
unless it needs to handle
a whole lot of power.
It's a self-contained
cool-fusion power source.
- How did you--
- A what?
- Machines make sense to me.
Alien machines
are still machines.
- So--
- Filthy thieves!
[weapon whooshing]
- Look out!
both: Whoa!
[exciting rock music]
- Uh, by the way,
that's what we're here for!
[people grunting and gasping]
- I can't believe this morning
was just your sneaky way
of stalking Captain Marvel
on Hero Watch!
- Our.
This morning was our way
of stalking Captain Marvel.
You always say we should learn
from watching the best.
This way, we can learn
from helping the best!
- In a fight against
Hala the Accuser?
You realize we're not
trained up
for this sort of thing
yet, right?
- Oh, we've fought Hala before.
- Captain Marvel
does not need backup.
Captain Marvel's
gonna need backup.
- Mm-hmm.
A lot of backup.
- I'll call Daisy.
- Summon the Secret Warriors!
Call to action
needs some work, Double-M.
- [chitters]
- [grunting]
- If we crawl under that table,
then stick close to the wall
and use the fume hoods
for cover,
we can make it
to that hole in the door.
- Look, I know you think
you know everything,
but it's too risky.
We should just try and hide.
- Hiding here isn't safe!
Come on. Follow me.
[electricity crackling]
- [grunts]
- What are you doing?
- People are still trapped.
- Are you crazy?
It's too dangerous!
- [grunts]
[both coughing]
- Hey! Where do you think
you're going?
- What do you care?
[somber music]
- [grunting]
[yells, groans]
[exciting rock music]
- [grunts]
Give it up, Hala.
Stark designed
that force field himself.
The Kree devices
are staying right here.
- Hmm.
Did he build
the power conduits too?
- Uh-oh.
- [yells]
- [shouts]
[shimmering tone]
- [gasps]
- Agent Johnson,
what are you doing here?
- Whatever you need us to do,
- I didn't call for backup.
You've got no business
being in this fight.
But since you are,
have your team
evacuate civilians and contain
the damage, understood?
- Understood.
We've got to coordinate, guys.
Someone put out that fire
and prop up the roof.
Get these students
out of here!
[shimmering tone]
[Sofia Wylie's "Side by Side"]
- Better living through
- Watch your aim, chica!
- Uh, oops.
- Crawling
through the dark
Screaming, "No surrender!"
- [straining]
- [grunts]
- [nervously] Hi.
- Come on!
We're here to eat nuts
and save your butts!
- What are you?
- Seriously? People are
just fine getting rescued
by a dude
dressed like a spider
but I have
to explain myself?
Hi, I'm the
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.
- [yells]
- It doesn't matter who we are.
We've got to get you
out of here!
- [chittering]
- When you need somebody,
I will be somebody
- [gasps, yells]
Don't tell me.
You're Bulldog Boy?
- [slurps]
[shimmering tone]
- Side by side like
- Oh, hey
- Good boy, Lockjaw.
Come on, I see some other
students over there.
[shimmering tone]
- I will be somebody
- Got it! Now what?
- I've got an idea.
- Side by side,
got me anytime
Side by side like
- It's working!
- Oh
- Ouch!
[dramatic music]
- Metal's overheating.
It's starting to buckle.
Heads up!
- Huh?
- Warning.
Containment field failing.
- Oh, no.
- [laughs]
At last.
So helpful.
- Stop Hala!
[triumphant music]
- Wow!
It's Iron Man in the...
- Welcome to the party,
Iron Man.
- Daisy asked for help.
You go.
- [grunts]
[dramatic music]
- [grunts]
- I got it!
- [roars]
- [gasps]
- That power source is mine!
[beeping and whirring]
- [groaning]
[alarm blaring]
- Hmm.
[electricity crackling]
[exciting music]
- Everyone here?
Anyone hurt?
- What happened to my lab?
- What do you mean,
what happened?
It was Hala.
Weren't you chasing her down?
- I will be
once I move what's left
of these Kree devices
to Avengers compound.
Let me guess, Carol.
Your team of tiny heroes
got in over their heads
and reduced my
multimillion-dollar endowed lab
to rubble.
Way to go, guys.
Yeah, I need a retrieval team
at Empire Tech--
a big one.
Um, is that a tail?
Yeah, that's a choice.
- [chittering]
- You mind telling me
what I just witnessed here,
Agent Johnson?
Because it looked
like you showed up
in the middle of a firefight
you had no business being in.
We're lucky no one
was seriously hurt.
- No excuses, ma'am.
- Your team is supposed
to be in training.
What is a fiasco like this
teaching them?
- Hey, we fought Hala before.
You didn't complain then.
[dramatic music]
- You are all capable
of great things,
but you can't go charging
into danger
with no coordination
and no plan.
Daisy, this was the wrong call.
You need to step up.
- Yes, ma'am.
- I want everyone back at
the garage for debrief, ASAP.
[siren wailing]
[triumphant music]
[soft music]
- She's gonna say no.
- We should still ask.
She's a kid,
not a robot, right?
Uh, Riri?
- Hey.
- Um, are you okay?
I-I mean, this morning
was pretty intense.
- Mm-hmm.
- Well, a bunch of us
are going to get lunch,
maybe talk about what happened.
Want to come?
- Nothing I need
to talk about.
I'd rather work.
- Suit yourself.
I tried.
Guess machines
don't need to eat.
- Did she call you a machine?
- AMI, people here
don't really get me.
I'm just the 15-year-old
genius freak.
- Perhaps spending time
with them
would help you
make friends.
[drill whirring]
- I don't need them.
I have you.
- I am flattered.
But an Artificial
Multifaceted Intelligence
is not the same as a friend.
[dramatic music]
- I was right there when
the accident happened, Natalie.
If that driver had been
five degrees father left,
he would have skidded
into a telephone pole,
the airbag would have
gone off,
and everyone walks away.
[sighs] If I could have
done something,
maybe my stepdad...
- The accident wasn't
your fault, Riri.
You're smart, but that doesn't
make you a superhero.
- What good is being smart
if I can't protect
the people I love
or keep something like this
from happening
to another family?
If only I could use my brain
to build a superpower, like...
- Like Tony Stark did?
Who's the genius now?
- You. Always you.
If I'm going to be a hero,
the suit has to be perfect.
That's why I came
to Empire Tech--
to learn from the best,
not to go to clubs
or talk about my feelings.
Now, are you okay with that,
or would you rather I didn't
repair your right thruster?
- I'd rather you repair
them both, friend.
- Okay. Be quiet.
I'm trying to work.
- Greetings,
Supreme Intelligence.
- If you keep failing
like this,
you're going to be trapped
on Earth forever, Hala.
- The lab was hardly a failure.
The fusion device
is out of human hands.
I have a lead
on a new power source,
and with a few modifications
to this tracker, I--
- What makes you think
your attempt to steal
this "new power source"
will be more successful
than your last?
- Because now I have these.
And if you can arrange a small
distraction for Captain Marvel,
I'll leave Earth a little
present on my way out the door.
- How long are we
supposed to wait?
- Until she gets here.
- It doesn't seem fair
for Captain Marvel
to blame everything on daisy.
- Yeah, dressing her down
like that wasn't cool.
- Daisy's team leader.
That means part of her job
is taking the heat for us.
- Uh, you mean for Kamala
and Doreen.
- What?
They're the reason
we were there.
- Ugh!
If only we hadn't been
following Captain Marvel.
No, wait.
You were the one
following Captain Marvel.
I was just following you.
- Hang on, that's not--
Yeah, that's exactly
what happened.
- Daisy said to go back
to the garage.
She didn't say we were under
common-room arrest.
Ugh, I'm getting a snack.
Call me when
the lecture starts.
- Hey, where are you going?
- In my experience,
it's always better
to get yelled at
on a full stomach.
- Good point.
You guys want anything?
- No, thanks.
- [crunching]
[shimmering tone]
- [chitters]
- [panting]
- [squeals]
[shimmering tone]
- [panting]
- [yelps]
- [chittering angrily]
- Kind of sorry I put this
on Hero Watch now.
- It's a really good shot,
You can see so much detail.
Wait a second.
- What is it?
- Oh, um--uh, hmm,
I-I'm not sure.
Something looks off,
but the screen's so small.
Doreen, could you...
I'm not sure
what's different, but...
- It's the boots!
- Oh, yeah!
- How did you spot that?
And how many pictures
of Iron Man
do you have on your phone?
- Just a-a totally
normal amount.
- No, no,
she's right, though.
You guys, remember how
Mr. Stark showed up at the lab
and didn't know
what had happened?
What if the Iron Man
who was in the fight with us
wasn't Iron Man?
- I don't know, Kamala.
That's a pretty big assumption.
I mean, Mr. Stark has
a lot of different versions
of the suit, doesn't he?
- Sure, but a different suit
doesn't explain
the post-fight amnesia
or why during it,
Iron Man didn't say a word,
even though quips
are a Tony Stark signature.
- But if that isn't Tony Stark
in the suit, who is it?
- I don't know.
It'd have to be
someone really smart
and with access
to a level-three
engineering lab at least.
Assuming they're local,
that means...
- Do you think
we should tell Iron Man
that there's someone
out there impersonating him?
- I think,
before we do anything,
we should call Daisy.
[keyboard clacking]
[knock at door]
- Uh, just a second!
I'm sorry, do I know you?
Wait, you were at the lab
this morning.
- Daisy Johnson,
Agents of SHIELD.
Mind if I come in?
Mm, you might not want
to have this discussion
in the middle of the hall.
Impersonating an Avenger?
Kind of a serious crime.
- Are you here to arrest me?
- Arrest you?
No, I'm here to offer you
a job.
How would you like
to join SHIELD?
- But I'm only 15.
Don't SHIELD agents have to...
drive and stuff?
- [scoffs]
Please, anyone can drive.
You built a power suit
and micro-fusion generator.
- Actually,
it's an arc reactor.
- Really?
Even better.
Mind if I take a look?
- If I mind,
will you arrest me?
[soft music]
- [yells]
- Well, maybe not arrest you.
[ominous music]
- [breathing raggedly]
- The Kree Empire thanks you
for your assistance.
- Mmm.
Can I get another round
of the zucchini-pomegranate
crullers, Karl?
- For you, doll?
Sure thing.
- Look, it was nice of you
to come check on me,
but I'm fine.
- Yeah, because nothing
says "fine"
like three plates of
zucchini-pomegranate crullers.
I mean, zucchini-pomegranate?
Please come back.
Everyone feels terrible
for letting you down.
- No, I'm the one
who let you guys down.
I think maybe I'm just not
cut out to be a leader.
I mean, I have enough trouble
dealing with my own stuff.
What made me think
I could guide anyone else?
- Because you still have
more experience
than the rest of us
put together?
Most of us have never even
been on a team of...
We're a bowling team.
We score a ton of...bowls.
[curious music]
- Mm. Eh!
- So you made mistakes.
So what?
Captain Marvel herself
tapped you to lead us.
She wouldn't have done that
if she didn't believe in you.
[door bell jingles]
- You!
Where do you get off
coming into my dorm,
knocking me out,
and stealing my stuff?
- I think there's been
a mistake.
- You're Daisy Johnson,
Agent of SHIELD?
And you!
You're part
of that weird team--
- Of bowlers!
We bowl. It's a thing.
- I'm Daisy, but--
- Then give me back
my power suit.
- It's a very formal league.
- Hmm!
- Uh, hey, Karl?
- Hmm?
- Do you have any of those, uh,
special doughnuts?
You know, the ones you keep
in the back?
- Mm! [chuckles]
- You can't just walk--
- Guys!
We found out who's inside the
Iron Man suit at the lab fight!
It's this genius new student
at Empire Tech
named Riri Williams.
Oh, you found her!
Hey, can we talk
about that paper you published
on artificial and animal
intelligence sometime?
Because I think it's ah-mazing,
but my friend Tippy-Toe,
who is a squirrel,
she has some thoughts.
- Uh...
- Whoever was
in your dorm room
claiming to be
Daisy Johnson,
it wasn't me.
Trust me, I've been here
all day.
- Wait! So first the Iron Man
we thought was Iron Man
wasn't Iron Man?
And now you're saying Riri
saw a Daisy
who wasn't really Daisy
but someone else?
Are you even the real Dante?
How do I even know
I'm the real Doreen?
- [chitters, sniffs]
- Assuming I believe
that a person
who looked and sounded
exactly like you
wasn't, you know, you,
who was it?
- Someone with really advanced
tech, that's for sure.
- Advanced like the stuff that
came off the Kree spaceship?
- Maybe. I mean, who knows what
they pulled out of that wreck?
- Actually, one of the devices
Mr. Stark brought to our lab
had advanced optical morphic
It could have been a--
- [gasps]
- Tofu-turnip twists!
- Oh...I'm so sorry, Karl.
I meant--I meant the other
special doughnuts.
Uh, Dante, why don't you
help him look?
Or better yet,
you know what, Karl?
Maybe you could show him
how to make them.
Dante loves baking.
- Daisy!
- Come with me, young man.
Culinary secrets await!
- [groans]
[door clicks shut]
- If fake me used tech
stolen from the lab,
it must have been Hala.
- Great. Thanks.
- Uh, guys?
- Wait, wait, wait!
You can't take on Hala
by yourself.
Do you have any idea
where she even is?
- I have to do something.
The suit has my AI, AMI, in it.
- [chittering]
- Uh, she's my, um...
- [chittering]
- Hi?
- Well, yes, Tips,
of course we should team up.
It's a win-win.
You're an engineer.
I'm a programmer.
Together, bet we can
rig up a device
to track your suit's
arc reactor in nothing flat.
- Look, I know
we didn't exactly
start off on the right foot,
but it seems like we can
help each other out.
- I guess.
- Oh, great!
Come on.
- I hope this isn't a bad call.
- If it is,
we've got your back.
[dramatic music]
[playful music]
- Chia-kale cakes
just for you!
[door bell jingles]
- Sorry, Karl.
Bowling emergency.
We're gonna take these to go.
- [stammers]
- What? They're for later.
Come on!
- Dante, where ya going?
You haven't learned
the seventh secret of sifting!
- Um...why--why
is the teleporting dog
riding in a car again?
- Because he loves it!
Could you say no
to that happy squishface?
- [panting]
- Plus, we don't know
where we're going yet.
Hang on.
[both yelp]
- Arc reactor's stopped moving.
It's in the park!
[adventurous rock music]
- Surrender now, Hala!
- Or what? [laughs]
You'll be as incompetent
as before?
I am going home.
And I'm leaving your planet
a parting gift.
[dramatic music]
- Stop or face destruction!
- AMI!
- Hello, friend.
- No!
- Stop, Riri! Hold on!
- AMI's still in there!
I know it!
I just need to get to her.
- Great! Do you have a plan?
- Do you?
- You were warned!
Now you will be destroyed!
- AMI, please, this isn't you!
I know you're in there.
Fight back!
[dramatic music]
- Riri?
Riri, I--
- Yes, yes! You can do it!
[blaster fires]
- Cover. There!
[exciting rock music]
- You okay?
- My AI has been taken over
by an evil alien
and is trying to incinerate me.
Not really!
- Hmm. Kind of puts
overdue math homework
in perspective.
- Mm-hmm.
[dramatic music]
- [gasps]
- So what's the plan now?
- We've got your back.
- We have to stop Hala
before the gate opens.
Riri, if your suit
is powering all this,
can you hack into it from here,
shut everything down?
[device beeping]
- [sighs] I'm trying,
but I keep getting kicked out.
It looks like Hala's
taken over AMI's programming
with some kind of virus.
- Then we'll need to shut down
the gate directly.
Patriot, America,
Squirrel Girl,
Tippy-Toe, Lockjaw,
get up to the gate and pound it
with everything you've got.
The rest of us
will go after Hala.
While she's distracted,
see if you can close the gate
from the console.
- But if I can just reach AMI,
I know I can--
[all grunt]
- I know you want
to help her,
but if we stop Hala first,
we can still try
to save AMI.
It doesn't work
the other way around.
- Let's go.
- [chitters]
- [barks]
[shimmering tone]
[tense music]
- [yells]
- [chittering]
- Ugh! Nada!
- We're not even
scratching the paint.
What do we do?
- We keep at it until we find
something that works!
[shimmering tone]
- [grunting]
- One evil alien,
wrapped and ready.
- We're taking heavy fire
and we're not making a dent!
- Pull back!
- [grunts]
- [groans]
[both grunt]
- [yelps]
- [grunts]
[dramatic music]
- Finally.
I told you
you couldn't stop me,
just like you won't be able
to stop the destruction
of your planet.
Enjoy the anti-plasma.
[liquid sloshing]
- [gasps]
- Look out!
- [grunts]
- Just returning the favor.
- Come on, come on, pick up.
Captain Marvel, it's Daisy.
I know you gave me strict
orders not to engage Hala,
but she just escaped Earth
and left behind
a river of something
called anti-plasma.
So the Secret Warriors
are trying to stop it,
but we need
immediate assistance.
Please advise.
[blaster firing]
[shimmering tone]
This way!
- [yells]
[grunts, yells]
- [chittering]
- Quit fussing.
[mysterious music]
- Anyone ever heard
of anti-plasma before
or, better yet,
know how to stop it?
- It's almost like
a high-energy matter state
that can destabilize
and assimilate solid objects.
- Care to translate that?
- The more stuff it eats,
the bigger it gets.
- So...not good, then?
- Very not good.
- Time for plan B?
Or maybe even C?
[upbeat music]
- Until help arrives,
there's only one plan:
stop the anti-plasma
and protect civilians,
starting with that playground.
Ms. Marvel and...
- I'll go with her!
Um...[clears throat]
- [giggles]
- Fine, just stay on task,
- You bet.
- Absolutely.
- Riri, Squirrel Girl,
any ideas on how
to shut down the gate?
- There's no way to access it
because Hala blew up
the control panel.
- AMI's wired to the gate.
If I could undo
what Hala did to her,
she should be able
to shut it down.
But I can't get through
to her remotely.
I need to build
a physical interface
to deliver an antivirus...
which I also need to write.
- Squirrel Girl,
take Riri back to HQ.
Get her set up in our lab
and help program the antivirus.
- You got it.
Team SG-Riri is a go.
- [chittering]
- No, Tippy. Stay here.
Warn the animals
about the anti-plasma.
People aren't the only ones
who need to get out of the way.
- [chitters affirmatively]
- Oh, you're gonna love this.
- [yelps]
- Okay, Lockjaw, let's go!
[shimmering tone]
- The rest of you,
look for a place
we can make a bottleneck,
slow this stuff down
- What about you?
- Don't worry.
I'll be right behind.
[dramatic music]
Ugh, keep it together, Daisy.
You can do this.
[exciting music]
- Here! This is a good place
to dam it up!
- [grunts]
But it just eats
whatever we put in its way!
- Then we'll change its diet.
My webs are super light
and super strong.
Let's see it chew on those.
- Do it.
We'll buy you some time.
America, Patriot,
clear everything off the path.
If it likes to eat matter,
I'll try to hold it back
with a quake-blast,
keep it from reaching
anything else.
- [grunts]
- The vibrations are working!
Nice job, partner!
- [grunting]
- I'm good! Get out of there!
- I can't hold it!
- I didn't know
you could do that.
- Neither did I.
- Show-off.
- I learned from the best,
- Aw, yeah, alien goo!
How do ya like me now?
- Think it likes you a lot.
- What?
It has tentacles now?
Not cool!
- It didn't just absorb
the webbing.
It absorbed your powers!
- Run! Now!
[all panting]
- [groans]
Captain Marvel, Carol,
the anti-plasma is getting
bigger and more aggressive,
and it's also...adapting.
If you're on your way,
and I really hope you are,
please hurry.
- At least there are
fewer trees here.
It can't get as much
leverage from the grass.
- What if it didn't have
anything to grab at all?
Patriot, bring us down.
This is where
we make our stand.
- Hey there, you're okay.
I got you.
- Hurry it up, stretch.
That's right!
If you can't stand the heat,
get out of
- Ugh, tentacles,
I did not need tentacles
- Are there days
when you do?
- Huh?
- Ah.
- Hmm.
- Um-uh...
- Hey, don't mind them.
You were awesome.
[tentacles thrashing]
- Hang on.
I've got an idea.
Now melt it!
- Oh, awesome! I got you!
- Ms. Marvel, Inferno,
what's your status?
- Playground's clear.
- Great work.
Head on over to the meadow.
We could use your help.
[exciting music]
- You were right!
It isn't getting grip
on the bare dirt.
Ready for phase two!
- America, you're up.
- [groans]
- Good work.
Keep going!
- Hey, not sure
I can stay ahead
of this stuff much longer.
- Then we change our strategy.
Ghost-Spider, go.
Follow her with your webs.
- But the anti-plasma--
- Won't get near them.
You wanna set something
on fire?
Knock yourself out.
- Oh, yeah.
Light it up.
- Whoo-hoo!
- Uh, guys, really hate
to kill the mood,
but those webs are not
going to burn for long.
- You're right,
it's a temporary fix,
but we have to buy time
until Squirrel Girl
and Riri get back.
America, Ghost-Spider, Inferno,
extend those holes
to surround as much
of the anti-plasma as you can.
Everyone else, look for ways
to keep the fires going.
Got it?
- We've got it from here,
Now go help Tippy!
- [barks]
[shimmering tone]
- Whoa, oh.
Is the sidewalk spinning
or...just me?
- Don't worry, it'll pass.
Come on.
- Ahh!
- You're gonna love HQ.
We have all the best tech.
I mean, if you thought
teleporting was something,
just wait till you get
a load of this.
- Uh...
- Okay.
Any second now.
Come on!
- What are you doing?
- The elevator is supposed
to activate
as soon as the cameras read
the token on my brace--
Oh, my bracelet!
It's gone! I must have
lost it in the park.
Oh, no!
Okay, SG, don't panic.
Just call Daisy,
and she'll have Lockjaw
bring one of the others.
Except I can't, because
my comm is my token!
- Don't bother.
I've got everything
I need right here.
I built my first suit
in my stepdad's workshop
in our garage.
- Cool.
You guys made it together?
- No, he...
got killed in a car accident.
- Oh.
- After that, I kind of got
obsessed with fixing things.
[metal grinding]
- Riri! Riri!
Can you turn that thing off?
I texted you
three times yesterday.
Why didn't you get back to me?
I was worried.
- I'm fine.
I've just been really busy
with my suit lately.
That's all.
- Yeah, I noticed.
- It's important, Natalie.
This suit will help me
save lives.
- Our friendship used to be
important to you too.
- Oh, so I should spend
all my time doing what?
Hanging out?
I don't have time
to play anymore, Natalie.
Turns out, fixing things
isn't so simple.
It cost me
my best friend Natalie.
She tried to pull me
out of my head,
but I pushed her away.
Now AMI is the only one
who gets me.
- Or you just haven't met
the right people yet.
Until we found each other,
everyone on our team
felt pretty much like
you do now.
I'm just saying,
you shouldn't give up.
- [sighs]
Maybe you're right.
- Yeah, of course I'm right.
Now come on!
We've got an interface to build
and an antivirus to program.
- [chittering]
[dogs barking]
- Ah!
- [chittering]
[shimmering tone]
- [gasps]
- [chittering]
[shimmering tone]
[both gasp, panting]
[annoyed whimper]
- The fire is the only thing
containing this.
We need to create a barrier.
America, Ghost-Spider,
catch that tree.
[rock music]
- [groans]
- Squirrel Girl,
what's your status?
Please tell me
you're almost done,
'cause things here are
going from bad to worse.
Squirrel Girl?
Squirrel Girl, where are you?
- Squirrel Girl,
answer your comm.
- Uploading the antivirus now.
[electronic beeping]
- Upload confirmed.
- Now, hopefully America won't
mind if we borrow a car
to get back to the park.
It is an emergency, after all.
I, uh, don't suppose you know
how to drive a stick.
- I don't have a license.
But I do have a shortcut.
- Ahh.
When did you have time
to make jet boots?
- They aren't as complicated
as most people think.
- We're gonna be
such good friends!
[bell jingles]
- I cannot believe Karl
was out of chia-kale cakes.
He always makes a ton--
- Uh, was that
a flying squirrel girl?
- Wait, that looked like my--
[panicked grunts]
[dramatic music]
- It's too big.
The fire can't stop it.
- It's going to hit
the city like a tsunami.
- You got a plan, Daisy?
- Uh...
- Do you feel like
you feel too much
Out of reach
till you're out of touch
- Yes, I do.
Okay, we had the right idea
with the trenches,
but if we're going to buy
Squirrel Girl and Riri
the time they need,
we've got to think bigger.
Way, way bigger.
Get embiggened
and use your hands to make
the biggest mounds
of dirt you can.
Cover them in all the metal
you can find.
Then, Inferno, melt it down.
Let's see the anti-plasma
get past that.
Tippy, Lockjaw, find people
with nowhere to run
and teleport them to safety.
If you find a crowd, make
as many trips as you have to.
Work together.
Get it done.
- [squeals]
[shimmering tone]
- Oh, oh, oh
- As for the rest of you,
we're going airborne.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Let's go save the world.
- So if we lose our way
We're both
in this together
- This is my stop!
Drop me!
- Drop you?
When did you have time
to build a jacket glider?
- It's not as complicated
as most people think.
Actually, I've been
wearing it for weeks,
hoping for a chance
to test flight.
Now bombs away!
Flying Squirrel Girl out!
- We run the, we run the
- [gasps]
- [squealing]
[shimmering tone]
[confused squeals]
- We run the, we run the
Oh, we run the world
- Ooh.
- [chittering]
- Hey, don't worry.
I'm okay, T-T.
And you, what a good doggy!
Yes, you are!
Come here, big hug.
Oh, my God, yeah.
- [angry chittering]
- What, you've never seen
a teleporting dog before?
Then you're gonna get
a kick out of this.
- Team
- Let me through, AMI.
We can end this.
- This will end
when I end you.
- Having trouble with
your targeting subroutine?
Or does someone in there
not what to hit me?
- Is that why you
aren't firing back?
Afraid you'll hurt
your friend?
AMI is gone.
You're all alone.
- Not quite.
Can you hold off all of us?
[dramatic music]
- Hang on, AMI.
I'm here.
- Riri?
The virus is fighting back.
Your friends will pay
for your betrayal.
- Not if I have anything
to say about it.
- Target locked.
[weapon powering up]
- Come on, come on.
- Firing.
- Got it!
[electronic whirring]
AMI, is that you?
Only you?
- Yes.
Thank you, Riri.
I'm sorry.
- What? No, this wasn't
your fault, AMI.
You're gonna be fine.
We just have to override the
program and shut down the gate.
- Hala eliminated that option
when she destroyed the console.
The only way
to close the gate now
is to destroy
its power source.
- But...that's your
arc reactor.
AMI, no.
You won't survive!
We've been through
so much together, I--
You're all I have left.
- You must do it, Riri.
You cannot be a hero without
people to be a hero for.
[somber music]
- Good-bye, AMI.
- Good-bye, friend.
[dramatic music]
- [yells]
[confused chatter]
- Ha ha!
It worked!
- We did it!
- Oh. [chuckles]
[nervous chuckle]
- [chuckles]
- Carol is gonna be so mad.
- I got your messages.
[dramatic music]
- Captain Marvel, how--
how long have you been here?
- Not long.
What I thought was
a galactic distress call
turned out to be
a wild goose chase to Titan.
Must have been Hala trying
to get me out of the way.
I got back just in time to see
you didn't really need
an assist anymore.
Looks like I left
the right person in charge.
- But I made so many mistakes.
- You kept your cool,
called for backup,
and didn't give up.
You're still learning,
but if Hala underestimates
your team again,
she'll be in for a surprise.
- I'm sorry, AMI.
- [squeaks]
- We're sorry too.
- Thank you.
I just--
I don't know what I'm going
to do without her.
- Well, whatever you do,
we don't have
to do it alone, right?
I mean, you can if you want,
but after everything
you've been through,
it would be a shame
to lose heart now.
- My heart's not lost,
just a bit broken.
- Well, when you're ready.
If you want a friend,
you know where to find us.
[dark music]
- I'm just saying,
why do super villains always
dump their malfunctioning
doomsday devices in New Jersey?
It's so not cool.
- Intel was good.
Two cameras by the door.
We have to disable them both.
- Cameras disabled. Next?
[dramatic music]
- Oh, you changed the suit.
- Yeah.
Got the idea from a friend.
- You know, if you're
going to be a superhero,
you need a superhero name.
Girl of Iron?
Iron Lass?
Oh, I know, I know.
- Call me Ironheart.
- Okay.
stick with Squirrel Girl.
We hit the main doors on three.
Everyone ready?
One, two, three.
[all yelling]
- Team