Marvelous and the Black Hole (2021) Movie Script

What kind of monster
would do this?
It's been a rough year.
We're all just still
trying to adjust.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Sue was a really nice lady.
The mutants have us surrounded.
I knew we should've
built the walls higher.
But then I remembered
the rocket launcher, so,
Jean blasts it through the
windows and the suckers are all
Didn't you vanquish the mutants
the last time I was here?
We need to talk after dinner.
Yeah, but they come
back from the dead.
For you.
Are you okay, Sammy?
Hm. She hit a door, in the face.
Getting in trouble at school.
Hey, get back here!
I used to do roller
derby and the best way
to get rid of a black
eye is a hot compress.
Found that stuff lying around,
thought you might miss it
and wanna take it
back to your house.
How thoughtful.
You can put it in
one of my drawers.
Why are we eating Lou's
Express? I hate that place.
"Mm, I'm Sammy.
Everything sucks and I
can't get over myself."
Ow! It burns 'cause it's true!
Shut up!
Stop it, Sammy!
You know, I've been
too easy on you.
My parents used to work me hard
and punish me for much less.
Dr. Klein would say
that you're mostly
damaged from Grandma.
Oh, that idiot. What
a waste of money.
You know, when I feel
"meh", I work harder.
I don't have time to think
or to get into trouble.
He'd call that repression.
I don't wanna have
this talk right now,
but you're forcing it.
You're starting a class
at the community college.
Wait, what?
It's either that or
Camp Sparrow Cliff.
Summer is not a time
to just sit around.
I want good grades and
perfect attendance.
You mess this up and
it's straight to camp.
Got it?
And so that you're extra busy,
you can take over
Patricia's chores.
- Yes!
- Patricia?
Keep a close eye on your sister.
No more games if she
gets into trouble.
Let go of me!
I can't waste time policing
your plebeian butt!
I have a kingdom to protect!
I know what you really do
with your nasty friends.
"Oh, Jean, I need it
bigger and sharper!"
I'm telling him how
to forge a crossbow!
Kingdom Cog sucks!
Don't do anything stupid.
I chose a spa 'cause I
love the spa.
And I like helping people relax.
Smoothie drink. It's the
best one on the list.
And I want the doggy daycare,
because dogs are my life.
My best friend is
my puppers, Mr. Max.
Dave's got passion,
and a personal connection
to the business.
Good job, Dave.
Great. All right!
So, now!
Who's next?
How about our
youngest entrepreneur?
Come on up here.
Good business people always
have smiles. Okay, great.
I can't decide.
I mean, I'm not really
into any of these.
Oh, um...
All right, well, let's get
you into it, all right?
Just throw away the paper.
Throw away the list.
Throw it away, great.
Dig deep.
What is your passion
and how do we turn that
passion into money?
Go big.
I guess maybe a store that
sells dishes and stuff?
It'd look like a regular shop,
except you can take a
bat and break everything.
Oh, and then you could
like charge customers extra
if they wanted to upgrade
to an ax or something-
Yeah, um, I think the overhead
would be really enormous.
Okay, do you have
any other ideas?
A euthanasia service
that comes to your door.
Okay, Sammy, I get the
feeling that you're afraid.
to go
- that dream.
- What dream?
It's okay to be scared.
You can only grow
by pushing yourself
beyond your comfort zone.
In the uncomfort zone, okay?
You have until the end of
the class to figure it out.
All of your assignments
will be based upon the
business that you choose.
And at the end of the semester,
you will give a presentation
of your prospectus in
front of a panel of judges.
Your next assignment is to
find someone in your business
and interview them, all right?
Really get to know them.
Where are you going?
Taking a shit.
Try fiber.
You were grunting in
there for a while.
What happened there?
Fist fight.
Three against one.
Totally beat their ass.
Looks like it.
You're bleeding.
Oh, crap!
You remind me of me
when I was your age.
You wish, lady.
I wasted a lot of
time being angry.
Are you a teacher or something?
- No.
- Then get lost.
You can't smoke in here.
Come on!
Just let me go back to class!
Quit whinin',
we're almost there.
My life is over if I
get in trouble again!
- Sorry we're late.
- Oh, thank god you're here!
She's gonna be my
assistant today.
I'm what?
Great, you can start right now!
Okay, stand over there and
pay attention to my cues.
Or would you rather go
to the admissions office?
I'm sure your parents would
love to get a call from them.
Get over there.
- What's your name?
- Sammy.
Ah, it'll do.
Where's that pesky ball?
It's in your hair!
It's in my hair?
Now I gotcha.
This ball has been trying
to get away from me,
but now I've got it and
it's not going anywhere.
Wait a minute.
Where'd it go?
Oh, I see it.
I see it, I see it!
You forget that
ball. It is an annoying ball.
I have a story to tell you
guys. Everybody huddle in close.
Long ago and far away,
the sun shined big and bright
over a beautiful village.
Everyone was happy there.
But one day, an ancient evil
descended upon the land.
It swallowed the sun.
It became so dark that all
the flowers and trees died,
and the animals left.
I can't handle this!
It's all right, Levi.
Hang in there, because
some very brave villagers
decided to band together
to fight the darkness.
They gathered all the candles
and lamps in the village,
to make light.
Here's a candle.
Here's a candle and lamp.
Candles and lamps for everyone.
Here we go, but
aside from light,
what else do flowers
and trees need to grow?
Using this new light,
the villagers gathered all
the water they could find.
They looked for water
leftover from faucet drips
and at the bottoms of buckets
and even in unexpected places
like under chairs.
You see anything?
Yes! Good!
And now, welcome Sammy,
our water collector.
Sammy's a little shy so let's
give her some encouragement!
All right, and hand her your
water drips as she goes by.
They won't bite. Here you go.
Oh, she's doing a good job.
The villagers sprinkled the
water over the barren land.
Aim it at me and spray.
The trigger.
And all the plants returned.
And the creatures returned, too.
Sensing how fearless
the villagers were,
the ancient evil grew weak,
and left to recover
in the shadows.
The villagers knew that the
evil would one day return,
but until then, we celebrate!
Don't eat it!
Sammy! What did you
think of the show?
Oh, you mean my kidnapping?
I was held hostage and forced
to watch some corny bullshit.
I thought you
were enjoying the magic.
It's not real.
Oh, yeah? Then how did I do it?
You stuff a bunch of
crap up your sleeve
and then pull it out your ass.
Sammy! Sammy!
Where have you been?
It's already the first day of
class and you're skipping it?
This is unacceptable.
I was talking to
this businesswoman,
getting a headstart
on the assignment.
Oh, yes. Margot Sala.
Well, magic is not
on the approved list,
but if that is your passion,
go for that dream,
but come to class.
- It's nice meeting you, Margot.
- You too.
Keep it! It's yours.
I am not doing magic
for this stupid class!
Your loss.
Adverti... Accounting, wow.
Maybe you can do my taxes
next year.
Don't you feel better now
that you're applying yourself?
I thought we weren't allowed
to have this in the house?
Well, that wasn't
really my rule.
I actually used to
really like it as a kid.
Hey, we're just
finishing dinner.
Sorry, the line at
the store was so long.
Oh. We, uh, saved
you some drumsticks.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
And we can crack open
that durian after dinner.
You got it?
I'm a little scared,
but bring it on.
Hey. Yeah, yeah,
I'll talk to them.
Hey, uh, this is Quong Jo.
It's gonna take a while.
You don't have to stay.
It's no problem.
Hey. Yeah, I'll be on my
computer in just a minute.
I gotta tell you, this whole...
Hey. Hang out a little.
I have homework.
Sammy, my sweet girl,
are you tucked in tight?
This one is called the
Empress and the Moon.
There once was an empress
who was loved by
all in her kingdom.
She was so beloved, even
the gods were jealous.
So they spiked her tea
with a cursed potion
that made her
weightless and immortal.
The poor empress floated higher
and higher until she reached
the Moon where she was
doomed to be alone forever.
The empress watched
helpless as her kingdom
cried out for her every night.
But one day, she
heard a loud crash
on the other side of the Moon.
A visitor had landed.
It was a space rabbit.
The empress was terrified
and hightailed it
back to her side.
And for a while,
they were both lonely
on opposite sides of the Moon.
Finally, the empress decided
to give the strange creature
a chance and bravely
invited it to sit with her.
They begin talking
then sharing stories.
Turns out they had
a lot in common.
They still sit
together every night
to watch over her kingdom
and if you look up,
you can see the rabbit and
the empress looking back.
Goodnight, my
sweet, amazing girl.
Can't see shit.
Okay, that'll do it for
today. Thanks, guys.
Hey, Sammy, can I talk
to you for a second?
Some of these answers
sound a bit odd.
That's just how she talks.
"How she talks."
musicians started in the 1800s.
Sometimes they use mirrors,
tigers and short assistants."
And then it's just
a word-for-word copy
of the Wikipedia
entry for magicians.
Can I just do a
different business?
Sure! If you had
come to me earlier.
But you tried to pull
this on me instead!
- But I-
- No excuses.
Nothing great ever comes easy.
What if Jobs and
the Woz had given up
when their first
computer failed?
The who?
Do it again. And this
time, talk to Margot.
Or I'm gonna have to fail you.
I thought you weren't interested
in my what did you call it,
um, "corny bullshit."
I need you to fill this out.
You want me to do your homework?
Look, I can't just
give you this info.
I am sworn to secrecy by
the rules of my society!
Who's in this society?
Jugglers? Assholes?
Why would I waste time on
someone who isn't serious
- about what I do?
- Wait!
Fine. I'm sorry.
I've got five dollars and...
Let's see.
A Boba card.
Prove to me you're
worthy of my answers.
Come back tomorrow at four.
If you can figure out how
I did any of my tricks,
I'll fill this out.
"String magic."
Paper magic.
Oriental magic?
Add some mystique to your act
by performing as a silent
conjurer from the Far East.
"Complete the look with a
black wig and orange makeup."
"Tenkai palm."
Conceal the card in between
the thumb and palm center.
Maneuver the first
and second fingers
to grip the top of the card.
"Pull forward to reveal."
Get up. Dad's on my
butt about the chores.
I'll get to it.
Whoa, are you doing magic?
Show me a trick.
Get out!
Shut up!
Okay, fine.
Close your eyes.
Cover them, too.
You can look now.
You may think pulling a card
out of thin air is impossible,
but you're wrong, bitch.
I saw the card in your hand.
You should work on that.
You know, I control a
whole army of wizards.
Maybe you can work
for me someday.
If you ever stop sucking.
I can come in today,
whatever the time is.
Uh, I'll grab the drives
and I'll be right there.
I'll see you at
the office in 20.
I figured out your tricks.
You turn off the lights
to create a distraction.
Then you use palming to
make the balls appear.
The flowers are retractable,
like a feather duster.
And I'm guessing you use
some sort of rigged
pocket for the rabbit and-
- Sebastian.
- Huh?
The rabbit's name is Sebastian.
And your front palm
would be more impressive,
if you switched hands
halfway through, like this.
So I'm right?
Are you gonna help me with
this assignment or not?
You're close, but you're
missing the point.
- Hand me your smokes.
- No.
I'll give 'em back!
Be careful.
Hold out your hands.
This stuff will kill ya.
But who am I to take away
from your agonizing
Oh and where did I put that?
Ah, yeah.
You see, magic is about making
an audience feel something.
Ideally, it would be
a sense of wonder,
but I'd settle for
mild rage in your case.
You have some raw talent, but
smoking will ruin your hands,
if it doesn't kill you first.
So? I don't care
about this stuff.
How are ya?
I love this.
Looks so good.
New bag of tricks, see.
My new gravity coin finally
in. It is the real deal.
Oh. Didn't know we had company.
We don't, but I'll
be right in. Go on.
Are you having a party?
My weekly salon.
I'd invite you in, but
secret society and all that.
I don't wanna meet your
loser friends anyway.
Oh, Sammy.
These will work better
than that punch card.
What are we doing here?
Have a good time.
I'm gonna need more than that.
Ready for fun?
You got one.
That's a start.
Come on, come on!
Come on.
- Last one.
- Yeah, neat.
I love it.
I'm 64 short.
This sucks.
What're you trying to get?
How much to buy it?
It's fine.
I'll just pick something else.
Hang on a minute.
Where did you get...
Cream soda and a lemon-lime.
- Thanks, Dad.
- Thanks.
You guys having a good time?
Uh, well, I uh...
I wanted to talk to you
both about something.
Well, uh...
I care a lot about Marianne,
and she cares a lot about me,
and she really cares
a lot about you both.
And, well, uh...
We wanted to take the
next step and get married.
You're such an asshole!
I mean, I can't believe
you're doing this to us!
You've only been dating
her for six months!
I know you're upset, but you
can't talk to me like that!
I'm never coming out!
Stay in there!
All right, you okay?
Looks worse than it is.
I don't wanna talk about it.
Feels good.
No way.
Just try it!
Go on! It's not gonna hurt ya.
Feel better?
So, should I be
expecting any more
of these late-night visits?
I'm gonna have to start
charging for first aid supplies.
You know, did you ever think
of channeling that rage
into something, um, less smashy?
Oh, god.
And I suppose you want me
to start calling myself.
"The Spectacular Sammy".
Hey, that has a ring to it.
Right here is good.
But seriously, I
could teach you.
I wasn't lying when I
said you had talent.
Maybe I'll stop by sometime.
We start tomorrow!
There once was an empress
who was loved by
all in her kingdom.
For example, a worker who has
to manage only one action,
like slicing bread
or layering meats,
are far more efficient
than their counterparts
who have to assemble
the entire sandwich.
That only makes sense. Everybody
understands that logic.
Right? It's just, it's
the McDonald's theory.
You know, when you put
something together,
you want each individual
person to put one thing
to contribute to the whole.
Hi, Sammy.
Um... Well, just give
me a second, okay?
Were you stealing toilet
paper from the school?
Where I get my stash is
none of your concern.
Take a seat.
- Did you bring your cards?
- Yeah.
Excellent. Take 'em out.
Nice case. Now show
me your shuffle.
This is stupid!
Because you're
holding it stupid.
Okay, look. This is
called a Biddle grip.
Your first finger goes here,
followed by the rest over here.
Okay, yep. Now you do
the same with both hands.
Try again, but use only the
smallest amount of force.
Can I?
He really hates me.
Well, you have to
earn his trust.
Every magician needs
a great assistant,
and Sebastian's the best.
He can squeeze into tight spaces
and he always knows exactly
where he needs to be.
Sometimes he surprises me.
But he's always in
the right place.
Aren't ya?
Here ya go.
How do I earn his trust?
You kinda look like this lady.
In the picture.
Oh! Yeah, that's my mom.
- She seems cool.
- Oh, she absolutely fearless.
Is that your house?
It was my Noggy Momma's.
People would address letters
to the pink house on the hill,
and the postman would know
exactly where to bring them.
I used to love spending
summers there.
That was a long time ago.
Can I join your next party?
You're not quite there yet,
but keep at it, though.
What's that for?
It's how you earn his trust.
This game is broken.
Oh, Dad, you're crushing it.
Where's Sammy?
Working on her assignment.
She seems better. I guess the
classes are paying off, oh!
Wait, you're gonna
run into that wall.
We're playing a game I'm
working on. You wanna try it?
I'm kinda busy.
Jump, jump.
Well, look, I know this
is a lot to take in.
Sue will always be your mom.
I hope that you can think of me
as a new member of the family.
And if you ever wanna
talk or anything-
I'm fine.
What's up?
It's our fee. We
just got stiffed.
Well, that's messed up.
Yeah, it happens.
We gotta do something.
You ready?
What is all this?
Yeah, check it out.
Why do you perform
mainly for kids?
I mean, you're probably
good enough for adults.
I just like seeing them laugh.
There you are, Vega.
There you are, Dave.
You should start
putting together an act.
- I should?
- Yeah!
Well, I mean, you still
have a lot of work to do,
but people should see it.
I guess?
First thing we gotta
do is figure out
what does Sammy the
magician do and why?
Can't I just do a couple of
tricks and call it a day?
You should tell a story.
Think of a feeling or a problem,
and give it a shape
with a magic prop.
Dr. Klein tried to make me
do the exact same thing.
"Imagine your anger as a person.
What would they say?"
I couldn't take him seriously.
So my anger people
wouldn't have mouths.
Just big assholes for faces.
I don't know what to
say about anything.
Well, if you think about
your dad and Marianne,
how would you make
a trick about that?
And then I'd just walk away!
That's not magic.
That's murder.
Whatever. You said
it could be anything!
Well, it has the emotion, but
where's the transformation?
The awe!
Do you seriously
do all this stuff?
All the greats do.
Oh. Oh, Sammy, wait a minute.
I almost forgot
to give you this.
Don't open it
until you get home.
Can I stay out a
little on Friday?
You know the rules.
Get your butt straight
home after class.
It's for extra credit.
We're gonna watch a
documentary about banks.
I'm not stupid, Sammy.
What nefariousness
are you up to?
I just really need
to boost my grade.
I swear.
Dad's gonna be
working late anyway,
so you don't even
have to do anything.
Just don't rat on me.
You're gonna get me in trouble.
Get extra credit some other way.
No, a dragon attack!
Ah, ah, ah. You can play
after you finish yours.
But it'll take forever!
Well, better get
started then, hm?
Are these gonna be enough?
Don't worry.
It's just a party for everyone
to get to know each other.
They're gonna love you.
I know how we can
finish hella fast.
But, I get to stay out
a little on Friday.
It's way faster if I
do all the toothpicks
and you do all the ribbons
'cause specialist workers
are much more efficient
than multitasking ones.
Did you learn that in class?
Do you, Sammy Ko,
promise to never reveal our
magical secrets to a layman?
Do you promise never to
embarrass your fellow conjurers
by performing bad magic?
Will do my best?
And lastly, did you
bring a worthy snack?
Welcome to the
Gathering of Scoundrels.
Now let's jam!
Oh, dear. Really.
- Come on.
- Okay, so...
Yeah, she's heard
this story, maybe.
So I go to this casino,
right? Like a small casino.
I'm not gonna go to a big
casino, 'cause you don't wanna...
Not you, she shouldn't
do this. Don't do this.
This is not good.
And so I go to this
casino and I make friends
with the dealer, I sit at
the table, we're talking.
"Oh, I've never
played cards before."
So, I mean, like, who
suspects this guy, right?
Look at this honest face, right?
So I just do a little,
mm-mm-mm, and...
I clean him out.
You must be loaded.
Oh, I did all right,
until some pit boss
from some backwards
casino recognized me.
Did a couple of
months for that one.
- He did. He did.
- I did.
So, I gave it up, I went honest,
and now I get by gigging
with, uh, Miss Mm-Hm,
and uh, I work part-time
at the Jumbo Stop.
But it still sneaks out
every once in a while.
Teach me.
Absolutely not.
Oh, Puck!
Oh, Puck!
- Oh, oh, oh!
- Oh, oh, oh!
Bye. Got your bird?
Good, good.
- Mm, goodnight.
- Night.
Can't wait for next Saturday.
What's Saturday?
Oh, uh, the Marvelous
Gang are going on tour.
Yeah, we got
a last-minute booking
- doing the state fair circus.
- That sounds cool!
How long are you guys gone for?
Three weeks.
Um, it was really nice
meeting you, Sammy.
You too, Puck.
I guess I'll help you clean up.
Thanks! That'd be great.
Is your family still
there in Tallya?
Tallya. My family and I got
separated when I was little.
I don't really know
where anyone is now.
Not even your parents?
My parents died a while ago.
That sucks.
Have you tried looking for
other people in your family?
Yeah, once.
I even hired an investigator.
That was a waste.
But I don't really
think about it anymore.
But what about online?
Social media and DNA tests
are connecting people
like all the time.
That is just a thinly-veiled way
for the state to get your info.
But they could
still be out there.
I think it's gettin' late.
How about I finish
up and you go home?
I'll walk you to
the door. Come on.
- It was such a good night.
- Uh-huh.
Where were you tonight?
I told you. Watching
a movie for class.
Shut your dumb face.
Your teacher called.
He said you haven't
been going to class.
He didn't know anything
about the movie tonight.
Where were you?
I'm telling Dad.
Don't! He'll send me to
that awful jail camp!
Then you better have a
fatty stack of Kingdom Coin.
You are such a narc!
I'm just doing what I was told.
Why are you so cool with
everything that's happening?
It's like...
Like you don't even
miss Mom at all.
Why are you showing me this?
Jean doesn't know
about this section.
Remember when Mom said flamingos
had taken over the yard?
Yeah and Dad said they
only live near big lakes.
So Mom said, "they
took a plane!"
This Margot.
Is she a Voldemort?
She's like a kid's party wizard.
She's kinda helping
me with some stuff.
Dad would freak if he knew
you were skipping class
to do magic with a stranger.
Please don't tell him.
You have to go back to school.
And stop being so, you know,
"I'm Sammy and
everything is pain."
I'm trying.
Three weeks is a long time.
I'll be back before you know it.
I wish you could be there
tomorrow to see us off.
Me too!
But my dad is throwing
that stupid party.
I just, I don't know
how I'm gonna handle it.
Focus on your act.
Have you thought of a story yet?
My mom was good at
telling stories.
I used to have these
crazy nightmares where
I'd wake up in the middle
of the night screaming.
The only thing that could calm
me down was my mom's stories.
She's gone.
But I still listen
to a tape she made.
Even though it hurts to.
It's hella dumb.
You never get over
losing loved ones.
I mean, you'll heal, but,
you won't be the same.
I'm glad we met.
I feel like we should
celebrate. Do something big.
I can't. I have school.
Well, I guess this is it, then.
You know, it's just one class.
Are you sure this is safe?
Don't chicken out on me.
I'm not.
What's your design?
It's gotta be grand.
Something worthy of permanence.
You're overthinking it.
Oh! I got it, I got it.
How about something that says
a bond that can't be broken?
Not by time, or space.
Sammy and Margot forever.
I've got it!
Stay still, and
uh, bite on this.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
Are you serious?
Hey, Sammy!
You're gonna be okay.
Just work on your act!
Marianna and I met at
a very difficult time,
and she's embraced me,
Sammy and Patricia,
and brought happiness
back into our lives.
It's been very nice
meeting the Ravels.
And thank you to my
family for coming.
As many of you
know, I'd lost hope
of ever feeling like I'd find
this kind of connection again,
but then I met Angus.
And the biggest gift
is that I get to be a
member of the Ko family.
Sammy and Patricia
are incredible girls,
and I can't wait to see what
wonderful women they become.
Try again.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
I'll see you out there, Dad.
Well, I'm gonna take them home.
Good party.
Mm, you got a little lips there.
Bye, Sammy. Bye, Pat.
Hi, this is Leo Zigora
from Tri City Community College.
I'm calling to let you know
that I have to fail Sammy
for lack of attendance.
She hasn't been to
school in several weeks.
Sammy's been skipping school
to hang out with a wizard lady.
- What? What lady?
- I don't know!
Her name's Margot. She's
teaching Sammy magic.
Let's go. How could
you let this happen?
She lied to me, too!
When I found out, I said she
had to go back to school.
Can I still play Kingdom Cog?
- But you said if I-
- Bring in your computer.
Sammy, I've tried.
I've paid for your therapy.
Bailed you out at school.
Paid for classes
to keep you busy.
- I am busy now.
- With magic.
Why didn't you ask me about it?
Instead, you chose to lie to me.
You even infected Patricia
with your bad behavior.
You're always working!
You don't care about
how I feel at all!
Your mom's death has
been hard on all of us.
For me, your sister.
But the difference is,
we go about our day
trying to keep it together.
For some reason, you think a
different set of rules apply.
You hurt people.
I've thought a lot about
this and there's a spot open
at Sparrow Cliff and
you start tomorrow.
I'll run away!
You wouldn't last
a day out there.
Start packing.
Pat! I want that computer now!
- Thank you so much.
- You're welcome.
- Two more and Sebastian.
- Oh, yeah, Sebastian.
Hey, what're you doing here?
I wanna come on tour with you.
Is something wrong?
Everything's good. Let's go!
- Sammy!
- No.
What's goin' on?
So you're the ones that've
been messing with my kid.
Okay, just take it easy.
Do you have any
idea how hard it is?
How much I worry about her?
You don't have to
worry about me anymore!
I'm leaving with Margot.
What? No, wait,
hang on a second.
Can we all just stop
and talk this out?
It might sound a little crazy,
but you like kids and I'm one!
We could work out an
emancipated minor thing.
Oh, that's not gonna happen!
Please, Margot.
You have a family.
So it's a no?
Please, can we just talk?
You know, I should
call the police on you.
- She didn't do anything-
- You stay out of this!
Don't you have a family?
Or friends your own age?
Why are you hanging
around with my daughter?
Look, I was just
trying to help her!
Fuck all of you!
What're you doing?
Am I
still going to Sparrow Cliff?
It's not the right time.
I knew it was too soon.
I'm so sorry, Marianne.
Hey, I just...
Chris is gonna take
over the client.
I just, need
to be with my family.
Now it's a party.
I'm gonna get some fresh air.
Hey, Sammy.
Margot left town right
after we got back.
You inspired her to start
looking for her family again.
I mean, she tried to get
a hold of you, but...
Anyway, she left all
of her props to you.
Get rid of it.
I don't do that anymore.
Even Sebastian?
Do whatever you want.
I think I will hang onto
him, if you don't mind.
Hey, did Margot ever tell
you why she got into magic?
Seeing kids smile or some shit.
What a creep.
You know, Margot was just a
girl when she lost her family.
Come here.
Sit down.
You should know.
So, Margot grew up in Budapest,
and one day, she was at
a march with her parents
and soldiers started
shooting into the crowd.
Her parents were hit.
Margot tried to save
them but she couldn't.
Blood was everywhere.
She said it was like roses
blooming all over their bodies.
Her grandmother sent her here.
They thought she'd be
safer with friends,
but being away from home and
not knowing what happened
to the rest of her family was...
It was really hard.
Someone found her,
unconscious in the bathtub.
She spent the next few weeks
at a hospital, recovering.
Still wishing she hadn't
survived and then one day,
a magician showed
up on the kids ward.
And he made her laugh.
Something she didn't
think was possible again.
I miss you.
Hey, Puck!
I brought some ideas!
Let's get to work, then.
Sammy, stop!
- Just keep your eyes closed.
- What are you doing?
Turn, turn, turn.
Open your eyes.
Everything okay?
Something's happened with Sammy.
We're at 224 Oakwood, come now!
Dad, hurry up!
- Is Sammy okay?
- Hurry, this way.
Just follow me!
You know, we want to
pamper those little helpers
because your depression
might be bringing them down
and they might need a break.
They might need a
day out, from you.
- I wanna present.
- Oh, goodness.
You haven't been to
class. You failed out.
Yeah, well I'm here now.
I'm going on.
Do you even have a report?
It's all in here.
Worked really hard on this.
I want to reach
Okay! Okay, yes.
You can go on, but just
make it quick, okay?
All right, go ahead.
Come on.
- Yeah.
- Oh, my god.
- Hey, how's it goin'?
- Hi.
We know that your best friend
means the world to you.
We plan to have
very rigorous staff-
What the hell is happening?
Just watch the show.
What show?
Just look.
Is Sammy all right?
She texted it was an emergency.
Just watch the show.
So always remember, at
Dave's Doggy Daycare,
we'll bring your puppers
up from a canine to a K-10.
So remember, when you're
thinking about the presentations
at the end of the day...
Oh, hold on! Hi!
Uh, we actually have
one more presentation.
Just one more, I promise.
Okay, great.
I'm Sammy.
And I'm gonna tell you a story.
It's kinda weird, but...
Here it is, anyway.
This is just angry
teenage rambling.
There once was an empress
who everyone really liked.
But the gods were
jealous of her.
So they banished her
to the Moon forever.
She was really sad
because she was all alone,
and she missed people.
But one day,
the Cosmic Rabbit was
running through the skies.
The rabbit saw the lonely
empress and set off for the Moon,
'cause it was lonely, too.
Together, they turned that
barren space rock into a home.
They're still there now.
And if you look closely...
You can see them looking back.
That's it.
What'd you think about the show?
Your mom would've loved that.
I'm glad you're all right.
That was pretty incredible.
Maybe I'll let you be
my assistant sometime.