Mary (2019) Movie Script

- Mommy! Mommy!
- Mom!
Get out of here! My babies!
David, hurry!
Coast Guard helicopter 362.
One and two, prepare.
One and two.
One VIP pass aboard.
Coast Guard flight,
cleared as requested.
1020, 4-10.
Evening, Lieutenant.
Lydia Clarkson, Atlanta field.
Good evening, ma'am.
Lieutenant Pauls.
Welcome to Jacksonville.
God only knows what the hell
happened out there.
Let's find out.
- Mrs. Greer. Thank you.
- Ma'am.
I'm Special Agent
Lydia Clarkson.
I'm going to be handling
your case from here on in.
They needed some help.
I see medical already
checked you out.
And besides some bruises
and dehydration,
seems you're in
remarkable condition.
My girls.
Yes, your... your daughters,
they're fine.
And they're here
right on the Coast Guard base.
Yes, I know that,
but I want to see them.
You have to help me get to them.
I will.
I just need you
to compromise with me
and tell me what happened
on the boat.
We can start by telling me what
is the last thing you remember?
How did you end up
floating on debris
in the middle of open channels?
He tried to fight it, but... the end, he couldn't.
So I put her
on the bottom of the sea.
Why haven't you told anybody
this before?
Because they wouldn't
believe me.
And neither will you.
Talk to me.
What happened?
Evil needs a body to exist.
The body was that boat.
Center Jacksonville,
this is Marlin.
We are on sea with what appears
to be an abandoned vessel.
Marlin, Roger.
Request vessel description
and persons on board.
Center, no activity
or visible persons aboard.
Vessel is a sailboat,
shows signs of damage
due to prolonged time at sea.
Name of vessel is Mary...
Launching boarding team
to investigate.
Marlin, Roger.
All standing by
for boarding update.
Boarding team,
this is Marlin, over.
Marlin, Marlin One,
boarding sailing vessel Mary.
- Thank you.
- Thanks, Captain.
- Thank you.
- Hi.
- You have a good time?
- It was great, thanks.
Hey, Brian, that's a nice red.
- Hey, Tommy!
- Yeah?
- Fillet Brian's red, will ya?
- Yeah.
He's the best captain
in Florida.
I've got this guy, David Greer.
Of course he'll work
on the holidays.
He's my guy.
He'll bust his ass for you.
There be our future charter,
Come on,
opening bid starts in 10.
Beautiful specimen.
36 tons.
You know your ships.
My father had one for years.
Ketch was the first boat
I ever set foot on.
Makes me feel like a kid
just looking at her.
They don't make them
like this anymore.
She has a soul.
Indeed. Just needs to find
her captain.
The forecast, plenty
of sunshine through today
with seasonal temperatures.
We should reach our normal high
of 82 degrees
by this afternoon.
Mary Greer, get out here and
help your sister set the table.
I want a tattoo.
Tommy said it didn't hurt.
Tommy has mutilated
enough of his body.
It's all numb to him.
Mommy, it feels weird.
You know the drill, Crab Cakes.
You gotta stop wiggling it.
It'll come out when it's ready.
But I want it out now.
Go, go, go help your sister.
Hey. Hey.
How'd the Resmo look?
So cool!
That's my name.
And her name is Mary!
How more perfect can that get?
David, you told me were
just gonna take a look,
and that was supposed to be
the Resmondo.
I, uh, had to make a choice.
Got some distress, but she's
pretty healthy for an old gal.
- Smells like dog poop.
- That's rotten wood.
It even has some ramshackle
on the deck, see?
- What's that?
- Bits and pieces of other ships.
Even older.
This is the find of a lifetime.
- It's special.
- Okay.
And how are we even
supposed to come up
with the other 180,
minus the deposit?
We sell the cars
and we go from there.
Mike said he will come in
as a side partner for 20.
Mike is supposed to stop you
from doing something stupid
like this.
David! David!
- We have to be practical.
- Practical?
Sarah, God knows we've been
through the mill this year,
and I am not getting
any younger.
I need to captain my own boat.
It's the only way to get ahead.
I can't work for Jay's scraps
for the rest of my life.
We can fix up the hull
and make this a family cruiser,
take people anywhere
they wanna go.
And even better,
it comes with a story.
Set sail on the mysterious
Mary Gail, found...
We were supposed to have
a fishing boat,
not a goddamn tourist trap!
Mary has to go to the bathroom.
Does the head work?
I don't know, baby.
That's an outstanding question.
- David, does the head work?
- No.
Marina's closest.
I'll go. I need some fresh air.
It's hot as hell in here.
Okay. There are spiders, too,
just so you know that.
Yeah, sure we paid extra
for those.
Lindsey, look!
What are you doing?
Look what I can do!
It's $260 with the work.
We'll never turn a profit
in the first two years.
Yeah, and it'll take a miracle
to renovate her hull.
I know.
Look, I'm sorry.
I, uh... I should have
called you first.
But there was, I don't know,
something about her.
I can't... I can't explain it.
I was just...
I was just drawn to her.
It's a 50-year-old ketch
with a siren bust,
and it needs work.
So do we.
I-I just thought
that this was something
that we could finally make ours.
You know, something that could
take us to a better place.
I'm sorry.
No, David, stop. No.
Please don't ask
for my forgiveness.
I'm the one
that needs forgiving.
I'm the idiot.
Please forgive me.
I do.
I have. Okay?
And you're right. It's a...
It's a hunk of an old ship.
There's something about it
that feels right.
It feels like us again.
In this boat, I see our future.
A future with a rusted hull
and torn sails
and a clogged toilet.
And spiders.
Don't forget the spiders.
So when do we launch?
Oh, God.
What have you got us into?
- You ready?
- Yeah!
- Mary, you ready?
- Yeah!
Okay, rabbit goes
through the hole.
- Yup.
- Around the tree.
- Out of the hole.
And then... this way?
No? I know.
I felt...
Takes some practice.
No shit.
Clear 220 to Abaco.
Make the turn at Harold's Cay
at around 14 knots
and then full sailing
into Hamilton.
Abaco to Bermuda,
hell of a final stretch, Cap.
You know, it's all blue, and
we'll have the wind at our back,
- inboard on reserve.
- All right.
Okay, official family test run.
6:00 a.m., all hands on deck.
Aye-aye, Captain!
Argh, treading
thee cursed waters
of the Devil's Triangle
on a right ghost ship.
Jay, put down that Cuervo
and quit scaring my young'un
to death.
I'm not scared, Mommy.
I think it's cool.
- And she has my name.
- Yeah, who was Mary anyway?
It's undetermined.
Last owner was William Sanfree.
He was a naval officer
from Georgia.
Plan was to travel the world.
And instead,
the ship turned up empty.
Everybody missing
in the high seas.
I'd hate to lose a good captain.
If I were you,
I would double-check
all those Coast Guard
salvage reports.
Yeah, well, those reports,
they all checked out.
Don't mean they're right.
In these very waters,
there's a dozen ships
was just found floating
all by their lonesome.
No crew, no evidence of piracy,
You ever wonder what happened
to those people?
Yeah, well,
there's always gonna be
a mystery or two behind a ship.
It adds to the spirit.
Oh, heck, ghost ship or not,
it's a beautiful gal
with a beautiful name.
Here's to Captain David Greer,
best helmsman I ever had
on one of my two-bit boats.
How about a speech, Cap?
- No!
- Yeah!
All right!
To friends and shipmates.
Mike, without your help
and support,
I couldn't have pulled this off.
To my beautiful wife,
who was a fine
fisherman's daughter,
who has sacrificed a great deal
to raise our two
beautiful girls,
all of whom I love and cherish
every day of my life.
Endless horizons...
Endless horizons
and new beginnings.
- New beginnings.
- New beginnings.
I'll drink to that!
Okay, it's time. Come on.
Get over here, come on, photo!
Tommy should get
in the photo, too.
You and Tommy
have six billion selfies.
You can take one family photo.
- I know.
- You press that, I guess.
Okay, good, don't screw up.
All right, count of three.
- Everyone say "Mary".
- Mary!
- Mary!
- Mary!
Three, two, one.
Uh-oh, somebody check
that boy's I.D.
You just dropped my phone.
Yeah, hey, it's cool.
- You all right?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Aw, look at that.
I want to see.
Sirens call the ships
out to sea.
She's supposed to be good luck.
And of course
she has to be half-naked.
Nice siren, Tommy.
Wrap it up.
Let the waves crash over you
Let the waves crash over you
Let them send you out to sea
You're safely out to sea
You hungover
from the margaritas?
No, I'm just... I don't know.
Yeah, maybe.
Me, too.
Mike and Tommy
are already topside.
We're gonna have to
watch that kid.
He thinks he can reel in our
daughter with those cheap tats.
Yours worked on me.
You know, Jay thinks that
the wood on the siren bow,
it dates back over 300 years.
- Wow.
- I mean, wow, what a find.
Greeks thought sirens were
just demons in disguise.
And the ships are at
their beck and call.
I'm less worried about demons
and more worried about
that shitty loan rate.
It's gonna be okay.
I feel it.
I just want to make you proud.
I am proud.
You're the captain.
You're my captain.
Are you sure about that?
- Yes.
- Nothing in the rearview?
No, it's just us now.
Clear sailing.
- Clear sailing.
- Yes.
- Aah!
- Gotcha!
Hey, let her up! Up!
- Ohh.
- Aah!
- Oh, shoot. You got it?
- Yeah.
Hands down!
Watch this.
Whoo-hoo! Yeah!
Boys and gals,
y'all got some wind.
Trim's looking good.
Lift the main.
It's gonna catch right there
in an hour.
- Aye-aye.
- Hey.
Mike wants to know,
chicken or grouper?
- Chicken.
- Grouper.
Chicken's cool, I guess.
Rockin' bikini.
What's happened
to the rest of it?
Where are your surf shorts?
There's no surfing
on a sailboat, Dad.
Copy that.
Hey, what do you want,
chicken or grouper?
Where's your sister?
Um, Picasso's deep into
her latest masterpiece.
I have no control over her.
Help Mike with the sides,
watch and learn.
You'll be doing it for real
paying customers come season.
Is it true?
What's that?
What Jay said
about boats just turning up
with no crew on board,
vanishing into the ether?
Jay had one too many
free tequilas.
Plus he's sore about losing
his best captain.
No one just vanishes.
Stuff happens on the open seas,
and not all of it's good.
You know that.
Kind of like on land, huh?
Go help Mike.
And put on some shorts before
your dad has a heart attack.
Mary Greer.
You wanna tell me why
this door's locked?
We're drifting.
Let the waves crash over you
Let the waves
- Tommy.
Crash over you
Let them send you out to sea
Safely out to sea
Till you...
Tommy, why'd you
raise the anchor?
She wants us to keep going.
Oh, my God! Tommy.
Tommy, come downstairs.
Tommy, come on!
That's an order!
Stop it! Stop it!
Tommy never said a word
after that.
He just shut down completely.
We had to drop him off in Abaco.
So you abandoned him?
You left Tommy behind?
He wasn't Tommy anymore.
She's gonna hate you
if don't tell her everything.
Why don't you
just talk to her...
- About what?
- ...about what happened?
What, Sarah?
That someone she's crushing on
went totally bat-shit?
All she needs to know
is it wasn't working out.
His uncle fishes
these open channels.
He'll pick him up this week.
So that's it?
We just leave him here... alone?
He came at me with a knife,
I can't have him on the boat
around the girls.
Especially Lindsey.
Hey, I've known that kid
for four years.
I plucked him out
of the juvie program
when his own family
wouldn't even stop
to show him a fishing boat.
No one cares about that kid more
than me, but he's got...
he's got problems
that we can't help him with.
We're all works in progress.
Hey, after everything
we've been through...
...I will not allow this
to fail.
Honey, I know how you feel
about Tommy, baby.
- No!
- I'm so sorry.
I cannot believe you both
are going to pretend
like nothing happened.
No, that's not true.
We're all just...
We're in the same boat? Really?
Do you want to go with that?
Tommy is the only person
that I had here.
I have nobody to talk to.
You can talk to me, baby.
Come on.
How can I talk to you?
How can I trust you if you
fucking cheated on Dad?!
All good?
Come on.
I should have just told him
when you first found out. I...
It was wrong of me
to ask your silence
and drag you into
this whole dumb mess.
- I'm so sorry.
- Sarah, Sarah.
- No, I'm so sorry.
- No one dragged me.
All right?
I did what I did
because I care about
both of you.
Hey, it was a one-time thing
with that asshole, Sarah.
David knows that.
And we make mistakes.
God knows I've had
my fair share.
This boat belongs
to the two of you.
It connects you.
It's gonna take us all to
a better place. I know that.
I really believe that.
- All right?
- Thank you.
It'll be fine.
Shoving off in 30.
Aye, Cap.
What about Mike Alvarez?
You two were close.
There was nothing there?
No. No, Mike... Mike was like
a younger brother to David.
We were family.
We were a work in progress.
David liked to say that.
It was the only time
I ever strayed.
You said your daughter Mary
was the first one in your family
to be affected.
Why do you think that was?
I don't know.
Maybe 'cause she's the youngest.
And children believe
the things that we don't.
She fed on that.
She... She used that. She...
And that's why in the end,
I had to destroy her.
I had to destroy her
'cause she was...
We're gonna take a little break.
I'll let you gather
your thoughts.
I told you
you wouldn't believe me.
I'm not here to believe you
and I'm not here to judge you
on what you did or didn't do
with your marriage.
But, Sarah, between you and me,
it's not looking good.
Well, I know
it's not looking good!
It's just... It's what happened!
You expect me to sit here
and nod my head
and believe that some spirit
or some entity came on board
and overtook everyone
on the ship?
Put yourself in my position.
If you want to see
your girls again,
you need to tell me something
that makes sense.
Are you gonna let me finish?
I will.
But then you need to tell me
something I can use.
Because they can charge you
with abandonment and sabotage,
but I can charge you
with murder.
Mary! Mary, come on!
Oh, shit!
Oh, shit!
David! David!
Come on.
What! Who's there?!
She's been crashed out
for the last hour,
dreaming of dolphins.
No, but someone was holding
the door closed on me
from the other side.
It's an old ship.
Summer humidity.
There's bound to be
some expansion in the wood.
Someone closed the door on me,
And there were footprints,
wet footprints.
It could have been Lindsey
just messing with you, you know?
After what happened with Tommy.
She probably blames both of us.
Look, Mike... Mike told me
what went down.
I'll talk to her, okay?
No, no, don't do that.
We'll work it out.
Let her be.
But maybe you and Mike
could just check on
the rest of the ship for me.
- Is that sunburn?
- Ow!
Stop it, cretin.
- What's a cretin?
- Look it up.
Wait, we don't have Wi-Fi.
One bar.
Ow! Damn it, Mary.
Miracle of miracles,
we're almost at two bars.
What's up?
I just checked in with Abaco.
Tommy hanged himself
last night in the hospital.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Has anybody heard from Tommy?
Do we know if he made it
back to Florida?
I checked in with Abaco.
But the channel's
been a bit cranky.
I'm sure he's back by now.
Mary, stop it with your tooth.
But I want it out.
It'll come out, baby.
You just gotta give it time,
We forgot some dinner
for the lady!
Yeah, the squirt has
an imaginary friend now.
I hear her talking to her
up in the upper bunk all night.
Don't play with scary Mary.
- Mary!
- Oh, shit!
Are you okay?
What the hell was that?!
Say something.
What did you do?!
Are you okay, sweetie?
- Why would she do that?
- I don't know, sweetie.
What's gotten into you?!
Now, you think about
what you did.
And you're going to
apologize to your sister!
You hear me?
You see this?
Help! Help me!
Help! Help me!
You okay?
Yeah. I guess.
He's been acting weird
ever since you gave
him more time on the helm.
Please, Sarah,
keep your voice down.
No, don't tell me to keep
my voice down, David!
Something is... Something is...
Something's wrong here, okay?!
And it wasn't just Mike.
I-I heard this...
No. I-I-I-I thought...
I thought I saw...
- Sarah, Sarah, we both...
- No.
We just both need
some sound sleep.
- Sleep?! David!
- We'll think more clearly
- in the a.m.
- David, who can sleep
after the past two days?
Oh, my God!
After everything
that's happened? David!
Maybe we should just turn back.
Oh, great.
Look, something's... something's
very, very wrong here, David.
And I'm hearing things
and I'm seeing things
that I can't even explain.
And the worst of it is that I...
...I feel it.
I feel it,
and I know you do, too.
What I know is we're too far to
turn back even if we wanted to!
Sarah! Sarah!
Sarah, I-I know
you're super stressed.
We both are.
We've just had a run
of bad luck.
No, no, David,
it's not bad luck.
It's like...
It's like we're cursed.
- Cursed?
- Yes!
It's like this ship is cursed!
Or is it me?
I keep thinking maybe it's me.
Maybe I... Maybe...
Everything is riding on
the success of this ship!
Oh, God.
Now, we make it to Hamilton!
We will!
And I don't want to hear
any more bullshit
about fucking curses!
- David!
- That's it! That's it!
Lindsey, hey,
you feeling better, honey?
Ready to come out
and be a good girl?
Aah! No! No!
Get off! Get off!
Sarah, shh!
- Sarah! Sarah.
- Oh, God!
Oh, baby!
Baby! You're here.
Oh, sweetheart.
You're here.
Oh, my God, you're here.
It's okay.
She helped me pull it out.
Sweetheart, what did you do?
What... What happened to you?
We'll be in Bermuda
before you know it.
Everything's gonna be okay.
What's going on?
I don't know.
But it's gonna be okay,
I promise.
I promise.
- How is she?
- Yeah, bleeding's stopped.
Lindsey's putting her
back to bed.
Are you having them, too?
The dreams.
Are you?
Mike and I are gonna take shifts
helming through the night.
We'll make Hamilton by tomorrow
morning if we beat the weather.
We're not anchoring the ship
Captain Eagon...
...departs Charleston
heading 70 degrees southeast.
Captain Parish departs
heading 50 degrees southeast.
Captain Sanfree departs Savannah
heading due east.
All three voyages and ours
end at the same destination.
Execute a new course setting.
42 north, 78.2 west,
heading, 19 degrees.
You sure about that?
We're making good time.
Just do it, Mike.
Aye-aye, Cap.
Three... Three instances
of crews gone missing.
And you didn't think
to share this, why?
This... This happened
at least three times.
Ever since her first voyage.
Every time this ship went out
onto open water,
people disappeared, David.
Nobody even knows who
this ship really belongs to.
It belongs to us.
Horrible things happened
on board this ship, David.
Jay was right.
You're a fisherman.
You know not to
go near that shit!
You think that just by slapping
some fresh paint
and sails on her,
you can erase the past?!
It's not about the past,
it's about the future.
There is no future
on this thing!
Sanfree, the last owner,
he had a son.
And... And I think
she took him, David.
It's like that legend of the
woman who lost her children.
- It's...
- Enough!
I did what I did to get us
away from that marina!
To get us away from
the constant bullshit!
This is about the future!
I did what I did to get us
away from him!
No, he's gone, David.
He left months ago.
He's not there!
Turned us against each other,
wore us down.
It happened three times.
You know that.
At least three times
that the captains,
the crews, the families,
they all disappeared.
She sent them all
to the same place.
Maybe it's where she's the
strongest where she was drowned.
Sarah, just because people
met with similar circumstances,
it doesn't mean that something
bad was coming for them.
You said it yourself.
Things can happen
on the open water.
And if what you're
telling me is true
and something was pulling you
towards a certain direction,
why not turn around
and go the other way?
No, it was too late
to turn back.
We'd gone too far.
Then get off the goddamn boat.
Well, I guess
you're not a sailor.
'Cause the thing about boats
is there's nowhere to run.
There out in the middle
of the ocean
on 80 foot of wood and steel
and you look true horror
in the face,
and she stares right back
at you.
She was never gonna let us go.
You really believe this?
It's been affecting you
this whole time.
Ever since you
first came upon her.
Been affecting us all.
The coordinates
of the past journeys
all correspond with ours.
Almost perfectly.
In the end, it's always
the same heading.
She's taking us the same place
she took the others.
There's something wrong
with Mary.
- Mary! Mary!
- Mary! Mary!
- Mary, look at me.
- She won't answer me.
- Mary, look at me.
- My God, David, she's freezing.
Mike! Call in a mayday!
- Mike!
- Baby. Baby.
What the fuck?
Are you okay?
- Sweetie, are you okay?
- Yeah. Yeah.
He tore up the main sail,
along with the radio
and the Wi-Fi.
The cellphones are missing
except for what's in the genny.
We have no more gas.
I can get a number three
at full.
But without the others,
we have to wait for the wind.
No GPS or sonar.
How will we even find Hamilton?
And Mary's still sick.
The hell with Hamilton.
I'm plotting a course
to the nearest shipping lane.
Fire up a flare, get picked up.
We're getting off
this fucking hulk.
What did you do with
the satellite phone?
It's gone.
I threw it over the side.
You won't need it.
I know you don't want
to go back.
I can hear it in your voice,
You and everything you love,
it all belongs to her now.
You thought you could
bring your family to the sea
for a second chance.
This only ends in death,
for Sarah, the girls,
you, for me, for all of us!
Listen to me, Mike.
I'm gonna channel into
the shipping lanes
and get you and Mary help.
Help? Help?
There's no help.
You hear her, Dave.
She's calling the ship home.
There's some water
in the thermos.
Just stay cool.
Stay cool?!
Keep cool?!
You're too old and scared!
You must obey her.
I'll help you gut them, rip
their skin from their bodies!
Now, open the fucking door,
You need me.
You don't have the courage
to do what needs to be done!
You need me!
Drown them! Drown them!
Drown them! Drown them!
Open the fucking door!
We have work to do.
Come with me.
What are you doing here?
I came back for you.
Lindsey? Lindsey!
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
What are you doing? Honey.
- Here.
- Honey.
- Let's get her downstairs.
- Is she okay?
- Here. Here.
- Come here. Come here.
Come here, baby. Are you okay?
Come here.
You can do this. Come on.
Can you turn around?
- You got her?
- Honey. Yeah, I got her.
- Yeah?
- Yeah. Here, come on.
You think I'm crazy.
I didn't say that.
Didn't have to.
I can see it in your face.
You have no idea
what you're up against.
Tell me.
Tell me what happened
to Mike Alvarez.
Tell me what happened
to your husband.
You tell me how this ends.
It's okay now.
You'll see him soon, Sarah.
Look, Mike, where are my babies?
Where are they?!
They're not your babies anymore.
They're hers!
Your souls belong to her now.
No! No!
No! Mike! No!
Where are my babies?!
Where are they?!
No! No!
Get off me! No, Mike!
Come on!
Let's get the girls!
I'm gonna turn us around!
I'm not getting off this thing
without you!
You're coming with us, though,
I'm coming.
I love you!
I love you!
Mary! Lindsey!
My babies!
My babies!
Are you okay?!
Okay, right, you're okay? Here,
we gotta get this off you now.
Okay. Here, here.
- Where's Dad?
- Get out! Don't look back!
- Let's go! Mary, come on!
- Stop!
Okay, okay, okay.
Okay, Lin, quick, get up here!
You okay, Mary?
Come on, hon, come on.
You can do it. Come on, baby!
Okay, come on.
Okay, get the ladder
over the side!
Come on, go, go, no!
Hurry, guys! You got it?!
Hurry! Come on!
Come on, sweetie.
Come on.
Come on, come on, sweetie!
David! David!
David! David!
You're okay, honey, you're okay.
I was thrown from the boat.
I tried to find the girls,
but I was too weak.
I couldn't...
I couldn't get to them.
She almost had me.
But I destroyed her.
I destroyed her,
and now I'm free.
She'll never get those girls.
They're mine.
That's all that matters.
I want to see my daughters now.
What now?
We give her a few minutes
with her children.
Let her see what's
important in life.
If she sticks to
a fantasy story,
then push for
a psych evaluation,
institutional commitment.
Sometimes when people are in
the red, they create stories
and make themselves believe it
because of some severe trauma
or guilt.
Either way, Lieutenant,
you were right.
She definitely believes
what she's saying.
Ma'am, step back! Step back!
Jesus. I'm calling it in.