Mary Goes Round (2017) Movie Script

[Birds chirping]
Therapist: How many alcoholic
beverages would you say
you have a week?
- I don't know.
- Okay, well, let's say
on a normal week?
- Uh, like...
- A week, or a day?
- What?
- Have you ever thought
that you may have
a drinking problem?
- Uh, I mean yes,
there are-there are times
when I have drank too much,
but... but...
My mom is not alive,
my dad, I don't know,
he's been sending me messages
on Facebook recently,
but we haven't talked in years.
I mean, there was a time in
my life when I needed help,
and uh,
and he wasn't there for me,
My mom thought he was
a real piece of shit.
- Are you a piece of shit, too?
Only the maker can make it
For the fortunate to live
Who shouldn't live much more
Love till we heart-sore
Now you can hear a pin drop
- Do you wanna stop
and get a pizza?
Are you a vegemite?
Can I smoke in here?
Oh, I quit.
Thank you.
[Door opens]
[Mary sighs
and crashes to ground]
[Birds chirping]
[Truck beeping,
construction sounds outside]
[Construction sounds outside]
[Pained exhale]
Pete: Mary!
We gotta go!
Dented Goddamn miseries
You could say
I'm hard to hold
But if you knew me,
you'd know
I've got a good father
[Shuts off engine,
seatbelt un-clicks]
Pete: So, are we gonna
talk about last night, or...
- [Groans] I'm sorry, babe.
I'll start using that app,
you know, the one that counts
how many drinks you have.
- An app?
Crystal: So the next morning,
I go downstairs,
and I tell the doorman
that I left my purse
in some guy's room.
And he's like, no problem,
what room was it?
And I'm like, I dunno.
And then he asks,
well, what is your gentleman
friend's name?
And I'm like, I can't
remember his fucking name.
[Starts crying]
And I'm having a breakdown
in the middle of this
fancy-ass hotel,
and all I can think is
don't be pregnant,
don't get like,
some gross, itchy shit.
I don't even remember
if we fucked.
So... [sighs]
I can't keep doing this
to myself anymore.
And I don't know how,
but I keep ending up here,
and it's like some fucked up
I can't get off.
Mary: Uh, how does it feel
to share that?
- Like shit.
- Um, did you find any of
the replacement activities,
or uh, meditation techniques
that we discussed last time,
- Yeah.
Just let me take a deep breath
and hump a yoga mat
or something. And I'm good.
Poof. Fixed.
- Well, I didn't say fixed.
- I mean how the hell do you
know how to stop this?
- I never said that I did.
- You got, let me guess,
an online college degree
in psychology.
- Uh, actually I have my
Masters, so.
- Fuck your Masters. Okay?
[Receding footsteps thud]
[Door slams shut]
- Uh, would anyone else
like to share today?
[Keys clack]
[Phone rings]
[Phone rings]
[Mouse clicks]
[Phone rings]
[Mouse clicks]
[Mary sighs]
[Mouse clicks]
[Mary sighs]
[Light knock on door]
[Mouse clicks]
Bethany: I-I know,
how hard it is to know
what to say sometimes, but...
- [Mary scoffs]
- listening, trying to put
yourself in their position,
it's a better approach.
- Oh.
- I'll see you tomorrow at
Zoe's shower. [Chuckles]
[Phone rings]
[Bottle-cap rattles]
[Mary sighs]
[Alcohol sloshes]
She laughed at me like
a joker in a tragedy
And cast me as a fool
in an error of a comedy
[Blender whirrs]
But don't worry about me
'Cause I fell into
a sweet situation
You've become my soul
I fell into
a sweet situation
[Music ends abruptly]
[Text message dings]
[Mary sighs]
[Sets phone heavily on counter]
[Sets glass on counter]
[Tissue paper crinkles]
[Sirens wail in the distance]
Woman: Hi! How are you?
Woman 2: It's so good
to see you.
[Low hum of chatter
and laughter]
[Light piano music]
[Low hum of chatter]
- Rielle did that.
- Really?
- Champagne?
- Oh uh, no thank you.
[Low hum of chatter]
Bethany: Jesus Christ.
My biggest regret is not
marrying for money. [Chuckles]
- Oh, mine's shaving my thighs
when I was 11.
- Hmm.
- I wore lipstick.
- You look much better.
You got a little on your teeth
there. Yeah.
There. I have to get going
soon, unfortunately.
Brendan's got the pukes.
- Cake, ladies?
- Hmm.
But first, I'm gonna eat
one of these.
Excuse me, fork!
[Low hum of chatter]
Woman: Network analysis,
it's like they just tap
the nervous system.
- Oh, like craniosacral.
- Okay, remember that?
Yeah, remember that?
- Yeah, cranio sakes.
- Like, not her.
- How do you know Zoe?
- Our husband's work together.
- Oh uh.
Uh... what uh...
what do they do?
- They work in an insurance
company downtown.
- Oh.
Really generous of Zoe's mom
to host this thing.
- I'm sure your mom would
that for you someday, too.
- Oh no, she can't.
She's dead. [Chuckles]
- Oh, I'm...
- I'm so sorry.
- Oh, yeah. Thanks.
- I don't know how you girls
do the work you do.
Such tough work.
- Doesn't it drive you
to drink?
- Bronwyn!
- Champagne, anyone?
- Yes.
Oh no, I didn't mean um...
- Oh sorry I'll,
I can take it.
- No, that's okay.
Since you're here.
- Sure.
- Thank you.
[Low hum of chatter]
[Women continue
overlapping chatter]
[Women laugh]
- Oh.
Mhmm. [Slurping]
[Urine tinkles]
[Whiskey burbles in toilet]
[Plastic cap rattles]
[Whiskey gurgles]
[Metal can clangs]
[Paper rustles]
Diane: All right,
who needs one? Claire?
- Got one.
- This is for you.
This is for you.
All right, are we ready?
Oh, Mary, you guess what kind
of chocolate bar it is.
[Low hum of chatter]
- Oh.
- Go!
- Okay.
- You don't eat it,
you just... smell it.
[Women chuckle]
- How the fuck is this a thing?
I don't...
We are grown women,
for fuck's sake!
["Drinkin' in LA"
by Bran Van 3000]
- Yeah, we got three tickets
to the Bran Van concert
happening this Monday night
at Pacific Coliseum
You can all call in if you
want to answer the question,
mainly what is Todd's--
[Honks horn]
And I say
what the hell am I doin'
Drinkin' in LA at 26
I got the fever
for the flavour
[Tires squeal on road]
Shit! Shit!
[Loud crash]
[Car chimes,
turn signal clicks]
[Shouts] Fuck!
Officer: ...under a "Watch
for Children" street sign.
No major injuries.
Open alcohol containers.
Driving under the influence.
[Keys jingle]
[Door slams shut]
Beauty sleep's over,
Miss Jackson.
Prince Charming showed up.
- Uh, sorry, I didn't mean--
- Don't.
Don't bother.
- Okay.
[Buzzer sounds in the distance]
Thank you.
[Floorboards creak]
[Cars whoosh]
[Bus rumbles by]
[Indistinct chatter,
music plays]
You said you loved me
Now you're gone
[Billiard balls clack]
[Man clears throat]
- Mind if I join you?
- Yes.
[Chair rattles]
No wait...
- How 'bout another
one of those?
- Oh, uh, I'm not really
- Really? That's a shame.
- I'll have a whiskey.
- Whiskey?
- Just one.
[Bed creaks]
[Heavy breathing]
- [Groans]
- Hey.
- Sorry. I...
- Mary.
[Cars rumble, horns honk]
[Footsteps thud]
Pharmacist: You've taken
these before?
[Paper bag rattles]
- Yes.
- Well, just make sure that
you're not using it
to replace usual
contraceptive methods.
- Yup.
I uh, I think I also have
a um...
Klonopin refill?
[Door chimes]
[Keys clack]
- No, sorry.
- Uh sorry, I meant uh,
- Oh.
[Keys clack]
- No, not since 2012.
[Paper bag rattles]
[Snow crunches under feet]
Police: Ma'am! Hey! Stop!
I ordered you to stop!
Come back!
- [Sighs]
- All right, I think
it's pretty clear
that I cannot have you as
a staff member right now.
I want you to get help.
Then, maybe we can talk.
I'm going to strongly suggest,
and by that I mean tell you,
to go to a meeting.
- Why don't you just fire me?
- No.
I have faith in you.
Good people do shitty things.
And then they fix it.
[Vibrator buzzes]
[Phone rings]
[Clicks off]
[Vibrator thuds on floor]
[Phone continues to ring]
[Clicks phone on]
- Hi.
Walt: Hi, Mary.
It's um...
it's your Dad.
- Uh, you called me, bud,
so uh...
- No I uh, I think you should
come here for a few days.
- Why?
- Well, your sister's been
asking about you,
and...she-she wants
to meet you.
- Yeah, well, I'll think
about it. I gotta go.
[Clicks call off]
[Paper rustles]
Where have you been
In plain sight
But the walls are caving in
Way down
Just waitin' for your wind
Come on
Face be kind
Let the light in
[Bus engine rumbles]
Let the light in
[Water ripples gently]
Maybe this time around
I'll find a reason how
The heart finds a way
It's like the season owns
Maybe this time around
Like we've never been away
Robyn: Bye, Dad!
Can I help you?
- [Excitedly] Hi!
You're so pretty!
- [Rudely] You need to go.
- Oh, no, I'm Mary!
Uh, Walt said that
you needed some--
- He's inside.
Your fly's down.
- Oh, wow! Good eye!
I'll see ya later!
Sports announcer: 24 on
the shot clock,
borderline top 3 shift.
Just about a minute in.
[Suitcase clunks]
[Dog barks in the distance]
[Mary sighs]
[Opens door]
Mary: Hello?
[Footsteps thud]
[Door closes]
[Floorboards creak]
[Computer keys clack]
Walt: You're home early.
[Taps on keys]
Oh, for fuck's sakes.
[Windows error message chimes]
- What are you trying to do?
- You came. [Sighs]
- I did. [Chuckles]
- [Deep inhale] Come on,
sit down. Sit!
[Walt sighs]
[Computer lid clicks shut]
[Walt sighs]
Oh, you look so much like...
[Walt sighs]
- Where's um... Suzanne?
That's her name, right?
- She's... [sighs]
She left.
Yeah, some strip-mall parking
ticket lawyer from Toronto.
- Oh well, that sucks.
- Yeah, I know.
- I was uh, here earlier.
I ran into Robyn.
She has no fucking clue
who am I, does she?
- [Sharp inhale]
I mean not as far
I'm dying.
- What?
- Yeah.
- What kind?
- Lung cancer.
Hence the little shit stick.
- What you couldn't just call
and tell me what was going on?
- You wouldn't have come.
- Oh! Well,
now I'm definitely going.
- Oh, come on.
Mary, please don't. Please!
- I haven't seen you
in like 15 years,
and hiring me as your babysitter
is your re-entry point?
- It's just that...
she doesn't know.
- About me? Yeah!
No, I got it!
- No. No.
She doesn't know about...
- What, the cancer?
- Tried. I just couldn't.
[Sharp inhale]
Such a good kid.
Yeah, she doesn't
deserve this shit.
- Yeah, uh,
well, I'm really sorry
that you're sick,
but she's your kid,
you can tell her yourself.
- She's the only sibling
that you have.
- Yeah, well I woulda
been good with none.
- This kid is the only thing
that I did not fuck up.
[Approaching footsteps thud]
- Is she selling something?
- I don't know, am I?
- Robyn,
this is Mary.
She's your sister.
- Half.
- Okay.
- Look, the truth is--
Walt: Yeah, the truth is,
she uh,
she just needed a place
to stay for a short while,
while she sorts out
some personal stuff.
Right, Mary?
- [Mary scoffs]
[Water bubbles in globe]
[Floorboards creak]
[Door squeaks]
[Approaching footsteps thud]
- Can I help you?
[Door squeaks closed]
- Oh, uh sorry.
This used to be my room.
- I put an air mattress
- Oh, thanks.
- I don't know if it works.
[Awkward silence]
- Okay.
[Footsteps thud,
floorboards creak]
[Bird caws]
[Cupboards rattle]
- Uh...
[Glasses clink]
[Plates rattle]
- The mugs are above
the dishwasher.
- Oh.
Why are they up there?
- Because that's where they go.
I dunno. [Scoffs]
- Oh uh, they used
to be over the--
- Well, you can put them
wherever you want.
in your house.
- Look, I know you would rather
eat glass
than have me here, but...
- You're giving yourself
too much credit.
- And I am so glad to see
that apathy
is still the go-to emotion of
choice for 15-year-old girls.
- You literally don't even
know how old I am.
- You're 15.
- I'm almost 17.
- Oh, well, do you know
how old I am?
- Nope.
- Take a guess.
- Hm, 42?
- Wow.
[Mary sighs]
- Why are you here?
- I told you,
I'm sabbatical, it's--
- Oh, you're having your
Britney 2007 moment,
aren't you?
Just, don't shave your head,
I'm pretty sure you don't have
the cheekbones for it. [Scoffs]
- Were you even alive
when that was happening?
[Car horn beeps]
- Enjoy your sabbatical.
[Footsteps thud]
[Water rushes]
[Birds chirp]
[Water ripples]
[Whiskey burbles]
[Sighs, sniffles]
[Nail scrapes]
Woman: Hi, Lou.
Group: Hi, Lou.
- I'm an alcoholic, I've been
sober for five years.
Uh, here's my deal,
bullet points version.
I had the perfect childhood -
parents still together,
all that stuff.
Had my first drink
when I was 16,
and drank and did drugs
throughout most of my 20s.
Found a nice guy who I thought
could save me, who couldn't.
Married him, divorced him,
came out,
found the love my life, Lindsey.
Lost her,
and started drinking again.
Lindsey and drinking
are the loves of my life,
and after she left,
I decided to get over both
of them.
And there isn't a day that
I don't miss either of them.
But believe it or not,
I'm havin' a pretty decent
time of things.
[Styrofoam squeaks]
[Indistinct chatter]
I wouldn't eat that.
- Why?
- They're gluten free.
- Oh. Uh.
- So uh, you gonna talk next,
or you just doin' a drive-by?
- Uh, I'm not really--
- What's goin' so right in your
world that you're here?
And by the way,
you're very gullible.
Facilitator: Okay, so we have
time for one more tonight.
Would anyone like
to volunteer?
[Organ music plays
in background]
- Yeah, okay.
Um... [clears throat]
Hi, I'm Mary.
Group: Hi, Mary.
- Okay, wow.
Um, I-I grew up in the Falls,
but uh,
we moved when I was 12,
'cause my dad was cheating
on my mom,
and drinking.
Um... we moved up to Timmins,
'cause that's where she's from,
and she's not Shania Twain.
[Awkward silence]
'Cause Shania's from...
uh, and then she died
when I was 18.
And I got a job,
and a string of narcissistic
uh, except the last.
And I uh, I paid my way
through school,
and um...
- [Lou sighs]
- I'm sorry, I forgot
what I was saying.
Anyway, I just I...
fucked a bunch of shit up
so I thought this might be
a good thing to do,
but I don't know
if I'm an actual uh...
[Car rumbles]
Lou: Need a lift?
- Okay.
[Car door opens]
[Door slams shut]
[Car engine rumbles]
- You wanna grab a bite
to eat at Dad's?
- Wow. That's still open?
- Hm. Well, all is still right
in the world. Yeah.
- Sure.
sorry, I'm not uh--
- [Lou laughs]
Oh, that's sweet, babe.
You're not my type.
[Low hum of chatter]
What's the rest of the story?
[Dishes clank]
[Bell dings]
- Okay um, well,
I crashed my boyfriend's -
now my ex-boyfriend's -
car in Toronto, and then uh,
my dad, who I'm estranged from,
called me and told me
that my half-sister,
who I've never met,
wanted to meet me.
So I came here.
And it turns out
she has no clue who I am.
And also he has cancer,
and he hasn't told this girl,
my-my half-sister,
whose mother also just left.
- So uh, what stage
is your dad at?
Is it small cell,
or non-small-cell cancer.
- I have no idea.
You a nurse, or something?
- Kinda like a nurse,
but without the nursing
I'm a PSW. Personal--
- Support Worker, yeah.
- Wow, look at you.
Most people don't know
that until they need one.
- Oh uh, yeah, I work in the...
health profession.
- And you don't know what
small-cell lung cancer is?
- More like mental health.
- Oh, psychologist.
- Uh, addictions counselling.
- Wait, what?
[Loud swallow]
- [Sighs]
An addictions counsellor.
- Wow.
- Yup.
[Bell dings]
- Um, you should really look
into your dad's situation,
'cause small-cell can
get nasty pretty fast.
- I really don't think that I
can handle his shit right now.
- Doesn't seem like you're
quite ready to deal
with your own, so,
maybe you could start
with somebody else's, right?
But you probably know that.
[Music plays]
Robyn: Coupons?
- Yeah, I just thought maybe
you and Mary could go,
I dunno, have some fun.
- I have work after school.
- Yeah, after that.
It's my treat!
- Oh, if she's too busy,
it's fine.
- [Walt sighs]
- You don't have any friends
here, so I guess.
- Thank you for your generosity.
[Cereal crunches]
- Why do you make everything
weirder than it has to be?
Walt: Robyn!
[Footsteps thud]
- Yeah.
Walt: Okay, have a good--
[Car horn beeps]
Yeah, geez.
[Door shuts]
- Boyfriend?
- Oh no. No, he's gay.
He's got one of those
little ballerina buns.
- This is ridiculous.
You have to tell her!
- I will.
Okay? I will.
When the time is right.
She's goin' to NYU in the fall.
- Wow. That's like...
$100,000 US dollars a year,
- Yeah. She got a scholarship.
[Spoon clinks]
- Yeah, of course she does.
- [Coughs]
I got an appointment
to go see the doctor today.
- Oh, uh... okay.
Do you uh,
do you want me
to come with ya?
- You know, I was just thinkin'
maybe you could drive
the car over.
Just feelin' a bit like shit.
- Oh uh...
yeah, I can't do that.
- Why not?
- My license expired.
Can you call a friend?
- Nah. I don't like friends.
- Okay.
Well, can I call one?
- You have one?
- Yes! I have... one.
- Fine. [Sighs]
[Door open]
- Thank you so much.
Hey uh, Walt, my friend's
here to drive us!
Walt: Christ, that Ellen
you know,
she is pretty funny for...
- Lou. I'm uh,
Mary's friend from--
- School.
She um, you didn't meet her.
She was in the slow
learner's class.
[Dog barks]
- Very slow.
- Hey there.
Mary: Yeah. Okay.
- Let's go.
PA system: Dr. Sloan,
Dr. Sloan, cardiology.
- I guess this is my business
Are you gonna do chemo?
I mean...
- No. No. No chemo.
- What's the plan here?
I've seen what that's done
to some people.
It's vicious.
- Well, you should
at least try.
[Phone rings]
- It's small cell. Inoperable.
I'm just delaying
the inevitable.
And I'd rather enjoy
what's left.
I mean, enjoy might be
a strong word. [Laughs]
- Are you gonna ask me
to euthanize you,
or something, because I am just
grossly unprepared for that?
And I am...
I've already been here like
12 hours past when I should've.
- Is there anything that
you'd rather be doing?
- Yeah, okay. That's rude.
- No, what, what is
in Toronto that can't wait?
- Well...lots of very
important things. know,
well, my apartment
for one, is beautiful.
It's got a bay window
with a reading nook,
and my boyfriend...
um, Trevor.
My job, my...
ultimate frisbee team.
[Phone rings]
- What's the job?
- Addiction counsellor.
- Oh, that's interesting.
- Why?
- Well, I just always thought
you wanted to be a shrink?
- Don't remember saying that.
- Yeah, you did.
Yeah, when you were a kid.
You always had this thing
for freaks,
and misfits, and...
I rem--had to pull you off
this bum,
down on the street once.
Because you had given him
your allowance,
so he could save
to buy a house.
- Hey, you remember that time
at Sandbanks, with Mom?
- I'm gonna be dead before they
remember my appointment here.
I'm a bitch,
I'm a lover
I'm a child,
I'm a mother
I'm a sinner,
I'm a saint
I do not feel ashamed
I'm your hell,
I'm your dream
I'm nothing in between
- Hello!
- Oh, hi!
- Hi. You've been pacing around
all morning. Are you lost?
- Oh no, I'm,
I've been listening to a---
- Sorry, I'm just running late.
- Oh yeah.
Hey, my friend used
to live here!
- Oh. Kelly Moriarty, yeah?
- No, Heidi Steiglitz?
- Oh, I don't know her.
- Oh. Um, do you...
do you wanna get a drink?
- Now?
- Uh, no. No, no, no.
Just like, in general, maybe,
- I don't... know you.
- Yeah, I know. I'm, I live--
- You wanna move over there.
- Oh, thank you.
- You watch yourself.
- Oh, sorry.
[Door shuts]
[Deep breathing]
Woman: Focus on sensation here.
Bend the knees as generously
as you need.
Breathe. [Big exhale]
[Beer sloshes]
So, by bending the knees,
we offer nice length,
stretch, love to the lower
back body.
[Arcade motorcycle hums]
[Hitting thuds]
- What happened to your mom?
- Uh, she died.
- From what?
- An accident.
- What?
- An accident.
- What kind?
- You want a Twizzler?
- I'm sorry.
That's really shitty.
I don't know what
I'd do without my dad.
- Well, you'd get through it.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- Nothing.
[Hitting thuds]
[Cock guns, thwapping
shooting sounds]
- I overhead my mom saying
something about you
a long time ago.
- You did?
- Yeah.
- What'd she say?
- I dunno, she didn't really
want us talking to you,
I guess.
- So you did know about me.
- Yeah. I'm not an idiot.
You do look really different
from your LinkedIn picture,
- Like in a good way?
- Besides, you could've tried
talking to me,
if you really wanted to.
I guess we both didn't care.
[Game over beeps]
- I can't wait to get
out of this shit hole.
- Could be worse!
- How?
- Northern Ontario!
- Yeah, well at least you get
the natural splendour
of nature, without a town
populated by people
walking around in garbage bag
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
- Who's this guy?
Dougie: Hey, Robyn.
Haven't seen you around lately.
- Fuck off.
- Yeah, what she said.
- Sassy.
- Who was that?
- It was no one.
- Come on, tell me.
- Okay um,
I sent this guy
I liked, a Snapchat,
like just for him,
and he sent it to that perv,
and he sent it to pretty much
the entire school.
- Oh, hell no.
- Mary?
[Smashes phone]
- What the fuck?
You fucking whores!
[Robyn giggles]
- No more titty pics for you!
- Just got it fixed!
- [Robyn giggles]
[Deep sleeping breaths]
[Phone rings]
- [Startled gasp]
[Phone rings]
Lawyer: Yeah, not sure if you
took a look at the photos
I sent, but the "Watch for
Children" sign you hit,
is gonna be an extra
1,800 bucks.
- No, I didn't. I...
- Well, you'll need to appear
in court on the 8th,
or they could issue a warrant
for your arrest.
- Um...I don't think
I can do that. I'm...
I'm uh, having a family crisis.
- Look, I-I can push it,
but you gotta deal with this
sooner than later.
Oh, and I'll send you
my invoice.
- [Mary sighs]
Group: God grant me
the serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change,
courage to change
the things I can.
Mary: [Quietly] Excuse me,
Oh hi.
Okay. Thanks.
Group: And the wisdom
to know the difference.
- Hey, I need a favour.
- Okay, you know there are cabs
in this town, right?
You-you know that, right?
- No, I-I need a job.
- Ah... hmm...
I do have a few private clients
who don't need much,
you just hang out with them,
make sure they don't die.
- Okay, what happens if like,
one of them stops breathing
while I'm there?
- Seriously?
Call 911.
- Right.
[Lou laughs]
[Lou clears throat]
Why don't orphans play baseball?
- They don't know where home is.
- What about your sad looking
friend over there?
She got any good ones?
- Uh, okay.
Um, three guys walk into a bar,
One's Italian, one's Jewish...
this might be... offensive.
[Music plays]
- [Sighs]I don't know how you
deal with all that shit.
- I'm just trying to give these
people a little dignity
at the end of the day.
You know?
I mean, I've been in some
pretty fuckin' gutter place,
but I brought it upon myself.
I shit my pants once
I was so high.
I didn't know where I was.
And these people, they don't...
you know,
they don't ask for it.
- Well, you're my hero.
You should have a podcast,
or something.
- Uh, you should have more
on your burger.
That is like a pretty
boring-ass burger.
- You really can't take
a compliment, can you?
- Just keep my feet
on the ground.
There's too much
"love yourself" namaste shit
floatin' around these days.
I like some good old-fashioned
[Bell dings]
Are you drinkin' at all
down here?
You know, some tough cookies
you're dealing with,
from the sounds of it.
- Not really.
- Did you black out?
- Nope. Nope.
- You know, 'cause, I mean,
I just told you that I shit
my pants once, so,
not much can scare me.
[Water runs]
- What's the occasion?
- Nothing, I just thought
it might be nice
for the three of us to have
a sit-down meal together.
- That seems oddly formal.
What-what's goin' on?
- Nothing.
- Wow. You're a terrible liar.
- Can you just go get him,
- Uh, he bailed on our driving
lesson earlier
because he wasn't feeling good,
so I doubt he wants to eat.
- Can you just check on him,
[Water boils in pot]
[Footsteps thud upstairs]
Robyn: Dad!
[Running footsteps thud]
[Walt wheezes]
Dad! What's wrong with him?
[Walt wheezes]
[Dialling beeps]
Hi, um, I need an ambulance
at 141 Borne Ave, please.
Um, he's coughing up blood.
[Low hum of chatter]
[Chip bag rattles]
- He should have told you.
How is it my place
to tell you?
- That my, or your,
whatever, our father
has cancer.
You don't think that's
something you should mention?
- [Mary sighs]
I-I don't even know you!
I barely know him anymore.
This is my fault now?
- Yeah, kind of.
Now I can see why my mom
didn't want you around.
[Chip bag rattles]
Nurse: You're Walter
Jackson's daughters, yes?
- I am.
[Mary scoffs]
- If you wanna follow me, you
can come see your father.
- Yeah, go ahead.
See your dad.
[Footsteps thud]
[Phone rings]
- [Sighs]
Just talk to me.
- [Crying] Mary, please go away.
- You don't know how long
it's gonna be.
There's a real connection
between mind and body.
- I know what fucking
palliative means.
[Robyn sniffles]
If he'd started chemo
when he first found out,
maybe he would've
had more time.
How the fuck could you
let him do this?
You barely even know him!
- Look, I can't make this
better, okay?
But I do know that this
is your last year of school.
You really need to focus
right now.
- And I'm supposed to do that
when my dad is dying.
- Yes.
- No.
Fuck that.
And fuck you.
[Sniffles] I mean,
who do you think you are?
You just come in, and
everything turns to shit.
He could be dead by the time
I graduate.
- He's not going--
When is that?
- [Robyn sighs]
It's June 25th.
[Door chimes]
Erin: Mary Jackson,
is that you?
- Erin! Hi.
- Hi.
- Oh my God! It's been so long!
- Yeah. I heard you died
in a car crash.
- Wow, uh no,
just moved to Timmins.
I live in Toronto now.
- That is so exciting!
What's it like there?
- It's amazing. It's amazing.
- I bet, eh?
So um, what are you
doing back here?
- Uh, my dad's sick,
so I'm just here taking care
of him.
- Oh, I'm so sorry.
- Hey, you look great, though.
- Oh. You know, we should get a
glass of wine, or something!
And I'm sorry to hear
about your dad.
But... I'm glad you're alive!
- Oh, I'm not!
[Footstep thud]
[Knocks] Robyn,
it's like 11 o'clock.
Shouldn't you be at school,
or something?
- I'm not going.
- Um, yes you are.
Come on.
- No, I'm not.
You're not my mom.
- Yeah well,
thank God for that.
- [Robyn sighs]
- Sorry.
- You'd be a terrible mother.
- Yup. Okay.
Well, do whatever you
want then.
Get that carpe diem
tattoo on your ass.
[Feet shuffle,
then thud downstairs]
- You're just like my kids.
They just leave me here
all day,
and when they come here,
they're too stuck up their
own asses
to realize I'm bored
out of my mind.
[Gino sighs]
Me and Fran used
to have such fun.
- Fran was your wife?
Where are you going?
- To meet Fran!
How many times do I tell ya?
[Feet shuffle]
- Well...
shouldn't we at least put
on some real clothes.
[Car rumbles]
[Water ripples gently]
[Wings flutter]
- We used to bring
the kids here.
- I wasn't allowed back in here
'cause I stole one, once.
[Water ripples gently]
That's her!
- Fran?
- How'd you know?
- Oh, it's obvious.
- I like you.
You're a good kid.
- Yeah, I think it's too
late for that.
- Oh, please.
It's not like you
killed someone.
Whatever the reason
for that long face
you got on all the time.
[Water ripples gently]
It's okay with me.
You're still just a kid.
- It's Mary.
- That's what I said.
- It's like I don't even know
what to do or say anymore.
It's all just white noise.
- Say the truth.
Everything else...
doesn't mean anything.
You're a person with
a whole world ahead of ya.
[Water ripples gently]
[Mary sighs]
[Cars rumble by]
[Bike rattles]
- Hey. I brought you mail.
[Papers rustle]
- Oh, thanks.
- You're a courier now?
- No, just takin' care
of your kid.
- How is she?
- Uh, okay.
- [Walt wheezes]
- I'm okay, too,
thanks for asking.
- Is she in school?
- Uh, yeah. I think so.
- Jesus, I just gotta get to her
and then I can...
- Walt...
- Listen, I want you to be
happy. All right?
And marry a boy, girl,
I don't care.
Have a kid and...
be sober.
[Machines beep slowly]
- What?
- How'd you meet Lou?
- I told you, we went to the
same school when we were kids.
- Oh.
'Cause I'm an old friend
of hers, you know.
From meetings.
[Machines beep slowly]
- You're AA friends?
- We're acquaintances, yeah.
So is that how you met her?
- You know, I had to do
some research for work.
- What happened to your license?
Don't you have a job
to get back to?
- Did Lou tell you this?
- Listen, I'm dying,
I'm not an idiot.
- Look, I cam here
because you asked me to,
but you don't get to parent me.
You gave up that right
a long time ago.
And you don't deserve
just because you need it now,
[Machines beep slowly]
You wanna know the truth?
The truth is I don't!
I don't have a-a boyfriend.
I don't have a job.
I don't have a frisbee team,
or even a goddamn driver's
license. Okay?
I get it. You didn't need me
because you got
the modern-day Jackie-fucking
with an NYU scholarship.
But, hey!
This is me, okay?
Your drunk prodigal kid.
- I was young, and I was stupid
when I met your mom.
But I tried so hard.
- [Shouts] Oh yeah, no,
you tried really hard
to mend things.
You didn't even come
to her funeral!
I was 18 years old!
You know,
what the fuck happened?
What is wrong with you?
And just to be clear,
I'm here for her, not you.
So fuck off.
[Machine beeps faster]
[Bicycle brake squeals]
[Pounds on door]
[Car alarm sounds]
[Pounding on door]
[Door opens]
- What-what did he tell you?
- Who?
- Your friend, Walt, from AA?
- Jesus. You could've called.
So we know each other.
So what?
- What'd you tell him about me?
- The second A stands
for anonymous,
in case you weren't aware.
- Well, did he bring me up
at all?
Did he talk about my mom?
- Okay, you know,
you need to take a really
hard look at yourself.
I'm driving you around,
getting you work,
and you wanna come here
and reprimand me
because I won't tell you
things about your father
that I'm not in a position
to share.
Fuck you.
[Door slams shut]
[Pounds on door]
[Footsteps stomp]
[Billiard balls clack]
[Ice clinks in glass]
- Excuse me, can I get
another Jameson please?
[Door slams]
[Keys tap]
[Low hum of chatter]
Um, never mind.
Hey, uh, it's me.
I got some stuff for dinner.
I just don't know
where you are.
Can you text me?
Thank you.
[Chips crunch]
[Phone rings]
[Yells] Where the fuck are you?
Man: You her mom?
- What? Who is this?
Put Robyn on.
- Uh, I think you should
just come get her.
- Is she hurt?
- I just want her to be okay.
She's pretty wasted.
- Put Robyn on the phone.
- She's at 5 Orchard,
in Toronto.
[Call ends] Hel--
Shit, shit, shit.
[Footsteps thud]
[Keys jingle]
[Siren wails]
[Whooshes by]
[Exhales sharply]
[Pounding on door]
[Loud music plays]
- Sorry, we're outta beer.
- Whatever.
Mary: Robyn?
[Party chatter and music]
- Hey, you seen a girl
named Robyn?
Brown hair,
really pretty, tall.
- Yeah, a bunch of 'em.
I dunno. Check upstairs.
[Loud music plays]
[Party chatter]
[Footsteps thud]
[Knocks on door]
[Breathing heavily]
[Floorboards creak]
Hey! Hey! You okay?
- [Robyn moans]
- Hey, come on. Get up.
- [Robyn moans]
- Get up.
Hey. Where is your shirt?
- There.
- Okay. Okay, here.
Put this on.
Put this on. Okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
You're okay.
All right. You're okay.
You're okay.
[Zipper rasps]
All right um, drink...
yeah, drink this.
[Mary rubs hands on leg]
[Robyn moans]
- Just a little more.
You think you can walk?
- Hmm.
- Okay, I got your bag.
We are gettin' out of here.
Wait for me! Wait for me.
All right.
Just lean on me. Okay?
You're good. You're okay.
You're okay.
[Loud music plays]
[Robyn moans]
- Did anything... never mind,
we'll talk later.
Okay. Okay.
[Car engine rumbles]
- I need to barf.
You need to pull over.
- I can't.
- Well, you need to pull
over now.
- Okay. Okay.
[Turn signal clicks]
Okay, okay.
[Mary sighs]
[Robyn vomits]
Okay, you got it all out?
Close the door.
Close the door.
[Siren chirps]
No fucking way.
You've gotta be fucking
kidding me!
Shit! Shit! Shit!
Stay calm. Shit!
[Footsteps thud]
- Everything okay over here?
- Uh yeah, my sister
wasn't feeling well,
but we're doing better.
- Looked like it.
You know you can't pull over
here, there's no shoulder.
You were just sittin'
on the grass here.
- I know uh,
she just needed a minute.
I'm sorry. We can--
- How much have you had
to drink tonight, miss?
- I had a few beers.
- Few beers?
They must've been pretty
strong beers for you
to puke out the side
of the car here.
You been drinkin'?
- No. Nope. I haven't.
- All right, I need to see your
license and registration.
I'm gonna ask you to step
out of the vehicle.
- Yeah well, I can't do
that right now.
- And why is that, ma'am?
- [Laughs] He just ma'am-ed you.
- Just stop.
Because my license was
suspended a few weeks ago.
- And why is that?
- [Quietly] DUI.
- Pardon?
- A DUI, sir.
- DUI?
You're definitely comin'
with me. Let's go.
Turn your vehicle off.
Step out.
Don't step in your own puke.
Come on.
[Window whirs]
[Shuts car off,
un-clicks seatbelt]
[Footsteps thud]
- Okay. So this ticket is for
driving under a suspended
This is for the expired plates,
and that's for the broken
You should get that fixed.
Miss, do you want to come
with me,
and we'll call your parents?
- No, you can't tell them.
- Really? Why is that?
- He's dying.
- That's true.
[Announcement on speaker]
Uh, what about your mother?
- Mother is a fucking cunt,
and I hate her.
- Okay. Uh, I'm not...
quite sure what the family
situation is here,
but someone needs
to be notified.
- Look, uh,
his name is Walter Jackson,
he's at Overlook Hospital
in Niagara.
Can-can I just call a friend
and have them come pick us up
and drive us there?
- Sure. That's fine.
I'll just uh,
I'll keep processing,
and you make the call.
- Fucking taillight?
- Could've fixed that one first.
- Why don't we have some
quiet time now?
[Police radio chatter]
[Mary sighs]
[Crunches chips]
[Crunches chips]
- Ugh. Oh my God.
[Crunches chips]
[Robyn exhales]
- You remember me getting you?
- Not really.
- Hey!
It's not your fault!
I mean... it kind of is,
but mostly not.
- I can be a real
idiot sometimes.
- Hey.
You're not an idiot.
You're only part idiot.
- He's just-he's gonna be so
disappointed in me and...
- It's okay!
Disappointing people
sometimes is good.
Makes you work harder.
- I don't want the last
the thing he remembers
about me to be a fuck up.
- You're a good person.
You just made a mistake.
- Yeah, but I do fucked up
shit all the time. [Sighs]
Just, no one knows.
- Well, do tell.
I thought I was the only
fuck up. [Laughs]
- Okay um,
one night I gave two different
guys blow jobs.
- That's cool.
- Yeah.
- Not expecting that.
[Both chuckle]
- Yeah, and I wanted to...
which is kinda weird.
- It's not weird.
you're experimenting.
You wanna know something
fucked up about me?
- Obviously.
- Well...
I am an alcoholic.
[Awkward silence]
And you are the first
person that I've told.
[Car rumbles]
- I hope everything works out
with your dad.
I lost mine a few years ago.
- Thanks.
Well, he did a good job on you.
[Seatbelts un-click and recoil]
- Uh, if you need anything.
- [Mary laughs]
Thanks again.
- Yeah, no worries.
[Door glides open]
[Walt gasping, oxygen hisses]
- Don't take that off.
- [Walt gasping] Two things.
Don't be such an idiot.
[Walt gasping]
You did a good thing.
And I wanna get the fuck
out of here.
- That's three.
- Three things.
[Machines beep slowly]
[Crow caws]
[Photos rustle]
[Robyn laughs]
Oh my God.
Look at your little pot belly.
- I was so terrified of
I used to hang on the edge
of the beach,
and then run up to the water
and dip my toe in,
and run back,
and one day he just swooped
me up,
and put me on his shoulders,
we went right into the lake.
Seems like nothing bad could
happen when I was with him.
- You're really lucky.
- [Mary scoffs]
Yeah, that's one way
to look at it.
- He was always working nights
when I was little.
I'd hear him come in,
and grab a bag of chips,
and plop down on the couch.
I'd have to sneak out
of my room
so my mom wouldn't hear and,
he'd let me watch infomercials
with him until I fell asleep.
Okay, story time's over.
I gotta pee.
[Mary sighs]
[Envelopes crinkle]
[Envelope rips]
[Approaching footsteps thud]
- You okay?
- Yeah.
[Floorboards creak]
[Bicycle rattles]
[Pounds on door]
- [Shouts] Look, I know
you're still mad at me,
but I really need to talk!
[Pounds on door] Please!
[Pounds on door]
[Kicking thud] Fuck!
[Door opens,
Mary crashes to floor]
- What do you want?
[Paper crinkles]
Did you know about this?
[Paper crinkles]
- [Sighs]
- Last line?
- [Quietly] Yeah.
- Yeah.
You didn't think it would be a
good fucking idea to tell me?
- I owe staying through
my first meeting to that man.
It wasn't fair for me
to tell you.
- Wouldn't be fair to tell me
he's not my dad?
- Look at however
you want, babe.
What I see is a man
who loved you,
like you were his own kid.
And completely fucked
over his own life.
I don't know.
Maybe you can relate?
And he has a kid
who needs a sister.
Needs you, right now.
So you can turn this into
an episode
of "Days of Our Lives"
if you want to,
or you can do
what you gotta do.
Big girl boots.
[Mary trembles]
What ha-
- Hey. Hey.
I'm just as fallible
as everyone else.
- [Mary sighs]
Jesus, I'm sorry.
I... I should've been here.
- Oh God, I fucked up
bad this time.
Oh, ugh, yuck.
I haven't even brushed
my teeth. Wait.
- [Sighs] Okay.
All right, here's what
you're gonna do.
You're gonna get up,
you're gonna take a shower,
you're gonna brush your teeth,
and I'm here.
I'll take you to a meeting.
- I'm-I'm fine. All right?
Please, please just...
just-just get outta here.
- Yeah, not an option.
Come on, up! Go!
Big girl boots.
- [Sighs]
[Footsteps thud slowly]
[Door clicks closed]
- [Sighs]
[Sorts through papers]
[Dog barks in the distance]
I don't hear
that shower on.
[Envelope rips]
[Water starts streaming]
And use soap!
Lou: Yes, mom.
[Paper crinkles]
[Water taps]
[Paper rustles]
[Sniffs] Ugh!
[Lou laughs]
[Indistinct chatter]
[Footsteps thud]
[Walt sighs]
Mary: You wanted to be home.
This is what home
looks like now.
[Walt sighs]
What happened to all
my-my stuff?
- I put it in the basement.
- Don't go riflin' through
those things, okay?
- Why?
- Because it's just all... junk.
[Footsteps thud slowly]
[Walt sighs]
- Ugh.
[Mary sighs]
[Walt shimmies on bed]
- [Sighs]
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I got, you know,
a little bit blunt
with you the other day.
- It's fine.
- [Walt sighs]
I'm not gonna make it
to her graduation, am I?
- [Sighs]
I don't know.
Maybe not but...
I'm gonna figure this out.
We'll make do.
She's gonna be okay.
- [Laboured breathing]
You too, huh?
- Yeah, me too.
- [Laboured breathing]
[Sheets ruffle]
- Okay, so before we begin,
I uh, I just wanted...
[Approaching footsteps thud]
...I just wanted to take care
of a little housekeeping.
Please help yourselves
to coffee, in the break,
but be mindful,
and clean up after yourselves.
Um, also, please also stack
your chairs
at the end of the meeting.
- Oh man.
- Let's uh, be a good family
here, and...
would anyone like to start?
- I'll start.
As you can see, um,
I'm not quite
in the best of health.
But anyway,
my name is Walt,
I'm an alcoholic.
Group: Hi, Walt.
- And I'm here because uh,
even though I'm dying,
I am still an addict,
and I wanna go out clean.
I let myself be eaten by shame
for mo-most of my life,
but I refuse for it
to be the death of me,
or anyone that I love.
It's not too late.
It's not too late.
[Laboured breathing]
- Hey.
How you doin'?
[Laboured breathing]
- Oh, I'm okay.
I'm good. [Chuckles]
- All right,
let's get you dressed.
- Yeah, I can do this.
I can do it.
- Oh, let me help.
It makes me feel useful.
- [Laboured breathing]
- Okay.
How about this guy?
- No.
Mary, up in the back.
Way in the back.
[Hangers rattle]
- Oh, I see.
Very nice.
Where'd you get this?
- Oh, I go places.
- Yeah, man of mystery.
- [Laboured breathing]
[Floorboards creak]
[Both chuckle]
[Laboured breathing]
[Laboured breathing]
my car awaits.
I got the Jaguar here.
- [Lou laughs]
Lookin' dapper as hell, Walt.
[Both laugh]
Dressed for the occasion.
- You look great.
- Ha, ha. Thank you.
Walt: Shall we?
Lou: Alrighty.
- Thank you.
- Got it.
Watch your head.
- Okay, thank you.
- Okay.
[Door slams shut]
[Indistinct chatter]
Mary: Hey everybody,
thank you so much for coming
on such short notice,
but I think she's going
to be very excited
that you're all here.
And she is here!
[Noise makers honk]
- Oh my God. What is this?
- I just thought
it'd be nice for you
to have an early graduation
- Holy shit, you guys.
- Honey.
- Sorry.
[Walt clears throat]
- Uh, you still have to give
a speech,
like in real life, so...
- Um, no.
- There-there's no actual
so uh, just you know, project.
You can sit down.
Walt: Come on.
- Dad, this is my boyfriend.
- Ah.
Lou: Okay, wait, wait, wait,
wait. Let me...
let me be your principal.
Okay. [Clears throat]
I would like to introduce
to the stage,
our valedictorian,
captain of the varsity track
and field hockey teams,
and the recipient
of a scholarship to NYU.
Group: Bravo!
- Robyn Jackson-n-n-n-n-n.
- It's a partial scholarship.
- Sh-h-h-h.
All right! Here's your girl!
Woo-hoo! Yeah, baby!
Okay, sorry.
- Um, I don't really know
a lot of you,
but thank you for coming.
The truth is um,
some shit's gone down lately.
The last few months have um...
last months have been
the worst of my life.
But there was one good thing.
Her name's Mary.
She's my half-sister who,
up until a few weeks ago,
I pretended didn't exist.
But she's helped me realize that
it's okay for things
to not be okay.
And sometimes,
good people do shitty things.
[Applause and cheering]
Mary: It's party hat time.
Lou: Oh yeah.
- Oonce, oonce, oonce, oonce.
[Indistinct chatter]
- What are you gonna do
this summer?
[Laboured breathing]
Okay, come on. Come on,
let's not sit around
all night crying, huh?
- Um, I think I'm gonna go
out to Toronto.
Maybe get a summer job.
- [Laboured breathing]
After you finish school.
- You can stay with me.
- In the hot tub?
Walt: Yeah, the both of you
stay at the house
for just as long as you like.
You. You do what
you have to do.
[Laboured breathing]
- You okay?
- Yeah, I think I'm ready
to go home.
Mary: Okay.
- [Laboured breathing]
Mary: Okay.
[Walt breathes in deeply]
[Mary chuckles]
[Bag rustles]
[Approaching footsteps thud]
- I found this in his room.
[Paper crinkles]
Come help me with something.
[Footsteps thud]
[Floorboards creak]
Woman: Is anyone at 9 months?
Is anyone at 6 months?
Is anyone at 3 months?
Does anyone have the desire
to stop drinking?
[Fireworks pop]
Walt: There she is.
Mom: Hi, sweetheart.
- Here comes another wave!
[Walt and mom giggling]
- Where's Daddy?
Walt: Hello, there.
Mom: Give him a smile!
- Who's my favourite girl, huh?
- Yeah.
- My favourite girl?