Mary Had a Little Lamb (2023) Movie Script

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(SINGING) Mary had a little
lamb, little lamb, little lamb,
little lamb.
Mary had a little lamb.
Its fleece was white as snow.
Mary had a little lamb,
little lamb, little lamb.
Mary had a little lamb.
Its fleece was white as snow.
Everywhere that Mary went,
the lamb was sure to go.
Time for dinner!
What's going on?
You're going to love what
we're having for dinner.
You be quiet now, you hear?
It's a rule that children
should be seen and not heard.
Take a seat while I
prepare for dinner.
Sit up straight at
the dinner table!
My boy's here now.
You be nice to him, you hear?
[nervous breathing]
That's my boy!
Quick as a whip.
Good boy.
Good boy.
Good boy.
Where are you going, young lady?
You've not had your dinner yet.
He said he knew he'd be
playing for her death
so he had no choice
but to cover it all up.
Benedict admits he
was stupid and rash,
but he's not a killer.
Of course, no one believes
his version of events.
On November 9th,
Benedict was hanged,
bringing to a close one of the
more gruesome cold cases ever
Molly's body may have
lain undiscovered
where Benedict had
dragged it into the woods
if it wasn't for Anne
Margaret's psychic vision.
And this isn't the first
time that visions have
helped to solve a murder case.
In 1922, another
disappearance was
uncovered by a mother's dream.
And you guys can hear about
the disappearance of John
Falk in next week's episode.
Well, that was Professor
Rattles screaming at me
to tell you that
it's time to close
another episode of
Carla's Cold Cases,
a graveyard for all those who
love unsolved mysteries, dead
or alive, and only
on 101.8 PDFM.
Bye for now.
OK, and we're off the air.
I don't think he did it.
No, you're done.
Fine, fine, fine.
What do I know?
What do you think, Liz?
[clears throat]
What are we talking about?
Since when is this your job?
You should be sorting
out the socials,
not dragging random people
in from the streets to shag.
He's not random.
He's very sexy.
Everyone, this is Matt.
You know, Matt's actually
looking for a job
and I figured he
could work here.
He's really good at coming up
with tags and slogans, yeah?
I mean, you've got
You've got #RadioMurders.
Well, you know, I'm still
working on some others.
Isn't he amazing?
No, you're amazing.
So we fire you and hire Matt?
Yeah, shut up, Ray.
You're not cool enough to
know how social media works.
I've been busting to
go since we went live.
You need to get that looked at.
You may look at a small
bladder all you want.
It ain't going to
get any bigger.
All right, I'll cut you guys up.
I'm just going to pack away.
Hi, Carla.
Hi, Shelley.
I loved the show today, even
though things like death
make me a little
wobbly in the knees.
My mom says she can't
listen to the show.
You know, she says,
get a real job, so.
What do I owe the pleasure?
Oh, Pete said he wanted
to see you in his office.
Well, do you know
what it's about?
He just said he wanted to
see you for a quick chat.
I'll get there right away then.
Oh, and by the way, thank you
for making me feel so welcome.
I'm excited to work
on Carla's Cold Cases.
Yeah, well, I heard you're
the best researcher, so, yeah.
See you later.
Come in.
You wanted to see me, Pete?
Have a seat, Carla.
So did you enjoy the show today?
Was that AD or BC?
Sorry, what?
It doesn't matter.
They're both old as shit.
Socials haven't been
updated in months.
Did Liz lose the ability
to use her hands?
These things are
important, Carla.
It spreads the word,
brings in the advertisers,
so we can't afford
not to be doing this.
Well, Ray said that
Liz was doing fine.
She was up to date, so I--
Who helps you compile
these stories of yours?
Oh, me, Ray, and Mona,
now we've got Shelley.
We go through the cold
cases and also find
supernatural phenomena.
Are they all so old?
Well, yeah.
That's the very
nature of cold cases.
They're all old.
I mean, today's was
particularly old.
Like, AD if you
still want to know.
I'm not really sure what this
has to do with [inaudible]..
I like helping people with
a genuine passion and talent
to build a career in radio.
I remember when you first
came to me with your ideas,
and my first thoughts
were, this could be huge,
and it was, right?
Those first few cases
you went through
were shocking and fascinating.
But now it feels like
you're running out of steam.
We're a team, aren't we?
I hope you do what
you love and you
help me bring in the
listeners to give me
and the advertisers
what we want.
But you're not giving
me what I want, Carla.
Ratings were at their highest
when your unsolved mysteries
were more recent.
I think people prefer that
to cases from centuries
ago that they can't relate to.
No, I know, but
I'm trying to get
some recent cold cases, Pete.
I'm a businessman, Carla.
I don't care how
you do it, but I
need something fresh and
exciting within the next week
or I'm pulling
Carla's Cold Cases
and putting Ray and Mona
on Frank's Drive Time show.
This station doesn't
run on fresh air, Carla.
No advertisers, no
money, no station.
It's pretty simple.
No, I can totally do that.
I can get some--
something fresh, something
new, something exciting.
Just don't worry.
I can do it.
Seriously, Pete, Pete.
One week.
Prove to me that you've
still got your old magic.
That's all you're getting.
That's all I need, OK?
Fucking Liz.
Man, I should've been kicking
her ass about the socials.
Oh, forget about that.
That's the super easy fix.
What we need is to find a
story by the end of the week.
I know, I know, you're right.
It's-- I mean, a week.
We could just wait for a case
to reopen and be the first ones
to jump on it.
Maybe, maybe.
Didn't we get a whiff
of something happening
on that Jeffries case?
No, that turned
out to be nothing.
Like, we've got a fucking week.
Like, we can't just sit here.
We have to be proactive.
Like, we need something
new, something
that's going to get
the audience excited,
not rehashing some
fucking missing persons
case in the middle of nowhere
like Washington or something.
Pete wants new.
He wants something is
happening right now.
Yeah, but if it's
happening right now,
it's not really a
cold case, is it?
Maybe that's why
we're going wrong.
Like, guys, if we don't
get something brilliant
by the end of this
week then we're
going to lose our jobs, so.
Don't be scared.
Don't be scared.
Look at you.
You're shaking.
Please let me go.
I can't do that, baby.
You'll tell everyone
about my little lamb.
He's shy, you know.
I would very much like
you to join our family.
Little lamb's taken
such a liking to you.
No, please, Somebody
help me, please!
How ungrateful!
I'm looking after you, aren't I?
Silence her, will you?
She doesn't want to join
our family, stupid girl.
[muffled screams]
Meanwhile, the US embassy
has offered a reward
to anyone who can come forward
with more information leading
to their safe return.
Police are still
combing the area
around Warp Woods trying to
track down Teddy Reid and Joan
Evans, who were last
seen a month ago.
They are the latest
in a series of missing
people in the woodland.
Warp Woods.
Although many locals
seem to think the couple
have just moved on and
are no longer in the area.
Meanwhile, in
Washington State, there
have been more arrests following
the discovery of a kidnap ring.
So you've found something new.
I want you to send me and
the team to Werp Woods.
Have you lost your mind?
I'm trying to save money
here, not spend more of it.
Jesus, Carla.
There's no story here.
There's more to it.
I can feel it in my
bones, I promise you.
Like, if you look
closely, there's
been over a dozen
people that have
gone missing over
the last decade,
and the police are doing
jack shit about it.
The last missing people
were like a month ago.
I don't know.
You go up there and
do what exactly?
OK, on the ground
reporting, interviewing.
Like, we'll get
out of the studio
and into the midst of it,
mix it up, the whole shebang.
You'll do anything to
save your show, won't you?
Like, Pete, I told you.
Like, the show is my baby.
I'll finance the trip, but
you're booking the cheapest
hotel rooms.
Yeah, go big or go home.
This better be the best
thing you've ever done
or you're stacking shelves
at Tesco's, capiche?
OK, I got it.
Right now, fuck off
before I change my mind.
Fucking off.
Oh, thank you, Pete.
You won't regret it.
No, wait, wait, wait.
You don't mind if
Matt comes with us?
You do know we're sharing
a hotel room, right?
Don't worry about that.
We'll just snuggle
up really tight.
We'll be like one
big, fat person.
Hey, don't worry, boss man.
I'll make sure this little
cutie takes plenty of pictures
for the socials and shit.
And maybe one or two
videos we can post, huh?
You're so bad.
You're going to get
me shadowbanned.
I have everything with
the kitchen sink in there.
Right, who is ready to
make the best fucking
episode of Carla's Cold Cases
we've ever fucking made?
Yes, yes, yes,
yes, yes, yes, yes!
Let's go.
Hey, I need to take a leak.
Wait for me.
But, seriously, fishing
will change your life.
It would just be a weekend.
Come on, don't knock
it till you try it.
I'll knock anything that's
boring as fuck, pal.
Now, here's the thing.
It's not, because
when you go out
and you're going to get that--
No, you're done.
Zip it.
Fine, whatever.
Your loss.
You guys want some?
No, thanks.
[mumbled speech]
All right, guys, everything
is riding on this,
and we're going to follow the
exact same footsteps of the two
missing people,
Teddy and Joan, OK?
And if we're lucky, we
might even find them.
Dead or alive.
Yeah, well, dead or alive,
it'll make a great ending
to our series, and
advertisers are
going to be falling over
themselves to give Pete money.
So are you ready to make
the best Carla's Cold Cases
episode ever?
OK, come on.
Follow me.
Thank you.
Thank you.
[twig snaps]
What was that?
Something's not right.
Look, everything's
going to be fine.
Carla knows what she's doing.
Don't you, Carla?
I haven't had a phone
signal for over an hour.
The same.
No signal.
Hey, look, I don't want
to be weird or nothing,
but I'm sure we've
passed that tree before.
There's no way.
We've definitely seen that.
Look that's the one we took
a selfie with about half
an hour ago.
Oh, god.
My feet really hurt.
Yeah, come on.
Let's stop for a minute.
We've been walking
for three hours.
And I've still got no signal.
Carla, what the
heck is going on?
We've been walking
for three hours.
I have no fucking clue what
is happening right now.
Whoa, whoa, what's wrong?
Well, I'm trying to
follow this stupid map,
and we're supposedly taking the
same steps that those two took,
but I just--
I have no idea where
I am right now.
Well, maybe we
should turn around
and we'll try again tomorrow.
Are you an idiot, Ray?
Like, we literally have a
week, less than a week until we
have to break this story, OK?
We can't just mess around?
Like, fucking look?
Ray, do you know
how to get back?
Yeah, yes.
Yes, I do.
It's-- we, we have to go--
OK, I don't.
Guys, I think I found something.
Looks like a house.
Just over this way.
Still no signal.
My team and I have retraced
the missing couple's steps,
which has led us to a very
mysterious house in the woods.
Now let's see what lies ahead.
Wait, we're not going
in there, are we?
Well, you're the one
that pointed it out.
Carla, come back,
you fucking lunatic.
I don't think this
is a good idea.
Let's look for a
phone or a bathroom.
Someone's definitely here.
Yeah, but where?
Oh, what's that smell?
It smells like burnt
engine oil or--
The wind?
It's typically a rule of
thumb that if it's the wind,
there should be fucking wind.
OK, so we have entered
the house and it actually
appears that no
one is living here.
I beg to differ.
Oh my god.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, I didn't mean to
frighten you, my dear.
We thought that no
one was in here.
These are my friends.
My name's Mary.
And you are?
I'm Carla.
Well, you don't look like
robbers, so what brings you out
here in the middle of nowhere?
Yeah, a concert,
a music festival.
Yeah, our car broke
down so we were
walking through the
woods for like hours.
Oh, you poor things.
Oh, I guess you already know
about the signal up here,
don't you?
Yes, well, that's maybe--
do you have a phone that
we could borrow, please?
To call a mechanic?
Of course.
But you must be so
tired and hungry
after all of that
walking, and I see you've
got some stragglers out there.
I don't bite.
Would you like some tea?
Well, you have a
lovely home, Mary.
Thank you.
My son and I adore it.
It's a bit our the way, though.
I mean, great if you
don't like people, though.
That's how we like it.
So peaceful here, away from
everything and everyone.
I'm glad you think
it's lovely, Carla.
So where is your son?
He's upstairs sleeping.
How old's your son?
My little lamb is 33 years old.
Oh, wow.
Mary, you don't happen to have
a bathroom I could use, do you?
I do.
There's one just downstairs.
No, that one's not working.
There's one upstairs
on the left.
You can't miss it.
Do be quiet up there, won't you?
My boy's a light sleeper.
We wouldn't want to wake
him when he's sleeping.
Yes, sure.
You've got it.
Jesus Christ,
Does that woman have
no sense of smell?
He's never been to school.
I taught him everything
he needs to know.
Schools can make the mind fuzzy.
He learned everything he
needs to in these woods.
And does he have, like, any
friends out here or anything?
He's only interested in animals.
He catches them and
tags them with the date
that he found them and then,
you know, he lets them go.
Oh, that's nice.
And what about girls?
Oh, no.
No, no, no, no.
He doesn't do that.
That would get in the
way of his mission.
What mission?
Why, protecting me, looking
after, me feeding me.
Oh, I need to find
me a man like that.
Uh, uh, someone.
Honestly, I'm fine.
It's OK.
You-- you're OK?
It's fine.
It's just something's not right.
Oh, that bathroom stinks
like a public urinal.
A woman and her grown son
live in the middle of nowhere,
nowhere being a place where
people disappear never
to be found.
So could there be a connection--
I've called the local
mechanic for you.
What did they say?
Can't come out until tomorrow
afternoon, I'm afraid.
That's fine.
You've been a gracious
host but we should probably
get back to the van and
find a hotel or something.
Yeah, absolutely.
You've been wonderful, Mary.
Thank you for the tea.
We appreciate it.
Hey, hey, hey.
It's pretty bloody
dark out there.
Are you sure we
should be leaving?
No, we don't want to risk
getting lost out there again.
Yeah, well, we've taken up too
much of Mary's hospitality, so.
Wait, wait.
You don't happen to have a
couple of rooms we could just
stay in for one night?
I know it's a massive,
massive inconvenience,
but we'll be gone in the
morning when the mechanic comes.
Like I said, my boy's
a light sleeper.
I don't want any--
We can pay you.
I can't take your money.
No, we insist, don't we?
200 here.
Is that OK?
I wouldn't have felt right
with myself, you all leaving.
It's not safe out there.
I've got two rooms
upstairs on the right.
If you need more
pillows and sheets--
--just let me know.
Whoa, that's a record for me,
scaring two people in one day.
I'm sorry.
Oh, it's me that
should be sorry.
You didn't eat all
of your dinner.
No, I don't want to
hear any of that.
Good boy.
Let's put these on.
Now, you let Mummy take
care of all of this.
Good boy.
OK, I can explain.
Are you hiding a fucking mind?
Guys, I think we have
something really big here,
like really big.
What do you mean?
Well, did you not hear the way
she was talking about her son?
Like, it was batshit
fucking crazy.
Carla, something
doesn't feel right here.
Something is off.
Like, here's our angle, OK?
Mary and her son,
like, this place
is giving me major
Ed Gein vibes.
He was a serial killer, babe.
What about the
missing persons case,
you know, the reason we're
out here in the first place?
But I'm sensing
something much bigger
than the missing persons
case, like, these things
could be connected.
What are you talking about?
I've been thinking about this
ever since she grabbed your arm
That was weird.
And what does that have
to do with anything?
Yeah, like Matt said,
it was weird and creepy.
What if somehow I
could create something.
Whoa, no.
You mean lie.
No, just embellish.
We could very cleverly string
the two stories together
and create, OK, a four
part extravaganza that
will get people talking,
put us on the map,
and then we won't
fucking lose our jobs.
So lie.
You guys aren't listening to me.
No, Carla, we are
listening, but you're
smoking crack at the moment.
We can't exploit these people
just to save our butts.
Exploit is a very strong
choice of word, Mona.
You'll make them look bad.
They already do look bad.
But you are going to imply that
they are these evil assholes
who kidnap people?
Yeah, they could be.
Or maybe not.
I just-- I really
need to talk to Mary
and maybe get some
info of her son.
No, no, this just seems wrong.
Can't people just be
weird without being
murder psychopaths?
All right, we could get sued.
This all feels a
little desperate now
and I'm really not sure
about any of this anymore.
Can you just give me tonight
and a little bit of tomorrow?
I just need one more
interview with Mary, OK?
And then, like, we can
leave and get out of here.
Everything's fine.
If it makes you happy, fine.
Let's fucking do it.
What, right?
I'm going crazy too.
I'm really starting to think
that there is something
up in that attic.
Guys, I really need
your support right now.
Like, we're balancing
on a fucking knife edge
and we need to seize every
opportunity we can get.
So please.
Fine, fine, fine, fine.
Just one night and
then we're gone.
That's it.
Thank you.
Thank you.
[dragging noise]
Wake up.
Mary, I--
Couldn't sleep?
I've always had
trouble sleeping.
I was just going to
make something to eat.
Would you care for something?
What the fuck?
Oh my god, what has
she done to you?
Let me help you.
What was that noise?
You must be a city girl.
The woods are full
of noise at night.
Owls, bats, foxes
worrying sheep.
I noticed you looking at
my family photographs.
Yeah, I was.
Yeah, they're lovely.
I hope you like this.
I can't eat anything else.
How old are you, young lady,
if you don't mind me asking?
I am 25.
I'd have put you much younger.
I bet you're always going
out enjoying yourself,
a young girl like you.
Well, my work doesn't give
me the time to do that, so.
What do you do?
I, I work in a cafe, yeah.
Curse the minimum wage.
I used to go out a lot
when I was your age.
I did a lot of
promiscuous things.
Oh, wow, you were
wild, were you?
Well, going out lots, letting
the boys buy me drinks.
But I left that life
a long time ago.
My father.
One night my father said to
me-- well, he grabbed my arm
and he said to me, that
you'll pay for going out
dressed like that.
What do you think I thought?
Then that night I'd
had too much to drink
and I ended up in an alleyway.
This man came up and
said, did I need any help?
And I said, no, I'm
just going home.
He kept on asking, and for
the 20th time I said no,
and then he slapped me hard
and threw me on the floor.
He got on top of me.
I can still feel his hands.
Rough, cold, forcing
me, grabbing me.
I was 16.
And then, nine months after,
I had my boy, my little lamb.
But he didn't come out
like other little boys.
I thought it was a
punishment from God.
But no matter how different
he is, he's still my son.
Different how?
Like, does he have
a disability or--
sorry, I actually
shouldn't be prying, so.
It's time to go up now.
Thank you for
listening to me gab.
Any time.
I hope the food
helps you to rest.
Little lamb!
Little lamb!
Where are you?
Little lamb!
Little lamb!
Little lamb!
Hey, what's going on?
Oh my god, he came out.
Oh, my little lamb's escaped
and I need to find him.
He can't be left on
his own for too long.
What do you mean escaped?
I mean he left and--
oh, my boy.
I'll go talk to my team.
No, they have to
stay in the house.
Because he might come back and--
you just come.
You just come.
Wait, wait.
Let me just go tell
them to stay there, OK?
I'll be right back.
What's going on?
First I can't find Mona and now
the lady's crying for a lamb.
Yeah, well, she's, like,
really upset about it.
Her son's escaped or something.
I think he's, like,
handicapped or something.
Do you want to tell your
face what you're saying?
No, sorry, but I was, like,
talking to her last night,
This story is
going to be insane.
What do you mean he escaped?
I don't know.
I'm not 100% sure, but
I'm going to go find out.
Please just wait here, OK?
Just in case the son comes back.
You can check him out,
see what he's like,
ask him a few questions,
because I want
to know the fucking answers.
How long are you going to be?
I don't know.
I don't--
Look, you said after you
got your interview with her,
we were out of here.
You've talked to them, so
let's get the fuck out of here.
No, please.
It'll all be worth it, Ray?
I promise you.
Please just stay here.
I'm coming.
Ray, I really need
to talk to you.
Carla's losing her mind.
She's been researching
murders and death and stuff
for this podcast for so long
she's completely lost it.
That's not true, Shelley.
Then explain her behavior, Ray?
She's just, I don't know,
insanely stressed right now.
She's worried about her job,
your job, all of our jobs.
But how far will she go?
I mean, didn't she say the son
was handicapped or something?
Do you really
think someone who's
handicapped is going around
kidnapping people with his mom?
Come on, let's just get
out of here, please?
What about the rest of the team?
Look, the mechanic's
arriving tomorrow at noon.
He can take the rest
of them into town.
The longer we stay here, the
messier it's going to get,
and, honestly, I've had
enough of this shit.
What about Mona?
She's probably waiting
for us at the van,
and Mary and Carla are
off looking for the boy.
I mean, you saw Mona yesterday.
She really didn't like
any of this stuff.
Fuck it.
Do you want to know something?
I hate my job.
I just want to fish.
I mean, I hope Pete
fires all of us,
because I don't care about the
ratings or the advertisers,
all that bullshit.
I just want to go out on a river
somewhere, right, and fish.
That actually sounds
like a really good time.
Hey, what's happening?
Yeah, we're trying to
chill out in there.
Oh, the son's gone missing
and Mary, Carla, and Mona
are out looking for him.
He's, like, special
needs or something,
and we're going too,
now, so you guys
need to stay here in
case he comes back.
Oh, really?
So we get this whole
place to ourselves?
Unless he comes back.
You know what this
means, don't you?
Party time.
Well, we're going
to get going now.
Oh, I just [inaudible].
Did you hear that?
Hear what?
I just heard something outside.
It's probably a bird or
something flew in the window.
Come here.
What if it's that man?
Yeah, her son.
What if he's outside?
I can't do it with
somebody watching.
I'll go out and check.
Is there anybody there?
This is not funny, man.
This is not funny.
Did you find--
Holy shit.
Did I just scare you?
Shut up.
You made me come out
here for nothing.
Hey, look, it's nobody
here but you and me.
What's up?
I could have sworn I closed that
door behind me on the way out.
The wind?
Hey, I'll make
sure I lock it, OK?
Keep all those mad
men at bay, huh?
Hey, do you want
to know something?
I've never done it in
such an old house before.
Have you?
Well, tell you what,
we could make it fun.
I've got a bottle of
wine in my rucksack,
so why don't you get
yourself comfortable
and I'll be right back?
Don't take too long.
Where the fuck did I put you?
Come to daddy.
Was that you?
Stop messing around, Matt.
This isn't funny.
[heavy breathing]
Are you in there?
[chainsaw revving]
There it is.
Oh, thank god.
Wait, wait, wait.
Where's Mona?
She's probably out looking
for Mary's son or something.
Get in.
Get in.
Yeah, let's go.
Oh, god.
Let's get the fuck out of here.
It's so hot.
I'm just over this shit.
[car sputtering]
Car's not starting.
What do you mean the
car's not starting?
It's not starting.
Did we leave it on overnight?
I don't know, Ray.
Oh, come on.
Fuck, come on.
Just-- what the fuck?
All the wires have been cut.
Why isn't it going?
Ray, look over there!
What the fuck?
What the fuck?
What the fuck is that?
[interposing voices]
I'm trying, I'm trying!
It's not turning on!
Oh my god!
Oh my god, Ray!
Ray, start the car!
What the fuck?
Oh my god!
Help me!
Little lamb?
Little lamb?
Little lamb?
He wants to do the right
things, but he's so animalistic
I know people like that.
Not like my little lamb.
What do you mean?
Well, looks can be
deceiving, Carla.
People are so quick
to judge when somebody
doesn't look like them.
But there can be
an angel inside.
You don't judge
people, do you, Carla?
I don't think so.
All right, so what is your boy
actually running away from?
Oh, he's not running away.
He's just protecting me
in his own special way.
Protecting you from what?
All the bad people that
don't understand us
and won't leave us alone.
I don't quite get what you mean.
My boy's a good boy, Carla.
He just wants to do what's
right for us, and for me.
You don't think my boy's
a bad boy, do you, Carla?
I don't know.
I don't know him.
Well, if he's protecting
you, that's good, right?
I would like to meet him.
He's like to meet you too.
Is that your humming?
It's our song, my boy and I.
Oh, Mary Had a Little Lamb.
And everywhere that Mary went,
the lamb with sure to go.
I knew you'd know it, Carla.
Is something wrong, dear?
No, I would just really
like to find your boy.
I think we should get
back to the house now.
Guys, we're back.
Did you find little lamb?
Isn't he something?
My little lamb.
He is so smart.
I said that I would sort
everything out, but, bless him,
he always wants
to do the chores.
I think he's setting
up in the kitchen now.
What are you talking about?
I'll tell you this, Carla,
because you'll understand.
When I first saw my
little lamb, I thought,
how can I love someone
that looks like that?
But actually, God
and all his angels
were giving me a gift,
one that I had to mold,
but a gift all the same.
What are you talking about?
He's a monster.
A beautiful monster.
He was like any other little
boy, playing in the playground,
but he didn't look like
the other little boys.
They didn't want him to play.
It made me very, very
angry that they could
be so cruel to my little lamb.
Mary, OK, you're scaring me.
You're scaring me.
Don't be scared.
Don't be scared.
You're different, Carla.
You have a kind heart.
You listen to people.
You'd never do anything
to hurt anybody.
I want to see my friends.
I want to see my friends now.
Oh, you will.
We'll have a feast.
I want you to be
part of our family.
There's only the two of us.
And my boy, he gets
lonely for company.
And everywhere that Mary
went, the lamb was sure to go.
He'll be following
where you go too, Carla.
Please, please, please!
Oh, now that Carla's
awake, we can eat.
I hope you've washed
your hands for dinner.
Oh my god.
Settle down.
What's happening?
Settle down.
Settle down!
That's better.
Now that Carla's
awake, I can say grace.
Heavenly Father
who's art in heaven,
thank you very much for
this wonderful feast.
When we were hungry,
you gave us food.
When we were thirsty,
you gave us drink.
And my wonderful son, who
is an angel fallen down
between the cracks of
heaven to do God's bidding.
Let's eat.
Not good?
Tad gamey.
You smell like a nice cook.
No, no, no, no.
No, no, no.
Why the fuck are you doing this?
Inside everyone there is
good, even the bad people.
We're just separating
the good from the bad.
When we eat the flesh, the good
radiates out like a warm glow.
I'm so sorry what
my son did to you.
He doesn't know
his own strength.
Try some.
[knife clattering]
Oh, I'll get that.
It's OK.
I'll get it.
You are so beautiful, Carla.
You remind me of me
when I was younger.
You're so beautiful.
Go get her!
You're not a beautiful
person, Mary.
Well, I must say--
My friends weren't bad people.
I can assure you that they were.
OK, so why hasn't
he killed you then?
I'm not a bad person.
I'm his mother.
You said that he was
a normal little boy,
so you taught him
how to be like this.
We did what we needed
to do to survive.
You fucked your boy up, Mary.
You created a monster.
Like, why?
Why couldn't you just love him
for who he was at the start?
You have no idea
what it was like!
God himself brought this
deformity into our lives
and I turned the darkness
in him into life!
Do you know fucking
insane that sounds?
Do you realize how--
I did!
I did!
I did!
I'm sorry.
Oh, Mary, I'm sorry
that you were raped.
I am.
And I'm sorry that life,
like dealt you this hand.
But you cannot blame the whole
fucking world and try and kill
everyone in it!
Those people were
trying to hurt me!
No, they weren't!
They didn't do anything!
We did nothing!
We did nothing!
You just made your fucking son
into a fucking killing machine!
Do you know how hard it was?
He's got his issues,
for sure, but I kept him
on the straight and narrow!
Do you know how I did that?
I slapped him!
and I slapped him!
And I turned him into the
protector that I deserved!
You broke him.
You broke him!
You manipulated him!
You [inaudible].
You used and abused him.
You're fucking cruel
and vindictive.
And you used and abused him.
Do you knew fucking what?
He isn't the fucking monster.
You are.
You are the fucking monster!
Fucking bitch!
Kill her!
Kill her!
Are you stupid?
Get your ax and
fucking kill the whore!
[sheep bleating]
Help me!
Please, please,
please, please, stop!
Stop, stop, stop, stop!
Stop, stop, stop!
Are you OK?
[music playing]