Mary Is Happy, Mary Is Happy (2013) Movie Script

Tomorrow we gotta be faster.
Tomorrow we gotta be faster.
We're losing the light.
You're the slow one.
Mary, slow down!
We all have our own story.
What's magic hour?
They say evening light is the nicest.
Who told you that story?
Who do the sun and the moon belong to?
- No good.
- Just take it.
- The light's gone.
- So what?
But magic hour is prettier.
I'm pretty enough.
You're such a pain.
- It's gotta be right.
- There's no difference.
- Bullshit!
- Please?
Don't kick me.
I want a jellyfish.
I want a jellyfish.
Order it online.
Is it alive?
It's hibernating. Just defrost it.
Am I being silly?
Forgot the lunch box for two months.
Now it's moldy.
Mold makes me sad.
He cooked you a lunch box every day.
That's hard to find.
Sometimes, we're not always right.
Try a new perspective.
But I don't like him.
No rush, beautiful.
Waiting for perfection,
which doesn't exist.
Are you a lesbian?
Haha, very funny.
I'm always impatient, except
when it comes to love.
If it's not right, why rush?
If you miss me, tell me.
Anyway, he's gone now.
Yeah, he left last year.
- 11th grade?
- Yeah.
- I feel bad about that.
- You should.
Why "busy body"?
Why "busy body"?
Who cares?
- It's weird.
- You're weird!
Homes and Gardens.
Why did you do that?
I wanna have a garden.
I wanna have a park.
You're in our way, mister.
Shit, first day of school again.
Final term of high school, suck it up.
Planning my future.
- What's this?
- University Life is Beautiful?
Graduation is honorable.
Skipping graduation. I'm
not one for ceremony.
Asked the university to send my diploma.
Ma said "up to you".
Too beautiful for me.
Told Ma I don't enjoy electives.
It's actually a requirement,
not even an elective.
Diploma leads to better wages.
I graduated anyway. Don't need a
piece of paper to tell me that.
Luckily Ma and Pa agree.
This is what our future holds?
It's just a ceremony.
If you think about it, there's
no real meaning at all.
Cool, 70% off.
I don't need to buy everything I like.
Not like my younger self.
Let's go, I'm poor.
So lucky.
I found a million baht.
So lucky.
I'm rich, let's take a trip.
Italy or Florence, where to start?
Italy or Florence?
They're the same place.
Don't be a rich bimbo.
Do what you believe.
Actually, I wanna go to America.
I believe in Obama.
So go to America.
So far away.
I can't fly more than 5 hours.
- I get jetlag.
- You're so annoying.
I wanna take pretty pictures of ugly
things and call the album Skindeep.
Is it too sad? Should I delete it?
Delete it.
But it's pretty.
Going against the crowd.
Hi, Kun.
Where have you been?
Haven't seen you around.
Got into University already.
Why come to school?
- Where are you going?
- Just walking around.
- Tough life huh?
- See you later.
- Have you seen Gift?
- No.
- See ya.
- Bye.
- Gift's gone too?
- Yeah.
Lucky girls, skipping class.
I want my acceptance letter too.
Just stay here with me.
You'll miss me huh?
Mementos will one day become junk.
Hey, let's make a yearbook.
To remember everyone.
Yearbooks have shitty pictures.
I'll take the photos myself.
Pa and Ma said "Use Bluetooth".
Use Bluetooth!
Can't you just say Cheese?
I want a smile.
Getting carried away.
- One more?
- No, that's enough.
- Hi, teacher.
- Hello.
Final term? So what does the future hold?
It's dangerous not to know yourself.
Next week we're starting the yearbook.
Next week?
That's the near future.
120 grams paper, 4 color printing.
Asking parents for money
is the last choice.
So I'd like to ask the school for money.
If you can't do it, don't say it.
- Can you do it?
- Yes.
Is 200,000 enough?
Enough is enough. Stop talking.
Can we have 300,000?
I like strong, simple work.
I wanna do a Minimalist
style, like a photo book.
Sparse text with beautiful photos.
You're only worthy if
you're proud of your work.
To be worthy of the school...
Get serious and do it.
Here's 400,000. Good luck.
Thank you, teacher.
Practice leads to improvement.
Jungle retreat?
Is this overkill?
- My work is conceptual.
- Overkill.
Red Bull.
So busy looking for others, I got lost.
Where am I?
Borrowed four books from the library:
Patterns, textures, figures, illustrations.
And a how-to manual.
Very minimal.
Out of glue.
104.5 Love Radio is pretty good.
Carelessly destroying paper...
...wanna plant a paper tree.
On the roof, snow falls like flowers.
Ma, there's snow. On the roof.
And fog too.
When you arrive, the fog disappears.
Girl high on mushrooms.
Bring the helicopter.
Want some gum?
- Hi, teacher.
- So was the jungle retreat useful?
My portfolio is very Minimal.
This isn't Minimal.
This isn't Minimal.
It isn't Minimal.
The truth is maybe I've got nothing.
Four pancakes please.
Welcome Love?
Why are your hands cold?
- Turning red!
- Shut up.
He's probably just passing by.
Please just pass by.
You okay?
How many fingers?
Four? I only count three.
Today in France.
Where are you? I wasn't done.
- Paris.
- Huh?
Saturday I'll be rich!
I forgot my coat, so
I'll be back on Friday.
Ma will send money on Saturday.
But that's too late.
Are you crazy?
I'm impulsive (when I'm alone).
I dunno. Just felt like coming to Paris.
I'm not that crazy even on my period.
I'm reasonable. But I follow my heart.
What are you doing there?
- Sleeping.
- Huh?
I've got major jetlag.
I'm learning about my likes and dislikes.
I don't like being alone like this.
If one day you all disappeared,
how would I go on with life?
Yeah, I worry about that too.
Keep page 11.
I read in a magazine "every day counts".
- What magazine?
- A French one.
- You read French?
- I read a dictionary.
Hey, start chatting, this is
costing me 100 baht a minute.
I really counted three fingers...
Condos, concrete, control. Bangkok again.
Why did I go to Paris?
Mary's welcome home party!
I hate social functions.
I never know anyone.
- Why are you hiding?
- Shit, you scared me.
Everyone keeps asking why I went to Paris.
But I don't know.
Just come out!
Recently, my life's been so weird.
I do things without any reason.
Do you need a reason?
Like you wake up hungry for noodles.
There's no reason.
Noodles don't need a reason.
It's like being controlled.
Suddenly, a grasshopper on my arm.
See? Weird right?
I wanna eat some cake.
No cake on Fridays.
I wanna eat birthday cake, even
though it's not my birthday.
- I wanna eat birthday cake!
- Wait until next year!
Bitch! That's tear gas!
Folding paper triangles.
Why are you folding them?
Oh yeah...
Bought a whole lot of chinaware.
Wanna paint them!
What did you buy this for?
Suri is confused by the printer.
Hey, it's your name.
Why me?
This is freaky.
Who's Nawapol?
- Hi, teacher.
- Hi.
I want you to...
Thank you.
You sound like you're leaving us.
I'm going to learn to be a stuntman.
Or maybe a comedian.
So busy teaching, forgot to learn.
I leave the yearbook in your hands.
Why did teacher leave?
Without any warning at all.
It's not so strange.
We gotta kick-ass on the yearbook.
Teacher left it to us.
This is our time.
You talk like a movie.
Busy day today.
Two people a day?
Isn't it too much?
You wanted only magic hour.
How about half a person a day?
Is it too rushed?
Should be enough.
- More left.
- Hurry up.
I can't take it. The light's gone.
There's always tomorrow.
Let's chat.
What's your dream?
- I wanna open a sausage factory.
- You?
Personal motto?
Here's Gift's house.
Gift ran away from home.
When will she be back?
I don't know. She comes and goes.
Will she return tomorrow?
Where did she go?
Even her mom doesn't know.
How would I know?
Let's call Jane.
She's a psychic. I saw her on TV.
Hello, Jane?
She's in the Netherlands.
Copy the file to the computer.
Do it yourself.
Power is in my hands.
I'm the editor.
You're the boss!
Delete the file when you're done.
Why erase?
No questions, no answers.
If there's a blackout, I'll laugh.
The mouth does more damage than the hand.
- Blackout!
- Fuck.
Always press Save.
The files are gone.
We have to do the interviews again?
- Yes, editor.
- Fuck...
Two minutes of uplifting music.
Suri, who's Pakorn? Is this for me?
I'm soon to be important to someone.
Your name's on the postcard.
Who is this?
Uncle brought birds, but I
prefer ducks or chickens.
Yo, pause.
- Hi, uncle.
- These are for you.
Hey, I got three birds!
Cute birds.
Looks good.
- How does it taste?
- Chicken's better.
Hope you starve.
You'd rather starve?
Stand your ground.
Does my phone give an electric shock?
It's an iFeng 7.
Made in China.
I told her not to buy it.
Did I faint?
But you must do some physical therapy.
Ma said no massages during my period.
I googled it and got "the bed gets dirty".
If I didn't have my period,
I'd get a massage.
Can't find a swimsuit, maybe I'll sew one.
These styles suck. I don't
wanna do swim therapy.
Hey, you're the one that
didn't want to swim.
I'm bitten by the lazy bug.
Can I have a hug?
I read in a health manual.
Hugging is a form of exercise.
No inner lining.
My wallet's got no inner lining.
- You spent that million already?
- Yeah.
- Was that a play on words?
- You're so slow.
- Hey...
- What?
You applied to Austria University?
Yeah, but they haven't replied yet.
You wanna repeat 12th grade?
So we can stay together?
- Are you crazy?
- I'm serious.
Can't stay, gotta go.
Even if we're apart, you can just call me.
It's not the same.
Is my heart large enough for the world?
One, two, three...
Born looking old.
Kun, when did you start looking old?
Hard. Hard. Homework is hard.
This one's hard.
Why did you sign up for cloud speed class?
So I can take nice yearbook photos.
Looks more like a triangle.
Always (appear) confident.
That cloud will pass by
the sun in 245 seconds.
Ma, are you back? Can you cook dinner?
No rice today.
Ma's been at the temple for a week.
I miss her.
Can't call her, she forgot her phone.
Suri, can you come over? My mom's gone.
I'm lonely. And my Ah Ma's dead too.
Miss Ah Gong and Ah Ma. Wanna
eat ice cream together.
Ice cream?
Gonna exercise and then do my homework.
Want some?
Don't need to eat, I won't die.
I prefer Ma's cooking.
Always changing my mind.
Your Ma's not around forever you know.
Hey, this is Ma-Ma noodles.
Five pancakes.
Sometimes, the answer comes
before the question.
My name is M. I'm single.
Don't need caffeine tonight.
I can't sleep.
I didn't drink coffee. I cant
sleep because he's single.
Busy with all my heart.
Shit, my heart is thumping.
What are the ethics of school pregnancy?
Only my body is awake.
Stillness is better than chatter.
Mary can sleep with her eyes open.
She didn't sleep last night.
Clean and dirty can coexist.
How can you sleep without
washing your hair?
- You do it too.
- No, I don't.
- Yeah, right.
- I don't!
What to do about tomorrow?
What should I do tomorrow?
Don't wait until tomorrow,
wash your hair today.
I was talking about M.
Tomorrow, what will I do about today?
Just take it day by day. See what happens.
I can't do that.
I gotta go all in. Tomorrow
only happens once.
When I try to sleep, I can't.
What should I do?
I'll have eye bags.
It's tomorrow already.
Two pancakes.
Always lose the race with time.
- How...
- I gotta go.
Shit, you're late. Tim's
mom is waiting downstairs!
Sorry, let's shoot.
The light's gone.
Just fuckin shoot it!
Shoot it!
Shoot it.
Got it?
I gotta go.
Good job.
I'm living in multiple realms.
M. Is like a spirit.
Comes and goes without warning.
I saw him the other day.
But as soon as I sat down, he left.
Just like that.
What's next?
Nothing official.
Nothing official.
Who's the one for me?
Just chill out.
Maybe he's a drug dealer.
You gotta be careful.
Who knows?
Know what? You know his
name and he's single.
He looks nice though.
Just looking at scissors makes
me think of being apart.
- Why did you stab me?
- You're annoying!
Confusion is like putting
sunblock on at night.
Mary, that's sunblock, not medicine.
Concrete above, not sky.
I wanna be sad with a sky backdrop.
My heart has brought me this far.
What the fuck are you doing?
This is no time for Wong Kar-wai.
And you don't even smoke!
Give it here.
Great things can be achieved alone.
If we're going to look for Gift
in the jungle, we gotta go alone.
We're already over budget.
We still gotta go. Yearbook's
gotta have everyone.
So busy buzzy.
Hi Jane, we're lost,
please show us the way.
Find her tonight?
What's Gift doing out here?
Thank you Jane, I think we've found her.
You're difficult.
Why'd she leave her clothes.
Yeah, weird.
Weird, weird, and more weird.
Goodbye world.
Come look at this.
Back and forth, that's all.
I don't think Gift's coming back.
- Maybe she found nirvana.
- Don't be silly.
Thinking of you.
Haven't seen M. Recently.
Yo, be careful.
- Hey.
- What?
11:11 is the best time to pray.
- Who said?
- Someone said.
Someone who?
Shit, now it's 11:12.
Uncertainty abounds.
Do you think there's an algorithm
to predict the future?
That would be too predictable
So I should make the first move?
You wanna wait for him to make the move?
I'd look like a slut.
Are you?
Everything takes time.
Wanna spend time with you.
Fail (not fall) in love.
He didn't come.
I'm a failed slut.
I suck.
Calm down drama queen.
You might need ten slutty days to succeed.
What do I do the next nine days?
I don't know. I'm not a slut.
The shakes.
What's wrong?
The shakes again?
I don't want you to go study overseas.
I don't want to miss you.
Missing you. That's how I feel.
"Time waits for no man"
- Monk
Why did the headmaster die?
Because he was old.
- Hi, teacher.
- Hello.
Mary, I've got something to ask you.
The headmaster's last words were...
"Mary soon..."
Was he talking about you?
I don't know.
Intentions are always a mystery.
Why would the headmaster say that?
His last words. What a conundrum.
- Were you his mistress?
- Fuck off.
Be responsible for your words.
Wasting time again.
Calculating Future Probability.
That book's nonsense.
Why you reading it?
I wanna know what headmaster meant.
Was he trying to warn me about something?
Maybe its just a coincidence.
Maybe there is some force
controlling my life.
Please spread the word.
All students must attend class.
All students must move into the dorms.
These are the rules of our new Headmaster.
No exceptions.
Questions and opinions...
are forbidden.
That's all.
Keep quiet.
Fault lines lead to separation.
Separation is a natural phenomenon.
Wanna sit on the roof and read a book,
surrounded by flowers and a sewing machine.
We're forbidden to leave
school the entire term.
We can be together.
Writing my diary in the
evening with nice music.
Then going to the market in the morning.
How will I see M?
Chill out...
Don't be so slutty.
We need to find an escape route.
They're changing the school motto.
"Follow Orders"
Today is our Headmaster's first day.
December 21.
Huge room!
- My bed.
- Get up!
The new Headmaster seems okay.
- How do you know?
- His eyes.
It's in the eyes.
It didn't work.
What to do?
- Did you pay attention?
- Yes.
Still dancing.
What are you doing?
Staring at his eyes gives me the shakes.
My life is getting weirder every day.
This is serious. You must really like him.
Is this what it feels like to be in love?
I wanna go left. Is that really my choice?
Or am I being controlled by some force?
And if I go right? Am I
overcoming the force?
Or is the force controlling
me all the same?
I don't really care. I'll follow you.
Just love.
And love? Is it me or the force?
Are you gonna write a fuckin poem?
So is it right or left?
Even the water pump sounds weird.
The sound is in the wrong key.
Isn't it weird?
You're weird, not the pump.
Within estimation.
What are you doing?
Writing down all the weird things.
The water pump?
I read it in Calculating
Future Probability.
Like when you're sick, you
write down your symptoms.
This way, I can predict the future.
You go, girl.
M. Kissed you already?
No, these are song lyrics.
- Then why are you turning red?
- I'm not.
No diary in a while.
Why don't you write in a diary?
No need.
I can use the receipts in my purse.
The feeling returns.
I'm missing M. Again.
Kick up the sewing machine.
I wanna kick it!
Cleaning day: The room, the fan, the car.
We gotta wash Headmaster's car now?
It's the new curriculum.
Maybe it will come in useful.
If you loved someone, could
you control yourself?
Probably not.
No commitments.
I'm scared. I'm taking it slow.
Love's a good thing. Chill out.
It's a good thing.
What's that formula?
I'm trying to predict
the next five minutes.
I might just bump into M.
Hi, teacher.
We're moving to a new classroom.
This room will be used to store
Headmaster Soup and Coffee.
His factory is out of space.
Oversized piggy bank.
Is that a joke?
Say it, do it.
Crazy year 2012
Is this my Shit Year?
Your final exam will be
about our Headmaster.
Study his biography.
Know you quick, love you quick.
Eating canned coffee and soup.
But actually, I prefer cake.
Headmaster Soup.
Extra strength.
Headmaster Coffee, regular strength.
No other choice for lunch?
My stash of cake is almost gone.
My brain's filled with rubbish.
The Headmaster's bio...
how will that be of any future use?
It's the new curriculum. They've
probably thought it out.
Headmaster likes mangosteen too.
I like mustache.
Headmaster looks good with a mustache.
Shut up!
We gotta get 10 out of 10 to pass.
Headmaster collects scissors,
colored pencils,
and the like.
Scissors, hoops...
That's weird.
Our school allows freedom of thought.
But I'm censoring some yearbook questions.
Bad questions.
"Does school bore you?" is censored?
I like early-wakers. So I
should wake early to meet them.
Come see M. With me.
I wanna see him.
Wanna steal some cake.
We want cake. Give us some.
If you don't, we'll be forced to cut you.
What flavor?
My cake!
What happens if M.'s not there?
I don't know.
Get a peacock. Ma likes them.
Let's get a peacock. Ma likes them.
Wait, what about M.?
I don't know.
I wanna see M. But let's
find a peacock first.
Drunk on air.
Oh, I got accepted by Austria University.
We don't have to like the same things.
Why did that happen?
I like today.
I'm so happy right now.
I don't want anything to change.
I wanna look for peacocks
every day with you.
You're all-purpose.
All-purpose? I'm not a van okay?
All I need is you.
The end.
Was I dreaming?
Did I dream you got into
Austria University?
I really did. Here's the letter.
Are we destined to be together?
Calm down.
I'm moving to a new
country, not a new planet.
The Flintstones.
In the Stone Age, traveling was a big deal.
You could never call home.
That's why Stone Age people loved forever.
Life was hard.
Winter mosquitoes are big.
What's wrong?
Holy shit, is that a mosquito or a lion?
My body is awake.
All this peacock nonsense,
what about the yearbook?
I will try harder.
Try harder and it will be okay.
It's straight-forward.
From now on, you will follow my orders.
But that's not fair.
I'm the editor.
Fuck the yearbook. Let's
just remember each other.
No need to record it, just remember it.
Nothing's going as planned.
It will look like shit.
And it's my name as the editor.
Doing it.
Suddenly, I'm thinking about sex.
Another weird thing.
- Where you going?
- To see M.
You're still thinking about sex?
You're just a kid!
What about the yearbook?
In reality, I dream that we're together.
Can we meet each other more often?
I don't know.
If it happens, it happens.
But you're here now.
But we're together now.
Take down the laundry
before it catches cold.
I gotta go. It's gonna rain.
The person I never dream about.
Why don't I dream about you?
So what?
Usually, I dream about boys I like.
You mean you like me?
That's not what I meant.
Sharing my feelings with the boy I like.
It's nice when we argue and
you say "please listen".
And when I ask you to come
back like in the movies.
Please don't go.
Time's up. See you next time.
Now it's clear.
It's not meant to be.
Don't say that.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
I'm fine means I'm not fine.
If you think of sex and
then think of him...
then it's probably meant to be.
Forgot about that.
Oh yeah. Forgot about that.
Who knows when our paths will diverge?
Right or left?
I don't know.
Like is a feeling, love an emotion.
What's the difference?
Nice sayings are always hard to understand.
Why can't things be easy?
Right then.
I won't follow you.
I'll go left then.
See you later.
If it doesn't work out, so be it.
There's no way to be certain. Just do it.
Let me get my Nike's first.
Keep it inside.
If you like him, just tell him.
Then you'll know.
The boy should make the first move.
You want to be in control, don't you?
You wanna take a walk with me?
Are soul mates meant to be together?
Why this track?
I don't know.
What did you bring?
Ma doesn't like bags.
- My Ma's bag.
- Another recycled New Year's gift?
- It's a nice bag.
- It's still recycled.
Swapping gifts.
Shit, I get your Ma's bag.
Not accepting New Year's invites.
I can't think that far ahead.
I'm free this New Years.
Just saying. No big deal.
New year, hurry up please.
New Year's again. Sucks.
Anyway, durian is expensive this season.
- What are you going to do?
- About what?
About New Years.
We're still discussing New Years?
Different rhythm, the same understanding.
To admire is better than to be admired.
Or is it just me?
It's a fine line between
attraction an affection.
People + people = people
Have you thought of the class photo?
I'm still waiting for the perfect light.
The perfect light?
When will that happen?
So true it hurts.
Our bodies age, but our
hearts remain the same.
You think it's possible that one day
we will no longer be friends?
You're supposed to say "no".
You are my dream.
Exterior - Train Tracks - Magic Hour
She said "I love you". He
replied "I love you too".
The end.
Isn't this too happy?
It's too easy.
Easy? This homework's damn hard.
Let's get to the point,
we're going in circles.
What do you want to say to the audience?
I'm not sure.
Love stories are hard to write.
I'm still unsure.
You've written a standard drama.
Beginning, middle, end.
Nothing's new. Everything's been done.
But it's all too easy.
There's no conflict.
Love has conflicts. Always.
Should I make the characters more confused?
Yes. That's one way.
But I don't want conflict.
Then what will the audience watch? Right?
Camera charged, songs
downloaded, ready to go.
But where's my diary?
I lost one of my paper slips.
Now this is conflict, get it?
Shut up.
- "I want a world without argument and war".
- Slow down.
Everyone is unique.
Oui's favorite fruit is dragon fruit.
- The text is almost complete.
- I'll work on the layout.
- Bitch.
- My back hurts. I want a sofa.
I'm hungry.
Found a good book, now
I don't wanna go out.
Becoming a believer.
Hi, teacher.
I brought you the sample layout.
I like brown.
Can we change the text to brown?
The rules say red.
When are you going to Austria?
After graduation.
That's soon.
Another day gone.
Can you not go?
Come on.
Okay, I won't go.
Is that your choice?
Or do you feel a force controlling you?
Exchanging memories.
I'm not allowed in the school.
Don't worry, nobody's around.
- Open the cover.
- Oh.
What's the picture for?
The school yearbook.
I'll take one of you.
Why? I'm not a student here.
I know.
One, two, three.
My lips are sealed.
Am I dreaming?
It's real, not a dream!
Shit, you're not even in the picture.
I'm so content.
- You're such a slut.
- Proud of it too.
What's up?
I got M.'s number for you.
Incomplete connection.
But it's missing the last two digits.
Shit, what am I gonna do with it?
Count down?
Count down from 99 to 00.
Or Count Dracula?
I'd rather Count Dracula.
Is that a fuckin joke?
I don't know.
Feeling chilly.
A chill in my bones.
Don't be poetic. Put on a sweater.
Plain as heather Grey.
A sweater won't help this chill.
You're annoying.
Cherish those you love.
Just tell him. Be confident.
Okay, I will.
So did you confess your love?
No, I'm not ready.
Uncertainty is exciting.
How else will he know?
But if I tell him, he'll know.
Can he tell me first?
Like when he told me his name?
Then keep waiting.
Running through Music Videos.
MV Love Confessions.
You're doing research?
Improve upon it.
I've gotta be better than an MV.
Don't copy song lyrics.
Last night dreamt I went swimming,
but the bikini was ugly.
What's wrong?
I had a nightmare.
Is it an omen?
See and then like? Or like and then see?
When I tell him, which
sentence should I use?
Just tell him.
What's the difference?
Can you stand here? It's a nicer angle.
What is it?
Please wait here. And I'll tell you.
I'll be right back. Please wait.
I wanna find my diary.
I don't have it.
I'm scared.
When will we know?
Cherish the one you love.
Okay, I will.
We always change our minds.
There might be something better out there.
- Is he the one?
- Fuck!
I've liked you ever since I first saw you.
I don't know why...
I don't like you.
I'm sorry.
A life without expectations is peaceful.
Thinking back, it really did happen.
I'm in bad shape. Everyone's worried.
Even I'm worried.
It's okay.
I'll be going then.
I really do care, I do.
Dear Diary, please come back to me.
My memory is full.
Make a fist and spin around.
Flower or cobweb?
Love closes your eyes.
Really. Like. You.
Can I choose my translating work?
Some stories are so sad. And
the translator gets sad too.
Teacher, is 400 ASA too grainy?
That's what we have. So just use it.
400 ASA is all-purpose anyway.
Nothing is valuable in abundance.
No more waiting for magic hour?
Is this too many, photos for one day?
No more sincerity when things get serious.
Go proof this.
No mistakes on the school history chapter.
I'll read it tonight.
Enjoying Life of Pie. Good movie.
Wong Kar-wai is great.
Even his tiger seems lonely.
That's not a Wong Kar-wai movie.
So much to do. Almost as
much as things I wanna do.
Hurry up and proof it.
I'll do it. Just give me a moment.
Snap out of it.
Everybody's fine.
I'm fine.
I'm fine means I'm not fine, remember?
I'm fine, really.
What's next?
What's next?
Tired, tired, tired, tired.
Don't cry, it'll be okay.
I'll go buy you a Red Bull.
Can you be alone?
Be back soon.
Nothing's certain. Things happen
quickly and without reason.
A girl has been found murdered.
No perpetrators have been arrested yet.
The police are still looking
for clues in the case.
Thai Buddhist year 2556,
not used to it yet.
2556, Suri is gone.
Whatever happens, life goes on.
Suri loved you, didn't you know?
Trust your heart, it doesn't lie.
This is Suri's diary.
Read it.
In my dreams there is only you.
Don't ask me why, I just feel it.
The world used to be so lonely.
I have a crush on you.
Be prepared. And wait.
It's okay to dream.
Was she writing about you?
I need more explanation.
Say it's not you.
The hardest path is compromise.
It's forbidden. You'll be expelled.
Give me a moment. I'm confused.
No, it's not me.
Being correct is often a boundary.
Remember or forget, which is better?
Suri couldn't stay here.
That's why she applied to study overseas.
And then one day she just changed her mind.
It wasn't me, was it?
Too much for one day.
Making soup, used half a jar of sugar.
Mary, come out and make us some soup.
Go away!
Bought more books. Can
books buy me more time?
- Mary, the books you ordered are here.
- They're not mine!
Be still and it will be okay.
Damn dog took my bra.
Mary Malony, come get
your bra from the office.
Forgot to use the eggplant.
Mary, do you have an eggplant?
Aladdin, I wanna ask you something.
Who is Aladdin?
Teacher, my head's feeling weird.
All sorts of strange thoughts.
Boredom is normal.
Looks normal. You're fine.
It's like I can't control anything.
Finally, life is turbulent.
But life is out of our control.
Wake to a beautiful world.
I know you're sad, but you
still need eight hours sleep.
And things will be beautiful again.
I like to sweep.
Heartbreak and loss
can sometimes lead to
better things in life.
Tragedy has a silver lining.
Heartbreak and loss has a silver lining?
Don't I have a say in anything?
Stay calm.
Just smile and be happy.
Stop me when I lose it.
15 Seconds to Happiness
I'll give you a book to read.
It will help you.
Repeat after me:
Mary is happy.
Mary is happy.
Mary is happy.
- Are you hypnotizing me?
- Mary is happy.
May tomorrow be better.
You wanna fight it? Go ahead and try!
Who was that? Why did he hit you?
I forgot what I've done.
Wearing heels to wash the
car and people stare.
Trying to organize my life.
It's not so bad.
I won't let you control me.
Step 1: List weird events
in chronological order.
Collecting memories today.
Hold on. The cloud's
clearing in five seconds.
One, two, three.
So pretty...
It's worth waiting for magic hour.
Finally took your photo.
Completed the mission last night.
Wanna wake up to daydreams.
Everything begins and ends with the heart.
My friend Winai, haven't seen him in ages.
I'm Winai, remember me?
Enough of this! Please leave me alone.
I dreamt of 56.
M. 180-620-59
Dialing down my emotions.
What are you doing?
I don't know. But I need
to get out of here.
What's wrong with you?
Nobody understands me better than me.
Traveling to collect (sea) miles.
Hello, teacher.
All I know is that I will
never return to school again.
You want me back now?
Okay, coming now then.
Hi, teacher.
Sunday noon, gather everyone
for the class photo.
Getting busy with other people's work.
But if we shoot at noon,
the light's not pretty.
Our Headmaster is available at noon.
He must be in the photo.
Keep your feelings to yourself.
I'm not allowed to have an opinion.
Good. Now you're following orders.
You didn't listen to me,
and everything's a mess.
Will the AV teacher be available?
Our Headmaster will be there.
See you at noon.
I've told everyone.
Our Headmaster moved it to 1pm.
Call everyone again.
Let's settle it, please.
I know things I don't wanna know.
And vice-versa.
- Our Headmaster's not coming.
- Why not?
None of your business. Proceed without him.
Okay, one...
Old enough to understand.
You've ruined the yearbook!
You re not allowed any opinion.
Did you forget?
I've said my piece. So be it.
Today, tomorrow, what's the difference?
Tannase is an enzyme.
Gotta tell someone something.
Just watch, don't detain.
Okay, time's up, come out.
How are you?
Getting better all the time.
What's wrong with you? Talking to yourself?
Locking yourself in your room?
Acting aggressively?
Losing myself recently.
There's no escape, I love him.
My phone charger is the culprit.
I'm gonna die of electric shock.
Haven't you had enough of that phone?
Do similars attract?
I think that...
there are no easy answers in life.
It never goes as planned.
Nobody can teach us how to live.
To each his own.
There's no escape. I love him.
My heart...
My heart is meeeeeelting.
Hello M?
Yes, I called you.
But my phone exploded.
You're nearby?
Can I come see you?
Please? I've come a long way.
My departure might be
someone else's arrival.
- Is this the yearbook sample?
- Yes.
I wish it were thinner.
I like it thick.
It looks expensive.
Nothing can be changed.
Is the cover finished?
Could it be tomorrow?
Can I have one more day?
I'm still thinking of the design.
Okay, but you won't think of anything.
Can't think of anything.
Addicted to banana cake.
Working from reason is easier
than working from emotion.
If we use our heads more than our wallets,
each day would be happier.
Everything reminds.
We'll forget each other.
I've chosen. That's it.
Rain and dreams.
To collect, you first have to save.
Suri, I wish you would come back.
Nouvelle Vague, I've loved
you for a long time.
Hello, Mr. Godard.
I love your films.
Reality loves dreams. But
dreams doesn't know.
That's why life is somewhere in between.
I can't separate dreams
from reality anymore.
I'm confused. It's all so weird.
I think I'm going crazy.
Someone saw you shooting
a gun into the sky.
Out of gas, going crazy.
I lost control.
Mary, repeat after me.
Mary is happy.
Back to the same method.
Mary is happy.
Listen to me.
Don't fight it. There's no other choice.
Take it and read it.
If we have too many beliefs, we have no
belief at all. Still thinking Life of Pie.
Breaking news: A pile-up at a gas station.
The incident occurred in
the outskirts of the city.
The explosion caused the
entire station to disappear.
Gas station disappears?
Mary is happy.
Mary is happy.
Making yoghurt according to formula.
Mary follows formula.
There were 53 people
injured at the scene...
I feel nothing.
Mary finds the world beautiful.
Mary finds the world beautiful.
Mary finds the world beautiful.
I'm Pakorn. Do you remember me?
I'm still single.
I'm happy that you like me. But
this is my space, go find your own.
From After Life.
I'm here for the yearbooks.
20 Kg? My arm's gonna fall off.
My sixth slice of ham.
Sign here.
Honestly, what do you
think of the yearbook?
Mangosteen cover? What were you thinking?
Are you our Headmaster's mistress?
You're so much better than this.
No more working for others (for free).
It's tiresome and it's not even mine.
Sign in.
Yearbook Staff: Mary
Malony, Suri Aksornsawang
Okay, I'm up!
Dreaming I was awake.
I can't even follow myself,
forget about following others.
Dreaming I was awake.
Everyday counts.
Please wait here. And I'll tell you.
I like you.
Please cooperate with my love.
It's okay.
I've been through this before.
Tonight belongs to jens lekman
Graduation stick-up?
What flavor?
Red Bull flavor.
Final exams?
You think I'm sleepy?
Why must we study for exams?
In the end, does it make anything better?
Why does our Headmaster like Mangosteen?
(30 points)
So what if he likes mangosteen?
I don't get it.
We still need to study each
other, even without exams.
I'm gonna fail.
These subjects are useless anyway.
Just read it. Don't question everything.
Are you asleep with your eyes open?
I miss Suri.
Dreaming with your eyes
open is so different.
We've been together since
the follow button.
If we understand ourselves,
then others will understand us.
Love has conflicts. Always.
Interesting question.
You wanna take a walk with me?
I don't want to be sad. But I am.
I love you too, Suri.
4am is sixty minutes after 3am.
Drunk in the daytime.
Are you drunk?
Exams did this to you?
It's so hard, can't bring it up.
Excuse me...
Can you bring it up here?
- No.
- I'll jump down then.
Friday, it's hot.
Tired in every way.
There's two different kinds of loss.
Temporary loss.
And permanent loss.
Suri Aksornsawang
Take care okay?
Will I see you again?
See you around.
When I talk to myself, I don't
want to talk to others.
No questions, no answers.
The sun goes up, the sun goes down.
And that's a day.
Call me.
4 + 3 = 8. Nothing is certain.
If we could practice our feelings,
today I'd practice happiness.
It's gonna be hard. I feel what I feel.
Wake up.
Okay, I'm up!
Had enough.
Love is uncertain. But today it's gone.
If you put your mind to
it, 3 minutes is enough.
M., I wanted to say...
Wish I had the words.
Just flip a coin to call or not.
The benefits of keeping loose change.
Packing my money, my heart, myself.
Thank you for loaning me the filters.
You've had these since 7th grade.
Gonna have to make my own filters.
- So you've graduated?
- Yes.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Too much of a coincidence?
Didn't think we'd meet again.
How are you?
I'm fine.
Everything's fine.
You're going home?
Excuse me? What did you say?
Excuse me? What did you say?
Goodbye to high heels.
That's it.
Electric shock again.
Take care of you ear.
Thank you, teacher.
Wake me up at ten, but
I'll try to be up at nine.
People need love. No man is an island.
I was born in Thailand, a Buddhist,
with no choice for my name. Am I even mine?
The song stops suddenly.
That's it.
Calculating Future Probability. Vol. 4
The unknown never reveals
itself through study.
Can't breathe fast enough for this air.
Back home. With mountains.
Ma, when did this mountain appear?
Last week.
An all-purpose life is pretty hard to use.
What do you want to do next?
I don't know. Anything, Ma.
Up to you.
Wait a moment...