Mary Mary (2023) Movie Script

(footstep approaching)
Hey Son.
- How are you?
- Im okay.
- Come on.
- What?
You work too hard.
- (Chuckles) Come on.
- You need to take time to cool off.
Yeah I know, but a lot of work to
be done at the office and..
Nobody will do it if I dont do it.
(Mary chuckles) Thats why I
brought your favourite.
- Oh you did.
- You should eat now, common.
No, no Ill eat later.
I have to make sure I get done
with these documents first.
- Before I can eat anything.
- Youre just a workaholic
- I know right (chuckles)
- Come on.
I knew you were not going to
take that lunch break,
thats why I brought you food.
Come on.
Thank you Mom.
Thats why I love you, thats why
I appreciate you right?
Because you are the best.
(Jason chuckles)
Jason, look.
I think you need to stop calling me Mom.
I know you did that out of the
respect you have for your Dad.
But you see, your Dad is no
more. Its Mary now.
Well, thats gonna take some
time getting used to.
I mean, what happened to Mom?
I mean I love having a young,
beautiful, sexy Mom like you.
- Its Mary.
- Mom.
Anyway, I need to get going.
Ill see you in the house, okay?
Hey, young Mom.
I didnt realise you were back.
You stayed out late.
I was waiting for you.
Your food must be cold by now.
- Im sorry.
- Wow!
You got stuffs for the house.
Eh.. not really for the house, I..
Im having a guest come over tomorrow.
- Wow!
- Yeah, I invited her for..
For lunch.
Who is this her?
(chuckles) You dont know her,
dont worry about it, go to bed.
Ill pack up and Ill go to bed too.
At least you should eat something.
I made it just for you.
Okay, I will.
Ill dish some food, and Ill eat.
- Okay.
- Okay.
So you help yourself.
I will, go to bed its pretty late.
Alright. (chuckles)
(Jason exhales)
(door closes)
Mom come on.
You didnt have to do this, I..
I was gonna come down and get
myself something to eat.
Oh stop it.
No, you went through the stress
of making the food,
you didnt have to bring it yourself.
- Its nothing. (chuckles)
- Its too much.
(chuckles) Its nothing.
Erm.. you were saying something
about inviting a girl over, whos she?
Is she like.. your staff?
And you said something about
having lunch tomorrow.
Yep, her name is Freda,
and shes not my staff.
Wow! So, erm.. whos she then?
She is a girl that I..
I really like, I really like her.
And weve been talking for a
while now, weve been..
Seeing each other for a while
now, and erm..
I think its getting tight.
Its getting tight.
Yeah, she finally agree to come to
my house to visit so..
Im trying to make it really good.
I ordered food from the restaurant,
so you dont to worry about anything.
You dont need to go to the kitchen
to make any food for us.
- Oh wow.
- Yeah.
(both laughs)
Yeah, Ill get to the food.
Thank you! Oh, looks really good.
Thank you Mom.
(Jason chuckles)
(Door closes)
Someone he really likes?
No problem Jason.
Listen, call it whatever you please,
I dont care
All I know is I want what I want
All I want is you
You bring me down to my knees
Dont worry Jason.
I always know exactly what to do.
Let nobody, come close to you
I want you all for me
I want you for myself
And when I gat you here
I dont want to share
I wont stop at nothing,
till you are mine
Im gonna make you mine
Oh, oh.. Im gonna make you mine
Wo, wo..
Ill stop at nothing
- Hope youre enjoying your food
- Yeah, of course.
You better do because I made
this food specially for you.
Oh, wow!
You guys are having dinner.
(Jason chuckles)
Hmm.. Pretty girl.
(Mary chuckles)
Hi Mom.
Hi, hmm..
So, how long have you guys
been dating now?
Let me guess.
Three months?
- No, six months
- Yes, six months.
He actually told me a lot about
you, his step mom.
And Im sorry about your husband.
(Mary sighs)
Darling, its been two years now.
I mean, theres not a day that we
live without thinking about him.
He lives in our hearts.
Hmm.. yes.
- Mom?
- Well,
Enjoy your dinner.
- Thank you
- Ill just go inside.
- Okay.
- Youre welcome.
- I left some food in the kitchen..
- Jason..
- Just incase you want to..
- I know.
Im good.
Bye, enjoy.
My step mom, she is a wonderful lady.
Shes beautiful.
She is.
(Jason laughs)
Thank you.
(Door closes)
Hey mom, wow!
The youngest most beautiful mom in town.
- You know right.
- You look amazing.
Thank you.
I was thinking you were upstairs
in your room..
Then I realised your car wasnt outside,
- Then I knew you went out.
- Nah..
I actually stepped out to get
some fresh air.
And do some thinking.
- Thinking?
- Yeah.
Hope everything is okay,
come on, sit down.
- Oh yeah, sure.
- What were you thinking about?
- Its nothing serious.
- And you needed to go outside.
I was just thinking, hum..
About the girl you brought earlier.
Oh, Freda.
Whats up with Freda?
What happened?
You know..
I saw the way you looked at her,
and I just wanted to know your plans.
Well, erm..
I love Freda. I mean I love
Freda so much Im..
Thinking about getting married to her.
You dont even know this girl.
- Mom?
- Dont call me mom
Its Mary.
I know you are worried about me but..
- Im going to be fine.
- Exactly!
That was what you said about
the other girl that you brought,
and then realised she has children.
Even the one before, and the one before.
Jason what is wrong with you?
Can you open your eyes?
This one is different.
Shes different.
Then let me be the judge of that.
Look, I want you to be happy.
I want the best for you.
I.. Mom I know
I tell you, I know but..
Freda isnt going to disappoint you.
Shes different, and we love each other.
We are so into each other.
I swear.
Then let me be the judge.
(Mary exhales)
(Marys footsteps)
You cant do this Mary.
Babe, you already know.
I cant let him bring that girl
into that house.
I cant.
You dont get it.
This guy is your step son.
I was only married to his dad, so what?
And besides, we are of the same age.
So chill, its not that serious.
This is an abomination.
- Hmm?
- You dont get it.
You are his family, he is your son.
My step son. I did not birth him.
I was only married to his dad,
babe come on.
Besides, I love him.
I must have him.
What are you going to do
about this Freda girl?
I mean, you said it yourself.
You said um..
He seem to like her a lot.
Freda, Freda, Freda.
As soon as I have something on her,
Its over.
And Im very sure to find something.
Besides, everyone has secrets.
I cant wait for him to throw
her out of the house..
When he finds out shes not clean.
Im on it.
(Mary chuckles)
Yes honey.
- Im doing good
- Sometimes, I just..
Wonder how we become best friends.
Dont worry, allow me do the side touch.
- Mary!
- Uhun..
(Mary laughs)
(Mary exclaims)
(Jason laughing out loud)
Come on, come on.
Youre crazy (Jason continues laughing)
Oh shut up.
You know I love you, you..
You know I love you.
Look, Ive just been busy.
Look, but I call you.
I call you so many times in a day.
(Jason laughing)
You are just so jealous.
Okay, what do you want me to do?
What do you want me to do?
Okay mama, I love you darling.
I love you sweetheart.
I love you Freda!
Yes I do, I love you (Jason laughs)
Now youre making me shout.
Oh come on.
Okay darling.
Alright, okay you get some rest,
I love you.
(Jason grumbles and laugh)
Okay. (kisses)
Goodnight darling, bye.
- Are you okay?
- Oh yeah, sure.
Do you remember that company..
Dad always wanted them to
invest in our company?
Do you remember them?
Uh.. the Hilton.
The Hiltons, yeah!
Well I actually, finally got them
to invest in our company.
- Wow.
- Mhm.
Yeah, as were speaking right now,
our lawyers should be meeting and..
We should have a meeting with
them both pretty soon.
I think its a good step in the
right direction.
And Dad is going to be so proud of us.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, Im..
Im fine, everything is fine.
(Mary chuckles)
You dont look okay.
- What is the problem?
- You know I..
I dont want to ruin your morning so..
Erm.. Its just..
No, come on.
What is it?
Tell me, talk to me.
Jason, you know you have
a meeting today, and..
Its actually going to ruin your day.
I can take it.
Is it something bad?
Is it about me?
Its about Freda.
What about Freda?
(Suspense sound)
Um.. Jason, erm..
Im really sorry.
I told you, shes not a good person.
They are all the same.
Im so sorry.
Forget about all you said?
How can I even forget about
everything I saw?
After this?
I need answers.
I need to know why she lied to me.
I need to know why?
Why did Freda lie to me?
Listen, you dont need to know anything.
Its glaring, these are the evidence.
Her in the car with different men,
laughing, kissing, hugging..
Look at this.
Whatever you plead,
- Look Jason, look.
- (Jason exclaims)
I know youve been hurt a lot
of time, but please..
Dont do this to yourself.
Can I put an end to what
What you do to me, and so
I can not let nobody come
close to you
I want you all for me
Oh yeah
I want you for myself
When I gat you here
I dont wanna share
Ill stop at nothing, till you
are mine
Im gonna make you mine
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh..
Im gonna make you mine
Wo, wo..
Ill stop at nothing
Until you are mine
Call me obsessive, call me
You are not far from the truth
If I cant have you,
then no one else will
Yes I get jealous, a little
With the way I handle you
Im taking no prisoners,
when it comes to you
I can not let nobody
Come close to you
Oh no, I want you all for me
Yes, I want you for myself
And when I gat you here
I dont wanna share
I will stop at nothing,
till you are mine
Im gonna make you mine
Gonna make you mine
Im gonna make you mine..
Oh, oh..
Ill stop at nothing..
(Door closes)
Till you are mine
(Mary chuckles)
You cant love any other person Jason.
Its me and you.. forever.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh..
Me and you forever.
(Mary laughing)
I cant believe this makes you this happy.
(Mary chuckles)
You cant.
(Mary laughs)
Please, we should be celebrating
my wins and goals right now.
(Vivian chuckles)
So youre still talking about this goals.
This guys father died,
and did not write his will.
And apparently, the only person
whos going to inherit his properties..
Is Jason.
So this is about money and properties.
Oh come on Vivian.
Stop making it sound like its nothing.
I was only married to this guys
father for less than a year.
And I got absolutely nothing.
Except for the little share in
the company.
All I just want is to be with Jason,
- and we..
- And you what?
Are you listening to yourself,
like hear yourself talk?
You want to get intimate with
your step son?
You were married to his father,
you can not get married to him.
- Its..
- Its nothing Vivian.
Come on.
Theres nothing wrong if I kill
all the birds with one stone so..
I dont care.
Hey baby, dont be that stiff
with me. Just stop it okay!
(Jason chuckles)
Just stop it, no.
Babe what you told me was..
Youre doing your Masters in the
State, and now youre done.
So why dont you come back?
But you can come back to see me right?
At least see me. Weve been talking
on the phone for months now babe.
We do all the chat, the Face time but..
But its nothing compared to seeing
each other face to face.
Babe, come back lets just see.
Could perhaps make it official, you know!
Babe, erm..
Let me call you back, okay?
I gat something I have to attend to
right now.
I love you, alright?
Hi, Jason.
- Hey.
- This is for you.
(Jason chuckles)
Tell me, who was that?
Erm.. I was uhm.. talking to my..
My girlfriend.
Your what?
My girlfriend.
Shes called Mary, but erm..
She doesnt live here.
She lives in the State.
So um.. whats up?
Uh.. thank you for the food anyway.
You dont wanna sit down?
I have to go now.
Ill see you later.
Enjoy the rest of your day.
Oh mom.
Always taking good care of me.
(Jason chuckles)
You need to chill.
Chill out Mary!
You dont even know if hes
serious with her or not.
(Mary chuckles)
Vivian, you dont know Jason.
Jason doesnt play.
Once he says he likes a girl, hmm.
Just forget it.
Hes not like that, he doesnt
play that way. He has discipline.
Hes very discipline, trust me.
This is beginning to sound like
an unending carrousel
So you dig out things about these women,
And then he ends up getting new ones.
To be honest, Im tired.. like-
It just feels like this battle
doesnt end.
Cant these girls just leave him
alone and just go for good?
Mary maybe Daniel need to just stop.
Do you realise I was married to
this guys father?
And he died.
He didnt leave me with anything tangible.
And now I have this guy and
you are telling me to stop?
I cant darling. Im sorry.
I need to get my own share..
Of everything.
(Mary exclaim and hisses)
You wont understand.
Dont worry.
Step Mom, step son relationship.
Have you thought about what
people will say?
This is not okay.
Did you say people?
Do you think I care about people?
Do I look like I live my life for people?
Look, I have standards.
And this guy take all the boxes.
I cant stand to loose him.
I dont care about people.
All I care about is myself and
my happiness.
(Mary exhales)
- Im just tired.
- Just know that you have..
Lots of battle to fight.
Get ready.
This is crazy.
(Mary exclaims)
So erm..
What are you saying about
what we agreed to?
(Mary chuckles)
I never agreed to such a thing.
Oh come on baby.
Youre done with your Masters, why
dont you just come down and see.
Youll probably like it.
I mean there is no reason to come back.
Theres nothing to come back to.
Theres no one.
You have me.
Babe come on, you have me.
Oh come on babe, alright.
Why dont you do.. say em..
Six months.
Oh even three months.
Baby come on, you should spend
just three months.
You might just like here.
I dont know.
Babe please, please.
Please babe, please.
Fine, I will.
Yes! Yes!
Thats what Im talking about.
Thats what Im talking about.
She just said yes, shes coming to see me.
(Jason chuckles)
Okay, now I can get bavk to work.
Now I am super excited.
What are you going to do for
the rest of your day?
Oh, so whats the time?
Its still afternoon in your time.
(Door closes)
Welcome to my little home.
Little? This is not little.
Theres nothing little about this place
this is cute.
- Its really nice.
- Im glad you love it.
I love it.
Okay hum.. lets go upstairs
so you can freshen up.
Then Ill make you something to eat.
You cook?
Oh, oh.. God bless the man that cooks
(Both chuckles)
I cant wait to see the other room.
(Mary chuckles)
(Distinct conversation from phone)
(Door closes)
- Ah.
- Mom.
Whats up?
Hey, how are you?
Whos she?
Oh, erm..
meet my step mom
and mom this is Mary, my girlfriend
I told you about who..
Who lived outside.
Hi, Im Mary too,
Ive heard so much about you.
Nice to meet you.
Hope you had a great day.
- (Exclaims) Come on lets get back to..
- Is she okay?
I dont know.. I mean shes..
I dont know.
She doesnt seem okay.
Um.. What did that kid guy say
about Gemini
- Come on, bring that phone.
- Where is it?
(Mary mutters)
(Door opens)
(Door closes)
What the hell do you think
you are doing Jason?
What are you talking about?
She cant stay here.
Actually, she can.
Wait, what do you expect me to do?
Kick her out of my house, when she
came all the way to see me?
She can stay in a hotel or something.
Come on, mom are you asking
me to tell my guest,
my girlfriend to go stay in a hotel..
When I have a comfortable house
that she can stay.
Its our space Jason.
Our place, ours.
I mean I least you should have
even told me before..
Pulling this stunt.
You just kept me in the dark,
thats not nice.
You know what, listen come on.
Im sorry about that.
Mom, I know you..
I know you care about me, I know
youre worried about me but..
I am fine.
Im okay.
But Jason, you dont even know
this girl that much.
They just want to milk you and leave.
Im the only one who truly
cares about you.
I know that.
And I really appreciate that.
I dont take that for granted.
But I dont want you to worry.
She is a good girl, shes nice.
- I just want..
- Stop worrying about me.
Ill be fine Mom, alright?
(door opens)
- Uh..
- Hi, babe.
(door closes)
Come here.
Okay Mom.
Come here darling.
(both chuckles)
Oops! Aw! Jesus..
(talking distinctly)
(door closes)
(Mary singing)
You scared me.
(Mom chuckles)
You should be scared.
Nobody wants you here.
I see the way you look at me.
You dont like me,
and you cant even hide it.
What do you want?
(Mom clap and laughs)
I see youre the smartest of them all.
That makes it easy for both of us.
- Nobody wants you here.
- Jason is an adult.
Okay, Mom?
And he..
Only he decides when I leave,
and when I stay.
If he says he want me here,
darling, Ill be right by his side.
Okay, Mom?
The best thing for you to do, is leave.
Not happening.
- Hm..
- Mhm.
- Really?
- Really.
You really think so?
Really, really yeah.
And you really think youre that special.
(Mary chuckles)
- Im sorry for you
- I know.
Its okay.
(ladies laughing)
My darling.
(Mary chuckles)
Is everything okay?
- Yes my love
- Darling Ive been looking for you.
Where have you been?
Babe, do you want me here?
Of course I want you here,
but I want you upstairs especially.
(Jason and Mary laughing)
I was just catching up with my..
Step mom.
(Mary chuckles)
Alright get over it, I saw that
in the kitchen today.
(Mary exhales)
Well, its not a problem.
Its nothing actually.
Its nothing.
I saw you two together, talking.
We were just catching up as girls,
you know!
- Okay.
- Thats how girls do.
Okay, I mean shes a nice lady.
Im sure you guys are going to
get along very well.
Okay. You know what, I think youve
had a long day, why dont we go to bed.
Okay, lets go to bed.
Okay, lets go to bed.
(Mary chuckles)
(Jason exclaims)
turn off bed light.
(Alexa) Okay.
(both laughing)
So honey tell me, what do you
think about the food?
- Tasty
- You like it right?
- So much.
- Its nice.
(Step-mom chuckles)
You know there is more from where
that came from if you want.
Here, drink something.
- Just drink something
- Okay, Ive heard you Mom.
Come on, its nothing.
(Step mom chuckles)
I know
(Step mom laughs)
You know you always make
very tasty dishes.
(Step mom chuckles)
Did you hear that Mary?
And you like the chicken, you should
feast on the chicken now.
You like it.
(step mom laughs loud)
Honey, come on eat up.
The food is really nice.
(Jason chuckles)
She feeds me so well, so, so well.
I dont know what Id do in this
house without her.
Did you hear that Mary?
I feed him so well.
- Im waiting for you.
- Coming through
Oh there we go, found it.
Uh yeah, thank you.
(Mary sighs)
Yeah baby.
Are you sure you dont want me to
come to the office with you..
And at least know where you work?
No baby, not today.
I want you to stay home, rest
yourself, you just got back okay?
I was gonna say that Id keep you
company when youre bored
but now that youve said no to
my offer, I dont know.
No, I want you to stay home and rest.
- Its your house.
- Okay, Im gonna be bored.
Bored? You have Mary here,
shes a nice lady.
Im sure you guys can get acquainted.
Bond, you know.. spend some
girls time
Its not going to be the same without you.
I know baby, but I am getting late,
I gat to go.
- Love you.
- Love you too.
- Love you too.
- Love you!
I love you (Mary chuckles)
- Bye.
- Bye.
(door opens)
This clothes need ironing.
(door closes)
Whats going on here?
What does it look like?
(step mom chuckles)
Im taking his clothes to go
and iron them.
You know..
I know you always see him how
he looks very smart and clean..
Who do you think has been
responsible for all of that?
Give these to me.
What is wrong with you?
You have no right to barge in here,
especially knowing that Im still around
I have every right to barge in here,
you know why?
- Its my house.
- Its not your house.
Okay? Its Jasons house.
And mind you, I believe youre still here-
because he feels some sort of pity for you
or maybe respect for his Dad.
So just know your place woman.
- How.. how dare you!
- Hey!
(step mom exclaims)
Are you mad?
- Wow!
- Dont you ever..
Ever try that again.
If youve been doing it to other
people and getting away with it,
dont you ever try it with me.
- Youre getting on my last nerves.
- Get out.
Get out!
This isnt over.
Just imagine.
This woman is crazy.
(Mary sighs)
These clothes are not even dirty.
(open and slams door)
How dare she!
How dare she talk to me in that manner.
I need to teach this girl a lesson.
She needs to leave, and I mean it.
Shes never staying in this house,
she will not stay in this house.
(Mary breaths heavily)
She has to leave.
Hell.. talking to me in that manner?
Hi, Ja..
Oh, Jason.
Mom, you look amazing.
Thank you.
(both laughs)
And nobody told me youre in my office.
Well, lets just say everyone knows
the virtue of minding their business.
You dont need to say that again.
I hope you didnt bring any food
or anything, I hope.
Come on, no.
I just wanted to see if theres
any way I can help.
- Hmm.
- You, the office..
I think were good, I mean..
Just a bit tired, you know Ive been
stressed out.
This whole pain in my neck,
I dont know where it came from.
- Let me help you.
- Help? nop.
- You, you dont..
- Relax Jason.
I just need to rest, itll..
(soft moan)
Come on.
You know your Dad used to call
me a professional masseuse.
(Mary chuckles)
He said I have magic finger.
But Mom, you dont really have to
do this, I mean..
You do a lot for me already.
Come on, I have to.
Dont ever see it like youre
stressing me or anything.
Im always happy to do anything for you.
You see..
You see, you have, thats so much
tension there.
- You like it?
- Yes, I like it.
Mom thats okay, thank you.
Oh come on Jason, you know you need this.
- Yeah I know thanks.
- Relax.
- Jason..
- Im okay.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah, thank you.
Thank you.
You need to see the way he looks at her.
And the way she looks at him.
So annoying.
(Vivian chuckles)
(Mary hisses)
This one might not be easy at all.
You said it yourself. She lived in
the U.S.A almost all her life.
You may not be able to find
anything tangible,
worthwhile for him to let go.
Hm, girl..
(In pidgin):
Keep deceiving yourself.
With the right amount of money
and the right person,
There is nothing hidden under
this sun, that I Mary can not find.
- Let me even shock you.
- Yeah.
I have something already.
Oh my goodness.
- Mary.
- What!
Im only trying to protect what I love.
Let me be honest with you Mary.
This guy in question, doesnt even
see you in a romantic way.
Isnt that why am trying to chase
all these girls away?
So he can at least look at me.
I mean, take a very good look at me girl.
Im pretty, Im classy.
I deserve him.
Look, all I just want is Jason,
and a little inheritance.
The share I got from the fathers company
is nothing compared to what Id
have gotten
if his Dad has written a will.
All I just want is whats due for me,
thats all.
Im not asking for too much.
I am just worried about you Mary.
I dont want you to get hurt in
all of this.
I dont.
The only person who is getting hurt,
is Jason.
And I dont mind.
I dont mind him getting hurt.
As long as Im getting whats
supposed to be mine.
(door closes)
(Jason sighs)
Whats going on here?
I heard about the deal you sealed
with the Hiltons.
So, I decided to celebrate you.
Oh come on, I was just doing my job.
(glasses clings)
Oh come on, dont say that.
Jason, you know..
Before you came into this company,
it was almost going bankrupt.
But look at what you are doing
to me today.
Im so proud of you.
- Come on.
- Congratulations darling.
Ah, thank you.
Whats going on here?
Oh, erm..
I asked a question, what is going on here?
A gift just to say
I appreciate all the work youve been
doing for the company.
Thank you.
Shes congratulating me on a deal
I sealed at the office today, so uh..
She wanted us to have a glass of wine,
- and celebrate.
- What deal?
What deal did you seal?
- Uh..
- Cheers honey.
(glasses clings)
Its a big one.
- A deal..
- Just want to say congrats.
Thank you.
Um.. wanna have some?
- Youre okay, you sure?
- Yeah.
Thank you Mary.
Hm.. okay, let me see whats in here.
Do you want some drinks Mary?
Aw, Mary I think I would love this.
You should open it.
(Jason and step mom chuckles)
(Jason exclaims)
(Jason chuckles)
Its a perfume and one of my favourite.
I know youd like it.
I do like.. I love it.
(Jason and step mom laughs)
Thank you, thank you.
What do you want?
I should be asking you.
What do you want from Jason?
I see the way you look at him.
The way you throw yourself at him.
Look, Jason is my step son.
He had an achievement and
I decided to celebrate him.
Whats wrong with that?
When are you going to cut the crap?
Both of you are the same age grade.
You cant keep your hands off him.
Youre so attached to him.
Why cant you leave this guy alone?
Give him space to breath.
But from where Im standing,
I dont think the young man is
breathing just fine.
- Whats the headache about?
- I see how you throw yourself.
Youre cooking, cleaning, buying gifts,
doing all this and that
to please a man who already has a woman.
What? A wo.. woman where?
Wheres she?
(step mom laughs hysterically)
And yet she stands before me
to fight over the same man.
(step mom claps)
Youre such a joker.
(step mom laughs hysterically)
I think the biggest joke here is you.
Cleaning, cooking, dressing seductively
to get the attention of a man
who doesnt even rate you.
He doesnt even see you.
Sweetheart, Ill advise you, look
for another man
who will probably like you.
And leave Jason alone..
(step mom exclaims)
This girl will leave this house.
(Jason exclaims)
(door closes)
Babe you know the company I was
worried about is now on board.
But there is this new one, its um..
So big, they gat the biggest structure
and everything.
And we need everything they can
bring on board.
Now, theyve agreed to join us to..
How did she know about the company?
How did she get to know about your
achievement before me?
Are you talking about Mary?
- My mom?
- Yes, yes am talking about Mary.
Babe I think she heard from
somebody at the office.
She comes to the office sometimes.
She comes to the office?
Yes, she has some little shares
in the company so,
she comes around to see how
things are going,
and sometimes to check on me.
- She brings food..
- She brings you food?
She brings..
Wait, come on I..
Hey I hope you are not thinking that
Im having something to do with my-
my step mom.
(Mary stutters)
Babe, no, no no..
That is top notch abomination,
that cant..
Are you..
Come on, you are not thinking
like that right?
That can never happen, I can never
do that. Thats my fathers wife.
Call it whatever you please
I dont care
All I know is I want what I want
All I want is you
You bring me down to my knees
Hmm, thats so rare
Can I put end towards
What you do to me, Im so
I can not let nobody come close
to you
I want you all for me
I want you for myself
I cant even sleep with her.
Thats not possible.
Hmm, babe.
Ah, come on dont do that.
Im sorry I..
Im sorry I doubted you for a second,
but babe..
These things youre doing, its just..
Oh.. why huh?
Are you worried?
Are you worried that just maybe
Ill look at her the other way.
Are you jealous?
- (chuckles) Im not jealous.
- Come on, youre jealous.
- Im not.
- Tell me, what are you jealous of?
Nothing, but you men,
you cant take what you give.
(both laughing)
- Please tell me about it.
- Imagine I had a step dad.
A hot step dad.
Leaving in the same house.
- A younger step dad, like your age
- Mhm.
(Mary laughing)
Ill break his leg.
- No youll not.
- Ill break his leg.
What you do to me, Im so
I can not let nobody come
close to you
I want you all for me
I want you for myself
And when I gat you here
I dont wanna share
I wont stop at nothing,
till you are mine
Im gonna make you mine
I mean-
Whats really going on?
Im gonna make you mine
Why doesnt Jason see me?
Ill stop at nothing
Is it that Im not beautiful enough?
Until you are mine
Or.. I dont know.
What does she have that I dont have?
If I cant have you,
then no one else will
Im classy.
I just want someone whod love me.
Not even someone, Jason!
Why cant he just laugh with me?
When is he going to make me
feel Im the one for him?
Im the best for him.
When I gat you here
I dont wanna share
I wont stop at nothing,
till you are mine
(Mary crying)
Im gonna make you mine
Im gonna make you mine
Why cant you just look at
me like that why?
Ill stop at nothing
(Mary): Why?
Until you are mine
Am I not good enough?
(Sobbing continues.)
Yes, hi good day.
Whats up, Ive not heard from you.
What do you mean she might be clean.
Look, I didnt pay you this much
money to tell me that nonsense.
I dont care what planet shes from.
You must find something on her.
Something strong and tangible.
I dont care, do your job. I trust you
thats why I always contact you.
Dont disappoint me this time honestly,
because its not going to be funny
Thank you, thats what I want to hear.
(Mary hisses)
(Mary screaming)
- What happened? Are you okay?
- Its fine, its fine.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah, ouch..
- Take it easy.
- Yeah, its okay.
(Mary cries out loud)
Hey, you are not fine.
What is it?
- I dont know, my ankle hurts
- Your ankle, which one?
Yes this one.
This one, this one, yes.
- Just help me massage this place.
- Its okay, I will.
(Mary moaning)
Hey calm down.
Thank you, oh my God it feels good.
Hey, youre always taking care of me,
let me take care of you this time.
You know, I think if you just apply
pressure here.
- Here?
- Yeah.
(Mary moans))
Yeah, it feels good.
- (exclaims) thank you, so much
- Youre welcome.
- Hopefully, the pain would stop.
- I know.
- Is it okay?
- Yes.
- Can you feel it here, like yeah?
- Hm.
- Yeah?
- Hm. (moans)
Okay, alright youll be fine.
- Thank you so much.
- Its okay.
What the hell is going on here?
Hey, she sprain her ankle and
Im trying to help massage it.
- Yes.
- Sorry Mom.
Uh baby, actually the stuff is ready.
- Oh it is.
- Yes.
So why dont you get up and
go upstairs, and Ill handle it.
Are you sure you can?
- Yes of course.
- Okay, alright.
Mom, youll be fine okay?
Sorry, youll be fine.
Okay baby.
(Suspense sound)
(Jasons footsteps)
(step mom screams in pain)
Youre very stupid.
What is wrong with you?
Why do you have no shame?
Shamelessly throwing yourself
on a man that doesnt want you.
(step mom chuckles)
If you think he loves you so much,
Why are you scared that hes
attracted to me?
- (Mary chuckles) Me, scared?
- Mhm.
Clearly you dont know me,
I only feel pity for you.
You lost your husband I understand,
youre lonely, youre bored.
Dont you dare talk about my husband.
- Dont you dare.
- Shut up! whats wrong with this one.
Do you have respect for yourself?
If you had any respect for yourself,
would you be-
Working tirelessly to sleep with
your step son
Gosh! what kind of a woman
are you?
What is wrong with you?
Is it because youre horny?
Or you need money?
Which of them Mom?
Tell me Mom.
Tell me.
Pitch your tent somewhere else okay?
This man is taken.
(step mom chuckles)
You know.. I was here before you.
And Ill watch you leave.
I know your type.
Always after the money.
But guess what?
- Your clock is ticking.
- You think Im here for money?
Youre really dumber than you look.
(step mom sighs)
I dont want it to seem like am
fighting over a man, but woman!
If you dare me.
If you try me.
I can see you want to leave,
and you will, eventually.
Youll leave this house Mary.
I assure you that.
Silly girl, just look at you.
(Mary footsteps)
I can also assure you that
youll die horny..
Mary youll leave this house,
youll leave.
(indistinct talk)
- Be careful.
- Yes I will.
(Mary chuckles)
(indistinct discussion)
Im sure they have some great
movies youll love.
- Jason.
- Hey!
- Mom.
- Wherere you going?
Oh, to the movies.
- The movies?
- Yep.
Yeah tonight, hum..
Mary here said she hasnt seen
Nigerian films in a long time
so I thought that-
I take her to the movie and
give her a treat.
My darling.
(kiss) You know youre the best
man in the world.
You adore everything in me?
- Everything.
- Watching movies?
(both laughs)
Okay mom, dont wait up for us okay?
We are gonna be late.
Dont wait up Mom.
And dont cook.
- Ah, I shouldnt?
- Yeah.
- Youre okay?
- Of course not were fine.
- Youre fine?
- Yeah, Im good.
Okay come on lets go.
Okay darling, yeah (chuckles)
I can not let nobody come
close to you
I want you all for me, oh yeah
I want you for myself
And when I gat you here
I dont wanna share
(music fades)
I was kind of worried that you were
out late.
And I was..
Mom, my darling here and I are adults.
Besides I can take care of my man,
you dont have to wait up for us.
We are not kids.
- Besides, my baby is so tired.
- Yeah.
We need to go to bed.
Good night Mom, I think you should
go to bed too, you look tired.
Yes, you should.
(Jason chuckles)
You look tired.
Dont wanna share
I wont stop at nothing,
till you are mine
Im gonna make you mine
Oh.. gonna make you mine
Wo, wo..
Ill stop at nothing,
until you are mine
Call me obsessive, call me
possessive (music fades)
(Mary) Babe.
Yeah babe.
Yeah, I cant seem to find my car keys.
- Your car keys.
- Yeah.
Where did you drop it.
I dont know, I just cant just find
it anywhere.
Ive checked the room, my pockets.
Its just not anywhere.
You know what, I dont know,
and you are late oh.
I know Im, Im..
I dont know what Im gonna do.
Hey Mom, did you..
I thought youre suppose to be
at work already.
Why are you still at home?
I cant find my keys, did you see my keys.
- Youre all dressed.
- Yeah.
Im actually passing by your office,
I could drop you off.
No, no, no.
My man and I weve got this okay,
dont worry.
If you cant find the key,
Ill probably just order a ride.
- Five minutes itll be here.
- Mary, dont worry.
Its nothing, and I mean..
Its Jason, I could just drop him off.
Jason, youre running late.
Lets go.
- I actually..
- Dont worry.
Dont worry honey, dont worry.
- Youre stressing me.
- Its okay honey.
Let me just go with her, Im late,
and I love you.
Okay darling lets go, come on.
Honey, have a great day.
I dont care
All I know is I want what I want
All I want is you
You bring me down to my knees
I am so late.
You need to relax, okay?
Youll meet up, I assure you.
Aside from that, I just hate to go
to work late.
Look at the workers, they are
depending on me.
They depend on me, and I should
show good example, you know!
I cant be going to work late.
What do I expect them to do if
am going to work late?
Thank you so much for always
being there for me,
always being so helpful,
immensely helpful.
I really appreciate it.
Jason come on, you know Ill do
anything to make you happy.
And you know your achievements
are important to me.
Ill always be here for you.
Thank you.
Oh, theres something on your hair.
Its like a thread or something.
Watch the road.
Call me obsessive, call me
You are not far from the truth
Relax, just breath, youll
get there before time.
Theres no traffic, dont worry,
youll meet up.
(Music continues playing)
(Music continues playing)
Oh, oh.. Ill stop at nothing
Until you are mine
Call me obsessive, call me
You are not far from the truth
Yes I get jealous, a little ruthless,
with the way I handle you
Give me that!
(step mom and Mary rumbling)
Give me that, whats wrong with you.
My man tells me that every time
you go to his office.
And you do what?
You bring him food.
As what? A hungry dog?
Are you still trying to sleep with my man?
And since when did we start asking
each others question, hm?
Since when?
- You know what?
- What?
- Fantastic.
- Oh really?
- Oh great.
- Great.
Great Mom, give me that.
Give me that!
(both rumbles)
Give me that.
How dare you.
- How dare me what?
- How dare you Mary.
You do this to me, in my house.
Youll pay.
(Mary threatens)
Youll pay for this Mary.
- Hm, hm..
- Hm, hm.
- Try me.
- Im not tr..
Mary you wont get away with this,
you wont.
- I assure-
- See, if you-
Ill beat you up now.
Mary, ha youll leave this house Mary.
Mary youll leave this house,
ha! Mary.
This is my house!!
(screams out loud)
Mary dare me in my house.
What is that?
(Mary laughs)
Open it.
(Mary laughing)
What are you up to Mary?
This is how you get when you want
to be mischievous.
You know your bestie so well, you know!
(Mary chuckles)
Just open it.
- Oh my goodness.
- Yes.
Looks like someone is going to be
heading back to the U.S very soon.
Or where ever she came from, I dont care.
(Mary chuckles)
This is victory for me you know.
Now this is about to get messy.
Messy? (chuckles)
Lord have mercy, I cant wait to
see the drama-
that this is going to cause.
(Mary laughs)
(Mary exclaims)
Are you going to cheers to my
victory or not?
Till you are mine
Cheers to besties victory.
To victory.
Oh, oh.. Im gonna make you mine..
Wo, wo.. Ill stop at nothing
Wow, finally.
(indistinct discussion)
I mean, everybody loved you.
You were amazing baby,
come here, come here.
Hm, one more.
(kiss) What?
One more.
Are you okay?
Come on.
- What is it, are you okay?
- Im fine.
Whats going on, come on talk to me,
you are not fine.
Come on, come on.
What happened?
You okay?
Im fine.
No you are not fine, I know you,
and I hate to see you looking like this.
So youll tell me..
What is the problem?
Why does Mary still live with you?
Youre an adult, shes an adult.
Why do you both live together?
- Are you serious?
- Im serious.
Is there something you are not telling me?
A full grown man living with
a full grown woman
Im not comfortable with her living
with another womans man.
Okay, I uh..
Look, its nothing first of all.
What happened to us when-
Dad died,
the company was going through
its tough time and-
we had so much debt, they
confiscated most of our properties.
And the house that Dad and Mary
used to live was also taken by the bank
so she was left with nothing.
So when I came back and I took
over the company,
I got this place to live, and I just
couldnt let her be on the streets.
So thats why I told her to come
and live with me, so..
- But
- Babe, there is no but.
Mary is my fathers wife.
Its abomination. I can never do
anything with her.
So get that thought out of your head
because nothing is ever gonna happen,
shes just..
Family, and thats what shes
going to remain.
- Oh common are you jealous?
- I am.
Youre so jealous, hm!
Its not just morally right.
Stop being jealous, come on.
Hmm, come on.
I only have eyes on you alright?
- Hmm?
- Hm, dont say that.
(suspense sound)
Ill like to have a word with you.
Okay, so babe..
Okay baby, let me just hum, please..
- Jason!
- Im coming.
You see what am talking about?
I saw it, Im sure its something
- Just a quick one, alright?
- Okay.
Alright, come on hm.
Come on, dont be like that.
Just uh.. one, two, three, four..
Five, um..
Ill be right back because of how
much I love you, huh.
(Jason climbs up the stairs)
(door closes)
- Whats this?
- Open it.
So this is who you want to marry.
Where did you get this from?
Where did you find this Mom?
Have I ever lied to you?
The truth lies in front of you, and
youre asking me where I got it from.
Oh no this cant be true,
I know her, like..
I.. I..
- Mom I dont know..
- Well, well, well, well..
Why dont you go and ask her?
Go and ask her.
And she debunks this,
shell tell us why we have this.
No, no.
I can see it in your eyes that
youre scared
to talk to her or to ask her.
But tell her to tell you the truth.
I mean.. listen, Im only doing this
because I love you.
And I care so much about you.
(door opens)
Ja.. Jason.
(door closes)
Babe, are you okay?
Listen, hey.
- Why?
- Why what?
Why did you deceive me?
What are you talking about?
All I ever did was loved you Mary.
All I ever did was loved you.
Youre confusing me,
what are you talking about?
Youre married.
Answer me!
Are you married?
God! So its true, youre married
(Jason chuckles in agony)
So you..
What are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
So you are married.
So youre married, then
what are you doing here?
Why did you fly down to meet me
when you know you are married.
What do you want from me?
What do you want from my heart?
What do you want from me?
Why did you come into my life?
Why did you come to me?
I thought you were different.
I thought I had met-
the one.
I thought this was my last bus stop.
I thought this was the love of my life.
I thought-
I thought it was over with the search.
But then you, no different.
Oh no, no, no, no, no
Just before you leave
Would you consider
(Jason) You know what?
Im not gonna ask you to leave this house,
because I invited you to this country.
But I can not stay anywhere close to you.
Close to this.
Ill be in the guest room.
Im saying
Call it whatever you please,
I dont care
All I know is I want what I want
All I want is you
You bring me down to my knees
Oh, thats so rare
(Mary talking distinctly)
What you did to me, and so
I can not let nobody
Come close to you
I want you all for me
I want you for myself
And when I gat you here
I dont wanna share
Hey girl.
- Hey bestie.
- How are you?
Im good.
- Whats up with you?
- My girl.
I cant believe you manage to
pull this up.
Oh, Vivian.
You underestimate me oh.
(Mary chuckles)
(Vivian) Hows he?
(Mary exclaims)
Hes fine.
But hes sad.
(Vivian exclaims)
(Mary) Yeah.
And Mary?
(Mary chuckles)
Theres only one Mary.
(Vivian exclaims)
- And thats the one sitting next to you
- I know.
(both laughing)
Look, I cant wait for that girl to
leave that house.
In a matter of days, shell be out
of that house,
and shell be flying back where
she flew from.
(Mary hisses)
Can you imagine,
do you know shes married?
Shes married, and she came all
the way to deceive Jason.
My Jason.
- Shes mad.
- Thank God you found out.
(Mary exhales)
I just want Jason to be happy.
Oh no, no, no, no
Just before you leave
Would you consider
Just before you take another step
towards the door, remember
How I held your hands
How I looked deep in your eyes
There was so much promise
Would you throw it all away
Im not saying that Ive been
the best
It must have been I loved a lot
Im saying..
Was it me or was it you
Who took this for granted
Before you make a move we
both will regret
Think twice
Think twice
Oh no..
Im not gonna play the fool
I know what you mean to me
I f I could turn back the hands
of time
I would undo what Ive done
Take back my hurtful words
Turn your frown upside down
Maybe just maybe, youd give
me your lifetime
Now I admit that I have not been
the best
Must have been that I left so
much unsaid
Was it me, or was it you
Who took things for granted
Before you make a move that
we both will regret
Think twice
Think twice
Just before you leave
Would you consider
Just before you take another step
towards the door, remember
How I held your hands
How I looked deep in your eyes
There was so much promise
Would you throw it all away
Im not saying that Ive been the best
(knock on door)
It must had been I loved alot
(knock on door)
Im saying
Was it me or was it you
(knock continues)
Who took this for granted
Before you make move that we
both will regret
Think twice
Think twice
Oh no..
Im not gonna play the fool
I know what you mean to me
If I could turn back the hands
of time
I would undo what Ive done
Take back my hurtful words
Turn your frown upside down
(Mary clears throat)
Maybe just maybe
(Mary) Jason.
You would give me your lifetime
Now I admit that Ive not been
the best
Must had been that I left so
much unsaid
Was it me or was it you who
took things for granted
Before you make a move that
we both will regret
Jason you have to open up
you cant keep doing this to yourself.
You havent even eaten,
and you have to go to work.
Okay, honey please.
Im begging you.
(Mary exhales)
Jason please.
I brought you food.
Jason, why are you doing this to yourself?
You deserve better than this, come on.
Look, Im here for you.
Always have, and always will be.
Come on.
- Come on honey.
- Why?
Why do they alway have to be like this?
Im genuine, I fall in love for real.
Why do I always have to fall in love
for the same kind of women?
They always do this to me, why?
Thats because you are a good person,
and they always take advantage of you.
You know, which is why Im here
to always look out for you
so you can always have the best.
(Jason stutters)
I just..
Come on Jason you dont need this, stop!
Life goes on, you have to move on.
Honey you have to move on, okay?
Come on Jason, okay!
I just I..
Just try to eat something please.
Im here for you honey okay?
Its just fine.
Im here, Im here now.
You need to eat something.
See, I made you something nice.
Come on.
Look at me.
Its okay.
Its okay, Im not here to beg you
to continue a relationship with me.
Jason, you hurt me.
Its true, I was married.
I was married to my childhood sweetheart.
Just a week after the wedding,
he died in a car crash.
And my world crumbled.
I was devastated.
And God knows I dont know how
I moved on, because I was just 21.
Because I loved him so much.
I almost lost my sanity.
And it took months and years of therapy-
to finally move on.
And I kept the secret from you.
I was going to tell you.
I just wanted to be sure,
that I could trust you
with such delicate information
about my life.
I must be a fool
Im glad I didnt.
For entertaining the fact that
I could go on
Have a nice life Jason.
(door opens)
Without you
And I tried, I tried
I tried to hold
To put myself together
And act like its okay without you
(Jason) Mary, Mary!
But if by any chance
That you reconsider
Taking another shot,
and pull the trigger and
(step mom) Jason!
Whats wrong with you Jason?
Why are you making a fool of
yourself outside your house?
Whats wrong with you Jason?
Jason! Jason!
Im going crazy, crazy
just thinking about you lately
Oh lately, oh no
Dont do this, Jason youre bigger
than this, Jason!
(dog barking)
Oh no, oh no
And its not that easy to look
the other way
When the love of my life is at
the other way
And I dont have the right words
I need to say
That will change your heart
and make you stay
But if by any chance,
by any chance
So you reconsider
Taking another shot and
pull the trigger
- What is all this?
- I messed up and-
Im wrong, I just cant let you
leave like this.
Its pointless, I already made my choice,
you made your choice already.
I know, but I..
I just couldnt..
I thought another man had you,
and I just couldnt stand the thought
of loosing you to another man, and
It was just driving me crazy, and I..
I should have listened to you, I should
have asked you or I should have..
Heard you out, but I didnt do that
and I am sorry but,
please darling, please
dont just leave me like this,
dont just go.
Can you just come back to the
house lets talk about it please.
Please, I beg you.
Im gonna make it right,
and Im gonna show you how much
I wanna make things right and
make things better.
I wanna treat you better.
I shouldnt have made you to feel that
way, I know I messed up and Im..
Im so sorry but please
please dont leave me like this,
dont just leave me like this.
I dont know what Ill do without you,
I mean just.. please.
Please, please, please come.
Oh Jason honey, Im so glad youre back.
Thank God you got rid of that tr..
I have been very nice to you,
I mean extra nice to you.
Mary listen to me, youre a beautiful
woman but you need to move on.
The man you got married to,
is no longer alive.
And you need to move on with your life.
I need to do the same, but I cant do
that with you in my life.
Is this a joke?
A joke?
Mary, I have not been able to hold
a single successful relationship
ever since we moved in together
You call this a joke?
Why are you doing this?
- Is it because of this..
- Mary, listen to me.
Ill settle you.
You already have shares in the company.
Im gonna give you some money,
good enough to take care of yourself.
And Ill find you a house.
But this has to end.
Mary we cant keep living together,
I know I was married to your late father.
But Ive always loved you.
I took care of you, I did everything
just to make you happy.
What does she have that I dont have?
Its not about how you feel.
Its about principle.
You were intimate with my Dad.
You slept with my Dad.
And I can not be the same with you.
Simple as that.
Just stop Mary, listen to what I said.
Just pack your things and,
Ill do right by you.
Youre asking me to leave.
Come on, lets go.
And its not that easy to look
the other way
Jason, youre asking me to leave.
And I dont have the right words
I need to say
That will touch your heart and
make you stay
But if by any chance,
by any chance
If you reconsider
Taking another shot and pull
the trigger I promise
Oh no
Say if by any chance