Maryland (2015) Movie Script

One, two, three, four...
- Left.
- Look straight ahead.
Left or right?
- Left. No, right.
- Left or right?
- How much anxiety medicine do you take?
- I've stopped them.
So you sleep better, without
nightmares and migraines? Okay.
- Do you have a girlfriend at the moment?
- No.
- But sex is good?
- Yeah, good.
Alright! Why do you have nosebleeds then?
- I do not know.
- I looked at your results...
It could be worse. Poor cardiovascular
and concentration tests...
I do not know if we can let
you return to service.
- I want to return.
- You'll get a decision in the mail.
Do not take it that way. The anxiety and
hallucinations are following effects.
It affects many coming home.
- Can you stop here?
- At the next stop.
Stop here, please.
Thank you.
- Why are you late?
- Are we late or something?
- What's he doing?
- Who?
- He is coming too.
- I don't know him, he is Lebanese.
- Lebanese?
- Yes, you have a problem with that?
- No, on the contrary.
- We have to protect Arabs...
- 500 per day. Better than first place.
- Yes, but not much...
- Do you remember the job in Malta?
- How much was it? 800 per day?
- Yes, something like that.
- Do you want more?
- Yes, it would have been nice.
- We'll see next time.
- Is it here?
- Yes.
- Yes?
- Good day. We are security guards.
Here it is.
Change, then come back.
- Last time was messed up because of him.
- What happened?
Shit himself with logistics.
We stood there like idiots without stuff.
- Who's in your team?
- Same guys as last time.
- Team Leader is Michal.
- Good luck...
- Yes, he's a real idiot.
- Have you bought cigarettes? No?
- No.
- What is this shit tie?
You look so underdressed!
Look at how nice Vincents dressed.
- If you are ready, we can begin.
- What do we start with?
- Courtyard
- Franck and Vincent take the house.
- Vincent, take the first floor?
- Yes, I'm coming.
This is a large area, so
check all the sides properly.
I have added an extra five guys.
They may come in handy.
- Who?
- I deployed them. We'll take the house.
- Has anyone checked newly hired staff?
- Yes, everything like that is checked.
- Who handled it?
- Me.
- Vincent?
- Yes.
- Vincent ?!
- Yes I am here.
- Where are you?
- In the living room.
The large couch?
I can't see you.
- Can you see me now?
- I can't see you. Move.
- Here?
- Yes, now I see you.
There are blind spots.
The corridor seems ok.
- Vincent, are you there?
Vincent? Vincent, you hear me ?!
Yes, we are still here.
We are still in southern France.
Mom, what time is it?
And what is the big pointer for?
What is the big pointer?
I'm talking on the phone, honey.
Has Franck also checked here?
Come, we have a briefing.
- Well!
- Then we go. Do you hear?
You've all seen the stairs into the hall.
It goes to the basement, the rally point.
We evacuates via the back door,
to the left after the farm.
- Tom takes the guest list at the hall.
- Prime Minister!
- No, Home Secretary.
- Radio Show!
- Sure.
- Sure.
- Is there a lot of people at the hall?
- Yes.
- Need help?
- No, I'm Kevin.
- VIP parking lot is getting full.
- What should I do?
You have to keep the place of politicians.
Did the minister come?
- Look at those breasts and bleached hair!
- Who?
Two o'clock. Are they real?
Is she his wife or daughter?
- Cut the crap and stay focused!
- We are focused.
- Did you hear Duroy speech?
- Yeah, not bad. It was captivating.
- Excuse me? Can you get ice?
- What did you say?
- What a place! It goes well for Whalid.
- Better than you.
- Yes, Lebanese earn big.
- He is French.
Yeah, he is French, but it
will vex Duroy eventually.
Whalids not going to ruin everything?
Monetary stories with Qatar can
spoil the presidential election.
- Quiet. We have people who take care of stuff.
- It only goes up in the measurements.
Not in municipal elections, but
Duroy return to parliament.
It is still too early.
Vincent? Denis here.
Vincent? Denis here!
- Come to the entrance.
- Why?
- Quick!
- I'm coming.
- Good evening.
- Mr. Duroy.
Good evening, Minister. Head to the
second parking lot, VIP parking.
Straight ahead, to the right of the house.
Where you will be received. Have a nice evening!
Hold the list. I'll be right back.
- Good evening.
- I'm a minister.
- What's your name?
- Derradji, Tarik.
You are not on the list, sir.
Can you leave?
You are blocking the gates.
Yes? Call me. I have a problem
at the gate with an idiot.
Move, please.
Yes? I'm standing outside. One moment.
- It's for you.
Yes, hello?
Okay. Understood.
You can go.
- Vincent, what happened?
- Hold this. I'll be right back.
... Only according to the contract
and it says clearly
- You get paid last, after all
intermediaries who have not been paid yet.
What does that mean? Is that a threat?
Do not come here and threaten us!
- Do not take that tone!
- Are you all right, sir?
- Yes, wait outside.
- Very well.
- What did you hear?
- Nothing, sir.
- Go and fetch my wife. Immediately!
- Yes, sir.
Vincent Denis.
Have you seen Whalids wife?
- What the fuck... Where are you?
- I'm looking for Whalids wife, a blonde.
- As everyone... Give me more info.
- Blonde, floral dress, bare back.
- Ok, I know.
- Have you seen her?
- Yes, by the pool.
- Okay, thanks.
Ghost, come! Are you hungry?
Excuse me...Your husband is looking for you
- Did you find her?
- Yes, she's going now.
Want another one? Here.
What is it with you?
Come here. Come.
- Franck, want a beer?
- Vince! Come!
- Do you have a lighter to open this?
- Take my phone.
- Can you open a beer with a phone?
- What?
- Whalids family must be guarded the next 2 days.
- 3000 euros a week, 900 for two days.
- Why do you offer me the job?
Why? I know you need money
and you are my friend.
- You think I can't go back?
- Stop it!
- Why do you not do it?
- Well? Otherwise I ask Franck.
It's just babysitting. You drive them,
run errands, take them to the beach...
- Okay.
- So you'll do it?
- I'll come late in the morning.
- Cool.
- Vincent! He's up there.
- Thanks.
- You look good.
- Yes, that's good.
- Did you take Tramadol?
- Yes, Acupan also, it is the same.
- And just ten drops of Rivotril.
- Yes I know. No Lyrica?
No, you can come back
tomorrow afternoon.
- I can't I work tomorrow.
- Okay
- Yes?
- Hello I'm security, Vincent Loreau.
- Come in.
- Thanks.
- You'll stay here.
- Thank you, sir.
Good day.
- Do you have something to eat, please?
- Theres spaghetti, it's over there.
Thank you.
I'm calling from Geneva.
It's only two days.
It makes me calmer.
Why do you go back there again?
- I'll be back in two days.
- What is going on?
There is no danger.
I know. Ali is fine, but
he's a little lonely.
- Excuse me, I'm coming in to locking up.
I will speed up France with the
help of everyone's support
- In a modern country, where one does
not occupy factories and burn cars.
Mr. Duroy, there are rumors your
campaign finance and foreign accounts.
My candidacy annoying people is one
thing, but we will not stoop so low!
I know where the attacks are coming from.
If you have a clear conscience, you will be fine.
- Are you thinking about an alliance with the center?
- Right, left and center out.
Only the will to gather France counts.
A France that will evolve,
without ideology and prejudice.
- Hello?
- A problem?
- No, someone called mistakes.
- Relax, I am here if it's something.
- Go back to bed.
- Mom!
What is it with you?
Are you hungry?
Sorry if I'm disturbing.
Are you okay if I take a coffee?
Yes please.
Thank you.
We will now display a report that
was filmed with great adversity
- By a young Syrian woman, a student
in Raqqa, in northern Syria.
What you are about to see has been secertly
filmed by a young woman in Raqqa
the capital of the self
proclaimed islamic state.
Shes wearing the compulsory niqb and risking
her life with a camera hidden in her handbag
as she walks along the street, you can feel the atmosphere of the city,
thats been under Islamist rule for just a few months.
Everywhere people are carrying guns.
Even women.
Wearing niqb and holding Kalashnikovs.
This ones going to a childrens park.
Is it not cold?
Do you sleep if you drink coffee?
I sleep bad these days.
I wake up every three hours.
- In the army there was every two hours.
- You were in the military?
- Yes, I'm still.
- What are you doing here?
We tend to take odd
jobs between orderings.
- Will you go back?
- Yes.
Do you hear that?
Rumble. Do you hear them?
Yes, please.
I'm going to bed.
Good night!
Come here!
Good morning. We're going to the beach.
Shall we wait for you in the car?
Are you thinking about the presidential election?
The French are tired of talk.
They are tired of living on contributions.
They want jobs.
Get in!
Are you okay?
- Turn right where the road ends.
- What did you say?
Turn right where the road ends, thanks.
- Are you excited to go home to London?
- Yes.
Next week we're gonna go home. Okay?
You're gonna see your friends.
If you want tonight when we get home we
can call Paul. Alright? Maybe he's already back.
What is this?!
Are you deaf?!
- We were being followed.
- By whom?!
Get out!
Come on! Come!
Run off!
Good. And you?
No, I'm at the beach.
It's absolutely gorgeous today! Yea.
Ali! Leave him alone.
He's cute
Ali, come! We're going home now!
- What should Souad make for dinner?
- I do not know.
- You want pizza?
- No.
- Chips?
- No.
Are you tired?
Get in!
Are you okay?
Buckles get stuck? There you go.
Ali, hide!
No! No!
Be seated, okay?
Look at me! Be seated!
She says she does not know anything.
I'll take it.
Are you watching, please?
- What do you do for sir Whalid?
- I already told your colleague.
- I watch the family when he's gone.
- He did not give you anything before he left?
- No.
- Are you sure?
- Okay. You can go.
- Should I not sign any documents?
You can go.
- Do I get my gun?
- The container, yes.
Now we go.
It works out with protection.
Why did they have a lot of questions?
- Mom?
- What is it love? Are you hot?
Should I open a bit?
Now we count red cars, okay?
- Why did they have a lot of questions?
- They asked about my husband.
Really? They asked me a lot about
him as well. Strange, huh?
Do not you think that's weird?
The assault didn't
interest them at all!
They're not answering.
Wait here, please.
There's nobody here.
- Where is Souad and Hassin?
- I have no idea.
It was perhaps those who let them in.
Hello? Yes.
Can I help?
How long will they keep him?
Yeah, but... yeah.
Sure, I'll be here.
Call you back?
- My husband is detained at Switzerland's border.
- Who was it?
- His lawyer.
- It's best that we go.
No, we stay here.
- It's not a good idea.
- We stay here, I say!
The police are coming!
As you say.
There's a car outside.
I'll go see who it is.
Come here!
- It was just the police.
- Okay.
Tilt your head back. So, yes.
Ali, wash your hands.
Ali, now at once!
Come here.
When your mother asks you to do
something, you obey, okay? Take soap now.
- Eat while it's hot.
- I'm not hungry.
You have to eat.
I'm called Vincent.
What drives your husband?
Should I say it? He sells weapons.
He's a dealer for weapons contracts.
Come, Ali. It's bedtime.
What was that paper
you looked at recently?
Say what's going on, otherwise I can
not help you, understand? Look at me.
I just want to help you.
Go get them.
I've been studying them for hours!
You understand nothing yet!
Should there be too
complicated for me?
Do not look at me like that.
Do you think I'm stupid?
Your husband has put you in bed
with their sinister affairs.
- I mixed myself in his affairs.
- No, but you live well on them.
Look at me, do not you, maybe?
What is it?
Are you afraid of me?
Do I scare you? Answer.
It's okay.
It's ok, I say.
- Need anything?
- No.
Excuse me?
If things get bad here, do you
have another place to go to?
- Relatives? Friends?
- No.
Do not say that you have only your husband?
- I have a friend in Canada, but...
- What?
You just need to buy a ticket.
- What are you doing here?
- Should not you sleep?
- I can not sleep.
- Come on.
Think of something pleasant.
You might think of a large sea
-like Swimming leisurely in.
Do you know Canada?
No, I've never been there. And you?
- You would have liked it.
- Why do you think that?
I do not know.
I look for myself there.
Not in the cities, but in nature.
Large open spaces and lakes.
As bear hunter.
It's true.
Iran is the Syrian
regime's foremost ally.
Iran, al-Assad alawittregime
a hflighetsskriv-
-angende Their orthodox teachings.
Iran is the Syrian regime's biggest
contributor and weapons supplier.
Iran is the only thing that gives
Syria its massive support.
No solution is possible within the framework
of ongoing negotiations with Iran.
Iran defends all Shiites
in the Middle East.
- What did you say that the person named?
- Imad Whalid.
One moment.
- Hello?
- The case of Mrs. Whalids protection.
Yes, my colleague said it, but it says
nothing about protection here in the report.
There was a car outside the house.
It just drove off.
- Yes, protection was just lifted.
- When?
I can not say more.
The order came from above.
Protection is removed.
Denis? It's me.
I need your help.
- What is it? You sound strange.
- I really need your help.
- What do you mean?
- Come now. I'll explain later, okay?
There was no one outside? So you were careful?
Yes, I say.
- This is Denis.
- Good day. Jessie.
- Good day.
- Sit down.
- And what's your name?
- His name is Ali.
Ali? Hello, Ali. I'm Denis.
Do you want something to drink, Ali?
I have cola, orange juice, water...
- Eat up cereal now.
- It's not the same kind as before.
- What?
- It's not the same.
- There is no other.
- You want something different? Bread?
- You eat it like that, okay?!
- Calm, you do not talk to him like that!
What is happening?
- She'll be staying here.
- Yes, you've said it. So what?
Allows you like that papers be reaching?
You need some air.
Go for a walk.
what's happening?!
Your lawyer told us to wait here.
Where do you expect us to go?
You promised you were gonna come back.
You're lying. Stop it!
I don't believe you anymore.
Stop bullshitting me Imad , okay?!
Open, please.
We have to leave here. Trust me.
I'm just about to finish packing.
I know.
Are you gonna come get us tomorrow?
Running us to the airport
tomorrow morning?
She should go to a friend in Canada.
I might go with.
- Are you following them?
- Yes, why not?
I don't know...
What the hell are you going to do there?
- Take care of her and the boy.
- You?
- What is it? Does it seem strange?
- I don't know. Did she propose it?
- I don't know...
- She suggest it or not?
I don't know, I say.
We were in Afghanistan together.
I came home earlier, hurt.
- But we're from the same neighborhood.
- So you know him well?
- Yes, I do.
- What's with him?
What is with him? It is not easy
to come home. It leaves its mark.
- What do you mean?
- He can not put it behind him.
- I understand.
- That's just how it is.
- Are you American?
- No, German.
- German ?! So what? It does not matter.
- Thanks.
- It does not sound on your accent.
- Yes, a little.
Not much.
- What is it?
- Nothing.
- So, you are German?
- Yes, still...
- And you speak German?
- Yes, sometimes.
- Floating?
- Yes.
I can say, "Ich liebe dich."
- Yes, it is clear...
- So tiresome you are!
- Is "Jessie" short for "Jessica"?
- Yes.
I have something for you.
- Have you heard it?
- No.
- Like it?
- Very!
My Jessica, my Jessica,
my Jessica, my Jessica...
- Jessica!
- You dance well!
Do you think?
Now hold it! No!
- Now hold it.
- Is everything alright?
Am I tiring?
- Am I tiring?
- No.
Go and see if the boy asleep.
- Go and see.
- I'll go and see if the boy asleep.
Be seated. Stay with me.
come with me.
- Are you with the child?
- He's gone.
Shit! Go up!
I'm going for the cameras.
- Yes?
- That's me. There is someone in the office.
- Ali!
- Stay here! Look at me. Calm down.
Here. It is loaded.
Hold with both hands.
Will there, you shoot. I'll pick him up
and return. Lock the door behind me.
- Stay here.
- What's up?
Stay here!
Be seated there.
This is Denis voicemail.
Leave a message, please.
Typhoon TRAMIER and southwest monsoon has
caused major flooding in Luzon. According to...
Ali, it's me. Come here! Come here!
Hold on.
Hold on.
Sit here.
Come on! Look at me. Stay here.
Come here. Hold on tight.
No worries.
It is clear.
Stay here, okay?
We must get out of here!
- Drive them to the airport.
- You are not coming?
- Give me your purse. I put it behind.
- Where's Vincent? Will not he?
No, we have to leave now.
Take your purse. Come on! Jump in!