Masangeles (2008) Movie Script

The historic facts
which are the frame to this story...
have been freeiy adapted
for the purpose of this fiim.
Aii the characters and events
are fictitious.
Any resembiance with reaiity
is pureiy coincidentai...
and is open to free interpretation
on the part of the spectator.
What do you want for your birthday?
Which animai has the most babies?
Certainiy a rabbit.
Can i have one?
We'ii see.
Carefui, don't trip up.
Hurry up, we're iate.
itaiian shoes...
are made of Uruguayan ieather.
We're proud of this.
it's an honour for Uruguayans.
What a surprise to see shoes...
made of our ieather in itaiian
shop windows.
But we shouid be making them,
as it's our ieather.
Come and show our friends your shoes.
We bought a pair to show you.
-Who's that?
- My wife.
i've oniy shaved one ieg.
Nobody's going to iook at your iegs.
Not even me.
- Let's go.
- i want to see Daddy!
Daddy didn't teii us everything
when he invited us.
i want to give him a kiss!
We've famous writers iike Onetti.
We couid easiiy have
shoe designers!
is designing a shoe so diffcuit?
Come on, chicks, hurry up!
itaiian shoes from Uruguayan ieather.
For your birthday.
Has Daddy arrived?
Not yet, it's eiection time.
Give them to me, for the cake.
it's a very important day.
Daddy is going to iose the eiection...
and he'ii come and iive with us.
We'ii be abie to travei.
Where to?
To Paris!
Long iive the Coiorado Party!
Long iive the Party!
Where are they coming from?
The ballot-boxes are arriving...
...from the most distant areas.
People are impatient.
This is a historical moment.
Winston, a coffee please.
Here's your coffee, Sir.
l want another one for afterwards.
Where are my cigarettes?
You asked me to hide them.
Give me one.
Senator, l've some results.
Give me them.
Salto, 100.000 Canelones, 60.000
The Blanco Party is in the lead.
And Trinidad, 2.000
And to think l went there.
l know...
l spoke about wool, leather there.
l ate a lamb there!
They really are idiots!
- These are only the first ratings.
- Go on.
Aurora, stop making that row
on your piano!
Come here! There are too many people
in this house.
Don't run, you're
getting in everyone's way.
Can't anyone tell me
who's going to win the elections?
Please, we need
the final results.
We couldn't care less
about the ratings.
We're working on them.
The results are coming in.
- Susana, l trust you.
- Daddy!
- What?
- Someone's broken my tennis cup.
Your what?
My tennis cup's broken.
So what, who cares,
l do...
You play tennis?
- Yes.
- Hey, my face. Off with you, Santiago!
Good evening Madame...
d'you know the encyclopaedia
''Treasure for the Young''?
D'you know why we don't sneeze
when we're asleep?
''The book of every Why'..
is the volume answering
this question and many others.
Sorry, l'm very busy.
But just listen.
for example...
why aren't fish salty
when we eat them?
- Do you play ludo?
- Benito!
Go home quickly, fructuoso.
There you are, at last!
Have you been paid?
l'm working!
Give me the money.
l can't buy anything any more.
Later on, Dolores.
And the marvellous tales?
Where shall l put all the ''Treasures
for the Young''dumped in the bedroom?
l don't know,
any old where...
''Any old where''
is already full up.
What are all these posters?
There've been bigger ones
on the faade for three weeks.
And as a present you get
''The miracle of human life''!
There is already a mess
with my brother's blinking campaign.
But at least he has a good salary
and a proper job.
Don't do that, Santiago!
Dolores, see to your children.
l can't stand them any more.
So you're here, my son?
l'm so happy!
At San Pedro del Timote,
l visited mud huts.
We can build them with our own hands.
for all of you. l've got the plans.
felucho, how late you are!
Godmother, you're right:
God was in a bad mood when he
created this country.
The people are already in the streets.
Mummy, where are chicks
which were going to be born.
ln the flames of the candles, pet.
Concentrate and you'll see them.
Can l blow them out?
No, let's wait till Daddy's lost
the election and joins us.
After counting 70% of the votes,
it's possible to predict...
a big victory for General Gestido
in this presidential election.
We're waiting for Senator Saavedra,
the future minister for public health.
Daddy has won the election again!
...a great day for the Colorado Party.
lt's a triumph here. People are flocking
to celebrate the Colorado Party's victory.
l can never thank my wife enough,
l hope nothing or nobody
will separate me from her,
for her presence at diffcult
moments during the campaign,
and for her sensitivity
in face of all the problems.
Mummy, he won't be coming.
Can we start the cake?
She has always been a good counsellor...
and has known how to
instil in me the force l needed...
to get here.
lt's certain that without her
l should never have been able...
The chicks, the chicks...
Mummy, come out!
The candles are going to go out.
Mummy, come out!
Mummy, let me in!
Mummy, open up!
Mummy! Mummy!
Yes, speaking.
But who's on the line?
What? Which police station
are you calling from?
But, damn it, what's wrong?
D'you know what l'm doing here?
l'm founding a new country!
What's that?
And my little girl?
How is she?
l'll come at once.
nobody must know.
She was a nurse.
Can we proceed?
Are we going to Paris?
How pretty she is!
How old are you?
- Seven.
- What's your name?
Masngeles Saavedra.
- What did you say?
- Masngeles Saavedra.
What's wrong, Daddy?
Take a seat, Madam.
l'll look after everything.
Who are they?
Shall we go home?
We are at home, darling.
Padre flix, please close the window.
l'm cold.
Have you anything to say?
The most important things have been said.
lf l've understood correctly...
Well then!
lf it's the will
of Our Lord Jesus Christ,
what a motherfucker!
- So be it.
ln spite of everything,
she's one of us, isn't she?
You don't think so?
- ls there any yogurt?
- Here you are.
- '"Masngeles' you said?
- Yes.
l think it'd be best...
for you to live
at your Aunt Dolores's.
And why me?
And we've no more room opposite!
- l don't know who it is.
- Dolores!
- She's just told us her name.
- Shut up!
At my aunt's?
Unfortunately, darling,
you have an aunt,
6 cousins who are devilish...
and a brother...
Dolores, come and help me.
- Hi.
- Hi.
1 , 2,
3, 4, 5, 6,
7, 8, 9,
Are you ok?
Well, no, not really.
Do you want to lie down?
What's that?
My creepy crawlies.
Haven't you ever seen any?
What do they eat?
ants, mantis.
They can devour a man
in a few seconds.
Do you want to hold one?
D'you have a tame one?
No, l need them
to be wild.
What are they doing there?
They're waiting.
- Would you like one?
- Do they have babies?
What did your Mummy die of?
She died of...
Well, she wanted to go to Paris.
Get out of here!
Out of my sight! l hate you!
l must get on and cook.
Ok then.
Panetti, you must start here.
but it will take time.
What are you doing here?
l'm chatting.
Can't you see they've lots to do?
l don't want any children here.
And these shoes?
ltalian shoes made of Uruguayan leather.
Like yours.
But now,
you've shaved both legs.
But damn it, who's decided
to break my balls?
15 minutes and l haven't smoked one!
lt's 3 o'clock in the morning.
Why aren't you in bed?
l am in bed.
But you're not asleep.
l can't sleep.
How's that?
Everybody manages to.
Not me.
Stroke my nose.
Are you alright here, darling?
Why am l living
with Aunt Dolores and not with you?
lt's very complicated.
One day, you'll understand.
l can understand now.
Aurora and l have a family,
we have our own lives,
and if changes disrupted it,
it would create tension.
You smell of alcohol, Daddy.
Because of my work.
l've been had again
by that son of a bitch, Menotti.
Who's Menotti?
A son of a bitch l should kill.
You'd better clean your teeth.
And divorce,
change jobs,
go abroad,
change my life...
Maybe tomorrow.
Turn off the lights upstairs.
There's always one left on.
l'm the one who pays all the bills here.
So l can turn on all the lights
l want. All!
What's happening to the doors?
Why are you doing this to me?
l'm having the
whole house renovated.
-And that wardrobe there?
- lt's not there any more.
And my socks?
My shirts, my pants?
l don't know.
Ask Winston.
Did l tell you
that General Romagno had called?
To say Dr Menotti
had taken up the duel.
lt'll be a duel with pistols,
early tomorrow, at 8 a.m.
With the same arms as for the duel
which cost Mr Beltrin his life.
And the same rules.
At 8 a.m.
That's a good time.
lt's not too early.
You fixed the time.
Oh, did l?
lt's a good time.
Do you need anything else?
The best of company.
- Oh, Winston...
- Yes, Sir?
You should have phoned me sooner.
l did.
You weren't at Madam Susana's any more,
and hadn't yet arrived
at Madam Estela's.
l thought you were at Madam Sofia's,
but nobody answered.
lt's because l forgot
to tell you about Nuria,
a magnificent Negress.
- Shall l turn on the radio?
- Yes, thank you.
...without ever having learnt to fence,
Senator Saavedra will fight his 4 th duel.
Don Aurelio, if you're listening in,
l beg you to be careful.
We've always followed you, since your 1 st
duel. What would become of us without you?
We've always followed you, since your 1 st
duel. What would become of us without you?
Panetti, where've you been?
l've been waiting for hours!
D'you see this room, Panetti?
l'm very fond of it.
And l'd like the top part, up there,
to be arched. D'you see?
That's a bit complicated,
we could see about that later.
Who's in there?
Aurelio, is it you?
Give me a hand, Panetti!
- Santiago, what are you doing?
- l'm doing bigs.
With your pants on?
Nobody's perfect.
What a son of a bitch Menotti is!
He's killed him. He's covered in blood!
Help him. He's bleeding.
He's bleeding.
There. On the right. No, on the left.
No, it'll be better upstairs, in the bedroom.
No, we haven't time.
ln the dining-room, on the table.
Quiet, please. Talk to me, Aurelio.
Please bring me some surgical spirit
and some tweezers. And call the priest.
To hell with the priest!
l want to finish the duel.
father, have you come to
give the Minister the extreme unction?
The Deputy Minister,
it seems he's been hit by a bullet.
Can you confirm that?
The Minister's in perfect health.
l'll be careful. Don't move.
You'll see, it won't be long.
Does it hurt?
Keep still.
There. lt's over.
- Panetti.
- Yes?
l've always wanted a door here.
Here? Are you sure?
lt's a question of intimacy.
Give me the cartridge! The cartridge!
Much ado about nothing, as usual.
lf it was serious, we'd know.
You shouldn't walk round here.
lt's very dangerous.
What's that for?
The wind carries the prayers to God.
What's the prayer on this one?
lt's too complicated for a woman.
These are Buddhist flags.
But you go to father felix's church.
So as to conspire!
Careful, it's very precious.
Winston, look what l've bought.
Where's Mother?
Madam is in her room with Mr. Aurelio.
There were wonderful things
at the Hotel Carrasco's auction.
- fine glassware, everything.
- What's that?
We can put it in the scullery.
But you're mad!
This piece merits...
a better place.
- Excuse me, your Excellency.
- Yes.
l'm coming.
What is it, Benito?
- Have you any children?
- Yes.
Do you know
''The Miracle of Human Life''"?
lt explains procreation.
Benito, stop all this with your books.
We're at a turning point.
Talk to Aurelio.
He'll find you a job.
Oh, we haven't anybody
at the head of the UTE.
- The telephone?
- Yes.
l don't know anything about it.
l can't imagine talking into a wire.
That doesn't matter, l don't know anything
about electricity and l'm the Minister for Energy.
Those who work there
are the ones who know.
As for us, we manage.
We must master the modus operandi.
Create new ones, imagine the
modus operandi for the future. Get it?
Stop that, or l'll kill you.
Hasn't he woken up yet?
Wake up.
lt's a wonderful day.
Your speech about wool was a sensation.
They all came.
You were on the front page of the papers.
But l lost the duel.
What a son of a bitch Menotti is!
That's not important.
You've won the hearts of all the voters.
At the next election
you'll stand for the presidency, won't you?
- Not even drunk.
- What d'you mean?
lt's a life of servitude.
The president is the first to get up,
the last to go to bed.
- Vice-president, then.
- What's the use of being Vice-president?
Like that, you'll only be
at a gun-shot from the presidency.
Stop your crap.
Look who's asleep at your feet.
How are things, Larrea?
At 4 p.m, the girls must
be fetched from school.
Then they go to a birthday party.
At 5 p.m, fructuoso has to be
fetched from his chess lesson.
Are you going to the UTE like that?
You look like a tramp. Button up your jacket.
Turn round.
And take off your hat. Go on.
No, put it on again.
You're going to be late for work.
On your way back, get some buns!
- But have you put in the door or not?
- Yes, Madam.
l like the other door better.
That one?
You can change it tomorrow.
And what shall we do with this one?
Don't stress me.
l can't think of all the doors.
l had to pay for this door.
We'll talk about that, later.
l can't put my finger
on what worries me here.
lt's this pillar.
How come l didn't notice before?
lt's the best thing about this house.
lt's a horror, Panetti.
lt's true, when you look at it,
it is a bit ugly.
Shall we knock it down?
- You're not an engineer?
- Yes.
Well, all but.
But if one takes into account
the contrary forces,
gravity, then...
But according to you,
can we demolish it or not?
l don't dare do it, Madam.
Was l wrong in taking you on?
lt's not that.
We'll demolish it, but...
But nobody wants to work
in this country.
We don't have unemployed,
but lazy louts.
And l warn you:
we're going to renovate this house,
and make it larger, too.
Good night, darling.
Everything ok?
More or less.
Why did you marry Aurora?
She's perfect.
No, Daddy, she's not perfect.
Well, ok.
She's not perfect.
You've got masses of women round you.
Why her?
What's that, ''masses of women''?
Who told you that?
Did you love Mummy?
She was an exceptional woman.
You'd promised to take her to Paris.
Did you love her or didn't you?
And you?
Did you love her?
l don't remember.
What d'you mean?
l remember her perfume,
her hair, her necklace.
But her face has faded.
She was glorious.
Almost as much as you are.
Who are these people? father felix!
Who are these goddamned
long-haired yobs?
These young people work
for the church.
They carry on the work
undertaken years ago by a man...
A man who...
every day, went and looked after
the sick,
every day, went and looked after
the sick,
the most destitute.
l mean Don Anibal Saavedra.
30 years after his too early
passing away...
Esteban, tell us...
How many houses have we built at
Paso Carrasco?
Our problem is the lack of help.
Yes, there are already 157 young girls
pregnant, living in great deprivation.
ln the name of the father of this project,
Anibal Saavedra,
we suggest that everybody voice
their opinion now...
about this distressing reality.
But tell me, felucho,
is this a mass for my deceased husband
or an AGM?
is this a mass for my deceased husband
or an AGM?
How do you manage to play so well?
l play that one too.
Yes, l know.
But not as well as you.
lt comes with practice.
No, your talent is not due to that.
lt's your spirit.
No, it's not that.
Don't say that! You're glorious!
l have neither body nor soul.
l must be a ghost!
Are you mad, or what?
Damn it, who taught you to play that?
My Mummy.
Can you play anything else?
This, for instance.
Well l'm damned, by the Holy Virgin!
Pinch me, l'm dreaming!
Well l'm damned, by the Holy Virgin!
Pinch me, l'm dreaming!
- Your mother taught you that?
- Yes, she had long fine fingers.
A direct access to my room.
That'd be perfect here.
- Or rather there, Panetti?
- No.
- Or rather there, Panetti?
- No.
The balcony railing is far too near.
What are you reading?
That's not for girls of your age!
l don't see why.
lt's a french book.
Aurora, leave that child alone.
Mrs. Aurora, l must pay them.
l've got no money.
l've got no money.
lt's pay day.
lf l don't pay them, they'll kill me.
l'll have problems with the union.
But we haven't any more money.
Stop it. l'm the poor one here.
The work must go on...
We must make the most of the good
weather, the winter will be very cold.
And why don't you make the most of
the good weather to go to the racecourse,
lay bets and with luck
you'll be able to pay us.
lay bets and with luck
you'll be able to pay us.
You know God's watching us
all the time! There you are...
trying to lead me astray,
but God's watching us!
The workman behind me is watching us
and he's ready to kill me if l don't pay him.
The Council of Ministers has decreed
the honours of a Head of State...
The Council of Ministers has decreed
the honours of a Head of State...
for the burial
of our dear President of the Republic.
for the burial
of our dear President of the Republic.
l wonder what the army thinks.
They want us to decree
a state of emergency.
The Left and the Communists are rising.
And there are tupamaros everywhere!
l don't like the look of things.
- l don't know what will happen.
- That's the point, Aurelio.
lt's an opportunity for you
to save our country.
We need a strong leader.
Stop, Mummy.
Daddy, what's a state of emergency?
lt means the army can come into
people's homes at any time,
under the pretext of national security,
even here.
Panetti resigned. lf we don't pay him
he's going to stop the renovation.
Panetti resigned. lf we don't pay him
he's going to stop the renovation.
The President of the Republic is dead!
So what?
l've no money.
l'm a civil servant, not a multinational.
The Uruguayan State is poor.
Haven't you finished your renovation yet?
You don't understand
what's important in life.
That's just the problem with this country.
That's good.
Be a bit more energetic, fructuoso.
-Are you sure it's over there?
- Yes, Madam.
But that's not Montevideo.
But that's not Montevideo.
Yes it is.
Mrs. Aurora!
What a surprise! Come in, come in!
Give that to me, l'll help you.
Come in!
What a surprise your visit is.
- May l introduce my wife?
- Good morning.
- May l introduce my wife?
- Good morning.
Would you like a matecito?
No, thank you.
- l've brought you something.
- Don't tell me it's what l was wating for.
What is it?
A mixer.
Madam, we have no electricity.
You've no electricity?
lnstalling it is far too expensive for us.
Come here.
Come here.
Come. This is for you.
Do you like it?
- Yes, it's beautiful.
-And as it's cold in winter.
You're barefoot!
She hasn't any more shoes
and we haven't the money to buy any.
Start working for me again.
When you like,
but have you settled the money problem?
What's that?
What, Madam?
lt's only a Communist Party flyer.
The militants who came have good ideas.
They're lads from here.
They're decent people.
They're lads from here.
They're decent people.
But are you going to vote communist,
Yes, and my wife too.
They think a lot about the workers.
But don't you understand anything?
l do my best.
You know what it'll be like
if they get into power?
D'you know what communism is?
Under a communist regime
you can't own anything.
Nothing. They take everything.
They take...
They take everything you've got,
You'll even have to share your wife.
And loyalty, Panetti?
What about that?
Winston, the number of the dossier again.
The government must act.
You don't know what poverty they live in.
There's a minister who deals with that.
There's a minister who deals with that.
lt's not enough. As for me,
l'm going to act: they can live here.
Madam, we're not in an orphanage.
lt's not the same thing, cooking
for 10 as it is for 20.
You have to decide.
Either we pay Panetti,
or l'll go and get them to live here.
Are you there, Aurora?
We've just received the news.
We've just received the news.
As regards the robbery committed
at the State Pawnbroker's by the guerillas,
the National Liberation Movement
of the tupamaros declares...
that it will give the workers back
the booty taken away in error.
The communication runs:
''We don't want to rob the workers,
but rather those who
exploit and rob the workers.'"
but rather those who
exploit and rob the workers.'"
They won't give it back!
lf they say they're going
to give it back they'll do it.
They only want
rich people's jewellery.
There's a man to whom they've returned
his dead parents' wedding rings.
l'd not give anything back,
l'd keep the lot.
They'll start killing people.
They'll start killing people.
They're nothing less than criminals.
No. They want to save the world
like Robin Hood.
l'm not afraid of them.
They won't attack the family
of the future president.
Give your sister a share, lgnacio.
They can't come in here.
Of course they can...
Of course they can...
they can come in
through this door, now.
Do as you're told, and everything
will be alright.
The same for you, too, little girl.
Please put down your guns.
Search the house!
There are 8 children here.
There are 8 children here.
Put your guns down, please.
We'll put our guns down.
They were in the kitchen.
Let them go, Miguel. Quiet, please.
Nobody else in the house?
- Put your gun down!
Panetti has finished work
and my husband is at the TVcentre.
Do you take us for tupamaros?
No, we're the ones who are
the tupamaros.
from the National
Liberation Movement?
You've heard about us?
Of course!
Aurelio is on TV.
As new minister
of lndustry and Commerce,
As new minister
of lndustry and Commerce,
l'm considering the creation
of a tax on financial activities.
financial activity must be...
at the service
of national industry.
Because industry creates employment.
And it's with jobs
that we can combat injustice.
We must put an end to it...
- Good intentions.
- You see.
- Good intentions.
- You see.
But he'll not manage
to get his ideas voted in.
The only solution is a mobilisation
of the masses, a revolution.
You must understand: there's no
democracy without sharing.
No sharing, no democracy.
But does he think he'll manage it
by democratic means?
- ls there another way?
- We only believe in armed struggle.
- ls there another way?
- We only believe in armed struggle.
Me too.
- What's the matter with him?
- Leave quickly. He's going to die.
Get going, quick!
Paint in the stars.
Hurry up!
Paint in the stars.
Hurry up!
Come on, hurry up!
Come on. Get a move on!
- Paint in the stars!
- Shall l paint a star on the wall?
Can't you see that this wall
has just been repainted?
See for yourself!
Not on this door. lt's new.
Where do you want us
to paint it, then?
Where do you want us
to paint it, then?
l've an idea!
7 years later
7 years later
May He have mercy on you.
May He have mercy on you.
May God help you repent of your sins.
May He bring you peace
and relieve you of your illness.
The body of Christ.
That's it, flix.
Thank you. l'm very tired.
l need to be left alone.
Bye, Mother.
Bye, Son.
No! Don't go!
- Shall l tap up your cushion, Gran?
- Yes. Help me a little.
So much is happening in this house.
There're some weird people here
you know. Keep away from them.
Terrible things are happening
in this country.
Don't stay with those fools.
Get away from here as soon as you can.
Go anywhere.
To Paris...
We don't have a lot of time left.
Go to the altar.
And look under the pale
blue altar cloth, on the right.
You'll find something.
Have you got it?
- Your real grandfather's letters.
- What?
Keep them carefully.
lt's a secret.
Aurelio isn't Anibal's son.
But you must still love him
because he's a good man.
Anibal was a fool.
They smell nice.
- What use are they? They're in french.
- Keep them.
ln this madhouse, only you
can be trusted with them.
That's all l have left.
Do you have anything to tell me?
Come on...
l think l'm ill.
Strange things are happening to me.
They're all ill in this house.
Except you, darling.
Don't worry.
lt's natural.
lt'll pester you a little,
but only for 40 years.
That's it, you're a woman.
l've lived long enough to
see you become a woman.
Charity, mercy and compassion.
Those are God's commandments.
Don't talk to me of charity.
l know we're fighting the same battle.
Yes, it's true.
Poverty, problems, diffculties.
A lot of people have been arrested.
That's always been the case, Santiago.
At night, l hear the police vans.
And the shouts.
They are all tortured, some disappear.
Whole families...
await news from them for months...
Sometimes in vain.
l can only offer them
spiritual and emotional help.
The peace only God can bring.
- You hear the police vans, too.
- What do you know about it?
l have my sources.
Do you think l ignore your struggle?
What if you were trying to trap me?
You've known me for 1 9 years.
Why have you come?
What do you want?
Your phone line.
l loved my mother so much!
Do you want to sit down?
What a pain this menopause is!
But at least, l won't have
any more kids. At last.
Does it hurt?
lt always hurts. Everything hurts.
l don't know what men see in it.
They breathe, they pant, they scream...
They sweat, they stink...
Let me give you a piece of advice:
Don't resist.
Don't even try. lt makes it worse.
The quicker we give in,
the sooner it's over.
CX4N to CX7J,
l can hardly hear you.
What's the matter?
The aerial is 56 metres
above sea levell
CX7J to CX4N.
Conditions are bad! Over!
CX4N to CX7J.
The sailing boats are ready. Over.
CX7J to CX4N. Cancel it all.
The weather forecast is bad. Over.
CX4N to CX7J.
What do you mean, bad weather?
What is it?
Radio Tirana.
Where's that?
ln Albania.
And there's also Radio Cairo.
- ls it here?
- Yes, it's here.
Why communicate with the whole world?
To make contact.
lf l stop talking, it means
something's happened to me.
- Shall l show you?
- Yes.
Well, for instance,
Equatorial Guinea.
CQ Guinea 3C16,
here is Uruguay CX7J. Over.
What's that?
How should l know? Remove it.
lsn't the phone simpler?
No, you can't rely on it.
And on top of that, this is the future.
A global means of communication.
ln 2008, every household
will have one next to the fridge.
They look like ants.
They are born together,
they live together, they die together.
They work for nothing.
This country is too small for you.
No! No!
Out of respect for God, tell...
Dolores and the kids it's over.
She is your wife, and
l christened your 6 children!
Yes, 3 wonderful children,
and 3 others...
All this is a mistake!
l'm not sure...
l'll think about it. Come back tomorrow.
l can't.
- On Wednesday.
- lt's Winston's day off.
- So what?
- father, open your eyes!
- Winston...
- Yes, and?
Haven't you got it yet?
What sort of world do you live in?
You have said it yourself
from this pulpit:
l can admit anything,
as long as it's human.
lt was on a bad day.
lt's your duty to tell them.
But who'll believe such a thing?
You're convincing.
Nobody can resist you.
Show some guts for once,
and phone them!
l need a phone line.
All right.
And 197 metres wiring.
1 97 metres wiring? Why?
lt's a big church.
One must walk a lot.
But God listens everywhere.
But l'm not God.
lt's a disaster, Mr. Aurelio!
And yet, l feel much more confident.
lf you carry on like this,
you'll be ready for this duel...
in 5 years time!
Unfortunately, it's in 5 days.
Santiago, how do l look?
Everything you do
seems ridiculous to me.
You must understand:
it's a question of honour.
- lt's a man's business.
- Women's business, more like it!
What's this one called?
Mimi?- fifi?- Bijou?
Santiago, don't listen to the gossips.
You talk of honour?
When your whole party is corrupt!
Will you also talk
to me of a revolution?
lt can't be worse than now.
Even Che told me
that it was useless in this country.
You want a revolution?
You'll have one!
followed by a military regime!
And one which will last.
They are the worst because
they are all frustrated!
All they do is prune the trees!
You only talk of power. You couldn't
care less about the people's problems.
The people don't want chaos,
they want trustworthy leaders.
Look, this is what's important!
Houses for those who have none.
This is concrete!
You just send money to the Yankees.
What did they mean, your speeches
about productivity, wool,
ltalian shoes?
- Demagogue!
- Don't talk to me about wool!
You've never set eyes
on a sheep, you little brat!
Shall l pour you a drink?
for example, why is he serving us?
He's got education.
Are you educated or not?
l've seen the books you read.
You know the history of france,
Graeco-Roman history,
World War ll, Nazism.
Yes, l'm fascinated by
the history of the Third Reich.
He's better educated than you,
and you've made him a miserable servant!
No, l'm a butler.
You're a servant and you like it.
And it's fine as it is.
Can't a servant know
Graeco-Roman history?
You're a coward, that's your problem.
You've no balls.
l do. l face the music,
l fight duels,
and l rule every goddamn day!
You and your pals from the government,
you live in the past.
lf you don't tackle
today's challenges, you'll disappear.
lt's inscribed.
But you don't get it.
Who do you think you are?
A clairvoyant?
You've never done an hour's work!
You can't even tie your shoe laces.
Throw this asshole out of here!
- Come on, do it if you dare!
- Stop it!
You, too.
What will you do now?
Tell me... fight a duel with him?
You're not a servant.
Nor a butler.
This house is still standing thanks to you.
Thank you, Miss Masngeles.
l feel like blowing my brains out.
Can't you see?
l'm crying. l'm pathetic.
You are what you are.
You don't lie.
You don't pretend.
You follow your heart.
- But l am pathetic.
- You're my brother.
Why don't you kiss me?
You can't kiss.
How could you know?
And you?
Aren't you scared?
Scared of what?
Of being naked.
You are scared.
But it's natural.
We shouldn't be here.
We should be in another world
where there are no rules.
Have you been with a man before?
Have you been with a woman before?
Why are you here?
D'you want me to go?
You're going to regret this.
Does it hurt?
No, stay.
Santiago... Santiago...
Yes. Hello? Hello?
What's that?
l can hardly hear you.
He says you must put
a tourniquet on him.
-Above or below?
But he's losing a lot of blood.
l can't give you the address.
We haven't studied it yet, professor.
What a nightmare!
l was more scared than they were!
l couldn't remember
if l'd loaded my gun.
lt'll take an hour with
the pneumatic drill.
Come on, we'll dig the tunnel.
Let's do it!
What about you, are you ok?
Do you call this a tourniquet, asshole?
Tell Santiago to take him to figueroa's.
Where is he, by the way?
What the hell are you doing?
l'm simulating.
Ral's dying.
Take him to figueroa's.
We've got to dig the tunnel.
Hurry up!
Go and turn around.
Son of a bitch! Scum!
You didn't tell me my
husband was a queer!
This is the house of God.
l lose both my husband
and my servant!
The motherfuckers
have taken my silver egg.
- Where the hell are they?
- l can't tell you anything.
What's stopping you?
The secret of confession.
What if someone wants to drop...
an atomic bomb?
Do you have to keep it secret?
Who's the fool who invented that?
The rules of the church
don't allow me to talk to you.
l'll never set foot in this damned...
brothel again!
You're a fool, flix!
A queer, a shitty Negro!
Come on, hurry up!
The two groups will join up
in the basement...
I believe the basement is not locked
lf he's there we'll have
to operate right away.
When l call the Stella Maris church,
why do l always land any old where?
This is not any old where,
you have reached the church.
Who's speaking?
- father Pino.
- father Pino?
shouldn't you be dead?
l resurrected.
The people needed me.
l'm father Pino ll.
How can l help you?
My prayers don't seem to be heard.
- On the contrary. l hear them every night.
- Pino?
- father Pino, we have to pack!
- Hello?
father Miguel,
l can't hear you.
lt's a trapl
- What?
- They got Miguel.
Damn it! We're in the shit! Hurry!
Somebody help him! for Christ's sake!
- l've something to tell you.
- l haven't got time.
lf anything happens to me, leave.
You haven't seen anything.
Everything will be ok.
lf things turn bad,
go to the french embassy.
You will go, ok?
Everything will be all right.
- Don't worry.
- Hurry.
Who is she?
Who the hell is she?
l can't tell you!
She's my contact.
A.k.a Gloria.
l won't tell you any more.
Ok, come on, hurry!
lt's time.
Let me just smoke one.
One more minute for Roletti to live.
God is with you!
What is it?
Shall l come with you?
Should l take this as an apology?
Your name won't be tainted, Aurelio.
Your honour will be safe.
You speak as if
you were drawing up my will!
Monsieur Aurelio,
after much thought, forget...
. . .what l have taught you.
follow your instinct.
lD's, please.
You can go, Minister.
Only the Minister and his witnesses.
- He's my son.
- The duel is a private matter.
Sorry, l didn't know.
Don't worry,
l'll wait for you outside.
Give this Roletti a proper thrashing!
lt's only his 1st duel.
As regards our argument the other day...
l went too far.
Me too. Please forgive me.
l was a bit...
-All this unrest makes me nervous.
- Yes.
Minister, it's time to go.
We'll talk about it later.
Go now.
Wait for me.
Get into position.
We'll fight until we're dead beaten.
The first to put both feet
beyond the limits loses the duel.
On guard. Ready?
Start now.
Halt! Doctor!
l want to kill him.
That's enough.
You can't continue.
- l want to see blood!
- There's quite enough as it is!
Goddam it, l'm not sure
he'll make it, this time.
End of the fight.
Good morning.
Thank you for coming.
- You said your name was...?
- Rodriguez.
l'm the youngest.
Of course!
You're you from Cerro Chato?
No, from fray Mocho.
l must have known your father.
Of course you knew him!
- He was a great friend of your father's.
- Estela mustn't meet Susana.
But Estela is coming at 1 1:15.
She's always early.
A challenge to passing time.
Ok, Daddy.
Yes, my father talked about it.
Thanks for coming.
- That's normal.
- Let's go, shall we?
Yes. Good bye.
Get well quickly. Be brave, won't you?
Long live the Colorado Party, goddam it!
Long live the Colorado Party!
Could l have a cigarette?
- No, they're forbidden.
- Go and rest, Susana.
- What's happening?
- The doctors are coming.
l'm a minister.
You could give me a cigarette! Don't move
the bed any more. Stop moving the bed.
-And Santiago?
- He's coming.
Well, as we're talking about him,
there's something l must tell you.
- Shall l read it to you?
- Yes.
''l'm deaf and dumb and poor.'"'
''l've six children...''
That's enough.
Get out.
Turn him out.
Go on, turn him out of here.
Goddam it, l've turned God out.
Catch him, it was God!
l've something to tell you.
l'm pregnant.
Doctor! Nurse!
What's that, you're pregnant?
Tell me more.
lt's over.
You dared to do that to me?
What son of a bitch
did that to my daughter?
l'm not your daughter.
Don't you ever touch me again!
lf you tell someone, l'll kill you!
No pulse anymore.
He's gone...
l want to speak to my brother.
- l think it's hardly the right moment.
- No, Aurelio.
- We're very sorry.
Just a second.
-Are you one of the family?
- Yes.
Here are his things.
You can't stay here.
Mummy, shall we sell
Granny's pedestal too?
We shan't have any more furniture!
ln any case we shan't have any more.
Your queer of a father will take everything.
We can't live without furniture.
Of course we can! l'll get a good price for it.
Put down the flute and help me.
But l've a lesson.
forget it.
You've always been hopeless!
10 years we've put up with
this blasted flute.
- l'll sell it too. Give over.
- lt's mine.
l was the one who bought it.
Everything's mine: the bidet, the pedestal...
Come on, help me.
What about your exam?
l failed it.
What's d'you mean, you failed it?
But you'd promised me, fructuoso!
You were my only hope!
What about my brothers?
Good for nothings.
Your brothers are crap!
You should have been a barrister in
2 years time, an MPor senator in 3,
minister in 5, president in 8.
That was the plan.
This is a communication
from the armed forces.
The following have been arrested:
Jos Luis Noboa Rodriguez alias Ral,
Santiago Saavedra Lamas alias Pino,
convicted of association with
criminals, armed robbery...
and violation of the constitution. Rodolfo...
Machado Capurro alias El Bebe
for association...
They've mentioned Santiago.
lt's another Santiago,
they've the same name.
Get on with your homework.
Hi. What's wrong?
ls he kicking?
He wants to go out...
A real fighter. Like us.
We've no more batteries.
Can you get me some?
l'll look upstairs.
We didn't listen to the news.
Anything new?
No, nothing.
What a sad tune!
lt reminds me of my mother.
Poor dear!
Mrs. Aurora, we've finished for today.
What are you talking about, Panetti?
We're behind our schedule.
Have a little rest and then
we'll do some more work.
What schedule?
Don't bother me with your questions.
lt's pay day today.
We'll see to that when Aurelio comes back.
...hence President Bordaberry...
has declared the
dissolution of Parliament...
and a halt to all political activity.
The General Military Commandment...
for defence of order,
peace and security...
of the citizens, and the respect...
of the Republican Constitution,
has decreed a curfew.
Citizens will not be allowed
to be out in the streets...
between 7 p.m.
and 7 a.m. the next day.
They said they'd arrested you.
We escaped.
How do you feel?
Given my age and my bad habits,
l can't complain.
What did they do to you?
Cattle prod.
- What's that?
- lt doesn't hurt any more.
We're taking you somewhere else.
Don't go.
- You're safe here.
- Safe?
Nowhere's safe.
He must see a doctor
for his internal lesions.
Gently! My ribs! My ribs!
We must hurry.
Come on, Pino, we must go!
lt'll be ok.
Stay, please! Stay!
Don't touch him.
lnto the basement. Quick!
- Let go of me!
- Captain!
They've all left, except her.
What are you doing here
dressed like that?
-And you, what are you doing here?
- lt's my home.
- Take down that door!
- No.
They've escaped through a tunnel.
- Leave her alone.
- Shall we leave her here?
Yes, she's the maid.
Quick, to the church!
Let's go!!
Goddam it, it's a boy!
Say something. Speak to me.
At last! Why have you taken
so long to speak?
l promise you, for your next baptism
you'll have hot water.
June 27 1 973
Son of a bitch!
- What shall we do now?
- l have no idea, commander.
Look out of the window.
Have you ever seen anything like it?