Mashaal (1984) Movie Script

-May I come in, sir?
-What? Come in, Geeta. Come.
How is your work going?
Sir, I'm completely ruined
because of the editor.
Look at what I've been given
to write for the Sunday edition.
A column about how
to make mango pickle
and an article about
how women working
in offices could
keep their husbands happy.
Do you hear me?
Geeta, you're getting needlessly angry.
mango pickle is not a bad thing
and neither is the
happiness of husbands.
But sir,
my happiness also has some value.
If all the husbands of the
world keep chewing raw mangoes
all day without any happiness,
I won't care at all.
Sir, I agree that I'm a girl.
But if the editor forgives
this fault of mine,
I'll be very grateful to him.
I'll meet Mr. Mehta in a while
and talk to him.
Mehta sir has sent for you.
I'll be there.
Think of the devil.
Here. In the meanwhile,
go through this article of mine.
I'll be right back.
What is this? What have you written?
Sir, I've written about the illegal
liquor shops and gambling centers
that exist on the
streets and lanes of Mumbai.
It seems you've just written this,
but haven't read it!
Read the second paragraph
on page number three. Read it!
"It's possible that S.K. Vardhan has
no connection with all these matters.
But the matter to be considered is
that in every building he builds
he surely sells
at least one apartment
to some liquor merchant
or some gambling center proprietor.
The only question is
if this is a mere coincidence."
That's all I've written.
Vardhan is a very
renowned businessman of Mumbai!
He's going to
contest the election as well.
And you want to say that he owns
liquor shops and gambling centers?
Is there any evidence?
But sir, where's the question
of evidence in this?
Based on the incidents,
I've written this--
What you've written is
absolutely rubbish! Rubbish!
Disgusting, uncouth, manner-less!
You're manner-less and uncouth! You!
Here, I quit this job!
I'll write and send my resignation
and I'm sure you'll certainly like that.
The times are very bad.
-But Mr. Mehta...
As long as you're there, nothing
can be published that is against me.
I'm sure about that.
Am I right, Tolaram?
Yes, sir.
While he's there, why should you worry?
Mr. Vardhan, I sacked him
then and there.
Forget it.
So, tell me, Mr. Mehta.
You were going to build a bungalow
in Khandala. What's the update on that?
Nothing has happened, Mr. Vardhan.
I got the plot because of you,
but cement...
The situation is that it's not available
in the market!
You're too much!
Am I not here for you?
Why won't you get cement?
Listen, Tolaram. Cement should
be arranged immediately for him.
It'll be done, sir.
-You're very generous, sir.
-It's God who is generous.
Sir, Roopchand had come a while ago.
He wants to open
four gambling centers in Dadar.
He said that he could handle
the business of liquor and lotto as well.
He's a trustworthy man.
The times are very bad, Tolaram.
It's hard to understand
whom to trust and whom not to.
I've heard Vitthal Rao
has been released from jail.
Sir, he must have become
a sworn enemy of ours!
What enmity could
the poor fellow show towards us?
-Yes, sir?
That man whom Mehta fired
from his newspaper.
-What's his name?
-Vinod Kumar.
-Yes, Vinod Kumar.
Keep an eye on him.
He shouldn't get a job in
any other newspaper in the city.
I think you shouldn't even think
about working for any other newspaper.
Start your own newspaper
in which you'll be able to write
what you want to.
I'll start a newspaper later.
Before that,
we'll be thrown out of this house.
Just watch, the notice
will be coming in a few days.
"You left the job,
so leave the house as well now."
So, we'll leave. What's the problem?
This is the biggest
problem in Mumbai, Sudha.
God can be found upon searching,
but not a house.
And even if we find a house,
the deposit will be very high.
Let's talk to Kishorilal about a house.
That's a very good idea you have.
Kishorilal is a very handy man.
It'll be done. You want a house, right?
It'll be done.
How and where will it be done?
Tell me.
What's the worry, Vinod?
You'll see when you go there.
How much money will be needed?
Do you have money?
Did I ever have any
that I'll have it now, Kishorilal?
-So then, why are you asking?
-Come, be seated.
-Come, Sudha, sit.
The place where I have my warehouse?
Yes, sir.
There's an office there,
and a phone as well.
Recently, I brought
second-hand press machines
-from Kanpur. Understood?
And the shed is empty,
to start a press in.
And after that, if more money
is needed, we'll manage!
Your intelligence, my money.
We'll become partners!
-And I'm there to help you.
My friend, first show us the house.
Where's the house?
I've decided on a house!
It's a fine place!
-But where is it?
-In Dogarbhatti.
What did you say?
Yes, Dogarbhatti is by the
road that goes to Sion Koliwada.
Come on.
Come, Vinod. Look, that's the house.
Isn't it nice?
Vinod, why did you stop? Come on!
Is this your Dogarbhatti?
Vinod, why are you
concerned with Dogarbhatti?
Am I asking you to contest
elections from here?
You'll stay in the house.
Come on in. You'll be pleased!
And your wife will be delighted!
There's nothing to
be distressed about this.
I agree that the location is a bit poor.
-But the house is all right.
-Is this all right?
Go outside and look at the surroundings!
Take a look. There's a lotto den
at the junction across the street.
And through the lane,
from one end to the other
is the stinking, rotten stench of liquor!
Kishorilal is a strange man.
He kept on harping about the house.
I wasn't able to come,
so at least you should have
come and seen how the place is.
It doesn't matter.
At least, we got a house to live in.
If we don't like the place
and when our finances are better,
-we'll search for another house.
-We certainly will.
You've married such a pauper.
Tell me, did you ever get anything
apart from troubles in these 18 years?
Yes, I've made a grave mistake
by marrying you.
Come on, now that's enough.
Relax. Relax.
-'Thief! Thief!'
Catch him. Catch him! Thief! Thief!
The whole locality is
full of goons and ruffians.
-I'm worried about you.
-Why are you worried about me?
Yes, I'll go to work
early in the morning.
How will you stay alone in this house?
What do you want
In the courtyard of my house
Only the famous are defamed
What do you want
In the courtyard of my house?
He's saying something to you.
Did you hear it?
Yes, I did.
Vinod, why do you care
about what happens in the lane?
Stay in your house.
How do we just stay, my friend?
My wife and I couldn't even
sleep the whole night.
First came a drunkard,
then some quarrel, abusing!
All sorts of noises
throughout the night!
It doesn't matter. After staying for
a few days, you'll get used to it all.
Be careful.
Look here!
Last month, I brought
five cupboards from Hyderabad.
Old woodwork from the
age of the nawabs.
You won't find such a cupboard.
My friend, if you get a big cupboard,
give it to us.
I'll vacate that lousy house
and start living in the cupboard.
Hey, Vinod, what are you saying?
If I vacate the house today,
the owner will place
Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 25,000 in my hands!
-But the case is going on.
-A case is going on?
Yes, since eight years,
on the house and warehouse both.
The owner for both is the same man!
So, why didn't you say that earlier,
my friend?
Vinod, if I had told you earlier,
you wouldn't have come.
-How could I have told you?
-Who is that?
He's Raja. He's a very dangerous boy!
He has a whole gang.
They are all hooligans
of Dogarbhatti.
Ten for five. Ten for five. Ten for five.
Flowers Blooming in the Garden
-Hey, come here!
-Come on, ten for five. Ten for five.
Move, don't crowd here.
-Are the tickets sold or not?
-They are sold.
-Three are left.
-Go, hurry up.
If the constables come,
we'll be in trouble.
Ten for five. Balcony seats are 20, buddy.
They make such worthless movies
that don't get sold at the counter.
How will we sell it in black?
Hey, move aside!
Hey, Raja, you're here,
and Tatya is looking for you there!
-Who? That liquor man?
-Yes, him. Will you go?
There's a prospect of earning something.
-Okay, let's see.
Come on, give me the change.
Sell all the
tickets and bring the money!
-Move aside!
Hey, Raja!
Where have you been?
I've been looking for you.
Munna just told me. Tell me.
Four barrels of
liquor have to be delivered
to Pascal's den in Bandra.
How much will you charge?
-Four barrels?
-How much will you pay?
-Tell me how much you'll charge.
-Come on, I'll pay Rs. 200.
-Get lost. Get lost!
Idiot! Rs. 200!
What then? Tell me.
Rs. 500. And that too, right now.
If you agree, I'll deliver the stock.
I don't have time.
Raja, those... Raghu's boys...
Raghu's boys? Where did you find them?
At the theater.
They beat me up and seized the money too.
He was saying that
nobody apart from him
will do business in that theater.
Does Raghu's father own the theater?
I'll teach him a lesson today!
Come, Raghu.
Hey, lad, clean the table!
-Don't you see who has come?
-Hello, Raghu.
Hey, get seven lassis quickly. Come on!
Move aside!
Boss, Raja has come.
Come on, you rogue!
-Where is Raghu?
-I don't know.
Look, nobody is here.
-Where did he go?
-The betel-seller said he's here.
-Beat them!
-Come on!
You rogue!
You idiot!
Idiot, I'll rip you apart! Beat them!
Where are you running away, you rogue?
I'll die! Help! Hey, Raja!
Return the money or I'll
drop him in the well! Come on!
Hey, if he drowns, you'll be hanged!
Take him out!
First, take out the money you seized.
Otherwise, I'll drop him!
Save me! Junaid, Kalia!
-Kalia, give the money!
-Come on, hurry up!
Suresh, take the money!
Munna, get the truck! Be quick!
-Give it, Kalia.
-Take this. Come, Raja!
Come. Come on!
Hey, Somu! Raja, come. Come!
We are dwellers of the pavement
We are dwellers of the pavement
We are the brightness
Fostered by nights
We are the brightness
Fostered by nights
Sky overhead, under our feet is this
Earth spread far into the distance
Under our feet is this earth
Spread far into the distance
And we have nobody else with us
And we have nobody else with us
We are dwellers of the pavement
We are dwellers of the pavement
We played with sorrow in childhood
Witnessed poverty
We slept not on beds of flowers
But on thorns
We played with sorrows in childhood
Witnessed poverty
We slept not on beds of flowers
But on thorns
We stayed hungry and
Endured hundreds of sorrows
The heart says our heaven
Is where there's food
Our heaven is where there's food
And we have nobody else with us
And we have nobody else with us
We are dwellers of the pavement
We are dwellers of the pavement
There's nobody, but let it be
Why should we shed tears?
The world may shed tears
But we'll sing in joy
There's nobody, but let it be
Why should we shed tears?
The world may shed tears
But we'll sing in joy
Come out of sorrow
Forget, and march ahead
Who cares for tomorrow?
We live only in the present
We live only in the present
And we have nobody else with us
And we have nobody else with us
We are dwellers of the pavement
We are dwellers of the pavement
There's another way.
But this is the shortest.
Be careful, Geeta.
Is the other way as good as this?
No, that way is very rough.
That's the reason I took this path.
Kishorilal, a path will have to be made.
Hey, what's the problem, Vinod?
Keep coming and going
through it a few times.
The path will get made.
But come inside. I'll show you.
It's such a nice place for the
press, you'll get pleased! Come.
-What is this?
-What happened?
I put a lock for safety.
Someone has stolen the lock!
Anyway, there was
hardly anything inside.
Come on in.
-What now?
-Did you see these?
-What are these?
I understand what this is.
But I don't know whose these are!
-But what are these?
-Illegal liquor?
How did these come here?
Who kept them?
It must be the one who
took my lock as a souvenir.
-This was a vacant place.
Some gentleman decided
to make it a liquor warehouse.
Now, tell me, Vinod. What shall I do?
What is to be done?
Go straight to the police station
and lodge a report!
What are you saying, Vinod?
I have to live in Dogarbhatti!
If I call the police,
the one who has kept this liquor
will become my enemy.
-Will all this continue lying here?
Look, Vinod, you want
to call me a coward? Go ahead.
But I won't lodge a police complaint.
Now, find a solution for this trouble
in such a way that we'll get rid
of these with no police.
I'll tell you.
Now watch, Kishorilal.
We'll get rid of these
and there'll be no
police involvement. Look.
Hey! What are you doing?
Oh, no! It stinks so much!
I'm going out!
You'll get me killed!
Oh, what are you doing?
Now, get this place
cleaned up nicely.
Vinod, you'll get me cleaned up.
Material worth Rs. 5,000 got ruined.
I'm ruined!
Someone busted all the barrels.
When did that scrap-seller
become a ruffian?
I've found out everything, buddy.
Kishorilal is renting his house
to a friend of his across the street.
-He's the one who created this mess.
-I see.
Does the idiot want to
live in Dogarbhatti or not?
Tatya, your stock got ruined.
Now, it's our job to recover the cost.
But half the money will be ours.
Tell me, yes or no?
Okay, get me half.
But will Kishorilal pay?
Liquor-man, what are you saying?
Of course he'll pay!
-Come on, let me see your worth today.
Come on, guys!
-Hello, Mr. Kishori.
Isn't this his car?
Yes. He's inside. Shall I call him?
No, he'll come out on his own.
If four men apply force,
this car could roll over, right?
It's just a lousy box. Come on, Somu!
Come on, here we go!
Did someone wreck my car?
Who did it?
Oh, my goodness!
-Who did this?
-I did it, okay?
Come here!
It begins here.
How strange! Raja, is this a joke?
Firstly, you rolled my car.
And then... How strange!
Now, I've turned the car over.
I'll turn you over
as well like this, okay?
What's the matter?
You're being angry needlessly!
That liquor belonged to my friend.
I want the cost to be refurbished.
It belonged to your friend?
How could I know?
You'll get the money.
What's the problem? How much?
-Rs. 5,000.
-Rs. 5,000?
Otherwise I'll rip you into half,
you idiot scrap-seller!
You'll get the money.
What's the problem?
Kishorilal, what's happening there?
Who the heck rolled your car over?
It's nothing, Vinod.
Go inside.
I'll come in a while. It's nothing.
This is nothing?
What happened to your car?
Who are these people?
-Listen, Vinod--
-Who are they? Let me talk.
No need to talk! Please, take him inside!
-Come inside.
-Nobody listens to me!
-Let me get to know.
-Come inside.
Don't blow it out of proportion.
-Please come inside.
-I'll deal with it.
Why are you being adamant?
Raja, don't worry.
You want money? You'll get it.
Okay. Okay, go!
Is that the man you were talking about?
Did you see how he
was coming towards us?
The poor fellow is new in
Dogarbhatti. He doesn't know us.
If he doesn't know us,
he'll get to know us.
What is this if not an outrage?
The warehouse is his
and those rouges broke the
lock and stored liquor barrels.
We threw it out,
so now they're threatening us for money.
And Mr. Kishorilal is so wise,
he promised to pay money.
Come on, is Rs. 5,000 a small amount?
Why don't you tell Kishorilal
that if he doesn't report
this to the police, you'll do it?
Why? Why shouldn't he do it himself?
Dear, Dogarbhatti
is not a lawless outpost.
It's a small part of the Mumbai city.
There's law here,
the police are here, this--
Who could this be?
I know. I recognize them all.
-Strike a goal!
-I stopped it.
Come, come.
Come on. Move!
Come on, score a goal!
Oh, darn it!
You play well.
I too used to play during
my college days.
Center forward.
You all make a defense,
I'll charge with the ball.
Let's see if the center
forward can score a goal or not.
Show him.
Come on! Come on!
Take the ball from him.
Get the ball!
Tackle him! Somu, what are you doing?
Target his legs and make him fall!
Hey, make him fall! Hold! Hold him!
-Come on!
-Yes, run!
-Don't leave the ball!
Munna, hold him.
Snatch the ball from him!
-Come on.
Hey, Somu!
I came to tell you two things.
The first thing is,
Kishorilal didn't destroy
the barrels from
the warehouse. I did it.
So you should ask me to pay up,
not Kishorilal.
And the second thing is that...
You won't get even a penny.
What do you say, Raja?
Let's get him right now!
No. He came alone,
I too will face him alone.
I swear on my mother,
if I don't make him pay,
I'll change my name!
Hey, Vinod, I thought you forgot!
-Yes, I got a little late.
Here is Rs. 5,000.
Go take charge of the documents
and I'll get this car repaired.
When this newspaper
comes out...
Then all the credit will go to you.
Vinod, now leave. Otherwise,
the office will close down.
Yes, I'm going there.
Did you see the money he has in that?
What say, Raja?
Let's recover the cost today!
No, my friend.
I'll do that alone.
You all get going from here.
I'll deal with him inside some lane.
Idiot, becoming a hero needlessly!
"I'll do it alone!"
If he's saying he will, let him do it!
Why are you being so smart?
Forget it.
Suresh, ask in that shop
if chilly powder is available?
Red chilly powder!
Come on, move!
Hand over the money
you have in the suitcase.
You remember what I told you the day,
that you won't get
even a penny from this?
That same day,
I too swore on my mother
that I'll take the money from you.
-Munna! Somu!
-Munna, don't leave the bag!
Move away! Come on, move!
Run, Munna. Run!
What a show, master!
-Hey, what is this?
-What are you doing?
Have you gone mad? Leave me, Raja!
I told you I'd go alone!
You fool, who told you to come?
-Tell me!
-Stop it!
-I'll deal with him!
-You three want a fight?
All three of you!
I'll deal with you all!
Come on!
What's the use of
fighting among ourselves?
Shake hands. Shake hands!
I said, shake hands!
Shake hands, Raja.
All the goons of this
area have been rounded up.
Look at them.
Identify who among them were there.
-No, none of them, Inspector.
-I see.
Then it must be the boys
from Sion or Chembur.
Constable, let them go.
Look, Munna, nine and ten
are there in Kalyan today.
I've played on seven in main,
buddy. And...
-Hey, Somu, tell me something.
Why didn't he identify me?
Why didn't he? That's very simple.
He thought that
if he has to live in Dogarbhatti
then he shouldn't mess with us.
If it was so, then he wouldn't
have smashed the liquor barrels...
You're right.
If I were scared of your hooliganism,
I wouldn't have smashed
the liquor barrels.
I didn't identify you.
I have a reason for that.
And the reason is that
if I had identified you,
I know what would
have happened all of you.
Jail. I've seen it all. Understand?
And I know what happens there.
And I also know that you all
wouldn't reform yourselves there.
You would have
got wrapped in more problems
and would have
gotten worse and come back!
That's why I didn't identify you.
Here's the money which you
people wanted to snatch away from me.
I need this money
because with this money,
I want to start a newspaper.
And through that newspaper,
I want to tell society
about Dogarbhatti,
and similar slums.
What are these slums?
How much poverty, helplessness,
hunger and how many diseases are there.
How the people dwelling there
live like animals and not humans!
I want to do that with this money.
And you? You want to give
this money to a man who serves
poison in the name of liquor
to the people of Dogarbhatti.
Think. All of you, think.
And if you still think
that you should get this money...
Then here it is.
Sir, we wanted this money for sure.
But now that you've given it,
we don't want it.
Take your money.
It's good that you took
this money for a moment.
You took an oath on your mother.
Had that not been fulfilled,
I would have felt bad.
-Did you read it?
-I did.
Whoever has written this
has written it with a bang.
But the poor fellow
shouldn't have written this.
It can cause him great harm.
The times are very bad, Tolaram.
Mr. Vardhan, this paper belongs
to the same man
who Mr. Mehta fired
for writing against you.
Do you remember?
Such garbage comes
out every now and then
and stops after a month or two.
Forget it.
The day he writes
something against me,
we'll deal with him.
Okay, Mr. Shrivastava.
I'll take leave now.
You'll leave? How can that be?
I thought we would have
a long meeting today.
Now, you and Sudha must
take time and come to Bangalore.
Now, Bangalore for us--
My wife and children are coming
after three months.
Come along with them.
We'll see.
All right. One minute.
Hello? Shrivastava speaking!
It's good that you told me. Thank you.
Mr. Vinod, there are problems
in the city. You can't leave now!
-Why? What happened?
-He told me that Mumbai is closed.
People have burnt down
buses in Worli and Kurla!
They are pelting stones!
Police have opened fire as well.
Please, stay back.
No, how could I stay back?
Sudha is alone at home.
And moreover, she isn't well these days.
But she's at home after all!
So, she'll be all right.
Inform her that you're here.
Phone her.
Hello? It's me.
Where are you? Are you all right?
Okay. Don't worry about me. I'm fine.
Until everything is all right,
don't take any risk.
-Please! Okay?
-Okay, I'll hang up now.
-What happened?
-What happened to her?
-Move aside, move!
-Move, don't crowd around!
-Move. Move!
-What happened?
What happened?
Hey! Hey, call a doctor!
Move! Move from here!
Move. Move!
What happened? What happened to her?
She's the wife of the gentleman
who lives there.
It seems she collapsed.
I say, take her to the hospital quickly!
How will you go?
People are pelting stones.
Firing is going on!
-Get the truck.
-In a moment.
I'll take her to the hospital.
-Somu, bring a mattress!
-In a moment.
Mumbai is closed.
How will you take her?
Whether Mumbai is closed or open,
I'll take her to the hospital.
Move! Idiot, get away!
We kept her under observation
the whole day yesterday.
Now, she's fine.
If you want to, you can take her home.
Thank you very much, Doctor.
There's no danger now, is there?
No, not anymore, but...
If that boy hadn't brought
her to the hospital on time,
anything could have happened.
-Yes. Okay, goodbye.
Twenty six. Yes, move. 28, 29.
-Yes, move aside!
Well, I wanted to meet you yesterday.
You did me a big favor. Thank you.
People told me today morning.
And even my wife told me,
how you took her to the
hospital, driving through
the riots yesterday.
-Okay, it's about that?
That's nothing. What could we do?
I had to take her, right?
Yes, that's good.
But Sudha has come home.
Now, she's fine.
And, actually we both
wanted you to come to our home.
Come home and have dinner as well.
And if you come,
we both would be pleased.
So, will it be all right
at 8:00 or 8.30 p.m.?
Thank you very much once again.
Thank you.
Thank you very much. Thank you.
Raja, what was he saying?
I wonder what kind of man he is, buddy!
I don't understand.
He came, thanked me,
and invited me to dinner!
He shook hands with me
twice during this!
-I'm telling you!
He came and left,
he shook hands with me both times!
-So, will you go?
-I'll have to go.
His wife too wants to thank me.
I'll have to go.
Sir, have you read these books?
Yes, I've read them.
Are you interested?
Earlier, I used to be interested.
I've studied till the tenth grade, sir!
-Not more.
-Here's coffee.
-Do you drink coffee?
-Yes, coffee, I...
-Do you drink it?
-Drink it.
-Take it. Here.
-Have some too.
-No, I don't feel like it.
Sit, sit.
Raja, does your family live here?
Family? No, ma'am.
I don't have any family.
I live alone, carefree.
-Your parents and relatives?
-No, ma'am, I have nobody.
When I was five-years-old,
my father
was working in a cotton mill at Parel.
One evening...
Actually the local trains
are very crowded in the evenings.
He was hanging at the door.
His head struck an electric pole.
He fell and died on spot.
I don't remember much.
Mother would tell me about him.
And your mother?
She used to work,
and she used to be ill.
When I was about 14-years-old,
she passed away.
She's the one who got me
educated till the tenth grade.
-Then how did you manage?
-Then I would clean taxis.
Then I worked at a garage.
Then I left everything.
Now, I have a room and friends.
Life goes on.
Shall I leave, sir?
-You're leaving?
Listen, Raja.
You have a room and friends.
But consider this your own home.
Keep visiting, son.
Fine. Okay.
Okay, sir.
For the last time,
once more, thank you.
Munna, don't try to be smart.
You didn't put money down.
-He's right, you didn't!
-Hey, I was the first to!
I won't play! You worthless fellows...
-Hey, you've come?
-You've come?
Where were you?
Well, I went to that
gentleman's house for dinner.
Don't you know? "Where were you?"
-Play, it's your turn.
-Here, have some liquor.
You can have the liquor, dear.
Come on.
I had coffee. Coffee, you know!
He does black marketeering.
There are no rations in his shop.
How could I give you anything?
-Hey, close the shop, leave!
-What are you doing?
-Go and do your work!
-What happened?
This shopkeeper didn't
give ration to anyone today.
We pleaded so much, nobody listened!
I don't have any ration!
Why would he give ration?
He does black marketing!
-Black marketing?
-Raja, why are you coming here?
Do you do black marketing?
Look, Raja, don't be smart.
Don't try to bully me!
Come on, tell me. Do you?
I do. What will you do?
It's my shop. I'll do whatever I like!
You do black marketing!
Come to the gentleman!
Look, Raja, let my collar go.
I warn you!
Your name and photo will get printed
in the gentleman's newspaper! Come!
Raja, where are you taking me?
Come on!
-Come on!
-Listen to me.
I'll beat you up so much,
you'll wander streets, begging.
-Raja, listen to me--
-I'll slap you!
Come on, let go!
Troubling me needlessly!
Look at him, you said that day.
He's the one he does black marketing!
-Let go of my collar!
-Shut up!
Do you do it or not?
Say it in front of him!
And what are you doing?
What are you doing, I'm asking you?
The gentleman prints
the names of people who do
black marketing!
Say your name!
-Leave my collar first!
-Say your name!
-Leave him, leave him.
Leave him.
I'll write his name. Go inside.
-Sir, but you said--
-Inside. Inside, go inside.
I'll write his name.
-But sir, what Raja said is right!
-Yes, he's right!
Look, whatever complaints you have
against him or
against someone else
give it to me in writing
and sign it at the bottom.
I promise to print it in the newspaper.
This is what you wanted, right?
So, then you all may leave now.
Sir, you had told me.
Do you remember what you had told me?
I remember.
I remember everything. Sit.
So, sir, print his name
at the top in bold letters.
What bold letters?
Do you know her? Her name? Geeta.
-But sir, don't leave him!
-Be seated.
I have to tell you something.
First, sit.
-Sir, you don't know him.
-Sit down there!
You've created a scene.
You created a ruckus!
Excuse me.
You were shouting so much outside
but you yourself
indulge in an illegal business?
Don't you sell cinema
tickets on the black market?
Two for four, four for six,
six for ten. Right or not?
-Yes. But sir, you--
-So, shall I write about you?
Shall I write that two
black-marketeers had a quarrel?
They had a quarrel and a
fight ensued. Shall I write that?
True. You're right, sir.
I do that. It's true.
If this is true, then before
pointing fingers at others,
quit the illegal business.
Will you quit?
Okay, sir.
Here are 20 tickets of a new movie.
I won't do black marketing
ever again. I swear on my mother!
Very good.
Look, Raja,
you tore the tickets of the movie.
We have four tickets
of that same movie.
But we didn't buy those in black.
Let's do one thing,
today, instead of Mr. Kishorilal
you come along
with us for the movie.
Me, a movie?
Why? Along with abandoning
selling black tickets,
did you abandon watching movies too?
Yes, why not? I'll go, sir.
Yes, tell me, do you want
the balcony tickets? Balcony tickets?
I don't have any other tickets.
Hey, Raja!
It's a good day today.
Give the tickets!
Shut up!
Posing in front of the girl.
Yes, 20, tell me?
Father, don't refuse me like this,
for God's sake!
I am helpless and weak. Where
will I go in this stormy night?
I beg you, father!
Don't you dare touch my feet!
I don't want to look at your face!
Get away from here, unlucky girl!
Father, at least consider
that I'm the daughter-in-law
of this family.
What daughter-in-law?
Whose daughter-in-law?
What kind of daughter-in-law?
I don't want to listen to anything!
God, you're watching
this atrocity being committed
against a helpless woman,
and you're silent?
I'll take leave. I'll get the last train
to Churchgate.
It is extremely late.
How can you go alone?
So what?
It's just a short distance away.
No. Listen, Raja,
escort this girl to the station.
-Yes, sir.
-Go carefully.
Come, let's go.
Okay, tell me,
you quit selling tickets in black.
-What will you do now?
-What will I do? Nothing.
But something has
to be done to earn money.
I don't lack money, dear!
I go to Dogarbhatti and ask for money,
I'll get it in a minute.
Why? Do the people in Dogarbhatti
think that you're a rogue?
Shouldn't they think so?
I don't think you're a rogue.
You seem very respectable.
You called me respectable?
Go and ask anyone in Dogarbhatti.
I've broken so many peoples' legs!
I've beaten up the best, you know.
Maybe you have had a couple of fights.
All boys have that.
But that doesn't mean that you're bad.
-Tell me something else.
-I gamble.
So what? We also gamble during Diwali.
But that doesn't prove
that you aren't respectable.
Okay, come on, I drink liquor.
Come on, you must be drinking beer.
Now, you're talking strangely.
Isn't beer liquor?
You're absolutely--
Ask Sir, he will back me up.
He also thinks you're very respectable.
why would he send you with me?
What are you saying? He too?
Okay, tell me, if you see
a girl on the street, do you whistle?
-Whistle? Whistle...
-Don't lie.
I never lie.
Yes, that's true, I never whistle.
Exactly, you don't lie, you don't whistle.
So then,
what are you if not respectable?
Tell me one thing.
Were you joking, or do
you really think I'm respectable?
I really think so. If you ask
me tomorrow, I'll say the same thing.
I'll ask you if you meet me tomorrow.
Not tomorrow.
I'll meet you the day after.
Office is closed tomorrow.
It's Holi.
Yes, it's Holi tomorrow.
So, it's Holi.
You don't celebrate Holi?
I do. I'll go to
my friends' place tomorrow.
It's celebrated in
a grand way in Dogarbhatti!
A great bash was held
the last year too! Excellent!
There's the train, I'll be off. Bye.
Holi is celebrated
very well in Dogarbhatti!
It's Holi! It's Holi!
Look, it's Holi today
It's Holi! It's Holi!
Look, it's Holi today
Play with colors,
Someone is with us
The body is drenched
It's Holi! It's Holi!
Look, it's Holi today
It's Holi! It's Holi!
Look, it's Holi today
The gait is intoxicated
The face is smeared blue and red
How are you doing, crazy fellow?
The jovial are lost in merriment
Look, it's Holi today
It's Holi! It's Holi!
Look, it's Holi today
The one who'll bring
Colors into my life
I've found her
On the day of Holi
The one who'll bring
Colors into my life
I've found her
On the day of Holi
What do I tell you, friends?
I've invited her
Either don't invite me or tell me
Don't hide the
Emotions of the heart
Why hide them from the world?
Is this a girl
Or a Goddess?
Look, it's Holi today
It's Holi! It's Holi!
Look, it's Holi today
It was this day, in this season
When we expressed our feelings
It was this day, in this season
When we expressed our feelings
Where are those days lost
When we also had our Holi?
If you're with me
Every night is like Diwali
And every day
Is like Holi for me
If you're with me
Every night is like Diwali
And every day
Is like Holi for me
If you're with me
Every night is like Diwali
And every day is Holi for me
What is this all about?
Look, it's Holi today
It's Holi! It's Holi!
Look, it's Holi today
Whom do I have in this world?
Whoever is here is a stranger
Whom do I have in this world?
Whoever is here is a stranger
But someone felt special
Who is this who has come in my life?
What is this compulsion?
Why is the heart helpless?
Only you are keeping
Away from everyone
It brought the heart very close
Look, it's Holi today
It's Holi! It's Holi!
Look, it's Holi today
It's Holi, look, it's Holi
It's Holi, dear it's Holi
It's Holi! It's Holi!
Look, it's Holi today
It's Holi! It's Holi!
Look, it's Holi today
Look at the newspaper!
It's useful to us!
Really useful to us!
If I tell the man who writes
all this everything about Vardhan,
then what all would that man write!
I'm telling, you this is the man!
I'll tell him!
I don't read newspapers, Vitthal!
I don't know.
Tell me something. You tell him
and he prints it. What will I get?
Keshav, it's okay
if you don't get anything.
But at least Mr. Vardhan
will find out.
That's enough for me.
Do one thing.
Find out about the man
who prints this paper.
I want to meet him.
Mr. Vinod, the businesses
about which you wrote,
I've spent my entire life doing them.
What I can tell you,
no other person can tell you that.
Vitthal Rao,
what can you tell me about Vardhan?
I can tell you that in all of Mumbai,
S.K. Vardhan is the owner
of most liquor
dens and gambling dens.
You told me. I heard you.
But I can't write anything
without any evidence, Vitthal Rao.
I can't provide evidence for everything,
but I can give them for certain matters.
Keshav, give him the paper.
See this!
Vitthal Rao, before touching
the paper, I'll ask you a few things.
Firstly, if this paper is
really evidence against Vardhan,
how did you get hold of this?
Sir, I was an equal partner
in all of Vardhan's businesses
right from Andheri to Mahim.
Once, the police raided
our gambling den. I was there.
When I came out of prison,
I found out that Vardhan had
removed me from all the businesses.
He seized all my goods.
Mr. Vinod, I thought,
"Vardhan, you're very famous.
Let me make you infamous!"
You got the answer
to your first question.
Now, ask the next question.
Secondly, Mr. Vitthal Rao,
what price will you
take from me for these papers?
You'll have to promise me
that you'll print this.
Vitthal Rao, don't forget to
buy my newspaper tomorrow.
You people are worrying unnecessarily.
Let them write. What will happen?
Tolaram. It's an old saying.
I didn't create it.
Barking dogs bark
and the elephant passes by freely.
But Mr. Vardhan,
things written in this newspaper--
Yes. It's written. But its stale news.
The properties which are mentioned here,
many of those are
no longer in my name.
The gambling dens
have been shifted due to lack of space.
Go and handle the business.
Don't worry. Everything will be fine.
Mr. Vardhan, if you say nothing
will happen, then we believe you.
But we should do something
to stop that man.
Yes, I know.
Our destinies are at loggerheads.
Someday, I will have to meet him.
-Tolaram, the world is really bad.
Every man has a price.
Pay the price. And the man is yours.
Money is not everything.
My father is a rich man in Delhi.
Yet, I work here.
If your father is rich,
then why did you come here?
Because my parents are always busy
attending their friends' parties.
Friends, whose daughters
can't think of anything
else besides fashion,
clothes, and film actresses.
My life would have been ruined.
May I tell you something?
These things are worthless. Ask me.
If you are rich,
everybody salutes you.
Otherwise, nobody respects you.
No money. No respect. Got it?
-Is that so?
So, my boss who you address as 'Sir'
and Mrs. Sudha who you address as 'Aunt'
are not rich.
Yet, you respect them.
You've got it all wrong again.
Look, they are different.
When I go to their house,
they meet me so lovingly.
If I don't go for two days,
they ask me where I was.
Sir says such good things
for my well-being.
Did I give up gambling
and drinking just like that?
-That's a different case altogether.
-What about your friends?
My friends can even
lay down their lives for me.
I don't know about Munna.
But Somu and Suresh.
How long will I have to wait
for a packet of blade?
-Don't touch this.
-How can you talk to me like that?
-Don't touch me. I warn you.
-Let go. Let me go.
-You commit robbery?
-Your father is a thief.
-What happened?
-He was going to steal the camera.
-He is bullying.
-You're trying to act smart!
You try to steal!
-You fool. I didn't.
-I'll beat you to pulp.
-That's good.
What happened?
What are you doing?
That's enough. Let's leave.
You've come?
Where were you for so many days?
Sir, I was in the neighborhood.
Look, he's saying a wrong thing.
He's always wrong.
Raja, do you know
what's going on here?
The shop at the corner was robbed.
There is chaos all around.
What were you saying?
Look, he has bought this.
He says it's for you.
What's this?
This is a transistor.
-Where did you get this from?
-A friend gave it to me.
You're lying.
Raja, you are lying.
Raja, you're lying.
Nobody talks about what they did.
Now, I will tell you.
Don't talk rubbish.
No need to say anything.
Sudha, no matter how much you try
to reform the scum of the society,
he will never change.
This man...
Get out. Get out!
Get out. And listen,
don't ever come here again.
Get out.
What's this? Where did you go?
Brother, will you have some drink?
Its fresh stock.
Drunkard, who are you offering it to?
He doesn't touch a
filthy thing like liquor.
He drinks coffee. Coffee.
Scum of the society don't drink coffee.
They drink the dirty stuff.
Okay. Fine.
-Mr. Vinod Kumar.
-May I come in?
-Come in.
Let me introduce myself at the door.
My name is S.K. Vardhan.
Now, may I come in?
-Come in.
May I sit?
I won't take much of your time.
I know you are a busy man.
That's why I came to meet you.
You must have figured out
why I've come.
Listen, Mr. Vardhan,
let me explain something to you.
What I wrote about you wasn't
because of any personal enmity.
And nor was it written
without any evidence.
Oh, no, sir. You're mistaken.
I've not come with any complaint.
I've come to offer you my friendship.
Mr. Vardhan,
I'm not worthy of your friendship.
Don't say that, sir.
You are a very capable man.
But the world is really bad,
Mr. Vinod Kumar.
It didn't appreciate you.
When I see your newspaper,
it really hurts me.
You write so well,
you write so well,
and that too on
such ordinary paper.
You have created
such a strong newspaper.
But I see that your office...
A new building of mine is
being constructed on Govardhan road.
There are a few office blocks.
If you want--
Listen. Listen, Mr. Vardhan.
I understood what
you're trying to say.
Now listen to me.
I was doing some work
before you came here.
I have to complete it.
So, you may leave.
I must say, you're a smart man.
Let's talk clearly.
Should I pay you in cash?
It's in my car outside.
Think and let me know. How much?
Tell me.
I slapped you because
I thought a lot, Mr. Vardhan.
But I couldn't think
of a better answer
for such a derogatory question.
You may leave.
Mr. Vinod Kumar, when I came here,
I told you my name.
S.K. Vardhan.
You heard it.
-Still you...
-That's the door. There.
-You may leave.
Somebody slapped me? Me?
Mr. Vardhan, tell us what to do.
Should we go to his
house and cut him into pieces?
Should we abduct him tonight?
Should we throw him in Mahim
creek with stones?
Just tell me how to kill him.
No. He shouldn't die.
Once he is dead,
we can't hurt him.
He should live
till the day he falls
at my feet and pleads
and I will say, "Rascal, write."
"Write what I say."
And he will write that.
Someday, this should happen, Tolaram.
Someday, this is what will happen.
When are you leaving, Kishori?
-I'll leave in a few days.
-I see.
-I told you earlier too.
This house and the
warehouse are under dispute.
So, if a notice arrives in my absence
then I'll give you
the address of my lawyer.
-Send it to him.
And I have hired
such a useless lawyer.
God knows whether he goes
to the court or not. Okay.
She too has come.
Now, both teacher and
disciple worry about the world.
And I'll go think about my business.
I'll meet you before leaving.
Come, Geeta.
Come, Geeta.
The column you wrote yesterday
was very interesting.
Thank you.
What's the matter, Geeta?
You seem worried.
Sir, I met Raja.
Ever since he left this house,
he's been really sad.
He should rob a few more shops.
He'll be happy.
Sir, I'm not saying
what he did was right.
I'm just saying that
he was changing gradually.
Sir, don't forsake him
after showing him the right path.
He respects you a lot.
Geeta is right.
He had given up
gambling and drinking.
Even I know that.
Mrs. Sudha, since that day,
he has started drinking again.
He is drinking. Did you hear that?
He's doing the right thing.
And what else will he do?
He'll do these things all his life.
He respects me.
Didn't we love him?
We considered him as
our own and not a stranger.
But what's the use?
Let him drink, die and go to hell.
Where is he?
Sir, you? Here? Come, sir.
Sit, sir.
What I said to you, you felt bad.
What will I feel bad about?
Was I being abused for the first time?
I have been abused many a times.
Forget me, my parents too...
Sir, I was five years old.
My father took me to the market.
I was passing by a shop.
I touched the clothes
kept in the shop.
The shopkeeper abused me and said,
"Hey, don't touch it."
My father used to
make the same cloth, sir.
And he couldn't
touch that same cloth.
But I am not my father, sir.
I am not my father, sir!
If the shopkeeper
says not to touch it,
then I will rob the shop.
He told my friend not to touch it.
We will touch it. Try to stop us.
Sir, I will show you that building.
My mother used to wash vessels
in every house in that building.
Savitri. A maid.
Washing all those vessels,
she got sores on her hands.
But no employer told her to rest.
She would bandage her
hands and wash vessels.
In a month,
she had gangrene of the hands.
And then the say, "Don't touch anything."
She died. She died, sir.
And only I am left.
Scum of the society.
You were right, sir.
If not scum of the society,
then what else am I?
No. No. No.
You're not scum of the society, Raja.
You're the son of two
decent and hard working people.
They endured sorrow all their lives.
But they never begged
in front of anybody.
They never asked for alms.
They didn't sell their conscience.
No, Raja. You're not scum of the society
and I won't let you be one.
This is my promise, Raja.
You'll become such a person
that had your parents been alive,
they would be proud of you.
Don't think you're alone.
I'm with you.
Come, quickly.
-Raja, where are you nowadays?
-How are you?
Where are you nowadays?
I am here. You tell me.
Where are you guys going?
-To the theater.
-Munna has 50 tickets.
Come on. Now,
don't teach me this business.
I have reformed, okay?
He has reformed. What about us?
He has reformed.
He has got a new father.
-What did you say?
-I said get back on track.
You visit that house often.
This father of a few days won't
come to your aid. That scoundrel!
Raja! Raja! Raja!
Raja, what are you doing? Raja, stop.
-Let me go.
-Let go. Let him go.
Munna, let him go.
-Let me go. Let me go.
-Raja, stop.
Raja! Raja, are you insane?
Geeta, let me go.
If anybody says anything about sir--
If he sees you fighting
on the street like this
then what will he think?
Do you know that?
Please, Raja.
For heaven's sake, forget all this.
Well, let bygones be bygones.
Raja, I understand
that it's not your fault.
But let me tell you something.
You have changed, but your
surroundings have not changed.
This surrounding will tie you down.
And I've thought of something
for this. Come, sit.
I have a friend.
His name is Professor Srivastav.
He teaches at
a place where you can go.
You can study and work too.
And my advice is that
you should go there.
Study. Do some work.
Return here upon achieving
something in life.
So that these loafers who mock you,
they are stunned when they see you.
They should see what you were
and what you've become.
But the work is a bit difficult.
Will you be able to do it?
Sir, I will do anything you say.
You will change so drastically,
that even I won't
be able to recognize you.
Sir, I will go. I will go.
Sir has thought of the right thing for you
and you agreed too.
You did the right thing.
How can I disobey sir?
Sir and aunt said that
they have a friend in Bangalore.
They will come to meet
him after two-three months.
If you want, you can also come.
He is their friend.
He has called them. Why should I go?
Yes. You are right.
Still, if you feel bored in Mumbai
then you can take a few days off and come.
Bangalore is such a nice place.
If I take a leave, I'll go to Delhi.
My parents live there.
Why would I go to Bangalore?
Yes. You will go to Delhi.
If you ever write me a letter,
then I'll definitely reply.
Look, Raja.
I write the whole day in office.
So, I don't feel like
writing anything else.
Why don't you ever get to the point?
And why don't you ever get to the point?
Bangalore is such a nice place.
If you ever write me, I'll reply.
You can't tell a girl that
I love you? Say it now. Come on.
-I told you.
-What? I didn't hear anything.
I said I love you.
I'm really indebted to you.
-Do you love me?
I just like to roam around with you.
I do love you.
I think I'm going to miss you a lot.
I'll miss also you a lot.
Look, I'm leaving.
-And before leaving, lovers...
Don't you watch English movies?
Come on.
This is not an English movie.
You miss me and I will miss you
You miss me and I will miss you
I'll come back one day
I'll come back one day
Don't you ever forget it
You miss me and I will miss you
You'll get lonely
God forbid
You'll get lonely
God forbid
The smile which
Is on your lips now
That smile might get lost
The smile which
Is on your lips now
That smile might get lost
Meet many people and entertain yourself
Meet many people and entertain yourself
But you'll come back one day
Don't you ever forget it
You miss me and I will miss you
You miss me and I will miss you
If you meet a beautiful girl
If you meet a beautiful girl
Perhaps she too will need your friendship
Perhaps she too will need your friendship
If she comes near you and smiles
Then you too smile
If she comes near you and smiles
Then you too smile
But I'll come back one day
Don't you ever forget it
You miss me and I will miss you
You miss me and I will miss you
You miss me and I will miss you
Listen, look after yourself, okay?
If there is any problem or trouble,
then write to me.
Don't hesitate.
As such what do we have?
Am I right, Sudha?
But we are here.
Do you know what it means?
We are there for you.
-Do you have a pen?
-I will buy a pen.
No, need to buy it.
Earlier, when guys
would leave their home,
elders would give them a sword.
But these days, it's a pen.
Take this.
-What's this? What's this?
-Sir, your blessings.
My blessings are always
with you for every good deed.
And it will always be with you.
Raja is gone
and everything feels so forlorn.
-As if our kin--
No! No, Vinod. Stop! Stop, Vinod.
Mr. Vardhan, I saw it today.
The place where his press used to be,
now there is just ashes.
-That too won't remain there.
The men who set the place on fire,
did you give them
the reward on my behalf?
On the same day, Mr. Vardhan.
-If you permit me, I've also got a pawn.
-Yes. Amritlal!
-Call him.
-What's the matter? Who is he?
Ramniklal Trivedi.
-Come, come.
Sir, he is the owner
of the house and the warehouse
where Vinod Kumar lives.
The court proceeding was going on.
The verdict has been declared.
He has received the court orders.
He can seize the warehouse
and the home right away.
Yes. I have the court orders.
what is the maximum price
you want for your property?
Are you tired?
I had gone there... That...
If there's some flatbread
and lentils, then give it to me.
Yes. Today,
there's only lentils and flatbread.
No. No. Sudha.
Don't do that.
If you cry, then I'll lose courage.
So what if we have nothing?
We have each other, right.
No. No.
-I'll get your meal.
-Bring it.
By the way,
lentils have proteins. Yes.
Sit. Sit.
And you shouldn't cry after
preparing such delicious lentils.
Here. Open your mouth.
Open your mouth. Here.
Who is it?
-Are you Kishorilal?
-No. He has gone out.
We have come from the court.
I am a bailiff.
This is the order
to vacate the house.
To vacate the house.
Read it. Read it.
To vacate the house!
When do we have to vacate it?
What do you mean when? Right now.
This is a legal document.
They have come from the court.
They will carry your belongings
outside. It's a court-order.
He's an educated man.
It's a legal document.
The court has stamped on it.
Where will I go right now?
You want me to take my belongings
and stay on the street?
What do I care? You can go anywhere.
Bailiff, start the proceedings.
-Come on. Carry the luggage.
-Stop! Stop. No.
What's going on?
Nothing can be done?
Come here.
Let it happen.
Now, let this also happen.
Hurry up!
Nothing should be left behind.
Cupboard and the rest.
Bring everything.
Take it carefully.
-Be careful.
-Come on!
Come on. Hurry up.
I'm thinking of talking to Goyal.
First, lock the house
and the warehouse.
-And come home with the keys.
Driver, let's go.
Sudha, now I'll go and do something.
I went to Goyal's house.
Nobody was home.
It was locked.
I wrote a note and left it there.
Sudha! Sudha!
The same pain again.
No. It's not so bad. I am fine.
It can worsen.
What do we do?
Sudha, I think Srivastav's
wife and children are here.
He was saying something.
Let's go to his house.
It's not so far from here.
We will reach there.
You just be strong. That's it.
But all these things
are lying outside.
Let it lie on the street.
I'm not worried about it.
I'm worried about you.
What will happen
if your pain worsens?
There is nobody here.
Be strong, Sudha.
Come with me. Come.
This rain too...
By now, we would have reached there.
It will stop.
It took long because of the rains.
But what can we do now?
Our belongings would
have got drenched.
Somebody has said it right.
Trouble doesn't come alone.
Look, in just four days what all things...
Sudha? Sudha!
Hey, mister!
Please stop the car! Stop the car!
Mister, please stop the car!
Stop the car! Stop the...
Sudha? Sudha!
Be strong for some more time.
No. I'll do something.
I'll do something, Sudha.
I'll do something.
Sudha? Sudha.
Hey mister! Hey! Hey mister!
Stop the car! Stop the car!
I have to take her to the hospital.
Sir! Sir, stop the car. Stop the car.
Take us to the hospital.
Take us to the hospital!
Hey, mister!
-Yes, Sudha.
Be strong for sometime.
I will do something.
I will do something, Sudha.
Mister! Stop the car! Stop the car!
Stop for a second!
Poor woman is in a bad state.
Take her to the hospital.
Anybody? Somebody help her!
Open the door!
Is there a doctor upstairs?
-Her condition is critical.
Somebody save her. Listen!
-Somebody help!
Look, the poor woman is dying.
She will die. Save her.
Stop the car.
Mister, stop the car. Stop the car.
Listen, my wife is
in a critical condition.
I have to take her to the hospital.
Otherwise, she will die.
Your children will live long.
Please help us.
Take her to the hospital.
Your children will live long.
Stop the car! Stop the car!
Take my wife to the hospital.
Brother! Brother!
Brother! Brother!
Oh, God.
-Yes, Sudha.
Coming. Coming.
Sudha! Sudha!
Oh, God!
Must be his wife.
Why are you crowding here?
Give him some money.
The poor guy is in a bad condition.
Mr. Vinod?
Mr. Vinod?
Come on, Mr. Vinod.
Come with me. Come.
-Vitthal Rao lives here?
-Who do you want to meet?
Mr. Vinod. Vinod Kumar.
I'm his friend.
How did you get this address?
I had gone to the cremation ground.
I've just returned to town.
Tell Vinod that his
friend Kishorilal has come.
-Okay. Wait here.
Sir, a certain Kishorilal has come.
He says he's his friend.
-Call him in.
I found out at two in the night.
I was searching for you since then.
Earlier that press. Then the house.
It's all Vardhan's doing.
Don't cry.
Don't cry, Kishorilal.
No need to cry.
It's good.
It's good that she died.
What did she have to live?
No house to live. Nothing to eat.
No medicines for her treatment.
It's good that she died.
She was freed of all her problems.
She didn't die easily.
She died in pain.
She died in pain. On the footpath.
She was destined to die like this.
She had to die like this.
Her crime was such.
Do you know what her crime was?
Her crime was that she
was the wife of such a man
who didn't accept a bribe.
Stop it, Vinod. Stop it.
He did write.
But about shutting down
beer bars and gambling dens.
She had to receive some
punishment for my mistake.
Now that mistake won't be repeated,
Vitthal Rao.
People will drink in the city.
But I will give them liquor
and not Vardhan.
I will.
People will gamble. Without restrictions.
But those gambling dens
will belong to me, not to Vardhan.
Everything will be the same.
But they won't do all this, I will.
And I will do it.
It's so shameful!
It's so shameful! Shame on you all!
I pity you all.
One man.
One man burns down our beer bars.
He robs our gambling den.
And you've come to
me to complain about him?
What do I say to you all?
Vitthal Rao, do you want
to start a business in Dadar?
Dadar? Vardhan's men are in Dadar.
I know he has a big
gambling den there.
But it won't remain there for long.
Tomorrow, I will go there
and that gambling
den will shut down forever.
What do you say?
Vinod, if that happens,
then it's great.
Who are you listening to, Vitthal?
We're earning handsomely.
What's the need to get in this mess?
Vardhan is earning. Let him earn.
Look, Keshav.
I won't let Vardhan earn.
You've escaped till date that's
why you're talking so much, Vinod.
Don't underestimate Vardhan.
He is a dangerous man.
Vitthal, he has lots of contacts.
The day he does something,
you won't even be seen.
Keshav, if you're so afraid of Vardhan,
then you dont need to work with me.
Who wants to work with you?
You are insane.
Keshav, you've forgotten what you were.
The gold watch you are wearing,
it's because of Vinod's grace.
If you want to leave, then leave.
Leave. Get lost.
Damodhar, let's go.
These are tough times, Tolaram.
Just look at this.
All his life,
he was very loyal to Vitthal Rao.
And that Vitthal Rao threw him out
because of Vinod Kumar.
You did the right
thing by coming to us.
I'll teach Vinod Kumar a lesson.
Yes. We have to teach him a lesson.
Vardhan, first we have to find out
why he's coming to our gambling den.
Vinod Kumar is coming
to our gambling den to gamble.
He should lose all
the money that he brings.
Don't worry, Mr. Vardhan.
It will be done.
Let me see,
how he closes down our den.
Here is Rs. 10,000. On number three.
Oh, bad luck.
Sir, when you bet on three,
it showed five.
When you bet on five,
it showed seven.
It seems your fate
is two steps ahead of you.
Rs. 100,000.
On nine.
-Everything is over, sir.
-It doesn't matter.
This gambling den is not
going to close down. Come again.
It is the rule of our den.
Someone who loses everything,
he is given the
taxi fare to go home.
If you want, you can collect
the taxi fare from the counter.
Revel in this laughter,
because henceforth,
no one will laugh under this roof.
Yes, Mr. Vardhan,
in a short while, he lost Rs. 150,000.
I will call later.
What's the matter, Inspector?
This is the warrant.
I want to search this place.
Yes, you can.
-Yes, sir.
-Go there. And both of you go there.
Quickly, hurry up.
What's the matter, Inspector?
You had come twice earlier too.
This is not a gambling den,
it is a social club.
Members play indoor games.
-What's this?
-This is our money.
It's not gambling money.
This is our own money.
I can give you an account for it.
Our information was right.
Mr. Amritlal,
these are not real notes,
they are counterfeits.
These are counterfeit notes?
You're saying as if
you don't know anything.
-Yes, sir.
Lock all the doors
and seal this place.
What nonsense are you
talking about, Tolaram?
Counterfeit notes
have been found there.
-Rs. 150,000.
-Rs. 150,000!
Has your gambling
den closed down, Vardhan?
So, you planted Rs. 150000
I had taken the
counterfeit notes with me.
Your men won it.
It is irrelevant
that I knew this will happen.
That's because,
Vardhan, you're one of those people
who don't carry out an
illegal business honestly.
How many dens are remaining?
Instead of counting the dens,
count your days, Vinod Kumar.
I've been counting the days, Vardhan.
Because I'm waiting for
the day we will meet again.
And that day...
Vardhan, that day will
be the last day of your life.
Was that Vinod Kumar on the phone?
Mr. Vardhan,
we should do something quickly.
Vinod Kumar is getting
stronger day by day.
Keshav, no matter
how strong a man gets,
he has one weakness and
he is hurt so badly there.
Vinod Kumar must
also have a weakness.
With dreams in my eyes
I am walking on your path
With dreams in my eyes
I am walking on your path
Life, here I come
Life, here I come
There are many old memories
There are many sagas
There are a hundred tales
There are so many stories
There are many old memories
There are many sagas
There are a hundred tales
There are so many stories
But there is a story
That I have to narrate
But there is a story
That I have to narrate
Life, here I come
Life, here I come
The warmth of my hands
Will melt the shackles
My footsteps will change fates
The warmth of my hands
Will melt the shackles
My footsteps will change fates
With a ray of hope
I bring everything for you
With a ray of hope
I bring everything for you
Life, here I come
Life, here I come
-Where were you?
Let me go. Let go.
How nice.
You have truly become a king.
Look at yourself,
what a great physique.
Why wouldn't I?
I drive a taxi all day.
I eat chicken twice a day.
What else do you need in life?
Where are you going?
To sir's house.
He lives here, doesn't he?
Him? He left long back.
-He left?
-I don't know.
Fine. I'll have to find out.
So, tell me about Munna and Suresh.
Suresh became a mechanic.
He went to Kuwait.
-What are you saying?
But Munna is still there.
He is still in the liquor business.
Now, he's in jail.
Let me know when he comes out.
We'll explain. What else can we do?
Come, I'll take you around Mumbai.
Later, I have to meet someone.
It is for my job.
What are you saying?
Take a seat, friend.
Why are you standing?
Srivastav has praised you a lot.
Fine, you can start from tomorrow.
Thank you, sir.
Look, friend,
I want to clear one thing.
If you want to say, "Thank you, sir"
then you can look for a job elsewhere.
Because there are no superiors here.
Here, we work together.
One day, this will happen everywhere.
There won't be any master or servant.
Anyway, until then I'm the editor.
Come, I'll introduce you
to the joint-editor.
Dinesh, what have you written?
Long live revolution in every line.
I'm ruined.
I'll be relieved only when your
revolution finally comes. And this...
You know each other?
You? When did you arrive?
And why have you come here?
Me? What are you doing here?
Let me tell what the
both of you are doing here.
She is the joint-editor
here and you know her name.
And he... You know his name too.
From tomorrow,
he will work as a reporter here.
You're a press reporter?
You have become one?
You're surprised because
I have changed so much.
And I'm surprised that
you haven't changed at all.
I don't know when
your revolution will arrive.
But my revolution has arrived.
You seem to be quite goods friends.
Look, I'll tell you the details later.
Please give us some time off now.
-Come on.
-Yes. Go on.
But do come back.
At least you finally believed it.
But I was shocked to see you.
We will talk later.
But tell me, how is sir and aunt?
Geeta, what's the matter?
Mrs. Sudha is no more.
She passed away.
What are you saying?
And sir?
He must be fine.
I do meet him occasionally.
You forgot him just because
you started working somewhere else.
No, Geeta,
he must have become
lonely after aunt's death.
Everything I have is because of him.
But for you...
Whenever I think about sir, I feel
such people must have
been called God earlier.
Come on, where does he live?
Let's go meet him.
He might not be at home now.
Fine, we'll meet in the evening.
Do one thing, give me the address.
I have some work. I'll wrap it up
and come there directly.
I'll just pay the bill.
He had to return someday.
Why are you so worried about him?
Aren't you worried at all?
Raja still considers you a God.
That's good.
All the idols I had,
they were shattered one by one.
A fake one, but at least
he has someone to worship.
These days, not many have it, Geeta.
Just think, what will
happen to him if he finds out...
What is this "if"?
What is this "if"?
He'll surely find out one day.
And what can happen at the most?
Look, Geeta, these conditions,
fates, humans, life.
Everything changes with time.
If Raja's view changes about me,
what difference will it make?
Bless you.
Did you see how much he has changed?
Geeta, I had refused you.
Did you tell sir?
Sir, I wanted to tell you about it myself.
Sir, I've become a press reporter.
And you'd given me this, didn't you?
Now, with this,
I'll write what you have taught me.
Are you listening, Geeta?
This is what I was saying?
You were saying something.
What were you saying, sir?
You know what I was saying.
You played football, didn't you?
After the half-time,
the teams would change halves.
The goals of both the
teams would change too.
That's what I was saying.
Yes, sir. The goals change
and so do the houses.
I directly went to your old house.
When did you leave that house?
Take a seat.
Geeta, did you tell sir how we met?
Sir, a surprising incident happened today.
Sir, Raja was saying something.
What were you saying?
Nothing, sir.
I know why you are so silent and lost.
I thought I won't remind you of aunt.
But you...
You haven't forgotten her, sir.
I can see that.
Look, Raja,
we've met after such a long time.
Why should we talk about our sorrows?
Talk about something else.
Where are they?
Did you meet your friends?
How are they?
How can they be, sir?
I was fortunate that I found you.
But there wasn't anyone
to show them the right path.
Sir, my friend Munna.
He's into illegal liquor business.
He's in jail.
When he returns,
I'll meet him and explain to him.
And if he still doesn't listen,
I'll bring him to you.
But I won't let him do all these things.
What do you think, Raja?
I like doing all this?
But what else can I do?
I don't have any other work.
They feed you in jail.
You need food outside
jail as well.
If it is only about food,
then it s my responsibility
to get you a job within a month.
But then, don't do all this. Please.
What are you doing?
Pull yourself together.
I'm here with you. Idiot.
Okay. I'll do what you say.
Now, you have come to your senses.
But how did you land
up in this trouble?
I didn't.
He is one of my friends Nagesh.
He said,
pick up the liquor vehicle
from the Goregaon glass
factory and take it to Mahim.
You will get money everyday.
Just a minute.
Vehicle filled with liquor
from the glass factory? What is this?
There is a very big
glass factory in Goregaon.
It has closed down now.
It is locked from outside.
And inside, there is illegal brewery.
I've never seen so much liquor in my life.
Bandra, Mahim,
Khar get the supply from this place.
Who is the boss?
Who is the boss there?
I don't know who the boss is.
Will you tell me as much as you know?
Are you a policeman
that I won't tell you?
-Okay, tell me.
-Ask what you want to.
Nagesh told me to
go to the glass factory.
Raja, you? What's the occasion?
-Is sir there?
-I want to meet sir.
-Yes, come. Come on in.
Brother Vinod,
this boy has changed so drastically.
I am so happy.
What brings you here, Raja?
Sir, I went to your house.
Your men told me
that you are here.
-They gave me the address.
-Fine, take a seat.
Sir, I've come to show you something.
Did you read this newspaper?
I've stopped reading newspapers,
Raja. What's written in it?
My first write-up has been published.
So, I thought I would...
Give me, let me see.
Sir, I'll turn the pages.
I got secret information.
There's a big illegal liquor
racket going on
in a glass factory in Goregaon.
I found out everything.
Look, sir, here. Take this.
Have a look. Look.
Yes, speaking?
Brother Kishori, the police have raided
our Goregaon glass factory.
Nagesh has been caught.
I'll talk to you later.
Brother Vinod,
just as our Raja has written.
The police must have
raided that place by now.
It's possible.
It is absolutely possible.
The police must have found
out, isn't it?
Brother Vinod, shall we go?
We'll have to do some work as well.
Comrade, you have done a wonderful thing.
You've really made your mark.
It's the wonder of this pen.
This photograph?
Why is it here?
You know him?
I'm a journalist, friend.
I know every such person in this city.
What do you mean?
He is a very big racketeer.
All the illegal liquor business,
gambling dens belong to him.
Whose photograph
do you think this is?
I know him. His name is Vinod Kumar.
-Yes and you say...
I was saying that he is a goon.
And such people should be hanged.
I'll kill you
if you say anything else!
-Do you know who you are talking about?
-Leave my collar.
-You dare talk about sir like that.
-Leave me.
Leave my collar.
-About sir.
-Raja, leave him.
-Is this man insane?
-What are you doing?
Geeta, he says about sir that...
I'll kill him.
He says sir owns illegal
liquor business and gambling dens.
He's right. He's right.
He does just that.
What are you saying?
Yes, I said that.
He owns liquor bars. Gambling dens.
That's his business. Now, you know.
That's not possible.
That's impossible.
Just because you can't accept the truth,
it won't change.
I'm sad to say this, Raja. But...
Sir. Sir.
Damodhar, until Nagesh is in jail
keep sending money to his family.
They say that you...
They lie about you, don't they?
Sir, I know.
I know my sir won't do such a thing.
Sir, just reassure me once.
I'll believe you, sir.
Tell me once, sir.
For aunt's sake.
Sir, tell me once.
For aunt's sake.
You've told me to tell
the truth for her sake...
So, I can't lie.
Everything you heard is the truth.
No, sir.
No, sir. No.
Why did you do it, sir?
Why did you do it?
When I would sell
tickets worth five rupees,
I would make a profit of two rupees.
When you sold your honesty,
how much did you get, sir?
And what will you do with this money?
Whom will you give it to?
Aunt is no more.
And I'm not with you any more.
If this is what
you wanted to become,
then you should
have let me stay there.
You made a very big mistake
by educating me and giving me a pen.
Shall I tell you one thing?
I'll find out every
sin and crime that you did.
Until the police takes
you to the court
and the court doesn't jail you
I will write and publish.
Do write.
You should definitely write.
Surely write. You can write it. Yes.
You can write.
You can write what you want.
That's because till now
no one has thrown you out of the job.
You can write.
Because till now
your paper hasn't been shut down.
It hasn't been burned down.
That's why you can write.
But you should also write
what a poor man goes through
when his belongings
are thrown on the street.
Do write that.
What does he feel?
As if he has been disrobed
in front of everyone.
And do write,
when an unfortunate woman...
What would you address her as?
Aunt, isn't it?
For the sake of your aunt.
Come with me.
Come on.
Exactly at that place.
Exactly there.
I wanted to hold her.
I wanted to hold her, but no.
Death was slowing devouring her.
It was swallowing her.
I noticed a vehicle approaching us
just like that.
I wanted to stop it
and it could have stopped.
It could have stopped. I screamed.
Hey, mister!
Hey, mister!
Stop the car, mister!
I have to go to the hospital.
I have to go to the hospital.
Stop the car.
Look, what's happening.
My wife is dying!
She will die!
Bless your children.
Someone help me!
Sudha, I am coming.
I'm coming.
I'm coming, Sudha. I'm coming.
I kept screaming. I kept yelling.
I called out,
but all the windows were closed.
All the doors were closed.
Then I moved towards her.
She died.
She died.
Now, Raja, write whatever you want.
You and your society
can do whatever you want to me.
May I come in, sir?
I didn't know many things, sir.
You endured a lot sorrow.
But whatever you did
after that wasn't right.
It isn't right.
Leave it, sir.
Otherwise, I have only one option.
And you have shown me this option.
That I fight against crimes
and sins in whichever way I can.
Whether it is a father or a teacher.
You're everything for me, sir.
And I will find out about your crimes,
write against you,
publish it.
It is very difficult for me.
I have come to take your blessings.
My blessings are with you.
And it will always be with you.
Tell me.
Will you introduce me
to all the people you met
in all the business
over the past few years?
I will.
One of them is Nagesh.
One from the Goregaon glass factory.
He's in the jail.
You'll have to meet him there.
I know many such people
in illegal businesses.
But what work do you
have with these people?
I want to meet those who
work in the illegal breweries.
Those who do menial
jobs in gambling dens.
The markers of gambling dens,
bookies, agents.
Munna, I want to meet
each of your acquaintance
who is in these businesses.
Can you?
Yes. And my acquaintances
can take you to other such people.
-Come on, Munna.
-Come on.
The testimony which
Nagesh has given
will not only shock
Vitthal Rao and Vinod,
but it will send shock
waves through the entire underworld.
This will be the headlines tomorrow.
Give this to Geeta when she comes.
-This can't be published.
-What are you saying?
He has written such
a hard-hitting article.
Look, this man Nagesh
has said such shocking things.
And you? You say that
this can't be published.
It can't be published because
sir's name is mentioned in it.
It can't be published because
if all the people
mentioned in this article
lodge a case against us
then we won't have any
evidence to prove the truth.
But there is evidence.
I have dug it out.
All the accounts of
their business
and papers to their property
are in Kishorilal's flat.
Yes, they might be.
But we don't have them.
And until we don't have all
the evidence we can't publish it.
Who is the editor here?
Who is the owner of this paper?
Geeta or you?
There is no owner here, Comrade.
We will do everything
with mutual consent.
Raja, publishing this without
evidence can cause a lot of problems.
You can understand, Raja.
You are educated.
Everything I could do with
my education, I did, Geeta.
Now, you listen to me.
You want evidence, don't you?
Then I swear
I will bring all the evidence.
Wait here tonight, Geeta.
Yes, Damodhar.
Brother Vinod,
I have seen a place in Jogeshwari.
It has a very big compound.
Absolutely private.
Just a minute.
Vitthal Rao, Damodhar says that place
is better than the glass factory.
Shall we go there at three
and see it?
Yes, of course. Of course.
Maybe we have to make a deal.
You will have to come along.
As you say, Brother Vinod.
I will come along.
Damodhar, come back.
All of us will go
together at three o'clock.
Okay, Brother Vinod.
What did he say? Will he come?
Yes, everyone will come at three o'clock.
-Did you hear?
I heard it.
Then your job is
almost complete, Keshav.
I'll complete my work today.
After that, Mr. Vardhan,
you just watch.
Look, Keshav.
After them, there's no one
who can handle such a huge business.
The business of the entire
area will be under your control.
Don't worry. We are there with you.
You benefit.
We will benefit too.
And give him as well.
He's going to complete the job today.
Damodhar, will you bring them?
Leave that to me, Keshav.
At three,
the car will enter the gate.
So, this is it.
-Take a look, Brother Vitthal.
Come on, Vinod, let's take a look.
Brother Vinod, this is fine.
Milk all around and liquor
in the middle. Isn't it?
Let us take a look.
This place looks beneficial,
isn't it, Brother Vinod?
It seems so.
We'll set up such a big brewery
and produce such
a large quantity that--
No, Vitthal Rao.
I don't want anything
from this place or anywhere else.
Everything I have belongs to you.
I want to leave all this.
Vitthal Rao, I hope you won't mind.
Brother Vinod,
I'll feel bad if you leave me.
But I don't know why I'm happy
that you're leaving this business.
You did this because of some reason
but these things
weren't meant for you to do.
I'm leaving you, Vitthal Rao,
but the way you've helped me...
I will never forget that.
Brother Vinod!
Brother Vinod...
-Brother Vinod...
Brother Vinod...
You will be left alone.
Take care.
Take care, Brother Vinod.
Hello. This is Vinod speaking.
Where can I find Damodhar right now?
I know everything.
He goes there often. Yes.
I'll find out about them
and come to the house in Juhu.
Take a seat. She is coming.
Where is Damodhar?
Who Damodhar?
Yes, yes. In room number 80. Take a seat.
What are you doing?
Brother Vinod, forgive me.
Brother Vinod.
Forgive me.
Brother Vinod, forgive me.
Brother Vinod, forgive me.
Brother Vinod.
Mr. Vardhan, I've talked to all
the clubs and illegal brewery owners.
All of Vitthal Rao's men
are on our side now.
But he survived.
How long can he survive?
Look, take charge
of the entire business.
And the accounts too.
Kishorilal had the accounts.
I don't know anything about it.
Keshav, before the police
reach Kishorilal's house.
Send your men
and take the important
papers into your possession.
Tolaram, go along with him.
He will take care of it.
Amrit, Ravi.
Take some men from outside.
And go to Kishorilal's
house right now.
Hurry up!
Catch him!
Catch him! He has all the documents.
He shouldn't escape!
Ravi, go that side.
I'll go this side.
What's the news, Mohan?
Lots of problem, Vinod.
The police are looking for you,
Keshav and Vardhan--
Where can I find them?
I was with their men.
They have gone to Kishorilal's house.
There was some problem there.
A boy was running
away with the documents.
They caught him,
but not the papers.
They said something like that.
But I couldn't understand.
How long can they escape?
Meet me here at six o'clock tomorrow.
Mohan, who was the boy they
caught at Kishorilal's house...
That must be Raja.
Yes, he had said he'll
get evidence against me.
But Brother Vinod,
by now they must have...
They can't do anything to him. No.
There is only one ray of hope
left in this darkness, is that boy.
Nothing can happen to
him while I'm alive, Mohan.
you had come to my house one day.
Today, I have come to your house, Tolaram.
Tell me quickly,
where have they taken Raja.
Otherwise, I'll break your neck.
Vardhan printing press.
Who is he?
He knows him.
His name is Raja.
He works for a newspaper.
Look, son,
we don't have any enmity with you.
I'm saying this for your own good,
tell me where those documents are.
Otherwise, they are all goons.
They will kill you.
Then ask them to kill me.
Tell us.
Look, I'll make you talk.
You can't do anything.
Thrash me as much as you can.
I am from Dogarbhatti too.
Tell us, where are the documents?
Tell us!
Until he talks, keep trashing him.
Tell us, where are the documents!
Tell us, where are the documents!
Throw him in the gutter.
-Take him away.
You can't suppress the truth today.
Mr. Vinod Kumar.
You've made a very big mistake.
You have come,
but you won't go back alive.
Even if I die,
this battle won't end, Vardhan.
A battle in which there
are people like you on one side,
those who want to
suppress the truth
on the basis of
their power and wealth.
And on the other side,
these crazy warriors with the pen.
They want to uncover
your sins and crimes.
You can't win this battle, Vardhan.
The pen that you snatched from me,
Vardhan, this boy has picked it up.
If you kill one soldier,
then another will rise.
Then I'll kill all of them together.
I told you, Vardhan.
The day we meet,
it will be the last day of your life.
That day has come, Vardhan.
Sir... Sir...
Yes! Raja!
-Don't cry!
I will be immortal even after I die.
I will stay alive in you, Raja.
Sir! Sir!
Yes, speaking?
Just a minute.
Tell me.
Yes, of course, we'll publish it.