Masoom (1983) Movie Script

(Foot steps)
She is calling you.
There's very little time, please hurry.
(Bird chirping)
(Foot steps)
As per Ms. Bhavna's will...
...her son, Rahul's inheritance
has been entrusted to you.
Are you her relative?
Did you know her since long?
Since the time she was in school.
The inheritance she's left for
her son has been put in a Trust.
Once all the documents are ready,
they will be sent to you.
Where will you take the child now?
Does your family live there...
No. I live alone.
Will you look after a small child
in this old age?
I mean...
...doesn't he have a father?
Anyway, once the documents are
ready, we will send them to you.
(Bird chirping)
(Crow croaking)
(Glass breaks)
(Dog barks)
(Dog barking)
Take him away!
...Mummy! Take him away!
- What's the matter?
- Sister, take the dog away!
How cute!
- Who brought it?
- Dad did.
- You're scared of a tiny dog?
- No way! I'm not scared.
You aren't, right? Now watch!
No! I'll tell mummy!
You aren't scared, right? Look!
(Glass breaks)
DK: It's not possible to have a
cantiliver projection over here.
This point here...
Please let there be light.
You had to provide ramps
from here to this point.
Where is it?
And what are these proportions!
Are you making a theatre?
Cancel it.
CHILDREN: Talking Indistinctly
Dk. Dog's name?
Speak softly, my dear.
What's the matter?
What did the dog do?
I'll be home soon.
Is your mummy there?
DK: No? Thank God!
And listen! If she
returns soon, don't tell her.
I'll be there before she does.
Yes, my dear!
(Reciever sound)
MAN 4: My wife loves dogs, sir.
My wife hates them.
(Bird Chirping)
You get dead tired, going out
in this city in the traffic!
I left at 4 O'clock!
Here are your colour pencils.
Don't lose them again.
Where has the flower vase gone
from here? Who has removed it?
Abdul, get me some water.
(Crow croaking)
- Where has the flower vase gone?
- I don't know.
Nobody in this house ever knows anything!
Here are your pencils.
Hey! Who's kept a cactus
in place of the photo frame?
She's always missing!
She's never at home!
Why all of you are sitting so quietly?
Can't we sit quietly at home?
(Crow croaking)
Indeed! I know what it means
when all of you sit quietly!
Dad, mummy is going to
the bathroom to wash her face.
Oh! We'll be damned!
Indu... uh... are you
going to the bathroom?
- What!
- Am...
Are you going to wash your face?
- Why?
- For no reason.
I've heard that washing the face
too much spoils the skin.
Where did you hear that?
Well... Mini was saying so.
No, dad! Sister said so.
No! Even I didn't say so!
Mummy, I'd heard it on the radio.
- Yes! We'd heard it on the radio.
- What's wrong with all of you?
MINI: Dad?
- Yes?
We are doomed now!
(Dog barks)
(Indu shouts)
INDU: Dk... Dk...
(Dog barks)
Take this dog away!
Who brought it here?
I said, take the dog away!
Who brought it here?
I asked, who brought it here?
(Crow Croaking)
Let's go.
(Dog whines)
I knew it!
- Please let the dog stay here.
- Quiet!
The dog broke a photo frame,
a flower vase and tore a curtain!
These were the disasters
struck on the very first day!
It'll destroy the whole house in
no time! Who'll take care of it?
We'll put a leash around it.
There's no need!
Who asked you to get it?
Bela is not yet here!
She is always missing!
I'm warning you, I will not keep the dog!
How often have I said,
throw away those glasses!
Hey! How will I read then!
- You look just like a peon!
- So what?
How's your backache?
It's okay now but I had to
stand in the site for 2- 3 hours.
I'll massage it.
Why do you have to work so much?
(Background music)
Come off it! I work for
you and your children.
Stop it!
You are fond of working!
We have everything.
Everything is what we don't have.
What do we lack?
(Background Music)
A diamond necklace.
Well, who wants one!
Oh really! Then, why were you
lustily eyeing Kanta's necklace?
Nonsense! I was looking at it
because it was so ugly!
I see.
Forget the necklace but you'd
surely want a husband like hers?
Get me the most precious gem,
yet I wouldn't want a man like Suri.
What kind of a husband do you want?
(Background music)
I have one.
Yes, you do. But do sing praises
about him sometimes!
- Indu?
- Yes?
Shall I say something?
Let's keep the puppy at home?
You sly monkey!
(Bird chirping)
Yuck! I'm not going to drink this!
There's cream in it!
Nothing doing! Drink the milk!
Keep your hand down!
How will I drink my coffee then?
Use the other hand.
Keep dad's name as puppy.
Stupid! Keep the puppy's
name as dad!
You stupid!
Stop fighting early in the morning!
- Allow me to take the coffee.
- No!
The puppy drinks milk, not coffee.
I'm not talking about
the puppy... but about dad.
Shall we name him also Mini?
Is that a name!
Naming him Mini will create a problem.
If we call the puppy,
you'll come running...
...and if we call you,
it will come running!
Come on.
Let's go.
When there will be no dog,
what's the use of finding a name?
(Bird chirping)
Have you had your vitamins?
- Have you?
- Yes, dad.
- I'm asking you also.
- Yes, even I've had it.
Dad, you lie?
(Background music)
(Kids are laughing)
Don't forget we have to go to
Mr. Suri's party in the evening.
- Bye.
- Bye.
There's a tank filled with hot water.
In it, your host, his wife
and you are almost naked!
The pressure of the hot water
massages your body!
And you get tickled all over.
- Adjust your tie properly!
- What's wrong with it?
- You've come for a party.
- It's okay.
Hey, you Late Kate!
- Hi, how are you?
- I'm fine. What about you?
By the grace of God you came atleast.
Namaste Mrs. Indu.
- Suri, how are you?
- Absolutely fine.
Mr. Suri, DK will not
drink too much today.
- The question does not arise!
- Indeed! He gets high with 2 pegs!
- Suri, no drinking today.
- No drinking today.
And listen... please don't
recite couplets either!
I can't promise that.
But no drinking. That's a promise.
All right! But do everything
within your limits, DK!
Let's have a very large peg.
Come on. You start.
I had no idea that
there'd be so many people.
Bring a glass of champagne for him.
We'll have a large peg later.
Dk, I want you to meet
the chairman of FDCC.
Why should I meet him.
Contacts mean contacts.
Dk, contacts.
Contacts mean contracts. Right?
Listen to what I say!
(Foreign language)
Son, he makes films. Deliver
the dialogues from Sholay'.
"How many men were there?"
"Two, sir."
"And you were three.
Yet, you returned empty-handed!"
He's good, isn't he?
- INDU: Hello, Chanda.
- Hi.
You were to phone me
day before yesterday!
I was busy, I had to go out.
You are always busy with your work!
You were going to
quit smoking, weren't you?
- From tomorrow.
- Tomorrow indeed!
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hello Sir, I want you to me my child.
- Hello.
This is my brother, DK Malhotra.
- How do You do.
- I'm fine.
Hadn't you worn the
same one for Sheetal's party?
They are very beautiful.
- Hasn't Ratna come?
- I did call her.
But you know her condition.
Idiot! She keeps crying, and that
too away from her husband's eyes.
She doesn't protest by
either fighting or crying!
(People chattering)
Remember, DK, in those days,
your athleticism...
And my naughtiness...
How many girls went crazy!
Any letters from the Major?
It's a thing of the past.
Forget it!
Have you forgotten?
Why do you worry?
Don't I look fine?
"Raise not your hands and arch backwards"
"Take a look at your bosom"
"As slowly slides down your veil"
Wow! What a couplet!
Remember, there was a song...
"O' lovely maiden, walk not
with your nose in the air"
Should we sing?
Will you sing?
You start.
Ok. (Coughs)
- Suri!
- YEs.
I have a bad throat.
Why don't you begin?
- Putting up your price, huh?
- No way!
- Your voice is better.
- I've got a better voice?
You start, I'll join you.
What are you doing!
- Alaap?
- Yes.
It was kind of that.
"O highness, please don't walk
with such an attitude."
"O highness, please don't walk
with such an attitude."
"Please don't stroll
in such a carefree manner."
"O highness, please don't walk
with such an attitude."
"Please don't stroll
in such a carefree manner."
"O highness, please don't walk
with such an attitude."
"If a teaser grips
the corner of your 'dupatta'."
"If a teaser grips
the corner of your 'dupatta'."
"Just think what you would do then."
"If he adorns your hair with flowers.."
"If he adorns your hair with flowers.."
"Will you jerk them off your tresses?"
"O highness, please don't walk
with such an attitude."
"Please don't stroll
in such a carefree manner."
"O highness, please don't walk
with such an attitude."
"How lovely is your laughter."
"How lovely is your laughter."
"But don't scatter
these pearls thoughtlessly."
"For the wind might take them away
with a strong gust."
"For the wind might take them away
with a strong gust."
"Take care not to sway
your sensual body."
"O highness, please don't walk
with such an attitude."
"Please don't stroll
in such a carefree manner."
"O highness, please don't walk
with such an attitude."
"Everything about you is exquisite,
"Everything about you is exquisite,
"Had you a heart,
how wonderful it would have been."
"Then a tale of love would have been
written on you."
"Then a tale of love would have
been written on you."
"A tale that would have made it
a meeting with you."
"O highness, please don't walk
with such an attitude."
"Please don't stroll
in such a carefree manner."
"O highness, please don't walk
with such an attitude."
"Please don't stroll
in such a carefree manner."
"O highness, please don't walk
with such an attitude."
- How is Ratna now?
- I don't know.
Lie straight.
No, Ratna, don't cry.
Was your problem solved by
swallowing sleeping pills? No!
You should have given them
to your husband instead!
Or to his mistress!
What will you gain by dying?
Quiet, Chanda! Is this
the time to scold her?
(Door open sound)
You're here?
What have you come to take now?
You've put Ratna in this state!
What more do you want to do?
- Please be quiet, Chanda.
- Why should I?
Somebody has to speak!
Should everyone be quiet like her
and let this man do as he please?
Let's go... We'll leave now.
Come on.
Think and talk!
If you were in her shoes,
would you think and talk?
Sleeping pills do not solve problems.
(Dk sighs)
But her husband is also crazy.
How can he change,
even after having children?
If you can't bear the
responsibility, why get married?
Mummy, if I were not born,
what would have happened?
Then there would have been
a baby boy in your place!
My brother.
- Not yours but mine!
- He'd have been my brother too.
How would he, stupid!
You wouldn't be born!
(Background music)
You, stupid!
Don't! Does one talk this way
with an elder sister?
Does one speak this way
with a younger sister?
I'll beat you!
You call me stupid!
Hey, you'll fall!
That's enough now!
Go to your room.
Indu, suppose you had a baby boy, then?
I have one.
Where is he?
Have you hidden him?
Here he is!
Isn't he enough for me?
But, lucky, Indu!
You have one, I don't.
You don't even tell me whether
I've received a reply or not.
If there was, then I'd have
come to you immediately.
Why do you worry when I'm around?
(Bird chirping)
Worried, I certainly am.
About this boy.
After all, I'm getting older.
Here, send him a telegram this time.
(Bird chirping)
Get yourself treated properly.
- Is there a cure for old age?
- Why do you talk like this...
Go and send a telegram immediately.
(Passing car sound)
- There's a telegram.
- From whom?
Gurudayal Singh!
Gurudayal Singh?
From Nainital?
He's asked you to come at once,
as there's some important work.
- Who is he?
- The headmaster of my old school.
Gurudayal Singh!
- Anything important?
- I don't know.
He has never before...
- I haven't met him since years.
- Then?
I'll phone him from office.
(Typewriter sound)
(People chatting)
Two photocopies!
No, not you.
(Bell ringing)
(Typewriter sound)
- Gupta, check this.
- Morning, sir.
- Sir!
- Yeah?
Bring it in.
Mr. Dhawan is waiting for you.
- Is the new client here?
- Yes.
- What's his name?
- Mr. Bansal.
Listen... get me a trunk call
to Nainital. This is the number.
- It's urgent. Thanks
- Okay. Okay.
This is the International Trade Centre.
And this is the embassy.
And yes! This is Neelkamal
Building, of which you mentioned.
These are its schematic designs.
(Door knock)
Come in!
DK. We were waiting
for you... This is Mr. Bansal.
- Mr. Malhotra, my junior partner.
- How do you do, sir?
Please sit, DK.
Mr. Bansal, DK is my brightest architect.
He wants to build a complex.
Bansal Bhavan... is that the name?
He wants us to give him a proposal.
You will be giving
the first presentation.
I was showing him the schematic
designs of Neelkamal Building.
- You explain to him.
- Sure.
No. Mr. Gurudayal has retired.
- Please give me his phone number.
- He doesn't have a phone.
Who's speaking?
DK from Delhi. I've received
a telegram from Mr. Gurudayal.
- Are you DK Malhotra?
- Yes. Who are you?
- My name is Tiwari.
- DK: Tiwari
I had sent you the telegram.
The master had sent a letter too.
- I haven't received the letter.
- You haven't?
But I did get his telegram.
Mr. Tiwari, what work did he have?
It's something very personal...
- Hello! Hello...
- Hello!
- What work did he have?
- Are you really DK Malhotra?
Yes, I am DK speaking!
What work did he have?
He's asked you to come
to Nainital. Your son...
- Hello! Hello!
- Hello!
- Mr. Tiwari! Hello!
- Yes.
What did the master say?
He says he has very little time, and...
All right! But what
work does he have with me?
He wants you to take away
your son from here.
Whose son?
I have no son.
What are you talking about?
(Taps phone)
- Hello!
- Hello!
Hello! Operator? Hello! Hello!
Hello, Mr. Tiwari? Hello!
What is the matter? Do you know
what else the master has said?
Yes. A small boy
lives in his house.
Since the time his mother
left him with the master...
Hello! Who's left him?
His mother Bhavna.
(Background music)
I see.
I need just a minute.
Yes, Mr. Tiwari?
Hello! Hello!
Hello! Mr. Tiwari? Hello!
Bastard! Hello!
- Worked up about something?
- No.
Did you phone Nainital?
Yes. The master was not there but
I spoke to a man named Mr. Tiwari.
Indu, he said...
What did he say?
He said that the master was unwell...
The line was bad,
I couldn't hear properly.
But he did say that
the master was unwell.
Send him some money for his treatment.
- Indu, that's not all.
- Then what is it?
Leave me alone, Indu.
I have some problem.
What is that problem
of yours which isn't mine?
(Background music)
What is it?
It's an office problem.
(Background music)
(Telephone ringing)
- It's me.
- Yes, Indu?
There's a letter from Nainital.
Shall I read it?
- Have you read it?
- No. I've not even opened it.
- Shall I open it?
- No, don't.
I'll come home in the evening
and read it. Okay?
Or I'll send the office peon.
Give it to him.
- Okay?
- Okay.
(Reciever sound)
(Background music)
DK: Anita, cancel all appointments.
- That Mr...
- I said cancel them!
But, sir...
(Car engine starts)
(Gear sounds)
MASTER JI: DK, she never wanted you
to know about this child.
When I learnt about it
after the child was born...
...Bhavna had said
just one thing.
Do not tell DK, since he has
his own life... his own family.
(Car horn) (Tire scratches)
That child neither laughs nor cries.
He keeps staring out
of the window all day long.
Waiting for, I wonder, whom.
(Background music)
It appears as if his childhood
is vanishing at such a young age.
I cannot give him anything in my old age.
He needs a mother,
a father... a family, DK.
He asks me questions whose
answers I can't say, but you can.
(Cars horn)
(Background music)
Son, I won't live very long now.
Before I die, I want
to send your son to you.
- "So sing, may peace"
- (Singing along)
- "Be with everyone"
- (Singing along)
- "So sing, may peace"
- (Singing along)
- "Be with everyone"
- (Singing along)
- "Peace be with everyone"
- (Singing along)
Mummy, shout at her!
Stupid, shut it!
You stupid! They are
showing Chintu's songs!
- "So sing, may peace"
- (Singing along)
- Mummy, ask her to shut it!
- Concentrate here!
- "May peace"
- (Singing along)
What to do about this?
- Make blocks of these sums.
- How do you do that?
That's what I don't know,
so I'm asking you.
Oh, God! Your New Math is tough!
Mini, stop your chorus!
They are showing Chintu's songs.
Is Chintu your uncle?
- "Peace be with everyone"
- (Singing along)
Shut it!
Mummy, please! They're showing
Uncle Chintu's songs!
It's disturbing.
- Forget that. Mummy, first tell me...
- Mummy, please.
Stop it, Mini!
Mummy, I stand first in all the
other subjects except Maths...
- Mummy! You tell me first...
- Oh DK!
Dad, you're here!
Dad, they were showing Uncle
Chintu's songs but mummy shut it!
Who's Uncle Chintu?
Damn! How many times have I
told you about Uncle Chintu!
Quiet! ...Dad, I just
cannot solve this sum.
Ask mummy.
She doesn't know.
You explain, dad.
No way! Thank God, you've come.
You handle them!
Will you have tea?
- Yes.
- Dad, please explain!
- Add little sugar.
- Dad, solve the sum first.
Doing Winky's homework is beyond me.
In any case, I was weak in Math.
And I don't know about these new
blocks to be made in New Math.
From now on, you manage her.
If that fatso stands first in
class, Winky will not forgive me!
Get up!
Won't you change your clothes?
I want to tell you something.
Go ahead.
You won't like it.
(Background music)
What's it?
Let it be.
I'll tell you some other time.
It's nothing.
Please, DK! Don't say this.
(Dog barks in distant)
What is it?
There was another girl in my life.
- Don't joke about such matters.
- DK: I am not joking, Indu.
(Background music)
I am not joking.
(Background music)
When I... had gone... there...
- Where?
- To Nainital.
For the school's Old Boys' function...
At that time...
...Winky was going to be born.
I met her there.
Bhavna... that girl.
I don't know...
how I couldn't control myself.
Perhaps because I was alone,
and... so was she.
I went to her house once and... her insistence,
I stayed back at night.
I shouldn't have stayed back...
I shouldn't have stayed...
- but...
- Oh DK!
Stop it!
Stop it!
(Background music)
I never ever saw her
after that... I swear!
And even then, I shared
nothing special with her.
You shared nothing special?
What can be more special than this, DK?
So, what does she want now?
Nothing. She's dead.
She's dead.
She has a son from me.
Oh God, DK!
No! Don't say that!
What's happening!
Please don't say that!
I'm very scared.
- DK: Please!
- PINKY: Mommy!
(Background music)
Winky dear, go and sleep.
(Background music)
(Indu crying)
(Vessels sound)
(Vessels sound)
"Tayyab Ali, love's enemy!"
"Love's enemy, life's enemy!"
"Tayyab Ali, love's enemy!"
- "Love's enemy, life's enemy!"
- Mumma?
Hi, there, stranger!
- Hi, DK!
- Hi, Suri!
You said you've been busy.
So what brings you here today?
I want to talk to you...
There's a big problem.
With Bansal? If you want, I'll
phone him now and fix matters.
- No. Listen to me.
- Tell me something.
If your company acquires that
contract, what'll be your share?
- That's not the problem.
- Then?
- It's something else.
- Then, let's solve the problem!
Mr. Suri, how was the game?
Please don't joke. Doing business
and drinking whisky is my forte.
Else, even I would be preparing
for Wimbledon like my son!
- Right?
- Oh no!
DK, the joy of watching your son grow!
It wasn't the same even in my youth!
You must have a son, dude!
A son is important.
Your son must be handling
your business now, right?
I'll leave now.
Hey, you wanted to discuss
a problem. What is it?
(Background music)
- What's it?
- We'll talk later.
- Okay.
- Okay, okay. Bye.
He's my brother.
Please sign here.
(Bird chirping)
Yes, I will inform him.
(Typewriter sound)
(Stammers) Hello!
Hello, Mr. Malhotra!
BOSS: Mr. Bansal, this is
a foundation problem.
As per Mr. Malhotra's
original estimates...'ll find mica content
at a depth of 40 feet.
- But as per the...
- Oh, God!
Sorry, sir.
I have to go home. Excuse me.
(Car engine starts)
- Indu, where are you going?
- Anywhere! I don't know!
Please listen to me!
I don't want to listen!
Please listen to me for a minute!
(Car door shuts)
I didn't know that the boy
was going to come here.
- Stop lying!
- I swear, I didn't know!
Come what may, that boy is
not going to come to this house!
- Do you need the taxi or not?
- We don't want it!
(Bird chirping)
Take this.
Indu, listen! (Car engine starts)
Just for a few days!
Please, Indu! What can I
do now if he's coming here?
Do what you want, but he
is not going to come here!
I promise he won't stay here
for more than 2- 3 days.
I promise.
I do not trust you anymore!
You'd said, my problem is yours too.
Won't you help me this time?
Mummy, ask sister to return
my scented rubber!
Quiet! It was my rubber!
So what if I took it?
What do you want? That you
do any wrong and I endure it?
I'm also human, I have feelings.
Have you ever thought about that?
And these children...
what will you tell them?
I'll beat you!
Mummy, just look at her!
Mummy, two of my sums were wrong!
Come on, I'll show you.
Come on, mummy!
Dad, please carry me.
(Bird chirping)
Now take me inside.
(Bird chirping)
Mini and Winky, please come here.
What's it?
A boy will be coming
to stay in our house.
- Who is he?
- His name is...
(Background music)
His mummy is dead,
so he's coming to stay with us.
But who was his mummy?
She was our distant relative.
Mummy, how old is he?
(Background music)
He is 8- 9 years old.
Such a small boy! My exams are
nearing, he won't let me study!
No. He'll play with me.
Where is his father?
Why doesn't he go to him?
His father has gone away.
Leaving him behind?
My dad would have never done that!
INDU: Children, go to
your room and sleep.
- Good night, dad!
- Good night, dad!
- MINNI: Good night, mommy!
- INDU: Good night!
PINKY: Good night, mommy!
- Come on, hurry.
- Indu?
Now we'll have fun.
It will be no fun!
Thank you, Indu.
You took care.
I was taking care of my children!
(Train engine sound)
(Platform announcements)
(Bus passing)
(Car honks)
Shall I roll the window down?
(Background music)
Look, that's the old Fort.
It's a... very old... fort!
It was built by Sher Shah Suri
...or perhaps Humayun...
There's a big zoo inside now.
There are many animals and a...
Did you know my mummy?
(Background music)
Y... y... yes. Yes, I did know her.
And dad?
Not dad.
(Background music)
Mummy used to say that
I'll surely find my dad.
Even mummy is no more. If dad
does come, how will he find me?
He will, son... he will find you.
Mini, he is Rahul.
Rahul, this is Minni.
- Hi!
- Hello!
Pinky, come here!
Rahul, she is Winky.
- Pinky, he is Rahul.
- Hello.
She is my mummy...
Mummy, he is Rahul.
Will Rahul sleep in my room?
No. His bed has been
put in the study.
But I study there.
My dear, it's a matter
of only a few days.
Abdul, keep his baggage in the study.
Both of you come upstairs.
(Background music)
Get up, this is my place.
I sit with dad.
Go and sit there.
Abdul... has not brought the rice.
I had a puppy whose name was also Mini.
Eat quietly, Mini.
When dad used to call
the puppy, I'd come running.
And when he'd call me,
the puppy would come running.
Mummy is upset today.
Indu, aren't you going to eat?
"Two eyes and one story."
"Two eyes and one story."
"A little bit of cloud."
"Little bit of water."
"And one story."
"Two eyes and one story."
"A little bit of cloud."
"Little bit of water."
"And one story."
"Two eyes and one story."
"This is small in two parts."
"It keeps on flowing."
"This is small in two parts."
"It keeps on flowing."
"Let someone listen or not."
"It keeps on narrating."
"Sometimes in writing sometimes orally."
"A little bit of cloud."
"Little bit of water."
"And one story."
"Two eyes and one story."
"It is kind of old one.."
"..but still new."
"It is kind of old one.."
"..but still new."
"Where the tears stop.."
" the full stop to the story."
"It is new but still old one."
"A little bit of cloud."
"Little bit of water."
"And one story."
"Two eyes and one story."
"If this gets over.."
"..the others get into remembrance."
"If this gets over.."
"..the others get into remembrance."
"Then again the lips narrate
the forgotten things."
"This is the story of the two eyes."
"A little bit of cloud."
"Little bit of water."
"And one story."
"Two eyes and one story."
(Crickets chirping)
What are you doing all alone here?
Gazing at the stars.
Mummy used to say that
if you see a shooting star...
...your wish gets fulfilled.
Look, uncle, a shooting star!
- Where is it?
- It's disappeared.
- Did you wish for something?
- Yes.
- What?
- I can't tell you.
I see... Should we go inside?
Yes, son?
Shall I tell you what I wished for?
I prayed that I'd find my dad.
(Background music)
Come on, dad, it's getting late.
Dad, come on.
It's getting very late.
He's taking so long.
(Birds chirping)
(Crow croaking)
The children are getting late.
(Background music)
Did you know my mummy?
But uncle knew her.
I know!
What is it? Why are you
looking at me that way?
Even my mummy used to wear
a similar floral print sari.
Fine... Let me work now.
And how have you let
that boy stay in your house?
I haven't. He just came home.
What could I do?
Whenever I see him,
I think of DK and that girl.
Chanda, it seems as if
all relationships are a farce.
(Background music)
It seems as if...
...such incidents occur
only in other people's lives.
I feel... cheated Chanda.
I don't know what to do now.
I... sorry Chanda!
Indu, the weaker you become,
the more you will have to endure.
Yes, I'll be there.
I'll be back in a jiffy.
You know very well, I do not like
incompetence of any kind, at all.
Just don't forget!
When the Major left me,
even I'd felt defeated like you.
But look at me now.
What do I lack?
I work, I live for myself,
...the way I want to!
Like a free woman.
And don't you miss your son?
- Shall I recite a poetry for you?
- No need! I'm studying!
I said, I'm studying!
"Who created
the sparrows that fly?"
MINNI: Mummy!
- All right, I'll go.
- I'll beat you!
MINNI: Mummy!
Brother Rahul.
Shall I recite a poetry for you?
Yes, please.
"Who created
the sparrows that fly?"
"Who created you and me?"
"The Lord is present in everything"
Whose picture is this?
My dad's.
Is this how your dad looks?
I don't know.
Perhaps this is how he looks.
Where's he?
He must be dead.
No! Mummy used to say that
he has gone very far away.
And that he'd surely return someday.
I'd seen another child's father
go somewhere far away, on TV.
His mummy too had said that
his father would return.
But he was dead.
And the boy didn't even know!
Films are not reality.
Yes, indeed. They are films.
I'll tell dad.
He'll find your father.
How will he find him?
My dad is very clever.
Watch, he will find your father!
Mini! ...What are you doing here?
Playing with Brother Rahul.
Go and sleep.
(Dog barks at distance)
Since when did Rahul become your brother?
What's that you're swallowing?
Sleeping pills.
Will taking sleeping pills
solve anything?
(Background music)
How often have I apologised to you!
How often have I admitted
that I've indeed made a mistake!
Can't you forget it?
How can I?
I was leading a farcical
relationship for 10 years!
You cheated me for 10 years!
You call this relationship a farce?
Are you calling those
two children a farce?
- If our children are...
- Even she had a child.
Will you call that a farce?
(Background music)
Believe me, I didn't know about this child.
- If I had known...
- What would you have done then?
Left us?
Don't touch me!
(Dog barks at distance)
(Background music)
Hello. Is that
Mr. DK Malhotra speaking?
My name is...
Hey, I'm Suri here.
You've become very lazy!
Do you know it's Sunday today?
Do you have to visit sites today?
Aren't you coming to the farm?
No, Suri. I can't come.
I am not in the mood.
Not in the mood?
I'll take care of your mood!
Suri, listen! I think
even Indu isn't in the mood.
Are you Indu's uncle?
Give the line to her.
Well, Mr. Moody? Moods become
all right when with friends.
Hello! How're you brother!
Come, Brother Rahul.
...Come on.
(People chatting at distance)
Hello, Uncle Suri!
How are you?
Hello, child!
How were your exams?
They haven't begun as yet.
Hey! Whose cute child is this?
My word! He is so sweet!
Whose son is he?
(Birds chirping)
Well, who is he?
He's Brother Rahul. His mother is
dead and his dad has gone away.
(Birds chirping)
Why didn't you come for Chulbul's party?
- Don't hit the plants!
- Why not?
They belong to my father!
I will break them!
They also have life,
they too will get hurt.
Rubbish! Who says so?
My mother used to say that.
- Your mother is dead!
- Don't!
Dad! Dad!
- Here, brother, it's a good one...
- Dad!
Dad, Babbu hit Brother Rahul.
Babbu hit Rahul? Impossible!
I saw Babbu hit him.
Babbu! Babbu!
Come here.
(Birds chirping)
- Did you hit Rahul?
- No, I didn't hit him.
I told you so.
My Babbu never hits anybody.
- He's lying. He hit him.
- All right. Let's go.
Come, son.
- What will you drink?
- Thumps up.
Rahul, did Babbu hit you?
No, he didn't.
Who will play cricket?
Come on, everyone!
- My turn first!
- Let's toss.
- Give it to him.
- My turn first.
- Kids after the elders.
- No. Elders after the kids.
- Clean bowled!
- Good bowling!
The kids have finished their
turn. Now it's the elders' turn.
DK, bowl a googly!
Watchman! What are you doing?
Leave me! ...This is cheating!
I made it!
Mr. Umpire, your place is here!
(Birds chirping)
- Aunt Kanta! Run!
- Where do I throw it?
Kanta, here!
- Wow! Good throw, my lioness!
- Naturally!
Inswinger, son.
Not out!
- Not out!
- Not out!
- Not out?
- No!
Not out!
You're cheating!
He's not out. I am the umpire.
Mummy! Move a little there.
...That's right.
Watchman! Move behind... Further!
- Here?
- That's fine!
A little more.
Yes... That's fine.
Come, son!
It's only cricket!
It's my turn to bat!
Hadn't I told you he'd
grow up to be like Kapil Dev!
Dad, not out!
(Birds chirping)
- Aunt, take the catch!
- Go take your run!
Our fielding isn't tight.
It's a tough game!
Mr. Umpire, keep this here.
Just a minute!
Ah! Come on, Suri!
Come on!
Sixer! Sixer!
Didn't I tell you he'd
become a Gavaskar someday!
With bowlers like me, he will
surely become a Gavaskar!
Over up!
- Over up!
- Over up!
- Come, Rahul. You bowl too.
- No.
No problem. Play underarm.
Give it a try, Rahul.
- He's going to bowl fast!
- You're sacred!
Come on, my lion!
Get in there!
Come on!
Well, Mr. Lion Suri!!
Saw how amazing my...
(Background music)
These crockery and cutlery...
...have been bought from
Harrod's store in London.
And these idiots levy
a duty of 150% on it.
I could never tolerate
cheap spoons in college... I can't possibly
tolerate them now!
You have a mania for imported items.
You should have got
an imported wife, too!
Take some.
Wife? Well, you don't get
wives at the Harrod's store.
Or else, I would have surely got one.
But once in New York...
Tell your wife.
Don't hide things from Kanta.
No. There's nothing to hide.
Trixie came into my life
before Kanta did.
Trixie? Who's she?
Trixie means full of tricks.
Kanta, don't take him seriously.
He loves to tease you.
There is nothing to tease about.
If I have ever met anyone else
after marrying you, then...
...have I ever told you about it?
If there is another woman, then remarry!
He is joking, Kanta. Would he
ever leave you to remarry?
(Crickets chirping)
One can form relationships,
even without getting married.
- Indu, what are you saying?
- The truth.
Indu, you may say
whatever you like about me.
But there is no need to
speak about DK this way.
There was a need, so I spoke.
You can ask him that!
Hey! What's wrong
with her? ...Indu!
(Dog barks at distance)
What's the matter?
I've been observing this tension
between you since morning.
And the way Indu was
talking to that boy Rahul...
Who is Rahul?
- He is my son.
- What!
He is my son
When I went to Nainital in 1973...
- No, I won't have.
- You're grown up now!
- You're going to be a father!
- Get lost!
Well... but you aren't
even married as yet!
In the midst of the din, she too
was there... lonely and quiet.
Her name was Bhavna.
I knew her from my school days.
She used to be so lively.
But now...
This girl has been through a big tragedy.
She lost her family in a car
accident while still in school.
The master said that Bhavna had
completely withdrawn since then.
The master knew Bhavna and
her family since a long time..., in a way,
her responsibility fell on him.
He wanted Bhavna to
somehow overcome her grief.
Or that someone explain to her.
DK, show me your hand.
This is your marriage line.
How deep and strong it is!
Indu and you are very happy, aren't you?
Yes, very much so.
Look, how strong
it is all throughout. But...
(Wind blowing noise)
- But at one point...
- At one point? What?
Never mind. Since you don't
believe in it, forget it.
But what did you see?
Nothing. Never mind.
Tell me one more thing.
Will we get a baby boy or a baby girl?
You do have a boy. But I'm
not sure if it will be this time.
I want a son!
Then you'll surely get a son.
(Deep breath)
Show me your hand.
- What will you do looking at it?
- At least show it.
Now I'll tell you your future.
...Show me your hand.
Where is your marriage line?
- Oh yes! ...The left hand.
- It's this one.
It's incomplete.
But there is a faint line all along.
Yes. I can't understand.
There is a marriage line,
and yet there isn't.
Let me see.
Where is your life line?
Here it is.
This one? It's rather short.
I know.
You do?
I see! That means,
you have decided to die soon!
I haven't decided that.
...I know it.
She knows!
DK: And she is dead.
I can't believe it!
She had a strange blind belief.
On meeting Bhavna,
I was surprised to see...
...that a person could bottle up
one's grief for so long.
As though sorrows had become
the sole purpose of her life.
I was sympathetic towards Bhavna.
And Bhavna needed that.
It was plain sympathy, which one
can feel towards anybody.
Nothing more.
Forget all this, Bhavna.
These things are useless.
Fate and destiny are all rubbish!
Lead the life of a normal girl.
Please don't scold me, DK.
Please come and sit next to me.
DK: She asked me to sit next to her,
and I did not refuse.
(wood sound)
DK: What happened after that...
I can't explain to anyone.
I myself don't understand.
Indu and my children...
(Background music)
...mean the world to me.
My... My home is
breaking apart, Suri.
What do I do?
How do I explain to Indu?
My home is breaking apart.
You will have to do one thing.
You will have to send that boy away.
I know that.
But where will I send him?
To a boarding school.
(Background music)
He too has a right.
Where will he go?
How is he at fault?
What has that innocent child done?
Mummy, I can't solve
these sums. Please help me.
Winky, don't disturb me.
I can't solve your sums.
What's the matter with
you these days, mummy?
Suppose that fatso stands first
in class again, then?
- May I help you?
- Do you know to solve them?
Yes, I do.
Show me.
Mini, what are you doing!
...How do you know this, Rahul?
I always stood first in Math.
But I was a bit weak in Hindi.
Won't you study further?
Stay back in Delhi.
Study here.
- Shall I stay here?
- Yes! Stay here.
I'll have to ask aunty.
Why ask mummy?
She loves all children.
Yes! Mummy loves children!
Me, too?
Yes! She is a little shy of you.
You're still new.
Gupta was saying that a lot
remains to be done on the design.
Yes, sir. That's right.
We have a presentation at
Mr. Bansal's office within a week.
He has already called twice.
What's the matter with you?
I'm sorry, sir.
It's a personal problem.
Work is work, DK.
Hmm. Okay?
Okay, sir.
I'll take this home.
I'll try to finish it there.
(Door open sound)
(Foot steps)
(Background music)
For how long will you
continue to have sleeping pills?
Till I don't get sleep!
(Background music)
"Respected Master,
I am absolutely fine here."
"Is there been
any letter from my father?"
It should be Has there been
any letter' and not Is there'.
"Any news about him?
Uncle loves me a lot."
"There is an aunty too. Even she
loves me but is a little shy."
"Are you all right?"
(Birds chirping)
- Brother Rahul, who's drawn this?
- I have.
- But who are they?
- This is your Dad...
...your mother,
your sister and you.
Where is mummy's bun?
It's behind. You can't see it.
That's right. You can't see it.
But where are you?
I'm sitting right here.
- Where are you in this picture?
- I'm not here.
- Shall I draw myself here?
- Please do.
It's mummy's birthday
the day after tomorrow.
I forgot to get bangles for her.
Brother Rahul, what
will you get for mummy?
RAHUL: Me...
(Paper sound)
Shall I make a bangle box for aunty?
I've composed a poem.
Shall I recite it?
Forget it!
"A wooden log, On it is a wooden horse"
"A hammer fell-Crash, boom, bang
on the horse's tail!"
(Birds chirping)
"A frame of wood,
a horse on the frame.."
"..when the hammer striked
on the horse's tail."
"Ran, ran, the horse ran
with its tail high."
"A frame of wood,
a horse on the frame.."
"..when the hammer striked
on the horse's tail."
"Ran, ran, the horse ran
with its tail high."
"A frame of wood, a horse on the frame.."
"..when the hammer striked
on the horse's tail."
"Ran, ran, the horse ran
with its tail high."
"The horse reached the square,
on the square there was a barber.."
"..and when the barber started
shaving the dear horse."
"Clip-clop, clip-clop"
"Clip-clop, clip-clop"
"The horse reached the square,
on the square there was a barber.."
"..and when the barber started
shaving the dear horse."
"Ran, ran, the horse ran
with its tail high."
"A frame of wood, a horse on the frame.."
"..when the hammer striked
on the horse's tail."
"Ran, ran, the horse ran
with its tail high."
"The horse was proud,
reached the vegetable market.."
" the market there was snow,
in the snow it caught cold."
"Clip-clop, clip-clop"
"Clip-clop, clip-clop"
"The horse was proud,
reached the vegetable market.."
" the market there was snow,
in the snow it caught cold."
"Ran, ran, the horse ran
with its tail high."
"A frame of wood, a horse on the frame.."
"..when the hammer striked
on the horse's tail."
"Ran, ran, the horse ran
with its tail high."
"Our horse is strong,
see how much fat it has.."
" walks in Mehrauli,
but our horse is an Arabic one."
"Our horse is strong,
see how much fat it has.."
" walks in Mehrauli,
but our horse is an Arabic one."
"It ran releasing its arm,
with the tail high."
"A frame of wood, a horse on the frame.."
"..when the hammer striked
on the horse's tail."
"Ran, ran, the horse ran
with its tail high."
(Hen cackles)
- You'll come in, won't you?
- No. I'll come later.
Come on, Brother Rahul.
Let's go in.
- Let's go.
- No.
Come on.
I'll come later.
(Birds chirping)
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
- Happy birthday to dear mummy.
- Thank you.
- Happy birthday to you.
- Happy birthday Indu.
- Thank you.
- RAHUL: Aunty?
Happy birthday aunty.
Thank you.
Move aside.
- Let me also do something.
- Quiet! Don't harass us!
Let her do it.
She won't do a thing. She will
only spoil my handwriting.
I'll also write.
Don't write anything.
You don't know anything!
What are you doing, children?
Please go away!
Mummy is coming!
- Please come, mummy.
- What's the matter?
Nothing. Please be seated
and have your breakfast.
(Paper sound)
- What's this?
- Your birthday present.
- Happy birthday to you.
- Thank you.
- What is it?
- Open it and have a look.
- That's beautiful!
- There're bangles in there, too!
It's lovely!
- Did you get it, Winky?
- No.
I don't think Mini must
have got it. Who bought it?
Brother Rahul has personally
made it for your birthday.
Dad, look what
Brother Rahul made for mummy.
Dad, look what Rahul
made for mummy... Look, Dad.
(Paper sound)
Very good.
Have you made this?
It's lovely!
Didn't aunty like it?
- Of course, she did.
- She liked it very much.
Yes! She liked it very much.
(Background music)
(Background music)
- What happened?
- Take your son away!
(Dog barks at distance)
- Mummy!
(Glass breaking sound)
I am not your mother!
Don't you dare call me mummy again!
(Background music)
Yuck! I don't like brinjal!
Stupid! You don't like anything!
You stupid!
You brinjal! You pumpkin!
- Mummy, tell her.
- Winky, have your dinner quietly.
Brother Rahul, please
pass me the cauliflower.
Blood! Dad, Brother Rahul's
hand is bleeding!
Mummy, look!
Brother Rahul's hand is bleeding!
What happened?
(Background music)
What's happened?
Indu, how did he hurt himself?
(Vessels sound)
Indu! How did he hurt himself?
How should I know?
He didn't tell me!
A child gets hurt at home,
and you aren't even aware!
Don't scream at me
in front of the children!
Just because he is not your child?
Let the one who has sinned
take care of him! Why bother me?
(Background music)
Aren't you ashamed of speaking so?
I have not been as shameless
as you! Are you ashamed?
So what should I do?
Tell me, what should I do?
Should I kill myself?
(Background music)
You want to go on leave?
What's wrong with you, DK?
The other architects have
already sent their proposals!
No, DK. I'm sorry, you cannot go!
Sir, if I don't get leave,
I will have to resign.
Resign! Will you will have to resign!
What nonsense you speak!
This is too much!
A height of negligence!
You should have informed me
earlier that you can't work!
Sir, I'd told you earlier
that I have a personal problem!
Even I have a problem!
Look, I have to run the company.
I can't possibly do it alone.
Tell me what the matter is.
All right... You may go!
You know your responsibility.
...You may go.
(Background music)
- Uncle, will you take me boating?
- Sure.
- What about riding?
- I'll take you riding too.
- What about China Peak?
- You want to go there?
- Yes.
- Walking?
Yes. That's the master's house.
(Birds chirping)
Mr. Tiwari?
- When did you come?
- This morning. Good you found us.
We were going to come to school
at 2 p.m. for Rahul's admission.
- The Principal told me.
- Son, greet him.
- How are you, son?
- I'm fine. How are you?
Absolutely fine.
Where is the master?
(Birds chirping)
He passed away.
What! When?
He suffered a heart attack
a few days ago.
(Background music)
Uncle, do you think my mother
may have lied to me?
Maybe, my father isn't alive?
He'll be here soon.
Please understand,
even I have some problems.
- I understand...
- No, but...
Mr. Tiwari, will I get admission here?
Yes, son. We are trying.
(Birds chirping)
Will I have to stay here then?
Yes. You can stay
in the hostel here.
So, we can send the boy out
to ten days on 27th?
- Thank you very much, father. It's...
- Close the door, please.
Oh, sorry.
Where do I get his books?
You'll get the list from office.
- Do I get his uniforms or...
- They will be made here.
Rahul, come here.
Meet your Principal.
This is the boy.
How will you send him?
I will be going to Delhi,
so I'll fetch him.
Mr. Tiwari will bring him here.
So now you're going to join our school.
Thank him, son. He has
agreed to give you admission.
Say thank you.
Can I send you a cheque for the fee?
You can sign the papers after
2 days when the office opens.
All right.
Okay, brother Burke, thank you...
Send him after ten days.
And do not be late.
I don't like boys who come late.
...Do you understand?
Let's leave, Rahul.
...Thank you, Brother.
Uncle, the string has gone in.
The string has gone in?
Tie it around from outside.
Come here.
(Crickets chirping)
Oh... shit.
- Sleep the way it is.
- No. It will fall.
It won't fall.
Take a blanket to sleep.
Go to sleep.
What's the time?
It's 8:30. Why?
Mini must be in the bathroom
brushing her teeth...
...and Winky must be
banging loudly at the door.
(Door knocks)
Hurry up, Mini!
(Door knocks)
Hurry! ...Hurry up, stupid!
Why is there so much of noise?
Mummy, tell Mini. She occupies
the bathroom for so long.
Dirty girl!
Go wash your face.
One more thing... Both of you
can sleep with me tonight.
Are you afraid of being alone, mummy?
(Rahul chuckles)
Slow down!
Uncle, I like you very much.
- Really?
- Yes.
Son, even I like you very much.
When my Dad comes, I won't stay with him.
(Birds chirping)
- Why not?
- I will stay with you.
(Birds chirping)
Will I be able to call you Dad then?
"I'm not frustrated with you, my life."
"I'm just surprised.
Oh, just surprised I am."
"With your innocent questions,
I'm tired now."
"Oh, I'm tired now."
"I'm not frustrated with you, my life."
"I'm just surprised.
Oh, just surprised I am."
"With your innocent questions,
I'm tired now."
"Oh, I'm tired now."
"Never thought that to live.."
"..I would need to go through pain."
"Never thought that to live.."
"..I would need to go through pain."
"Whenever I smile, there is a debt that
needs to paid for it."
"And I when I smile, I feel.."
"..I carry that debt on my lips."
"I'm not frustrated with you, my life."
"I'm just surprised.
Oh, just surprised I am."
"Life, the trials you threw my way
have taught me relationships anew."
"Life, the trials you threw my way
have taught me relationships anew."
"The comforts of shade I only found
under the bright scorching sun."
Thank you, brother. Thank you very much.
(Cloack sound)
I don't want to stay in this school!
Why not?
I don't like it!
Stay here for a few days
and you will begin to like it.
There are many other children
also who stay here.
- Can't I stay in Delhi?
- No!
You have to stay here for a while
in the hostel. Understand?
Why can't I stay in your house?
"I'm not frustrated with you, my life."
"I'm just surprised.
Oh, just surprised I am."
"If today, they've swelled up.."
"..droplets will start falling."
"If today, they've swelled up.."
"..droplets will start falling."
"What may come tomorrow for them.."
"..eyes would suffer."
"Don't know when and where I lost it.."
" teardrop I had hid and kept."
Very good.
(Crickets chirping)
And who is this?
That's me and my Dad.
- Does your Dad wear spectacles?
- Yes.
"I'm not frustrated with you, my life."
"I'm just surprised.
Oh, just surprised I am."
"With your innocent questions,
I'm tired now."
"Oh, I'm tired now."
"Oh, I'm tired now."
"Oh, I'm tired now."
Dad and Brother Rahul are back!
Rahul is back?
Mummy! Dad is back!
Dad is back!
Dad, what have you got for me?
- Did you get my badminton racket?
- Yes!
(Background chattering)
Just a minute. I'll be back.
- Hello Rahul.
- Hello.
Hello Minni.
(Minni giggles)
She was screaming a while ago,
"Brother Rahul is back!"
And now you're not even talking to him.
No, I wasn't screaming.
She's so shy of you now,
but soon she will be after you!
Here it comes on you, Mini!
- Did you get your admission?
- Yes.
- So you'll go away?
- Yes.
What happened?
Major and I have once again...
You've understood what
I am trying to say, right?
Oh, Indu, this is the
happiest day of my life!
But you would always say
that you don't need any support.
That you don't need a family.
And that you are an independent woman.
I know, Indu. I know.
It would be fine if I were just a woman.
But I'm a mother too.
When my child held my hand and said...
"Please come home, mummy"
...I couldn't hold myself back.
l just couldn't hold myself back, Indu.
Shall I say something, Indu?
A woman has no say when the
motherly feelings in her arise.
(Background music)
- Mummy!
- Hey!
- Hello, aunty.
- Hello.
- You tell her!
- You tell!
- What happened?
- Sister has stood first in class.
She defeated that fatso!
Very good! Well-done!
If Brother Rahul had not taught
her, it would've been impossible.
- Who's Rahul?
- Brother Rahul!
The boy whom I spoke to you about.
It's good that the kids have
mingled with each other so well.
Anita just look in that yellow file.
It's not in this either.
They are my personal papers!
They are Rahul's Nainital papers.
Where are they?
I had told you to keep them
in a personal file!
So, just look for them!
I have to send them
with Rahul to Nainital.
Look in that drawer, the lower one.
(Typewritter sound)
SECRETARY: Sir, are these the papers?
Yes. Where were they? Can't you
even file them properly?
- Rahul, take care of these.
- All right, uncle.
They are your papers.
Take them home.
- Are you being naughty?
- No.
Sit in my cabin.
I'll go meet Mr. Dhawan.
(Typewriter sound)
This letter must have fallen
from those papers. Keep it there.
- Whose letter is it?
- To Mr. Malhotra...
from Gurudayal Singh, Nainital.
Give it to me.
(Background music)
Oh, I see.
I see.
You wanted a proposal from the
best architect. It had to be good.
I think we'll clinch the deal.
Yes... All right,
I'll call you tomorrow.
Fine... after 2-3 days.
Bye, Mr. Bansal. Thank you.
DK, I think Mr. Bansal has
liked your proposal very much.
DK I'm certain our conversation with him,
- that this contract is...
- That's great, sir.
Now, what we got to ensure is
when the first presentation...
Sir, excuse me. One minute.
Come on.
Come on!
Don't forget the papers.
That's... come on!
Who's this smart boy, DK?
This is... Rahul, sir.
Wish him, Rahul.
Wish him.
Hello, son!
- Whose son is he?
- My friend's.
He's a very cute child.
Where does he study?
He'll be going to a
boarding school in Nainital.
(Crickets chirping)
(Wood sound)
(Smashing sound)
(Dog barks at distance)
(Background music)
Rahul is not at home!
- What!
- I searched everywhere.
And the front door was open.
- Rahul!
- Rahul!
Mummy! Mummy!
Stay with the children.
I'll take a look outside.
What happened, mummy?
Where is Rahul?
- It's nothing.
- Why was Dad shouting his name?
It's okay. It's okay.
- Watchman, did any child pass by?
- No.
- Light skinned with blue eyes?
- No, sir.
(Background music)
What happened?
He's nowhere to be seen.
Call the police, I'll take the car.
DK: Wait, Indu...
Don't call the police.
Give the phone here.
I'll call Suri.
(Dialing sound)
Come on!
Come on!
MALE: - Hello?
- Come on, come on!
- Please call Mr. Suri.
MALE: - He's sleeping.
I know that, but wake him up.
MALE: - Who's calling?
- I'm DK Malhotra.
- Call Mr. Suri. It's urgent.
MALE: - But he is sleeping.
I know he's sleeping!
I say, wake him up!
Indu, ask Suri to stay ready.
I'll pick him up.
(Tyre screech)
Come on, come on, Suri. Hurry up.
Okay. Let's go.
- ...DK!
- Rahul!
There he is!
Rahul! There.
(Foot steps)
Rahul, where are you running?
Wait, Rahul!
Suri, it's not him.
Where the hell is he?
Where could he have disappeared?
- Where do I look for him?
- Come on, now!
What's the use of looking for
him here? It wasn't that boy.
- What do I do?
- Let's go to the police station.
So how are you?
How is everything else?
I'd called you the other day
but you didn't come.
Well, I don't get the time... Bye.
Could you please hurry?
Ramu, take him inside.
Father's name?
Father's name!
Come on.
What will you do with the father's name?
You have the child's name
and his entire description.
On finding him, will you
ask him his father's name?
Father's name?
D.K. Malhotra.
DK Malhotra! Can't you hear?
DK Malhotra!
Calm down.
DK, any news? Did you find him?
Where are you calling from?
I'm calling from a petrol pump
near the police station.
We have filed a report at the
police station. But of no avail.
There's no news of him.
I wonder what's happened to him.
Come home.
It's no use sitting there.
(Background music)
What is she saying?
Excuse me!
Any news of the boy?
None, yet.
Of what use is such a big unit?
Can't you find even a child?
What are you here for?
Thank you, sir. Thank you.
You can't even find a...!
Come on!
(Door bell)
We found this boy.
Is he yours?
We found this letter in his pocket.
He refused to say where he lives.
This letter had your address.
Please sign here.
(Background music)
Where did you go?
I asked, where did you go?
I am asking you something!
Where did you go?
Aren't you ashamed? You are
a guest at somebody's house!
We're doing so much for you!
Instead of being grateful,
this is what you do!
Now, what's the use of standing
in front of me like a statue?
You don't even have
the courtesy to apologise!
I am glad you're leaving!
We'll be rid of you!
There has been no peace in the
house ever since you've come!
Do you know how worried
Mini and Winky have been for you?
Mini hasn't stopped crying!
And I've been in and around
the house looking for you!
What would we have done
if you were harmed in any way?
Does one walk out
at midnight in this city!
They kidnap small children!
The entire police force of the city
is in search of you!
If something were to happen
to you, your father and me...
I mean, your uncle and I...
- I know.
- What do you know?
That he's my Dad.
It is written in the letter.
(Background music)
DK, wait.
Just a minute.
- He knows.
- What?
About your relationship with him.
He had this with him.
Go to him.
(Background music)
Son, you shouldn't do this.
Where did you go?
Uncle Suri and I
looked for you everywhere.
Are you angry with me?
What happened?
What does he say?
- Hmm? What?
- Doesn't talk...
He isn't saying a word.
I can understand.
I just can't.
I can understand.
Imagine a child who is trying to
trace his father since years...
...and when he finally
does find him...
...his father does not accept him.
He keeps him apart
and sends him far away.
You can imagine what that
child must be going through.
Sorry about saying all this.
Good night.
(Foot steps)
Let's go to sleep.
Carry on. I'll come later.
Indu, drop the children to school
by taxi in the morning.
I'll take Rahul to the station.
"Life, the trials you threw my way
have taught me relationships anew."
"Life, the trials you threw my way
have taught me relationships anew."
"The comforts of shade I only found
under the bright scorching sun."
"I am not angry with you, Life.
Simply baffled."
Sorry, aunty.
"Today my eyes have
welled up with tears."
"Today my eyes have welled up
with tears."
"Soon they will burst forth, I'm sure."
"Tomorrow, who knows,
these sore eyes perhaps."
"Will long for the sight of more."
"Where have I lost that
lone drop of tears."
"Which I had tucked away so safely?"
"I am not angry with you, Life
Simply baffled."
(Birds chirping)
- Bye-bye, Rahul.
- Bye-bye.
Come on, Mini.
Come, Mini.
We are getting late.
(Background music)
(Car door opens)
(Car door shuts)
Mummy, why had Rahul run away?
I don't know.
Won't he ever return now?
I don't know.
- Whom will he stay with?
- With his Dad.
But he doesn't have a Dad.
He does. He had drawn his Dad's
picture and showed it to me.
(Papers sound)
Hey, this is Rahul's sketch book.
Yes. He gave it to me.
This is mummy, me, you,
Dad and Brother Rahul.
This is Brother Rahul and his Dad.
(Background music)
Did you strike off Rahul's picture?
(Background music)
- Where is sir?
- He's taken Rahul to the station.
(Station announcements)
Mr. Tiwari! Here.
DK sir!
- How are you?
- Let's go, Rahul.
The train is about to leave.
- I'll carry it.
- No, allow me.
- How are you, Rahul?
- This way, Mr. Tiwari.
(People chattering indistinctly)
The seat numbers are 55 and 56.
(People chattering indistinctly)
(People chattering indistinctly)
(People chattering indistinctly)
Come on, Rahul.
The train is about to leave.
Will you come to meet me?
Yes, son. I will surely come.
Whenever you say so.
You won't forget me again, will you?
No, son. I will never forget you.
...Not this time.
You won't forget me, will you?
How can I forget you?
After all, you are my Dad.
Yes... Yes, son. I'm your Dad.
I am your Dad.
I'm sorry.
Come on, Rahul, hurry up.
The train is about to leave.
Write to me once you get there.
- Mr. Tiwari...
- I've made all the arrangements.
- Are you sure?
- I've taken care of everything.
- What about the food?
- I'll arrange it in the train.
Don't let him have water from outside.
- Have you kept his water bottle?
- It must be with him.
- Son, where is your bottle?
- It's in the car.
- I'll go get it.
- But the train is about to leave!
Mr. DK, please! The train
is about to leave. Mr. DK!
Excuse me! Ticket!
I'll be back in a moment.
I have to get something.
- Fine, but where's your ticket?
- I have it.
But where?
My child is in the train. I have
to get his bottle. I'll be back.
- Come this side.
- I repeat, I do have the ticket!
I say, stand aside!
(Car horns)
Whose car is this?
- Whose car is this?
- That's the person, sir.
Move your car! Is this how
you park? I can't open my car!
- Hurry up!
- I'm moving it away.
The train is about to leave!
(Background music)
(Car horns)
(Traffic noices)
- Dad, Rahul will stay with us.
- Mummy said so.
Now, will you keep sitting here...
...or come home?
(Children laughing in the background)
(Car engine starts)