Masquerade (1988) Movie Script

Hit it!
Check it out, Tim!
Come on, Jack!
Jack, harder!
Ready about!
Hard alee!
Let's go! Let's go!
Guys, come on, bring it in!
- Get the jib!
- Cannonball is outpointing us.
Trim it!
Trimming the jib sheet
for speed now!
Let's go! Let's go!
Come on!
I need more helm.
Traveler up.
Okay, guys.
Hold the boom!
Hold it down!
- Get it up!
- Watch the boom!
We got them.
I think we got them.
Come on. Come on.
Hit it!
Go! Hit it!
Drive! Check it out!
Be at Four Winds at 6:30.
- Mr. Morrison...
- I won't spend money to lose!
It takes a long time
to get a boat right.
She kicked ass to windward.
Yeah, she did that.
She'll be awesome
when we get her tuned.
If I'm not in the poorhouse!
Hi, Jillian.
This is Tim Whalen.
Jillian Wilde.
- Hi.
- I'm out of here.
Obsession is spending
the summer in the yard.
Tim's gonna stay with her.
Anybody have a chauffeur's cottage
or garage apartment available?
I'll ask around.
Got to keep my captain happy.
This is the first summer
I've looked forward to in years.
He really trusts me.
Your husband.
Thank God.
It's not that painful, is it?
No, that's the problem.
It feels too good to stop.
We could always give it a try.
Maybe we should stop... this.
Or maybe this.
Wait, wait, wait.
You want your birthday
present, don't you?
You remembered.
That's more than my husband did.
You want me to put these on?
I can't bite them off if you don't.
Olivia Lawrence.
Marjorie Little.
Kathleen Monahan.
I love you, Dad.
How are you?
Get in.
What's this?
- I'm a cop.
- Yeah, I can see that.
I thought you were gonna study law.
I did. I worked my little buns off,
took the state police
forensics course,
and now I am the law.
- When did you get in?
- Last night.
You seen anybody?
No. I've been in the house all day.
I'm sorry about your mom.
Headquarters to 209.
That's me.
Respond to Le French Crepe,
Main and Hampton.
Theft of service. 10-4?
It's a ditch and dine.
I gotta roll.
First major crime wave
of the summer.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Lawrence dropped them off.
Two minutes later... boom!
Six people are dead.
Harbormaster said
they never knew what hit them.
Your old man's
a real barrel of laughs.
Two or three
propane explosions each year
Not much sense getting killed
because of a $5 piece of flexihose.
Why don't we
take a look right now?
Thanks, Sam.
If he needs it, use it.
I heard Obsession is gonna be in
most of the summer.
Morrison's doing about
200 thous' worth of work.
If I wasn't doing it, I'd swear his
hot-shit captain was in for a taste.
He told me to take my time,
only use the best.
Maybe he just wants a summer
in the Hamptons.
I gotta go.
Did you ever meet him
on the Southern Circuit?
- Who's that?
- Tim Whalen, Morrison's captain.
I heard of him.
I never met him.
It's funny.
I know I've seen him somewhere.
You coming to dinner this week?
- How's Wednesday?
- I'll tell your mother.
I'll see you later, Pop.
How you doing?
- Hey, Tommy.
- Captain.
I got some parts
for you to look at.
May I please see your invitation, sir?
It's all right, Mike.
He's with me.
Nice to see you, Mrs. Morrison.
I didn't see your name
on the invitation list.
I'm crashing.
- You look incredible.
- Thank you.
- Have one on me, okay?
- Okay.
I understand youre teaching
at the club.
I just started.
Well, my two little granddaughters
already have mad crushes on you.
There's someone
I want you to meet.
The Lawrence girl.
Terrible about her mother, huh?
Olivia Lawrence,
Tim Whalen.
Of course you know
Brooke Morrison.
Hello, Mrs. Morrison.
- Hi.
- Nice to meet you.
Well, Tim, dance with this young lady
while Brooke and I gossip.
- Mrs. Chase...
- It'll be good for you.
Come along, Brooke, darling.
Would you like to dance?
Who is the guy
you were dancing with... boyfriend?
209. Headquarters to 209.
Resume normal patrol
until 0100. 10-4?
10-4. I'll be in in 10 minutes.
Put some coffee on for me,
all right, Bernadette?
You ever been
to the Hamptons before?
No. Mr. Morrison's had Obsession
down south since I've been on it.
Me, too...
You ever meet a man named Gateworth
on the Southern Circuit?
Yeah. He's a real jerk.
He's here tonight over at the bar.
He's my mother's last husband.
I guess I put my foot
in my mouth, huh?
I should have worn
my mint-flavored shoes.
We got into a beef in Bermuda.
He rammed me
coming into the harbor.
He shouldn't be allowed
to tail a jib sheet.
You sail.
Since before I could walk.
Would you like to go out
sometime... on the water?
Are you a member at the club?
You should come down.
I'm there every day.
I guess... time to go.
How about Wednesday?
Wednesday's great. 2:00?
Looks like you two got along.
Yeah, she's a nice kid.
She's about the richest nice kid
on the east coast.
The only thing money's good for
is to make a boat go faster.
Hi, Tony.
When did you get here?
- That Tony Gateworth.
- Steady, Tony.
He's drunk again.
He's never sober.
Well, well, well.
Please don't embarrass both of us.
I'm not the one climbing
all over boat niggers.
When did you start
chasing after white trash?
I don't.
Save your breath, Olivia.
I don't care what the offer is,
the answer is no.
All I'm asking is that you talk
to Theodore Cantrell
and see if you can
work something out.
You think I'm going to give up
Aspen or Hobe Sound
or summers here?
Forget it.
Anyway, my dear,
you know your mother
wanted me here with you.
You fooled her.
You never fooled me.
Hi. Anne Briscoe.
You must be Tony's stepdaughter.
Yeah. Olivia Lawrence.
Darling, could you send somebody
down to the cleaners to get my dress?
Alberto will be happy to do it.
What is the princess's problem?
A little bitch.
Not only is Gateworth living
off my money,
but he's trying to run my life.
Unfortunately, my dear,
this office drew up the will.
Short of his remarrying,
there's no way to keep Mr. Gateworth
out of any of the residences.
Maybe I should just buy a house.
You already own eight, Olivia.
They're not mine as long as
he can come and go as he pleases.
Key money?
How much income does he get
from Mummy's estate?
228,000 last quarter.
If you were to marry, your husband
would be in the same situation
once you had a baby.
The child would inherit your estate.
Your husband would be generously
provided for during his lifetime.
Gateworth is getting a million a year.
He's not going to need key money.
Apparently, it's not enough.
He's usually in trouble
six weeks into the quarter.
How could he be?
You lose $112,000 in 3 days
in Atlantic City,
you can probably use extra cash.
Would it be legal?
Could he ever get back in?
Not if he signed a quitclaim
against his right of occupancy.
Let's try it.
I'll see what I can do.
You realize, though,
if he says no,
there's nothing we can do.
- Boy, you really like that movie, huh?
- I love that movie.
It's been ages
since I've been to the movies.
I feel like I'm 16 again.
Those were fun summers.
What are you gonna do?
I don't know.
Maybe I'll...
Graduate school,
maybe travel for a while...
Try and figure out what I want to do
with the rest of my life.
Do you remember
when we were 12?
The summer I taught you
how to sail.
Summer before that.
What you told your mom.
That we were gonna get married
when we grew up.
I guess some dreams don't die.
It's the wrong dream, Mike.
Youre right.
You little creeps, get out of here.
I'll see you on Friday.
- Bye, Tim.
- That was great!
That was boring.
- I didn't think youd come.
- I didn't think I was going to.
Well, youre right on time
to the second.
It's a little problem I have...
compulsive promptness.
I thought maybe
we could take my boat out.
- Great.
- Okay.
She's beautiful.
She's no Obsession.
But she was Daddy's pride and joy.
When did he die?
When I was 12.
Mrs. Morrison says
that your mother died recently.
Yeah. A couple of months ago.
Both my parents were killed
in a plane crash eight years ago.
We should be getting back.
You want to take her?
Okay. Ready about?
Hard alee!
Want to grab a beer?
We can get one at my house.
- Where do you live?
- Dune Road.
Longview Cottage.
Cute cottage.
My grandparents built it in28.
They had a house in Bar Harbor,
but Gramps got fed up with spending
most of the summers alone.
- Who's that?
- Gateworth's girlfriend.
Anne Briscoe, Tim Whalen.
- Hi.
- How do you do?
I'm doing fine.
Nice to meet you.
Just can't stay away
from the help, Olivia?
I don't want to listen to this, Tony.
Then you listen, Romeo.
Keep sniffing around my stepdaughter,
youre gonna be out of a job.
I am talking to Cantrell
in the morning.
You can talk to your heart's content.
Youre not getting me out of here.
I think I should be getting back
to the club.
Good idea. Get back
and hump Brooke Morrison.
I'm sorry about that.
Don't worry about it.
Would you like
to have dinner sometime?
Go out?
Well, I'm not much of a cook.
Sure. I'd love to.
- Friday?
- Okay.
- About that thing Gateworth said...
- That's none of my business.
I spend a lot of time
with Mr. And Mrs. Morrison.
All I know is she's really in love
with her husband.
How long had you been
on Morningstar?
Three years.
Skipper for the last two.
It was a good boat,
but I just couldn't win with her.
When Mr. Morrison
offered me Obsession.
I jumped at the chance.
You were awfully young
to be on the helm, weren't you?
I was the youngest captain
on the Southern Ocean Racing Circuit.
You race?
I've beaten every guy my age
in Solings
from Montauk to City Island.
Any ocean racing?
Nobody would ever give me a shot
Youd be too much of a distraction.
All I really wanted to do was sail.
I barely lasted
two semesters at college.
The day classes ended,
I ferried a one-ton
from Santa Barbara to Palm Beach.
Daddy would have really liked you.
She changed husbands around
as often as she changed cars.
She had three in eight years,
but Gateworth,
he was by far the worst.
- What was she looking for?
- I don't know.
I think she wanted someone
to love her for her.
That was a really good movie.
Why are we whispering?
I don't know.
It sort of feels like we ought to.
Good night.
Your mother made it quite clear
that I was to keep an eye on you.
What I'm seeing
would make her spin in her grave.
From the Virgin Mary
to Mary Magdalene in under a month.
- I don't want to talk about it.
- I don't want to, either.
I just want you to stop seeing him.
You'll embarrass me,
youll embarrass the family.
All right, I'll embarrass the family.
You've been an embarrassment
ever since you conned my mother
into marrying you.
Don't you ever touch me!
I'm going away for the weekend.
When I get back,
I want the boat nigger out of your life!
I hate him.
I really hate him.
Look on the bright side.
At least we'll get to spend
the weekend together.
Oh, at my house.
I'll give the staff the weekend off.
God, I want to kiss you.
I've been warned
against public displays of affection
on club property.
Lobster roll!
Pick up!
Lobster roll!
- Everything okay over here?
- It's very good.
Two lobster rolls
and a chicken-fried steak.
Sorry I'm late.
What do you know about him?
He's from California.
Both his parents are dead.
He has a married sister
in San Francisco.
He loves sailing as much as I do.
He's the first man
I've ever been comfortable with.
We have too much money.
You know that.
He doesn't care about that.
If he really doesn't care, grab him.
Ones like that
are as rare as your father.
The important thing is to establish
a psychological dominance.
Once she sees you can handle me,
she's gonna be totally
dependent on you.
Just be careful when youre waving
that damn gun around.
I am not about to hurt the guy
who is going to lay the golden egg.
Come on. Cheer up.
A year from now,
the late Olivia Lawrence-Whalen's
grieving husband and stepfather
will both be on the Forbes 400.
I have a better idea.
Well, I'd just love to hear it.
There's so much money,
maybe we'd be better off
with her around.
Forget it.
Look, I think the heat
will be too much.
Think? You don't think.
I think. You perform.
The only way this deal goes south
is if you fuck it up.
You want out? Fine.
Youre on the first bus back
to Palookaville,
and I find myself another $2 gigolo.
You think it's that easy?
You think she'll just fall
for whoever you drag in?
She fell for you, didn't she?
We can get everything we want,
maybe more,
by keeping her healthy.
I'll make it real simple.
Youre either in now,
or youre out.
You even think of fucking with me,
she's gonna know your
whole life story... the real one.
You got that?
Yeah, I got it.
That's better... partner.
More coffee?
- What was that?
- What's wrong?
I heard something.
You fucking little whore!
Bringing this garbage
into your mother's house?
That's enough!
- Shut the fuck up.
- Give me the gun!
I told you to stay away
from her, you little prick.
Calm down.
Nobody wants...
- Maybe I'll just blow your...
- For God's sakes, Tony!
You fu...
Is he...
Call the police.
Oh, my God.
Do you realize
how this is going to look?
They're gonna think
we planned this.
Youve got to go.
You go. I'll call the police.
What will you say?
I don't know.
I'll say...
I'll say that I was here alone,
and he came in,
and I thought he was a burglar.
You just happened
to have a gun.
That's Tony's gun,
so I'll say that I got it
out of his night table this afternoon.
- There was nobody in the house.
- It won't work!
It will work!
It was fired point blank.
They can tell things like that.
Then I'll say that he came in
and he tried to rape me.
There's no way
anybody can prove that I didn't do it!
- Yes, there is!
- How?
Guns leave a powder on your hand.
They can tell you hadn't fired one.
Let's just call the police
and tell the truth.
Now you have to go.
no way they'll believe us
if we both have...
...powder on our hand.
Oh, God.
I'm gonna be sick!
I love you.
I love you.
Youre awfully late.
I had to stay late,
settle them down.
I even had to promise Abrams
he could get off of the foredeck
as soon as Obsession is ready.
We don't get
many nights together, you know.
I know. What can I do
to make it up to you?
Taking off your clothes
would be a good start.
Affirmative, 17.
187 at Longview Cottage.
And he fell after you kicked him.
- I grabbed the gun...
- Gateworth's gun.
I got it from his room
this afternoon.
Worried about the burglaries
in the neighborhood.
The staff had
the weekend off, so I...
Oh, God!
You okay?
Yeah. Is he gone?
He's gone.
It was just an accident.
It was...
What about the second shot?
It just went off.
My hand jerked.
Okay. It's okay.
I told you, I just have to ask.
He tells you
he'd be gone for a week,
he comes back in the middle
of the night, drunk, tries to attack you.
- You were terrified?
- Yes.
It's gonna have to go by the D.A.,
but this is gonna be
justifiable homicide.
Is there anyplace you wanna go,
anybody you wanna call?
Yeah. I'd like to go
over to Holly's, please.
You listen to me.
I don't want you to say anything
to anyone except your attorney, okay?
You know what the press is like.
They'll be all over you.
I just don't want you
to have any problem with this, okay?
'Cause Gateworth
sure wasn't worth it.
Thanks, Mike.
Come on.
Joe, will you please
take Miss Lawrence
over to Holly Morgan's residence?
Have the detectives
been here yet?
Yeah. That's right.
Get that as well.
- Did that show anything?
- Nothing.
The wall's clear, right?
Check this out.
I think we have everything.
Theodore Cantrell.
I'm Miss Lawrence's attorney.
You were the investigating officer?
Yes, sir.
This is my chief, Ed Wells.
Lieutenant Wacker,
Suffolk County Police, homicide.
- Why wasn't Miss Lawrence arrested?
- On the weapons charge?
It was my decision not to arrest
based on the fact
that the victim held a license
for the weapon.
We had a meeting
with the district attorney this morning.
Unless new evidence
is forthcoming,
we don't anticipate
the filing of any charges.
I'm going upstairs.
- Lieutenant.
- I'll be outside.
Thank you.
County police
are letting us work this one alone.
I've known
the Lawrence family my whole life.
My father helped build this house.
Mr. Cantrell,
the D.A. Doesn't want to see
Olivia Lawrence's picture plastered
all over the National Enquirer.
And neither do I.
Know what I mean?
I was so scared.
If the D.A. Goes along with this,
we're home free.
He lay there for hours.
If anything goes wrong,
I'm coming forward.
That would be
the worst thing you could do.
It was self-defense.
Either they'd think we were
in it together or you were lying.
This is gonna ruin
everything, isn't it?
It was an accident.
The only way
it's gonna affect us is if we let it.
Yeah. I'm sorry.
A man has been murdered,
and youre not doing anything about it!
There's not one scintilla of evidence
implicating Miss Lawrence.
That is the most insane...
For Chrissake, she shot him!
Look, Tony,
he was no saint, but he...
This isn't right.
It's just not right.
youre simply not in possession
of all the facts.
Maybe youd just better
fill me in on all the facts
before I go
to the state attorney general!
Did you know that Mr. Gateworth
was going to return
to the Hamptons this weekend?
No. He wasn't supposed
to be back until Tuesday.
Were you aware
that he'd made advances
toward Miss Lawrence
in the past?
That's a ridic...
What, did she tell you that?
No, ma'am.
Two members of the staff observed
incidents on separate occasions.
I don't believe it.
We do.
On the night that he died,
Mr. Gateworth returned home
in the middle of the night,
his stepdaughter's bedroom,
and attempted to rape her.
She defended herself.
He had a blood-alcohol level of.15.
He was quite drunk.
It doesn't make sense.
He hated her.
Rape's a crime of violence, ma'am,
not affection.
It's hot in here.
Mr. Gateworth's death was regrettable,
but he wasn't murdered.
What about the boyfriend?
What boyfriend?
Her boyfriend.
What, you don't know about him?
It figures.
A professional sailor.
Tony despised him.
What's his name?
I don't know.
I only met him once!
But I'd sure as hell talk to him!
Know anything about a boyfriend?
No, sir.
I'll check it out.
Jesus! Just what I needed.
There wasn't anything to indicate
someone else had been
in the house, was there?
No, sir.
Hi, Mike.
Social call?
I wish it was.
You have a new boyfriend.
I shouldn't be telling you this.
Gateworth's girlfriend
is making all kinds of noise,
says he hated the guy
youve been going out with.
Is there anything else you want
to tell me about the other night?
I told you exactly what happened.
I don't think you
told me everything.
I asked around.
Youve been seeing a guy
named Tim Whalen.
He has nothing to do with this.
You two had dinner that night
at the Colombe d'Or?
- So?
- It was a late dinner.
You didn't leave the restaurant
till after 10:00.
We got here by 10:30.
Tim left by 11:30.
I know you couldn't kill anyone.
Youre good.
I'll give you that.
Youre really good.
You had me fooled.
It wasn't like that.
Look, it's no contest.
I'm married,
and she's got $200 million.
- You hit the jackpot.
- Come on.
You know how much I care
about money, for Chrissake.
I wouldn't believe you
if you told me water was wet.
You stay away from me, all right?
One more thing.
I was out with Olivia
the night Gateworth was killed.
The police may want to verify
my whereabouts around midnight.
- Are you crazy?
- Just tell them the truth...
that I was with you
at your place from 11:30 on.
Do you have any idea
what's gonna happen if this gets out?
Like I said,
if it comes up, tell the truth.
That's all I'm gonna tell them.
There's no reason for me to get
into that other stuff you told me,
get perfectly innocent guys involved.
You prick.
- Brooke Morrison?
- Whalen didn't want to name her
until I convinced him
that I thought he killed Gateworth.
She confirmed it... spent the night
with him from 11:30 on.
You believe her?
She would have loved
to cause him problems.
- He dumped her for the girl.
- That's that.
Except for Anne Briscoe.
I told Mrs. Morrison
I'd do everything I could
to keep her name out of it.
Shouldn't be a problem.
If Briscoe keeps her mouth shut.
She keeps talking,
we're gonna have to show her
how we know he's not involved.
I'll tell her the case is closed.
I don't know if that will do it.
Suppose he did do it.
Suppose Gateworth
was killed an hour earlier.
What are you trying to say...
he walked in on them?
Yeah. Maybe, yeah.
He and Gateworth got
into some kind of beef.
You got any way of proving this?
Not yet.
Then I don't want
to hear about it.
You grew up here, for Chrissake!
I have to draw you a picture?
No, sir.
All right.
He's absolutely perfect.
Aside from the fact
that he's gorgeous
Aside from the fact
that he's gorgeous
and that he's charmed
the pants off the family,
he's obviously crazy about you,
and that's the only thing
that really matters.
I love him.
No kidding.
Thanks, Uncle Charlie.
You throw a great wedding.
Thanks for coming.
- Thanks for inviting me.
- Nice to meet you.
- I'll get the car.
- Okay.
- Your friend Tim made quite a hit.
- I knew he would.
You won't mind
if I make a suggestion?
Why? What kind?
Let me run a check on him.
I need him a lot more
than he needs me.
- Thanks.
- Bye-bye.
So what's the Deering story?
Nina was two years
ahead of me in school, and...
...Lex is a stuffed shirt.
He's the type
who'll meet somebody,
and then he'll go home and check
and see if they're in the social register.
- She seemed nice.
- She is.
- They had to get married.
- Nobody has to get married today.
Catholics do.
All three
of the Kaiser girls were shotgun.
Daddy's right.
- About what?
- Champagne.
What'd he say?
"Makes girls dance
and drop their pants."
Maybe a little something stronger?
No, thank you.
Look, Miss Briscoe,
there's no one
who'd rather pin Gateworth's murder
on Whalen than me...
...but I can't do a thing
without proof.
Give me a break.
Nobody in this town
is gonna rock that little bitch's boat.
That's not true of me.
Oh, yeah?
Yeah, well, I've got something,
but I'm going to the papers.
Let's see how she feels about that.
I really hope you don't do that.
If you do have proof,
going to the media
will just prejudice
a criminal prosecution.
I know everybody in this town.
I know the summer people,
the winter people,
poor people.
One of my poor friends was
in Carlson's Diner
the day that Tony died.
Tony walked in,
sat with some young kid,
and they had an argument.
Did your friend recognize this kid?
No. He never saw him before,
but he'd recognize him
if he saw him again.
It was that sailor.
I know it was him.
So either you do something...
...or I'm going to.
What's your friend's name?
You get that Keystone Kop police chief
to reopen this investigation...
...I'll bring my friend in.
- Marry me!
- What did you say?
You heard me.
- Olivia.
- A simple "yes" would be fine.
You know I love you.
Jesus! Forget it.
Pretend I never said it. I didn't mean it.
No, there's nothing in the world
I'd rather do than marry you.
I just don't think you know
enough about me.
You rob banks or something?
- Bounce checks.
- For a living?
When I quit school, I got caught
in Cincinnati with no money.
I wrote a lot of checks on
a closed account, spent 30 days in jail.
And for that, you won't marry me.
- There's something else.
- What?
Gateworth was right
about one thing...
I did have an affair
with Brooke Morrison.
When did it stop?
The day I met you.
Olivia, look at me.
I have nothing.
I have three pairs of Top-Siders,
some foul-weather gear.
I don't even have a credit card.
- Do you love me?
- Yes, I love you.
I just don't think
we should get married yet.
I have nothing to give to you.
By the authority vested in me
by the state of New York,
I now pronounce you
man and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
Don't go anywhere.
Hi, Mr. Fitzgerald.
It's true.
Yesterday afternoon.
No, we didn't tell anyone.
What did she write?
That's not true.
All right. We'll see you
here tomorrow at 10:00.
It's fine. Okay.
What's wrong?
Gossip columnist
got ahold of the wedding.
She wrote that youre the boyfriend
Anne Briscoe's been screaming about
all over the Hamptons.
There's nothing to panic about.
I'm just worried some political prosecutor
will press for a murder indictment
if Miss Briscoe
keeps shooting her mouth off.
Now I think you two
should draw up new wills.
If I could just get a list of assets...
Youre looking at them.
This is really out of my league.
I'll let you talk to them.
Excuse me.
C.G. Morrison
is very upset with you.
Says youve cost him the best
damned helmsman on the S.O.R.C.
What do you think?
I think he's a superb sailor.
I hope he'll be as good a husband.
We have a 459 in progress.
- Check the car.
- Yes, sir.
What's the deceased's name?
Anne Briscoe.
Looks like she
might have changed her mind.
She was really clawing at the belt.
What time?
between midnight and 2:00.
I want an autopsy A.S.A.P.
- What am I looking for?
- Cause of death.
Shortness of breath.
Don't fuck with Dick Tracy.
There is a suicide note, Mike.
a typed suicide note, unsigned.
Real convincing.
Okay, guys.
You can go get her.
Did you bring a body bag?
- Hi.
- Good morning.
You slept late today.
I sleep like a baby with you.
I'm gonna go down to Obsession.
have Mr. McGill do some
minor work on Masquerade.
Phone call, Miss Olivia.
- Mr. Cantrell.
- Thank you.
Hi, Mr. Cantrell.
Jesus! When?
No, no, we--
Yes, I will.
Thank you.
Anne Briscoe
killed herself last night.
6 x 6 or 9 x 9?
9 x 9.
All right, here you go.
- That's a 16-inch.
- Yeah.
What did Whalen want?
He's checking on Obsession.
She'll be in the water
in six weeks.
He's still working for Morrison.
Yeah, but I'm not complaining.
Now he's buying for two boats.
Yeah, but I'm not complaining.
Now he's buying for two boats.
What's wrong with Masquerade?
Propane line.
They're gonna be cruising
in the fall, so...
...he wanted it checked.
That guy's a phony.
If you ask my opinion,
I don't think he won
the grand prize.
That kind of money
is its own prison.
Lock me up.
You know what's funny?
I know I could have made her happy.
I know it.
You can drive yourself crazy.
Not me, Pop.
Son of a bitch!
It was worth every damn penny!
- Is she gonna start winning?
- She's gonna kick ass.
If you come south and race her.
Doesn't Olivia have
a house in Florida?
Hobe Sound.
You really want to turn this boat
over to somebody else?
That's a low blow, Mr. Morrison.
Whatever it takes to win.
By the way, Mike McGill
came over the other day.
He was asking
a lot of questions about you.
That cop hates you.
I noticed.
Be careful.
I remember him from the marina.
He's been in love
with your wife for years.
Talk to her.
Come to Florida.
How would you like
to go to Florida next month?
Obsessions sailing better?
And Mr. Morrison wants you
to do the Southern Racing Circuit.
He knows we can win big.
I have no objections.
You don't?
I think it would be quite pleasant
being pregnant in Florida.
You know how I've been feeling yucky
these last couple of days?
Well, I went
to see Dr. Morton yesterday,
and he didn't know what was wrong,
so he ran a pregnancy test, and...
But youve been on the pill.
Yeah. It happens.
Not very often,
but it does happen.
Oh, God, youre upset.
No, I'm stunned.
I just can't believe it.
I'm very happy.
You are?
You are?
I said fine.
I'll be there tonight.
Okay, I'll see you.
Does this mean
what I think it means?
This weekend?
- It's stupid meeting here.
- Chill out.
Nobody comes up here at night.
We have to talk.
What's there to talk about?
I can't kill her.
When you improvised with Gateworth,
that was fine with me...
50% is better than 33...
but I am not about to let you walk away
with 300 million all for yourself.
- I don't give a shit about the money.
- Right.
That's why you married her.
It's gonna work out perfectly.
Like you said,
everybody knows I hate you.
Christ, even the lawyers
know I hate you.
I clear you on accidental death,
nobody's gonna question it.
She's pregnant.
Jesus Christ.
Look, once the baby's born,
it gets the money, so it's over.
I don't give a fuck
if she's having triplets!
I have done too much
to let that bother me.
I spent a whole year of my life
setting this thing up.
I'm not gonna do it.
Listen up, my friend,
because youll only hear it once.
Youre gonna do her,
and we're gonna split
a shitload of money,
or youre going away for murder.
Oh, really?
What are you gonna use as proof?
You forgot one thing
in that bedroom...
a glass
with your fingerprints all over it.
That puts you there that night.
Ten to one I walk
if it goes to a jury.
I don't want to take
your money and your life.
There's another piece of evidence
that's real conclusive.
You planted something,
you cocksucker.
You just give me a fucking excuse.
It's either her...
or you.
You just want her dead.
That's what this is all about.
Happy birthday.
What's that smile for?
I'm just happy.
I'm so happy.
It's only 7:15.
What's the rush?
It's a surprise.
Hello, Raymond?
Bring it around.
Do you like it?
I love it!
- Pardon?
- Saint-Tropez.
Youll be coming
out of a sharp left-hand curve.
There's a big elm tree
just past the apex. I oiled the road.
Without a seat belt,
she's history.
You wear yours, youll be okay.
What are you worried about?
A month from now youll be able
to buy Ferraris in colors.
Don't kill me.
He just got it this week.
Youre a fucking dead man.
Just relax, all right?
Youre gonna have
plenty of time to relax.
I figure like...
...15 to life.
Youre going down for Gateworth.
- I have an alibi.
- Maybe.
But what about Anne Briscoe?
You killed Anne Briscoe.
to the evidence I found,
you killed her.
Your move, Romeo.
Look, I told you I'm gonna do it,
but I'm not gonna go crashing
into a fucking tree.
I could have been killed myself.
My old man says Masquerade
has already had problems
with its propane line.
It would be clean, easy.
You disconnect
the propane flexihose at the stove,
roughen the edges with a file
like a rat chewed it,
caused a leak.
- A rat?
- Yeah, a rat.
I'll put a big rat onboard.
They'll find it and the hose
in the wreckage.
Accidental death guaranteed.
It's gonna be tough
getting her on the boat alone.
You tell her youll meet her there
at a certain time.
She's always on time,
right to the minute.
She knows her boats.
She sees the warning light,
hits the pump...
When do you leave for Florida?
Next Thursday.
I'm glad youre home.
Brooke Morrison called. She wants us
to have dinner tomorrow night.
You sure you want to do it?
What's past is past.
- I had a wonderful evening.
- We'll see you tomorrow for lunch?
Yeah, okay.
We'll meet on the Obsession.
Is there a bathroom I can use?
Up the stairs, first bedroom.
Thank you.
Let's hear from you.
I love you.
Very sweet.
Youd like that, wouldn't you?
I'm glad you came up.
I wanted to thank you.
I know about you and Tim,
and with him sailing Obsession.
I think it's better
if we all remain friends.
I really don't think
you know the half of it.
I don't know what you mean.
I'm sure you don't.
Gateworth died
around 11:30, didn't he?
And you and Prince Charming were
already an item by then, weren't you?
We were seeing each other.
Seeing each other?
I'm sure it was a little bit more
than that, right, sweetheart?
I just thought
you might want to know...
While you were plugging
your stepfather,
your husband was plugging me,
and he was great.
I wouldn't trust the prick
if I were you.
Is it true?
Olivia, for Chrissakes,
of course it's not true.
- You said it was over by then.
- It was.
- Are you sure?
- Olivia, think.
She told you a time... 11:30.
You know where I was at 11:30.
I can do a lot of things, but I can't be
in two beds at the same time.
Brooke Morrison
is a hopeless alcoholic.
She's also insanely jealous.
She was furious when I called it off.
She's just doing this
to get back at me and hurt you.
It really hurt.
That's what she wanted it to do.
Don't ever lie to me.
What's up, Sam?
Just replacing the barient.
Whalen came by,
said it had to be done by tonight.
What's the rush? I didn't think they
were leaving until the end of next week.
They moved it up.
He said they're heading south
tomorrow afternoon.
Is that right?
Yeah, that's what he told me.
- You feeling okay?
- Do I look okay?
- Morning sickness?
- Yeah.
Oh, God.
We don't have to leave today.
Everybody says
if youre going to be sick,
youre going to be sick.
It doesn't matter where you are.
Let's just go.
I'm sick of this town.
You gonna be on time?
I wouldn't miss it.
I'll buy groceries.
I love you.
Mrs. Whalen around?
I'm afraid she's out.
Mr. Whalen?
He left about an hour ago.
I'll wait around
for a couple of minutes.
- Tommy, fill it up, please.
- Yes, ma'am.
I know, I know, Alberto.
Did she call?
- Twenty minutes ago.
- From the boat?
From town.
She said she'd be there at 1:00.
On the nose.
Yes, sir.
Officer McGill came by
looking for Mrs. Whalen.
What did he want?
I don't know.
He waited inside
for about ten minutes and then left.
Okay. Thanks.
This is a nice surprise.
I thought I'd take you to lunch.
Great. On you?
Sure. Anything you want
that's under a buck.
The Masquerade is looking sharp.
all her bright work last week.
Olivia, get off the boat!
If you get a chance to talk
to any of those paramedics at all...
Chief, what happened?
Propane explosion.
Lawrence's old sloop,
the Masquerade.
One D.O.A.
Olivia Lawrence?
No, her husband Tim Whalen.
Damn shame.
She's up in your father's office.
Let's go.
Oh, my God.
Why, Mike?
You bastard!
...and may Timothy Whalen
rest in peace.
Thank you, Father,
for coming.
- I'm terribly sorry.
- Thank you.
- Sorry.
- Thank you.
Thank you for coming.
There's something
I have to tell you.
Tim came to see me
two weeks ago.
Why? What about?
To have himself taken
out of your will.
He made me swear
that I wouldn't tell you,
but now with what's come out,
you have to know.
I think somehow he wanted
to have all temptations removed.
I tried to dissuade him,
told him it was against your wishes,
but he was adamant.
He wanted nothing from you.
He loved you, Olivia.
However it started,
he came to love you.